Him Who Made The Seven Stars
By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 37

"Courtesy is owed. Respect is earned. Love is given." Guide to Texas Etiquette by Kinky Friedman

Bubba kept his appointment with his uncle’s attorney the next morning. Even though the man was a professional, unless he had to make an appearance in court, in his office he usually dressed casual western. He came from cowboys, he represented cowboys, and he was a rancher and cowboy himself, but he also happened to be a highly intelligent and capable attorney; but, best of all, he was an honest man. He introduced himself to Bubba as Jackson MacTavish McCormick, Junior, but he told Bubba to call him Jack. His dad was known in the small town as Mack, so everyone called him Jack to keep the two separate. Bubba was pleasantly surprised Jack wasn’t an uptight, stuffed-shirt, all business kind of guy. He was well-met, down-to-Earth, and he wasn’t afraid to flavor his speech with cowboy lingo from time to time. He quickly put Bubba at ease and spoke about his Uncle Brad in glowing terms. He asked Bubba how much he knew about his uncle.      

“I don’t know a lot. I know he weren’t a great rancher, but when I got old enough to be a help to him, we done pretty good. He always encouraged me to learn ranching. I did my best, but I think he knew my heart weren’t in it when I got a job and didn’t want to live with him when I got back from the Middle East. He let the ranch go while I was gone, and kept only a minimum of stock. I think I hurt his feelings, but I knew if I went to live with him again, he would want to start up the ranch, and I would be saddled with most of the work. It would have been different if we worked together, but it was like he had his world I couldn’t be a part of, yet he expected me to take care of the ranch. If he only shared a part of his world, I would have met him halfway. He must have had other income to have left me so much money,” Bubba said. He told Jack about finding out his uncle’s bank accounts were in both their names. All he had to do was sign his name and they were his.

“That sounds about right. Brad made sure you had a good start in life. Whatever you choose to do with it is up to you, Son, but he made damn sure his legacy for you was protected against unscrupulous elements in our community,” Jack said raising an eyebrow. "When his wife left him, you, and his passion for his work, became his life, Bubba,” Jack added.

“My Aunt Effie left him? He told me she died,” Bubba said somewhat surprised.

“He took it pretty hard. For him, she did die. Truth is, your Aunt Effie ran off with the preacher what founded the Deep River Congregational Church Clarence Womack runs today. She got sucked in with them crazy people and tried her best to get Brad interested, but your uncle was a highly educated man, Son. He was a scientist of the first order. He went to college on the G.I. Bill and got several advanced degrees in Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, and Aerospace. He was the head of the NASA team what built the moon landing module and the lunar rover. At one time, he was the most highly respected and highest paid scientist to work for NASA and was still on call for them until the turn of the century. He owns more patent rights for innovative aerospace designs than any other scientist in the modern age. I wouldn’t be the least surprised, as you discover more about your uncle, you will find royalties still being paid on some of his patent rights,” Jack said.

Bubba sat there looking dumbfounded, puzzled, and hurt. He burst into tears and grabbed his bandanna from his hip pocket to wipe his eyes and blow his nose. “Why didn’t he tell me any of this, Mr. McCormick?” Bubba asked.

“I think he wanted to protect you, Bubba. I think he wanted to provide you with as normal a country life as he possibly could. When his wife left him, he transferred his love on to you, and he worked hard to see you had a happy comfortable childhood and got a good start at life. Think about it, Bubba. Most men’s dads don’t provide for their sons as well as Brad Kirkendall did for you, and you were his nephew; his brother's son. Nine times out of ten an orphaned child in any family don’t fair too well. I knew your uncle well, Bubba, and he was more proud of you than if you were produced by the seed from his loins.

Eventually, the preacher what stole your Aunt Effie, took up with another woman and dumped your aunt after he found out Effie was barren and couldn’t have no kids. He dropped her like she was a hot potato. She was devastated. She realized she made a terrible mistake because Brad married her knowing she couldn’t have kids. Brad loved her. He loved Effie enough, it didn’t matter to him. She came back to town and ask Brad to take her back, but he refused. He told Effie he could never trust her again, and he didn’t want you exposed or influenced by her treachery. She lived the rest of her life alone attending a great aunt what lived in Belton,” the attorney said.

Bubba sat looking at his hands. He reached to his side and handed Jack the drawing and plans for the aero-auto his uncle designed without saying a word. Jack looked at him funny, took the plans from him, and unfolded them on his desk. He took one look at the huge drawing and let out a low whistle, “Jesus H. Christ!” he exclaimed, “Do you have any idea what this is worth, Son?” he asked Bubba.

“Naw, Sir,” Bubba replied.

“I ain’t talking about the potential of the invention itself. I’m talking about the damn plans and drawings. They are worth a small fortune, either to a collector of such, or for a company to buy them to establish patent rights if Brad didn’t already file them. You could contract with one of the top auction houses to sell this, and it would bring hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars -- for their artistic excellence alone to say nothing of coming from the mind and imagination of one of the greatest scientist our country ever produced,” Jack said. He looked up from the drawing into Bubba’s eyes, “I’m afraid to ask my next question. Are there more like this, Bubba?” he asked cautiously.

“Only a dozen holders crammed tight with drawings about anything and everything you can imagine. This was one of the first what caught my eye. It looks like a damn flying saucer,” Bubba said.

“I’ll be damned if it don’t, and I’d bet money it’ll fly, Son. Does anybody know about these beside you, Bubba?” Jack asked.

“Naw, Sir. Not that I know of. I ain’t talked to nobody about them. That damn preacher, Womack, came by insisting on ‘help’n’ me go through my uncle’s shit to find important documents, but Uncle Brad already done warned me about him. I had a couple of bad experiences because of his shenanigans. For some reason he’s really got it in for the Daniels family. I ain’t even let my best bud, Earl, know about what I found,” Bubba replied.

“Yeah, I heard about you men trespassing on the Daniels property. That weren’t too cool, Son. Billy Daniels is a good man to let you men off with a warning. Are them other documents hidden in a safe place?” Jack asked.

“Safe enough for right now, I suppose, but if someone was to spend some time looking, they might accidentally find where they’s stashed,” Bubba replied.

“That ain’t good news,” Jack said.

Bubba let Jack read the letter his uncle left him on top of the pile he found in the strong box explaining everything inside except for the money. Bubba figured it spoke for itself. Jack read it while Bubba waited.

“Just from a brief overview of the potential those documents contain is staggering, Bubba. You could be sitting on a veritable gold mine which will never stop producing. I don’t have the education in science to even guesstimate the impact some of Brad’s ideas might have on our world. I know one damn thing. If his ideas of alternate and free energy sources are accurate, and they were to fall into the wrong hands, they would never be seen again. If he truly came upon some unknown potentials heretofore unknown to scientists, the man could posthumously be awarded several Nobel prizes for science. There’s no telling what these documents are worth,” Jack said firmly to impress on Bubba their importance.

“He never talked with me about them, sir. He never treated me like I seen other dad’s treat their sons. I seen men treat their son’s like they was their slaves, and they were the unquestioned masters of their home, and their boys grew up to be mean-ass sons of bitches themselves. I seen other men what were supportive and encouraged their sons to excel and do good works, but didn’t condemn them when they slipped or made a mistake. They were there to catch them when they fell and help them get back on their feet again. Uncle Brad was the only parent I can remember, so I grew up in his house live’n by his rules. He taught me the cowboy way and told me not to believe ever’ damn thing I hear. Uncle Brad was as good to me as any parent might have been, I suppose -- probably better’n most. As long as I give him his privacy and did what I’s told, we got along fine. Even as I got older and got into some trouble, Uncle Brad stood up for me, but he made me toe the line after that. He wouldn’t put up with no nonsense from me.

"I remember the only time he whipped me with his big belt. Afterward, he went to his room, cried his heart out for a couple of hours, and wouldn’t come out or speak to me for three days. That hurt me worse than his whip’n. I remember sitting by his door crying my heart out, telling him he was right to do what he done and whip me. I damn well deserved his wrath for letting him down and doing something what brought shame to our family name. He finally opened the door and forgave me. I ain’t never done nothing like ‘at again. I knew if I did, it would break his heart, and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself,” Bubba said respectfully and paused for a minute, “Uncle Brad was different. He done all the things a good dad would do, but he left me pretty much on my own. He locked me out of a big chunk of his life, and yet, he left me more than any son has a right to expect,” Bubba said quietly, choking his words out like he was on the verge of tears again.

“Son, I been a lawyer for almost as many years as you been on this planet. I know when a man is hedging with me -- especially, a cowboy what I consider a brother. What ain’t you telling me?” Jack demanded.

“In the same strong box with them plans,” Bubba paused for a moment, then looked up at Jack, “was one million dollars in hundred dollar bills,” he said.

Jack McCormick almost fell out of his chair. “Are you sure, Bubba?” he asked.

“I counted it last e’nin. When I first looked at it, I guesstimated it to be about half a mil, but the box was deeper than I originally thought. I took it out, counted it, carefully put it back, and hid it again,” Bubba said.

