Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

By the same author: Previously I've written the multipart story "A Different World" which can be found under gay/sciencefiction at nifty.

This part contains some graphic voilence but only what's necessary for the story.

Going Home, part 8

Written by Adam

I turned my head and saw that Paul just arrived again and started to undress before he noticed that the attendant and two naked boys stood looking into my stall and that I was looking at him so he walked closer to see what's going on.

"Oh, it's that sicko again!" Paul said when he saw the Master standing ready to cut my cock off.

"What do you mean? You know this guy?" I said to Paul.

"Hey, what's going on over there?" Kenny shouted from his stall on the other side of the corridor as he couldn't see because of all the people standing in front of mine. Paul turned towards Kenny.

"It's that guy who cut's our dicks off for souvenirs before he kills us" Paul shouted to Kenny.

"Oh. Hey, Jack don't bother saying no, because then he'll just kill you and cut your dick off anyway, that's why the attendant brought two boys to get rid of the corpse so you won't notice, but you'll know anyway by the fact that the corpse is gone... just let him do it, it's not that bad, he keeps the knife really sharp so the cut is over in less than a second and then he kills you quickly and painlessly... just ask him to put your dick next to one of mine in the collection" Kenny shouted.

"I promissed that if he said no, then the customer won't be allowed to cut the cock and due to what happened earlier today I'm going to stand by that, you may stay here and make sure if you like" the attendant said indication Paul on the last bit.

"Then he'll just come back and do it the next time and the time after that... he always keeps the cock for souvenir when he's had one of us in this area of the brothel... better to get it over with now and get used to the idea. Possibly you could ask him to kill you first so you don't have to watch him cut it off you, but send the boys away and take care of the corpse yourself" Paul said.

"Yeah, send them away. I'll take care of my corpse myself and they shouldn't have to watch when another Terran has his cock cut off" I said.

"You heard him, get back to your stalls, boys" the attendant said clapping his hands twice and the two boys left, relieved that they wouldn't have to watch it and probably hoping they wouldn't have to make such a descission some day.

"And please do as my boyfriend over there said and put my cock next to one of his" I said pointing towards Kenny.

"Sure, I'll make a note of his number and then put it next to the latest cock from him. What about method of death, did you want to be stabbed or not?" the Master said.

"Why not, just make sure you stick it in my heart so I die quickly enough" I said.

"No problem. Then there's only the question whether you want to be killed after I cut it off or before like your friend there suggested?" the Master said, and now I hesitated for a while.

"Kill me after" I said after quite a while.

"Wait, shall I darken the forcefield?" the attendant said.

"No, just get this over with now!" I said.

I felt the customer grabb my cock again with his left hand and then then I felt the cold steel of the knife blade against my cock and then pain started. I looked up and saw the knife cut away the last piece of skin keeping my cock to my body and then how the customer lifted the severed cock up and put it in a transparent box filled with ice and closed the lid while my groin was throbbing with pain and bleeding quite a lot. Then I felt the customer's scaly finger gently press my shoulder to get me to lay down which I did and then I saw the knife swing towards me and felt a sharp blow to my chest and when I looked up I saw the handle of the knife sticking up from my chest and began feeling the taste of my own blood in my mouth.

"He's not dead yet! I thought that would be quick and painless" I heard the customer said.

"He's dying and I'm sure it's much faster and more painless than his last death and probably more painless than the heart charge" I heard Paul say.

"The show's over, get back in your stall, you have your own corpse to take care of in the common area in the back" I heard the attendant say as I reached up and grabbed the handle of the knife but then let it go as I couldn't move it.

"Twist it" I said.

"Twist it?" the customer said.

"It will kill him quicker, though I don't think it's really necessary. Just pull the knife out hand he'll die quickly enough" the attendant said.

I saw the customer's hands grabb the handle and then twisted it 180 degrees and I jerked and sputtered blood from my mouth, but there was no pain at least and then as the knife was pulled out of me I let out my last breath and all went dark again.

"It's one mutilation after another with you today, huh? Wake up, get dressed and get back to the brothel right away this time. No special treatment for 47589615, I'm affraid" the gold collar that had brought my previous clone back to life said.

