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Age Of Aquarius - Book 1

Harmonic Dissonance - Chapter 8

Phil's brows knitted together in thought as he looked down on Larry Manzki's sleeping form. "It doesn't make any sense. I've worked with Larry for years."

Mike sighed and looked at his bandaged hands. "He certainly tried hard to end that relationship tonight." Mike thought it was ironic that he could heal others at a touch but healing himself was nearly an impossible task.

Mr. Wong inserted another needle into Manzki's body, focusing on the exact placement. "He did not do it of his own volition, Michael. The man is under the influence of a powerful geas. The compulsion is so strong that I have had to put him to sleep or his mind would snap with his inability to complete his task."

Mira sighed from her spot on the other treatment table. "The magick controlling him is powerful. It shrugged off my spell like it was nothing."

"Our adversary is quite powerful indeed. But she is not as clever as she believes."

Jase looked up from his spot at the window. "How do you know our enemy is a she?"

"The demon referred to his 'mistress' before he was stopped. This establishes our enemy as a woman." Mr. Wong placed the last needle and stood up. "She also repeats her methods, stubbornly believing that they will work if repeated often enough."

Mike was rubbing his itching hands on his jeans. "How has she repeated herself? Everything seems to be coming out of left field."

"Her method is to turn our resources against us. Jason has a history of using seduction and lust to secure his needs, and she sends against him a demon of lust and passion."

Jase nods. "Yeah. That thing nearly had me the first time."

"She keeps her demon on Jase's trail and in his dreams until Jase succeeds in vanquishing it. She then decided to unleash her fury against Jase's resources. One must assume she desired to separate Jase from his sources of strength. She used the same methods for both Jase's father and his true support, Phil Mason. When that failed, she returned to her demon and tried to cut Jase off from his emotional support. This too failed, so the demon repeated the same attack using one of us. When that failed, her efforts ceased for a time. One must presume she was trying to find another weapon to use against us." Mr. Wong nodded to Manski's body. "She was then provided another of our resources and turned him against us. It is as if she has nothing of her own to use and must take from others what she needs to do her bidding."

"So now that we are all on guard against possession and have put protections against hostile magicks, she's running out of options?" Mira frowned. "That would leave her frustrated, either causing her to be impotent or causing her to lash out randomly. Neither of these options appeals to me."

"Nor should they. It is obvious that our adversary is someone of great power but of limited resources or limited ability to bring her will against us. The more time she is allowed the more dangerous she will become."

Jase nodded. "At least we know we're facing only one magick wielder."

Mike's eyebrows lifted. "How do we know that?"

"Signature. The magick I sensed in my father's corpse, the magick that was used against Phil and the magick compelling Mr. Manski all 'felt' the same."

Mike frowned. "I don't get it. Magick is magick."

Mr. Wong nodded. "Yes, but for magick to manifest into the world it must pass through the mind and soul of the person using it. Each of us is unique. We may use similar methods but as no one can be exactly the same as another, how magick is shaped becomes uniquely individual."

He gestured to Jase and Mira. "Both of them have the same teacher, yet look at how different their magick manifests. Mira works on the harmonies of magick. She practically sings with the rhythms and tenor of it. She brings magick forth through the rhythm of her movements, the music in her voice and the rhyme of her words."

Mr. Wong nodded at Jase. "Jase brings forth change through the power of his words. The emphasis of his tone, the power of his voice, and the meaning of his words all control the effects of his spells. He chooses to use an ancient language as both a symbol of power and to keep himself from unleashing magick with each spoken word."

"Your own magick comes forth when you can discipline your mind and body to flow with it." Mr. Wong raised his hands in emphasis. "It is important to know how your opponent thinks if you are to stop her." He pointed from Mike, to Jase, and then to Mira. "To bind you would be to bind the flow of your magick. To gag Jase would be to silence his magick. Mira would be the most difficult to stop for though her methods take more time, she can do magick with the tapping of her fingers if she has to."

Jase sighed. "How are we supposed to learn anything about her if every time we get close she slaps us down?"

"At times, one must simply walk into the storm for there is no understanding it."

