Heracles Tales…. Secret Assasin


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The following story contains erotic homosexual situations.  If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now.

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Heracles continued on his journey to the games in Sparta. He couldn't shake the feeling that something happened with that young lad but he could not remember anything odd or different about things at all. He thought maybe his mind made up some sort of dream as he was bored. No adventures or beasts to fight, just boring games with mortals who tried their hardest but just never were able to best Heracles. It is hard to keep an interest and try your best when even being mediocre won you the game anyway. He knew it was not the right attitude to have but memories of the adventures he did have when h e ventured into the unknown lands were all he had to make him feel better as he had problems yes that's true, but he did survive and went up against a good number of challenges who managed to best him. Why that was exciting he did not know, but it was none the less.

On the way he managed to save a few people from brigands on the road and he used the encounters to toy with the brigands before he rendered them incapable of harming anyone. Some of the people he rescued did actually thank him and wanted to feed him and provide lodging for him, but he usually declined unless it involved a very handsome and strong looking male, well then, pleasuring was always more fun then not.

As he neared Sparta he paid attention to all the commotion that was going on in the streets. People looked afraid and unhappy to be sure which didn't fit Spartan at all as all the men were trained warriors even the slaves were taught the art of warfare and fighting to help protect their masters goods and family when the master was off to fight a war or crush an uprising. He tried to find out what was causing all this to happen but no one would even speak to him, they would just run away in horror for some reason. Very strange indeed to be happening in Sparta. When he arrived at the palace, he was greeted by one of the sponsors of the game, a nobleman of Sparta. Heracles asked about the reason the populous was so stirred up and afraid. He was told that not too long past, one by one each of the most fierce and strong of the warriors were found in their quarters, beaten severely, bones crushed and worst of all, their insides were all torn up from being fucked by some huge cock. At first it was thought that a wicked person was responsible, but when more began to be found, rumors of a curse, demons, punishment from the gods and all of that began to spread like a wild fire, putting every one of the citizens in a panic. It seemed no one was immune from attack if they were known as fierce warriors in battle, winners of games whether of noble birth or commoners. Nothing made any sense as it only seemed to affect powerful men. As a result, no one wishes to participate in the scheduled games for fear of being the next victim should they win any event. He apologized to Heracles for not getting word to him sooner about their misfortune and that he was forced to cancel the games.

Heracles was shocked as he could never recall hearing of games in Sparta ever being canceled unless Greece was at war either with another country or among themselves. This was truly a serious matter that needed to be rectified. He had himself announced at the court of the king of Sparta, Thadoroxis. Thadoroxis had Heracles immediately granted entrance to his court and walked towards Heracles to welcome him.

Greeting Heracles, son of Zeus. It is a sign from the gods themselves that you have come to us in our hour of need,” Thadoroxis said solemnly hugging Heracles and kissing him on his cheeks. “Praise be to the gods of Olympus for sending us their warrior to rid us of this abomination that is taking all of our prized men from us.”

Thank you sire, I am certain the gods appreciate your gratitude to them, however I was not sent here specifically on orders of any kind. I merely came to participate in the games,” Heracles said seriously.

Yes of course but still, that is auspicious in itself I think. The gods knew we would be in need of your assistance and guided you into our city for just this purpose,” Thadoroxis said taking Heracles' arm in his as he walked him to his throne. “Come, refresh yourself and join me in the mid day meal. I would be honored to break bread with the son of Zeus.”

You do me honor and my father Zeus great king. I thank you for your hospitality and promise you I will do all I can to help you and your people,” Heracles said boldly.

The king repeated to Heracles what the games organizer told him minutes before. There was no deviation from the story at all which told Heracles both were telling him the truth. The king was confused how the champions could go through the agony that their bodies showed had occurred and yet no one heard even the slightest scream or shout in the household where it happened. In addition, wives had reported their husbands had indeed gone to bed with them but when they woke, their husbands were not in their bed but found dead in the courtyard of the house floating in the pond of water. None of the servants or other household members heard anything that startled them or was out of the ordinary. It was truly a puzzle and mystery. The first few were thought to be some sort of vendetta against nobles who had taken property from individuals as a result of combat or gambling, but as more were found, none of them had anything of consequence to do with each other other then possibly meeting at various festivals and banquets held regularly. No business association or competition stood out at all. As it spread, it became more confusing as it made no sense at all.

The king made arrangements for quarters for Heracles and assigned a strong young soldier to be in the service of Heracles as body guard and one who insured Heracles' needs were always met. The guard, Diodues, was thrilled he was to be very close to the great and mighty Heracles who he heard about all his life. Heracles was pleased when he met Diodues as he was well muscled, had bright eyes and a wonderful smile. His excitement always showed through no matter what the circumstances were. Heracles always laughed when he looked at Diodues gawking at him constantly, looking suspiciously at anyone who came near Heracles.

One night, Heracles felt he needed some relief and wished to share pleasures so he called out to Diodues who was always within ear shot of Heracles.

Yes my lord Heracles, what is it I can do for you?” Diodues said formally with a bow.

Well, first of all, please stop treating me like some royalty. I'm just me, Heracles and who just happens to be a son of Zeus. It affords me no claim to more honor then any other man, so please, relax yourself and come join me in a bath,” Heracles said with a smile.

Diodues smiled and blushed, trying desperately to hide his excitement from Heracles. He directed Heracles to the baths and did indeed join Heracles. He was very infatuated with the size and shape of Heracles' cock and balls when they both stripped naked. Heracles looked over Diodues body carefully with a pleasant smile, knowing the king had assigned someone to his service that Heracles would truly enjoy. Heracles had Diodues bath him and then rub him down with oils. He instructed Diodues in the correct technique to relax the muscles and give pleasure to the one receiving the massage. Heracles then did a massage on Diodues, enjoying the feel of his well developed muscles especially for one as young as he was.

Most men didn't develop large strong muscles until they were in their 30's which then was considered nearing old age. Diodues told Heracles how he became so muscular. His father was a stone mason and carver of stone so he always relied on Diodues to help him from young on to move the stones he needed to work with. That quickly gave Diodues good muscle mass and strength. The king happened to be passing by the shop of his father and noticed Diodues without a toga on. He called him over and then his father and told him he wished him to be in his service. He would be trained and well paid as a personal soldier in the service of the king. That was a great honor and Diodues' father agreed quickly. Ever since, Diodues has been in the service of the king, allowed to return to his father 3 times a week to help him with his stone work, insuring he kept his body strong and well defined.

Heracles congratulated him on his body and how honorable it was of him to help his father even though he wasn't expected to do such things anymore. Diodues was thrilled at the compliment coming from Heracles. When Heracles was finished massaging Diodues, he straddled Diodues' table and scooped Diodues' upper body into his arms then gently kissed Diodues. Diodues ran his hands up and down Heracles' arms, shoulders and pecs as he began moaning more and more as Heracles continued the kisses. Heracles laid him down and moved up teasing his mouth with his cock moving over his lips, making sure small amounts of his precum was coating Diodues' lips. Diodues licked his lips and instantly felt the light burst of power course through his body just from the smallest amount of Heracles' precum.

It pleases you I see,” Heracles growled smiling at Diodues.

