Heracles Tales….


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The following story contains erotic homosexual situations.  If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now.

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Son of Hades

Heracles felt very good after his visit with the Dwarf Village. He managed to enjoy himself, make new friends and save good people. Not to mention turning an entire village into the worship of Mars. Yes, things were going quite well so far as the memory of his horrible encounter with the brute who served Hera. Lucky for him Mercury and Mars missed him. Ah well, that was just one of those things he kept thinking.

Help, Somebody please help us!” screams suddenly sounded.

Heracles and Pride turned round and round trying to zero in on the direction of the cries for help. Pride was the first to find the direction and without being told to, bolted in that direction. When Heracles and Pride came over a hill they saw 3 young boys on top of a large rock, pinned to it by a brute of a bull, obviously intending to do them harm. Heracles and Pride galloped very fast and ended up stopping at the back end of the furious bull.

I'll save you boys, don't worry,” Heracles yelled at them. “Now when the bull turns towards me, you jump off of that rock and get to safety.”

The boys looked at Heracles with wide frightened eyes, thinking this massively muscled man was going to be killed on their account.

Heracles jumped off of Pride and grabbed the tail of the bull, startling it. It jerked its head around and bellowed as it felt Heracles pulling hard on its tail. It jerked its entire body around to face Heracles, even though it had a very hard time of it while Heracles held on to its tail. Finally Heracles released the tail and backed off, taking a defensive stance, ready for the bull to charge. As the bull turned, the boys wasted no time jumping down from the boulder and running as fast as their legs would carry them away from the bull. The bull stomped, bellowed, exhaled quick blasts of breath through its nostrils and with its head down, took off hard and fast directly towards Heracles. Heracles didn't expect the bull to react that quickly and as fast as it did, but he wasn't at all worried. The bull's head pushed hard up against Heracles chest and abs, as Heracles latched on to its horns. The bull was extremely strong and muscled, easily pushing Heracles backwards very fast. Before Heracles knew it, the bull had smashed his body hard into a boulder that was sticking out of the ground behind him. Heracles let out a loud sound as the air was forced out of his lungs. Before he could fully get another breath, the bull pulled back and charged even harder then before, making Heracles begin to feel pain all down his back and at the back of his head which snapped back and hit the boulder. Heracles did his best to push the beast away from him but was having a hard time getting any traction in the sand at the base of the boulder. Again the bull backed up and this time bent its head down further before smashing Heracles' body full force into the boulder. The lowered head put a tremendous amount of pressure and pain on Heracles' lower abs and crotch. He was having a harder and harder time taking in air and it was surely going to weaken him if he didn't get out of his current position. He finally got his feet up against the boulder, off of the sand and used as much force as he could to push the bull back. It slowly started working. Then the bull pulled back fast and charged hard again, smashing Heracles harder then before into the boulder. The bull then quickly did it again and again, forcing Heracles to let go of its horns and gasp hard for air. Heracles' body slunk down a bit and when the bull charged hard again, its hard bony head caught Heracles directly in the center of his chest, sending ripples of pain into his pecs. He knew if he didn't do something quick, the bull would get him to the ground and trample him with its hooves and gore him with its horns. When the bull backed up again, Heracles made a fist and slammed hard into the middle of the bulls face up towards the skull a number of times. It seemed to stun the bull, but then it just charged hard again, smashing Heracles' body into the boulder. When the bull backed up yet again, Heracles latched on to his one wrist with his other hand and began clubbing hard on the head of the bull, right in between its eyes. The bull bellowed in pain and backed off. Heracles continued to smack his clubbed arms into the face of the bull, which caused it to shake its head violently and back off even more.

Hey there, you! What are you doing to my bull?” a loud voice sounded. “Stop hurting my bull you brute!”

After one last slam of his hands, the bull seemed to rock on its legs and then fell down, breathing very hard. Heracles bent down taking in large deep breaths and began to feel his body with his hands to make sure no major damage was done.

I was just saving a few young boys who were trapped on that boulder by your bull!” Heracles yelled somewhat angered.

Oh, a hero is it? Well you brute, those no good boys were probably caught by my bull in my orchard and chased here,” the old man shouted as he ran up to his bull and slowly petted its head and rubbed its neck. “You best hope you didn't kill my bull or you'd be paying quite a good price and probably jail I might add,” the farmer spat.

I told you I was only saving some boys,” Heracles answered back himself somewhat angry. “How was I to know they were stealing from your orchard as I'm not from around here. Surely you can see by my garb and accent that I am not from this area!”

No matter, you are just lucky my bull is alive,” the farmer said. “Maybe you best mind your own business from now on stranger. Especially if you don't know what's happening about.”

I see you are well versed in showing strangers hospitality,” Heracles said nastily.

