It may contain descriptions of gay sexuality or acts (b/b and M/b). If this is not to your taste or is illegal where you are situated you should not continue.Some characterisations are based on the ideas and themes of the Pern series of Anne McCaffery. No infringement of her copyrights are intended and no references are made to any of her characters or plots.




Oh no!” Daniel gasped. “She can’t! She can’t! I can’t leave you.” He looked imploringly at Will. “Mr Harp, you won’t let her take me away, will you?” He gave a sob.

Gerald looked at him with pity, and reached out to touch him gently on the shoulder.

That’s not going to happen, Daniel,” he said quietly. “I’ve already told her that our best hope of protecting you two is to keep you together.” He looked from Daniel to Will, holding out his other hand to his son, who moved towards them. “I’ve suggested that we pool our resources and buy another house we can all share.” He gently hugged the boys into him. Daniel sobbed aloud and buried his face in Gerald’s shoulder. Will moved so that he could gently stroke his friend’s back.

I think, perhaps, you two should go up and get yourselves cleaned up,” Will’s father told the boys. “Give you some time to calm down, eh?”

The two boys nodded, and pulling away from him, turned and walked out of the room and up the stairs to Will’s room.

Will, I can’t leave you. Not now! Daniel said to Will.

God, Daniel – I think I would die if she took you away. Will gave a muffled sob, and then turning, threw himself at his friend, drawing him into a hug that would have made a bear proud. Daniel shivered, and snuggled into Will, echoing Will’s sob quietly.

What do we do, Will?

Work with Dad. That’s the best plan.

Yes, he’s sensible. God, I hope he can convince Mum. Daniel shuddered again, squeezing tightly into his mate. Will hugged him even more firmly, rubbing his hand over Daniel’s back. He felt Daniel respond to his embrace, feeling a pressure pushing against his groin, and felt the emotion beginning to build in Daniel’s mind.

Oh, Will! I need to you to hold me so tightly. Please, please don’t let her take me away.

Daniel, you goose!


You know we don’t have to be separated!

What do you mean?

Dummy! We can control it!

Daniel pulled away, looking at his friend. He suddenly grinned.

Yeah! I’m a bit stupid, aren’t I? he asked.

Yeah, you are. Will giggled. “Oh, Lord, you’re usually the sensible one!”

Hmmm! I wasn’t too sensible this time, was I. Shit! That was a shock when your Dad said she wanted to take me away. Shit!”

No need to sweat it lover!



Will, that’s the first time you’ve called me that. Daniel smiled into the green eyes of his friend, I like it.

Well it’s true, Daniel. You are my love, and my lover. You know what?


We don’t have to let anyone separate us!

I guess you’re right. Daniel felt tears filling his eyes as Will peered at him with love in his own eyes. He felt a tweak on his penis and Will exercised some of his telekinetic ability and smiled, reciprocating. God, Will. I love you so much. You know what?


I would really like to make mad, passionate, love to you, right now!

Will pushed telekinetically, making Daniel squirm in delight as he felt his erect penis squeezed in a phantom grip. He smiled at Daniel, and felt Daniel’s hand slide down across the front of his trousers, brushing his genitals with a pressure that definitely was not phantom.

Behave yourself, he giggled, pushing Daniel’s hand away. And then squirmed as he felt the phantom caress resume. Stop, Daniel. We have to go back downstairs.

I know, Will. But we haven’t had much of an opportunity lately and I do so want to make love to you.

You will, but later. Now stop it and come back downstairs with me.”

Will pulled himself away from Daniel and, taking his friend’s hand pulled him towards the door.

As the boys left the bedroom they could hear the adults talking in the living room. It sounded as though Daniel’s mother had arrived. As Daniel entered the room Jenny stopped what she was saying to Gerald and stepped quickly towards her son, holding her arms out to him.

You won’t take me away, will you Mum,” he pleaded, stepping into her embrace.

As if I really could,” she said with a wry smile. “Daniel, you know as well as I that if you really wanted to stop me there is little I could do to resist you.” She grimaced. “You boys have too much power for any of us to intervene, if you didn’t want us to.”

We don’t want to be separated, Mum.” Daniel sounded close to tears.

I know, and I don’t want to separate you. I reacted to what Gerald told me, and how the Deputy treated Will. Daniel, I know I can’t do anything too heavy handed.” She gave her son a tired smile, and then looked around at Will, Gerald and Maureen.