"Good morning!" I said and that was all.

The gold collar pulled me off the bench and onto my feet and held me up as we walked out to the clothes store where I was given a new, white set of clothes made of a cheaper material than the ones I usually got.

"You don't wear them long enough" the guy behind the counter said.

I didn't say anything, just took the clothes and walked alone towards the dressing room.

"When you get out into the corridor, turn right instead of left as you do when you go for the cafeteria and follow the signs pointing you to the tram station and in the Terrans only elevator, press 'S' for sidewalk!" the gold collar shouted after me and I waved that I had understood the instructions.

It took me a little extra time and several false turns before I found the elevator which was as grimly decorated as the stairwell.

"Hey! Wait up!" someone called from down the corridor and I pressed the door button so the doors remained open long enough to let the person that had shouted catch the elevator. It turned out to be Brian.

"Hey there beautiful!" I said and released the door button and pressed the 'S' and while doing that I noticed the corpse right next to the panel of buttons.

"That's my line. Isn't that you? When were you gutted like that?" Brian said, pointing at the corpse.

"No idea, this must be a corpse from an earlier existence before they started me over with a blank mind last time, see this clone is of a higher physical age than me.... he looks like he's six years old or two for a Terran, ofcourse" I said.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I didn't think you knew that you'd lived many cloned lives before the memories of which are gone, I was going to tell you about that later tonight!" Brian said as the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened.

"Mark told 47589614 about it" I said.

"Mark? Who's that? And, by the way, what number are you now?" Brian said.

"He's the gold collar in the cafeteria who keeps saving your ass every time your mouth gets you into trouble. I'm 47589615 now" I said.

"Oh, him. That nice guy there who keeps helping me, even though I don't really deserve it, just because I'm your friend and he likes you" Brian said as we climbed into the taxi which emediatly took off.

"What do you mean, you don't deserve it? Ofcourse you deserve it!" I said.

"No, not as much as my mouth lands me into trouble, which is all the time so I actually need a lesson now and then" Brian said.

"Nonsense... well, if I promis that I won't help you when you get into trouble outside the cafeteria so you can learn a few lessons then?" I said.

"That would be nice, thank you" Brian said.

"Well, I will try not to help you at least, but me being such a righteous guy I can't stand by and watch my friend get hurt by other Terrans for long" I said.

"Well, it's the thought that counts... if it's Masters that I piss off then?" Brian said.

"Well, in that case I just make sure they don't torture you too much before they kill you and then I'll get myself killed so I can join you in the cafeteria" I said.

"Mmm, something to look forward to... Listen, there isn't much of the day left and all of us might not get customers before curfew... as you may recall we all agreed to stay out past curfew to allow you to know what it was like..." Brian said.

"Yes?" I said.

"So if only one or two get's a customer who kills us we agreed that the others would get caught having sex with each other in the common areas so we'll get executed and we all can go together from the cloning plant. While if none of us gets a customer we'll try to get the rest of the night off well before curfew so we can go together from the brothel... Kenny asked me to say that he wouldn't mind you having sex with either Stan or Paul or both... and also to say that the thing he said in the cafeteria about being 'your jelous boyfriend' was only a joke... not that I know what that was about" Brian said.

"Something he said to Mark, when Mark and I got on a first name basis with each other... and I'm okay with Kenny doing it with you or Tim or both" I said.

"It seems all our relationships are pretty open in this matter" Brian said.

"Hey, I don't want to hear what you faggots like to do to each other so shut up!" the cab driver said.

"There's an easier, way! Turn off the microphone in the passenger compartment, stupid breeder!" Brian said.

"Watch your mouth faggot, or I'll self trigger and without me to fly the taxi it will crash and you will die too!" the cab driver said.

"You do that, you lose your licence and get demoted to silver collar instead of the gold you're wearing now. I can see the two black dots on the back of your collar, indicating that you have self triggered for no good reason twice before and that's very serious for a gold collar!" Brian said.

"Fuck you!" the cab driver said and gave us the finger and then started saying numbers as he turned the cab to hover in front of the doors into the brothel's garage.

"I have some strings I could pull to get you demoted to bronze even!" Brian said.

