Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

By the same author: Previously I've written the multipart story "A Different World" which can be found under gay/sciencefiction at nifty.

This part contains some graphic voilence but only what's necessary for the story.

Going Home, part 5

Written by Adam

I turned towards the black guy that apparently was a friend of Brian.

"Hi, I'm Jack. I saw you last night in the honeycombs, you were hit by some kind of bullet, right? And then Brian suggested you self trigger to avoid the death that bullet would bring" I said.

"I'm, Stan. Yeah, those bullets sort of eat you up from inside. It's extremly painful and takes several hours to die from if you only get hit by one bullet. I remember you too, since you're friends with Brian here and I haven't seen you before. You see, I've known Brian since we hatched and I thought I knew all his friends" Stan said.

"We only met and got to know each other yesterday" Brian said.

"And then, also because you and Kenny make such a cute couple... hold on, I have seen you before! I use to ride the tram with Kenny and he pointed you out to me as that 'gorgeous boy who kept looking' at him. I've tried to urge Kenny to go talk to you 'cause I knew you would come to like each other but he never had the guts to do it. And then I got on the tram and stood beside you once and tried to talk you into going over to Kenny and talk to him but you just looked at me as though I was some kind of madman and moved away from me" Stan said.

"Yeah... now that you're telling me about it I remember seeing you beside Kenny and also you talking to me. So you know both Brian and Kenny but they didn't get to know each other until last night" I said.

"Brian and I often have stalls next to each other in the brothel and have often been caught and killed together after curfew... and before he and Paul got together it was usually him and me that got sent to court and executed like he and Paul were yesterday. Kenny and I on the other hand are almost next door neighbours in the honeycombs and have sometimes had stalls next to each other in the brothel too... and also, Kenny has tried to get me together with Tim but were always as unsuccesful as I was getting the two of you together" Stan said.

"Yes, my attempts only got me close to Tim instead and almost made us boyfriends which made Stan here jelous as hell and was about to put a permanent wedge between us... but I see that the two of you have have found each other now, by the way you keep holding hands and kissing" Kenny said.

"Yeah, when these clones were brought to life this morning we found ourselves lying side by side... on a bench each with about a meter in between and when we sat up on the edges of the benches we incidently found ourselves facing each other and so when I saw this naked black god I couldn't help but pop a boner and since I was naked to it was pretty obvious how I felt about him and he popped a boner too from seeing mine and I guess from having been interested in me for a long time and so since our feelings were publicly displayed like that we felt we ought to introduce ourselves to each other and then we found that we liked other things about each other too" Tim said.

"Great story! Must be the perfect way to find each other! And you do make a really cute couple too, I'm happy for you! Stan, can we be friends again now?" Kenny said.

"Sure dude!" Stan said and shook hands with Kenny.

"Yep, a really cute couple!" I said.

"So are the two of you!" Paul said.

"Listen, I've just gotta ask something. You said that your clones were brought to life this morning, but your previous clones both died last night!?" I said.

"Have you never been killed after curfew?" Stan said.

"Nope, I died my first death last eavening well before curfew and then a second time this morning after the curfew ended" I said.

"A Terran as old as you and hasn't died until yesterday? Fucking unique!" Stan said.

"Yes. Can someone answer my question now?" I said.

"If you get killed after the curfew comes into effect then they don't bring your next clone to life until next morning after the curfew ends and the gold collars have had time to come to work here" Brian said.

"So then you don't get to have a good night's sleep?" I said.

"Not necessary since a new clone is always well rested when it's brought to life... since it's been sort of asleep since it started to grow from the single cell it was to begin with" Paul said.

"But you don't dream in that sleep" I said.

"No, but for must of us that's a relief because we usually mostly have nightmares about our painful deaths" Stan said.

"Yes, but Jack here has other dreams when he sleeps, which both he and I believe are remnants of memories from the original person that he was cloned from. Have you had any more dreams of this 'Earth' place? Anything more about the parade?" Brian said.

