Heracles Tales….


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<note: this is a continuation of Baldoran>

Dogar kept Heracles drinking lots of water and made sure he was no having any effects of the poison from the evil dwarfs. Once he felt Heracles was mending well, he loaded his boat with all the furs that were around the beach area, took what he felt was valuable from the dwarfs and got Heracles into his boat.

Where are you taking me Dogar,” Heracles asked.

Someplace safe where I have a small cabin that will keep us dry and not be bothered by any of the animals in the forest all around. Plus, we won't have to be worried about dwarf attacks or any of the other evil creatures living in these wood,” Dogar said. “You are safe Heracles, I mean you no harm.”

I had no fear Dogar, just curious. I must thank you for ending my being drained by the dwarfs. Nothing like that exists in my home lands,” Heracles laughed. “So there are other evil creatures here?”

Yes, unpleasant beasts who like to use human males and eat them at times. They do raid small villages and take women and children. They use the women to carry their young so their kind do not disappear. Sometimes the children are used as slaves or as food. They have no feelings for humans other then for pleasure or food. They are called Ogres,” Dogar said while rowing. “Others called Blood Beasts are large, very strong and pick off any male human who is alone or not on guard, punish them brutally and take their blood over a long time until they die. Ogres like to follow them to eat the discarded human carcasses. Orc's are evil looking long armed and huge bodies who love to destroy all things human or any other type of creature that walks on 2 legs it seems. They have no love for humans as humans have hunted them for eons. They live in groups and like to raid human villages to fight warriors and take captives for slaves. They are truly large, strong and ugly creatures most stay far from them,” Dogar told Heracles. “And finally, there are Olenars, large, strong creatures who enchant male humans with their knowledge of pleasures, cause the human to become confused and unaware of their surroundings, loose thoughts and like Dwarfs fill them with their powerful fluids placing the human on an altar to their god Olen as a sacrifice and receive in return, more strength, keen senses and more knowledge of dark things.”

It seems strange that there are such creatures here. Why is this? Some evil sorcery maybe?” Heracles wondered out loud.

I do not know myself. There are learned sages who practice sorcery, but they have not told any regular humans how things like these creatures I told you about came into being,” Dogar said seriously. “Some believe the evil god who fathered the giants you surely escaped from created them to punish humans in this land for not honoring him as their god.”

That would be what I would think after being captive of the giants. One actually became almost nice and I was beginning to enjoy his company. He saved me from his brutal brother who with his father made a pact with my evil step mother Hera to keep me captive and punish me. She has an unending taste for revenge when it comes to me,” Heracles told Dogar.

Why would she do such a thing to you?” Dogar asked confused.

She hates me because my father Zeus slept with a human female, my mother and had me, a son as a result. Hera wanted her own body to produce a son for Zeus but he knew she had become evil and did not wish to have any child that carried that evil way from Hera. They fought often and I think my father purposely laid with my mother to put Hera in her place. No one on Olympus questions the head god Zeus or goes against his wishes. Hera always seems to try and try often,” Heracles explained.

Ah, just like jealous wives here on earth huh?” Dogar laughed.

Heracles laughed and agreed with Dogar. Heracles looked Dogar over and was very impressed with his very strong looking body. He was taller then Heracles, had very muscled arms, back, thighs and chest. His shoulders were very broad and spoke of hard work and power. His hair was long and tied in a long leather wrapping at the back of his head, keeping his face clear from distraction. His hands were large and very strong looking. He had a nice covering of hair on his entire body as well. His voice was very deep and he talked very slowly. His eyes were like gray and seemed to light up as he became excited. He began to think of pleasuring with Dogar as a reward for rescuing him from the dwarfs, knowing Dogar would benefit greatly from Heracles' fluids.

Here we are going to land the boat and then walk through the woods to my cabin,” Dogar told Heracles.

Come, help me hide the boat with branches so no one steal it,” Dogar told Heracles.