Oh yes my lord, very much so, may I have more?” Diodues said with a wide smile.

Yes, I will give you much more Diodues, have patience. I wish this to last a long time for both of us,” Heracles said.

He pushed the tip of his cock past Diodues' lips and slow stroked his cock from the base to the head, forcing a large amount of his precum to enter Diodues' mouth. Diodues closed his eyes and kept a very sweet smile on his face as his tongue rolled the magical liquid around his mouth, savoring every tiny drop of it. Heracles smiled as he watched Diodues' reaction to his precum and was very pleased he almost seemed to worship it. He would make sure Diodues had a good supply of it as well as his cum before the night was over, and probably every day thereafter for as long as they were together.

Let us return to my quarters to fully enjoy each other Diodues,” Heracles said as he lifted him up in his arms and kissed him passionately.

They returned to Heracles' quarters and immediately stripped and were in each others arms. Heracles had Diodues sliding slowly up and down his flexing muscles as he dueled with Diodues' tongue.

Please Heracles, allow me to sample more of your fluid,” Diodues begged.

As you wish,” Heracles said as he slid Diodues down until he was kneeling and holding on to Heracles' legs.

Diodues did his best to taken in Heracles' cock head while licking wildly at the piss slit of Heracles. Heracles growled and groaned, giving Diodues encouragement to take more and use his tongue harder and faster. Heracles was filled with the need to have Diodues completely so he bent down, grabbed on to Diodues' calves and lifted him effortlessly off the floor, flipping his entire body over so his ass was at Heracles' mouth. Heracles drove him wild with need and desire as his tongue fucked Diodues wildly, moving forcefully to stretch him out as much as possible. Heracles held him up with one hand and used the other hand to finger fuck Diodues' ass and jerk his cock off with very gentle pressure back and forth until Diodues was screaming and pleading for Heracles to take him completely. Heracles teased him pulling him away from his body, looking down at him seriously and asking him if he was sure that was what he wanted. Diodues was begging and pleading trying desperately to suck in as much of Heracles' cock and take as much precum as he could while pleading. Heracles laughed as he kept teasing Diodues by moving him away from his body so Diodues was stretching out to try and get Heracles' cock back into his mouth.

Heracles had his fun and now wanted to get down to serious fucking. He latched on to Diodues arm, held on to the same side leg and lifted Diodues up and above his head, slowly lowering Diodues towards his waiting mouth, his tongue darting in and out wildly. Diodues was still pleading and begging as he watched his cock coming closer and closer to Heracles' flicking tongue and open mouth. Finally, just as the tip of Diodues' cock was being touched by Heracles' tongue, Heracles lifted him up again. He played with Diodues loving how excited and frustrated Diodues was becoming. Heracles then just let Diodues' body down quickly until his entire cock and balls were lost inside of Heracles' mouth completely. Heracles used his tongue, lips, mouth and sucking to take Diodues over the edge, giving up his cum with wild shakes, jerks and screams of pleasure. Heracles sucked him really dry before flipping Diodues' body so he was being held in Heracles' hands on his hips. Heracles bend forward and told Diodues to lock his heals onto the hips of Heracles, so his body was angled the same as Heracles. Heracles watched Diodues' face intently as he slowly moved Diodues' ass on to the tip of his cock and began to slowly push Diodues' body down, Heracles' cock shooting great amounts of his precum inside of Diodues' ass. The precum helped to numb the sphincter and allow the rosebud to stretch easily without much if any pain to Diodues.

Diodues was gasping and panting, giving out smaller yelps of pain as more and more of Heracles' cock head moved inside of his ass. When the entire head pushed in, Diodues' entire body stiffened and froze until he began to loosen up his muscles as he became slowly used to the size stretching him out more then he had ever been before. Heracles bit at various parts of Diodues' body and sucked as he moved more and more of his cock inside of Diodues. When Heracles felt his cock head move over the pleasure button, he slid Diodues up and down fast as he shot his hips forward and back quickly, stimulating Diodues so much that he had a wild orgasm. Heracles laughed and kissed Diodues passionately with sloppy wet kisses, his tongue fucking Diodues' mouth wildly. Diodues' arms just flopped back and were dangling as his head flew side to side as more and more of Heracles filled him. Finally, Heracles was mostly in, feeling it was as far as he could get his cock safely inside of Diodues without harming him in any way. He controlled the movement of Diodues up and down his cock as he allowed Diodues to kiss and feel and lick anything on Heracles he could reach. Heracles kept himself on the edge for a very long time, watching Diodues as he passed out several times, his body just completely loose and dangling and then jerk to life, pulling at Heracles' arms and shoulders, pulling Heracles' mouth to his, over and over. Finally Heracles decided he had taken Diodues high enough in pleasure and he was ready to have his orgasm and share a bit of his cum with Diodues. He squeezed Diodues in his arms tight into his flexing and pumped body as several burst of his cum shot hard inside of Diodues. Diodues had never felt anything hit so hard inside of him as the cum of Heracles did. It seemed to have enough force to punch right through to the outside if Heracles wished it so. When the cum began flowing downward around Heracles' cock, Diodues' colon was absorbing as much of it as it could as the feeling of power and pleasure built so quickly and spread out so fast. Heracles stopped his cum from shooting more inside of Diodues, pulled him slowly off of his cock and lowered him down allowing him to take the cock of Heracles into his hands, get his mouth wide over the cock head and then Heracles released much more of his cum which shot down Diodues' throat and filled his mouth completely. Heracles stopped, pulled his cock from Diodues' mouth and hands and continued his orgasm, letting his cum splash over the face and body of Diodues until he squeezed out the last dribble of cum himself. He lowered Diodues on to his bed and licked all of the cum that was covering Diodues off, getting Diodues to have one more orgasm. When that orgasm was not quite completed, Diodues was passed out, completely exhausted and feeling his entire body invigorated by the cum of Heracles.

Heracles slid into the bed next to Diodues holding him in his arms against his body as he sighed and stretched his legs out, feeling very good after having much sexual fun with Diodues. He had no idea how long he slept when some strange noise woke him. He lifted himself up into a sitting position, moving Diodues off of him and just waited to see if that noise returned. It did after a short time. Heracles got out of his bed, fully naked, and quietly walked towards where the noise seemed to be coming from. It led him to a large fountain that was surrounded by a shallow pond in the shape of a large rectangle. Heracles slowly walked towards the fountain and then the sound seemed to be behind him somehow. He turned and very large forearms pounded over and over again on to his chest taking him down to his knees. Before he could get a defense going, those forearms and now fists were pounding very hard on to the back of his head, neck and mid shoulders, like they were pounding a stake into the ground. They were extremely forceful blows that began to cause Heracles some pain. They did not seem to need to stop either as if they didn't feel any discomfort from hitting into something as solid as Heracles. When his head was down, a series of hard knees smashed into his face which was pounded back down towards the waiting knee by the pounding fists and forearms. Whoever this was, was indeed very powerful and determined. Heracles felt himself weakening and was about to try and grab a leg or some part of the body within reach of whoever was pounding him down when a large powerful hand latched on to his neck and began to squeezed with great force, cutting off the ability of Heracles to breath. His hands automatically flew to his throat to attempt to pry the hand off of it when the man lifted him upwards back into a standing position and his other hand slammed in between Heracles' legs from behind and the other hand clamped down hard and tight on Heracles' balls, squeezing and moving to maximize the damage the hand could do and give Heracles the maximum amount of pain, helping to weaken him even more. Heracles didn't seem to have a second to think of what to do to free himself from the brutal beating of this man who was overpowering him and weakening him so skillfully.

