Heracles Tales…. The Experiment


The following is a complete work of fiction.  Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental.  Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission.
The following story contains erotic homosexual situations.  If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now.

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Heracles was heading back to Ithaca the long way along the shore. He wanted to enjoy the quiet and beauty he knew was all around him taking that route home. He took a swim whenever it fancied him and slept in the nude, right on the shoreline, letting the waves wash on his spread apart legs and tickle his balls. He was somewhat drained from helping others and taking on the evil minions of Hera, even though he knew she was in exile and stripped of her powers, mostly. She was a fully powerful witch it seemed and tried to use those powers however she could to make Heracles suffer, a payback for what Zeus did to her because of Heracles.

Late one evening before the sun fully set, he came across an old man who was sitting at a fire, roasting his catch of fish. He had a tent of sorts laid out made of goat skins.

Hello old man,” Heracles said with a smile. “How is it you are here on this beach all alone?”

Hello young man,” the man said standing up and brushing the sand from his tunic and hand. “I come here often for the solitude and to be left alone with my thoughts. What about you?”

Pretty much the same thing, I needed to be left alone and just enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the shoreline,” Heracles said.

Oh, how rude of me, my name is Tokus,” the old man said extending his arm.

Not rude at all, I am Heracles,” Heracles said grasping the forearm of the old man and shaking it.

Pleasure to meet you Heracles. That name seems somewhat familiar to me,” Tokus said.

Thank the gods, someone who isn't aware of me,” Heracles said raising his hands to the sky.

Well, it'll come to me I'm sure. In the mean time, please enjoy my hospitality for the night. It would please me greatly. I have plenty of fish and even wine to share,” Tokus said with a big smile.

That is most kind of you Tokus. I'd be honored if it is not a problem for you,” Heracles said.

Now what sort of problem could it possibly be to show another traveler some hospitality and share a meal with him,” Tokus laughed. “Come, sit at the fire and we will eat.”

Heracles smiled and took a seat on the sand near the fire. The fish did smell good and having some wine seemed like a good thing. The wine had a different taste but was really good. He told himself he would have to find out from Tokus where the wine came from as its taste seemed to get more pleasing the more he drank. As they ate and drank, Heracles ended up telling Tokus about some of his adventures and battles, his constant battle with Hera and the fun he has had with Mars and Mercury. Tokus was amazed Heracles actually talked and pleasured with the gods themselves. He seemed doubtful about Heracles being the son of Zeus, but that was just fine with Heracles.

The food and wine have made me very relaxed. I think I will take a swim and then go to sleep if that is okay with you?” Heracles said.

Of course, please do enjoy yourself without a worry about me,” Tokus laughed pointing to the water.

Heracles didn't hesitate to take off his toga and loin wrap along with his sandals standing completely naked in front of Tokus.

You most certainly have the body of a god I'd say,” Tokus said with a wink.

Not a god, but a demigod Tokus,” Heracles laughed and then ran into the water.

Heracles thought the water seemed to be giving his skin new sensations. It was like he could feel the current and movement of the waves all over his body. He became very relaxed and decided to get back to shore and sleep. When he got to the shore, Tokus was already in his tent and the fire was still burning. Heracles stretched out on the sand and held his hands behind his head, his legs in the water as before. He was soon in a very deep sleep, having all sorts of wild dreams, all dealing with pleasure and being pleasured.

When Tokus saw that Heracles had succumbed to the potion he put in Heracles' wine, he came from his tent, walked up to Heracles and shook him. Heracles didn't respond at all except for a silly smile on his face. Tokus went to the fire, took a burning branch from it, lifted it up and waved it over his head and down to the sand facing the sea. Soon, a ship was close in to shore and a few smaller boats filled with soldiers was heading toward Tokus.

Your plan worked very well Lord Tokus,” the captain of the guard said as he walked to Heracles and used his foot to kick into Heracles' leg.

None of that captain, he is not to be damaged in any way or the one who does so will forfeit his life to the king,” Tokus said seriously.

Forgive me my lord,” the captain said with a bow. “I merely wanted to be certain he was in his deep sleep.”

If he wasn't you would not be here now,” Tokus said sarcastically.

The captain knew when to just keep his mouth shut. He ordered his men to take Heracles into a boat and get back to the ship. It took 6 of his men to lift and carry Heracles into a boat which they then rowed towards the ship waiting for them. One collected all the items Tokus had and made sure there was no sign of anyone ever being in the spot.

When they got on to the large ship, Tokus directed the actions of the soldiers to secure Heracles for the journey to their homeland. Heracles was laid down on a shiny metal looking block, his wrists and forearms just before his elbows were shackled, a binding was tied around his neck and forehead, his legs were spread out and his ankles and thighs just above his knee caps were also bound to the slab. Another large slab was lowered on top of Heracles' chest and abs, that had small posts to keep it from crushing Heracles. Another slab was lowered in a similar manner that laid on top of Heracles' knees and calves. The 2 slabs were bolted in place to the lower slab in several places. The way Heracles was placed and tied down, the heavy slabs made it impossible for him to get any sort of leverage to push them up and off of him. His neck, head, lower abs and crotch along with a small portion of his upper thigh were open to the air, not covered by any part of the slabs.

Heracles had no idea how long he was sleeping but when he tried to sit up, he realized something was on top of him keeping his body down. He tried to moved his arms and legs to push whatever it was off of him but he couldn't get any sort of leverage. He then paid attention to his wrist, forearms and legs were tied down or shackled. He tried to turn his head side to side but that too was tied down. He felt the binding across his throat as well. He tried hard to remember if he was in any fight with some pirates on the shore, but nothing except the meal he shared with Tokus and the wine were there.

Ah, our latest acquisition is awake I see,” Tokus' voice said.

Why am I tied down and where am I?” Heracles asked.

Well, you are tied down to keep you in place so you don't damage anything and you are on a ship of the King of Atlantis,” Yokus said with a smile. “Where are my manners? You must be thirsty and hungry Heracles. Well we will make certain that gets taken care of.”

What have I done to anger you or your king?” Heracles said somewhat angry.

Nothing dear Heracles, nothing at all,” Tokus said. “Well maybe being born a demigod is what is causing you this trouble, but that's all I can think of.”

Are you someone sent by Hera to torment me?” Heracles shouted.

Hera? No, no. She is nothing to us. For that matter, neither is Zeus,” Tokus said. “Ah, I see your care taker has arrived with your feeding apparatus.”

Before Heracles could object or respond, a very burly looking man stood over Heracles' head. He grabbed hold of Heracles' nose and squeezed it shut. Heracles tried hard not to open his mouth as there was something long touching his lips that he knew would be shoved inside his mouth once he opened it. He held out until his lungs were about to burst. He had no choice but to open his mouth and take in a large gulp of air. When he did, sure enough, the device was pushed into his mouth and partially down his throat. The man latched it to both sides of Heracles' head and then began to pour a liquid down the wide opening which narrowed down to a small hose down his throat and into his stomach. He kept gagging for a bit but finally managed to get his throat to work around the device. He was able to breath freely from his nose and mouth now that the device was secured. He could feel the cool liquid moving into his stomach. He soon began to feel dizzy and light headed.

He seems to be ready for us to begin Gargo,” Tokus said. “Rub his genitals very well with a thick layer of this potion. He will get hard and then you are to slow stroke his cock and massage his balls until he gives up his nectar which you will insure is collected fully into this vile. I will return to collect the viles on a regular schedule. He should only be allowed to rest for 30 minutes between milking. Do you understand?”

Yes my lord,” Gargo said in a very deep voice.

