Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

By the same author: Previously I've written the multipart story "A Different World" which can be found under gay/sciencefiction at nifty.

This part contains some graphic voilence but only what's necessary for the story.

Going Home, part 9

Written by Adam

The one thing that saved us this time was the fact that I remembered not to move my eyes but stare at some far away point without seeing it the same way I'd noticed the corpses of my previous clones tended to do. The others had been smart enough to lie face down or with their eyes closed or heads turn but then also with the same stare at a distant point. After what seemed like an eternity the Master lowered himself down again.

"Nah, they were all dead in there!" the Master said.

"Maybe they were so scared of being tortured that they commited suicide, that would explain a lot" his cousin said.

"Or they're just very good at playing dead, we could wait until tomorrow and watch the surveillance recording for this alley or... I need to take a leak!" the first Master said.

"What?! Now?? Couldn't you have done that before you left your appartment?" the leader of that Master's gang said.

"I could, but pissing into a toilet bowl isn't as fun as pissing on Terran corpses and watch them dissolve and if there are any live Terrans in there playing dead we'll know by the screams" the first Master said as we saw him climb up on the edge and stand on the corner off the dumpster and picked out his dick.

The stream of green Master's pee zig-zagged all over the dumpster in an attempt by him to try to his any live Terran no matter where that Terran hid. The stream moved over my belly and I was eternally happy that I had pulled a couple of corpses over me just like the other five of us. But I watched with dread as the pee worked it's way through the body on top of me. Then there was a scream, which I quickly realised came from that other boy who had climbed into the dumpster after we had already hid and lay down on top and played dead there. The Master let out a triumphant laugh and got into the dumpster and walked over to the boy, stepping on my foot on the way. I clenched my teeth in order not to scream. I saw the boy lift his leg that now was cut off beneath the knee by the pee and he held the leg with both hands and screamed from the pain. The leader of the gang and the Master's cousin now climbed into the dumpster as well.

"Please, kill me quick! It hurts so much already!" the boy said.

"Not a chance ugly little Terran, you tried to hide from us! Besides, I'm not finished peeing!" the Master said and went on with his peeing.

He started by cutting the boys other leg off by peeing on it and then his left arm. At that point the other two started peeing on the boy as well who screamed constantly for a while as the cousin cut the other arm off and the gang leader pissed on the boy's belly, dissolving his intestines. Then the boy wised up and said his serial number plus the letters 't' and 'd' and the final two numbers and the heart charge exploaded, killing the boy almost instantly and sent a splinter of the boy's ribs into the leg of the gang leader who swore. The other two Masters helped him down from the dumpster and then they finally walked out of the alley and by the sound of it the hurt Master had his arms around the shoulders of the first Master and his cousin who supported him while he jumped on one leg.

"Damned fucking self trigger! Ought to be illegal!" the cousin said and then they were gone.

"I'm impressed that you could be around dead Terrans for so long, you seemed so sensitive about that yesterday!" Brian said as he crawled free from the corpses that covered him.

"I've had time to get used to it since then" I said doing the same.

"I'm impressed at your composure at playing dead while I had my hand on your cock" Kenny said.

"It wasn't easy, and I'm surprised that you did that. You said yourself that we were going to try to stay alive as long as posible so what's the point of risking being detected and killed that way?" I said.

"Sorry, I just can't keep my hands off you! See!" Kenny said and grabbed the bulge in my trousers and as an answer I pulled him close and kissed him.

"Hey! Maybe we should try to make it out of the dumpster and this alley before the next Master comes by to piss on us!" Paul said.

"Good idea! I'm amazed that none of us was hurt the slightest bit!" Tim said climbing down from the dumpster.

"I was hurt. I was hit by a ricochet on the shoulder here. It wasn't much but it hurts like hell. I managed to keep from yelling and simply moaned a bit when the Masters couldn't hear it due to that boy's screams" Paul said.

"Can you go on or shall you and I try to find a cop car, they usually kills the Terrans quickly" Brian said.