Heracles and Dogar quickly gathered large fallen branches and had the boat completely covered, safely out of sight. Heracles helped Dogar carry the things he had in his boat. They walked what seemed to Heracles a long distance before coming to the cabin. It was a small structure made of large tree trunks stacked high and held together with mud and long thick pieces of wood running from the ground to the roof. There were only 2 locations on the walls where one long tree trunk was cut to allow air to flow inside the cabin. A hole in the center of the roof allowed the smoke from a central fire pit to exit the cabin. One side had a pile of pine branches covered by furs. The other side had all manner of tools and weapons, sharpening stones and various bowls and jars.

Come, relax and I will make a rabbit stew for you and I, that will help clear out more of the dwarf's poison. I'm sure you are very hungry from not eating,” Dogar said.

Yes, that I am since I stopped being fed the fluids from the giants and then the dwarfs,” Heracles laughed.

Well, there is a place to lay down and sleep if you wish until the meal is prepared,” Dogar said as he pointed to the fur covered pine branches.

Thank you I will,” Heracles said as he stripped off his furs and animal skins and stretched out on top of the fur bed.

Dogar kept watching Heracles as he took his coverings off and stretched out on his bed. He was impressed with the body of Heracles and the look of his cock and balls and ass. He smiled and then went about gathering things he would use in the stew. Heracles did fall sound asleep, his body still dealing with the effects of the dwarfs. His eyes opened and he stretched his body, flexing his might muscles to the watchful eye of Dogar.

It is good to see you awake Heracles,” Dogar smiled as Heracles sat up. “I feared you were going back under the pull of the dwarf's poisons.”

No, it seems my body is having a difficult time healing and expelling the poisons, which confuses me. In my lands, I would be completely back to my full strength and energy. Here, it seems my normal powers are held back somehow and I cannot think why that would be,” Heracles said giving a really hard stretch of his muscles before standing and walking over to Dogar. “Oh excuse my rudeness, I should at least cover with a fur.”

No, it is good Heracles, honest. Two grown men should have no qualms about being in their natural state, especially when the body is very impressive.” Dogar smiled, ripping off his wrap, exposing his full body to Heracles.

Heracles smiled, taking in the full body of Dogar which was indeed very powerful looking, thick hard muscles, masculine fur all over, a cock and balls to rival Heracles himself. His legs, shoulders and back seemed to be the most developed and loaded with strength. Heracles couldn't but help to raise his eyebrows and smile in approval.

I see you like my form then?” Dogar laughed. “Come, sit and eat. I have a very nice wine made from the berries of the forest. It will refresh you and go well with the stew.”

Thank you, very kind of you. I will have to repay you for all your help and hospitality,” Heracles said with a warm smile. “I have truly grown to appreciate hospitality offered generously without condition of payment. Yes, indeed I do like your form Dogar, it is very pleasing and impressive.”

Well, good, that pleases me as well, come, take what you wish to eat, I will get us cups of the wine,” Dogar said standing up and moving from the table.

Heracles watched him walk towards a cupboard against the wall, take a ladle and after opening the lid of a large barrel, scooped the wine into the cups. He replaced the cover and returned to the table holding both cups. Heracles took a full bowl of the delicious smelling stew with lots of what he assumed were vegetables, meat and pieces of bread. He took a large spoon full and gave out a loud “mmmmmm” as the flavors exploded in his mouth. He tasted seasonings he never had before and the flavor of the other ingredients was something truly special to him.

I hear from your sounds you like my stew?” Dogar laughed putting a cup of wine in front of Heracles.

I do indeed Dogar. Should you wish to make a fortune, you could bring the ingredients to Greece and have quite a large business of trade for sure. Nothing like this exists in Greece,” Heracles said in between mouth fulls.

If only it were possible, I think I just would do such a thing, but unfortunately, as far as I know the only route to Greece is the same way you have traveled and I'm sure you have discovered it is not a very friendly road at that!” Dogar laughed.

