Heracles Tales….


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The following story contains erotic homosexual situations.  If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now.

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Dwarf Village

Heracles and Pride fully enjoyed the scenery as they continued on their journey. Heracles thanked Zeus for allowing Mars to rescue him, even though he didn't know Zeus had no real idea what happened as Hera made certain to keep it all from Zeus' attention. Heracles spotted a village in the distance and noticed there was something odd about the people he saw going about their daily business. After he last experience, he kept the advice of Mars in mind using caution for a change. He spotted a tree shaded area near a river that didn't seem to be part of the regular coming and going of the people. He selected a spot near the water and set out his furs, removed his clothes and dove into the river. The river was cool and refreshing. Pride even jumped in after Heracles and made him laugh as he played in the water as if he were a new foal. Heracles managed to catch a fish and then found several berry bushes near where he set up his camp. He started a fire and cooked the fish and had a good meal of the fish and berries.

Budo was an elder of the village and was quickly told of a very big man with a horse camping at the river. He decided to investigate, especially since it didn't seem the man had any intention from what he observed to harm the villagers. As Budo came closer to Heracles, he noticed he was naked and had a very muscular large body. Pride noticed him coming first and jumped out of the river to see whether this short man was a threat or not. Budo had seen horses before and knew they loved apples. He picked a few from some trees he passed. When Pride approached him cautiously, Budo began speaking gently and kindly as he held out his hand with an apple in it. Pride was suspicious but curious. Budo laughed and took a bite out of the apple and then stretched his arm out towards Pride. Pride caught the scent of the apple and saw Budo eating from it which made him less suspicious. Pride stretched his neck far out and gently took the apple from the hand of Budo. He quickly discovered he loved the new treat and began to look for another from Budo. Heracles was watching the exchange and laughed when he saw how excited Pride became as he sniffed for more of the apples from Budo.

Pride, behave,” Heracles laughed, “don't scare off our visitor by being rude.”

Oh he's no bother. Quite a beautiful horse I must say. My name is Budo and I am an elder of this village. What brings you to our village stranger?”

I am Heracles, a Greek from beyond,” Heracles said with a big smile. “Oh, forgive me, I forgot I wasn't wearing any clothes.”

Not to concern yourself Heracles. No no concern at all,” Budo laughed. “How can anyone object to seeing such a magnificent male such as yourself as they were meant to be seen.”

Well, that is something I have never been told to be sure,” Heracles laughed as he reached Budo and offered his arm in the Greek tradition.

He was somewhat taken aback when Budo ignored his outstretched arm and just wrapped his arms around Heracles' waist in a gentle hug. Budo stepped back to admire all of Heracles' body and noticed the confused look on Heracles' face.

Oh, my pardon Heracles, I forgot you are not from these lands and probably do not know of our customs,” Budo said with a blush. “How is it you greet someone in your lands?”

Well, I extended my arm to you and you would normally extend yours, we would clasp our hands on each others' arms as a sign of good meaning and friendship,” Heracles explained.

Ah, I see,” Budo laughed. “Now I understand the strange look on your face when I greeted you! Here we hug one another as a form of greeting. Please, allow me to greet you in your manner.”

Budo extended his arm and Heracles did the same, even though Budo's arm was completely swamped by Heracles. Heracles adjusted his grip to get as close as he could to the normal Greek greeting.

So why have you come to our village,” Budo said as he walked toward Heracles' camp and sat down.

I am just passing through Budo,” Heracles said as he offered Budo some of his fish and berries. “I have never been to these lands and grew tired of the Greek lands.”

I see. It seems strange to me that someone such as yourself would grow tired of his lands,” Budo said. “I would imagine you are quite the champion there.”

Yes indeed I was,” Heracles laughed. “I grew tired of it all. No real competition or challenge. I lost all of my family, wife and children years ago and only had one great friend to travel with to various adventures. Since he is now in Hades, I grew lonely and wished to see more of the world before my father Zeus calls me to Mount Olympus.”

I understand how you could become tired of such a life,” Budo said seriously. “Where is this Hades and who might I ask is this Zeus?”

Now that is something I had never gave thought to,” Heracles said seriously. “You do not know of Hades nor of Zeus the lord of all gods?”

Well, if he is the lord of our gods, I certainly do not know of it,” Budo said.

