Him Who Made The Seven Stars
By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 40

"No, Time, thou shalt not boast that I do change: Thy pyramids built up with newer might to me are nothing novel, nothing strange; They are but dressings of a former sight. Our dates are brief, and therefore we admire what thou dost foist upon us that is old; And rather make them born to our desire than think that we before have heard them told. Thy registers and thee I both defy, not wondering at the present nor the past, for thy records and what we see doth lie, made more or less by thy continual haste. This I do vow and this shall ever be; I will be true despite thy scythe and thee." Billy Bob Shakespeare (Stratford on the Guadalupe)

That evening, at the line cabin, was one of the most memorable Billy and his immediate personal family spent together. Billy and Nick focused their love on Jethro, Pollux and Castor, with a healthy dollop for Boomer. Once again, Hank and Buck's magic herbs did the trick of getting everyone relaxed and in an amorous mood. It also made them so relaxed, Jethro and the halflings were forced to put aside their growing anxiety over the coming deadline, and they got a good night's sleep.

* * * * * * *
Bubba was quiet as he drove Jack back to his ranch to get his SUV and return to town. It was another powerful day at the Daniels' ranch, and Jack was reflecting on different aspects when he suddenly broke their silence,"Is we'uns gonna' be brothers or is'n we ain't?" Jack asked firmly in his best cowboy lingo.

Bubba put the back of his hand to his mouth and laughed at the well educated man's language. "I dang sure hope so, Jack. It's jes' like you said, ever' damn time you turn a corner they's something new and wonderful to investigate, how one discovery leads into another, and how they come to be a part of Billy Daniels' world. It's like being drawn into the event horizon of a black hole. I find myself being pushed and pulled into it like a vortex I ain't got no control over. I ain't a' scared of it though, but I think I'm gonna' need me a big brother to share them new things with and help me keep my perspective. It might as well be a man what knows how to speak cowboy. The fact he's a pret-damn good attorney and a fine look'n buckaroo don't hurt none neither," Bubba said with a grin.

"I'm an attorney only for the legal stuff, Brother, my friendship is pro bono," Jack said.

"Is that lawyer talk for you got a big cock, and I gotta' suck it when I need advice?" Bubba asked eagerly.

Jack damn near fell out of the truck laughing, "No, Bubba! It means there ain't no charge for me being a big brother for you," Jack managed to get out.

"I knew that! I knew that!" Bubba exclaimed quickly, lying through his teeth, "Damn, I was kinda hope'n it t'were the other," he added and they shared a laugh.
"Do you need me to stay with you tonight?" Jack asked.

"Naw, nothing's gonna' happen this e'nin. Elmer done told me it would take twenty four hours before I begin to fledge. I appreciate the offer, but I done got an obligation for this e'nin. I'll be sleeping wiff' my watcher in the loft of the barn with five other watchers doing what they do best -- watching," Bubba said and chuckled, "The memories of my time on Retikki Prime come flooding back into my mind after them words my uncle said; especially, after I saw Brute this afternoon in line with them other watchers waiting to be milked. I got a big lump in my throat the size of a baseball, what I cain't seem to swallow," he added and wiped away a tear, "`Sides, I ain't got a room fixed up in the big house for having no guest right now. My old bed is fresh, `cause h'it ain't been slept in since I left the ranch; howsomever, the springs is worn out and it makes a racket like a rusty old windmill in a West Texas twister; plus, because of my size, it's got a fast feedback to the middle," Bubba lamented.

"That could be fun," Jack allowed, and they shared another laugh.

"I think first on my list of things to do after I find `Helen' and crank her up, is to travel into Brady to that big furniture store on the square, and buy me some new furniture for the house. If I'm gonna' have me a new `aunt,' no matter what make or model she is, I wanna' get her advice on what to buy and how to make the place comfortable. If I'm gonna' live here, I want it to look nice and be a respectable place I'll be happy to come home to," Bubba declared.

"I wanna' be here when you go hunt'n for Helen, Bubba. Yore' big brother's got a right to be one of the first to meet our new aunt," Jack said and grinned.

"Hey, that's right, since you's ma' brother, Helen would be your aunt, too. It's a done deal, bro! When can you get away so's we can go hunt'n the wild Aunt Helen, together?" Bubba asked. They both laughed.

"Any day of the week. Hell, I'm a small town lawyer, Bubba. I make my own hours and them what needs me in a hurry's got my answering service to call. They get in touch with me immediately," Jack said.

"I can't do much of anything until Wednesday, Bro. I got to go get my things from Earl's family's bunkhouse Monday morning and probably spend some time with him. Tuesday I got to get all the utilities and mail put into my name. How's Wednesday morning for you?" Bubba asked.

"I ain't got nothing scheduled. Judge LaFleur said he wanted to speak with me in his private chambers at the Court House, but I can do that Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday morning would be good. Maybe we could spend the day together," Jack said.

"I'd like that a lot, Jack. Why don't I drive in, pick you up, and I'll buy us breakfast at 'Willow Creek'"? Bubba asked, "I ain't been shopping, and I ain't got shit around here to eat other than watcher milk and a box of grape-nuts," he added.

"Good plan. We gotta' eat. A cowboy's gotta' keep up his strength if'n he's gonna' go off hunt'n the wild Aunt Helen," Jack said and laughed. Bubba laughed with him.

"I'll call ya' Tuesday night, then," Bubba said.   

They pulled into the compound of Bubba's ranch and saw Brute sitting on the steps of the front porch waiting for them. One by one, the other five watchers appeared. "Fine looking family we got `tere, Brother," Jack said.

"Trust me, I seen worse. You ain't never seen Earl's family," Bubba said, and they shared a laugh, "As a matter of fact, I's downright proud to have them fine look'n critters share my space with me; especially, my handsome Brute," Bubba said.

"I hear that, he is a hunk, no doubt," Jack replied.

"Think you might want a protector, some day?" Bubba asked.

"I got me a feeling I may not have a choice in the matter, Bro," Jack replied.

"I wouldn't bet agin it, sir," Bubba said, "I think we's just started up the hill on the roller-coaster run at the Daniels' ranch, and once you's committed, and the first car hit's them cogs, they ain't no back'n out until the ride's over," he added.

"I agree, but you know what?" Jack asked.

"What, Bro?" Bubba asked in reply.

"I ain't afraid of the ride, neither. While being an attorney is a high profile position in our community and folks look up to you, once you know the job and do it day in and day out, it becomes deadly dull and boring -- except in your case. I become a well paid zombie what knows his job so well he can do it sleep walking. I need something right now to bring me back to life. I wanna' be sit'n as close to the front of that ride as I can get," Jack replied.
"I'll be sit'n in the seat right behind you, Brother," Jack said firmly, and they shook on it.

