Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

By the same author: Previously I've written the multipart story "A Different World" which can be found under gay/sciencefiction at nifty.

This part contains some graphic voilence but only what's necessary for the story.

Going Home, part 6

Written by Adam

The young Master whose father had paid for him to have a good time at the brothel as a birthday present reached his hand over towards my erect cock, hesitated before he reached it and then pulled his hand back. He started pulling his shirt out of his trousers but then stopped that too. He seemed eager to do everything at once so he didn't know where to start. And then there seemed to be something else on his mind too. My cock wasn't erect because I was aroused by this Master, I don't think any Terran ever were aroused by a Master due to their fierce looks and mostly their constant voilence against us Terrans. But the Masters at the brothels had a special button on their remotes that caused an instant erection in Terran males that lasted until the button was pushed again or we were killed. The attendants used to press the button for each and every one in a section of a corridor where a customer had come to choose which of us to have and then released it for those who wasn't picked.

"Can I touch your cock?" the young Master said.

"Your father has paid the attendant for you to do whatever you want with me sexually and then kill me, you don't have to ask me permission, 'cause I'm not allowed to object" I said.

The boy hesitated some more and then reached over and grabbed my cock and then just held it for a few seconds and then gently and slowly pulled started moving his hand up and down.

"So what do you want me to do with you?" the boy said.

"Again, it's not for me to say. You are the customer you decide what we will do and then tell me if you want me to give you a blow job or you want to fuck me or if you want me to fuck you and then when you're done with me just trigger my heart charge with your remote... or kill me some other way that you like. I've heard some masters like to fuck without the protective and thereby kill us just by coming inside or on us" I said.

"I left my remote at home. Deliberatly. This morning my father explained to me that going to this brothel would be my fifth birthday present and I liked the sound of that... especially that he would take me to the far end of the main corridor where the best prostitutes were, but then he began explaining about how those prostitutes that work at this end are supposed to be killed by every customer after he's finished with you and I was horrified. I don't like killing anyone, not even Terrans, actually I'm sickened by the way our species treat you. My father keeps giving me remotes for my birthdays and the Sharing Holliday and I keep 'accidentally' losing them at my earliest opportunity. Occasionally father get Terran servants to our house to serve dinner and then for desert keep nagging me to practice using the remote on them and get me to kille them with it and I wont even give them the briefest jolt of pain so usually it's dad that ends up killing them in a fit of rage 'cause I'm such a weakling. There was this once that I pressed the heart charge button accidentally and then dad got mad at me for apologising to the corpse for hours before the cleaning duty Terrans arrived and took it away. So I you can rest safely asured that I won't kill you after having sex with you" the boy said.

"Very commendable and I can see that you are a very unusual Master, but I'm affraid I have to insist that you do kill me afterwards. Your father has paid for you to do so, and then the next customer that comes along will want me to have a new clean clone for him to fuck that has never been fucked before so if you don't kill me I won't get a new customer" I said.

The boy stopped jacking me for a moment and looked real sad and then he shook his head and started jacking a bit more and began feeling my chest and stomach, intrigued by my pecs and abs.

"Such smooth skin, so unlike any of us... I don't know why but I like your species much better than my own... I guess I'll take the risk of commanding you just a little; undress me!" the boy said and stopped jacking me and stroking my chest.

I began by pulling his shirt off and then started on the belt buckle.

"We seem to have about the same muscular build though my skin isn't as smooth as yours... you may feel my muscles if you like, but careful so you don't cut yourself on my scales. Ah, yes you said that I was in charge here so I guess I'll make it an order, stop undressing me for a while and feel my pecs and abs" the boy said and I did. The boy was right he did have a very impressive muscular build for a Master. Unlike us Terrans who are genetically manipulated to have perfect physical form in order to be good workers and soldiers, the Masters come in all shapes and sizes.

"Yeah, you do have great muscles... don't get me wrong but if you were a Terran I would find you irresistable" I said.

"Thank you... sometimes I wish I were a Terran clone instead of a member of this cruel species. As for my muscles I guess they come as much from swimming a lot as being a member of an elite t'chaaa-ball team. Take the rest of quickly I want to be naked with you" the boy said.

"You're not going to kill me no matter how much I insist upon it myself, right?" I said as I pulled his trousers and boxers down to his ankles where I was stopped by the shoes.

"Nope, and I'm not goint to allow you to commit suicide either. You're not going to have to die because of me!" the boy said as I took his shoes off.

"I hope you'll forgive me for this but I'll hope that your father will do what you refuse to" I said as the boy lay down gently pulled under my arms to make me climb up on the mattress which I did.

"Not if I can prevent him. Just lie beside me while I put on the inter species condom and then I want you to suck my cock" the boy said getting better at commanding me.

"Tell me if you need help putting it on, they can be very tricky to put on and most people of either species need assistance the first time they try it" I said while I was working out a plan to get him to kill me anyway.

"Thanks but it's alright, I've practiced many times in the past year since I realised that the idea of inter species gay sex turned me on" the boy said and expertly put the condom on.

I got up on my knees and started on the blow job that he had requested. Licked up the shaft from where the condom ended towards the head and played around with my tongue on the glans for a while and thought about how quickly my tonge would dissolve if the condom hadn't been there. I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking and moving my head up and down on the cock. The boy started moaning and put his hands on my head and ran his fingers through my hair.

"So soft... this thing on your head... I believe you call it hair... wish I had that... wish I was a Terran" the boy moaned with pleasure as I continued sucking his cock.

As I kept on sucking I glanced sideways and saw that Brian had customer too as well as Tim and another one was walking back and forth between Paul's stall next to me and Kenny's across from me and then was let in to Kenny and began taking his clothes off all by himself. The boy suddenly tapped me on the shoulder and gently pulled at my head upwards and I soon understood he wanted me to stop sucking his cock so I took it out of my mouth and looked up at him.