The man holding on to Heracles' throat and balls, swung him high into the air and slammed his body down hard on the mans waiting bent leg. It seemed to Heracles that he was slammed on to a marble pillar that fell over rather then a human's bent leg. The man did it 3 more times and then did slam Heracles on to the edge of the marble fountain 4 times. Heracles was in some serious pain now and had no real way of fighting off this man, if it was indeed a man. He felt sharp teeth biting into his neck and digging in hard and deep as the mans head did a few sharp twists from side to side like a dog attempting to rip something from being held. The pain and shock was really something more then Heracles was prepared for. He reached his hands back and grabbed on to the head of the man and squeezed and ripped as hard as he could manage before his strength was depleted from the pain that was growing stronger and stronger with each minute. The man screamed out, obviously feeling the power of Heracles' fingers squeezing and ripping at his face. Heracles was fairly certain one of his fingers was right at the eye of the man. The man released his grip on Heracles who fell like a rock into the pond, gasping and choking trying to take in as much air as possible. The loud scream of the beast roused the guards of the palace along with Diodues who came running holding a torch and sword. The man gave Heracles a hard kick to his head and was quickly gone.

Heracles, are you alright? What happened?” Diodues asked all concerned when he spotted Heracles in agony laying in the pond.

Quickly, go wake the king and tell him to come to Heracles' quarters, the assassin has struck again,” he yelled to the guard who came into the courtyard of the pond and fountain.

He threw down the sword and torch as he jumped over the pond sidewall and got to Heracles, holding his head on his lap.

Tell me, what can I do to help you,” Diodues said in a panic as he could see now how much pain Heracles was in.

Just let me get my breath back and lean up against you,” Heracles gasped. “I cannot walk just yet as my balls are swelling and giving much pain.”

Go get the physicians now,” Diodues yelled to another guard.

Come let me help you to your bed,” Diodues said.

Not just yet, I need to fully get my breath,” Heracles gasped. “I will go with you once I can breath normally again.”

The king came running into the courtyard in a panic asking what had happened. Diodues said only Heracles knew as until they all heard a loud scream of pain, no one heard anything of what was happening. He told the kind Heracles was nearly choked to death and his balls were crushed, so he had already called for the physicians. The king thanked Diodues for such quick action.

Heracles, are you going to be alright?” Thadoroxis said nervously.

I will live king, but painfully so I think,” Heracles gasped as he was still having a time getting his throat to open wide enough to take in larger amounts of air.

You are bleeding from your neck,” Diodues said in a panic. “Quickly, give me something to press on his wound.”

A soldier ripped off his tunic and handed it to Diodues. Diodues dunked it in the pond water and pushed it all crumpled up into Heracles' neck, careful not to get near his throat. The physicians came running in with their bags of cures, still partially asleep until they saw the king. They went into action and had Diodues lay Heracles down more and a few guards were told to hold up torches so they could examine Heracles. When the guards held out the torches, the king and Diodues gasped when they saw the bruises on Heracles and how much blood had coated his upper body. They determined they could only give Heracles a potion to deaden the pain he was in and make a polstis to place on his balls to ease the pain and swelling. The king ordered them to do so quickly and tend to Heracles until he was able to get about on his own.

Diodues, as soon as he is able, please find out what happened,” Thadoroxis said patting him on his shoulder.

Yes my king, I will surely do just that and once I know from Heracles himself, I will come and inform you,” Diodues said with a bow of his head.

Good, good, I leave him in your care,” the king said as he left.

He is breathing a bit better now, guards, help carry him to his quarters and bed,” the physician who took the lead of the 3 said.

The guards and Diodues lifted Heracles carefully and carried him to his bed, laying him on it so his legs were spread wide and his arms as well. One physician took Diodues' hand and the tunic off of Heracles' neck and gasped.

Some cursed demon did this for certain, look at how deep and big the cuts are in his neck. If it was anyone other then Heracles, we'd have no idea what happened as the victim would already be dead.”

Well, just be certain Heracles does not meet that fate physician or I'm sure the king will be most displeased and loose all confidence in the lot of you,” Diodues said sternly.

The physicians quickly went to work on the potions and polstis to relieve Heracles' pain. One made up another to stop the bleeding in his neck, even though it was already healing thanks to the demigod properties of Heracles' body. Heracles did moan and jerk when they began to apply the polstis to his balls which would heal on their own but this would relieve his pain more then anything else. They had him drink the potion and wash it down with a full cup of wine. Diodues sat on the bed so he could hold Heracles' head in his lap and move his fingers gently through his hair. It was all he could think of doing to try and sooth Heracles. Thanks to the strength of the potions and wine, Heracles was soon sound asleep. Moaning at times, but no indications on his expressions that pain was involved as far as Diodues could tell. He was keeping a very watchful eye on Heracles, waking to every sound he made to make certain Heracles was okay.

Heracles ended up sleeping for 2 full days following the night of the attack. Just when Diodues was becoming very alarmed, Heracles woke with a smile for him and wanted to know when he was going to get something to eat. Diodues was so thrilled he ran out of the bedroom and ordered servants to bring all manner of fruits and other breakfast things for Heracles who was famished. When he ran back into the bedroom, he grabbed Heracles into a tight hug and didn't want to let go.

It makes it a bit difficult to breath with you squeezing me so much,” Heracles pretended.

Oh, forgive me Heracles, I am so so sorry,” Diodues said as he released Heracles quickly. “Its just I am so very thankful to the gods that you are awake and even hungry which tells me you are feeling well. We have been so worried about you. You have slept for 2 full days since the attack you know.”

Well, 2 full days eh? My body must have really been damaged for it to take that long for it to repair itself,” Heracles said with some wonder.

No matter, how do you feel? Can you walk? Do you feel any pain in your magnificent balls? Uh, I mean your balls,” Diodues said blushing.

They are magnificent aren't the?” Heracles said holding them in his hand. “So glad you happened to think so as well.”

You are toying with me aren't you?” Diodues said with his hands on his hips.

Well, maybe a little bit. Just a prelude to more toying yet to come later on,” Heracles smiled.

Oh no Heracles. I wouldn't even think of you pleasuring so soon after your being attacked and injured. That would not be right,” Diodues said seriously.

Nonsense, best medicine in the world, pleasuring. Gets a mans entire makeup pumping as it was meant to,” Heracles said popping a bicep pose and lifting and lowering his eyebrows at Diodues.

You are impossible. The physicians will be all in a flutter if they found out you were sexing all around the place,” Diodues laughed. “Seriously, you are well?”

Yes, I am well. Benefit of being a demigod you see. My body regenerates and heals itself given the time and as long as I am not continuously drained of my fluids which might sound like unending pleasure, believe me, its not. Like if you were kept on the very edge of complete and total exhaustion to death but never allowed to cross over to rest,” Heracles explained. “I suppose I will just have to prove it to you later on.”