Bubba and Jack got out of the truck, spoke to the watchers, and they greeted the men in return. "You men get enough to eat over to the Daniels' ranch?" Bubba asked.

"Yes, sir," the largest watcher spoke for them, "and we got milked, but they give us four different kinds of sweet fruits to enjoy. They're real good to us," he said and they smiled.

"Damn, I saw my slave in line. I guess I won't get me no milk this e'nin," Bubba lamented and winked at Jack.

"I told them to leave some for my master," Brute said and smiled.

"That was thoughtful, Brute, I appreciate it," Bubba said, "I could shore' use some a' your sweet milk this e'nin," he added.

"I better get underway. We had a full day, and I'm a mite tuckered," Jack said.

Bubba walked Jack to his SUV and opened the door for him. Jack got in and lowered the window to say goodbye. "You going to church tomorrow morning with the Daniels' family?" he asked.

"I's think'n on it. You going?" Bubba asked.

"I think we's both expected as part of their family," Jack replied.

"I agree," Bubba said, `I'll call you in the morning and let you know when I'm leaving the ranch. Wait for me outside, and we'll sit together. I understand Billy's taking something like fifty cowboy slaves as his family -- to say nothing of his staff, his extended family, and his immediate family. We'll be lucky to get a seat," Bubba said.

"Yeah, I heard him say this will be the first public showing of his slaves and extended family to the community. It should be an interesting morning. Service starts at eleven. Try to meet me as close to ten-thirty as you can, hoss," Jack said.

"Will do, Brother," Bubba agreed.

They said their goodbyes and Jack drove down the compound road to the blacktop and headed back into town. Bubba sat on the front steps of the house and jawed with the watchers and his slave for a while. "So everyone got a chance to eat and be milked over to the Daniels' place?" Bubba asked.

"We done rotations. Some of us even got to enjoy parts of the concert. We love the music," the big one said, and the others agreed.

"I don't know we's gonna' need you to guard the place all the time, but I appreciate your help. Later we might not need so many, and you can go back to your lives if you like, but you and your brothers are always welcome to roam and forage on this ranch," Bubba said.

"Thanks, Master Bubba. It makes it easier on us and our long-leg brothers. They can't disappear like us. Sometimes we can help them disappear, but if we ain't got a hand on `em they reappear and find themselves in danger," the big one said.

Bubba decided to turn in early and took Randy's advice. He decided to shower first in the big house, wear his boots, and a bathrobe out to the barn. He was also sure his slave would want to clean him again anyway. Bubba decided he wouldn't put up an argument. He never experienced anything so relaxing and sensual in his life. `A renewable resource, indeed,' he thought repeating Randy's comment to himself, and smiled. `I like that boy,' he thought.

<< He likes you, too, Master, >> he heard in his head, << Randy loves big cowboys, >> Brute added.

<< I'll be out to the barn in a little bit, Brother. Save me a place in the loft next to you, >> Bubba send back.

<< There will always be a place next to Bubba's Brute for his master, sir, >> Brute replied and smiled.

Bubba reached up and gently caressed the fur around Brute's face, and the huge beast started to purr. "I remember our time together on Retikki Prime, Brute," Bubba said out loud.

"Your uncle tripped your switch?" he asked.

"Yes, he did. Bits and pieces are coming back to me, but mainly you -- how good and loving you were to me as a young boy," Bubba replied, "I's a grown man now, Brute. I'm old enough to return your love," he added.

"Brute will be here when you need him, Master," the big beast said quietly.

"How `bout for the rest of my life?" Bubba asked.

"Certainly that long, and perhaps, even longer," Brute replied.

"I won't ask. I don't wanna' know. Save it for later -- if ever. I get's spooked when I get too much information too quick. Go, and I'll join you in a few minutes," Bubba said.

"Don't use soap, Master. It tastes strong of bad chemicals, harsh to my Master's skin and Brute's tongue. Kills taste and ruins the delicious flavor of my master's body. Brute's tongue and cleaning power much better and more healing," he said.

"Okay, I promise, I will listen to my slave -- no soap," Bubba said as he walked up the stairs and into the house.

* * * * * * *
Jethro didn't morph into his human form while he was at the line cabin. He was true to his word to his workers and staff; he wouldn't morph until the very last moment before guests were scheduled to arrive, and that wasn't until after two in the afternoon. The Daniels never served Sunday dinner until one, and sometimes, depending on the number of guests, it could run later than an hour to feed everyone. Billy promised he would send his watcher about thirty minutes before he and his party would transport to the ship. Jethro was up before the crack of dawn and so were his halfling helpers. They quietly dressed and transported back to the ship to start their day, and the last leg of their journey. His assistants had a huge mug of steaming hot coffee for their demon boss and smaller mugs for his halfling assistants. It didn't take Cass and Poly long to learn the added benefits of caffeine the dark fluid provided, rapidly waking them to jolt their brains into operating quicker. Surprisingly, there wasn't a lot of fuss or confusion. Things were going smoothly. Jethro breathed a sigh and said a word of thanks for his master making him relax and get a good night's sleep. He was awake and strong in his resolve; he and his staff would have a good day.

* * * * * * *
Billy woke up sandwiched between his pa and his husband. He smiled to himself how lucky he was to have two such devoted creatures in bed with him. His heart was full, and he looked forward to a good day. He couldn't go back to sleep, so he got up and made a pot of coffee. The aroma of the coffee woke his family, and they crawled out of bed to wander about naked, bumping into each other, scratching their butts, and following the wonderful smell. Boomer was another recent convert to drinking coffee. By the time they dressed, enjoyed a couple of cups of coffee, and talked about the day for a while, it was time to transport to the ranch house for breakfast. They arrived and everyone was waiting for them. The family was dressed in their finest Sunday go-to-meet'n Western clothes, with their hair combed, and their boots polished. Billy thought his family was a fine looking group of folks. The ladies were dressed in their brightest spring outfits. Billy and Nick were as well turned out as any of the other cowboys. Dorcas walked up to them and pinned a Bluebonnet blossom to their western shirts. Each blossom was tied to a small safety pin with small blue ribbon to hide the pin.
"What's this?" Billy asked.

"Everyone is wearing one so the folks will know we're all members of the Highland Shire and represent the Daniels' ranch. It was the ladies idea," Tron answered Billy, frowned, and waggled his thumb next to his side not to say anything cute.

Billy grinned and winked at him.
"I love the idea," Billy enthused, "Don't you, Pa?" Billy asked elbowing Nick and nodding his head `yes.'

"Absolutely! I love it -- I'm hungry," Nick replied like Tommy Lee Jones reading a bad script, and the men laughed.

"Have our cowboys and cowgirls been given money for the collection plate?" Billy asked.

"Yes, sir, Master Billy, per your instructions, they were each given a five dollar bill," Dociean replied, "They wanted to know why they have to pay to go to church?" he said.

