Heracles Tales….


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The following story contains erotic homosexual situations.  If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now.

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Brute of Rodovia

Heracles spent more then a week pleasuring and celebrating with Mars and Mercury. They made Heracles tell them over and over again about Hadus and how it turned out Hades did have feelings contrary to what was said about him.

Well, I believe it is time I continued my journey,” Heracles said to Mars and Mercury.

Why? Just come back to Greece and return to your rightful place among men,” Mars said seriously.

Yes, that is a good idea, enough of this wandering around looking for something you don't even know what it is,” Mercury said.

No, it is not time yet for me to return,” Heracles said almost sadly. “I will know when my journey is completed and I have found what I seek.”

Well, I think you are being foolish, but you are definitely a son of Zeus to be sure,” Mars laughed. “You fare well and remember you are not in the lands of the gods of Olympus any longer. There are other gods and you are subject to their wishes so be very careful.”

Yes, I am aware of that now,” Heracles laughed. “I am sure I will be just fine.”

Well, if your last few encounters are any indication, I kind of doubt that,” Mercury laughed.

You may be right, but I must go on,” Heracles said giving Mercury a hug.

Farewell my brothers, keep me in mind when you are bored,” Heracles laughed as he mounted Pride and rode off towards the north.

Heracles rode for a very long time with a big smile on his face, thinking of the pleasures he shared with Mars and Mercury, and how he just knew Hadus was already on his way to healing from his broken heart. Hadus would not be forgotten by Heracles. He suddenly noticed it was getting much colder the further they traveled. Luckily he still had the furs he was given in a village back home, plus he had thick blankets he used to cover Pride. Neither was used to temperatures this cold. Heracles decided it would be best to find a place to shelter from the building storm he could see coming their way a bit far off in the sky. The wind and the damp chill told him they would not want to be caught out in the open during such a storm. He spotted a clearing that had a fast running stream in the middle of it, large boulders scattered about and the beginnings of what looked like a rocky cavern or cliff, maybe the beginning of some mountains. As he and Pride approached the clearing, Pride jerked up and seemed to refuse to go any further towards the stream.

Woohhhh Pride, be still, what is wrong, I see nothing to be frightened of?” Heracles said trying to calm down Pride as he stroked his neck.

Horse more sense then you,” a booming voice came from behind some boulders.

Who are you and what is your business here?” Heracles asked as Pride danced around in a circle, obviously wanting to return the way they came.

I live here, own land, special for me,” the voice boomed. “You no come.”

I mean no harm. I only wish to find shelter from the coming storm, nothing more,” Heracles said trying to spot who was talking.

I say no, you go,” the booming voice said.

Have you no sense of hospitality or compassion?” Heracles yelled getting angry.

No, you go now, no come over water,” the voice boomed.

Heracles was now angry and determined to cross the stream, find a cave for shelter and get out of the coming storm in spite of this rude brutes lack of manners. He dismounted Pride, took up his club and trudged over the river rocks to cross the stream. Suddenly, this huge, brutish looking man was standing right in the path Heracles was going to cross. He was much taller then Heracles, heavier and had a very thick body, heavily muscled arms and legs. He was covered in furs even though he was extremely hairy. Even his eyebrows were thickly bushed along with his thick beard. His eyes were large and menacing to be sure. Most men would have simply turned around and walked away as instructed, but not Heracles.

Move away, I do not wish to harm you,” Heracles said moving closer to the stream.

No harm me, you be harm,” the brute bellowed with a smile even.

Heracles, not being in the mood to negotiate, quickly began moving towards the brute, his club swung out at the ready. As soon as he was half way across the stream, the brute swung his weapon, which looked like a fused skeleton bone of some large animal, the entire spinal cord. Heracles managed to duck the first swing, but didn't expect the back swing to come towards him which it did, knocking him off balance. He slipped on slimy rocks in the stream, fell forward and even hit his head on a larger rock. Before he could get up, the brute pounded him several times across his back and shoulders. Heracles was taken aback by the force of the blows and how he actually felt pain. The more he tried to get himself up, the more the brute smacked him with his boned club, finally knocking Heracles' club from his hand. The brute kicked Heracles over on his back, stomped his foot on top of Heracles' chest and pushed down, sending the upper chest, neck and entire head of Heracles under the water. No matter how hard Heracles tried to push off the foot or get himself free from under the foot of the brute, nothing worked. He felt himself quickly running out of air the more he struggled. He used as much of his strength as he could gather to push his face up just enough to gulp in some air before the brute's foot pushed back down hard, making Heracles' head smack in to the bottom rocks of the stream. Before he was about to pass out, he felt himself lifted roughly into the air by his leg and then smashed back down hard into the rocky stream, again the brutes foot pushing his head down into the water. The brute repeated this a few times before being satisfied that Heracles was pretty much powerless.

