Him Who Made The Seven Stars
By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 34

“Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and torturous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness, with which more than half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistent that we called it the word of a demon than the Word of God. It is a history of wickedness that has served to corrupt and brutalize mankind.” ~ Thomas Paine  

The week went fast for Billy. Hank and Buck were running their asses off getting things coordinated and making sure all the new Irin personnel were clothed and fed. They once again had the cowboys create beds and clothes storage for the first two bunkhouses. They didn’t have to worry about the last three. Billy linked with Beauford to show him the internal furnishings from the remodeled bunkhouse, and they were in place when the buildings were created; including ‘Wolf’ brand cooking ranges. Billy was beginning to see and understand just how great the Shedu’s powers were when in close proximity to each other. The implications were staggering. Their conjoined powers were formidable. Billy could only wonder how it might increase after they were introduced to each other. He was determined to learn how best to use their power most effectively to bring his community into being.

He wasted no time getting, what Billy thought, was the brightest and best of the Irin to start working designing an administration building from which he and his staff could run the ranch. It was time to start building his dream of a new secular community based on unity and cooperation. He made a call for a group of the most gifted, talented engineers and planners to submit to him ideas how they might build a small city on the Daniels’ ranch. Through recommendations from several of the Irin cowboys who were already morphed with final approval from his head bulls, Billy selected a group of twelve to come up with their best ideas for a plan using his guidlines. He thought it was strange when Dorcas and Dociean recused themselves from recommending any of the twelve Irin Billy picked, but he honored their petition to decline comment.

After several meetings with Billy listing the considerations for transportation in, out, and around the ranch with the possibility of a monorail running through the town and any number of things he wanted addressed, the Irin made their first presentation. While it was practical, it was not very inventive or exciting. To Billy it was like having to settle for a pair of clunky Buster Brown lace up shoes when what he really wanted was a flashy pair of slung-heel high-top buckaroo boots with mule ears. Their presentation had no charm and little inviting warmth, with absolutely no ‘wow’ factor. There was little, if any, inspiration. It was flat and utilitarian to the nines; totally lackluster. It was cold oatmeal without any additives.

Something kept haunting Billy’s mind; an old retort from George Burns as he was getting older. When Barbara Walters asked him what he thought about death, he replied, “It’s been done.” Billy used the term with his staff. “There’s nothing here what ain’t been done before. It’s not what I want. I want to be wowed and seduced by what I see. I want the Highland Shire to be a landmark of beauty with a simplicity of function. I want it to announce a freedom from the past with the power to become so deeply etched in people’s hearts, minds, and imaginations they will look upon pictures of the Shire and comment to their relatives, their friends, and neighbors, they would like to live here or near, within a short travel distance.

“Dig deeper people, and bring me something what will blow my boots off,” Billy demanded. Several days later they made their second presentation, and it was only slightly better than the first. Mainly it was just arranged differently. It became obvious to Billy they wanted it their way and not the way their master wanted his town. Billy stood, pushed his chair away from the table, and said one word, “No!” He turned and walked out of the room without further explanation. The group of twelve painted themselves into a corner and knew they failed miserably.

Leave it to Hank and Buck to come through for their master. “Master Billy, we been talk’n with a group of six un-morphed cattle, three bulls and three heifers what claim to have worked as a team to create some of the more fantastic city scapes on Retikki Prime and Fort Adam Lear. They volunteered for this project thinking their talents might be used for this purpose, but due to the basic social infrastructure and political positioning among the Irin, those with lesser talents were promoted as the best. If what our sources tell us is true, you got the wrong team of Irin at the bat,” Buck explained.
“Alas, it would seem, the Irin are not without their flaws,” Billy lamented, “Slaves, especially those what volunteered to accept me as their master, should not have a social infrastructure; however, on a wiser note, it only proves to me we are more alike than alien to each other, but when they shift the balance of talent to promote themselves through whatever means, does not make Master Billy a happy camper. I ain’t the least interested in their social hierarchy. I’m interested in who can do the job and provide me with what I want. While I believe in the principles of democracy, this ranch and the Highland Shire project in particular is not. Nor is it a strictly corporate venture unless you add the word ‘socialist,’ meaning of the people, for the people, and by the people. Don’t even think on me as a president. There is some school of thought F.D.R. became more than just a president and rose to the ranks of a benevolent monarch. He did more for the people of this country than any president before or since. How do you men have such a direct line to what’s going on out there, while your master ain’t got no clue?” Billy asked with a big grin.

“Ain’t that why you pay us the big bucks, Master?" Hank asked, slapped his knee, and laughed.

“Good one, Hank!” Billy exclaimed and laughed with them, “You men got a way about you what could talk a billy goat out of his horns, and you would walk away with his pants, too; all the while, making him think he got himself a bargain. You’re privileged to information to which I probably won’t never have access. You never cease to amaze me,” Billy said.

We ain’t privileged by no means, Master,” Hank replied, “We make it our job to know about them what we’s taking care of. We work with ‘em day-in and day-out. We make inroads of friendships by doing little things for them. Word gets around, if they really need something or want to be considered for anything, we’s the buckaroos to go to. If we make a promise we damn well follow up and make sure we keep it. We’re outside the social clique of the ‘greater inside’ Irin. We also have more power to help them than their own brothers and sisters. Some come to trust us and tell us what’s going on with the herd. We hear stuff. We ask a lot of questions, together and separately, and then we compare notes in between taking care of each other in bed, sir,” he added and winked at Billy.

Billy almost fell on the floor laughing. Old stoic Nick and silent Boomer laughed. “You men keep taking good care of each other, and you will be unwittingly taking care of your master at the same time,” Billy declared and they shared a laugh. “I must have a chat with Zeus and Thor,” he added.

“We wouldn’t recommend that course of action, Master Billy,” Buck said and Hank nodded his agreement.

“You can’t toss a rope to a drowning man like that without an explanation, Gentlemen,” Billy prompted.

“Zeus and Thor are the best head bulls you could have. They’s good at what they do and they only give final approval to those in the herd who’s got their hooves on making the major decisions about who gets what job, when, and why,” Hank explained.

“Help me out, here, Buckaroos. How do we resolve this situation to your master’s content and benefit?” Billy asked, “I’m convinced them dozen I got work’n for me is in cahoots to work against me. They didn’t listen to a damn thing I said. They’s either dense, or they’s so much in the box it would scare them to death if they dared try to have a creative thought outside it. I hope it’s the former and not the latter. I can deal with dense, but to ‘play-it-safe,' crawl in a box only to pull it in on top of you is unforgivable on so many levels. Give me something, Cowboys,” Billy begged.

“We done talked about it,” Hank replied, “Let us secrete them six cows away from the herd. We can get them alone, have them morph, transport them to Captain Nick’s ship, and set them up in the castle without any of the others finding out. They’s plenty of room, and the Sun Bears just might have some excellent input. If you can get your specifications and land maps to us A.S.A.P, we’ll requisition computers and the supplies they’ll need through Dorcas and Dociean,” he explained their plan.

“Fuck me in the butt! Why don’t I just turn this whole damn project over to you men?” Billy exclaimed. Buck and Hank’s demeanor fell, but Billy was laughing.

“We wouldn’t think of being so presumptuous, Master,” Buck said humbly.

“Easy, Cowboys, it was a compliment. I couldn’t agree more with your plan. It’s just my way of saying 'thanks’ and I love you men more than I got the words or time to tell you. Don’t know what I’d do without you. Put your plan into action immediately, and I’ll look forward to a visit to the colonies next weekend or when your people are ready,” Billy said.

“Thanks, Master Billy, we wouldn’t work so hard for you if’n we didn’t love you, too. What are we gonna’ tell the herd when them cows go missing?” Hank asked.

“I just passed you men the ball -- run with it. I don’t give a big rat's ass what you tell them. If we have to do an end-run around them to get what I want, so be it. Them others cost me almost a week’s work to come up with cold pablum with no life. I’ll give them one more week to come up with something, and we’ll compare it with the rabbit I’m hoping you men will pull out of the hat,” Billy said, “I was feeling let down and a little betrayed after seeing their work, but I got me a good feel’n about your plan,” he added.

“We won’t let you down, Master. You know we ain’t the kind to propose a plan if’n we ain’t sure we got a better than ninety percent chance of walking away with the prize. We ain’t told you ever’thing we know, but we know you’ll trust us to use our resources to get you what you want,” Hank said.

