This is a story based on fantasies created by Anne McCaffrey. It is fiction and no reference to any person living or dead is intended nor to any of the characters in McCaffrey's novels. I have used only the concepts created by McCaffrey and I apologise if it infringes her copyright. It is by way of tribute rather than imitation and is a measure of the enjoyment I have received from her novels over many years. It may contain descriptions of gay sexuality or acts (b/b and M/b). If this is not to your taste or is illegal where you are situated you should not continue.




D’nel shifted restlessly in his bed, his mind striving to reach wakefulness. His head rocked back and forth on his pillow, his fair hair lank and sweaty. Suddenly he shuddered and his eyes snapped open. He lay in the bed, bathed in sweat, his racing mind trying to focus on what had disturbed his sleep. He could feel something working in the back of his mind – in his subconcious even – and wondered if Farth had been trying to rouse him. He reached out to his dragon, but could feel only comfortable meanderings in the mind of the slumbering beast. What was it? What had roused him?

Gradually the tension in his body eased, but he still felt as though something was wrong. He thought he heard – no! felt – as though someone called his name. What was that? Someone? Or something? Agh! He thought to himself – he must be imagining it – whatever “it” was! Then he stiffened as he seemed to hear his name being called out. But it was a silent call – no sound echoed through his weyr. Loud! And then repeated, louder! But still with no sound. What is happening, he thought. Who is calling my mind?

Who? He thought. It is definitely a who! Definitely someone. Some person. But who?

He heard a movement outside his weyr, outside the curtain covering the entrance. A soft movement – just the muffled sound of a boot dragging quietly on the stone floor. He lay still. Quietly, again, apparently without sound, he heard his name.

Who’s there,” he whispered.

Its me,” he heard A’van’s voice reply, very quietly. “Can I come in?”

Of course,” D’nel whispered back.

He felt, rather than saw, the curtain drawn back, and in the deep gloom, vaguely saw a shadow slip into his weyr.

Have you a glow here?” A’van asked, still speaking very quietly.

Yes. Just to your left, on the cabinet.” D’nel waited while the shadow moved over to the wall, and then, when light started to emerged from the opening glow asked, “What are you doing here A’van? What is happening?”

I’m not sure, D’nel. I thought I heard you call out to me, but I thought I was dreaming. And then you called again. I thought perhaps it was Moranth, or Farth, but Moranth is sound asleep, and Farth appears to be too.”

I thought someone called my name – at least it seemed like that, because it woke me up,” D’nel said to the Brown rider. “But there was no sound – it was as though it was all in my head.” He sounded puzzled. “I thought it might have been Farth, too, but she is really very soundly asleep, so it can’t be that.”

Well I know it is not Moranth! But it is almost like the way he and I talk to each other. Did it feel like that to you?” A’van sounded as puzzled as D’nel.

Yes! It was just like that – which is why I thought she might have been calling me.”

D’nel?” A’van paused.


Do you think, perhaps we were trying to ‘talk’ to each other – you know, with our minds, rather than our voices?”

You mean, like the dragons?”

Well, yes, I guess so.”

But, how could we do that?”

I don’t know, D’nel!”

A’van, do you think,...may be,... is it because Farth is nearing her time?”

No, I don’t think so, because she and Moranth would have warned us.”

Well, what then?”

I was wondering.....” A’van’s voice trailed off while he tried to marshall his thoughts into some semblance of understanding.

Yes?.... Wondering what?” D’nel sounded a little pensive.

I’m not sure how I can say this, D’nel, but I was wondering if perhaps we might be able to, well, you know, communicate without speaking?”

But how could that be, A’van? We don’t even know how the dragons do it, so how could we?”

I don’t know, but I do know that I thought you were calling me. Were you dreaming about something when you woke up?”

Yes, I was,” D’nel said a little uncertainly. “I was dreaming about Tibor.”


Yes! The bully back at the deep caverns.”

Oh, yes! The one whose butt I kicked when he attacked you?”

