Tales For Fairies

Golden Locks and the Three Bears

Chapter 5


Golden walked around the three bears’ house unsure of what to do next in his life. Dressed in only a black robe, he’d borrowed, he looked around in the kitchen and started fixing himself a bowl of cereal. He was so deep in thought that he jumped when he felt two strong arms wrapping themselves around his waist. Then thick whiskers brushed his cheek and he felt someone sucking hard on the side of his neck.

“Mmm… that feels good,” Golden said, as he pushed his bowl of cereal away.

“Good morning,” Daddy bear said, as he lowered the collar of Golden’s robe and sucked hard on the other side of his neck. “How are you this morning, Golden Locks?”

“I’m doing good now that you’re here, Daddy, sir.” He groaned feeling Daddy’s hard kisses on his neck.

“If I’m not careful I’m gonna leave my mark on you boy. You’ll have a neck covered in hickeys.”

“Sounds good to me, sir.”

“Oh yeah?” Daddy said.

“Who do I have to worry about? My pa’s dead and I have no friends. Do what you want with me—I’m all yours.”

“Good, I will. But you’re wrong about not having friends—you’ve got us now. And like you said you’re all ours now.” He began lowering the back of Golden’s robe, exposing his shoulders which he began covering in kisses.

Golden hadn’t turned around to face Daddy but he could feel his large body close behind him. So close he could feel his hard cock up against his back. It felt like Daddy was naked. He felt Daddy yank down the robe so he was naked too.

Daddy explored Golden’s body with his hands. They were strong, and firm. His touch didn’t hurt, but it was a man’s touch with no softness to it at all. He reached under Golden then wrapped his arms around him again and pulled him in close.

Golden could feel Daddy’s hairy body against his and the hairs felt good against his smooth skin. He started breathing heavily as Daddy rubbed up and down against him. Then he shivered slightly as Daddy’s hands spread apart his hairless ass. He braced himself for what he thought would be a painful experience. But instead of Daddy’s large cock inside him he felt a different sensation. It was Daddy’s tongue licking all around his asshole, chewing it and biting around it while darting in and out. Golden felt his legs swaying from the pleasure and felt like he could just sink to the ground but Daddy’s arm kept him steady on his feet.

This one’s a keeper, Daddy thought. “He’s a good guy and so damn hot. His smooth young body combined with the innocence was enticing. He had to have him… right now. He turned Golden around and began passionately kissing him and shoving his tongue down his throat.

Golden hugged Daddy tightly. He’d only gotten a quick glance at his body before being pulled into the kiss. But that one look made his cock spring to attention. The man was built and his body was covered with thick, black hair. He really did remind Golden of a bear. He felt Daddy’s big hand pushing his head down.

“Show the man of the house a little appreciation and kiss my feet, boy.”

Golden lay down on the cool tile floor so that his face was right over Daddy’s large, tan feet. Then he began kissing them and licking them.

Daddy leaned against the island that was in the center of the kitchen and lifted his foot to Golden’s face.

Golden took the hint and began sucking on Daddy’s toes which had the pleasant smell of being freshly washed. The faint scent of the bath soap filled his nostrils. He felt Daddy squat down and was momentarily startled by Daddy’s hands playing with his ass, spreading his cheeks and his hole. He loved the feeling and sensation of having his ass played with that way. Then it stopped for a moment and when it started again he felt a wet finger going in and out of his asshole.

Unbelievable, Daddy thought. The boy wasn’t exactly a virgin anymore , not after Baby bear had done him but he was still so damn tight. Daddy picked him up and lay him back on the island. He then lifted Golden’s legs to get a clear view at his ass before plunging in with his tongue causing the boy to groan louder than ever. Standing back up, Daddy leaned over Golden and began kissing him on the lips again before moving on to his neck and down toward his nipples which he sucked on and bit. His tongue licked down Golden’s sculpted abs to his rock hard cock. There he teased the head with his tongue before moving on to the shaft and finally taking all of the cock into his mouth. He looked up into Golden’s eyes which seemed so lost in the middle of all this.

“Golden, listen to me boy.”

“Yes, sir,” Golden said.

“You’re with us now and part of our family, for keeps. Do you understand what I’m saying. I don’t go for the mushy shit but I want you to really know you’re not alone.”

A tear ran down Golden’s eyes and Daddy licked it, tasting its saltiness before kissing Golden again. He felt his boy hug him tightly.

Golden got down from the island and knelt down in front of Daddy so his face was even with his enormous cock. It was completely hard and there was pre cum leaking from it’s swollen head. Golden licked the cum which tasted sweet. The cock was so thick around that Golden could barely close his fist around it. He licked the head of it, and his tongue played with the piss hole while trying to suck cum out of it. Then he tried to take it into his mouth. At first he could only take a bit of it at a time.

“Relax your throat, Golden. It’s worth it.” Daddy grabbed Golden’s head and began slowly moving his cock back and forth into the willing and hungry mouth. “Hang on boy cause I’m gonna fuck that gorgeous face of yours.” Daddy grabbed hold of Golden’s hair and started picking up pace. He heard Golden gag a few times but knew the boy was up to it. Soon he was thrusting rapidly in and out of his mouth. He pulled out before he got close to cumming. Bending down he once again lifted Golden onto the island where he grabbed his legs and placed them on his shoulders. He spit into his hand and used the spit as lube on his dick as he positioned it right by Golden’s asshole. He looked into the boy’s eyes and found the answer he needed before plunging into him full length.

Golden groaned as loud as he could. The pain was intense but It soon turned to pleasure. He kept groaning as Daddy thrust in and out of him. Golden began jacking off as Daddy tweaked and pulled hard on his nipples.

Daddy liked the look of pleasure on Golden’s face. He took the boys hands and placed them on his large hairy nipples. “Play with em hard.”

Golden did as he was told. Then Daddy’s hand gripped Golden’s cock tightly and began jacking him off.

“I’m close, Daddy. I’m gonna cum!”

“Not yet. We cum together,” Daddy said, thrusting faster and harder into Golden. His stroking of the boy matched his own pace until soon they were both right on the edge grunting like animals.

Finally… relief, thought Golden as his cum shot high into the air landing on his stomach. At the same time he felt Daddy’s hot load filling his ass.

Daddy licked some of the cum of Golden’s stomach before kissing him and then collapsing on top of him.

To be continued

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