Heracles Tales….


The following is a complete work of fiction.  Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental.  Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission.
The following story contains erotic homosexual situations.  If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now.

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Heracles was well healed and back to his self after weeks of the care he got from Mercury and Mars. He did have to listen to many lecture and constant visions of Zeus, making sure he was not going on some wild escape to learn what his fate was. Zeus made it very clear to him that his fate would be worked on and completed in the realm of Olympus and nowhere else.

Heracles wasn't happy with what he was told but knew, going against his father was not a wise move by any means as Zeus had very little patience when it came to subjects disregarding his word or wishes, even more so when the subject was one of his earthly sons. So Heracles began doing his previous rounds of tournaments and feast celebration, helping out some small village being plagued by some odd monster or brute, the same things he did before his adventure to the unknown.

A young boy came to him one day as he was leaving one of the feast celebrations.

Pardon me sir, “ the boy said softly. “Are you the great, mighty Heracles?”

Why yes, indeed I am son, what can I do for you?” Heracles said with a warm smile.

Well, my uncle told me not to, but we are in very grave danger from the workings of a magician who takes just about everything we grow and only leaves us with enough to keep us alive so we can continue to work for his benefit,” the lad explained. “I do not know when he came and why he chose us for his bad ways, but he did and that is all that is important to me.”

Well, describe this magician to me,” Heracles asked curious why a young boy would be sent to seek his help.

I only caught a glimpse of him once since my uncle makes me hide from his sight whenever the magician comes around,” the boy said seriously. “My uncle said the bad magician liked to steal young boys and turn them into monsters to do his bidding. “From what I have seen, he is very tall, has more muscles then ordinary men, well except for the woodsmen and the workers of the iron. His face is very evil looking and he has very long fingers with no hair on his head, a long dark beard and strange looking eyes.”

Well, I'd say that is a very good description for someone who only caught a glimpse of the magician,” Heracles said with an unsure tone.

Believe me sir, once you catch even a glimpse of him, you never forget it,” the lad said very frightened.

Well, say I do believe you, what do you think I can do for you and your uncle?” Heracles said to the boy.

Well, since you are Heracles, you could make the magician go away from us and tell him to never bother us again,” the boy said with bright eyes.

You think the magician will just listen to what I say?” Heracles laughed.

Well, he might make some monster of his appear that you might have to fight, but you would win I know it,” the boy said.

If I would decided to help you out, just where is it that you live?” Heracles asked.

Far that way,” the boy said turning around and pointing to the east. “We are on the edge of the desert of Nambina. We have a very small farm and keep some sheep for cheese, milk and clothing. My mother was very good at weaving clothes from lamb's wool she worked with somehow.”

Where is you mother and father?” Heracles asked wondering how a young boy like this could manage to travel all the way from the desert of Nambina.

My mother was taken from us by some pirates who came from the desert. They killed my father who tried to stop them. My uncle is the only one left of my family,” the boy said sadly.

I see. Well, I can't promise you anything just now, but I may come to your farm and see for myself what this magician is all about,” Heracles offered.

Can't you just come with me now? There isn't much time I think and soon, both my uncle and I will be taken by the magician,” the boy pleaded.

I don't know for sure just yet lad. I do have to give it some thought,” Heracles said.

Oh, alright then. So I suppose Heracles isn't as noble and for the poor people as they all say. I should have known better like my uncle said and ignored all the stories and legends of you,” the boy said with his head hanging down.

Heracles watched as the boy began to walk away going back to the east with his shoulders down and his head low. Heracles could tell he was crying by the way he kept wiping his face and how his shoulders jerked up and down. It tugged at his heart, hearing what the boy said to him before leaving him. How could he let this innocent boy down? He would never again listen to stories and legends of heroes and grow up to become a man with little or no hope of living better or helping others.

Wait lad, I'll come with you,” Heracles yelled out to the boy.

The boy stopped, turned quickly and looked at Heracles as he began to walk towards the boy. The boy ran to Heracles, hit into his body and wrapped his arms partially around Heracles' thigh thanking Heracles over and over again.

Say lad, I don't even know your name,” Heracles said with a laugh.

OH, I am called Zebar. I have no idea what it means like most people say a name has a meaning, but I don't know about mine. My uncle said my mother liked the sound of it and that's what I was called,” Zebar said happily.

Heracles took hold of the boy's waist, lifted him up and sat him behind his neck with the boys legs over his shoulders resting on his chest.