Yes, that’s him.”

What were you dreaming about?”

That he was trying to hit me again.”

Then you must have called out for help!”

I think I did – but you know what bad dreams are like – you know? You never seem to be able call out?”

Yes, I know. But I wonder if in fact you did – but just not in the usual way?”

But, A’van, why would I hear my name being called, in return?”

Because, my young friend, that is exactly what I did – except I didn’t shout it out – I just thought it!”

You called me?”

Yes. I wanted to know what was wrong, because I was certain you had called me, but I knew your voice could never carry to my weyr from here.”

D’nel thought, his blue eyes staring directly into A’van’s hazel eyes. What if it was true – that he had called A’van’s name? What did it mean? He knew he loved A’van, and he knew A’van loved him in return. Could they “talk” to each other without speaking. He held his arms out towards the Brown rider who moved towards him and swept him into his arms. They hugged, tightly, and nuzzling his face into A’vans kneck, he thought.

Can you hear it in your mind? I love you A’van.

He felt A’van stiffen, and then shudder. A thought formed in D’nel’s mind.

Oh yes, I can hear it D’nel.

Oh, by the shells!” A’van panted. It is possible!

Yes, but how? D’nel’s thoughts started to race.

Who cares? A’van sounded jubilant. It works – that’s really all we need to know!

D’nel’s mind was racing with thoughts and ideas. I wonder just what we can do?

We need to talk to Farth and Moranth about this, A’van thought to the boy.

Yes! And to Oran.

Why Oran? A’van sounded a little puzzled.

Because Oran is very much part of us, A’van. You know that. And I think he may be able to find out if it has ever happened before.

Yes, you’re right. A’van hesitated. You know, D’nel, you are more often right about things like this, than you are wrong. I should take more notice of you.

D’nel blushed. “A’van, you have been such a great guide and help to me. And to Farth,” he said. “I really do love you, you know?”

Yes, I do know, D’nel,” this time it was A’van’s turn to blush. “I really can’t wait until Moranth flies Farth. You and I are going to have such fun!”

We don’t have to wait, you know, D’nel smiled shyly at his mentor.

No, but we will – at least for a little while. A’van grinned at the boy. Actually, we have a couple of pressing problems.


Well, how are Moranth and Farth going to react to this?

No problem, two fruity ‘voices’ broke in simultaneously.

What? A’van and D’nel together.

Did you really think we didn’t know? Moranth asked.

How could you? A’van.

A’van, you should know by now that we always know, Farth’s unctuous tones were unmistakable.

You do need to talk to Oran, Moranth broke in.

Why? A’van asked his dragon.

Because he can do it too – he just doesn’t know it yet! Moranth sounded amused, in the way of all dragons.

And he will be able to find out about it at Harper Hall Farth interjected.

God help us from dragons,” A’van said in an aside to D’nel, who laughed out loud.

God help you indeed, the dragons both chorused. No one else will......


Will stirred in his sleep, his body moving restlessly as his mind immersed in the dream. In his own bedroom, remote from Will, Daniel’s eyes flicked open as he realised Will was dreaming. The thoughts he was receiving from Will were very strong and pictures of dragons and riders flickered through his conciousness. Concentrating he pushed into Will’s mind trying to identify what it was about the dream that was disturbing his friend, but the thoughts were too rapid and haphazard for him to grasp any theme or pattern. Grunting, he turned over and his mind slowly drifted away from his friend as he fell back into sleep.


At Harper Hall, Oran, in the middle of a lesson, suddenly found himself thinking of D’nel. He looked around – his fellow apprentices were hard at work transcribing songs from sandtrays to parchments, carefully scraping the skins to remove old inks, burnishing the surfaces to render them smooth and then, with careful patience and diligence, copying the marks on the sandtrays to skin using the inks they had just made themselves. Oran shook his head to try to free it of the visions he seemed to be receiving. He felt as though D’nel was trying to tell him something, but he couldn’t quite decipher what. It seemed to be night wherever D’nel was – but, of course, it would be – on the other side of Pern. He seemed to see images of A’van: D’nel and A’van were talking. But why would they be talking in the middle of the night? A feeling that D’nel was with him – close by him – seemed to grow stronger and stronger and suddenly D’nel’s voice seemed to be speaking in his brain.