“Jump’n Jehosafat, sweet Mary mother of Jesus! We gotta’ do some’um about that real quick-like, Son. Let’s talk about that later. I need time to digest that bit of news and think on it. In the meantime, let's get the living will details taken care of, you can accompany me to the courthouse to watch me file the papers, and get a receipt for the fees. Jack went over the papers with Bubba carefully, had him sign in the right places, and it was out of the way. Jack sat back in his chair and looked Bubba in the eye, “Your uncle left a healthy retainer with me,” Jack got a paper out of the same folder on his desk and handed Bubba a copy. It was a copy of a receipt for a retainer for Jack McCormick’s services as attorney for ten thousand dollars signed by his uncle. “I can deduct my $50 fee from it, or you can pay me cash, and we’ll start from there if you like. Whatever’s left from our business today will be promptly returned to you,” Jack promised.

“Your uncle wanted to make sure his property and life’s work was left to good people in the event of your death. He wanted you and me to draw up another living will leaving everything to the Daniels family, and Billy Daniels in particular, if something should happen to you. He left a letter with me you can read outlining his wishes,” Jack took out another paper and handed it to Bubba.

Bubba read it and handed it back to Jack. “I ain’t got me no problem with it. I know’d they had some close ties at one time, but I don’t know all the details; besides, I done already decided I would do ever’ damn thing my uncle told me to do. I don’t want him coming back to haunt me for no amount of money,” Bubba said half serious and half joking.

“I hear that, Son. Brad was a determined man, but equally a man of considerable compassion. He looked out for those he loved, and you can’t fault a man for that,” Jack said.

“He did at that, sir,” Bubba agreed.

“Shall I draw it up, then? It won’t take but a few minutes. I got the forms ready in case you decided to go with your uncle’s wishes,” Jack said.

“Let’s do it, sir,” Bubba replied.

Jack already had the papers prepared. All Bubba had to do was sign. He carefully went over them with Bubba showing he desired to leave everything to Billy Daniels in the case of his untimely demise or became incapable of handling his own affairs. Bubba’s uncle told him to go to Billy if he got into trouble, and he would help him. Brad’s word was good enough for Bubba.  

“We’ll have the notary at the Court House register the documents and leave a copy with the court, and we’re done with the legal stuff,” Jack said, “Now for the tricky part,” he added and smiled as he picked up his desk phone and punched a number. “Hey, old man, heard you was home and back in the saddle again; just thought I’d give a call about a little problem I got this morning,” Jack said.

“Y’ain’t seen me lately, have you -- you young whippersnapper,” Elmer Breedlove said in his best Gabby Hays imitation.  

Jack laughed, “No, but I heard. Oatie got you out of that dreadful nursing home and decided he weren’t gonna’ take you back no more,” Jack said, “Good on Oatie. I heard the sheriff sprang his dad from there, too,” he added.

“Yeah, old Buster and me staged a jail break; our boys was a wait’n out back of the place wiff’ some fresh horses; we done rode us some good ponies away from there as fast as possible and didn’t look back; covered our tracks, too. Busters doing great, and I’m get’n around pert-damn good. Feel better’n I have in years. What can I do you for, young man?” Elmer asked, “You know all you gotta’ do is ask, Brother,” he added.

“I got Bubba Kirkendall in my office, and he discovered his uncle left him some valuable documents and a million dollars in cash in his hiding place in his house. It’s thrown an over-sized wrench into the works of a simple property transfer situation or as the Brits are wont to say, it’s caused somewhat of a sticky wicket, eh, what? We got to get it to a safer place before somebody goes through the house looking for what they can find, but we can’t just drop that amount of cash in the local bank without answering more than a few embarrassing question and filing all sorts of bureaucratic government forms. It would cause a stir and word would get back to folks what ain’t got no reason to know Bubba’s business -- if’n ya’ gets ma’ drift, Cowboy,” Jack said.

He heard Elmer let out a low whistle, “Good on ole Bubba! Always liked that boy. Like him even better now," Elmer laughed at his own joke, “You’s right about keeping it on the down-low, and I get your ‘drift’ loud and clear. Me and Bubba talked at his uncle’s funeral, and I done told him, if me or the Daniels family can help him in anyway, we’s more’n willing, and stand ready to give him a hand; howsomever, I think your next best move would be to call out to the ranch and talk with Billy Daniel’s business manager, Enoch Redbone,” Elmer said.

“He ain’t part of the ‘Redbone’ family in Houston?” Jack asked.

“The very same. Enoch and his cousin are the only heirs to the Redbone fortune,” Elmer declared. “Them and their grandmother are strong supporting members of the Daniels family,” he added.

“You’s shit’n me, Cowboy!” Jack exclaimed.

“I am not! I done give up my wicked ways, Son. Since I seen the light, all I do is praise the lord all day and beat this damn big bass drum,” Elmer laughed, “Our town’s too damn small for you not to hear’d about the trial of Orville Higginbothem. Enoch was working under him delivering some heavy duty equipment to the Daniel’s ranch for his cousin, Tom McMartin, and old Orville tried to bamboozle young Billy into paying several thousand in delivery costs. Billy refused and Enoch tried to smooth things over. When Orville discovered from his crew boss, Enoch was one of the Redbone family what owned the company, he tried to kill him to keep his stunt from get’n back to their boss. If’n it weren’t for some fast think’n on Billy’s part, he would have succeeded,” Elmer said.

“I heard about it, but never heard the name ‘Redbone’ in connection with it. I heard Billy bought Higginbothem for his slave,” Jack said.

“Yeah, old Orville’s his slave now and learning to live his life a mite different,” Elmer said and the men shared a laugh. “I’d be happy to meet you at Bubba’s ranch wiff’ ma’ buddy Mick Flynn if you need some muscle -- you remember Mick don’t you, Son?” Elmer asked.

“Yes, sir, I certainly do. ‘At’s a big ten-four, good buddy. One of my favorite cowmen in these here parts, other than you of course, pod’na,” Jack poured on the cowboy speak. Elmer didn’t miss Jack’s hidden message and roared with laughter.
“Ya’ont me to call Enoch for you and have him get in touch with you? You in your office, sweet cheeks?” Elmer asked and laughed.

“Yes, Daddy Bull, I am. I’ll talk with Bubba and wait for his call or call me back if’n you can’t get him. One way or t’other, it’s gotta’ be taken care of this morning, even if we make only temporary arrangements,” Jack said.

“I hear ya. Consider it done. After you talk wiff’ Enoch, call me back, and we’ll meet you men over there,” Elmer said.

“Sounds good. Thanks, Bull,” Jack said.

“Anything for you, Son, you know that,” Elmer said seriously.

Jack hung up the phone. “I know you know Elmer Breedlove. He’s one of the most honest, solid men I’ve ever known in my life, and his grandson is a chip off the old man’s block. I wouldn’t give you a nickel on the dollar for Elmer’s boy Pete, but lately I heard things; old Pete just may be get’n his act together and his head screwed on right; maybe he’s trying to make a new name for himself; can’t fault a man for making the effort. I wish him well. He lost a lot of respect in our town when he turned against his boy and threw him out,” Jake said, “I ain’t got no sympathy for a man what would turn against his own son no matter what his wife’s religious beliefs are,” he added.

“I like the Breedloves. They’s always been nice to me. Oatie Breedlove is a personal hero of mine. His strength and fortitude in the face of self-righteous indignation against him helped me through times of self-doubt and my own personal feelings of worthlessness. If you ain’t seen Mr. Breedlove in a while, you’s in for a shock. He don’t look a day over forty,” Bubba allowed.

“I’m looking forward to seeing him again,” Jack said.

Jack’s desk phone rang and he answered, “Jack McCormick,” he said.

“Howdy, Mr. McCormick, this is Enoch Redbone out to the Daniel’s ranch. Mr. Breedlove just called and told me briefly about your problem. I spoke with Master Billy about it, and he said 'Hell, yeah! Let’s do what we can for ole Bubba,' Enoch said and laughed, “The Daniels got a huge walk-in safe with plenty of room for Bubba’s strong box and documents. Ain’t no problem wiff’ the money neither,” Enoch added.

“You can negotiate a million dollars?” Jack asked somewhat surprised.

“No problem, sir. Billy needs some pocket change right now for a large project we’s start’n, and it will come in handy. When you men get here, we’ll get on the net, and I’ll have my team open an account for Bubba in the Grand Caymen Islands where we got Billy’s money stashed and transfer the exact amount he brings us to a new account in Bubba’s name. We’ll show Bubba how to access his account if he needs to or just to check his balance. Nobody in the states will be the wiser, and there won’t be no paper trail to show he inherited a lot of money,” Enoch said.

“That’s better’n I hoped for. We need to get it done this morning. Can you fit us into your schedule?” Jack asked.

He heard Enoch laugh like it was a laid-back day at the Daniels place, “C’moan out when you get the box loaded. We’ll be here all day. My cousin Tom, his family, and my grandmother are arriving this morning for a long Easter weekend, so we’ll be here. Won’t take us no time,” Enoch assure him.

“Your grandmother -- Zelma Redbone?” Jack asked amazed.

“In the flesh, so brace yourself, she’s ornery as ever,” Enoch said and laughed.

“I ain’t seen Mrs. Redbone in years. My dad and mom used to drive us to Houston to her parties. I’m sure she won’t remember me,” Jack said.

“Don’t bet the ranch on it, Cowboy. She may be get’n older, but there ain’t nothing wrong with her rememberer,” Enoch said in his best cowboy lingo.

“I’ll look forward to it. I’ll look forward to meeting you, Mr. Redbone,” Jack said.

“Enoch, sir. Enoch will do fine,” he said.

“Then call me 'Jack,’ Enoch,” Jack said.