The brute lifted Heracles up by his leg and ripped all of Heracles' furs and clothing off. He flopped Heracles' body on top of a large flat boulder, grabbed his jaw in his hand and started to examine Heracles as if he was a piece of roast at the market. The brute was not careful in the slightest as his fingers poked all over Heracles' body and then latched on to his cock and balls and pulled them up, lifting Heracles' hips up off the rock. That got Heracles to yell out and cough up the water he swallowed.

Ha you be good fun me think,” the brute laughed. “I like play you.”

Why are you doing this,” Heracles gasped trying to catch his breath.

You no listen, you no go,” the brute said with his hand around Heracles' neck and his face pushed into his. “Now I play, you maybe live.”

You don't have to do this, I mean you no harm,” Heracles yelled.

No harm, funny you be,” the brute laughed and punched Heracles in the chest. “You no harm me harm but play.”

Before Heracles could say another word, the brute had him upside down, held by his hips and his cock and balls sucked into the brutes mouth. Heracles tried hard to free himself but he was not able to overpower the brute. It hadn't dawned on Heracles that his extra power didn't seem to be working. The brute roughly sucked, licked and chewed on Heracles' cock and balls until he got a large load of cum from Heracles. The brute noticed the special taste and effect this ones cum was having on him. He liked it so much, he did it again until he was rewarded with another good load.

You good, me like,” the brute laughed slapping Heracles hard on his abs.

The brute took hold of Heracles' calf and walked away from the boulder, Heracles' body slamming on the hard rocky ground and bouncing as the brute walked away from the stream. He came to a small protected area with a make shift hut and some poles used to dry game it seemed. He latched Heracles' leg to the top of one of the poles and did another exam of Heracles' entire body. By now, it was darkening from the storm and the wind was becoming very cold. The brute threw a fur over Heracles before going into his shelter. Heracles could see a thick coating of blowing snow moving past the bottom of the pole which he could see through the opening of the fur wrapped around his body. He was fascinated in a way by the snow as he rarely had seen this much of it before. He was getting light headed from hanging down by his leg when all of a sudden, the brute had his leg in his hand and Heracles was moving from the pole to the inside of the shelter. The smell inside the shelter wasn't very pleasant, but it did block the wind and snow and there was a fire burning that warmed the inside very well.

The brute dropped Heracles down on top of a pile of grasses and furs, tied a thick rope around the ankle of Heracles and then one around his neck. When the brute removed the skin he wrapped around Heracles, he examined Heracles' body once more, tugging on the ropes to make certain Heracles was secured. Heracles had a very good view of the brute now since he was naked. His entire body was a thick carpet of fur, only slightly less thick in certain areas. His chest was huge, his pecs thick and solid, a layer of fat covering most of his body. His abs were more of a belly, but that also gave no impression of softness. The brute's cock and balls were the things of a maidens nightmare. The biggest, thickest Heracles had ever seen. The brutes balls were like oranges in a low, low hanging sack of thick rough looking furry skin. His cock was almost shielded in a super thick tough looking skin. Even though the cock was not erect, it looked to Heracles like half of a normal mans forearm in length. The brute stopped moving about and was watching Heracles take in his entire body.

You like?” the brute asked with a smile. “You get plenty me think.”

Before Heracles could respond, the brute straddled Heracles' head, forced his jaws wide open and began playing with the head of his cock all around Heracles' mouth. Soon, a small flood of precum began to flood Heracles' mouth and throat, very salty and pungent. As he had little choice but to swallow it, he noticed it burned slightly as it moved down his throat into his stomach. The brute reached down with his other hand and roughly handled Heracles' cock and balls. As soon as Heracles' cock got erect, the brute leaned down and sucked it hard into his mouth and used his tongue to roughly stroke. The flow of precum from the brute became even stronger and the sounds the brute was making were close to a wild animal growling. Heracles filled the brutes mouth with a good load of cum which seemed to make the flow of the brutes precum grow stronger. The brute moved back into a position over Heracles' head, growled much louder and Heracles could tell by the brutes other hand smacking into his face that the brute was stroking his own cock. Heracles wasn't ready for the massive flood of thick, salty and spicy tasting cum that filled his mouth, throat and exploded all around the head of the brutes cock in his mouth, just about covering all of Heracles' face. It even flowed into his eyes, which immediately began burning. Heracles couldn't move his head at all as the brute had it in a vice like grip in his hand. When the brute finally began to end his orgasm, he bellowed out a wild animal sound, slapped Heracles hard on his abdomen and chest, then used his hand to rub all of his cum on Heracles' face, neck and shoulders, up and down his entire body. Heracles felt really ill, the flood of precum and then the thick massive amount of cum was causing his stomach to cramp, his throat was burning as well as his eyes, nose, even his ears. His skin began to feel hot and tingly then itchy and he went into a drug like induced state of unconsciousness. He felt the brute just about smother his entire body with his body before nothing but blackness.

