Heracles Tales….


The following is a complete work of fiction.  Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental.  Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission.
The following story contains erotic homosexual situations.  If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now.

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Heracles was tired of the traditional games. It was years since when young he completed the trials he would become known for in the future. He and his long time companion Yeolae shared many adventures, but alas, his close friend was not a demigod and died at the hands of the fearsome cyclops Crimilus. Family life wasn't for him anymore as his stepmother Hera made certain any relationship that was budding for him failed miserably. The games were now routine, he won, no real competition. It seemed to him, there was no one in the entire world who could defeat him, he was after all the son of Zeus. At 6' 8” he towered over most mortal men and at 310 lbs of rock solid muscle, no mortal was capable of besting him. He even tired of the adulation paid by both men and women, sexual favors offered from both. He had no interest in being in the service of another king since they usually ended up feeling threatened by him as if he wanted the misery of ruling a kingdom. Personal wealth held no meaning for him, he just looked at it as something to tie one down and begin seeking more, all to no end it seemed to him.

So, he decided to take what little he kept and needed for traveling, decided he would see what lay North and West of his long time home of Greece. Outside of the Macedonians north of Greece, little was known about what was there. Rumors of rugged barbarians and fierce monsters as always filled in for the lack of knowledge. Seemed strange to him that no one who ever ventured past the Macedonian lands ever returned or at least never told what they saw. He would travel there and see for himself what mystery lay hidden all these years.

His pride puffed up even more so when even at the last village within the Macedonian lands, people knew of him and made all manner of feasting to celebrate the visit of the famous Heracles, son of Zeus. A wealthy man provided Heracles with a very strong, young stallion as a gift for spending the night in his villa and allowing him to sexually explore his body and leave a large deposit of his sperm within the confines of the man. Another woman provided him with two young girls of child baring years which he slept with one night, the idea being he would impregnate both of them and they would bare the children of Heracles. It mattered little to him, he probably had many children throughout Greece as many of the wealthy paid well for the same favor. No matter, he was pleased he now had a steed to ride rather then walking, which would allow him to cover much more ground. The man even provided him with large furs to keep him warm should he encounter cold, wintry weather along his travels.

He took in the varied landscapes he encountered as he kept traveling North and West. The trees and mountains all seemed different. He even spotted some animals that he had never seen before. He dined well when he got hungry as hunting game was second nature for him. He laughed when he thought about it as he also thought, of course he is a skilled hunter. After about 5 days of traveling, he began to wish he had taken someone with him on the journey. Someone like Yeolae would be great company and provide sexual relief as well. No matter he found a river of lake to swim in nude and relieve himself then lay on his furs as he watched the stars slowly stroking his massive cock until he yelled out as his cum exploded on to his body. He of course scooped up what he could and rubbed the rest back into his body, some what of a habit after taking the cum from so many opponents to weaken them before total defeat and then taking their ass by force, the act of complete domination and superiority. If it felt that good to get relief and it could weaken one so easily, it was something special to be sure, a real gift from the gods themselves. Besides, he also knew that should anyone happen to somehow defeat him and take his cum from him, they would gain power from it as he was weakened. If he happened to then have his ass taken, his weakness would be increased and strength not return until the rising of the next full moon. He had no idea why that was the case, he just knew it was never going to happen.

He finally came to a mountain range that was the largest he had ever seen. He found what seemed to be a sort of trail leading in a winding path towards the mountain itself, obviously a way to cross it. He had no desire to give up his steed which he named Pride as his walk looked as if he was letting all know how strong and proud he was. Heracles felt it was only proper he had such a horse. It seemed to take quite awhile to move higher and higher up the mountain. He let Pride rest and feed a bit from any small meadow they found on the way. The streams running down from the mountain were crisp and clear, colder then any streams or rivers in Greece. It was refreshing to be sure. He picked a meadow with high thick grasses that Pride seemed to enjoy, and bushes loaded with various kinds of berries to rest for the night. He spread out his furs, took the saddle and harness off of Pride and let him roam and romp in the meadow. He removed his clothes, a skin of a bull shirt and skirt, the straps that held his sword and was held together by the golden clasp he won in a tournament. It felt good to be free of the encumbrance of clothing. He gave much thought to just wearing his light undergarment rather then all the other things that were normal coverings for men. Yes, that he would do as the sun seemed very strong and easily kept him warm. He went to the stream and splashed water on his body, washing himself using a hand full of moss from the rocks in the stream. It gave him chills but it felt so good. He decided to lay down so the rushing water flowed from his head to his feet. He yelled out and laughed as his body reacted to the cold water running over his shoulders, across his body and legs. The shrinkage of his balls and cock made him laugh even more.

So, my champions fear the waters of the mountain eh?” he said out loud as he laughed a hearty laugh.

Pride came to the stream as if to see what he was carrying on about. Pride drank and stomped his hoof into the stream as he shook his head before laying down and doing a quick roll in the stream, jumping up and running full force back to the meadow. Heracles again bellowed out a long hearty laugh. His nightly routine of getting relief seemed to be more forceful and exciting for some unknown reason. He decided it was the result of his laying in the mountain stream and letting it run over his body. He ate berries and some dried meat he had, as he decided not to chance injuring Pride hunting on the steep terrain. He had a very good sleep and woke up all covered in his furs which he must have pulled over him during the night. He stretched, walked naked toward the meadow and ate berries as he went. It felt so refreshing to have the breezes kissing his body as it were, his balls getting tight up to his body. Pride whined out a number of times as he charged toward Heracles. Heracles hugged Prides neck and patted him as he spoke to him.