Point me on my way where real civilized people live and know how to treat guests.”

The farmer stood up and glared at Heracles. He couldn't believe the arrogance of this brute. Yes, he'll direct him to a civilized place just meant for him.

Head to the end of that trail and go to the right where it splits. You'll come across a very nice river and someone from there will surely treat you as you desire.”

Thank you,” Heracles said as he called for Pride, mounted him and took off in the direction the farmer gave him.

It was truly a beautiful land. So green and lush with all manner of life all around. Quiet and other then the incident with the boys, bull and farmer, very peaceful and inviting. His torso was beginning to let him know he did indeed suffer some damage at the encounter with that massive bull, but no broken bones at least. His muscles were bruised and sore and he wished to find a place to wash, eat and rest. After some travel time, he heard the sound of a fast running river. As he came out of the brush and trees into a flowing rolling meadow that headed down to the river he heard. He saw a man, rather large, fishing from the shore. Heracles wanted to just get some normal hospitality and rest.

Hey there, where may I find a place to rest and eat?” Heracles shouted out the the man.

No response, like the man was deaf or something.

Hey, you fisherman, I am talking to you!” Heracles shouted now getting irritated.

He dismounted Pride and stomped over to behind the man fishing on the bank.

Are you deaf or hard of hearing?” Heracles shouted sarcastically.

And what is it to you if I am?” the man shouted back.

It is an offense is what it is,” Heracles yelled, sore and tired. “Common courtesy demands a stranger is welcomed and given shelter when asked.”

Is that so, well I've never heard of such a thing,” the man yelled back, never turning around to look at Heracles.

Hey, you ignorant fellow, do you not have the courtesy to look a man in the face when speaking?” Heracles yelled as he poked a finger into the shoulder of the man.

And who is this boastful man who dares to bother me?” the man yelled still not looking at Heracles.

I am Heracles, son of Zeus, hero of Greece and champion of the kingdom” Heracles said very proudly.

Suddenly, the man moved super fast, stuck out his arm and slammed it into the back of Heracles' legs, sending him flying down to the ground. Before Heracles could react, the man had sharp fingers dug into his side and leg and his face was bent down to the thigh of Heracles, blood began running down the thigh. Heracles was totally taken by surprise and was not expecting anything like this. Quickly the man had Heracles' upper body pinned down with one arm, his legs with the other and he was biting and sucking blood from the lower left pec. Heracles didn't know it at the time, but while the man was biting into him and sucking his blood, he was also injecting a venom that weakened its victim cramping up muscles and limbs. Course this wasn't just a man, but Hadus, son of Hades, god of the underworld. Unlike Heracles, Hadus avoided contact with humans and wanted to be left alone. When he felt the need for company, he attacked travelers and kept ones that pleased him, at least until they either died or he got tired of them.

Hadus immediately sensed Heracles was a demigod as the power of Heracles' blood began circulating in his body. He reared up, arms spread wide and screamed out a prayer of thankfulness to his father Hades for the gift of Heracles.

Heracles slowly rolled over and go on his hands and knees, his eyesight somewhat blurry and his chest and thigh cramping and getting weak. Hadus bent down, latched an arm under Heracles neck and shoulder and his other hand grasped tight on to Heracles' thigh and bit hard into the lower shoulder blade of Heracles, twisting his head to dig his teeth in deeper and sucking harder to take in more of Heracles' blood. He also forced more and more venom into Heracles, helping along the process of subjugating him. Heracles screamed out but had a very difficult time trying to fight off Hadus.

Hadus scooped Heracles up off the ground across his body, laughed in his face and yelled, “So it is Heracles is it,we shall see!”

He roughly threw Heracles into the river purposely aiming so that Heracles' body would smack hard on the rocks near the shore. He ripped off his clothes, laughed again and jumped high into the air, landing hard on the sprawled out body of Heracles. Heracles was even weaker now and he was gasping for air. He managed to sit up and began to move away from Hadus when Hadus grabbed on to Heracles' head with one hand and began to pound hard on to the neck and shoulder of Heracles. Hadus continued until he felt he had softened up Heracles' neck enough to make it easier to bite into it. He grabbed Heracles' right wrist, jerked it back as he slammed his other arm across Heracles' chest, dug his fingers deep under the left pec muscle and slammed his mouth hard on Heracles' neck, easily biting deep and sucking even harder then before. Hadus was getting a great rush of excitement and pleasure from the blood of Heracles. Unlike how he was with his human victims, he knew with a demigod, he couldn't really kill him and so he dove into taking as much of his pleasure as he wished. He satisfied his lust and then grabbed on to Heracles' head, pulling him toward the other shoreline. Once there, he clamped his arm around Heracles' neck like a headlock, laughing and yelling how the great Heracles came to serve the son of Hades.

