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Him Who Made The Seven Stars
By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 38

"Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bubba found some old blankets in the house for him and Brute to sleep on in the loft of the old barn. He hated to walk through the house because everything was tossed and thrown about like he'd seen in movies where government agencies ransacked s
omeone's home to find some secret code or device they were trying to recover. Could the men who did this be government men? He gave it a quick thought, but then considered if they were truly trained for such searches, they would have found his uncle's ruse of hiding the door to the basement behind the stand-up freezer. It would immediately arouse further suspicion. If someone went to the trouble to hide a door, there must be something important hidden down there. It would be like a flashing arrow on an off-ramp: secret stash this way. On the other hand, he spent four years in the military and knew the term military intelligence was an oxymoron.

He laid out one blanket for them to lie on and another to cover himself. He asked Brute if he could remove his clothes and sleep naked with him.

"Of course, it's the only way to sleep with your protector. Leave body covers by the door of barn. They reek of human male sex. Too disturbing. Frustrating. Keep me awake all night," Brute said.

"Bad smell?" Bubba asked.

"Your essence, that which announces your presence to our kind, could never smell bad to me. Bubba's body intoxicating for Brute. Sex smell much too strong. Would bother my urge to consume you," Brute said.

"Eat me?" Bubba asked with his voice rising in fear.

Brute grinned, "Catch and drink baby batter," Brute replied.

Bubba never heard the terms `pitch,' `catch,' or `baby batter' until Orville used them earlier in the day. He loved country metaphors and filed them away in his cowboy lingo folder in his brain. "Did you listen in on me and Orville today, Brute?" Bubba asked.

"Brute always with my Bubba. I'm Bubba's Brute," Brute replied like it was just an accepted fact.

"Can you transport from place to place?" Bubba asked.

"Easy," Brute replied and smiled.

"Were you with me in Afghanistan?" Bubba asked.

"Every day," Brute replied.

"Does my buddy Earl have a protector?" Bubba asked.

"No, you did a good enough job," Brute replied quietly like he didn't want to tell Bubba more.

"I shouldn't ask anymore about that, should I?" Bubba asked.

"No. Not right now. Later," Brute said.

"Does it have some'um to do with the time-line?" Bubba asked.

"Yes. If you want Earl to become your slave, time-line must not be tampered with," Brute said.

"I would only want Earl for my slave if he loved me enough to give himself to me. That won't happen. He takes me for granite," Bubba said." (Yes, Grammar Nazis, Bubba said `granite'!)

"Earl Hickson is not a smart man, Bubba. He thinks you're dumb because you're big, easy going, and slow to respond. Earl takes advantage of you because you feel sorry for him. You allow him to do it, because you love him. You set a precedent with him years ago. Your uncle was right. When the time comes, you must make him your slave, if you truly love him. He must be led like a bull with a ring through his nose until he bonds with you. The only way he will learn about love is to have it forced on him and demanded of him; much like your new friend Orville is facing for himself. Otherwise, Earl will never find happiness trying to find his way alone in life listening to the voices of evil. I can't tell you more. If Brute provides too much information for my charge, it might alter time-line," Brute explained.

"What charge?" Bubba asked.

"You Bubba. You're my charge. Brute was charged by greater intelligence to protect you," he explained and smiled at Bubba.

Bubba's heart melted and ran down into his buckaroo boots. He never had anyone tell him they cared abou
t him in such a straightforward manner. He turned a bright crimson color and Brute laughed at him. "Brute not only protect, he love Bubba, too," he said quietly, leaned over and ran his huge tongue from the base of Bubba's neck slowly up to his face, around his ear, and across his forehead and down the other side. Bubba was like a bowl of warm Jello inside. He never felt so complete in his life. "Bubba taste good, too. Brute clean Bubba's body tonight before we sleep; give him Brute's protective aura," the giant monster whispered.

Bubba was licked. There was no running away from Brute's love. He didn't even consider the possibility. It was love at first monster tongue bath. Brute had his own distinctive essence. It was a wild animal smell. Not strong, but persistent; fresh, and slightly pungent, like pine needles on a Christmas tree fills a room with feelings of a long established tradition of home, hearth, and hope. Bubba could recall the wild musk scent filling his senses with associated feelings of good times remembered from his youth. Was Brute always there, by
his side, slightly phased out of his visual spectrum?

"Yes, it was Brute's essence you encountered. Your mind became conditioned to think Brute's smell is good and wholesome; the things that remind you of home and comfort. That way, you never afraid of Brute," he said.

Bubba thought he'd try something and sent a mental message to his giant protector, << I sense the other five watchers are here with us. I can't see them right now. Have them appear to confirm my feelings, please, Brute, >> Without a response from his protector each watcher materialized and made themselves known to Bubba. He smiled and bowed to each of them, and they smiled back; then vanished.

"I never felt so safe in my life," Bubba said quietly to Brute.

"Good. Then I'm doing my job," Brute said and smiled, "Don't wait until morning to take photos of tire tracks. Do it now," he added firmly.

Bubba didn't say anything, but immediately spun on his boot heel and walked the distance between the old barn and the house. He took several shots of what the sheriff called the 'perp's' vehicle. It was a rather unique tire tread and somewhat larger than the usual pickup truck tire. By the time he finished and walked back to the barn, the sun was beginning to set in the West. He did as he was told and undressed, leaving his clothes on a bale of hay next to the barn door. He pulled his boots back on to keep from stepping on something sharp or thorny on the barn floor or the loft. He climbed the ladder to the loft and found Brute lying on the bigger quilt waiting for him. Bubba went to the enormous creature and found himself engulfed by Brute's huge furry arms. It was like having his own Sabertooth-tiger with whom to cuddle.

"Are them other watchers gonna' watch what we do, Brute?" Bubba asked.

"Think, Bubba. Why do you think they call us 'watchers'?" Brute asked and smiled. "Besides, what are five watchers compared to untold throngs of people of all species and every race in countless galaxies tuned into their home viewing devices watching us right now?" Brute asked.

"Nooo..." Bubba replied slowing shaking his head.

"Some of Billy Daniels family are followed more than others. New members, like yourself, gather a larger audience in the beginning, but depending on your character, some drop off and follow another character for a while, or they go back and re-run their favorite parts from the archives," Brute explained, "You and Orville's little episode yesterday has topped the charts in every galaxy," the beast added and smiled.

"I ain't a member of Master Daniels' family," Bubba said.

"Don't kid yourself, Son," Brute said, "Billy accepted your offer to be the first to fuck his slave. Did that say nothing to you?" he asked, "Billy and his Bull told you, all you have to do is ask and you're in," Brute added.

"I didn't think on it that way," Bubba replied, "Other than my uncle, I ain't used to people doing nice things for me," he added.

Brute gave Bubba a watcher tongue bath and left no part of Bubba's body excluded, except for his hair. Even the unmentionables got extra loving care. Bubba never felt so clean, but the best part was a low sonic growl Brute made while he was working which varied in pitch to become almost a sacred chant. It was repetitive but exotic and hypnotic. It lulled Bubba into a state of S.S.E.E. - semi-somnambulistic euphorical ennui. When the huge beast finished, he stopped his guttural chant and looked into Bubba's beautiful green eyes, "If I have served you well, and I share my milk with you, may I consume your essence, Master?" Brute asked softly with his mouth next to Billy's ear.

"Yes. Please, Brute, but why do you call me `master'?" Bubba asked.

"Because for untold centuries, in every galaxy, it's what a slave calls the person who owns him, sir. I have been your slave and protector all your life, and unless I fail at my job, I will remain so for a very long time," Brute said quietly.

"I promised Orville he would be my first to fuck, but having you catch my seed and consuming it will be another first," he replied and rationalized correctly."You may have your master's baby batter for our first time, my handsome slave, but leave me as clean as you made me," Bubba added firmly.

"Always, Master," Brute replied and went to work on Bubba's ample cock. Few men could take the total of Bubba's penis, but Brute was neither a man nor intimidated for a minute by Bubba's size. He immediately engulfed his master's cock with one gigantic plunge to the bass within the beast's dark hungry maw. Bubba rose slightly from the blanket, but felt a giant paw/hand stop him and gently push him back to his prone position. It had to be the best feeling Bubba ever experienced. He never had anyone give him a blowjob before and never knew the sensual sensation a man or creature's warm throat wrapped around his cowboy cock could bring. It didn't take Brute long when Bubba's throat began groaning his own animalistic guttural serenade of encroaching sexual bliss. The harder Brute sucked the deeper and louder Bubba's growl became until both erupted in one giant crescendo which slowly faded off into the silence of eternity. Bubba's first blowjob was accomplished. He was still a virgin at fucking. He made a promise to Orville, but he didn't think a blowjob from his slave would damage his throat to his new surrogate dad.