You hold on good Zebar, don't want you falling and hurting yourself,” Heracles laughed as he began a fast walk east towards the boundary of the desert.

Heracles didn't take any time to get some things for the travel, he figured he could get things to eat for him and the boy on the journey. He felt he was safe as he was going to be in the realm of Olympus which would keep Zeus happy.

It was a strange journey for Heracles. There were many terrible storms they faced, crazed wild animal Heracles had to kill or subdue and little food to be found along the way. Zebar seemed to know the locations of all the watering holes and bubbling streams, which really surprised Heracles. The journey was taking a longer time then Heracles thought and he began to wonder if he rushed into this a bit premature. He held the boy at night to keep him warm as they slept giving Heracles some thoughts about what it would be like if he had a real home with his own children. It gave him a feeling of loneliness and made him sad.

Finally, there seemed to be a very shabby looking hut with broken down fences and wandering sheep trying to find the little grass that was in the area. Heracles didn't see or hear anyone so he pulled Zebar from his shoulders and told him to wait where they were until Heracles could see if anyone was in the shack. Heracles slowly approached the shack and pushed open the unlatched door. The place looked like it was deserted for a very long time. He couldn't see any indication of anyone living there recently. As he slowly looked around, he heard a deep voice laughing and laughing outside. He thought it must be that magician Zebar talked about and quickly turned to leave the shack and get Zebar to safety. He couldn't open the door to the shack for some reason. He pulled, banged on it, shook it to see if he could shake it from the hinges holding it up, but nothing worked. He expected to hear Zebar screaming, but all he heard was that deep laugh still going on.

He went to a small window and saw a man, almost like Zebar described, very tall and indeed he had a powerful looking body but not overly huge muscles it seemed. He didn't see any sign of Zebar and tried to climb through the window, but he was too large.

Go ahead, try to bust down you new cage Heracles,” the voice said still laughing.

With that, the front wall of the shack was gone and replaced with thick iron bars. The back and side walls were thick cut stone with a covering of the thick iron bars all around the inside. Even if he did manage to pound out the stones, the iron didn't seem to budge to his arms or hands.

Come now, you must try harder in order to free yourself,” the voice laughed walking up closer to Heracles who was looking all around the shack to see if there was a way he could get out, even the ceiling.

What have you done with Zebar, the boy that brought me here?” Heracles said angrily being very frustrated that he left Zebar alone outside the shack and probably caused his capture by this magician.

Oh, you mean me?” Zebar laughed as he changed form and became the young boy. “I knew you would fall for some poor unfortunate boy's hard luck story and I have been proven right yet again.”

Heracles stood there in shock as Zebar changed from the boy to himself and back and forth a number of time finally remaining in his magician form.

Why did you lure me here Zebar?” Heracles fumed.

Very simple really. To enhance my powers, take from you your energy and strength and insure I become the most powerful magician, well, sorcerer really the world has ever known. Seems your step mother now exiled was able to contact me and tell me how to use you to get what I wanted most. Ah the love of a mother,” Zebar laughed.

Hera? She isn't in Olympus and her powers have been removed. How could she have helped you?” Heracles said even more angry.

Well, must be some law in the universe that all sorcerers and witches are joined in some way. You think we all attend some academy for sorcery to learn out trade? How very like you useless people,” Zebar laughed.

I'll show you useless when I knock down this prison of yours and teach you what useless is,” Heracles yelled.

Yes, that's it, become furious, become wild. Its all good Heracles, just what I need and want. Go ahead, have all the fun you wish trying to get from your cage. Its not a prison by the way, it is a cage to keep you available for my draining sessions. Prison is so stupid man I think,” Zebar laughed.

Cages are for animals Zebar and I am not an animal,” Heracles yelled.

Well, I am afraid you really are Heracles. You see all mammals which is what humans are part of came from other animals, changing as eons passed. Adapting to the conditions to survive. Its just too sad that when it came to humans, the adaptation seemed to have died for some odd reason. But oh well, that's how it is. So you see, you are an animal basically like it or not,” Zebar laughed even more.

Heracles fumed, pounded his fists between the bars on the walls into the stones, but didn't even get a crumble of dust from them. He only ended up with a bloody fist that hurt. He paced around just like a caged lion might, looking at every corner, wall, bar, anything that seemed to have some sort of weakness.