When he got Heracles on shore, he bent him over backwards with his leg along the side of Heracles, Heracles' one leg in one hand and the other tucked under Hadus' arm. He played with Heracles' cock and balls, slapping and pulling at them, getting Heracles hard. He knew being a demigod that he would take strength from Heracles by draining him of his cum and keep him even weaker by fucking him. He bent Heracles up and over even more and devoured Heracles' cock into his mouth. He quickly got Heracles to empty his cum into his mouth and kept working on him until Heracles was actually drained. His body would react like he was having an orgasm but nothing would shoot out. Hadus dropped Heracles and again lifted his arms up and screamed out a prayer of thanks and joy for the gift of Heracles. He laughed as he watched Heracles crawl towards a rock, obviously to try and stand up. He followed Heracles and when he was close to the rock, he grabbed Heracles under the armpits and lifted him up roughly, slamming his chest on to the boulder.

Hadus laughed and taunted Heracles as he easily held Heracles' chest down on the boulder and worked on Heracles' ass with his other hand.

Are you ready slave Heracles for your new master to make you his? You give me much strength and pleasure with your juices and I will make certain I enjoy them over and over and over again,” Hadus laughed.

Heracles could only moan as his body was totally limp from being drained completely of his cum. He could feel Hadus' fingers pulling at his ass cheeks, pushing in and out of his rosebud but he couldn't do anything to stop him.

Suddenly, his head shot up and back, his eyes bulged and he screamed out as Hadus' massive cock pushed its way deeper and deeper inside of Heracles. Hadus growled and pushed Heracles' head down hard on the boulder as he hard jerked his hips more and more, sending his thick, long and expanding cock deeper and deeper inside of Heracles. Heracles could feel himself getting weaker with each thrust of Hadus, knowing he was loosing his power to Hadus, even faster since Hadus was a demigod also. Hadus bent down and slammed his mouth hard into the lower shoulder blade of Heracles, biting hard and sucking hard, growling and drooling venom, blood and saliva down Heracles' side. After filling Heracles 5 times with his cum, Hadus lifted Heracles up off the rock, impaled on his cock and began biting and sucking from Heracles' shoulder as he used his hands around the abs of Heracles to slam him up and down his rock hard, throbbing cock. Heracles no longer had any power left to fight off Hadus let alone escape. Hadus moved Heracles to a boulder, spun him around on his cock and began attacking Heracles' pecs and nipples.

Let us see how good Heracles is at producing man milk for his new master,” Hadus laughed as he ravaged, sucked, bit and hard kneaded first one then the other of Heracles pecs.

Heracles squirmed and tried his best to get free, but it was useless. The more Hadus fucked him and worked on his pecs and nipples, the harder things got. Heracles bellowed out in pain and shame as his nipples slowly began leaking out man milk, the worse kind of humiliation a man could endure. Even worse for a champion and hero like himself. He himself had done the exact same thing when he defeated and humiliated a particularly nasty opponent, but no one came close to doing this to him. It burned and hurt more and more as more and more was being produced. Hadus laughed and worked even harder on the pecs and nipples until he could hard massage a pec and see man milk oozing from the swollen nipple.

Ah, my slave is a cow I see, willing to give his master his milk,” Hadus laughed as he bent down to suck hard and squeeze even more from Heracles' pecs.

It took awhile before Heracles' pecs to stop leaking man milk. Hadus was disappointed but knew he would be getting more whenever he wished. He fucked Heracles very hard for one last time, filling him with a huge load of his cum, loaded with the same venom that he injected when sucking Heracles' blood. From the loss of blood and the amount of venom he had in his body, Heracles was completely unconscious, weaker then he'd ever been and humiliated beyond words.

Hadus picked him up and threw him inside a wooden cage. Heracles laid just as he fell. Hadus laughed, rubbed his belly and stretched.

Tomorrow, Heracles, we begin your new life,” Hadus snarled, laughed and laid down on his bed.

Heracles woke up with the world upside down. Hadus had hung him by one leg on a poll. When he opened his eyes, after the blurry film went away, he saw Hadus sitting on a boulder watching him.

Ah, so my slave wakes,” Hadus taunted. “Now you can give me your juices even better then before.”

What are you saying,” Heracles managed to get out.

Here, I'll show you,” Hadus laughed as he stood up, played around with Heracles' cock and sucked it into his mouth.

Heracles tried his best to jerk his body up and down and side to side to try and make it harder for Hadus, but Hadus just dug his fingers into the wide open arm pits of Heracles and held him still. When Heracles had given up 3 loads of his cum, Hadus moved away from him, laughed, rubbed his abs and slapped Heracles on his abs. He then used both hands, one on each pec and began working on Heracles' pecs and nipples. It didn't take very long for man milk to begin to flow from the nipples. Hadus squatted down and sucked, licked and bit one nipple then the other until he was satisfied he had gotten enough, and Heracles was completely humiliated.

