Heracles Tales….


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<note: this is a continuation of Baldoran>

Hera was livid when she found out that not only had Heracles managed to get free of Baldor but managed to break completely free and away from the cursed lands of vile creatures that should have kept in in misery, pain and hopelessness for ages. Again, her plan for revenge and punishment of Heracles failed.

Heracles was being carried along in the boat he took from Dogar, not far from the shores of a sea he hoped would take him back to his home, Greece. His body had much to repair after being used by Dogar, the Blood Beast and the Orcs. It seemed to him that he must have slept for days, his body doing repairs and getting him back close to what his normal was before. He was still not out of danger as he was alone and even more vulnerable to the raging of Hera. While his body was attempting to regenerate, Heracles had many dreams of times he had enjoyed fully with the only true friend and lover he knew, Yeolae. His mind took him back to the time he first met Yeolae.

Heracles was on his way to yet another of the games he was becoming tired of, but out of respect to competitors he had knew for a long time, he still attended. Without him showing up, the purse for the winners was very small indeed as there was not as much interest as there was when Heracles came and even participated at times. He was traveling a road to Sparta when he heard shouting and yelling and someone was screaming out for help. He headed towards the direction of the commotion and suddenly saw 3 huge brutes, abusing a single man, trying to fight them off. It seemed to Heracles that there was more at play here then simple robbery as anyone could clearly see the one man was in no condition to take on the 3 mean looking brutes. No, as he observed more carefully, one of the brutes was attempting to position himself to fuck the smaller man while the other 2 were pounding on him trying to beat him down more and more, making the man easy sport for their pleasures. It bothered Heracles' sense of fairness and didn't like 3 brutes against one man, although he could see why the brutes intended to have their pleasure on the man as he was of fair skin, blond hair, goodly muscled but not overly so. His cock and balls which were obvious since he was stripped naked, were pleasing to the eye, not overly large nor small, not very veined but pale and the coloring of his cock head was a nice contrast to the skin of his shaft. His balls were on the smaller side but seemed to fit him perfectly for some reason. Heracles had to laugh at the fearlessness of this man, fighting back as hard as he could against all 3 of the brutes.

Hold on there, does it take 3 of you to court this fine looking man?” Heracles yelled as he approached the men.

What is it to you? Keep going your way or we'll have you for our pleasures as well,” one of the brutes said angrily, standing with his hands on his hips facing the approaching Heracles.

For sure, this one does seem to have a body that would pleasure us for a very long time I think,” another brute laughed.

Alright then, let me put this one down so he can't run away and I'll join in the fun with the muscled one,” the other brute laughed as he began to really pound on the man's head and neck with his fists.

The man they were originally beating on was already down on his knees, barely able to fight back as the blows were harder, taking a toll on his head.

The 2 brutes came towards Heracles, one on each side so that if Heracles went after the one, the other would attack him from behind. They had no idea it was Heracles otherwise they would have ran away.

Now, look how nicely his muscles flex as he prepares to pleasure us. I think this one likes being taken by a true man,” one of the brutes laughed.

I can't wait to squeeze his balls in my hand to see how he squeals and flexes for me before I fuck him unconscious,” the other growled.

Don't get greedy, I will take him down and then have first crack at making him squeal very loud before I fill his mouth with my weapon and drown him in my cum,” the brute who now had beaten the man nearly unconscious and moved to join his friends.

Come on pretty one, save yourself from maybe getting that handsome face damaged and those flexing muscles made into jelly. Just kneel down and offer up your mouth and I promise, I will be gentle,” one brute said sarcastically.

When have you ever been gentle?” one of the brutes asked.

I have been, many a time. So maybe they didn't look so good when I was through with them, but they lived didn't they?” the brute laughed.

They were becoming angry as Heracles had not responded verbally to any of their boasting and threats. When they were just about on top of Heracles, one lifted both of his large arms into the air to slam then down hard on the shoulder of Heracles, the other following his lead, thinking they would get in a powerful blow to weaken this arrogant fool making it easier to have their fun with him. As their arms were just about to hit into Heracles, he reached out, took each one by their wrists and spun his arms quickly, flipping them over hard on their backs. The 3rd brute was shocked and then filled with rage at seeing his companions taken down so quickly. He charged like a bull at Heracles and when he was just about to smash his head into Heracles' abs, Heracles lifted his arms like clubs into the air and crashed them on the upper back of the brute. That brute crashed to the ground hurting. The other 2 had managed to get up and began to charge at Heracles. He knocked on behind the head as he moved out of his way and kicked the other in the abs with his foot before sending him flying from a punch. The one on the ground that charged at Heracles was just moaning and moving back and forth as the pain of being slammed by Heracles settled in. Heracles looked at all 3, smiled and went over to the man they were beating on.

Are you alright? Do you need help to stand and maybe drink something,” Heracles asked as he pulled the man from the ground and held him up with one arm, using his hand on the jaw of the man to shake his head a bit to help him gain his senses.

Stop, what are you doing to me? First I have to fight off those 3 brutes only to have you try to crush my jaw and shake my head from my neck?” the man yelled swatting at Heracles' hand on his jaw.

Sorry, I did not mean to cause you any injury. I just wish to be certain you are alright and able to walk. Hard to keep in mind my own strength at times,” Heracles laughed.

Oh, mind your own strength? Someone might get the idea you are Heracles or someone important like that,” the man said unhappily. “You shouldn't go around saying things like that. I'm certain if Heracles heard you, you would soon wish you weren't so bold and boastful.”

Heracles gave him a strange look and then laughed very hard.

So you think all this is now funny? What sort of man are you to think the pain of others is funny and to claim strength of Heracles is yours as well,” the man said angrily, pushing Heracles' hand off of his face.

I'm sorry, truly I am, I mean no harm,” Heracles said still trying not to laugh. “I came to help you against these 3 brutes, that is all.”

I was doing very well before you stepped in,” the man said poking his finger into a pec of Heracles, making a painful look on his face and then examining his finger.

Oh, so you were well in control is that it?” Heracles snickered.

Yes, it may have looked differently to you, but I was wearing them down so I could overcome them in the end,” the man said proudly.

Well, certainly didn't seem that way from where I was standing,” Heracles said.

Just then, 2 of the brutes knocked the man back to the ground, kicked him and turned to go after Heracles. He smiled at them and waved them on towards him with his fingers. They screamed out in rage at the arrogance of Heracles and began swinging and clubbing with their arms. Heracles grabbed each one by an arm and smashed them hard into each other, knocking them unconscious. The 3rd brute finally got up from the ground and since the man he was originally beating on was close, he grabbed him and began to pummel him with his arms.

Help me, are you going to just stand there and let this one kill me now?” the man yelled at Heracles.

I was curious to see how you were going to wear him down as you said,” Heracles said with a big smile on his face. “Please, educate me on your technique.”
“He's killing me by the gods, help me,” the man screamed now in pain.

Heracles moved towards them, lifted the brute off of the man and punched him a few times in his head before throwing the man at a stone wall. All 3 brutes were now unconscious.