“I don’t need to know ever’thing you men know. All I need to know is you love me and you’re looking out for our best interests. Among all my family members you men know what I want and you know I won’t settle for anything less. You been read’n me like a novel ever since you met me and Boomer in that hallway in the castle and we trusted ourselves to your care. You took care of us then, and you’re taking care of us now. You need room to negotiate and maneuver this situation to its best advantage. Go for it! You got my full approval of anything you wanna’ try,” Billy said sincerely.
Billy looked over at his shadow for the past week, a fine looking but battle scared naked slave wearing only his cowboy boots and holding a clipboard filled with notes he carefully wrote when Billy told him. The big man had tears in his eyes. “What’sa matter with you biggun’?” he asked.

“Nothing, Master Billy. That’s just it, there ain’t nothing wrong with me. I couldn’t be more happy and content being here by your side -- just proud to be your slave for a while. The time I spent here with you and your family this past week has been a revelation for me. I got to see how a real master deals with his slaves, and it touches my heart, sir,” Jethro replied.

“Are you implying your master ain’t a ‘real’ master, slave?” Billy asked with concern but no animosity.

“Not at all, Master Billy. I love my master with all my heart, and I see many similarities between you, sir. You men could have been made from the same mold. If’n I didn’t know better, I’d swear you’s brothers, or at the very least, half-brothers. You helped me see some things more clearly, and I’m grateful. I guess you might say I just had me one a them a-piffaninnes,” Jethro replied.

Billy chuckled, “Close enough, Cowboy, but you’re still unsure?” Billy asked.    

“Not unsure, Master, uncertain,” Jethro replied.

“Fair enough. I can deal with uncertainty,” Billy said, “I guess it’s about time I did a little work with you. I ain’t been try’n to put you off, none. I just been observing you,” he added.

“I know. I got that, and I been observing you. What is your conclusion about me, sir?” Jethro asked.

“You’re a good hearted, strong man who would do anything, including lay down your life for those you love and admire, but they’s a simple switch in your brain what never got attended to which throws you like a mean-ass bull into a pile of mental shit what you have problems wading through. Not to worry. I know what it is and how to correct it, but as a slave you need periodic adjustments to keep yore’ happy-face well tuned and working at peak efficiency,” Billy said.

“Please, Master Billy, anything you can do to help me will be gratefully appreciated,” Jethro pleaded and shed a couple of tears. It was obvious to Billy the man was torn inside and hurting.

“We got us some free time this afternoon. Come with me, slave,” Billy ordered and took Jethro to the slave prep room through the barbershop and watcher milking station. Billy sat down at a table and motioned for the naked slave to sit across from him. “Your master left your future in your and my hands, Jethro. If we talk and come to a mutual understanding you ain’t happy or comfortable being Oatie’s slave or a slave in general, I have the power to grant your freedom. Doc Oatie told me for us to decide whether you want to be his slave or not. He’s rightfully concerned you ain’t sure you want to be a slave no more. Maybe you want to go back to running wild as a daddy long-leg, but he has reached the limit of his patience. It’s either shit or get off the pot. No master should have to deal with an uncertain slave. Would you agree?” Billy asked.

“Absolutely, Master Billy,” Jethro said.

“It’s a most unusual situation between you and Master Oatie. Most slave owners wouldn’t give a shit if his slave wanted to be his slave or not. He would just ignore his slave’s petulance or mood swings, put him to hard labor for a while, or physically punish him within reason to correct his attitude. However, since you gave yourself to Master Oatie because he saved your life brings doubt to your master’s mind you really meant your pledge to him to become his slave. You gotta’ admit it’s simple and understandable. In this kind of relationship it’s called the ‘uncertainty principal.’ Within standard deviations, Heisenberg suffered from it most of his life. You two got more’n a couple standard deviations. You’re both in love with each other, and to make matters even more complicated, from what Doc Oatie told me, he allows you, his slave, to be the top-hand, the cowboy in the saddle most of the time,” Billy said.

“What you say is true, Master Billy, I cain’t gainsay a word of it. I thought about it a lot and think because I’m physically bigger and older, he fantasizes on me as the daddy he wanted but never had. He told me about the relationship he had with his granddad, and I sometimes wonder if’n I didn’t take his granddad’s place when I fuck him, and he sucks me off,” Jethro replied. “Don’t get me wrong, Master Billy, I ain’t complain’n none about being Master Oatie’s daddy. I love playing the part of his daddy and giving him what he needs, but when I hear’d the rumor his granddad would be made whole again and coming back to live on the ranch, I didn’t think there would be a place for me no more. I became unsure of myself and Master’s Oatie’s need for me. I don’t care what Master Oatie demands of me, I’ll be his daddy, his husband, or his subordinate -- whatever he wants -- I just need him to assert himself from time to time to remind me who owns me; whatever he needs from me, I need to know he thinks on me and needs me as his slave,” Jethro blurted out, “I know it’s complicated, and you must think I’m a fruitcake. I’m so mixed up. Mean’n no disrespect, Master Billy, but I don’t see how you could understand,” Jethro said as big frustrating tears ran down his face.
Billy whipped out his big bandanna from his hip pocket and handed it to the big hulk of a cowboy and smiled. “You don’t think I can understand, huh?” he said softly and grinned at Jethro like he was about to drop a bomb in his lap. “I know you got to be smarter than that, Jethro. Ain’t you observed nothing about me this week, Cowboy?” Billy asked.

“Yes, sir, you’s one the most gifted, compassionate, thoughtful, and strong young men it’s ever been my good fortune to meet. You demand respect on all fronts and will accept nothing less than the very best from your slaves, your family, and your close friends. I knew the minute I saw what them Irin slaves done the second time you weren’t gonna’ be happy with it, and I gotta’ admit I was as disappointed wiff’ ‘em as you were. You had a right to feel anger and disappointment. I agree with everything you told Hank and Buck about ‘em. I ain’t try’n to flatter you none or blow smoke up your fine looking cowboy ass, but it’s been a real pleasure serving you this past week. It’s an experience I will always treasure and remember the rest of my life. I seen me the worst of the bad side of life, and I have to say under your boot, as your slave, I have seen the best of life in general, and what it has to offer. You would never let another man use you for his satisfaction,” Jethro said with conviction.   
Billy looked at him for a minute and smiled, “Awe, shucks, for such a big, burly, hulk of a man, you can sometimes be more naive than six year old little boy. That part of you is fetching. It’s really been rough on me having you follow me around all week like you’s a lost puppy dog. Actually, you been helpful, and you don’t miss a thing. You been a delight to have by my side this week. You remind me of another big cowboy what lives in our town. His name is Bubba, and you men share the same misguided innocence. I don’t think there’s a mean bone in either of your bodies, but there’s some animal pheromones you men give off what makes my cock drip all damn day. I gotta’ keep it wrapped in paper towels with a rubber band around it to keep from soiling ma’ Wranglers. Don’t believe me?” Billy asked, stood, undid his huge rodeo belt buckle and let his Wranglers drop to his boot tops to display his sizable member wrapped in paper towels with a couple of rubber bands around it to hold it in place. It struck Jethro as funny, and as hard as he tried not to show disrespect, he slapped the table with his open hand, and double over with laughter. He laughed the whole time Billy pulled up his Wranglers, zipped them up, and set his belt.

Billy sat down and looked across the table at Jethro and grinned, “There’s a little boy inside you, Jethro, what is so loving and gentle he don’t want to see the bad parts of reality. He don’t even want to look upon the face of uncertainty. He wants to live inside the holodeck of your mind lost in the Delta quadrant of space and create his own safe reality what works best for him. Now, I ain’t fault’n that for a minute, 'cause I’ll be honest wiff’ ya,’ I come to love that little boy this last week and would fight to my last breath to protect him from harm and the great evil-bear of uncertainty. I see what Doc Oatie sees in you, and why he sent you to me under the conditions he set. He wants you to make the choice of where your life will go after your time with me, but I’m afraid he’s been read’n too much Richard Bach. Bach wrote, ‘If you truly love someone, set him free; if he returns he’s yours; if he don’t, he never was.’ He’s leaving it up to you and me. I won’t tell you what to do, but I will try to help you understand what you wanna’ do,” Billy said.  

“Like I said, Master Billy, whatever you can do for me, I will be grateful,” Jethro said without nuance.