"I'm still trying to figure that one out myself. What did you tell them, Brother?" Billy asked.

"That it's considered an offering and not a payment," Dociean replied.

"You think they bought it?" Billy asked and laughed.

"I guess. They didn't ask anymore questions, sir," Dociean replied and smiled.

"How many are going with us?" Billy asked.

"Fifty, sir. Twenty-five cowboys and twenty-five cowgirls," Dociean replied.

"Good, that's an even spread," Billy said, "That should give our sleepy little town something to talk about for a couple of days," he said and grinned wickedly.

About that time, the smallest buckaroo came running into the kitchen followed closely by his sister. They ran to Billy for hugs and kisses. The Rutherfords arrived for breakfast. They got pinned with Bluebonnets as well. It was like becoming a member of a secret club for the young ones. If the truth were known, it felt very much the same to the older cowboys as well, and cowboys do love themselves a secret. They wouldn't dare tell another soul, because then, it wouldn't be a secret no more.

There was much merriment and laughter around the breakfast table, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Boomer was a bit down because Billy decided not to take him with them to church. Even when he morphed into cowboy form, the seats were too small, and made him uncomfortable. Billy told him to transport to the ship, and see if he could do anything to help. He could return after an hour or so, and they should be back by then. Billy didn't think going to church he would need his protector; besides, he had several others with him. Balthazar was concerned about going along. He heard there were prejudices against black skinned people. "Are you my faithful slave and protector?" Billy asked.

"Certainly, Master Billy. So say I. Mean'n no disrespect, sir, but you know better than to ask," Balthazar replied.

"Agreed! So say I! I wouldn't go without you, my handsome slave. If you ain't welcome, your master ain't welcome. Simple as `zat. Just make damn sure you's wear'n one of them pretty little Bluebonnet pins. I wouldn't want nobody think'n you ain't an important part of the Daniels' family and might try to steal you away from me," Billy said and grinned.

"I have my flower, Master," Balthazar said and smiled.

"Good. Wear it with pride, Brother," Billy encouraged him.

Everyone pitched in to clean up the kitchen after breakfast, and it was done in no time. They had a little time before they left for the church. They brought up the new school bus they hadn't even used yet, and it would seat fifty people. They planned to use the ranch vans from the Breedlove and Tate ranches and the Daniels' family ranch wagon. Billy wanted to review his troops. They were all patiently waiting on the planted patio outside the bunkhouse. Billy took one look at them and got the biggest grin on his face. He turned to look at his uncle, Tron Garrett, Moss, and Enoch. "They turned-out pert-damn good. Ain't a bad look'n one among `em," he said, "Where's Orville?" he asked.

"In the bunkhouse, Master Billy," a couple of Orville's handlers said.

"Clyde! Go with these men. Have his other two helpers remove his slave gear and you dress him for me. Full buckaroo outfit. He's going to church wiff' us. Oh, yes, and tell his other two handlers to get ready, too. We got room for three more," Billy said.

"Right away, Master Billy," Clyde said and clomped off in his big heavy buckaroo boots followed closely by Orville's other two handlers. Billy just shook his head and grinned real big. Since Clyde came to the ranch, he really got into the cowboy persona. He could walk the walk and talk the talk with the best of them. It didn't take them long to remove Orville's plug, harness, and cock cage. Clyde winged-up and in an instant Orville was dressed like any other buckaroo. He was thrilled he was getting to be included in the family outing. He certainly didn't expect it. If nothing else, he came to appreciate the impulsiveness of his young master and learned there was a kind and somewhat romantic core to his nature; however, on the other hand, he didn't think he ever wanted to make the mistake of trying Billy Daniels' patience.

Orville came out of the bunk house with a big smile on his face. He went to kneel before Billy, but his master beat him to the draw and took him into his arms before he got the chance. "Damn, old man, you make a pert-damn decent looking buckaroo," Billy praised him and kissed him on his cheek. Orville broke into tears. "There, there, cowboy! Ain't no need for tears. It's Easter, the beginning of spring with the promise of new life. You get a break from your slave gear today, but later this e'nin things go back like they were. I'll just bet yore' boy would gladly give you a hand and put it back for you, if'n you's to ask him right nice-like," Billy said and grinned.

"Will Bubba be at church, Master Billy?" Orville asked.

"I'd say it's a pretty sure bet, Pod'na,'" Billy said, "Someone get Orville a Bluebonnet pin so's they know he's part of the Daniels family," Billy ordered and Dorcas was there with a shoe box full of them. She was taking them along to pin those who were meeting them at church.

"Thank you, sir, I appreciate the opportunity. I just hope the church don't fall down when I walk through the doors," Orville said.

"As long as you's on Bubba's arm, ya' ain't got nothing to worry about, Pops," Billy said, grinned, and winked at him. Orville laughed. "C'moan, let's get you flowered. I'll find a vehicle for you and your four handlers, and we'll take off, but first, I got a word to say to the gathered," he said.

Billy stood on one of the stone benches outside the bunkhouse and bid them to gather round. "We're taking you to church with us. You have been indoctrinated and taught the different religions on Earth. It is only one of many useless traditions on our planet which have become customary, especially in smaller more rural towns. Remember, each of you is a member and representative of the Billy Daniels' family. Be courteous and polite but don't get caught up in the myth of religion. Enjoy the service and those of you who can sing don't be afraid to join in and enjoy the pleasure of singing some wonderful melodies. Relax, be congenial, well met, but enjoy yourselves and have a good time. It's spring which brings the promise of new life, and a time to rededicate ourselves to our project," Billy said, held up his arm with a closed fist and yelled, "Hosanna!"

Everyone, including his family, raised their arms with a fist and shouted, "Hosanna, in the highest!"

There was a large caravan heading down the drive to exit the ranch. Bubba was almost to the Daniels gate when they started coming out. He slowed down to a stop, smiled, and waved. Billy stopped the van he was driving and motioned for Bubba to pull over to the side of the road. The big cowboy moved his truck over, but left the motor running. Billy held up one finger for him to wait a minute. He went to the back of the van and opened the double doors. "Jump out, Pops, yore' boy is waiting for you," Billy said and grinned. Orville got the biggest smile on his face and exited the back of the van. Billy watched Bubba's face light up like a Christmas tree, and he got a smile on his face as wide as Texas. He gave Billy the okay-thumbs up salute as Orville half-walked, half-ran to Bubba's truck. Bubba reached over, opened the door, and offered the older man his hand. Orville took it, and Bubba pulled him up into the seat next to him.

"Hey, Dad, good to see you!" Bubba threw his arm around Orville and pulled him close for a big wet sloppy cowboy kiss on his cheek. Orville laughed and blushed like a school boy. "Your master's a thoughtful cuss, ain'nee?" Bubba asked.    