Here slave, I don't wish you to be thirsty,” Hadus laughed. “I must make sure your body is kept fully functional for my pleasure.”

Hadus grabbed the lower jaw of Heracles with on hand, squeezed until he held it wide open and with the other, lifted his cock and began pissing into Heracles' mouth. The stream was so intense, Heracles couldn't help but to swallow a good deal of it. It seemed to burn as it pushed up into his stomach. He gagged and coughed but couldn't shut his mouth. When Hadus finished, he slapped his cock back and forth on Heracles' face. He moved out of sight from Heracles and came back with a thick mash of what seemed like bread, fish and milk. He pulled up Heracles' head by the back of his neck and began pushing clumps of it inside Heracles' mouth, stopping every now and then to work on Heracles' throat to make him swallow it. It was a mixture of fish, bread and Hadus' cum, all to keep Heracles weak but yet healthy.

When Heracles finished eating the last of the food, Hadus untied his foot without warning and Heracles fell head first to the ground.

Come slave, wash your stink in the river,” Hadus ordered.

Hadus slowly walked behind Heracles, kicking his ass cheeks every now and then to get him towards the river. When at the river, Hadus lifted Heracles by his waist and threw him into the water. The water was cool and refreshing to Heracles, almost reviving him, but not giving him back any strength.

Who are you and why are you doing this to me?” Heracles finally asked Hadus.

I am Hadus, son of Hades, god of the underworld. He like all the other gods wanted the use and company of human women and so I was born. My mother knew I was not like other children and when I was but a teen, she took me out into the wilderness and left me on my own, warning me to stay away from villages as they would kill me if they saw me. I have mostly remained alone and have made this area my home. Locals stay clear of me and the occasional traveler gives me my needs. So by the look of surprise on your face, you now know Hades has children as well as Zeus. Seems none of the gods care to talk about such things it seems.”

But why do you take blood from me?” Heracles asked.

Being the son of Hades, I too am part of the underworld. Live yet not. Blood nourishes me more then human food and keeps me strong. Your blood is the best as it is like mine, that of a demigod. Which reminds me.”

Hadus grabbed Heracles and easily pulled him up against his body, Heracles' back against his front. He pulled Heracles' head to the side and bit into his neck, sucking his blood and injecting more venom. Heracles could feel himself getting weaker and weaker with each draining by Hadus. He had no idea how he could get enough strength back to fight him, especially since he was being drained of his power through his cum and made weaker by being fucked.

Maybe a little treat,” Hadus suddenly said as he bent Heracles sideways, placed Heracles' head behind his arm and used his other hand to work on Heracles' pecs. Heracles kept pleading and begging for him to stop, but that just made Hadus work all the harder on the pecs and nipples. It was working heavily on Heracles' mind that he was no longer a man and no longer anyone's champion.

Ah, good, soon I will only have to use my mouth to take your man milk,” Hadus said slapping Heracles' pecs as he laughed and laughed.

He pulled Heracles up out of the water, pulled the caged cart closer to the river's edge, pushed Heracles into it and latched the door.

Here fish to eat,” Hadus bellowed as he pushed a pole at Heracles and kicked a bucket of bait close by.

Heracles did as instructed, baiting his hook and throwing the line as best he could into the river. As he was watching the water flowing, he thought of Pride and wondered what had happened to him. He hoped Hadus didn't get him and kill him. For the first time he could remember, Heracles became depressed, unknown to him another side effect of Hadus' venom. Also, memories of his horror at the hands of Heradus flashed in his memory. If it wasn't for the intervention of Mercury and Mars, he would probably still be a slave, weakened beyond his imagination, used and no longer a demigod let alone a man.

Heracles somehow managed to catch a few fish which surprised him since he hadn't fished in years and didn't think fishing from the confines of his cage would work very well. At least Hadus would let him eat food to keep up his limited strength.

So, the bastard of Zeus knows how to fish I see,” Hadus laughed as he walked up to the cage and began opening the door. “Good, for now you can eat. I would not want you to waste away to nothing!”

Come out now, time for your milking,” Hadus said motioning with his hand for Heracles to come out of the cage.

No, please, no more humiliation,” Heracles pleaded as he delayed exiting the cage.

Hadus reached inside the cage grabbing on to Heracles' forearm and jerked him hard out of the cage, sending him flying hard against a large boulder.

