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This part contains some graphic voilence but only what's necessary for the story.

Going Home, part 7

Written by Adam

The gold collar Terran who brought my new clone to life looked down on me with a look on his face which seemed to indicate that he was wondering wether I was a masochist or just plain stupid.

"I recieved a message from the brothel, I'm supposed to tell you that you get the rest of the morning off and don't have to return there until after the Master's lunch hour... thanks to your little stunt... did you enjoy that death?" the gold collar said.

"Nope" I said.

"So, why the fuck did you take your own life in such a fucking stupid and extremly painful way?!" the gold collar said.

"I didn't know any better. I've only recently started to get killed and while I knew that their bodily fluids are harmful to us Terrans no one told me that it would be that painful to come into contact with them" I said.

"So we have learned a lesson today, then?" the gold collar said.

"Yeah, I'm never gonna do that volontarily again... if they are reluctant to kill me after fucking me I'll self trigger instead" I said.

"Try to avoid being killed that way involontarily too" the gold collar said.

"I'll try... but if a customer at the brothel insists on fucking me without protective and pays the brothel to do so, I don't think I have any choice" I said.

"Ofcourse not. Though the attendant that called us to give you the morning off promissed that they would not allow any Master that likes to fuck Terrans without protective to pick you today or any other day you volonteer to work the brothel this month... some Masters can be really nice sometimes, don't you think? You're done here, go down to the cafeteria and get that huge meal they ordered for you too... actually that was paid for by the father of the customer that you had kill you that way, on the boy's suggestion apparently and the father thought it an excelent idea" the gold collar said.

"So what do I say down there to get it?" I said.

"You don't have to say anything, I only hade to say the first six numbers of your serial and Mark knew precisely who you are... you seem to have a gold collar friend there" the gold collar said.

"Mark? He's the one who helped my friend Brian when he got himself into trouble both last night and this morning, right?" I said.

"Yes, he tends to exercise his right to execute troublesome clones a bit often sometimes, we barelly have time to bring some clones to life before he makes us bring another one to life up here... but I don't think you have to worry about getting killed by him, he seems to like you and your loud mouthed friend... Brian, was it?" the gold collar said.

"My loud mouthed friend's name is Brian, yes" I said.

Then there came a beeping noise from the gold collar boy's pocked and he picked out a small device and looked at it.

"Go get some clothes on, I've gotta make sure the memory transfer to 78651223 was complete" the gold collar said.

"Hey, that's my boyfriend! Can't I greet his new clone?" I said.

"Boyfriend? ... Oh.... I forgot that your series is gay... Actually, there are a surprising number of Terrans that are gay, I think.... Okay come along and greet your boyfriend" the gold collar said.

I quickly got off the bench onto the cold floor and walked unsteadily behind him to the another bench on the other side of the huge room where Kenny was just opening his eyes and blinking a lot and as a matter of reflex reached up and patted his chest to make sure that there no longer was a hole there.

"Hello love!" I said.

"Jack! How are you? Why the hell did you kill yourself that way? We told you not to, even the boy's father who hates Terrans tried to tell you not to" Kenny said and sat up on the edge of the bench and hugged me.

"Whoa, don't sit up so soon, you've only come to life and I have a couple more tests to run. Lie down again!" the gold collar said and Kenny did lie down.

"Yes, but I'd sorta reached the point of no return and couldn't get out of the way so I went through with it instead" I said.

"Well fortunatly for you the father set off the neck device and cut your spinal cord so you died much quicker and more painlessly than you otherwise would have" Kenny said.

"Cut my spinal cord? I wasn't aware of my spinal cord being cut! Besides the attendant that assigned us to our stalls said that those devices were removed" I said.

"They always say that when a new device has been introduced so they will have a reason to try the new device" the gold collar said.

"You never notices that the spinal cord is cut, everything just goes black very quickly and then you wake up here. This has to do with the fact that death is instantaneous with that device" Kenny said.

"Right, you're done too. You said that you were boyfriends? That reminds me that the attendant said that you were to be given an hour off before returning to the brothel so you can be with... Jack, was it? for a while. They're giving Jack very special treatment due to what happened... it almost makes you believe that the Masters have some heart after all" the gold collar said.