Bubba lay transfixed as Brute took care of his obligatory housecleaning to gather the last bits and wonderful flavor of Bubba's baby batter. Bubba slowly came around from his male-human, male-beastie post-sex Gehenna to feel Brute's massive arms surrounding his body to gently cradle the big man in his arms. "That was good, but the best is yet to come," Brute whispered. Bubba opened his eyes to find one giant watcher tit staring him in the face. He smiled and whispered his thanks to his slave for taking him so completely. "It was my duty, but also my pleasure to bring you comfort, Master. From now on, I will always be here when you need me," Brute said. "Now, enjoy my milk," he added. Bubba hooked up to Brute's tit like a baby with inborn reflexes to find a source of food. He closed his eyes and the thick sweet watcher milk flooded his mouth and his senses.

He could even taste the same wild flavor of Brute's essence, but it wasn't overpowering. It was comforting. Bubba didn't worry about being a sloppy tit-sucker. Brute's huge tongue would quickly lap up any spills or excess like any good watcher bull might for his young male bairn. If the wonderful flavor of Brute's milk and the relaxed state Bubba was experiencing wasn't enough, Brute began to sing to him in his deep guttural growling voice again. It was definitely a song, and Bubba began to pickup images, bits and pieces of the poetry describing great heroes, their sons, and their lovers -- all strong stalwart warriors; brave and proud. No one warned Bubba, watcher milk acted like the ultimate sleep inducing tranquilizer. When he drank his fill, he fell into a deep, peaceful sleep. Brute gently cleaned Bubba with his tongue, lay him back, and covered them both with the extra blanket.
* * * * * * *
Bubba slept so soundly he couldn't remember dreaming, but woke up to the irritating sound of a truck horn honking in the compound of the ranch. He raised up and leaned against his watcher-slave furry chest and saw Earl standing beside his old Ford pickup truck.

"Shit!" Bubba groaned. He was looking forward to a relaxing morning with Brute and getting to know the other watchers.

"No, not shit -- it's Earl," Brute said quietly and got a laugh out of his master.

"Maybe you should disappear, my sweet slave," Bubba said.

"He can't see me. Only you can see your sweet slave, Master," Brute said and grinned.

"So be it. I'll throw my clothes on and see what he wants. I'm in the barn, Earl. Gimme' a minute to get ma' clothes on," Bubba yelled.

"What chu' doing in the barn, Bubba? You got a woman out there wiff' ya'?" Earl asked and laughed.

"Hell! Gimme' a minute, Earl!" Bubba hollered again, "Fer' Christ's sake, you show up at the crack a' dawn on a Saturday morning without calling first, and you expect me to jump to. I ain't even got my heart started yet!" he yelled.     

Bubba envied his big slave. He was fully dressed all the time. He got his clothes on and sat on the hay bale to pull his boots on. Sorry, gentle creatures," Bubba said to the other watchers, and they displayed themselves to him to acknowledge his words. He smiled, waved, got up, and turned to walk out of the barn.

"Did you sleep in the barn, Bubba?" Earl asked.

"Yeah, didn't you take a look in the house?" he asked.

"I just went up to the door and looked inside. It looks like a twister done blew through the house. I knocked a couple of times and rang the doorbell," Earl said, "What happened? What's going on, Bubba? I ain't seen or heard from you in a couple of days. I's get'n worried about you, Brother," he added.

"I slept in the barn 'cause I's too damn depressed to walk through the house. While I was gone yesterday morning, somebody broke in the house and ransacked the place. I didn't get home until late and didn't have the heart to go inside. I's just heart sick to my core, Brother," Bubba said making it seem like he was more devastated than he really was.

"Did you call the Sheriff?" Earl asked.

"Yeah, he and his deputy come out and looked around, but they didn't have much hope we'd catch the varmints what done it," Bubba said, giving Earl as little as possible. Over the years, Bubba learned how to work Earl and get the truth out of him without him ever knowing. Most times he never said a word to impugn Earl's veracity. If he did, it would usually cause more hurt feelings than it was worth. He knew Earl would never change so Bubba gave up. Was this what his watcher slave was talking about? Bubba looked up toward the barn to see Brute standing in the doorway nodding his head as an answer to his thought. "What chu' grin'n about, Bubba?" Earl asked.

"Oh, just some'um funny what happened yesterday come to mind for a moment. T'weren't nothing of import," Bubba replied.

"I ain't heard from you in several days. What's a matter, Bubba?" Earl asked like a concerned friend.

"I didn't call yesterday `cause you said you's taking your momma to the doctor in Menard. I figured you'd be tied up with her and gone most of the day. What's the matter? Unless you forgot, Earl, I lost my only relative," Bubba replied.

Earl ignored Bubba's comment about his uncle. "What did you mean when you hung up on me they other e'nin, and said you paid my way all the time we been buddies?" Earl asked.

"Nothing I wanna' talk about, Earl," Bubba replied firmly. If Earl chose to ignored his grief for his uncle, Bubba decided he would ignore his buddy's concern, "I'll leave it with you to decide what you think I meant," he added.

"I ain't got no idea what you's talk'n about, Brother," Earl said.

"Okay. I'll accept that. Now, let's move on," Bubba said dismissing his answer. Earl looked at Bubba and cut his eyes away from him only to steal another look to see if he could second guess his big buddy. Bubba was acting strange.

"I'll help you clean up the mess, Bubba," Earl said.

"Naw, I don't need no help. It will do me good to get things back in order. It will gimme' a reason to go through my uncle's belongings and get rid of a bunch of stuff I ain't never gonna' use," Bubba said.

"Have you gone through to see if anything was stolen?" Earl asked.

"Yeah, briefly with the sheriff, but I'll do a thorough search today," Bubba replied.

"Did you find your uncle's hidden stuff?" Earl asked.

"Naw, not yet. I looked around the house but couldn't find nothing. I'll look in the barns this morning to see if I can find anything," Bubba said. "Somebody tried to break in the barns, but they didn't have a big enough bolt cutter. Wouldn't a done `em no good no ways. Uncle had special two inch deadbolt locks in them steel doors to make damn sure nobody got in," Bubba allowed.

Something told him not to give Earl much information. He wondered if his slave was putting these thoughts into his head, only to see Brute still standing in the doorway of the barn nodding his head.

"You got any money, Brother? You wanna' drive into town and have breakfast?" Earl asked.

Bubba knew Earl's question about money meant he didn't have a penny on him and Bubba would have to pay. "Naw, I got some things to do this afternoon, so I gotta' get a few things done around here this morning. I'll grab a bite to eat on the run. I got me some milk and cereal in the kitchen. I saw some yesterday," Bubba hedged. "I'll give a call and come get the rest of my things Monday morning. Maybe we can have breakfast then," Bubba said as an offering.

"Ain't you moving back to your uncle's ranch a little premature, Bubba?" Earl asked.

Bubba picked up on Earl's fishing trip immediately and shrugged his shoulders, "I don't think so, unless somebody's got some claim to the ranch I don't know about. Until I find out or when they come with the Sheriff to hand me ma' walk'n papers, I'm gonna' stay rye-cheer, Earl. Mean'n no disrespect, but it's damn site better'n pay'n yore' momma rent to live in an old bunkhouse what ain't never been used in years. I'm sorry, Brother, but I just don't have the money to keep staying over there to your family's ranch. Best I move back here and get me a job. I don't wanna' be a burden to nobody no more," he said.

"What'll you do, Bubba?" Earl asked.

"Don't know exactly. Since Uncle Brad's funeral, I been offered several decent jobs, and I's think'n on taking one of `um up on their offer," Bubba replied.

"Who, Bubba?" Earl pressed.

"Wouldn't be right to say, Earl, until I talk with the man and reach an agreement. Our town's so small, some'um might get back I said what weren't true and queer my chances of landing a good job," Bubba said.

"I wouldn't say nothing, Brother, you know that," Earl said indignantly.

"Ain't say'n you would, Earl, but the fewer folks what know my business, the more likely I'll be to get what I's hope'n for," Bubba said firmly.

"Why you so closed off to me, Bubba? Y'ain't never been like `iss before," Earl made one last attempt to break through the barrier which separated the men.

"Sometimes I wonder about you, Earl. Maybe you ain't noticed, but I been through a lot this past week. I need some time to get myself together and get back on my feet if I'm gonna' hold onto this ranch. I need to think without distractions. If that means us seeing less of each other and being buddies, then I guess that's the way it's got to be. Things have changed, Earl. I've changed. I been growing apart from you for a while now, but you just refuse to see it. Ever since that last episode with Womack, I thought we done washed our hands of him, but I come to find out you's still suck'n his dick when you should be suck'n mine. I thought I's yore' buddy - not him," Bubba accused, but Earl was too damn dumb to get the metaphor and thought Bubba was accusing him of being a cocksucker.