"00013202td... what? Really? Give me a break!" the cab driver said as the doors opened and he flew inside and landed.

"Sure, I have Terran and Master friends in high places! Three one thousand, Four one thousand... but don't worry, now that you let us off safely I wont use those... ten one thousand" Brian said as we climbed out of the cab and kept on counting while we watched the cab fly out of the garage and Brian dialed a number on his wrist comm disc.

The cab driver's face appeared on the little display on Brian's wrist.

"Yes?" the cab driver said.

"twentyseven one thousand... Fortyseven!" Brian said with a triumphant smile.

"Wha....?!" the cab driver began saying and then there was an explosion at the bottom of the display out of wiew apparently spattering the driver's comm device with his own blood.

The cab flew unsteadily for a few seconds and then started to turn downwards just before it hit the house wall on the other side of the canyon street and then plunged.

"Er, but now he didn't really self trigger, it was you that said the last numbers killing him... won't he remain a gold collar then and you get executed for killing him?" I said.

"If they can prove it, but the Masters aren't really that eager to find out what really happened when it's 'only' Terrans that die so they will assume that he did the self trigger by himself and make him a silver collar... so if you don't say anything to anyone about this" Brian said.

"About what? A stupid asshole who commits suicide all by himself to kill a couple of faggots and only dies himself because the faggots are no longer in the cab, that's his own fault!" I said.

"I changed my mind, do say something about it! Say what you just said!" Brian said and then we went upstairs laughing.

I stepped into the brothel and started undressing, putting the clothes in a pile together with Brian's clothes and then walked into my stall and looked at my mutilated corpse and even reached over and touched the wound, almost about to cry but with some fascination at the same time. With my other hand I held the cock of my living body to make sure that I still had it more as a reflex than actually needing to check.

"Is this how I would look as a girl?" I said to myself.

"No, then you'd have boobs and you wouldn't be all bloody down there but have a lot of hair there instead. Come on, let me help you get rid of that! I wouldn't be allowed to do that on my own initiative but this time the attendant told me to help you, but you don't have to worry, I'll take care of my own corpse afterwards" Brian said and lifted my corpse' legs.

We carried the corpse into the common area and dumped it into the chute just as the obnoxious kid came out of the lavatory.

"First you get yourself painfully killed by a Master's cum and then you let another Master cut your dick off, you must be incredibly stupid!" the kid said, seeing the mutilated corpse of me just before it droped down.

"You're gonna get that Master as customer too one day and then you'll be stupid too or you'll realise that we don't have much of a choice!" Brian said.

"I'm never going to allow anyone to cut my dick off! And if you'll excuse me, I have a really nice customer who intends to fuck me for a while and he don't go around cutting guy's dicks off, he just kindly asked for a souvenir of me so I'm gonna give him my wrist communicator!" the kid said and stepped through the door to his own stall where I could see my previous customer standing waiting for the kid.

While the kid had his back turned I mimed cutting my dick off and then pointed at the kid with my eyebrows raised and the Master who was quite clever understood that I was asking if he was gonna cut the kid's dick off and nodded a bit warily in case I would object but instead I smiled broadly and gave him the thumbs up to indicate that I thought that it was a good thing. The kid turned around both to see what was going on behind his back and to close the door and so I pretended to give him the thumbs up and smiled in a way that I thought would best hide the fact that I was really laughing my ass off. The kid gave me the finger back and then closed the door. Brian and I couldn't contain our laughter anymore but leant against each other laughing.

"Well he won't be so cocky when that customer's done with him" I said when the laughter subsided and this caused us to start again.

"Hey! You, get back in your stall 41523669! What are you laughing about?" the attendant said, standing in the door to my stall.

"You must have miscounted a bit, I'm 41523670! We're laughing at a small, irritating Terran who won't be so cocky in about half an hour!" Brian said and pointed to the kid's stall as he started walking towards his own. I followed him into my stall, closing the door behind me and watching the forcefield being raised on the other side.