Zebar turned his back to Heracles, lifted his arms and said a whole bunch of strange words. Part of a thick walled building began to appear with one part coming out that had shelves with all sorts of jars, bottles and metal containers lined up on neatly. There was a table with straps on the 4 corners and various sized bowls underneath the table. When Zebar walked around the building like he was checking to make sure it was all there or something, he disappeared from sight, just vanished. Heracles was puzzled even more when from the other side Zebar just appeared walking as he did on the other side. He walked around the building to make certain it was hidden and invisible from the west, north and south and only visible from the east, well at least as far as Heracles was at. He had no idea that another invisible barrier spread out behind his cage so no one coming from the east by chance could see anything was there.

Ah, so much to do in so little time,” Zebar laughed. “Now Heracles, you are going to experience a draining. I will take power and strength from you and some of your essence. You will feel very weak and tired but will recover quickly I'd assume. Shall we begin?”

Heracles backed away from the iron bars and the iron gate that was the door to the shack before. Zebar walked up to the cage, raised his hands and said more of those strange sounding words. Suddenly, Heracles felt something strong that he could not see take hold of his arms and legs, lift him off the ground and had him up in the air with his back to the ground. He pulled and struggled but nothing he did set him free of the force holding tight to him. Zebar pointed at the cage door and it flew wide open. He turned and walked to the other side of the table and turned, the force following him with Heracles held up high. The force laid Heracles down on the table and the metal straps snapped tight on Heracles' wrists and ankles. He struggled hard but the restraints didn't even move a little bit. They were holding him tight and were very solid. Zebar ripped off Heracles clothing and sandals so Heracles was completely naked. He then went to the head of the table and moved his fingers all over and around Heracles' head. When he finished, all of Heracles' hair was cut off and laying in one of the bowls next to his head. He turned his head as he felt it suddenly cooler and saw his hair piled up in the bowl. Zebar's fingers went over his eyebrows, his face, his entire body and as he did, every single hair on Heracles' body was in the bowl. Heracles was now as smooth and hairless as a new born babe.

Much better I think,” Zebar said with a big smile as he walked all around the table letting his fingers run over Heracles' smooth body.

Zebar took the bowl to the work table under the shelves of bottles and things. All Heracles could see was his arms moving about as he reached for one bottle, then a jar, then a metal container before saying more of those strange sounding words. He poured whatever was now in the bowl that had Heracles' hair in it into a metal container and that went up on the shelf. He turned around and looked at Heracles, helpless and fully under his power now.

Shall we begin?” Zebar said with an evil smile.

He moved his hands towards Heracles' head and something latched tight on to his head and he couldn't move it even the slightest. Zebar's hand was moving over and on Heracles' balls and cock and his other hand held a large bowl with a smaller one inside of it. The more Zebar's hand touched and moved over Heracles' cock and balls, the harder Heracles' cock became. No matter what he tried to do, nothing was stopping his cock from getting very hard. He could feel his balls churning and swelling, a massive amount of his cum building. He wasn't controlling it and his balls certainly weren't. It was all Zebar. A very sensuous and large thing that went from the base to the very edge of the head of Heracles' cock began to move in unreal direction over his entire cock. It was sucking, hugging, sliding, causing bumps to roll against his cock, stimulating him like never before. It quickly had Heracles gasping, moaning and his hips moving up and down. Zebar continued with his hand over Heracles' balls and they were beginning to definitely swell beyond any reasonable amount, like some melon on a vine getting ripe very quickly. Every drop and running of his precum, went into the air and then inside the smaller bowl. The stimulation got to a point that Heracles thought he would go mad if he couldn't have an orgasm. Zebar let things continue until he knew he had reached the limit of Heracles' balls growing to stop any damage to them. The thing on Heracles' cock really went wild and Heracles gasped, held his breath, his muscles flexed tight and his hips came off the table as his orgasm began. Every bit of him cum was going straight into the larger bowl Zebar was holding. Not one drop missed or fell away from the stream coming from Heracles' cock tip. The thing around Heracles' cock did not let up in the slightest but intensified the working on Heracles' cock, keeping Heracles in a very long, constant state of orgasm which lasted until his balls were back to normal and every drop of the cum produced was in the large bowl Zebar held.

Heracles' entire body was drenched in sweat. His lips, mouth and tongue were so dry and his head seemed to just want to turn side to side. The orgasm sensation lasted even past the last drop drained from Heracles.