Yes, you will indeed,” Diodues laughed. “Now seriously, do you remember what happened the night you were attacked?”

Yes, as if it just happened. Truly strange now thinking about it, nothing that happened made any sense at the time and still doesn't. I woke hearing a strange sound. I followed where I thought the sound was coming from as it wasn't constant, but every now and again. It led me to the courtyard and the pond. Suddenly I was being mercilessly pounded to my knees and beaten by very strong hard arms and fists to my head, neck and middle shoulder. Before I could attempt to put on any sort of defense, a knee was smashed into my face and then I was pounded again and hit with the knee in the face back and forth until I was truly feeling pain and weakness. Then, it grabbed tight on to my throat and began to squeeze extremely tight, making it impossible to breath. I was being coked to death. I was grabbing at the hand around my throat to pull it off when the other hand grabbed hard and tight on to my balls and began moving his fingers hard back and forth over each ball to maximize the pain. As if that wasn't enough, the brute lifted me up high into the air by my throat and balls and slammed me down hard a number of times on to a knee and thigh that felt hard as marble and even slammed me then into the marble rim of the fountain I think. While it had me in its clutches, its teeth bit into my neck and dug in deep as its head shook roughly side to side as a dog does trying to pull something free. It was only when I made use of my last bit of strength to reach back to the face of the beast and clawed and ripped at its face, with at least one finger pushing or pulling on its eye I think which made it release me as it screamed out in pain. I heard shouting and then you were holding me,” Heracles told Diodues.

What kind of man could overpower you in such a way? It had to be one possessed with great strength and power in order to make you so helpless as it did,” Diodues said thoughtfully.

Yes, that is surely true,” Heracles said deep in thought. “Yet it did react to me either poking or pulling on its eye didn't it, which means it is no mythical beast or demon.”

How would you know that?” Diodues asked.

Well, a demon would not feel any pain inflicted by my finger in its eye and I would probably have a hard time grabbing on to it. A mythical beast maybe, but I don't think so as it fled when the alarm was sounded and left me weakened and in no condition to fight it more, which a mythical beast would not do. If anything it would have taken me with in its escape to finish whatever it intended to do to me,” Heracles explained. “I believe I was told that each of the victims was found crushed and badly ripped apart inside as if some beast wildly fucked them to death along with crushing bones and all in courtyards or ponds away from their bedrooms.”

Yes, you are correct. Wives have even told of how their husbands were sleeping with them and then gone when they woke in the morning, no one in the entire household hearing anything unusual,” Diodues said.

So the noise I heard that lured me to the courtyard has something to do with the attack on the person, luring them from their beds to meet their fate. Since no one else even the wives heard the sound, it must somehow be directed to the victim alone otherwise others would hear it as well but no one did hear a thing,” Heracles wondered out loud. “So someone or something is directing the attacks on specific men, not just randomly. It sounds the work an assassin would be doing.”

But why only champions and heroes?” Diodues asked.

Yes, why just them? Maybe a vendetta of some kind? Revenge against any of the champions and heroes of Sparta perhaps?,” Heracles answered. “Any number of possibilities regarding the why, more importantly who is what we must discover.”

How are we going to find out the who in all of this?” Diodues asked.

I'm thinking about that. I'm sure whoever is behind this knows I was not destroyed as planned and that must upset him tremendously. I can only assume the assassin will attempt an attack again to make sure I fall as all the others have. If I don't, then the plan isn't working and it may just end there, but we have no way of knowing unless we capture the assassin himself and get him to take us to his master,” Heracles said as his plan began to come together.

You think it will attack again?' Diodues said with a very worried look.

Yes, I'm almost positive Diodues,” Heracles said with a smile and pulling Diodues into a tight hug and kiss. “As I said, whoever is behind this has a reason for it and his plan has to assume every champion and hero attacked dies in the process, eliminating them from Sparta. With me not eliminated, things aren't going as planned anymore and that cannot stand.”

Well, once you have food and refresh yourself, we will have to go to the king and tell him all you have told to me,” Diodues said. “He is very upset and nervous thinking that anything that could do all it did to you, then no one is safe from it.”

Yes, I can see how he would think that way,” Heracles said. “So, where is my breakfast Diodues? Aren't you charged with my comfort and accommodation?”

I will personally go and see what the problem is and rectify whatever it is immediately,” Diodues said seriously with a smile following that statement. “You go and refresh yourself in the baths and your breakfast will be ready for you when you return.”

Well I should hope it would,” Heracles said with a frown.

He scooped up Diodues and squeezed him tight as he kissed him over and over again walking to the bedroom door. He lowered him down, slapped his ass and reminded him he was hungry. Heracles went to the baths and was treated to a full massage and oiling by the servants of the king who were attendants at the palace baths. They gave Heracles very special attention making him feel totally relaxed and well. The only thing he felt was missing was Diodues on his cock. When he returned to his bedroom, there was Diodues, laying on his bed making a show out of dropping grapes into his mouth from his fingers held up in the air.

I was just about to send out a guard unit to locate you as I thought for sure you were either lost or kidnapped,” Diodues laughed.

Oh you did nearly do that? Well, just for that, you will serve me breakfast and I wish to have your cum for dessert and ass as well,” Heracles said lifting Diodues from his bed and setting him down by the tables of food waiting for Heracles to enjoy, after he bit his neck and ass cheeks.

You sure are hungry I see!” Diodues laughed. “Well, go ahead and lay on the bed and I will serve you my lord. Point as to which delight you wish to have.”

Heracles pointed at things on opposite ends of the tables just to make Diodues run back and forth after straddling Heracles' waist and feeding him bits and pieces of the fruit, cheese and breads. Heracles even had Diodues hold the wine cup for him as he slowly sipped his wine. When he was finally full and satisfied, he took hold of Diodues by his hips, used his teeth to rip off his undergarment and swallowed his cock and balls completely. Diodues was helpless and gasping in seconds as Heracles slowly ravaged his cock and balls without let up until he drained Diodues of his cum. He then flipped him around and bent him over, laying down and pulling Diodues' ass towards his mouth and attacking it as the last time with his tongue, lips and mouth, then fingers until Diodues was nearly delirious and screaming and pleading for Heracles to take him. Heracles most certainly did just that. He turned Diodues around and sat his ass on the tip of his cock pushing it so his precum began to squirt inside of Diodues' ass. This time he moved his body into a sitting position, moved Diodues back over his legs and twisted his hands on Diodues' hips so his mouth was at Heracles' cock head. Diodues sucked and licked to get his fill of Heracles' precum. Heracles then twisted his hands again and Diodues was again sitting with his ass on the tip of Heracles' cock which he slowly began to push little by little inside of Diodues by lifting him and pushing his entire body down more and more each time. He purposely took his time enjoying the actions of Diodues' face and body. Diodues was helpless in the grip of Heracles as all he could get with his hands were the forearms of Heracles. When Heracles had most of his cock inside of Diodues and found that magic spot inside his ass, he sat up and wrapped his arms around Diodues and bent his legs so they could support the back of Diodues when Heracles wished to free his arms to play with more of Diodues' body. Diodues made up for what he couldn't do while Heracles was lowering him on his cock. He ravaged Heracles' pecs which were flexing for him and his biceps and shoulders which Heracles also flexed for him. Heracles would latch his hands on to Diodues' ass cheeks, lift him up slowly on his cock and then release his grip so Diodues' body would force it to slowly slide back down Heracles' cock. That would make Diodues' head fly backwards with his mouth open and a loud moan would come out of it. Heracles would move his mouth over Diodues' neck and suck, kiss and nibble. Diodues was again being taken to a super high level of pleasure by Heracles. When Heracles was beginning his orgasm, he squeezed Diodues tight into his arms, ravaged his mouth with his tongue until he felt enough of his cum was being absorbed by Diodues' insides. He pulled him off and flipped him around so that Diodues' mouth could take in half of the cock head and have his throat and mouth flooded with Heracles' cum as Heracles ravaged Diodues' ass and cock, getting another load of Diodues' cum. He lifted Diodues and laid down with him snuggled in his arms over his body as they gently and softly kissed.

