This story is fictional and may contain descriptions of gay sexuality or acts (b/b and M/b). If this is not to your taste or is illegal where you are situated you should not continue.Some characterisations are based on the ideas and themes of the Pern series of Anne McCaffery. No infringement of her copyrights are intended and no references are made to any of her characters or plots.




The next two months passed quickly for the Harp and Green families. The new house was purchased and the homes of the two families put on the market and sold, the contents being transferred to the new house, or sold. New furniture was purchased, especially to outfit the children’s rooms. Daniel and Will found themselves with a king size bed to share and Gerald found them a special desk to accommodate both of them. Will spent a significant part of his time establishing a wireless network through the house, the main server being housed in the boy’s bedroom. He set up a broadband router and access point at a central location in the house to ensure the best wireless coverage and then configured the various computers scattered through the house to access the internet. At Gerald’s request he set up a VPN to enable access to the home system from wherever. He, Daniel, Gerald and Jennifer were equipped with new notebooks which he carefully configured to allow maximum flexibility. Even Robbie and Genny had their own computer workstations.

School continued as usual during this period, but the boys found it somewhat quieter after the departure of the Deputy Principal and Rick Williams. The Principal had succeeded in excluding the overweight bully from the school, privately commenting to Gerald that although it wasn’t exactly a strong moral position – pushing his problems off onto another school, he was very glad to be rid of the obnoxious boy. With Williams departure most of the unpleasantness experienced by Will and Daniel evaporated, some of Williams’ former henchmen even trying to pick up a friendship with the boys and others they had formerly bullied. Most were rather wary of the advances from these boys, but as time passed hard attitudes softened and gradually the members of the Williams gang found themselves being drawn into other groups in the school. What little unpleasantness Daniel and Will experienced over their sexuality they deftly deflected either by diverting attention away from themselves or, on one or two occasions, slightly modifying the memories of those giving them trouble. They were acutely aware of the moral implications Gerald had raised after they modified the memories of the agents who had kidnapped Robbie and used the power sparingly, discussing it with each other before doing so.

Classes and lessons proceeded apace and both Will and Daniel found that their new, developing powers also seemed to have improved their mental processes. Without using their powers nefariously – both boys had strong moral convictions about how they should be used – they discovered that their awareness of how their brains and minds appeared to be functioning was increasing, and that their understanding of what they were learning was improving. Daniel discovered that he was gaining a better grasp of the technical concepts that Will had found so easy – and he had not. Will uncovered an artistic bent he didn’t know he had – and had so long envied Daniel for. With such awareness and application, both boys found their grades in all subjects steadily rising, even for those in which they already excelled, much to the delight of their parents and their teachers.

As the summer holidays approached, the topic of where the family should go for the break was often discussed, the adults suggesting the mountains, while all four children pushed for the seaside. Not even a compromise of a mountain lake, suggested by Maureen, could divert them from the thought of salt water and surf. Eventually the pressure exerted by the young ones won out and Maureen found accommodation for them at a beach on the coast no more than about four hours drive from their home. Planning for their holiday took their minds off what seemed to be the endless task of settling in to the new home. Along with their homework and getting the technical aspects of the house in order, Will and Daniel were allocated the task of making sure the grounds were tidy – a task neither relished until they discovered a ride-on mower which could also double as a small tractor. Searching through one of the sheds they also discovered two small off-road motorcycles and an all-terrain quad bike.

Well at least I know now that I can believe you,” Gerald said, laughing at their exuberance, when they asked him about them.

What do you mean, Dad?” Will asked.

When you tell me that you don’t dive into my mind without my permission,” he laughed.

Didn’t you already believe us, Gerald?” Daniel asked.

Yes I did, Daniel,” Gerald said “but now I have proof that you don’t.”

Oh?” Will queried.

Those bikes have been stored since just after we purchased the place – before we moved in,” his father said. “If you had been peeking into my mind, you would have known about them long since.”

Oh, yes, I guess,” Will said, sounding a little chastened.

Don’t worry about it, Will, Daniel thought to his mate. He’s actually very happy that he can believe us.

