Heracles Tales….


The following is a complete work of fiction.  Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental.  Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission.
The following story contains erotic homosexual situations.  If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now.

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Heracles again spent recovery time with Mars and Mercury, even willingly putting up with their lectures about safety and understanding that he was traveling in a land out of the protection of Zeus and the gods and that his powers might not get him out of a bad situation just like the last 3 times he needed to be rescued. Heracles had a hard time understanding that there were other gods and that they each had territories that belonged to them and the mortals in these territories worshiped them just like the Greeks worshiped the gods of Olympus. No matter how hard they both tried, they couldn't convince Heracles to abandon his journey and return to his home land. Mars was convinced Heracles got his stubbornness from his father Zeus. Even when Mercury told Heracles that Zeus would be furious if he found out he was traveling in the territory of the other gods, Heracles wouldn't change his mind. He thanked them for watching over him and always saving him from one evil situation and another, but he felt in his heart, he had to complete his journey in order to fulfill his destiny and gain knowledge that would serve him well for all of his existence.

Little did any of them know that spies in the service of Hera were following Heracles on his journey and reporting back to Hera on all that was happening. She was furious that Mars and Mercury had rescued Heracles, even from a trap she herself orchestrated. She knew the only way to insure Heracles would be punished for a very, very long time was to arrange for something that would keep Mars and Mercury busy with their own problems and arranging for a meeting with one of the gods that owned the territory Heracles was traveling in. There was always a way to be found to negotiate a service so both parties benefited. Hera set into motion a war between a State that worshiped Mars and another that was under the protection of one of the escaped Titans. Thrown into the mix would be multiple problems for the mortals that had temples to Mercury. He would be very busy indeed helping them to rebuild temples, find cures to plagues and help them to survive famine. Yes, when Hera had her mind made up to accomplish something, especially when it came to punishing Heracles, she put every ounce of her power behind it.

Heracles left the company of Mars and Mercury and continued on his journey. Hera had found the perfect ally in a god Modren who just happened to have a long standing hatred of Zeus. When he found out from Hera that Heracles was a son of Zeus, he was more then willing to help her achieve her revenge and get his own too. Heracles found himself in a number of very bad storms, slowing his progress quite a bit. After the last storm, his clothes were in tatters and he was sore from being hit several times with falling trees. He knew he would heal but still, pain wasn't something he had yet learned to deal with.

He crossed over another mountain and found himself in a parched land, nearly a desert with mostly dead trees, dried up grasses and bushes. The sky seemed to be in a state of constant tumult, dark clouds swirling constantly with many blasts of lightening and thunder, but no rain. He didn't travel very far across this hostile land when he felt weak and extremely thirsty. He did his best to look for some water source like a river, lake or stream, but he was having no luck. He couldn't watch the sky for birds that would be landing at some point near the water since he didn't find any birds at all. By the time he reached a small mountain range in the land, he was really hurting and extremely tired. He heard the sound of running water and was thrilled when he found a waterfall that was coming down from the top of the mountain and ending up in a large pool that overflowed and continued into a cave at the bottom of the mountain. When he reached the pool, he just fell in, taking in as much water as he could and letting the cool water sooth his parched skin. He thought he would rest before seeing if any type of fish was in the pool for his meal. He needed to get some sustenance in him soon. The water felt so soothing and his body completely relaxed from the flowing water near the waterfall where he stayed. He didn't even realize he fell asleep and was floating towards the cave that the pool overflow fell in. When he was sucked into the cave with the force of the water flowing down into the cave he jolted awake and was fighting to stay above water as the fast and powerful river he was now in was turning and falling wildly as it ran down deep it seemed into the base of the mountain. When he was finally dumped into another pool, he barely was able to swim to a ledge and pull himself up out of the water. He didn't know or care if the ledge continued behind him, he just flopped over on his back, his arms and legs spread out and he was out, completely exhausted.

He didn't heard loud heavy footsteps coming towards him from behind. The ledge was actually a shore line of sorts that sloped downward and then back, coming out of a cave into another strange place that seemed all swamps and marshes. A very large and thick hand wrapped around his entire calf and pulled him up, hanging upside down. The giant held him up so he could see what was this thing laying on his ledge. He used his other hand to rip off what was left of Heracles' clothing and spun him around slowly, getting a good look at all of Heracles. He used his finger to cause Heracles' cock and balls to flop up and down which got Heracles' cock's attention it seemed as it got hard and big. The giant rubbed the very tip of his finger along the underside of the cock and rubbed Heracles' balls around which started precum to leak out in bribbles. The giant lifted Heracles up higher and pulled his body close to his mouth, stuck out his tongue and licked the tip of Heracles' cock catching a good amount of precum. He opened his eyes wider as the taste was new to him and he could feel something happening with his body in reaction to the precum. He took Heracles' cock into his mouth and with his lips, tongue and mouth, started to make this sucking sound as his lips and tongue worked on the head of Heracles' cock and the sucking pulled out any of the precum that began to flow. Heracles moaned and woke up finally, got confused at how things looked and realized finally he was upside down, being held up by a very large giant who was doing this wild thing to the tip of his cock. Heracles' body really liked what the giant was doing and reacted by trying to push his hips forward to go deeper into the mouth of the giant. He began to moan and groan in pleasure and gave himself over completely to the attentions the giant was paying him. His mind began to tell him he was in danger but his body didn't care at this point as the pleasure was building and it was very strong. Heracles yelled out and his body shook as he began shooting cum into the sucking mouth of the giant. The giant stopped for a minute to see what this new liquid was coming from this thing. His body reacted even stronger to the new fluid and he growled before completely sucking in Heracles' cock and balls into his mouth and started to work them over in earnest. Heracles' body jerked and jumped and shook which just made the giant growl louder which in turn stimulated his cock and balls even more. The giant didn't stop until nothing more would come out of Heracles' cock. He moved Heracles out of his mouth and used his finger again to rub and poke and roll around Heracles' cock and balls to see if they would do the same thing again. When nothing happened, the giant slid into the pool, washed himself while holding on to Heracles and even dunked him several times up and down in the water. He flopped Heracles back on the ledge and before Heracles could move, the giant was out of the pool, bent down and lifted Heracles again by his calf and swung him over his shoulder.

All Heracles could make out was what the ground looked like and that the giant had a hard looking ass with lots of hair and that he took long strides as he walked. He took Heracles into a shelter, opened the top of a cage and dumped Heracles into what was just that, a cage, just barely high enough for him to stand and not long enough for him to lay down flat. It was made out of cut tree branches and trunks, spaced and tied together with what looked like leather straps and vines. The giant put a peg into the top of the cage so the top couldn't be opened by Heracles, took off the leather and fur garment he had on which partially covered his shoulders, back and lower front.