"You know he's right, Jase." Mira was looking out at the sunset over the hills. The roof had become a favorite refuge when any of them had needed space.

"I am not going to take anyone to go fight some mysterious, magickal murderer." Jase gave her a harsh look. "And you should be down stairs resting. Mike may be a miracle worker but you still need time to finish healing."

"You're trying to change the subject."

"No, that is exactly the subject, Mira. Everything that has been happening has happened because of me. Someone is after ME. Everyone associated with me is getting hurt. It's my problem. If I can't solve it at least when I'm gone the rest of it will stop."

"You don't know that." Mike's frown was severe.

Jase set his shoulders. "It's my life, Mike."

Mike strode right up to Jase and used his height to look down on the smaller man. "Excuse me for living, but last I remember we were friends."

Jase was taken aback. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"If we're friends, then your life is connected to mine. So if you're going to do something that's going to affect my life, I've got some say in it!"

"You can't stop me."

"No, but if you go I'll be following."

Mira nodded. "So will I."

Jase panicked. "Mike, you can't! You have to stay in Provence! If you leave you'll be breaking the conditions of your bail!"

Mike smiled. "Then you'll have to stay till after my hearing on Friday. If you aren't there, I won't be either."

Jase closed his eyes to try and keep the tears from sliding down his cheeks. No matter what he decided he knew he'd be putting Mike in further danger. He felt Mike's fingers brush his cheek and heard his lover's thoughts. I love you too much to lose you now. Jase crushed himself against Mike's chest and prayed everything would work out.

Jase sat nervously outside the police station. He couldn't believe he'd let Mira con him into her crazy scheme. Phil and Mike will kill us if they find out.

Then they won't find out. Mira's thoughts were amazingly clear considering she was in the police station and he was on a bench outside.

Mira wandered past Detective Johnson's office for the third time. She knew it would take time to work on the man but the having to do magick in public without getting noticed was nerve wracking. She hummed her lullaby continuously, letting the sound flow through the walls as an almost imperceptibly soft whisper. As she came to the door for the fourth time Mira stopped, looked about, opened the door and stepped in.

Johnson and his partner were dozing peacefully with their heads on their desks. Mira smiled and went to the cabinets. It didn't take long to find the file on Mike and track the related documents and authors. She focused on a few key areas and hummed a changed into the reports. As she stepped out of the office she sent her thoughts to Jase. One down about twelve more to go.

Friday arrived and Mike was a nervous wreck. Though Phil had tried to persuade Mike that the evidence was clear and he would not be taken to trial, Mike was sweating. Mira and Jase sat in the first row and kept quiet throughout the proceedings. The DA's investigator finally came to the end of the report. "Due to the fact that the coroner's report indicated the presence of mind altering drugs in the victim's blood stream, it is our belief that Mr. Castanio had no alternative but to use what ever force necessary to defend himself and Ms. MacGreggor. The District Attorney's office will not be pursuing legal action against Mr. Castanio."

Phil looked up at the DA's representative in surprise. He looked back at his notes, and then pulled out his copy of the reports. He looked down the pages and found the reference to the presence of drugs. I swear that wasn't in the report before. His eyes narrowed. They wouldn't...

Jase looked at Mira. Did you remember to drop the suggestion on Phil?

Mira shook her head. I didn't think I'd need to, he's on our side.

The judge turned to look at Mike and Phil. "Does the defense have any further statements?"

Phil took off his glasses and rose. "No, your honor." With a single stroke of the gavel, Mike was cleared of all charges and released from bond. Jase nearly leapt the railing to get to Mike. Sinking into Mike's embrace Jase tried to ignore Phil's accusatory glare. Mira joined into the group hug as Phil closed his briefcase.

Phil shook hands with the District Attorney's representative and headed for the doors. Mira gave Jase a worried glance that he ignored. Mike was free and to Jase that was all that mattered. Phil was waiting for them as they exited the courthouse.

"You changed it." It was a statement, not a question.

Jase looked at Phil. He loved the man but this was an argument that Phil wasn't going to win. "Changed what?"