"Yeah, they've been very accomodating to you... I heard the boy insist that I join you here for a while at least before I go back... he seemed so fascinated by the fact that we were boyfriends. He seems like a very unusual Master... he seems to really care for Terrans. The others were concerned for what you did to yourself and cared for your fate there and then but they will have forgotten it by tonight while this boy really cares for all Terrans all the time and how we are treated by his people" Kenny said as he got off the bench.

"Yes, he's very special" I said and then we hugged and kissed.

"Hey, you're in the way in here.... move out and get some clothes on... or sneek into the lavatory in the clothes store and fuck each other! And don't worry, we won't tell the Masters, we don't mind if they get 'tainted' as they think they do" the gold collar said as he and another, female gold collar pulled a cart up to the bench where Kenny had been laying with a transparent tube on it containing a yellowish fluid and apparently an unhatched clone inside it.

We walked towards the door out to the clothes store and on the way I saw a similar procedure take place closer to the door. Another pair of gold collar workers had put the cart with the tube next to a bench and hooked a hose to the end of it and then they pressed a button and the fluid inside disappeared out of the tube through the semi transparent hose. When the fluid was gone they opened the tube and lifted the new Paul clone out of it and onto the bench where they started cleaning it with a sponge each.

"Maybe we should wait for him to wake up?" I said.

"No, they are just preparing the new clone which usually means that they've recieved word from the brothel that Paul just got a customer, I believe. So he's still alive and will remain alive for quite a while still" Kenny said.

"Oh, okay. I didn't know that. I hope you don't mind if I don't feel like taking that gold collar's sugestion and have sex in the lavatory, since I don't feel like having sex at all right now... I'm just happy being with you" I said.

"I feel the same way... though I wouldn't mind the occasional kiss" Kenny said.

"I'll see what I can do" I said and kissed Kenny in front of the clothes counter.

"Same colors as before I suppose?" they guy behind the counter said with sarkasm in his voice and we just waved at him to go ahead and bring out any clothes he liked to give us though he gave me the same colors as I've asked for before and also gave Kenny the same Khaki trousers and black shirt as he liked to wear.

We finally managed to break off the kiss long enough to take our new clothes and go and get into them and then rushed off down the stairs were we just paused briefly and patted our corpses on the chest as we had done earlier in the morning and then continued down to the cafeteria.

"Hi Mark! I understand that you have something special for me?" I said to the gold collar boy that worked there in the cafeteria and were so friendly towards me and my friends.

"Yes, I do... but you seem to have me at a disadvantage, you know my taken name, Mark while I only know your number" Mark said.

"Jack" I said and stretched out my hand which Mark shook.

"And I'm Kenny, Jack's jelous boyfriend" Kenny said and shook Mark's hand.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to come between you.... so you picked the name Jack this time?" Mark said.

"Er, I don't quite understand... 'this time'?" I said.

"When the clones' memory circuits become full and they get tired of being killed in the war then they simply start them over from the physical age of 4 and with a blank memory and this also means that we sometimes pick other names for ourselves... though you're boyfriend here almost always picks 'Kenny' due to some print on some shirt that the original person was wearing when he was cloned and which lies as a far distant memory in your head, that you can't bring to the front.... except possibly when Jack tells you about it, becauses his memories of Earth are always clearer through his dreams and therefore also his drive to go to Earth" Mark said.

"Wait a second, you're saying that I've had previous lives here that I don't remember because I've been started with a blank memory? And that my clones ALWAYS remember Earth and wants to go there? And do I always become boyfriend with Kenny here?" I said.

"No, not always... very occasionally in fact due to the fact that you're both so shy" Mark said.

"True" Kenny said.

"So all those other clones of me that got off this world and wanted to go to Earth, they never made it?" I said.

"Maybe they did. Quite a few of them disappeared without trace and they started you over with a blank memory for that reason... and several of those you clones disappeared together with one or more other Terran soldiers, and then almost always either Kenny here or his friends that apparently got killed after curfew last night, the black guy who's usually called Stan and the white guy who I believe calls himself Tim most of the tim that became boyfriends this morning I mean or your loud mouthed friend who never can stay out of trouble no matter how many times they start him over with a blank memory and then ofcourse his boyfriend, Paul I believe... apparently you all disappeared together last time" Mark said.

"So... maybe they did make it and found Earth?" I said.

"Maybe, maybe not. There's no way of knowing that unless they return... and what Terran would want to return to this hell planet?" Mark said.

"Revenge" Kenny said.

"Good point" both Mark and I said.