Ah, now I feel I've had a decent breakfast,” Heracles finally whispered as he nibbled and licked softly on Diodues' ear.

That makes me very happy,” Diodues groaned, just lost in the pleasure high he was in.

Didn't you say something about telling the king about what happened to me?' Heracles said.

Yes, we really should, just not right at this moment if its okay with you,” Diodues moaned.

Heracles laughed as he squeezed Diodues tight to his body. They both had a short nap and kissed as they woke. They got dressed and went to the king's quarters to tell him what happened.

The king listened intently as Heracles repeated all he told Diodues and what they discussed after about the who and why of the whole thing, including ruling out demons and mythical beasts. The king was in full agreement with what Heracles said, wondering out loud himself as to who would do such a thing to the champions and heroes of Sparta. They discussed a number of individuals who might just have some vendetta against Sparta, but none would have the ability to control such a brute as attacked and nearly bested Heracles.

Things slowly seemed to return to normal with feasts and small contests in lieu of the canceled games. Heracles even pretended a bit of weakness to make the events go on longer even though none of the contestants were any sort of challenge to Heracles. He of course won all the events he participated in and was given the champions laurel. It was only a symbolic gesture to show the appreciation of the king to the winner of the contests, no financial gain or special privilege involved. Heracles was beginning to think the assassins plot was over as nothing had happened in over 2 weeks time. He was already preparing Diodues for his departure from Sparta.

The night before he was going to leave Sparta, he woke to that strange sound again. This time he knew that something was going to happen and he was much more observant and cautious. He didn't wake Diodues since he was concerned he would be hurt or killed by the assassin if he interfered with his plans. As before, the sound lured him to the courtyard and the pond. He heard a noise but turned a bit too late to see the large hard forearms begin to bash hard into his head, neck and upper shoulders. As before, they were relentless, not giving him a chance to even attempt to fend off the blows. As he was going down to his knees, again his face was hit hard with a knee and then the arms and fists pounded over and over. The same sequence as before including the attempt to crush his throat in a deadly grip of a strong hand and the crushing of his balls as well. He tried to ignore as much as he could and shoot his elbows back hard, but it was as if he was hitting a hard wall with them, having no effect he noticed. The pain was again overwhelming, as if the brute knew just how to weaken him. He was lifted up and smashed into a waiting hard thigh and knee as before and smashed into the hard marble edge of the fountain several times. His back was pushed down hard on the edge of the fountain and the grip on his neck got tighter. The hand on his balls released them but began to stroke his cock roughly with a thigh pushed hard against his thigh so his back was bent hard with the rim of the marble fountain smashing into the small of his back. The hand was relentless stroking his cock and he could not stop himself from having an orgasm. The hand never stopped stroking roughly even when the orgasm finished. It continued forcing Heracles to piss and then have another orgasm. He was now extremely weak from having his cum forced from him over and over. Any chance for fighting back was lowered severely with each orgasm he was forced to have. The tight grip on his throat didn't help him either as he could barely breath at all. The brute released his cock and slammed his hand hard again on the balls of Heracles, lifted him up and slammed the small of his back hard against the rim of the fountain over and over until Heracles was certain his back was broken. The brute released his hold on Heracles' throat and balls and seemed to just look at Heracles' jerking body hanging partially off the rim of the fountain. The brute then took Heracles upside down in his arms and applied a crushing bear hug to Heracles, digging in his turned in knuckles into the damaged small of Heracles' back. In addition, a mouth dove down hard on Heracles' cock and took it fully in and began to work hard sucking and rubbing with a big wide tongue as the massive arms squeezed, released, jerked and squeezed the bear hug on Heracles. Heracles' arms were just dangling down towards the pond, unable to push or punch or even attempt to support himself somehow on the legs of the brute. The brute drained him of 2 more loads of cum.

The brute then just grabbed Heracles by his balls and throat again and smashed him hard into the rim of the fountain. Heracles was in a great deal of pain and extremely weak. The brute dropped Heracles on his abs across the outside rim of the pond latched on hand hard and tight around Heracles' throat again and then began to rub a monstrously large leaking cock up and down the ass cheeks of Heracles. Once the cock was hard, it just forced its way inside of Heracles' ass. He tried to scream but he didn't have enough breath to do that even. The brute was not slow or gentle in ramming his cock fully inside of Heracles. Once his pubes were pushing on the ass cheeks of Heracles, it bent down, turned Heracles' head hard to the side with the hand crushing his throat, bit down hard and deep, shaking his head as before. The brute was draining Heracles' blood as it pounded unmercifully in and out of Heracles' ass with its cock. The beast had a monstrous orgasm and released its mouth from Heracles' neck. The hand on the throat released and Heracles' head just fell on to the side of the pond. The brute took hold of Heracles' arms and lifted them and released them. They fell to the ground limp, not under any muscled control at all. He moved back taking Heracles' limp body with him away from the side wall of the pond, stepped out of the pond and laid down on top of Heracles and began another hard animal like fucking of Heracles. He filled Heracles 2 more times with his cum, pulled Heracles' body off of his cock, smeared the cock all over Heracles' face and body then lifted it and threw it at the fountain were it half way was dangling with Heracles' arms and head hanging towards the pond and the brute just left as quietly as it came.

Diodues woke up and got worried when he didn't feel Heracles in bed with him. They had a really long and wonderful pleasure session as it would be the last time they would be together until Heracles returned to Sparta. He ran to the courtyard and screamed when he saw Heracles' limp and bashed body dangling from the fountain. Guards came running and were shocked as well at the sight. Diodues immediately went to take Heracles down from the fountain and 2 guards ran to help him as there was no way for Diodues to hold Heracles on his own. They laid him in the pond, again on Diodues' lap. Diodues ripped his garment off and held it on Heracles' bleeding neck. Diodues was crying as he saw how pale Heracles was, how abused his cock was, cum flowing out of his ass still which meant he was fucked and filled with the brutes cum many times. There was a monstrous bruise on the small of his back that was spreading around his side towards his abs. His face was smeared with cum, ass juices and blood which Diodues washed off as he held tight to Heracles. A guard ran and brought back the physicians who gasped when they saw the condition Heracles was in. Diodues and the guards carried the limp body of Heracles to his bed and Diodues covered him with a light silky linen. He was at a loss as to what he could do to help Heracles. He remembered Heracles saying how his body recovered and regenerated itself. He knew that would happen when he kissed Heracles gently and felt hot breath on his lips. He put his ear to Heracles' chest and heard his heart beating. Heracles was not dead, but alive. The brute did not manage to take his life once again. He told the physicians to prepare a salve and ointments to rub on Heracles' skin as well as a potion to insure he was in a deep sleep as before. They ran to do as instructed. Diodues sent a guard to the king to let him know it had happened again.