Indeed. I'm sure there must be some way, maybe by ship. I will take a boat myself when I feel ready to return, if ever, to my homeland,” Heracles said with some thought.

Well, the great waters are fairly far from here Heracles, so if you intent on going by boat back to Greece, you have a very long journey ahead of you to be sure,” Dogar laughed. “Come, eat, do you like the wine?”

Heracles took a sip of the wine, his eyes went wide and he smiled at Dogar before emptying his cup quickly.

I see you do indeed like the wine,” Dogar laughed as he got up, went to the cupboard, took out a large pitcher and dunked it into the wine barrel then brought the pitcher to the table. “There, now we can both enjoy the meal fully.”

Both he and Heracles laughed as they ate, drank and drank more. Heracles was beginning to feel the effects of the very tasty but potent wine. He began to see more then one Dogar who had a very large smile on his face as he was looking at Heracles.

Here, let me help you to go outside. The fresh air of the forest will help to make you feel better. We can even go to a nearby stream and swim if you'd like. Really relaxes and cools the body perfect for sleeping,” Dogar said putting his arm under Heracles' and across his back, lifted Heracles up and took him outside the cabin..

There was indeed a very pleasant breeze and the air was indeed very fresh and clean. Heracles thought the idea of a swim was a very good one, so Dogar helped him walk towards the nearby stream. The stream was fast flowing, but not extremely deep like a river. Dogar helped Heracles into the stream and positioned himself downstream so that should Heracles slip and fall, he would not be carried away by the force of the stream. Heracles laughed and just flopped his ass down into the stream bed, letting the rushing water slash and run up his abs and chest, shoot over his shoulders and around his sides. It felt as if the water was giving him a wonderful massage. Dogar smiled as he watched Heracles. He moved behind Heracles, sat down behind Heracles, lifted him up on to his stretched out legs and slid him back against his body. He let his arms wrap around Heracles and began moving his hands around, hard massaging the muscles of Heracles' chest and abs as his chin went over the top of Heracles' shoulder by his neck and just seemed to lock itself down, holding Heracles tight. Between the feeling of the water and Dogar's hands all over his body, Heracles let out moans of pleasure. It all felt so wonderful, the wine and great meal making Heracles feeling full, content and fully relaxed.

Dogar's tongue managed to slowly begin working on Heracles' ear and neck, gently rubbing around the outside of his ear and nibbling and sucking on the side of Heracles' neck. Heracles reached down and gave Dogar's thighs a squeeze and moved his hips side to side over Dogar's crotch, right under Heracles' ass. Dogar smiled, growled softly as he began to now let his tongue move not only around the outside of Heracles' ear but also slowly in it, flicking the tip of his tongue ever so gently. Heracles didn't even jump when Dogar's cock was sliding deeper and deeper inside of Heracles. All Heracles did was groan and moan as that fat, long masculine weapon of conquest somehow pushed past Heracles' rosebud without being challenged at all and was growing longer and wide with every breath Heracles took.

Does Heracles like the feel of Dogar in him?” Dogar growled into Heracles' ear as he took it into his mouth and let his tongue fully work it over.

Yes, yes Heracles does indeed,” Heracles moaned, his whole body seeming to be getting into the pulsing of Dogar's cock inside of him, the movements of Dogar's hands on his muscles, all of it like a dance of pleasure building and building with Heracles being the stage.