The giant started up a fire and between the light of the flames and the sunlight that was coming in from an opening in the center of the roof Heracles looked over the giant's body.

He was indeed a giant as he stood nearly 2 heights of Heracles tall and had a thick, heavily muscled and hairy body. His cock was like a log and his balls were hanging down very low and seemed the size of oranges. The giants arms were massive as were his hands, legs and feet. The closest Heracles had ever heard of such a one was tales of the cyclops which he hadn't met yet. The giant had very bushy long hair and a thick bushy beard. His eyes were large as was his nose and mouth and when he yawned Heracles saw his full mouth of teeth, some with sharp ends. The giant plopped down on a pile of grasses, furs and hides which had to be his bed. He sat there and just stared at Heracles who was staring at him trying to figure out just what he was. The giant had no memory of interacting with humans before so he wasn't sure about what Heracles was either.

You talk?” the giant bellowed in a super deep loud voice.

Yes, I do talk,” Heracles answered. “My name is Heracles and I am from Greece. I am the son of Zeus a god on Mount Olympus and of a human mother. I have been on a journey to find my destiny.”

Heracles,” the giant said as he seemed to think about it.

What is your name?” Heracles asked.

Baldoran,” the giant told him. “What is Greece?”

Greece is a country far from here where I come from,” Heracles explained.

Zeus big like Baldoran?” Baldoran asked.

Well, if he wanted to he could be, he is a god,” Heracles said with a smile, amazed at the simple mind of this giant.

God? What is a god?” Baldoran asked.

A god is a being that is immortal and can't be killed by any mortal and sometimes not even by another god. They oversee what humans are doing in their daily life and accept the worship and prayers of the mortals, giving them protection and a good harvest to keep them happy and without need.”

Being? Immortal? Baldoran never know,” Baldoran said as a matter of fact.

Can't eat, no drink, no use to Baldoran,” Baldoran said like it was perfectly understandable.

Baldoran like you juice, maybe have more then eat you,” Baldoran said.

You can't eat me, it isn't right for you to eat a human,” Heracles said nervously.

Not right? You like small animal I take, so eat,” Baldoran said simply.

I'm part human, you just don't eat humans,” Heracles said.

Okay, Baldoran not eat part human, only rest,” Baldoran said logically.

I'm a demigod, you can't eat me,” Heracles said frustrated.

You got good juice, all I like,” Baldoran said. “I have more now.”

Baldoran stood up, stretched, walked over to the cage and opened up the top. He reached in and Heracles ducked and moved to a side. Baldoran got an impatient look on his face and just swirled his arms round until he grabbed a hold of Heracles' shoulder, dug in his fingers, squeezed and yanked Heracles up from the cage, screaming in pain. Baldoran went back to his bed, flopped down and grabbed Heracles by a calf, released his shoulder and jerked Heracles back to being upside down, his cock pointed right at Baldoran's mouth. He looked it over and looked at his balls before taking long licks of Heracles' cock and balls with his tongue. Heracles' cock responded quickly, getting hard and began producing precum. Baldoran did the same thing as before, made that sucking, slurping sound with his mouth and took in the head of Heracles' cock. Heracles, moaned and jerked as the sensation was almost too much to take. Heracles then got an idea that if he could satisfy Baldoran sexually, he wouldn't have to worry about being eaten. He forced himself to stretch out and take hold of the hard massive cock of Baldoran, slide his foreskin up and down and as best he could, lick and suck on the tip of his cock head and tongue inside the piss slit of Baldoran. Baldoran stopped sucking Heracles' cock tip looked down at what Heracles was doing and growled a long, pleasant type of growl. It felt good, really good what Heracles was doing to his cock. He planned now to make Heracles do more once he drained Heracles of his fluids. Baldoran went to town on the tip of Heracles' cock, sucked it and his balls in when Heracles' body jerked and had a spasm, sucking out all of Heracles' cum. He went back to doing his slurping, sucking on the tip of Heracles' cock which made Heracles really jerk and shake before pissing. Baldoran felt the flow of the hot liquid in his mouth and decided he liked that fluid as well. Now he could get 3 fluids from Heracles and have his cock made to feel good. When Heracles finally calmed down as Baldoran was back to the tip of his cock, he went back to working on Baldoran's cock. Baldoran noticed his feelings of pleasure were really increasing so what Heracles was doing felt even better and stronger then before. He like it very much. After he took another load of cum out of Heracles and made him piss again, he dropped Heracles on top of his body.

Do more to Baldoran, I like,” Baldoran said sliding Heracles to his cock.

Heracles had a hard time controlling his body as he was weak, hungry and all his nerves were charging after having Baldoran drain him. He wrapped his arms around the cock and pulled it down on top of him as he laid down, wrapped his legs around it and moved them to slide the foreskin up and down with pressure from Heracles' muscled legs. He was doing the same with his arms but his hands would use the precum now coming from Baldoran's cock to slide his hands around the head and especially at the back of the head which he knew to be sensitive on most men. Baldoran moaned and really growled when Heracles would push his face almost inside the piss slit and shake his face fast back and forth, then up and down. He could feel Baldoran's breathing getting faster and his moans louder. Baldoran suddenly slammed his hand on his cock, just about crushing Heracles and started to move it up and down, which slid Heracles up and down as he held on to the cock tight. Heracles was sure he was going to drown when the flood of Baldoran's cum first shot out a number of volleys and then was flowing really heavy, covering all of Heracles' face, head, neck, chest and running down his sides and between his back and Baldoran's abs, making his sliding faster and easier. The hair on Baldoran's abs felt brittle and tough to Heracles so the growing pool of cum made it more comfortable. He couldn't help but to swallow the cum that somehow was draining into his mouth. He could feel his stomach expanding from the amount of cum he was swallowing. Then he noticed the feeling of hunger was gone, he felt refreshed and no longer weak at all. The more he thought of it, the more he reasoned that Baldoran had to be either a god or a demigod just like he was. No mere mortals cum would have an effect on him like that. He didn't have that much time to think about it as Baldoran used his hands to slide Heracles to the bottom of his cock so Heracles was facing down, laying on top of the bottom of Baldoran's cock. He pushed down with a hand and began to slide Heracles up and down, forcing Baldoran's foreskin and cock skin to slide along. Heracles had to hold on tighter to keep from sliding off, which intensified the feeling for Baldoran. Baldoran started moaning, growling and almost panting as he forced Heracles to move up towards the head of his cock and almost took off Heracles' head when the blast of cum started shooting out. Again, it forced its way into his mouth and down into his already full stomach. He was almost sure he was about to explode when the cum slowed down.

Baldoran was covered in sweat, breathing fast and growling, a deep long vibrating growl. He grabbed hold of Heracles with both hands, moved him off of his cock and put him right on top of Baldoran's mouth. That tongue came out and licked all of Heracles before going after the head of his cock again. He now easily managed to give Baldoran at least 5 loads of his cum and 2 of his piss, satisfying Baldoran.

