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Golden Locks and the three Bears: Part 1


Once upon a time in the countryside lived a farmer’s pretty-boy son, just turned eighteen. The son had shoulder-length, light blond hair. In fact you could say his hair was “golden”. People in town referred to him as Golden Locks. And indeed he was an eighteen-year-old golden boy. He wasn’t very tall, being only five foot eight, but his physique was nearly perfect. Golden’s father used to keep him busy day and night doing chores. He worked so hard that by the time he’d finished those chores he would just collapse in his bed. Of course all the physical activities were what gave him his tight body with six pack abs, muscular arms, hard shoulders and a firm bubble butt. His outdoor work also gave him a great golden tan. Sometimes people would drive to or stop by the farm just to see him working up a sweat with his shirt off in low slung, tight, work jeans. Girls as well as an occasional man would stop by to flirt with him but Golden barely noticed them. He was far too busy.

All this attention just served to make the farmer more jealous of his son and he would get angry and beat the boy at times. There was no love between the two men. Golden Locks dreamed of getting out of his home but he wasn’t ambitious. He actually enjoyed doing the work around the farm. The fact that he also enjoyed cooking and cleaning made his father look at him funny and refer to him as a “girly” boy. Things changed one day when Golden was washing dishes after having made lunch.

“Quit washing dishes, girly boy and get your ass in here. Now!” the farmer roared making the house shake.

“Yes, Sir,” Golden said meekly after running into the room.

The farmer threw some money at his son. “I need me some cigarettes, go an get em!”

The sound of lightning could be heard outside, there was a bad storm coming. The truck was sitting in the front yard on cement blocks and Golden Locks was not looking forward to walking to the convenience store. He looked at his father sitting lazily on a chair with his gut hanging over his unzipped pants. His nasty, dirty and calloused bare feet were up on a stool. Golden looked at him pleading with his bright blue eyes. He tried in vain to move the man in front of him. His father was too busy picking food out of his overgrown beard to notice him and didn’t even bother to look up. Still, Golden tried to get a response.

“Father it’s going to rain. You don’t want your cigarettes getting wet do ya.”

His hulking father stood up angrily. “Then you best get your ass outa here boy. They’ll giv ya a bag for the cigs. Now git!”

Golden Locks grabbed his blue windbreaker and headed out. It was getting cloudy and the wind howled loudly as it blew around him. He tucked his hands in his pockets and put the windbreaker’s attached hood on his head. The storm would be here soon so he decided to try a new shortcut.

The dirt road was messy because of the wind but Golden figured it should put him behind the convenience store. Halfway down the road it started raining hard so Golden looked for some sort of shelter. He wasn’t familiar with this road but he could spot a farmhouse not too far ahead. His sneakers splashed in the mud as he ran toward the two story house and onto its porch. If nothing else he figured whoever lived here would at least let him stay under the porch till the rain passed. As he knocked on the door he surveyed his surroundings. The house was not in the best of shape and he noticed the porch was rotting in spots and paint on the outer walls was peeling. He began to wonder if the house was abandoned. After he knocked on the door one more time, it opened on its own.

“Hello! Anybody home?” Golden said as he peered into the house. “I guess it’s abandoned,” he added out loud to himself.

He was soaking wet and dripping on the floor. Since no one was home he thought what the hell. First he stripped off the soaked shirt, then the sneakers, socks and finally the jeans. They would need to be put back on later so he laid them out on the porch where they would not get wet. With just his “tighty whitey” underwear on the rain felt good and he stood under it for a while almost in a daze until he heard the crack of lightning. The underwear he was wearing had become translucent from getting wet so Golden decided to loose those too and put them with the rest of his soaked clothes.

His bare feet felt a little chilled on the floor now. Being naked in a strange house was exciting and he felt a stirring down below. His hand found his rising member and stroked it a couple of times before he stopped himself suddenly. He thought about what he was doing, naked and jacking off in a strange empty house. Had he finally gone nuts? Just thinking of the word nuts made him cup his balls with one hand before he decided it was best to try and find something to wear. That meant looking through the boxes that were in the room.

The first box just had some sheets in it that looked like black rubber. Golden laughed to himself wondering what they might be used for then went on to the next box. It contained what he needed—underwear. All kinds of underwear. Golden first tried on some bikini underwear that looked like black rubber but they were way too big so he threw them in the corner. Next he tried on a black leather jockstrap but it was too small. He took it off, held the pouch up to his nose and inhaled deeply. It had the strong smell of leather and the musky smell of man sweat. He felt the old familiar stirring down below so he quickly threw the leather jockstrap to the side. Continuing to look in the box he found a very sheer black thong and tried it on. It was just the right size for him and fit perfectly. He was curious to see how he looked in the sexy underwear so he slowly walked up the dusty stairs looking around for a mirror. There were two bedrooms on this floor. The first room was like nothing he’d ever seen, it was painted black and had one of the funny rubber sheets on the floor. But the room had what he was looking for on the back wall. Not only was it a mirror but it was huge going from floor to ceiling. Golden stood and admired himself in it. He wasn’t a vain boy but he knew that farm work had left him with a slim, nicely defined body.