Are you enjoying the meadow grasses and cold water stream?” he asked.

Pride seemed to respond which made Heracles laugh again.

I am happy you are pleased. We will leave to continue our journey while we have the benefit of the sun.”

Pride agreed it seemed. Heracles rolled up his furs and clothing, tied his sandals on and put the harness and saddle back on Pride. They slowly went back on the trail up the mountain, Heracles hoping he could cross over the peak before dark thinking there would be meadows on the other side just as this side had. They both seemed to just take in all the scenery and fresh crisp air which Heracles like the feel of on his body warmed by the sun. When they came around a bend, Heracles stopped Pride and looked at this wall and gate in front of them with a shrine of some sort to the side, almost at the edge of the land before dropping far down the mountain. It seemed very strange to Heracles that such a structure was here. He wondered if it was the entry to some sort of village which seemed strange because they came across no one or saw any sign of other humans as they traveled. Pride suddenly seemed to become nervous, turning around going in this direction and then the other, stomping his hoofs and making all manner of noises. Heracles knew this meant something was not quite right and he needed to be on the defensive. He dismounted Pride and held on to the reigns as he slowly approached the wooden gate.

Suddenly the gate opened and this very large, tall man appeared. He had long hair on his head, thick skin sandals on his feet, an animal hide loincloth and a very serious look on his face. He had to be at least 7' tall and definitely weighed more then 300 lbs. His body was hairy and he had a very muscled body which impressed Heracles. He had fought a few large monsters in his time but this one had a really dangerous look about him. Pride for sure did not like him at all.

What are you doing in my lands?” the giant bellowed as he stood with his legs spread apart and his fists on his hips, obviously flexing to let Heracles know of his strength.

Just crossing over this mountain,” Heracles said calmly. “I had no knowledge of you owning this land. I merely wish to pass and continue on my journey.”

We'll see about your journey,” the giant laughed. “What do you have to pay me for letting you pass through my lands?”

Pay you?” Heracles put on his angry face. “Heracles pays no man for passage through any lands. I am Heracles of Thebes and champion of all Greece and lands around. I wish you no harm but I will pass through your lands.”

Heracles? Never heard of him,” the giant laughed. “You will pay or I will take a price from you. Give me this animal and I may think about letting you pass.”

Maybe you have difficulty hearing what I said,” Heracles said somewhat impatient. “Heracles pays NO mortal for passing through his lands.”

You will pay, I promise you Herbacus,” the giant laughed.

Heracles idiot,” Heracles hissed and becoming impatient with this fool, moved forward and went to punch the giant in his face, hopefully knocking him out so he could just move on.

The giant moved quickly and caught Heracles wrist in on hand and threw a very forceful and hard punch into the lower ribs of Heracles which knocked out the air from his lungs and took him down to one knee. The giant quickly grabbed Heracles by his hair and jammed his knee in hard a number of times making Heracles see stars. He was completely unprepared for the force of this giant. The giant then moved away from Heracles and lashed out with his leg sending Heracles backward his head looking toward the sky. Before Heracles could go back down to one knee, the giant kicked hard into Heracles ribs that he punched before, kicked into Heracles chest with a lot of force behind the kicks. Heracles felt as if he was being hit with a boulder. The giant stopped kicking and Heracles fell down to the ground, stopping his fall with his knees and arms. The giant moved behind Heracles, reached down and grabbed Heracles' arm and twisted it hard before pounding his fist and forearm hard into the arm and shoulder of Heracles, adding a number of hard blows to the head of Heracles. Heracles was stunned that he felt pain and was so quickly taken off guard. Before he could rally his thoughts, the giant pulled him into a kneeling position by his hair and latched his one arm across Heracles throat while his other hand dug his fingers into Heracles throat, pushed his jaw up and sealed it with his palm. The only way Heracles could breath was through his nose and that wasn't giving him enough for what his body was reacting to.

The giant moved his hand from Heracles' throat and locked Heracles head up against his rock hard bulging bicep and used his other hand to put more pressure on to the arm over Heracles' throat and the side of his head. The pressure and jerked squeezing the giant was doing was quickly giving Heracles pain as if his head were going to be smashed in a vice. When Heracles felt he was going to actually loose conciousness, he tried to continue his struggle to pull the giant's arm away from his throat and free his crushed head. The more he tried the harder the giant jerked and squeezed until finally Heracles' arms slowly began to move slower and slower until he couldn't even lift them up to grab on to the giant's forearm. The giant laughed and then released his grip on Heracles who fell face first hard to the ground. The giant then kicked Heracles' arms out from his body, stooped down and latched his hands on to the chin and mouth of Heracles, after moving Heracles' arms over his thighs. Heracles tried to scream out in pain as the giant pulled his hands tight, snapping Heracles' head back while in the vice grip on his head and the giant pulling backward, his ass pushing on the small of Heracles' back. The pain was something Heracles had never really experienced before. He had a harder and harder time breathing and besides his head pounding from the pressure, the small of his back was now in the same pain realm. The giant would slightly ease up by moving his body somewhat forward but then jerk hard backwards, putting all that more pressure and pain on Heracles. The punishment seemed to go on for hours so Heracles felt. He actually had tears running down his cheeks from the amount of pain his back and head were feeling.

