Heracles Tales…. The Experiment Continued


The following is a complete work of fiction.  Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental.  Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission.
The following story contains erotic homosexual situations.  If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now.

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Heracles was torn about all Gargo and the crew told him. He felt deep down that Gargo was being honest with him and his actions did confirm he had some feelings for Heracles. Heracles was very upset he couldn't remember much if any of what had happened. The one thing his mind did seem to remember was Gargo and he pleasuring and how tender and careful Gargo was with him. He also remembered that Gargo did speak the truth when he said he insured Heracles received much pleasure which told Heracles Gargo wasn't just using Heracles for his sole enjoyment and the purpose of draining him. It took Heracles a long time to finally remember what he and Gargo shared. He knew how precarious it was for a slave to go against the orders of a master in most countries, so he had to admit Gargo had little choice if he wished to live.

He got out of the lake and found Gargo who was with the rest of the crew collecting fruit.

Gargo, I have remembered how you cared and pleasured with me. I know it was not just for my nectar and keeping me weak,” Heracles said with his hand on Gargo's shoulder. “The rest is still in a fog for some reason, but I do believe what you told me. I bear you no grudge or ill will Gargo.”

Thank you Heracles, that makes me very happy,” Gargo said finally smiling. “I know what was done to you was wrong, but I did not have much of a choice. I knew once your care was turned over to soldiers, you would be no more then a thing for their pleasures and a cow to be milked, no concern for your pleasure or well being. I could not allow that to happen.”

Well, I thank you for that and getting me free of those evil people,” Heracles said. “Now, lets get us all some food.”

Gargo was thrilled and very happy Heracles had forgiven him it seemed. He felt much better for all their safety that Heracles was fully himself and would be a formidable fighter should anything attempt to attack them.

Some of the crew wanted to go exploring on the island to see what else might be available for food and to be sure no one else lived on the island. Heracles and Gargo agreed, but told them they would wait until dawn so they had full daylight and didn't have to worry about being ambushed at night by some wild animals especially since they had no fire as of yet. They returned to their make shift camp with large loads of fruit and berries that they carried in the huge leaves like the ones they slept under. One of the crewman figured out how to entwine the leaves together with strips of vines so they could carry a large amount of fruit with them as they explored. Heracles helped them make spears out of branches and even found some washed up large scone shells that when cracked on rocks made a very sharp knife or spear blade. They all worked hard to get all the weapons ready before nightfall.

Gargo said good night to the crew and Heracles and laid down on the farthest leave on the ground. Heracles watched him and saw how sad Gargo had looked after he said good night to Heracles. When Heracles saw Gargo was laying down on his side, he went over to him and laid down behind Gargo, spooning him, his arm over the chest of Gargo.

Gargo smiled to himself and gently brushed the forearm of Heracles, figuring that was as much pleasuring he and Heracles would do. He was shocked when Heracles easily turned him over on his back and slid his body partially on Gargo's chest, held the back of his head in his hand and began a very gentle and passionate kiss. Gargo sighed deeply and pulled Heracles into his arms, moaning as the 2 of them began a very heavy make out session. When Heracles reached down and took hold of Gargo's very hard cock, Gargo gasped and groaned loudly.

I think Gargo is in the mood for pleasuring,” Heracles whispered in Gargo's ear as he kissed and nibbled on it.

Gargo is indeed in the mood,” Gargo laughed as he pulled Heracles into a very passionate kiss and tight hug.

Heracles being himself, took charge even though Gargo was so much bigger then he. Gargo felt the power and strength of the fully normal Heracles and did not attempt to challenge him for dominance. He didn't care at all as long as Heracles was pleasured. Heracles slid completely on top of Gargo, held his hands in Gargo's armpits so Gargo couldn't move his arms down before beginning to ravage Gargo's pecs, nipples, biceps and shoulders. Gargo was squirming like a young boy having sex for the first time. He made Heracles smile as he let out a constant gasp, moan and hiss. Heracles then pushed his body down Gargo's and held his hands hard on Gargo's pecs while he nibbled, licked and sucked on Gargo's abs and sides. Satisfied he had driven Gargo sufficiently wild, he moved further down, holding his hands hard down on Gargo's abs while his face moved hard all over Gargo's crotch, biting gently on the head of Gargo's hard cock which was easily seen under his loincloth. Heracles used one hand to pull off Gargo's loincloth and quickly took in all of Gargo's cock deep into his throat and began to suck and hum. Gargo was yelling and calling all the gods for help as Heracles worked his cock. When Heracles felt Gargo was going to have an orgasm, Heracles tightened his mouth and lips on the base of Gargo's cock and didn't make a move until Gargo's body calmed down. Heracles did that over and over until Gargo was begging him to let him release his nectar. Heracles began to moved wildly on Gargo's cock which made Gargo's entire body shaking and jerking and him panting super quick. When Heracles felt Gargo's cock head expand and slightly pull back, he started to do some hard sucking, pulling Gargo's nectar from him. Gargo's entire body froze from the intense sensations. When Heracles finally released his now slightly deflated cock from his throat, only using his tongue to gently swirl and lick on the cock head, Gargo's entire body went completely limp.

Heracles lifted himself up to a kneeling position and looked with a big smile at how relaxed and happy Gargo looked. He took hold of Gargo's knees and lifted them up high as he bent a bit and let his mouth and tongue begin to ravage Gargo's ass and rosebud. Gargo gasped but didn't seem to have the strength left to move in any direction. His yells and gasps got very loud. Heracles then pushed Gargo's legs forward until his knees were at his shoulders and his ass was high in the air. Heracles spread the legs wide and dove his face hard into Gargo's pulsing ass, his tongue forcing its way deep inside of Gargo. Gargo soon had another orgasm which shot his nectar all over his abs and chest. Heracles lowered Gargo's legs placing them on one of his shoulders, pulled Gargo's ass up on his thighs and rammed his cock fully inside of Gargo. Gargo's eyes shot wide open, his mouth as well but no sound came out. His arms were stretched out to the sides, his fingers dug deep into the sand. Heracles began a slow gentle fucking which he slowly built up to a wild animal like fucking. He kept changing the pace of his fucking to insure Gargo was being pleasured like he should be with a demigod fucking him. Gargo was having a hard time catching his breath. Heracles took Gargo's legs and spread them apart then lowered his body on top of Gargo and began to passionately kiss Gargo. He soon was filling Gargo with his nectar, but had to force himself to stop so that Gargo would not be poisoned from an overload of Heracles' nectar. He pulled his cock out of Gargo's ass, moved up on top of his body and with one hand took hold of Gargo's head and guided his cock deep into Gargo's mouth with the other. He allowed a good amount of his nectar to fill Gargo's throat before pulling it out, sliding a bit down Gargo's body and jerking himself letting the rest of his huge load of nectar spread all over Gargo's chest and abs. When he was finished, he leaned down and licked all of his nectar from Gargo's body. Gargo was passed out with a big smile on his face. Heracles was satisfied and well pleasured and knew Gargo was as well. He moved Gargo on to his side and spooned again against Gargo's back.