Interesting, I must hear of your gods,” Heracles said. “Hades is the underworld we go to after we die. It is the realm of the god Pluto. No one leaves Hades. If you lived a good life, honorable and just, paying homage to the gods, you are rewarded with a pleasant new life in fields of great color and beauty, never to know fear or pain again. If however you did not honor the gods or fellow men and were not just in all your dealings, you are sent to the pit of Hades for eternal misery, never to be rescued or allowed to repent.”

My, that seems rather extreme I must say,” Budo said thoughtfully. “And what of this Zeus?”

Zeus, my father, is the lord of all the gods on Olympus. He fought his father and the titans, old gods, to become the most powerful and ruler of Olympus. The main gods are his brothers and sisters whom their father devoured since he feared they would usurp his power. Zeus' mother saved him and hid him until he became powerful and able to rescue his siblings. He has a wife called Hera who is very evil and hates me very much. Zeus came down to earth and slept with my earth mother. I was born and am part god and part human, a demigod. I cannot be killed by any human and my father would not allow any other god or demigod to kill me either. When my tasks on earth are completed, he will bring me up to Olympus with him and there I will spend my eternity.”

My, that is certainly quite a story and belief,” Budo said with a smile. “I should then say I am honored to have you here in our lands then. I don't think any demigod has ever visited us.”

No, no need to be honored over that Budo,” Heracles laughed. “I am the one honored since you offer your friendship and do not see me as a threat to you or your people. Well, at least I hope you feel that way.”

Yes of course. You caused quite a stir in the village of course since we rarely see strangers pass through and most certainly not anyone as big as you are!” Budo laughed. “Hopefully if you stay on a bit, no one will become a bother to you. If they do, please be sure to let me know and I will take care of it.”

Thank you Budo, I do really appreciate it,” Heracles said laughing then as Pride pushed Budo gently letting him know he liked that apple and would like more.

Ah, where are my manners,” Budo laughed. “Here, I have more for you.”

I have named him Pride as he struts and walks with great amounts of it!” Heracles laughed.

Fitting name to be sure,” Budo laughed.

Heracles noticed how Budo kept looking over his entire body and especially his cock and balls.

Do you wish to feel and see all this closer?” Heracles asked Budo as he indicated his entire body and crotch. “I feel honored it pleases you so it would seem.”

Well, to be honest, yes I would,” Budo said softly while blushing. “As I said before, never have I seen such a powerfully muscled and gifted man such as yourself before and it does cause me to rudely stare I'm afraid.”

Nonsense Budo, nothing rude about it,” Heracles said as he stood up and moved closer to Budo, stretching out his arms and legs as he flexed his muscles with a gentle smile on his face. “Feel what you will, how you will Budo. I am honored to give you any manner of pleasure you wish of me.”

Budo couldn't believe what he was witnessing and hearing. Here was this massive, muscled giant of a man, inviting him to feel and take whatever pleasure he wished of him who could easily crush him without even breaking into a sweat. Budo couldn't resist the gentle smile on Heracles and the slow flexing of his muscles. His pants showed how much it excited him as it was very tented and a large wet spot began to spread on the front. Budo slowly began feeling Heracles' leg muscles with his hands and then his abs. When he reached up as high as his arms could, Heracles gently took him into his hands by his hips and lifted him up so that Budo could examine his pecs, shoulders, arms and neck. Heracles noticed the very large tent in Budo's pants and the growing wet spot. He lifted Budo higher, used his teeth to take down Budo's pants and gently played with Budo's cock and balls with his tongue and lips. Budo gasped, moaned and cried out as Heracles teased and played. When Heracles noticed Budo was panting and trying desperately to catch his breath, Heracles easily devoured Budo's cock and balls into his mouth and began to seriously work them over. Budo didn't last long at all. Very quickly he was shooting load after load of his cum into Heracles' mouth. Heracles didn't release him from his mouth until Budo began trying to push Heracles' head away and he began to beg him to stop. Heracles moved him away and licked Budo's crotch and abs, then his face and gave him a gentle kiss. He slowly moved Budo down his flexing body and released him once he was sure Budo could stand on his own.

I hope I did not offend in any way,” Heracles said gently brushing the sweaty hair from Budo's face.