"Yes, I had one this morning before the Masters arrived and found me and Kenny in bed together. But the parade hadn't moved forward any it was almost the same dream where the parade was crossing the same bridge" I said.

"'Almost the same dream'? So there was a difference this time?" Paul said.

"Yes, I wasn't walking alone in the parade this time. I was walking hand in hand with a boyfriend" I said.

"Hey, watch it, I could easily become jelous you know" Kenny said making a mock threat.

"Don't be, the boyfriend was you, and somehow it was part of the original memory so the original people that we were cloned from were actually boyfriends too. But our names weren't really Kenny and Jack... though I haven't a clue what the real person's names were... the strangest thing was that you had a shirt with images and text on it and that in that text, the name 'Kenny' was included!" I said.

"Hold on, my name wasn't Kenny but I had a shirt... like this one?... with 'Kenny' on it?" Kenny said.

"No, not exactly like the shirts we Terrans get to wear... it was a different, softer material and then the shirt you had in the dream was short sleeved and much looser than this tight shirt and no slits at the front or sides like these shirts have. As for the text, well first it said 'South Park' in large letters and then there was a painted picture of four small Terrans in thick clothing where three were standing up and one of the standing ones was round like he was fat, you know like some Masters are, and the one lying down had some strange kind of jacket that was orange and went over the head leaving only a very small opening in front of the face so all you could see of him was his eyes that seemed to look in different directions and he was bleeding and wounded or possibly was supposed to be dead, because the text below this picture said 'Oh my God, you killed Kenny! You Bastard!'... so it was a really weird shirt" I said.

"I'll say! 'Oh my God, you killed Kenny! You Bastard!'? A really strange thing to have on a shirt" Kenny said.

"Yes, but it seemed very familiar and somehow the source of some amusement to our original individuals... like it was something they knew about and... there's a vague memory of us watching something on a screen, kinda like that one" I said and pointed to one of the many screens in the room that was showing the trials and executions above as well as the deathmatches between Terrans that were training for going to the war.

"Like that, but what's so strange about that? Terrans die all the time on those screens but it doesn't mean anything since we get a new clone and get to live for a while more before we get killed again" Brian said.

"The principle of the screen was the same but they didn't show executions and so on like they do here. And on Earth the Terrans aren't cloned and die over and over, but get born, grow old and die of natural causes like the Masters do here. The screens showed deaths but they were only make believe, with fake blood and so on. And then there was this thing with the simply painted children there was an image of on Kenny's shirt and the painted boys moved about on the screen even though they were painted and the one who's face you couldn't see except for the eyes died all the time and was back the next time that show was on... kinda like we die all the time actually, but there weren't any explanation of how or why he kept dying all the time or how come he always was back in the next episode. No mention of cloning or anything" I said.

"That sounds really strange! And you say it was source of some amusement, watching that kid get killed all the time?" Kenny said.

"Yeah... part of my memory is that we kept laughing a lot while watching those painted kids and laughing about a lot of things in that show, including the ways that that boy died... actually it seems that 'South Park' was the name of the whole thing with the painted people" I said.

"If you get to that place you keep talking about where Terrans aren't cloned and don't die all the time, then maybe you should try to find a screen which shows that 'South Park' thing or whatever it's called and see if you find it that funny as your original selves did" Stan said.

"Yeah, maybe... but you said 'you' as if only I going there or something, I've already invited Kenny, Brian, Paul and Tim to come along and since you and Tim are a couple now and you're a friend both of Brian and Kenny you should come too" I said.

"I'd love to, but how do you know this place even exists?" Stan said.

"I don't know that. I only know that it has existed and that all us Terrans originated there... or at least the people we were cloned from. But Earth as the planet is called may very well have been blown to bits thousands of years ago or some disaster or war may have made the planet incapable of supporting life... but if this is so I still intend to find out how, why and when it happened and posibly who did it if it wasn't a natural thing" I said.

"Okay, count me in!" Stan said.

