Tales For Fairies

Golden Locks and the Three Bears

chapter 2


A large SUV had driven up to the house where Golden was sleeping. Three men exited the vehicle. One of them was over six feet tall, large and very muscular with a crew cut and a full beard. He had on leather pants , boots and a tight, leather vest which showed off a hairy chest and huge arms. The next man was shorter about 5"5 with a small, but tight build. He had on a skin tight, black, vinyl shirt and short, black, vinyl shorts. You could see the outline of two nipple rings under the shirt. The third man was walking toward the porch. He was dressed in denim shorts which hugged his bubble butt and muscular hairy legs. His chest was well defined—not too big, but not small—Just right. He was wearing a black mesh shirt that showed off a chest with just the right amount of hair. Once he got to the porch he walked over to where Golden had placed his clothes. He picked up the white underwear and waved it in the direction of the other two men.

“Looks like we have a visitor, boys,” he said before trying the front door, which Golden had left open, and looking back again at the other two men. “Someone is in our house.”

The largest of the three men walked into the house first and quickly noticed the boxes Golden had opened. He picked up the black bikini underwear from the floor where they’d been thrown and showed them to the others before speaking in a deep, gruff, voice.

“Someone’s been trying on my underwear and has just thrown them on the floor.”

The smallest of the men walked over to the leather jockstrap, picked it up and spoke to the others in a strong voice which didn’t seem to match his small frame.

“Someone’s been trying on my underwear too.”

The man in the denim shorts looked around in the underwear box then looked at the other two. He spoke while he scratched his black goatee.

“My sheer black thong is gone.”

The three men looked around wondering what to do next. The biggest and oldest of the three, whose hair and beard were salt and pepper in color, spotted wet footprints in the rug heading towards the stairs. He looked at the other two men and put his finger to his lips, motioning for them to be silent before he pointed to the stairs. They we went up the stairs one behind the other. Their first stop was the room with the large bed. The largest manwho was leading the group, spoke first.

“Someone’s been in our bed.”

The smallest of them noticed the broken chair, walked up to it, looked at the pieces, and held up a broken chair leg for the others to see.

“Someone’s been sitting in my chair and he broke it.”

The three next went to the room that was all black and the leader of the group noticed his big, black, dildo on the floor and picked it up.

“Someone’s been playing with my dildo.”

The smaller man noticed his clear dildo on the floor.

“Someone’s been touching my dildo too.”

The man in denim shorts bent down to pick up his flesh color dildo and the bottle of lotion.

“Someone has been using my dildo and our lotion.” He wiped his hands on his shorts and noticed the white spots on the rubber sheet on the floor.

“Someone’s been cumming in our dungeon,” the leader said.

“And he’s still here sleeping in our sling,” said the smallest of the men pointing toward Golden who was still in the sling, sleeping underneath the black sheet.

The biggest of the men pulled the sheet off to reveal a lovely site that stopped him in his tracks. He motioned for the others to walk over to the sling but remain silent. As the men admired Golden, half naked in a sling, the one in denim shorts looked closely at Golden’s face then at the others.

“That’s the farmers poor and abused boy. The one we flirt with sometimes when he’s hard at work. But what’s he doing here and wearing my thong, no less.”

“Maybe his Pops threw him out .” Said the smallest man.

The group’s leader stroked his beard then spoke.

“More likely his old Pops sent him on an errand and he was hiding out here from the storm. Bet you he thought this placed was abandoned. Can’t blame him , this place sure does look like it’s abandoned, you know. Lousy son of a bitch, sending his son out in this weather. And damn! Such a pretty son at that.”


 He couldn’t resist running his large hand gently down the sleeping boys cock which instantly started stirring and the boy woke up.

Golden slowly opened his eyes and began rubbing them when he saw the three men in front of him. It was unbelievable. There was a tall and muscular man with black hair that had gray in it, a smaller and thinner, but fit man and a man that had just the right physical proportions. They were all staring at him—and his black sheet was gone so they were staring at a stark naked him. The older and larger man spoke to him first.