When Gargo woke the next morning, he felt a renewed strength from the load of Heracles' nectar. His entire body still feeling the tingling of pleasure from being pleasured by Heracles. He turned over on his back and sat up to see Heracles bringing him a bunch of fruit.

Well, seems you finally decided to wake,” Heracles teased.

Its a wonder I am still on this earth and not in Hades as you call it after what you did for me last night,” Gargo laughed as he reached out and squeezed his hand on Heracles' thigh.

Yes, it was most pleasurable Gargo,” Heracles laughed as he sat next to Gargo.

That pleases me even more to know you were pleased as well,” Gargo said smiling gently at Heracles.

Okay you love birds, when are we going to explore this island?” one of the crew laughed.

As soon as I finish eating,” Gargo laughed. “I need my energy after last night.”

Why do you say that?” the crewman laughed. “We all know you were filled with the nectar of Heracles and should be well replenished.”

They all laughed and then gathered all the weapons and make shift baskets of fruit. They agreed on the direction to travel first and slowly walked making certain they looked in all directions to the sides and in front just to make certain nothing was hiding, ready to attack. They all noticed how beautiful the island was with all manner of colorful birds, blooming bushes and various types of palm tree and banana trees. There was also a variety of fruits and berries. The plenty of the island was amazing to them. Heracles thought they had landed on a hidden sanctuary of the gods. They decided to head to higher ground in order to see more of the island without having to walk completely around it. They had no real idea of its size, only it had lush vegetation, birds and fresh water. They stopped and rested a number of times not only to eat but also to take in the beauty of the island.

One of the crew found flint rock and was all excited that they could now make a fire and cook fish, not having to only eat fruit. They came to what they thought was the highest point they could go without climbing up the mountain itself. They spotted a deep break in the stone of the mountain and were able to see the sea. Heracles decided the island wasn't all that big since the sea looked to be so close on the other side of the mountain. It was decided to return to their camp and on the way collect more of the flint rock that they could use with their make shift weapons. It would not work against armor but it didn't appear there was any army on the island.

Heracles took 2 of the crewmen to fish while Gargo and another worked on building a fire. One of the crewmen decided he could weave a net for catching more fish out of fibers they could strip from a few of the larger plants. Heracles merely used the make shift spears to catch fish, teaching the other crewman how to do the same. When they returned to the camp, the fire was going and they dumped their large catch of fish, all excited they were going to eat what they considered 'normal' food. Heracles showed them how to dry the fish they were not going to eat so they would have a store kept for the ship when they decided to leave. Eating their dinner took on a festive mood as they truly enjoyed the fish. Heracles kept them entertained with stories of his exploits.

After eating, Heracles and Gargo went to the lake to cool off and swim. The other crewmen helped the one who knew how to make a fishing net from fibers of plants.

This place is a place I may not wish to leave,” Gargo said.

Truly you speak the same thing I was thinking. Peaceful, filled with beauty and enough food to sustain us,” Heracles said thoughtfully.

Would you consider just staying here with me?” Gargo asked.

Consider it? Yes for sure I would,” Heracles said. “Do it? I could not Gargo, it doesn't seem to me that my destiny lies on this island. It hasn't worked that way for me yet and I doubt Zeus would allow me to just live in this paradise.”

Zeus has something against your happiness?” Gargo asked.

No, that isn't the reason. I'm destined to learn so much more then I have and battle many more evil ones before my time comes to join Zeus and the other gods on Mount Olympus,” Heracles said.

Well, I guess it would be pointless to go against the gods,” Gargo said sadly.

Yes, it would be since in spite of what I may wish to do, things would be set into motion which would force me to accomplish what I must,” Heracles explained. “It is the way of the gods.”

Heracles saw how sad Gargo look. He knew Gargo wanted nothing more then to spend the rest of his life on the island with Heracles, away from all the people and armies and rulers trying to overpower others or take what wasn't theirs to take. He swam around Gargo and wrapped his arms around Gargo's waist, nibbling and kissing his neck. Gargo pushed his head backwards onto Heracles' shoulder, letting Heracles have his way with him. They were both naked and Gargo easily felt Heracles' hard cock pushing against his back. Heracles moved his hands up to Gargo's pecs and began to kneed them and massage them gently, making Gargo groan. Heracles then went after Gargo's ear with his mouth and tongue as his hand slid down and began slow stroking Gargo's cock. Heracles moved his cock head slowly to Gargo's rosebud and gently jabbed it so that his precum was actually squirting inside of Gargo's ass, giving him the pleasure sensations only Heracles' fluids could. Soon, Gargo was moaning out loud and asking Heracles to fill him with his nectar. Heracles added more pressure to his jabs and soon his cock head was pushing its way inside of Gargo. When half of his cock was inside of Gargo, Heracles began moving his hips so that his cock would slide nearly out of Gargo and then push in further then before as he continued kneading and massaging Gargo's pecs and stroking his cock. Heracles made certain to take a very long time before allowing his cock to explode inside of Gargo. Gargo on the other hand seemed to be having one orgasm after another with a short time in between them. Even with his size, strength and power, he was becoming weaker and weaker with each orgasm as his entire body was involved it seemed totally for each one. If anything, it seemed to him that each orgasm had the same intensity as the one before or even more. This was all as a result of his being filled with more and more of Heracles' precum. Finally, Heracles nearly crushed Gargo's body as he tightened his arms around Gargo while he began filling Gargo. Gargo screamed out as more and more of Heracles' magical cum filled his insides. Heracles had to really keep a check on himself to prevent filling Gargo with too much of his cum which would put Gargo in mortal danger. By the time Heracles decided to finally hold off his flowing cum and pull out of Gargo's ass, Gargo was unconscious and his body was shaking from the supreme pleasure and feeling of power and strength that was building inside of him.