Baldoran like you do that,” Baldoran said in between pants. “You taste good fluid, I like much. Maybe now I no eat non-human part.”

Heracles was relieved that his plan worked out. He was being fed a god or demigods fluids and in the process getting a huge amount of protein and his strength back. Baldoran got up, took Heracles to the cage and dropped him in again, flopped down on his bed and started to snore, obviously deep asleep. Heracles decided to do the same.

Heracles was startled awake when he was being pulled out of the cage by Baldoran. He tied and wrapped a leather and vine rope around Heracles' leg tying several knots. The rope was long and Baldoran tied the other end to his wrist.

You try run, I break, you no run long time,” Baldoran said as he poked into Heracles' other leg.

Heracles understood exactly what Baldoran meant.

Wash now, good,” Baldoran said as he opened the door to the shelter and walked out, having Heracles on a leash.

It angered Heracles but as of now, he didn't have any other options. If he somehow managed to cut the leash and run, he had no idea where to run to. If Baldoran caught him which was highly likely given the long strides he could take, Heracles would have to deal with a broken leg. It would heal but he would experience a great deal of pain in the meantime.

They walked into the cave to the ledge by the pool. Baldoran jumped in, the rope yanking hard on Heracles' leg, pulling him down into the pool. It took him completely by surprise. He had to hurry to the surface as he took in a lot of water. He got up, went to the ledge and pulled his body up until his abs were on the ledge. He coughed and gagged, spitting out the water he ingested. Baldoran watched and went over to Heracles and started to rub his back with his hand. The pressure he put on really got the water out of Heracles fast. Heracles waved his arm backwards hoping Baldoran would understand that he could stop. Baldoran did stop so Heracles felt the best thing to do was get back into the pool. Baldoran pulled him to one part of the pool that was very shallow. He laid down and told Heracles, wash as he pointed to his crotch and ass. Heracles got in between Baldoran's thighs and had to admire the thick muscles running up his thighs. He used his hands to rub all around Baldoran's cock and balls, did his pubes and wasn't sure how he could do anything to Baldoran's ass. He decided to push upward on Baldoran's thigh. Baldoran looked down at Heracles who just kept pushing on the bottom of the thigh. Baldoran finally understood and lifted his thighs up, took his legs into his hands behind the knee and pulled them up. Heracles had full access to the ass and perineum of Baldoran. He started rubbing and splashing water up on the inside of the ass cheeks and then between the balls and rosebud. When he was rubbing and splashing on the perineum, Baldoran moaned and let out a loud sigh. Heracles then washed the opening of the ass and rosebud. Baldoran seemed to really like that so Heracles kept rubbing it and pushing on it. His hand slid inside the rosebud and it clamped down on his arm. It hurt soon as the pressure on his arm was very strong. Baldoran bent his head and chest up and looked at what Heracles was doing. The more Heracles moved his arm around trying to keep the blood flowing the bigger thrill Baldoran seemed to get. Heracles then remembered how all men react to him playing with their asses before he fucked them, so he started moving his arm around and rubbing inside. Baldoran not only was growling but moaning and panting and groaning. He reached down and actually pushed Heracles further into his ass. Heracles then pushed in his other arm and began rubbing and pushing around with both. The pressure on his arms from the rosebud, eased up and it felt really funny when it puckered around his arms. Heracles looked up and watched as Baldoran's cock grew and grew and the precum started to pool on Baldoran's abs. Baldoran had a hand on Heracles' back and kept pushing him in towards his ass. Heracles went wild with his arms and he looked up and saw the flood of cum shooting out of Baldoran. He pulled out his arms and began to hard rub Baldoran's balls. Baldoran dropped his legs down, reached down and pulled Heracles up to his mouth and licked him completely before working on Heracles cock head and then his cock and balls. When he finished draining his 4th load, Baldoran put him down on his abs, in a huge pool of his cum. Heracles licked it until he felt his stomach full. He moved himself up to Baldoran's pecs and started to play with the nipples. Baldoran look down and watched what Heracles was doing that felt so good. When Heracles moved right on top of a nipple and sucked it in his mouth, tongued it hard and nibbled while sucking hard, Baldoran slammed his head back down moaning. Heracles did that from one nipple to another until his mouth and tongue were getting sore. He just used his hands to rub, grab and pull. Baldoran picked his head up and looked down at Heracles.

Baldoran glad not eat non-human part. You do good, Baldoran like. I no eat Heracles, ” Baldoran said.

Heracles smiled and then realized it was the first time Baldoran called him by his name. Baldoran moved to get up, holding Heracles to his body with one hand. When they got back to the shelter, Baldoran surprised Heracles by untying the rope/vine around his leg. It felt really good not to have that tight rope around his leg and he rubbed it to get the circulation moving again. Baldoran flopped down on his bed and just stared at Heracles.

Here, come,” Baldoran said patting his abs.

Heracles walked up to Baldoran, climbed up over his cock and balls and sat on top of Baldoran's abs. Baldoran used a finger to move over all of Heracles' body and legs, reached out with his other hand and took hold of Heracles' hand, lifting it up and out so his finger could explore all of Heracles' arm and shoulder. He stuck his finger on the head of his cock which was leaking precum and began to move it all around Heracles' body. The more precum he rubbed in the better Heracles began to feel. The precum was like a potent salve that made his skin tingle and then his muscles go into a slow great feeling flex. Heracles was sporting a very hard, throbbing cock by now. Baldoran lifted Heracles without warning and did his slurping, licking thing on the entire tip of Heracles' cock. That seemed to drive Heracles even more into lust then it did before as he was freely moaning and groaning, his body moving sensually forward and back, side to side. Then again without warning, Baldoran flipped Heracles so his head was facing down towards Baldoran's abs and Heracles' legs were pointed out away from Baldoran. He began to lick Heracles back and ass with his tongue, moving it so that the tip and sides of his tongue rubbed across the full ass crack of Heracles. Heracles really started to moan and groan. Baldoran took that as a sign he was pleasing Heracles like Heracles pleased him so he then moved the tip of his tongue against Heracles' rosebud and began to push it in.

Heracles gasped, yelled and shouted as more and more of Baldoran's tongue pushed inside of Heracles. Baldoran made it thin and then thick, pushed it in deep and then pulled it out, the tip of his tongue moving about like a python struggling to get out of trap. Baldoran stopped, let his tongue lick Heracles from underneath, picking up all of Heracles' leaking precum. He went back to fucking Heracles with his tongue until he felt Heracles' body jerk, muscles tighten and his panting became desperate. Baldoran then moved Heracles a bit upward, put his entire mouth over Heracles' crotch and let his tongue rub side to side, forward and back with force. Heracles' eyes got super wide and his shoulders and head shot back as he began to have the most intense orgasm which once started, didn't seem to want to stop. When he finally finished emptying his balls of his cum, his body went limp. Baldoran kept it up until Heracles was giving him a full load of his piss. Finally satisfied he emptied Heracles, he moved Heracles around and put him on his cock, Heracles' face right on the piss slit. Heracles' body was squirming and moving about.