Diodues was sure now the brute would return as again Heracles was not dead so its mission had failed once again. This could not be allowed to happen, but yet he had no idea how to end it. Then it came to him to pray hard to Mars, who Heracles had mentioned was like his brother and protector of sorts. He and Mercury had saved him many a time before. That was the answer he felt, to pray to Mars and hope he heard the pleading for Heracles. He immediately ran to the temple dedicated to Mars, offered numerous sacrifices and prostrated himself on the floor at the feet of the statue of Mars, pleading and begging Mars to come to the aide of Heracles.

Mars was pulled by a strong prayer from a mortal that seemed to involve Heracles. He went to his temple in Sparta and saw Diodues prostrate before his statue, crying and begging and pleading for Mars to help Heracles who was in danger.

What danger is Heracles in mortal?” Mars' voice boomed like claps of thunder.

Oh lord and god Mars, Heracles lays in his chamber near death after an attack by some brute for the second time. This time doing much more damage to Heracles then the last. The brute responsible has killed most of the champions and heroes of Sparta and we have no idea the cause or who is doing this evil. Please great god Mars, come to the aide of Heracles,” Diodues prayed with such fervor it pleased Mars greatly.

Rise mortal and look upon your god,” Mars boomed.

Diodues slowly got on his knees and held his hands over his face as he turned to the direction the voice of Mars was coming from.

I said for you to look upon me,” Mars said more softly then before.

Diodues slowly lowered his hands and beheld the vision of Mars, huge, glowing, his form powerful, manly and muscular. Diodues was almost in a rapture taking in the power Mars showed.

You have pleasured with my brother and pleased him well, Diodues,” Mars laughed. “I am pleased. Now take me to Heracles.”

Diodues wasted no time but got up and ran from the temple to the bedroom Heracles was laying in. Mars moved past him to Heracles and lifted him up in his arms and one hand slowly went softly down Heracles' body. Mars kissed him several times on his lips, forehead, cheeks and even his nose. He laid Heracles down on the bed very gently and kissed him softly again.

Who has done this to him?” Mars boomed in anger.

We have no idea lord, that is why I pleaded for you to help him. He told me of how many times you and god Mercury had saved him so I thought you would be the one to end this and keep him from being hurt again,” Diodues said on his knees.

Come to me and I will see in your mind all that has happened,” Mars said with a smile to not frighten Diodues again.

Diodues got up and walked to Mars with his head down. Mars placed both of his hands on Diodues' head. Diodues felt like someone powerful was taking his memories and reviewing them. It hurt but yet it didn't. Whenever he began to feel any pain, Mars turned his pain into pleasure. When Mars released him, he smiled at Diodues and took him into his arms and hugged him.

You have many feelings for Heracles and I am happy for that. I know all that has happened and you were right to seek my help. Since Heracles is not dead yet again, the brute will return over and over again until Heracles is dead. As a demigod, no mortal can kill him, only give him much pain and agony but not death. Only a god could kill him and no god would dare to kill the son of Zeus himself. This is no god we are dealing with or Heracles would not still be living. No, it is something else, something involving sorcery and soul taking,” Mars explained holding Diodues in his arms.

Heracles is healing as he should, but he has had very serious injuries from this brute he called an assassin. I will give him my essence and it will speed up his healing greatly,” Mars said as he pulled the sheet off of Heracles, and began to gently make love to him, eventually putting his cock fully down the throat of Heracles and filling his insides with his cum.

Diodues was watching in awe, amazed at what he was seeing. Mars saw the look and wonder Diodues had and also felt the concern for Heracles' health.

Come to me Diodues, I wish to pleasure with you,” Mars said holding his arms out to Diodues.

Diodues slowly walked towards Mars and watched as Mars' shape changed to mimic Heracles in every way except his face. Diodues was in complete shock as Mars lifted him in his arms and pleasured him as Heracles had, even allowing him to take some of his cum both in his ass and mouth. He had to limit what Diodues took so he would not die from its effects. Diodues was unconscious from the pleasures Mars gave him. From pleasuring with Mars, his body was changing. His muscles were more developed and bigger, his height had increased as well as his cock and balls growing bigger as well. It was a gift of Mars for helping and loving Heracles.

Mars called for Mercury to come and help him solve the puzzle. When Mercury came and examined Heracles he was furious. Mars told him all he knew from taking memories from Diodues, a love of Heracles and the one who pleaded in Mars' temple for him to help Heracles.

I agree with you, this has to be tied to evil and sorcery. I could see Hera finding a way to do such a thing. But why would she punish Sparta by taking all of its champions and heroes? It obviously is a punishment or revenge for something, but what?,” Mercury asked.

Well, from Diodues' mind I know there are no longer any temples to Hera in Sparta. They were all destroyed as part of Zeus' punishment. But that is the case in all cities, not just Sparta. The attack only happens here in Sparta so it has to be something more related to revenge,” Mars said.

Yes, you are right. How are we going to find the source of this problem? I would not wish to have Heracles suffer at the hands of the assassin again,” Mercury offered.

Nor would I brother. The only way I can think of is for me to become a champion and see what happens after. I can take a human form and you can have the minds of all of Sparta think a well known champion and hero of the wars has returned to Sparta. Yes, that would surely make the brute come for me. Once he comes, I can pretend to allow him to think he killed me and then we'll follow him back to his master,” Mars said.

You would go through punishment such as Heracles has?” Mercury asked in shock.

No, I would play along and pretend to be in pain and agony. There is no way a mortal can hurt me in any way and you know that to be true for all of us gods on Olympus. I merely have to make him think and believe he is succeeding,” Mars said with a smile.

Yes, you are right, that is a good plan, if the brute returns to his master that is,” Mercury said.

If not, then I can get inside his mind and discover who is making him do this and giving him such incredible power,” Mars laughed.

Alright, I will go about and make the minds all believe a hero and champion has returned to Sparta. How will you be called?” Mercury asked.

Hmmmm, lets see. Yes, Datian. That is a champions name to be sure,” Mar said proudly.

Very well, I'm off to begin the tasks Datian, hero and champion of Sparta!” Mercury laughed before he flew fast away.

Mars waited for Mercury's return by playing with Diodues' body which he felt was perfect and would cause many a man to desire him. Mercury soon returned and said all of Sparta is excited to see the return of Datian. He joined Mars in playing with Diodues, insuring his mind was expecting the return of a great hero and champion. Diodues woke and felt unbelievably powerful, virile and strong. He talked on and on to Mar about the hero Datian who was coming back to Sparta today. He was certain there would be great feasts and even some games in celebration. Suddenly his face became solemn.