Heracles was barely able to feel himself being drained of his cum numerous times, his body filled with massive amounts of the brutes cum and that rough massaging of the brutes cum all over his body. The tingling and burning sensation seemed to be getting stronger and the darker his unconsciousness seemed to become. He had no idea how many days this went on before the brute flopped Heracles over his shoulder, walked him down to a pool off of the stream and threw him in. The shock of the ice cold water did indeed get Heracles to wake from his deep sleep, his entire body getting the shock of the water all at once. It was a shock but it did feel good to have all the dried up cum washed from skin finally. Since he had no idea of how long he was out, he had no idea that there was 4 days worth of cum caked on his entire body. The brute jumped in nearly drowning Heracles as his huge thighs took Heracles down to the bottom of the pool when he jumped in. The brute laughed when Heracles burst to the surface, gasping for air. The brute washed his body completely, pulled Heracles over to him and roughly washed Heracles. The brute seemed to get excited while washing Heracles as when he finished, he lifted Heracles up by his hips and devoured his cock and balls, draining Heracles 2 more times, then just releasing his grip on his hips, sending Heracles crashing down into the pool again. The brute kept his eyes on Heracles as he lifted his hips up, his massive cock throbbing hard, precum oozing like it was coming from a broken artery and he began to slow stroke it from base to the tip. Heracles began to feel something pulling him towards the leaking cock, even though he could see the brute wasn't touching him. His body seemed as if it was being pulled by some magnet towards the cock, his tongue licking his lips and his mouth filling with drool. It didn't take very long at all for Heracles to have the brutes cock in his hands, stroking it wildly as his mouth tried its best to devour the cock head and suck in all of the precum it could get. Heracles mind was fighting him and loosing, not understanding that he was attached to the fluids of the brute as if it were a very powerful drug. The brute laughed and teased Heracles, pushing him away from his cock and then watching Heracles scramble to get back on it. The brute pulled Heracles out of the pool a few times to drain his cock before putting Heracles back to work on his cock. The brute did something different this time when his cock was about to explode with his cum. He lifted Heracles up, pushed his ass tight on the very top part of his cock, pushing open Heracles' rosebud and held him there tight as his cock shot its massive loads of cum deep inside of Heracles until his stomach looked like it was going to explode. The brute kept him down tight on his cock even when he finished his orgasm, using one hand to knead and hard massage Heracles' abs.

When the brute was satisfied, he stood up, lifted Heracles up out of the pool and threw his body towards the shelter, Heracles already in his deep stupor from being filled with massive amounts of the brutes cum. This was repeated day after day for weeks, even though Heracles had no idea how long he was under the power of the brute. All sense of time and purpose were gone, all that seemed to matter was getting his mouth filled with that precum and then oblivion. The brute no longer had need of tying Heracles down by his ankle and neck, knowing Heracles would not be leaving him on his own now. Even if Heracles somehow did manage to walk away, he wouldn't get very far as he was in a very weak state. His abdominal muscles were very sore from being hyper extended, his internal organs were reacting badly to the flood of the brutes cum as was his entire body from the cum being rubbed deeply into his skin from head to toe.

One day, Heracles did hear another voice other then the brutes. The brute was denying something very strongly and the other voice was questioning him harshly.

Where is it brother?” the new voice barked.

No here, nothing,” the brute answered.

You know you can't lie to me so just give it to me,” the voice yelled. “You will be very sorry if I have to search your hovel to find it.”

No, you no do,” the brute said excitedly.

Very well, I suppose the only way to make you give it to me is for me to destroy what little you have here,” the voice boomed.

No, here, I give,” the brute yelled as he pushed open the door to the shelter and grabbed Heracles by the back of his neck and threw him out of the shelter.

What is this? A human toy?” the voice laughed.

No toy, more then human me think,” the brute said nervously.

More then a human? What sort of creature have you captured?” the voice asked.

You take juice, you see,” the brute said as he lifted Heracles off the ground by his hips and handed him to the voice.

You expect me to put this dirty thing into my mouth?” the voice yelled. “Make him give me his juices so I can see what you are talking about.”