Suddenly, Heracles heard shouting and screaming from a distance. He looked around and didn't see any of the crew around. He tried to waken Gargo, but that proved to be impossible, so he got to the shore, lifted Gargo out of the pond, got out and pulled Gargo further from the water before quickly running towards where he heard the screaming and shouting coming from. As he was nearly at the location he was sure the noise source was, suddenly it stopped and it was complete silence. He slowed down and became much more cautious and observant of his surroundings as he looked around for the crew. He spotted movement ahead as the brush and trees seemed to be spreading apart and then closing back together in the distance. He headed in the direction of the moving brush and trees and noticed loads of brush crushed, trees cracked and finally very large foot prints dug into the sand. He imagined it was some sort of giant that was the cause and had captured the crew. He decided he couldn't do much on his own and headed back to get Gargo to help him sort things out.

When Heracles reached Gargo, he was forced to smile as he watched Gargo stretching out, rubbing his abs with a very large smile across his face.

Well, its about time you rejoined the living,” Heracles laughed.

Oh? Was I asleep for very long?” Gargo asked somewhat groggy.

Indeed. We have a problem on the island,” Heracles said suddenly serious. “Some large giant it seems has captured the crew and taken them off to his den. At least that is what I can figure out from what I saw and heard.”

What? When did this happen?” Gargo suddenly sat up with a very concerned looked on his face.

While you were floating off somewhere very pleasant I imagine from how you looked,” Heracles said with a smile. “It hasn't been that long. If you can manage to get yourself up, we can easily follow the large trail the giant has left.”

Of course, I'll just splash some water on my face and dunk my head into the pond to snap out of it,” Gargo said and did.

I'll gather some weapons and some fruit for our journey, just in case we don't find anything to eat along the way,” Heracles said.

Good thinking. I'll help you as soon as I'm finished waking myself up,” Gargo said.

Gargo and Heracles gathered a good supply of weapons and fruit to take with them before leaving quickly to follow the trail of the giant. Gargo asked a number of questions but Heracles could only guess at what the giant was and how large it was. Gargo became very serious and cautious once he saw the damage the giant made walking through and the size of its foot prints. It was fairly easy for them to follow the trail which was leading towards the large mountains. As they got closer to the mountains, the brush and trees lessened and the sand became much more coarse as well. It was becoming harder and harder to follow any sort of trail as the sand was giving way to crushed stones and rock. They took much more time locating clues as to which way the giant went. Gargo suddenly pointed out a large cave opening slightly up the incline of the mountain base. They approached cautiously and quietly, listening for any sounds of the crew or giant, not wanting to give their position away. As far as they knew, the giant didn't know they were around or even on the island.

Sure enough, Heracles and Gargo heard shouts from the crew and deep loud laughs coming from the cave itself. They spotted what had to be the glow of a large fire coming from inside the cave as they got closer to the opening. There was little for them to use for cover as the brush and trees were nowhere near the cave nor where there any large boulders around to hide behind. They had to actually enter the cave opening before they saw the back of a very large figure, bent over as it seemed to be examining the crew who were inside what looked like a large wooden cage with a hinged top that was completely opened. The figure seemed to be using its finger to push around and turn over various crewmen. It seemed to enjoy hearing their shouts and screams as it pushed them one way then another one by one. Before they could get in closer or move to the side wall of the cave, Gargo's foot kicked a larger rock which made the giant quickly turn its head towards the sound.

So more here,” the giant bellowed as it quickly got up and headed towards Heracles and Gargo.

Both Heracles and Gargo turned and began to run back towards the jungle hoping to be able to hide from the giant. They both kept looking back over their shoulders as they ran as fast as they could. However the size of the giants legs allowed it to take very long strides that were quickly closing the distance between them. Both Heracles and Gargo heard a strange sound up above them and looked up to see a very large net falling down from the sky directly on top of them. Before they could do much of anything, the heavy net fell on top of them, knocking both of them to the ground hard. They were both stunned by the force of the net falling on them, its weight and how quickly they fell hard to the ground which was not the soft sand they had felt so far.

So you try to run from Oto,” the giant bellowed. “Big ones I catch, better then others.”

We mean you no harm Oto, we only wish to help our friends you have in a cage,” Heracles said loudly.

The only response Heracles got was a loud, deep bellowing laugh from Oto. Both Heracles and Gargo took a hard look at Oto. They both thought he was well over 18 feet tall and was thickly muscled, had a somewhat bony head with large ears, eyes and mouth. It had like 2 large tusks coming up out of its lower jaw that stuck out through its mouth. There was no hair on its head, but its arms, chest, abs, legs, shoulders and back seemed to be covered in varied thicknesses of hair. Oto had large hands and fingers and feet. He was totally naked and his monstrous balls were hanging behind a very large cock, the head obvious under the thick looking foreskin. Oto grabbed parts of the net and pulled which slid the net under them as well as over them. He then lifted it over his shoulder taking them up into the air and off the ground as he walked back to his cave. He stood next to the wooden cage and held the net somewhat opened, shaking it so Heracles and then Gargo fell to the floor of the cage.

Oto sat back down as he was before and began to push Heracles and then Gargo back and forth on the ground carefully examining them it seemed. He then grabbed Gargo's leg and lifted him up out of the cage so he was hanging upside down. He flicked Gargo's cock and balls with a finger then spun him slowly around as his index finger and thumb felt every part of Gargo's body. He brought Gargo's body close to his nose and sniffed hard then licked Gargo. He lowered his hand and released Gargo who fell back down on the ground. Oto then went for Heracles who had already stood up and moved quickly around to keep away from Oto's hand.

No run,” Oto bellowed as he swatted his hand around knocking Heracles to the ground before grabbing him by his leg and lifting him up.