Tokus stood by to insure Gargo understood what he was to do. He gave Gargo some more direction and told him a technique to use for getting Heracles' cock to give up his nectar. He showed him how to massage and manipulate Heracles' balls to give him maximum pleasure. Gargo took the gel and began to rub and massage it on Heracles' cock and balls. Tokus told him when he had a good amount on and he was to begin the milking. Gargo's hand was very large and nearly covered Heracles' cock from base to head. Tokus made Gargo slow down his stroking and showed Gargo how to use his finger tips on the head of Heracles' cock head for more stimulation. Gargo soon got the hang of what he was to do and was complimented by Tokus. Tokus stayed around until Heracles gave up his first load of nectar which Gargo did make certain shot into the viles. Tokus was very pleased and left Gargo to his job.

Gargo began to look at how Heracles' body was reacting to his stroking and massaging. When he used his finger tips on the head of Heracles' cock, he laughed as Heracles' hips tried to push upward. He began to enjoy the look of agony on Heracles' face after Gargo drained him for the 4th time. During the 'rest' period between milking, Gargo made sure his other hand was really working good on Heracles' balls, making certain a goodly amount of cum would be milked. Gargo smiled after he milked Heracles for the 15th time. He liked the wet gloss covering Heracles' skin that was visible.

You enjoy Gargo milking you Heracles?” Gargo said as he bent down close to Heracles' ear. “Gargo enjoys very much.”

With that, Gargo began to lick and nibble on Heracles' ear while he massaged his balls. Heracles was nearly unconscious from the liquid they filled him with and very weak indeed from how much of his cum was taken from him.

Gargo filled up all the viles Tokus left him and used the time he had before Tokus came with more fluid for Heracles and a new batch of viles to have some pleasure of his own. He slid his free hand under Heracles' ass after loading it with the gel as his other hand kept massaging and rolling Heracles' balls. He hard massaged Heracles' ass cheeks and began to push a large glob of the gel what was on his palm over and into Heracles' ass. Gargo laughed when he felt Heracles' ass cheeks attempt to keep him from getting into his ass, but Heracles was very weak and lost the battle very soon. Gargo used his middle finger as if it was a cock and began fucking Heracles with it. He carefully felt for the pleasure spot which he found based on the moan that came from Heracles and the precum that began to ooze out of his piss slit. Gargo looked around to be sure no one was watching, bent down and began to suck up the precum. His body shot up straight as the feelings were shooting throughout his body from Heracles' precum. He looked around again and dove down taking in Heracles' cock and his tongue began to rough massage Heracles' cock head and he added another finger inside of Heracles' ass, attacking Heracles' pleasure spot. He was surprised when he was rewarded with a hard burst of nectar shooting far into his throat. He began to rough suck and moved his head up and down Heracles' cock making sure he got all of the nectar out of Heracles. When no more was coming out of Heracles' cock, Gargo straightened up and fought hard not to scream out from the pleasure and power he began feeling from ingesting Heracles' nectar and precum. He removed his fingers from Heracles' ass and just kept working on his balls. He wiped his lips with the back of his hand and licked it completely to make certain he got every drop of the nectar. He was very excited as he felt his body reacting to the nectar. His muscles felt bigger, harder and he felt such a wave of power he never had before. He was addicted to the feeling now and had to have more whenever he could manage it.

Tokus came with the jug of liquid for Heracles and another set of viles.

I see you have done very well Gargo,” Tokus said happily. “I think we should give him more of a rest to get more nectar out of him. Yes, give him more time between milking Gargo. We don't want to do any damage to our prize.”

Yes my lord,” Gargo said with a smile.

Oh, and you can take a rest yourself whenever you feel the need. Its not like he is going anywhere is it,” Tokus laughed. “Good job, I am very pleased Gargo.”

Thank you my lord. It is my pleasure to serve,” Gargo said with a bow.

Well, I'll leave you to fill him up with the liquid in the jug and continue your task of milking him,” Tokus said as he carried the filled viles as if they were the most precious thing in the world.

You are my pleasure Heracles, all mine,” Gargo said as he bent down and licked and nibbled on Heracles' ear.

Gargo slowly poured the liquid from the pitcher into the device in Heracles' mouth, waiting until what he poured in went down into Heracles' stomach. Gargo wished Heracles' chest was exposed so he could enjoy the feel of Heracles' pecs and nipples. Gargo sat down on a stool and laid his head over the crotch of Heracles, sucking in his cock and letting his tongue play with it while he rested. When he woke from his sleep, Gargo grabbed a large amount of the gel in both hands, rubbing it on Heracles' cock and balls with one hand and sliding his other hand under Heracles' ass and moved his hand so a large glob of the gel was over Heracles' rosebud and then he used his finger to push it inside of Heracles. He repeated the same procedure as before, fucking Heracles with his fingers and taking in all of the precum and then the nectar from Heracles. He nearly felt delirious and had to move away from Heracles and stretch out his arms, flex and look at how hard and big they became. He felt such a rush of power coursing all through his body, it was nearly impossible to ignore. He spotted a large group of heavy barrels in a corner of the room, walked over and began to easily lift one in each arm as if they had no weight to them. He took one and wrapped his arms around it and began to squeeze as if he were giving someone a bear hug. The barrel shattered easily. Gargo laughed and stretched his arms and legs out, flexing and looking at his popping veins and hard muscles. He was huge before meeting up with Heracles, but now, he was also much bigger and more powerful then ever before.

He got more of the gel and went back to his assigned task. He tried being a bit more rough with Heracles' balls and liked the sound Heracles made when he did. He began to fast and hard stroke Heracles and then soften up his grip and go slow and gentle. He could tell Heracles was panting and making all sorts of sounds. To Gargo, it seemed that the production of nectar was more then at first. He had to grab for a 2nd vile to get all the nectar that was shooting out.

Heracles was kept delirious and dizzy from the liquid poured into him. He had short bouts of feeling things and being aware when Gargo rested. He knew he had to be on a ship as he felt the rising and falling of the ship, heard the oars hit the water and smelled the sea that came through the open ports in the room he was in. He would try hard to push the huge slab off of him but he was way to weak now. Gargo would return to his task and begin to milk Heracles yet again.

After a few days of milking Heracles, Tokus decided to see if Heracles was indeed too weak to break free of his bonds. He ordered the slab over Heracles' body to be removed, but wanted to leave the one over his legs in place, just in case. When the slab was lifted, Heracles' body was covered in sweat, a thick layer of it pooled on the bottom slab.

Gargo, I think it best if you wash him well. I don't want anything to ruin his skin or health,” Tokus ordered.

Yes my lord, as you command,” Gargo said with a bow and a slight smile.

Gargo went and got pales of water and soap and began to wash Heracles' body from head to thigh. He even got his hand with the soaped up rag under Heracles' body. He liked how Heracles' muscles looked and felt. He just had to spend more time playing with Heracles' thick pecs. He soaped Heracles chest and abs up and stood at Heracles' head, leaning over him to let his fingers dig deep and slow up and down Heracles' body. Then he did the same with Heracles' arms and shoulders, liking how they felt and looked very much. He then poured fresh water to rinse off the soap and then rubbed the gel he was using all over Heracles' body and even his backside. Gargo smiled as he imagined the pleasure he was going to have now that all of Heracles' upper body was exposed for his use. Heracles' cock was hard and bouncing up against his lower abs from the stimulation of Gargo's rubbing. Gargo loaded more gel on his palm and moved his hand under Heracles' ass, pushed the gel inside of Heracles and began to finger fuck him slowly. He leaned down and began to lick, nibble, kiss and suck on Heracles' pecs and nipples while his other hand began to slow stroke Heracles' cock. Gargo loved the look of Heracles' chest and abs as they rose and flexed hard from the pleasures Gargo was giving to him. When Gargo had 3 of his fingers inside of Heracles' ass and began to not only move them in and out always rubbing the pleasure spot, but also wiggling around, twisting and turning, faster and faster as Gargo began to nibble and bite on Heracles' nipples. Gargo saw Heracles was panting and his hips were pushing up faster and faster. He leaned down and sucked in Heracles' cock, using his tongue roughly on the head of the cock. Heracles' pecs, arms and abs began to flex and tighten faster and faster and then Gargo was sucking all of Heracles' nectar from him.

