Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

By the same author: Previously I've written the multipart story "A Different World" which can be found under gay/sciencefiction at nifty.

This part contains some graphic voilence but only what's necessary for the story.

Going Home, part 4

Written by Adam

Suddenly Kenny took his cock out of my mouth.

"Why did you do that? I want to take your load in my mouth, 'I can never do that with a Master" I said.

"No, that would dissolve your head, I know it was a horrible feeling, I can tell you. But don't think about that now. I just stopped briefly so I could change position, I wanna suck your cock too! Ever heard of the sixtynine?" Kenny said.

"Er no, what's that?" I said.

"I'll show you. See, I've turned around so I stand on all fours above you now, so if you start blowing me again... there, good... you're very good at that, you know! And then I'll start sucking your cock at the same time and that's the 69!" Kenny said and I felt the tip of his tongue tickle my glans and then my cock was enveloped by his mouth.

"Kewl!" I tried to say, but it came out as "Mmmmffff" due to having Kenny's cock in my mouth so I gave up any other attempts att talking and concentrated on sucking instead.

As we lay there sucking each other i soon felt two of Kenny's fingers start to press and massage me just below my balls between my legs and I suddenly came very close to shooting my load. I moved my right hand up and started giving Kenny the same treatment but then he broke off the rubbing of that spot on me and reached over and grabbed my wrist and moved my hand away from his own balls and placed it against his side and then he went back to rubbing me in the same spot again while blowing me. After a few moments more I felt his hand move further back and the tip of one of his fingers against my rosebud for a second before he pressed the finger into my ass to the second joint on the finger and started rubbing my prostate. I moved my right hand from the place where Kenny had put it over to his right nipple and started pinching and rubbing that as well as I could considering that Kenny's sucking my cock and rubbing my prostate was getting too much pleasure so my vision blurred and a sensation of pure pleasure that not even the reward function in the collar can give started spreading throughout my body and then I shot my load in Kenny's mouth and only a couple of seconds later Kenny's cock squirted a thick, sweet though slightly salty fluid right into the back of my throat and quickly filled my mouth thereafter. I was a bit unprepared at first but quickly found that I loved the taste of Terran cum and began swallowing as much as I could. We both took each other's cocks out of our mouths at the same time. Then, while Kenny still stood on all fours over me he reached over and pulled my shoes off my feet and then my socks and I did the same to him and then he got off the bunk bed and pulled off my trousers and briefs completly so I was naked. I sat up on the side of the bunk and pulled off Kenny's trousers and briefs while he stood there. I stood up too and put my arms around him and kissed him.

"Is there anything else you want to try doing with another Terran boy or shall well leave something for tomorrow night?" Kenny asked.

"It depends. Can you cum again?" I said.

"Yes" Kenny said.

"Good, I want you to fuck me and cum inside me" I said.

"Okay. How about if I lie on my back and then you can ride me" Kenny said.

"Good, riding is my favorite position... if you can have a favorite position when being fucked by Masters" I said as got back onto the bunk and lay on his back.

"That's a very good question" Kenny said.

I climbed back onto the bunk and sat astride Kenny who raised his hard cock to an upright position and then I took it and guided the top to my hole and began to press down. After some resistance the muscle gave way and I slid down over Kenny's cock all the way to the root. I gasped with pleasure of having a large Terran cock inside me without having to have the thich rubber protective that's vitally necessary when fucked by a Master.

"What a wonderful cock you have! It feels great inside me!" I said as I started moving up and down gently moving his cock in and out of me!

"Thanks. Your ass is great too, it's a pure pleasure impaling you like this" Kenny said as he made counter movements with his hip so when I moved down he moved up slamming the cock harder into me and then moved down as I moved up almost taking the cock out, stopping where the thick head met the resistance of the ring muscle.

We kept moving like this for quite a while getting faster and more intense all the time. Kenny took hold of my cock and started jacking it with one hand and held the other on my thigh to help pull me down and himself up harder. I reached over and started rubbing and pinching his nipples again and then I noticed his eyes rolled up under his eyelids so they almost seemed all white and I felt his cock start pumping inside me and my colon filling with his semen and this started a reaction in me so my cock shoot a long string of white cum that landed across Kenny's belly, chest, neck and face and also hit the panel behind the bed and my muscle started squeezing his cock making it pump more cum into me. We remained still, me sitting on top of Kenny for a few moments and then I raised and let his still hard cock glide out of me.

"Wanna shower and wash that cum off?" I asked.