"The report, Jason! I read it at least a dozen times. There was no mention of drugs."

Jase shrugged. "Maybe there was an addendum."

"An addendum? You think I would miss an addendum?"

They got to the car and Jase pulled himself from Mike's arms. "Let me make something clear, Phil. There is no provision in the law for magick. Magick doesn't legally exist. Events caused by magick cannot be covered by law because 'law' doesn't acknowledge the existence of witches, wizards, faeries, Santa Claus, the devil or anything that isn't scientifically provable." Jase pointed at a building across the street. "All I'd need to do is point; say a couple words and that whole place would be blown off the map. Guess what; the law couldn't touch me because I did 'nothing provable by law' to cause it. If they started arresting people for evil looks there would be no space in any prison anywhere." Jase turned and grabbed Mike's hand. "He was attacked by a supernatural being. We can't prove that in a court of law. The truth would not have saved Mike because they won't acknowledge the truth." Jase looked right at Phil and welled up his power. "The report is accurate. Ask for testing again if you like. The coroner will confirm it. The guy was on drugs; every tissue of his body will prove it."

Phil glared back. He had never backed down to Jase's grandmother and he wasn't going to back down to a boy. "You aren't above the law, Jase. If you think you are, then you can get yourself another lawyer." Phil paused but didn't divert his eyes. "And another friend."

Jase choked. Phil had been a father to him since he'd gotten off the streets. The energy left his eyes and Jase looked down. "I couldn't take the chance, Phil. I'm sorry."

Phil's eyes soften and for the first time he looked very old. "So am I." He turned and walked away.

Mike had been silent since they'd gotten back to the apartment. Neither Jase nor Mira made a connection with him. Sitting on the couch, Mike kept himself isolated even though the two people who loved him were only a few feet away.

"Mike, please..." Jase was on the verge of tears.

"How could you do that?" Mikes voice was low and hard. "How could you just go change everything?"

"Because we couldn't prove the truth!" Jase's voice cracked as he tried to keep from losing his composure. "Do you really think they would buy the story that the man was possessed by a demon and wouldn't stop until you were dead?"

Mike closed his eyes. "No, I don't." He looked back at Jase and his eyes drowned in loss and insecurity. "How do I know you wouldn't change things if you really did something wrong? How do I know you wouldn't erase my mind if we had a fight or manipulate things to go your way?" Mike got up and walked to the window. He couldn't look at Jase any more. "Where does it end?"

Jase sank into a chair. "I wouldn't do that..."

Mike pressed his forehead against the glass and squeezed his eyes shut. "How do I know that?"

Jase squeezed his eyes shut. "You don't. I can't even prove I wouldn't. I've done things in the last couple months I never thought I would. I put a man in a coma to protect myself. I tortured a sleazebag PI. I altered the records of my past and put spells on more than a dozen people to prevent my past from ever coming up again." Jase bit his lip and tried not to cry. "I altered your record and had more people's memories altered than I can keep track of. All in my own self-interest." Jase choked. "I didn't want to lose you."

Mira threw up her hands. "Oh give me a fucking break!" Her shout caught the boys off-guard. She turned and glared at Jase. "The only reason you're even the least bit upset is because you're scared to lose Mike and for the first time in four years you've disagreed with Phil." Mira picked up one of the apples from the counter and began picking at it with her nails. "You're a fucking mage, Jase. We're all mages! Phil can be upset because we do things outside 'the law,' and maybe on some greater moral scheme he's right. I'm not going to have someone tell me I'm wrong for what I do to save innocent people! You and I have closed demonic portals; we've stopped night stalkers; we've faced things that no mortal should have to see. If that doesn't give us a right to, occasionally, bend rules for our own good... then I fucking QUIT!" She spun the apple in her hand and hummed. In seconds the fruit withered and rotted. "Let someone else save the world if I'm going to have to be a saint!"