I know, Daniel....

But? his friend queried.

I thought he would have trusted us completely.

He does, Will. He’s just saying that he now has proof of it.

I guess.... Will’s thought trailed into silence.

Got that straightened?” Gerald asked the boys, a gentle smile on his face.

Uh? What?” Will asked, startled.

I’m beginning to know when you are ‘talking’ to each other,” his father said. “You both get slightly faraway looks in your eyes.”

That’s useful to know,” Daniel said. “I’ve often wondered whether anyone else can spot it.”

I doubt it, Daniel,” Gerald replied “unless they happen to know you very, very well. Not even your mothers can spot it.” He laughed. “But I am beginning to be able to see it. So, did you get it straightened?”

Oh, yes,” Daniel said. “Will was just upset because he thought you meant you hadn’t believed us when we told you we wouldn’t read your mind without your permission.”

Gerald leant over so that he could hug his son.

Oh, Will!” he exclaimed. “Of course I believe you. And I know that you will respect our privacy. It’s just rather wonderful to have it demonstrated so clearly.”

Will gave him a shy smile.

It’s Ok, Dad. I understand,” he said. His expression brightened. “Can we go for a ride?”

Do you know how?” his father asked with a smile.

Oh, yes,” both boys nodded.

How? May I ask?”

Mini bikes at the fair, Gerald,” Daniel answered with a laugh.

Oh, yes, of course.” Gerald ruffled both boys hair. They shrugged away from him and raced back to the shed, scattering boxes and parcels out of the way in their haste to bring the bikes out into the daylight. He pointed out where helmets, gloves, goggles and other safety gear were stored.

They spent the remainder of the day racing the small bikes around the wooded block that surrounded their new home, finding paths through the bush, and making new ones where they couldn’t find one, ever careful, though, to minimise any damage they might make. That night they returned to the house dirty, tired and very, very happy, still excited from the new found joy of riding their own bikes. The adults viewed their dirty countenances with vast amusement, while Robbie jumped excitedly around them.

Can I?” he asked. “Can I ride one next time?”

We’ll see,” his father said to him, squeezing his shoulders. “What about you, Genny?” he asked his daughter. “Do you want to ride one too?”

She nodded shyly.

Well, we’ll just have to see what else we can find in the shed, won’t we?” he asked. “But not now!” as Robbie ran to the door. “Tomorrow!”

Oh, Dad!” Robbie whined.

No,” his mother put in from the door. “Dinner, and then bed!”

Will and Daniel went up to their bathroom and cleaned up and returned as Maureen and Jennifer put some food on the table. Finding themselves falling asleep at the table, they begged to be excused and tiredly dragged themselves up to their bedroom. Slowly stripping themselves they giggled at each other.

God, Will. I’m exhausted. Daniel gave a little start as he felt Will’s phantom hand rub across his buttocks. He responded by gently, mentally pushing Will’s jaw.

Me, too, Daniel. What a great day.

Oh, yeah.

The boys fell into their bed. With a great sigh, Will raised his head and reaching over gently kissed Daniel on his lips. Daniel responded by reaching around Will and hugging him to his breast.

I’m so tired Will - I think I’ll sleep for a week.

That won’t be possible, Will thought to him with a quiet laugh. Tomorrow you are going to have to show Robbie how to ride!

Oh, God! Do I have to?

Yep! you’re ‘it.’

In response, Daniel gave a wide yawn, groaning as his sore muscles stretched. He sighed again and rolled onto his left side. Will rolled towards him and groaning gently himself, spooned into Daniel’s back. Daniel gave a gentle giggle and he felt Will’s partially erect penis poking into his back.

Not tonight Will, eh?

No, not tonight, my love, Will replied, sighing into Daniel’s neck. Slowly the boys’ breathing slowed and they slipped into a deep, tired sleep.



What is it D’nel?

It’s Farth!

What’s wrong with her?

She’s acting strangely - she seems upset - very agitated. What’s happening, A’van?

A’van was silent for a while.

I know what it is, D’nel.


She’s getting ready to fly?