Dogar leaned all the way back pulling Heracles with him, not letting up on any of his movements. Heracles was stretched out on top of Dogar's long, muscled body, being deep massaged by Dogar's powerful hands and now, his cock sliding up and down deep inside of Heracles, so wide Heracles knew his organs were moved out of its way and his intestines were partially moving with it. When Dogar's hands moved to Heracles' abs, his hands pushed and dug in so they could feel his cock under Heracles' muscles, adding to the unreal stimulation Heracles felt building all throughout his body. Dogar used one hand to turn Heracles' head hard to the side so his mouth could meet Heracles' and begin to fuck his mouth, deep to the back of his throat with his tongue. It was all so sensuous to Heracles and his entire body was feeling such heights of pleasure. His body eventually began to react as if he was going to have an orgasm, but Dogar moved one hand down to his cock and balls, squeezed them and didn't move until Heracles' body calmed. Then he began the sexual conquest of Heracles all over again. After Heracles was stopped 4 times from reaching an orgasm, he moved his face so he could actually beg Dogar to let him have release. Dogar gave a deep, sinister laugh and told him 'not yet Heracles, soon.'

Dogar stood up with Heracles impaled fully on his cock, holding Heracles' body against his as he left the stream and walked in another direction not to the cabin. He took them into a clearing where a large flat stone was elevated off the ground with 2 very large boulders. There were carvings in the stone all along the top rim, but Heracles was not paying any attention, his only thought was getting release, having a super orgasm to let the flood of his fluid flow. Dogar moved Heracles away from his body and had him laying with his back on the flat stone. Dogar lifted his arms up to the sky, began chanting and saying strange words. Then he continued with the strange words, ran his fingers hard from the head to the knees of Heracles, latched his hands on each pec and began to hard squeeze and pull as his hips began a hard fuck of Heracles. He released his grip on Heracles' pecs, reached back and brought Heracles' legs up and bent them so Heracles' thighs were pushed hard against the sides of his abs, his shins locked under the armpits of Dogar who was pushed down over Heracles, saying those strange words louder and louder. Then he took Heracles' leaking cock in both his hands, tightened them around it fully and began to hard stroke up and down as his cock rammed harder and harder in and out of Heracles. Heracles could not take any more of it and shouted and yelled very loud as his cock began to explode with massive amounts of cum shooting up and covering his entire chest, abs, Dogar's chest and even Heracles' face. Dogar released Heracles' legs, moving them back so they were on the sides of his thighs, used both hands spread wide to completely wash Heracles, the sides of the stone and his face with Heracles' cum. There was a clap of thunder, a bright flash and all the cum was gone from Heracles' body and Dogar's. Heracles' skin even seemed to have steam rising in small swirls.

Dogar yelled out and screamed a litany of strange words and then began to fuck Heracles with wild abandon. His hands were latched on tight to Heracles' pecs again and with such force to keep Heracles' body from moving. Heracles' head was spinning, his eyes unable to focus, maddening feelings shooting up and down his entire body as Dogar's thick long cock rammed in and out of him. Dogar filled Heracles 3 times before slowing down. He slapped hard all over Heracles' body and laughed. Dogar latched on to Heracles' cock again with both hands and began to hard stroke him as just the top half of his fattened out cock slid in and out of Heracles, stimulating his pleasure spot completely. Heracles' body was thrashing about like a fish pulled from the water, he was gasping rather then breathing and his mind insisted he had to give up a huge load of his cum for Dogar.

Dogar watched Heracles' carefully and just when Heracles was going to have another massive orgasm, he pulled his cock out of Heracles hard, lifted up Heracles by his ass cheeks and devoured Heracles' cock into his mouth and throat, sucking and hard massaging it with his tongue. That sent Heracles into another massive orgasm, with Dogar sucking out every single drop of Heracles' powerful cum. Dogar wouldn't release Heracles' cock until he was positive, no more of that magical elixir was going to leave Heracles' cock. He let Heracles' body fall hard to the long rock as he lifted up and stretched out his arms wide, letting out a monstrously loud bellow and scream, feeling the massive power rush of Heracles' powerful cum flowing all throughout his body. He knew what Heracles had told him was indeed the truth, he was indeed a demigod, son of a god to be sure.

Dogar liked it so much, he repeated the last process 2 more times until Heracles was completely delirious, filled with so much of his cum that his stomach looked as if he would burst. Dogar lifted Heracles over his shoulder, walked back to the stream, laid down and washed himself and Heracles, went back into the cabin and laid down on his bed with Heracles, tightly wrapped with his arms and legs.