Gargo felt the power rush through his body and even seemed to get dizzy from the nectar. He knew if he wasn't careful, Tokus would catch him and punish him severely for doing more then he was ordered to do. Gargo went back to his new routine of milking Heracles, letting him rest nearly for an hour and then beginning again. By evening, he had filled up all of the viles so he went back to taking his own pleasures on Heracles. He wished there was a way for him to slide his body under Heracles and truly fuck him. That to Gargo was the ultimate pleasure he wanted to have with Heracles.

Since the viles were filled, he once again played with Heracles' body, worked his pecs and nipples over as he sucked on Heracles' cock. Once he drained Heracles, he felt he had to rest even though his muscles felt like they would burst from the power.

I see you have rested Gargo,” Tokus said waking Gargo. “That is good as I see you have again milked him until all the viles are filled. Well done. It is a good thing you are not helping yourself to his nectar as it is said that taking too much of it can kill any mere human. It was known that Heracles only allowed so much of his nectar to be taken by another, bot orally and through fucking. Hopefully you will not succumb to temptation Gargo.”

No my lord, I would not think of such a thing,” Gargo lied.

Good Gargo. As a reward, I think I will allow you to fuck Heracles. It is said that he becomes weak from being milked, which we know now is indeed true. But, it is also said that he is nearly powerless for long periods if he is fully fucked. Strange how this all works, but we don't make up the rules as mere mortals,” Tokus said patting Gargo on his shoulder.

Thank you my lord, that would be quite the honor for me,” Gargo said.

Yes, well soon we will give it a try. I see you washed him well and rubbed him down. Good, I like that. Make certain you do so daily Gargo,” Tokus said as he turned and left with the filled viles.

When Tokus was gone, Gargo went over to Heracles and began to lick and kiss his ear.

Did you hear Heracles? You are going to be stripped of your manhood by me, Gargo. I will truly enjoy doing so I assure you,” Gargo laughed.

The following day, Tokus came with a number of soldiers. He had them remove the large slab from over his thighs, his bonds undone and moved him to another large device that just about matched the outstretched arms of Heracles, his spread out legs and his upper back. His lower back and thighs were free floating for easy access. Tokus ordered the guards to remain while he removed the device from Heracles' mouth. Heracles gagged and choked before then settling down.

You will still make certain he takes a full pitcher daily. Pinch his nose if you have to in order to force it into him. If that proves to be much to difficult, I will have the device put back in his mouth. I'll have to think about this, possibly making a device to keep his mouth fully opened so he will have to swallow in order to breath. Yes, I'll work on that I think,” Tokus said. “I believe you men may return to your other duties as he doesn't seem to be in any shape to break free of his bonds. Gargo, you may now take your reward and fuck him as you please. Just be certain he doesn't get damaged and the viles are filled with his nectar.”

As you command my lord. Thank you,” Gargo said with a deep bow.

Yes, I knew it would please you Gargo,” Tokus laughed as he left the room.

Did you heard Heracles? I will now be able to take my pleasure on you and rob you of your manhood at the same time,” Gargo said as he stood over Heracles' head.

He bent down, grabbed Heracles' lower jaw and began to wet kiss him roughly. Heracles couldn't turn his head away at all and had to endure it.

He then moved his hands to Heracles' pecs and began to rough squeeze and pull them, a finger flicking on Heracles' nipples. He then moved in between Heracles' stretched out legs, bent down and began to bite, suck and lick hard on each of Heracles' balls. Without that device in his mouth, Heracles' sounds could now be heard. He gasped, moaned and groaned as his face distorted when Gargo would get rough with his balls in his mouth. Gargo then knelt down and pushed Heracles' thighs up as far as he could, moved his face to Heracles' ass and began to nibble, lick and suck. He worked his way all over both ass cheeks, up and down the ass slit and rosebud and the area between the ass and balls. He slowly fucked Heracles' ass with his long thick tongue which got gasps and pants out of Heracles.

Ah, so you like what Gargo does for you I see,” Gargo said with a growl as he wrapped his hand around Heracles' now hard cock and hard stroked it.

He watched for the precum and licked and sucked it off. Then, he grabbed for the gel, rubbed it on Heracles' cock and balls and all of the other hand's gel went on and in Heracles' ass and Gargo's fat, long cock.

Are you ready to be taken Heracles? Gargo is going to take your manhood from you now,” Gargo said as he raked his fingers from Heracles' neck to his pubes.

Without any further warning, Gargo grabbed hold of Heracles' hips, stooped down some making sure his cock was pushing right at Heracles' rosebud. He stood up and his hips jerked hard forward, ramming his full cock deep inside of Heracles. Heracles' eyes shot open wide, he screamed and a look of pain came across his face. Gargo reached his hands out and began to work on Heracles' pecs and nipples as his hip moved slowly forward and back. He made sure to control his movements to make it last as long as possible. He kept a big smile on his face as he watched all of Heracles' expressions. He leaned forward and latched his finger tight on Heracles' biceps, moved his face over Heracles and began to wet kiss him and lick his face. His hips moved still, making sure his cock nearly came out and then fully went in. He moved his hips around to tease Heracles' pleasure spot which he could feel pressing against his cock. He lifted his body up and then made sure his cock head pushed and rubbed a few times on Heracles' pleasure spot before moving slowly back in. Gargo grabbed Heracles' cock and slow stroke it until the precum began to flow. He made certain it covered his fingers before he put his fingers in his mouth and licked them clean. He alternated between working over the pecs and nipples and the cock. He increased the temp of his fucking and the force of the thrusts. Heracles was panting, gasping and moaning, his body trying to wiggle around. Suddenly, Gargo began to fuck Heracles super hard and fast, his entire body beginning to shake. Then he screamed out as he started to fill Heracles with his nectar.

Gargo fell on top of Heracles and let his cock calm down, still deep inside of Heracles.

You are no longer a man Heracles. I have taken that from you. You are mine now,” Gargo said with a growl.

No, no, never,” Heracles managed to get out with a hoarse voice.

We will see Heracles,” Gargo said as he slammed his arms tight around Heracles' lower back and began to really ram his cock in and out of Heracles, his mouth biting and sucking on Heracles' pecs and nipples.

Heracles was having a hard time breathing from the grip Gargo had on him. Gargo looked at Heracles' face and realized he was having a hard time breathing, so he loosened his grip and let Heracles get some air, then he tightened his grip again and watched the pain and pleasure on Heracles' face as he was being roughly fucked. Heracles thought for sure his back would be crushed when Gargo began filling him with his nectar again. Gargo rested on top of Heracles for a time, pushed his body up and moved away from Heracles, letting his cock plop out of Heracles' ass. He walked to the side of the room and came back with buckets of water, a rag and soap. He began to wash himself and then Heracles, took some gel and massaged all of Heracles' body and legs. Gargo left for a bit and then returned. He stood in between Heracles' outstretched legs, covered his balls and cock with gel and began the milking process. He drained Heracles 8 times before deciding to rest. When he came back, he decided to help Heracles produce more nectar by using his fingers up Heracles' ass again. Sure enough, it worked as larger amounts of nectar were milked from Heracles then before. When Tokus returned with new viles, he smiled when he saw all of the ones he left nearly overflowing.

It seems you have found a technique for milking him that works very well,” Tokus said patting Gargo on his shoulder.

Yes lord. I use my fingers inside his ass on his pleasure spot,” Gargo said proudly.

Now why hadn't I thought of that myself? Well doesn't matter, you seem to be doing an excellent job,” Tokus said. “Have you taken your pleasure on him yet?”

Yes lord I have,” Gargo said.

I assume you fully enjoyed that?” Tokus asked.

Most certainly lord, thank you for the reward,” Gargo said.

Good, I'm glad that worked for you,” Tokus said. “Seems doing this job agrees with you Gargo. I'd swear you are bigger and look much more powerful then before.”

I hope that is a good thing lord,” Gargo said.