There, you can stop your complaining now,” Heracles said lifting the man up and slapping him with his torn off clothing. “You have worn them down very nicely it seems. Now, rather then you arguing with me about your welfare, I'm taking you to a nearby inn and making certain your wounds are washed, you have some wine and food and mended garments before I leave your company,”

Before the man could say a word, he was flopped over Heracles' shoulder and marched to a nearby inn. Heracles couldn't help but to hold the man by his very smooth and shapely ass cheek. The man kept complaining and yelling at Heracles about how he had no respect for anyone else and was rude and taking too many liberties with his hand on his ass.

When Heracles reached the inn, he ordered wine and food, a cloth to cover the naked body of the man on his shoulder, a bucket of water and cloths to wash his bleeding wounds and handed the mans torn garments to a maid for mending.

The man fought off Heracles like a young child not wanting to be washed and yelling every time Heracles put the cloth with the water on the mans wounds.

How old are you?” Heracles finally said after having to manuever the mans arms and legs under Heracles' armpits and legs in order to clean him off. “Did you act this way when you were younger and you had to have a wound cared for?”

I have a low pain threshold thank you and so what if I was this way when I was younger,” the man said angrily. “It helped to develop my personality and character.”

Oh, I should seek a physician for you. It seems you are delirious from being hit on your head so often,” Heracles laughed.

What do you mean? I'm not delirious, I don't think I am anyway,” the man said with a worried look.

You have to be to say you have a personality and character. I have yet to be honored by any display of either of those traits,” Heracles laughed.

The man wiggled himself free as Heracles finished tending his wounds and released his arms and legs. Frustrated and flustered, the man just punched at Heracles' pec and then yelled out while staring at his hand.

Oh, after my kindness towards you, you wish to beat on me now?” Heracles said with his eyebrows up.

Well, if you wouldn't get me so frustrated I might not beat on you so,” the man said.

Who are you by the way?” Heracles asked as the wine and food came to the table they were sitting at outside the back of the inn.

I am Yeolae, former merchant of Thebes and worker of all manner of skills in Athens,” Yeolae said proudly.

Well, then merchant of Thebes and worker of all manner of skills in Athens, how do you feel having some wine and food inside you now?” Heracles smiled, noticing the beautiful green eyes of Yeolae and the smoothness of his skin stretched over his muscles.

I do feel much better thank you. I am sorry for my behavior up till now. I was sure those 3 brutes were going to end my life after they had their pleasures,” Yeolae said with his head down.

I understand. Things like that do have a tendency to play with your mind,” Heracles said, patting Yeolae on his arm.

And who are you? You must be some soldier or mercenary from the look of your body?” Yeolae asked.

No, just a man, heading to Sparta for the games there,” Heracles said.

Oh, a fighter then? Wrestling mostly I'd guess,” Yeolae said.

Well, yes and no. I try all of the events that I can,” Heracles smiled. “What makes you think I would just wrestle?”

Well good gods of Olympus! Look at you! You certainly are not a baker or fisherman to be sure,” Yeolae said.

Really? I don't have the body for it then?” Heracles said with a sad look on his face.

No, no, I mean your muscles are so developed and impressive. It is a wonder to see them move as you move around. Very pleasing to watch I must say,” Yeolae said with a blush.

Would you like to feel them for yourself?” Heracles asked with his eyebrows up.

Oh I couldn't possibly do that, what would you think of me,” Yeolae said blushing again as he stared at Heracles' biceps slowly flexing and his pecs bouncing occasionally.

It is no problem, really. If it pleases you to watch them moving, I am sure you would truly enjoy feeling them for yourself,” Heracles smiled. “I wouldn't mind. If I did, I wouldn't have mentioned it to you.”

That is so very kind of you,” Yeolae said with a smile.

Heracles liked the way Yeolae's entire face got into his smiles. His eyes bright and showing his happiness and good heart, his perfect teeth and dimples that formed in his cheeks.

Here, go ahead. I'll leave my arm stretched out on the table as we drink and eat so you can have a close up feel of them,” Heracles said as he stretched out his arm so that any finger movements caused his forearm to flex and roll, his bicep bulge and his shoulder bulge and tighten.

Yeolae blushed but his eyes got very large as his hand slowly moved to feel Heracles' muscled arms. His mouth stayed open and his eyes stayed big as he was feeling the power and strength of the muscles in Heracles' arm.

There, does that not please you much more then just watching them?” Heracles smiled.

Yes, it truly does I must admit,” Yeolae said without taking his eyes off of Heracles' arm.

Heracles move his other arm to the table so he could eat with his other hand. As he moved, he had a perfect view of Yeolae's rock hard cock, spreading a very large wet spot into the cloth that was covering his body. Heracles couldn't help but to smile, feeling good for some reason that Yeolae became that excited over touching Heracles.

Well, if you wish, and have nothing else planned, you can accompany me to the games as my guest. We could share bedding and let our bodies keep us warm under the stars at night, share meals and have good conversation along the way,” Heracles offered. “What do you say Yeolae?”

Yeolae look at Heracles with shock.

You know nothing of me other then what I told you and yet you invite me to be a traveling companion of yours?” Yeolae said with an excited look.

Certainly. I enjoy you already Yeolae. I have to admit, I find you to be very pleasing to my eyes. It is a long way to Sparta and I grow tired of traveling by myself,” Heracles said with a broad smile.

Well, if you are sure that is what you wish,” Yeolae said not believing his luck as he had dreams of being in the arms of such a man as Heracles.

Yes, I would not ask you if I wasn't sure Yeolae,” Heracles laughed. “Good, it is settled. We will have to pick up a few items for you and then we can be on our way once your clothing is mended.”

How am I ever going to repay you?” Yeolae asked seriously.

Easy, just be my friend and companion,” Heracles said patting Yeolae on his head. “Nothing more, just that.”

Done, I am officially now your friend and companion,” Yeolae said happily.

Heracles was kept laughing by Yeolae as then walked. Yeolae couldn't take his eyes off of Heracles' body as it moved so he tripped, stumbled, actually walked into a few trees because of it. Heracles loved listening to the endless chatter of Yeolae as he was so animated when he talked. It was indeed making the trip much more enjoyable for Heracles. The first night, after eating their bread and cheese with some wine, Heracles laid out a thick fur on the ground under a tree, took off his loin cloth and laid down. Yeolae wasn't sure what he should do as he had a hard time catching his breath when he saw Heracles naked.

Yeolae, what keeps you from bed?” Heracles asked, knowing that Yeolae was nervous and awe struck. “Come, lay yourself right here next to me so our bodies will keep each other warm. Take off your clothes, it is not good to sleep with clothes on. Your body needs to be free and able to fully breath. Just take them off and come lay here by me.”