Oto did the same thing to Heracles as he did to Gargo. After he smelled and licked Heracles, he returned him to the cage as he did with Gargo. He then did the same to each of the other crew members. He then went back to grab Gargo, this time grabbing his one arm in his index finger and thumb and his other arm with his other index finger and thumb. He lifted Gargo up into the air and close to his face. Gargo's muscles tightened and flexed in response to his body weight pulling down on his arms and Oto pulling his arms wider. Oto watched Gargo's body noticing the increased size of his muscles as well as how red his skin was getting and his breathing turned into panting. He then moved Gargo right up against his mouth and stuck out his tongue in between Garb's legs, forcing them apart. His tongue began moving and rubbing and the tip of his tongue concentrated on Gargo's ass cheeks. Soon, Gargo was yelling out as the large saliva covered tongue moved along his cock and balls and ass. He couldn't help but having a very hard orgasm especially after Oto's lips sucked in his cock and balls and literally pulled the cum out of Gargo.

Oto got a very curious and then pleasant smile on his face as he lowered Gargo back into the cage and grabbed for Heracles again. He did the same with Heracles but noticed Heracles was not panting as Gargo did. Oto pulled Heracles' arms further out until Heracles was actually panting and he was yelling out in a bit of pain. Again, Oto's tongue went to work in between Heracles' legs and on his ass cheeks. He felt the strength of Heracles' legs as Heracles tried to squeeze his legs back together without much luck. Oto quickened his tongue movements, more forcefully then he did with Gargo. Heracles knew he was loosing the battle of keeping himself from having an orgasm. Like with Gargo, once he began shooting his cum on Oto's tongue, Oto's lips sucked in Heracles' cock and balls and began to drain Heracles of his entire load of cum. Oto's eyes got big as he began to feel the effect Heracles' cum had on him. He pulled Heracles away from him and carefully examined him again, licking his entire body hard and slow until he saw Heracles' cock hard again. He went back to his tongue working on Heracles as before until again, he was rewarded with a very large load of cum from Heracles. He felt even more of the effect of Heracles' cum. He repeated his actions until he had forced Heracles to have 5 orgasms after which Heracles' body just was completely limp and he was very weak and delirious. Oto released one of Heracles' arms and slowly shook Heracles in his other hand until he was convinced Heracles was not going to give him more of his cum. He dropped Heracles back into the cage and took out one after another of the crewmen until he had drained all of them. He lifted up Heracles yet again and seemed to want another load of cum from him just to be certain there was a difference. In spite of how weak and delirious Heracles was, Oto did manage to take another load of cum from him, confirming his thinking that there was something truly different about Heracles compared to the others. He liked their cum but didn't feel the tingling and increase of strength he felt after taking in Heracles' cum.

Gargo went to see how he could help Heracles after Oto dropped him back into the cage and closed the top, securing it with a long sharpened tree trunk. Oto stood and left the cage once he was satisfied that it would not be easy for the men to escape from the cage. Gargo and the crew that had recovered did all they could think of doing to help Heracles. Gargo was very concerned at how weak Heracles was. He remembered how important it was for him to keep Heracles drained and used in order to keep him from overpowering the guards and himself. He explained it all to the crewmen and they all realized there was nothing much they could do for Heracles other then try and keep him comfortable. All of them were exhausted and soon were huddled together sleeping. They were startled awake when they were suddenly pelted with a large amount of fruits that were being dumped into the cage by Oto.

Eat,” Oto bellowed. “Feed that one good.”

Oto was pointing at Heracles. They didn't move but just stared in shock at Oto.

Eat, feed,” Oto bellowed even louder with an angry look on his face.

They all scrambled around to pick up fruit and begin eating as Gargo pulled Heracles' head on to his thighs, lifting him up a bit so he could feed Heracles. Oto watched it all until he was satisfied that Heracles was being fed and the others were eating as well. Oto then sat down and stretched out as he began to eat a large amount of fruit himself. Gargo saw Oto lift a large bowl shaped rock and water was running down the sides of Oto's mouth as he lifted it and obviously was drinking.

Hey, Oto,” Gargo yelled, “we need water too.”

Oto looked at Gargo and at first wasn't sure what Gargo meant. Then after watching Gargo's motions and pointing, he understood. He went to the rear of the cave and returned with another bowl like object made out of what seemed to be pieces of palm trees and some hardened material coating the insides. He lifted the cover of the cage and lowered it in. It was a large bowl of water. Gargo bowed down towards Oto as he said 'thank you Oto.'

Oto smiled and grunted as he returned to his sprawled out position and eating. When he was finished, he saw Gargo watching him closely. Oto put a small smile on his face, sat up and reached into the cage, pulling out Gargo. He stood Gargo in between his legs and rubbed his body against his balls. Oto growled as he liked the feeling of Gargo's muscles rubbing up against his testicles. He laid back more as he pulled Gargo's body on top of his cock which was laying against his abs. He then moved Gargo's body up and down, using Gargo to stroke the bottom side of his cock. It wasn't all that pleasant for Gargo until precum began to flow from Oto's cock head. Gargo reached his hands up and grabbed as much as he could to coat Oto's cock making it easier on his body as it slid up and back. Oto saw what Gargo was doing, moved Gargo off of his cock, took his cock in his hand and with his other hand holding the backside of Gargo, slow stroked his cock making sure his large loads of precum covered all of Gargo's body before putting Gargo back on top of his cock and moving his body back and forth. Oto felt the difference and he liked how it felt very much. He eventually moved Gargo so he was sitting on Oto's pubes and tried to do the same thing as before but it wasn't as pleasant as the weight of Gargo was not right on his cock. Gargo caught on and holding on to Oto's cock, stood up, wrapped his arms around Oto's cock and began to stoop down and up, in effect stroking Oto's cock, holding on to it like he was giving it a bear hug. Oto really growled and then laughed as he felt Gargo slow jerking him. He got so excited, he grabbed his cock in both hands, his thumbs on the upper back and ass of Gargo as he really began stroking himself. Gargo had to keep moving his head back and to the sides to keep from drowning in the precum that was flowing from Oto's cock. When Gargo tightened his grip and Oto's movement caused his foreskin to pull back, uncovering his cock head, Oto gasped and laughed as the face and upper body of Gargo moved against the back of his now exposed cock head. Gargo suddenly became afraid Oto would crush him as he began to frantically move Gargo fast up and down his cock and his grip on Gargo tightened. Then Gargo felt a thick white liquid begin to flow out of Oto's cock head which he knew was cum. It soon changed to a volley of cum shooting far up into the air and on to Oto's chest and abs as well as completely covering all of Gargo's body in the process. The cum felt hot and thick on Gargo's body. Oto gradually eased up on his tight grip on Gargo as his cum slowly began to lessen and subside. He moaned and groaned as he held down his cock with Gargo still holding on to it back on his lower abs and slowly was rubbing his hand up and down the underside of his cock. Oto then shocked Gargo as he flipped Gargo over on top of him and with a hand on Gargo's lower back and ass, began to slide Gargo up and down, side to side over his cum spattered body. He stopped after his cum began to dry and be absorbed into his skin, leaving Gargo just under his pec and below his nipple. Gargo thought it would help them to keep Oto pleased so he reached up with his hands and began to massage and nibble on Oto's nipple. Oto laughed and moaned at the feeling he was getting from what Gargo was doing to him. He slid Gargo on to the other side and Gargo repeated his actions. Without any warning, Oto slid Gargo up and put his crotch right over Oto's mouth. His tongue came out and slid between Gargo's legs and the tip curved up on Gargo's ass. His tongue went to work again on Gargo's cock, balls and ass. It didn't take long at all for Gargo to give up his cum, Oto sucking it completely out of Gargo's cock. Oto then slid Gargo back on top of his pec and held him there with one hand as he fell asleep. Gargo tried to push himself up and off of Oto's body but the weight of Oto's hand on his body stopped him from getting very far. He knew he could not win in a push battle so he let himself stretch out and relax, falling asleep himself.

