There may come a time....

In all of our lives....

Where we are forced to ask ourselves...

What are we willing to FIGHT for?

What are we willing to KILL for?

What are we willing to DIE for?

The vampire scriptures have made it very clear that the life of a Vampire Mimic is destined to be one of sorrow. One of pain. One of lonliness. And of sacrifice. The scriptures are never wrong. The chosen one has to remain focused, dutiful, alert. That leaves no room for 'distractions'. The prophecy MUST be fulfilled at all costs. It may be the only way to save us all.

'Rage' is coming. Nothing can stop him now. He's too close to completing his search. The more he hurts those around him, the more powerful he becomes. He uses the pain...the anguish....the darkness...and he bends it to his will. Making him stronger, faster, more ferocious, than anything this world has ever known. Yes....'Rage' coming. And his name is well deserved.

The power of love, the power of fury, and the ultimate power of fate...are about to clash like you wouldn't believe.

God help us all.........

"Gone From Daylight: Born Of Fire"

"Love and loss....are eternally bound."


(And look for "Gone From Daylight: Nights Eternal" Extended beginning June 5th!!! With over 100K of extra material!!!)

The FAR from over!