"We should get going now, they'll be waiting to pick us up and take us to work by now" Brian said.

"Actually we're late, so if we don't hurry up they'll give us ten minutes of pain as punishment" Paul said.

We all got up and hurried out to the tram station where the brothel's private tram car was waiting to bring us and the other volonteers directly to the brothel. It was pretty full already and a Master stood by the one open tram door and looked very impatient as we were the last six he was waiting for.

"Hurry up! There are Masters waiting to fuck a little Terran ass before they go to work and they're late already!" the Master said and as we stepped aboard he flicked the pain button giving each of us a brief jolt of pain.

The tram took us deep into the center of the city and halfway across the continent during the next ten minutes. No one really felt like talking but those that were couples like me and Kenny, Brian and Paul and Stan and Tim kept exchanging glances and even a few kisses while we still could. Fortunatly for us the Masters wouldn't travel inside the same tram car as the Terrans but sat up front with the driver looking ahead so we could kiss as much as we liked without them seeing us and asking us to self trigger again. As we approached the center of the city and the location of the brothel the tram started descending at a steep angle several kilometers and we had to hold on tightly to the metal bars inside the car and to each other in order not to fall over. None of us were really surprised by this 'cause they always went down this steep when there was 'only' Terrans onboard instead of descending slowly during the whole ride. Well, there was one kid who locked like he'd been newly hatched and obviously never had worked at the brothel before who was totally unprepared for the sharp descent and came flying through the tram car and hit the front transparency as this was one of the 'Terrans only' car that lacked cockpit and just was hooked on to the 'Masters only' tram that did contain cockpit. There was a thud and a groan of pain as the kid hit the transparency and remained lying there untill the tram leveled out and the kid slid onto the floor of the tram instead.

"Hey, are you okay kid? Can you move?" a boy standing next to the kid said.

"Yeah, I'm fine. My leg hurts a bit, though" the kid said and started getting up but then fell over again as the leg buckled under him.

"No, you're not okay, you're leg is broken. Pity. No Master, at the brothel or otherwise will have you working for them with a broken leg, and there's no medical care for Terrans except getting killed and mind transfered to a new clone" the boy standing next to the kid said.

"They're gonna kill me? But I only hatched yesterday, and the guys at the cloning facility said it would be days, even weeks before I might get killed" the kid said.

"Bad luck... though in cases like yours where there's a serious injury they usually don't kill you right away but give you the opportunity to trigger the charge in your heart yourself if you want to" the boy said.

"And if I don't want that? How will they kill me?" the kid said.

"Anyway they please, they just let their imagination run free" the boy said.

"I'll take my chances" the kid said.

"As you wish but it might be something much worse than having your heart blown to bits" the boy said.

Two large doors at the side of a building opened up and the tram turned and flew inside. We came into the brothel's tram garage and the landing gear was extended and several bounces and clangs and rocking of the cars as the tram set down on the ground. The tram doors were opened and we streamed onto the platform. I turned and watched as a Master, carrying a large gun approached the kid that had broken his leg and the boy who had talked to the kid and who now remained by the kid's side.

"What's the matter with this uggly little one? How did an injured Terran get aboard this tram?" the Master said.

"His leg is broken and he was alright when he got onboard, he got injured during the sharp descent" the boy said.

"You're not injured though, why are you still here? Go join the others!" the Master said to the boy.

"I just wanted to make sure that he gets to chose wether to self trigger or let you kill him and to tell him how to self trigger if he choses to do so" the boy said.

"Right. Do you want to self trigger?" the Master said to the kid.

"How will you kill me if I don't?" the kid said.

"Dunno... you're young, so I guess I'll just shoot you. That's a relatively quick and painless death" the Master said.

"How about the spinal cord cutting device?" the boy asked.

"That device is no longer present in you Terrans, it's been replaced by a few new functions in the collar... so the quickest and easiest way with the remote is the heart charge now. So, which will it be? Will you self trigger or let me shoot you?" the Master said.