The brute quickly responded by devouring Heracles' cock and balls into his mouth, working them over until he felt Heracles was going to shoot his cum, moved Heracles from his mouth and put Heracles' cock into a cup the voice was holding.

The voice smelled then tasted a small bit of Heracles' cum on his finger, his eyes went wide open and he quickly drank the entire cup, cleaning it out with his tongue.

Yes, this is more then a human brother,” the voice said happily. “I will take him with me to study him and if I feel generous, I will return your pet to you.”

No, no take,” the brute pleaded.

It is as I said. Now get me whatever items this one had on him and make it quick before I burn your hovel to the ground,” the voice said sternly.

The brute quickly gathered all he could find that belonged to Heracles, rolled it up in a fur and handed it over to the voice. The voice belonged to his brother who was a wizard of note, more like a warlock, practitioner of dark magic mostly. His brother the brute was born without much intelligence and became the lab rat of his brother as he learned his trade. The brothers name was Bornic.

Bornic tied Heracles onto his pack horse, wrapped in a fur, along with the fur bundle of his belongings. Bornic knew enough that Heracles was no mere mortal human, there had to be much more involved here. No human's cum was that potent to flood your body with a rush of power and virility like Heracles'. He would drain as much of it as he could while finding out who this person really was and if he might be of use to Bornic. When Bornic reached his hidden house of stone, he yelled out for his servants, short dwarf like men, very muscled and mean looking. There were 4 of them, all under Bornic's power completely. He had them carry Heracles wrapped in the fur into the house and put on a table before taking care of the animals. He also had them bring in the parcel that contained all of Heracles' armor and clothing, as well as his club weapon. Bornic rolled the fur off of Heracles and inspected his body completely. He was very impressed with the amount of muscle development even though it was somewhat abused by the brute and his putrid fluids. He decided he needed to make up a large batch of potion he would have injected into Heracles' body to flush out the brutes fluids. When his servants came into the house, they were very curious about the large human Bornic had spread out on the table. They went over and began to poke, grab and pull at various muscles on Heracles, never having seen anyone quite like this one.

Get away you idiots, you are not fit to touch this one,” Bornic spat at them.

They immediately cowered away, still fascinated by the look of Heracles.

Here, make yourselves useful. Put him on that frame there in the corner, make certain his arms and legs are securely attached and the strap is fasten to his head. I want him as if he were standing up, now do it,” Bornic ordered.

The servants quickly did as ordered, getting Heracles attached to a frame with his arms and legs stretched out to the corners and his head held tight by a leather strap secured around it. Bornic worked tirelessly on getting a large amount of his potion ready. He had the servants tilt the frame so that he could easily insert a long hose inside of Heracles' mouth which was attached to a very large vat filled with the potion and water. He made sure the hose was down into Heracles' stomach to prevent him from choking and drowning. Once he started the flow of the water and potion, very quickly Heracles' abs swelled up as the fluid began to flow inside of him. It wasn't to long for the fluid to begin to shoot out of Heracles' ass as if he was given a very large enema. The potion was indeed flushing the fluids of the brute from Heracles as told by the color and smell of the exiting fluid. Heracles began to struggle against the frame, but not for long as he went unconscious again, partially from what Bornic added to his potion. He wanted Heracles to be completely cleared of the brutes fluids before he woke. Bornic needed him to be fully conscious so he would answer all of Bornic's questions.

Bornic worked tirelessly examining every article of Heracles' clothing and weaponry. Some of it seemed familiar, yet some of it was very odd to him. He tried to remember where he had seen some of the images that various metal pieces of the clothing had on them. He grew tired and decided he was not going to find much out if he wasn't rested and his mind clear. He checked on Heracles and was pleased the potion was working and a steady stream of it was flushing out of Heracles. Taping on the large jug he determined it would be hours before the vat was finally emptied. He would have his servants partially refill the vat with water to do the final cleansing. He left the downstairs and went to his sleeping quarters. As soon as his servants were certain Bornic was safely in his rooms, they quickly moved in on Heracles to continue their examination.