Baldoran put his hands on Heracles and his cock and began to slow stroke himself with Heracles. Heracles tightened his hold around Baldoran's cock with his arms and legs, making Baldoran groan. As more and more precum flowed out and began to cover Heracles' face and body, Heracles' mouth and tongue were trying as best they could to take in the precum. Heracles moved himself slowly so he could get his mouth right at the piss slit to suck in even more precum from Baldoran. He got a bit carried away and had his face just about pushed into the piss slit. From his wild movements of his face, Baldoran yelled out, pumped Heracles wildly on his cock and began to flood Heracles with his cum. The blast that first came out nearly took off Heracles' head. It bent his head fast and hard backward so the back of his head hit the top of his upper back. Heracles didn't care as he had a super throat and mouth full of cum which his body seemed unable to get enough of. Heracles slid to the back side of Baldoran's cock and Baldoran lowered it to his abs, flooded with his cum, now drenching the entire backside of Heracles as well as his sides. He moved his hand up and down his cock as he pushed down, pinning Heracles against his abs and forced to stay in the lake of cum. Heracles' skin began to absorb the cum and his mouth was still taking in the flowing cum, his stomach feeling like it would explode. He had no control over his body it seemed as his arms and legs just flopped out and up and he was sliding back and forth, up and down in the cum and under Baldoran's cock. Heracles went unconscious, his entire body screaming in pleasure and feelings shooting through every muscle, vein and artery like never before. When Heracles finally woke, his body was caked with the sticky remnants of Baldoran's cum, his cock still pushed on to his body, held tight by Baldoran's hand.

Suddenly, there was a crash and the door to the shelter flew open. Another giant the size of Baldoran, meaner looking and slightly wider and a bit more muscled came inside the shelter, yelled something that made Baldoran quickly wake up and try to get out of the bed. The other giant swung his arm and a huge club smashed into the head of Baldoran. The new giant swung it again and crashed it into Baldoran's chest, then again into his head. Heracles could feel the jerks in Baldoran's body as each blow hit its mark and then all of Baldoran seemed to just melt, his hand sliding off his cock and his cock receding. The new giant yelled out like a wild call, holding his arms up and jerking them up and down as he bellowed out what must have been some sort of victory yell. His eyebrows went up high as he looked at Baldoran's abs and saw Heracles there. He smiled, laughed actually and like a lightening flash, his arm moved out and he had his hand covering most of Heracles' head. He squeezed and yanked Heracles off of Baldoran, lifted Heracles up close to his face, sniffed and laughed. He turned around, still holding Heracles by his head in his hand and walked out of the shelter. He kept walking even though Heracles was struggling to break the grip of the giant on his head, and then just settling for holding on tight to the fingers so that his body and head didn't separate. His legs were partially dragging on the ground, hitting rocks and fallen branches as the giant moved on to another area. The giant was laughing and growling the whole time as he took very long fast steps. Heracles had no idea which way they were headed and couldn't even pick up any markers he'd remember since the giant's hand blocked most of his face and just gave him enough room to breath. Heracles knows they did go through water and then up and down some rough terrain based on what his feet felt as they were dragged along. Heracles was tired and hungry now as they were traveling for most of the day. Suddenly the sound of the foot steps and the ground Heracles could feel changed. He heard a creaking noise and then felt his body flying in the air, landing on a bed similar to Baldoran's.

Heracles shook his head and rubbed his neck as he looked around. They were in a shelter similar to Baldoran's but with some different skins and even weapons hanging which Baldoran didn't seem to have on his walls. The giant hug up his club, put a large cut branch across the door to lock it, ripped off his clothes and glared at Heracles as he started to drool. He finally wiped the drool with the back of his hand and darted at the bed, his hand on top of Heracles' chest and arms. He put his other hand under Heracles and bent him upward, meeting his waiting tongue and mouth. This giant wasted no time and expertly worked on Heracles to drain him of both precum and cum at least 5 times before giving it up. He wiped his mouth again with the back of his hand and smiled an evil smile at Heracles. He moved his hand from on top of Heracles, grabbed on the the back of his head and neck and jerked Heracles so his face was right into the head of the giants cock which the giant held stiff with his other hand at the base. He stroked his cock making precum flow out which Heracles had to take. This precum tasted different and had a more drug effect on Heracles then Baldoran's. Nearly drowning in the flood of precum, Heracles had a harder and harder time trying to fight off this giants grip on him. The more he fought the harder the giant pushed his face into his cock head. The giant laughed and began to fast stroke his cock. He growled and yelled out with really wild looking eyes as his cum came flooding out of his cock, covering Heracles' head completely. The giant had Heracles angled just right so the cum hit Heracles' head and ran down covering his entire body. It quickly filled up Heracles' stomach and still was flowing. His entire body seemed to react to this new cum in a different way then it did from Baldoran. His skin seemed to burn slightly, his muscles seemed to cramp and flex and yet his brain seemed to go into like a drunken stupor. It was not pleasant like Baldoran's but sort of like feeling pleasant sensations mixed with pain. He felt sick as everything seemed to be spinning. He knew if he was standing on his own, he'd crash into things and drop down hard to the floor like he was seriously drunk. He could hear the hard pumping of his heart in his ears as everything seemed to become all echos. He went unconscious when the giant stopped flooding him with his cum and began to hard rub it into Heracles' entire body, even pushing globs of it inside his ass with his pinky finger. He could hear the echo of the giant laughing and his heavy breathing as he bent down to see what Heracles reactions were.

He woke up to the feeling of his crotch being inside the giants mouth again and he was being drained of precum and cum. The giant seemed to know already what he could do with his tongue fucking Heracles, since he switched to that working Heracles' balls into another full blown load of cum to be drained out. He did that at least 5 times before Heracles was completely limp and not responding as well. The giant repeated the same process of holding Heracles' face at the tip of his cock and jerking himself fast and hard until he was flooding Heracles with his cum again and then hard rubbing it all over Heracles' body until hardly any of it was visible.