“Just out of curiosity, how do you see my relationships with my four cowboy angel protectors?” Billy asked.

“They are equal in your sight. Each one brings a different strength to you and while they all love you equally you have a closer bond with the one you call Nick or Tonto,” Jethro replied.

“That’s right. Do you have any idea what our relationship might be like?” Billy asked.

“No, sir, but I know they’s all your slaves,” Jethro said, “And so is your number one protector, Boomer,” he added.

“Are you aware Boomer is my husband and bonded mate?” Billy asked.

“No!” Jethro said sharply like he didn’t believe it.

“I will never lie to you, Jethro,” Billy said softly.

“Sorry, Master, I didn’t mean to imply you were. It just come as a complete surprise. Forgive me, Master Billy,” Jethro said and hung his head.

“You’re forgiven, slave. As a matter of fact, the small lady you heard play music with us is carrying our son, Billy Junior,” Billy said, “Furthermore, Nick Samuels and I have the exact same relationship you and Oatie have,” Billy said quietly.

“Angel Nick is your dad?” Jethro asked.

“I never had no dad other than my granddaddy for the first ten years of my life. When Nick come along and his spaceship crashed in the middle of the James river, I saved his life. It seems the custom of giving yourself to another what saved your life ain’t just a primitive thing. It is a constant throughout the universe. When you gave your word to become Doc Oatie’s slave it was as valid as a written document signed with your own blood. Nick gave himself to me to become my slave, but we also fell in love with each other. He offered to become my surrogate dad, and I accepted. I am his master and own everything he brought with him to Earth including his spaceship and all the people on board, but I’m his son and he’s my dad,” Billy explained.

“That’s amazing. Are the rumors I hear about him true, Master Billy?” Jethro asked.

“Yes, but they’s two sides to every coin, Jethro. He’s only a demon when we’re alone together, and we let our hair down. He only does it because he knows it not only turns me on, I feel comfortable with him in that form. Nick makes an impressive demon. When I tell people I got me a dad what’s a demon in the sack, they think I’m making a joke,” Billy said and grinned, “Tell you what. This e’nin I’ll take you to the line cabin where we make our den, and you can spend the evening with us. You can observe us up-close and personal being informal with each other. Maybe you’ll get some idea about what you want, how you might make it work, and it just might help you make the right decision. I’ll contact Oatie this evening and tell him he can come visit this weekend, but I’ll need you for another week,” Billy said.

“I miss my master, sir, but I wouldn’t mind another week being your go-for, Master Billy. I’d love to see what them other cows come up with,” Jethro agreed.

It was Friday evening, and Billy decided to get away a little early. It was a hectic week and he wanted some time to relax with his immediate family. They got the twins, Boomer, and Jethro together. Billy and Nick discussed taking Jethro with them for the night, and Nick thought it was a good idea. “Will it cut into our play time, Kemosabe?” he asked.

“Not in the least. I want my demon dad to relax, let his hair down, and take care of his hungry, hungry hippo-buckaroo son. I know we been experimenting with me morphing to become your demon son, but our demon routine gets pretty rowdy sometimes. I think I’ll leave the demon morph’n to you tonight. We don’t want to scare the holy crap out of our guest slave,” Billy said and laughed, “On the other hand, I rather like the metaphor,” he added and laughed.

“I always wanted to fuck you before an audience,” Nick said.

“Be careful what you wish for, it’s exactly what I got in mind, Tonto. I want him to see he can have a similar relationship with Doc Oatie. It won’t be same because Jethro don’t have the intellect you got or the history of different life situations to draw comparisons from, and he certainly ain’t as sure of his’self as you -- one of your stronger points, I might add -- but I think I can enhance him enough to get him over the doubts he’s got. My final task for them two is to convince Doc Oatie what he needs to invest to keep Jethro fine tuned and working properly,” Billy explained.

“Sounds like a tall order. While I think Oatie Breedlove is a highly intelligent man, I think he’s a bit on the lazy side when it comes to interpersonal relationships. He’s depended on his granddad for so many years, he don’t have to think much about them things. Ain’t no doubt he’s a handsome cuss and built like the proverbial brick shit-house, but in other ways, I agree with Jethro, you two are enough alike to be brothers. Like you say about the animals what owns you, Jethro is going to require some investment on his master’s part; howsomever, if anybody can do it, and make it work, my money’s on you, my handsome monster in training,” Nick said.

“Monster in training?” Billy asked and grinned, “I like that. You do say the sweetest things sometime, Tonto,” he added, “Does that mean I’m a junior monster?” Billy asked.

“Aww, Hell, you was that when I met chu,’” Nick shot back, and they fell together laughing.

“I wonder if the Boy Scouts give merit badges for ‘Junior Demon’ since I can’t get one for suck’n demon cock?” Billy asked.

“You done told me you used to suck off the Scout Master. Did he ever give you anything for your hard work?” Nick asked with a wry grin.

“Yeah, he gimme’ a brownie to eat with it,” Billy said and they shared another round of laughter.

Billy and Nick allowed the twins to wing-up and transport them to the cabin. They practiced all week and wanted to show their stuff. They did an excellent job and Billy lavished them with praise. Jethro made a mental note how many times Billy sincerely complimented or encouraged someone around him.

Since it was the end of the week Billy asked his family if they wanted some herbs to relax them a bit? Everyone, including Nick thought it would be a good idea. Billy made a small fire and put the coffee pot on to boil. Before he poured each one a cup, he added Hank and Buck’s herbs into the coffee pot and set it aside for the grounds to settle.

The twins took Boomer off to the bath to groom him for the night then brought him in by the fire to blow dry and comb out his fur. Billy told Jethro to grab a brush, Boomer was an equal opportunity community project. Jethro seemed to enjoy being included as part of the family. He and Billy finished brushing Boomer while the twins went off to the shower to clean themselves in case their giant husband wanted a piece of halfling tail. They decided to beat the rush and morphed into their king-size ‘ready-to-fuck’ bodies of Moss Garrett and Enoch Redbone. Jethro was a bit shaken to see two huge men return from the bathroom naked as the day they were born.

“It’s all right, slave. The twins morph into bigger men, because they’s too small for Boomer to fuck as halflings. They got Moss and Enoch’s permission to gather their DNA so’s they could morph to look like them to pleasure our giant-economy size husband,” Billy explained.

“Was that ability part of their enhancements, sir?” Jethro asked.

“No, they was born with the ability. Them two can morph into pretty much any critter they choose, but I got an understanding with them, they don’t unless they got my permission,” Billy said.

“Sounds reasonable,” Jethro said.

Billy explained about the herbs they take with the coffee, “Hank and Buck managed to bring some herbs back with them from Retikki Prime. They are relaxing and can be rather mind bending; however, I think with you, they just might have the effect of allowing you to see differently about some things,” Billy said to Jethro.

“I’ll try anything you recommend. I know you won’t hurt me or give me something what would harm me. I trust you, Master Billy,” Jethro said.

“I don’t know whether you should trust me or not. Do you trust me, Pa?” Billy asked Nick and winked at Jethro.

“Not a bit, Kemosabe. I would never turn my back on you and bend over when you got a hard-on,” Nick replied and grinned.

“Aww, you’s just a real sweetheart tonight, Tonto,” Billy said and laughed. Jethro joined him. Of all Master Billy’s good qualities, Jethro thought he liked his host master’s sense of easy humor best.

After their cup of coffee, the twins and Boomer said their ‘goodnights’ and went to the loft in the barn to play hide the giant green anaconda. Billy helped Jethro off with his boots. The big man was so touched a man of his host master’s station in life was humbling himself to do such a menial task for him he was reduced to tears. Billy looked at him and smiled, “You’s family ain’t chu, Bubba Bear?” was Billy’s reply to the question on Jethro’s face.

“I’m proud to say I would like to consider myself a part of your family, sir, and honored and humbled you might think on me that way,” Jethro replied.

“Come with me, Bubba Bear, and I’ll take you to the shower. We try to keep all the livestock in our family clean and healthy,” Billy said offering his hand to the man. Jethro took his hand and followed him to the bathroom like a little boy. Billy got him a clean towel, a washcloth, and showed him how the shower worked.