"Watch yore' mouth, Brother. You take that back! I ain't never sucked a man's dick in my life," Earl said indignantly.

"It's a metaphor, Earl. I meant it to mean you's still real cozy wiff' him. If you paid attention in our English Lit class, you would know what a `metaphor' is," Bubba said raising his voice.

"All I know is it ain't right to accuse your brother of such a terrible thing," Earl declared.

"Yeah? Ain't it? All these years I been dream'n of watching yore' purdy cowboy lips wrap around my old pony just a suck'n on it until I released a flood of my sweet hot cowboy cream for you to enjoy, watch you smack yore' lips as you lick me clean, hear you tell me how good I taste, thank me for sharing my bounty wiff' ya,' hear you say you love me, and I'll always be yore' main man," Bubba said.

"That's disgusting, Bubba. You never said nothing that mean to me before. How could you ever think I'd do such a thing? Why, even if I was to consider some'um so sick, it would be go'n `agin the word of God and his son, our savior, Jesus Christ!" Earl exclaimed.

"He's your savior, Earl. He ain't my savior. You can't hide behind religion, Earl. It's all smoke and mirrors; myths and superstition. `Sides, you ain't never had a religious thought in your cowboy head until you got sucked-in with that damn Clarence Womack and them demented fools what think he's got some magical powers. He ain't nothing but a steam'n pile of dog shit, Earl. When we used to sleep together as kids, way into high school, I'd wake up during the night wiff' you holding on to my old cock like it was yore' personal saddle horn -- a lifeline sent from heaven. I ain't never said nothing about it, because I enjoyed having you hold my cock, keep'n it warm with your hands," Bubba said, "I kept think'n how great it would be to have you wake up to the fact you's sexually attracted to me, and one day, have you tell me you love me," Bubba allowed.

"You's lying. I ain't never done nothing like 'at. Maybe you should be by yourself, if that's what you's hope'n for. I'm sorry, Bubba, but I just ain't that way," Earl shouted.

"Wouldn't make no difference nohow, even if I did want it that way. You's all take and no give. You's the one what's lying, Earl. You ain't only lying to me, you's lying to yourself, and the rest of the world. You ain't never touched a woman, let alone slept with or fucked one, and you's damn near thirty years old, Earl. You talk a lot about it, but you don't never do nothing. You could have your pick of several women in our town, but you's too tight wiff' me -- old Bubba. Well old Bubba is gonna' have his'self a life without ole Earl, if'n that's the way it's gotta' be. If you can't love me like I wanna' be loved, then I plan to find me somebody, male or female, what will," Bubba declared, "All these years, I done been pour'n my money and affections down an empty hole with you. I ain't got so much as a back rub or a thank you. Hell, far, Earl, I would a settled for a hand job and thought I was in cowboy heaven," Bubba said strongly and kicked a rock with the toe of his boot across the compound.

"You's jes' say'n them awful things to make me mad, drive me away, and leave you alone," Earl accused.

"For once in your life, you're right, Earl. I don't want that conniving, backstabbing, little shit-head Womack to know a damn thing about my business, and you's in so tight with him you tell him ever' damn thing I do," Bubba accused.

"Whatever I told him was for your own good, Bubba. I's think'n on your lost soul, how best I could help you come to see the light, and come to Jesus; to give yourself to him and our church to save your immortal soul from eternal hell-far and damnation," Earl started his memorized god-bot zombie-Jesus-speak. I think Pastor Clarence may be right. You's buying into the Daniels' evil works. Why else would you be talking blasphemy about us having degrading and disgusting sex with each other," Earl shouted almost foaming at the mouth.

"That does it. I ain't gonna' live my life by Clarance Womack's fucked ideas of morality. I'm gonna' live my life for today and tomorrow; not for some sick religion based vision of a hereafter. I'll cross that bridge when my time comes, but until that time, I want more'n what I been living for since high school. We's damn lucky to have made it back from the Mid-East. The only thing what kept us going was our love for each other, and look what we turned into. I can't plan my life more'n a week at a time and you? Ya' ain't nothing but a squawking parrot sit'n on a perch, repeating your owner Clarence Womack's words he done taught you to say. You don't even know what they mean.

"Y'ain't never had an original thought in your gotdamned head since you were born. Y'ain't never gonna' grow up, Earl. Your mind is still living in grade school. Get in your damn truck and go home to yore' momma, little boy. I wouldn't be surprised to learn you been sleep'n with her. I'll be over to get my shit Monday morning. Then I won't have to be bothered or put up wiff' your nonsense no more. What money I make from now own will be mine and mine alone. I won't spend a penny on you unless you agree to put out. If you wanna' run with me and have me pay the way, then I want something from you in return. Like them old bikers used to say, "Ass, grass, or gas! Nobody rides for free!" Bubba said.

"I'm gonna' pray for you, Bubba. I think you's become'n one a them perverts," Earl said.

"Yeah, perhaps you's right, Earl. Now, explain to me why you got a hard-on in them skin tight Wranglers and got a drool spot the size of a half-dollar at your crotch when I said them words about you suck'n my cock or me fuck'n yore' tight little cowboy butt? Your lips may tell me `no-no' but your crotch tells me yore' body's excited as hell at the thought of lying down with me and share'n a little cowboy love," Bubba said, aimed, pulled the trigger, and fired.

"Gotdamn it, I'm outta' here, Bubba! That won't never happen, and you know it," Earl turned on his boot heel and started to walk back to his truck.

"It will happen or we won't be buddies no more, Earl. I'm drawing a line in the sand rye-cheer and now! You got a decision to make. No more Womack. It's either me, my brand of cowboy love'n, strong but compassionate, or the highway!" Bubba said pointing to the blacktop road. The big cowboy said it loudly and forcefully enough it made Earl stop in his tracks. Bubba never spoke to him with such strong intent. "Screw Jesus! You can't love no spook, Earl. You drive away without come'n to my arms, tell me you love me, and make a little love wiff' a man what's loved you all his life, or you can just keep on driving, Cowboy.

"You'll close that gate behind you forever or until you get into trouble, and you will get into trouble doing Womack's bidding while he sits back and uses you like puppet on a string. Without me to stabilize you, I give it less than a year. You'll be caught one too many times for petty crimes, sentenced to a lifetime of slavery, then I'll come along and buy you, and you'll become my slave forever," Bubba growled, "I'd rather you give yore'self to me, cowboy to cowboy, `cause if I have to buy you, I won't be so compassionate or understanding. I'll train you up like a stubborn pony, saddle you right-nice, and ride you 'til I break you. Then you will suck my cock and put yore' prudy little ass up for your master when he snaps his fingers," Bubba added.

Bubba watched Earl clench his fist, relax, look down at his boots, and for an instant, the big cowboy thought his friend just might turn and come to him. Every fiber in Earl's body wanted to run to Bubba's big arms and tell him how much he loved him. Earl didn't want to lose him, but the greater fear of Clarence Womack's words steeled him against the more honest and better angels of his nature. Once again, fear won out over love, reason, and compassion. Earl got into his truck, fired up the motor, gunned the engine, spun around throwing rocks and sand everywhere, and drove off in a huff. Earl looked into his rear-view mirror and saw Bubba looking back like his heart would break. Earl never felt so bad in his life. His comfortable world seemed to be falling apart.

Bubba walked down the porch steps, walked a couple of yards toward the road, and looked down at the tire tracks from Earl's over-sized rear tires. He whipped out his cell phone and clicked through his photos until he came to the pictures of the tire tracks he took the night before. They matched perfectly. Bubba's heart almost stopped and then he cried.
Suddenly, there was a huge furry arm around Bubba's shoulder. Bubba turned into Brute's huge arms and cried his heart out. Brute held him close, kissed him, and stroked his head with his huge paws.

Bubba got himself together. "You knew. `At's why you had me take them pitchers last e'nin instead of wait'n until morning," Bubba said. Brute didn't reply. He just continued to hold and pet him. "No. No, that ain't right. I'm jump'n to conclusions. Hell, Earl's all the time over here. Of course his truck tires would be around; all over the place," he rationalized.
Nothing from Brute. Bubba stood trying to read the giant beast but got only love and sympathy back from him. "Y'ain't gonna' tell me what you know, are you?" Bubba asked.

"I'm your slave. I will always love you, Bubba, but after last night, making love with you and holding you in my arms, I love you beyond words your language can express," Brute said quietly like it was breaking his heart.

"I know. Time-line. It's wrong for me to pressure you like that. It ain't that important anyway. I'll get busy, pull myself up by me boots straps, and get my life in order. I got you and your buddies, and your love is equally important to me. Don't think I could have done what I did if I was alone, sweet beast," Bubba said, reached up on his tiptoes and kissed his giant watcher on his cheek.