One was fascinated by Heracles' pecs and shoulders, another by his thighs, another by his arms and neck and the last with Heracles' cock and balls. They were very thorough in their examination, taking not of how each set of muscles would react to various stimulation. The dwarf examining Heracles' pecs was fascinated by their volume and thickness. He liked how as he massaged them, the nipples got hard and his pecs seemed to tighten slightly when the nipples were pinched. The one playing with Heracles' ass cheeks kept trying his best to squeeze them and shift them around but was having no luck at all. The one interested in Heracles' arms and neck, was thrilled when he could make the biceps flex if he pinched the armpits or the forearms. He also was able to make Heracles' entire chest swell up hard and tight by tightening his arm around the neck of Heracles. The one concentrating on Heracles' cock and balls couldn't seem to believe the size of the testicles and thickness of the sack skin. He tried various movements of the foreskin of the cock and was rewarded by a shiny spurt of precum which he finally decided he needed to sample. He actually lost his balance and hit the ground as his body reacted to the precum. The others felt they had to sample it as well and each had the very same reaction. All agreed it was very powerful and extremely pleasant, even making their bodies feel more vibrant and powerful. They finally coordinated their efforts realizing Heracles' cock reacted to the massage and tweaking of his pecs and nipples as well as his ass cheeks being hard massaged. They wanted to see what it was like to fuck Heracles, but knew Bornic would know they did something to the flow of fluid coming from Heracles' ass. They spent a good portion of the night working on Heracles' body to try and figure out what produced the most reaction and precum. None wanted to stop, but knew if they didn't they would be caught and definitely punished.

Bornic came down to the room with Heracles after sunrise, bringing with him several large scrolls of various histories and learning of the times. He would find out the area those figures on Heracles' clothing originated. He examined Heracles briefly, just checking on the cleaning out process and then ordering his servants to fill the vat half way with clean water and flushing all the filth from the floor that did not drain outside. It took most of the day before Bornic finally found most of the images and knew they came from Greece and Macedonia. Now he felt he was getting somewhere. He planned a course of action to insure his guest fully answered all his questions one way or another. When the vat with the clean water was empty, he removed the tubing from Heracles' mouth and had his servants completely wash down Heracles' body and rub it with special salves he created. He had them prepare a light porridge to feed to Heracles once he was awake.

As the night before, once Bornic went to his bed room, the dwarfs began to continue their examination of Heracles. This time though, there was nothing blocking their access to the ass of Heracles. The dwarf with the thickest and longest cock which had a very fat head and thick rim was the first to push his cock inside Heracles. It took awhile for the ass muscles of Heracles to relax but when they finally did, the dwarf began his full fledged invasion of Heracles' ass. The one playing with Heracles' cock and balls noticed how the harder and deeper the dwarf fucked Heracles, the more precum started flowing and the harder his cock was becoming. He told the dwarf fucking to try different angles and thrusts so he could figure out which had the best results. They knew immediately when the right one occurred as Heracles let out a soft moan, his body began to move slowly forward and back and his cock became very large, fat and hard as the precum began to flood out of the tip of the cock head. The fucking dwarf didn't know it but his fat cock head and the thick rim were pushing and rubbing against Heracles' special spot, his prostate. The moaning increased as the dwarf working on the pecs and nipples began to lick, suck and bite on them. The one working on the neck and arms decided to straddle Heracles' face with his legs wrapped around the neck of Heracles and his cock pushed inside Heracles' mouth. Heracles sucked and licked which quickly forced the dwarf to fill Heracles' mouth with a load of his cum. The rest of them decided they needed to try it as well and soon, Heracles' throat was swallowing 3 of the dwarf's loads of cum while the one fucking Heracles had shot 2 loads inside of Heracles. The one decided they needed to clean out Heracles' mouth and ass so Bornic wouldn't learn what they did to Heracles. That they did skillfully, making Heracles swallow water and wine, and using a smaller amount of water in the vat and pushing the hose inside of Heracles' ass. They rubbed his body down with the salves again and felt Bornic wouldn't know anything had happened.

When Bornic came into the room with sunrise, he was pleased to see Heracles partially awake.

Well, finally my guest is coming around to the living again,” Bornic said with a smile. “Now who are you and where are you from?”

Release me, I must leave,” Heracles partially mumbled.

Oh, no, I'm very sorry, but until I know who you are and where you are from, I couldn't possibly allow you to roam off into lord knows what danger,” Bornic pretended concern.

I must leave,” Heracles mumbled again.

Maybe if you have something to eat and drink, you will be able to think more clearly,” Bornic said as he yelled for his servants to bring in food and drink.

Feed him, gently mind you or feel my punishment,” Bornic hissed at them.

Yes master,” they all replied as they went about feeding Heracles as gently as they possibly could, being the brutes they were.

Once they finished making Heracles eat and drink, they left the room per Bornic's orders.

Now then, I'm sure you are feeling somewhat better now,” Bornic said taking a seat in front of Heracles.

What is this place and why am I a prisoner?” Heracles asked quickly observing the room and how he was restrained.

This is my home and I am Bornic, your rescuer,” Bornic said with a smile. “If I hadn't come along, you would be in very bad shape I'm afraid. That brute that had you captive would have drained you completely and then made a meal of what was left of you I'm afraid. So, who are you and where are you from?”