“Use the hose to clean your lower track. In this crazy den of iniquity one can never be sure what might be expected of them. As a former Boy Scout I try to live my life by the motto ‘Be Prepared,’ and I expect the same from my family and livestock. Actually, it should be the motto of every man what enjoys his vice versa. Clean yourself good so’s you’ll be ready for anything, slave,” Billy explained. He didn’t have to elaborate. Jethro nodded he understood Billy’s meaning.

“When you finish, return to the living area,” Billy said.

“I promise, I’ll be clean, Master Billy,” he said like a little boy.

Billy left Jethro to his ablutions and returned to the living area. Nick poured them another cup of coffee. Billy helped Nick with his boots and gave him a hand with his clothes. Billy only had one cup of the herb laced coffee but the sight of his lead angel-cowboy in the buff stirred something deep in his gut closely akin to an internal supernova. He could only define it as lust of the first magnitude. He drank just enough of the herbs to wonder if he might be capable of creating stars in other galaxies from his lust for his demon dad alone.

“Ya’on’t me to clean up after the livestock,” Nick asked, and watched Billy break up at his question. He started laughing, too. “Ah, hell, ya’ know what I mean -- after Jethro gets through in the shower,” Nick added.

“Have I told you lately how wonderful your cowboy speak has become? You break me up sometimes the way you express yourself. You put my uncle and his mate to shame, but you still got a ways to go to catch up wiff’ my bull of the hill country. He’s a walking compendium of cowboy lingo,” Billy complimented Nick, “To answer your question, hail no, I don’t want you to clean up. I can smell you from here, and the only thing what would keep me from eating you right now is a Hosanna cake -- IF’N WE HAD ANY!” Billy exclaimed loudly as if to drop a special delivery none-too-subtle hint into his uncle-in-law’s laps. Nick broke up laughing at him.

“Did prayers ever work for you, Kemosabe?” Nick asked.

“No,” Billy said with a frown.

“Don’t expect your loud exhortations to work with them big watchers neither,” Nick said and threw his arms around his master.

“Hosanna! You smell so good, I swear you become a true man of the Earth, Tonto,” Billy complimented Nick.

“Rumor has it, us angels were made from the same stuff as humans which sprang from the Earth,” Nick said as he bussed a kiss behind Billy’s ear. “When do you want me to change into your demon dad?” he asked softly.

“Talk with our guest. See if you can get him to open up to you. Ease him into the idea by slowly changing in stages while you’re talking. Answer any questions he might have. I know you’ll be honest with him. I told him, you and I got almost the same relationship him and Doc Oatie have,” Billy explained.

“That’s true enough, but I wonder if he’s got the mental dexterity to apply one to the other,” Nick said.

“I’m hope’n them herbs will help, and I know you got a soft spot for him. Give him a few pointers on how to be a daddy to his master. The whole concept seems to confuse him,” Billy lamented. “Why does it work so easy for us?” Billy asked.

“Pure ‘D’ old down home country cowboy loving,” Nick replied, “With a couple of kinks thrown in for good measure,” he added, and they shared a laugh.

“I ain’t ask’n for no miracles, Tonto,” Billy said.

“I know. I promise, as your guardian angel and faithful cowboy slave, I’ll do me best, Kemosabe. The rest is up to him, the herbs, and you -- oh, yes, and Master Oatie,” Nick said.

Jethro returned from the bathroom. He didn’t put a towel around himself. He figured if he was naked going into the bathroom, it was all right to return that way. Billy nodded to him, excused himself, and passed him on the way to the shower. Nick and Jethro were left alone. Nick was already starting to morph into his demon persona and Jethro couldn’t take his eyes off him. Billy explained to him what would happen, but it was something else to watch the mature, fine looking cowboy slowly change into a giant red demon with big red ram horns growing, curling up and around Nick’s handsome head. His body was growing larger until he was a little larger than Jethro himself. Jethro was about the same size as Moss and Enoch. Jethro didn’t want to stare, but he couldn’t help himself as he watched Nick’s penis grow into a much larger size. The morphing creature seemed to have black speed bumps spiraling the length of his red demon cock and his big balls hung heavy and low in a large leathery red sack. They swung freely when he walked. He didn’t seem to have any hair around his pubic areas. Nick’s muscles grew until they bulged from his arms, legs, and torso. He looked like a massive body builder painted red. He still had the same handsome face, but it was more sharply defined with a pronounce ridge running from his eye, across his forehead and curving down to his other eye. His nose was flat, and his nostrils flared when he breathed. Jethro was so impressed by Nick’s growing appearance he popped a boner.

“Oh, Nick -- sir, you are becoming the image of a dark power any man would find fascinating, but if they didn’t understand, terrifying. I can understand why Billy fell in love with you and thinks on you as his dad. The full effect of your appearance is every young rebellious boy’s fantasy of a dream dad. It’s no wonder them religious folks go crazy when their sons and daughters rebel and listen to music inspired by such. Anarchy stands solid in the face of fear, superstition, and ignorance. Did you invent and create the image of yourself as a demon?” Jethro asked.

“Not the physical size or appearance,” Nick replied, “When I first became a free agent as an angel, I was traveling from one local world to another in a different galaxy doing what I could for the indigent sentient species. Because of mechanical problems, I was forced to land on a world out of my way which was unlisted on any of the astronomical charts. There were intelligent creatures what looked just like this, living there developing a peaceful, rather Utopian society for themselves. They treated me and my crew like honored guests. They were good to us to a fault and shared their lives and their love with us. We stayed and lived peacefully among them. We were fascinated by them. We enjoyed their culture and company until we repaired our ship, said some tearful goodbyes, and continued on our journey.

“Over the course of our protracted stay, several had accidents, and I absorbed their DNA to heal them. We didn’t return until several hundred years later and found they were all destroyed by another alien society who didn’t like them because they were so unusual and alien looking to other bipedal creatures. One of their most handsome features is this long sturdy tail they evolved from their earlier days to become a barbed weapon when in defensive mode capable of doing considerable damage in hand to hand combat.

“On the other hand, I seen them retract the barb and use it to show affection to another of their species by wrapping it around their neck and caressing them gently like this,” Nick said, and easily moved his long tail around Jethro’s shoulders, gently pulled him close, and used the very tip to massage his neck tenderly. The huge cowboy shuddered like someone was using his spine like a xylophone. Nick leaned over and bussed a kiss behind Jethro’s ear, “This is all I have to remember them by,” Nick whispered in his deep, dark demon voice, “and I recall their image often from my DNA data base to honor their memory. It just so happens, my new son shares my appreciation for the power and the raw sexual excitement of their physical beauty and uniqueness,” Nick said.

“I may be plumb dumb as a box of rocks, sir, but I shore’ as hell can understand that,” Jethro said, “I would do the same for my master, if’n I could. I wish’t he was here to enjoy this wiff’ me,” he added.
Nick poured them another cup of coffee. As a demon, he now stood a head taller and much more massive that Jethro. The slave was stunned, but drinking it all in like he was young kid on the ‘Hades’ ride at Disneyland. “Have you enjoyed your week with us, Son?” Nick asked. Jethro noticed Nick’s voice became deep, powerful, and commanding.

“More than I can tell you, sir. I ain’t never been so impressed with a young man Master Billy’s age. Most got their heads up their butts and can only think of two things; cunt, and booze. I speak from first hand experience. As you know, I ain’t real good with personal relationships and women are a painfully confusing world for me. I had my fair share of ‘em, but never could find one what wanted me for who I am. Ain’t no wonder. I ain’t got much go’n for me other than being big, with a decent size cock. I got ma’ balls clipped too many times by women what threw me over for some little guy with a tiny prick what was educated, smart, and made lots of money.

“I ain’t got me much learn’n. I didn’t seem to be able to learn like the other kids in school. The military didn’t care. They just wanted bodies. If you could field strip a rifle and shoot it, they took you. While I’s in the service, I jumped the fence and became the big brother to a smaller man what I fell in love with. He didn’t care how dumb I was. He loved me because I was big, I looked out for him, and I returned his affection for me. He treated me like I’s his big daddy, and I treated him like my little boy. He loved to service my big cock, and I fucked his tight little ass until he spoke in tongues. He was killed in a great battle. I got shot up, and I come home a broken man more confused than ever.

