Tales For Fairies

Golden Locks and the Three Bears

Chapter 4


The three men dressed quickly and as soon as Golden was dressed they drove him back to his home. The firemen and police were already there looking over the remains of Golden’s home. The young man was in a daze as he was told how the lightning had caught the house on fire and his father, unable to escape the flames, had perished inside. Next thing he knew, Golden was back with the men he referred to as the three bears, in their house. He was left to himself for a few days with the men bringing him food and drink. They’d check on him but also gave him his privacy to mourn.

One day he sat in the small bed looking up at the ceiling. He hadn’t bothered to dress or do much for himself but the basics. Then, while looking up, he suddenly wondered why he was mourning a man that had never been anything but cruel and unloving. Getting up, he used the bathroom and shaved, then went back to his bed and wondered what his next step in life should be. That’s when Kevin walked into the room dressed in a black robe and carrying a tray with breakfast which consisted of oatmeal and orange juice.

“Hi, Baby bear. I’m not hungry right now can you just put that tray on the night stand.”

“Sure thing, Golden. You must be feeling better. That’s the most I’ve heard you speak since the incident.”

“Yeah. I haven’t even thanked you guys for taking me in. I’ve got no family to go to.”

“So we heard,” Kevin said, turning off the light in the small room and starting to walk away.

It was dark in the room which had gray walls and black curtains which shut out any light. There were pictures on the night stand that had let Golden know he’d been put in Kevin’s room.

“Don’t go, Baby bear. Sit with me a while.”

Golden patted the space next to him and Kevin walked over slowly.

“You doing okay, Golden boy.”

“Yeah. I’m just not sure what to do next in life.”

“Well, you’re now the owner of that farm you worked like a slave. That’s something. Now’s not the time to make any life changing decisions. And Daddy said you could stay here for as long as you like. Just try to live in the present for now.”

“Thank Daddy bear for me.”

“I’m sure you’ll be thanking him yourself soon.”

“Well why don’t I start by showing you my thanks first, Baby bear.”

Golden looked up at Baby bear and kissed him on the mouth. He felt him kiss back and slowly insert his tongue into his mouth. Their tongues met and slid up and down each other.

Baby bear Kevin pulled Golden close to him. He was smaller than Golden but strong. And his hands explored the bigger man’s body settling on his hairless, naked, ass. Then he started kissing the side of Golden’s neck and sucking it. Breaking away he stood up and opened his robe, letting it fall to the floor.

Golden looked at Baby bear. His body was compact but tight with a light dusting of hair on his chest and two large gold rings on his small nipples. Then he looked at Baby’s smallish but rock hard cock which was leaking pre cum. Scooting forward on the bed he stuck his tongue out and licked the cum from the head of the cock. He felt Baby pulling him up and wrapping his arms around him. They kissed passionately and then Golden was gently pushed back on the bed so he was looking up into Baby’s eyes. The nipple rings caught his attention and he reached out to touch them but was nervous and sat back.

“It’s okay, Golden boy. You can tug on them if you want. That’s what they’re there for.” He took Golden’s hand and put them on his nipple rings.

Slowly Golden tugged on Baby’s nipple rings. Encouraged by the low groans coming from his mouth, Golden pulled harder on the rings.

“Use your tongue now, Golden.”

He sucked on Baby’s nipples while his tongue found the ring and pulled on it. Baby groaned even louder before stopping him. He moved him so they were in the sixty-nine position and they began sucking each other’s hard cocks.

“Turn over and get on your knees. I wanna eat that sweet ass,” Baby said.

Golden turned over and got on his knees. He was nervous but excited and turned on. Not even trying to maintain control, he groaned as Baby kissed and sucked on his ass.

Baby had thought of the ass in front of him for a while. He’d seen Golden working hard on the farm and imagined what he’d look like naked. And he was not disappointed. The boy had a perfect ass. It was pale and smooth. He spread the ass he’d dreamed of having and blew on the pink asshole which quivered. His tongue began licking up and down outside the virgin hole, covering it with spit. Then his tongue entered the asshole and began fucking it.

The room was filled with Golden’s groans. Baby followed the tongue with a finger he’d lubed with his spit. Reaching down he grabbed Golden’s cock and stroked it.

“Open the top drawer in my night stand, grab the lube and give it to me.”

Golden did so and Baby lubed up his cock.

“Relax, you’re gonna enjoy this, trust me, Golden.” Positioning his cock right by the asshole he wrapped his arms under Golden, held him close, and began chewing on his ear and neck. Then he moved the head of his cock slowly into the tight asshole. Hearing Golden groan he put his finger in his mouth for him to suck on. “Damn! You are so fucking tight!” He thrust in the whole length of his cock.

It hurt for a moment and Golden groaned loudly. But it also felt so good he didn’t want it to stop. “Oh shit! Don’t stop, Baby. Ohhh, that feels good!”

“Let’s turn you over so I can see your pretty face while I’m fucking you.” He turned Golden over on his back then put his legs over his shoulders and scooted him up so he could enter his ass again. In this position he could see Golden’s face as he groaned out loud in ecstasy. Grabbing his hands he put them on his nipple rings. “Play with them real good.” He turned his head and began sucking on The foot that was on his right shoulder. “You have pretty and tasty feet, farm boy.

The commented elicited a laugh from Golden. Baby didn’t want him to get too comfortable and started to thrust hard in and out of him. Farm boy kept up groaning loudly in tune to every thrust.

“You want my cum inside you? Should I shoot it in you?”

“Are you well, Baby? I mean not sick or anything—ohhhh—don’t stop”

“Look in the—drawer where you found the—Ohhh gawd—you’ll see paper. I’m 100% clean.”

Golden looked and saw the paperwork. “Shoot in me, Baby! Do it!” He began masturbating rapidly trying to catch up with Baby.

With two loud groans both men unleashed their hot loads of cum. Baby’s body trembled as he pumped load after load of cum into Golden’s ass. Then he bent over and took all of the farm boy’s cock in his mouth. He was rewarded with a mouth full of cum from the trembling boy. He moved up and kissed Golden letting him have a taste of his own luscious load. They kissed and then Baby turned on his side and spooned with Golden until they both fell asleep.

To be continue.


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