Well, I suppose it is. Just be very careful you don't ingest a large amount of his nectar, it may actually kill you,” Tokus said.

No my lord, I will avoid that,” Gargo said.

Good, again job well done,” Tokus said. “I think one more day and then we'll have filled all the viles on the ship.”

What happens then lord?” Gargo said worried his time with Heracles was ending.

Well, he needs to be milked and fucked to keep him weak, so I suppose you can enjoy yourself fully. I may even have the soldiers fuck him as a reward for their services,” Tokus said.

Yes lord,” Gargo said bowing.

Well, alright then, carry on and do your duty,” Tokus laughed as he left the room.

Heracles was kept in a nearly complete state of weakness, disorientation and semi consciousness. Gargo truly enjoyed his task of keeping Heracles weak especially once he was granted the favor of using Heracles for his pleasure without fear of punishment.

Tokus had more then he imagined as far as the viles collected from Heracles. He knew the king and the other sorcerers would be truly excited and pleased with his success. They had all heard the stories of Heracles and what ingestion of his nectar could do and wished to attempt to duplicate it on a large scale to make their soldiers the strongest and most fierce of any land. The king had his sights on the larger continent, now Europe, to take its treasures and exploit it for its natural resources, slave labor and revenue. He envisioned taking all of it before moving to the middle east, Asia and India. He wanted all of it as his empire, crushing all opposition and forcing the population into compliance with his rule. It had taken the ship a full month and 3 weeks to reach Portus, the major port outside of the central city of Magus. As soon as the ship was entering the harbor, word quickly spread about its return. The king, military leaders, sorcerers and other leaders gathered on the dock where the ship would rest.

Tokus was standing at the bow of the ship and ordered the crew to fire off 3 blue rockets that would tell all those waiting his mission was a success. The crew did as ordered and soon 3 wide streaks of smoke shot into the air to the cheers of those on shore. The king couldn't wait to see what Tokus had brought back from his voyage. Tokus had the soldiers and Gargo place Heracles back on the shiny slab and insure he was restrained fully. He decided to leave the top slabs off as it was unnecessary and would prevent the king and sorcerers from viewing the full body of Heracles.

Tokus covered Heracles with a silken cloth in preparation for transfer to the doc. When the ship was secured at the dock, Tokus walked down towards the king, knelt down and kissed the hem of the king's robe.

Majesty, I bring you great news and gifts. I have managed to capture none other then Heracles, son of Zeus, the same that we have all heard stories of,” Tokus beamed. “I have also had him drained of his nectar on a constant basis and have proven without a doubt the story of it weakening him are correct. I had my servant Gargo draining him of his nectar and then lately actually taking his pleasures on Heracles to see if the stories of how it would weaken Heracles even more. I can tell you and you will witness that all this is true. My brother sorcerers, I have many viles of his nectar to be used for experimentation and know with him being in our possession, we will have an unlimited supply at our disposal.”

A shout of joy and praise went up from all the dignitaries on the dock. The king took hold of Tokus and pulled him into a hug, a sign of great favor. The soldiers on the ship supervised the removal of the slab of metal that held Heracles secure. It was lifted off the ship and placed on a long flat cart attached to 6 oxen. Gargo stood at the head of Heracles facing forward with his massive arms across his chest, flexing to show his powerful development.

Majesty, I give you Heracles, son of Zeus,” Tokus said as he pulled off the cloth covering Heracles.

There was a loud gasp from the dock when the oiled nude body of Heracles came into view. All were taken by his muscle development and obvious power. It was a true wonder to all how Tokus was able to keep him secured and in his power.

Come majesty, view closer and feel. Fear not my friends as he is very weak from his nectar being drained and succumbing to Gargo taking his pleasures on him,” Tokus smiled. “You see the stories we heard are indeed true. His weakness began to become evident once he was drained a number of times. As you can see, the beams prepared to cover him and prevent him from getting loose are not necessary. Thanks to the care Gargo has given him, he is completely in our power and unable to escape or harm anyone. It is imperative that Gargo continue his care of Heracles to insure he is kept in this state until we have completed our research and need for him.”

The king went right up to the restrained Heracles, felt his biceps, his pecs and examined his magnificent cock and balls. He was truly impressed. Then one of the other sorcerers spoke up.

How are we to know this is indeed Heracles?” a sorcerer shouted.

Tokus was stunned by the question and wasn't expecting anyone to doubt what he said.

If I may lord,” Gargo asked Tokus.

Yes, if you have important knowledge to share, please do,” Tokus said still in shock and embarrassed.

My lords, it is very simple to prove this is indeed the demigod Heracles, son of Zeus,” Gargo said loudly. “Your majesty, pick 3 others to come close and I will take some of his fluid on to my finger and have each of you lick it. You will see immediately what my lord Tokus says is true.”

That's absurd,” one sorcerer shouted. “You dare to suggest his majesty lick some fluid from this man off of your finger no less?”

Stop. I agree to this test completely. Whatever happens, Tokus and his servant Gargo are not to be treated poorly,” the king shouted.

The others except the military leaders all mumbled but knew there would be no further discussion or objection to what Gargo suggested.

Proceed Gargo, you have my permission. You 2 generals and you 2 sorcerers come forward and participate in this test,” the king ordered.

Gargo proceeded to pull out a small jug of the gel he was using, covered his fingers on one hand with it and slid that hand under the ass cheeks of Heracles. He pushed one inside and went straight for the pleasure spot of Heracles which he knew very well now. The crowd was somewhat shocked when suddenly Heracles' cock grew and got very hard, the throbbing of his heart visible in how the cock pulsed and moved. Soon, a thick glob of glistening liquid began to flow out of the piss slit. Gargo scooped up a good amount on his finger and held his arm out. A general came forward and licked it off of Gargo's finger. He no sooner licked it off and smacked his lips when his entire expression began to change, pure pleasure. Another general did the same and had the same result, both feeling the rush of power and strength go throughout their bodies. The king stepped forward and Gargo insured he had the most of Heracles' fluid. The king looked puzzled at first but then his expression changed as well. He gasped and shouted out in excitement as the pleasure and power coursed though his entire body. The 2 sorcerers selected came forward quickly after seeing the king and they had the same effect.

Truly this is Heracles,” one sorcerer shouted who tasted the precum.

Indeed, no one else's fluid could have such an effect on me,” one of the generals shouted.

Yes, this is Heracles, I am most pleased and satisfied,” the king said pulling Tokus into another hug. “You have done well Tokus and will be greatly rewarded. Come, I have arranged for a banquet in your honor. The generals will direct the soldiers where to bring Heracles and Gargo. I wish for Gargo to continue his care of Heracles just to be safe.”

As you wish my king,” Tokus said proudly feeling vindicated by what Gargo had done.

The king directed the generals to lead Tokus and his party to the prepared chamber and headed back to his castle, full of energy, feeling powerful and strong as never before. Tokus directed some soldiers to bring the restraining beams that were the last used on Heracles to the new location and then transfer him from the metal beam to the wooden restraint under the supervision of Gargo.

You have honored me Gargo and I am most pleased with you,” Tokus said holding Gargo by the shoulders. “Thank you for showing all of them that I only speak the truth.”

It is my honor lord,” Gargo said with a bow.

Now make certain you keep up the care of Heracles. We wouldn't want him to recover his strength just yet,” Tokus whispered.

Yes my lord, I obey,” Gargo said with a smile.

They all went towards the castle, Tokus to the kings chambers and Gargo, Heracles and the guards following the 2 generals to the room set up especially for Heracles. Tokus stopped in the kitchen and ordered a large batch of liquid potion he was feeding to Heracles that would insure he received more then necessary nourishment and contained some additional herbs to help produce more nectar and make his body that much more sensitive to touch.

Heracles was like in a dream he thought as different faces crossed his vision. His head was no longer restricted so he could now turn it side to side and even lift it up should he choose.

You did well my charge,” Gargo said as he began coating Heracles with the gel.

Why is this happening?” Heracles managed to say.