Oh, Lord. Already?

Yes, already. Moranth wants to get Oran. Shall I send him.

Yes, please. But.... D’nel’s mental voice seemed to have an edge of desperation in it. Can you stay with me, please?

Of course. Moranth’s already gone. I’m summoning Oran now. His thoughts trailed away. In his distress, D’nel could not ‘hear’ A’van and Oran communicating with each other. The mental pressure put on him by the agitation of his dragon was severe and he wasn’t sure whether he could mentally talk at all.

His senses seemed to be all over the place. His heart was racing; he could hear it thumping in his chest. His mind filled with innumerable sexual images, obviously relayed from his dragon. He felt his penis swelling and a seemingly irresistible pressure in his testicles. His skin felt itchy and his hair seemed to be standing on end. He heard boots pounding along the corridor to his room and without looking around felt the curtain pulled aside and the presence of A’van seem to fill the room. As he stood in the middle of the room shivering he felt the bronze rider’s arms encircle him and pull him backwards his breast. He could feel A’van’s breath on the back of his neck as the man leaned his head down to kiss the back of his head, nuzzling into his hair. As he leaned back he could feel that the man was also aroused, the pressure of his erection pushing into the small of his back.

Moranth’s back with Oran A’van breathed into D’nel’s hair. Now he’s joining Farth on the heights. Shards! Farth is really stroppy – she just took a swipe at Moranth.

As A’van thought this, D’nel twisted in his grip, spinning around and throwing his arms about his neck, pulling the man’s head down towards his own. Savagely he kissed the man, biting down on A’van’s lips and thrusting his tongue into the bronze rider’s mouth. He thrust his groin at the larger rider and, feeling as if his erection would burst through his trousers, felt another arm close about him and a calming presence surround him.

I’m here you two, both riders heard Oran say in their minds. The young harper squeezed both the riders, pulling into their circle. Without even thinking about it, both rider’s drew D’nel’s boyhood friend to them, lips and arms moving over others seemingly at random. D’nel suddenly stiffened and great mental shout escaped from him.


What is it? Oran gasped.

Farth has risen, A’van replied, and then gasped aloud, Moranth is flying after her.          

Oran could feel the tension in the two riders as they drew away from him and started to tear off their clothes. Suddenly he felt himself sucked into their agitated state as their thoughts encompassed him. He felt an incredible compulsion to tear his own clothes off and, doing so, joined the other two as they writhed together on the bed. Not fully comprehending what was happening, Oran gasped as he looked at the excitement of the dragon riders, their erect penises rampantly jutting from their bodies, feeling his own excitement building to an intense, incredible pitch. Part of his mind seemed to take on a role as a detached observer as he felt the dragon riders reach to him, drawing him down to form a mass of writhing limbs, six hands wandering over three bodies and three sets of lips seeking to kiss anything they could reach. He groaned as he felt the ecstatic agony of the two dragons as they soared higher and higher. Joining his mind with those of the dragon riders he could see the ground retreating. Sometimes the view seemed to be from a higher vantage point and he guessed that was Farth, feeling confirmation from the confusion of D’nel’s mind. At other times the view seemed to be lower but looking upwards towards the green dragon. That must be Moranth he thought. He could feel the emotions of the dragons but they were gradually being submerged in the emotions pulsing from his friends. He felt a hand surround his erection as A’van reached over him to kiss him. D’nel’s hands roamed over his buttocks and fingers penetrated him. He reached for A’van’s penis only to find another hand there; with his other hand he rubbed down D’nel’s back to reach along his buttocks, massaging his fingers in towards the sphincter muscle. He heard D’nel groan as his fingers found their target and he uttered a sigh himself as D’nel’s fingers twitched in his own anus. Vaguely he felt A’van tweaking his nipples.

Suddenly the intensity of the emotions increased markedly and the views of the ground and sky that seemed to emanate from the dragons became completely confused, apparently converging and combining into one swirling view of the ground suffused with a haze of kaleidoscopic colours and a surge of incredible emotions.