Oh no, please, it is I who should ask your pardon for making my lust for your body so obvious,” Budo said. “I think I should take a good swim in the river if you don't mind. The water is cooling and refreshing and I could certainly use that now!”

Heracles laughed and jumped into the river before Budo could take the rest of his clothes off. Heracles was impressed by the relative conditioning of Budo's muscles and the overall look of his hairy body. Being he was what Budo called an elder, Heracles didn't expect what he saw.

Again Heracles, pardon my ignorance and lack of hospitality,” Budo said as he swam over towards Heracles. “I must offer to give you whatever manner of pleasure you desire, especially since you have given me more pleasure then I believe I've had in my entire life!”

Heracles reached out and brought Budo towards his body and let Budo sit on his thighs so Budo didn't have to fight the river current.

No Budo, don't think that way,” Heracles smiled. “I enjoyed giving you pleasure and don't expect any sort of recompense from you.”

Most kind of you Heracles, but I however truly would like to if you would let me,” Budo said gently brushing his fingers down Heracles' cheeks.

If it would please you then most certainly Budo,” Heracles said as he pulled Budo to his body and began to gently kiss him.

Budo returned the kisses and soon the kissing became very passionate. Heracles slowly moved them toward the shore and then up out of the river. Budo slowly slid down the front of Heracles' body as he licked, kissed and bit all he could reach, his hands gently massaging and kneading as he moved down. He spent some time on both of Heracles' pecs and nipples as when he first began worshiping them, Heracles let out a moan of pleasure. Budo rubbed his face over Heracles' balls and cock, smearing the flowing precum all over his face. He moved his hands under Heracles' thighs and pushed. Heracles knew Budo couldn't lift them on his own, so he lifted them and held them up by his hands behind his knees. Budo then began to gently caress and make love to Heracles' balls and ass, nothing forceful, all gentle. Heracles was quickly panting, moaning and growling the more Budo worked on him. Budo couldn't manage to get his tongue past Heracles' rosebud, so he used his lips, tongue and fingers to gently caress and stimulate. Several times Heracles reached down, pulled Budo up and they kissed passionately, then Budo returned to work on Heracles' balls and ass. The precum was flowing strong from Heracles and he reached down and moved Budo's face to the tip of his cock. Budo licked and sucked, using his hands to pump up and down Heracles' cock from the base to just below the rim of the head. Budo's body began to react to the powerful precum and became more and more aggressive trying to take in as much as he could.

If you wish, I will share with you some of my essence Budo,” Heracles said softly. “It is considered a gift of the gods by humans, if you wish to receive it.”

Yes, yes I would Heracles,” Budo panted, “especially if it give pleasure to you.”

Heracles smiled and placed his one hand on the back of Budo's head very gently holding him in place as he began to stroke his cock. Budo's hands moved to work on the balls and rosebud of Heracles which pleased Heracles very much. Finally, Heracles' body stiffened, all his muscles bulged, pumped huge and tight as his cum began shooting out of his cock, nearly drowning Budo in the process. Heracles moved Budo's head down somewhat to get a good amount of his cum down Budo's throat. As soon as Budo began chocking and gagging, he released his hand on his head and continued stroking his cock as load after load of his cum covered Budo and Heracles' lower abs and chest. When he finally began to relax and the flow of cum subsided, he reached down, scooped up all he could and licked it from his hand, lifted Budo and licked it off of Budo's head and chest, lifted Budo to his face and began sharing more of his cum with Budo as he slid them back into the river to wash what remained on their bodies. Budo was panting, gasping and moaning as the effects of Heracles' cum began to spread throughout his body. Heracles waited a bit and then lifted Budo up and devoured his cock and balls again until Budo was drained several times. Budo went limp in Heracles' grasp before Heracles stood up and laid down on his furs with Budo wrapped in his arms.

When Budo finally woke, he was still held in Heracles' arms, snuggled against his body. He felt so young and powerful and completely pleasured. Heracles sensed Budo was awake and he moved him from his body and smiled at him.

I hope you are well Budo?” Heracles said as he gave Budo a gentle kiss.

I am more then well Heracles, thank you for your gift,” Budo said hugging Heracles' neck tight. “I must admit I had my doubts about what you said, but I no longer can have any doubts. You must truly be a demigod after what I felt and feel.”