When Oto woke up, he was ready to be satisfied and have his fill of all of their cum, especially Heracles. He lifted Gargo off of his body and placed him back in the cage before picking up another crewman. Gargo saw to Heracles and figured the only way he could hope to give Heracles some strength back was to get him to suck Gargo's cock and take in his cum, still having the effects of Heracles. Heracles didn't fight Gargo at all, he couldn't because of how weak he was. Gargo jerked his cock so he could get his cum into Heracles as quick as possible. This wasn't a pleasure session but one that would allow Heracles to stand up to more of the draining he would have by Oto. Gargo did fill Heracles' mouth and throat with his cum, making certain Heracles swallowed every drop. Gargo could see that it did indeed help Heracles who was at least able to talk sensibly to Gargo. Gargo told Heracles what Oto did with him and advised Heracles to do the same, keeping Oto pleasured and hopefully not harm any of the crewmen. Heracles understood and told Gargo they had to figure out a way to escape Oto if they ever hoped to leave the island. They both agreed that Oto would keep them prisoners at least until he became bored with them and then who knows what he might end up doing.

Now you big one,” Oto laughed as he dropped the last crewman he drained into the cage and reached for Heracles. “Make Oto feel good.”

That said, Oto began to rub Heracles on his balls and up and down his cock. Gargo yelled out to Heracles to bear hug his cock and try to slide up and get Oto's precum to flow down between his body and Oto's. Heracles did just that and Oto liked how much more he felt with Heracles hugging his cock tight and moving his powerful arms up and down. Heracles even wrapped his legs as far around Oto's cock as he could and kept squeezing his legs along with his arms. Oto's precum was indeed flowing fast and hard, lubricating Heracles' body as it rubbed up and down Oto's cock. Oto moved Heracles to his pec and Gargo yelled out to Heracles to hard massage them and really work over Oto's nipples which he seemed to really like. When Heracles did just that, Oto growled and looked down at Heracles with a smile as he watched Heracles work on his pec and nipple. He moved Heracles to the other pec after awhile and then back down to his cock. His cock was laying on top of Heracles' front and like he did with Gargo, he held Heracles' back and ass with his thumbs and wrapped his fingers around his cock as he slow stroked his cock while Heracles hugged tight with his arms and legs. Oto was really moving Heracles far up and down his cock as his foreskin slid down freeing his angry big cock head. Heracles moved his face hard side to side over the cock head which made Oto scream out in pleasure. Heracles began to move his arms up and down when they came in contact with Oto's cock head, really stimulating the underside of Oto's cock head. Heracles thought Oto would crush his ribs and back when he began to have an orgasm. Heracles' entire body was covered completely in Oto's cum. Oto began rubbing Heracles all over his cock head as his blasts of cum flowed and flowed. At one point, Heracles' face was directly in and over Oto's piss slit so he had to really move his head fast from side to side to be able to breath and not drown or suffocate. That really stimulated Oto even more and he kept moving Heracles into that position just so he would have to stimulate his piss slit with his face. Finally Oto began to calm down, slowing down his moving of Heracles around his cock head. He moved his cock down on to his lower abs with Heracles under it as he slowly moved Heracles up and down. Oto then moved Heracles on his front and began to slowly slide him all around his chest and abs, rubbing in his cum until it was mostly absorbed.

You please Oto good big one,” Oto said as he lifted Heracles and began to lick his body.

Oto then moved Heracles to his mouth and his tongue moved out and began to work over Heracles' cock, balls and ass. It was just by accident that Oto's tongue tip pushed inside of Heracles' ass cheeks causing Heracles to really gasp and moan, his body squirming more so then with just Oto's licking. Oto caught that right off and moved Heracles' upper body backwards so his tongue tip could more easily push in and out of Heracles' ass. Oto kept that up as he periodically moved Heracles back so he could see his reaction better. Otto used his tongue to move over Heracles' cock and balls, taking in the thick amount of precum coming from Heracles' cock. Oto liked that and kept up his fucking Heracles' ass with his tongue and then back to his cock and balls. Heracles was moaning and squirming so much, his arms were hanging down like they were useless. He was totally into the pleasure Oto's tongue was giving to him. Being Heracles, he was able to last a very long time before his body jerked and stiffened, his muscles flexing and pumping before he began to have a huge orgasm. Oto had sucked in Heracles' cock and balls as soon as he felt the change in Heracles' muscles, but this time, slowly sucked the cum from Heracles rather then quickly as before. That stimulated Heracles even more and made his orgasm and volume of cum greater. Oto was very pleased with himself for finding a way to get much more of Heracles' precum and cum along with how better to use Heracles' body on his cock when he was having his orgasm.