She spun on Mike. "And how could you even THINK that? You're in our thoughts almost constantly. You KNOW what we will and won't do. You know that Jase would die before letting you get hurt again. You have the balls to stand there and tell me you think he'd use magick against you for his 'convenience'?" Mira locked eyes with Mike and pushed past his barriers. What you're scared of is you don't trust that you wouldn't do the exact same thing! Don't push us away because you're too scared to look in the mirror!

Mike's face went white. He'd tried not to think about what he'd do if Jase were in his position. He was one of the good guys. He wouldn't do it. Deep down, he knew he probably would. Mike lowered his gaze and let his resistance drop. "Why do you have to be right so fucking often?"

Mira smiled, walked over to Mike and gave him a hug. "I'm a woman. We're always right." She pulled back and gave him a shove toward Jase. "Now go over there and forgive him before I have to kick your ass."

Mike walked over and knelt down next to Jase. Taking Jase's hand in his, Mike sighed. "I'm sorry, Jase..." I'm just so scared.

Jase pulled Mike into a desperate embrace. He teased and bit at Mike's lips and wound his fingers in Mike's long black hair till Mike moaned. He looked into Mike's eyes as he pulled back to catch his breath. "I'd never hurt you..."

Mike cut him off with a tender kiss. I love you too.

They'd spent the afternoon getting information about St. Brigid's. It would take them a couple hours to drive there from Provence. They double-checked everything they could remember from all the incidents of magick and the attacks. It was especially hard for Mike as the emotional wounds were still so fresh. Mr. Wong had come by once to check Mira's wounds and to report he had made no headway on undoing the spell on Mr. Manzki. By early evening Mira suggested that they take a break and chill.

Mike lay on the couch with Jase draped across him. He idly ran his fingers through Jase's hair memorizing the texture. Just holding the man he loved helped calm his fears and silence the inner demons that plagued him. Mike looked at Mira as she propped herself on a floor pillow reading a book on psychic combat. "I thought you suggested that we should chill?"

Mira set down the book and pulled off her glasses. "Honey, this is chilling for me."

Jase chuckled, his cheek bouncing against Mike's chest. "You'll know she isn't relaxing when she starts arguing with the text book."

Mira smirked. "I was a total bitch to deal with when we were studying Freud."

Jase started shaking and giggled so hard that Mike had to push him up. "Hey, giggle boy, I'd didn't want a vibro-massage."

Jase tried to stop laughing but Mira's dark glare kept him at it for another few minutes. He finally got control of himself but he couldn't hide his mirthful smile. He looked at Mike with delight. "You have NO idea." He pointed at Mira's slowly reddening face. "That bitch was so incensed at that sex-crazed nutcase that she destroyed two text books just getting through that semester of psychology."

"I did not." She slid on her glasses and returned to her book. "I only destroyed one."


Mira glared at him over her spectacles. "One."


She tossed down her glasses. "Jason Jameson, you are a bold faced liar! I only had to replace the book once."

Jase raised his eyebrows. "And what happened to the replacement? I don't remember it surviving for post-exam book trade-in."

Mira put her glasses back on and tried to continue reading. "That was after exams; it doesn't count towards my book quota for the semester."

Mike looked at Jase questioningly and Jase gestured in the shape of a mushroom-cloud. "She put that puppy in the center of our ritual room after our last exams and let loose. The pyrotechnics were amazing."

Mira did not look up from her book as Mike chuckled. "At least I'm not an emotionally repressed fag. I'm a girl who can express herself and move on!"

"OUCH!" Jase bounced a pillow off her head. "That was so uncool!"

Mira straightened her glasses and continued to read. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Pot calling the kettle black, Jase." She waved at them absently, not taking her eyes from the page. "Now just cuddle up with stud-boy and leave me in peace." She waited till Jase had complied, then smiling at her book she added, "That's a good slave. When you're through with your coupling, you may fetch me my dinner."

Jase looked at Mike briefly before launching himself off the couch. Mira scrambled to roll out of the way but he was on her. Her laughter filled the room as Jase expertly jabbed at her ribs.

Jase looked through the duffle bag again. He had his tools, several vials of salts, various waters and oils, ritual candles, matches and everything else he could think of. He hadn't managed to zip it shut before Mike put his arms around him. "Got everything?"

