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Grey's Plantation: Part 3

Daisy had the baby sooner than expected. The cabin hadn't been finished but at least it had solid walls for the frightened girl to have some privacy. The little boy birthed was darker than any baby I had ever seen, Nan thought. I knew not to wake him but gently carried the infant to the waiting round translucent blob Grey had made with Thomas and his brothers.

Grandma had told me stories how the great flesh mages long ago made living things that looked like bread dough but clear. The stories never said why the things, the flesh walkers, were made. I will soon know.

Standing outside the cabin in the night were Grey and Thomas behind a large toddler setting on the ground playing with the flesh walker. Nan walked toward the child. The sleeping baby in my arms caught his attention. He stilled, put the flesh walker on the ground, and the thing rolled up to me.

The gold and blue crystals at its core glowed. Tentacles formed from its surface and gently took the baby out of my hands and brought him to an opening leading into its core. A gold cord connected to the baby’s carefully cut umbilical cord then the flesh walker enveloped him. I could still see the baby as the core metal covered the baby forming a kind of second layer of skin. Blue crystals moved to form a crown about the baby’s head. The baby was covered completely in gold as it settled into a fetal position.

The large infant leaned forward and patted the flesh walker. In response the blob formed itself roughly into the shape of a person about the size of Grey’s Thomas. Gold veins ran from the baby out to the figure's arms and legs. A larger vein ran up to its head with two dimly glowing blue crystals for eyes.

I noticed the toddler quickly grew into an older child. He stood up as the flesh walker reached him. He placed a hand on the stomach where the baby was and laughed as the flesh walker hugged him. They separated but held hands, the child's turned to Grey.

“He’s Night and I’m Trius,” He said in a low pitched child’s voice.

Grey smiled. “Welcome Night and Trius.”


A month had passed. Night and Trius became a normal part of life at the plantation while Grey and his men became acquainted with their new roles. Nan kept an eye on the two unusual children. One wasn’t really a child, and the other was something more than a person. The baby was no baby now. Each day it seemed to age a year and Trius was now a young adult while Night seemed to in his mid twenties from what Nan could makeout through the flesh walker’s skin.

The two, still children to me, were playing in the meadow as I picked wild flowers in the bright sun for a new remedy I’m working when out of the corner of my eye I could see Night in his flesh walker stand straight up and fell backwards hard. Trius went down like a sack of wheat to.

My old bones aren’t as strong as they use to be but I was able to get to them both fairly quick. The skin of the flesh walker was moving from Night exposing his skin for the first time and began to cover Trius. The gold and crystals now encased him as it had Night.

Night was as he named himself. Dark as a night sky. His chest told me he was fine with its steady rise and fall. He was a well proportioned man. He wasn't overly muscular but like so many of the men here he was blessed with an impressive endowment.

From the line of trees that surround the meadow Grey and several of his brothers came running.

“Felt something happening,” Grey said to me as he leaned down to Night then looked over to Trius. He placed a hand on the now encased Trius.

“I promised you would be the same once Night was ready.”

I heard in my head, “Not ready. We are happy for now.”  Grey nodded yes.

Trius body began to swell inside the flesh walker skin coming twice the size of Thomas. The flesh walker seemed to absorb into him. The gold slid to the ground and formed into a rod with blue crystals grouped together at both ends. It rose up. Floated to Night, and hovered above him. His eyes, a beautiful light amber, opened. Night raised his arm and took the rod into his hand.

Trius got up. He had been changed. He was completely hairless and totally white other than where the sun touched his skin became green. His ears pointed up at the tips. His lower jaw jutted out. His mouth was wider to with two teeth like tusks protruded up. Trius offered his hand to Night still on the ground and Night got up with Trius’ help.

Trius bend down to Night, kissed him then picked him up, cradled him in his arms. Night looked happy as he held his arm out with the rod extended toward the middle of the meadow. The crystals in the rod began to glow a bright blue as a circular area just above the ground began to twist like a lens was placed over it then began to get so dark it came a dark hole just off the ground.

“He’s formed a gate,” Grey said quietly.

End of Part 3

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