The giant suddenly just let go of Heracles and let his body snap hard to the ground as he began kicking and stomping on the small of Heracles' back. He kicked Heracles over on to his back and dropped the weight of his body on the throat of Heracles with his knee. Heracles reached for his throat trying to help take in some air as it seemed his throat was blocked. The giant reached down, stood Heracles up still holding his throat and slammed his arms hard around the back of Heracles, putting him into a tight bear hug. He straightened out his body and leaned a bit backwards, easily lifting Heracles off the ground so his own body weight was adding to the pain. The giant laughed as he jerked from side to side, released some pressure and then clamped his arms tighter around Heracles. The damage done to the small of his back and the inability to take in much air was taking its toll. The more the giant clamped his arms tighter, the less space Heracles had to use his abdominal muscles to suck in air. After it seemed the giant felt he had damaged Heracles' back enough, he loosend his grip letting Heracles' body slide down in his arms until his arms were wrapped around Heracles' chest. He again jerked and shook Heracles like a doll as he grunted and put on even more pressure. Now the pain was spreading through Heracles' chest, his ribs beginning to feel like they would actually be smashed to pieces, in addition to now being prevented from even using his chest to take in air. His chest couldn't expand and was being squeezed harder and tighter with each hard jerk side to side. Somehow, the giant pulled him so tight into his body, his chin was now pushing down on Heracles' shoulder. Heracles could hear and feel the breath of the giant on his ear and the side of his face, his growls louder and louder as he continued to jerk, shake and squeeze.

Heracles could feel himself getting weaker and weaker but there was nothing he could do to relieve the pain or get free of the giants grip. Slowly his head became harder and harder to stay up and his face began to flop down on to the shoulder of the giant. That made the giant roar and laugh and somehow jerk and squeeze even harder. The giant could hear and feel the gasps for air Heracles was making and how little his chest was moving. Heracles' arms were already limp hanging down over the giant's bulging arms and his head was now flopping from side to side on the giant's shoulder with each jerk. The giant released his hold on Heracles watching him fall hard to the ground and not move. He fell down into a kneeling position, his ass hitting the small of the back on Heracles hard as he lifted his arms and head and bellowed out a prayer it seemed of thanksgiving to some god or goddess. Heracles only hear a soft sound and ringing in his ears as he was going fully unconscious.

The giant lifted Heracles, took him over to what Heracles thought was a shrine, placed thick iron shackles on Heracles' wrist, bound his ankles to a thick heavy board that kept Heracles' legs spread wide and angled back from his body. There was no way Heracles could pull himself free even if his strength returned as he would be unable to keep his balance. In effect he was floating on an angle from this shrine. Behind his back a very huge shield was hanging with sharp spikes over it, which would give Heracles quite a lot of pain if he moved the wrong way. The giant went inside the gate and returned with a wide bowl and placed it on the shrine ground stone in between Heracles' spread out legs. He then knelt down, again raised and spread wide his arms, lifted up his head toward the sky and began just about yelling out a prayer of thanksgiving it seemed. Heracles had no idea how long he was out but he quickly shook his head to clear it when he felt a rough large hand stroking his cock and patting his balls from beneath. He quickly looked at his shackled arms, felt the sharp spikes on his back and saw the head of the giant kneeling beneath him, working seriously on Heracles' cock. Heracles tried jerking but he had little room for movement and the spikes against his back performed their task easily and quickly. He screamed out every possible insult and curse he could think of at the giant who just kept stroking his cock and patting his balls. He screamed out when inspite of his trying to stop himself, he began shooting large loads of cum which the giant caught in the large bowl. Heracles noticed the bowl had already been partially filled with his cum so this must have been going on for some time already. The giant yelled out his prayer again and laughed as he went right back to jerking Heracles' cock and smacking his balls now. The giant must have been satisfied he had a sufficient amount of Heracles' cum in the bowl for whatever his purpose was, because he sat down, moved closer to Heracles, moved his arms around Heracles' waist, clawing his fingers on to the ass cheeks of Heracles and devoured his cock. He began working on the cock with his tongue, teeth and entire mouth, tightening his throat now and again to squeeze and rub on Heracles' cock head while he growled, sending shock waves up Heracles' body. All Heracles could do was turn his head and scream and shout obscenities as the giant drained a number more loads of his cum, now into his throat. Heracles was quickly finding out that what he knew about someone taking his cum was at least having the said effect on him. He could actually feel his strength leaving him and felt the grip of the giant on his ass cheeks getting more and more powerful.

Finally, the giant released his tight painful grip on Heracles' ass cheeks, moved away from Heracles and stood up, patting his abs and smiling widely at Heracles.

So, my new slave and pleasure toy has lived up to what I was promised. Are you happy to be of such service to your new master Heracles?” the giant smiled broadly.

There was no mistaking the look of pure hatred Heracles gave the giant as he screamed out, “I am no slave to a mere mortal you cursed escapee of Hades.”

The giant immediately lost the broad smile from his face, moved closer to Heracles, grabbed the back of Heracles' head in on hand and swung his other arm far back with his hand in a tight fist.

It seems you are slow in learning your place mighty Heracles,” the giant growled. “I will help you to learn your first lesson slave.”

With that, the giant proceeded to pound into Heracles with his fist, his hand holding the back of Heracles head tight preventing him from moved away from any of the many blows to his head. Heracles was almost in a panic as he felt the pain building from each and every blow, something he wouldn't pay much attention to in the past. He even allowed an opponent to get in a number of hard blows just to make it seem to be a good fight. Not so now, this was what he imagined his former opponents felt when he put on his assault. He gasped and choked as blow after blow hit his abs, pecs, ribs, head, face and arms.

The giant stopped, moved to the side of Heracles and took his chin into his other hand, the one still holding a tight painful grip on the back of Heracles' head.