I'm glad you are well and feel pleasured. You should feel stronger and virile and will remain so for a number of days I believe,” Heracles said. “Come, let us wash and eat.”

They swam in the river, playing like young boys would do before collecting berries and laying on the shore in the sunlight as they ate and talked.

I do not wish to take you away from your duties and family,” Heracles said.

Nonsense Heracles, you are doing nothing of the sort,” Budo said laying on his side facing Heracles. “As a matter of fact, you should come into the village and take of the comfort of my home. I will make certain you are fed a proper meal and Pride is well taken care of.”

Thank you most kindly, but I must decline,” Heracles said. “I am so different from your people and would feel as if I were from a show of oddities. It would make me most uncomfortable. I hope you understand Budo. I will stay here a few more days if I may and then continue on my adventure.”

I understand. I didn't think of that and I am sorry it would be as you say for certain, this I know,” Budo said sadly. “Well at least I can return to my home and make certain you are given good food and any other manner of comfort I can offer to you while you are here. I do hope we can pleasure again before you leave.”

Thank you Budo, that is most kind of you,” Heracles said. “We most certainly will if you wish it to be so.”

That I do Heracles,” Budo said with a smile. “Selfish as it may be, but I don't care, it is so special and such a gift I must partake in it again.”

That you will Budo, this I promise you,” Heracles said as he pulled Budo into his arms and they kissed.

If you like to hunt game, there is a goodly number of deer in the woods over in that direction and also a large meadow with sweet grasses and wild wheat for Pride,” Budo showed Heracles. “Feel free if you wish. If you do take a deer, I will make certain it is dressed and prepared for you.”

Thank you Budo, most kind of you,” Heracles said. “I would not want to burden you with such things. I am most able to do all that as I have done it many times, but I do thank you. I'm sure Pride will enjoy the meadow.”

Fine, then,” Budo said as he began getting dressed. “I leave you till later then. Thank you again for that most wonderful gift of yours.”

No need, I gave it with great pleasure,” Heracles said as he kissed Budo once again.

Budo headed back to his village and Heracles dressed, put his saddle and hunting gear on Pride and they headed for the woods and meadow Budo had told him of. The meadow was indeed filled with sweet grasses, flowers and wild wheat. Pride pranced and ran between bouts of eating. Heracles went into the woods and did get a deer which he easily carried back to the meadow, hung from a tree and dressed it ready for roasting. He gathered the right logs and twigs, made a spit and fire and soon was laying on the grasses as the deer was slowly roasting. He would have a large supply of meat he would dry to keep him from getting hungry for some time. As the sun began setting, he loaded up Pride with the roasted deer meat and walked back to his camp by the river holding on to Pride's reins. It was already getting quite dark when Heracles reached his camp. He started a fire and began slicing the meat into strips that he laid on a make shift rack of twigs and branches. He went into the river to wash and cool down before going to sleep, happy with his day and the new friend he met. He was almost asleep when he was startled by a loud commotion coming from the village. He could hear screaming, yelling and all manner of sounds. When he stood up he noticed the glow of a fire that was spreading over the village. He had seen and heard such things many times before when some evil tribes would overrun a village for plunder.

He dressed quickly, saddled Pride and took his weapons. Pride flew just about toward the village sensing the worry of Heracles. When he reached the village, people were running and screaming in all directions, some were laying all bloody and cut up in the streets. He tried to stop some to find where Budo lived but they screamed even louder and looked at him as if he were some horrible monster. He finally managed to grab hold of a young man and get him to tell him where Budo lived. He rushed to the area the man told him of and he was shocked at the carnage he saw. Bodies all over, wounded and dead, even animals. He looked house to house in the area and finally found Budo. Budo was laying on the floor, his head bloody, but he was still alive. Heracles lifted him off the floor, found water and washed Budo of all the blood. Budo managed to come too and told him they were being attacked by a bunch of wild men who raided them for items and took women, savagely killing men and children. Heracles' anger grew quickly. He laid Budo down in his bed and then ran out to seek out these savages.