Jase nodded. "I'm as prepared as I can be for tomorrow." He closed his eyes and let his head float back against Mike's shoulder. "I wish you would stay."

Mike hugged him tighter. "I have to be there, Jase."


"You aren't the only one the bitch has hurt." He nuzzled Jase's neck and then turned Jase in his arms. He brought his hands up and ran his thumbs over the darkness beneath Jase's eyes. "I want to look at the face of my enemy and know I'm stronger than she is."

"You already are." Jase pushed up on his toes and kissed Mike softly. The kiss lingered and Jase felt Mike's hands slide down and grip his ass. Jase moaned. The embrace was heating up when they heard a cough from the door.

"Ahem." Mira was leaning against the doorframe with her arms crossed. "Is this a public show or do I need to get scarce for a while?"

Jase sighed and rested his forehead against Mike's chest. "Sorry, Mira."

Mira laughed. "Actually, I was just coming to tell you I'm heading to the mall." She held up the sale's flier from the paper. "A girl must be properly dressed when she's got a date to vanquish evil!" She raised her eyebrows suggestively. "It could take -hours- to find just the right outfit."

Jase separated himself from Mike and laughingly gave Mira a hug. "Do you know I love you?"

She smiled. "Yeah. If I were a boy, Mike would have a run for his money." She kissed Jase on the cheek. "You need anything while I'm out? You know how these things usually turn out."

Mike cocked his head. "What things?"

Mira smiled. "Doing battle against mysterious, mystical evils. Even if our clothes physically survive the ordeal, it usually resonates with the essence of the battle. Only important items like Jase's pentacle or my pendant are worth doing a cleansing on. The rest of the stuff we just burn." She looked at Mike and winked. "Don't wear anything you'll miss. After tomorrow you probably won't want to wear it again."

Jase nodded. "Trust her on this one. I tried to keep a favorite club shirt after one battle. It never felt 'clean' when I wore. I finally had to toss it in the trash." He looked at Mira. "If you hit a club store, a leather wrist bracer would be nice. Oh, and one of those silver paint markers."

She nodded. "Good idea. If I can't find those I'll get a couple leather dog collars, I'm sure they have a pet supply place."

"You're one kinky witch, Mira."

She patted Jase on the cheek. "Like you're so domestic and picket fence." She looked past him to Mike. "Don't let him fool you; the boy is all about kink."

Mike cheeks flushed but he tried to be cool. "Do I have to worry about cuffs and whips?"

Mira laughed. "Not unless you plan to use them on Blondie." She kissed Jase quickly and headed out. "Don't do anything I can't imagine!"

Jase smirked. "That gives me a lot of options."

Mira looked back as she stepped out of the apartment. "Don't I know it."

Jase waited till he was sure she'd made it to the stairs, and then he turned back to Mike. "Where were we?" Mikes cheeks were still burning as Jase wound himself back into Mike's arms. You are so cute. Jase kissed Mike's neck sending chills down Mike's spine. Not to mention hot. Mike's hands began to kneed Jase's ass and Jase kissed his way down the V-neck collar to rub his nose in the chest hair that peaked out. And all man.

Mike pulled Jase's face up and looked into his eyes. All he could see was love. Jase could see Mike's love but his eyes were also filled with doubt, pain and fear. "Jase, I want you to make love to me."

Jase paused and brought his hands up to Mike's face. "Mike, you don't have to." Jase swallowed. "I've seen the nightmares; I know what he did to you."

Mike's eyes squeezed shut and he shuddered. He forced himself to look into Jase's eyes through the tears. "I need this. Please."

A tear slid down Jase's cheek as he kissed Mike again. "I love you so much."

Mike clutched onto Jase. I know...

Jase nuzzled Mike's neck and purred. He usually bottomed for men but he'd had more than a few first-timers who'd wanted to have the whole experience. They were always nervous. Bottoming was a matter of trust and surrender. For an experienced bottom like Jase, it was also a source of power and control. It took a lot to get someone from the first reality to the other. He slid his hands under the hem of Mike's shirt. Mike's abs trembled as Jase's palms brushed his skin on the way up. He lifted his arms and let Jase pull the shirt off. Mike was panting as Jase slowly kissed across his collarbone and gently stroked his chest. Jase's breath was hot against his skin as Mike felt him take one of his nipples in his mouth and lathe it to attention.