I am Heracles, earth son of Zeus, hero of Greece,” Heracles said staring at Bornic as he vaguely remembered being beaten and taken by a filthy brute.

Ah, Heracles, son of Zeus,” Bornic said with a big grin. “I thought the images on your clothing were from Greece, I just wasn't quite sure about them though. So why is the hero of Greece roaming about in this far north country? I have to tell you that as far as I know, not even Greek traders have ventured this far.”

I am seeking my destiny away from Greece. I felt I no longer was serving a purpose there and I wished to see new lands,” Heracles said honestly.

Very noble I must say,” Bornic said thinking. “So, if my scrolls on the customs and beliefs of Greece are correct, you then must be a demigod, unable to be killed by mortals and weakened only by the loss of your fluids and manhood, is that correct? Well, must be so otherwise how could that brute have bested the son of Zeus?”

That is true and I have no reason to know how that filthy brute managed to take me as he did,” Heracles said seriously. “Now, I've answered your questions and wish for you to release me so I may continue my journey.”

Well, we'll have to see how well you recover I'm afraid. Besides, I being a man seeking knowledge and practitioner of the art of sorcery, do need to explore the effects of your fluids before I can entertain the idea of releasing you,” Bornic said sternly.

So you are a practitioner of sorcery and witchcraft? You cannot keep me prisoner for long and it would be best for you to release me now,” Heracles said his temper growing.

Well, no Heracles, I can't see how in the position you are in right now, you can threaten me,” Bornic said sternly as he yelled for his servants to come to him.

We have a need to weaken our son of Zeus for a time, so I wish for each of you to take his manhood as often as you wish, just like you did last night. This time, you will make certain all of his fluids fill into this glass device,” Bornic said giving them an evil look.

Yes master, as you command,” the dwarfs responded.

Bornic attached a large glass pitcher by leather straps around Heracles' waist. He moved a bench behind Heracles so his dwarfs would have an easier time fucking Heracles. Heracles tried his best to break free but was still too weak, especially after being taken the night before. The dwarf that fucked him the previous night, used some grease to make penetration of Heracles easier. He got into the same position as the previous night, his cock head working quickly on Heracles' special spot up inside of his ass. Bornic was amazed at the skill of his dwarf, getting Heracles' cock so hard and begin to make his precum flow so strong. Another dwarf began to work on the pecs and nipples of Heracles, causing him to begin moaning and groaning. Heracles was soon filling half of the glass pitcher with his cum, thrilling Bornic. He switched out the pitcher with an empty one and quickly began transferring the cum into smaller viles with cork stoppers and placing them in a clay like box that was on top of hot coals. The dwarfs switched places each time taking a bit longer before being able to make Heracles shoot his cum into a glass pitcher. They did reach a point where they were unable to continue as their cock's could not remain hard enough to fuck Heracles. It didn't matter though by then as Heracles was very weak, unable to fight off anyone and Bornic knew he would need to rest and replenish himself before producing more of his fluids.

Bornic kept up his experiment for at least 3 weeks, filling more containers then he could replace before stopping. Bornic then began testing small samples of Heracles' cum on various animals to see what sort of reaction they might have. Nothing of value seemed to come of it. Then he decided to use his dwarfs as test subjects. He had one take a full mouthful of the cum and watched what the reaction would be. It was very obvious that even before the cum could have reached the dwarf's stomach, his complexion changed, his muscles seemed to have grown and gotten harder. Bornic had the dwarfs perform some feats of strength before and after taking the cum and was amazed at the difference. The cum did indeed give the recipient more strength and vitality to be sure. As his experiments progressed, he decided to see what would happen if one of the dwarfs ingested a great quantity of Heracles' cum. The one dwarf selected was allowed to ingest as much of Heracles' cum as he wished, right from Heracles' cock. After nearly a week of multiple fillings each day, the dwarf seemed to become mad and very ill, like his body was turning against him. He died very shortly in great agony.

Mercury, aware that Heracles wished to find his own destiny on his terms, still felt he needed to keep a watchful eye on how Heracles was progressing and insure he was not held captive again by some minion of Hera. He used his time between doing tasks for the gods to search out Heracles. When he didn't locate him right away, he suspected there was something wrong and he sought out Mars. The 2 of them went on the hunt for Heracles. Mars found Pride wondering in a thick forest, seeking out grass or weeds to eat in the thick snow. Both Mars and Mercury knew that neither Heracles or Pride would be far from each other if possible, so they concentrated their search in that area. Mars noticed the clearing with a stream running through the middle of it. He decided to examine the area on foot, taking on the appearance of a very tall, muscular warrior, he was after all the god of war. Just as Heracles, he found himself being confronted by a very large hairy brute who most mortals would have found terrifying.