They said their goodbyes and hung up. Jack immediately called Elmer and made arrangements to meet them at the Kirkendall ranch. He and Bubba went to the Court House, notarized, and filed the necessary documents. Bubba wrote a check to the clerk and they were finished in thirty minutes. Jack rode with Bubba in his truck, and they headed out for the Kirkendall ranch. Elmer, Mick Flynn, Vox Humana, and Buster Tate were standing outside waiting for them. As they pulled up Jack turned to Bubba and spoke, “Something’s wrong. They don’t look very happy to see us,” he said.

Bubba didn’t respond but noticed the the front door was ajar. He knew the men standing there wouldn’t go into his home without him. Bubba’s heart leaped to his throat. His worst fears were to be confirmed as the two men got out of Bubba’s truck.

“Looks like somebody knew Bubba’s schedule and got here before us. We looked in the windows and whoever it t’was, trashed the place. Buster done called his boy and Will asked if we seen any vehicles but we didn’t. As you know, they’s a back way into the area by the bat caves, but you have to drive a good ways across the river and most folks avoid that route. Will sent a couple of deputies around the back way to see if they could intercept them. If they can match track prints to tires they could find out who done it,” Elmer allowed.    
“Should we go in before the sheriff gets here?” Jack asked.

“Don’t see why not. We ain’t gotta’ touch nothing, and Bubba can look to see if they found his uncle’s hiding place. It’s what he’s most interested in. The rest can be cleaned up later,” Buster replied.

The men followed Bubba into the house. The big man headed for the kitchen and the small anteroom. He saw the freezer still standing tight against the wall and breathed a sigh of relief. “I don’t think they found my uncle’s hiding spot, but this makes me believe we’re doing the right thing,” Bubba said to Jack.

“How can you be sure, Bubba?” Jack asked.

“Gimme’ a hand, sir?” Bubba asked Jack as he went to one side of the freezer and motioned Jack to the other side. The men moved the heavy freezer away from the wall, and the other men saw the door behind. Bubba tried the knob, but it was still locked. “If they found my uncle’s hiding place, I doubt they’d take the time to put ever’ thing back in place,” Bubba said with relief.

“Pretty damn clever of Brad to hide the cellar door behind that big freezer, but that’s the type man Brad was -- clever and inventive,” Elmer allowed.  

About that time they heard boots on the front porch and heard the voice of the sheriff holler, “You men in here?”

“We’s in the kitchen, Son,” Buster yelled back.

Will Tate and one of his deputies came into the kitchen. Will shook his head, “Looks like a cyclone went through this house and left the outside be,” he said, “Sorry about this, Bubba,” he added.

“T’weren’t your fault, Sheriff,” Bubba replied.

“Open it up, Bubba. None of us will rest until we’re sure your legacy is safe,” Jack urged him.

“Yes, sir, Mr. McCormick,” Bubba replied and got his keys from his pocket. He opened the door, turned the lights on in the basement, and the men walked down the stairs.

Nothing in the basement looked like it was moved. The huge metal storage cabinet stood tall and proud like a strong fortress. Bubba started to move everything from the cabinet.

“It’s behind the cabinet, Son?” Jack asked.

“Underneath, sir,” Bubba said and grinned.

“Jesus, no thief worth the name would take the time to unload that damn thing to look beneath,” Jack said and grinned, “Mr. Breedlove was right, you uncle was a damn clever man,” he added.

The other men pitched in and got the cabinet unloaded in no time. Since Bubba had a couple other men to help him, they easily moved the cabinet out of the way. The men were even more impress by the heavy concrete pavers.

“You moved them damn things by yourself, Bubba?” Jack asked.

“Yes, sir, a couple of times,” Bubba replied.

“Damn, that was a lot of work for one man. I’m impressed,” Jack said. The rest of the men agreed with him.

Bubba again had a couple of extra hands to help him wrestle the huge pavers away from the area to expose the board covering the strong box. He raised the board and exposed the box. The lock was intact and showed no signs of being tampered with. “Open it, Bubba, to make sure and ease our minds,” Jack urged him.

Bubba took the key and easily opened the big strong box. Everything was just like he left it. “We might want to take the first layer of documents and put them in cardboard boxes to lighten the load. It’s pretty damn heavy. I can’t lift it by myself, and there’s them stairs to climb,” he said.

“Close the lid. You get on one side, and I’ll get on t’other,” the enormous bull of the hill country suggested.

“Yes, sir,” Bubba replied.

They slowly raised it, straining every muscle in their arms and shoulders to lift it to the level of the basement floor. Elmer nodded to Bubba and they quickly sat it down. Elmer stood, grinned at Bubba, and spoke to his comrades, “We should a’ listened to the man,” he allowed, and the other men agreed. Bubba opened it again, and they found enough empty cardboard boxes in the basement to load the document holders and about half of the money. It was still heavy but Bubba and Elmer managed to get it up the stairs. They decided to put everything in the back of Elmer’s truck because, it had a camper shell. Besides, Buster accused Elmer he just wanted to brag he once hauled a million dollars in the back of his pickup. Elmer grinned real big, but he didn’t gainsay it. Everyone laughed at the big cowboy.

“Now, lets not forget our manners and help the boy put his basement back like it was. The hiding place under the cabinet served its purpose well. Let’s preserve its secret in case it’s needed again,” Elmer said. The other men agreed.

They left Vox and the sheriff to guard the treasure while they returned to the basement and made it look like nothing had been disturbed. They made sure they locked the door and returned the heavy freezer in front. Before they loaded Elmer’s truck, they made a thorough search of the house. Bubba couldn’t tell if anything was stolen. Even his uncle’s gold pocket watch which belong to Bubba’s great-granddad and some of his more expensive personal items including his computers and large plasma TV sets were still there. It became obvious whoever broke into the house was not your common household burglars who would grab anything they could sell for a quick buck and buy a bag of whatever drug was popular at the time. They were trolling for much bigger fish.

The men accompanied Bubba to the forbidden barns. Both locks looked like someone attempted to cut them, but they were casehardened steel. Besides, the burglars couldn’t help notice the doors themselves were a heavy metal and had secondary deadbolt locks which made them almost impenetrable to anyone who wasn’t a topnotch locksmith. Bubba tried his uncle’s keys until he found those which fit. The men walked into the first barn like it was a holy cathedral. It was amazing to behold. It was obviously Brad’s workshop and contained a collection of scientific work stations, drafting tables, computers, and lots of other mysterious objects. They stood in awe and looked at each other.

“Dear God, what was our brother up to all these years?” Elmer said like a whispered prayer.

Buster even said, “Amen and amen, Brother,” to Elmer’s comment.

“We ain’t got time for this right now. Let’s make sure the other barn is secure and get the job done we come to do. This belongs to Bubba now, and he should be the one to go through his uncle’s things. He can contact us if he needs or wants our help. Beside, Jack’s on the clock, right?” Elmer asked the attorney.

“Yeah, but I’m only charging Bubba a flat rate for the day. This has turned into more than my usual boring legal shit, and I’m as excited about this as any man here,” Jack said and laughed like a little boy, “But I agree with you, Bull, let’s get the job done we planned on. It will go a long way to make this young man feel a bit more secure, to say nothing of us being able to sleep tonight know’n we done a good thing,” Jack said.

“Sounds good to me,” said the sheriff.

“Too bad we ain’t got somebody to stay around here to look after the place while we’s gone,” Jack said.

“Ain’t no problem,” Elmer said and gave a huge cowboy whistle like he was herding cattle on the open range. From out of nowhere six of the most enormous creatures appeared surrounding them. Bubba and Jack almost jumped out of their skin. The other men laughed at them.

“What the...! Where...?” Jack exclaimed, and asked in awe of the huge creatures. Fearless Bubba moved in behind Jack like his smaller attorney was his hero protector. At least Jack had the courage to speak up.

“Easy, cowboys, they’s friends. They’s called 'Watchers’ but we know them as Bigfoot. They’s the sworn slaves of Master Billy Daniels,” Elmer said.

Elmer, Will, Buster, Mick, and Vox walked up to them, shook their hands. Vox hugged a couple. “We need you good watchers to hang around here and watch this property for our brother, Bubba, while he’s gone. We’d shore’ ‘nuff appreciate it. We won’t forget you and make sure you get what you need to camp out around here for a while. If anyone comes around you don’t recognize, run 'em off the place, but if they got guns don’t try’n be no hero, understand?” Elmer asked and they nodded. “Contact us as soon as possible,” he added and they nodded in agreement.   

“What’s going on here, Brother? I ain’t had time to say nothing about it, but you, Vox, Mick, and Buster don’t look a day over forty-five or fifty at the most; and now you men’s friends with a tribe of Bigfoots? Why ain’t you shared none of this with your little brother?” Jack asked.

“T’weren’t your time, Son. Today’s your day. Welcome to a new world what’s just beginning to see the light of dawn,” Elmer said and grinned.

The men got into their trucks and headed out down the road for a short trip to the entrance to the Daniels ranch. “You ever seen any of them critters around your place before, Son?” Jack asked Bubba.

“Naw, sir, not recently. I see’d me one when I just a kid. I think it was the huge brindle one with the golden mane with the black halo outlining his face; the one with the more pronounced canine teeth. God he's a handsome creature!” Bubba exclaimed, “I done give him a secret name. I thought of him as my “Bubba Brute” but later identified him more with the comic book character Sabertooth what was Wolverine’s half brother. That big creature done saved my life when I’s only about eight years old. I was in a hurry, got my foot stuck in a rock crevasse down by the river, and the water was rising fast from a flash flood up stream a good ways. If I didn’t get my foot loose, I knew I’s gonna’ drown.