Because you will give my king what he needs to build the strongest army of the world. He will become the emperor of it all,” Gargo said. “That doesn't concern you Heracles. You are merely my cow to be milked and used for my pleasure and the pleasure of the king.”

Heracles tried to sit up but could not pull the bindings on his arms or neck off of the beams they were connected to. He not only didn't have the strength, but he didn't have any way of getting leverage at all. He was indeed a captive and powerless to do a thing about it. Gargo finished rubbing all of Heracles' body with the gel and then stood at the head of Heracles, his thighs on both sides of Heracles' head, putting some pressure on the head. He bent down and began to hard rub Heracles' arms, chest and abs. Then he concentrated on Heracles' pecs and nipples. He leaned down more and began to flick his tongue at the head of Heracles' cock, licking off the flowing precum. He stretched out one arm and grabbed a hold of Heracles' cock and slow stroked it with a very tight grip of his hand. Heracles began to moan.

You can't wait for Gargo to take his pleasure on you Heracles,” Gargo laughed as he walked around to get in between Heracles' outstretched legs.

Gargo began to hard massage Heracles' ass cheeks and then moved his finger inside of Heracles' ass working on his pleasure spot. Heracles gasped, moaned and panted as his cock throbbed and bounced against his lower abs, splashing his precum all over his abs. Gargo took hold of the cock and began to suck on the head and then pull back so it made a plopping sound when it came out of Gargo's mouth. Gargo pushed in another finger and kept working on Heracles' pleasure button, sucking more of Heracles' precum. He was really feeling the power flow and knew he would have to ease up on what he was ingesting based on the warning Tokus gave him about what happens if he ingested too much. He released Heracles' cock, one hand stayed working inside Heracles' ass and the other went to work on his pecs and nipples. Gargo leaned down over Heracles' body and began to kiss him with hard, sloppy wet kisses. He even put both Heracles' nose and mouth in his mouth and sucked hard, making Heracles gasp for breath.

Gargo thinks Heracles is ready for him now,” Gargo said before biting and sucking on the side of Heracles' neck.

He stood up straight, pulled his fingers from Heracles' ass and began to rub his cock up and down Heracles' ass crack. His one hand latched on tight to Heracles' balls and squeezed. Heracles shouted out, his lower body tried to lift up from the pain. Just then is when Gargo rammed his cock deep inside of Heracles. Heracles' ass had become accustomed to the fat long cock of Gargo, but it still was a shock when it first rammed fully inside of him. One of Gargo's hand kept working on Heracles' balls and the other on his pecs and nipples. Heracles was gasping, moaning and groaning as Gargo had complete control of him now. Gargo kept his thrusts slow and long, dragging out the pleasure that much more for himself and making Heracles nearly beg to be filled with his cum. Gargo kept it up until with just a few strokes on Heracles' cock, Heracles began shooting his cum all over his chest and abs. Gargo laughed and while still fucking Heracles, scooped it all off of Heracles' body and licked is from his hands. He was thrilled that even though it touched Heracles' body, the nectar was just a potent as it was when he fulling sucked it from Heracles' cock. That pleased him greatly and now feeling more powerful and having more strength, he continued fucking Heracles slowly. He managed to get Heracles to shoot out his nectar 2 more times before he began to hard pound his hips while his fingers dug in deep on Heracles' pecs. Gargo noticed how powerful his pleasure was and how his body made the feelings last so much longer after taking some of Heracles' nectar. He flopped his body down on top of Heracles, held Heracles' head in his hands and kissed Heracles madly and for a long time. He leaned his upper body up a bit and stared into Heracles' eyes.

Heracles you are mine and mine alone,” Gargo said with a growl. “I know you will not admit to it, but you truly do like when I take my pleasure on you. I am willing to bet no one else has made you feel like I do.”

Heracles could barely keep his eyes open but did manage to open them and take a very good look at Gargo. He knew Gargo was right but indeed he would never admit to such a thing. No matter what, he was the son of Zeus and would always be that, belonging to no mere human.

The banquet was superb in the mind of Tokus and he was thrilled with the adulation the king was heaping on him to everyone in power that was in attendance. He was indeed the hero and would be well respected from now on. The king called Tokus over and placed his arm around Tokus' shoulder.

I wish to fully taste of his nectar Tokus,” the king whispered.

Of course my king, but you must keep in mind the rest of the stories of Heracles and what happens when someone ingests too much of his nectar as he had killed a number of foes by repeatedly filling them with his nectar,” Tokus said. “I would not wish for you to be harmed in any way my king.”

Well taken Tokus. I do understand. Never the less, I wish to experience his nectar fully,” the king said seriously.

As you command my king,” Tokus said with a bow. “When would you like to partake?”

Once this banquet is finished, we will go to the chamber and you will have Gargo make Heracles provide me with his nectar,” the king said.

I wait on your command my king,” Tokus said.

Tokus had already devised a plan in his head to limit the number of individuals who could ingest nectar from Heracles. He knew this was the perfect time to put the thought in the kings mind once he himself tasted the nectar. As the king stated, when the banquet was finished and all the guests left, the king led Tokus into the chamber where Heracles was kept. They walked in to see Gargo rubbing down Heracles' body with the gel.

I hope he is ready to give the king his nectar Gargo,” Tokus said sternly, afraid Gargo had completely drained Heracles.

Oh yes my lord, whatever you command,” Gargo said bowing to the king and Tokus.

Very well, proceed,” the king ordered.

Gargo went about his normal routine of working on Heracles' balls, fingers up his ass and then ramming his cock deep inside of Heracles. The king and Tokus both raised their eyebrows as they didn't expect Gargo to do that. Soon both saw the results it was having on Heracles as his body flexed and his hips moved up, his tongue was licking wildly on his lips and his head was quickly moving from one side to the other. Gargo stopped, pulled his cock out of Heracles, walked over to pick up a silver bowl and then continued to fuck Heracles. He worked on his pecs, nipples and then balls before slow stroking Heracles' cock. He sped up his fucking and Heracles shouted out and his cock began to shoot out his nectar which Gargo caught in the silver bowl. He turned to the king and held out his arm with the bowl in his hand. The king looked at Tokus and then Gargo, took the bowl from Gargo and slowly drank the nectar.

I would never have imagined it would be this powerful and quick acting,” the king gasped as he felt the power and strength along with pleasure shooting all through his body. “Truly this is a gift from the gods.”

Well sire, not exactly as we took it from them,” Tokus laughed.

Yes, you are right, but still, never could I have dreamed it was like this. With this my army will be the most powerful in the entire world,” the king shouted as he stretched out his arms and began to flex.

Most certainly my king, but if I may speak?” Tokus asked and the king nodded using his fingers to scoop every drop of nectar from the bowl.

I would advise caution when it comes to who has access to Heracles' nectar my king. As you yourself have experienced, the feelings of power and strength are truly magnificent. Any one not in full control of his senses may just think it a perfect opportunity to take over the kingdom and have Heracles to themselves,” Tokus said softly very close to the king.

Yes, you are right Tokus, thank you for offering such sage advice. You and Gargo will insure no one is allowed near Heracles without my written authorization or I personnally issue you such an order. The guards who were with you on the journey will be fully at your disposal. I'm certain a small amount of Heracles' nectar will make them more then a match for any fools that attempt to take him for themselves,” the king said seriously. “Do you understand fully Tokus and Gargo?”

Yes my king,” Tokus said with a bow.

As you command my king,” Gargo said with a very low bow.

Excellent. Tokus, just how much of the nectar do you feel it safe to ingest,” the king asked.

Well my king, since we have no first hand knowledge of what amount causes harm, I'd limit it to one swallow every few days. If it pleases you my king, we can bring in a slave and have them used to determine the amount of nectar will cause harm. Once we have a guide mark, we can decrease the amounts on more slaves until we observe one that shows no ill effects over a period of time,” Tokus said.