Oran, can you hear me?

What?” he grunted, out loud, startled. He was even more startled when he realised he had expressed his surprise out loud and his classmates were looking at him curiously.

Don’t speak – just think, he heard, or thought he heard, D’nel’s voice say.

D’nel, is that you? What’s happening?

This may be hard to believe Oran, but we really are ‘talking’ - well, not talking I suppose, but communicating.

But, how?

Like dragons, Oran. D’nel sounded excited.

We’ve just discovered it, D’nel. That was A’van’s voice. He sounded elated – almost triumphant.

But, .... but, how? Oran replied plaintively.

D’nel had a nightmare and called out to me in his sleep. I answered, said A’van. I came to see him. We thought maybe Farth and Moranth had something to do with it, but they didn’t. Then they told us they knew that we would be able to ‘talk’ this way, Oran could almost see the inverted commas! and that you would be able to talk to us the same way.

D’nel broke in. Oran, we want you to see if you can find out if something like this has been recorded or observed before.

Yes, I will try. But, look, I’m in the middle of a class and they’re all looking at me strangely. Can I talk later?

Oh, yes, we’re sorry, D’nel replied.

Oran gave a silent giggle. I guess we’re just a thought away!

A’van laughed out loud. Guess that’s right. He looked at D’nel. “That’s something again, isn’t it?” he asked.

Got that right,” D’nel yawned. “I think I really need some more sleep, A’van.”

A’van looked at him and nodded. He leaned over and lightly kissed the boy on his brow. Standing up, he walked to the cabinet, and turning down the glow, quietly padded over to the doorway.

Goodnight, D’nel. What a night, eh?”

Hmmm,” hummed the boy. “G’night A’van. Love you.”

Love you.”

D’nel snuggled into his sleeping furs, and drifted off to sleep, a warm fuzzy feeling taking over as his conciousness slipped away. He awoke some hours later, with daylight filtering through the curtains over his windows. He could feel Farth stirring, and suddenly felt anxious.

Something’s wrong, D’nel, he heard the dragon say.

What Farth? What is wrong?

I don’t know, but I can feel that something is not right.

Don’t worry, dear heart, I’ll look around.

D’nel struggled out of bed and shrugging on his jacket and trousers, hunted under his bed for his boots. A sudden movement by the door startled him, and looking up he saw a stocky figure move menacingly towards him.

Tibor,” he croaked, “What are you doing here?”

Looking for you, you bastard!”

D’nel saw that Tibor had a club in his hand. He stepped back away from the enraged youth. Tibor looked at him and grinned evilly.

Can’t get away from me here, limpy! And your dragon can’t help you either – can’t get in through that door.”

But she’ll get you when you go back out.”

Be too late then for you, you arrogant piece of shit. All you dragon riders are the same, but at least the others are men! Not like you, you lame arse. And that dumb beast won’t hurt me – she’ll suicide when you die – they all do when their riders die!” He gave a cruel laugh.

D’nel looked at the ravening figure in front of him. A’van! Help! Oran! Farth! Tibor is attacking me in my weyr. Hurry! D’nel’s panic stricken thoughts raced through his mind, and he felt his dragon’s anguish at not being able to reach him.

The curtains at the door suddenly flew aside and A’van skidded to a halt just behind Tibor who, feeling the presence, started to turn, raising the club to strike whoever was menacing him from behind. As he raised it, the club suddenly flew out of his hand, and he felt himself suddenly propelled away, his body slamming into the wall and falling into a crumpled heap. He tried to push himself up but screamed with pain and collapsed as he discovered that his arm and shoulder had been shattered in the impact.