I only wish to cross this land, I am looking for a friend,” Mars said slowly walking toward the stream.

No cross, no look,” the brute said, remembering the look of Heracles and then thinking how closely this one resembled him, even with the strange clothing.

Now, surely you cannot object to me just passing through,” Mars said.

No cross, you go,” the brute said taking a defensive posture.

I don't wish to hurt you but I must cross,” Mars said with a smile.

You no hurt, I have you I think,” the brute said seriously.

Mars was already crossing the stream and felt odd the further across he went. Suddenly, he saw the brute swing a large club made of animal bones at him, throwing him off balance and catching Mars on the head on the quick back swing. This was a very strange feeling for Mars who never before felt anything forceful from a mortal. When he fell, the brute grabbed him by his ankle and dragged him fully across the stream and began to strip Mars completely. Mars felt even stranger then before and actually was taken back when his attempt to smash into the brute with his fists did absolutely nothing to the brute. The brute laughed as if the blows of Mars were tickling him. He slammed Mars hard on the top of a boulder, held him down by one hand on his throat and another on his thigh as he devoured Mars' cock and balls into his mouth. Mars was truly shocked and wasn't sure what was happening. The brute managed to drain Mars which seemed to weaken Mars even more, another strange occurrence for Mars. The brute then moved Mars off of the boulder, slammed him onto the ground, straddled Mars' head and forced his jaws to stay open as the brute stroked his cock, his putrid precum flowing into Mars mouth, burning as it did Heracles. He felt even weaker and couldn't believe he could not throw this brute off of him. When the brutes cum began flooding Mars mouth and throat, Mars could feel himself weakening and his body reacting badly to the cum. The brute lifted Mars naked body by his ankle and took him into his shelter, tied down one ankle and also tied a rope to Mars throat. The brute drained Mars several more times and then turned Mars on his side and forced his monstrous, veined cock inside of Mars, soon filling Mars insides with the sickening cum. Mars just couldn't deal with all that was happening, all of it completely new to him and frustrating him completely.

In the mean time, Mercury got hold of Pride and had Pride take him to the last place he saw Heracles. As before, Pride would not go near the clearing or the stream. Mercury examined the area and noticed something shinning at the edge of the stream. He picked it up and recognized it as one of the pieces of decoration Mars liked to display when he took human form. As Mercury came nearer the stream, he felt a drain on his power. He backed away and tested the area a number of times. He decided he had to know why this area caused a god to weaken so, so he headed quickly back to Olympus to try and discover what this place was. He soon found out that there were boundaries between ancient gods just like humans had kingdoms and empires. The area Mercury described was the boundary between Olympus and Celtic gods, probably land belonging to a human child of one of those gods. The powers of Olympians was diminished and could be drained just like with demigods, so taking human form was not a wise thing to do. Mercury went back to the area and managed to cross into the land without changing into any human form, instead he turned himself into a bird. He quickly found the shelter of the brute and landed on the roof, peeking through a crack in the roof. He saw Mars being taken by a very big brute, his entire body covered in a thick layer of the brutes fluids. This was not a good thing at all. Mercury had to figure out a way of freeing Mars from the brute. Mercury changed himself into a big bear and began falling dead trees to block the flow of the stream. The blockage quickly made a lake to form right above the lowland of the brutes shelter. Mercury used a large trunk of a tree to break open the temporary dam which caused a huge rush of water to go flowing down directly at the shelter of the brute. The cliff stone walls on the side of the shelter intensified the force of the water, which also had the logs and stones gathering in it as it flowed faster and faster down the slope. Mercury changed into a very large eagle and when the shelter was being swept away and the brute along with it, Mercury grabbed Mars, kept his body in front of the rushing water to wash off the brutes fluids. Mercury got Mars back on to the other side of the stream boundary and helped Mars to get himself back to his normal state. Mercury explained to Mars about the boundaries and other gods and that they could not change into human form and escape intact.

“I have never felt as I did before, completely helpless and weak, under the control of that horrible brute,” Mars told Mercury, still amazed at what happened.

Yes, I can well imagine how you would have a difficult time dealing with not being superior,” Mercury laughed. “I have a feeling Heracles is under the control of another of this lands oddities. We will have to be very careful in our attempt to rescue him.”

As you say. I cannot believe we were never told of this god boundary and such,” Mars said angrily.

Well, as I was told, there was no reason as none of the gods were to leave the domain of the Olympic gods,” Mercury explained.

I suppose that makes sense, but still, it would have been good to know,” Mars said. “Come, you must change into a massive brute to clean out that brutes putrid fluid from this body. It still makes me feel strange and somewhat weak.”