What? The mighty son of Zeus pleads with the son of Hades?” Hadus said with a pretend look of shock and concern. “How can this be true? No matter, it has no meaning for me. You will serve my pleasures from now on and it matters not to me whether you want that or not. You life such as it will be is how I decide it to be from now on. Seems you are not gifted with much thinking power as you would have already realized you are completely under my power now and you are not able to fight me.”

Heracles yelled out in some pain as his body hit the boulder. Part of his yelling was in frustration and anger at the words of Hadus since he knew them to be true enough. The draining of his cum, his blood and being filled with massive amounts of Hadus' cum and the poison he didn't know about, kept him weak and took away any super strength and stamina he had before. There was nothing he could do to stop Hadus from taking his pleasures any way he choose. Hadus walked over to Heracles as he moaned at the base of the boulder, laughing a most cynical laugh. He reached down and grabbed Heracles by the back of his neck and lifted him up off the ground and slammed him onto the top of the boulder. He released Heracles' neck and slammed his hand on top of Heracles' face, pushing it back and up, his body pinning the legs of Heracles against the boulder.

Now, let us see how much improved your milk production has gotten,” Hadus laughed as he used his free hand to massage, squeeze and tug at Heracles' pecs. He purposely did not use forceful motions, but just enough to put slight pressure on each pec and nipple, knowing it was pure torture for Heracles, his manhood slowly being taken away from him.

Ahh, see, the milk of Heracles begins to flow,” Hadus laughed as he lowered his face and sucked in one of Heracles' pecs stimulating the nipple roughly with his tongue and sucking gently. “Mmmm, the quality has improved as well! I am most pleased. Did you know that I can feel more of your power flowing into me with your milk? Yes, first your man milk and then your cum, a filling of my body with your useless power.”

All Heracles could do was moan and shout all muffled by the hand of Hadus over his face. Heracles could really feel his milk moving to his nipples and being sucked out, now that Hadus was being what he might call gentle rather then his usual painful vacuuming of it out. This added even more distress and depression to Heracles. In addition, he could not stop his cock from reacting to the sensations coursing through his body as his pecs and nipples were stimulated and milk was being taken from him. It was a unique and odd experience for Heracles and one that was new to him. Heradus was brutal and nothing he did to Heracles was in any way pleasurable, including having his cum drained from him. This however was something much different for Heracles. His mind suddenly focused on how he was actually feeling pleasure from what was being done to him, his manhood removed without his consent or much of a fight to prevent it. It didn't matter that he was powerless to fight Hadus now, he was still a demigod, but weak and unable to fight as before.

So the mighty son of Zeus gets pleasure from my milking him I see,” Hadus said as he flicked his finger on Heracles' rock hard cock. “Maybe we need to increase your pleasure to give me more of your divine fluid. Yes, let us see what this does.”

With that, Hadus covered a finger with a thick coating of saliva, moved his hand under Heracles' ass and pushed the finger past his rosebud as deep as he could get it, which by the size of Hadus' fingers was deeper then most mortals cocks. He moved his finger about, pushing and rubbing until he hit a spot that got a moan out of Heracles rather then gasps of pain. He also noticed that Heracles' cock was now leaking a steady stream of fluid. He bent down and licked the head of Heracles' cock and was pleased by the taste and energy surge he felt from it.

Yes, indeed I have found a way to make you give me even more fluid and me to drain even more power from you,” Hadus laughed as he began to practice different movements of his finger inside Heracles' ass, observing the reaction of his body and cock.

He then moved his mouth back to the pecs and nipples and returned to his slow almost gentle working to take Heracles' man milk. The combination of the anal stimulation and the pec/nipple working forced Heracles' body to move slowly about as if he was experiencing much pleasure. In addition, he could not stop himself from moaning and even licking the palm of Hadus' hand that was over his face.

Yes, show your master how much you like the pleasure I give to you,” Hadus said, his own cock stimulated and throbbing.

He liked the feeling of Heracles' tongue on his palm and decided to remove his hand and move his finger around the lips of Heracles. He was surprised when Heracles' tongue licked it and then his head lifted and he sucked in Hadus' finger. Hadus moved his finger as if he was fucking Heracles' mouth. This was a new experience for Hadus which he truly began to enjoy. He returned his mouth to Heracles' pecs and nipples and the combination of the finger in Heracles' mouth, the stimulation and sucking on his pecs and the finger attacking the special spot inside Heracles' ass, caused Heracles to really moan in pleasure, his breathing almost panting and he was wiggling about on the top of the boulder obviously in great pleasure. Hadus like this as he knew he would take more cum from Heracles and now that he knew about the special spot in Heracles' ass, he would modify his fucking technique. He also decided he would take a gentler approach to sucking the blood from Heracles, sure that it would add to the amount of fluid Heracles was providing. He might even begin to beg Hadus for his pleasure. Yes, this was turning into a much easier arrangement then he thought.