It starts, both boys heard A’van shout in their minds. Oran was aware of an almost painful rush of blood into his already steely hard erection and could feel D’nel stiffening in all his sinews. A’van groaned aloud and thrust his groin violently between his two junior companions. The boys felt his rampant penis, harder than they had ever felt or seen before, jammed between their bodies and A’van arched his back,  his head thrust back, mouth open in a silent shout. His mental voice reverberated in their consciousness causing their senses to strain even more wildly. D’nel suddenly twisted, turning so that his back was towards A’van, causing his hands to jerk away from Oran and tearing Oran’s fingers from his rectum, As he turned he pushed down in the bed until his buttocks were level with A’van’s jutting penis and urgently pushing himself backward endeavoured to impale himself on the man’s erection. Sensing his great need, Oran dragged himself over the two, reaching to find A’van’s penis and directing it at D’nel’s orifice. D’nel heaved a great sigh and pushed backwards against the erect penis which was now steadied by Oran, grunting loudly as it penetrated him. A’van shuddered and Oran, understanding the intensity of the moment, stroked the heads of both his friends, using his fingers to wipe sweat away from their foreheads. He felt the intensity increase even further then felt a surge in his loins, recognising that Moranth was approaching orgasm. Quickly reaching over the two bucking bodies, he grasped D’nel’s penis just as he felt the semen surge through it and A’van gave a final mighty thrust and shuddered in his own orgasm. At the same time Oran felt his own orgasm start, his ejaculate spraying over the two bodies below him. In a moment of clarity he realised that their combined, simultaneous orgasms must have occurred at the exact moment that those of the dragons occurred. His harper trained mind marveled at the experience and he wondered whether it would ever happen again. He rather hoped it would.

Some time later Oran was conscious that the dragons had landed and were comfortably next to each other on the heights above the Weyr. I wonder how they truly feel, he thought.

About the same as you, he heard, recognising the strong, warm tones of Moranth’s ‘voice’.

I feel kind of shaken, he replied.

So do I, Farth said.

Oran felt D’nel stir, A’van’s penis still embedded in him. He groaned.

I feel sore, he said.

I’m not surprised, Oran replied. Is that first time you and A’van have....  his mental voice trailed away.

Yes. He’s a bit bigger than you!

And that was somewhat more vigorous than ever you and I were, Oran commented dryly.

A’van groaned, arching backwards, his penis withdrawing from D’nel with a squelch.

Oh, shards,” he groaned. “I never knew it would be like that.”

Not feeling sore, too, are you?” Oran asked him with a small giggle.

Sore!” A’van groaned again. “It feels like it’s broken in two!”

Well, how do you think D’nel feels, then?” Oran asked with a slightly louder laugh.

What!” A’van started. He looked across at  D’nel who was smiling at him with a dreamy look in his eyes. “Are you alright, D’nel?”

Yes, of course I am,” the boy replied. “A bit sore.  Shards! I didn’t think your dick could ever get that hard!”

They both turned to look at Oran as he laughed.

What?  They both thought simultaneously.

I didn’t think any of our dicks could get that hard, the young harper laughed. Mine has never been that hard before.

Did you climax too?  A’van asked him.

Oh yes! Where do you think that cum all over you came from?

A’van looked at D’nel and they both laughed.

Harpers can sure cook up a brew,” D’nel said with a giggle.



Daniel woke with a start, sweat pouring off his body. He reached out to touch Will and felt his lover and best friend shivering. He rolled towards him, feeling wetness on the sheets as he did so. Slipping his hands around his mate, he felt a similar stickiness. “Must have been a helluva dream,” he thought. Then started as he recalled the dream.

Will? he asked. Are you awake?

Sorta, his friend replied.

Did you dream about D’nel and Oran?

And A’van.

And A’van. Yes!

WOW! Daniel almost exploded. You dreamt about the dragons flying?


We just shared one incredible wet dream, Will.

I can feel it, Daniel. We must have cum buckets. Shower?

Yes. And clean sheets.

Our Mums are going to wonder about this lot, don’t you think?

Perhaps, Daniel paused. “Perhaps they will. I wonder if we should tell them about the dreams.”