Zebar put the 2 bowls on the work table, did some quick things with other bottles, jars and containers and filled new large glass jars with Heracles' doctored up cum and a smaller glass jar of another color with the doctored up precum. He moved to be behind the head of the table and Heracles' head. He reached down and used his fingers to stretch Heracles' mouth super wide, bent down and covered Heracles' mouth and nose with his mouth, sealing any possible opening and began to inhale hard. Heracles' body flew up off the table as all his air was pulled from him. Zebar let go and let Heracles take in some very deep breaths and then did it again. He repeated that 4 times before moving away from Heracles. Now Heracles truly felt weaker then ever before, even weaker then the giants, dwarfs or Dogar made him. His entire body felt like it was completely unable to hold up his muscles or skin or anything. His mind felt like he was now a flat blob on top of the table with no other form then water laying in puddles. Zebar raised his arms into the air, recited some words loudly and actually let out a loud long scream. Then his upper body bent down and his hands held on to the work table so he would not fall to the ground. He lifted one hand and said some words. The shackles were open from his wrists and ankles, those powerful hands latched on in their place and he lifted into the air and was carried back into his cage and dumped hard on the ground. He couldn't move, not even turn his head. How he fell to the ground was how he stayed as his eyes closed and he was in darkness with only the image of a much more evil looking Hera, laughing at him and licking her lips.

He woke from his nightmare plagued sleep, seemingly back as he was. He felt a slight bit of weakness, but he felt that was from the horrible nightmares he had about Hera.

Well, my guest has risen it seems, what kind of host would I be not to feed you Heracles?” Zebar laughed.

The laugh was really getting to Heracles. Only after the thought of how to break out of this cage thing, was the thought of choking that laugh from Zebar.

There, plenty of good things for you to eat and keep your strength up,” Zebar said waving his hands and the ground was covered in fruit, cooked meat, bread and even wine.

You think I don't know you poisoned this that you call food?” Heracles said angrily.

I assure you, nothing is poisoned. Why would I poison you Heracles, I told you what you will provide me with. It makes no sense for me to poison the vessel of my power now does it?” Zebar laughed. “I'm afraid I must insist you eat.”

Pieces of food floated towards Heracles' mouth which he could not keep closed. As a piece would get into his mouth, his mouth would be like covered so he could not spit it out. It felt then like a hand was rubbing his throat roughly forcing him to swallow.

Didn't you mother teach you to chew your food well before swallowing? I think she would be very disappointed to see how you are behaving,” Zebar laughed again. “If you do not wish to chew your food good, then I'm afraid I will have to make certain all your food is heavily ground up and requires little if any chewing. I do not wish for you to have any ailment of the stomach. Its your choice.”

Heracles glared at Zebar. The next piece of food that came into Heracles' mouth, he did chew. He would look at a type of food and it would float to his mouth for him to eat. The same was true with the wine which Heracles did have to admit was extremely tasty. He did feel much better when he was finally full from eating. It seemed something in the cage with him read his thoughts as the meats vanished only the wine and fruit remained. He rested some and then went back to testing all the wall, the bars and even jumping up to hang on to a bar and punch at the ceiling.

Wonderful, you have found a novel way to exercise your body. I have to say you certainly are industrious,” Zebar said with his laugh. “Time for another draining I'm afraid.”

As soon as he said that, Heracles was laying down up in the air and being taken to the table with the shackles on the corners.

My goodness, what kind of host am I? I completely forgot to insure you were cleaned completely before coming this close to me. I must say with some embarassment, you do have a very nasty smell coming from your body. All that sweat and whatever. I can't have any of that I'm afraid. We'll take care of that now, but know before you wake each day, you will have been thoroughly cleaned and very fresh.”

Something that felt very wet and furry suddenly was drenching his entire body and head, scrubbing him with some oil scented water, yet there was no water anywhere around him that he could see. He felt it, smelled it and knew it was happening, just no dripping, no splashing, nothing. It was over quickly and Zebar was satisfied.

There, much better don't you think?” Zebar said and laughed.

Now we can begin,” Zebar said seriously as he repeated the same thing as the day before, capturing every drop of Heracles' precum, making his scrotum and testicles swell horribly and then draining him completely. He did the sucking out of all of Heracles' air again and just as the previous day, Heracles felt he was nothing more then a puddle of water laying on the table.