* * * * * * *
"You what? You told him `no,' turned your back on your brother, and walked away in his hour of need? Oh, no, no, no! You don't do that to your brother who potentially has a fortune at his fingertips and is too damn dumb to realize it," Clarence Womack berated Earl in his office. "You got to get into his good graces again, so's we can find out more about what's in them barns. If he ain't found his uncle's fortune he left him yet, the quicker we find it, the better and richer we'll be. Finders keepers, losers weepers!" Womack said and white foam appeared at the corners of his mouth like left over come from his moronic ejaculations.

"I can't do what he wants. You can't expect me to, either. He done told me he wants to have a queer relationship with me. He kept talking about me suck'n his penis and using that big monster cock of his to fuck me in my butt. Can you imagine how bad that would hurt a man? Bubba's cock is enormous. They's horses what attempted suicide after catch'n sight of Bubba's cock because they get so depressed," Earl said and felt his own penis began to grow in his pants thinking and talking about Bubba's big dick.

"You don't have to. Just lead him on. It won't hurt you none to give him a big hug, a brotherly kiss, and let him feel you up a bit. Remember the Bible story of Samson and Delilah. She led the big Hebrew on and gave him just enough to get the information from him she needed to betray him and his people to the Pharaoh. Then after she betrayed him, laughed at him, and mocked him as she watched the king's men blind him and bind him up in the Temple to punished him. You must become like Delilah or Jezebel and give Bubba just enough to get back in good with him so's you can deliver him into my hands -- and the Lord's, of course. We must never forget our first goal is to do the work of the Lord, and he would most certainly want us to crush a dirty, filthy, nasty, homosexual who has no right to live a better life than those who know the truth of our Lord and walk in the light of goodness and righteousness. There is no sin in lying to get or steal what they got. The bible and the good Lord tells us we should do exactly that. Praise the lord!" Womack exclaimed.

"Praise the Lord," Earl replied, "I don't know, Preacher. What if he want's me to suck his dick or fuck me in the butt?" he asked.

"Sometimes we have to give a little to get a lot for us and the Lord. Offer your mouth and your ass up to the heathen. Get dressed in your tightest pair of Wranglers, your best boots, western shirt, and hat. Tart yourself up a bit. Be sweet and alluring. Tell him you agree with him and let him have his way with you. Delilah and Jezebel had to give themselves up to them men in the bible to get what they wanted. The good Lord will know you're doing it to gain ground to overthrow the devil inside Bubba which makes him do them foul acts he's sure to commit. The trick is to be strong enough as a soldier in Christ to suffer through the ordeal for Jesus and his father. You must be resigned you won't enjoy it, but make Bubba think it's the greatest feeling you ever had; tell him how much you love him for making you his little cowboy fuck buddy," Womack poured it on.

"You keep forgetting about the size of Bubba's penis, Preacher," Earl said.

"No, I ain't. The male anus can stretch to a full eight inch diameter without harm," Womack replied indignantly.

"Bubba ain't that big, but it's plenty damn big to be uncomfortable. You want me to let him ram that huge thing up my ass?" Earl asked incredulously.

"I'm sure he will be gentle, but you make sure you buy a douche bag, clean yourself out real good, and use a lot of heavy lubricant, like bag balm. Pack your ass tight with it and insist on greasing him up before you allow him to mount you," Womack advised.

"Can I tell Bubba you'd like to share the wealth with me, and he can fuck yore' butt next, Preacher? I'll be happy to pack yore' ass with grease for you," Earl said snidely.

"No, Son, my years on the front lines against Satan and his army are in the past. The good Lord has seen fit to promote me to a General in his army to lead his troops to fight perversion, sins of all kinds, and corruption -- except for big business and Wall Street; it's the American way -- and God allows me to lead his army of younger men to make way for his kingdom on Earth," Womack raved.

"I won't do it!" Earl said.

"Yes! Yes, you will! May I remind you about your being an accomplice in a crime at Killeen, Texas when you returned from the Middle East and was stationed at Fort Hood. You drove the get-away car for your buddy who robbed a drive through liquor market. He went to prison for fifteen years and is still serving time, while you're out free as a bird. I been in touch with him, and if you don't serve me and do as you're told, he's willing to sign affidavits putting the finger on you as his accomplice. As I remember, they never caught the driver of the car," Clarence said.

"They never caught me because I wasn't guilty. I didn't know he was gonna' pull a damn gun and do what he done, but since I was driving I knew it wouldn't matter what I said. They would find me as guilty as him. I drove him to a place where he hooked up with his girlfriend what helped him get away, but they eventually caught him. He was a buddy. I saved his life once so he kept his damn mouth shut, and told them he didn't know my name; I was just a stranger he held a gun on to drive him through the liquor place. I was half drunk. He went crazy. I didn't know what he was gonna' do. They took his word and dropped the charges against an accomplice. You can't get away with holding that against me," Earl said in panic.

"We'll just see about that. Whether or not you go to prison is one thing, but if you do, a fine looking young cowboy like you is gonna' have to put out to some big bull-convict and become his little wife. Better you take it up the ass from a cowboy named Bubba than a convict named Bubba what will hold you down and forcibly rape you. Prison rape can do great physical as well as psychological damage to a man, Earl. Better you give yourself to a man what loves you who will be gentle and compassionate with you rather than one what won't be so understanding. Do your really want to take the chance? Nasty rumors would ruin you in our small town, Earl. Nobody will have anything to do with you. You'll have to leave and won't never be able to come back; not even to see your mother," Womack threatened.

"You wouldn't dare hold some'um like `at against me. It just ain't true! It's distorted facts what can get a man into a lot of trouble. If you try to do some'um like at, you better have the money to hire yourself a full time hired gun as a round-the-clock body guard. I got too many guns with long range scopes, what will bring down a doe or a buck within a hun'nert yards or more. If I got to go to prison for some'um you made up what was nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time, I promise I will find a better reason for the law to come after me, Preacher," Earl said with fear and disgust in his voice.

"You don't need to get so upset, Son. Just do what the Lord tells you, and after it's over and Bubba's making sweet love to his little buddy, tell him how much you love him and find out what I need to know to bring Billy Daniels and his family to their knees. Cause if you don't, I will make it my number one priority to see to it you go to prison, Earl," Womack promised, "And as for your empty threats, if you try anything, the next day, the information I have on you will be delivered to the Sheriff's station. If you kill me, they will arrest the man with the perfect motive, and they have ways to get the truth out of you, Earl. If you ain't successful, after you're in prison, I won't need a body guard," Womack trumped Earl's threat.
* * * * * * *
Bubba started cleaning up the rubble in the house. He put things back where they should be, but he also began to gather his uncle's things and box them. He had plenty of help. His five protectors pitched in to lend a giant hand. They were great for moving boxes around and carrying stuff to the old barn to later be loaded onto his truck to take to the local thrift store. He stopped to consider some of his uncle's clothes Earl might be able to wear, and then he thought their friendship was probably over. He folded Brad's clothes, put them in boxes, and labeled them 'Thrift Store.'  
"When was the last time you men ate?" Bubba asked.

"We don't eat like you do, sir," Brute spoke for them, "We forage several days a week but never go far from the house so we can rotate transporting back here to check on everything. One of us is always around here, guarding your property as Master Bull charged us to do. When the property guard is relieved, another takes his place. The rest of the time, the other five are out foraging and share some of our gatherings with our sixth man here. But Master Billy's family will bring us food this evening. We heard from his watchers, and we will be fed," Brute explained, "We won't go hungry, Master," he added.

Bubba's cell phone rang. He was surprised to see it was Jack McCormick, his attorney, calling. "What's up, Brother?" Bubba answered.

"After sharing yesterday with you, I'm beginning to think on you as my younger brother, Bubba. You well could be the not-so-little brother I dreamed about when I was a kid. You have all the earmarks and the character I created in my mind for my imaginary little brother. How are you?" Jack asked.

"Better'n I expected. Of course, having six massive watchers to keep me company and one in particular to share his love and insights with his master does wonders to chase the feel-sorry-for-me blues away; to say nothing of their help getting things back in order around here. I's just worried about them having food for the day, but they assured me they will be okay. They're looking forward to Master Billy's folks sharing their dinner with them. My personal watcher, my new slave, Brute, slept with me last night and kept me warm. His milk made me sleep soundly all night. Jack, you gotta' try some today. It's wonderful stuff," Bubba said.

"I don't think I've heard you say so many words since you came to my office yesterday, Bubba. You sound damn good. I'm calling to see when you're driving over to the Daniels place? We were invited for lunch, a big barbecue supper, and their Saturday evening barnyard concert," Jack said.

"I'm just about to wrap things up here, jump in the shower, and head on over there. You wanna' come by here first, and we'll go together? I got something I want to ask you about. No legal stuff -- just something I found I wanna' show you. I think you'll find interesting," Bubba said.