It might be worth telling Dad, Daniel.”


The boys showered, dumping dirty clothes and sheets into the hamper in their bathroom, and dressed in clean underwear and short and tee-shirts, hurried down stairs to find Gerald sitting quietly in the kitchen, reading the morning paper and drinking a cup of coffee. He looked up as the boys entered the room.

Good lord, you two look you fought all night,” he said as they slumped down at the table.

In a manner of speaking, Gerald, we did,” Daniel mumbled.

How do you mean, Daniel?” Gerald asked.

Dad, there’s something we must tell you,” Will interjected.

Not serious, I hope,” Gerald said, smiling at his son.

Probably not, Dad,” Will replied.

Well, then?”

Gerald,” Daniel spoke very quietly, “for some time we have been having some strange dreams.”


Well, I started them. And then Will started having them.”

That’s probably not surprising,” Gerald chuckled, “given your empathy with each other.”

Then we started sharing them,” Will said.

Sharing?” Gerald looked a little startled. “In what way?”

We found that we were having the same dream at the same time,” Will continued.

Interesting,” Gerald said. “When did this start? When we shifted here?”

No, not at all,” Daniel said. “Long before we started to live together. At about the time we found we could ‘talk’ to each other.”

Well, then, there’s a partial explanation,” Gerald replied. “Is it worrying you?”

Not having the same dreams, Dad,” Will took up the dialog, “it’s more what the dreams are about that is …..” He seemed to struggle for a word.

Mystifying,” Daniel inserted for him.

What are they about?”

Gerald, you’ve read Anne McCaffery’s books about Pern, haven’t you?” Daniel asked.


The dreams are kind of like that, Dad,” Will said. “They are about a couple of dragon riders and a harper – well one of the dragon riders is a boy, and the harper is a young apprentice. The young rider has a green dragon.”

Ah!” Gerald grunted. “If I recall, green dragon riders prefer males?”

Yes,” Daniel agreed.

How old is the other dragon rider?”

In his early twenties. He rides a bronze.” Daniel smiled.

Do you know their names?” Gerald asked.

Yes,” Will said. “D’nel, Oran and A’van. A’van’s the bronze rider.”

Gerald chuckled.

Oran would be you, Will, would he not? And obviously D’nel is Daniel.” He looked at the boys. “And who might A’van be?”

Not a clue, Gerald,” Daniel looked a little nonplussed. “He was in my very first dream. We have no idea where he came from.”

I take it the dreams are a parallel of what you guys have been experiencing?”

Oh, yes!” Will exclaimed. “In just about everyway, Dad.”

Even the sex?”

The boys blushed and nodded at him.

Gerald, I think we ought to show you,” Daniel said. He opened his mind and, looking carefully at Gerald, projected his thoughts into Will’s father’s head. Gerald’s eyes opened wide, his jaw dropping slightly as the memory of the boys’ dream worked on his mind. For the next few minutes he sat transfixed as the images of the mating of the two dragons and the frenzy of the three friends passed through his mind. When the images faded and Daniel withdrew his mind-touch from Gerald’s head, the adult looked at them in awe.

That has to be the strongest, emotional dream I think I have encountered. I take it your sheets were very wet this morning?”

The boys blushed bright red, their eyes dropping from his. He chuckled.

I have to say I am most envious!”

Why, Dad?” Will asked.

I can honestly say, Will, Daniel, that I have never had a wet dream as obviously potent as the one you guys have just had.” He looked at them and chuckled again. “Wow! What is the expression you fellows use? Awesome!”

The boys giggled at his statement. They sat closer together and Will took Daniel’s hand in his own.

Gerald, why do you think we are having these dreams?” Daniel wanted to know.

I don’t really know, Daniel. Although I think I can hazard a good guess or two.”

What, Dad?” Will asked.

Well, first off, it is probably not surprising that Daniel should dream about Pern,” Gerald said, looking at Daniel with a smile. “He’s been rapt with McCaffery since the first time he picked up one of her novels. And I guess it is no surprise that you should pick up on them Will. I think too, that the abilities displayed by your dream characters are merely paralleling your own abilities.”