He woke after another night of horrible dreams of Hera, who must have been watching somehow what he was going through as she was so pleased and excited. He woke feeling his body was cleaned and had the fresh scent of that oil he remembered smelling. He looked down at his cock and balls and saw they were not swollen or misshaped at all. This was so strange and past anything he'd seen before. He wondered why this sorcerer even needed to bother with him as he obviously had so much power. He had to for the deception, the disappearing buildings, the food, the water, all of it. Why would he need anything from Heracles?

Well, we ready to enjoy another meal?” Zebar laughed, somehow knowing when Heracles woke. “I trust you had a good nights sleep?”

Heracles thought Zebar knew he was having nightmares with Hera in them and was just aggravating Heracles.

I must say I am very pleased with our draining so far. I feel I need to stimulate you much more then I am though. So, I think I will provide you with a play mate of sorts. I have no doubt you will find him a good challenge for you and truly exercise you fully. Enjoy,” Zebar laughed.

He went into the building and Heracles heard something breathing very heavy behind him. He slowly turned around and looked up as this huge, monstrous looking brute was there, looking him up and down, drooling. Heracles had dealt with many a huge brute before, but this one was the ugliest and most brutal looking yet. It had longer thick nails like claws almost on its fingers and toes. It had a thick coat of hair from its ankles, up his legs, smothering his crotch, going all across his lower abs, tapering towards the middle of his chest, on his shoulders, arms and most likely his back. Only his chest didn't have a coating of fur. His pecs were big, very big with very large aureoles and nipples. His head had a strange kind of shape to it, being big, wider at the bottom then at the top with a very wide and big mouth and nose, large eyes and smaller ears. He could see villages running away screaming seeing him coming up the road.

I do not know how you got here, but I have no intention to harm you in any way,” Heracles said trying to smile at the brute.

The brute turned his head slightly to the side and then very quickly slammed his arm from by his body towards Heracles, sending Heracles flying into the air, hitting the bars very hard nearly knocking the air from his lungs. He jumped up and got into a defensive position, thinking he'd get the brute down to the ground and then either choke him into submission with his arms tight around the brutes neck or pound his head until he wasn't awake anymore. Didn't seem like that was going to happen as the brute used his other arm to smash hard into Heracles again, sending him flying into the bars once more. Heracles, gave out a small shout of pain but took his time getting up off the ground. That was a bad mistake as the brute came over to Heracles, latched his hand tight on Heracles' ankle and swung Heracles body hard into the ceiling, the bars on one side, the other and then the floor. Heracles rolled over on to his stomach, holding his head and trying to feel his back if it had any bones sticking out of it. He didn't have much time to find out as the brute took his other ankle now and repeated the move on Heracles. This time, Heracles didn't bother turning over on his stomach as all he could do was hold his head and arch his back off the ground as it really was hurting bad. He probably would have scooted away from the brute on his back had he known what was coming next. The brute jammed his hand hard over Heracles' neck, squeezed and lifted him up fast and hard until his head smashed into the ceiling a number of time. Then, using his other hand, the brute slammed his hand hard onto the testicles of Heracles and proceeded to squeeze, roll, crush slowly and with much purpose it seemed. Heracles arms and legs kicked out, flew outward, like he was falling from a high cliff, his body trying to jerk away from the brutes grips. The brute just looked at Heracles, like he was watching a play with no interest in it. Heracles grabbed on the the wrist of the brute that held the hand on his throat. He pushed and twisted with all he had and nothing happened at all except for the brute to intensify his crushing of Heracles' balls. Heracles couldn't breath and was drenched in sweat. The brute just released both hands and watched Heracles fall hard to the ground, gasping and choking, in a fetal position with his hands over his testicles. The brute kicked hard a number of times into Heracles' back, thighs and chest. Slowly walking around him, never taking his eyes off of Heracles. Heracles was in agony and his body didn't know which way to move to lessen the pain of the kicks from the brute. He seemed to be using his toes held hard as it felt like 10 spears trying to drive into Heracles' skin. The brute lifted Heracles by his head and thigh, looked at one wall and charged hard to it. It put his head down into Heracles' lower chest and upper abs right before it crashed into the wall and bars with Heracles' back as the cushion. The force of the brutes head smashing into Heracles chest and abs completely took the air from lungs. The pain all across his entire back and head was almost too much to bare. The beast released Heracles head and took hold of his ankle and then released his hold on Heracles' thigh. He lifted Heracles up, looked him over and then played like Heracles was a child's whip as he whipped him into the ceiling and the walls and the floor over and over before just letting go of Heracles so he could fly hard into the wall and bars once more. Heracles couldn't move. He was dizzy, his eyes couldn't focus, his head was pounding and he thought for sure he had more bones in his body broken then could be counted. The brute slowly walked up to Heracles barely moving on the ground, just moaning and groaning, did a few more kicks with his pointed toes, lifted up Heracles by both his ankles facing away from the brute. The brute lifted him up so his ass was at the brutes mouth, dove in his face and wiggled it wildly like a vulture ripping the inside from a dead animal. It was biting, sucking, fucking Heracles' ass with its tongue, mouth and teeth. Forcefully, wildly so it wasn't a pleasant experience for Heracles, not that he'd want one the way his whole body was feeling. He couldn't even muster the strength to jerk away from the brute's face at all. His body just moved as pushed around by the brutes face. Then, the brute lowered him down some, walked them up against a wall, pushing his body hard against Heracles and the wall, moved his cock to the slick opening of Heracles' ass and began to push his cock inside of Heracles. That got Heracles screaming and yelling out in pain for sure. The brutes cock was bigger then the size of a normal grown mans arm. The brutes drool was flowing from its mouth down and sliding over Heracles' cock, abs and chest, eventually over his chin and into his mouth. The brute wasn't fast fucking at all, just long, slow powerful movements in and out of his cock. Heracles could feel the brutes cock pushing against his abs and the wall it was so big. To Heracles it seemed to be hours or horrible pain before the brute began to fill him with cum. Then, it stopped, pulled out of Heracles' ass, flipped him around, held his head in a vice grip of his hands pushed the tip of his cock at Heracles' mouth. Heracles would not open his mouth at all so the brute used his thumbs to push inward on Heracles' jaw, its spike pointed nails feeling like sharp spear points trying to penetrate Heracles' mouth. His mouth opened, the brute pushed a good amount of the head of its cock into Heracles' wide open mouth, stretching it even further open and then continued its orgasm, filling Heracles with so much cum, his abs bloated out. It was also a thick coating all over his face and body as well. The brute finished finally and moved away from the wall just watching Heracles crash to the floor, moaning and sitting on his legs his back against the wall and his head hung very low. The brute lifted Heracles up by his head and began to lick all of its cum from Heracles' body and face. It then threw Heracles across the cage into the opposite wall and watched Heracles crumple into a non moving heap of former muscle. The brute went into the back corner, slid down and just sat there, staring at Heracles.