Yeolae was extremely nervous, removing his clothing like he was a new bride which made Heracles laugh, especially since he already saw Yeolae naked when the brutes were beating on him. Yeolae wasn't nervous about being naked in front of Heracles, but of being embarrassed as his cock would not stop leaking and he could not hide his hard cock if his clothes were off. Finally after stalling as long as he could, he removed all his clothing, laid down on the very edge of the fur as far away from Heracles as he could, facing away from him. Heracles smiled having never seen anyone so bashful. Most men would willingly bed with Heracles if for nothing else but taking in some of his precum and if lucky his cum. Of course he knew Yeolae still had no idea who he was with as he never said his name.

Heracles laid facing Yeolae with a smile, looking at his smooth skin and blond hair that seemed to shimmer in the moonlight. He reached over and easily pulled Yeolae's body into his, wrapping his arm across Yeolae's chest and a leg over both Yeolae's legs. Heracles could feel Yeolae freeze and his entire body stiffen as his back was now feeling the muscles of Heracles' chest and abs with every breath he took and had the weight of his massive arm and leg over him. His cock was throbbing, bouncing with every breath Heracles took. Heracles smiled, thinking how different Yeolae was to all the other men he came across in his life. It felt good to have Yeolae's body up against his. He felt protective and not alone.

Hera through her minions knew where Heracles was and that he was at the mercy of Posiden, god of the seas. She knew Posiden had sons living on various remote islands who were huge cyclops'. The smallest of them was Masodees, who stood only 9'10" tall, weighed over 400 lbs and like his older brothers had a hard muscled body. Hera convinced Posiden that he needed to provide his youngest son with a diversion to sharpen his wits and keep him from becoming lazy and easy prey for marauding pirates and the like. Taking the eye of cyclops was a great trophy as so few have ever been able to accomplish it. Those few that did, met their fate on the seas as Posiden took his revenge, or they disappeared, becoming the play things or food of the brothers of the blinded one. She made him see that only another demigod could stand up to any punishments his son could provide and being a demigod, the victim would provide his son with extra strength, power and intelligence. No actual harm would come to another demigod as only a god could actually do any real harm.

As Heracles laid on the boat a warm smile on his face as he continued dreaming of Yeolae. Yeolae's eyes shot wide open when he felt the cock of Heracles push up against his back like a hard tree branch. When precum started to run down his back to his side, he tried to move away from Heracles, but there was no way he could move from the grip of Heracles. He slept finally, dreaming of that cock taking him as its own, owning him which he never would allow any other man to do. When morning came, he was free of Heracles' arm and leg as Heracles rolled over on to his back and stretched out his arms and legs. Yeolae got up to wash and as he stood up he turned and saw Heracles' body spread out, his cock long, thick and hard still leaking precum. Yeolae was also taken by the thickness of Heracles' ball sack and the size of his balls. He had a much better view of Heracles in the sun light then he had in the moonlight. Heracles had his eyes just as slits watching Yeolae taking in his entire spread out body. He purposely flexed and stretched to give Yeolae more to admire. He had to force himself not to laugh when he'd hear Yeolae gasp or moan. Heracles waited until Yeolae turned before sitting up and wishing him a good morning.

Did you sleep well Yeolae?” Heracles asked really stretching his arms and body.

Yes, very well thank you,” Yeolae stammered.

Good, see, as I said, our bodies kept each other warm. See don't you feel better after sleeping without your clothes on?” Heracles asked.

Yes, actually I do. So glad you let me know about that,” Yeolae blushed.

Come, we can eat as we walk so we can get to Sparta soon,” Heracles said getting up and putting his loin cloth on.

They repeated the previous day, laughing, Yeolae talking away and stumbling, tripping and walking into tree trunks.

Yeolae, I can carry you over my shoulder or on my shoulders if you want. It might be safer for you then walking which seems to be causing you a problem,” Heracles said with a smile knowing full well why Yeolae was having such a hard time.

No no, that's fine, thank you very much, I'm just clumsy for some reason I guess,” Yeolae said before changing the subject and going on about something else.

That night, they stayed by a stream. After eating and drinking, Heracles pulled off his loincloth and walked into the stream and laid down, washing his body.

Come Yeolae, it is very refreshing. It feel good to be cleaned, come you will see,” Heracles said.

Yeolae wasn't sure but didn't wish to insult Heracles so he too stripped, sat down, laid down and washed.

Here, if you don't mind, wash my back and then I will wash yours,” Heracles said handing Yeolae a handful of algae he pulled from the sides of the stream.

Yeolae panicked but what was he to do? He took the algae from Heracles and moved behind Heracles trying to figure out the easiest way to wash him.

Here, I forget you are shorter then me. I will lay down and you can straddle my lower back and wash my back,” Heracles said, laying down on his front.

Yeolae was in a bigger panic as his crotch would be directly on Heracles' lower back and his thighs would be held tight against his waist. He took a deep swallow, straddled Heracles' lower back and sat down, his ass above Heracles' ass cheeks. Heracles could easily feel how tense Yeolae was which made him smile. He purposely flexed his thick, rounded ass cheeks making the tops rub against Yeolae's ass cheeks. He had to fake a cough as he laughed when he felt Yeolae nearly shoot up into the air.

Yeolae, relax will you? There is nothing at all wrong with your having a hard on around me. I see it as a compliment, truly I do. Do not worry that I might become angry at how you watch my every more or react to touching me. I won't ever. I want you to. I wish you to have your senses filled with whatever desires they have,” Heracles said softly as he reached back with one hand and squeezed Yeolae's thigh. “Now enjoy my back and the rest of me I freely give to you.”

Yeolae wasn't sure what to say or do so he just slapped the algae onto Heracles' upper back and hard rubbed across his shoulders, neck and upper back.

Yeolae, I don't think I am that dirty for you to scrub me so. Please make it a pleasure for both of us,” Heracles said softly.

Yeolae felt really stupid, but did relax finally and slowly and gently rub the algae on Heracles' skin. The algae was slick and thin, letting Yeolae fully feel the skin and muscle of Heracles and Heracles feel the fingers of Yeolae massaging his body. It was a long time since Heracles had his body massaged and Yeolae seemed to have a gift for doing it just right. When Yeolae got to the lower back, he wasn't sure if he should keep moving down and do Heracles' ass. Heracles smiled to himself, reached back and partially lifted his upper body upwards, forcing Yeolae to slide further back past Heracles' ass cheeks. He put his hand on top of Yeolae's and moved it over his ass as a direct hint. Yeolae caught on and slowly and gently began massaging Heracles' ass cheeks, sliding his hand up and down the ass crack, and getting the back of Heracles' ball sack. Heracles spread his legs out so Yeolae could get full access to his balls and ass. Yeolae had to sit in between Heracles' legs when Heracles spread his legs out. Heracles lifted his thighs up and told Yeolae to put his legs under Heracles' thighs. Yeolae was like a sculptor, working on a marble statue of a virile god of Olympus. Heracles fully enjoyed what Yeolae was doing with his fingers. He told Yeolae to stand up so he could turn over which got Yeolae choking. Heracles just smiled and gave a small laughed, sat up and pulled Yeolae down to sit on his abs, handed him another glob of the algae and laid down with his hands behind his head, giving Yeolae a full flex view of his biceps. He purposely flexed his pecs as Yeolae was massaging them, enjoying the gasps and moans of Yeolae who seemed to be ignoring his throbbing hard cock which was slapping against Heracles' abs.