Heracles woke up feeling dizzy and hurting. He tried to move his arms but soon found out he was hanging by them. A rope was tied to his forearms going from one arm to the other forming a big loop that was hooked on to a peg on the wall and he was dangling from it. His feet were not touching the ground. The giant noticed Heracles was awake, laughed and walked up to Heracles. Heracles could see the giant hung him at a height to make it easier for him to drain Heracles, not having to worry about holding him still or fighting the giant. The giant had that wild look in his eyes again and grabbed on tight to Heracles' ass cheeks, lifted him up slightly and devoured Heracles' cock and balls again, switched to ass fucking him with his tongue and then back to trying hard to suck Heracles' balls through his penis. Again, once he was drained completely a number of times, the giant lifted the loop off the peg on the wall, hung it on to a lower one and moved forward, as Heracles' face was even with the giants hard cock that he easily pointed at Heracles and pulled Heracles' head into the tip. He hard stroked himself again and began to flood Heracles' with his cum, making sure Heracles took in loads of it down his throat. He watched Heracles' abs swell up and only then allowed his cock to rest against Heracles' head and neck to make certain his entire body was covered in the thick cum. When he finished, he lifted Heracles up by the loop and put him back on the higher peg and began to hard rub all of Heracles' body to make the cum absorb faster and deeper. The effects really sped up and Heracles couldn't even open his eyes without everything spinning and all sorts of colors clouding his vision. When the giant finished rubbing in his cum on Heracles, he laughed, grabbed Heracles with his hand on Heracles' lower back, put his other hand on Heracles' abs and began to knead, forcing the cum in Heracles' stomach to be absorbed faster. Heracles could only moan and let his head flop from side to side as he didn't seem to have control of his muscles anymore.

He woke partially as he felt water running all around his body, then over his head and then he was under the water, pulled out and dropped back in. It was like the giant was washing a piece of clothing as he lifted and dropped Heracles in and out of the water. The giant roughly rubbed every part of Heracles, including pushing his pinky finger in and out of Heracles' ass. Heracles just passed out again. When he woke again, he was hanging back on the wall in the shelter barely able to hold his head up let alone straight as his neck seemed to just cause it to roll around. He couldn't get much of anything in focus. He heard a loud growl and laugh.

So, mighty Heracles does live,” the giant bellowed and laughed. “Good, Baldor likes taste, real good, strong, feel good. Heracles belong Baldor now no Baldoran. I keep you long time, drain much and play.”

Baldor laughed as he walked up to Heracles, grabbed him by his crotch and lifted him away from the wall and began to use his fingers to pinch, pull and feel all of Heracles' muscles. He played hard with Heracles' thickly muscled thighs, even taking hold of his calves and twisting them and bending them so his thighs flexed and looked like they would explode.

Heracles play good, long time I like,” Baldor laughed, pinching Heracles' biceps in his fingers.

Heracles, although feeling like he was in a super drunken state, managed to mumble out some questions he felt he needed to know the answers to for some reason.

Why did Baldor take me from Baldoran?” Heracles mumbled.

Baldor want and father say take,” Baldor laughed. “Father no like Baldoran, too soft, not fight good.”

Baldoran is your brother?” Heracles said.

What brother?” Baldor said. “Same father, same mother.”

He is your brother then,” Heracles finally said after struggling to find the words for some reason. “Who is your father?”

Father Mugdok, powerful, mighty fierce god,” Baldor said with some pride.

How did you know I am Heracles?” Heracles asked.

Hera, Mugdok get even Zeus by you,” Baldor laughed. “Baldor get Heracles for long, long time. Hera say you no die, give Baldor good juices long long time.”

Hera? A goddess from Olympia?” Heracles feared the answer.

She mad Zeus, no like Heracles. Mugdok no like Zeus long time. Want revenge. Heracles give Mugdok that.”

Now Heracles knew that Hera was the cause of this new problem. He was again a captive of some brute for the pleasure of Hera and her sick, pointless need for revenge against him for existing. His mother was a victim of the fighting between Hera and Zeus. He used his mother to hurt Hera by giving a mortal women what Hera never had from Zeus, a son.

Baldor want juices again,” Baldor said as he came towards Heracles.

He laughed when Heracles tried to jerk himself away, but his attempts were feeble and pointless. He went through his established routine until Heracles was completely drained and he ended up rubbing his cum into all of Heracles and hard kneading Heracles' abs. Again, the effects of Baldor's precum and cum spread faster and seemed more potent then the last time. The next time Heracles came back to consciousness, he was on Baldor, in his bed, having his body hard kneaded, pulled, twisted and pinched. He moaned which let Baldor know Heracles was back awake again. He held Heracles on the bottom of his cock, facing Baldor as Baldor hard jerked his cock, forcing his precum into Heracles' mouth. If Heracles wanted to breath, he had to swallow in order to gasp for breath before his mouth and nose was flooded with more precum. Baldor did something different then, pulling Heracles towards his face, turning him around and fucking him deep with his tongue, making it go very wide and then even curl to make it thinner. He pulled Heracles hard towards his mouth allowing his tongue to go very deep inside of Heracles. He started hard jerking his cock then as he fucked Heracles with his tongue. When his breathing got jerky and his body squirmed, Baldor moved Heracles so he was sitting hard on the tip of his cock. When his cum started to shoot out, he pushed Heracles down so the tip of his cock was pushed just at the open rosebud so his hard blasts of cum shot inside of Heracles' ass. The narrowed opening made Baldor's cum shoot hard inside of Heracles. The volleys began to hurt as they pounded into Heracles' insides. It couldn't flow out as Baldor's cock was tight at Heracles' ass so the more that came out the further in it pushed the cum into Heracles' intestines, stretching them in the process, eventually making him feel like an ever growing cock was snaking its way up inside of him. It became painful and he yelled out and winced and kicked his legs trying to get off of Baldor's cock.

Baldor just laughed and stroked his cock even harder and faster, seeming to really enjoy Heracles obvious suffering very much. When he finally stopped shooting cum into Heracles, he quickly moved his pinky finger next to his cock head. He let Heracles' body move up so his cock could flop down away from Heracles' ass then he quickly pushed in his pinky into the stretched out ass of Heracles. Heracles was already delirious from the amount of cum his body was absorbing but he still screamed out as the fat, long pinky finger pushed inside of him and even wiggled, causing more pain. Baldor moved his arm to put Heracles up on top of his chest, allowing him to easily keep his finger locked inside without any chance of Heracles getting free. Whenever Heracles became quiet, Baldor wiggled and moved his finger in and out, making Heracles scream out and moan and groan. Baldor liked the ideas Hera gave him to punish Heracles and give him more pleasure then he ever knew.

Baldoran moaned and held his head as he slowly woke up after being knocked unconscious by his brother Baldor. His entire head and chest were hurting. He felt like someone was pounding his head with a club over and over. When he looked at his hands he had on top of his face, he saw blood. He staggered out of his bed and left the shelter, slowly making his way to the pool. He knew the pool's water would feel soothing and stop his bleeding. He had no idea how badly he was hurt, but as long as he could slowly walk he knew he would be fine. He stumbled, fell a number of times but did finally make it to the pool.. He fell into it and the cool fast swirling water immediately began to relieve the pounding in his head. As his mind focused less and less on the pounding and pain, it started to focus on his brother, Heracles and an increasing rage.