D’nel looked at A’van, stunned. “How did you get here so quickly?”

I don’t know. You called, and I was here. I didn’t even have time to think. I was just here.” A’van sounded as amazed and as bemused as D’nel.

You went between, Moranth commented.

More than that, though said D’nel. You didn’t touch Tibor, but look at him.

I know – how did I do that? A’van looked at the crumpled heap on the floor.

There was another sudden flurry of activity at the door and Oran burst through.

What happened,” he shouted. “What’s going on?” He looked at the prone figure of Tibor, and went white. “How did he get into the weyr?”

More importantly,” D’nel gasped looking at his friend, “How did you get here?”

I heard you shout for help – well it sounded like a shout in my head! And suddenly Farth was outside calling to me. She brought me here. I think we must have timed it...........”

Both D’nel and A’van stared at the apprentice Harper. “Farth got you?” D’nel gasped, clearly surprised.

Of course I went and got him. You needed him, as well as A’van, didn’t you? Farth sounded a trifle irritated.

Yes, of course I needed him Farth. I’m just surprised that you should have got him without me asking you first.

You didn’t really have much time to ask, did you? the dragon asked with a wry tone.

Got that right, both Oran and A’van thought simultaneously.

The three friends looked at each other, bemused expressions and thoughts crossing their faces. And then without really thinking about it, they moved closer to each other and hugged together. D’nel shuddered, looking at Tibor.

I love you guys. Farth, A’van, Oran. Oh, and you too Moranth.....


As the dream faded, Will struggled out of his sleep, his mind stunned and bemused by the images still remaining from the dream.


What? Sleepily.

I’ve had the most incredible dream.

About Pern


You can tell me later, when I come over. Right now I need some more sleep.

Yeah! Right! It’s school today.First day!

Oh Lord, so it is.

But, Daniel, I dreamed that Oran, D’nel and A’van could use telepathy.

Oh, great Will.

But isn’t that incredible?

Not really, Will.

Why not?

Well, think about what we went through yesterday. Not surprising that you dreamt about it.

No, I guess not. Will’s excitement subsided a little. He got out of bed, thinking about the dream and his friend – no, his lover really. As he used the toilet, cleaned his teeth and then showered, he thought about what the day might bring, especially after the long discussion they had had with their parents the previous day. He dried himself, and looking at himself in the mirror, stretched. I’m growing, he thought, admiring the way the muscles in his arms and torso were building and the way his penis and pubic hair were developing.

Get on with it Narcissus, he heard Daniel say in his mind.

I’m not a flower, Daniel!

Not a flower, you dope! Its the guy the flower was named after. Some Greek who spent all his time admiring himself. Get your mind off your dick and get dressed – we’ve got a bus to catch.

Will felt a tweak on the end of his penis, and, laughing, sent a similar action straight back at Daniel. He smiled when he felt Daniel flinch and giggle. Two can play that game!!

He met Daniel at the school gates and together they walked into the building through the main entrance. They took care not to appear to close, but couldn’t help bumping shoulders from time-to-time, grinning at each other each time it happened. And it happened more frequently as the halls filled with other students. They found their allocated lockers, depositing books and other gear, and moved off to find their home room. Apparently talking quietly to each other as they walked, keeping up an appearance of normality they also carried on another conversation.

Daniel, we never did get to talk about what we might have to do to protect ourselves.

True, but it may not be a problem if we don’t let anyone see too much.

Too much?

Of how we feel about each other. But that wasn’t really what I meant.

Oh, so what did you mean?

Well, its about how we communicate. I mean, if they found out we were boyfriends it would probably just get a bit messy. But if they found out about our telepathy and all it would dangerous. Know what I mean?

Yeah. So we really need to keep talking as we ‘talk’ like this?

Probably, or at least make it look like it,” Daniel mused. He flicked his hair out of his eyes, looking around. They were nearly at their room.

Shit, Will! There’s that dick Rick Williams. He’s given me stick for years.