"I'll guess I'll pick the shooting then" the kid said.

"Right. And you, go join the rest!" the Master said to the boy who had been acting as some kind of representative for the kid's rights who obeyed the Master for his own safety.

"New functions in the collar, huh? I thought that it kinda looked and felt differently" Brian said tugging lightly at his own collar.

The Master stepped further inside the tram and stood by the kid's feet and aimed his gun at the kid's torso and fired a short burst with the automatic rifle function. The kid's body bounced on the floor as the bullets hit him. As the Master walked away from the kid towards us to let us into the stairwell and the employee's entrance to the brothel we could here the kid moan from the pain and see him breath with difficulty and his white shirt turn red.

"Hey, he's not dead!" I said to the Master who turned around and looked at the kid and then glanced at his wrist watch.

There was a series of loud bangs and the kid's body rocked and bounced even more as the exploding bullets tore it to bits and painted the inside of the tram red so we couldn't see him anymore.

"He is now! Come on, your customers are waiting!" the Master said and opened the door and herded us into the stairwell.

This stairwell much smaller than the one in the court and cloning building and nowhere near as gruesome. No transparent walls with corpses of Terrans behind them but simple concrete walls and metal stairs, painted gray. We went up to the next floor and through a door where we came out into a wide corridor with red wall to wall carpets and also red drapes at regular intervalls between the stalls that were dark and empty at the moment. There were also corridors leading off both left and right where we came out of the stairwell, and also a hundred meters ahead along the main corridor and then another hundred meters ahead, just by the customer's entrance. Through the transparent doors up ahead we could see Masters standing and waiting to be let in and that they reacted with exitment at seeing us arriving. We were divided into groups depending on who would be most popular among the customers and also who worked there most often. I was put in the same group as Kenny, Brian, Paul, Stan and Tim and fourteen more who got stalls in the main corridors while the others that the Masters considered less attractive were led off to the smaller side corridors. I also learned that they put the ones they consider most attractive at the far back in the main corridor so the inexperienced customers might be tricked to take someone they take a fancy to at the very beginning of the corridor while the regulars would go to the back where they knew they could find what they were looking for, and these were also the customers that were a bit more dangerous to us Terrans as they could pay the brothel enough to do what they wanted with us and many of them wanted the clones to be virgins. Well the particular clone that they were having sex with had to be untouched sexually while the Terran had had sex many times before while being in earlier clones. And then to make sure that they are the only ones to have sex with that particular clone and also to make sure that the Terran's next customer also get a virgin clone they tend to kill you. But as I said, these are rich Masters who can afford to pay the owners of the brothel to pick new clones up at the cloning plant all the time. The few times I worked at the brothel before I had never been killed and had had sex many times so then they put me in the side corridors where the customers didn't mind that you were not a virgin clone but now they had picked me up at the cloning plant which made them certain that I was a virgin and therefore I was put at the end of the main corridor with my new friends. The stalls are simply rooms with three walls and a wide mattress on a raised platform in the middle of the room. Where the fourth wall should be there's a large opening into the corridor and then a transparent force field that's raised as soon as the Terran has entered. At the back of the stall there's a door into a small common area with a small table and a lavatory that we can use if business is slow. Apparently that's where Brian and Paul were found yesterday so they were sent to be executed. The Master handling our group started reading serial numbers off a data pad, beginning with Paul's number.

"Yes!" Paul said putting one hand in the air.

"A yes, you're the one we found fucking that one in the common area yesterday! And apparently found together again in his bed this morning so you had to self trigger" the Master said indicating Brian.

"Yes, that's us!" Paul said with a smile as he started undressing putting his clothes in a pile on the floor.

"Right, you're in the last stall on the left side of the corridor, there!" the Master said and pointed.

Paul walked naked into the stall and sat down on the mattress. And the Master went over and showed the datapad to Paul.

"These are the pictures that we will be putting on the screens beside yours and your boyfriend's stalls" the Master said and Paul nodded.

"I like the one of the live versions of us best!" Paul said.