Gerald, Maureen, I think your suggestion may be very sensible. I just need some time to think about it.”

Mum, can I stay with Will tonight?” Daniel looked at his mother pleadingly.

Yes, of course you can. Is that OK Maureen?”

Of course it is Jenny. I think they probably need to be together tonight after the trauma of today.” Maureen smiled at the boys who had visibly brightened after Jenny’s remarks. “I’m going to get some food ready. Will you stay for dinner, Jenny?”

Yes, thank you. That would be nice,” Jenny smiled at her. “I’ll help.”

The two women walked to the door, looked back at their three males, and, smiling, left the room. Gerald looked at the boys, and seemed about to say something, but before he could say anything, Robby bounced down the stairs, into the room and, looking at the two boys, grinned widely.

Got yourselves caught today,eh?” he chortled. “ I heard you thumped shit out of that prick Williams. Did you?”

Robby!” Gerald spluttered.

Well they did, Dad!”

Maybe, but an eight-year old boy is not supposed to use that language.”

Well, he is a prick. He pushed me over!”

Robby!” Gerald stopped and studied his youngest son. “When?” he asked as the realisation hit him.

Last month.”

Why didn’t you say anything about it?”

Dunno. Probably just make it worse if I did. He really is horrible, Dad.”

Gerald looked at Robby. “You should have told me! And don’t use that language.”

Why not, they do,” Robby said looking at Will and Daniel. “If they can....” His voice tailed off as he felt phantom fingers start to tickle his ribs and collapsed, laughing, to the floor.

Will, cut it out,” Gerald said, grinning.

How do you know its me, Dad? It could be Daniel!”

Yeah, right!”

Will leaned over and offered his hand to his small brother who giggled, and then grasping the hand, pulled himself up.

Wish I could do that,” he said.

Do what?” Genny asked as she came in through the door.

Tele-whatsit people,” Robby giggled.

Yeah, that’s pretty cool,” she said.

Later, after dinner, and after helping clear away the table the four youngsters sat quietly watching TV, or in the case of Will and Daniel, watching each other, their thoughts silently intertwined. Maureen continued tidying the kitchen while Gerald and Jenny disappeared into his study. They emerged about half an hour later.

Daniel,” his mother said.

Yes?” he looked up at her.

We aren’t going to shift.”

Yes! Daniel heaved a great sigh of relief. “Thank God for that Mum,” he said, close to choking as bitter tears stung his eyes. “I don’t know what I would have done if you’d insisted.”

Neither do I,” she said. “But I rather think I would have lost out in the end.” She gave him a bittersweet smile. “I’m going home now. You can stay the night.”

He smiled at her.

Tomorrow,” she continued, “We are putting our houses on the market and will start looking for one that will hold us all.”

The boys looked at each other, wide smiles blossoming across their faces. Great! they both thought simultaneously, their thoughts and joy transmitting itself to the others in the house.

You’ve told them, then?” Maureen said as she came into the room.

Yes,” said Gerald. He smiled a wry smile. “However did you know?” The three adults burst into laughter while Robby and Genny looked on in bemusement. Maureen looked at them.

It’s alright, kids,” she said to them, “It’s just that we thought that it would be best for Will and Daniel – safest really – if we were to all live together. What do you think?”

S’OK by me, Mum,” Genny said. “Just as long as they don’t make me do anything I don’t want to.”

I don’t think that’s likely to happen,” her mother said. “Robby?”

Great, Mum,” the little boy grinned at her. “Perhaps they can teach me how to tickle people without touching them!”

Everyone laughed. Daniel and Will were standing close, their arms about each other’s shoulders, their heads leaning into each other, quiet expressions on their faces. They smiled at Robby and then turning to their parents said, simultaneously “Thank you. Oh, thank you!” at the same time projecting their thoughts of joy into the adults’ minds.

Slightly taken aback by the power of the emotion the three adults looked at each other.

I must get home,” Jenny said. She stepped over the Daniel and kissed him lightly on his forehead and then, thinking about it, leant over and kissed Will on his brow. She smiled at Gerald and Maureen and saying goodnight to the rest of Will’s family, took her leave.

After talking to Maureen and Gerald for a short while about the mechanics of shifting to a new joint home, the boys made their way up to Will’s room. They could each feel the other’s emotions and both were becoming increasing aroused. Daniel felt a tweak on his penis and giggled.

Do you mean what I think you mean, Will?

What do you think I mean? Another tweak.