"No, I'm fine I can keep up with you" Paul said being the last one out of the dumpster.

"Besides, the cops don't kill us Terrans anymore. Recently they've started to make friends with the local gangs and allied themselves with them so they just disable us by removing our motor control so we can't run so the local gang can come and take care of us whenever they like" Tim said.

"Okay, let's keep away from the cops as well" Stan said.

We walked out of the alley the way that that cousin had come into it and then when we got to the opening onto the sidewalk we stopped and looked both ways before we carefully stepped out onto the sidewalk and started walking along it towards the street corner where there were two bridges at right angles to each other. One bridge led straight forward while the other led to the right. We looked about ourselves and then ran across the bridge to the right and into the maze of alleys on the other side. Here we knew we could evade capture for quite a while and we knew that the only gang that kept any control of these alleys was the one gang that was allowed to go anywhere they liked and kill Terrans after Curfew, while most other gangs were limited to a specific block. And the gang that controlled this area could very well be on the other side of the continent. Unfortunatly for us they weren't. Well at least one of them weren't. As we stepped into a narrow alley, only wide enough for one person not for two to walk side by side we saw him at the other end and he saw us. He raised his gun and aimed it at Kenny who walked first in line.

"Run!" Kenny shouted and we ran out of this alleyway back into the wider alley where we split up and pressed ourselves against the wall next to the more narrow alley. Brian, Paul and Stan stood to the left of it while Kenny, Tim and I went to the right.

"Do you think he got a target lock on you?" Stan said.

"Apparently not, he'd have shot the gun then, wouldn't he?" Kenny said and then we heard the rifle fire a short burst.

"If he's got a target lock he can shoot you any time he likes and the bullet will hit you even if you're behind the corner or even across town. These new kinds of ammuntion seeks you out!" Stan said.

"You've gotta be kidding!" Kenny said.

Five bullets came out of the alley, moving very fast but still enough to be just visible to the naked eye and then the bullets stopped in mid air for a few seconds and then turned around hand started moving again in a totally new direction and thudded into Kenny's chest.

"I wish I were kidding" Stan said.

Kenny looked down with shock at the bleeding holes in him and felt his body.

"They're the exploding kind, I just felt them arm themselves... get away from me so you don't get hurt!" Kenny said and pushed me and Tim away from himself.

"No, I wanna die with you if you're going to die" I said walking back towards Kenny.

"No, this night is for you to try to stay alive as long as possible. We'll see each other in the morning at the cloning plant! Stay with Tim, he's an expert at staying alive long after curfew! Tim, keep him away from me so he doesn't get hurt by the blast" Kenny said.

While Tim grabbed my arms and pulled me back I managed to press forward long enough to give Kenny a quick kiss. Not a tongue kiss, just a quick peck before I was pulled back by Tim.

"I love you!" I shouted.

"Love you too" Kenny said and then the bullets exploaded and turned Kenny into bloody pulp and splattered me with his blood.

"Oh my God! You killed Kenny! You bastard!" I shouted.

"Let's split up, he can only follow one of us!" Paul suggested.

"No, I don't want to be separated from you like Jack was from Kenny" Brian said.

"Well, I don't want to be separated from Tim either, but we can't rejoin 'cause if either of us crosses this alley the Master get's a target lock on that person" Stan said.

"Don't worry, to begin with we'll just split up so Jack and Tim run that way and we run this way and then if the Master follows us, we'll split up further, and only then!" Paul said.

"It's so crazy it might actually work, come on Jack, this way!" Tims said and dragged me along while he ran towards another narrow alley, further away to the right. As we ran into it I looked back and saw Brian, Paul and Stan run the other way and then the Master stepped out of the alley and looked down at the remains of Kenny and kicked at them before he turned and pointed the gun in the direction that Brian, Paul and Stan was running in and fired another burst.