The volume of Heracles' cum Oto took in would have probably killed a mortal human, but just caused lightening bolts of power and energy to flow wildly throughout Oto's body. Oto knew for sure Heracles was different then the others as their cum was tasty but did not have the same effect on him. He let Heracles rest a bit on top of his chest before turning Heracles around and bent his body over, really working his tongue on Heracles' ass and in it. Heracles was really moaning and wiggling like a fish out of water. Oto's tongue got tired so he laid Heracles across his abs and covered his pinky finger with a thick layer of saliva and used that on Heracles' ass. He did manage eventually to get the upper part of his pinky finger into Heracles' ass, which would have ripped a regular human apart. Oto really liked how Heracles' body was wiggling and moving so he moved his cock head under Heracles' body. Just by chance, Heracles' rock hard cock got pushed inside of Oto's piss slit. That caused both of them to gasp and moan. To Heracles it was like he was now fucking and being fucked. To Oto, this was a completely new feeling of pleasure he liked very much. When Heracles' muscles told of an orgasm on its way, Oto kept his finger inside of Heracles' ass as he moved him to his mouth and sucked in Heracles' cock and balls and worked on them with his tongue. Again, Heracles began to have a tremendous orgasm which Oto now knew how to enhance and make it last longer by doing a slow sucking and gentle rubbing with his tongue.

He wiggled the tip of his pinky finger that was inside Heracles' ass and was surprised at how Heracles reacted. It seemed like even more of his cum was coming out into Oto's mouth and that was a good thing as far as Oto was concerned. Finally, as Heracles' orgasm began to subside, Heracles' body went completely limp and he was unconscious. Oto was very hard and excited so he stroked his cock fast and actually sat Heracles' ass on top of his piss slit. His cum blasted out and splattered all around and even inside of Heracles with great force. Oto liked this new thing as well. As his orgasm subsided, he moved Heracles' back down on his upper abs with the tip of his cock still pushed up against Heracles' ass. That prevented the cum that shot inside of Heracles to leak out and meant Heracles was absorbing it. It had been enhanced from his cum that Oto ingested, so it was like a great boost to Heracles' body, helping him to regain his strength and power.

Gargo was amazed by what he saw happening. He was shocked that Heracles survived Oto's finger fucking and being filled with his cum. He was very worried when he saw Heracles' body go limp, but then saw his breathing was strong. He could see how bloated his abs were from being filled with Oto's cum. He hoped Heracles would survive all of what Oto had done with him. Both Oto and Heracles fell asleep Oto well pleasured and Heracles exhausted but being regenerated. When Oto woke, he lifted Heracles up and sucked in his cock and balls into his mouth and began to work him over with his tongue. Heracles had gained most of his strength back and began to really fight against Oto's grip on his body. Oto just increased the speed of his tongue and mouth movements, soon draining Heracles of his cum, slightly weakening Heracles once more. Heracles was exerting so much of his energy into fighting off Oto's grip which was being tightened by Oto the more Heracles fought, that the draining Oto was doing sapped Heracles' strength nearly completely. Heracles had no option when his body just reacted by weakening all of his muscles, loosing what feeling of power he had seemed to regain for a time. Oto drained Heracles completely before moving him from his mouth, examining Heracles, licking hard on his pecs and abs before lowering him back into the cage.

I get food, you will eat, stay good for Oto, pleasure more later,” Oto laughed as he got up and headed out of the cave.

Heracles, Heracles, can you hear me?” Gargo said as he gently shook Heracles who he had cradled in his arms.

Yes Gargo, I hear you. I am so tired and weak again,” Heracles said quietly as it was even an effort for him to speak.

Yes, I saw how you regained your strength for a bit before Oto drained you yet again,” Gargo said kissing Heracles' head. “I was quite worried when I saw him using his finger in your ass and then nearly making your abs explode when he began filling you with his nectar.”

That gave me back my strength Gargo,” Heracles said. “He returned a great amount of my essence to me when he filled me with his nectar which was enhanced from my nectar he drained.”

Yes, I thought that was the case,” Gargo said. “That's why they wished me to make certain you were constantly drained and used to keep you weak and unable to fight.”

As you know, it worked very well,” Heracles tried to laugh.

I am so sorry for having been a part of that Heracles,” Gargo said hanging his head and hugging Heracles tight to his body.

You have already done so Gargo, it is not necessary for you to keep saying that,” Heracles said slowly moving his hand over Gargo's arm. “I know it was something you were forced to do for your own survival not something you chose on your own to do. How are the others coping with Oto's pleasures?”

He seems to know you are different from the rest of us and only drains us and uses me for his pleasure because he can and he seems to really like the taste of our nectar's,” Gargo said.

I think it is the only thing keeping all of them alive,” Heracles said.

Yes, I know that is so,” Gargo said kissing Heracles' head again as he hugged him.

We will soon have to escape. Oto will want to use me more often and not bother with the others in time, putting them all in danger of loosing their lives,” Heracles said. “But now, I need to sleep.”

Yes, rest Heracles, conserve your strength,” Gargo said as he moved next to Heracles, laid down and pulled Heracles into his body, his arm now a pillow for Heracles' head.

Like before, Oto soon returned with a load of fruit that he dumped into the cage with his 'eat' order. Gargo yelled back to Oto that they also needed water to stay alive. Oto stopped eating and looked at Gargo seriously.

Oto get water, you drink,” Oto said after a bit before returning to his meal.

Oto got up when he finished eating, looked around the cave and the dragged the cage closer to a wall and further in the cave. He then lifted a large boulder and began to smash into a part of the wall next to the cage. It took him some time of smashing into the wall before Gargo felt splashes of water hitting him. A few more smashes of the boulder and a section of the wall gave way as a rush of water burst out of the wall where Oto was smashing. The blast of water pushed the others and Gargo up against the far side of the cage but then eased up. When Gargo looked, a water fall of water was coming from the top part of the wall next to the cage and flowed over a part of the cage and then formed a stream that ran to the cave entrance.

Water, you drink now,” Oto said before he went back to his bed and laid down to rest.

Gargo and the others were actually thankful that Oto had indeed gotten them water. They could now drink, wash and relieve themselves as the water was flowing hard enough to wash everything out of the cage and cave as well. Gargo pulled Heracles close to the water and began to gently wash all of Heracles' body. They all washed as the cool water felt refreshing and they began to really dislike their own smell. Gargo didn't notice Oto watching what they were doing. He was curious and sat up.

What you do now?” Oto asked pointing to Gargo.

Wash to be clean and not stink,” Gargo said with a laugh.

You stink? What is stink,” Oto asked.

Smell, bad odor,” Gargo said realizing Oto had no idea what he was talking about.