When Heracles' body began to jerk about, Hadus moved his mouth to Heracles' cock and slowly took it all in, slowly putting pressure all around the shaft and rubbing his tongue around the head. When he reached the pubes he tightened his mouth pressure and slowly pulled back off the cock. Heracles' moaned and his hips moved up off the boulder in reaction to this stimulation. Hadus moved 2 of his fingers into Heracles' ass and now was stimulating that special spot inside Heracles even more, causing even more of that tasty fluid to flow. When Heracles began to jerk and pant loudly, Hadus increased the force of his fingers inside Heracles and moved his mouth faster up and down the cock, adding more pressure to his sucking and with his tongue. Heracles yelled out and his body stiffened as he began filling Hadus' mouth and throat with huge loads of cum. Hadus tried his best to smile but then decided not to so he would not loose a drop of the fast flowing, demigod power cum. When Heracles' body finally began to calm down and only small dribbles of his cum were being sucked out, Hadus decided he wanted to get pleasure himself. He removed his fingers from Heracles and pulled Heracles down from the boulder, easily sliding the head of his cock inside the stretched out and puckering ass of Heracles. His instinct was to ram it in and madly hump until he filled Heracles with his poisoned cum, but based on what he just experienced, decided he would do so slowly, tortuously slow.

He was pleased by the reaction of Heracles. His head flew from side to side, his tongue was madly licking his lips and he was again panting. An additional benefit Hadus found was the constricting and loosening of Heracles' ab and internal muscles, around his growing thick cock. It was so much more pleasurable then his normal fuck till now.

I must thank you Heracles for showing me the true extent of pleasures I can take from your body,” Hadus said as he leaned down and began to work on the pecs and nipples again.

Heracles' nipples were swollen and somewhat sore, but it seemed the slow movement in and out of Hadus' thick veined cock, now concentrating on moving over that special spot, just kept the high pleasure and stimulation coursing throughout his body. He was producing lots of man milk and didn't care right now. This was more pleasure then he had ever experienced in his lifetime, even surpassing the pleasures he had with Mars and Mercury. Hadus took his time fucking Heracles and he also felt more pleasure then he had ever known. When he knew he was very close to filling Heracles with his cum, he used his head to push Heracles' head to the side and slowly began licking and sucking on the side of Heracles' neck, eventually gently biting into it and slowly sucking out the blood and pushing his poisons into Heracles. Hadus seemed to go into some sort of spasm of pleasure as his cock shot out loads of cum. He could not stop himself from increasing the force and speed of his thrusts as he emptied himself. When he finally felt the last of his cum dribble out, he moved off of Heracles and noticed the thick coating of Heracles' cum on his body and Heracles. He laughed and pulled his cock out of Heracles as he began to lick Heracles' body and rubbing his abs with his hand and licking the cum from his hand. Heracles was completely limp and groaning as Hadus lifted him off the boulder and placed him back in his cage. An idea struck him as he thought about what Heracles' mouth did to his finger before. He pulled Heracles out of the cage and knelt on one knee next to Heracles' side and his other leg bent with his foot on the side of Heracles' head. He took hold of his cock, still drooling fluid, and began to move it around the lips of Heracles. He was surprised when Heracles opened his mouth and his tongue began to lick on the head of Hadus' cock. He laughed and moved more of his cock towards Heracles' mouth. Heracles' mouth opened wider and soon took in a quarter of Hadus' cock which was now getting hard again. Soon Heracles was sucking on Hadus' cock like a new born baby to its mothers tit. Hadus held up Heracles' head with one hand, pushing more of his cock into Heracles, feeling Heracles' throat muscles massaging the head of his cock. It did indeed feel very pleasurable. Hadus reached his arms behind and pulled up Heracles' legs, locking his ankles inside his armpits. He moved one hand back to Heracles' ass and inserted a finger, easily finding that special spot. Heracles' reaction was surprising to Hadus when he sucked even harder and began moving his head as if he was fucking Hadus' cock. Hadus liked this pleasure very much and knew it would be a regular part of his fun with Heracles. When his cock became very stimulated and began to throb, he grabbed the back of Heracles' head and rammed his cock deep inside of Heracles' throat. Heracles' entire body jerked and flopped around as he was not able to fully breath which stimulated Hadus that much more and his cock began filling Heracles' stomach and throat with his cum. This was indeed a most pleasurable learning for him. He even threw up his arms to the sky and looked up as he shouted a prayer of thanksgiving to his father Hades for the gift of Heracles.

