Tales For Fairies

Golden Locks and the Three Bears

Chapter 6


Golden had decided it was time to go by the old farm. He slipped on his jeans, borrowed one of Kevin’s tank tops, which was tight on him, and headed out the door barefoot. Trying not to think about anything he walked alone on the road back home. The first thing he saw was the burnt ruins of his old home.

“No great loss,” he said, to no one but the air.

At least the barn was still there and in one piece. Walking inside, he looked around and wondered what he could do with it now that it belonged to him. Just thinking about it exhausted him though and he decided to go to his favorite spot.

The wooded acreage on the farm was thick and private. Golden walked to the creek that ran through the middle of it. Taking off the tight tank top and jeans, he lay naked on the soft grass by the water. Closing his eyes, he felt the sun’s warm rays on his flesh and he stretched out.

“On a day like today this is exactly where I’d be too,” Carl said.

Startled, Golden jumped up.

“Lay back down and relax. If you don’t mind, I think I’ll join you.”

“No problem, Carl. How’d you find me.”

Carl slipped off the T-shirt, shorts, underwear and sneakers he was wearing before speaking. “Call me bad. I saw you leave the house and followed behind just to make sure you were alright.” He lay down next to Golden with his hands behind his head. “Oh, Man this is heaven out here. I didn’t know the stream went through your property.”

“Yeah, it’s my favorite spot. My property It still sounds funny hearing that. I mean, what am I supposed to do with this place?”

“I don’t know but maybe the guys and I can help you figure that out.”

“You mean Papa bear, baby bear and you—”

“Don’t you dare call me Mama bear,” Carl said, rolling over on top of Golden and holding his arms down.

“So what’ya gonna do, Mama bear?”

“I’m gonna show you how perfectly we fit, Golden Locks.” He kissed him hard on the lips as he reached down and fingered Golden’s hole. “C’mon.” Grabbing Golden’s hand, he helped him up and led him through a mud patch before pushing him into the stream. Jumping in after him, he yelped. “Damn! That’s cold.”

Golden responded by splashing him with water and laughing. The two then engaged in a splashing match while laughing. When Golden tried to get out of the water, Carl grabbed his leg and made him slip on the mud bank.

“You okay, Golden?” He got nervous when Golden didn’t respond but just lay there. Quickly, he got out of the stream and went to his side.

Golden jumped up and pulled Carl down into the mud and they both began rolling around on top of each other laughing the whole time. Then Carl pulled Golden close.

“I just love farm boys—you’re so damn playful and cute.” He kissed Golden while reaching down and stroking his cock.

“Mmm. Feels good,” Golden said. “You must like getting dirty, Mama.”

Carl took hold of Golden’s legs and put them up over his shoulders before grabbing Golden around the waist and pulling him close. Then in one move he shoved his cock into Golden’s ass.

“Ow. That hurt!”

“It won’t for long,” Carl said, thrusting into Golden while his hands tweaked the farm boy’s nipples.

Golden began playing with himself. The pain had only lasted a minute. Now he was breathing heavily and enjoying everything.

Carl put his hand on the side of Golden’s face and down his neck. Bending over he kissed Golden’s muddy face and lips. Golden pushed him back and began riding on top of him.

“You are getting into this, eh?” Carl said.

Without saying a word Golden smiled. He grabbed Carl’s hands and placed them on his nipples which Carl squeezed hard.

“Keep that up and I’m gonna cum inside you,” Carl said.

Taking that as his cue, Golden stood up, took Carl’s hand and led him back into the cool water.

“I want to taste that cock,” Golden said.

“Well you’d better get it and the rest of me clean first,” Carl said, standing with arms spread.

With cupped hands, Golden splashed Carl’s body. He admired it as he washed the mud off him. Not quite as tall as daddy bear but tall enough. His body had just the right amount of tone and muscle. It reminded Golden of what he thought a soldier’s body would look like. And he had a light dusting of golden brown hair on his chest and ass. He liked feeling the rough buzz cut as he washed Carl’s head. Before moving to the cock, Golden had another idea.

He washed Carl’s muddy ass then spread his cheeks and washed in between them. Once Golden felt it was clean he let his tongue explore the crack. When Carl bent over Golden let his tongue flicker in and out of his asshole. He was getting cold so he began washing Carl’s cock.

Carl quickly washed Golden and they both exited the water to lay back on the grass they were on earlier.

“What a sunny, fun, lazy day,” Carl said, before moving Golden into the sixty-nine position.

He began licking around Golden’s swollen cockhead and up and down the shaft. Golden was copying his every move. When he let his tongue explore under Golden’s balls and began sucking on his large balls, Golden did the same to him. Soon both men were breathing heavily until finally they erupted, filling each others mouths with hot cum.

Carl and Golden changed position and lay in each others arms while playing footsies and looking up at the clouds through the trees.

“What’s gonna happen to me now that Pa’s gone, Carl?”

“For one thing you’ve got a chance at true happiness now.”

“Daddy and baby said I’ve got them now and I’m not alone. What do you think, Carl?”

“Well, I think they’re right. You know the guys and I are pretty settled here. Daddy and baby work the construction business we own jointly and I run our landscaping business. We’ve discussed it, and you can stay with us for as long as you want. You’re welcome to work for any of us or start you own thing here. There’s a lot you can do with your place.”

Golden laid his head back against Carl’s chest. “Carl, I trust you the most. I don’t know why but I feel like we fit. The strange thing is that I like daddy and baby too.”

“That’s okay, Golden. You don’t have to choose just one of us. This is a fairy tale of our own making. Just because there was only one perfect fit for Goldilocks doesn’t mean there’s only one for Golden Locks. Three worked for us for a while. And I think four will work even better. Daddy and baby think so too. So what do you say? How’s about joining our family? We can’t be worse than what you had.”

“That’s for sure. Carl, do you think I can work for you ‘till I figure out what I’m gonna do with this place.”

“Sure, I think I’d like that. I’ve seen you work and you’re a good worker. Daddy and baby don’t work much in the yard but they can come up with some good ideas sometimes. Maybe between the three of us we can come up with some ideas for this place.”

“I’d appreciate that,” Golden said. “And I wanna pull my share if I’ll be staying with you guys from now on.”

“Oh you’ll be pulling your share of things, Golden. I can promise you that.


To be continued

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