"And I guess you'd like to see this one where you've got your mouths together in that disgusting thing you Terrans do... I think you call it kissing" the Master said.

"Yeah, that was a great kiss too" Paul said.

Then the Master walked out of the stall and over to the side of it where he pressed a button on the wall and the force field became activated and then he pressed a few hotspots on the touch screen beside the stall and soon two pictures appeared that both showed Brian and Paul in Brian's living unit. On the upper one they were holding each other and looking into the camera and on the second one they were lying down, still with their arms around each other but dead and with a hole each in their respective chest.

"And then there's the boyfriend, you want to see this disgusting picture too I guess?" the Master said and held the pad upp in front of Brian's face.

"Yeah, Paul was right, it was a great kiss" Brian said and then pulled his shirt off.

"Yuck! Right, you are in the last stall on the other side of the corridor" the Master said and pointed.

"Opposite sides of the corridor? That sucks!" Brian said as he put the last of his clothes into the same pile as Paul.

"Be thankful, it's to keep you from doing anything like yesterday so we will be forced to execute you! Hey, why don't you all get undressed right now, and save some time that way!" the Master said and we started getting undressed and putting the clothes into one great pile on the floor.

"You don't have to show me the other pictures, I looked at them at the screen beside his booth. If we were to make the same crime as yesterday... maybe with someone else or something... you would execute us here you say? You wouldn't send us to court? And also, I heard that the spinal cord cutter has been excluded which used to be the normal way of executing us for that so how would we be executed?" Brian said as he sat on down on the edge of the mattress.

"We've been given a special permit from the court to execute you for that crime right here and the new punishment is one of the new devices in the new version of the collar. A device called 'the balloons'" the Master said as he activated the forcefield and put the images of Brian and Paul from this morning on the screen.

"The balloons?" Brian said.

"Yes, there are two balloons on the inside of the collar and when I press this button on the remote they start to inflate so they slowly choke you to death... takes about a minute before you lose consciousness from the lack of air... so it's about the same as before but without the pain before the spinal cord gets cut" the Master said and pressed the button on the remote as he mentioned it and Brian started clawing at his collar in a vain attempt to release the pressure against his troat and the the Master pressed the button again when he stopped speaking and the balloons in Brian's collar deflated to let him breath again and he just lay on the mattress panting.

"Why do I get the feeling that all the street gangs are gonna wanna try this new thing tonight on every Terran they meet after curfew? And then I get a feeling too that I might not make it home before the curfew hits" I said.

"Well, since you've recently started dying often it's open season on you like we said before and there are always Masters who make sure to delay us for any reason they can invent so we end up outdoors after curfew and it's likely to happen to you too... might even be a good thing to stay out deliberatly just to get used to it... there is some exitement to it too; 'how long can you stay away from the street gangs?' like" Tim said.

"I know that you like that... but you've got a point too, we should stay out so Jack will get to know what that's like... don't worry, I'll keep you company" Kenny said.

"Will you quit talking and let me assign you to your stalls... we're 15 minutes late already and the customers are getting really impatient now!" the Master roared and we shut up.

"Right, these two are you, right?" the Master said and held the datapad up in front of me and Kenny.

There were three pictures on the screen of the data pad. On the top one we were holding each other, naked on my bunk bed, on the bottom one we were kissing and on the middle one we were dead, two naked corpses with their arms around each other and holes in their chests and both looking straight up.

"Yeah, that's us... hey, they rearranged our bodies after we died! We were looking at each other, now we're looking straight up!" I said.

"It's so the customers can see that it's really us" Kenny said.

"God, what a cute couple you are, especially when you're kissing" Stan said, looking over our shoulders.

"Right. You, in there!" the Master said pushing me lightly and then pointed to the stall right next to Paul's stall and I obediently went in there and sat on the edge of the mattress like we're all expecte to do, while waiting for a customer.

"And you in there! We're not taking the risk that you commit the same crime that those did yesterday... mind you, it's for your own protection" the Master said and pointed Kenny to the stall next to Brian.