"No, I like having your cum on me, I'll just smear it out and it'll dry quicker. If they think we are filthy from having had sex with each other then let's really be filthy when we self trigger in the morning" Kenny said.

"That's a good point. Though I was looking forward to showering with you" I said.

"Let's save something for tomorrow night" Kenny said.

"Yes, let's!" I said and lay down beside Kenny and pulled the cover over us and turned off the reading lamp, making the my little living unit almost pitch dark.

As my eyes got used to the darkness Kenny turned his head and we kissed, our tongues dancing for a good ten minutes before we broke it off and drifted to sleep.

It was a warm summers day and I was walking together with a lot of other people across a bridge. It was pretty crowded. I was wearing a pair of blue trousers of a kind I somehow knew where called jeans with their legs cut off to make them short. I was also wearing a pair of sneakers and a blue t-shirt with a word printed on it in yellow letters with red edges and in a language I don't understand as a Terran but still seems to be my native language in the dream. The text on the t-shirt reads "bög" and then there's smaller text beneath it in the same collour of letters reading "www.sylvester.nu". And then I suddenly know that the three letter word means "queer" in the language that's natural to me now. We are a lot of people walking across the bridge towards an island and a castle straight in front of us and what's known as 'the old town' behind the castle. About ten meters in front of me there's a lorry, that I know recognises from my earlier dream. There are white wooden boards around the back end of the lorry and on it several well built guys are dancing to loud music in just swimming trunks. On the sides of the bridge there are a lot of people standing and looking at this parade and cheering us on and some of them are waving rainbow flags just like a lot of people in the parade are. There's someone holding my hand and I turn my head to see who it is and it's Kenny, smiling back at me, though his name isn't really Kenny but something completly different. I seem to know what that name is while there in the parade but still I can't bring it to the front of my mind. Kenny is wearing a different t-shirt. It's white and there's four figures on it. Not pictures of real people but simple, drawn pictures of four small little kids wearing winter clothes. One is very fat and has a red jacket and blue woolly hat, another has a green hat that has a crescent sticking out in front and two others hanging down over his ears and then there's the fourth one who's lying down and bleeding and wearing an orange jacket with a hood pulled tight so you only see his eyes. Above the four figures there's large letters reading "South Park" and then below them there are smaller letters saying a really weird thing; "Oh my God, you killed Kenny! You bastard!". Then they boy i know as Kenny and I kissed in the dream and that's when the dream suddenly ended as I was rudely awakened by the door to my living unit opening and the figure of a master standing in the door way blocking out most of the light. There were other Masters standing behind him out on the landing. The one in the door pointed his remote at us.

"47589612, you have volonteered to prostitute yourself in our brothel?" the Master said.

"Yes" I answered.

"And you have had sex with another Terran, with the id... 78561221 according to the remote, you too have volonteered for the brothel!" the Master said.

"Yes, I have volonteered too, and we have had sex. I've explained to my lover here what's expected of us now" Kenny said.

"Good. Hold on a second" the Master said and then spoke into his communications device on his arm; "You can stop looking for 78561221, I've found him in bed with 47589612. Go to the cloning lab to pick up 78561222 and 47589613 in an hour!"

"Affirmitive!" a voice answered from the comm device.

Then there were two distant but still loud bangs that seemed to come from my own block but very far up near the top of the honeycombs.

"Pick up 41523663 and 65452559 while you're at it, they'd spent the night together too" another voice came from the Master's comm device.

"Brian and Paul, see you soon" I said and Kenny nodded.

"Right, you're allowed two pictures while you're alive, copies will be sent to your respective living units. First the obligatory where we can see and recognize your faces properly, you may hold each other if you like but look this way!" the Master said and raised the camera.

We sat up and put our arms around each other and leaned our heads together too while looking into the camera. The living unit was briefly lit up by the flash.

"And for the second picture you may pose which ever way you want to, but make it quick. Most Terrans just make do with kiss... oh" the Master said and then stopped talking as we started kissing and took our second picture.

Our tongues entangled and we went on kissing for some time before we heard someone clrearing his throat. We looked and noticed the Master again.

"Come on, I don't have all day... you have thirty seconds to self trigger or I will trigger the charges for you" the Master said.

"Say your number first with the letters and the first number of the trigger code and then I will do the same with mine before we say the 'seven' together and die simultaneously... much better than one of us having to watch the other die" Kenny said and I nodded.

"47589612td4..." I said.

"78651221td4..." Kenny said.

"...seven" we said together and then there were two simultaneous explosions.