Hadus lifted Heracles and walked to his bed of hides, laid down and pulled Heracles into his body, quickly falling sound asleep, his body still shooting bolts of pleasure throughout it. Somehow he knew Heracles would not attempt to escape as he had to be very weak and from all the pleasure he would find it very difficult to leave Hadus now. Besides, there was no place Heracles could get to very quickly that would prevent Hadus from catching him. As he drifted off to a very pleasing slumber, his mind kept playing back the varied pleasures he experienced with Heracles.

Heracles had no thoughts other then the unbelievable pleasure coursing all throughout his body. It did not matter that he was a prisoner and was being used by Hadus. His mind focused in on the pleasure and it outweighed all else right now. He didn't even realize that his body had snuggled in closer to Hadus as they both had a long deep sleep.

Day went into weeks and weeks into months. Both Heracles and Hadus continued their demigod level of pleasures. Hadus had eased up on his treatment of Heracles, gone were the rough poundings and harsh words. Heracles was content and all thoughts of his adventure gone from his mind. Just as Hadus would have his need for Heracles' milk, blood and cum, Heracles would on his own play with Hadus' body and cock, sucking his cock until he was filled with Hadus' cum and even getting Hadus to enjoy kissing. Hadus had really taken to kissing and was a very quick learner. Most nights, they fell asleep kissing and massaging each others muscles. Anyone viewing them from the woods would think these were two men lovers, taking their pleasures together.

Mars grew concerned again as he did not find Heracles further north then he anticipated, nor could he zero in on where he was. He enlisted the aid again of Mercury and both searched the lands when they were not busy with their tasks as gods. Hades, though not a model father, did occasionally check on his son Hadus to make certain nothing fowl had happened to him. He was totally shocked when he viewed Hadus sleeping with this handsome, muscled human in his arms, as if they were long time lovers. He was curious and confused. This was not the Hadus he had grown to know and watch as he grew to full adulthood. He had to know what this was all about.

Hadus, get up and explain what I see here,” Hades bellowed in typical god fashion with thunder and lightening.

Heracles just rolled over and moaned and Hadus groaned, rubbed his hand on Heracles' back and got up from his bed.

Hello father, it is good to see you again,” Hadus said with a smile of all things. “It has been too long.”

What is happening here?” Hades bellowed all flustered and confused which was not normal for him. “Who is this mortal you have in your bed?”

Oh, he is Heracles, son of Zeus, father,” Hadus said with a smile turning to look at the still sleeping Heracles. “I took him in a fight months ago and things just changed once I realized how much pleasure we gave each other. I've come to like him very much.”

What? Like him?” Hades asked confused. “Have you lost your mind? Are you taking his blood and fluid as you need to?”

Oh yes, I am and he truly likes it, giving it willingly,” Hadus said with a smile.

This is confusing to me,” Hades bellowed. “You have never had a lover and I never expected you to have one either, and yet here you are, with a lover, and a demigod son of Zeus no less.”

Yes, I know, seems I've missed out on so much pleasure in life father,” Hadus said thoughtfully.

No, this cannot be, it is not as things are supposed to be,” Hades said angrily. “You cannot be this way, it isn't your nature. This lover of yours is Heracles, son of Zeus no less, my vengeful brother and king of the gods of Olympus. Have you forgotten what I taught you when you were yet a child?”

No father, I have not. This just is something unplanned or wanted. It just happened and is. Both of us are together willingly and I don't see why that is wrong,” Hadus said seriously.

If Zeus finds out you have taken his son unwillingly even though it might be willingly now, you will be most severely punished if not killed. Zeus has that power you know, to kill demigods at will. How could you allow this to happen as it did. I would understand you using him for a time and then allowing him to go on his way, but this? No, this cannot be allowed,” Hades said sternly.

I can't just give him up father, things are changed,” Hadus said sadly. “We have become as lovers. Yes, I can say we are indeed lovers. Heracles is not here through force but of his own free will.”

Yes, he is now I see, but that is not how this started and that is what Zeus will see,” Hades said. “In his thinking, you poisoned him with your fluids and by draining his blood, giving him more of your venom. He will not believe Heracles is willingly here with you, no matter what you or he states. Like it or not, you must make him leave you, Hadus, unless you are willing to face the wrath of Zeus. I may even be punished by him now that I know of this and it isn't ended.”

Heracles heard what was being said and got out of bed and stood next to Hadus with his arm around his waist.

Greetings Hades, brother to Zeus, lord of the underworld,” Heracles said respectfully. “I give witness to what your son Hadus has stated to you. I am not here unwillingly by any means. I wish to be here with Hadus of my own free will. Yes when we met it was not like that, but over time it has changed. I'm sure you can see the change in Hadus now. He is not who he once was and I have never been happier then I am at this moment of time.”