If you keep that up I’ll probably come before you can do anything else! The pressure on his penis stopped.

Wouldn’t want that! Will sighed and leaned into Daniel’s shoulder.

Daniel, I can’t believe everything that has happened.

I know, I can hardly believe it either.

These special powers – you, me – and now.... Will’s thoughts trailed off into silence.

And now we are going to be able to live together. Daniel stopped, and the looking at Will, projected a thought that had just occurred to him into his mate’s mind.

Aw! They wouldn’t, would they? Will gasped?

Well they might! They just might make us sleep in separate rooms.

Will thought briefly then suddenly laughed aloud. They couldn’t! Well, not really, could they?

Daniel caught his thought and he too laughed. No, of course they couldn’t. They might like to, but there really isn’t anything they could do to stop us.

They looked at each other, smiling tenderly, and then without concious thought slowly started to undress each other until, competely naked, they took each other’s hand and quietly stepped to the bed, pulling the covers back and slipping into it. They turned to face each other and, drawing each other into a tight hug, gently kissed, their emotions intertwining. Daniel sighed in pleasure as Will slipped his hand down his back, across his buttocks and thigh and then drew his hand back up between them, grasping Daniel’s erection. Daniel giggled slightly.

What? Will queried?

Thoughts are taught, but hand is grand,” Daniel said out loud and giggled again.

Yes, well where is yours then?

Oh, Will,” Daniel reached down between them, nudging Will’s hand on his own erection aside as he reached for Will’s, “I love you so much.”

I know, it almost hurts, doesn’t it?”


Kissing Will tenderly on his lips, he lowered his head an nuzzled into his friend’s breast, briefly kissing a nipple, and then slowly running the tip of his tongue down to Will’s navel. As he continued to move further, Will froze and then, relaxing, sighed, his hands finding Daniel’s head, his fingers gently working in the soft blonde hair......

Much later Daniel felt Will in his mind.

I didn’t think you were going to swallow it.

I didn’t even think about it Will, it just happened. Anyway, you didn’t stop either! He gave a mental push against Will’s genitals, and felt his penis squeezed in return, a slight pressure on his bottom, while at the same time feeling Will’s hand stroking his shoulders and back.

Do you know, Will? This must be the greatest thing about our powers.

What’s that Daniel.

Well we can use our hands to give each other pleasure on two parts of our bodies, while we can use our mental powers to give pleasure to other parts. To demonstrate he put his hands one either side of Will’s head, leaning in to kiss him. At the same time he applied mental pressure to Will’s penis, causing it to start to harden yet again, and still kissing his lover, applied pressure to his anus. Will squirmed in pleasure and giggled.

I see what you mean. He sighed deeply and happily. Of course, there’s the other bit too, Daniel.

What’s that Will?

This feeling... the emotion when you squirt – you know, the orgasm bit. Not just the feeling you or I have, but sharing it with our mental powers. I don’t sort of know how to describe it.

I know what you mean. It’s sort of like your trying to fly, and you know you can do it – and then, suddenly it happens. I guess its like an amplifier.

Yeah. You know Daniel?

Yeah, I know Daniel!

Donkey! Will giggled again. No! I mean, I’m ready to go further.


Yes. Well, not tonight, but soon I want you to, well, um..., you know! I want you to make love to me properly.

You mean?......

Wil’s mental voice seemed to get very tiny. Yes – um... you know, fuck me.

Daniel gave a restrained sob. I want that too, Will. I want you to, well, fuck me too. But not tonight.

No, not tonight.



I think we might have to learn something about controlling our thoughts first.


I rather think we might sort of flood the place with emotions when we do it for the first time. I think everyone, and I mean, everyone, will probably know what we’ve done – or what we are doing!

Will gave a startled grunt. Hell! I hadn’t thought of that.

Well, let’s not worry about it now. I daresay we were not exactly “quiet” when we sucked each other. Anyway, I need some sleep.

You’re right. Will snuggled closer to his lover. G’night.

G’night Will.

The next morning the boys walked into school with some trepidation. A few wary looks were cast in their direction but most either ignored them or smiled a welcome. A couple of class mates muttered comments about putting bullies in their places and congratulated them. When they reached their home room their teacher told them to report to the Deputy Principal but wouldn’t, or couldn’t, tell them why. Will and Daniel hurried down the corridor, wondering what it was about. When they reached the DP’s office they were told to sit and wait for him. Rigidly sitting on the straight-backed wooden chairs they communicated their concerns to each other.