What troubles you Diodues?” Mars asked.

He's a champion and hero. The brute will come to kill him,” Diodues said sadly. “Just as it has taken all the others of Sparta.”

I'm not so sure about that, but I will be on guard for anything like that to happen, be assured. You may not see me but I will be here until Heracles is recovered and the brute's terror is ended,” Mars said as he kissed Diodues and disappeared.

Diodues got oils and massaged Heracles' entire body to make certain he was comfortable. He left some guards and a servant in the room to be available for Heracles if he should awaken. The guards were to seek out Diodues immediately if he did wake. Diodues left to get prepared for the feast and games honoring Datian. All of Sparta was excited and waiting to celebrate his return.

Mars knew theatrics well. He rode into Sparta with some soldiers and was stopped at the main gate by guards inquiring as to his business in Sparta. He informed them his name was Datian and he has returned to Sparta after winning a battle against marauding Persian pirates. The guard saluted him and thanked him for returning to Sparta. He told Datian the entire city was prepared for his return and all manner of celebrations were planned. Another guard began to blow trumpets to let the city know the hero has returned. As Datian rode with his soldiers to the palace, throngs of people were throwing flowers, maidens were exposing their breasts and seeking his favor, all manner of honor was being shown to him as they paraded. Once at the palace, the king himself came to greet Datian and thank him for his serving Sparta so well. The king took his arm and brought him into the palace where a throng of dignitaries and nobles were awaiting Datian's arrival. A grand feast was ready and everyone in attendance was excited. When Datian entered the palace, flowers were thrown at him and laid at his feet. Mars smiled thinking how Mercury had overdone this Datian thing, but he was indeed enjoying the adulation. He was introduced to all the nobles and even Diodues who was tasked with the welfare of Heracles who was recovering from a brutal assault. Datian expressed his sympathies and told Diodues to look for him if he needed anything to help Heracles recovery. Diodues was honored and thrilled when Datian insisted he stay with him during the feast and games. The day was full of festival, banquets, orgies and all manner of celebration. Diodues asked Datian if he could be excused because he wished to see about Heracles and insure he was oiled and massaged to ease any discomfort he may be having as he slept. Datian insisted on going with Diodues and excused himself from the king and guests.

When Diodues and Datian came into the bedroom of Heracles, Datian smiled seeing the improvement already in Heracles. Diodues also noticed and was thrilled, running to Heracles and hugging and kissing him as he gently ran his hands on Heracles' head and face.

You have a love for Heracles I see,” Datian asked.

Yes, I love him with my entire heart. I know he will leave Sparta and I must remain here, but I will always be his and waiting for his return,” Diodues said proudly.

I feel jealous of such a love as you have for Heracles. He most certainly is a lucky man and to my thinking is foolish for not taking you with him when he leaves,” Datian said with his arm around Diodues' shoulder.

If it was meant to be, then it would happen,” Diodues said sadly with a tear running down his cheek. “I would only be a burden to him on his travels, a distraction at least which might put him in danger. I cannot allow my love for him to put him in any danger.”

Do not concern yourself with such things Diodues. As you say, if it is fate, it will happen regardless of how you feel or think,” Datian said kissing Diodues on the forehead. “So where might I sleep tonight?”

You can have this bed sir, and I will sleep alongside Heracles,” Diodues said.

Lucky man indeed. I wish you were sharing my bed,” Datian smiled and hugged Diodues.

Thank you Datian, it is an honor to know you think so of me,” Diodues said as he climbed into bed with Heracles and snuggled into his side, holding his arm around Heracles' abs.

Mars smiled and watched Diodues express his concern and love for Heracles. He would have to make certain Heracles knew how much Diodues loved him.

Mars waited patiently spending the time watching Diodues and Heracles. Then late during the night, he heard a sound that was odd yet intriguing. He followed where the noise was originating and just as with Heracles, strong hard forearms were pounding on his head, neck and upper shoulders, the entire same routine that was used on Heracles. Mars was impressed with the strength of the brute and decided to play some before seeming to be bested by the brute. He managed to push hard into the leg of the brute forcing him to fall backward. He jumped on top of the brute who was indeed very large, well muscled and very ugly looking. He had animal like teeth and thick hard nails on his fingers. He was very powerful and could absorb punishment easily it seemed. The brute quickly gained the upper hand and was pounding away as his hand was smashing Datian's balls. A different technique then used on Heracles. Then the same routine returned as he was told by Diodues, with the crushing hold of his throat and balls, the smashing and bashing just like Heracles, but Datian had to pretend to be much less strong and resilient as Heracles as no one can match him and everyone knew that. Datian played the slowly fading hero, even faking bones braking to the delight of the brute. Once Datian seemed unable to react at all as his arms and legs were broken and a few ribs as well, the brute turned Datian on his abs and slammed his cock fully inside of Datian. Datian knew any mortal at this point would have his insides ripped to shreds and die in agony. The brute continued to fuck Datian until after he feigned death and only then did the brute stop having orgasms and pull out of Datian's ass when he was standing so Datian's body would fall in a heap, his bleeding ass sticking upward.

It took loads of self control for Mercury to just stay invisible and not get involved in what was happening. They both followed the brute out of Sparta to a small poor farmhouse. The brute went inside as did Mars and Mercury both invisible. The brute knelt down in front of a tall skinny man wearing clothing sorcerers wore.

Well, have you succeeded with this one for a change?” the sorcerer asked the brute.

Yes master, he is no more, he is dead,” the brute said.

you did well and I release you from your spell until word arrives about this Heracles who you cannot seem to kill,” the sorcerer said.

His cum filled me with power and strength master, I don't understand,” the brute said.

Excuses will not release you completely you know. You will keep attacking the man until his bones are crushed and his insides are ripped to shreds. This next time, you must empty him of his blood which you seemed to enjoy anyway,” the sorcerer said with anger.

They watched as the sorcerer poured some liquid on the head of the brute and his featured changed. He was no longer very ugly at all, his nails were normal and his teeth also were now normal. The sorcerer obviously had turned the big brute of a man into some sort of creature in order to kill the champions and heroes of Sparta.

What evil sorcerer do you do to Sparta Mars said turning fully into his god form, making the sorcerer fall backwards in shock at the sudden appearance of Mars in his house.

I do no evil, you are mistaken,” the sorcerer said.

Do not lie to me mortal,” Mars' voice boomed shaking the building. “I heard what you told that man and it is pure evil.”

It is no concern of yours,” the sorcerer said angrily. “You have no power over me so be gone.”

Mars put on a show of bolts of lightening, deafening thunder and shaking the entire building, making all sorts of jars and bottles fall to the floor.

Tell me why you do this evil,” Mars boomed.

The sorcerer picked up something and said some words, making bolts of fire shoot from his hands towards Mars. Mars laughed and pointed at the sorcerer making a lightening bolt fire into the sorcerer, frizzing his hair and starting his robe on fire. The sorcerer attempted another trick and spell and that too resulted in his being knocked to the ground and made to feel as if a mountain were crushing him.

Stop, please just stop,” the sorcerer finally yelled.