He’s just a slob Daniel.

You know that, and I know that, but he doesn’t seem to know it.

Got his gang with him too.

We need to avoid them if we can Will.

Too late Daniel.

Hey Green! Who’s your girlfriend?” a fat, ugly looking boy called out. The cohorts with him laughed.

What’s it to you, Williams?” Daniel retorted.

Ooh! Getting brave aren’t we,” Rick Williams said sarcastically. “How many times have I kicked your arse, Green?”

Too often fatboy. Too often!”

Not the way to avoid a confrontation, Daniel.

Who are you calling ‘fat’ dickwad?”

Too late Will. It’s going to happen.

Don’t see anyone else around to fill the bill, Williams. Not even your cronies are as tubby as you.”

The henchmen gave a bit of a nervous giggle, as the bully turned around and snarled at them.

Will probed. Geeze, Daniel, his mind is full of horrible shit.

Tell me about it. Do you think an idea planted.....

I’m way ahead of you Bro. Will looked at one of the bully’s cronies and concentrating, implanted the thought that there would be a lot of trouble for the gang if either Daniel or Will were hurt. He gave the thought overtones of pain and suffering.

Rick,” the offsider said in a diffident voice, “Do you think this is a good idea?”

What’s your problem?” Rick barked.

Nu.... nothing, but I don’t think we want to do anything to these guys.”

Why not?”

Uh, I just don’t think it is a good idea. I think we might get caught, or something.”

Fuck that! I’m going to hammer this dickwad’s brains.”

Not a good idea, Williams,” Daniel said, concentrating on the bully’s mind, trying to implant fear in it.

Rick Williams looked startled, and then a little scared, and started to back away from Daniel and Will.

What did you do to me Green?” he asked.

Nothing Williams. Why?”

That’s not what I feel. Get him you two!” he barked looking at the two thugs to his left. Both boys lunged at Daniel, who stepped back quickly, momentarily losing his concentration on Rick. As he did, Rick leaped at him, raising his fist high. Daniel gave the two thugs a mental push which caused them to stagger backward, surprised, but his lapse in concentration allowed the swinging fist of the fat bully to connect with his head, knocking him over sideways.

Noooo!” shouted Will, sending a mental pulse which forced Williams sharply away from Daniel and causing him to bounce off the wall. The fat boy screamed in pain.

You broke my arm,” he shouted at Will.

I never touched you, you fat pig,” Will retorted.

A crowd was beginning to gather around them and the noise of the watchers gathered. Suddenly they fell silent and the Deputy Principal pushed his way through the crowd.

What’s going on?” he growled.

He broke my arm,” shouted Williams.

No he didn’t,” retorted Daniel. “Williams was trying to hit me. He slipped and hit the wall. That’s what broke his arm.”

Williams glared at his cronies through his pain.

He hit me, didn’t he?” he asked them, pointing at Will with his good hand.

They nodded, also pointing at Will. The teacher looked at them, then at the bully lying on the floor, and then at Will and Daniel.

We’d better get you to sick bay,” he said to Williams. “And the rest of you will come with me so that we can sort this out.” He looked at Will more closely. “You’re young Harp, aren’t you?” he asked. Will nodded.

He turned to another student and told him to run and get the school nurse. While he waited for her, he asked Williams’ gang some questions, noting their answers in his notebook. When the nurse arrived he told her what he knew. She looked at the injured boy’s arm, and then gently helping him get to his feet, guided him away from the crowd. The teacher looked around and shooed the onlookers away.

OK, you lot, off you go. The fun’s over.”

Turning he told Williams’ friends to go as well, then told Will and Daniel to follow him. When they reached the Principal’s office, he ushered the boys in and, seating them, he asked the Secretary to find Will’s father.

Did anyone else see the incident,” he asked the boys.

I don’t think so,” Daniel responded. “They set on me before anyone else turned up.”


Williams has been picking on me for years. He’s really made it unpleasant for me.”