I would be most happy to oblige,” Mercury said as he turned himself into a massively hung, muscled brute, twice the size of Mars and began to fuck him over and over until he was sure he had washed out all of the brutes fluids.

Heracles could barely remain conscious as the dwarf's were draining him so many times a day until they could no longer get hard themselves and/or Heracles just stopped producing cum. Bornic was spending all his time studying the properties of Heracles' cum and precum. He even managed to cut Heracles to collect some of his blood to test. He wasn't worried about the dwarfs killing Heracles as he found old scrolls that explained how demigods were gifted with a life of fast healing and safe from any mortal being able to kill them. Punish and torture could work as long as the demigod was weakened, especially if their fluids were taken and their manhood as well. Basically, if you could drain them of their cum and fuck them, they could be used in any manner one wished. It was no guarantee that they would obey commands, but it did leave their bodies open to the effects of strong poisons and potions.

Mars and Mercury both turned into birds to quickly search the area for any sign of Heracles. They came upon Bornic's house which to both Mars and Mercury seemed out of place and very odd. They watched as the dwarfs came out of the house, almost always as if they were drunk or just tested their strength somehow. Mercury decided to fly to a window and see if he could see anything of interest. As soon as he landed on the ledge, he spotted Heracles stretched out on a rack, his arms and legs pulled tight to the corners of a frame and his head held tight by a leather strap. Mercury could see that Heracles' cock and balls were irritated. He quickly knew why the dwarfs seemed to be unusually powerful and muscled. He also caught a glimpse of Bornic working feverishly on one of his experiments. Mercury flew back to Mars and told him what he saw. Mars was all for turning into a monstrous giant and smash the entire house and Bornic with it. Mercury had to remind him what happened to him by the brute when he took that approach. They developed a plan to get at least 2 of the dwarfs out of the way so they would have less interference rescuing Heracles. Both of them turned into very handsome muscled dwarfs, well handsome to another dwarf at least. They lured them away from the other dwarf and ended up draining them so many times and then filling them with their cum making them unconscious. Mars went on the far side of the house in the woods and using lightening, started a large fire which Mercury helped direct by making strong winds. Mars started another fire to the side of the house, making certain it spread wide. The remaining dwarf went running into the house to tell Bornic the woods were on fire and it was heading towards the house. Bornic didn't believe the dwarf until he looked outside himself and began screaming for the dwarf to remove certain items Bornic had he considered most important. Bornic ran to his room and made sure all the scrolls were put into protected chests, grabbed a few items of clothing before heading down to the room with Heracles and all of his samples. He knew nothing could damage the chests he had his samples of Heracles' cum and blood, so he packed what other items he deemed important and started to head towards the door.

Oh, Heracles, my apologies,” Bornic said with a smile. “I'm afraid things out of my control are happening and my home is about to be consumed by a very nasty fire. I certainly hope you somehow do survive the fire, but then again, a fire isn't a mortal now, is it. I only wish I could stay and see for myself what happens to you. Thank you for your participation in my very important experiments.”

Bornic quickly ran out the door, got on the cart the dwarf loaded with Bornic's belongings and screamed at the dwarf to get the horse pulling the cart to move like the wind. The dwarf did his best to make the horse run, wondering where his companion dwarfs went. He then thought they saw the fire and ran to safety. He snickered to himself when he imagined the punishment Bornic would have in store for them. He felt bad that Heracles wasn't with them, but there wasn't anything he could do about that.

Mercury and Mars watched as Bornic left in a hurry, his cart almost flying when it hit larger stones in the path. When they felt Bornic was at a distance far enough away, they turned themselves back into true form and quickly went into the house to get Heracles out of danger. Mercury undid the restraints as Mars held up Heracles so that once his arms and head were released, he fell over the shoulder of Mars. Once Heracles was free of the frame, they got outside and flew away from the house and the spreading fire. Mars commanded the flames to go no further then a mile from the house but to insure nothing was left of the house itself. Mercury had already gotten all of the animals to leave the area so they were out of danger. They flew until they were well past the stream boundary. They saw the devastated area the brute lived in, nothing left, all washed away. There was no sign of the brute, but they weren't about to look for him either.

Pride ran in the same direction they were flying when he saw Heracles over Mars' shoulder. When they finally landed, Pride was right there, licking and nudging Heracles, wanting him to mount him so they could flee. Mars carried Heracles to a pool of water nearby and washed Heracles completely. He kissed and hugged Heracles and began to share his cum with Heracles to speed up his healing. Mercury came and joined in the pleasuring which it was, although the purpose wasn't for pleasure now, it was to heal Heracles.