"That will be fine with me. I'm ready to go, so I'll drive on out to your place. You know, in all the excitement, we forgot to watch your uncle's video yesterday. Should I bring it with me to watch at your place or over to the Daniel's place?" Jack asked.

"I'm leaning to leaving it for Monday, but there might be something in it I need to know sooner than later. Why don't you bring it, and we'll see how things go," Bubba suggested.

"Sounds like a plan, little brother. See you in a few," Jack said.

"Look'n forward to seeing ma' big brother," Bubba said, laughed, and disconnected Jack's call.

"You going to wash my essence from your body, Master?" Brute asked like he was hurt and disappointed.

"Don't you think I might be too strong for humans?" Bubba asked.

"They wouldn't notice as much as their watchers. You might be surprised how they might react. It will be a learning experience for you. I think you will be pleasantly surprised how your new dad might react," Brute said,"Let me become your valet for today, and give you a touch up while you change into fresh clothing. You wore those yesterday, and they are still strong with your sexual essence," he added.

"Come, my sweet beastie and take care of your master," Bubba said and took Brute by his massive paw and led him into the house. Bubba took off his clothes. Brute went to work with his huge tongue, cleaned around Bubba's pubic area, and proceeded to his rear to clean his behind. For humans, it might seem disgusting, but to a male watcher it was part of his job and duty as a slave for his master. Bubba took to the idea like a big fish to water. He not only found it hygienic but also incredibly sensual, and he sprang a huge boner. He wondered if Brute might offer to take him. He forgot Brute could hear his thoughts, "No. While I would love to taste your baby batter again, I couldn't clean you well enough to rid you of your lingering sexual essence before your friend arrives. Your new watcher essence will be your key for the day. You will understand why later, Master," Brute said, "Now dress yourself, and become the best image of the Western cowboy or cowman you can convey," Brute added.

"I'll wear my best, sweet friend," Bubba said and caressed Brute's furry face. The great beastie began to purr like a cat. Bubba was enthralled and stroked him several more times. Finally, Bubba broke away and got out his best pair of Wrangles, his finest pair of buckaroo boots, his most handsome rodeo shirt, and he even got down his big three ply beaver silver-belly hat. It was a copy of the hat Dan Blocker wore on Bonanza. Brute looked on like a proud parent watching his son dress for his first birthday party. Bubba was ready for the day.

Jack pulled into the compound and saw five of the giant watchers standing around outside the front porch to the house. Bubba told them not to disappear when Jack came by. He got out of his SUV and walked toward them. Jack was dressed in his best cowboy clothes as well. There was much talk back and forth among the great beasties. "Good morning, gentlemen, it's good to see you again. Thanks for guarding the property and giving my little brother a helping hand. We both appreciate it," Jack addressed them.

"It's good to see you again, sir," the largest of the five said, "It's our privilege and an honor to help a human as special as Master Bubba. He will become important to your race as well as ours. Thank you for your appreciation," he said.

"And your name might be?" Jack asked.

"I have no name, sir, unless you wish to give me one; but your action would imply you wish to choose a guardian, a protector for your own. Once you give a watcher his name, he is bonded to you for life," he replied.

"Thank you for explaining. I didn't know. Then, until I can talk with Bubba and Master Billy, I will refrain from doing so," Jack said politely.

"It might be a wise thing to consider, sir," the giant beast said.

About that time a young cowboy trying to look like Hoss Cartwright came out of the door and bounded down the steps into Jack's open arms. Bubba picked Jack up off the ground and spun him around a couple of times. He was holding Jack close and the smaller man got a good whiff of Bubba's new scent. When Bubba sat him down and stole a kiss on Jack's cheek, he responded in kind. "God, Bubba, what have you done to yourself?" Jack asked like he was stunned.

"My aftershave too strong, Big Brother?" Bubba asked.

"No. It ain't no aftershave, Son. It's... fuck, I can't explain it, but something just grabbed me deep inside my gut and won't let go. Hold me for a second, cowboy," Jack said and pulled Bubba to him tighter. Bubba stole another kiss and so did Jack. They released each other. "Something's happening to you Bubba, and I'm glad I got a front row seat. I'm glad to call you my little brother, Son," Jack said. He looked over Bubba's shoulder and saw Bubba's Brute standing behind him grinning like a cat on catnip. "You were right, Bubba, Brute is a handsome beast. Good day to you Protector Brute," Jack said.

"Good day to you, Master Jack," Brute replied and bowed to Jack.

"You ready, Son?" Jack asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be, I guess," Bubba replied.

"Oh, little brother, you are so ready," Jack declared, and they shared a laugh.

"Let's take my truck and you can return wiff' me, sir?" Bubba asked.

"Sounds like a good plan. I got the video in my backpack. Let me get it, and I'll throw it behind the seat of your truck," Jack said. He got his backpack and threw it in Bubba's truck. They waved to the watchers. "What was you gonna' show me, Bubba?" Jack asked and Bubba slammed on his brakes.

"Get out of the truck, Jack, and follow me," he said and opened his door.  He walked a way away from the truck. "See these here tire tracks," he asked pointing to the ground.

"Yeah, they're the tracks from yesterday the sheriff said belonged to whoever ransacked your house," Jack said.

"But they ain't," Bubba said, "They's from my buddy Earl's truck. He came by early this morning to see what I's up to. See here," Bubba got his cell phone out and showed Jack his photos from the night before. The men compared them.

"I'd say it was a match, little brother," Jack said, "What do you think?" he asked.

"Don't know. He comes over all the time. The tracks the sheriff pointed out could be Earl's from another time. I just don't know," Bubba said honestly.

"Well, come on, let's go. Don't let it spoil your day, Bubba. You look too damn good, and you got a glow about you what's gonna' knock them other cowmen out of their saddles," Jack encouraged him.

"You's right, big brother. Let's us went!" Bubba exclaimed.

They waved to the watchers, jumped in the truck again, and drove down the road to the blacktop. It was a short trip to the Daniels ranch and the guard cattle parted as soon as they recognized Bubba's truck. Bubba took off his big hat and waved to them. They drove on up to the compound and many people were already there. Billy, his family and the Breedlove crew came to welcome them. It was like another homecoming. Billy shook Bubba's hand and pulled him into a big hug. "Damn, Bubba, you smell good enough to eat," Billy joked.

"Will I be disturbing ma' dad if I's to go find him, Master Billy," Bubba asked.

"Not at all. My slaves knock off work at noon on Fridays, and other than a few who are on duty to keep things running, like food preparation, everybody's off for the weekends, and that includes punishment slaves as well as the volunteer group," Billy explained.

"So's I don't break no rules, is there anything I should know about, I shouldn't do with Orville?" Bubba asked.

"No, none I can think of," Billy said, "but there's a few things he ain't allowed," he added handing Bubba a small key. "Here, put this in your pocket. It's yours to keep as long as you wish to keep seeing Orville. It's the key to his chastity cage. Only me, his keepers, and now you are authorized to remove it. Orville is never to touch himself, but it will make it easier for him or you to clean him up if an accident occurs like it did yesterday; or, if you decide you want to suck or jack him off. You might find it difficult to suck him with his ring, but it can be done. I done sucked him a couple of times. I also jacked him off several times in front of my slaves to get him over any embarrassment and our amusement.

"By the way, he's only eating slave chow which is a perfect balance of fiber and nutriments to keep him in top condition. A slave's come is the purest form you can find in an adult male on our planet, because he's not contaminated by foods which would produce a strong flavor. Orville has his faults but his come is sweet. His butt plug must remain in his ass at all times. You may play with his plug if you like and fuck him a with it if'n he will allow you, but don't force him. It might be good for him if he does get used to somebody he cares about taking a few liberties with him. He'll learn he can trust you not to go too far or too fast.

"If you two wish to engage in some heavy petting, he wants to play with your cock, or maybe take a few hits on it to try it on for size, both are fine with me. Orville really surprised me yesterday. He done a good job clean'n you, and if he decides he wants to go a bit further to get himself a big ole taste of his boy, you will only be doing me a favor if you let him. I know'd you will be gentle with him within reason. While he's a slave, he's still a human being and as such shouldn't be mistreated no more'n we would abuse an ornery frightened horse we's trying to train. After all, I'm trying to train him to a new way of looking at his life and any trauma he experiences would only create a speed-bump on our road to success.

"Always keep in the back of your mind, no matter what your previous relationship was with any slave, or how you might wish to see him now -- in your case you see Orville as a father figure -- he's always gonna' be a slave and a piece of livestock. Any slave is gonna' be your responsibility, just like a fine horse or a cow. However, you can extrapolate that idea if you consider, when a man becomes a master and takes on the responsibility of a slave, he becomes a slave himself to his slave -- just like he would to any piece of livestock he owns. He must be responsible and take care of them or he should be deemed unworthy to hold slaves. Later, if you're interested, I'll take you to the barn over there and introduce you to my master. He's a large Palomino stud I named Samson, and he owns me.