“I tried to get back into a routine but failed miserably. I couldn’t hold a job. The least little thing would set me off, but rather than stand up and confront the problem, I turned and ran. I lost everything and became a daddy long-leg until Doc Oatie saved my life,” Jethro explained, giving the Reader’s Digest version of his sad life, “I’m almost ten years Master Billy’s senior, but I don’t feel near as secure about life as he does. That’s my problem with Master Oatie. Since he got his granddaddy back to fuck him, he won’t need me no more. I’m beginning to see you might have something to do with Master Billy’s maturity,” Jethro said.

“Perhaps, a little, but he was pretty much the same as he is today when I woke up in this cabin after my ship crashed. He risked his own life to rescue me. I was an alien and he didn’t know nothing about me. He asked me if I tried to kiss him, would I eat his face?” Nick said, and they shared a laugh.

“Billy told me briefly about your past. Was it a difficult adjustment for you to become a slave after working hard to gain your freedom?” Jethro asked.

“I didn’t have no choice. The man saved my life. What life I got left I owe to him, but that don’t answer your question. It was probably easier for me the second time around, because I watched Billy closely and come to understand he needed me to become his slave. If’n I’s to be honest with you, I wanted to become a part of his family. I needed to be his slave to make it happen. Of all the many choices I made in my long life, it was the easiest. Practically a 'no-brainer.’ It probably would have been harder for me if I never been a slave before, but I been there and learned how to adjust. It also didn’t hurt none that I fell in love with Billy. I fell so hard I hit the Earth with a loud resounding thud. I realized, I finally fit the metaphor of a fallen angel,” Nick declared, and they laughed together.

“Do you find it difficult to be his slave and play the role of his dad?” Jethro asked.

“‘At’s a fair question. No, I find it has more security than my previous gigs for several thousand years. I worked hard, kept my nose clean to gain my freedom, but once I got it, I held onto it like a dog guarding a bone. In a nutshell, being a freeman can be a lot of work and worry. The word ‘responsibility’ is like a flashing neon sign outside the window of a cheap hotel. It lights up in your brain and flashes on and off when you’re awake and while you sleep. The things you get right ain’t stored in a tidy little computer file you can easily access or a vault for you to pull out a locked box and count success like a stack of gold coins to feel good and secure about yourself, but the things you get wrong creep back into your mind night after night to haunt and torment you like real demons might. As a matter of fact, that’s how the idea of demons got started. Man creates his own demons from the part of him what’s closest to his animal fears. He takes them to bed with him, and they lie down together for a fit-filled sleep. Since I been Billy’s slave, I don’t have them nightmares no more,” Nick allowed.

Nick continued, “Being Billy’s slave is like a vacation for me. I don’t have to deal with none of that. Well, that ain’t totally true, because I got responsibilities to my master, but they’s small by comparison. As Billy’s slave and dad, I got one man to focus my attention on, and at the risk of fitting the religious mien of the devil being vain, I’m the right man for the job. Here, in this cabin, away from the daily grind of being 'bossman’ he can relax and lean on me to recharge his batteries. I just make damn sure he’s taken care of like he wants and needs. I understood it would be my job when I become his demon dad. When we’s alone, I take over. I take charge, and he can feel free to let me because he knows he can trust me. I also make damn sure I never challenge his authority. I make suggestions, but I don’t get upset if he don’t take my advice,” Nick said.

“I understand what Master Billy was trying to tell me. You do have a similar relationship like I got with Master Oatie, but I ain’t got your self-assurance or smarts to provide what you do for Master Billy,” Jethro lamented.

“Don’t discount yourself, Son. You already done got a track record with Doc Oatie as a proven bull. You got a better’n an average cock. You know how to use it don’t you?” Nick asked.

“Yes, sir, Master Oatie ain’t never faulted me on my fuck’n skills. When I complained I weren’t very smart, he told me he didn’t want me smart. He said if I was gonna’ be his slave he wanted to keep me just like I am, because if I learned too much I might not fuck him so good. He said he thought big, dumb cowboys made the best fuckers because they didn’t have a lot going on in their brains to break their concentration to finish the job. He tells me I’m one of the best fuckers he ever had, but then I don’t know he’s had that many, other than his granddad. From what I heard about Elmer’s cock, I don’t measure up,” Jethro replied. “Why would he want me when he can have the bull of the hill country?” Jethro asked like he was hurting.

“Not to worry. We can fix it for you, Son. We can give you a cock what can whistle ‘Dixie’ in three part harmony,” Nick said and grinned, “We cain’t let the good doctor of our family lay his head down at night without making sure he’s properly satisfied. We’ll provide the tool -- you provide the man power. I think you’re give’n Master Oatie a short-shift and read’n his relationship with his granddad wrong. His granddad stepped into the role as his surrogate dad when Oatie most needed guidance and encouragement. It was a winning combination for both. Things have changed since then. Elmer’s been in that nursing home almost six years. That’s over half a decade and a lot can change in that length of time.

“As I understand it, you been Doc Oaties slave almost as long, and if you two’s been make’n the beast wiff’ two backs all this time, you’s bonded tighter’n Gorilla glue. Oatie’s become his own man and Elmer has other love interest he’s gonna’ pursue since he’s been restored. Elmer asked Vox Humana to marry him last weekend, and while Elmer and Oatie might bump a few times to reestablish Elmer’s position as head bull of their branch of our family, Elmer’s main love interest is going to be his relationship with Vox. There’s more to Vox and Elmer’s relationship than you know right now what makes it a done deal in their world. To my way a’ think’n, Oatie is gonna’ need his’self a good hearted, strong slave to be his daddy, especially since Master Billy brought the Breedloves into his family,” Nick explained.

“I didn’t know about Master Elmer’s relationship with Mr. Vox, sir,” Jethro said quietly like Nick’s words were a revelation what could change the ball game.

Nick and Jethro finished their second cup of coffee. Billy told Nick he wanted to get at least one cup of the herb laced coffee into Jethro before he changed into his demon dad persona to act as a cushion for his psyche. After the initial shock, the big man didn’t have any problem with Billy’s family winging up or transporting people hither and yon. He didn’t seem to have a problem with Nick morphing into a demon. Billy hoped what Jethro was about to witness would be an easy transition, and he could make a metaphorical, if not literal, application of Nick and Billy’s relationship to his own situation with Doc Oatie; perhaps, use the experience as a mental template.

Billy returned to the living area in front of the fire. He didn’t bother to don a robe as the cabin was comfortable enough with the small fire in the fireplace. Besides, Nick was naked in his full demon dad morph, and Jethro was still naked. He poured Nick, Jethro, and himself another cup of coffee. He could tell from the way Jethro’s eyes followed him when he walked back into the room, the herbs were producing their desired effect. The big man immediately sprung a huge erection and blushed like a school boy with his first crush on a pretty girl...or boy. Nick saw their guest slave’s roaring hard-on, slapped his knee, and fell over on the couch laughing. The herbs were taking effect with him, too. Billy had to admit he was beginning to let go of his own inhibitions. Billy knew he was a sexual animal, and he flaunted it without mercy.

“You all right, Bubba Bear?” Billy asked Jethro in a concerned voice.

“Yes, sir, Master Billy. I think I let go of my last shred of decency about ten minutes ago when yore’ daddy wrapped his big tail around my neck, pulled me close, and stole a kiss. I kissed my 'decency’ goodbye, patted it on its cute little butt, and sent it on its way. I told it not to come back until this fine feeling goes away,” he said.

“That’s the way you’s suppose to feel, slave. You look decent enough for me, Bubba Bear. What do you think, Pa?” Billy asked Nick who was grinning from ear to ear.

“Downright decent, I’d say, Kemosabe,” Nick replied.   

“I realize the problem with having a third party witness two others have sex is in questionable taste. It’s like throwing a banquet and telling your guest he can’t sit down to eat with you. It ain’t only inhospitable, it might be considered downright rude and unforgivable; however -- you know there always has to be a 'but’ or 'however’ before a man tries to justify something which in all conscience can’t be done -- we invited you to observe us and you agreed. Try to think on our coupling before you as if you’re watching  an underground pornographic video on the holodeck of the Star Ship Voyager. As 7 of 9, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-One, might say, since this is to be a live performance, perhaps I should set some parameters.