When Yeolae was going to move down to work on Heracles' cock, Heracles sat up, looked at Yeolae with a soft smile, reached out and pulled him tight against his body, gently moving his lips to Yeolae's. Yeolae gasped, moaned and his body felt like he just melted. Heracles held on to him tightly and rolled over to his side as he began making out with Yeolae, gently and passionately. Heracles had his hand gently playing with Yeolae's ass and his balls which made Yeolae squirm on top of Heracles, stimulating his cock even more as it slid over the pulsing, rippling abs of Heracles slick from the running water of the stream. To both Heracles and Yeolae, it felt like charges from lightening was coursing throughout their bodies. Heracles, turned Yeolae around on top of him so he had full access to Yeolae's cock and balls. Yeolae reached for Heracles' and kissed and hugged Heracles' cock like it was making love to it. When Yeolae licked the head of Heracles' cock while slow stroking the shaft, he got a large mouthful of precum. Heracles smiled knowing what it would make Yeolae feel like very soon. He also kept telling himself he had to monitor how much Yeolae was taking in so he wouldn't be put into danger from taking in more then his body could handle. Besides, Heracles wanted to let Yeolae have some of his cum which would hit his body much more strongly then the precum. Heracles felt his heart flutter almost, as he gently worked on Yeolae's cock and balls. Yeolae would lay his head down on Heracles' pubes when he couldn't ignore the massive pleasure building throughout his entire body. He knew how strong Heracles was but yet felt he was being handled so gently and with such care. He began to feel that Heracles really cared for him, not just sharing sex. Heracles made Yeolae give him 3 loads of his cum. Yeolae wanted Heracles to let him get Heracles to cum and Heracles let him do what he wished for a time, but took charge when he knew he was close to having an orgasm. He had Yeolae suck and lick on the tip of his cock head as Heracles slow stroked his cock. Finally Heracles yelled out, sat up and held the back of Yeolae's head to his cock, forcing Yeolae to swallow large loads of his cum. He removed his cock from Yeolae's eager mouth and let it flow all over his abs and chest. He made sure he scooped it up with his hand and swallowed it before Yeolae could. He had to explain to Yeolae that taking in too much of his cum and not being used to it was dangerous and he could actually die from it. Yeolae wasn't sure Heracles was telling him the truth, but then again, he had no idea it was Heracles. That suited Heracles for now since whatever feelings Yeolae had for him were not based on some folklore or reputation. For now, he wasn't Heracles, just a muscle bound guy who found Yeolae very attractive physically and mentally.

Posiden liked what Hera told him and it made sense to him. When she told Posiden that the demigod son of Zeus, Heracles was in close proximity to his sons island and his knowledge and experiences would prove the perfect learning tools for Masodees. Posiden wasn't all that sure it was a good idea to involve a son of Zeus, but Hera told him Zeus would be pleased as it would add to the experience Heracles had gained so far and prepare him well for his eventual place on Mount Olympus, which was to be the final journey for Heracles. Posiden accepted that as reasonable and believed her that Zeus would not be displeased. She shared a vision of what Heracles looked like and how he was now in a boat on a sea under the power of Posiden. Posiden caused winds to blow and waves to move, currents to become very forceful, pushing Heracles to his son's island.

Heracles' boat, washed far ashore, making certain it would not just drift back out to sea on its own. When Heracles woke finally, as he smiled thinking of the feelings he and Yeolae shared in the beginning, he thought it strange that the sky above him was not moving as it should if his boat was moving. There was no rocking to and fro from waves. He sat up and realized he was beached on some land that had strange looking trees and large rocks strewn all over with high mountains it seemed not far away. He jumped from the boat and slowly started to look around, first to make certain it was safe and he wasn't getting himself into another trap and to find any kind of food and fresh water as he was very hungry and thirsty. He found the trees held large clusters of long fruit it seemed which were bananas. He tasted on and like the flavor and sensed it would provide him with some nourishment. It was very warm on the island so he shed all of his furs and only kept on a skin loin cloth. He moved further inland to find fresh water. As he was exploring, he heard the sound that only a waterfall would make as it crashed into a pool of water. He followed the sound and sure enough, there was a large waterfall flowing down from the mountain it seemed that was being caught in a crystal clear pool of water. There were a good number of berries and other fruits growing around the pool of water as well. He dove into the pool as he was hot and sweated from the humid hot air and exerting himself walking through the jungle. The water was very cool and refreshing, tasted sweet and pure. Once he satisfied his thirst, he pushed himself up from the pool and laid under a group of fruit trees that were in a cluster and began to sample each of the fruits. When his body felt sweaty and hot again, he dove into the pool, swam all around it and made note of other interesting fruit trees and also noticed several different fish swimming in the pool. He thought he would find materials needed to fish in the boat, and he was right. There was a fishing pole and a net that he could use to catch a few fish from the pool and possibly some from the beach as the sea always held plenty of fish and other animals that he could eat. He made certain he did not wander very far from where he knew his boat was resting, just in case he encountered more vile creatures as he did after escaping the giants. He saw no real signs of other human or any other type of life around so thought he would be safe at least in the area he explored.

Masodees had been told by Posiden that a demigod would be coming to his island. He was to overpower him, drain him often and even use him for his pleasure, learn all he could from the demigod and do whatever was necessary to keep him subdued. He would be told when he had to release the demigod so as to not offend the father of the demigod who was the ruler of Mount Olympus. Masodees seemed confused, but knew he had to obey his father. He had rarely seen any visitors to his island, other then a few survivors of some ship wreck after a great storm. It took him some time to realize humans were easily damaged and eventually would die from injuries if he wasn't careful. He enjoyed a game of letting them escape his cave and then searching for them all over the island. None ever actually escaped, especially since there was no where to actually run to and no boats that would not sink in the sea quickly. Any boats that were to be found were all damaged beyond repair. This game excited him and he was looking forward to his gift's arrival.

He made it a point to carefully make his rounds around the island to keep an eye out for this demigod. He had no idea what a demigod looked like but somehow he knew he would know him once he drained him, at least that is what his father told him. His keen sense of hearing picked up the sound of splashing in his favorite pool where he swam and ate often. He quietly moved towards the pool and waterfall and spotted a very muscled man swimming in his pool. He frowned thinking someone was using his pool and eating his fruit without asking. He watched with interest at what the man was doing besides swimming. He saw the man catch a fish, take it out of the water and put a stick through it, then put it on a fire the man built. He had never seen that before. The only food from the water he ate was large lobster from the sea, urchins and only large snails in the pool which his father taught him to cook in the steaming hot pools up the mountain where red hot lava flowed freely. He never tried eating any of the fish of the pool or those that lived in the river that crossed the island from the waterfall and pool.