Gargo showed Oto as best he could by lifting his arm and smelling his armpit then making a really bad face then he held his nose with his fingers. He wiped his fingers on his crotch and did the same thing as he shook his head, held his nose and said 'stink, smell, bad.'

Oto finally understood and he lifted his arm and sniffed his own armpit followed by his crotch.

Oto stink, go wash,” Oto said seriously. “You come wash Oto.”

That said, Oto got up, reached in the cage and pulled out Gargo, flopping him over his shoulder before heading out of the cave. He went down to the pond they were all using, sat down in a shallow area and lowered Gargo to sit on his thigh.

Make Oto no stink,” Oto ordered Gargo.

Gargo looked around and ripped off some of the thick algae on the side of the pond wall and began to scrub down Oto. He stood with one foot on one thigh and the other on the other thigh, stretching as high as he could reach. Oto lifted his arms and Gargo washed his pits. When he lowered his arms, Gargo washed his arms where he could reach. Oto moved them to let Gargo wash all of him. Gargo pointed his arm to Oto's crotch and Oto knew he wanted to wash there. Oto moved his butt on to the close shore line and made sure his legs were spread wide so Gargo had full access to his perineum, balls and cock. Oto liked the feel of Gargo washing him there. Gargo took his time and made sure he stimulated the parts he knew he liked to feel touched. Oto was actually fascinated at what Gargo could do to him that felt really good.

Up, turn,” Gargo said as he held out his arm with the algae he just ripped from the shore.

Oto was curious and wanted to see what Gargo would do now. When he got up and turned around, Gargo finally got Oto to kneel so he could reach all of his ass. Gargo made sure to slowly wash the ass cheeks first then back down to the balls and perineum before closing in on the rosebud. Oto began to really growl and groan when Gargo began washing his ass. He liked how it felt and it was something new having someone else touching him there. Gargo moved away to gather more algae. Oto looked back and saw Gargo ripping off more of the stuff he used to wash Oto. Oto reached his arm out and ripped off a super large amount of the algae and held it back towards his ass cheek for Gargo to take. Gargo smiled knowing Oto really was into his ass being played with. Gargo got Oto to gasp and yell out the more attention he paid to Oto's ass. He wondered what would happen if he pushed his arm inside of Oto's ass and tried to get to his pleasure bump. He figured Oto might slap him hard or pull him in deeper. There was only one way to find out. Gargo slowly began to move his clenched fist in and out as he slowly turned it around and back, taking his time moving his arm deeper. Oto yelled out and gasped, Gargo was even sure he heard Oto panting. He certainly did not slap Gargo away but moved his ass closer to Gargo.

Gargo soon had just about his entire arm inside of Oto and began to worry that his ass muscles which were clamping and releasing on his arm might break it as they were putting more pressure with time. Finally Gargo felt a bump inside of Oto's intestine and figured it had to be his pleasure spot. He pushed and rubbed hard over it and that made Oto's head shoot up and back, his arms flew around and his hands latched on to his ass cheeks, pulling them wider apart, really panting and gasping along with loud groans, moans and hisses. Gargo knew he had found what he was looking for. He could see that Oto's cock had gotten long and fat, pushed against the side of the pond wall. He could see a super large amount of precum flowing out of Oto's cock tip. He reached under and pulled Oto's foreskin back, moved his legs around Oto's cock head and began to move them up and down, stroking Oto's cock head. Oto was making all manner of pleasure sounds. Suddenly, Gargo felt his arm being crushed by the tightening clamp of Oto's ass muscles on his arm. He couldn't pull it out no matter how hard he tried. He looked down and saw the thick white nectar shooting out of Oto's cock, clouding up the water more and more. Gargo tightened his legs and moved them faster and harder as he was nearly punching his fist into Oto's pleasure spot. Finally, Oto's upper body collapsed on the shoreline and his legs seemed to buckle, nearly drowning Gargo as he was pulled down under the water. He did manage to pull his arm out and unwrap his legs from Oto's cock. His arm was really sore from being squeezed so hard. He saw Oto's ass pulsing open and close and noticed also that he had a hard, erect cock. He moved his body up on to Oto's ass and his cock was soon pushed all the way into the outer opening of Oto's rosebud. The sensation for Gargo was intense as he humped Oto and Oto's rosebud tightly massaged his cock. It didn't take a long time for Gargo to begin having an orgasm, his cum shooting inside of Oto's ass. Oto didn't seem to pay any attention as he was still laying on the shoreline, groaning and moaning.

When Oto finally pushed his upper body up, Gargo slid off of Oto and hit the water. Oto turned his upper body around and reached back to pull Gargo around to his front.

Oto like much. Oto take from you now,” Oto said as he lifted Gargo on to the shoreline.

He held Gargo down with his hand over Gargo's chest and arms then took in all of Gargo's cock and balls and pushed his tongue tip inside of Gargo's ass. Gargo could barely squirm around in pleasure as Oto's hand kept him pinned to the ground. Gargo began to scream loudly and kick and fight as best he could when he felt the tip of Oto's pinky push against his ass. Oto moved his mouth to suck in and lick hard Gargo's pecs and abs, cock and balls while his pinky pushed more and more and twisted back and forth. Gargo's entire body began shaking violently as he began his orgasm, Oto's mouth enveloping his cock, balls completely as he licked and sucked slowly rather then forcefully like he always did before.

He was nearly unconscious when Oto finally removed his pinky tip from his ass and looked at Gargo still pinned under his hand.

You teach big one to do. Oto like and want more later,” Oto said before releasing his hand from on top of Gargo.

Oto then lifted Gargo up and licked and sucked his entire body. Gargo did go unconscious from the intense sensations. He woke up back in the cage with Heracles holding him and the others looking worried at him.

I am well,” Gargo said to them. “Taught Oto something new that he truly does like.”