Orville broke into tears, and Bubba handed him his bandanna. Orville told him of Billy's last minute decision to include him in the family's Easter trip to church, and how overwhelmed he was by Billy's graciousness. He told Bubba they removed his slave gear and cage, but he understood it was only temporary. It must be reinstalled when he got back to the ranch. "Master Billy said he wouldn't mind if you wanted to give me a hand with it, Son," Orville said and smiled.

Bubba whinged, took his right hand off the steering wheel, adjusted his big cock which was filling with blood so fast it got caught in a cramped position, and was quickly becoming uncomfortable. "Damnation, Dad, just the thought of helping you rips me a new asshole and just made my old hoss awful damned uncomfortable for a moment," Bubba said, smiled wickedly, and winked at Orville.

Orville showed him his cock was at full salute. "Y'ain't the only one, Son," Orville said and laughed. "Will I get to sit with you in church?" he asked.

"Shore! Why not? I expect to see Billy sitting with his slaves around him. He wouldn't a' sent you to my truck if he didn't want us to be together. If you want my honest opinion, I think he's hope'n me and you will bond. He told me you needed me, and I done told him I shore' as hell need you, Pops," Bubba said and smiled,"I need a dad to teach me to fuck him just the way he likes, and teach him the way it feels best for his boy," Bubba said getting them both hotter than a blown radiator cap on a warm summer's day, "I done told you, I's the right cowboy for the job," Bubba added.

"I believe you, Son. You know what, Bubba?" Orville asked.

"What, Pops?" Bubba asked.

"I grown so used to my butt plug, I feel empty without it. Now I know what a woman must feel like suffering from postpartum depression," Orville said and smiled.

"Postpartum what?" Bubba asked.

"Some women have a deep sadness after giving birth to their baby because they no longer carry it in their body. A mother can get really depressed if she goes too long without help," Orville explained.

"That's exactly the way you should feel, now you ain't wearing yore' plug -- like you's missing something. That's the way Master Billy wants you to feel. He's slowly training you to feel comfortable with a big cock up yore' ass. That ain't no bad thing, and that's just the way I want you to feel after I fuck you real good, too; however, you won't have to worry none about going into no depression. If I get the slightest notion you's hurt'n bad for some more of my big cock to fill you up again, you'll get some pert-damn quick! I'll fuck you so good and hard, I'll chase away them screaming green meanies, and I won't stop until I see a big ol' smile come across your handsome face," Bubba bragged.

"You're a good son, Bubba," Orville said quietly.

"I'm falling in love with you, Orville," Bubba said.

"God help me, I never thought I'd tell another man I love him, but there ain't no doubt in my mind, I'm falling in love with you, too, Son," Orville said, "I'm a lucky slave to have found you, Bubba," he added.

"I think it was planned for us to get together, Dad, and I think Master Billy knows more'n he lets on sometimes. He may be young, but he's brilliant when it comes to dealing with people," Bubba said.

* * * * * * *
They were a little late getting to the church with Bubba having to wait for the last of the caravan to exit the ranch, but he didn't care. It gave him a chance to talk with Orville and get to know him a little better. Jack was waiting for them when they pulled into the church parking lot. Jack saw Orville and Bubba together at the ranch, but he never met the big slave. Bubba introduced them. "Jack, I'd like you to meet my new slave friend what I'm think'n on adopting as my dad. This is Orville Higginbothem and Orville this is my attorney and big brother, Jack McCormick," Bubba said.

Jack took his hand, and they shook. "Good to meet you, Mr. Higginbothem, if you're gonna' become part of Bubba's extended family just call me Jack," Jack said.

"Thank you, sir, but slave protocol insists I must call you Master Jack, but please call me Orville or Pops, whichever you prefer," Orville said and smiled.

"C'moan, Brother, we gotta' go over and get us a fly'er like them Bluebonnets my Pa's wear'n. It's to signify we's a part of the Daniels' family," Bubba said and grabbed Jack by one arm and Orville with his other. As the ladies were busy pinning Bluebonnet blooms on the rest of the men, everyone was talking and enjoying a good word before going into the church. Even the LaFleurs came over and got Bluebonneted. Cody was running from cowboy to cowboy for hugs and kisses. He didn't know Orville was a slave and ran up to him and practically jumped into his arms. He hugged and kissed the big man on his cheek, and wished him a happy Easter. Orville returned his affections and wished him the same. The boy's dad, Wesley, saw what was going on, and a look of horror spread across his face. He knew Orville was a lifetime punishment slave for attempted murder.

Wesley started to go for Cody, but his dad put his hand out to hold him back. "Easy, Son. He ain't hurt'n Cody none. In fact, old Orville looks pert-damn good to be a lifetime slave cowboy. All them other boys went up to him for a hug and a kiss, and wished him a happy Easter. Cody's just following his big brother's lead. Orville's changing Son, and if a man can change for the better, more power to him. I want to watch his development closely and see how Billy Daniels' treatment of his slaves compares with our modern day corporate prisons," Judge LaFleur said to his son, "It looks like to me, Billy's allowed Orville to take a day off from being a punishment slave, to join his family, and be with a young man what's taken a shine to his slave. Billy thinks Orville's falling in love with him -- there, that's him -- see that big cowboy next to him wear'n the big white hat, Bubba Kirkendall?" the judge asked.

"Yeah, I see him. I know Bubba. Big som'bitch," Wesley replied, "You mean Bubba's --?"

"He's the one -- a young boy in the body of a mature man -- a sweet, uncomplicated, unsoiled man, what's never known the love of another," the judge said wistfully.  

"You mean -- two men -- sexually, Dad?" Wesley asked.

"Don't sound so naive, boy. I done raised you better'n 'nat. Of course men pair off and women pair off, too. In prisons men and women have no other sexual outlets. They's faced with hard realities when they find themselves in a small cell behind bars. Wild animals do it. It's part of nature and evolution. It's just another part of life what most people choose to either ignore or look the other way. Me? I'm too damn curious. I have to know about these things for myself, and with the world the way it is, I would strongly urge you to do the same, so's you can best know how to answer sensitive questions my grandson will surely come to you and ask about. If you lie to the boy or beat around the bush, he will one day learn the truth and resent you for not being honest with him. I was always honest with you, and never tried to hide nothing from you," the judge told his son.

"Don't I know it," Wesley said firmly and cringed at the thought, "You used to embarrass the shit out of me talking openly about animal sex as well as human sexuality and reproduction. After listening to you, I wanted to crawl under a big rock and stay there for hours," Wesley said and laughed.