I don’t know really,” Daniel genuinely sounded puzzled. “Maybe he’s just jealous. He’s always calling me names, and often he pushes me around.”

What sort of names?”

Um...” Daniel blushed. “Sometimes he calls me a faggot. Other times he just swears at me.”

Why haven’t you done something about it?”

I tried at primary school, but I don’t think anyone took very much notice. His father was on the School Board, and, well...” his voiced trailed away into silence.

Well, the others supported his story that Harp hit him and broke his arm. What do you say?”

Will couldn’t have hit him – he was yards away from him.” Daniel was indignant. “Anyway, Will’s a 90 pound wimp – do you really think he could hurt that whale?”

Am not! Will glared at Daniel.

Don’t say anything, Will. Please.

Hmm! Well it is their word against yours and without any other witnesses.....”

At that moment, Gerald Harp walked into the office.

What’s the problem, Anthony?” he asked the Deputy Principal.

Looks like your son and his friend have been fighting. In the absence of any other information I’m about to suspend your son. It appears he broke another boy’s arm.”

Will did? Who was the boy?”

Ricky Williams,” Daniel said.

Oh,” Gerald said. “I might have guessed. He’s given you some trouble over the years, hasn’t he Daniel?”

Yes, he has Mr Harp.”

Has he got a broken arm?” Gerald asked the teacher.

Looks very much like it.”

Will?” Gerald asked his son. “Did you hit him?”

No, Dad.” Will’s face was white. “I didn’t go near him. He was about three yards from me because he had been pushing Daniel, and his gang stopped me catching up with them.”

Gerald, I am really going to have to suspend Will,” the teacher broke in.

Why is that Anthony?” Gerald asked.

Because he was fighting and because the others said he did it. It’s their word against his and.....” he looked at Daniel.

Daniel Green,” Gerald said.

Yes, Daniel Green. The only reason I can’t suspend Green is that no one said he was fighting.”

Well, do you intend suspending Williams?”

No. he didn’t actually hit anyone, did he Green?”

Yes, he did. He hit me. He was pushing me around, as Will said. He told his gang to attack me and when they distracted me, he punched me in the side of the head. There’s probably a bruise or a mark there now, see?”

Anthony, Williams is a well known bully, and he and his gang do not exactly have a reputation for veracity. Don’t you think you might give the boys the benefit of the doubt?”

Favouring your son, Gerald?”

Not at all. Why don’t you give him a written reprimand, but hang off on the suspension. I can assure that he will be answering to me in any event.”


Yeah, I know Will. But I think your father is in there batting for us.

I’m not too sure about this Gerald.”

I know. I understand your position, but I think you need to be aware that Williams is likely to try this on again, and if he thinks he can get away with it, he will only try harder to do more damage next time.”

Perhaps you’re right. Alright Harp. I’ll put a written reprimand in your record. Another incident like this and you’ll find yourself suspended immediately. And your father won’t be able to argue for you next time.”

Yes, Sir. Thank you Sir.” Will looked relieved, although looking at the expression on his father’s face made him think twice about it.

Gerald looked at the two boys.

Will, Daniel, you’ve heard what Mr Howell has to say. We will talk about this after school. Now off with you to your classes.”

Daniel and Will looked at each other. Turning, they left the office and walked off towards their home room.

They spent the day orienting themselves in the school, finding their class rooms, meeting their teachers, meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones – or at least new people they hoped would become friends. They discovered that the school had a McCaffery Club, devoted to the works of Anne McCaffery and Daniel felt that might be cool. Will didn’t think they would want to talk about their dreams, though!

But we might be able to work it into a story Will. No one need know that we dreamt it all. “Don’t you think an Anne McCaffery Club is cool?”

Maybe not Daniel, but I think we have to be careful. “Yeah. I wonder if anyone has read ‘Dolphins’?”

Oh my friend, don’t I know that. Look at this morning. “Probably.”

Yeah! Look at this morning. Daniel I fucked up. “They might know if there are any new books out.”