"I'm his rider whom he loves dearly. He has saved my life on too many occasions to relate, but there ain't no doubt in his or my mind, Samson is my master," Billy said and shared a laugh with Bubba. "I know it sounds absurd, but in the larger context of life it's true. As a young boy, I raised Samson from an abandoned motherless colt. After maturity, Samson began the slower process of raising me and taught me many things, and he insists he ain't through with me yet. So it is with me and Orville, and it will be the same for you. I'm sure the old man, no matter what other evil he's done in the past what led to his becoming a slave, has taught him some valid lessons from life he can teach us. We only have to be open to receive them while still keeping a good balance between us," Billy added.

Bubba had no problem with the analogy, and agreed with Billy's methods.
"One more thing, just between us cowboys, he weren't due to take a bigger plug until Monday, but requested his handlers ask me about taking the larger one this morning. I told them to go ahead on. So the one he's wear'n today is a good deal larger than the one you saw yesterday. He might let you play with it to see if you notice. If he does, be sure to stroke him, give him an extra pat on his butt with some love and praise, and let him know you're proud of him. Cooperation, an interest in working with his handlers, and pleasing his masters should always be rewarded with encouragement. Howsomever, if he offers to let you play with his plug, don't miss an opportunity to work him good.

"I told his handlers to leave his strap a bit more loose than usual. You should have enough room to move his strap to the side and fuck him real good wiff' his plug. You may even untie it from his harness to get a better, deeper penetration while you's fucking him with it. What better reward than to have his boy, someone he's bonded with, give him a hand with his progress and encourage him he's doing the right thing. Later, be sure to brag about how well he responded to you. It will go a long way to help him adjust to his new life," Billy said, and continued, "And if he shoots his load, I don't care. As long as he's shooting it under your or my control, I ain't got me no problem.
If you can induce him to ejaculate, he will begin the journey to become psychologically bonded with you and begin to equate you with one of only two men who are authorized to provide the pleasure of sexual release for him.

"Up `til now, it has been my job. I don't even allow my handlers to give him relief. For the sake of control, my goal is to condition him to depend upon his master, or in your case, his surrogate son, for release. He will become slowly conditioned to respond only to us and to no one else. Pavlov wrote a paper on the subject at the turn of the twentieth century. Psychological conditioning is a powerful tool and may be accomplished in a relatively short period of time. The more dependent he grows upon us for his sexual release, the less his mind will consider other sexual outlets. He won't become impotent - far from it - he just won't be interested in the others anymore," Billy explained.

"How long a period are you talking about, sir?" Bubba asked.

"Six months for significant change; a year, maybe a little more for full immersion. He's already beginning to show signs. His willingness to cooperate was his first step. His interest and response to you is another," Billy replied and continued, "I intended to let Orville have release from time to time, but it will only be when I allow it; not when he wants it. I won't tolerate him playing with himself. I will control when or with whom he's allowed to ejaculate. Since you have my permission to be private with him, as long as he's under your control, it's fine with me. In addition to conditioned response, it's part of the male bonding process," Billy added.

"Thanks for the tip, Master Billy, I'll be sure to keep those things in mind. It clears up a lot for me. I'm impressed and think under his current living conditions it might be a better way of life for him than to live in frustration. It will make me feel easier with him and more sure of myself. I think your policy with him is entirely reasonable, sir. If I ever have my own punishment slave, I will adopt the same policy. I'm impressed he asked for a larger plug. Damn, do you think he done it for me, sir?" Bubba asked.

"Ain't no doubt in my mind, Cowboy. He's dead serious about his feelings for you, and I would know if he was play'n me," Billy said, "You start drink'n watcher milk, and you'll be able to hear your dad as well as your protector," Billy added.

"Really, sir? That would be great. Then it would help to be able to hear him when I fuck him, wouldn't it?" Bubba asked.

"Most definitely," Billy replied.

"How long will it take for me to be able to hear them?" Bubba asked.

"It varies from person to person. The younger the better. You? Probably about a month," Billy said.

"That long?" Bubba asked and frowned.

"You don't have to hear him. I got me a feeling, you keep showing Orville attention, he's gonna' do his best to make it as soon as possible. On the other hand, it might do him good to wait. Teach him patience and give him something to look forward to. I'll let you work it out with him. I'm flexible. We can wait if you decide you want the option," Billy reasoned.

Out of the corner of his eye, Bubba could see a small young cowboy sitting in the lap of one of biggest watchers he ever saw. He caught the boy's eye a couple of times but looked back at Billy to continue their conversation. He watched the boy leave his protector and run to Master Billy's side and take his hand. Bubba and Billy just finished their conversation about Orville. Billy looked down and picked up the handsome young cowboy and stole a kiss. The little cowboy giggled and kissed him back.

"I saw this big cowboy over here talking with you I ain't never seen before, Brother, and I want to meet him," Randy Rutherford said to Billy.

"As usual, your timing is perfect, Buckaroo," Billy complimented Randy. "Bubba, this here fine looking buckaroo is my little brother, Randy Rutherford, I met in the parking lot of WalMart in Fredericksburg a little over a month ago," Billy said, "Randy this is a new brother for me and you; his name is Bubba Ray Kirkendall," Billy introduced them.

They shook hands. "I remember hearing about you, Randy. Good to meet you, Son," Bubba said.

"It's good to meet you, too, Mr. Kirkendall. It's always nice to meet a new brother," Randy said.

"Just call me, Bubba, Son," Bubba said.

"Thanks, sir, you can call me, Randy," Randy returned the favor, "But I do like you call'n me `son,' too. I shore' as hell wouldn't mind being yore' son or little brother," he added. The men laughed. "Why do you have a similar essence like my watcher, Ludo?" Randy asked Bubba.

Bubba grinned, "I might ask why you have a similar essence like my watcher, Brute? Does Ludo bath you with his tongue?" Bubba asked.

"Yes, sir, but I don't tell my mom. She expects me to shower ever' day and I do, then I go to the barn and let Ludo do it right," Randy said and they shared a laugh. Billy laughed so hard he almost dropped Randy.

"You got chore' own protector, Bubba?" Randy asked.

"I sure do. I didn't know about him until yesterday, but he's been around for sometime," Bubba replied.

"Which one is he?" Randy asked.

"J'ever see a watcher what looks like Sabertooth?" Bubba asked.

"Yeah, he was among the watchers some of our family got to pick from on Retikki Prime when we went to visit their home world," Randy said.

"He's new, little brother. Bubba don't know about us visiting other planets, but on the other hand, I guess he does now since you let the cat out of the bag," Billy said and laughed.

"I'm sorry, Brother. I done got me some things to learn, and one of `em is keep'n my mouth shut until I get to know somebody better," Randy lamented.

"No, problem, Buckaroo. Bubba's gonna' be a brother, and he done seen enough yesterday to know we's kind of different," Billy said.

"Anyway, I done had my heart set on Ludo, and he was there. Them good folks on that world give him to me to be my slave. He became my protector, and I love him like he was my big brother. He sure knows how to take care of a young cowboy, Bubba, and if you give your watcher a chance, he will become a wonderful part of your life," Randy assured the big cowboy.

"Thanks for the advice, Cowboy Randy. I already think he's pert-damn special," Bubba said, "And I agree with you, having Brute bathe me beats the hell out of the shower, and it saves on water. I's just worried he'll wear his tongue out," Bubba added.

"Naw, Bubba, take it from yore' little brother, his tongue is a renewable resource and a great means of water conservation," Randy said. The men shared a laugh. A new love was born between Bubba and Randy.

* * * * * * *
Bubba said his goodbyes to go look for his dad. He was stopped along the way by Elmer Breedlove, who told him they were taking Oatie to the ship after lunch to see his new enhanced slave, and if he wanted to come along they'd be happy to have Bubba join them. Bubba said he thought he would enjoy it, but was on his way to visit with his new dad, Orville. Elmer looked at him and grinned. "Didn't I tell you he was a hot fucker? Takes a real cowboy to appreciate a quality bull, Son, and trust me, you come from the finest stock in this county. That old bull needs a powerful buckaroo to tame him down right nice-like to turn him into a bull's bull. In case you don't know, a bull's bull is a man what's been trained only to respond to another strong dominant male. Once he's trained up real good, he won't be able to have sex with nobody else but a dominant bull. He won't even be able to get an erection unless it's with another bull, but that's all right, they's a lot a' good fuck'n in that slave's ass, Son. With you as his main bull and farm'n him out from time to time, they'll be enough bulls around to keep him satisfied and work'n hard. Take it slow and train him up right. You won't be sorry you did," Elmer encouraged him.

"Thanks for the advice, Mr. Breedlove. I'm gonna' try to do my best by him," Bubba said.