Mike moaned and slid his hands down Jase's back, pulling at his shirt. "God..."

Jase released Mike's hardened nipple and pulled his shirt off. He kissed Mike again and leaned back. "This is about you, Mike. I won't hurt you."

Mike's throat tightened with emotion. "I know." Mike sighed as Jase kissed his neck and ran his hands over Mike's ass. He was scared. He knew Jase wouldn't hurt him. He was scared he wouldn't be able to get through it. The memories of the seduction were already threatening to engulf him. He felt the tingling of connection and the panic began to fade. "What'd you do?"

"You aren't going there alone. I'm going to be with you body, mind and soul." Jase began kissing Mike's chest again, finding the other nipple. We'll get through this together...

Mike's back arched as Jase pulled at his nipple with his teeth. He whimpered as Jase's hands kneaded his denim-covered cheeks. His body was singing with the want of each touch. The edge of the bed pressed at the back of his knees. Jase leaned up and explored his mouth as they tipped over onto the mattress.

Jase unbuttoned Mike's jeans and began to slowly slide down the zipper. His hand massaged the rigid length of Mike's desire with each hitch of the clasp. Jase whispered into Mike's ear as his hand slid inside and squeezed him through his boxers. "I'm going to show you what it's like for me, Mike. I'm going to let you feel what it is to know you can give everything for the man you love." He licked Mike's ear. "I'm going to give you so much of me that you won't know where you end and I begin."

Mike shuddered as Jase's lips seared their way down his body. Jase's tongue dipped into Mike's navel and circled it a few times before continuing to the top of his boxers. Sliding off the bed, Jase pulled Mike's pants with him as he went. His hands glided up the inside of Mike's legs as Jase crouched at the edge of the bed. Mike spread his legs instinctively. Jase began to kiss his inner thighs. His fingers slowly circled up under the legs of Mike's boxers and cupped his balls. Mike squirmed and pressed his head back against the mattress as he uttered a low groan. Jase's mouth began to soak the fabric over Mike's balls and his hand was torturously rubbing Mike's throbbing cock against the fabric of his boxers.

With a satisfied smile, Jase reached up and peeled down Mike's underwear. Mike's hips rose from the bed and Jase slide the inconvenient piece of cloth to the floor. He looked at Mike's trembling body as he removed his own remaining cloths. "Gods, you are so beautiful." He crawled back up Mike grinding his lust against Mike's as their tongues entwined in a soul-searing kiss. Jase broke the kiss and whispered. "Roll over..."

Mike's breath hitched and fear glinted briefly in his eyes. Jase didn't relinquish their connection. Jase's love flowed through their bond and smoothed away the ripples of panic that were disturbing their connection. Mike's smile and trust-filled gaze melted Jase's heart as he watched Mike turn over and nestle against the mattress.

Jase kissed his way from the small of Mike's neck to the base of his spine. Mike's butt trembled as Jase licked small circles down each cheek. He found the sweet spot just below Mike's balls and pressed hard with his tongue. Mike moaned into the sheet and pressed back. Jase tasted his way as he slowly spread Mike's cheeks and circled is tongue around Mike's entrance. Mike gasped as Jase flicked across the puckering bud. Repeating the act, Jase pressed just a little harder each time he brushed against Mike's crumbling resistance. Mike cried out as his ring yielded to Jase's tongue. Shaking both physically and emotionally at the first penetration Mike felt himself coming unhinged. Jase tenderly ran the tip around Mike's ring and tasted him again.