Let me look at my handiwork mighty Heracles,” the giant laughed. “It would seem that the mighty Heracles is bruised and in some amount of pain. Strange, I thought he was mighty and unbeatable. I am going to enjoy punishing you and taking away your manhood Heracles. Am I the first to do so? I'm certain I am.”

Heracles again let out a whole bunch of curses and insults as the giant just laughed and occasionally licked the sweat and blood from Heracles' face.

So, my slave is desiring me to take his manhood I see. Well as a special treat for giving up your strength to me, I will do my best,” the giant said as he moved his hand up and down Heracles' body, squeezing and massaging his pecs and pinching his nipples, completely ignoring the insults and curses of Heracles.

The giant moved behind Heracles after landing a few hard punches into Heracles' cock and balls, unhooked the large shield behind Heracles moved his body up against the back of Heracles his arms under the outstretched arms of Heracles, playing with his pecs as if Heracles was a women being prepared for mating. Heracles had very little room to move his body as his legs and arms were stretched wide and the giant had him tight against his body, purposely moving his huge, thick rock hard, leaking cock up and down the lower back of Heracles.

Are you ready now Heracles? I know this is going to be most painful and will make you so much more weaker then you are right now. I will fully enjoy seeing your manhood disappear. You will no longer be a man Heracles, only a worthless slave for the pleasure of his new master. I am your new god slave. You will feel the power of your master and know you are no longer a man.”

Without any further discussion, the giant stooped down a bit, lined up the head of his cock inside the ass cheeks of Heracles and jerked himself up hard, pushing his cock full force inside of Heracles' virgin ass. Heracles' eyes went wide and filled with tears, his mouth was as wide open as he could get it and no sound was coming out as his lungs emptied of air at the pain and shock of the thick monster cock pushing hard inside him.

Praise to Hera, you are a virgin slave,” the giant screamed into Heracles' ear as he drooled, licked and bit on his ear, neck and shoulder, squeezing Heracles' body tight into his. “Remember how you were once a man, you are no longer slave.”

Finally Heracles took in a deep breath as the giant began to long stroke fuck him, only slowing down when his cock was moving out of Heracles, but ramming in fast and hard on his up movement. Heracles screamed out until his voice was gone and his throat sore. The pain was unreal and he found himself hoping he would die as a mortal now.

Is this what your victims felt slave? Remember it well and learn,” the giant growled as he bit hard into Heracles' neck.

Without the pleasure of any stimulation of his cock, just the throbbing pounding of the giant's thick veined cock and its movements against Heracles' pleasure spot which he never had stimulated before, he had the most intense, long orgasm he had ever had. The giant never slowed down, just kept up with his using of Heracles, removing all traces of manhood from his mind. He felt the pain from the crush of the giant's arms when the giant began to fill his insides with his hot thick cum, the swelling of the giant's cock intensifying the pain Heracles felt. His entire insides began to burn as the hot cum spread. He had no control over having another orgasm himself. The giant never stopped or slowed down. His hold on Heracles getting more and more forceful, powerful and painful the longer he fucked. Heracles felt great pain and without looking, began to actually orgasm with a flow of blood from his penis. The giant felt the hot liquid begin to flow inside of Heracles' ass and knew he was bleeding. That made the giant nearly crush Heracles as he had a huge long orgasm. Heracles was loosing consciousness and his cock dribbled a small amount of cum and blood before he blacked out completely. The giant was biting hard and squeezing hard as he continued fucking Heracles and filled him with two more massive loads of cum. His body had gained the power and regeneration capability of Heracles enabling him to orgasm so many times with huge loads of cum each time. The giant finally felt he could no longer handle any more intense orgasms. He moved away from Heracles limp body, bent down and took the bowl that was under Heracles, now filled with Heracles' cum and blood, took it inside the gate which opened up to his large shelter. He returned to Heracles, unshackled him and lifted him in his arms, taking him inside his shelter.

The shelter was very large, contained a very large bed, tables, bowls and buckets. The largest was an altar with a large burning fire behind it and a very tall and thick stone obelisk that had an open circle at the top with a carved golden triangle inside of it. The obelisk was glowing bright orange all the way from the fire at the altar to the top of the open circle. It was the symbol of Hera, the goddess the giant worshiped and who helped him defeat her hated stepson Heracles. Just his name enraged her, knowing it was a purposeful show of disrespect from Zeus, naming him with her name as part of his. She had waited years for the time she could use just the right brutes to take this curse of Zeus down.

The giant had placed the bowl close to the fire and now laid Heracles' body down on the altar in front of it. The obelisk began to glow golden as the giant stretched out his arms up towards the symbol of Hera, lifted his head and began to shout out his prayers of thanksgiving and worship, offering up the cum, blood and body of Heracles as sacrifice. The fire grew tall and wide, enveloping the bowl of Heracles' cum and blood as a roar of thunder filled the shelter. Then this extremely bright ball of light came down and enveloped the giants entire midsection and he was lifted up into the air, feeling pleasure as never before. Then another ball of glowing bright light enveloped Heracles' entire body and the giant could feel the full power of Heracles course through his entire body.

A booming voice shook the shelter and said, “I am well pleased with your sacrifice and worship. I have given you the power of Heracles. Keep him drained of his fluid of power and use him often to insure his weakness. He cannot regain his power after being used until the following full moon. See to it that does not happen and I will reward you often. He cannot be killed as any mortal can, but now neither can you. He will give you pleasure for as long as you wish. Well done faithful Heradus, my mortal son.”