Heracles couldn't believe the pain and feelings he was having as more and more of Baldor's cum circulated in his body. His hormones seemed to have been taken into super drive as his sex drive and pleasure responses were higher then ever, not good since that meant he could reach orgasm much more often and produce much more cum then ever before. That he knew would drive Baldor to keep pushing Heracles as far to the edge as he dared so he could take as much of Heracles' cum from him as possible. He also knew that if Hera was behind this, he was really in for lots and lots of suffering and humiliation, loads of pain and depression. What didn't make sense to him was why Baldor and Baldoran's father would do something like that just to get revenge on Zeus. What could Zeus have possibly done to another powerful god not at Olympus and existing in another territory? None of it made any sense to him. At least if he knew the offense, he might be able to fix it or at least try to remedy the reason for a need of revenge.

No time to dwell on that as Baldor decided to move from his bed, pulling his pinky finger from Heracles' ass, tie his wrists good with that rope that formed a loop between wrists, lifted the loop up and put it over his head. Heracles was now hanging on the front of his body, face pushed into the sweaty, hairy pecs of Baldor, his entire body moving from side to side as Baldor walked, the hair on his chest rubbing against Heracles' face, really causing it to get irritated and almost raw. The sweat from Baldor was covering the front of Heracles' body, making the skin of Heracles' face burn. Heracles had no idea when he finally woke where Baldor was going and what lay in store for him now. Baldor was actually looking around for edible things that grew in the area, small mammals and even bird eggs. He was basically shopping for food. He then went to the edge of a pool, sat on a large rock outcropping and ate some of what he found. He lifted Heracles off of his body and looked at him with a strange smile.

Baldor have fun, Heracles be catch fish now,” Baldor said.

Heracles had no idea what Baldor was talking about until Baldor pushed Heracles off the edge of the rock he was sitting on and held Heracles up above the water by the rope tied to his wrists. He dunked Heracles into the water and lifted him up quickly several times, watching the water very intently. Then he smiled, lowered Heracles again a few times and waited.

Soon, Heracles could feel hard pinching here and there on his body, something trying to swallow his leg, another latched on to his cock and balls, another gulping in his arm. Others were trying their best to take pieces of Heracles' skin, pinch and pull trying to rip chunks of him off. Baldor's eyes went high up his head and he laughed. He yanked Heracles up out of the water and slammed him on the rock ledge behind where he was sitting, far enough from the edge of the rock so the fish couldn't flop back into the water.

Good, good, Heracles good fish catcher,” Baldor laughed as he took each very ugly fish by its tail and slammed it hard on the rock.

Heracles looked down and saw several fish pulling and trying to twist on pieces of his skin and some even had partial muscle held tight by their bone hard jaws. Baldor just yanked them off, nothing really pleasant for Heracles as his skin was pulled hard away from his body in the process. The fish that had swallowed his legs and his arms, didn't want to release him either, so Baldor just swung Heracles over his head and slammed him hard on the rock, knocking most of them loose. The one that wanted Heracles' cock and balls on the other hand wasn't willing to give up so easily. It was twisting, jerking, putting as much hard pressure as it could hoping to cut its tasty morsel from the body that was holding on to it, namely Heracles. It hurt, hurt really bad. Heracles' skin on his legs and arms began to burn, probably from the acid in the fish stomach. As soon as Baldor got the last hold out off of Heracles' cock and balls by basically punching the fish until it was no longer among the living, he dunked Heracles back into the water again. The pain from these horrible fish biting into Heracles or swallowing his extremities got worse with each dunk into the water. Baldor did that 2 more times and Heracles' was now screaming and jerking all around wildly on his own, trying desperately to keep the fish off of him. When Baldor finally thought he had enough fish, he just left Heracles laying on the rock, panting and gasping, wincing in pain.

Baldor did his preparing of the fish by smashing off their heads with a rock and then using a stick to split them open and gut them. He would soak them in a type of salt and then put them against a fire to dry. Finished, he admired his catch and then looked at Heracles. He pulled Heracles towards him, slapped his hand hard on Heracles' chest and devoured his cock and balls, draining Heracles 3 times. He did the same thing putting Heracles' face on the tip of his cock and filling Heracles with his precum, jerking and then flooding Heracles with his cum, filing his stomach until nearly exploding then hard rubbing all of Heracles body to get all his cum absorbed.

Baldoran stayed in the pool until he felt he was healed and able to get back to his shelter. He fixed the door to his shelter first, making sure no uninvited pests came visiting while he slept and steal all his supplies. He took something from his dried foods, a few long drinks from a covered jar that had some liquid in it, walked to his bed and fell down, sound asleep, his body going into the healing process again.

Back in Baldor's shelter, he hung Heracles up on the wall, worked on his catch of fish and put into jugs and jars what food stuff's he found that he didn't eat. He walked up to Heracles, roughly pulled him away from the wall and examined his body to see how much damage the fish did to Heracles. He smiled when he looked all over, saw only bruises and some swelling, but no ripped skin. He let loose of Heracles who's body hit the wall hard. Baldor laid on his bed and fell asleep.

Baldor shot up from a sound sleep as his entire door to his shelter came crashing down to the floor. Before he could move from the bed, Baldoran was on him, clubbing him with both arms and fists. Baldor tried to push Baldoran off of him but couldn't get any leverage to do so. Baldoran grabbed Baldor's club which was next to his bed and began to beat Baldor as severely or worse then Baldor beat him when he took Heracles.

You dishonor our father if you take Heracles,” Baldor began yelling. “He and Hera have done this to take revenge on Heracles father Zeus. I was told and shown what to do to make him suffer and feel pain by his step mother Hera, a god on Olympus, wife to his father Zeus. You cannot dishonor our father and take his chance for revenge from him. You will be punished brother.”

Baldoran wrapped his hand on Baldor's throat. “I punished already, so what else he do? You will not have Heracles, not pawn for you or father. I get him away and you and father not have him.”

With that, he clubbed Baldor hard enough on his head so that Baldor was unconcious. He turned, saw Heracles hanging from the wall and quickly lifted him from the wall and hung the rope between his wrists around his neck. He knew it was critical to get Heracles back to the lake and loaded with furs and skins so he would not freeze to death once he was away from his lands. He quickly went to his shelter, fitted a number of skins and furs to Heracles' body, even tying them on with leather strips. He put the tied rope back over his neck and headed for the lake he and Heracles used to bath and he used to heal. Once there, he moved to the far end where the water overflowed from the lake and started a waterfall and a fast moving river. He lifted Heracles, untied his wrists and dunked him in the water to wake him up.