"I thought it would be. My boyfriend asked about what special meal you had arranged for him..." Kenny said.

"Oh, sorry I forgot that you asked that. Yes, I've got here a pizza with.... well everything! Hope you like it... no, I know that you will, there's usually a pizza in your dreams of Earth" Mark said and brought out a large, deep pan containing the strangest piece of food I'd ever seen.

Round the edges there was some kind of crusty bread that turned out to be at the bottom of the whole thing too and then there was melted cheese and all sorts of vegestables and meat of different kinds on there and the whole thing was very large so I was beginning to wonder wether I would be able to eat it all.

"I can't remember dreaming of anything like that" I said and reached over to take the pan but then pulled back my hands and cursed.

"Hey, careful it's hot! Grab a plate and go and sit down over there and I'll bring over to you" Mark said and raised the flap in the counter to get through it.

Kenny and I did go over to the table that Mark had indicated and sat down on opposite sides and Kenny ordered a sandwish for himself saying that he didn't feel like pizza and then it was for me in any case. But then I talked Kenny into trying a slice of it at least which he did and ate while I looked on.

"It's safe to eat, your Majesty, I don't think it's poiso..." Kenny said and then grabbed at his throat and fell over onto the floor.

"Cute. Now get up off the floor, I've seen you dead before and you look much more pale than that then!" I said and Kenny got back up to his seat.

I looked around to see how other people had reacted to Kenny's joke but no one seemed to have noticed. There were very little people here, only the occasional worker from the far end of the main corridor at the brothel and those few poor suckers that the Masters had managed to invent a reason to execute. Apparently it was a slow day altogether in the courts today. I did a good job of eating with one hand as the other was busy being held by Kenny who sat and smiled at me and put his hand on my thigh and caressed it. Then I finished most of the Pizza more or less when Paul came down and went over to sit with us for a while with only a cup of coffee. Apparently he too had been given some time extra off to be with me and make sure I was okay instead off being shipped off back to the brothel straight away as was normal.

"Hey Paul, take the last slice here, 'cause I'm full and Kenny refuse saying that the slice I already gave him was enough" I said.

"No, I can't do that... it's your meal that you get as compensation for being so stupid and killing yourself that way" Paul said.

"Yes, but I'm full. I can't eat anymore" I said.

"Well, since Kenny is your boyfriend, I think he should have it then.... I.... I can't take it" Paul said.

"No, I've had a slice already and it was tasty but I don't want any more.... you take it Paul... Besides, in a second or two I'll be too busy kissing my boyfriend to be able to eat" Kenny said.

"Same here! Eat it, I insist" I said.

"Okay, if I can have some entertainment while eating" Paul said picking up the slice.

"What kind of entertainment would that be?" I said.

"I wan't to watch you kissing" Paul said with a smile.

"I think that can be arranged" Kenny said and then leaned over and kissed me.

Paul seemed to thoroughly enjoy eating the last pizza slice while watching us kissing. I moved my hand up to the bulge in Kenny's trousers and started feeling the long hard dick beneath the cloth and I felt Kenny's hand against my own dick as our tongues danced in our mouths. Kenny then decided that we were too far appart and maneuvered me until I was sitting on his lap astride his legs and kissing with our arms wrapped around each other. We suddenly stopped kissing when there was suddenly a flash beside us and we turned and looked. Mark had just taken a picture of us kissing.

"Sorry! You looked so cute together, so I just had to get a picture of you. I hope you don't mind if I put on my wall over there behind the counter?" Mark said.

Kenny and I looked at each other and then at Mark and nodded to say that he could put the picture up there and then went back to kissing for five minutes more. Then all our comm discs started beeping and when we looked at them there were simply a text message on the display ordering us to return to the brothel emediatly.

"So much for 'rest of the morning off'!" I said.

"What did you expect? The Masters never ever keep their word if it's 'just a Terran' that they've given it to. They just needed a lot of customers to arrive at once and then they decide they need you back after all, 'cause they're not going to give up a chance to make money off of you" Paul said as we got up and walked to the exit.