A few blocks from Budo's house, he saw what looked like a struggle between some men and a few villagers. The size difference quickly told Heracles who were the savages and who were the villagers. As he ran towards them, he noticed how little chance the villagers had against the larger and brutish looking savages. The first group Heracles came up to didn't know what hit them as then were hit hard enough to lift them off the ground and flying towards the wall of a house. They hit with a loud grunt and thud and fell heavy to the ground, not moving. Heracles picked up a cut tree limb that must have been for holding in animals. He began to use it as a weapon, slamming and bashing any of the savages he came across. Finally, a group of savages realized some man was attacking them and they rushed Heracles. As Heracles was fighting off 3 of them, 3 more came from behind and began beating on Heracles' legs and back with these clubs that had rough bumps sticking from them almost like thorns but without sharp points. As the battle progressed, the bashing from the clubs started to have an effect on Heracles. He knew he had to quickly disable the savages he was fighting from the front to stop from being temporarily hurt by the ones at his back. Just when he finished taking the last savage down from his front, he felt a pain in the small of his back and his legs as the savages behind him latched on to his legs and waist and began biting and gnawing on him with their long sharp teeth. The pain began to spread as he tried pulling one then the other off just making them bite down more and shake their heads as if they were trying to rip the muscle from his body. He felt himself falling down face first and only through quick reaction, managed to lessen his fall with his arms. One of the savages had reached up Heracles' leg and grabbed Heracles' balls in his sharp nailed hand. Heracles yelled out in pain, reaching down to pull off the savages' hand but unable to get him to release his grip. Heracles could feel the hot liquid of his blood flowing from his balls, back and legs. Another savage jumped on his upper back trying to bite his neck. Heracles managed to get that one off but another just took his place. He soon had one on each side of his back, teeth biting hard into his shoulders and upper arms. Not knowing how else to get free, he forced himself to crawl to a wall of a house, pull himself to a standing position, turn around and then slam his back hard against the wall. He could hear two of the savages groan out as he heard bones cracking. He did the same move again and the savages on his back fell to the ground. He then reached down between his legs, grabbed on to the arm of the savage who had his finger nails digging into his balls, called up his strength and snapped the arm in two. He quickly reached down on both sides of his legs, grabbed those two savages by their balls and crushed them. He was now free of the savages that took him down. He picked up two of their clubs and began attacking the savages that remained. In quick order, he was the only one standing, looking and listening for sounds of any other savages in the village. The villagers that were hiding, heard the quiet and came out. They saw Heracles all bloody but standing with the whole party of savages laying on the ground around him. A few women quickly ran up to him and pulled him towards Budo's house. Once inside, they began to wash the blood from Heracles' body, put on thick ointments and wrapped the wounds as best they could. Budo managed to get up from his bed and thanked them for helping Heracles.

They told Budo how Heracles had killed all the savages and thanks to him they were now safe. Budo told them to go and take care of the wounded and tend to the dead. Budo closed the door, made Heracles lay down on his bed and he undressed Heracles. He gently tended to the swollen and cut balls of Heracles, washing them and covering them in the soothing, healing ointment. He even managed to bandage them. He gave Heracles a drink of strong wine which made Heracles relax and finally close his eyes and sleep. Of course being Heracles, as he slept, his body quickly healed. When he woke he smiled when he saw Budo, with his bandaged head laying on the chest of Heracles and his body leaning over. He obviously had fallen asleep as he sat on the bed next to Heracles keeping watch. Heracles slowly sat up holding Budo against his body. He leaned up against the wall, and cradled Budo as if he were an infant. It felt good to Heracles. Here was this small man who pleasured with him as if he was being worshiped, offered more hospitality to him then anyone back in Greece, well at least genuine hospitality just from the goodness of his heart. He smiled thinking it was fate that made him stay outside the village. If he had moved on, the savages would have raped, pillaged and killed probably most of the villagers and end up taking the young women as slaves.

When Budo finally woke, he was startled as he felt himself in the powerful arms and against the massively muscled body of Heracles. He moved to quickly get up but his wounded head made him dizzy and he stumbled. Heracles held on to him.

Rest Budo, all is well,” Heracles whispered as he gently kissed Budo's head and hugged him into his body. “I am healed, it is the way of a demigod. You need rest and I'm certain you will heal also, although not as quickly I'm afraid.”

How can we ever thank you enough for what you have done for us?” Budo began to cry.

Get well and pleasure with me. That is more then enough thanks Budo,” Heracles said with a smile.