Gargo then explained to them just what he had done with Oto. He told Heracles that Oto wanted him to teach Heracles how to do the same things that Oto now wanted lots more of. Heracles was amazed when Gargo went into detail about how he fucked Oto with his arm and then actually fucked him while Oto was collapsed on the shoreline. Heracles asked a number of questions to find out what he needed to know. He knew he would have to do the same to Oto and wanted to see for himself how weak Oto was afterwards. Gargo told him there was a short amount of time but yes, Oto was weak and nearly helpless. Heracles told them he would see what he could do to really make Oto weaker. That he figured was their best chance of escape. Gargo could help the others from the cage, Heracles breaking a few of the cage bars of wood but leaving them to look like they were still together. Heracles said he would need a few times pleasing Oto before he felt the escape plan could work and they would not be in danger. Gargo was concerned what Oto would do to Heracles once he figured out that the escape was because of him. Heracles told them he would handle himself fine as he would get Oto to give him his strength back by filling him with his nectar. Gargo wasn't all sure about letting Heracles be in so much danger, but Heracles got him to understand that it would only work if they did as planned and not worried about Heracles. They would make it to the harbor and get the ship moving towards the open sea. Heracles could swim hard and would have no problem reaching the ship before it left the protected harbor.

It didn't take long for Heracles to find out about Oto's new pleasure like and its effects on Oto. Oto took him out of the cage and headed down to the pond. He told Heracles he wanted him to do what Gargo taught him for his pleasure. Heracles told Oto he would feel much more pleasure if he filled up Heracles with his nectar first, giving Heracles more energy to pleasure Oto. Oto didn't even give it much thought as he had Heracles working his cock as before and not only nearly down Heracles in his cum but also put his cock head tip hard up against Heracles' ass and forced his cum inside of Heracles. Heracles fought hard to not be weakened but concentrate more on absorbing Oto's cum to get his full power and strength back. When Oto finally finished, he had Heracles wash him like Gargo did and then turned over kneeling down so Heracles could wash his ass and then arm fuck him. Heracles could feel his strength coming back and his power as well. He went further then Gargo, pushing both of his arms inside of Oto as well as really moving his legs up and down Oto's cock head as his legs squeezed and released. Oto gasped and panted much more then he did with Gargo as Heracles was causing much more stimulation to this pleasure spot as well as his cock head. Heracles didn't let up on his arms or legs working on Oto even when Oto began having his orgasm and was screaming and bellowing out in pleasure. His upper body was jerking up and down and his rosebud and ass muscles were pulsing wildly in response to Heracles' arms pounding and rubbing all over Oto's pleasure spot and his legs moving up and down frantically as Oto's cum kept blasting out making the water very milky. Oto finally just collapsed his upper body to the ground. Heracles could feel Oto's muscles completely relaxing. He pulled his arms out of Oto and reached down into the water, pulling Oto's cock back towards him and bear hugged it with his arms as he started to hard stroke Oto's cock. Oto was moaning and groaning as Heracles worked on his cock. Heracles also began to rub his face hard on Oto's balls. Oto's upper body shot up and he bellowed as his cum blasted out again. Heracles could feel the force of it coming through Oto's cock. Heracles then moved his hands on to Oto's cock head, hard rubbing and massaging it making Oto's body jerk and jump. Oto then began pissing which was a signal for Heracles to stop stimulating Oto. He moved to the side to see how Oto was after all that. Oto's arms were straight out on each side along the pond shore. His head was laying on one side, his eyes closed and his breathing deep and slow.

Heracles waited to see how long it would be for Oto to wake up and drain him like he did Gargo. Oto was really out for a long time before he woke up, pulled Heracles to his front and worked on him like he did with Gargo, draining him slowly and long before sucking and licking on his entire body. When Heracles woke up back in the cage with Gargo holding him, he laughed. He told them how Oto reacted to what he did to him and it was even better then he hoped. Oto was unconscious for a longer time then Heracles originally thought giving them much more time to make their escape. He was satisfied that as soon as Oto took him from the cave, they were to get out of the cave and make their way back to the ship as quietly and quickly as possible. He would follow once he was sure Oto was unconscious.

Oto slept a long time that night. In the morning, after dumping fruit into the cage and eating himself, he looked at Heracles and smiled as he went up to the cage and pulled Heracles out, placing him over his shoulder. He walked out of the cave headed to the pond. Gargo and the crew did exactly what Heracles told them, pushing down the broken bars, grabbed what clothing was in the cave and then quietly moved out of the cave and towards the harbor, making sure they went around the pond. They heard Oto's bellows and yells as Heracles was working on Oto. They got to the shore of the harbor and were thrilled the ship was still where they left it. They had gathered what fruit they could on the way tying up their clothes to make a large bag to hold the fruit. They swam to the ship and quickly got the ship underway.

Heracles did indeed get Oto to go unconscious like the previous day. He quietly swam back away from Oto, then went under the water to swim to the opposite shore. He slowly got out of the pond and quickly ran towards the harbor. He was relieved to see the others on the ship and the sails beginning to fill with the breeze, making the ship slowly move towards the open sea. Heracles ran to the shore and dove in, swimming hard to reach the ship. Just as he was being helped out of the water they all heard the screams of Oto. They knew he realized Heracles was gone and would be running back to the cave. As they were just about to pass through the opening of the harbor, they heard clearly the screaming and yelling of Oto. Heracles said he must have gotten to the cave and saw they were all gone.

Heracles was surprised at how quickly Oto was at the harbor shore and yelling at them to come back. He ran to the end of one of the entrance arms and began to throw large rocks at the ship. Luckily, the ship was just past the entrance and the wind of the open sea filled the sails, moving the ship faster from the island. They all watched as Oto jumped into the water and began swimming hard towards the ship. The ship was moving faster and faster thanks to the wind. Oto finally must have realized he could not catch up to them and turned back.

They all were yelling and jumping for joy that they escaped from Oto. All of them thanked Heracles and told him they were forever in his debt for saving their lives. Learning from their previous experience, they kept the ship as close to the islands as possible in case another huge storm came their way.

What happens now Heracles?” Gargo asked after they had pleasures.

We rest and maybe have more,” Heracles laughed.

No, I mean you and me once we are near your lands,” Gargo said seriously.

Heracles had to really think for a bit before he answered.

You know I have more trials to face and there is nothing I can do to avoid them. If you wish to, you may accompany me, knowing I have to follow my destiny wherever that may take me. If that is acceptable to you, then you and I can remain together as we are now,” Heracles said seriously.

Yes, I understand all that you must do and I will not hinder you in any way. I may even be able to help you if you let me,” Gargo said. “If you allow it, I wish to remain at your side for as long as you allow me to be.”

Well then, it seems it is settled then. We are now mutually bonded to one another. I accept this and am pleased you feel so,” Heracles said as he hugged and kissed Gargo.

Yes, we are now mutually bonded. Thank you for allowing me to remain a part of your life,” Gargo said.