What do you reckon this is about, Daniel?

Don’t know. But I tell you, I don’t trust Howell.

Neither do I. I don’t think Dad does either.

The boys sat and waited.... and waited. It was nearly an hour before Howell showed up – they had lost one complete class.

He strode into the outer office, glared at the boys, went into his inner office, and then shouted out for them to enter. With some trepidation they entered and stood in front of his desk.

There’s something about you two I can’t put my finger on,” he stared at them. The boys shifted nervously.

Hmm,” the teacher paused, almost dramatically. “I know what it is....” he stopped, watching the two boys intently, his eyes flicking between them.

What is he on about Daniel?

No idea Will.

Yes,” the man continued, “That’s it.” Again he hesitated, obviously striving for some sort of dramatic effect.

You two little pansies are faggots, aren’t you?”

The two boys shot bolt upright, staring in horror at the man.

I thought so,” he grinned at them evilly. “I assume you don’t want that known to your friends or parents.”

Shit, Will, this is evil.

Yes, but at least he doesn’t know that our parents know about us.

Probably thinks we’re trying to keep it all hidden Will.

Interesting,” again the teacher smirked at them. “And there’s more, isn’t there?”

What are you talking about,” Daniel stuttered at the man.

Oh, you know what I mean, you little fairy. One or both of you has some sort of powers – I watched how you seemed to talk to each other yesterday without speaking.” He looked at Daniel, and then, switching his attention to Will, said, “You! Harp! You might not have laid a hand on Williams yesterday but you did injure him.”

No!” Will gasped.

Oh yes! I questioned Williams and his friends very carefully, and I have a fair idea of what happened.” He stopped, looking at the boys very carefully. “I’ve waited a long time to find someone like you.”

What do you mean?” Daniel almost snarled at him.

Don’t take that attitude with me, Green,” swivelling his attention to Daniel. “I can make your lives very unpleasant.”

Daniel glared back at him.

Don’t Daniel. Will pleaded. Don’t do anything to make it worse.

We could stop this Will.

Howell looked at the boys, the smile on his face broadening. “Yes, you are doing it now, aren’t you? I can see it on your faces.”

What do you want, Mr Howell?” Daniel asked.

What I want is to get you to see some people I know.”


Never you mind who. You guys are going to make me rich.” He looked at the boys and grinned slyly. “Yes, very rich!” He turned to his desk and picked up a piece of notepaper. Looking at it, he turned back to the boys and said “I want you two back here at 2pm. If you’re not I will be calling your father in, Harp, and telling him all I know. And you can be sure that the whole school will know about the two fairies we have among us. It’ll be more than just Williams out for your blood then, faggots!”

He looked at the boys, smiled, and then said “Now get out of here – and be back at 2 – or else!” The smile faded from his face and the boys shied back away from the hatred that washed over his features.

Out, now! Will

Will quickly followed Daniel out the door. When they were in the corridor, they looked at each other and heaved a sigh.

I feel like puking Daniel.

I know, so do I.

What can we do?

We talk to your father first, but I have a plan, Will. Daniel opened his mind to Will, who slowly started to grin as the plan took shape in his mind.

You reckon we can pull that off?

Daniel nodded, and then smiled. Yes, I reckon we just might be able to.

Who do you think he wants us to see?

Dunno, but my guess is it will be government or something like that. You know, MI5, FBI, CIA, Mossad, something like that.


Well, who knows?

Would the Israelis really be interested in us?

What do you think, Will? They’ve a battle going on they want to win. Why wouldn’t they use a new weapon?

Yeah, but us?

Yeah, us!

The second period bell rang and the boys turned to walk back the corridor to Will’s fathers’ office. Gerald’s head popped up, startled when the boys burst into his room.

What’s the problem with you two – you look like you’ve had an argument with a tank?”

Its Howell, Dad.”

Mr Howell to you Will.”

Not after you hear this Dad.”


Mr Harp, he has just threatened us, and is blackmailing us into seeing someone.” Daniel looked at his friend’s father, a determined expression on his face.

Tell me more, Daniel.”

Well he knows we’re gay, and he has threatened to out us.” Daniel chuckled, “He thinks you all don’t know!”

I see,” Gerald gave a bit of a laugh. “Who does he want you to see?”

We don’t know Dad, but Daniel has a plan.”

Oh?” Gerald asked, and then a broad smile slowly worked its way across his face and Daniel pushed the plan into his mind.