As Jase's tongue savored Mike's inner flavor, Mike felt his body let go and surrender to the sensations. His eyes rolled back as his release flooded the sheets. It had consumed him so completely Mike couldn't even call out. Jase's tongue continued spiraling its way to Mike's core as Mike's body sank against the sheets. Mike felt a hunger that started about an inch below his navel and yearned towards Jase's fiery tongue. Writhing on the sheets, Mike pressed back against Jase. His need was consuming him, and he knew what would sate it. "Jaaaassseee," he moaned. The effort to form words was almost impossible. He gasped between spasms of pleasure. "Please... oh god... please."

Jase bent over Mike and bit his shoulder as he let his cock slide between Mike's muscular cheeks. He rocked up and back, teasing them both as he slid past Mike's needy entrance. Jase kept himself wedged between Mike's glutes as Mike thrust back, trying desperately to sate his lust. Jase new he needed something more than spit and sweat to ease his entrance. He cursed himself softly for his lack of preparation. Gritting his teeth he concentrated and extended a hand. "Repeto Mei Manus" The bottle of anointing oil flew from his duffle bag to Jase's hand. In his heart, Jase knew this was a sacred act and the anointing oil was the prefect solution. He popped the top and poured it over his throbbing member as he slid back and forth between Mike's cheeks.

Dropping the bottle, Jase whispered a prayer and let his head catch at Mike's entrance. Mike groaned and pushed his hips at Jase. With a quake that had both of them gasping, Jase broke past Mike's resistance and sank in. The burning sensation Mike felt was nothing akin to pain. It was as if Jase were fusing with him. Jase cried out Mike's name as he hit bottom. Trembling, Jase pulled slowly back only to crash again into the heat of Mike's open passage. Mike's muscles gripped at Jase as he retreated, trying to hold him inside. With each thrust more of Mike's fears were burned away. Jase kept touching a part of him that had his body quivering with tension. Mike's shaft was ground against the sheets with each plunge of Jase's spear. Mike's mind was awash with sensations. His body had surrendered to Jase's love and his mind was succumbing with each new wave of pleasure. Words weren't necessary. Every nerve transmitted the truth to Mike. Every drop of sweat, every sigh, ever shudder proclaimed Jase's love for him.

Mike was overcome. He bucked against Jase as he cried out his surrender. For the second time he flooded the sheets with proof of his love. In one move Jase spun Mike's trembling body onto his back. Mike's legs locked around Jase's hips as he sank back into the depths of Mike's soul. Jase kept him hard and needing as he claimed him. Sweat rained down onto Mike as Jase began to lose himself in his rutting. Mike gripped onto Jase and held on knowing where ever this went he would not go there alone. Mike's body began to tighten and strain, as Jase's movements became a blur of primal need. Jase's eyes flew open, their gazes locking, and Jase gave Mike his soul. Mike's senses ignited as if he were an inferno and he bit down on Jase's shoulder as his last resistance shuddered into a volley of male essence. Their twin releases echoed through walls as they lost themselves in the tidal wave of power that shattered the bed and blew everything from the surfaces of the room.

The silence that followed felt solemn. Jase lay trembling on Mike's spent body. Both of them were too drained to move. No words, no actions, no thoughts were necessary. They basked in the song of their marriage and drifted to sleep together.

Mira sucked down her second Dr. Pepper since she'd arrived at the mall. She looked at the remnants of the two chocolate bars she had ravenously consumed as she waited for the throbbing at the back of her brain to end. She was about to reach for her final chocolate bar when the pressure eased. She sighed and sank in her chair.

Why do I have to fall in love with gay guys? Mira leaned forward and propped her chin on her hands. After a few moments of feeling sorry for herself, Mira frowned. There is no way you're going to throw yourself a pity-party, Mira.

She closed her eyes and let images of them flow through her. Jase was her brother in everything but blood. She knew their relationship had never been based on sexual attraction; they'd confused that for a time but the confusion was over. Mike was an unknown. He was definitely there in her heart but she couldn't figure out where he was going to take up residence.

You're bonded to two of the hottest men in the world and they love you too. Most women aren't half as lucky! She grabbed the chocolate bar and stuffed it back in her bag. She checked out a few guys as she walked towards the next store on her list. None of them held any promise. She smirked as she remembered how Jase would call her a "picky bitch" whenever they were guy watching.