Heracles began to moan as he slowly woke. He felt he was held tight in very powerful arms and legs, unable to move except for his head.

What have you done to me Dogar,” Heracles barely was able to say.

I have given you as an offering to Olen, my god who was very pleased to have gotten the fluids of a demigod, especially from one of the sons of Zeus no less,” Dogar laughed. “You have gotten me much power, strength and knowledge Heracles. You were wasted on those pathetic dwarfs. Yes, my god is very pleased and looks forward to more of my sacrifices of you.”

So you are one of those hideous creatures you told me of, the Olenars then?,” Heracles said trying hard to clear his head.

Very good Heracles, you did remember all I told you,” Dogar laughed. “Except, I don't think of myself as some hideous creature as the others most certainly are. I am merely a worshiper of Olen, a god of my fathers many generations past who placed some of his followers here to protect them from invading creatures, giving us the ability to offer up to him the fluids of men here in these lands in gratitude for his saving our kind and giving us more gifts in return. So you see, I'm not a vile creature, just a devoted follower of Olen.”

So why did you bother to rescue me from those dwarfs then,” Heracles said still very weak and confused.

Well, as I said, seeing your body, I knew you were a waste on them. They had no idea how valuable you really are. I knew there was something different about you over other humans here since you obviously survived the giants and managed to survive the gluteny of the dwarfs,” Dogar explained. “Worry not, you will have your freedom soon, but not so very soon I think. We shall see Heracles. For now, you will serve your purpose as a very special offering to Olen, I will take from your fluid for more strength and power and you will become oblivious to who you are and what you were doing before serving me.”

I will never willingly serve you Dogar,” Heracles said trying to sound angry.

Ah, but you already have and will continue to do so Heracles. Soon, very soon, thanks to the power of Olen, my fluids filling you will take control over your mind, your memories, all of it. You will serve me and Olen Heracles, it has already begun,” Dogar laughed.

He used his legs to pull out Heracles' legs wide and tight, hooked Heracles' arms under his arm pits, stretching out Heracles' chest and abs. He easily used his hands then to begin a hard kneading and massaging of Heracles' abs, making certain the process of Heracles' body absorbing his fluids happened even faster. Just as he said, Heracles couldn't remember who he was, why he was with Dogar, if he should fight or submit, it was all confusing and he could not seem to get enough of a thought together to decided anything.

Dogar kept Heracles fed with his special stew and filled with his very special wine, another gift of Olen it seems. Daily Heracles was taken to the clearing with the altar of Olen, the sacrifice was made, Dogar filled Heracles numerous times with his cum and left Heracles completely delirious in the cabin. That went on for over 3 months time, other then the delirious feelings, Heracles was actually not harmed, his body was kept well nourished, the act of the sacrifice did indeed give his muscles powerful strong work outs and he managed to have multiple orgasms on a daily basis.

Dogar settled into a comfortable routine, able to go about any business or activity he wished, knowing Heracles was safe inside his cabin and would not wander away on his own. He actually became much to confident it turned out. One day, while he was off hunting as he liked to do, Heracles did manage to leave the cabin. He wasn't actually thinking of running away, but became fascinated by the sun shinning through the branches of the trees, the birds singing and flying here and there, the sound of the leaves rustling as the breeze danced through them, all of it seeming so mysterious and wonderful to him.