"Just like a while ago, this enormous creature appeared out of no where -- like he done materialized out of thin air -- I swear to you, Mr. McCormick! I amost shit ma’ pants, but he grinned at me and come over, raised the huge boulder what locked my foot, and set me free; but, that ain’t all he done. We watched as a wall of water ten foot high come barreling down on us. He grabbed me up in his arms and with three huge jumps and couple of leaps we was clear of the water. He didn’t stop until he was sure I was safe and could make it on my own. I weren’t afraid of him no more, gave him a big hug, and thanked him. He never said a word but smiled at me, turned, walked away a few feet, and vanished,” Bubba said.

“I heard other men tell tall tales about them, but never believed them for a minute. I just always thought they’s cowboy bullshit. Imagine, another intelligent primate life form living on our planet with us. Boggles the mind, don’t it?” Jack asked.

“Yes, sir. I think they’s more. Preacher Womack thinks Billy Daniels and his family are in league with the devil, and he’s out to get proof so’s he can get them condemned and take over their property holdings for his church,” Bubba said.

“Do you believe it, Son?” Jack asked.

“They ain’t never been nothing but good to me and ma’ buddy, sir. Billy Daniels has been damn good to turn his head and overlook our couple of trespasses against him. Now, he’s coming to my rescue at a time when I could use a couple of good friends. If he’s in league with the devil, I wanna’ know where I go to sign up,” Bubba said and laughed.

“Yeah, me too, Brother,” Jack agreed.

Bubba was leading the caravan and pulled up in front of the guard cattle. The cattle didn’t move. “You gotta’ get out and go introduce yourself to them two big bulls standing in the middle of the road, sir. They can speak like you and me. Their names are Thor and Zeus. Tell 'em your name, you got Bubba Kirkendall with you, and we’s expected up to the big house,” Bubba said.

Jack sat for a minute looking at Bubba like he was daft, and a slow grin crossed his face. “You want me to go talk with them cows?” he asked incredulously.

“They ain’t cows, sir. They’s bulls, Mr. McCormick,” Bubba corrected him and grinned.

“I don’t give a shit what sex they are, them other men set chu’ up for this, just so’s they could have a good laugh at the college boy's expense, didn’t they, Bubba,” Jack asked.

“Naw, sir, they’s good men. They wouldn’t do nothing like 'at to you,” Bubba insisted, but he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Bubba, I swear to God if’n you’s bullshit’n me, I’m gonna’ double your fee,” Jack threatened.

“If’n I ain’t lying to you, are you gonna’ cut chore’ fee in half?” Bubba asked and nailed him.

They both broke up laughing. “Good one, Cowboy!” Jack exclaimed and laughed again.

“C’moan, gotdamn it! You come wiff’ me!” Bubba exclaimed as he slammed the truck into park, stomped the emergency brake with his big boot, opened his door, and slammed it shut. Jack was so stunned by the quiet young man’s outburst, he figured he better do what he was told. They walked the couple of yards together. Jack noticed Bubba took off his cowboy hat and held it in his hands as they approached the cattle, “Howdy, Mr. Thor. Howdy, Mr. Zeus. Good day to you folks. You fine looking bulls remember me, Bubba Kirkendall?” Bubba asked as they got closer.

“Ah, yes, Bubba Kirkendall -- our favorite peeping Thomas. How could we forget you? How ya’ been, Son?” Zeus asked. Bubba grinned as he watched Jack’s face turn pale white. Then Jack broke up laughing and slapped his knee. “This here cowboy what’s unable to get his’self together enough to be mannerly is my attorney, Mr. Jack McCormick. He didn’t believe me about you good folks when I told him, but less than twenty minutes ago, he done looked upon the likes of six Bigfoot what he ain’t never seen before, yet he wouldn’t take my word about you folks being guard cattle for this here ranch. I think that’s pretty damn hypocritical of him, don’t you men?” Bubba asked.

“Absolutely, Son, we couldn’t agree more. We certainly think he should half your fee for finding a cowboy what won’t lie to him. A good honest cowpoke is hard to find these days,” Thor allowed, and damned if all the cattle didn’t laugh at Jack. “Get back in your truck, Son, and we’ll allow you to pass. You men enjoy your visit to the Daniels ranch, ya’ here?” Thor asked.

“I’m sure we will, sir, and thanks for your cooperation,” Bubba replied.   

Jack was still laughing with tears running down his face. He could hear the men in the other vehicles laughing their asses off at him as well. He saw Elmer hitting his steering wheel with the palm of his hand he was laughing so hard. Jack remembered his dad telling him it don’t take much to entertain a bunch of cowboys. They got back into the truck, the cattle parted, and allowed them to drive up to the ranch house. Jack was stunned by the activity and the major improvements he noticed around the ranch. Billy Daniels and his family, with several more watchers, were standing around waiting for them. Jack knew most of the people by name. The others he could guess. Billy came to meet them, shook Jack’s hand, and took Bubba’s only to pull him into a big hug and kissed him on his cheek. “Welcome to the Daniels ranch, Bubba. Good to see you again under better circumstances,” Billy said sincerely.

“It’s good to see you again, too, Mr. Daniels,” Bubba replied.

“Just call me Billy, Bubba. No need for last names here. Let’s bring what you brought inside, and later I’ll introduce you and Mr. McCormick to the rest of my family,” Billy said, “Boomer, you and Caesar unhook them two junior cowpokes from yore’ tits, set them down, and give Master Elmer a hand with that metal strong box,” Billy ordered.

“Were those boys sucking their teats, Billy?” Jack asked.

“Yeah, them’s the two Redbone boys. They just arrived with their family. The big white watcher is their protector. They named him Caesar. T’other is my bonded mate, my protector, and husband. I named him Boomer. They have to leave their protector behind when they go back to Houston, so they ain’t had no good watcher milk in almost a week now. They’s do’n some catch’n up,” Billy said and grinned.

Jack just looked at Bubba and shook his head. “But they’re males, ain’t they?” Jack asked.

“Very much. The males share pregnancy with the females. They got a pouch in front like a marsupial or a Panda. They both produce milk but the male produces more than the females. Best damn milk in the universe, and most nutritional, too. Guaranteed to put lead in yore’ pencil and cure what ails ya,’ Billy sounded like sideshow snake oil salesman.

The two enormous watchers grabbed one of the handles on either side of the strong box. It was like it weighed nothing to them as they took it up the front steps and into the house. One of the downstairs bedrooms on the far side of the house was converted into a temporary ranch office, and the cowboy slaves set up several folding tables Billy stored in the barn for extra dining purposes. He had Bubba and Jack accompany them and invited them to sit at the tables with his team. They proceeded to take the money from the strong box and from the couple of cardboard boxes and set it on the table.

“We want to count it in front of you so’s you’ll know exactly how much is here, and we can get an exact tally to transfer from my account to your new account,” Billy explained.

“Sounds good to me, you Bubba?” Jack asked.

“Fine by me, sir,” Bubba agreed.

“Afterward, we can get on the computers and do the rest. You got a good solid password in mind for your new account, Bubba?” Billy asked.

“Not yet, but maybe your computer people can give me some tips about how to go about it,” Bubba replied.

“They’ll be happy to. They’s a good bunch. They’ll give you all the help you need,” Billy reassured him.

With Enoch, Moss, Tron, Nathan, Vox, Elmer, Buster, Mick, Jack, Dorcas, Dociean, and Roz to count, it didn’t take them long to correlate exactly how much money was there. Bubba hit it on the nose. There was exactly one million dollars. They returned the money to the strong box and Billy asked their muscles Boomer and Caesar to carrying it to the basement where they would put the money on shelves in the huge walk-in safe so Billy could get too it easily. They emptied the strong box and Billy found a good place for it to rest on the bottom floor of the safe on the right when you entered. They retrieved the other cardboard boxes containing Bubba’s uncle’s documents and Bubba carefully placed them inside. Billy insisted Bubba put his lock on the strong box for his peace of mind nobody would go through his uncle’s papers without his knowledge or approval.

“You can have access to them anytime you want, Bubba, but you gotta’ make sure either me or my Uncle Nathan is here. We’s the only two who know the combination to the safe,” Billy explained.

“That ain’t no problem. I don’t know’s I need to look at them until I find out what’s in them barns on my uncle’s ranch. I guess it’s my ranch now,” Bubba lamented.

“I meant what I told you at your uncle’s funeral, Bubba. If we can do anything for you, just let us know,” Billy encouraged him.

“Thanks, Billy, that means an awful lot. If it’s all right with you, I’m gonna’ give one of my keys to the strong box to Mr. McCormick in case something happens to me,” Bubba said.

“Ain’t no problem. If we can’t trust our town attorney who can we trust? I have it on good authority Jack McCormick is honest to a fault. C’moan then, let’s us hie our butts up to my staff’s computer room, and by the time we get there, they should have everything in place,” Billy said.  

Dorcas and Dociean carefully explained what would make a good solid password. They made the account in Bubba’s full birth name. Bubba sat with Jack and came up with a suitable password. All he had to do was type it in and hit the enter button. Everyone left the room while he did it and returned when he was finished. Dorcas made him a small memory stick with the name of the bank in the Grand Cayman Islands and showed him how to use it. It, too, was password protected but once he accessed the memory stick, all he had to do was click on the bank logo, and he would be connected. He was thrilled and asked Billy if he could give him something for his and his staff’s time.