I looked across the corridor at Kenny's stall and saw Kenny too but he was just lying on the mattress, staring at the ceiling. I climbed up on my own mattress to see better and noticed that there was a big hole in Kenny's chest and then as a reflex action I looked down between his legs but his cock was still there, fortunatly and I let out the breath I hadn't realised until now that I was holding. I had gazed into Stan's stall as I stepped into mine and seen that there was only a corpse in his stall too and his had been as mutilated as mine and the customer had just been withdrawing his dick from Paul and bringing out the knife. Apparently he usually did one side of the corridor only so any new guys wouldn't see what happened to the others and that was why the kid hadn't known which customer to be affraid of. I looked over at Tim's stall and saw Tim lying still too, but then he turned and lay on his side, so he was alive like me and just laying around and waiting for a customer. Brian lay on his back stroking his cock a bit, apparently fantisising about Paul. After another ten fifteen minutes Kenny, Paul and Stan stepped through the back door into the brothel and started undressing.

"Did Brian tell you about the agreement?" Kenny asked.

"About making sure that either all get to wake up at the cloning facility or nobody, sure!" I said and Kenny nodded.

"And while you were gone I saw and heard something I'd never thought I'd hear!" Kenny said.

"What's that?" I said.

"A couple of guys who actually wanted and even begged to have their cocks cut off by that butcher!" Kenny said.

"I didn't beg, I merely suggested that he should have a black cock in his collection... though he said that he already had a few but wouldn't mind a few more" Stan said stepping into his stall.

"And I talked him into taking me so I could talk quietly to him one on one and conspire with him to give that same treatment to that obnoxious kid that I kicked into the chute earlier. Wait Stan, let me help you with your corpse and then you'll help me with mine!" Paul said following Stan into his stall.

"Oh, so there was a deeper reason to it, well that's much better. Nobody talks to my boyfriend the way that kid does!" Kenny said stepping into his own stall, where Brian had stepped through and began helping Kenny carry his corpse out.

I got off the mattress and opened the door to the back area where I saw Paul and Stan carry Stan's corpse to the chute.

"So you were behind that? Well done!" I said to Paul.

"That's what friends are for! Maybe it'll teach that brat to start making friends among us Terrans instead of enemies. The Master promissed that he would pay the brothel enough to allow him to cut the kid's dick off while he lived and in spite of any protests" Paul said and then he and Stan got into Paul's stall and to pick up his own corpse.

"That's very generous of him" I said and we all laughed and I closed the door again and went back to laying on my mattress.

"Right, it's one hour and ten to curfew so those of you who don't get any customers in ten minutes will be sent home then!" the attendant said.

Two minutes went by without anything happening and then Tim got a customer and only one minute later Paul got a customer too. Another two minutes went by and then Kenny started getting off his mattress and nodded towards Stan's stall. I began to wonder what was happening but then I saw Brian get off his mattress and step into the common area behind the stalls on their side and at almost the same time there was a knock at my back door and when I opened it Stan dragged me into the common area and closed the door to my stall. Stan pressed my back up against the wall and kissed me. Then we heard the cries from the kid's stall.

"Hey, what are you doing with that knife?! Hey stop, nobody told you you could do that!" the kid cried.

"I told you I was gonna bring home a souvenir of you, and I did mean your cock, that's what I always take!" the Master said.

"Oh, my God! It's you! No! Leave my cock alone! Help! This guy's mutilating me! Heeeelp!" the kid cried.

Stan stepped over to the door to the stall and pressed a button by the screen next to it and we could see from a camera in the ceiling of the kid's stall how the Master was cutting the kid's dick off.

"I don't think any of the other Terrans wants to help you! They told me how obnoxious you've been to them, actually it was one of the others who asked me to cut your dick off like this and to pay enough so the attendant would let me cut it off no matter how much you protested... actually I paid even more than that so he would disable your heart charge to prevent you from self triggering after I do this" the Master said and put the tip of the knife just beneath the ribcage of the kid and then cut the skin open in a straight line all the way down to the wound from having the cock cut off and then the Master left leaving the kid struggling to keep his stomach together, slowly dying.

"Yech!" Stan said and turned off the screen.

"I don't really feel like sex after seeing that?" I said.

"Let's see if I can't make you forget about that by doing this!" Stan said and went down on his knees and took my limp cock in his mouth and started sucking. In a matter of seconds I started getting hard again.