Now, I realised how much it really hurt. The first time, I barely noticed the pain from the explosion since I was in so much pain already from the pain device. My entire body jerked and a great force pushed from inside me up through my heart, lung ribs and pecs and finally punched through my skin spewing blood and small pieces of my heart and ribs and all else of me that was destroyed in front of it and then my body started noticing that the blood flow had stopped and didn't deliver any more oxygene to the cells and they stopped working and I lost the feeling in the parts of my body that noticed first. It began in my feet and moved up my legs at a fast rate and soon my fingers and hands and arms reacted the same way and within seconds I could only feel and move my head so I turned my head and looked at Kenny who was looking at me and the corners of his mouth turned up into a weak smile just before the look turned into a stare into the far distance and I knew he was dead. I could no longer move my head but I could make my eyes look down to see that we both still had our arms around each other even though I couldn't feel it. Then my brain decided that it couldn't work without oxygen and therefore it shut down. My vision blurred and got darker and darker until it turned black.

"Right, the memories just finished uploading into this one, and he's alive and functioning now! Wake up 47589613!" a voice said and I opened my eyes to see a gold collar boy looking down at me and aiming a small, weak electric torch into my left eye.

"Don't do that, it's painful!" I said and pushed the torch away.

"There's nothing wrong with his mind I can see, the transfer worked fine" Kenny's voice said.

"Kenny!" I said and sat up and looked around and found Kenny standing beside me smiling.

"I don't believe we've met, I'm 78651222. You must be 47589613" Kenny said and reached his hand out towards me.

"Hey, it's me, Jack and I know that you are Kenny, don't you remember?" I said.

"Ofcourse I remember, but that was our previous clones. I just feel that we should be polite and introduce our new clones to each other" Kenny said his hand still stretched out and then I understood his game and took his hand and shook it.

"How do you do 78651222?" I said with a small smile.

"How do you do?" Kenny said with a similar smile.

"Hey, your friends, Brian and Paul are waiting for you in the cafeteria, you should hurry down there if you wanna have time to eat breakfast before you're shipped off to the brothel" the gold collar boy said.

"He's right, come on!" Kenny said and I got off the bench and we both walked unsteadily out of the animation room getting used to our new bodies.

"Hey, weren't you just here? Well actually yesterday. You were together with those two rent boys Brian and Paul then, good for you that you didn't stick with them or you'd have gotten yourself killed again... actually this one's no better company than them" the boy in the clothes department said as he gave me the same color of shirt and trousers as the last time.

"I wouldn't be here if I hadn't been killed again, and you must have seen Brian and Paul today... they must have passed through here just a few minutes ago... we heard the bangs as they self triggered just before we did the same" I said.

"So you're still hanging out with them? No, wait, don't tell me... you both self triggered you said? So you two are going to work in the brothel and you had sex last night!" the boy said.

"Yep. You know, Gordon, we'd love to stay here and chat but our friends, the charming couple Brian and Paul are waiting for us and then we'll have to go and do some work that may be dangerous and degrading but at least more stimulating than handing out new clothes to people like us" Kenny said.

"I do get to see a lot of good looking naked guys, probably more naked Terran boys a day than you get to see in a whole year working in the brothel" Gordon called after us while we left.

We quickly got dressed and got out into the corridor with the conveyor.

"There were a lot more bodies on the conveyor last night" I said.

"They curfew ended less than an hour ago so there aren't very many Terrans out on the town and then they haven't had time to fabricate any cases against any of us yet so mornings are always a bit slow. They'll soon pick up speed" Kenny said.

"Actually I preferr it this way. And I don't see my own body anywhere, thank God, I guess it takes them time to get it here" I said.

"No, it's mostly the bodies that are executed that end up here. Some others transport bodies here. But when you die like we did in the honeycombs during the round ups for the brothel they usually just get a couple of Terran boys to bring the bodies out of the living units and then dump them between the landings so they fall down to the bottom of the honeycombs where there's a conveyor belt too that carries the bodies out to see and dumps them there" Kenny said as we walked along the conveyor and into the stairwell.

"Uh, that's nice" I said with irony as we began descending the stairs.

"And then there's all those who were caught outdoors after the curfew last night, they get shipped out to sea too" Kenny said.

"Yes, I know. I've been assigned to street cleaning every once in a while...I'm one year old after all" I said.

"Er was that fifteen Earth years or three?" Kenny said.

"One year here is three Earth years but our physical age is actually 5 years on this planet or 15 if I had been born and raised on Earth" I said.