I guess you’re right, Gerald,” Daniel said, “but what about last night’s dream. Why would we dream about that sort of sex?”

We would probably have to talk to a psychologist about that, Daniel,” Gerald replied, “but I would guess that it has a lot to do with your sexuality and the relationship you have developed with Will.”

You don’t think it is anything to worry about, do you Dad?” Will asked, concern showing on his face.

Doubt it,” Gerald replied. “You don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to, because it is really none  of my business, but have you guys done very much with each other the last few nights?”

The boys blushed once more.

Umm. No, not really,” Daniel replied. “We’ve really been too tired.”

Blue balls?”

Dad!” Will expostulated.

Daniel giggled. “I guess,” he said.

That might explain the intensity of the dream last night,” Gerald said. “I seem to recall how horny a young teen can be,” he continued, laughing.

Look, guys, If you are really worried about it, we can talk to a shrink,” he looked at them. “But I don’t think it’s necessary.”

Both boys looked a little relieved.

Thanks, Gerald,” Daniel said, standing and leaning over to give him a hug. Will stood up and moved to the other side of his father and hugged him as well. Gerald grunted.

Umm – guys – I’m a little like the meat in a sandwich here,” he said, smiling.

Sorry,” the boys said simultaneously.

It’s just that you fellows are getting bigger,” he laughed. “Well, are you ready to show Robbie and Genny how to ride?”

Oh, yes, Dad. This will be a fun day,” Will said, showing his own excitement.

Better get ready then,” Daniel interrupted, “because they – well at least Robbie – is about to descend on us!”

The end of that day came with four exhausted and very dirty children excitedly relating to their parents the twists and turns of the bush tracks behind the house, and their plans for the summer holidays when the returned from the beach.

The final week of school seemed to take forever, but at last Friday came and went and the Harp/Green families prepared to leave for their stay at the beach house Maureen had booked. During the week, Gerald had acquired a trailer and, to the delight of the children, the mini-bikes were tied onto it before they departed for the beach. The drive out of town, away from their new home, across the plains, rich in grass and dairy cows, over the mountain range and down into the next plain, covered in orchards, seemed to take a lifetime, but at last, peering forward through the windscreen, the boys could see the ocean, and surf close inshore.

As the three adults started to unpack the van, the youngsters ran across the lawn at the back of the house they were to live in for a couple of weeks and onto the broad sands of the ocean beach. A moderate surf was pushing in onto the beach. Genny and Robbie raced down to the water’s edge, while Will and Daniel hung back at the edge of the small dune that bordered their back lawn. Looking out to sea the could see the distant outline of some islands and as they scanned them Will suddenly pushed Daniel’s arm.

Look, he said, there’s that active volcano that sits out in the bay.

Yeah! I see it Will.

Daniel this is beautiful.

Oh, yes. Look at the colour of the sky. And, look, do you see just how blue the sea is?

Will nodded at his mate, smiling, and then pointing, laughed as Robbie tried to splash Genny at the edge of the wash of white water, foam splashing as he kicked it at his sister who ran backwards out of the way, on the golden sand.

Look at them, he giggled.

Yes, but look at that! Daniel pointed.

Will followed his pointing hand, out beyond the line of breakers, to where several dorsal fins were cutting through the water.

What are those?” he asked. “Sharks?”

No,” Daniel replied, “I think they are dolphins.”

Oh, yes, so they are!” Will exclaimed, as one of the animals suddenly rolled in the surf, its bottle nose showing clearly, and the brown and cream colours of its skin glowing in the sunlight.

Daniel suddenly frowned.

Will? He asked, can you ‘hear’ anything?

No. Why? Can you hear something?

I’m not sure.”

What was it like, Daniel?”

I don’t really know. Something like someone whispering, I think. But I can’t hear it now.” He looked at Will and shrugged. “C’mon on, I think we’d better get back to help the olds.”

Will looked at his brother and sister.

They’ll be OK, won’t they?” he asked.

I reckon,” Daniel said as he turned back to the house.