Heradus was lowered to the ground, marveled at the power he felt throughout his body and even flexed for himself. He looked at the drained body of Heracles on the altar and took the now empty bowl from in front of the now smaller fire, moved to his bed and stretched out. He knew Heracles did not have the strength now to open the massive log door to the shelter and could not do anything to harm Heradus. When he finally woke, he stretched out and smiled again as he saw how powerful and big his muscles had become. They were very impressive before, but now just the sight of them would cause a warrior to swoon. He got up on one elbow and looked towards the altar and saw Heracles moaning and moving his legs and arms slowly.

Get up lazy slave, your master wishes to bath and receive your attention,” Heradus yelled.”

Heracles slowly turned his head towards Heradus and then looked up at the glowing obelisk next to him. He immediately knew it was the symbol of Hera. Now it made sense to him how this giant was able to overpower him and knew of the method to weaken him completely. He went to sit up to swing his legs off the altar and felt the pain of his insides return. Not as intense as before, but still noticeable and draining.

Move I told you, Heradus will tell you no more,” Heradus screamed.

Heracles forced himself off of the altar and moved toward Heradus.

When your master orders you, you will obey,” Heradus growled as he squeezed Heracles' jaw in his hand. “Now come, I bath and take more pleasure from you.”

Heracles didn't move fast enough and when Heradus got up off the bed, he kicked at the ass of Heracles sending him flying and hitting the ground hard. Heracles was still not used to feeling so much pain when things like that happened to him, so his mind tried desperately to tell him it was all temporary and soon he would regain all his power. Heradus pulled open the door to the shelter, grabbed Heracles by the back of his neck and proceeded to go to a spring fed pond a bit away from his shelter. He entered the water and told Heracles to wash his body and then to wash Heradus'. Heradus became impatient and kicked at Heracles. He moved slowly but did start to wash Heradus' body. Heradus pushed Heracles back into the water and he sat on the edge of the pond. He proceeded to tell Heracles how he was no longer a true man and would provide Heradus with much pleasure and even end up sacrificing his cum to Hera. Heracles just kept his head bowed in his hands, still in denial of what his current fate was.

Heradus spread his legs wide apart and rubbed his cock and balls. “Here slave, suck and lick on your master's cock to be worshiped, to get me ready to use you again.”

Heracles looked up at Heradus' large fat cock and balls and the smug look on Heradus' face. All he did was give him the best look of disgust and hate he could. Heradus reached out and grabbed Heracles' wrist and pushed his foot into the neck of Heracles, pulling with his arm and pushing with his leg. Heracles was certain his arm was going to be ripped from his body the pain was so great. Heradus twisted Heracles' arm and moved his foot from Heracles' neck, forcing Heracles to stand up and bend backwards in the direction his arm was twisting. Heradus kicked hard into Heracles' chest and then his abs, yanked Heracles towards him, lifted him up and slammed his back hard across his flexed thigh and proceeded to pummel Heracles' abs and pecs. Once he had Heracles screaming out, he slid him farther across his leg so that the weight of Heracles' upper body put loads of pressure on his lower back and Heradus helped it along by using his arm to push down. Heradus looked at Heracles' face, made a fist and slammed his fist into the pubic area of Heracles, his cock and his balls a number of times.

Slave, you will learn. If pain is what you relish, I will insure you have your fill,” Heradus laughed as he bent down, took Heracles' cock into his mouth and worked on it until he took a load of Heracles' cum into his stomach.

Heradus then just stood up and stretched as he shouted out another prayer of thanksgiving to Hera, which sent Heracles flying face first into the pond, smashing his face against a rock. The water helped lessen the blow, but it still gave him pain. It didn't help much when Heradus put his foot on the back of Heracles' head and pushed down as he offered up his prayer. When he finally released his foot, Heracles was choking and gasping for air. Heradus seemed to enjoy that very much.

I am ready now to take you slave,” Heradus announced with a laugh as he bent down, grabbed Heracles by the throat and roughly dragged him on to the shore.

He moved Heracles into a doggy position, knelt down in between Heracles' legs, latched on to his hips and rammed his cock fully inside of Heracles. Heracles again had his mouth wide, his eyes very wide open and no sound seemed to want to escape his mouth. Finally he managed to get some breath and gave Heradus much pleasure as he screamed and pleaded for mercy with each hard thrust. Heradus pounded on the back and shoulders of Heracles every time he filled him with his cum and then wrapped his arms tight around Heracles' abs and squeezed and moved them up and down.

Heracles reached a point where if he got any weaker, he wouldn't be able to function at all. He had been drained and fucked so many times by Heradus that he came to expect it to happen many times per day. Heradus actually slowed down his assaults on Heracles, he somehow knew he didn't need to take that much of Heracles' cum or fuck him in order to keep his power and stamina. Hera had indeed kept her promise and he too was fully a demigod, something Hera withheld previously for just such an opportunity. Incentive worth ones while. So, Heracles settled into a new life that consisted of cleaning Heradus, the shelter, carrying any game Heradus took when they went hunting, cooking whatever was to be eaten, fetching buckets of water and the like. He never knew when Heradus would grab him, easily overpowering him, suck him dry and then just drop him to the ground as he laughed.

Heradus waited until the full 2nd month was about to pass. He pushed Heracles outside in the darkness outside the shelter in front of the shrine to Hera he once lost his manhood and power at.

Slave, do you know what happens tonight?” Heradus asked Heracles.

No master, I do not,” Heracles answered having learned the punishment he received for not referring to Heradus as Master or not answering at all was just an awful lot of needless pain.

Of course you do not,” Heradus said sarcastically. “Slaves cannot think as real men do. Well, tonight is a full moon. Do you recall that you could have your former powers back if you were left to yourself before the next full moon. So, here we are going to witness a full moon, and I think it is important for you to know and realize, you will NOT regain your power.”