We walked out onto the tram station where I thought there would be a tram for us, but Kenny and Paul explained that the brothel usually sent a taxi to pick us up when there were less than five of us to be picked up while they led the way upp the stepss to the wide sidewalk along the side of the building with a bridge in the distance to the next building's sidewalk. The taxi that was marked 'Terrans only' had landed on the sidewalk just beside the top of the steps and we climbed in the back and sat down. I started telling the cab driver who was a gold collar Terran where we wanted to go but he interrupted me saying that he knew since it was the brothel that had ordered the cab but he didn't drive yet because he was supposed to wait for one more 'rent boy' as he put it. After less than a minute a small boy looking like he'd been newly hatched agewise ran up the steps and got into the cab which then lifted and flew off towards the brothel.

"Hey weren't you the guy who broke your leg and allowed yourself to be shot this morning?" I asked.

"Yes, that was me. And if you ever get the choise to either self trigger or to be shot with exploding bullets then go for the heart charge! ... which you should pick over letting yourself be dissolved by a Master's cum! God, what made you do that, you've gotta be real stupid!" the boy said.

"No, just inexperienced at being killed" I said.

"So am I but I wouldn't kill myself that way!" the boy said.

"Well, I won't do it again" I said.

"Good for you! Now leave me alone!" the boy said.

I shrugged and then went back to kissing Kenny for the rest of the ten minute trip. Since the driver was a Terran who cared more for Terrans than the Master that drove the tram he made a slow descent over the whole trip instead of diving at the last minute. The taxi let us off inside the garage where we were let inside the stairwell by a waiting attendant. Then we were led upstairs and into the brothel. The young boy that I had seen shot earlier had been given the stall next to Stan's stall and the guy that had been there before had been moved to a side corridor where he wasn't expected to be killed by each customer. We quickly got undressed and stepped into our respective stalls. Actually Paul stepped into mine with me and went over and opened the door into the common area and now I began to realise the full, horrible reality of working at the far end of the main corridor. No Master would ever touch the corpse of a Terran, and the only Terrans that worked here were the prostitutes so our corpses were left lying until we came back and got rid of them ourselves. And there lay may corpse on the mattress looking much more worse off from this death I had suffered than from simply having the heart charge blown up. This hole in the chest where I had aimed the cum looked disgusting and not as 'clean' as from the explosion and then there was the fact that the cum had moved out in the blood stream after it had entered the heart and there started dissolving my body all over leaving large wounds where there were blood vessels close to the skin. I looked away towards the corridor and happened to see Brian help Kenny with the corpse of the former Kenny carrying it through the door to the common area on that side.

"Hey, grab yourself under the arms and I'll take your legs and then let's get rid of this as soon as possible! Do you see now what you did to yourself and why you shouldn't do it again?" Paul said as we grabbed my corpse as he suggested.

"Well, I already knew that I shouldn't do it again, it was very painful, you know!" I said as we carried my corpse into the common area.

In the far corner of the common area there was a round garbage chute in the floor. Paul stepped on a button in the floor next to it and the lid opened and then he simply dropped the feet so they hang over the opening and I almost lost my balance and fell in with the corpse but I managed to release my grip so the corpse dropped down and disappeared in the dark while I steadied myself on the lid and Paul also grabbed my round my chest and dragged me away from the whole untill I stood up straight.

"Sorry, I guess I should have warned you before I let go. Could you be so kind and help me with my corpse?" Paul said.

"Sure" I said and we went into Paul's stall and picked up his corpse which bore no visible mark.

"My last customer used the spinal cord cutter, kindly enough. Apparently he thinks the heart charge is too voilent and gory" Paul explained as we carried his corpse into the common area.

We had to wait while the kid that we had shared taxi with dropped his own corpse into the chute. He had dragged the corpse back there himself and was now maneuvering the feet into the hole and then he lifted the rest of the body up and let it drop and almost fell in himself just like I had been close to doing a few moments ago. I let go of Paul's feet and grabbed the kid's arm and pulled him back from the hole.

"You again? I thought I told you to stay away from me?!" the kid said.

"Sorry? Would you rather have fallen into that garbage chute with your own corpse?" I said as I carefully put down the feet of Paul's corpse over the hole to make sure he was prepared for the wait and then watch him drop it into the chute as the kid answered.

"We'll rather than being saved by a stupid bastard who let a master cum on him, yeah!" the kid said.

"Well, then I think you should jump in there also intstead of standing there and being rude to my friend" Paul said.

"Nobody in their right mind would want to be friend with that dork, so you must be just as stupid as him" the kid said.

"Right! I.... have had enough.... of you!" Paul said and suddenly pivoted round on one leg while lifting the other one high and hit the kid in the face with that foot so the kid fell backwards into the hole and disappeared. Then Paul closed the lid.