Unfortunately, while he was busy admiring nature anew, a Blood Beast was on the hunt in the woods, looking for a human to snare and feed upon. It was actaully shocked to see Heracles, so massively muscled, casually moving from bush to bush, looking up into the trees as if nothing was ever going to harm him. “Stupid human,” the Blood Beast thought as it moved around Heracles, looking carefully to make certain no Olenar was near as he new from the markings on the cabin that it did belong to one. The Blood Beast was indeed large, much taller then Heracles and very powerfully built with large oval eyes of a dark red coloring, skin that would make you think of a bat, leathery and stretched tight over large muscles with massive veins. It had long fingers with sharp nails, large feet with very long toes that had almost talons on them. They had a long and thick tail that tapered into a long thin leather like strip with a stinging barb at the tip. It moved with the speed and grace of a large predator cat, its nose sniffing constantly, its large pointed ears moving side to side, listening for any movements around it. It began drooling as it came closer and closer, making certain it made no sound to warn off the foolish human. All at once, it stuck, slamming Heracles hard with its arms, knocking him to the ground as it jumped on top of Heracles and used its tail barb to jab and sting into Heracles' legs and abs. Heracles being in the delirious state he was in, couldn't think of what he should do but did know the creature was giving him more and more pain with those stabs of its tail and the cuts that began to bleed under the creatures talons on its feet which were dug deeper and deeper into Heracles' body. Finally, he was hardly struggling at all, the Blood Beast grabbed hold of Heracles' wrist, pulled him up off the ground and flopped him over his powerful shoulder and then quickly sped off into the woods.

When the Blood Beast reached the high rocky hill it used as its home, it held Heracles's arms tight to the sides, slowly examining his entire body, getting very excited at the size of Heracles' muscles and overall body, obviously having a very large supply of blood for the beast to feast on for a very long time. The poison it injected with its tail barb was causing horrid cramps in Heracles' thighs and lower abs as the poison spread slowly around. It licked the blood that was flowing from the cuts made by its talons on its feet into Heracles' upper pecs and gasped at the taste and the potency of it. Never has he tasted anything like it nor anything that had that powerful of an effect on it. It quickly slammed its arms tight around Heracles' waist, nearly crushing the air from his lungs, making it very difficult for Heracles to take in a breath of air, dove its now open mouth with sharp almost needle like teeth, dripping with saliva hard over the one cut and began to suck Heracles' blood while its saliva was being pulled into Heracles' system very slowly. The saliva would make any wound the Blood Beast made clot quickly preventing its victim from bleeding to death. None of the blood was going to be wasted, especially this blood. The Blood Beast moved to the other open cut on the other upper pec and actually fell over still crushing Heracles in its arms, going delirious from the demigod blood. It could taste the fluid of the Olenar in Heracles' blood along with the contents of the stew and wine. That had very little effect on the Blood Beast as they adapted to it centuries ago. It finally released Heracles who was very pale and gasping for breath. The stomach of the Blood Beast was swollen full and it decided it must control its draining of this one to make the human last much longer then most. This one was most certainly a prize to be used and taken care of so it lasted very long. The Blood Beast slapped its tail like a snake completely around the neck of Heracles to prevent him from getting away. Satisfied and reeling from the effects of the blood, it slept soundly. When it finally woke, it was startled to hear and then see another Blood Beast, with its mouth latched deep into a thigh of Heracles. It jumped up and began to fight with the other one to force it to flee away from his prize catch. Now that the other one felt the power and effect of Heracles' blood, it wasn't about to give up that easily. The 2 of them began a fierce and brutal battle with Heracles as the prize.

A small group of 3 Orc's were returning from a hunting trip when they heard the screeching and shouting of the Blood Beasts. It was something unusual they hadn't seen before so they decided to see what was happening. They easily scaled the cliff and when they reached the top where the battle was raging, they spotted this very well muscled large human, laying on the ground, pale but breathing. It was obvious the 2 Blood Beasts were fighting over this human for some reason which didn't seem normal as they would share their meal more often then not. The Orc's knew there had to be something special about this human for them to be battling and so fiercely. It was a fight to the death for sure and both were ripping each other badly, probably ending up with both dead. One of the Orc's grabbed Heracles by the arm and pulled him away from the Blood Beasts battling, smelled him and threw his body over his shoulder. The Blood Beasts finally noticed the Orc's and then saw their prize was over the shoulder of one of the Orc's. They both without thinking moved to attack the Orc's, but that was a very bad mistake as the Orc's quickly used their arrows and spears to bring down both Blood Beasts. The Orc's continued their journey to their small camp without bothering to inspect the human at all. Once at their camp, they tied a leather strip around the ankle of Heracles, tied the other end to a tree after throwing the end over a branch. Heracles was now hanging head down to the ground like a shot deer. They busied themselves with cleaning and preparing the game they caught hunting and finally turned their attention to Heracles.