Oh, yes. I see. That could work!” Gerald laughed. “That ought to take the sting out of his tail.” He looked at the boys. “Never did like that man. Slimy! Are you guys OK?”

We will be Mr Harp. But the whole thing made us feel kinda sick.”

I’m not surprised. Look, you fellows park yourselves here – you’ve missed most of this period anyway. Do you reckon you can face lunch in the canteen?”

No problem Dad. We’ll be alright.”

But we can see we need to hone up these abilities, Mr Harp,” Daniel interjected, “If we are going to properly protect ourselves, that is.”

Yes you are boys. Yes, you are.”

The three sat down, Gerald carrying on with his work; Will and Daniel silently communicating with each other. Occasionally, Gerald noticed, they would reach out and hold hands for a few seconds. I need to warn them about that, he thought. And I need to tell them just how loud their thoughts were last night. Hope it didn’t mean anything to Genny and Robby!

Daniel leaned back, looking at his boyfriend. That was the word, wasn’t it? Boyfriend! Something of what he was thinking transmitted itself to Will, because he looked at Daniel and smiled. Daniel’s gaze slowly moved over Will, taking in what he considered to be one of the most beautiful sights in the world, at the same time his mind ticking off what he was building as a plan to defeat Howell. Will’s contributions bounced in and out of his mind, and he could feel Will getting more excited about the idea – and more confident about its success. He noticed how Will’s left eyelid seemed to twitch slightly as the boy’s excitement rose. Daniel wondered if it did that when something else was getting excited. The thought made him grin wryly, and Will gave him a quizzical look. Daniel flashed the thought to Will and the latter’s quizzical expression changed to a blush. Daniel noticed how much brighter Will’s green eyes became when he was excited. The right eye seemed a little greener, perhaps more emerald. The colour was complemented by Will’s dark brown hair, accentuating the slightly paler, sun-bleached streaks. What would I do without him, he thought. Lost in contemplation the hour slipped past and as the bell rang, Gerald looked up and suggested they head for the canteen for lunch. Daniel stood up, stretching, and reaching for Will’s hand, pulled his lover upright.

They had to put up with some questions over lunch – where they were? What did Howell want? Using their new-found skills they managed to deflect the questions, and after a while their classmates gave up. Immediately after lunch they had English. Neither boy took too much notice of the lesson and as 2pm approached they became progressively more nervous. Daniel, with Will’s silent assistance had been developing his plan. He hoped it would work. The bell ending the period rang, stopping his contemplation and he and Will made their way, once again, to the Deputy’s office.

Entering the outer room, they noticed that the inner door was shut. Howell’s assistant told them to sit down, that Howell was expecting them and would call for them when he was ready. They could hear muted voices from behind the closed door, but could not determine what was being said.

That won’t stop us Will, Daniel thought to his friend.

Nope! Will smiled weakly at the fair-headed boy.

Extending their mental awareness, the boys could ‘hear’ Howell explaining to two men that he had stumbled across something very valuable – two boys who appeared to have extra-sensory perceptive powers. They ‘heard’ the two men mentally expressing scepticism about Howell’s claims.

That’s useful, Daniel!

Sure is.

They continued to listen as Howell explained to them how he had found out about the boys, how he had questioned Williams and his bully cohorts, but he never mentioned their sexuality.

Now that’s strange, Will. Why would he not mention that?

I don’t know. Maybe he wants to keep that up his sleeve?

Or doesn’t want us to say that he used it to blackmail us?

They heard Howell’s dissertation cease, and then felt his thoughts change as he reached for the intercom.

Are those two boys there?” they heard the intercom broadcast.

Yes, Mr Howell.”

Send them in now.” No please, thank you, kiss my foot, Daniel thought.

Arrogant shit!

Got that right, Will scowled.

The assistant looked at the boys, and pointed at the door without saying anything. They got up and walked to the door stopping to knock on it.

Come,” they heard the Deputy Principal say. They entered and, looking round, saw Howell sitting behind his desk. Two men, immacuately dressed in dark suits, white shirts and regimental looking ties were sitting to one side of the room.

Shut the door,” Howell ordered. As Daniel did so, he caught a mental thought from one of the men.

MI5, Will.

Yeah – I caught that too. So now we know, eh?

Daniel looked at him and nodded slightly.

Boys,” Howell caught their attention again, “I’ve been telling these gentlemen about your special abilities.”

Who are they Mr Howell,” Daniel asked.

Never you mind. They want to talk to you.”