Excellent Tokus, I will see to it that you have full access to anything or anyone you may require to perform the experiment,” the king said as he took one more finger wipe full of nectar from the silver bowl before leaving the chamber.

Well Gargo, you heard the king. We should begin our task by allowing our personal guards to ingest some of the nectar, which I have no doubt will insure their loyalty. No one is allowed unless I am informed by the king or they produce written authorization from the king himself. Do you fully understand?” Tokus asked.

Yes my lord, I do indeed,” Gargo said.

Excellent. You will quarter here with Heracles and insure he is given a full jug of his nourishment liquid every day. You can give him more if you think he is too weak to produce. It would do you no harm to share the drink with him,” Tokus instructed. “When you have a sufficient amount of nectar in that bowl, call for the guards and allow them to ingest no more then 2 swallows.”

As you say my lord,” Gargo said with a bow.

Tokus patted Gargo on his shoulder, took a long hard look at Heracles and left the chamber.

There you see Heracles, you have found favor with the king and my lord which also brings favor on me. You should be given a special treat,” Gargo said as he slapped his hand on Heracles' abs.

Gargo worked on Heracles several more times to fill the silver bowl with nectar. He called for the guards and told them his instructions from Tokus. They lined up and each in turn took 2 swallows of the nectar. The first guards were not sure about it, but when the other guards saw their reactions, they all willingly drank. Gargo dismissed them and then stripped himself of his loin clothing and sandals. He brought over a large bucket of water, a rag and soap and began to wash himself completely before washing Heracles. Heracles was delirious and semi conscious from being drained so much. Gargo stood at the head of Heracles, reached down and unlatched something so the head and neck of Heracles fell down, the top of his head facing the floor.

Time for your treat,” Gargo growled.

He rubbed his thick, fat long cock all around Heracles' face until it was semi erect. He then held it against Heracles' lips with one hand and used the other to push down on Heracles' chin, opening up his mouth wide. He then moved in closer, pushing his cock deep into the throat of Heracles. He began to slow fuck Heracles' throat as his hands dug in hard and rough on Heracles' pecs. He clawed and pulled, twisted and squeezed as he fucked Heracles' mouth faster and hard. His balls were smashing hard on Heracles' eyes and nose as they were so very large in a very thick sack. Gargo fell hard on top of Heracles as his cock shot load after load of his nectar deep down Heracles' throat. He did not know that since he just recently ingested Heracles' nectar, it was strong enough in his body to return some of the power and strength back into Heracles. It wasn't enough to allow Heracles to break free, but did help him to heal faster and recover that much faster.

The routine continued for some weeks with only the king visiting to collect his part of Heracles' nectar. Oh and the guards of course who were not very possessive of Heracles and insured no one came near the chamber other then the king, Tokus or Gargo. Tokus had selected various slaves and criminals to test the effects of varied doses of Heracles' nectar. A criminal was the first to take the nectar, 2 times a day for a full week. By the end of the week, the criminal was delirious, running a very high fever and then died. The second was also a criminal who was given the same nectar dose just to insure there wasn't something about the criminal that caused his death. Well, the 2nd criminal had the exact same fate, except being smaller then the 1st, didn't make it past 4 days. The process of elimination continued until finally, one slave who was of average height and weight, not muscular or physically fit either began to show increased muscle mass, strength and stamina. His dose was limited to barely a half of the silver bowl, which became the standard measuring device, only 2 times a week. No ill effects were observed. So Tokus just to be certain, repeated the test exactly the same on 2 more slaves. Both of the slaves had nearly identical results. The transformations were visible as they became physically enhanced gradually. One side effect that Tokus did observe was the increase in alpha male type attitudes, a nearly constant desire to pleasure, their partners experiencing a lesser amount of the power, pleasure feelings. Had Tokus actually paid attention, he would have noticed the marked change in Gargo who was much more muscular, had an tremendous increase in his power and strength and even had an increase in the size of his genitals. He was able to fuck Heracles for hours and control his orgasms which he could never do before. Tokus never asked nor did he notice either as he was concentrating so much on Heracles and the test subjects.

Tokus kept the king appraised with the progress, leaving out subtle pieces of information such as the change in attitudes of the subjects. He didn't want the king or generals to change their minds about the tests due to worry about the ability to control any army built using the nectar technique. Tokus also made a fatal mistake with Gargo, not realizing how close and possessive he had become over Heracles.

Ah, Gargo, good news. Within the week a group of soldiers will begin taking over the care of Heracles. You won't be needed to insure he remains docile and weak as the soldiers will see to that. You will be given quite a handsome sum for your dedicated service and a villa of your own complete with slaves and guards,” Tokus said happily as he examined Heracles, never looking directly at Gargo. “The king is most grateful for what you have done and insists on you receiving quite a reward.”

I am most humbled my lord,” Gargo said bowing low to hide the look of fury he had on his face.

Yes, well you most certainly deserve it all,” Tokus said happily, thinking he had made Gargo very happy. “Of course you will be expected to train the new caretakers, but I'm sure they will learn quickly with you instructing them. I'm certain it will take no longer then one week at the most.”

As you say my lord,” Gargo fumed. “I will do my best.”

Yes, I know you will. I have no doubt at all about your loyalty Gargo,” Tokus beamed, patting Gargo on the shoulder as he turned and left the chamber.

Did you hear Heracles?” Gargo fumed as he hard massaged Heracles' muscles. “They are going to take you from me. I cannot let that happen. I must think quickly of how I will foil their plans.”

Heracles somewhat understood what Gargo was saying and a twinge of worry crept up in him mind when he heard Gargo was not going to be with him. He had gotten used to Gargo's attention and almost addicted to how Gargo used him. The draining and fucking had softened Heracles' will and he had begun to develop a sort of affection for Gargo. There was nothing Heracles could do about his situation, he had to fully rely on Gargo to keep him from being separated.

Gargo spent all his time now thinking of a plan as he worked on Heracles. He vocalized some of it to Heracles who could only mumble and make sounds in return. As he was in a long fucking session of Heracles, he suddenly stopped.

That is what I must do. There is no other way Heracles. I will take you from here and away from the kingdom. We will go towards your lands and begin a life of our own there, hidden from these monsters,” Gargo said as he then resumed fucking Heracles. “I must act quickly and insure all things are ready for us to depart.”

Gargo substituted his nectar for Heracles' that the guards ingested. They felt the rush of power and pleasure but to a lessor degree. They were merely satisfied with the feelings they had, not comparing them to previous takings. Gargo waited for the middle of the night to execute his plan. He called the 2 guards stationed at the door of the chamber and when they entered the room, he easily overpowered them, tied them securely and hid them in a small room attached to the chamber. He released Heracles from his bonds and dressed him in one of the guards uniforms. He dressed himself in the other one. He pretended to be carrying his comrade to sober up before he was found out. None of the other guards questioned him and laughed at how wobbly Heracles was walking. Gargo made it to the docks and quickly got to the ship he had already paid for, along with a small crew made up of mostly slaves willing to do anything to escape from bondage. Gargo secured Heracles in the largest cabin on the ship and then went to help the slaves get the ship out of the harbor and headed away from Atlantis. They were well on their way thanks to the wind filling the sails of the ship and the ability of Gargo to powerfully row multiple oars at a time.

Tokus came to the chamber mid day to check on Heracles and Gargo. He was a bit confused when he didn't see either of them. He looked about and thought maybe Gargo had taken Heracles to the baths or for a full massage treatment, part of his care of Heracles. Tokus became impatient and decided to just go back to his chambers and return later in the day. When he did finally return and could not find Gargo or Heracles, he screamed for the guards to enter the chamber.

Have you seen Gargo or Heracles?” Tokus screamed.

No lord, no one entered or left the chamber since we arrived. The guards that were here during the night were gone when we arrived,” the guards said.

Gone? What do you mean gone?” Tokus screamed.

Gone lord, not here on their post,” the guards said nervously.

Sound the alarm and search for them immediately. Have the gates to the castle and the city closed. No one is to be allowed to exit. I want them found and found quickly,” Tokus screamed as he stomped off to inform the king.