You go now, be safe from Baldor. Skins, furs keep you warm when cold come soon for you. River take you far very fast. You be safe when river not fast much. Go fast, not stop for day and night. You go now,” Baldoran said as he licked Heracles' face and slid him over the edge into the waterfall.

Heracles didn't have much time if any to prepare himself when he was suddenly locked in the fast hard flow of the waterfall and then the river. Luckily when he came to the bottom of the waterfall, there was a large deep pool of water which kept him from smashing on boulders. As soon as he surfaced and sucked in air, he was moving faster and faster away from the waterfall. He had a hard time keeping himself pointed in any direction as the force of the water was extremely strong even for him. He thought the furs and skins were going to drag him down to the bottom but remembered what Baldoran told him about the cold. They were the only things he had that could keep him warm, if he found a way to dry them out. Suddenly, the river began to slow down, little by little, until it was a strong but no longer fast raging river. He was moving till at a good pace but the river was not throwing him around in all direction anymore. He could easily keep himself on his back and see exactly where he was being taken. He felt the water getting very warm after awhile. Looking around, he noticed glowing red hot rocks rolling slowly down from above the top of the steep cliff along the shoreline. They would make a loud hiss and throw up a wall of steam as they rolled into the river. He spotted what looked like an open beach of sand close to where the fiery stones were rolling into the river. He swam hard to reach the beach and crawled up slowly as the furs and skins were very heavy from being completely saturated with water. He laid on the sand for some time before pulling off all of the furs and skins. He looked around and found large tree branches and rocks that he set near the hot rolling rocks and placed all the skins and furs across them. He saw the steam rising from the furs and skins, they would be dried completely. He looked around and there was nothing but thick brush on one side of the beach and the steep cliffs rising up all along the river. It was warm where he was on the beach and since he had to wait until his skins and furs were dried, he laid down and went into a deep healing sleep.

He was woken up by the feel of small hands going all up and down his body. He sat up and a flurry of short looking men backed up to the edge of the beach where their long boats were sitting. There were 4 of them, staring in amazement at Heracles. He knelt down, smiled and opened his arms, palm up which he hoped they would understand meant he was no threat. One of them slowly and cautiously walked towards Heracles and was talking in a strange language Heracles could not understand. Heracles just kept smiling with his arms out, palms up. When the dwarf which it what he was reached Heracles, he slowly ran his hands up Heracles' arms from his wrists to his shoulder. He was talking and talking, never taking his eyes off of Heracles' face. The dwarf then slowly moved his hand across Heracles' pecs and then his abs. He did break his contact with Heracles' eyes when his hand moved along Heracles' cock and then his balls. The dwarf moved backwards to the others and they began a very animated and loud discussion. Finally, all 4 of them moved towards Heracles and they all began to move their hands up and down Heracles' front and back.

I mean you no harm little ones, my name is Heracles. I escaped from the great giants,” he said still with a smile as he slowly pointed up the river towards the waterfalls.

They seemed to answer him back but he had no way of knowing that or what exactly they were talking about. For all he knew they were just sizing up a nice big piece of meat for dinner, trying to figure out how to cut him up for the best portions of his meat. He kind of jumped some when the one that first came up to him, was sitting down in front of him, legs under Heracles' spread open thighs and began closely examining Heracles' cock and balls. Heracles' cock responded by getting very hard and large, precum flowing. The dwarf scooped up some of the precum and licked it from his hand. He yelled to the others and they each scooped up Heracles' precum and became all excited, another conversation happening that Heracles had no idea what it was about. He knew his precum and cum had a powerful effect on humans and obviously from what happened before this, on giants. He guessed by their reaction it was having an effect on them. They seemed to be pushing each other to the side to get in closer to Heracles' cock. The first dwarf moved himself even closer and had his hands around the head of Heracles' cock and his mouth sucking away at the piss slit, taking in as much precum as he could. He actually fell backwards with a very large smile on his face and was pulled away by 2 of the dwarfs and the 3rd one took his place. Before long, the last one just stayed flat on the ground in between Heracles' legs. He looked down at all of them and examined their bodies. They were solid, obviously muscled and all had tents in their loin cloths made of fur. He undid the leather strap holding the loin cloth of the one in between his legs and was surprised at the thickness of the dwarf's cock. He lifted the dwarf up and took in his cock, gently licking, sucking and moving the dwarf forward and back so it was like he was fucking Heracles' mouth. Very quickly the dwarf moaned and his muscles stiffed as Heracles' was draining him of his cum. Heracles liked the taste but felt no special effects on him. He smiled, pulled the next dwarf to him and repeated the same process. By the time he had emptied all 4 of the dwarfs, he felt no more hunger. He had taken in a good amount of cum from these little men. The first dwarf was moaning and with a large smile sat up and looked down at his crotch. He knew he was drained and it still felt very good. He looked at Heracles with a smile and Heracles winked at him and licked his lips. The dwarf laughed and got up, went over to Heracles and began to play with his muscles. Heracles moved his hands over the muscled dwarf's body as well. The dwarf began playing with Heracles' pecs and suddenly, his mouth was sucking, biting and licking on Heracles' nipple. Suddenly, his other pec was being massaged and squeezed as that nipple was being sucked, bit and licked by another dwarf. Then, he felt his balls being massaged and played with as his cock was being stroked and his piss slit fucked with a dwarf tongue. Suddenly, it all felt so good and pleasure just spread all through Heracles' body. Soon, Heracles' upper body was bent all the way back as the 2 dwarf's on his pecs, worked even harder on his pecs and nipples. The dwarf that was working on his balls, moved on the opposite side of the one working on Heracles' cock and then both of them were licking, biting and stroking Heracles. It was amazing to Heracles how these 4 little men could make him so weak from feeling so much pleasure. His body was tingling and his breathing was getting faster. Compared to the forceful and brutal treatment of the giants, this was almost gentle and sweet. When he finally found release of his cum, all the dwarfs took as much as they could handle, even licking it off the bodies of the ones that were right at his cock and moved it so the cum would cover their bodies. They didn't stop, but went back to what they were doing before, working even harder on his pecs, nipples and cock. He knew when one of them climbed up his body and wrapped his legs around Heracles' neck and put his cock inside Heracles' mouth. Heracles gently sucked and licked, the dwarf holding on to Heracles' ears, moving Heracles' head easily forward and back. Heracles was feeling so good, his body was even more tingly and he liked what they were doing to him. It seemed strange to him but it did not seem to be harmful or threatening in any way. He thought the experience with the giants was being removed from his body by these gentle little men.