"So, I'd be fifteen too then..." Kenny said as we ended up on the landing where five boys were stacking dead bodies against the transparency.

There weren't that many working yet since there weren't very many bodies arriving at the moment. The one who was the foreman noticed someone was looking at them and he looked back at us and quickly recognised both Kenny and me and his chin dropped from surprise at seeing the two of us together I guess. When we get new clothes we also get a few tech items that all Terrans are allowed and even required to have. Among those devices is a small communications device in the form of a small, black disc and a plastic band to strap it to your wrist. On the disc there's a 1" color display/camera and a small speaker/microphone and a small numeric keypad. The device can be used to communicate with Masters that have employed you for the day and sent you on an errand, and to communicate with other Terrans and finally to make small recordings that you can send to the memory circuits in your brain via the collar. The foreman tapped a number into the keypad on his comm device and there was a small chirp from Kenny's device so Kenny activated it and the foreman's face appeared on the little display.

"Hey Kenny, isn't that the guy who's corpse you groped last night? His friends rightly had you self trigger for that!" the foreman said.

"Yes, but they don't mind that I grope the live clone, it was just the corpse that they objected to my touching like this" Kenny said and put his hand on the bulge in my trousers.

"By the way, they came walking down these stairs less than ten minutes ago... they got killed again and now you're here to pick them up?" the foreman said.

"Not quite. You see Kenny and I got together in the cafeteria here last night and he came back to my place, and now, since we volonteered for brothel work earlier we had to self trigger this morning... just like Brian and Paul, my friends that had Kenny and Tim self trigger yesterday" I said into the microphone of Kenny's comm device.

"I see. Ah yes, Tim came down the stairs too, among the first this morning so he must have been killed last night" the foreman said.

"Yes, he didn't manage to squeeze himself onto the tram since it was full so he got a bolt through him from one of those gangs of masters who go round and kill Terrans that they find outside the honeycombs just because it's legal and they like killing us. They bolted him to the tram in front of our eyes, poor bastard" Kenny said.

"Shit, I hate those bolts, they should be forbidden" the foreman said rubbing his chest and seeming to remember being killed that way.

"Yeah, fat chance, the Masters like to develop weapons that kill Terrans as painfully and slowly as posible. Look, Brian, Paul and Timmy are waiting for us, so we'd better get going" Kenny said and turned off his comm device and we started down the stairs again waving back at the foreman who waved back.

At the next landing we stopped again and looked up at our corpses from last night that now was propped into an upright position against the transparency now instead of lying down like they did yesterday. Someone had arranged the bodies too so Kenny had his arm round my shoulder and I had mine behind Kenny's back and my other hand was holding the hand of Tim's corpse.

"It's very pretty but why did someone arrange them like that?" I said.

"It's sort of customary among people who work in there stacking bodies to put some bodies into pairs that look cute together and then also when there's an incident like yesterday and people don't seem to get along they put the corpses together with their arms around each other to make the impression that the corpses at least have settled their differences and become friends again or something like that" Kenny said and put his arm aroung my shoulder in the same manner as his corpse did to mine and I responded by putting my arm around Kenny's back in the same manner that my corpse did.

"That's a nice thought... actually it is a very handsome couple up there... a pity they're dead otherwise we could make a great double date" I said making Kenny laugh out loud.

I raised my free hand and put the palm of it against the transparency at the level of Kenny's corpse' chest. Kenny looked at me and then put his hand to the transparency at the level of my corpse' chest. Then we turned our heads and looked at each other's live clone and then kissed. We suddenly became aware of a knocking sound behind us and turned around to see that it was the foreman who had knocked on the transparency and now he and the other workers stood applauding us and the foreman mocked wiping a non existing tear from his cheek. We laughed and waved them off for being silly and then we finally went down to the cafeteria without interuptions.

As I grabbed a tray and stood in line behind Kenny to get breakfast at the counter I heard my name and Kenny's name being shouted across the room. I turned around and saw Brian, Paul, Tim and Brian's black friend that had been hit by a consuming bullet last night and self triggered to avoid the more horrible death from the bullet. They were all sitting by a table in the far corner with a breakfast tray in front of them and all waving at us. Kenny and I waved back.

"We'll be right there, we're just gonna get our portions first" Kenny called back.

"And your portion is right here" the gold collar boy behind the counter said, placing a paper cup containing a hot black fluid and a plate with a sandwich on onto Kenny's tray. It was the same gold collar that last night informed us that he hadn't been talking to us and that we haven't heard a word he had said about how to get to Earth.