“Yeah, your friendship, Bubba,” Billy replied and smiled.  

“Aww, hell, ya’ got that,” Bubba said and shook his hand.

“Good. Then we’s even,” Billy allowed.

Billy invited them to stay for lunch. He introduced them to everyone including the Redbone family.

“My God in heaven, if it ain’t little Jack McCormick,” Zelma gushed and laughed as she threw her arms around Jack, gave him a big hug, and a kiss, “Only Jack ain’t so little no more,” she added, “I’m so sorry we didn’t make if for your dad’s funeral, Jack. Travis and I were in Europe at the time,” she said.

“I understand. I got your wonderful card and the flowers were beautiful. I can’t thank you enough for your thoughtfulness,” Jack said.

Zelma took him by the arm and walked him away from the others. “I hear you’re still single, Son?” she said.

“Be careful how you cast your line beautiful lady, you just might hook a monster,” Jack replied and grinned.

Zelma laughed and giggled. She connected. Travis and I knew you’d never get married, but you kept up appearances for your dad’s sake. Seeing anyone?” she boldly asked.

“You and only you, I would stand before stark naked, sweet lady, and tell you the God’s honest truth. No. To put it in cowboy words, I just done give up hope and as small a town as we live in, ever’body knows ever’body else’s business. I can’t sneeze out my back door what somebody will asked me the next day if’n I’s coming down with a cold,” Jack said in his best cowboy hyperbole. They shared a laugh.

“Come visit me in Houston, Jack, and we’ll do the Auntie Mame routine. I’ll wine and dine you -- remember, with two you get egg roll -- and take you to all the night spots worth a damn,” she said wickedly, and they laughed together.

“I’m afraid I’m getting too old for the Auntie Mame thing, Ms. Zelma,” Jack said.

“Nonsense, child, have Billy do a quick remake and a touch-up. You wouldn’t need much. You’re still a fine looking western man. For all the good it would a’ done them, I’ve seen you turn more than a few young ladies’ heads in your day. Look at me. I was dying from terminal cancer. The doctors gave up on me and sent me home to die. Billy and his staff healed me and look at me now, Jack, I could pass for a woman in her late fifties,” Zelma bragged.

“Take ten years off’n that, and I would believe you. You don’t look a day over forty. I was dumbstruck when we drove up. You’s just the way I remembered,” Jack insisted.

“Have you looked at Vox, Elmer, Buster, and Mick Flynn?” she asked.

“I have, but I don’t know what’s going on. I thought it might be in the water; maybe, some magic elixir,” Jack replied.

“Billy helped them; everyone, except Mick Flynn. Elmer, Oatie, Buster, and the sheriff done took a crack at him. They restored Mick to full health and took about thirty years off his looks. They did a damn good job considering it was their first time flying solo,” Zelma said and grinned knowingly.

“Does Billy have some unknown power?” Jack asked.

“Not unknown. It’s a power what’s been around since before the Earth was formed. Billy’s birth has been foretold for several hundred years. My husband and I were fortunate enough to become a part of the Daniel’s family, and by association, part of his. I can’t tell you more right now, but trust me, you want to make yourself as available to the Daniels family as you can. I know you’re a good man, Jack. You need to become a part of Billy’s greater family. You won’t be sorry you did,” Zelma assured him.

“I’ll certainly keep it in mind, Ms. Zelma. I could use some new friends, and from what I’ve seen today, I’m already fascinated,” Jack said.

“You’ve only scratched the surface, Son. There are wonders on this ranch you can only imagine,” Zelma said quietly for dramatic emphasis.

“Like talking cattle at the front gate?” Jack asked and laughed.

“Exactly. I can take you up to any one of them cows you see over there in that field, and they will carry on an intelligent conversation on just about any topic you pick,” Zelma said.

“I don’t want to, but why do I believe you?” Jack moaned.

“No need. Just learn to relax and enjoy,” Zelma admonished him.

“I’ll certainly try, ma’am,” Jack replied.

* * * * * * *
Bubba noticed a man working with some cowboys. The cowboys were dressed in normal western clothes, but this man was practically naked except for his boots, a pair of gloves, and a western hat to cover his bald head. He was wearing a heavy-duty brown leather harness with a large cod-piece in front to hide or protect his genitals. He had a heavy ring through his nose and a ring through each of his tits. He wasn’t the best looking man, but there was something about him -- an animal like quality, perhaps -- which made Bubba’s cock grow strong and proud. “Who is that man over there, Mr. Breedlove?” he asked Elmer.

“Why, that’s Billy’s new slave, Orville Higginbothem. He was made a slave for trying to kill Enoch Redbone, the big cowboy I introduced you to when we first got here. Old Orville’s is just about to complete his first full month as a slave, and he looks a lot better’n he did when Billy first processed him,” Elmer allowed, "He was almost toothless -- looked like a jack-o-lantern -- and Billy done give him a complete, brand new set of live teeth," he added.

“He fascinates me,” Bubba said.

“Ya’ mean he make’s yore’ old pony hard, and it starts a' drool’n like its got a mind of its own, Son?” Elmer asked crudely and laughed.

“Yes, sir, he certainly does make my old cayuse hard -- heavy on the drool’n part, too sir,” Bubba replied as truthfully as possible.

“Does me, too, Son, if’n I stand and watch him for a while,” Elmer said and laughed again, “He ain’t no purdy man, at’s for damn sure, but there’s an animal sexuality about him what’s undeniable,” he added.

“Am I allowed to talk with him, sir? Would it be all right?” Bubba asked.

“Oh, Hell yeah!” Elmer exclaimed, “Don’t be shy. Go on over there and talk wiff’ him. Ask him anything you want. Old Orville is shape’n up real nice-like. He’s dropped quite a bit of weight and his body is beginning to firm up from three weeks of honest work. Billy don’t work none of his slaves to death, but they’s expected to put in a good solid day’s labor from sunup to sundown. Orville’s changed. He’s mellowed some since he’s been here. He tried to be a hard-nose at first, but them other cowboy slaves straightened him out pert-damn quick. He’s been trained to be polite, mannerly, and he’ll answer any questions you have honestly,” Elmer said and winked at Bubba.

“Them other cowboys is slaves?” Bubba asked.

“Ever’ damn one of 'um,” Elmer replied.

“Why is Orville almost naked and they ain’t?” Bubba asked.

“Why don’t you walk over there, introduce yourself to Orville, shake his hand, treat him with respect like you would any man, and ask him that question, Son? He’ll tell ya,’” Elmer encouraged him.

“If you think it’s okay, I will, Mr. Breedlove,” Bubba said.

“Take it from the bull of the hill country, Bubba, it’s okay,” Elmer assured him.

Orville notice the young man looking at him, with what he could only imagine was a look of lust, skipping hand in hand with a few dirty thoughts. It was the first time in Orville’s life a feeling of repugnance didn’t flood his senses when he thought another man might be looking upon him as a desirable sexual object. As a matter of fact, he found himself feeling amused and flattered such a handsome young cowboy would look upon him with any feelings other than contempt. It was at that moment Orville had a personal epiphany: perhaps redemption came in small packets, and if we’re wise enough to recognize them as such we can savor the sweetness, which acts like grease on a wheel, to move us along until we can garner a few more for ourselves. Orville saw Bubba finish his conversation with Elmer and head his way. Rather than turn and walk away, Orville smiled, winked at the young man and made a warm, inviting gesture with his hand and arm for Bubba to come join him. Bubba began to move more quickly and almost broke into a full run to get to Orville. Bubba didn’t know what possessed him, but he threw his arms around the big man, gave him a hug, and kissed him on his forehead. Orville hugged him back and kissed Bubba on his cheek. “Welcome to the Daniels ranch, young man, and thank you for your welcome show of affection for this old slave,” Orville said sincerely as he wiped away a couple of tears from his eyes.

Bubba took his hand and shook it, “I’m Bubba Kirkendall, Mr. Higginbothem. It’s good to meet you, sir. Just call me Bubba,” he said.

“Thank you, Son, that’s very kind of you. I will. Just call me Orville. It will do nicely,” Orville replied.

“Yes, sir, Orville. I know’d you’s a slave and all, but I hope you don’t mind me say’n I think you’s about the hottest damn cowboy I done seen in many a year, sir. Mr. Breedlove told me you’d most likely be honest wiff’ me, and tell me a few things about yore’self if’n I’s to be honest, polite, and open with you, sir. I’d like to know why you’s dressed like that, and them other slaves is wear’n cowboy clothes?” Bubba asked.

“Why ain’t I dressed like them other cowboys? H’it ain’t complicated, Son. Them men are volunteer slaves, and I’m a punishment slave. It seemed strange to me, too, at first, but I come to understand Master Billy’s reasoning, his druthers, and what he’s got planned for them and me. So I work hard, try not to cause them no trouble, and slowly I’m beginning to become a part of Master Billy’s family. It’s gonna’ take me longer, and I got to work harder than them men because of what I done. I done tried to kill that big cowboy over yonder Master Billy considers one of his big brothers.

“Would you mind telling me about your pouch you wear over your cock and balls, sir?” Bubba asked.