“Even though I consider you an unassembled slave, you are the guest of our collective. You may sit on the leather couch on the holodeck and observe the action. You’re certainly free to play with yourself. I’ll get you a towel in case you have an accident, but I want you to try to control yourself. Once ma’ pa and I get done with our unconventional sub-human animalistic rut, I will relieve you of your sperm. You already know it’s the way my species gets people’s genetic information for assimilation. After watching our coupling, you should be ripe for harvesting. I got your master’s, his granddad, and his ramrod’s, DNA on file. I have assimilated them into the hive of my Borg collective body, and I must have yours to have on file in case of an emergency or any modifications you might wish which your master might agree upon,” Billy explained, then grinned and added, “Resistance is futile!”
Nick and Jethro broke up laughing at Billy’s hyperbole and riff on a Star Trek theme. Nick apologized for his surrogate son, claiming the herbs sometimes did funny things to his cortical implants, to say nothing of his voracious ass. Nick could level Billy when he was being pompous or officious and quickly bring him down to Earth. Billy broke up laughing.

“Ya’ll go on ahead and do your thing, sir. Don’t chu’ worry about me none. I’ll be fine,” Jethro assured Billy.

“I’m sure you will,” Nick said and gave their guest slave a hug.

Jethro was fascinated by the scale-like skin down Nick’s backside which ran from his shoulders to just above his buttocks from where his large, thick tail emanated. Nick’s demon ass was like something from Jethro’s deepest, darkest dreams and nagged at him like a recycling deja vu. It was the most perfectly shaped ass he ever saw and called to him to explore its depths. Monster, demon, or whatever Nick morphed into, was the hottest damn thing Jethro ever witnessed and made the slave’s mouth water for a taste. ‘How sick could he be?’ he berated himself.

Billy and Nick went about their business on the bearskin rug before the fireplace. All the lights were out in the cabin and the glow from the fire silhouetted them before their observer. At first, Jethro sat back and relaxed and tried to put himself into the picture, but that didn’t seem to satisfy him. He began to think of riding along with the young cowboy beneath his huge demon making the most provocative love to his human mate Jethro might imagine. He identified with Billy for a while and rode the cayuse of a carrier thought induced by the herbs until he was just about to ejaculate without any manipulation of his penis. He decided to shift gears and jumped from carrier to carrier like a Roman horseman would jump from the back of one animal to another, and he began to imagine himself in the body of the red devil beast before him. He slipped into Nick’s persona like the demon was a fine pair of kid leather gloves which fit him perfectly. Jethro could imagine the feeling of his every move into the body of his young cowboy master Nick loved to the point of worship.

'That’s it!’ Jethro shouted in his brain to himself, 'It’s very much like worship. One sharing the holiness of his temple with another,’ he thought and continued to free associate. Jethro remembered a singing-story he watched every Christmas with his grandma on her small ‘Emerson’ black and white TV. He felt like Amahl, the crippled boy, looking at the gold the night visitors brought with them to gift a special child he didn’t know. All that gold. Like Amahl, Jethro wasn’t a special boy, but why should anyone have such wealth of sexual power while he felt himself a pauper? A used crutch or a broken spirit weren’t much to bring and lay at your master’s feet. It was too sad to contemplate. He thought about Billy’s analogy to the Borg and assimilation into his family. He thought it was an apt metaphor, but Jethro longed to be able to change into a demon like Nick for Oatie. ‘That’s the ticket!' he thought. Then he would have a gift to be proud of he could bring forth and lay before his master; perhaps, to overwhelm him with his superhuman ability to satisfy him. He could feel sure of himself and never have to worry about indecision or uncertainty again.

Ah, but it was all an herb induced fantasy, a dream, and yet Nick’s ass called to him like a single siren held captive within a sacred cave on a remote island at the mouth of the Bosphorus in the Dardanelles just beyond the Sea of Marmara, whose voice was so compelling he lost interest in the here and now and the tedium of a plodding reality. As Nick would raise his ass to take another herculean plunge into Billy fine, tight cowboy ass, and the cheeks of his demon ass would open, Jethro could see the dark ring of his sphincter pulsating like a collapsed neutron star rotating at fantastic speed sending Jethro an encoded message only for him; a homing beacon through the night. It called to him on each stroke. The more furious Nick fucked his partner the faster the beacon was flashing its signal. << Come to me, slave. Make love to me. Conjoin with me, and I will grant your greatest wish. You have neither asked for wealth nor high position. You only seek a modicum of security and peace of mind for your troubled soul. We are the Kagoli. We can help you, son of man. You need not be insecure anymore. You will no longer be plagued by demons of the night. Join us, Jethro, and you will honor your masters, the fallen angel, and yourself, by becoming one with us, >> Jethro heard in his mind.      

Jethro watched mesmerized as Nick fucked Billy to climax with his partner working as hard to please his surrogate dad as any good cowboy would ride a fine bull. After their mutual release Jethro remained silent and composed as if waiting for his feast. He knew he would not be denied. Billy and Nick stayed hooked together for sometime locked in the ecstasy of the afterglow of their sexual release. They whispered to each other of their love with compliments for both on their efforts. Tears began to run down Jethro’s cheeks uncontrolled. He wasn’t crying per se. There was a wellspring of joy flowing from within which overwhelmed his senses. He didn’t move until he heard Billy’s quiet voice. “Did you survive the aftershock, Bubba Bear?” he asked.

“I’m a changed man, Master Billy. I look forward to more changes,” Jethro replied. He watched as Nick slowly rotated his hips and began to sweetly fuck his mate again with long slow strokes. It aways seemed to bond them tighter when Nick fucked Billy more gently like he was paying homage to his mate for having tamed the beast within him. They didn’t have to explain the concept to Jethro. He was riding the crest of a herbal wave, hanging ten over the front of his mental surfboard. Nick heard a small voice like that of a young boy. It was Jethro kneeling behind him. “May this humble slave make love to your demon hole, Captain Nick? A people called the Kagoli called to me in song and sang they would grant me my wish to become a demon dad for my master,” Jethro asked sincerely.

“Lemme’ think on it for a minute, Bubba Bear. I gotta’ take it up with our master. We communicate with our minds, but I’ll get back to you in a few minutes,” Nick said.

<< What do you think, Kemosabe? >> Nick asked.

<< He has excellent taste, and we should lock up the expensive wines? >> Billy asked, and laughed in his mind. He felt Nick laughing on top of him, << Lord knows, I done et myself my fair share of demon butt. Yumm! I think it’s helped me in my efforts to become yore’ demon son, >> Billy added.

<< It has, but there’s a reason. They’s something I ain’t never told you. Remember that episode of Voyager where them cybernetic Borg critters was assimilate’n everybody with them nano-probes so’s they could turn them into Borg-bots, sort of like the way Fox news brainwashes conservative T-party zombies on your planet? >> Nick asked.

<< Yeah, what of it? >> Billy asked and laughed at Nick.

<< The demon race comes from the Delta quadrant of space. There were several classes of humanoids: A, B, C, and D. They were known as ‘D-men.’ Their name for themselves were Kagoli. They produce an enzyme in their lower track what will bond with another humanoid species’ DNA to add theirs to the human strand and give them the ability to make a perfect morph to their species; but, it ain’t permanent; it’s also reversible. The enzymes slowly build a switch which grows to connect with the brain in a bio-electrical differentiation of logic like an X/Or (either/or) gate. It was thought by some experts on our ship they developed the function to either increase their species symbiotically, or it was a protective social measure. If someone became them, they would not fear them. It was the American Indian idea of walking a mile in another man’s moccasins, or if moccasins were unavailable, his body would do nicely. We could always tell when the crew messed around with the natives and eat’n themselves a little demon butt. Before the enzymes fully manifested themselves, and they got full control, their bodies would start to morph one part at a time. The first time it happened we thought they were trying to take us over, but they assured us we had a choice. When we found we could morph back and forth, the crew embraced the function rather than try to eradicate it. They could have sex in either form. They didn’t want to give up the variety of being able to do both. Many passed on the trait to other young D-men and women. Their offspring were born with the ability. You’re developing the ability without assimilating Kagoli DNA,” Nick explained.
<< But what about them voices he heard? >> Billy asked.

<< Many have claimed to hear voices calling to them so strong they couldn’t resist. How did he know their name? I ain’t never shared it with you. I ain’t got no doubt Jethro heard them. We never learned everything about the Kagoli, and we still don’t know how them herbs work on the brain, >> Nick replied.

<< I think he wants it for himself, Tonto, >> Billy said.

<< No doubt in my mind, Kemosabe, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. We both know and understand why he wants it, >> Nick replied.
<< Tell him to dive in and eat his fill. He’s got my blessing, but you might give him the option, >> Billy said.