They inspected all of Heracles' muscles with hard pulls and tugs, licked his body to see if there was any special taste to him, and all did their own personal inspection to see why those Blood Beasts would fight to the death over this human. In the mean time, Dogar had returned to his cabin, looked for Heracles and was raging with anger when he noticed the signs of a struggle of sorts and obvious blood on the ground. From the tracks left in the ground he knew it was a Blood Beast that had somehow taken Heracles. That was not going to stand so he got his weapons, put on more skins and furs for protection from the Blood Beasts claws and tail and quickly began following the tracks the beast made. He finally saw a couple of Ogres ripping something apart at the top of a hill. He quietly climbed the hill and saw the Ogres were making a feast out of 2 Blood beasts that were obviously fighting each other and then killed by Orc weapons. He knew he had to follow the Orc's tracks quickly to find Heracles, leaving the Ogres to their feast.

The Orc's couldn't see any reason for what had happened, but did admire the body of this human. They took bets to see how long the human would last in a wrestling match with one of them. They laughed thinking it was very funny to think any human was a match for an Orc. One of them noticed shiny fluid leaking from the tip of Heracles' cock. He reached his finger over and rubbed it over the piss slit and then put its finger in its mouth. Its eyes grew wider and it looked at Heracles' cock seriously. It pulled Heracles away from the Orc that was just finishing its inspection, held Heracles in its hands upside down by his hips and began to lick, nibble and suck on Heracles' cock. As Heracles' cock got harder and grew, more of his precum flowed. The Orc made all sorts of sounds as it sucked and played more and more with Heracles' cock in its mouth that one of the other Orc's pulled Heracles from him, sucked in Heracles' cock and then started making the same noises as the first. The 3rd on pulled Heracles to his mouth and soon Heracles' body was being moved from one to another, his cock and balls being licked, sucked and nibbled on to get more of that fluid that made their mouths tingle and made them feel a slight rush of power. It didn't take very long of being worked over by the mouths of 3 huge Orcs before Heracles' balls churned and he began shooting his massive amounts of cum all over the faces and into the mouths of the Orcs who began passing him from one to another faster and faster to take in as much of his cum as they could. They each took turns once Heracles' cock stopped with his cum, to lick any and all of the cum that didn't make it into their mouths. Now they knew why the Blood Beasts would fight to the death for this one. They had done many a battle with humans, captured and used all of the warriors they defeated and never have had nor heard of any Orc mentioning a reaction to cum as they just had. They could feel the strength building and power surging throughout their bodies from it. They had stumbled upon something that was definitely not a regular human at all, maybe some sort of lost god or something. This one was to be protected and kept as a treasure worth more then any loot to be taken from human villages. They agreed the would share him between just themselves, keeping him away from all other Orc's and creatures. He was now their captured prize alone.

Dogar was just sneaking up on the Orc camp when he saw them passing Heracles back and forth as his cock was shooting out his massive loads of cum. Dogar was raging mad that they would violate his sacrifice to Olen in such a way. He readied his weapons and let out his battle cry. The Orc's grabbed their weapons upon hearing the Olenar battle cry. Just as Dogar was going to strike one of the Orc's with his long sword, another had shot an arrow right into Dogar's thigh, making him go down on one knee, giving the Orc he was attacking a chance to slam him with its spiked club. The other Orc shot an arrow also, hitting Dogar's right bicep, forcing him to drop his sword. The Orcs pounced on Dogar, stomping, pounding, beating him senseless with their clubs, fists and feet. They tied him up, stripped him and each took a turn fucking him mercilessly. When they finally managed to calm themselves knowing the battle was over and they had taken the Olenar down, they began to talk to decide what to do with the Olenar. They knew of the gifts the Olenar god Olen gave to his followers and that he kept watch over them closely. They decided to take Dogar to the closest river, tie him to a fallen tree and let him be dealt with by the river gods and not them. It wasn't safe to risk the wrath of a god, especially when it was not one you worshiped.