Then Tim pulled me with him and we ran along the the alley which was only narrow with walls on either side for a few meters before it opened up on a t'chaa ball court with a high wire fence around it. The court was desserted and the gates were open on both ends. Tim dragged me into the large gates on the long side we were running along and made a shortcut across the court to the smaller gate in the far corner. We exited through that gate and then stood with our backs to the wall for a few seconds. There was a loud bang of exploading bullets.

"And then there were only four... I wonder who it was..." I said.

"Don't think about it! We'll start moving again in a second or two, let me just check to see that there aren't any Master coming after us" Tim said and looked around the corner across the ball court.

"See any?" I said.

"No. We can walk for now then. That way" Tim said and pointed.

"I hope you don't think this is the wrong time to bring this up but..." I said.

"What?" Tim said.

"You're the only guy in the gang that I haven't kissed" I said.

"You mean that you've kissed, Brian, Paul, Kenny and Stan but not me? That cannot go unpunished! You're going to have to take the consequenses of this gross violation of protocol. Ready to be punished?" Tim said.

"Punished? ... I was hoping that you would want to remedy the situation and not punish me!" I said.

"Punishment, remedy, two words for the same thing!" Tim said and then kissed me:

"Oh. Oh, I see, only with the others it was more than just a quick peck, it was tongue" I said.

"Why didn't you say so" Tim said and then we hugged and kissed and our tongues danced for a while.

"Excuse me! Do we really have time for that? And that's my boyfriend you're kissing! I managed to shake the Master. He got Paul and then followed Brian when I went the other way, but we should keep moving" Stan said as he came running in the opposite direction to the way we had been walking.

"Well, if was Kenny's boyfriend you fucked at the brothel earlier tonight, so you've had me much more than Tim has" I said.

"Point taken. Come on, up these steps!" Stan said and started up a flight of steps to the left and we followed.

At the top of the steps there was one narrow alley leading of to the right. There was a short piece of wall on the left at the top of the steps. Hanging there was Brian with a bolt through his chest and a large puddle of his blood on the ground as the balloon had been broken. And then we saw the Master walking towards us from the right while he was loading the gun with a new bolt. We turned and ran back down the steps where Stan turned right and ran the way Tim and I had been coming while Tim dragged me along to the left. After a few seconds we noticed that the Master was following us. Tim pushed me into an alley to the right where I almost fell down the flight of steps that was there.

"You run that way and I'll try to make the Master follow me instead!" Tim said and I ran down the steps and through the alley out onto the sidewalk where four strong Masters grabbed me and turned me around to face the Master that was slowly walking down the steps towards me. A police car was hovering in the air just outside the sidewalk.

"Well, if it isn't 47589616... nice meeting you. I don't suppose you remember or recognise me, since I understand we all look the same to you, but I made sure to remember your number... the six firs digits since it's the last two that changes the most and you've apparently gone through quite a few clones since yesterday when 47589611 served dinner in my parents house when I was there visiting and then I hear 47589611 took a nap before he brutally murdered my mother by shooting a bolt through her for no reason whatsoever!" the Master said.

"I only held the gun, your father made me hold it and then pressed buttons on his remote that caused my finger to twitch so it really was your father that killed your mother and blamed me. I had a perfect record until then and had never even been killed once before yesterday. Why would I ruin that to kill a Master for no reason? She hadn't done me anything!" I said.

"Liar! I saw the surveillance disc which shows that my father was nowhere near when you killed her! You just burst out of the rest chamber and grabbed my mother and started to rape her and when she struggled too much you took the bolt gun she was trying to defend herself with and killed her with it!" the Master said.

"That disc was tampered with by the police on the way to the court for my execution. Your father paid the policemen to do that for him!" I said.

"Are you accusing us of corruption and tampering with evidence? Are you spreading lies about that boy's father, a prominent and respectable member of the ruling council? We will have to execute your next clone for saying those things, when you're brought back to life in the morning report directly to the court!" a voice came from a speaker on the police car and I turned around and finally realised that this was the very police car that had brought me to court yesterday with the same policemen.