Heradus smacked Heracles in his head knocking him over. He dragged Heracles over the ground to himself by his ankle, lifted him up in the air as if he was a piece of meat, slapped all around Heracles' abs, pecs and ass as he laughed. He then squeezed Heracles' ass cheeks hard, pulled one to the side and forced a finger inside causing Heracles to scream out in pain, again making Heradus laugh. His finger began to work on Heracles' pleasure button inside his ass, getting Heracles' cock hard and dripping with precum.

So now the former great Heracles once again looses a chance at getting his powers back,” Heradus laughed as he devoured Heracles' cock, making him give up his cum three times before tossing Heracles now limp body to the side, wiped his lips with the back of his hand and laid down with his upper back supported by a tree trunk, admiring the size and beauty of the full moon, laughing. He looked over at the moaning body of Heracles, plopped down his foot on top of him and closed his eyes, knowing Heracles will be under his total power for yet another month at least.

This same scene played out 3 months in a row, each time making Heracles feel abandoned and hopeless. These were feelings he had never really known before. He became convinced he was as Heradus said, not a real man anymore and certainly not the great hero of legend. He was nothing more then a slave of Heradus used to keep his master powerful and please Hera.

Now Mars, the god of war, had no true love for Heracles as he felt his godliness was somehow diminished by the admiration paid to Heracles. He enjoyed a good fight and got into human battles whenever he could. He didn't love him, but he didn't really hate him either. He respected him as a son of Zeus, requiring some admiration even though he was half mortal. Mars had very little respect or liking for Hera, who he saw as vicious, meddling and controlling. Yes she was the wife of Zeus, but not in the manner of the mortals. Mars suddenly noticed there were no games or fights Heracles was participating in. He thought that strange as it offered a regular entertainment to see mortals attempt to best the son of Zeus. He decided to investigate why that was.

As he mingled among the mortals, he caught conversations that told of missing Heracles and his participation at the games. As he could easily disguise himself by taking any form he wished, he took the form of a young athlete.

So why isn't Heracles participating in any of the games,” he asked a group of athletes who were practicing for the next games.

Where have you been?” one of the athletes asked as the others shook their heads and laughed at Mars. “Heracles has left Greece completely, months ago. He was last seen it is told leaving Macedonia heading to the North West, the unknown lands.”

Oh, I can't imagine how I missed hearing of this,” Mars said with a curious look on his face.

I can't imagine either,” the young athlete laughed. “It was all that was discussed for months. It spread throughout Greece.”

Huh, I see. Well, maybe I should pay more attention when things are being discussed!” Mars laughed.

Indeed so you should,” the athlete said as he looked over Mars' body very intently. “You look like you will be a very strong competitor in the games. Maybe a new Heracles.”

Me? No, who could follow in the footsteps of Heracles,” Mars laughed.

Well, I would have no doubt you could,” the athlete smiled.

Really? Well I feel honored to say the least,” Mars laughed. “I couldn't help but notice that you seem to be interested in my body, or am I wrong?”

Well, now that you said so, yes, I am very interested in your body,” the athlete said with a blush.

Then it would be ungrateful of me to not see to it that you have your fill of this body,” Mars said with a very sexy look on his face and his hand on the bare shoulder of the athlete. “What is your name?”

I am Theodus, and you?” Theodus asked.

I am,” Mars stammered, “Mardus.”

Mardus, I've never heard of anyone with that name before, I like it,” Theodus said with a thoughtful look.

Well then now you have and now we can share pleasures that we know each other,” Mars laughed. “Come, let us find a place to your liking.”

Theodus smiled and motioned for Mars to follow him. He took Mars a short distance away to a slight hillside with a waterfall and pool, shaded by trees and out of the general pathways and roads.

Is this to your liking?” Theodus asked as he turned towards Mars.

Mars didn't answer, but took Theodus into his arms and passionately kissed him. Theodus felt some of the power of Mars which surprised him somewhat. He thought Mars looked strong and muscular, but not as much as he now felt he was. Mars easily sent Theodus into high pleasure feelings as he explored and felt all of Theodus. He let Theodus fully explore his body and then made it clear with his actions that he was the dominant male. He soon had Theodus moaning and begging to be allowed to take Mars' cock into his mouth. Of course Mars had his cock reasonably large, very desirous for mortals, extremely pleasant to view and touch. Mars teased Theodus with his cock on his face and across his lips. His cock was very hard and began leaking his divine precum which he spread over Theodus' lips. Theodus quickly licked his lips and felt the tingle and pleasure wave that sped throughout his body just from a lick. Mars was watching Theodus' face the entire time, curious to see how this mortal would react to his fluids. Mars smiled at what he saw and held the top of Theodus' head still in his hand, took his other hand and held his cock at the base. He moved the cock to Theodus' lips, pushed half of his cock head inside the lips and slowly stroked his cock from base to the head, filling Theodus' mouth with his precum. Theodus groaned and moaned, almost unable to handle the explosion of pleasure he felt throughout his body. Mars slowly moved more and more of his cock into Theodus' mouth until his cock head was pushing on the back of the throat. He whispered “please me” which started Theodus to go into action, using his entire mouth and tongue to make love to Mars' cock. Mars moaned out in pleasure especially since he knew Theodus wasn't just sucking his cock, he was worshiping it and making love to it. Mars decided he would make certain to have a mortal man often if this was going to be the way pleasuring with one would be. Females were another story and it was very rare for Mars to interact sexually with a male mortal. He now would change that for sure he decided.