Well, did you have a good time with your playmate?” Zebar laughed. “My goodness, seems he played a bit rough didn't he. Have to give him a stern lecture on how to play nicely with his toys. Well, I can see that you will need a full cleaning before dinner.”

Heracles was lifted up laying in the air, the watery thing was moving all over his body, cleaning and scenting it with that nice smelling oil. As it cleaned him, his body was loosing all sense of pain and he found he didn't hurt anywhere at all. He felt just like he did before the brute attacked him. He was placed on the ground in a seated position and his usual spread of food, fruit and wine was before him. He was indeed hungry and ate very well and enjoyed the wine especially. He stood and stretched and twisted his upper body far left then right. That's when he was startled to see the brute just sitting in the corner of the cage staring at him. Heracles backed off to the full opposite corner and kept his eye on the brute expecting him to attack at any time.

There, all nice and fresh and full, well exercised to I must say. Shall we begin now?” Zebar said with his hated laugh.

Heracles knew what to expect, with the invisible hands carrying him to the table, the shackles on his wrists and ankles, Zebar taking all his precum and then his testicles swelling to the point of exploding and his cock filling every drop of his cum into that waiting bowl Zebar was holding. He was a puddle of water again and taken back to the cage, dumped on the floor and slept, again with his nightmares of Hera.

Repeats of all the same for the next 3 days. On the 4th day, Zebar told Heracles he was thinking of varying the play mates around so Heracles didn't get bored with any of them.