"I don't want to cum just yet. I want to fuck you for a while and then you can blow and jack me 'till I cum" the boy said.

"As you wish, and in what position do you want to fuck me?" I said as I was cheering on the inside since this worked perfectly with my plan.

"I think I'll do you from behind. Stand on all forth in the middle of the mattress" the boy said and I obeyed happily since I prefered not to see the Master that was fucking me 'cause it was easier to fantisise that it was a Terran then.

I felt the rubber covered glans of the boy's cock press against my rosebud and then pushing past it. I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth from the pain of having a Master's cock penetrate me and then eased a bit and I kept my eyes closed and as he started banging his hip into my buttocks with his hands firmly placed on my lower back I began imagining being fucked by Kenny instead, remembering the wonderful feeling of having Kenny's cock inside me last night. I was in throes of sheer pleasure in spite of the pain that being fucked by a Master always caused when suddenly I heard a loud bang from the stall to the left of my own stall and knew by that that the boy's father had finished with Stan and set off his heart charge. I turned my head a few moments later as I saw the boy's father come out into the corridor, still buttoning his shirt and then his trousers so the shirt would be properly tucked in and then he leaned against the bit of wall that protruded about a meter between the stalls on the outside of them and supported the ledge running around the upper level of stalls where the female Terrans prostituted themselves. The boy's father then stood there with his arms crossed and more or less indifferently watched as his son fucked me. Then the son started waving his hand at his dad who locked a bit angried by this and then moved away to watch someone else fucking since his own son didn't want to be watched. Then the boy withdrew from me. I took a few deep breaths and let my ass recover from having Master cock inside it.

"Turn around and sit on the mattress" the boy said and I did and he moved forward a bit but remained standing on his knees.

He aimed his cock at my mouth and I opened my mouth and let him stick it in and then I started sucking for a while. The boy's father returned and talked to m and I took the cock out and jacked him for a bit while I listened and then answered.

"Hey, just had a thought! Knowing my weakling of a son I suddenly realised he'd probably refuse to kill you. I just wanted to point this out since I understand that those that work at this section of the brothel expects and even wants to be killed since they know they won't get any new customers otherwise. If you like I can help you out" the father said.

"Yes, he has actually told me he won't kill me, and I appreciate you offering to help me, but I have the situation under controll, you'll only need to explain that it was a good thing for him that I did what I'm about to and why" I said.

"I'm not going to allow you to self trigger, I've told you so before! And father, stay out of this! Suck my cock a bit more!" the boy said.

"Sure, just tell me when you're about to cum, okay? I have a special thing I want to do for you then to make the experience so much greater" I said.

"No, Jack! Don't do it that way, let the father trigger your heart device or do anything except that!" I heard Paul call from his stall, next door to mine.

I was a bit surprised, was it that obvious what I intended to do?

"Don't suck anymore, just jack me! I'm about to cum!" the boy said and I obeyed.

Across the corridor Kenny had heard Paul and stopped blowing his customer and looked towards me and then started shaking his head.

"Listen to Paul! You don't want to die that way, never let them do that on your own initiative, only when they insist on it!" Kenny cried but it was too late to go back because I've already pulled the condom off the boy's cock which he didn't notice due to being so close to the orgasm.

"Listen to your Terran friends! I've seen Terrans die that way and it was horrible even to me who hate you so much! I never ever cum inside or on you myself" the father said and now I was beginning to have second thoughts when even he began to tell me not to.

"Oh God, I'm cumming now! Do what you were going to do now! I'm cumming!" the boy said, not having heard nor Paul or Kenny or even his own father.

I thought for a moment of getting out of the way but I knew I wouldn't have a chance in the world of getting out of the way in time without getting the least bit of his cum on me so instead I went ahead with the plan as I originally thought I would and aimed his cock at a point just below my left nipple right before it started squirting his cum in long beams. Emediatly when the first squirt hit my skin I felt the horrible burning sensation and as the squirt went on hitting the same spot it made the hole a bit deeper further inside me and quite soon penetrated my heart and went through it and finally came out through my back having burned through me on one squirt and in a less than a second. While passing through my heart some of it mixed with my blood and got pumped out into my veins burning all the way until I was in pain all over my body. The boy's cock squirted once more, widening the hole a bit and then three or four more times until the hole through me was the size of a ping pong ball. By now the boy had noticed what his cum was doing to me and quickly climbed off the mattress and rushed over and stood with his back against the far wall looking terrified.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! What have I done? I'm sorry! I didn't mean to kill you! I'm sorry! Can you please forgive me?! Please!" the son ranted.

"I forgive you, you only killed me because that's what you're expected to do to a prostituted Terran like me, you did right killing me this time! Attendant, the father don't have to pay any extra for his son killing me this way, I sorta did this to myself so it's my own fault!" I gasped through the pain and the attendant nodded and pressed a few buttons on his data pad.

"I think we should respect the Terran's request on this occasion, so you don't have to pay any extra for him being killed this painfully" the attendant said.

"I insist. I know he did it of his own free will but it seems he didn't know any better, not having died so many times before so I will pay for what happened to him no matter what" the father said.

"We can't take that extra money if the Terran has said we shouldn't, in this case" the attendant said and I was a bit frustrated that they argued over money while I was slowly dying from the hole through me and in much greater pain than that time when that infant had turned it on and his parents found me 57 minutes later.

"Give it to him then somehow. I know the Terrans aren't allowed to have any money but let him have some extra time off before you make him return and meet his next customer" the father said.

Then all went dark and i woke up in the cloning plant.

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