Heracles neither heard nor noticed Masodees. He did feel something strange as though someone was watching him, but could not see anyone, but he kept a watchful eye out, just in case. He learned to be weary of large strangers that pretended to be friends like Dogar did. Masodees waited until it was just about completely dark before quietly sliding his body into the pool opposite from where Heracles was laying. Heracles felt the cool water would help him to sleep comfortably as the humidity stayed high but the heat eased up and a nice breeze seemed to blow from the sea, cooling his body after he swam before going to sleep. He didn't hear Masodees getting into the water as the sounds of the waterfall blocked out any slight sound from being heard. Masodees swam deep and when he was directly under Heracles, latched on to one of his calves and pulled Heracles down under the surface. Heracles began to thrash and kick, struggling to get himself back to the surface and out of the pool, knowing he might have an easier time fighting off whatever it was that had a tight hold on his leg. He could feel the power of whatever it was that was wrapped around his calf, but since Masodees only had 2 fingers and a thumb on his hands, Heracles didn't think it was a hand but some unseen monster from deep in the pool. Masodees took Heracles further and further down as the pool actually was very deep, carved out over centuries by the force of the waterfall. Heracles slowly began to fight less and less as he started to gulp for air but only took in water. When his body went limp, Masodees quickly went to the surface, pulled Heracles out from the pool and knew to push on Heracles' abs and chest to force the water from him. Heracles began to choke and cough, water flowing from his mouth as he gasped for air. He rolled to his side moaning and coughing, eyes closed feeling grateful the pool monster released him. Masodees was stooped down, watching every move of Heracles. He quickly moved Heracles on his back and placed his knee just below Heracles' neck, pulled off his loin cloth and scooped up Heracles' ass in a hand. Heracles seemed like some young child compared to the size of Masodees. His hand easily enveloped all of Heracles' ass cheeks. Heracles panicked and tried to push off Masodees' knee, but there was no chance of that happening. Masodees thought he should drain Heracles to see if this was the demigod his father told him to watch for. It made no difference to Masodees if this wasn't whatever a demigod was, he now had a toy to enjoy for a time. He bent down, sucked in Heracles' cock and worked it over with his tongue and lips. Heracles couldn't help but to moan and groan as the sensations of Masodees' large tongue and mouth were getting more and more pleasurable. Masodees tasted and felt a difference in Heracles' precum then other toys he had. It made him work harder to drain his new toy and then see very close what this one was like. Heracles shouted and swore, trying all he could think of the insult the huge monster that was attempting to drain him. Masodees ignored him completely. Heracles lost the battle to stop from being drained as his cock exploded loads of cum onto Masodees tongue. Masodees even released Heracles' cock when he felt the power surge and his body seemed to gain strength from the cum. He stared at Heracles' throbbing and leaking cock, almost shocked at what it was doing to him. He growled as he sucked it back into his mouth and continued working it over while growling and groaning as the effects just seemed to grow. He forced Heracles to feed him 3 times before releasing the cock from his mouth, his finger then rubbing on the cock head, as he watched Heracles' body jerk and jump with every stroke of his finger tip. He watched Heracles begin to piss for a long time and even took some on his finger to see what it tasted like. There was no special reaction so he felt it was unimportant to him. He moved Heracles so he was bent in half so Masodees could see what his ass was like. He frowned as he spread Heracles' cheeks apart, saw his tight rosebud, looked down at his cock and didn't see how he could use this one without ripping him apart like he did once before. He slid his one finger back and forth over the rosebud and Heracles moaned and tried to wiggle his hips from the grip of Masodees. That interested Masodees since just rubbing his finger over it caused this one to moan as if he was getting some sort of pleasure from it. He spred the ass cheeks further apart and licked between them with his tongue, getting louder moans and groans from Heracles. It became a game to him to see how much he could make Heracles moan and even shout. By accident, his tongue which was really moving across Heracles' rosebud slipped inside past the pulsing rosebud. Heracles' body reacted violently, his shouting became almost constant, so Masodees pushed his tongue deep inside and began to wiggle it around and in and out. Heracles was shouting, panting, screaming, his body shaking wildly as Masodees moved his tongue faster and harder. His lips were pressed hard against Heracles' ass and he started sucking which drove Heracles absolutely wild. Soon, very soon, Heracles was shooting another very large load of his cum which Masodees licked up after releasing Heracles' body from being bent in half. He licked all the cum that was spread from Heracles' face to his abs. The effect on Masodees seemed to be more intense then before. He smiled, laughed and bent Heracles in half again and went back to work with his tongue deeper inside of Heracles. He got another load of cum out of Heracles. His tongue felt strange and he wondered if his finger would be able to do the same thing. He let Heracles' body unbend, pushed his finger deep inside of Heracles and began to move it in and out, twisting and wiggling as close to the movements he did with his tongue. Heracles couldn't catch his breath. He was gasping for air, screaming out moans and his body was jerking in sync with Masodees finger. Masodees watched and was fascinated by what was happening. Again, Heracles shot out another load of his cum, not as large as the previous but enough. Masodees licked it all up, sucked in Heracles' cock and drained all of the cum that was able to come out. Heracles actually passed out, exhausted and weak. Masodees tried shaking Heracles to wake him and give him more of that cum his body reacted to. Finally, he stopped and somehow knew this was the demigod his father told him of. No human could possibly go through what this one had already. He smiled, licked all of Heracles just to be certain there was no left over cum or precum he missed, lifted Heracles with him as he stood up, keeping his finger deep inside of Heracles who he flopped over his shoulder and headed for his cave.

While Heracles was passed out, his mind relived the first time he fully made love to Yeolae. Yeolae knew now who he was but they had been lovers for more then a month before that. Yeolae was constantly on Heracles to take him, make him feel he was a part of Heracles. Heracles finally agreed as he had a harder time over the years denying Yeolae anything he desired. They did their usual passionately slow adoration of each other, making sure each knew how they were loved by the attention and care the other gave to them. Heracles began working on Yeolae's ass with his lips and tongue, moving on to multiple fingers, stretching the ass out as much as possible to hopefully be able to accommodate the thickness of Heracles' cock. Yeolae sat on Heracles' thighs, facing Heracles, playing with his pecs and nipples, kissing him and biting into his neck when the pleasure became overwhelming. Heracles kept his hands on Yeolae's ass cheeks to contol how much of his cock was going inside of Yeolae and how fast. He wanted to be sure Yeolae would not be torn apart or damaged in any way. Yeolae's panting and begging of Heracles to just fuck him like a wild beast was tempting, but Heracles loved Yeolae way to much to take any chances. It seemed to Yeolae to take forever until Heracles' entire cock was deep inside of him. He loved the full feeling he got and how he actually felt he and Heracles were one finally. The feeling for Heracles was just as intense. He had to hold Yeolae's ass tight to stop Yeolae from pounding his body up and down. Heracles just wanted to savor the feeling of having his cock buried deep in his lover, the sensations Yeolae's muscles and insides were causing all over Heracles' cock. He slowly lifted and let down Yeolae all the way up to the head of his cock and then all the way down until his pubes touched Yeolae's ass cheeks. It drove Yeolae completely insane and Heracles was even panting, whining and gasping.