Hadus squeezed Heracles closer and even kissed his head. Hades was flustered and unsure what was to be done. He knew his brother Zeus and this lover thing with Hadus was not one of the fates Zeus planned for Heracles. No, he would not be pleased at all.

You speak well Heracles and I appreciate your respect and homage. However, no matter what either of you think or say, this cannot continue. It will not continue whether you agree to it or not. You both are demigods and I am a god as is your father Zeus. He has planned your fate from the time your were born and I know this was not part of that. He will punish Hadus most severely or even kill him should he find out what is happening here. I do not wish for my son to be punished or killed, do you wish that for Hadus?”

Heracles put his head down thinking about what Hades had just stated. He knew in his heart it was indeed a truth and he would not be able to bare seeing Hadus punished or killed now.

That fate is up to me father, it is my fate to face, not yours,” Hadus stated somewhat angry.

No, it is also my fate that comes into this affair. Zeus would hold me responsible now since I now know of this and did nothing to end it,” Hades said sternly. “You do not know of the wrath of Zeus as I do and you do not want to be the one affected by it either. No, this will end now. Heracles will go his way and neither of you will see each other ever again.”

The sound of what Hades said brought tears to Heracles' eyes. Another new emotion being felt thanks to Hadus. He knew Hades was right and that he will force them apart without their permission. He was actually being kind letting them take the necessary action rather then just making it so.

No father, I cannot do as you command,” Hadus said with anger.

Hadus, please, listen to the wisdom of your father. I do no wish to leave you at all and my heart already breaks at the thought of leaving you, but far worse would I feel knowing that because of me, you suffered punishment or worse yet death. No, I could not bare that at all. We must obey your father. Know he is a god and will make it happen in either case. My willingly leaving is better. We will heal our hearts slowly, but we will heal.”

Well said Heracles, your father has given you much wisdom,” Hades said softly.

Why can't we just live as we have been?” Hadus moaned. “I don't understand.”

Zeus would have told me if it was part of Heracles' fate to become your lover,” Hades said. “He has not and I as a god know it is not part of Heracles' fate, nor yours. As Heracles has stated, either you allow him to leave or I will force it to be so.”

I have gathered my things and will leave you now Hadus my lover,” Heracles said with tears. “Keep what we shared in your heart and go through your life with the new mind you have rather then the cold, vicious one of old. We have both gained from our life together and may one day become lovers again, with the blessings of the gods. Hold me and kiss me one last time before I leave here. Know you will forever be in my heart and mind. Hades I make one request of you. Please ease Hadus' mind and heart from the pain of our separation. Help him to heal and not become bitter and unwilling to continue life.”

It will be as you requested, I promise you,” Hades said with a smile, not of his character, but he appreciated the obvious feelings Heracles has for his son.

Heracles and Hadus embraced and kissed for some time before Heracles pushed himself from the grasp of Hadus, kissed him on the cheek and began to walk away, continuing his journey of adventure. Hades did indeed cast a spell on Hadus to ease his heartache and mind of the sadness of loosing Heracles. Hades made Hadus fall into a deep sleep that would last a few days time, slowly letting the pain of his loss go from his mind, only leaving pleasant memories of his pleasures with Heracles.

When Heracles was 2 days journey away from Hadus, Pride somehow found him. They had a very happy reunion to say the least. As Heracles got on Pride to continue his adventure, Mercury spotted them and quickly went down to them.

Heracles! Thank the gods,” Mercury yelled as he scooped Heracles from Pride and spun around in joy. “Where have you been? Mars and I have been frantic with worry after not seeing your for such a long time. Are you well, things alright with you?”

Mercury lover and protector, yes, things are well with me,” Heracles laughed as Mercury put them back on the ground. “I have had a most wonderful adventure that now saddens my heart that I had to continue my journey. I was truly happy and content, felt loved and needed and protected, something I had never experienced before. It was truly an experience of a lifetime.”

I must hear of this adventure,” Mercury said most curiously. “You do seem quite content and yet I sense a sadness as one sees when a human looses a very loved one.”

Yes, that is a good way of putting it Mercury,” Heracles said forcing a smile. “I have indeed lost a very loved one, but I will always have the memory of our time together in my mind and heart.”

Surely I must hear all of this adventure,” Mercury said holding Heracles by the shoulders and looking at him seriously.

In time Mercury, just not right now as I am still grieving my loss and it is all too much ache for my heart to tell of just now,” Heracles said with tears forming in his eyes.

I understand Heracles and will press you no further,” Mercury said. “Come, let me find Mars and we will then celebrate our finding you and we will share pleasures again.”

That will be good Mercury, I truly do need that now,” Heracles said forcing a smile.

Mercury kissed him and flew off in search of Mars, knowing Mars would be so happy that Heracles was found and they would be celebrating with much pleasure.