“Why, no, Son, not at all. Follow me around the corner out of sight of them good folks up to the main house, and I’ll show you,” Orville took Bubba by his arm and they walked around to the back of the building. Orville reached down between his legs, grabbed the bottom leather piece, and pulled up unsnapping all the fasteners what held it to his leather harness. Bubba took one look and gasped. Orville grinned. The slave had a huge ring through the underpart of his penis coming out the opening of his urethra. His cock and balls were completely encased in a chastity cage which fit him perfectly. Bubba’s interest in him and the young man’s polite attention caused Orville’s cock to engorge with blood until he was semiflaccid, but didn’t quite fill the cage.

“Oh, shit!” Bubba shouted, threw his arms around Orville and held him as his body began to shake and tremble. Orville smiled to himself, gently put his arms around the young man, and held him tight. Bubba calmed down but still continued to hold Orville tight. “I’m so sorry, Orville,” he whispered.

“Why, Son? I ain’t. It was a pretty damn good compliment to me. Was it good for you?” Orville asked with a touch of mischief in his voice.

“One of my best, sir. I filled my damn Wranglers. Now I’m gonna’ have to walk bowlegged until I can find something to clean myself,” Bubba lamented.

“No problem, Son. I know you got a bandanna in yore’ hip pocket. All cowboys worth the name carry a bandanna on ‘em,” Orville said. Bubba nodded, reached back with his hand, grabbed his bandanna and handed it to his new friend. “Now, drop your Wranglers, Son, and let this old slave clean you,” Orville said firmly. Bubba did as he was told, all the while apologizing more. “Stop it, Son. You done apologized enough. I’m just glad you had a good moment to remember me by,” Orville said and smiled.

“Can I pay you one other compliment without you taking it the wrong way, sir?” Bubba asked.

“You can tell me anything young man. You been polite, honest, and generous with your admiration and affections,” Orville encouraged him.

“I would so love to fuck you, Orville,” Bubba said boldly, but with feeling.

“There was a time, if’n a man told me what you just did, I’d beat him within an inch his life and then kick him while he was down; however, situations change, and if people don’t change and adapt wiff’ ‘em, they’s doomed to remain in the shadow of intolerance and stupidity. Now, I can look you in the eye, and sincerely tell you, that’s just about the finest damn compliment this old cowboy’s ever got from a young man’s what’s as well-built and handsome as you. That’s the first time you ever said them words to another man, ain’t it, Bubba?” Orville looked him in the eye and smiled.

“Yes, sir. Was I out-of-line, sir? Was I too crude or disrespectful, Orville?” Bubba asked like a little boy unsure of himself.

“I’d rather a man be straight forward and honest with me than beat around the bush. It might have been crude to other men, but not to me. I ain’t been fucked yet, but I know it’s coming. The day is coming when I’ll have to take a man’s cock in my mouth and make love to it 'til he shoots; then, l’ll be expected to swallow him. Ya’ ain’t never had sex with nobody, have you, Son?” Orville asked softly.

“Naw, Sir, but I just got a gut feeling in my stomach I could fuck you so fine it would be like I’s pour’n my love into you, taking what I need, and giving you back what you need in return,” Bubba blurted out.

“I made it my life’s work dealing in heavy-duty Earth moving machines, Son, and I know a fine piece of equipment when I see’s it. You certainly got a large enough attachment for the job,” Orville complimented him, “I would say it could probably move my fundament and plow my red Earth quite nicely, and your well-defined young body looks like it’s got the horsepower behind it to get the job done right,” Orville said and grinned wickedly. Bubba laughed at his comparison. “It won’t be long now before my asshole will be stretched enough I’ll be required to give up its virginity. You see, there’s one other thing about my harness I didn’t tell you about,” Orville said.

“What that, sir?” Bubba asked.

“They got a big plug strapped tight in my ass and each week I get a bigger one to wear,” Orville explained.

“Can I feel it, sir?” Bubba asked.

“Of course you can, but you have to kneel down behind me and pull the harness away from my hole. You’ll see some leather strips. Pull gently on them and you can see the size,” Orville instructed, “It’s a little over eight inches long and fills my lower rectum,” he added.

Bubba did as he was told and pulled the leather strings until the butt of the plug peaked out Orville’s asshole. “Sweet Jesus, it’s a big‘un. It’s almost as big as me, sir. They’ll have you trained in no time,” Bubba said enthusiastically and let the string go for the plug, gave it a gentle push with his finger, and watched it disappear into the depths of Orville’s rectum.

“Tell you what, Bubba. You tell Master Billy you talked with me, and don’t be shy to tell him what we talked about. Since it would be your first time, and it will be my first time, it seems almost a shame to waste the opportunity for us to share it together. I’ll tell him it would be an honor to take your seed and play catcher for your first time, Son, and to have you play pitcher and deposit your baby batter in my ass for my first time,” Orville said.
“Oh, thank you, sir, I would really appreciate it,” Bubba said as his voice grew. He grabbed Orville again, but this time, Bubba gave the big man a kiss on his mouth what curled the toes of the former straight cowboy, and he found himself falling into the cowboy’s unbridled passion like Bubba’s mouth was the tunnel of love ride at a midway carnival. Bubba began to hyperventilate, but by that time Orville was strapped into his seat next to Bubba, relaxed, and resigned to go along for the ride. They reached climax at the same moment. Bubba flooded his Wranglers once again, and Orville filled his leather codpiece. About that time Billy came walking around the other corner looking for Bubba and caught the two men in el tango de la muerte. He waited for them to come around from their collective moment of petite mort. Billy thought it must have been a really hot one to take three romance languages to describe it. They finally parted with a couple of extra stolen kisses.

Bubba caught sight of Billy standing there grinning like a Cheshire cat, and he jumped. “Jesus! We done been caught in the act, Brother!” Bubba exclaimed.

Easy cowboy! Easy slave! Nobody’s in trouble here. Glad you men got to meet each other. Did you both empty yourselves?” he asked.

“Yes, sir, Master Billy, I’m afraid so. It was my fault, sir. I lured this innocent young cowboy back here to take advantage of him, Master,” Orville said.

“I doubt that seriously, but it was a sweet effort on your part to cover for your partner. From my point of view, it was the cowboy what was in the saddle here,” Billy said.

“Truth is the truth, Master Billy. It t’weren’t Orville what seduced me. I’s afraid I looked upon your property, found him much to my liking, and I done got carried away,” Bubba said with remorse, “I’m sorry if I’s out of line, sir,” Bubba added.

“Orville showed you the cage on his cock, didn’t he, Bubba?” Billy asked with a grin.

“Yes, sir, Master Billy,” Bubba replied.

“Why do you think I make him wear it?” Billy asked obviously enjoying himself.

“So's he can’t play wiff’ his’self, and you can control when he ejaculates, sir,” Bubba replied.
“Exactly. So since you caused my slave to shoot his load you gotta’ clean him up while I watch,” Billy said.

“Be happy to, Master Billy. It’s the least I can do for abusing your property, sir,” Bubba said with enthusiasm,“and it would be an honor to have you watch, sir,” Bubba replied.

Bubba fell to his knees in front of Orville, found the leather pull at the bottom, and pulled up releasing the snaps on the way. He held it under Orville’s chastity cage to gather the last drops from his penis. When he was satisfied he gathered as much of the slave’s nectar as he could, Bubba held it up, threw back his head, and allowed the gathered slave-dew to fall into his mouth. Since Orville wasn’t allowed to come for over three weeks, he filled his codpiece. When no more would drip into Bubba’s mouth, he went wild licking and cleaning the inside with his tongue. When he finished, he moved to Orville’s chastity cage and began to lick and clean his seed from there. He also notice Orville was completely erect. Bubba couldn’t get his tongue into some places due to the cage, but he took his bandanna from his hip pocket and gently cleaned the rest.

“Would you like to inspect my work, Master Billy?” Bubba asked.

“No. I watched carefully, and I’m sure I couldn’t a’ done a better job myself, Brother. Return my slave’s codpiece,” Billy replied and Bubba complied.

“Now, you do the same for my brother, slave,” Billy ordered, “I know you ain’t never tasted another man’s come yet, but you’re gonna’ have to sooner or later. Since you obviously have feelings for his young man, perhaps it will make it a bit more palatable for you,” Billy said.

“Yes, sir, Master Billy. I will do my best. Master Bubba deserves my best, sir,” Orville said as he undid Bubba’s Wranglers and opened his fly. Orville went to work with the same diligence Bubba cleaned his codpiece, licking the length of Bubba’s huge semiflaccid cock, skinning his considerable foreskin back, and taking the head of Bubba’s cock into his mouth to claim the last lingering bits of the big man’s ejaculate for himself. Billy was impressed by his slave’s effort. “Would you care to inspect my work, Master Billy?” Orville asked when he was finished.

“No. I’m impressed. For your first time, your effort was exemplary. What am I missing here?” Billy asked with the palms of his hands open and shrugging his shoulders.

“Can I be honest with you, Master Billy?” Bubba asked.

“Of course you can, Bubba. You’s a brother,” Billy replied.

“This is the first sexual experience I ever had with anybody. I told Orville I’d love to fuck him, and I meant it wiff’ all my heart, sir. I told him I meant it as a compliment. He told me he ain’t been fucked yet, but he knows his time is coming. He done showed me the plug you make him wear. I know I’s pretty big, but it won’t be long before he can take a man like me with ease, sir. We was just wonder’n, Master Billy, if he could be my first, and I could be his first,” Bubba said sincerely.

Billy just stood there with a smile on his face. “You got a fine cock, Brother, ain’t no two ways about it. How many times did you men come just making a little love to each other?” Billy asked.