"Thank you, sir" Kenny said taking his tray and stepped away from the counter a few steps, waiting for me to get mine.

"And here's your coffee and sandwish young man. Have a nice breakfast and a safe trip home" the gold collar said.

"Coffee?" I said pretending not to react to his mentioning of travelling home.

"It's an Earth delicacy, made by roasting and grinding coffee beans and then pouring hot water through the ground beans. It's great, you should try it" the gold collar said.

"'Earth'?" I said pretending not to understand.

"No, not pouring water through earth, I said it was beans that were roasted and ground... as in grinding not ground as in earth. Go on, join you friends over there now!" the gold collar said and winked at me so quick that I hardly noticed it.

"Oh... oh... ground beans not earth, I understand. See ya!" I said as I stepped away from the counter and almost bumped into Kenny.

"No, don't say that to me! I don't want to see you here too often. Stay alive as much as posible! Goodbye" the gold collar said.

I didn't answer but walked with Kenny between tables making our way to where our friends sat. As we approached Brian got up and grabbed two empty chairs from another table and when the guy and girl that were sitting there and making out started objecting Brian gave them the finger. The guy and girl tried to get the chairs back but Kenny and I quickly seated ourselves on them and then we shook hands with all at the table.

"Hey, we need those chairs! We're waiting for friends to arrive from the cloning plant any minute now!" the guy from the other table said.

"Our friends arrived first, too bad. Find other chairs!" Brian said giving them the finger again.

"Come on hon', leave the queers alone, we'll get other chairs" the girl said.

"Ah yes, you're all queers aren't you?" the guy said.

"Yes, why? Want to try gay sex out do you? Want my cock up your ass?" Brian said.

"I said, leave them alone" the girl said.

"Yes, leave them alone. I don't want any trouble in here. Here's a couple of chairs for you. Sit down on one and be quiet. And if you disturb them again, you'll be in pain for the rest of that clone's life" the gold collar boy said.

"You're on their side? Are you a fucking faggot too?" the guy said.

"Yes, and that makes these cool dudes at that table my friends, now sit down like I said before, or I'll make you" the gold collar said.

"You wouldn't dare! You have no right to kill other Terrans, and you know it!" the guy said and then the gold collar boy pressed a button on the remote he was pointing at the guy and the guy screamed from pain for a few seconds until the button was released.

"This gives me the right to kill any silver or bronze collar Terran if they make trouble in my cafeteria or I simply don't like them, which is the case with asshole who speaks about gay people in derogative ways. Now sit down!" the gold collar boy said and pointed at the gold collar he was wearing.

"Fuck you!" the guy said and the gold collar pressed a few buttons on the remote and then the guy began falling over.

The gold collar boy caught the guy before he hit the floor and maneuvered him onto a chair next to his girlfriend.

"There, I removed the motorcontroll from your legs so you can't stand up. Apparently that was the only way to make you sit down. But you can still move your torso, arms and head so if you just hold on to the table top you won't fall over" the gold collar boy said.

"Fucking faggot, release my legs!" the guy said and then the gold collar tapped a few more buttons and then the guy started squirming in his seat.

"What's the matter?" the girl asked her boyfriend.

"He can't answer, I took the motor controll away from his vocal cords and limited his tongue to only being able to swallow, so he can't speak... I didn't like the things he kept saying. Oh, and I've left the pain on but don't worry, it wont be for the full hour, I set it up so his spinal cord will be cut i twenty five minutes... he'll be down in the cafeteria again, live and well in... well, at least well after my friends here have left for their jobs at the brothel" the gold collar said and returned to his post behind the counter at the other end of the room.

"It seems you've got a gold collar guardian angel" Kenny said stroking my thigh.

"Me?... it looks more like he's watching after Brian here!" I said.

"That's only because my big mouth keeps getting me into trouble" Brian said.

"Not as big as that of my exboyfriend here!" the girl at the next table said.

"Er, did you say 'ex'... " I said.

"Yes, I'm taking this opportunity to break up with this asshole now that he can't talk me out of it. You hear that, Walt? We're through!" the girl said and then marched off towards the door leading to the tram station.

The guy turned around, looking at his former girl friend walking away without being able to call her back. The movement of turning around made the guy fall off the chair onto the floor where he remained lying imobile.

"Er, shouldn't we try to get him back onto the chair?" I said.

"Nah, leave him there, I don't think he'll accept the help of 'fucking faggots' anyway!" Brian said.

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