“Hey, lil boy, you lost or looking for something.”

Golden stammered as he attempted to reply: “I… I’m sorry sir, sirs. It was rainin real hard and my pops sent me to git him a pack of cigs. I just came in here to dry off for a bit. I didn’t no anybody lived here. I wasn’t tryin to break in or anything, honest.”

The group’s leader spoke again:

“Aww shit and I thought you might have been out lookin for some fun.”

The man wearing tight denim shorts walked up and snapped back the waistband of Golden’s sheer thong before running his hand gently up and down Golden’s cock through the thong. The man looked Golden in the eyes with such an intense look that Golden felt the man could eat him alive.

“Looks like someone has stolen my thong. Come on now, boy, hand em over.”

Golden struggled to get out of the sling and to stand up before he finally stepped out of the thong and covered his cock with his hands. The smallest man stepped forward.

“Hey, you broke my chair and messed up our house. Plus you got everything wet and covered in cum. The dildos were left out too.”

The man seemed mad and started to worry Golden but then he heard the man laugh as he kept talking.

“I think your gonna have to pay for this mess. But I don’t see where a man as naked as you would keep his cash.”

“I think we need to frisk him and see if he’s got anything hidden anywhere,” the leader said. He turned Golden around and slapped him on the ass then wrapped his arm around Golden and slammed his body up against his like he was dry humping him. “Damn this boy is fine. I think we should get our payment another way,” he said reaching up and pinching Golden’s nipple hard.

Golden was beyond scared then all of a sudden there was recognition. He knew these men, he just hadn’t seen all three together before. They had stopped to talk and flirt with him individually and at different times. He’d jacked off to thoughts of these men after their flirtations and here they were in front of him. The man in the denim shorts stepped forward and spoke.

“Looks like the farmer’s son is interested in payin up.” He reached up and grabbed Golden’s throbbing cock. Golden had forgotten he was naked and his cock had a mind of its own and was almost at full mast. While stroking Golden’s cock, the man introduced himself. “I know you. We’ve talked before Golden Locks. We’ve never been properly introduced though. My name is Carl. The strong little baby bear man over there is Kevin and the salt and pepper Papa bear leather stud is referred to as just Daddy.”

Carl bent down and without warning took all of Golden’s rock hard cock into his warm mouth all the way down to it’s base. Golden thought he would faint from sheer pleasure before Carl stopped and stood up with a smile on his face .

“Mmmm… sweet,” Carl said.

Golden was now nervous, excited and getting incredibly turned on as he addressed the three men. “I ain’t never been with another man or anyone before.”

“That’s okay,” Daddy said. “We’ll change that. You’d like that right, son?”

“Yes, sir,” Golden said.

“Yes, Daddy,” corrected Daddy bear.

“Yes, Daddy,” Golden said.

“Now why don’t you tell Daddy and his buddies here what you want, Golden Locks.”

“I don’t know, sir… I mean, Daddy,” Golden said confused.

“You want to make us happy don’t you,” Daddy said, “you want to please us after all you did to our house, don’t you?” He stepped forward facing Golden and slowly pushed him down to his knees. He then put Golden’s face up against his crotch.

The smell of leather and man, heightened Golden’s senses. He felt almost delirious as the cock beneath the leather was growing harder and harder against his face. Golden began to instinctly trace it’s outline with his mouth.

“You do want to make Daddy and his friends happy don’t you eager boy,” Daddy said smiling as he gently pushed Golden back so he could unbutton his leather pants and slip them down to his knees. His cock sprung out and to life, oozing pre cum.

Golden couldn’t resist and tried the entire cock into his mouth like a starving man. Daddy took his own cock in hand and slapped Golden’s face with it teasing him as Golden tried desperately to catch it.


More to cum in part 3.



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