Heracles became their 3 times a day special treat. When they discovered he could handle their massive cocks without being killed, they not only drained him of his cum but also used him for their pleasure as well. Heracles' body had been cleaning itself of all that Dogar kept in him, especially his cum. Free of that, the only thing he had to deal with was the massive amounts of cum that the 3 Orc's filled him with multiple times a day. Just as it would have in Greece under the rule of the gods of Mount Olympus, being drained of his cum weakened him and being fucked made him even weaker. He had his wits about him but was in no way able to fight off one of the Orc's let alone all 3. To make it more fun for themselves, they staged mock fights between one of them and Heracles. Even though they towered over him and out muscled him, they still found it fun to make him fight them so they could see how much punishment he could take. They realized quickly he was able to adsorb a huge amount of punishment and yet be perfectly fine the following evening or so. One loved trying to crush Heracles' head in his arm as he slammed his hardened forearm hard a number of times over Heracles' head or neck after letting Heracles think he had a chance at twisting the other arm of the Orc. Another would slam on Heracles' back, lift him and throw him hard to the ground, waiting for Heracles to return to the fight, only to try and break his back in a painful bear hug. The last liked to punch and slam his arm or fist into Heracles' shoulder or arm, his chest or ribs, slowly wearing Heracles down and then taking hold of the arm he punished the most and trying to break it. Heracles would have to yell out submission and then submit to being fucked by the winning Orc. If Heracles was not a demigod, his insides would have been shredded to pieces and his body would have been broken as well. He none the less did his best to try different ways to do at least some damage to the Orc's but he didn't have enough strength to do so.

He had no idea what caused it to happen, but one day, a huge fight broke out among the Orcs. They were battling each other ignoring everything around them. Heracles realized that was his chance to get away, gain his strength back and get far away from this cursed forest of vile creatures. He quietly moved into the back of one of the Orc's huts, wrapped skins and furs on his body, took a few weapons and quietly disappeared into the woods. He remembered going with the Orc's to dump Dogar's body into a river, so he decided that would be the fastest way to get far away from these Orcs. He remembered the river flowed away from where Dogar's cabin was located and if not, he would make certain he floated by on a log during the night so as not to be seen. That's exactly what he did. He found a large log on the bank of the river, tied on his weapon and some extra furs to the log and swam it out into the fast moving current. He moved very quickly further and further away from the Orc's. He thought he spotted the hidden boat of Dogar, waited until night time, and sure enough, it was still where he and Dogar hid it. He quietly uncovered it, put his furs, skins and weapons inside and got in, pushing it further into the center of the river so the current would quickly move the boat away. He used the oars and the sail he found to steer the boat and keep it moving, not willing to stop for anything until he saw he was no longer in the thick deep forest and could see through a thin line of trees along the river edge, able to spot anyone or anything coming towards him. He did row to the shore and picked up what fruit and berries he could find just so he wouldn't go hungry.

He fell into a deep sleep finally after many nights of being startled awake by different sounds he wasn't familiar with. When he woke, the sky seemed much brighter and he heard the sound of sea birds. When he sat up, he smiled, knowing he was moving from the river into a very large body of water. He reached down and dipped his hand into the water and then tasted it. It was very salty. He thanked Zeus over and over for taking him to what he hoped was the way for him to finally return to his Greece. He would never even think of heading north again on any adventure. South, possibly, but never again north.