Theodus was almost delirious when Mars lifted him up into his arms, passionately kissed him and then lifted him up into the air, slowly taking in Theodus' cock into his mouth. He used his godly powers to do things to Theodus' cock, balls and ass that no mortal could even attempt. Theodus didn't care, the pleasure was just so much more then he ever felt before, he worried or thought little of how Mars was able to do what he was doing. Mars kept up the pleasures for a long, long time, letting Theodus beg over and over to release his cum. Finally Mars allowed Theodus to have multiple orgasms, again something few male mortals can do. Theodus had a very hard time breathing as he kept gasping, moaning and yelling with each massive wave of pure pleasure exploded throughout his entire body. He would swear even his hair felt pleasures and stood out from his head.

Now I will take my pleasure from you and give you a gift no one has ever nor will ever give to you,” Mars whispered as he moved Theodus to the ground, placed his legs on his shoulders and slowly pushed his cock inside of Theodus' ass. Theodus gasped, yelled and cried out, not from pain as Mars insured he would feel nothing but extreme pleasure. The effect of Mars' cock moving slowly in and out, coating his intestines with thick streams of his divine precum was so much more then Theodus could handle. He went in and out of consciousness several times, each time he regained his senses, the pleasure seemed to triple in intensity. He had multiple orgasms which Mars scooped up off Theodus' body and licked off his hands. Mars was more then pleased with Theodus' reactions and how he loved the pleasures Mars was giving to him. Mars decided he would keep Theodus happy and protected his entire life, planning on visiting him often for pleasures to be sure. Mars lifted Theodus in his arms, began moving Theodus up and down his cock with varied force and gentleness. He waited until Theodus was awake before ramming him down hard on his cock and began to fill Theodus with his cum. He knew he would have to limit how much he could fill Theodus as the power of his cum would probably end up killing Theodus. Theodus would retain some of the power Mars' cum gave to him, the gift Mars told him he would receive, even though Theodus had no idea what the gift would be. He didn't care, he just wanted to remain in the arms of Mars for the rest of his existence. Mars pulled his cock from Theodus, took a handful of his still shooting cum in his hand and let Theodus lick it clean. That caused Theodus' body to go limp and he was not going to wake for quite some time. Mars rubbed some of his cum over Theodus' head, chest, abs and legs, gave him a passionate kiss and left.

Mars returned to Olympus and got Mercury to help him find Heracles. They both knew it was not right that Heracles had not been heard from by mortals and he was not brought to Olympus by Zeus. Something was not as it should be. They didn't want to let Zeus know, even though he probably did already, but still, they wanted to find out what happened.

They followed the trail Heracles took and found Pride in a meadow close to the shelter and shrine of Heradus. Neither of them knew of Heradus, but they could sense that a demigod was near. Mercury calmed down Pride and found out he was indeed the steed of Heracles and that a really bad mortal had taken power from Heracles making him his slave. Both of them were puzzled by this since they knew no mere mortal could take power from a demigod unless the demigod willed it to be so. They both turned themselves into birds and flew around the shelter to see what was happening. They did notice the shrine to Hera and Mars immediately felt she had something to do with whatever it was that happened to Heracles. Suddenly, they were startled when the door to the shelter opened and Heracles was just about thrown out, followed by this brute of a mortal who they felt was a demigod himself. Neither of them could place which god he was the son of, but knew through their senses that he was indeed the son of one of the gods. They were amazed at how the brute pushed and kicked at Heracles and he just allowed it to happen. They could see he was weak and sensed that he didn't believe himself to be a demigod anymore and was abandoned by Zeus.

They flew around following them to the pond and watched as Heracles bathed this brute and was roughly treated. They were totally shocked when Heradus grabbed Heracles, punished him with his fists and then held him by his ankle in the air and took Heracles into his mouth, draining him several times before throwing him to the ground, mounting him and brutally fucking him. He never called him by his name, only as slave. Mars couldn't stand seeing this anymore and he changed back into his god shape, with a loud clap of thunder, startling Heradus and Heracles. Mercury did the same, still flying up in the air as he normally would do.

What are you doing you cursed mortal to Heracles the son of Zeus?” Mars bellowed, his voice sounding like loud thunder.

What is it to you whoever you are,” Heradus said angrily as he stomped his foot on the head of Heracles pushing it into the sand.

It is of my concern you wretch,” Mars bellowed back. “Release him at once and I may actually spare your life mortal.”

You best do as he says if you wish to continue living mortal,” Mercury added.

You have no power over me,” Heradus spit. “I am Heradus, son of the goddess Hera and under her protection. Who do you say you are upstart? Could be you may be a new slave to me, better then this weakling.”

He is Mars, god of War and I am Mercury,” Mercury shouted.

So this is something I should fear?” Heradus laughed. “Come closer and feel my wrath you insolent being.”

Mars was furious at being dishonored and more so at the nerve of this cursed offspring of Hera. He moved towards Heradus and when Heradus attempted to kick at him he took hold of Heradus' leg, lifted him up and smashed him down on top of a large boulder near the water. Heradus screamed out and swore at Mars.

Demigod or not, you are not a god,” Mars bellowed. “You will learn to respect gods Heradus, no matter who your mother is.”

Mars proceeded to punish Heradus until Heradus was pleading for mercy and apologizing for disrespecting Mars. Mercury stopped Mars from doing more damage to Heradus, knowing Hera would seek revenge on them if Heradus was truly hurt. No mortal can kill a demigod, but a god could damage them quite severly.

You are in luck that Mercury has some pity in him as I do not,” Mars screamed as he pounded Heradus on his back. “You will not see or hear of Heracles from this moment on, only you will have the memory of his power you took and no longer can take.”