"Ain't got me no doubt you's the Bull for the job, Son," Elmer said and grinned.

Bubba found Orville sitting on a bench talking with his keepers. When they saw Bubba coming wearing his best cowboy duds, they smiled and told Orville to turn and look. Orville got a good look at the big tall lumbering cowboy walking toward him in a very proud rolling gate of a seasoned buckaroo wearing his huge ten-gallon Hoss Cartwright hat. Much to Orville's surprise his ample cock began to fill his chastity cage until it was straining to get out and filled his codpiece to the max. His handlers noticed Orville's excitement and grinned at each other. They later admitted to one another they had the same reaction to Bubba the slave in their charge experienced. Bubba opened his arms to Orville his last few steps, and the older slave opened his to receive his surrogate son.

"Dad," Bubba said as he took Orville into his arms and bussed a kiss behind his ear.

"Son," Orville said and was almost in tears as he hugged Bubba back, "Damnation! You look mighty fine and handsome all dressed up like a big rancher cowman. You's a sight for this old slave's sore eyes, boy, and you smell like something I'd like to eat," Orville said.

"Easy, Dad, your boy might think you got a thing for him," Bubba said in jest.

"You don't have to think it, Son, your old man will admit he's grown quite fond of his boy," Orville said sincerely.  

"Come, walk with me, Dad. Billy said we could use the loft in the old barn to visit for a spell if we like. We got here a little early, and they said they ain't serving lunch until one. They's wait'n for the sheriff to get off work and drive out with his family. We got us a couple of hours to visit," Bubba invited.

They talked as they slowly walked arm in arm. "You came with someone, Son?" Orville asked.

"Yeah, my uncle what recently passed away, his attorney called and asked to drop by the ranch with some papers. My ranch is only down the road from the Daniels about a hoot and a holler. I told him to leave his SUV at the ranch and ride wiff' me in my old cowboy truck," Bubba explained.

"Will his car be all right at your ranch?" Orville asked.

"It should be. They's six watchers temporarily hang'n out around there watch'n the place and one is my slave," Bubba said and grinned.

"I ain't never seen me nothing like them big creatures. I heard stories about them but thought it was all myth and folk tales. Come to find out they really do exist," Orville allowed, "And you say you got one for your own personal slave, Son?" he asked.

"As I come to understand it, sir," Bubba replied. Bubba went on to tell Orville the story of Brute saving his life when he was a boy; he's been Bubba's protector ever since, but Bubba never discovered about him until yesterday. He told Orville his first night with Brute was last night, but Bubba didn't go into a lot of detail. Bubba stressed they gave him a hand today getting things together after an attempted robbery at his house. Bubba told Orville about the strange situation. Nothing seemed to be taken, yet the house was ransacked.

"Then you are a rancher - a cowman, Son?" Orville asked.

"Not yet, Dad, but I'm going to try my hand at it," Bubba began to tell him his story; how he grew up on his uncle's ranch, learned how a ranch worked, but didn't want to do ranch work after he came back from the Middle East; how he came to inherit his uncle's ranch without much to go on, but he planned to make a valiant attempt to make the ranch work for him. He didn't want to lie to Orville, but from what he experienced the last few days he wasn't so likely to tell everything about himself until he got to know somebody better. There was no doubt in Bubba's mind, he was taken with Billy's slave, but other than a strong sexual attraction, he had no idea what the man was like or whether he could be trusted. He figured it would be best to keep his cards close to his chest.

They went inside the old barn and climbed the ladder to the loft. There were some old blankets folded neatly and stacked on a hay bale against the back wall. It was obvious to Bubba they were there for anyone who wanted to use one for sleeping or whatever else one does in the loft of a barn. Bubba spread a large quilt on a stack of hay, threw his hat on another nearby hay bale and motioned for Orville to join him. They were far enough back in the loft and there were bales of hay stacked like a wall making kind of an open-air room hidden from view. It was very private. Bubba took Orville in his arms and looked at him. The older man strummed Bubba's internal banjo like he never experienced before. He felt the volcano inside him welling up like he describe to Billy and knew he had to express his passion for his new surrogate dad. "Remember that kiss what got us into trouble yesterday, Dad?" Bubba asked.

"Remember it?" Orville asked, "Ain't thought of nothing since. I dreamed about you kissing me last night and had another accident; but, it was worth it. I had to wake one of my keepers who helped clean me. I thought he might be upset with me, but he was more amused than angry. He was gentle, kind, and understanding. He told me the four of them were glad for me I have someone I'm interested in who finds me worthy to spend some time with in private," Orville said.

"Let's try it again. Show your boy how glad you are to see him, and let yourself go, Dad. If you can't feel comfortable with your boy, who can you feel comfortable with?" Bubba asked resolute.

They kissed and Orville didn't hold anything back from Bubba. It was like two giant black holes were meeting in space and conjoining to suck everything into them within hundreds of light years, deep within the vortex of their passion. They didn't stop until they both reached a sexual collapse as their mutual gravitational pull sucked it from their bodies and spilled it between the void of their embrace. It was even more exciting and total than the day before when their universes moved to collide with each other. The two big men were drained, emotionally and physically. Bubba continued to steal an occasional kiss as Orville lay in a state of small-death brought about by the temporary collapse of one's senses after a particularly strong climax. Bubba understood and held Orville tight until he came around.

"Did that show you how happy I am to see you again, Son?" Orville asked quietly.

"You done fine, Dad. It was a gut wrenching welcome which would make any son proud," Bubba replied, "Did you soil yourself?" Bubba asked and grinned.

"I couldn't help it, Bubba, you were too much with me and everything came together at the right moment. Last time you kissed without warning. This time I was ready, but not so ready for the power of your body, your male essence, and your overwhelming but controlled passion for me. I ain't never felt this way about no man; certainly not enough to get so worked up over," Orville said shaking his head. You got a wild, untamed, musky scent about you what's about to drive me crazy. The best I can describe it is, you got the same sweet powerful essence I used to smell coming from bulls in rut when I's just a young man growing up on our family's ranch. It's a strong sexual smell and plays havoc with my libido. Even now, after release, I want to do unspeakable things to your body," Orville said, "What's happening to me, Son? How could you smell so powerful? Why do you have such a strong draw for me?" he asked.

Bubba remembered the words of his watcher; how Bubba would be pleasantly surprised by his surrogate dad`s response to his new smell. "Sometimes I wonder whether it's better not to wonder about somethings. Perhaps the mystery and intensity of the moment should be kept a secret or not delved into so deeply it takes away the pleasure and excitement of the unknown. Does it feel good? Did it bring you pleasure and comfort? Does it make you forget about the real world and make you content for a few fleeting moments?" Bubba asked.

"All of them things and more, Son, but mostly because I was in your big loving arms again -- my strong boy; my young bull," Orville replied.

"Now comes the clean up," Bubba said and reached down to put his finger through the  leather tab on Orville's codpiece and with one quick pull removed it. He brought it to his face, breathed deeply like a wine connoisseur, and began to lick Orville's come from the inside of his pouch. When he finished, he took a small key from his watch pocket of his Wranglers and unlocked Orville's chastity cage. Orville got a look of wonder on his face but didn't ask any questions. Bubba licked what come was on the cage, took one of his bandannas from his hip pocket and cleaned it. Then he proceeded to take as much as he could of Orville's handsome cock into his mouth and cleaned his ejaculate as best he could. He skinned back the slave's considerable foreskin and cleaned underneath. Orville lay entranced by Bubba's sense of purpose. Everything the big cowboy did was not only sensual and loving, but also concerned and engrossed like he was taking care of a prized animal. Orville didn't care. He was so taken with Bubba, he would have followed him like an old milk cow on a rope around the ranch and would follow him into any pasture. Bubba finished by drying Orville's cock with his bandanna.     
"Now, it's my turn to clean you, Son," Orville said and moved his hand to Bubba's big rodeo belt buckle and undid it. He unzipped his Wrangles and Bubba helped him a bit by shoving them down to his boot tops. Orville laughed when he saw the extra large prophylactic covering Bubba's enormous penis held in place by a fat rubber-band which originally held broccoli together from the market. The tip was filled to straining the latex and looked like one large opaque, opalescent, milky tear drop; but, a very large Texas size tear drop. While it's not necessarily true everything in Texas is bigger, when it comes to buckaroos and cowboy come, it's a proven fact they produce the biggest loads on record for any state in the union. As for bullshit? That's another matter. It's measured on a totally different scale.

"Not much to clean, Dad, I come prepared to come," Bubba said proudly like a clever little boy, "All you gotta' do is remove it, tie a knot in it so's none of my posse crawls out of the corral, and toss it aside," Bubba said.  