No, I mean, yes, that I will do and wish to do, but we must do something in your honor,” Budo said seriously.

Well, if you must, then to insure you have protection in the future and to honor me,” Heracles explained, “I would like for you to build a shrine to Mars in my honor. He has saved me and will protect the village as long as homage is paid to him. Mars is the Greek god of war, but he does protect the weak and innocent. He and I have pleasured much and he looks after me when I truly need help. That would please me greatly for I would feel honored and not worry about what will become of you and the village in the future.”

I will have the stone mason visit you and you must give him detail instructions for the shrine to our new god Mars,” Budo said with excitement. “You must tell me how we can show homage and honor to Mars and we will do so from now on. Generations from now will know of your defending us and how thanks to you and the god Mars we survive and flourish.”

That we shall do,” Heracles smiled. “Mars will be much pleased I am certain.”

Budo kept to his word. As soon as he was able to move around easily, he summoned the stone mason and had Heracles draw the image of Mars and what the shrine should look like. Heracles told him what manner of ritual to follow to honor Mars. Budo had the entire village gather in the center of the village. He told them all of what was to happen and that they now had a new god and protector in honor of the great deed Heracles had done for them. He decreed as the senior elder that each year at the time of the savage attack, a festival would be held to honor Mars and Heracles' deed. Each generation would be told of what happened and understand that thanks to Heracles the village survived and the importance of the god Mars. The stone mason not only carved a beautiful likeness of Mars, but also of Heracles, and carved out the rites Heracles told Budo to perform so that all future generations would know exactly how homage was to be made.

Mercury in his watchfullness over Heracles, heard and saw what was happening in the village and hurried to find Mars to tell him all of what he knew. Mars had to admit he was pleased and decided to go see for himself this village that would now be giving him homage and even erected a shrine in his honor. When Mars came to the village, he was impressed with the likeness of the statue they had put into the shrine to him. He read the carved stone with the ritual Heracles gave to them and then saw the statue made of Heracles. He indeed felt honored. To let them know he was honored and that he would indeed keep them under his protection, especially since they knew nothing of the Greek gods before Heracles visited them, he caused great claps of thunder to rumble in the center of the town. Heracles and all the villagers gathered to see what was happening as nothing like that had ever occurred before. Heracles saw Mars smiling down at him and the villagers and he knew Mars was pleased. Mars pointed at the statue and shrine which caused a few bolts of lightening to strike them. The villagers fell to the ground in fear, thinking their shrine was being destroyed for some reason. Heracles and Budo were the only ones standing. They watched the statue become shinny gold, the plume on the helmet turned to fire and the stone shrine turned into fine marble. When the villagers finally stood up, they were in awe at the beauty of the shrine and statue. Heracles let them all know that Mars visited them and performed the change as a sign to them of how pleased he was and he would indeed be their protector. The entire village immediately began a great feast of celebration with music, dancing and feasts. Mars came down to Heracles and embraced him. They passionately kissed. Mars let Heracles know how much he liked what was done and promised he would insure the village was protected from now on as long as the yearly festival and homage took place. If not, the flame would leave the helmet and the protection would cease. Heracles let the villagers know what Mars said and the stone mason carved that warning into a stone placed within the shrine.