You just have to get laid. This isn't about love; this is about hormones. Her thoughts returned to the teaching assistant who'd been eyeing her before all the weirdness started. A wicked smile curled her lips. When I get back to the university, that boy is going to be sore for a week. She knew magick and she wasn't afraid to use it.

Mira got back to the apartment about 10pm. As she set her bags beside the couch she sensed something strange. Mira moved quietly into the hall. The door to the bedroom was wide open and she could see the space had been trashed. Fear caught in Mira's throat as she took in the extent of the destruction. She couldn't sense any hostile magicks but it looked like a tornado had ripped through the room. Mira's gaze fell on the collapsed bed and her fear turned to relief and then to an almost unbearable surge of affection.

Jase was sprawled across Mike with his head pillowed on the larger man's chest. Sprawled like a king in his castle, Mike was snoring softly with one arm out and his other arm wrapped around Jase's back. The destruction radiated from where they lay like they had been the eye of a hurricane.

Gods those two were meant for each other. Her eyes wandered the room again and she sighed. Someday, Mira, you'll find that missing part of your soul too. She glanced back at the men she loved before she left the room. Safe dreams.

Mike was staring at the road trying to ignore Jase's bemused smile and Mira's giggling in the back of the jeep. His thoughts returned to waking up in his now demolished bedroom. Waking to Jase sleeping on him was the most peaceful feeling he'd ever known. It was the opening of his eyes that had caused him to bolt up. Jase had yelped in surprise as he'd tumbled against the headboard. Not the most gracious of wakeup calls. Mike had been horrified but Jase had just started laughing. They'd been greeted by Mira's cheerful and knowing smile as she poked her head around the corner to announce breakfast was ready. His blush had lasted till they'd driven out of Provence and were well on their way to St. Brigit's.

"Come on, Mike. You can't stay upset forever." Mira was trying not to burst into another fit of giggles. "How many people can claim earth-shattering orgasms that actually move the earth?"

Mike tried to give her an evil glare in the rear-view-mirror but the look of pure joy on her face wore him down. "Promise me you won't rib me about this forever"

Mira smiled mischievously. "As soon as I meet someone who can cause that response from me, you're off the hook."

Mike groaned but Jase came to his defense. "Leave my poor stud alone, Mira. As soon as we are done with all this shit we will start looking for 'Mira-earth-movers'."


Jase smirked. "Cross my heart and bend my dick."

"Ewwwww... ok, homo, I'm holding you to that!"

Mike rolled his eyes. "Ok, so we're past that. Is there anything we should be doing on the way up there? Do you think she knows we're coming?"

Jase shrugged. "Can't be sure if she's aware of what we're doing or not."

Mira leaned up between the seats. "Best we can do is having our foci ready and our senses open."

Mike nodded.

It took just over two hours to get from Provence to Saint Brigid's. As they approached the reconstructed monastery, all three mages kept alert. Jase held his pentacle tight. Mira fingered her crystal pendant nervously.

"I don't like this, Jase. I can't sense -anything-." Mira tried to expand her awareness but all she could get was a great absence of any sensation. "This place has been shrouded."

Mike scanned the grounds as they pulled up the drive. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Then realization struck him. "There is nothing -unusual-. There is also nothing -usual-."

Jase was sitting with his eyes closed and tried to probe out with his thoughts. It felt as if he were pushing through totally still water. His probes didn't even leave ripples. He opened his eyes as they pulled up in front of the entrance. "There isn't anyone outside. Its midmorning, there should be people on the grounds."

Mira's eyes went wide as her senses flared. "GET OUT!" She pushed at Jase and Mike as she struggled to get them to move. They didn't question. Mike was able to roll from the jeep and hit the ground in moments. Jase leapt from the jeep with Mira close behind as a flash of blinding light accompanied a deafening thunderclap. Jase was blown to the pavement as the jeep exploded.

Jase's world was swimming and his ears were ringing as he saw two feet stop in front of his nose. He was rolled over with a rough push of a toe and he looked up with glazed eyes as a woman knelt down beside him. "How nice; mamma's boy has come home."