With that, Mars held on to Heradus' head and lifted him up, lightening bolts and thunder were all around them. When Mars released Heradus, he fell limp to the ground, completely in a deep sleep which he would stay in for weeks. Mars couldn't remove the power of Heracles he took, but at least Heradus would never have more of it again. Mercury had already lifted Heracles, washed him in the pond and lifted him tenderly in his arms. They flew to the shelter and took all of what they knew belonged to Heracles, got Pride from the meadow and sensing that Heracles was on a quest for his happiness, they took him down the mountain to a valley, found a sheltered meadow with soft grasses and many fruit trees and berries and a gently flowing river in the center of it all. They both decided it was a good place for Heracles to recover and regain his powers as they could not return them. The rule had to be obeyed and he would not be molested by anyone and at the next full moon, all of his power and strength would return to him. Mercury decided to stay with Heracles, protecting him and caring for him until the full moon. He knew also that Heracles would need help getting the thoughts from his mind that he was abandoned and no longer a demigod. Pride stayed close to Heracles, even laying down at night, nuzzling Heracles' body to keep him warm and safe.

Heracles woke from his sleep, thrilled to see Pride who he quickly hugged and patted. He looked around carefully with a worried look on his face, not seeing Heradus anywhere and not knowing where he was. His first thought was that he was going to be punished severely by Heradus for leaving without his permission. Mars appeared and hugged Heracles, patting him gently and checking him for any damage. He carried Heracles who was somewhat in shock and so broken he didn't offer any resistance to the river and held him as they gently turned in the flowing water.

Just relax Heracles, this will help you heal and regain your power and strength,” Mars said gently as he kissed Heracles' forehead.

I seem to know you but I can't remember from where,” Heracles said still somewhat nervous.

I am Mars, god of War, from Olympus, in the service of your father Zeus,” Mars said. “Mercury and I have taken you from the bastard son of Hera, Heradus who took your powers from you and made you his pleasure slave.”

Heradus, is he near?” Heracles said nervously.

No, you need not concern yourself with him anymore,” Mars said gently stroking the hair from Heracles' face. “He will never have power over you again, fear not. I as you will sometime remember, did not bare any love for you, however I did and do respect your accomplishments and the fact you are a son of Zeus. I now feel protective of you and will be of help to you whenever I can until you join us on Olympus.”

I feel I owe you much, Mars,” Heracles said still looking around for Heradus. “I hope I can remember knowing you and am extremely grateful for you saving me and helping me. I know I am honored to be sure.”

Right now, it is just important that you rest and regain your strength. You will not be molested by me or anyone. At the next full moon, according to the rule of Zeus, you will regain your power and strength. Your memory will be returned slowly before that and you will then be able to continue your journey for your happiness and fate.”

It is all so much to think of for me now,” Heracles said somewhat calmer. “I will do as you say and hopefully not anger you.”

You cannot anger me Heracles my little brother,” Mars laughed and hugged him. “Fear not, for I am your protector for now and you are fully safe here. Enjoy the surroundings and swim much in the river for it will help to clean the scum of Heradus from you. You must only eat of the fruit and berries of this meadow until the full moon so that your body is purified. When the full moon has passed, we will have a feast in your honor to celebrate your rebirth as a full demigod!”

Heracles smiled, not totally sure what he was told meant, but felt he had to obey Mars so as not to anger him.

Mars swam with Heracles every day and walked and ran with him, helping him to feel his freedom and strength return slowly. Pride loved running with them and Heracles soon took to riding him again. Mercury came to check up on them every few days and they all played as it were, wrestling and chasing each other as little boys might do, always ending up with Heracles snuggled between them sharing kisses and hugs freely. Heracles slowly lost the fear he felt and began to regain his confidence as each day passed. Finally, one night, Mars and Mercury came to Heracles and woke him.

Do you know what tonight brings Heracles?” Mars asked.

Yes, tonight brings the full moon and the return of my power and strength, thanks to both of you, my protectors and brothers who I truly love,” Heracles said.

We are honored and pleased you feel that way about us to be sure,” Mars said hugging and kissing Heracles. “Come, we will await the full moon together my brothers.”

They laid down together as usual, with Heracles in between them both. As the moon began to rise, Heracles could feel the change in his entire body, the clarity came back to his mind and he remembered everything fully. He let out a loud sigh of relief and then began to laugh as he jumped up and danced around. Mars and Mercury joined him as did Pride, prancing around whining and bucking in pure joy.

You are now whole my brother,” Mars laughed and hugged Heracles.

Would we be breaking the rule if we were now to share pleasures and express our love?” Heracles asked softly.

No my brother, we would not be breaking any rule,” Mercury laughed. “Once the full moon blessed you with its gift of return, you are free to do as you once did, sharing pleasure as you will.”

Then let us not waste any more time talking,” Mars said as he grabbed Heracles and passionately kissed him.

They shared their pleasures throughout the night, Heracles grateful for the powerful release of his built up need and that he could show Mars and Mercury how much he did indeed love them both. Both Mars and Mercury filled Heracles with their cum, bestowing on him more power and strength and cementing a bond between them.

When the sun rose and they were completely spent from pleasuring, they laid in each others arms finally satisfied and fully enjoying the sensations still coursing through their bodies.

Mercury left them that day and Mars stayed with Heracles for a few more days, sharing more pleasures and giving and taking cum from each other. Mars finally told Heracles it was time for him to continue on his journey, but to be careful to watch for more treachery from Hera. He couldn't aford to let his guard down.