His hands caressed his smooth chest feeling hard six pack abs. He stopped right at the top of his sheer thong then rubbed his arms. They weren’t as bulging as he would have liked but they were tight and very strong. His large quarter-size nipples were standing at attention from the chill in the room. While looking in the mirror he pinched one of his nipples then the other. It sent a shiver down his spine. The feel of the black rubber sheet under his, tanned from working barefoot on the farm feet felt good. Finally his eyes and hands went to the sheer thong he was wearing. He had golden hair down there too surrounding a well endowed, cut cock and large balls. The thong pushed everything forward and Golden was thankful for his good genes. His father was a bastard but Golden had inherited his generous endowment. He’d seen his father naked when they skinny dipped in the creek one time and was amazed at how large his cock and balls were. He’d never seen any other man naked not even when he was in school. Instead of gym class he had to go home to take care of the farm. Golden took his eyes off the mirror and his hands off himself to look around the room. For a moment he was scared. Why paint a room all black? Was it witchcraft or something evil? But he thought better of that. The room had a very sexy feel to it but he didn’t understand how. He felt stupid and naive. In the past when he’d felt attractioned to people they were all men. But he lived in a small town in the country and had no computer. How was he to learn about such things? His father never allowed him to have friends or free time to go out. The only time he had to himself was at night when he went to bed. Then Golden would run his hands on his body and slowly rub them up and down his engorged cock. He’d dream of doing things with men that had stopped by the farm until he would cum and then fall asleep. Eventually he learned the experience was better when he used lotion on his cock. Recently he’d gotten as far as fingering his tight virgin butt hole. There were times he dreamed of having other things up there but he didn’t know what he could get. Besides he didn’t have money of his own to buy anything. His dad would only buy him the most basic of clothes and shoes which he’d learned how to patch up. The jeans he used were well worn and threadbare but luckily for him that was also the style others at school were wearing at the time. He wore dime store flip-flops to school by order of his fathers as to not wear out his work boots. That was okay though, Golden liked the way they felt on his feet.

Something in the corner of the room caught his attention. It was a funky, swing type, black, leather chair held up by chains. He walked over to sit in it when he saw a shiny black dresser next to it. He went to the dresser and opened the top drawer. Inside were big rubber cocks of every color. There was also a large bottle of lotion. It didn’t take the naive country boy long to figure out that the rubber cocks could take the place of his finger in his butt hole. His own cock perked up as he got more excited by the minute. Slipping out of his sheer thong his cock sprang straight up. He squirted some of the lotion into the palm of his hand and rubbed it on his growing member then started stroking it. The lotion was making his cock get hot and he liked it. Taking his hands off his member he gave his attention to the rubber cocks in the drawer. He pulled out a large black one and put it straight up on the floor. Then he slowly squatted toward it spreading his butt cheeks as he did so but it felt big against his ass. Golden turned to look in the mirror. The rubber cock was huge! It hadn’t looked so big in the drawer. He put the black cock back in the drawer. It was way too big.

Golden looked back in the drawer and pulled out a clear rubber cock. Again he placed it on the floor and squatted towards it while looking in the mirror. It was too small for him to hold onto so he put it back. The third time he pulled out a medium size, flesh color rubber cock. It had a suction cup on the bottom to stay stuck on the floor. He squatted and tried to sit on it but his butt was to dry for it to go in. Then he remembered the lotion he’d rubbed on his cock, got it then went down on all fours with his butt facing the mirror. This way he could turn his head and see what he was doing. The sight of himself on all fours spreading his slightly pale ass cheeks was getting him incredibly hot and turned on. Slowly his fingers dripping with lotion stroked the area around his butt hole as they made their way closer and closer to the entrance. One finger entered his hole. Golden groaned as his finger went in his tight hole massaging it as it got hotter and hotter from the lotion. Doing this naked in a strange place was really turning him on. He slowly put another finger in his hole going deeper and deeper, getting himself more and more worked up. His breathing grew faster and he felt hot and feverish. He was desperate to have that rubber cock inside him. Getting up he slowly squatted and lowered himself onto the rubber cock. At first it was painful but he was so hot now he wasn’t going to stop until it was inside him. It hurt when the rubber head got inside but it was just the right size. And once it was in there he slowly took the rest up inside him. There was no one around so Golden allowed himself to groan out loud in ecstasy. His cock had grown bigger than he’d ever seen it. He stroked it harder and harder as he rode up and down on that rubber cock. One hand was on his cock, while he used the other to pinch his rock hard nipples. Finally he came with such an explosion that his body shook from head to toe and there was white cum all over the black sheets on the floor. Golden was exhausted and just collapsed for a moment. Finally he got up and licked his hand clean of cum, pushed a strand of blond hair back from his eyes, and put the sheer underwear back on. He was tired and wanted somewhere to lay down. So he walked into the other room.

This room was more “normal” looking. No black walls. But not much furniture either. There was a huge four poster, black metal bed with black sheets which took up most of the space. It was the largest bed he’d ever seen. He lay down on the bed but it was just too big for him to feel comfortable in it. He tossed and turned before finally getting up. There was one more piece of furniture in the room. A small wooden chair with a big cushion. He got up and tried the chair but once he sat in it the chair collapsed under his weight. He was a little shaken but looked under it. The legs had not been put on the chair securely which is why the thing had collapsed. That’s when Golden remembered the funny chair in the mirrored black room. He grabbed a sheet from the bed and walked back to the other room. When he walked in he spotted a chair in the corner he hadn’t seen before. But when he walked to the leather and metal chair he spotted a large hole in the center of it and thought better of sitting in it. He walked to the funny leather swing chair held up by chains, sat down and put his feet through some straps that were there. There were also straps for his hands. He guessed they would help to swing the chair but he opted not to put his hands through them. The chair left his bare butt angled up in the air. It would be a fun place to play with the rubber cocks later. With his feet in the straps he felt secure enough that he didn’t think he would fall off in his sleep. Because of the black curtains the room was dark enough for a nap. He put the black sheet from the other room over himself and quickly fell asleep.


More to cum in part 2.


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