After the celebration was over, Heracles returned to his camp for one last time. He felt it was now time to continue his journey. Budo came to him late in the afternoon, knowing Heracles would be leaving in the early morning. He brought apples for Pride and a skin of the strong wine for Heracles, along with the healing ointment, just in case Heracles ran into more savages on his journey. Heracles smiled as he thanked Budo. He slowly began undoing his loin cloth as he watched Budo's eyes grow with desire. He then reached out to Budo, brought him close to his body and began to undress Budo, very slowly, kissing parts of Budo's body as the garment came off. Budo's body was trembling as he was tenderly undressed. Heracles reached down, took Budo into his hands by his hips and slowly lifted him up his body. He licked, kissed, sucked and nibbled up and down Budo's body before wrapping his arms around Budo and kissing him passionately. Heracles could feel Budo's hard throbbing cock against his abs so he pushed Budo's lower body tighter against his body and began making his abs flex and relax, creating a wave of muscle massaging Budo's cock. Budo gasped, moaned and panted. Heracles kept that up until he began to feel Budo's body stiffen. He then lifted Budo higher, devoured Budo's cock and balls and proceeded to ravage them with his tongue and mouth. Budo let out a loud scream, his body began shaking and jerking as he shot loads of his cum into Heracles' sucking mouth. Heracles sat down against a tree trunk, turned Budo's body around and let it bend down over his knees with Budo's ass cheeks even with Heracles' knees. Heracles bent down as he pulled Budo's ass cheeks apart and began to lick, suck and kiss Budo's ass cheeks, cock, balls and rosebud. Budo panted, moaned and groaned as Heracles worked it all over. He then began to fuck Budo with his tongue, pushing past Budo's rosebud with ease. He latched on to Budo's hips, lifted him up as he leaned back against the tree, Budo's face now right over Heracles' cock head. Budo latched on to the cock with his hands, long stroking it as his mouth, lips and tongue took in as much of Heracles' flowing precum as possible. Heracles was forcing his tongue deep inside of Budo's ass, slowly stretching it open. Budo soon was going to shoot another load of his cum when Heracles moved from his ass to take his entire cock and balls into his sucking mouth, draining Budo of his cum completely. Before Budo could recover, Heracles moved him into a sitting position facing him and let Budo's ass engulf Heracles' cock tip. Budo felt like he was going to lose consciousness. Heracles let go of one hand on Budo's hip and moved Budo's hands to his pecs. He slowly began to flex one then the other. He returned to holding Budo by his hips, not wanting Budo's body weight to push to far on to Heracles' cock. Only half the cock head was inside Budo but it was enough to drive Budo insane with pleasure, especially since the fast flowing precum of Heracles was now filling up his insides. The effect was more potent then when he swallowed it before. Budo played with Heracles' pecs and leaned in to suck on the pecs and nipples which Heracles really enjoyed. He moved Budo in a twisting motion on his cock and gently up and down. The stimulation of Budo's ass on his cock along with Budo's worship of his pecs and nipples soon caused Heracles to jerk, push Budo tight onto his cock as he began shooting loads of his cum inside of Budo. Budo thought for sure the force of the cum shooting inside of him would bust through his body and out his head. The heat of it was unreal and the quick spread of the pleasure was almost to much to deal with. Heracles suddenly moved Budo so that he was again upside down, his mouth pushed on the head of Heracles' cock, cum now filling his mouth and throat as Heracles' tongue returned to working inside his ass, not allowing the cum that filled it to escape and still stimulate Budo's pleasure button. Budo's body soon went limp and Heracles moved his cock in between Budo's and his body so the remainder of his cum would cover them. When he finally stopped shooting his cum, he spun Budo around and licked off his cum, let Budo rest in the crook of his arm as he scooped his body clean of cum with his other hand and licked it clean. He then repeated what he did before, kissing Budo as he pushed cum from his mouth into Budo's.

Heracles carried Budo into the river and caressed him as he washed both of them. He got out of the river and laid down on his furs, holding Budo in his arms tight against his body. He fell asleep with a smile on his face knowing he filled Budo with as much of his cum as Budo could take and live and he himself was greatly pleasured. He smiled as he drifted off to sleep knowing he would miss Budo very much.

Budo was still very much sound asleep when Heracles woke. He wrapped Budo in a blanket Budo brought with him, packed up his furs and belongings, loaded up Pride and slowly continued his journey. When Budo woke, he knew Heracles was gone, but he didn't feel anything but pleasure. He felt younger then ever, full of vitality and even strength. He knew the gift Heracles gave him would last much longer then before. He got dressed, packed up what little he brought with him and headed back to his house with a smile on his face. He stopped at the shrine to Mars, offered a gift and said a prayer of thanksgiving for Heracles and asking for Heracles to be protected from all harm. Mars was watching both Budo and Heracles from the time Budo went to Heracles. He watched them pleasuring and could sense the affection Heracles had for this man and this man had for Heracles. Mars decided he would visit this Budo as he slept and fill him with pleasure just as Heracles had done. It was an unknown favor for Heracles and a gift to Budo for caring for Heracles. Budo would wake from a sound sleep, feeling just as he did when Heracles gave him that great gift before he left. He began to think Heracles had some way of returning to him and giving him the same gift over and over again.