No you didn’t. You tried to save me. I guess we are going to have to practise to get our reflexes up. “Do you think anyone will have read ‘Dragon’s Kin’?”

I wonder how we can do that? “Dunno. Didn’t you download that for your Palm?”

I don’t know yet. But give me time. I’ll think of something. “Yes.”

Both boys giggled, thinking that it was pretty cool to be able to carry on two different conversations at once.

I wonder if Dad will pick up what we are doing if we try this around him, Daniel?

More than likely, Will. He’s pretty sharp – he seems to have picked up most of what we are doing.

Yes. He does, doesn’t he?

They found themselves at the front gates and boarded the first bus that would take them to Will’s home. Will dreaded having to see his father.

Don’t worry about it, Will,” Daniel said aloud. I really think he is on our side. I think he’ll try to figure a better way for us to act.

I don’t know Daniel. I hope so, but I think he’ll kick our butts for not being cleverer than we were. “That’s OK for you to say, Daniel. But he’s my Dad and I sure don’t want him grounding me for any reason.” Will gulped a little and some tears formed in the corners of his eyes. Daniel looked at him, and softly touched him on his shoulder.

It’s OK Will. I’m here. Let’s get up to your room as quickly as possible.

Will looked at him and sighed, a sad little smile twisting his mouth.

There was no one home when they walked into Will’s house, and stopping briefly in the kitchen to get a cold drink they hurried up the stairs. Without even dropping their backpacks Daniel grabbed Will and pulled him into a bear hug.

Will, it will be OK. I’m here and I’ve got you.

Daniel, I’m scared. He gulped and stifled a sob.

I know, I am too. But we can’t show it. Daniel shrugged his backpack off, and pushing the straps on Will’s pack, dropped it to the floot. He took will into his arms again and kissed him lightly on his nose.

Oh Lord,” he sighed. “I can’t even hold you without getting hard now.”

I know. Me too!” Will giggled .... and gasped as he felt Daniel mentally squeeze his penis.

God, Daniel.


I wish you wouldn’t do that without some warning.

Daniel chuckled. You mean, like this..... ?

Ouch! Prick!” Will gasped.

Me – or your dick? Daniel laughed loudly. Will sighed again, and leaned into his friend, his eyes glistening with unshed tears.

Daniel, I love you so much. But I wish you wouldn’t tease me.” And if you keep squeezing like that, I’m going to mess my shorts.

The front door banged and both boys sprang apart.

Dad! Will thought, panicing.

You guys home?” Gerald shouted up the stairs.

Yes,” Will shouted back.

Could you come down please.”

Will choked back a sob. We’d better go.

It’ll be OK Will. You wait and see.

The boys slowly walked down and the stairs and with great trepidation Will led Daniel into the family room.

It’s OK Will,” Gerald smiled at him. “I’m not going to bite.”

Will gave him a weak smile. Daniel grinned at his friend’s father.

I thought you guys did OK this morning. It was your first real confrontation, and even if I did have to save you Will, I thought you handled it pretty well.”

Will sighed, looking relieved.

You did Will. It could have been a lot worse, and no one has been able to work out exactly what happened.”

That lot are too thick to really figure it out, Mr Harp,” Daniel said.

I know. But Daniel, we do have a problem.”

What? Why?”

Your mother wants an injunction slapped on Williams.”

What’s an injunction Dad?”

It’s a court order preventing him going anywhere near you two.”

Oh, God!” Daniel looked stricken. “That’s the worst thing that could happen.”

Yes, I agree Daniel.” Gerald nodded. “I’ve managed to convince her not to do anything at this stage. But you are going to have to work on her.”

Bloody hell! That’s all I needed,” Daniel exploded.

I suggest you don’t say that to her when she gets here,” Gerald grinned at the boy’s outburst.

She’s coming here?”

Yes.” Gerald looked serious. “And I think you’d better gird your loins!”


She wants to take you away from here.”


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