"Er, Terran's aren't really allowed to kill each other until we have to do it in those gladiator games but until then it's a crime, I think" I said.

"Yes but I couldn't help it, he was so obnoxious and rude to my friend.... you, and I'll gladly risk execution for any of my friends" Paul said.

"So how do they kill you for this?" I said.

"I understand that it's within the brothel's right to execute us for crimes like having sex with each other instead of with customers and for killing another Terran, and the standard punishment for that is emediate heart charge trigger, so it isn't that bad... for once I get to be killed here without having to have sex with a Master first... I'll believe I'll turn myself in even" Paul said.

"Turn yourself in for what? Why are the two of you still back here, you don't seem to be having sex, but I can check the surveilance cam for that. And where'st the very young Terran that has this stall?" the attendant said looking in through the door to the stall that belonged to the kid.

"No, we didn't have sex. I'm turning myself in for having pushed that young Terran into the garbage chute and thereby killed him. I'm ready to be punished. Jack, get away so you don't get any blood on you" Paul said stretching out his arms.

"You go back to your stall, there's a customer who's asked to have you from seeing the pictures of you and your boyfriend" the attendant said to me pressing a button on his remote so my cock emediatly started getting hard and I went back to my stall.

As I turned around to press the button to close the door I saw the attendant turn his remote to Paul and then pressed a button and Paul's body was thrown against the wall just behind him by the force of the explosion as his chest erupted. There was a brief look of pain on his face at the moment of explosion and then it turned very peaceful as he sank to the floor. The attendant noticed I was standing there and looking and then pointed the remote at me and I got the message; go to work or be killed. I then felt a scaly hand on my shoulder and I looked around and up at the face of my new customer and was suddenly very tempted to let the attendant blow up my charge now instead, but then the door to the common area was closed and the force field at the front of my stall was raised soon after when the attendant had walked out through Paul's empty stall.

"47589614?" the customer said.

"Yes, that'd be me" I said.

"Good. Lie down on mattress with your ass by the edge of it!" the customer said and I lay as he told me knowing exactly what he intended as I had been fucked by him many times before by this master and he always wanted me this way.

"You realise that I'm much more expensive now that I'm in this corridor and that you're expected to kill me afterwards, don't you" I said as he opened the fly in his trousers an pulled out his cock and put a condom on it.

"Oh, yes! Every time I fucked 47589611 before I regretted that you weren't in this section so I could kill you after I was done. I've always liked you and will be your customer in whichever section that you're in, you know that! My only regret is that I never had the chance to meet and fuck 47589612 and 475896113 as well" the customer said and then pushed himself into me and I had to bite my lip in order not to scream from the pain.

The customer, my only regular, fucked me and occasionally grabbed my cock and jacked it every once in a while during the half hour it took him to cum and then he pulled out of me and brought out a huge knife from a sheath behind his back.

"Are you gonna stab me? Not that I don't mind, I'm sure it's better than my last death and a change from having my heart blown to pieces" I said.

"That wasn't my reason to bring the knife, but I can kill you that way if you like" the customer said.

"So why did you bring the knife, I'm almost afraid to ask?" I said.

"I paid the brothel a fortune to be allowed to take home a little souvenir of you... not so little in fact.... and I thought I'd better take it before I kill you so you'll know that it was me and how and why so you don't come back and find this obvious bit missing from your body and you don't know how or why... and they said that they couldn't agree to let me take this unless you'd given your clearance, especially since the thing that happened to your previous clone... I heard about that, it was horrible what you did to yourself!... please, let me take this souvenir, you have such a beautiful and large Terran cock" the customer said and grabbed my cock with one hand and held it upright while he held the edge of the knife very close to it and the balls and I gasped as I realised what he wanted.

"Number 47589614, this customer wants to cut your cock and balls off and bring them home as a souvenir! He's paying quite a lot of money for this and also promises that he will kill you quickly and painlessly emediatly afterwards and you'll then come alive in a body that's fully equipped and you can push this memory behind you and pretend it never happened. If you like we can darken the forcefield so it's black and nobody can see that your manhood is being cut off, since you might find it harm your male pride and I'll make sure that some boys that don't know you dispose of the body emediatly" the attendant said on the other side of the force field accompanied by two naked Terrans I had never seen before there, I presume, to dispose of my soon to be mutilated body. I started to cry.

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