Sure enough, the 5th day he woke up he looked around and his brute was nowhere to be found. Just when he thought that nightmare was over, he heard really heavy breathing behind him. He slowly turned and it was a very nasty, mean looking minotaur, drooling, evil eyes focused on Heracles and its head slightly down, his curved inward horns evenly aimed at Heracles. It was thickly muscled and there was no doubt from the size of its balls and cock that it was related very closely to a bull. It's cock head was constantly running a stream of precum. It flared its nostrils and charged for Heracles. He moved out of the way at the last minute to let the beast crash its head into the bars. The beast was quick as it came to a dead stop just before slamming full force into the bars. Heracles took advantage of its confusion and ran hard, took a leap into the air and came crashing down on its thick long neck with both his flexed tight arms. He thought for sure the beast would fall to its knees but no, it didn't. It bellowed out in a rage, reached around behind it very quick and was able to grab on to Heracles' thigh. It dug its clawed fingers deep and hard, ripping Heracles from his feet and partially into the air. Heracles yelled out in pain as the weight of his body pulled against the dug in deep fingers of the minotaur nearly ripping his thigh muscle. The beast swun Heracles around as it turned, opened up its mouth very wide and slammed shut right above Heracles' hip bone. Heracles really screamed out with that one. Now the beast was shaking its head wildly from side to side as it was jerking and moving its arm around with its fingers dug into Heracles' thigh. It finally released it's jaws so Heracles was just hanging from his thigh in the beasts iron grip. The beast lifted up his arm and swung it hard as it released its grip on the thigh, sending Heracles smashing hard into the bars and wall. He slid down the wall rather fast, hitting the ground hard. The minotaur stomped towards him, reached down, grabbed the damaged leg in its hand and spun around hard, then letting go of the leg so Heracles went flying hard into the bars at the front of the cage. Heracles' head was pounding, his shoulder felt broken, his side felt like it was still being crushed by the jaws of the beast and his back throbbed badly. His thigh was on fire and cramping hard. The beast stomped over to Heracles, looked down at him, bellowed and then used its hoof to stomp hard over and over on the damaged thigh of Heracles. It stopped and moved back like it was examining Heracles' movements. It was obvious that Heracles was not going to be able to stand on that leg at all. The beast grabbed on to the back of Heracles' head and slammed his head and face a number of times into the wall and bars. When it released its grip on Heracles' head, Heracles just collapsed to the ground. He started to crawl away on his belly but the beast just kept stomping hard with one hoof then the other into the small of Heracles' back and the back of his damaged thigh. It pulled Heracles up by his arm pits, laid the small of his back against the horn ends, held Heracles tight and ran hard towards the wall. Heracles couldn't move out of the super tight grip of the beast so his bent out abs, lower chest, thighs and crotch took the full brunt of the wall and the small of his back took the damage of the minotaur's full weight centered in his horns in the middle of Heracles' back. The beast backed up, snorted hard, stomped his hoofs and then charged at the wall again. Heracles let out a truly pitiful scream of pain out. The beast released his hold of Heracles and let him crash hard to the ground. It lifted Heracles up by his neck, released him and slammed his arms around the lower back of Heracles before he crashed to the ground. It lifted its body up squeezing and shaking madly, crushing the damaged lower back of Heracles as its mouth was biting hard on the pecs of Heracles. It finally let the body of Heracles slide down its front until Heracles was on his knees, held Heracles' head still with one hand and rubbed its leaking cock all over the face of Heracles, especially in between his lips. It seemed to have a strong effect on Heracles as his tongue began licking it and his mouth began to suck on the very end of the cock, taking in more and more of the precum. The beast held on to Heracles head so it would not move from its cock, walked them to the wall and pushed forward, letting the wall and its cock hold Heracles up. It rammed its cock hard trying to push it fully into Heracles' mouth but that was not going to happen unless it broke Heracles' jaw completely. The ramming hard kept pounding Heracles' head into the wall, just adding to the pain he was already in. Then the beast backed off, shaking its cock at Heracles' face, letting fly a whole bunch of its precum to splatter on Heracles' face. It grabbed Heracles by the back of his neck, dragged him to the bars at the front of the cage, pushed him against them. IT then slammed its hands under the armpits of Heracles and lifted him high up against the bars, Heracles upper body actually bent as his pecs were pushed against the ceiling. The minotaur's tongue began to work on Heracles' ass completely. All of his ass cheeks were thoroughly licked with its massive tongue, then it concentrated it between Heracles' ass cheeks. Heracles began yelling and screaming when the monster tongue of the beast began to wiggle and push further and further inside of him. Its tongue was indeed shaped like a bulls, getting wider and thick as it went further back in its mouth. The top of the tongue was very rough and bumpy, adding to the discomfort. If it would have just been going in and out, it would be bad, but not that bad. It wasn't doing that at all. It was turning sideways, lapping around, the other way, bending, flipping the tip wildly, and fucking his ass. By the time it stopped, Heracles' ass was extremely stretched out. The rosebud and sphincter couldn't even close anymore they were so stretched. The minotaur bellowed as it lowered Heracles down the front of its body, until the tip of its cock was pushed right inside the wide open, stretched out ass of Heracles which was leaking a tremendous amount of saliva besides. Almost on que, its cock grew, got unbelievably hard and wide and began to push deep inside of Heracles. Heracles again, did all he could to free himself from being impaled on that cock especially as it seemed to just keep getting fatter and long and easily slid in as it was producing an unreal amount of its precum as lubrication. The beast released its grip on Heracles and just let him remain impaled on its cock as it flexed its arm muscles, bent itself back and let out bellow after bellow of victory and conquering. It jerked its hips up and down some, letting the weight of Heracles' body do all the work. He'd latch on to Heracles' pecs, squeeze and pull his body upward then release and let Heracles slide back down his cock. Then he'd grab on to Heracles' neck with both massive hands, squeezed tight as it lifted his body up and then just release. Heracles actually passed out a few times during the minotaur's pleasuring. Then, the minotaur's arms slammed hard around Heracles, its mouth clamped down hard on the neck of Heracles and it really bellowed as it began to fill Heracles with its cum. Even that hurt Heracles' insides from the force of the bursts and the heavy volume of cum in each burst of cum. The beast took a very long time indeed to empty its balls of all its cum before it sat on the floor and waited for its cock to begin to shrink down enough so it could pull it out of Heracles. Finally it did pull Heracles off of its cock, lifted Heracles' body so it was laying from one hand to the other. The beast lifted its arms and flung Heracles hard to the wall. Like the brute, it just got up, went to the back corner and sat on its haunches, staring at Heracles.

