Tales For Fairies

Golden Locks and the Three Bears


Author’s note: Sorry it’s taken so long- My computer had problems and I lost the story. It’s taken me a lil while to get back into it but here’s the next chapter. Enjoy.


Chapter 3


Golden tried to lick some of the leaking pre-cum from Daddy’s cock but was pushed down on the floor.

“Oh no. You haven’t earned it yet, boy. All those times the three of us stopped by to say hi to you. I don’t remember you giving any of us the time of day. Is that right, men?”

“That’s the fucking truth,” Carl said. “Maybe he needs to show us some real attention now.”

“Maybe, maybe,” Daddy said. “But I’m not sure he’s earned our attention yet.”

“I sure am sorry, fellas,” Golden said earnestly. “I had so many chores to do I never had time to talk to anybody. I wasn’t trying to be mean, honest.”

“I believe him,” Kevin said. “C’mon stop scaring him. He doesn’t understand.”

“Well, I wouldn’t want to scare our boy now would I,” Daddy said as he turned and plunged his large cock down Golden’s throat.

Golden started gagging on the immense organ but Daddy grabbed the back of his hair and pushed his head forward.

“Just relax and enjoy it boy,” Daddy said. “Enjoy the taste of my cock.” He raised a finger to his mouth, wet it and then slowly inserted it into Golden’s virgin asshole. “boys, he wasn’t lying. We got ourselves a virgin here. Even your small dick would split him in two, Kevin. Why don’t you both chow down on that sweet hole first?”

Golden was wondering what Daddy was talking about but soon he felt two slick wet tongues licking around the outside of his asshole. Then one darted inside his hole followed by the other. They took turns going in and out and exploring him inside. He was horny but getting more relaxed and able to take daddy’s cock easier now. He let his tongue explore the veins and ridges of the shaft and its round thick head.

“Turn him over boys so he can suck my balls,” Daddy said.

The two men turned Golden onto his back then raised him up on his shoulder so they could easily access his hole. Golden was too desperate to get his mouth back on Daddy to be uncomfortable. And Daddy obliged by maneuvering one of his large hairy balls into Golden’s mouth.

Trying to be gentle, Golden started by licking it. The wiry hairs tickled his nose but he liked it. Then he sucked on it carefully before moving on to the other ball and then moving back and forth between the two. It felt to Golden like his body was growing hotter the hornier he got. He was glad he didn’t have to think about anything and could just enjoy himself following their orders. He’d spent a lifetime following orders but none as pleasant as these. He felt Daddy moving his body forward and Golden’s mouth was now under the heavy balls and between them and Daddy’s hairy asshole. The smell was strong but not pungent. It smelled good to Golden and instinctively he began licking and chewing on that area until he heard Daddy groan. Getting scared for a moment he stopped.

“Did I do something wrong, Daddy, sir?”

“Oh no boy. You made me feel so fucking good I had to let it out and groan. Keep on going.”

Golden felt proud of himself and went back to what he was doing. Daddy leaned moved his whole body forward so his cock was even with Golden’s mouth and dripping pre-cum into it. Holding his head up, Golden was able to lick the cum from it before Daddy lowered his body and began fucking Golden’s mouth with it.

“Oh God!” Daddy shouted. “Fuck you’re good. Too good.” He positioned himself so his ass was right above Golden’s face then steadying himself he began to suck on Golden’s cock. “You like that.”

“Yes, Daddy, sir,” Golden said.

“Show me how much you like it by letting me hear you groan.”

Golden was embarrassed at first but once he let out the first groan it felt good. He groaned some more as he looked up at Daddy’s large pale ass covered in black hair. He watched Daddy spreading his hairy cheeks with his large hands with their hairy knuckles. The smell almost made him high.

Daddy lowered his ass and pushed Golden’s face into it with one hand while balancing himself with the other.

Realizing what was going on , Golden didn’t do anything for a moment. But he wanted it too badly. He felt he should be repulsed but instead he was more turned on than ever. He let his tongue lick around Daddy’s asshole, wetting the hair around it. He got closer to the hole and heard a loud groan from Daddy. He was so turned on that he let his tongue go all the way into the hole licking around the inside. The taste was salty and bitter but not dirty as he was worried it would be. He licked some more and chewed it being driven onward by the sounds of pure pleasure coming from Daddy. 

“Let’s take this to the sling,” Daddy said, as he stood and hoisted Golden over his shoulder before placing him into the black leather sling. He positioned Golden so that his ass was straight up in the air and his head lower. Then he put his feet and hands tightly in hanging loops. Daddy then positioned himself so that his ass was above Golden’s mouth and his head was over Golden’s cock.

Golden went straight to work on the ass and felt a sticky finger entering his asshole. He automatically recoiled for a moment.

“It’s okay,” Daddy said. “We’re just gonna fuck you know and you’re gonna like it.” He felt Golden shake under him. “Don’t worry. I won’t be going first. I’m too big for you. Carl will be just right once we’ve started but I think old baby bear Kevin, being the smallest will work out just fine.”

As Carl loosened up Golden’s asshole with first one then two lubed fingers, Kevin put lube on his hard cock.

“I don’t hear you groaning, Golden,” Daddy said. “Show us your enjoying this or you may hurt our feelings.”

Golden started groaning loud enough to be heard over the lightening that had started up again. He could feel what had to be the shaft of Kevin’s cock going up and down outside his asshole but between his cheeks. Then he felt the head of it pressed against his quivering hole but not pushing through.

The sound of one particularly loud and close strike of lightening filled the air and then an explosion was heard in the distance. Golden struggled to break free.

“The farm!” Golden shouted. “That explosion came from the direction of my house.”


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