<< Understood, Kemosabe, >> Nick repied.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Son. You still hungry?” Nick asked.

“Starving, sir,” Jethro replied.

“Them voices you heard calling were from my body when I’m in this form. You ain’t hallucinating, you really heard them. If you proceed, you will ingest alien enzymes which will slowly grow inside your body conjoining your DNA with theirs, what will allow you to morph into a demon dad like me and back again. It won’t happen over night. It might take several months to a year, but we will help you if it’s what you want,” Nick explained.

“I know I got a choice. I usually ain’t good at making choices for myself, but this one I know is right. They done told me it’s what I need to become a good slave for Master Oatie, and it’s the most important thing in my life right now. I want them to assimilate me so we may share my master together,” Jethro said.

“Our master said you could chow down, Son. Help yourself. Let us know when you had your fill,” Nick said and Jethro attacked Nick rosebud like a beggar late for feast. Nick continued to slowly fuck Billy and moaned a few times at the ecstasy of having his ass rimmed and the wonderful sensation of fucking at the same time. Nick relaxed his heavy red tail and let it rest down Jethro’s back. He reached underneath the slave, and with his barb retracted, he gently felt about Jethro’s hole. The big man immediately spread his knees apart, reached back with his hand, grabbed Nick’s tail, and guided it up his ass. Jethro greased himself well with some bag balm he found in a small tin on top of the toilet after his clean-out session in the shower. He was fully ready to accept Nick’s tail, and Nick was more than willing to accommodate him. Nick’s tail was almost as sensitive as his cock, and he slowly began to fuck Jethro deeper with each stroke he took into his young master’s ass. Jethro went crazy making love to Nick’s asshole and getting fucked by the giant demon’s tail at the same time. The herbs were doing their job and there was no doubt the Kagoli were doing their part.

Nick couldn’t remember a time he had such a relaxing and wonderful sexual time with two men.
He thought this might be an omen of some kind. Perhaps Jethro being sent to them was more than just a chance happening from their association with the Breedloves. Maybe it was the herbs, but that night, and the ease with which it came together had the unmistakable imprint of the Grigori written all over it. The sensuality became too much for Nick, and he announced to them he was about to climax. Billy assured him he was ready, and Jethro just moaned real loud. “If you shoot, slave, catch yourself with your hand,” Billy hollered to Jethro. There were lots of moans and groans like it was one of the hardest won climaxes each man ever experienced. They broke apart, Billy took Jethro’s hand, and licked his ejaculate from it. “Consider yourself assimilated, slave,” Billy said and smiled.

“Twice,” Nick allowed, “Assimilated by them little buggers up my butt, and one big cowboy bugger what we call our master,” Nick added, and they shared a laugh.

“When you’re right, you’re right, Kemosabe,” Billy said. “Come, Bubba Bear, and give your master a kiss -- then give my demon dad a big hug and a sloppy cowboy kiss who provided us both a wonderful treat this evening,” Billy ordered.

Jethro kissed Billy hard and deep to express his joy and thanks for what he experienced and shared with the young master and his demon dad. Next he kissed Nick in his demon persona and got another roaring erection. “I can’t thank you men enough for sharing something so intimate with me,” he said.

“How do you want to handle it with Doc Oatie? He’s coming to the ranch tomorrow with his granddad and Vox. Ramrod Reed will be here, too,” Billy asked.

“Tell him you’re pleased with my progress, and he shouldn’t worry none. You already told him you need another week with me. Angel Nick told me about Elmer and Vox git’n hitched while you’s in the shower. I didn’t know about it. Master Oatie never mentioned it. It changes things. I panicked and just assumed the worst for me with Elmer coming home. Nick helped me see Master Oatie’s gonna’ need a good daddy, and I got me some new partners work’n in ma’ body what might gimme’ an edge up on the bull of the hill country. We both know, after this e’nin, there ain’t no way in hell I can become a freeman; nor do I want to become a daddy long-leg again. I can’t live like that no more. There’s just one other thing I would ask of you Master Billy,” Jethro said.

“I got me an idea. Ever’ chance you get you’s over talk’n with my new slave Orville,” Billy said.

“Yes, sir, I think what you done to him is hotter’n hell. Can you make me look like him and your black slave Balthazar?” Jethro asked.

“I can make you better than Orville. We’ll work together and try different things. We’ll find the inner slave in you what will make you comfortable in your skin,” Billy promised, “What do you plan to tell your master, Son?” Billy asked.

“I’ll leave that to you. I will be my usual self. I trust you, Master Billy. You’ll think of something to tell him what will give him hope but keep enough back to allow him to discover his new improved slave for himself,” Jethro said.

“You’re changing, Bubba Bear. You made a firm commitment just then, and I will bust my cowboy butt to see it works out the way you want it. I’ll give your good master just enough to encourage him, but leave him to ponder for another week,” Billy said.    

Billy ordered everyone to bed. He envited Jethro to share their bed. It was big enough for the three. Billy slept on one side of Nick and Jethro on the other. After Nick returned from the shower he donned his wings and lay down between the men. He covered them with his expanded wings to keep them warm and bring them peaceful dreams. Billy dreamed of a miniature scale model of his city and marveled at the beauty of it and it’s simplicity. If he could only realize that dream. Jethro dreamed he was among the Kagoli and his body was starting to morph into a demon. He wasn’t afraid. They were with him and lovingly guided him on his journey. The last effects of the herbs made him ask himself a question: ‘Why did I have to morph into a demon to become the man I always wanted to be?’

* * * * * * *
The next day was Saturday and the extended family was coming. Billy got up to put the coffee on and let out a great 'whoop’ and started laughing. Nick and Jethro sat up in bed to see what he was going on about. “Hosanna cakes!” he shouted and held up one of eight boxes of the delicious treats. “I don’t know to whom we owe thanks for this surprise, but I know you’re out there listening. I want you to know I couldn’t be more please. I won’t presume on your generosity often, but when a cowboy git’s the hongries for a Hosanna cake he’ll stop at nothing to git one. Hosanna!” Billy exclaimed.

“Hosanna in the highest!” Nick and Jethro replied.

Since the corporate raiders choked Hostess bakeries to death and mismanaged the company for the benefit of the top executives of the company for several years it all came to a sad end in 2012. There were no more Twinkies. Healthy or not, many people lamented the loss. It was all carefully planned and big business blamed the unions. Over a hundred billion in worker’s pension funds were wiped out overnight because the raiders made off with the money. It was robbery, plain and simple, but they never were charged for a crime. Billy was planning to get his bakery started as soon as more work force could be morphed and housed.

Billy and his crew, including his naked slave, transported to the big house. Jethro went to the hall closet and got his robe. Most folks on the ranch were used to seeing several nude slaves. They came to accept them as part of the scenery and thought on them as livestock. After seeing them day after day the younger members of the family became accustom to them. They had no problem being around them and chatting with them. They became fond of Jethro. They knew he was on loan from the Breedlove ranch, but they didn’t know the details. Nevertheless, they found him warm, friendly, and would answer their questions honestly.

Moss and Enoch transported back to the ranch after their job was done, and they were there waiting for the McMartin’s and Zelma Jane. The McMartin family arrived the evening before, but Billy and his immediate family left early for the line cabin. Everyone was in the kitchen area waiting for them. The Rutherfords were coming later in the day for lunch and a barbecue in the evening. Rory and Calhoun seemed to be more mature and sure of themselves. They shook the men’s hands instead of insisting on hugs and kisses. Tom said he practiced winging up and transporting him and the boys to every room in their house. Tom was not yet as adapt as some of the others, but his wife and boys were supportive and assured him he would soon be able to transport them from their home to the ranch.

“One day you’ll look for them boys, and they will have flown the coop, Tom,” Billy said in jest.

“Don’t think the thought ain’t crossed my mind, Billy,” he replied and everyone laughed at their exchange.