"Yes sir! So now what are you going to do? I've already been executed for that murder! But I guess you'll kill me anyway!" I said.

"Yes, I'll kill you anyway, over and over again in any painful way I can imagine until you're drafted. This time, you'll get to know how it feels to die the way my mother died! You'll learn over the next year that it was a mistake killing the mother of K'ch'kt-aa!" the Master said.

"I promis I will never again kill the mother of K'c... er who you said... so what are you waiting for?" I said.

Then Tim came running out of an alleyway further down the sidewalk and turned to run this way and saw us.

"Go, ahead, try to run away from us Terran!" the Master said aiming his gun at Tim.

"No thanks!" Tim said and calmly walked up to us.

"Wait I recognise you, you're that ugly fuck I bolted to the tram last night!" the Master said.

"I thought I recognised your repulsive face too" Tim said.

"You know, the tram company has decided to preserve your body that's bolted to the tram and keep it there... and they've contacted me to ask me to decorate more tram cars with corpses of you... but don't worry I don't like to copy my own art so I wont bolt you to any more tram cars, I'll find some other way of killing you today. On the other hand I do intend to bolt your friend here.... maybe it's your boyfriend even?" the Master said.

"No, the black guy that still roaming around somewhere in those alleys is my boyfriend" Tim said.

"And the first guy you blew up from our gang tonight is my boyfriend" I said.

"Whatever! Hey officers, have you seen that tram car I decorated so nicely tonight with a previous clone of that Terran?" the Master said into his comm device while pointing at Tim.

"Yes, it's pretty kewl... nice work" the voice in the speaker said.

"So how would you like that Terran as a hood ornament?" the Master said and pointed at me.

"We'd like that very much, thank you. Wait a few seconds so we can tilt the car forward so you'll get a good surface to apply him to" the voice said and the police car started to tilt forward at a steep angle.

"Stand close to the edge..." the Master began instructing me.

"... with my back to the edge, yes I know. I saw when you did him, yesterday" I said and stood like I was supposed to.

"Sorry about this, Jack" Tim said.

"It's not your fault, I'll be alright" I said.

I turned my face toward the Master who was already aiming the bolt gun at me and then he fired it. Everything seemed to move in slow motion. I could actually see the bolt flying towards me and hit me in the chest and plunged right into it while it pushed me backwards over the edge and across ten meters of nothing but air under me and then I felt the metal of the hood of the police car hit me from behind and then I hung there on the hood of the police car, held there by a thich metal rod through my body that protruded a few centimeters in front of my body. I noticed there was a ring on the outmost end of the bolt with a rubber covering and I reached up and grabbed that ring and twisted it. I felt a piece of the bolt move inside of me as though a small tube was extended at a right angle to the bolt and pierced my heart and a moment later the little rubber on the ring started to turn red and expand. The Master brought out a dart gun which I understood he was going to use on the balloon. I twisted the ring a little more and it came off with the balloon and I threw it down onto the sidewalk in front of the Masters' feet. The Masters were extremely surprised at this and stood and watched in awe as my blood was pumped out of me and didn't notice at all that Tim ran away. Soon I was beginning to feel tired and light headed and my sight started to blur as the Master absentmindedly raised his gun and fired a few rounds in my direction and the bullets turned as soon as they came out of the barrell and flew in the direction that Tim was running and hit him in the back so he fell face forward and then started squirming as though he had ants in his trousers, though the real reason was much more horrible; he was being dissolved from inside by the bullets. The last thing I saw before I died was Tim's body bounce a meter off the ground when he triggered his heart charge.

"Good morning! So how long did you make it? And don't you have a kiss for your boyfriend? We don't have to worry about being 'tainted' today, since we're not working in the brothel" Kenny said, lying on the bench right next to me having just come to life himself.

"Yeah, I could use a kiss before the execution!" I said.

"What? What execution why?" Kenny said.

"For 'gross slander against a model citizen and accusing cops of being corrupt' .... don't worry, it's a quick and painless execution for that" the gold collar standing between our benches said and coughed pointedly when he said the words 'model citizen'.