When one of them slid under Heracles' ass which was low since his entire upper body was bent backwards, it felt so good to have those small, strong hands playing with his ass cheeks. When he felt a face against his rosebud and lips and a tongue moving all around, sucking, licking, kissing, he moaned and relaxed even more. His pecs and nipples were almost electrically charged, the squeezing and pulling, sucking and biting was feeling so intense and good. He had no thought of fighting them off at all. He was extremely relaxed and felt good completely. He felt the hand moving in and out of his ass, magical fingers moving around, his insides slowly squeezing and relaxing, even trying to pull the magical hand deeper to stimulate more of his insides. He didn't react at all except with a moan when the dwarf's ample fat cock moved inside of his ass and the dwarf began to pump his hips hard up and out of Heracles' ass. That felt so good, so pleasurable. It all seemed to be building in pleasure and wonderful release. He easily swallowed the loads of cum the dwarf in his mouth deposited, to be replaced by another dwarf. When the one fucking him filled Heracles' ass with his load, the next dwarf took his place, beginning with his magical arm inside of Heracles, seeming to rub the cum of the one before him all around Heracles' intestines it could reach and then the mouth, lips, tongue followed by the ample cock. All 4 of the dwarf's fucked him the same way, deposited their cum in his mouth and ass, his pecs instantly tingling and flexing with the slightest touch of the dwarfs. Finally, they seemed to finish their sexual welcoming and rubbed Heracles' arms, thigh, back, shoulders and abs, sensually, deeply, their strong fingers digging in deep, relaxing every muscle. Heracles felt like he was melting his entire body became more and more relaxed. He closed his eyes and with a smile slept.

When he woke, he was again being worked over as before. It felt even more pleasant and wonderful. He moaned as his pecs were worked over, barely able to move his arms up so his hands could slowly rub the backs and asses of the dwarfs on his pecs. The cock in his mouth felt so good as did the things 2 dwarfs were doing to his cock and balls. Over and over the same technique used before, intensifying his pleasure and feeling of relaxation more and more. They managed to easily push him further back so his head was on the ground. They pulled his legs from under him and moved them so his feet were on the ground, legs far apart, giving them full access to his cock, balls and ass. The ones on his pecs were laying on him, their muscled thighs moving up and down his abs, their feet moving his abs up and down, adding to the sensations. The dwarf working on his ass seemed able to get his arm even further inside of Heracles' ass, as well as his cock when he got to that part of his routine. It was so wonderful and he was feeling so weak and relaxed, wanting more and more of their cum and more of them working on his pecs and nipples. He began to wonder why he never encountered these wonderful dwarf who could make him feel so relaxed and feed him their wonderful cum. He never even realized when they tied his wrists to poles they put deep in the sand and then did the same with his ankles, pulled high and wide, making certain they had full access to his ass and crotch. He didn't care or think about it, it all felt so wonderful.

The dwarfs were actually draining him of his strength and power, making his entire body so relaxed and feeling so weak, it would be impossible for him to try and fight them, that is if he felt he wanted to. Their cum had various hormones and poisons in it that as more and more were absorbed through his mouth and ass, really absorbed by the rubbing of each others cum in his intestines, he actually started to lactate, giving them even more of his power and strength, weakening him so much more. They were like vampires of sex, draining their victims not of blood, but of strength and power. If Heracles wasn't a demigod, they would drain him so much, his body would end up shutting down and he would be dead. When they first tasted Heracles' precum, they knew he wasn't a regular human at all. There was more power and strength in his precum and cum. They felt their bodies becoming stronger and more powerful with each fill of his cum. It was absorbed by their skin when they made him cum against their bodies, ate what they could and rubbed their entire body with what was remaining. There Heracles was, stretched out, lactating and being drained of more and more of his strength and power.

After days of draining him, which they had no intention of stopping until he was dead, they slowed down some of their rituals, keeping up with working on his pecs and nipples along with filling him with their cum. Suddenly, they heard a loud shouting and arrows coming towards them. They reacted but to slow to avoid being shot with a number of arrows. A large human jumped on to the beach from a boat and killed all the dwarfs. He knew they were evil and had to be killed when discovered. He cut the binding of Heracles, lifted him up in his arms and took him to the shore. He gently washed Heracles completely, made him drink some water and took some of the furs he saw were hung on make shift racks to dry. The only boat he saw was from the dwarfs so he figured out Heracles washed down the river from the great falls, probably escaping for the giants that lived up in those lands. He already admired Heracles since that in itself was something rarely accomplished. He also like the body of Heracles and thought his face was very handsome. He moved Heracles from the shore, wrapped him in furs and gave him more water to drink. Slowly, Heracles was trying to get his senses back since he was no longer being drained and made weaker and weaker. His natural body reaction to heal and return him to normal began to kick in. The man who saved him was called Dogar. He was a hunter from a close by land where he lived. He had friends drained by dwarfs and had an intense hatred for them. He kept making Heracles drink water, to help flush the dwarfs poison from his body. He built a fire so he could see if anyone approached from the river, since he didn't need it for heat as the beach was kept warm by the lava rocks that were sliding down from a volcano vent above the cliff. Dogar found himself sleeping by holding Heracles to his body with his strong arms.

When Heracles finally had shaken off most of the dwarf poison, his pecs hurt as did his ass.

Welcome back to the living,” Dogar said with a big smile. “Here you must drink even more water to get the poison of the dwarfs from your body.”

Who are you?” Heracles asked all confused expecting to see his dwarfs.

I am called Dogar and I killed the dwarfs who were draining you of your strength and power. Luckily they hadn't had you long enough to kill you,” Dogar said with a smile.

You killed them? They made me feel so good and relaxed,” Heracles said with a sad look.

Yes, I killed them before they killed you. You felt very good and had no idea they were draining you did you. They are evil the dwarfs. They seek out single human males and drain them until they are dead. I had good friends who fell into their clutches and died. They were nothing good I assure you,” Dogar said seriously. “And who are you?”

My name is Heracles, from Greece, son of the god Zeus and a human mother. My stepmother Hera, Zeus' wife on Mt. Olympus, hates me and goes out of her way to take her revenge on me for Zeus giving a mortal woman a son. I was traveling from my land to find what my purpose was since I became bored with my life in Greece. I was a hero of games, fighter of evil monsters and admired by all. It became old. I never lost a wrestling match, never lost to a monster. I didn't see any point in living that way, so I began traveling to see what was in lands no one had ever gone to,” Heracles said sadly.

Oh, well its a pleasure to meet you Heracles, son of Zeus. I have heard of the land of Greece and the gods of those people. Well, you will recover it seems and quickly I think,” Dogar laughed.

Yes, being a demigod, my body heals quickly. No human can kill me, only inflict pain and misery. I can only be killed by a god or possibly a demigod, but I have been told the gods do not approve of things like that since all demigods are their children,” Heracles told Dogar.

Impressive. Probably the reason the dwarfs hadn't drained you completely. It seems they had you here long enough to fully drain a regular human. They even had you stretched out and tied up to make access to your ass and chest easier. You are very lucky my friend,” Dogar said.