"Look, don't talk to me about being embarrassed about anything. It's all a matter of perspective. When I got the job of being judge of this county you were only three years old. Part of the reason I got the job was because I married your mother whose maiden name was Price. Her daddy is your granddaddy, Leland Price, one of the biggest ranchers in the adjacent county. Old Leland is a Texas cowboy to the bone and a huge man. Damned if you didn't grow up to look and act just like him. I never learned until years later, it was because of Leland Price I got the job as county judge. He called in some favors he'd done for another man what become governor of the state. For the first several years we lived in an old house on their ranch. You got to see your grandparents every day and spent as much time with them as us. You and old Leland bonded from an early age. You were, and still are, the apple of your granddaddy's eye. I never begrudged Leland and Maude the time you spent with them. Old Leland taught me many things about life and love my daddy never took the time to tell me.

"After I got some money saved up, we bought the ranch you're living on now. You took to ranching like a duck to water. By the time you was in high school, you were running our ranch, and making more money as a part time rancher than I was as a judge of the county. You'd get up at three in the morning and put in a good days work before you ever stepped on the bus to ride to school.
The only real argument we ever had was, I wanted you to go to college and study law, but you had other ideas. You wanted to study ranch management and agriculture. I was blind and couldn't understand the influence old Leland had on you over the years, or the strong loving bond you developed for each other.

"I remember any number of nights you and I would spend in the barn waiting for a calf to be born.
I seen you run your arm into an old cow up to your shoulder to grab hold of a calf's front legs what breeched in its mother's womb, pull him around, hook a slip knot rope around them attached to a calf puller and crank him out of his mother. You got so good at it, your granddaddy and neighbors for miles around would call you when they had a problem, and you made extra money helping them. It was one of them nights, I realized I had to give up my dream for you and let you live your own dream. Once I did, everything seemed to fall into place. Son, it's my firm belief, you were born to be a cowboy. My point to all this is, just like you're a good husband-man to your animals, what you do on the ranch ain't much different from how some men husband other men. It's all a matter of perspective. I think your granddaddy had some influence on you in that area, `cause I noticed a change in you after you finished college and got married. As time went on, such things didn't bother you so much," the judge said.

"You're right, Dad. Granddad Lee done taught me somethings about life and about my attitudes toward others not quite like myself or those I live around. Today, I can listen to some strange shit, but h'it don't bother me none," Wesley bragged.

"Good, `cause I done made reservations for ringside seats for you and me the night Bubba fucks Orville for the first time," the judge said and grinned from ear to ear.

"You what?" Wesley exclaimed.

"You heard me. I won't deny I'm curious, but it's mostly for research I plan to do into the difference in a working ranch slave in contrast to men locked away in cells behind bars. I got me a first-hand opportunity to investigate, observe, and compare for a book I plan to write on the subject. Bubba and Orville? They's both virgins to man sex. Orville's a straight man what ain't never been butt-fucked, and Bubba's never fucked nobody, man or woman. It will be a grand opening for Orville. He'll lose his cherry and Bubba will lose his virginity. You gotta' admit, it'll beat the hell out of roller derby or professional wrestling on TV," LaFleur said and laughed.

"I'll get back to you on that," Wesley tried to shy away.

"Nope. Not this time. You owe me, Son. It ain't much to ask. If you can run your arm up a cow's cunt to the shoulder and never think about it, how much different can it be to watch one man fuck another?" the judge asked.

"All right, you got my word as a cowboy, but under duress," Wesley reluctantly agreed.

"Duress? My ass. I should a' never taught you that word. You used to love it when I took you to watch them stallions mount the mares ever' fall; especially, when you's going through puberty. We both loved it," the judge accused and admitted.

"Yeah, but you's talk'n about animals, Dad. They were male and female. They weren't two studs," Wesley argued.

"You watch bulls in the pasture butt fuck each other. We watched buck-deer fuck each other. As long as you ain't doing it, how different would it be to watch one man fuck another. A slave is considered a piece of livestock. You tell me! What's the difference? A warm hole is a welcome shelter for a night for any critter. Besides, you may learn something what just might make life a little easier for you," the judge said.
"But, Dad, when I shove my arm up a cows cunt it ain't for sex, it's to save her and the calf's lives," Wesley argued.

"Yeah, you're right, and that's exactly what they's trying to do for a piece of livestock named Orville Higginbothem," the judge countered.

"Jesus, Dad! Okay, you win. I concede. I ain't no lawyer. I'll admit I owe my old man for saving my boy, and if it's what you want, I'll go," Wesley conceded.  
"Bet'cha five bucks you drop your load," LaFleur said and grinned.

"Make it ten and you got chore'self a bet, old man," Wesley grinned, and they shook on it.

* * * * * * *
A few of the town people came up to Billy and his grandmother to say hello and wish them well, but very few ventured to talk with the fine looking cowboys and cowgirls. Obviously they were with the Daniels. They wore the same flower. Everyone slowly filed into the church and Billy and his family began to fill the back seats to the front with the slaves first and then the Daniels and their extended family in front of them. Orville sat between Bubba and Jack. Billy was sitting with his immediate family with Nick on his left and his grandmother on his right; Zelma Redbone, Tom and his family, Enoch and Moss. On the other side of Nick sat Nathan and Tron. The Tates and Breedlove crew sat right behind them. The Rutherfords were sitting together until Billy turned and motioned for Randy to come sit next to him. The little cowboy got a big smile on his face, and the other men moved down a seat for him. Billy also gave each of his immediate and extended family a twenty dollar bill for the collection plate. He even tucked a twenty in Orville's pocket and told him what it was for. Orville nodded, smiled, and thanked Billy again for letting him come along.

The preacher and the minister of music took their places and the choir got ready for the processional from the back of the auditorium. There were flowers all over the altar which added a nice perfume to the air. Several of the larger arrangements were from the Daniels' family. The preacher wasn't shocked by the large crowd, because Vox already told him and the minister of music there would be a large contingency of slaves with the extended Daniels' family. The minister of music, Ray Somes, stood and walked to the pulpit. Vox just finished a lovely Bach Chorale prelude on 'Christ Lag In Todesbonden.' He adjusted the stops and pulled out the big ones -- the heavy duty artillery, bombs-bursting-in-air stops, the `gizzards' and the `k'snards,' and started the introduction to the processional introit hymn, "Welcome Happy Morning."

Everyone had their hymnals open to the right page and the director began to conduct his choir and the audience. He wasn't expecting the sound from Billy's cowboy and cowgirl slaves. They attacked the first note like it was the cornerstone of a great building they planned to build. Everyone of their voices were professional quality. Not only that, but several of the larger males had such deep voices, they could double the octave below the base line. They reminded Billy of old recordings he heard of the Russian Army Men's Chorus several of whom had incredibly deep strong voices. Billy's slaves were stunning and didn't miss a note. The choir director looked like he was about to come in his pants. Billy looked up to the organ and could see Vox looking back at him through his mirror. He had an impish grin on his face. Billy suspected Vox was up to some mischief. The choir director almost forgot about his volunteer choir and began to pay more attention to the talents of Billy's slaves. Their singing was like a mighty wind. The audience was thrilled with the full, wonderful quality of their voices.