"Oh, that's not so bad... I'll make you company to the dressing room and then wait there while you go upstairs and get it over with and you can hurry back to the dressing room with your next clone and let him tell me about the night's escapades... how about that kiss now!" Kenny said as we both slid off our benches and walked unsteadily to the clothes store while kissing.

"You again?" the guy behind the counter said and bent down to pick out the usual clothes.

"Yeah, and I'll be back in a couple of minutes when my execution is over and done with, so give me some of those cheaper clothes that don't have to last so long" I said.

"So you've got yourself into a mess where you're to be executed for the third time in as many days! So what is it this time?" the guy said getting the cheaper clothes.

"It's none of your business!" I said taking the clothes and then walked with Kenny towards the dressing room.

"Hey! Why are the two of you in such a hurry? Why don't you wait for us?" Paul said as he, Brian, Tim and Stan came into their own sets of clothes and sat down.

"I'm in a bit of a hurry to get this little execution business out of the way so I can return to you. Kenny is not in hurry, since he promissed to wait here for my next clone to arrive" I said.

"Oh, sorry to hear that. You can tell us about that later though, run along now. We'll go down to the cafeteria and secure a table for all of us and a chair for you!" Brian said.

"Thanks. So how do I get to the court room?" I said.

"Don't worry, you'll find a couple of policemen waiting for you outside that door" Paul said.

"I should have figured. I'll be going then and see you down in the cafeteria soon" I said and walked out the door where two policemen were waiting for me as promised.

"Hi, I'm 47589617, I understand that it's me you're waiting for?" I said.

The policemen didn't say anything but just grabbed by an upper arm each and lifted me off the floor and carried me in the opposite direction from the stairwell.

"Hey, I can walk on my own, thanks!" I said.

"Sorry, we're only following procedure! Every Terran to be executed is to be carried by two policeofficers to the execution to prevent escape attempts... it's the same for everyone" one of the policemen said.

I didn't say anything to this but let them have it their way. I was carried to a door marked 'Masters and condemned Terrans only' right next to the end of the conveyor belt and the hole in the ceiling from which the bodies dropped onto the belt. I was carried through the door into a much nicer corridor with wall to wall carpets, potted plants, wooden wall panelling and brass lamp holders. At the end of this corridor I was brought into an elevator which quickly went up at least twenty stories on the outside of the building with a large picture window on the back giving a clear view of the city. Diagonally to the right of us where the block with the maze of alleys where we had tried to evade the Masters last night and far down on the sidewalk, I could see the remains of Tim. Then the elevator doors opened and I was carried out of it and towards the judge's stand. I turned my head and saw a familiar police car fly into the court room and land. The thing that made it really easy to recognise was my corpse that was bolted to the hood. I was put down in front of the judge and the two policemen from the car came with a disc which they gave the judge and turned out to contain the speach where I told my side of the story last night. The judge then declared me guilty.

"You have been executed before, haven't you?" the judge said.

"Yes" I said.

"Then I can't be lenient with you... so you should be glad that the normal method of execution for this crime is relatively quick and painless. There will be no period of pain before the execution, you'll just get the heart charge detonated" the judge said.

"Okay" I said.

"Carry out the execution!" the judge ordered the policemen that had brought me.

While the policemen from the car with my corpse on it returned to the car I was led to the middle transparent cell by the other policemen.

"If you like you can remove your sh..." a policeman said but stopped as I had already removed my shirt and put it in his hand and then I stepped inside the chamber.

"Why are you staring at me like that for? Close the door and kill me!" I said.

The door was closed and the robot arm with the camera on it and the dispay screen where I could see what the camera was showing adjusted themselves into position according to my height and distance from the camera. I watched myself on the screen until my body jerked and my chest erupted and on the screen I could see the brief expression of pain on my face before I fell over. The camera tilted until it got me back into frame and I could watch myself draw my last breaths on the screen and then all went black as I died yet again.

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