Daniel turned to look at the men, raising his eyebrow slightly.

Mr Howell tells us you two can read each other’s minds,” one of them said. “Is that true?”

I guess it is, to some extent,” Daniel said, looking at them.

Oh, in what way?” the other asked.

Well, we are best friends,” Will chimed in, “And we’ve known each other like for ever. It wouldn’t be strange if we knew how each other would act or react, would it?”

The men smiled.

That’s got nothing to do with it,” Howell barked.

I understand you have some kinetic powers,” the other man said, looking at Will.

I wish,” Will said with some emotion. “That clown Williams wouldn’t have just a broken arm if I had.”

You didn’t touch Williams,” Howell snarled. “You did something to him, without touching him.”

No I didn’t,” Will replied.

Yes you did.” Howell was adamant.

How could you know?” Will asked him.

As Howell started to reply, Daniel planted a thought into the Deputy Principal’s mind.

Because I saw you!” Howell ejaculated.

You saw him,” one of the men expostulated.

Yes!” Howell snarled.

But, Mr Howell, you told us you weren’t there?” one of the MI5 agents said, mildly.

Will looked at them, and then planting his own suggestion into the agent’s mind, looked back at Howell.

You weren’t there at all Mr Howell,” he said. “You came up later. You had to force your way through the crowd that was watching. If you had been there, none of the bullying would have taken place and Daniel wouldn’t have been hurt.” He looked back at the agents.

Mr Howell?” the agent asked. “The statements you showed us say nothing about you being present at the actual incident.”

Howell looked at him, his face darkening with suppressed anger. Daniel reinforced the suggestion he had planted in Howell’s mind.

But I was,” Howell said.

Mr Howell, none of the boys statements indicated you were present. In fact one of them wrote that you came through the other students after the bully – ah... Williams was it?”

Howell nodded.

Well,” the agent continued, “After he had bounced off the wall. So, tell me, how is it you were there?”

Howell looked dumbfounded. How was this set up going sour on him? He had thought it out so carefully. Hearing his thoughts Daniel and Will had to worj to suppress smiles. Looking at the agents, Daniel spoke.

Why did Mr Howell want to tell you about this?”

He seemed to think that this was something we would be interested in,” one of the agents replied.


He seems to think that we would be interested in what he described as your extra-sensory powers,” the agent said.

Why would you be interested in that?” asked Will.

We’re interested in a lot of things,” the other agent stated.

But,” Daniel looked at both men, “Who are you.”

We’re not at liberty to say.”

Well, then, why should we be at liberty to talk to you?”

Don’t get cheeky with us, youngster? We can make life difficult for you if we want to,” the agent said, very seriously.

That’s what Mr Howell said,” Will interrupted.

Oh, what was that?” one of the agents asked.

That he could make life difficult for us.”

Why was that?” the agent asked.

Because he thinks we’re gay. He threatened to say we were to others to make things difficult.” Will looked disgusted as he said it.

Did he indeed?” the other agent said. “Did he say anything else?”

Oh, yes,” said Daniel. “He said he thought we were going to make him very rich. What did he mean by that?” Daniel asked ingenuously.

I have no idea,” the agent replied. “What did you mean Howell?”

Nothing,” the teacher snarled. “Nothing at all. They’re lying. I didn’t threaten them.”

Well why did you call us?”

I... uh... I, ah. I thought it was important that you should know.” Howell stuttered.

Weren’t by any chance thinking that there might be a reward – a sort of finder’s fee – in this, did you?” The agent smirked at Howell.

No, no! No, of course not.” Howell looked trapped.

The agents looked at the two boys.

I think you two should run along,” one of them said.

Thank you, Sir,” Daniel said, with Will nodding in agreement.

I suggest you don’t say anything about this,” the other agent said. “Do you understand?”

Will and Daniel nodded.

OK, boys, off you go.”

The boys moved quickly to the door, and opening it, got themselves out of Howell’s office as quickly as the could. Only by exercising great restraint could they prevent themselves from sprinting to Gerald’s office.

Whew, Daniel breathed in his friend’s mind.

Tell me about it!

What do you think we should do, Will?

Tell Dad, first off. Then, well.... I don’t know. Do you think we’ll have more trouble.

From Howell? No, I don’t think so, and somehow I think your Dad is going to cook him good.

But what about those two agents? Do you think they believed us?

I don’t know. That’s another matter Will. But somehow I don’t think we’ve heard the last of MI5.

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