Something jarred Heracles from his slumber. He opened his eyes and it was all dark except for light coming from a large fire. He was naked and his cock and balls felt abused as well as his ass. He felt his ass with his hand and no cum was running from it. Seemed strange since his ass felt like it was fucked and fucked hard by a very large cock. He heard some noises and sat up looking towards the fire. All he saw was the back of this really huge man, over 9' tall, muscled and with lots of bulk, no hair on his head and strange looking hands and feet. The man was naked, had a hairy ass, legs, shoulders, back and forearms, so he assumed he also had a hairy chest and abs. He spotted the man's very large, low hanging orange sized balls and what had to be the backside of a very thick, long cock. He went to stand up but fell down as he was really weak. He immediately knew he was drained an awful lot for him to be as weak as he felt. When he fell down, the man turned quickly and had a large smile on his face which in the light of the fire, Heracles noticed he only had one large eye at the top of his nose where there should have been 2 eyes. The man had a very thick chest, large aureoles and nipples with a thick layer of hair on his chest, abs, pubes and indeed his cock was a fierce weapon of destruction to be sure. Heracles thought about it and remembered hearing of strange one eyed creatures called cyclops. He thought he was told they were sons of Posiden but wasn't sure. If it were true, then this one was a demigod also.

Ahhh, so toy awake, good, me have more,” Masodees said in a deep booming voice that echoed in the cave as he stomped towards Heracles.

Wait, who are you? Why do you have me here?” Heracles asked while backing up.

Me Masodees son of Posiden. You mine. I keep till father says to let you go free. Maybe never I hope,” Masodees said with a smile and some drool. “Come to me, I take now.”

Heracles figured he was going to be drained again and wasn't going to give in so freely. He looked to his left and right, couldn't see what was right so he figured that it went farther then the left side where he could see reflections of the fire. He slowly backed in that direction and then began to try and run. He couldn't run fast as he was weak, but he thought he had some chance. Masodees liked this. The demigod liked to play but had to be punished for not obeying Masodees. Masodees reached for a club he fashioned from a fallen banana tree, started to run after Heracles. When he saw the shiny sweat on his skin reflecting the fire, he threw the club and it hit Heracles on the small of his back and ass, sending him flying and then hitting the ground hard, his back letting him know he was in pain.

Masodees straddled Heracles' body, looking at where Heracles was reaching to know just where he was hurting. He smiled when he saw his arm reaching for the small of his back. He reached down, grabbed Heracles by his calf and lifted him high in the air.

You no listen, must punish,” Masodees said happily.

He swung his arm and Heracles' back slammed hard into a rocky surface jutting out from the wall of the cave. Heracles yelled out in pain. Masodees reached his arm far back and slammed it hard into the small of Heracles' back, further aggravating the pain Heracles felt. Masodees did that 3 times before walking back towards his bed of ferns and large leaves and the fire burning in a fire bowl with symbols of Posiden all around it. Masodees put his finger all the way in his mouth, moved it against Heracles' ass and pushed it in all the way. Heracles screamed and his body jerked hard, feeling even more pain in his back. Masodees sat down on his bed, held Heracles across his lap facing up with his finger fucking Heracles. It did indeed feel as if a very large cock was fucking him. When it wiggled inside of him, his vital organs were pushed this way and that, not a painless feeling. Masodees watched Heracles' body as he wiggled his finger and moved it in and out. Heracles' muscles were bulging, flexing, tensing, shaking, showing off his powerful physique. Keeping his finger inside Heracles, he put his other hand under the small of Heracles' back and lifted up, bending Heracles' upper body backwards toward the ground, putting pressure on the damaged small of his back as he sucked in Heracles' cock and balls. He drained Heracles of 3 loads of cum before dropping him down on the bed and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He reached down and lifted a large jar like container and took a few long drinks. It was like a beer his father showed him how to make from the fruit on the island. He turned to see what Heracles was doing. All he was doing is moan and gasp, his breathing very fast, his body completely covered with a thick layer of sweat.

Father say use you, I do now,” Masodees said.

He pulled Heracles off the bed and held him upside down while using his 2 thumbs to spread Heracles' ass cheeks very far apart, and began attacking Heracles' ass with his tongue and lips. Once he felt he had stretched out Heracles' rosebud and sphincter enough with is tongue, he turned to his fingers. First one then another. The pain was almost too much for Heracles to bear. Masodees also had Heracles laying on his hard leaking cock and began rubbing Heracles up and down it holding him tight with one hand, the other with fingers inside his ass. Heracles became covered in a thick layer of Masodees precum, loads of it getting inside of Heracles' mouth. Since Masodees was indeed a demigod, it had an effect on Heracles, though not like his had on Masodees. His helped to weaken Heracles and make his skin and muscles much more sensitive to pain and pleasure. Masodees began to breath heavy and even pant. He quickly flipped Heracles over, removed his fingers from his ass and pushed Heracles' ass on to the head of his cock, pushing hard to get the entire top of his cock head pushed passed Heracles' rosebud and sphincter. He bellowed loudly, growled and panted as his cock started flooding Heracles with his cum. It hit so hard inside Heracles he could feel it actually push things that were trying to return to their normal spots after Masodees' fingers pushed things around. Heracles could feel his abs swelling as the thick cum kept filling him. When Masodees finally stopped, he kept Heracles in place as he stroked his cock to push out every drop of his cum inside of Heracles' ass. Heracles' body was limp on top of Masodees cock. From being drained of his cum plus being filled with Masodees cum in his ass, it was the same effect as when he was fully fucked before, his weakness increased, his former power was sucked from him with his cum and given to the one who drained him of it. Heracles knew how this feels from all the experiences he has had on his ill fated exploration of the lands north of Greece.

Masodees dumped him finally off his bed and went to sleep. Heracles was out for some time before finally sitting up and deciding he had to get away from Masodees quickly. He quietly walked past Masodees across from the fire to what he knew to be the entrance to the cave. There was a very large boulder blocking the entrance. He actually tried to move it, but he was much to weak. He turned when he heard Masodees laughing.

You move stone, I watch,” Masodees laughed. “Maybe need more good from me?”

