Tales For Fairies

Golden Locks and the Three Bears

chapter 7 Happy Endings


Golden had spent the next day working hard alongside Carl. They’d done the landscaping on several large yards and had come home tired. Dragging his feet, Golden headed upstairs to take a warm shower. When he came out in his robe the house was dark. He wandered around until he saw the faint glow of a light coming from the kitchen. Walking inside he spotted all three of his bears standing naked behind a cake with candles on it.

“What’s all this, it’s not my birthday?” Golden said.

“It’s a sort of welcome to the family celebration,” Baby bear said.

“Blow out the candles,” Carl said.

Golden did and then someone turned on the kitchen light.

“You don’t seem very interested in your cake. Maybe I can change that,” Papa bear said.

He walked up to the cake and rolled his hard cock around the frosting. Walking up to Golden he grabbed the back of his head and forcefully maneuvered it onto his cock. Golden licked at the forsting.

“Mmm… tastes good,” Golden said.

Soon baby bear joined them with frosting on his cock for Golden to lick off.

“Think you can handle three, big guy?” Carl said as he put his frosting covered cock by Golden’s nose.

Golden’s mouth was now very full with three large cocks. When he looked up he could see Carl and baby bear licking frosting off Daddy bear’s finger before the three began kissing.

“Let’s take this upstairs,” Papa bear said.

He reached down and picked Golden up, carrying him over his shoulder as the other two men followed.

Golden was plopped down on a very large bed in a room he hadn’t been in before. The room was dark with black curtains and minimal furnishings. There were black satin sheets on the bed which was round.

“This is where we and now you will sleep,” Papa bear said.

“We do other things in here too,” Baby bear said.

All three men got on top of Golden and began covering his body in kisses. Papa bears lips covered his while Baby bear was kissing and sucking on Golden’s cock and Carl was sucking on Golden’s toes. Golden began breathing heavily, the sensation of having the attention of all three men was overwhelming.

Baby and Carl were both sucking on Golden’s balls. Papa’s tongue was darting inside Golden’s mouth while his hard hands tweaked Golden’s nipples. Then Papa turned and had his ass over Golden’s face. The farm boy knew just what to do and he began hungrily eating Papa bears hairy ass.

Carl gently lifted Golden’s legs and Baby licked around Golden’s ass before entering it. As Golden’s groans grew louder, baby began tongue fucking his ass. When golden didn’t think he could take anymore he felt Carl lift his legs almost over his head.

Golden’s ass was straight up in the air and Carl plunged in with his cock. Golden almost yelled but his sounds were muffled when Papa lowered his ass even more. Carl kept on plunging in and out. Golden could tell I twas Carl still by what his cock felt like. Then he felt a small cock enter him and then Carl again. Carl and Baby were taking turns plunging into his asshole.

Pap Bear got up and joined the other two, taking his turn at Golden’s ass. With his hands gripping the sheets Golden watched their cocks getting wetter and leaking precum as they entered in and out of his ass.

“Oh, yes!” Golden shouted. “Give me all you’ve got bears!”

Carl was the first to cum inside Golden followed by Baby bear and then Papa. Golden’s ass was filled with their hot loads and the three turned their attention to getting him off.

Papa Bear sucked hard up and down Golden’s cock while Carl sucked on Golden’s balls and baby sucked on his nipples.

“I’m close!” Golden shouted. “I’m gonna cum!”

The three men licked feverishly at Golden’s erupting cock. Licking the cum off it then each others faces.

“There’s your Happy ending Golden,” Papa bear said.

“Are you glad to be here with us? Are you gonna stay?”

“Say you will,” Carl said.

“Forever if you let me,” Golden said.

He did stay with them forever and every night they had a happy ending. And everyone lived happily ever after.


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