Two more Masters had joined our party now to help quicken the pace by raising the force fields and bringing forth the pictures while the first Master just pointed us to our respective stalls. Stan was sent to the stall next to me and Tim to the stall next to Kenny. and then there were four more in our group who was pretty new, though Brian and Paul seemed to recognise them. On the screen next to Tim's stall there was a picture of him bolted to the tram car from last night and you could see that the tram was full of Terrans, including Kenny's horrified face close by Tim's body and me trying to pull Kenny away. The picture had apparently been taken just after it happened last night. Then there were the first customers in the brothel for the day. A father and his son who appeared to have just reached their legal age which was 5 years old (fifteen Earth years) to have sex and apparently had told his father that he was gay a few days before his birthday... that's what I heard the father say to the Master attendant who helped customers pick which Terran to have sex with. They were a rich family and apparently the father was a regular customer and had insisted that his son would get to have sex with one of the best Terrans and with a virgin clone as a birthday present and therefore they had come down to the end of the main corridor. The father was sensible enough to let the son chose for himself. The boy walked around and looked at all six of us at the end of the corridor and at the pictures at the sides of the stalls. His father explained to him why the pictures were there while they were looking at the pictures by my stall. I simply listened since I've learned long ago, the hard way that we are only supposed to speak when spoken to by the customers when we work in the brothel.

"You mean that they're expected to kill themselves voilently simply because they had sex with each other the night before? That's horrible!" the son said.

"No, it isn't. Their lives are worth nothing, especially not compared to yours or mine because we are a better species than them" the father said and I screamed with rage inside as I heard this while I remained perfectly calm and silent on the outside.

"Yeah right! Hold on, isn't that the same pic as beside that stall just over there? Oh yes it is! And this is the other guy on the picture!" the son said and walked across to Kenny's stall.

"Yes, so it seems. Disgusting!" the father said.

"Not at all! Hey, Terran! You had sex with that Terran over there last night?" the son asked of Kenny while pointing at me.

"Yes, but you don't have to worry with us being 'tainted' as your father probably would claim 'cause as you can see we killed ourselves and we are now in totally new, virgin clones" Kenny said.

"Kewl... and a pity... I'd prefer to have sex with one of you knowing that he'd recently been doing it with the other one, no matter what my father says... I hope you won't be jelous when I have sex with your boyfriend?" the son said.

"If I got jelous anytime a customer had sex with my boyfriend I wouldn't be able to work here, and he'd have to get jelous at me to for being with customers. So you're picking him? Good choise sir, he's great in bed, take it from me, I know!" Kenny said.

"Thank you, I believe you" the son said.

"It is a good choice, he looks a lot better than some of the other Terrans here today" the father said.

"Can I have sex with you?" the son said.

"It's not for me to say yes or no, you're the customer, you decide" I said.

"And he's well informed of how things work here and well behaved to. Attendant, let my son in to this one if that is his choise" the father said and the son nodded at the attendant who turned off the force field so the son could come in to me.

"And you sir? Where you just going to give your son his birthday present and leave or were you going to have a little fun yourself?" the attendant said to the father.

"Well, since I'm here, I might as well... Are these dark skinned ones different in some way from those like the one my son picked?" the father said and hooked a thumb at Stan in the stall next to me.

"I understand that the skin color is the only difference... apparently it's a race thing just like the way some of us have blue scales and others like yourself have green scales, and I even heard that the Terrans had racial wars once, far back in time before they were capable of interstellar journeys! Ridiculus! But, like I said, there really is no real difference between them except the really superficial thing of the skin colour... wanna try it out?" the attendant said.

"Sure, why not! I'll take this one right here!" the father said.

I heard a wooshing sound as the forcefield to the stall next door to me was deactivated and the father disappeared in to Stan's stall. The son sat silently looking at me for a long while. We were about the same physical age, height and build and if he had been a Terran I might have found him attractive too.

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