There was all sorts of chaos in the castle and city as the alarm sounded, soldiers were rushing around and all the gates were closed. No one knew why all this was happening either. The king was in a fit of rage when Tokus informed him that Gargo and Heracles were missing. The king believed one of the generals or sorcerers bribed the guards to leave so they could take Gargo and Heracles away. Tokus tried his best to convince the king that wasn't a real possibility, but it was no use. He had his mind made up and ordered all the generals and sorcerers to be rounded up and he himself would question them. As all this was happening, Gargo's ship was far away from Atlantis. One of the slaves suggested they not follow the standard shipping routes as that would be the route any military ship would take searching for them. Gargo agreed and plotted a new course on the nautical maps he stole.

We are well away from Atlantis Heracles, we have not been found out,” Gargo said as he laid down next to Heracles and pulled him into his body and a tight hug. “We will be safe now I believe. Come, let us share our nectar in celebration.”

Gargo began to passionately kiss Heracles, his hands working on Heracles' muscles. He teased Heracles' cock and balls with both his fingers and his tongue, put 2 of his fingers inside of Heracles' ass and began to slowly and gently suck Heracles' cock. Heracles' body squirmed and moved up and down as he moaned and groaned in pleasure. Gargo made sure it took a very long time for Heracles to finally have an orgasm. When he drained Heracles, he moved in between Heracles' legs, pulled his hip on to his thighs and slowly moved his entire cock deep inside of Heracles. Heracles was begging and pleading for Gargo to fill him and have him completely which made Gargo very happy indeed. Gargo made his fucking stay slow and steady, working on Heracles' pecs and neck in between kissing him. Heracles had another orgasm as Gargo's body was sliding up and down his body, Heracles' cock wedged in between them. Gargo finally had a super intense orgasm, filling Heracles with a massive amount of cum. When Gargo finally calmed down, he moved himself off of Heracles, moved around and had his cock pushing at Heracles' panting mouth. Heracles willingly opened his mouth wide and his tongue began licking Gargo's cock and then his throat began working on it as well as Gargo pushed his cock deep into Heracles' throat. Gargo pulled Heracles' hips up and spread his legs wide as his face went to Heracles' ass cheeks, his tongue forcing its way inside of Heracles' ass, kissing, sucking and licking, taking his own cum as it flowed slowly out of Heracles.

Heracles reacted wildly to what Gargo was doing and went wild on Gargo's cock. Gargo squeezed Heracles' lower body tight to his and screamed into Heracles' ass cheeks as he hand another intense, long orgasm. Gargo had no idea why he attacked Heracles' ass with his mouth and tongue but after seeing and feeling the reaction of Heracles, he moved off of Heracles, stooped down so his ass was over Heracles' face. Heracles lifted his head and latched his hands on Gargo's hips, pulling down so his mouth and tongue could attack Gargo's ass. As soon as Heracles' mouth and tongue touched Gargo's ass, he bellowed out an almost animal sound and hissed and gasped. The sensation was electrifying to him. He knew now why Heracles reacted as he did when he did it to Heracles. He allowed Heracles to work on his ass for some time as his cock remained rock hard and precum was flowing from it, forming large puddles on Heracles' pecs and abs. He was just about to stand up and return to powerfully fucking Heracles when his body jerked, his muscles tightened and flexed and his nectar began shooting out all over Heracles' chest, abs and crotch. Gargo grabbed his cock and slow stroked it to get out every drop of his cum. He stood up when he calmed down, looked down at Heracles' body covered in his cum and precum. He knelt down with Heracles' head in between his thighs and began to slowly lick every inch of Heracles' chest, abs and crotch, getting all of his cum off of Heracles. He was tempted to suck in Heracles' cock and make him have another orgasm but then thought about how much of Heracles' nectar he had ingested and knew he had reached the limit for his own safety. He stood up, turned around and laid down next to Heracles and pulled him into his body and gently and slowly kissed his face and lips. Both fell sound asleep from being completely exhausted by their pleasuring.

When Gargo woke up and went to the deck of the ship to see where they were and how the crew were doing, he was surprised to see the crew busily doing things needed to keep the ship on course and in shape.

Tell me lord, is it true what we heard about Heracles' nectar,” the head crewman asked.

What have you heard,” Gargo asked.

Well, that drinking it makes a man more powerful and stronger but too much and it will kill you,” the crewman said.

Yes, that is true indeed,” Gargo replied. “To keep the spirits of the crew high and as a reward, I will insure each of the crew get to sample Heracles' nectar.”

Truly lord? You would do such a favor for us?” the crewman said happily.

Indeed I would. All of you have made our escape a reality and you are all worthy of such a reward,” Gargo said. “In a few hours more of rest Heracles needs, I will begin giving each of you some of it.”

Not enough to kill us I hope,” the crewman said with a worried look.

No, most certainly not. All it will take is 2 swallows of his nectar and you will all feel the power and rush of pleasure it causes,” Gargo said with a smile.e

Thank you lord, I will tell the crew about it,” the crewman said.

Gargo went and filled a jug from the barrel he had taken to the ship previously. It was the liquid for nourishment and stamina for Heracles. He returned to the cabin and woke Heracles. He helped Heracles drink the liquid and then washed himself and Heracles.

You are going to share your nectar with the crew who are the reason we were able to escape,” Gargo told Heracles.

Heracles just looked at Gargo's face and smiled as the liquid was making him light headed and semi conscious. Gargo kissed Heracles and laid him down on the bed. He returned to the routine he used back at the castle to fill a bowl with Heracles' nectar. He easily made Heracles have 2 powerful orgasms nearly filling the bowl Gargo used completely. Gargo let Heracles lay down and he took the bowl of nectar up to the deck, having the lead crewman call the other crewmen.

This bowl has the nectar of Heracles, son of Zeus, a god of the Greeks. You will be allowed to take 2 swallows of it and no more. Take more and it will certainly kill you as you have all heard had indeed been proven. You will feel a rushing of pleasure, power and strength like never before. Do not fear it, enjoy it. The effects do last a number of days,” Gargo explained.

The crew lined up and one by one took 2 swallows of Heracles' nectar from the bowl Gargo was holding. They all had the same reaction of shock, and then total surprise and pleasure. By the time the last crewman had taken his 2 swallows, a full fledged orgy was in progress involving all of the crew. Gargo laughed and returned to the cabin and Heracles. He laid down next to Heracles and pulled him into his body. He fell into a deep sleep. He woke up as both he and Heracles were thrown from the cabin bed. The ship was rocking and pitching very violently. Gargo made his way slowly to the deck and when he opened the door, a large wave smashed into the opening and knocked him back down the stairs. He climbed up the stairs again, this time bracing himself against the side walls of the stairwell to the deck. When he opened the hatch, waves were crashing onto the ship's deck from both sides. Some crewman was screaming orders of some sort but it was difficult to hear over the roar of the waves, lightening and thunder. The wind was ripping the sails to shreds. He looked up the main mast and saw a crewman trying to pulling the sail and tie it down. Gargo made his way to the mast, climbed up next to the crewman and used his strength to quickly pull up the said before it was torn apart. He held it in place until the crewman tied it in a few places in order to keep it secured. They moved to another mast to attempt the same thing. Just as they were about at the level to grab the sail, the wind blasted the sail and it tore in a number of pieces, flapping like wild flags in the wind. One large section then ripped off the mast and went flying into the darkness.