“Bubba come twice, Master, and I come the last time he kissed me,” Orville replied for them, “I tried to hold back but got caught up in the moment, but it was good,” he added.

“You think you’d like to feel that big cowboy cock way up inside you, and ride you 'til you hear the angels sing or you begin to speak in unknown tongues?” Billy asked and grinned.

“I’s a pert-damn good cowboy in my younger days, Master. I’d shore’ ‘nuff give it the best ride I could. I want Bubba’s first time to be really good for him, sir,” Orville replied.

“It was Orville’s idea, Master Billy, but I think it was a good one. We done agreed together to ask you about it,” Bubba said.

“How would you men feel about a small audience of our male family and close cowboy buddies?” Billy asked.

“I ain’t shy, Master. You done broke me of that,” Orville said.

“Does it mean I’m okay wiff’ it ‘cause the idea made my cock hard again?” Bubba asked and grinned.

“I’d say it was a pretty sure bet, Brother. Okay, then we will make it so. As soon as we increase the size of Orville’s butt plug a couple of sizes larger we’ll plan a date. We will be celebrating both you men’s loss of virginity; Bubba first fuck, and Orville’s grand opening. Until then, you men are free to see each other from time to time and have some time alone to get to know each other. There’s only one requirement,” Billy said.

“What’s zat, Master Billy?” Bubba asked.

“For Orville’s grand opening, you gotta’ fuck him until you make him shoot his load, Brother. His hands will be tied to his side so’s he can’t manipulate himself. His lower track will be clean as a whistle and you can fuck him as hard as you need without causing him harm. His legs will be trussed up out of your way, and Orville will look like a Thanksgiving turkey ready to be stuffed. You will be in complete control. How you plan and execute the fuck is up to you. Will you agree to that?” Billy asked.

“I sure will, Master Billy. I know I can make him come for me. If I’m gonna’ be a master someday, I know I gotta’ learn to satisfy my slaves. I think we done already laid the groundwork for a work’n relationship. I know’d in ma’ heart Orville trusts me to perform for him,” Bubba replied.

“He speaks the truth, Master Billy. I do believe in you, Bubba. Ain’t never felt like that about no other man. I know’d you got it in you, Son. I know’d you can do the job and get it done right. I never thought I’d hear ma’self say this, but I’ll look forward to it,” Orville said.

“Good enough. We’ll talk more later. In the meantime, it’s time for lunch, Bubba. Orville you go find your keeper and ask him what he has in store for you -- and by the way, slave, I’m proud of you,” Billy said.

“Thank you, Master. Some days is harder than others, but this weren’t one of them. So far, this has been a good day. It’s always a fine day when a man makes a new friend he can feel easy about,” Orville replied.

Bubba accompanied Billy to the ranch house just about the time Kate came onto the porch to ring the triangle. She didn’t have to. Everyone was already gathering for lunch, but she just loved to do it. She thought it was a great symbol of days gone by, and she damn well intended to keep the tradition alive. Many agreed with her. Their visits to the Daniels ranch would not be complete without hearing Kate ring the triangle to announce a meal.

“So you and old Orville hit if off pretty good?” Billy asked.

“Ain’t never had such an instant draw to another man, Master Billy. I got me a secret love wiff’ ma’ buddy, Earl, but it’s barren, and I doubt will ever bear fruit -- no pun intended, sir,” Bubba said, and they shared a laugh, “Some’um inside me just broke when I saw Orville. I felt a lust I ain’t never felt before. It was overpowering. Maybe part of it is, I been repressed for so long I’s like a volcano what ain’t never erupted before, but it’s been building up over the years until what covers it can’t contain it no more. When he dropped his codpiece, I saw what you done to him, I only had to put my arms around him, and my lava began to flow,” Bubba said, “But the strangest part is, he looks like a man I dreamed about for years being my daddy. My uncle was a good man, but he weren’t no dad to me. The strange part is, I want to fuck my daddy. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?” Bubba asked.

“Who’s to say, Bubba? I got me ma’ own daddy I introduced you to a little earlier as Captain Nick. We bonded, and I love him very much. Most of the time he’s in control when we’s alone, but once in a while he needs his boy to take care of him, and I do. Nick’s my slave, but when we’re alone, he’s in charge. He’s ma’ pa and I show him the respect he’s due as my surrogate dad. It works for us and who’s to tell us our relationship is out of whack with the rest of the universe? Don’t never let no man tell you who or how you can love another person. I also got me a Bigfoot for a bonded mate and husband. Boomer’s also my slave, but we bonded when I’s just seven years old and saved his life. He returned the favor and saved me once. His family done give him to me as my slave after I saved his life a second time. It was like the universe spoke and wanted us together, so I married him,” Billy said and grinned. He got a laugh from bubba.

“One of the watchers left to guard my place saved my life when I’s eight. I never saw him again until this morning. He’s the biggest most strikingly handsome of them six beasts, brindle in color wiff’ a golden mane and a black halo what frames his face. He’s also got prominent canine teeth,” Bubba said.

“The one what looks like Sabertooth?” Billy asked.

“Exactly! I done told Mr. McCormick the same damn thing on the way over here,” Bubba exclaimed.

“He's known by me and his fellow watchers as ‘Bubba’s Brute,’ Billy said.

“Ain’t no way! You’s lying to me, Billy Daniels!” Bubba exclaimed.

“Why would I lie to you, Brother?” Billy asked.

“I give him that name when I’s just a kid. I never called him that. He vanished before I could do more than give him a big hug and thank him,” Bubba said.

“They can read our minds, Bubba. I’m in constant contact with my mate. He’s always listening in on my conversations. I don’t mind. We ain’t got no secrets from each other. He just fell out laughing at your outburst. He’s the one what told me your Sabertooth look-a-like watcher’s name. When you get home tonight, call him by his name and see if I’m lying to you,” Billy challenged.

“I’m sorry, Master Billy. I believe you. I sure would like to get to know him. Can I learn to hear him in my head?” Bubba asked.

“Sure. Start having him feed you his milk. Drink it straight from the tap. Them boys you saw suck’n on their and my watcher’s tits this morning can hear and speak mind to mind with their beast. You ain’t never really experienced love until you can hear what another creature is thinking,” Billy allowed.

They arrived at the house and Nick came up to Billy and Bubba. “Master Billy do you still plan to have our family on our ship join us for lunch?” Nick asked.

“Yeah, I’d like for them to join us. We ain't seen 'em in a couple of days. You wanna' take Jack and Bubba with you to the ship to collect them?” Billy asked.

“Sure, if they’d like to come. Clyde and Balthazar are already on the ship. Can I ask Master Bull to give us a hand, sir? I’d like for him to see Oatie’s slave,” Nick said and grinned.

“Absolutely! Wonderful idea,” Billy replied.

“Master Bull, my pa needs your help. Take your nice cowboy shirt off and wing-up. Jack, you and Bubba are gonna’ take a little trip wiff’ my pa, Nick, and my proven Bull, Master Breedlove,” Billy said and grinned.

“Where we going, Master Billy?” Jack asked, and surprised himself calling Billy ‘master.’ Somehow, it just seemed right.

Bubba and Jack were stunned when they watched Nick and Elmer vanish for a moment and return in a great flash of light fully fledged wearing their magnificent leather harnesses.

“You’s going to Captain Nick’s spaceship to bring the rest of our family up for lunch. You’ll be going by angel flight, gentlemen,” Billy said.

Elmer grinned and winked at Jack and Bubba. He and Nick raised their wings over them, and the four vanished. They reappeared on Nick ship which was a bustle of work and energy.

“Woah!” exclaimed Jack.

“Holy shit!” Bubba exclaimed.

“Welcome to Captain Nick’s spaceship, gentlemen,” Elmer said and lowered his wings.
“Are you an angel, now, Bull?” Jack asked.

“Naw, I’m only a junior birdman, Son, but I’m work’n at it,” he said, “All your questions will be answered in time. For right now, enjoy the sights and the diversity of people," Elmer added.

In one great room there were critters of all descriptions coming and going, but at the center of it all, was the most masculine, incredibly handsome, devil-like demon complete with rams horns grown in circles close to his head. He was completely naked with a body to defy any muscle builder's and a huge red cock with spirals of speed bumps running the awesome length. He turned and saw Captain Nick and recognized Elmer. He opened his arms and got a huge smile on his face. “Captain Nick! Daddy Bull Breedlove! Come!” he called to them. Nick went to Jethro’s arms, but Elmer held back a little. Then it dawned on him.

“Jethro? My son? Is it you?” Elmer asked.

“It is, indeed, me, Daddy Bull. Do you think my master will like my new secondary form?” Jethro asked.

“If’n he don’t, he’s a gotdamned fool, Jethro!” Elmer exclaimed and went to be enfolded by Jethro’s demon arms. “Shit! You’s hotter than them fabled fires of hell, Son!” Elmer couldn’t help exclaiming. Nick was laughing his ass off.

“This is Oatie’s slave, Jethro?” Jack asked.

“In his demon form,” Nick replied. Morph for us, Son. You got to, to join us for lunch today anyway,” Nick said.

“I really can’t spare the time, Captain Nick,” Jethro said, “We’re at a critical juncture right now,” he added.

“Nothing can be that important. Beside, it ain’t a request, Son. Your master requires your presence. Morph, we’ll quickly gather the rest of our family, and you’ll be back in no time,” Nick said.