Usually, the hymn, Welcome happy morning age to age shall say, is played and sung like a funeral dirge. Vox wasn't about to have it drag. He started it off at a tempo that was fast and lively like it was suppose to be; to exude great joy as children might skip along and sing a tune. The choir was sluggish, but Billy's group refused to allow them to slow the tempo. They got in the saddle and rode it to the finish line at the original tempo Vox set.  

After a gracious welcome from the pastor, he acknowledged the Daniels' family and their `ranch hands' - as he called them. He didn't want to use the term `slaves.' There were still those who just couldn't bring themselves to the idea that slavery was once again legal in their country. Most were pretty sure the South lost the Civil War and were confused and numbed by the rapid dismissal of the thirteenth amendment by a Theocracy who claimed their judgments and laws were those of God Almighty his'self. Many felt their only god was the corporations who were telling them what to do. Uncontrolled wealth equals authority equals omnipotence equals the Christianist `god.' Not a happy equation for a majority of the population.

The Methodist church is a church for people who don't fit into any other religion and are the very definition of middle-of-the-road. They don't want to offend anybody. Billy thought Betty Butterfield must be right: All Methodist preachers really wanted to be Episcopal Rectors but couldn't pass the test. While Billy empathized with the man, he knew he'd have a difficult time explaining his mission to him. Billy liked and admired the pastor, but sometimes wondered about his depth perception. He thought a couple of shallow charges of light-duty reason bombs dropped over the side of the boat would probably blow him out of the water. When the preacher finished the announcements and read the lesson for Easter Sunday, he told everyone to stand, and they would sing the next hymn: `Christ the Lord is risen today.' Once again the Daniels cow-people stole the show. They were better with their 'alleluias' than anybody else. They were magnificent, and Billy began to wonder if he should hire Vox full-time to start training a chorus. They could easily fit into the Saturday afternoon barnyard concerts and make a welcome addition.

There was some more scripture reading by another young man, and when he finished, the preacher asked the ushers to come forward for the offertory. They did, and after a prayer for the congregation to remember the Lord's work, to be generous, and empty their pockets of money to fill the plates, so they could continue to fight the good fight, or similar words to that effect, they turned and began to pass the plates down the rows. A young woman came to the lectern and Vox began to play the accompaniment to Handel's `He shall feed his flock,' from Handel's Messiah. She had a lovely but untrained voice; however, she gave a good accounting of the piece, and when she was through, Billy's slaves jumped to their feet applauding, whistling, and stomping their boots. Several of the cowboys threw their hats high into the air with unbridled enthusiasm. It was pandemonium for several minutes. Rather than embarrassing his ranch hands by trying to calm them, Billy jumped up, and did the same thing. It was contagious. The rest of his family immediately followed suit until the entire audience was on their feet cheering for the young lady. She was thrilled, blushed deeply, took several bows, then returned to her seat.   

The pastor got up and walked to the lectern to begin his sermon. Before he began, he thanked everyone for coming and especially the heartwarming appreciation for Carol Ann Walker's solo. "I know Carol Ann and her family greatly appreciate your enthusiastic response. I know I certainly do," he said. He gave a sermon about being kind to others and helping your neighbor without expecting something in return. It wasn't a long sermon, but he hit all the high spots about Easter and Christ rising from the dead only to walk around for a while and then ascend into heaven to be with his father who suffered greatly from senility, racism, and Münchhausen Syndrome by proxy.* Those were not the preacher's exact words but Billy's paraphrase of what he was thinking when the pastor read the scripture, "For God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have every lasting life."

Billy wondered if one day they might find an ancient scroll which was discovered to be a letter from Jesus to God: Dear Dad, that bloody crucifixion number was just god-awful. I don't never want to go through nothing like that again. I'm sorry, but after what you put me through, I don't think I could ever trust you again. You said if it got too much for me to let you know. I said them secret safety words we agreed on, but you never came to my rescue. With my last breath, I cried out to you asking why you deserted me? You told me it was just gonna' be a neat trick to impress the non-believers, you'd come down from heaven at the last minute to rescue your only son, impress the shit out of everybody, and they would worship us as a father and son holy-combo; but you let me down. You let me die! Not cool, Dad. Thanks for the resurrection and all them loaves and fishes, but that was the fucking least you could do! Take your insane vision of an afterlife with everybody worshiping you as supreme dictator of the universe what won't put up with no free thinking or backtalk and shove it. I don't want no part of it. I'm leaving to find me a good daddy what will love and appreciate me for who I really am; a long haired, dirty, fucking, sandal wearing, freedom loving, hippie liberal. Best wishes, your bastard son, Jessie. P.S. Mom sends her love. She still believes that line you sold her about how she couldn't get pregnant from a holy spirit. P.P.S. She lied about being a virgin, too; she done already had several kids. She should have named me E Pluribus Unum.

The pastor said a prayer and turned the service over to the minister of music. He asked the congregation to rise as the choir performed the "Hallelujah" chorus from the Easter portion of Handel's `Messiah.' He told the audience if anyone knew the piece, they were welcome to sing along. A cold chill ran up Billy's spine as he caught another wicked grin from Vox looking directly at him and winked. Vox cranked up the old windy-beast and pulled out all the stops for the intro. When it came time for the choir's entrance, the entire building was filled with the sound of Billy's slaves singing the piece from memory. It was breathtaking. People began to turn around and looked in both directions. It was one of the most inspiring performances of Handel's old war-horse Billy ever heard, and he heard a few in his young life. After the final grand chord was sung and played, there came a great silence like no one knew just how they should react.

Elmer started slowly clapping his big hands together, and one by one, the rest of the audience pick it up until there was more riotous applause, whistles, stomping of boots, and tossing of cowboy hats. It was one of the most memorable moments Billy could remember experiencing in his church. It certainly wasn't the usual quiet, passive, dull, run-of-the-mill, middle-of-the-road uninspiring Methodist church service.
The audience settled down and the preacher offered one final prayer. Vox began the recessional hymn J.S. Bach's arrangement of Martin Luther's 'A Mighty Fortress Is Our God' during which, the choir, the pastor, and the choir director walked down the isle to the back of the auditorium. On the last verse of the hymn, Vox did a great modulation and started in again. Billy's ranch hand slaves sung their hearts out. It was almost as moving as the Handel piece. When the music ended, there was more applauding and carrying on. Billy never tried to quiet them or curb their enthusiasm. As a matter of fact, he let out several cowboy 'woops' and whistles and threw his hat as high as he could. Billy was pretty damn proud of his brothers and sisters and made sure he told everyone.