"Forget about what?" I said.

"I don't remember" Stan said as he got up again and then lifted me up on the table in the middle of the common area and pushed me gently until I was lying on my back.

Stan placed my legs on his shoulders and then took his hard, black cock and aimed it and then pressed it against my ass and soon enough I felt it slide into me and he started moving his hips back and forth, banging it into my buttocks. He grabbed my cock and started jacking it. He kept this up for several minutes and it started getting really good when the door opened and the attendant stepped inside followed by to armed Masters who each pointed their guns at my and Stan's respective heads.

"Four Terrans fucking each other two by two in two different common areas on different sides of the corridor at the same time! One might think you planned it! You know very well that this is illegal and you had the new punishment for this crime exlained to you this morning and still you do it? Step into your respective stalls to be executed so all other Terrans and the customer who actually wanted to have you 47589615 can see you suffocate slowly!" the attendant said and we allowed ourselves to be dragged by the armed guards into our stalls and made to stand in front of the mattresses.

Across the hall I saw Brian and Kenny standing up immobile but alive and non suffocating in front of their mattresses and when the attendant pressed a few buttons on the remote I found that I couldn't move. He had removed my motorcontroll but made every muscle tense up instead of limp as is usual so that we would remain standing wether we wanted to or not. And then the attendant made sure that he had all our numbers at once so he'd only have to press the button once to trigger all our balloon devices. Then he pressed the button and I heard the sound of rubber inflating and felt something press against my throat inside the collar as it began getting harder to breath. Across the corridor I could see that Kenny and Brian was beginning to have difficulties as well. The breathing quickly got more and more difficult in a matter of seconds until it was impossible to breath. Tim and his trick had stopped fucking for the moment to watch me and Stan get strangled by our collars. The inability to breath became painful and dark blotches appeared in my vision and for some reason it became harder to hear as well as though there was fudge in my ears but still I could faintly hear the loud bang from Paul's stall as his heart charge was detonated and just before I lost consciousness I saw a detonation from Tim's chest as well and I also saw Kenny and Brian go limp as the motor controll function wouldn't work after we got unconscious. My legs buckled and I started falling but was dead before I hit the floor. Fifteen minutes later we gathered in the cafeteria at the cloning plant for a cup of coffee before our night on the town.

"Hey, Jack, do you enjoy being painfully killed?" Mark asked as he pulled a chair up and sat down by our table.

"No, not really... I've just made some poor choices today I guess. Hey guys, this is Mark, he's my gold collar friend, you've seen him before, but I guess none of us were on a first name basis" I said and then introduced Brian, Stan and Tim to Mark since he already was on a first name basis with Kenny and Paul.

"So, you'll be sticking to that trend and go out after curfew and be killed again I hear! Careful so they don't consider you so reckless that they demote you to bronze collars... there was actually a guy I knew who was a gold but he self triggered for no reason at all so he's a silver collar now. He's a complete asshole who hates gay people but it still makes me kinda sad that someone can get demoted like that... he was a cab driver, but now he'll have to work as a prostitute some days clean away dead Terrans other days like the rest of the silver collars" Mark said.

"Maybe he had himself to blame" I said and Brian and I looked each other in the eyes and smiled.

"Yes, and I'm worried that you're gonna do something stupid so you'll have yourself to blame for not being sent to war but have to clean sewers the rest of your lives" Mark said.

"We'll be careful, don't worry!" I said.

"Yeah, so go now and you can make it back to the honeycombs well before curfew, please!" Mark said.

"Yes, you're right, we should go now!" Kenny said and got up which the others did too.

"See, there's nothing to worry about!" I said.

"Go ahead and hug and even kiss each other, I'm not really jelous like I said before" Kenny said and I hugged Mark who hugged back and then kissed me.

"But the thing that really worries me is that I have to black dots on my collar just like that cab driver had so I only have to screw up once more and I'd have to join you being sent to war!" Mark said and gave me a conspiratorical wink.

"Like you said yourself, don't do anything stupid!" I said and put my hand gently to his cheek and then we left. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Mark shaking his head with a half smile on his lips.

We walked out onto the platform and then Tim and Kenny emediatly started up the steps to the sidewalk.