The day went smoothly. The Tates, including Everett, and their watcher-protector ‘Bear’ arrived. Bear rode in the back of Will’s pickup under a tarp. They left Miranda at home with her family. She was getting better at sending and receiving and could reach out to Master Billy or the sheriff in case she needed them. Kate planned to have two angel-cowboys transport her some scraps after lunch. The Breedloves arrived and of course Elmer was the main attraction. It wasn’t a party until Elmer got there, and his infectious enthusiasm for love and life got everyone in a festive mood. He walked up to Billy, took him into his arms, and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the mouth. Billy responded in kind. Vox wasn’t so presumptuous and settled for a hug. Doc Oatie was next but he kept looking at Jethro standing naked by Billy’s side with his ubiquitous clipboard in his hand. Oatie exchanged joyful greetings with Billy then moved to Jethro. The big man bowed deeply from the waist until Oatie recognized his gesture and told him to stand.

“How are you, Jethro?” Oatie asked like a young boy confronting a lost lover.

“I’m fine, Master Oatie. It’s been a busy week, and I ain’t left Master Billy’s side the whole time, until time to go to my bed in the bunkhouse, sir. I seen unbelievable things and met some wonderful people and creatures. I keep notes for Master Billy and act as a go-for for him,” Jethro replied.

“Can I have a hug and a kiss?” Oatie asked quietly.

“Of course you can, sir,” Jethro replied, and Billy took Jethro’s clipboard from him.

Oatie pulled the naked salve close to his body and held him tight. A silence came over the family. They knew about Otie’s decision to let Billy keep his slave for a week and now for another week. They kissed a loving kiss that would break an angel’s heart, as it did several, including Billy’s. They broke it off, but still remained for a few minutes holding each other tight. “I miss you,” Oatie said.

“You gotta’ know I miss you, too, Master Oatie. You’s in my thoughts night and day,” Jethro said sincerely.

“You’re different, Jethro. Something about you’s changed. I could tell the minute we drove into the compound. You’re standing taller, more filled out, and there’s a glow about you like there’s a great change happening within you,” Oatie said.

“You would know best about that, Master Oatie. You know me better’n anybody, sir,” Jethro replied.

“I won’t push for more. I just want you to know, I love you and contrary to what you might be think’n, I need you. I ain’t never told no man this before, but I’m lost without you. I ain’t try’n to influence your decision none, but I wanted you to know,” Oatie laid his heart on the table.

“Give me one more week, Master Oatie,” Jethro whispered softly and bussed a kiss behind Oatie’s ear.

“I already told Master Billy to keep you another week. Whatever he’s doing is working. You look a hundred percent better than when I sent you over here with Catfish and Mouse. No matter what you decide, I’ll stand by your decision, and help you as much as I can. Ya’ ain’t alone no more. You got family and friends what love you,” Oatie said.

“Thank you, Master Oatie. That’s the kind of man you are, and I love you for your compassion and generosity of spirit,” Jethro said.
They hugged, kissed a quick kiss, and went on about their business.

* * * * * * *
The day passed quickly. After lunch the four ladies to be enhanced went to their rooms and put on their loveliest peignoirs. Billy decided to include Dorcas for her faithfulness and hard work. Kate and Roxanne managed to fit them with nice peignoirs as well. Rather than take the ladies to the barn, Billy decided they would use the ballroom. Everyone gathered and winged up to supply Billy and his four angels with as much power as they could gather with their wings. Jethro was at Billy’s side the whole time. He was wearing a robe and looked uncomfortable. It kept falling open, and he would rush to get it retied. The ladies got their heads together and called him over to them. “Jethro, would you be more comfortable without the robe?” Kate asked.

“Yes, ma’am, but I must obey Master Billy, Mistress Kate,” Jethro replied.

“Gimme’ that robe, Son!” Kate ordered him. Jethro didn’t hesitate, quickly doffed the robe, and handed it to her. She took it to Billy and gave it to him. “We don’t want Jethro to be uncomfortable,” she said firmly.

“Yes, ma’am, Grandma. Jethro don’t leave my side,” Billy said.

“Yes, sir, Master Billy,” he replied.

Oatie and Elmer were astounded. While they admired the ladies' decision, they were beginning to realize Billy and his angels held a certain respect for their slave. They treated him like an honered younger brother.

The ladies enhancements and subsequent fledging was almost of religious proportions. Billy had Vox and Rox fire up the windy beast and played wonderful soft music for the occasion. It took about forty-five minutes and the angels powered down and were finished. Now the ladies only had to wait eight to twelve hours for their wing’s to start growing in. Oatie managed to get Billy by himself after the Barnyard concert. Billy sent Jethro off to be with his four main men and Orville. They walked away from the crowd and began to talk. “How is he coming alone, Billy?” Oatie asked.

“Tolerable. Right tolerable. We climbed a few mountains together, walked the valley of darkness, held each other’s hands, compared the secrets of our hearts, cried in each other’s arms, and sang Kumbaya,” Billy said giving Oatie little of nothing.
“You’s full a’ shit, too, Cowboy!” Oatie exclaimed and grinned, “That tells me exactly nothing, and I know Jethro ain’t the kind to do that sort a thing,” Oatie slammed him.

“Ya’ ain’t gonna’ buy it, huh?” Billy asked with a grin, and laughed, “May I remind you, Doc, you was the one what sent him to me. He done just like you told him, and give his’self to me as my slave in front of several witnesses, paid homage to ma’ boots, and went through the master/slave ritual. It could be argued, Jethro is my slave now, and I’m doing my best to make him into the slave I think he ought a’ be. I ain’t try’n to usurp your influence over him or take him for my own. You know I ain’t that kind of man. I got all the slaves I know what to do with, and I got just as many more wait’n back on Retikki Prime. You gotta’ trust me, I’m doing my best to help the man, but I got a responsibility to him not to discuss his situation with you. I’m call’n Doctor-patient confidentiality on you,” Billy challenged Oatie.

“Jethro’s a slave! He’s livestock! He has been and still is if’n he’s your slave now. You tell the owner of a horse what’s wrong with him. You don’t keep it between you and the horse,” Oatie said.

“What are you gonna’ do when you hear your first horse ask you not to tell his owner how bad he is?” Billy put to Oatie, “Besides -- slave, or livestock -- Jethro is a sentient creature. He deserves some respect. If you can’t tell from talk’n wiff’ him, I been work’n on building his respect and self-esteem all damn week!” Billy said firmly.

Oatie looked down at his boots and kicked a rock across the compound, “I can tell. I know him better’n anybody. He’s different. He’s more --” Oatie trailed off.

“Sure of his’self?” Billy asked and smiled.

“Yeah,” Oatie replied, “It’s almost frightening to me,” he said quietly.

“Good. It’s the way you should feel. As he changes you have to change, too. Do you still want him for your slave?” Billy asked.

“I damn near went crazy this past week without him, even with all the enhancements and knowledge about new things and people. I couldn’t stop think’n about him, and if I done the right thing,” Oatie said.

“He told me to tell you not to worry, but he didn’t want me to tell you a lot more. He made a decision, Doc. When was the last time he ever made a decision about anything?” Billy asked.

“You’re right, he never made a decision the entire time we were together. He never felt strongly about nothing. He never voiced an opinion or suggested we do anything. He was like leading a horse around by a rope; the rope of slavery around his neck. I still want him for my slave, but I’m afraid I just set him free,” Oatie lamented.

“No you didn’t. He did exactly what you told him to do. He’s now my slave and will be until next weekend. I laid my cards on the table and told him after a week of being my slave, you gimme' the power to set him free if it’s what he wants. You ain’t gonna’ deny it now, are you?” Billy asked.

“No. It’s some’um I had to do. Catfish and Mouse told me he done what I told him, but I’ll be honest, I been regretting it all week. I can’t sleep. Food don’t taste right. Gimme’ something, Billy,” Oatie begged.

Jethro's a good man. He's got me and my angels' good housekeeping seal of approval, and that's all you need to know right now. Suck it up, Buckaroo. You know the cowboy way as well as I do. I know yore' granddaddy will tell you the same damn thing. I think you should listen to the words of your ex-slave. He said for me to tell you he's making progress and for you not to worry. You know I ain’t got me no truck for religion, but I will tell you to have faith in your love for Jethro and his love for you. You’ll be glad you did, Brother,” Billy said and Oatie knew he wouldn’t get another word out of Billy about Jethro. He did as the young cowboy master suggested and sucked it up. Oatie knew what it meant to be stoic and weather the internal storms of your overwrought emotions in silence while presenting to the world a face of detached Vulcan indifference, but he hated it. He didn't know which was worse, his fear of loss, or his anxiety from his growing uncertainty.

End of Chapter 34 ~ Him Who Made The Seven Stars
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