One of the ushers whispered to the preacher they counted the offering, and it was a record haul for any Easter service on record. He was all smiles as he shook hands with everyone and blessed them for coming. He told them to come again soon. Billy's slaves were polite, well mannered, and bragged about the preacher's sermon and how much it touched their hearts. They were beginning to learn to play the game. After the service, some of the town folks came around to Billy and his family and several more were chatting up some of Billy's ranch hands. They couldn't believe almost an equal number of women were Billy Daniels' slaves, and they wondered what could be going on out at that ranch. It must be a proverbial din of sexual inequity; however, they all looked so young, fresh, and well groomed.

They looked like any young teeny bopper from the fifties. If they wore poodle skirts with saddle oxfords, bobby socks, and around the shoulders sweaters held on by sweater clips, they would.
The women certainly didn't look like biker chicks with tattoos and rings through their tongue, eyebrows, or noses. No one had a cigarette hanging off their lip as they talked. On the other hand, the cowboys were tall, well built, good looking buckaroos with no visible piercings or tattoos. They were equally clean cut and handsome. The town folk couldn't imagine such a talented, fine looking group of young men and women were slaves -- and they belonged to an eighteen year old young man. They heard only very rich people could afford to buy slaves. Where did a man as young as Billy get that kind of money? Many rumors were born that morning, and like a young gazelle only minutes after birth, were up, off, and running. All in all, it was a lovely Easter Sunday at church. Billy felt comfortable, with the help of his family -- every one of them -- he accomplished his goal.

* * * * * * *
The Daniels' caravan left town and drove out to the ranch. It was almost one o'clock by the time they arrived, and the ranch hands went their way for Easter Sunday dinner. Since it was a holiday, Billy allowed Orville to eat with the other ranch hands, and he was most grateful. As it turned out, they were great cooks and quickly learned what foods their fellow hands liked and those they didn't. The slave staff working in the big house for the holiday already fed the family watchers and Billy sent Boomer, Ludo, and Caesar to Captain Nick's ship to tell Jethro and his crew Billy and his family would be arriving at the ship between two thirty and three o'clock. The kitchen staff already sent food baskets for the Daniels' family members by way of the several watchers. They could have eaten on the ship with the villagers. The village people considered them a part of their family, but Billy insisted they have food from the ranch for their main meal of the day.

There were so many new extended family members within the Daniels' family, it was beginning to get crowded in the kitchen eating area, so Kate and Billy decided to expand and start using the much bigger dinning room for larger gatherings for dinner and use the kitchen for everyday family dining. The dining room table was extended with added leaves to sixteen feet and was overflowing with good food and drink. Everyone went in and enjoyed a great dinner of baked ham, turkey, and several other dishes for those who were eating lighter might enjoy. Everyone was in a great mood in anticipation of seeing what the new planning group would reveal to them.

"So, may I take it you're planning a new town in the hill country?" Judge LaFleur asked.

"I don't know if you'd call it a new town or city, Judge," Billy replied, "I like to think of it as a living project or as I call it, the Highland Shire Project. We will have open air markets to sell fresh produce at a reasonable rate; a meeting place like a great concert hall that's versatile and can be used for plays, operas, or ballets. It basically will be a multipurpose cultural arts and entertainment center to provide quality programs for our family and anyone in the nearby communities who would like to attend. We will have two hotels for guests, an administration building, and several other buildings for various projects we plan to undertake," Billy tried to give a basic overview.

"Sounds like a lot of money to invest in something so grand but so far removed from almost every metropolitan center. You're a hundred miles from Austin, San Antonio, San Angelo, and further to Houston and Dallas," the judge said.

"Yes, exactly. There is no metropolitan center within hundreds of miles so we plan to create one. The original Disneyland built in the fifties was built on land in the middle of orange groves what surrounded it for thirty miles in all directions. We plan to solve the problem with rapid transit links to those cities you mentioned. The distance will be shortened by high speed monorails with travel time less than than an hour both ways. No cramped compartments like the cattle cars the airlines pack people into. There will be lounge cars and ample room to relax, read, eat, use computers, and several suites if folks are willing to pay the price," Billy explained.

"What about our small town? Do you plan to incorporate us?" he asked.

"Hadn't thought about it. We're almost twenty miles outside the city limits. We checked into starting a new community and as long as we abide by state laws we can do most anything we want. We wouldn't be in competition with businesses in the town. We wouldn't even consider such a thing unless later the town came to us and asked for incorporation," Billy replied, "Our little town has never been a place to encourage much growth. The city fathers have kept out major chains and attempts to bring larger business companies to the town. That's fine. We don't plan to infringe on their unique small town atmosphere," he added.

"I'm anxious to see what your planners have dreamed up," Judge LaFleur said.

"May I invite Orville to go along with us, Master Billy?" Bubba asked quietly.

"Don't see why not. He's getting a break from being a punishment slave for today, and if you'd like to take him along as your guest, you have my blessing," Billy replied and smiled.

"Thank you, I'll gather him after dinner," Bubba said.

The family enjoyed themselves and didn't rush through dinner. There was a lot of conversation and speculation about what they might see on Captain Nick's ship, but no one seemed to be in a rush to finish their meal; however, it was decided it was such a big and satisfying dinner, they would wait until they returned to have dessert. Billy was patient with his guests and didn't try to hurry anyone along. He waited for his uncle to suggest they leave the table and ready themselves for transport. "Billy, everyone has finished, and it's a quarter to three. Shall we get things underway?" Nathan asked.

"I agree. I'm just assuming everyone of my immediate and extended family wants to transport with us to see what Jethro and the planners have come up with; except, maybe, Oatie Breedlove," Billy said, and everyone laughed.

"What? Who told you that? Not on your life. I wouldn't miss it for the world," Oatie responded. Everyone laughed harder.

"He's jes' pull'n yore' leg, Son, to get a rise out of you, and he did," the Bull said.

"Did you bring me a brand new dollar?" Billy asked.

"I certainly did," Oatie replied, "It ain't even been bent," he added and grinned.

"Do we have the bill of sale with the agreed conditions ready, staff?" Billy asked Dorcas and Dociean.

"Everything's ready, Master Billy," Dorcas replied, "We'll take a folder with us in a carrying case," she added.

"Good. Is there anyone who wants to stay behind?" he asked and everyone looked around. No hands went up and everyone laughed again. "All right. Let's do it! Head 'em up! Move 'em out! Let's take these dogies to Abilene, Pilgrim," Billy exclaimed in his best John Wayne voice and everyone moved out doors.

Bubba ran to get Orville. He found him drinking coffee on the patio with his keepers. He was still wearing his nice Western clothes. "Come, Pa, we's gonna' take a little trip to see the new city Master Billy's gonna' build here on the ranch," he said.

"New city?" Orville asked, "How? Where?" he asked.