“I can’t disobey my master, sir,” Jethro replied and morphed to his human form right before their eyes. He was even more handsome and desirable in his human form. He reminded Bubba of Orville. Only Jethro was handsome to the point of hurting your eyes to look upon him, and Orville reeked of animal sexuality. Bubba’s needs were primal. While Jethro was like looking upon a slave-god, Orville appealed to Bubba’s most base desires and animal lust.

“Holy mother of God, Son, did our master do this for you?” Elmer asked in awe.

“He and his band of angels done it with my input. I saw Orville’s jewelry, and I wanted the same for myself as Master Oatie’s slave. My cock-ring is removable, but only by my master’s order, sir. I’m not allowed to remove it myself,” Jethro explained.

Bubba's cock immediately sprang to attention, but he wasn’t alone. Jack’s cock was straining his Wranglers and forming a wet spot at his crotch. Jethro was stunning to both men.

“Do you think Master Oatie will like me this way?” Jethro asked Elmer.

“Screw my grandson, Jethro! Who gives a shit about what he thinks? You move into my bedroom, Son, and the bull will take care of Oatie’s needs as well as yours, and my intended husband's, too!” Elmer said, "I'll have me ma' own herd of hotties!" he added, and almost croaked laughing, “I’s just pull’n yore’ leg, Son. I ain’t got me no doubt my grandson will be very pleased with both your forms, but my bet is, he’s gonna’ opt for the demon-dad ninety percent of the time,” Elmer allowed.

“Who wouldn’t?” Jack emphatically agreed.

Nick, Clyde, and Balthazar gathered the rest of the family including the Sun Bears. Clyde and Balthazar winged up and assisted Captain Nick and Elmer with transporting them back to the compound in front of the big house. It was mass confusion for a few minutes with everyone greeting each other. It looked like a gathering from the Wizard of Oz. Jack and Bubba were overwhelmed. They never saw anything like it.

Lunch was a carnival of talk and stories about the new Highland Shire project. The Sun Bears were delightful and full of merriment. Poly and Cass were almost respected elders and were the two they deferred to about progress on the project. Everyone was optimistic about Easter Sunday. Billy invited Bubba and Jack back for the following evening barbecue and barnyard concert, and to join them for church Easter Sunday at the Methodist Church. They were welcome to return with them to the ranch to spend the day with them so they might see the results of Master Billy’s rag-tag building designers and planners. Billy added that Judge LaFleur and his family would be joining them. Jack and Bubba accepted Billy's invitation.

After lunch was over, the family from the ship needed to get back and were transported by Nick, Clyde, and Balthazar. Elmer took Jethro into his arms, hugged him tight, and gave him a kiss to make everyone swoon, and spoke, “I’m s’damn proud of you, young man. You have made yourself a credit to your master to say nothing of what chu' done for your other master and our family name. Take my love with you and apply it to your work. I know you and your team will knock one out of the ballpark come Sunday,” Elmer said.

He reduced Jethro to tears, and they gently kissed again. “Coming from the great Bull is a fine compliment in itself, sir. I love your grandson, and I love you, too, sir,” Jethro said.

They left and Jack decided it was time for him and Bubba to return to town. They looked around but couldn’t find Bubba. “Not to worry. I know where he is,” Billy said and smiled. He left and walked toward the old barn.

“I had to get away and tell you how much it meant for me to meet you today, Orville,” Bubba said.

“Same here, Son,” the big man replied.

“If’n you don’t quit call’n me 'son’ I’m gonna’ start call’n you 'dad,’” Bubba said and grinned.

“I would be honored, Son. Unless ordered otherwise by my master, I ain’t gonna’ stop calling you ‘son’ so I guess you got no choice but to call me ‘dad.’ I wish’t I had a son like you. Maybe -- just maybe, my life would have turned out better; unfortunately, I ain’t never had me no children. Even to have a young man as handsome as you think on me as his dad, will make my life a mite easier, Son,” Orville said sincerely.

“Then it’s done, Dad. I’d love to kiss you goodbye, but we both know what would happen, and we don’t have time to clean each other. So, take my hand, Dad, and know my thoughts will be with you,” Bubba said and the men shook hands.

Billy walked in just as they were shaking hands. “Sorry, gentlemen, but Mr. McCormick needs to get back to town. Come, Bubba, I’ll walk you back to your truck,” Billy offered.

“Thanks for thinking about me, Son,” Orville said.

“My pleasure, Dad,” Bubba replied.

Bubba and Billy walked silently from the barn. “Dad, huh?” Billy asked quietly.

“It feels right, sir,” Bubba replied.

“Why not? Maybe it’s what you both need. Go for it, Bubba, wiff’ my blessing,” Billy said and put his arm around his friend.

It was early afternoon as the men drove back into their small town. After Bubba dropped off Jack he had to return the same way to get to his uncle’s ranch. Bubba didn’t care. He needed the time alone with Jack. “You’s awful damn quiet Mr. Attorney,” Bubba said.

“What’s to say? I feel like Florence Chadwick after she swam the English channel. I’m on sensory overload. I’m glad you were with me, Bubba,” he said.

“Did you feel anything ‘evil’ in anything we experienced today, Mr. McCormick?” Bubba asked.

“No, not a thing. Not even Oatie’s slave Jethro in his demon persona. I wanted to throw myself shamelessly at his feet and beg him to do whatever a demon does to a human,” Jack confessed.

“You weren’t alone, sir. He was magnificent, but he was no more than a sexual window dressing for his master, and there has to be a great love behind him wanting to please Oatie that way. His human form is just as stunning,” Bubba said.

Bubba stopped his truck in front of Jack’s office. “What do you want to do about payment for today and the return of your uncle’s retainer, Son?” Jack asked.

“I thought about it, and decided I want you to take out what charges you have for today, but hold the rest in the account as a retainer for me. I got me more than enough money to operate on right now, and who knows, I just might need your services again real soon,” Bubba replied.

“It will be done, Bubba. I will send you a receipt for today's charges in the mail and another letter of retainer agreement in your name,” Jack said.

“No. Put it in your wallet and give it to me at the Daniels ranch tomorrow. I don’t trust the mail right now,” Bubba said.

“Good idea. You have a right to be a little paranoid. Remind me to give it to you if I forget,” Jack said.

“I will, and thanks for you help today. I couldn’t a done it without you, Mr. McCormick,” Bubba said.

“You’re certainly welcome, Bubba, but would you do me a small favor, Son,” Jack asked.

“Anything, sir,” Bubba replied.

“Stop calling me Mr. McCormick. After what we went through together today, I think we can be on a first name basis,” Jack said firmly.

“Jack it is, sir,” Bubba said and smiled.

“Take care of yourself, Bubba. Ya’ain’t alone no more. You got family in this town what will love you if you give them a chance,” Jack said.

“Like the Bull said, I think a new day is dawning for us, and we’re just waking up,” Bubba allowed.

“Well put. See you tomorrow afternoon at the ranch, Son,” Jack said.

“Until tomorrow, Jack,” Bubba replied and offered his hand. The men shook hands, Jack got out of the truck, and walked into his office.

Bubba drove back the way he came and drove past the gate to the Daniels ranch. He could see Thor and Zeus standing in front of the gates, honked his horn, and waved at them. They mooed loudly in reply, and he laughed. He conjured thoughts of sneaking into the property to steal Orville away, take him home, fuck the b’jesus out of him, and sneak him back into the property before he was discovered gone. He laughed at his own nonsense. He knew it wasn’t right, but the fantasy made his dick hard. Bubba pulled into the gate of his ranch and drove up in front of the house. He looked at the tire tracks the sheriff and his deputy took photos of with their cell phones and thought he might do the same tomorrow morning.

Bubba looked around for the six watchers, but he coudn’t find them. It was getting on into late afternoon, and the sun was beginning to go behind the trees. He sat down on the front porch steps, leaned back, closed his eyes, and thought about the image he remembered of his ‘Brute’ and how handsome he was, when suddenly, he had a feeling he wasn’t alone anymore. He opened his eyes and sitting next to him was the huge giant creature. Bubba didn’t even jump, he just looked into the monster’s golden eyes and smiled. He reached over and gently stroked his fur a couple of time. “Thanks for my life, Brute,” Bubba said.

“You’re welcome, Son,” Brute replied.

“Why have you come to me after all these years?” Bubba asked.

“You’re alone. You need a protector. I’m here to protect you, see to it you have a good life, and make something of yourself,” Brute said, “I didn’t save your life by chance, Son. I was assigned to watch over you and protect you all your life,” Brute said.

“Will you sleep with me in the old barn tonight?” Bubba asked.

“If you like,” Brute replied.

“Will you share your milk with me?” Bubba asked.

“All you can drink, my son,” Brute replied.

“I think I could fall in love with you, Brute,” Bubba said.

“It’s expected. Like Billy Daniels and his husband Boomer, we will become as one, Bubba. I have loved you all your life and longed to hold you in my arms,” Brute said.

“Why didn’t you come to me before now?” Bubba asked.

“The time was not right. You had to learn some lessons by yourself; but, there are troubled times with dangers ahead, and you will need me to help you through them,” Brute said.

Bubba didn’t ask anymore questions. He’d been through enough for a couple of days. He just wanted to relax, and feel Brute’s massive arms around him, feeding him his milk, and making Bubba feel like a little boy again.

End of Chapter 37 ~ Him Who Make The Seven Stars

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