Gargo went around trying to see if he could find the head crewman, but wasn't having much luck and it was becoming more difficult to keep himself standing up. He was nearly meeting up with a crewman who was heading towards him, but before he could grab the man, a wave lifted him up and threw him across the deck. Before he could stand up or grab onto anything, another wave washed him overboard. Gargo decided it would be best if he just return to the cabin and keep Heracles safe until the storm passed. When he got back into the cabin, he saw Heracles' body rolling from one side of the cabin to the other. He was weak and semi conscious from the liquid Gargo made him drink. Gargo had no idea it had anything in it but nourishment. Gargo made his way to Heracles, grabbed him and slid with him into a corner, laying Heracles' back up against his front, wrapping his arms and legs around Heracles to keep him from being thrown about the cabin. The feel of the cool water that was seeping into the cabin and the heat of Heracles' body got him sexually aroused. He began to kiss and nibble on Heracles' neck and shoulders, becoming more and more passionate. Soon, his hands were roaming up and down Heracles' body and then his cock was pushed deep inside of Heracles. He let the rocking motion of the ship direct the movement of his cock inside of Heracles. Heracles was groaning and moaning as Gargo slowly began to stroke Heracles from the base to the tip of his cock.

When Heracles had his first orgasm, Gargo caught a good amount of his nectar in his hand and licked it all off. He knew it would increase his strength and he felt that was what he needed to to in order to keep both of them alive. Heracles was in no condition to survive on his own by any means. He filled Heracles a few times before both of them were sound asleep, Heracles still impaled on Gargo's cock. Gargo woke and quickly noticed sunlight shinning through the openings around the doorway to the cabin. He quickly noticed the ship was no longer being thrown about. The storm was over. Gargo wrapped one arm around Heracles' waist and stood up, moved to the bed and lifted Heracles from his cock, laying him down gently. He quickly went to the deck to see how much damage the ship had after the storm. When he reached the deck, he was stunned at the sight. Parts of the ship were strewn all over the deck. Broken masts, railing, sails ripped apart and wrapped strangely on parts of broken deck. The ship looked like it was nearly torn apart. Pieces of debris were all around the ship in the water which was now very calm. He slowly looked around to see if any of the crew were about. He found several that were wounded fairly bad and some that had injuries he knew they would not survive. He searched all the holds of the ship and the crew quarters, but only found 4 crewman who were able to even stand. All had bad head wounds and cuts. They were all begging him to help them. He had no idea what he could do for them. Then he got an idea about using nectar from Heracles as a salve for their wounds. He imagined it couldn't hurt them and maybe if he gave them a small amount to ingest, they would be able to heal much quicker.

That is just what Gargo did. He went to the cabin, drained Heracles several times, returned to the deck and the injured crewman, dipped his fingers into the nectar and gently rubbed it on their wounds. Then he swirled 3 of his fingers into the bowl of nectar and had them suck all the nectar from his fingers. He was amazed at the speed the nectar began to heal their wounds and what they ingested made them feel much improved and stronger. The least injured crewman were already going around to see what water and food was left. When they reported back to Gargo, they told a very desperate story of how most of their provisions were gone and they would be lucky to survive a few days if they really rationed it all. Gargo had them unravel the remaining sails and based on where the sun was in the sky, try and find some island that they could hopefully gather food and water to replenish the supplies. After a few days, the sea began to get rough again and they could see a large storm was slowly coming towards them. Luckily, one of the crewman spotted land and Gargo had them head towards it. He agreed with the crewmen who said it would be safer to stay in the safety of the island while the storm raged. As they got closer to the island, they were all relieved to see it covered in thick palms and bushes. The crewman who was operating the rudder got the ship around the island to see if there was a protected harbor. They were in luck as sure enough, 2 sections of the island came towards each other with an opening to the sea and a small harbor inside of them. The crewman steered the ship into the harbor and anchored it on the side the storm was coming towards them. He told Gargo the hills and mountain would keep the wind from bashing the ship as bad as had happened already.

They jumped into the water, Gargo holding tight to Heracles in his arms against his body as he jumped into the water. They all swam to the sandy shoreline. The crewmen split up to look for water and try to find some fruit or animals they could use for food. Gargo carried Heracles to a large group of palm trees, collected a number of the huge leaves, laying them down on top of the sand. He moved Heracles on to the make shift bed of leaves and began to do his own exploring. The storm moved in and was getting more violent with time. The wind was fierce, but not as bad as it was out at sea thanks to the protection of the island's harbor. Garbo and the other crewmen did find various fruit and even a small lake of fresh water fed by a large waterfall coming from a cliff near the top of a mountain. They all moved to the lake to enjoy the fresh water and set up a camp of sorts using the large palm leaves, broken branches and brush. One of the crewmen collected longer branches and showed the others how to make the tips sharp by rubbing them on rough stones. Gargo thought that was a good idea since they had no idea where they were and if they were alone or not.

Heracles was becoming more conscious and aware as he was healing quickly again thanks to the injection of Gargo's nectar which had a good amount of the power and strength of Heracles in it. Gargo made certain Heracles had fresh water, fruit and lots of attention. He still had no idea what the liquid did to Heracles, but did begin to notice how much more alert Heracles was now. They all covered with the large leaves as the heavy rains came. The trees were bending and swaying and there was a great amount of lightening and thunder. One of the crewmen said they should have sacrificed to the gods for protection as they had to be displeased with them, punishing them with the sever storms. Gargo had his way with Heracles before they both fell asleep. Of course Heracles was given as much pleasure as Gargo could give to him. When Gargo woke in the morning, he noticed the rains had stopped and the wind was not as strong as it was during the night. He suddenly realized Heracles wasn't laying next to him. He jumped up in a panic and started to run around lifting the leaves the crewmen were sleeping under to see if Heracles was there. He heard splashing and ran to the edge of the lake. There he watched Heracles swimming, climbing on to a rock and diving into the lake.

Heracles!” Gargo shouted and waved.

Heracles stopped swimming and turned to look at who was calling his name. Gargo looked familiar to him but he wasn't quite sure if he knew the man.

Who are you that calls Heracles?” Heracles shouted back.

Me? I am Gargo, your caretaker,” Gargo yelled like Heracles would understand.

Caretaker? Heracles has no need of a caretaker,” Heracles said all confused.

Yes, caretaker. I have been your caretaker ever since the sorcerer Tokus took you captive and then brought you to Atlantis,” Gargo said a bit confused.

I do not know of any Tokus,” Heracles said.

Come out of the lake and I will explain it all to you,” Gargo said.

Heracles swam fast and strong towards Gargo. His feeling of knowing this large man was even stronger as he came closer to the shore.

I am here and you need to explain yourself to me,” Heracles said seriously.

Yes, that I will do for you,” Gargo said really confused that Heracles was completely himself it seemed.

Gargo sat down as did Heracles. He told Heracles what he knew had happened, with Tokus pretending to be an old man fishing on the shoreline where he knew Heracles would be passing. He told him all about the potions to enable them to capture him and how he was held under those silver beams, given potions to keep him semi conscious and how he was drained just about constantly for his nectar which they wished to use for a powerful army the king of Atlantis desired. All had heard the legends of what his nectar could do and how weak he would be as it was drained and he was fucked.

So what role did you play in this treachery?” Heracles asked.

I was in bondage to Tokus, slightly higher then his slave. I was tasked with the responsibility to keep you drained and fucked. When I found out they intended to give you over to a group of soldiers as caretakers, I could not allow that to happen so I arranged for us to leave Atlantis in a ship with a crew of freed slaves. Most of our supplies and the crew were lost during a storm at sea and we made it to this island just before another storm came upon us,” Gargo explained.

So you drained me of my nectar and had your pleasures using me is that it?” Heracles said somewhat angry.

It was either I did as I was ordered or someone else would have. I became very fond of you and did my best to insure you had pleasures as well,” Gargo said.

I must think on this,” Heracles said as he stood up and dove back into the lake.

Gargo was unsure what he should do or could do. Heracles was obviously fully back to himself and he had enough sense to realize that even with the added power and strength he had thanks to Heracles' nectar, it would not be enough to overpower Heracles not weak from being drained and fucked.

Heracles called over a crewman and asked him what he knew about Gargo and himself. The crewman verified what Gargo told Heracles, well as much as he knew of course. Heracles thought hard about it all and finally decided he believed what Gargo had told him. The question now was what would happen now.