"Like hell I will, it would be like throwing a bag of gold away," Orville said in a determined voice, "Mean'n no disrespect to my boy and his position as my master, but I gotta' get used to taking it, Son. I'd rather be drink'n your sweet baby-batter than some other cowboy's I don't give a shit about," he added.

"It would make me proud to watch my old man drink my baby batter, Dad," Bubba said.

Orville wasted no time easing the rubber from Bubba's still rigid cock and slowly put the open end into his mouth, tilted his head back, and raised the full reservoir to have Bubba's come drain down the length of the prophylactic into his waiting mouth. Orville swallowed every bit of Bubba's spunk and never made a face. He quickly turned it inside out and popped it into his mouth to get the lingering bits from the rubber. Bubba smiled at him like he was proud of his pa. Orville was surprised and proud of himself for pleasing the young cowboy with whom he was so taken.  

Orville slowly began to discover man sex takes a greater involvement, a larger commitment on his part than he ever considered investing in straight sex. He would promise or tell a woman anything he thought she wanted to hear to get her to let him fuck her. When he lay down with a woman, there was little or no commitment on his part other than to get his rocks off. If the woman enjoyed it, fine, if not it was her problem, not his. He was, after all, the one providing her with pleasure. Orville was a misogynist pig with women. He never met one he considered good enough to fuck more than a couple of times. Now he was living in a world where his only sexual release required almost total commitment on his part, and he found himself playing the subordinate role. He quickly learned, he not only had to learn to work at it to become a good partner for his masters, but it was also no secret, a good performance on his part would be demanded of him. There was no such thing as a lazy sex slave; especially, in cowboy country. You pulled your load, complimented your partner, and bragged about his staying power.

The one thing which boggled his mind was, no one, not even his caretakers or any of the volunteer slaves made light of his situation or laughed behind his back at his circumstance. They offered him good advice and encouraged him to try his hardest to do his best. If nothing else, Orville was a fast study and learned quickly to adjust to the new world in which he found himself. One other facet nagged at him. The more of himself he put into his new position in life, the more he was coming to enjoy it. Before he became a slave the very thought of lying down with another man for sex was a complete anathema for him, and to find a huge young cowboy stud who could break him in two with one hand tied behind him, who was interested in him, was beyond his imagination. He hated to admit it to himself, but whatever he and Bubba did together just felt right. He felt like he could trust and follow Bubba anywhere with no remorse.

Bubba explained his having a key to Orville's chastity device and a couple other perks Master Billy was gracious enough to allow him and Orville. Bubba explained it like they were rules and barriers they couldn't cross, but for the most part he thought Master Billy gave them considerable room to enjoy each other's company. Orville agreed and shared with his young cowboy how his life was now, in some ways, more full and interesting than before when he was a free man to do what he pleased. He found himself becoming influenced by the volunteer slaves who worked hard and played hard - not for personal gain, but for a larger idea of gaining more for the many instead of the few.

They lay back and talked quietly for a while. Bubba asked if he could play with Orville's plug. "You don't have to ask, Son, but I appreciate your respect for your old pa. Sure, go ahead on," Orville urged him.

Bubba took Billy's advice, untied Orville's plug, and moved his harness to the side of one of his butt cheeks. He gently pulled on the plug until it peeked out from Orville's sphincter. Billy wasn't kidding. The newer plug was considerably larger than the one the day before. "That ain't the same plug what was in your ass yesterday, Dad. Wow! This one's much bigger and looks like it fills you up pert-damn good. I'd guess it's close to the same size as me. I thought you weren't due a larger one until next week," Bubba said.

"I wasn't, but I asked my handlers if they would ask Master Billy if I could move up to the next size today. I wanted to surprise you and show you how important you are to me. I want your first fuck to be one you'll really enjoy and remember all your life, Son," Orville said.

"Is the larger plug uncomfortable for you dad?" Bubba asked like a concerned son.

"Even though it's bigger around and about three inches longer, it's a mite more comfortable than the one yesterday. I think it might have something to do with the foam filling inside the leather. It has more give and cushion than the smaller one what's probably packed tighter," Orville surmised.

"Does anyone give you a good workout wiff' it to help you adjust to the feeling of get'n fucked by a big cock?" Bubba asked.

"My handlers ain't allowed to. Master Billy's the only one, and he took me to the slave prep room several times to fuck me real good with my other plugs, but he's been s'damn busy lately, he ain't had the time. I think he might be grant'n you some privileges so's you can help with my development as a slave," Orville said.

"He picked the right cowboy for the job, Dad. I'll be happy to give you a good work out. I's s'damn proud of my old man taking the bigger plug for his boy. My dad deserves a good fuck'n with his new plug, and his boy is the right bull for the job," Bubba praised and encouraged Orville.

Orville's cock immediately got hard again from Bubba's strong words with raw animal sexual overtones. He was more than sure Bubba was a fantasy come true of a dream he had as a young boy going through puberty - Orville was convinced, Bubba was a bull in human form.

Bubba didn't hesitate to go to work. He pulled enough of his dad's plug from his butt to grab, wiped it clean of lubricant to get a good grip, and began to slowly fuck Orville's ass. The big man leaned back made himself comfortable on the blanket and allowed his boy, his bull, to breed him with the large black leather butt plug. Bubba pulled it all the way out to get an idea of its size and guessed it was a little over a foot long. He gently pushed it past Orville's ass muscle and steadily sunk it back into his depths. The big man let out a small cry but quickly got himself together and put his ass up to receive another good stroke from his boy. Bubba kept it up until he began to feel like a musician playing a fine instrument. He recalled videos of a great cello player playing some difficult piece and responding to his instrument like it was his lover, and he was having sex with it as he played.

Bubba wondered if he did the same for his dad's body would Orville began to sing like the musician made his instrument. Bubba began to imagine his dad was his instrument and the leather dildo was his bow. He imagined he and Orville were on a stage performing before a great audience, and then he remember Brute's admonition about what they did being watched by millions of eyes in the galaxy and tried to imagine they were watching him play his dad's wazoo. Bubba tried to imagine the music coming forth from Orville's asshole. Concerto for Orchestra and Wazoo played by the talented young bull of the hill country Master Bubba Kirkendall, a virtuoso with a leather dildo and wazoo. Perhaps he might play the technically difficult Bach Paritita Number One for solo Wazoo.

Adrift in his dream, he leaned close to Orville's ear and began to hum an old lullaby his uncle used to sing him and fucked him in time to his music. He stopped for a moment and whispered, "Imagine it's your boy's big bull cock up your ass, Dad, and you've given him complete control of you and your body. One day soon your boy will replace it with his own - his large bull cock, and fuck your ass so deep, so sweet, so proud and hard, you won't be able to hold back; but, you will -- you'll grit your teeth and strain every fiber in your body not to come, until your boy, your son the bull, gives his permission for you to let go. Then you will make him the proudest bull in the herd by showing the rest of them wanna-bes how much control he has over you. There should be no doubt in your mind I love you, and from the feelings I'm get'n back from you, I ain't got no doubt you love me. Now, clamp down hard and try to keep me out, then when I overpower you and fuck you deep, suck on it and try to hold it inside to claim it for your own.

Bubba started the process and began to grow in power and speed as he bowed his instrument. Orville did exactly as instructed and clamped down hard on the upstroke and did the opposite on the down stroke. After about fifteen powerful strokes, Bubba looked at Orville's face and saw he was ready. "Now, Dad! `At's yore' boy's cock you got way up there inside you. Come for your bull, Dad. Show your son how much you love him! Do it now!" Bubba exclaimed. Orville shot his load and Bubba was there to wrap his mouth around his cock and swallowed three enormous shots. He gently cleaned his dad, skinned his foreskin back and licked him clean making obscene sounds of pleasure with many yums and gurgles. He felt Orville's hand on his head, gently caressing him like he might a young boy. When he was finished cleaning his cock, Bubba went to Orville's head and looked deep into his eyes. He gently kissed his dad and Orville responded in kind. "I'm proud of you, slave. I love you, and I'm honored and pleased to call you my dad. You done good, Pa.  Hell, you were excellent," Bubba raved.

"Thanks, Son, I love you, too. That was some workout. I don't know much about slave-master relationships, but I would venture to say that was probably damn near perfect as a master might expect from himself and his slave," Orville said.

"I made a bet with Master Billy. Didn't I tell you and him I would make you come from just fuck'n you?" Bubba asked quietly as he stole another kiss.

"Yes, Son, you did, but forgive me, I had doubts," Orville replied.

"Any more doubts, Dad?" Bubba asked and gently kissed his dad on his lips.

"No more doubts, Son," Orville replied, and he meant what he said. From that afternoon on, Orville was like putty in Bubba's hands, and he knew his boy, his own personal young bull, would help make him into the faithful, trustworthy, and useful slave he hoped one day to become.

End of Chapter 38 ~ Him Who Made The Seven Stars
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