Later that afternoon, after a light salad lunch which Maureen and Jennifer prepared, they walked back to the beach, unselfconsciously holding hands, unaware of eyes watching them. They turned to their left and ambling to the water’s edge started skipping and dodging the surges of the waves as they crashed in along the shore. Will felt he was Robbie’s age again and letting go of Daniel’s hand, laughed and pranced around his friend. Daniel giggled at the sight of his soul mate jumping around the surging and receding water like a ten year old. He started to run after Will, but Will raced away from him, running up the beach towards the dunes, and then back down to the water’s edge. At one stage he tripped, and Daniel laughed loudly as Will hurriedly picked himself up out of the path of the next surging rush of sea water. Daniel stopped, standing arms akimbo, and laughing uproariously as Will found himself calf deep in the foaming water, only to have to skip lively himself as he felt water around his ankles. Looking down he noticed the small holes and swirling bumps as shellfish, uncovered by the swirling water, desperately tried to bury themselves  again in the sand. As he watched he felt his vision and hearing become more acute, and he became aware of the life along the foreshore: his eyes took in the variety of birds that dotted the foreshore – gulls, stilts, and, yes, even some Oyster Catchers. Well, he thought they were. He could hear the sighing of the wind as it blew across the dunes and the beach, seeing the occasional eddy of dry sand it blew from the top of a sand hill, and watching as it caught the spume on the top of the higher waves surging in from the open ocean.

As he became enveloped in his own thoughts Daniel thought he could hear again the faint whispering he had heard earlier that day. Looking round he thought he could see dorsal fins outside the line of breakers, as he had that morning, but the movements were too quick for him to focus on. He looked along the beach and was startled to notice that Will was now several hundred metres from him, still running and skipping along the water’s edge. Daniel smiled at the antics of his boyfriend. It’s good to see him so happy again, he thought. He saw some people further along the beach from Will, and watched as a man standing at the foot of the dunes seemed to call out and gesture to Will. He saw Will slow down, turn, and the start to walk up the beach towards the man, but as he watched he once again heard the whispering and, turning back to the sea, he tried to focus on where it seemed to be coming from. Looking just beyond the line of breaking waves he could see a small pod of dolphins swimming slowly past where he was standing. They were a hundred metres or more from him, and although it was difficult to see properly, they appeared to be watching him. Although they appeared to playing in some complex, swirling pattern, they always seemed to refocus opposite him. He opened his mind to try to concentrate on the ‘whispering’ but had little success.

Daniel! Will’s mental voice suddenly and violently forced its way into his conciousness. Help!

He looked around, and felt a burst of anguish when he could no longer see Will.

Where are you Will? Daniel started to panic. Where was Will. He could ‘hear’ him, but he couldn’t sense him. And then he felt Will’s thoughts hit him in a sudden rush. Will was fighting someone. Daniel started to run along the beach to where he had last seen Will walking towards the stranger.

Daniel! He’s attacking me!

Don’t panic Will. You can easily fight him with your powers.

Daniel stopped abruptly as he nearly charged into Will who suddenly appeared in front of him, apparently out of nowhere. His shirt was torn and the fly of his shorts had been ripped open. Tears stood out in his eyes and the expression on his face was one of utter shock and bewilderment.

How did you get here like that, Will?” Daniel gasped.

I have no idea, Daniel,” Will whispered as he fell into Daniel’s arms.

They looked around as they heard a shout and saw the stranger appear from around a dune.

Did he attack you Will?

I think… I think he wanted to rape me, Will’s mental voice sobbed as he cuddled into Daniel. He grabbed me around the throat and tried to rip into my shorts to grab my dick.

We’ll see about that, Daniel grunted, sending a mental knockout at the man who grasped at this head and then collapsed on the beach. Daniel mentally called Gerald asking him to come to them, and then, still holding his mate in his arms looked at him.

But how did you get away from him, Will?

I don’t know, Daniel,” Will half sobbed. “I struggled and then suddenly I was with you.” His sobbing stopped suddenly and his eyes widened, shock creeping over his face.

Do you think I teleported?.....................


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