Masodees didn't wait for any answer but got up, easily pulled Heracles up in the air by his arm and went back to lay on his bed. He stroked his cock as he bounced Heracles' body against it, even holding Heracles tight to it with both hands as he stroked him up and down. Just before he was going to have his orgasm, he grabbed Heracles by the back of his head and neck, pushed his face down on the tip of his cock and then the flood of cum began shooting into and all over the face of Heracles. Heracles couldn't breath as he was drowning from the volume of cum flooding his mouth, nose and entire face, running down his chest, abs, cock, legs, even around his shoulders and down his back and ass. Masodees would lift him up just enough to let him take in a long breath and then shove him back down again. Heracles' abs were again distended as he was being filled with cum. When Masodees finished, he grabbed Heracles by his sides in both hands, had his thumbs against Hercles' abs and started to hard rub them up and down and across, like he was trying to squeeze something out of Heracles' body. What he was doing was making sure Heracles' body absorbed all of his cum to keep him docile, fed, increase his muscle and skin sensitivity to pleasure and pain. He finally used one hand to hard rub in all the cum that covered Heracles' body into his skin, from head to the bottom of his feet. When Heracles' cock got hard from the rubbing in of the cum, Masodees took it into his mouth again and drained Heracles 2 more times. Heracles was unconscious yet again, weaker and unable to put up any meaningful resistance.

Hera made sure she was able to watch what Masodees was doing to Heracles. Everyone in Olympus noticed how suddenly she was totally out of her character by being cheerful and pleasant. Both Mercury and Mars, although very busy themselves with the trouble Hera caused them, knew by her changed attitude that Heracles was suffering somewhere thanks to Hera.

Soon, Masodees knew Heracles was not going anywhere quickly and he could easily snatch him up whenever he wished to drain him and fill him with his cum, so he removed the boulder blocking the cave entrance and dragged Heracles to the pool and waterfall. He casually threw Heracles into the pool before he himself jumped in and swam around, occasionally watching what Heracles would do. Masodees never stopped Heracles from eating fruit or bananas. He remembered watching Heracles cook and eat a fish and told him he wanted to see how he did that. Heracles didn't respond quick enough and Masodees backhanded Heracles with force, sending him flying into the air and smacking a palm tree with his full back.

I say, you do or punish,” Masodees bellowed at Heracles. “Show now fish, catch, eat.”

Heracles forced himself to get off the ground and ignore as best he could the pain all down his back. He found the net and pole he used, decided on the net and quickly caught a few fish. He showed Masodees how he built a fire and skewer the fish on dead branches, placing them on the fire. When he knew they were cooked, he pealed off the skin, split the meat from the bony insides and handed it to Masodees. Masodees smelled it, moved his finger through it and finally put it in his mouth. He was amazed at the taste and wanted more. Heracles prepared the other fishes and Masodees ate them all, leaving Heracles one small fish to eat. Heracles told Masodees they could catch bigger fish from the boat in the sea with the net but Masodees didn't like the idea of letting Heracles anywhere near the working boat he came in. Whenever Heracles seemed to have more energy and move around more, Masodees grabbed him and drained him. Sometimes pulling and stretching Heracles' arms legs or body just to give him pain and let him know he could anytime he wished. His favorites were to either put Heracles' head in the crook of his arm and pull his arm tight with his other hand, squeezing Heracles' head between his hard bicep and forearm. Or he would squeeze Heracles in a bear hug until he couldn't breath and passed out gasping. He would hold Heracles inside his thighs while laying down and stretch out his legs, making his thighs hard and tight, crushing Heracles' body in between them. It was all to keep Heracles weak and subjugated as his father told him to do.

He decided to do something different with Heracles. He made Heracles use his arms and body to jerk Masodees cock rather then him having to expend the energy stroking his own cock. When he was going to cum, he either put Heracles' ass on his cock or pushed his mouth onto it. Either way, Heracles had to work for his meal which Masodees though funny.

The toll of the constant draining and filling with Masodees cum was taking quite a toll on Heracles. He was lucky when he could walk. His body was not starving just weak as it never had any chance at rebuilding itself. Heracles couldn't even remember who he was now and why he was a prisoner of Masodees.

Mercury could not stand not knowing what happened to Heracles. He knew full well from the change in Hera's mood, she had to have done something to Heracles that was making him suffer. He found Mars, busy with helping the city that pledged itself to him fight off invading marauders, entirely set up by Hera of course. He told him he was going to find Heracles since he knew Hera had set something up to make Heracles feel her full hatred and lust for revenge. Mars was torn between going with Mercury or staying on to help his worshipers. He felt he could not abandon them as thanks to his help they were driving the invaders back and almost winning the war; should he leave them now, surely the invaders would triumph and he would be looked upon as a useless god. Mercury told him he needed to stay as he could seek out Heracles on his own and it would be very bad for Mars' reputation if a city known all around for its dedication and worship of Mars for his aide and assistance fell to an enemy who did not recognize or know of the gods of Olympus. Mars was furious that he could not help Mercury to find his adopted brother. Lucky for the city that called him their protector, he directed his rage to the invaders.

Mercury decided the best way he could look for Heracles was by trying to follow the path Heracles was walking or riding. He immediately went to the lands of Bornic where they last rescued Heracles. There seemed to be only one path that Heracles would take, over mountains that looked somewhat foreboding, making them even more tempting for Heracles Mercury knew. He carefully entered the lands over the mountains, knowing full well he was in the territory of another god's and not any part of Olympus. He changed his shape often and luckily found the hut of Baldoran, the giant that saved Heracles from his brother's brutality on behalf of his father Mugdok and Hera. He noticed something in the shelter that did indeed belong to Heracles. He watched as Baldoran picked it up, smelled it and rubbed it along his cheek gently and sweetly. Mercury felt that Baldoran had indeed encountered Heracles and had become very fond of him. Mercury changed his shape which startled Baldoran.

Please, I mean you no harm. I am looking for a brother of mine called Heracles, have you seen him?” Mercury said in his voice to keep one calm and easily questioned.

Heracles, Baldor take do bad. Father Mugdok and mother Hera have Baldor do bad. I get back set free in pool. Miss Heracles much,” Baldoran said sadly.

Did you say Hera?” Mercury had to clarify to be certain he heard correctly.

Heracles Hera. She do bad lots. Get Mugdok have Baldor do bad, hurt,” Baldoran said shaking his head as it hung down.

Do you know where Heracles went?” Mercury asked.

Down fall, not know where,” Baldoran said sadly.