Zebar didn't even come to see how well the new playmate took care of his new toy. Heracles was just cleaned up completely by the invisible washing and healing things. He woke up feeling refreshed and for some reason full. Again he slowly looked into the corner and jerked his head back around and then backed into the corner opposite the minotaur who was just glaring at him drooling, licking its lips and its cock drooling precum.

Zebar did appear, Heracles was taken by those hands to the table and an exact repeat of the other times happened again. Heracles began to notice a change in how Zebar looked. He seemed younger, more muscular, taller, almost a bit radiant. His hair was now very bright blond and his body had a olive color to it. He was very striking in appearance now. Heracles on the other hand, didn't feel as strong as before, he seemed to take a bit longer to regenerate his body and his mind was not quite as sharp as before. He was starting to have difficulty remembering things. He no longer remembered that Zebar tricked him into coming to this place by pretending to be a helpless young boy. He thought about it very hard, trying to remember how he got to be in this place where all these strange things were happening. There was also a change in his playmates. They were no longer super bad huge monsters or brutes like before. Now they seemed like men Heracles had fought in times past and dominated, taking their manhood by making them give up their seed and then fucking them until they became unconscious. Now, they mostly had the upper hand and ended up fucking him until they filled him over and over with their cum only after pounding him into near unconsciousness or full submission.

While it was still bad it wasn't as bad or painful as the creatures he had to deal with prior to these old competitors.

Zebar came to the cage one day and seemed unusually happy.

Well my guest, its nearly time for me to say goodbye and let you go off and play hero again somewhere. I have more then enough of your essence, power and strength to last for some time. If however I find the need for more, none of the old games for you and I. No, I will just come to you wherever you may be, drain you for as long as required and then leave you to your pitiful life again. See, Zebar is most magnanimous is he not?” Zebar laughed yet again. “I just know you are going to miss your playmates something terrible, so I'll make certain you run across them from time to time, just to remind you of how pathetic you really are, especially when confronted with a most powerful force you cannot hope to understand. You will be pleased to know that your very first playmate the brute, is heartbroken that he has not been able to see you, so I'm going to be sure he is well rewarded several times a year by letting him cross your path and take full advantage of your meeting, including draining you dry this time. I think its the least I can do for him don't you?”

Heracles felt extremely tired and quickly fell to the ground sound asleep. He woke up right where he was when the young boy came up to him. He had some very faint memories of strange contests he had to fight in and even felt a twinge of pain in his ass, when he thought he actually fought a minotaur.

He decided he must have had much to much wine and he would have to reign in his appetite for it from now on.