"I thought we were going to skip the night on the town?" I said.

"No, we really needed to go well before the curfew so we have some time to get further into town" Kenny said.

"If we are on the platform when the curfew hits we'd be caught and killed emediatly like I was last night. The Masters knows that there always are Terrans who doesn't make the last tram and therefore wait for them at the platform. But tonight our intention is to evade the gangs as long as we can" Tim said as we crossed the bridge to the next building.

"Attention! Terran curfew is now in effect! Any Terran found outside the honeycombs without special permission slip from a Master that has employed him for the night will be killed in any means that the capturing gang sees fit and finds amusing!" a P.A. voice said.

Then we heard the noise. Screaming sound as from a flying machine that was diving quickly. We turned and looked up and saw a car diving towards us and the Master that was riding shotgun was leaning out the side window, aiming a gun towards us.

"I know this.... it means something... let me see, oh yes! It means that we should RUN!!!" Brian said and we ran as fast as we could and turned into an alley and dived behind a large dumpster.

The car flew past without a single shot being fired. I looked around the corner of the dumpster back toward the street and saw a gang of Masters walk by and then turn back and look into the alley. I felt a hand grab the back of my collar and drag me away from the corner. It was Kenny.

"Let's not be seen yet, shall we? I want to stay alive and on the run a little longer!" Kenny whispered.

"Okay. But isn't this a little obvious place to hide then? I mean that a lot of Terran's must have tried to hide out here many times before so the Masters probably knows about it now" I whispered.

"Ofcourse, that's why we won't stay here for long, because this dumpster is full of Terrans that has been hiding here... there's even two or three of me in there" Tim whispered and I looked up and saw a foot sticking up over the edge.

"I thought I recognised the stench of Terran corpses" I whispered.

"Shouldn't we check this alley out? There are always some Terran's hiding behind that dumpster" the voice of one of the Masters said.

"Nah! Let's save some fun for later!" another Master was heard saying.

"But they would have heard this so then they'll leave before we return... or another gang may come and catch them first!" the first Master said.

"Okay. I guess, that if they are stupid enough not to learn by earlier mistakes they deserve to be killed right away. You two run around the corner and enter the alley from that end in case they've heard us talking so loud and tries to run for it" the second Master said.

"Not necessary, I called my cousin and he's been guarding that end while we've been talking. Wait a second. Hey, cousin, we're ready here, start walking into the alley from your end and we'll start walking from our end" the first Master said.

"Roger that" the cousin's voice came from the other end of the alley round the corner of the wall and we could hear the foot steps walking into the alley from both ends.

"Nice job! You're cousin is with a rivalling gang, I had no intention of splitting our killings with them!" the second Master said.

"It's just for this once, and then we'll make a 'terrible mistake' and find some Terrans to blame it on... you know I can't stand my cousin" the first Master said.

"Nice!" the second Master said.

Then we heard nothing but footsteps from a dozen pair of feet coming from each end of the alley and finally converging beside the dumpster and stopping there.

"What? How's this possible? There are always stupid Terrans hiding here behind the dumpster! I'm pretty sure I saw about six of them run in here too! Did you see any come out your end before you got there?" the first Master said.

"Only the one! A small kid who complained that he had broken his leg and been blown to bits and kicked into a garbage chute and finally had his dick cut off and been gutted by some customer at the brothel... we removed his motor controll so he went limp including his tongue and vocal cords so he couldn't speak and then threw him off the building" the cousin said.

"His dick cut off? I thought your father's collection of dicks had been confiscated by the authorities" the first Master said.

"They did, but then they gave it back to him. They also gave him a medal and told him to keep up the good work" the cousin said.

"Make sure nobody is hiding inside the dumpster!" the second Master said.

I saw the fingers of a Master over the edge of the dumpster and then the top of his head was pulled up and he looked down. Kenny, Tim, Stan, Brian, Paul and I all held our breaths and lay as still as possible, hoping that the Masters wouldn't be able to see the difference between a live and a dead Terran, and that we wouldn't have to become as dead as these corpses just yet. On the positive side if they did discover and kill us, it meant that no one would have to pick us up and put us in a dumpster in the morning since we were already here.

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