Mercury felt bad for Baldoran and from what he gathered, this giant saved Heracles from the hate of Hera so therefore he liked him and wanted to help him not feel so sad. He thought about it and changed his form into a bird with sparkling feathers and flew around and around Baldoran's head, very fast. Baldoran was fascinated by the blur of sparkling light the pretty bird was making around his head. Before he knew it, he fell down on his back on his bed and was into a deep sleep. Mercury planted suggestions into Baldoran's ear to be happy, content and have good memories of Heracles. Satisfied he helped the one who helped Heracles, he quickly flew out in the direction of the pool Baldoran told him of and pointed in its direction. Mercury looke around the vast cavern with the pool and heard the overflow. When he was above it, he saw it was a very large waterfall that was falling down a long, long mountain cliff churning into a very rapid flowing river. He followed the river until he spotted the rack that Heracles built to dry his furs. A skin and fur were still there, near the heat of the lava stones slowly falling from up the cliff high up. He smelled them and knew it belonged to Heracles. He spotted the bodies of the dwarfs that were in a very decomposed condition, but yet, he picked up the scent of Heracles' cum. Footprints were still in the sand that indicated a large man moving towards the shoreline, and a ridge in the sand to indicate a boat was pushed into the river. He followed the river until he spotted the pier now in shambles where Dogar hid the boat and Heracles took it to escape. Quickly finding the hut of Dogar and seeing it in shambles, he knew no one was there for some time. In addition, he picked up a vile scent which he was not familiar with but knew belonged to something dangerous. For some reason, he decided to continue following the river, looking here and there for any clues that Heracles stopped somewhere. He was just about to go back up the river to more carefully look when he saw the river opened up into a large sea. He knew Heracles would definitely head for the sea thinking it would get him home to Greece. He quickly flew in the direction the current was moving and spotted a large island in the distance. He carefully approached the island and spotted a boat. Examining the boat he picked up the scent of Heracles which made him smile. He wanted to just change form into a super giant and shout for Heracles but decided that was not the best course of action to take just yet. He changed shape and flew as a bird back and forth until he spotted a beautiful pool fed by a long flowing waterfall. It was so sparkling clear with all manner of fruit and berries all around. He spotted something truly out of place and went to examine it. It was a fire pit with skewers for fish, definitely in the Greek style. So Heracles was indeed here. As he more closely examined the area he saw large 3 toe's footprints knowing immediately they were from a cyclops, a son of Posiden. He decided to wait around in a tree to see if the cyclops appeared by the pool. His patience was rewarded as the Cyclops came stomping to the pool, with a very poor looking Heracles dragged behind him. Heracles was slumped over, his face was drawn and his legs barely moved enough to make him move forward. Mercury watched the cruelty of the cyclops as he tossed Heracles into the pool, jumped in, dunked Heracles over and over, hard rubbed his body and then drained him harshly several times, then attempted to cause Heracles' body explode by pushing his cock at the hole of Heracles' ass filling it with so much cum, Heracles' entire abdomen swelled. Mercury could watch no more.

Who are you to be treating the son of Zeus so poorly?” Mercury said changing into his full god of Olympus glory.

You no belong, go away,” Masodees yelled in shock as he was completely startled by the sudden apparition of Mercury.

You will release him at once,” Mercury boomed.

No, father say I keep till he say,” Masodees boomed back, snatching up Heracles around his neck and lifting him off the ground ready to run if need be.

Your father cannot go against the will of Zeus, none of we gods can,” Mercury tried to reason. “It would go much better for you if you just give him up to me and I will see to it you are not punished much.”

No you go,” Masodees yelled as he ran back to his cave.

Mercury was startled by how roughly Masodees handled Heracles and knew if he pushed too hard, Heracles would surely be damaged in the process. He quickly discovered that Masodees was not very intelligent and would be a waste to try and reason with him. He wasn't sure what he could do. After giving it much thought, he finally decided the only way to free Heracles was to force Posiden to order him to turn him over to Mercury. He could not force Posiden to do that, however, Zeus most certainly could. Besides, he felt it was time Zeus became fully aware of the treachery of Hera and her constant punishment of Heracles to satisfy her need for revenge on Zeus. He instantly transported himself to Olympus and came to the seat of Zeus. He told Zeus what was happening to Heracles and how he had been on a quest to find his fate without seeking the aide of Zeus. He only wished to make Zeus proud of his accomplishments and besides that, he was completely bored with his life in Greece. Zeus was completely shocked that he was unable to see all of the things that were happening in Heracles' life. The only reason he could think of was somehow Hera had blocked all images of Heracles real state by substituting ones of her own creation. Zeus immediately called for the presence of both Hera and Posiden.

When Posiden arrived, he was nervous once he saw Hera at the foot of the throne of Zeus rather then close on his side.

Mercury has enlightened me as to the plot you Hera have waged against Heracles without my permission or knowledge. You Posiden, allowed this witch of evil to seduce you into believing I would somehow approve of a trial for Heracles hatched by her and you? I have a mind to destroy your son and cause untold misery and hardship on all your sons for this outrage against my flesh and blood,” Zeus thundered with a very evil and angered look.

I beg you Zeus, I had no intent to harm Heracles. Hera made so bewitched me that I fell for her deceit. Forgive me lord and I will make things right again, giving Heracles my constant protection and aide from now on as if he were my own son,” Posiden said with a very low bow.

You groveling coward. You call yourself a mighty god?!!!” Hera screamed at Posiden.

SILENCE WITCH!,” Zeus' voice boomed with super loud claps of thunder and bolts of lightening knocking her to the floor screaming. “You are now banished from Olympus, all powers removed. You will live on an isolated island as the witch you truly have become. Out of my sight witch!”

Instantly Hera was gone, waking on a horrid looking island, dark and dreary, a perfect place to match her evil. She tried to get herself to another location but quickly discovered Zeus' punishment was as he said. She no longer had any powers as a goddess of Olympus. She fell hard to the ground, pounding her fists, crying, screaming and cursing Zeus and Heracles for her new fate.

All of the other gods were witness to what was said and done, getting a very good lesson on the punishment of Zeus for not being loyal to him.

Go now Posiden with Mercury and have your son Masodees release Heracles to the care of Mercury. I will grant you pardon for your treachery, but no more after this. Go quickly so my son suffers no further,” Zeus ordered.

Both Mercury and Posiden bowed and backed away from the throne of Zeus and then were gone in a bright flash of light. They appeared outside the cave of Masodees where he was hiding with Heracles tight against his body.

Masodees, come into my presence,” Posiden ordered.

Masodees shivered when he heard the anger in the tone of his father and knew he best not delay. He put Heracles down and rolled back the boulder blocking the entrance to his cave. Heracles was laying on his side, moaning after the crushing hold Masodees had on him against his body. Masodees was shocked when he saw Mercury as he saw him before standing with his father.

Give Heracles to Mercury without delay unless you wish more punishment then you have ever felt before,” Posiden boomed.

Masodees jumped, ran into the cave and carried out Heracles in his arms, walked over to Mercury and slid Heracles' body into his outstretched arms.

I only do as you said,” Masodees whined.

Yes and because of that you are spared the punishment of Zeus as am I,” Posiden boomed. “Now go, forget of this and live as you have till now.”

Masodees walked slowly back to his cave, the memory of Heracles slowly being wiped from his simple brain by his father.

Mercury's heart sank as he looked down at Heracles. He held him gently to his body and kissed his head, getting a sense of how weak and poor Heracles' body was now.

I must take him to heal as he his very bad Posiden. Hopefully he will heal completely and not have any effects on his being from all of this,” Mercury said without any smile.

Yes, go and let me know if there is anything you need to make it so,” Posiden said touching Heracles' foot and then Mercury's shoulder.

Mercury vanished, went to his special place and began to work on healing Heracles' body and mind. Soft, gentle loving was going to do much more then any potions on Heracles. He knew Mars would come to help him and between the 2 of them, Heracles would be back to his old self and even better very soon indeed.