Tell me why this evil you have done to Sparta,” Mars boomed very loud making the sorcerer hold his hands over his ears.

I made a pact with Hera the fallen goddess of Olympus to gain more power for myself. She wished for all the champions and heroes of Sparta to be killed and raped viciously. It was she who desired it and offered me what I sought in return,” the sorcerer said with great fear.

Why would she only wish Sparta to be punished?” Mars boomed again.

They have the strongest and fiercest soldiers, champions and the most heroes in all of Greece. Make an example of them and have the rest of the cities learn of it and temples to Hera would be rebuilt and she would be feared and paid homage,” the sorcerer said.

She cannot do anything in banishment,” Mars yelled again.

Sorcery and witchcraft have a strong connection that other mortals do not. It is very easy for us to be with each other and share spells and potions of great power. She just happens to be the most powerful witch and knows much of sorcery and witchcraft,” the sorcerer yelled covering his face with his sleeve.

Leave this land and never return unless you wish to spend what is left of you miserable life encased in stone. You will pay dearly in the afterlife for your evil against Sparta sorcerer,” Mars boomed even louder then before.

The poor man who was used by the sorcerer was laying on the floor the entire time, petrified he would be turned into another hideous creature. Mercury examined his mind and found him to be a slow but kind and trusting man who had great strength and tall stature. He was turned into a partial beast by the sorcerer and kept under his power for as long as he wished.

Release the man now before you leave sorcerer,” Mars boomed.

The sorcerer had the man drink a potion and used some incantation to release the man from his power. The man smiled as he felt a load of shame and guilt lift from his mind and he felt free again.

Mars had Mercury follow the sorcerer to insure he did indeed leave Greece completely. Mercury made it even easier as he flew the sorcerer to the farthest part of Persia. Mercury went back to Olympus to inform Zeus what Hera was doing with witches and sorcerers for him to decide how to deal with her.

Mars returned to the palace and told Diodues the assassin was no longer going to come to kill heroes and champions of Sparta. He instructed him to tell the king about the sorcerer, Hera and the poor farmer who was used by the sorcerer. All was taken care of and the sorcerer was exiled to the farthest part of Persia. He kissed Diodues and Heracles then was gone, invisible to Diodues, waiting until he could see Heracles had indeed fully recovered and he made certain Heracles was aware of the deep love Diodues bore for him.

Heracles woke back to his former self with more power and stamina it seemed thanks to the injection of cum from Mars. He had to calm Diodues down so he could understand what Diodues was going on and on about with Mars and some sorcerer going to Persia. Diodues was only calmed down when Heracles snatched him up into his arms and kissed him so very passionately until he felt Diodues' body relax and he heard him give out a deep long sigh.

Now, maybe you can calmly tell me what Mars has to do with this and some sorcerer who was sent to Persia, which is all I managed to understand you saying,” Heracles laughed and kissed Diodues' nose, still holding him tight in his arms.

Diodues proceeded to slowly tell Heracles how he ran to the temple of Mars and pleaded and begged for the god Mars to come to his aide so the assassin would stop coming and trying to kill him. He told him all that Mars had done even giving Heracles a portion of his cum to help him heal faster. Heracles began to understand this invigorated feeling he had. It now made sense as he knew it had to have been from either Mars of Mercury pleasuring with him, but that didn't make any sense to him as he had no idea Mars was there at all. Heracles thanked Diodues for going to Mars on his behalf. He told him Mars had to have been impressed with his prayer in order to actually become involved in what would normally have been seen as human misfortune.

Diodues was called to the king and had to leave Heracles. When Diodues left, Mars made his appearance.

Brother you have healed well I see,” Mars said as he hugged and kissed Heracles.

Yes, thanks to you my brother,” Heracles kissed him back. “I understand you were out of your character by helping end the terror that was taking the lives of all of Sparta's champions and heroes.”

Yes, I know but the pleading and begging Diodues did on your behalf to save you from recurring pain and agony truly impressed me. I had to find out for myself his true feelings and understand all that had happened so I took his memories to myself. You do realize I hope that Diodues bares a deep and true love for you Heracles. It would be my advice to enjoy such love and keep him as your loving companion for as long as possible. The man will do anything for you and you could benefit from having such unconditional love as part of your life,” Mars said seriously.

Well, I don't know what to say Mars,” Heracles said flopping down on the bed in deep thought. “So he has a true love for me you are saying?”

Yes, indeed Diodues has Heracles,” Mars said sitting down next to Heracles and hugging him. “I felt it when I shared his memories and could see it for myself as he tended to you as if you were a new born babe and he the mother. I saw the love in his eyes and heart. As I said, you would do well to cherish and live in it Heracles.”

I knew he had deep feelings for me, but I just thought that was from pleasuring and his minds way of dealing with being with a hero as I am to the people of Sparta,” Heracles said. “Now that you have told me all this, I can now see he does indeed have love for me.”

And what is the mighty Heracles to do about it?” Mars laughed. “If I were you, I'd convince Diodues he had to go with you and never leave you. That is provided you feel a deep love for him as well, or at least some measure of love and affection for him as deep love for you may take some time to develop.”

I may just have to do that. I can feign being weak and not willing to leave just yet, using the time to develop a more intimate relationship with Diodues that isn't built strictly on pleasuring,” Heracles said thoughtfully.

I wonder myself if you are able to do so Heracles,” Mars laughed. “Pleasuring does seem to be a major force in your life.”

Heracles played wrestle with Mars and they ended up sharing pleasures, making their bond with each other that much stronger.

Diodues returned after Mars had left Heracles. Heracles pretended he had some weakness left and was going to delay his departure for now until he felt fully back to his normal strength. Diodues threw himself at Heracles, squeezing his arms tight around his neck and passionately kissed him.

Oh, I'm sorry, I should restrain myself, but I just can't,” Diodues said with a blush. “I am sorry you still feel somewhat weak but I am so thrilled you will be here with me longer.”

Yes, I will definitely need your skillful nursing of me,” Heracles said softly. “I'm sure it is the only reason I have managed to heal to begin with.”

No, you make to much of my nursing you to health, but thank you for thinking that could be the case,” Diodues said giving Heracles a tender long kiss.

We may have to refrain from so much pleasuring I'm afraid,” Heracles said sadly to see what Diodues' reaction would be.

Oh, most certainly. It would not be good to sap more of your strength by pleasuring so much or intensely as we have been. As long as I can hold you and you hold me I am more then satisfied and content,” Diodues said kissing Heracles gently again.

You spoil me to much as it is Diodues,” Heracles said with a warm smile. “You should probably let the king know I will be remaining in Sparta for a bit longer,” Heracles said lifting up Diodues in his arms and hugging him.

Diodues made a fuss over Heracles to insure he was not in any sort of pain and comfortable before leaving to talk with the king. The king was very pleased that Heracles would remain in Sparta for a bit longer. He was so overjoyed that the evil had left Sparta, he declared a feast in honor of the god Mars for his saving Sparta from the loss of any more champions and heroes having punished the evildoer with banishment to the farthest reaches of Persia. In addition, a decree was read to all the citizens of Sparta that for a full week, all Spartans were to sacrifice and give homage to Mars as the savior of Sparta.