"I'll explain ever' thing as we go. C'moan," Bubba said firmly and put his arm around the mature cowboy as they walked together across the compound to the gathered group.

* * * * * * *
"They should be here any minute. You better morph, Jethro," one of the head planners warned him.

"Damn! I'm so comfortable in my demon form I forgot," Jethro said and started to morph just in time, as the central planning room was bathed in a bright light and everyone began to appear.

"Your tail, Jethro! You forgot your tail!" Cass exclaimed softly.

"Ooops!" Jethro said and his tail disappeared, "Thank's, little brother," Jethro put a big muscular arm around the halfling, pulled him close, and stole a kiss.

"What are little brothers for?" Cass asked and grinned.

Billy's family were stunned by what they saw, and they hadn't seen anything yet. Standing in the middle was the new Jethro wearing a heavy-duty brown leather harness consisting of two large straps, one over each shoulder and joined to another strap of the same size across his massive chest just under his big pectoral muscles and ringed teats. The harness straps traveled down and were joined to another large belt around his waist from which hung wide strips of leather made into a kilt to cover his rear and hide his cod-piece underneath. It made him look like a Roman soldier or gladiator what was wearing the biggest pair of buckaroo boots of the same color leather.

"My God in heaven," Oatie whispered to his granddad, "You were right, Bull, he's even more stunning in his human form," he said.

"Welcome, Master Billy, and guests. There seems to be a couple of new faces among you who don't know me. I'm Jethro Quince, Master Billy's slave, and I was fortunate enough to have been chosen project director and coordinator of what you are about to see today. I'm proud to say it was by a unanimous vote of the planners, workers, assistants, helpers, the two great Shedus, my master found me worthy to direct this project. While it's been a roller-coaster ride from start to finish, I'm glad I was given the opportunity to take the ride with some wonderfully talented, exceptional people, and lovable critters from across the universe.  

"There has been much discussion about how we should go about this, but we couldn't seem to come to a consensus. Finally, in frustration I suppose, at the last minute before you arrived, they left the choice up to me. I hope I don't fail their expectations. We originally planned to show you a thirty minute video of what we accomplished, but there was another strong faction what wanted you to see the final realization first and then explain anything you wanted to know. My original vote was for the video demonstration because it was my idea, but as my fellow workers for the other plan strongly argued, no one wants to sit through a boring video of how a cake was baked. They want to eat it, and if they like it, they can ask for the recipe. Hopefully you won't eat our project, but we hope it is to your liking, and you will ask how and why it was planned the way it is," Jethro said.  

"So, without further ado, if you will be so kind as to step in front of these green velvet drapes, we will show you the city we have planned. Master Randy Rutherford saw it yesterday and suggested a temporary or working title for our creation might be the `Sapphire City,' Jethro allowed. Everyone gathered as close to the drapes as possible, "Assistants, if you please!" Jethro said and the drapes began to part, "Master Billy, family, and honored guests, we give you the Sapphire City," Jethro said in his commanding booming bass voice. It ran chills up Oatie's spine like a rabbit ran over his grave.

As the drapes open there was a stunned silence. No one moved for a minute. Billy walked out onto the balcony and motioned for his guests to join him. Slowly they moved to the balcony to get a complete view of the new city. There was much commotion, `oohs' and `aahs,' and several one word comments -- "Astounding" -- "Incredible" -- "Beautiful" -- "Magnificent" and more, but nothing from Billy. He just stood there with his hands flat on the balcony rail leaning over looking at everything. The only thought in his mind was, `This is it! This is the Sapphire City of the Highland Shire. His eyes started to water and before he knew it he was bawling like a new born calf.

Jethro went up to him, "I'm so sorry, Master Billy, we were hoping you would like our work," Jethro said, and placed his huge hand on his shoulder.

Billy looked up and smiled, threw his arms around Jethro's neck, "Like it? I love it! You and your staff have achieved something far greater than I expected. Kiss your master, slave," Billy said firmly. Jethro and Billy joined in the lip lock of death. Once again, Elmer started slowly clapping and was soon joined by everyone, until there was thunderous applause, whistles, and stomping of boots. "Hosanna!" Billy shouted, and everyone answered, "Hosanna, in the highest!" Everyone was thoroughly impressed with the design and wanted to know more. Wesley LaFleur was taking everything in like it was the most amazing thing he ever saw, but he wasn't the least taken aback by Jethro and Billy kissing.

"I want to ride on the monorail!" Randy said to Jethro pulling on one of his leather pieces which made up his heavy leather kilt. Everyone laughed at him.

"We'll do it right away, Buckaroo. I promise," Jethro said.

"What's my buddy talking about, Jethro?" Billy asked.

"Shall we show him, Master Randy?" Jethro asked and held out his hand for Randy.

Randy took Jethro's hand, and with one mighty lift, Randy flew off the floor only to find himself in a massive pair of giant arms. After stealing several kisses, Randy was carried down some stairs like a young prince in the arms of his favorite slave. Billy was right behind and motioned for everyone to join them. When they got to the bottom they got a better perspective of the enormity of the design and could more readily see small trams and a monorail flew by at tremendous speed. They were impressed.

"Gate A activate!" Jethro said and a large gate sprang up. It looked like a wall of blue water rippling across the surface. "Gate B activate!" Jethro said and pointed to a tiny gate on the loading platform of the trams inside the model of the city. It suddenly came alive and looked just like the big gate before them. "Now watch Gate B closely as Randy and I go though Gate A," Jethro said. He sat Randy down, took him by the hand, and looked down at his buckaroo buddy, "You ready, Cowboy?" he asked.

"I's born ready, Brother Jethro," Randy replied and everyone laughed. They walked though the gate together and reappeared like tiny insects on the tram loading dock below.

"My God! Do you see them? They's waving at us and motioning for us to join them!" Billy exclaimed. He didn't wait and immediately walked through. It didn't take long before everyone joined them on the loading dock. Some of those who were not so used to the wonders of Billy-world were a bit apprehensive, but the younger ones were fearless. Wesley and his wife watched their boy disappear through the wall of electrons with the McMartin boys.

"What do you think, Dad?" Wesley asked.

"Welcome to the future, Son," he said, turned, and walked through the gate.

Wesley took his wife's hand, and they walked through together.   

After everyone arrive on the dock a long caterpillar-like tram, driven by a dwarf in a nice blue uniform with matching hat, pulled up to the dock. "Welcome to Sapphire City, folks. If you will get in a car behind me and fasten your seat belts, I'll take you to the Monorail loading platform," he said, "Be sure every seat belt is fastened, or I won't be able to put the tram in gear," he added. Everyone complied. The guests got onto the tram. Jethro explained it was open air but could have covered individual cars during bad weather.

"How in the hell did you people accomplish this in two weeks, Mr. Director?" Billy asked and grinned at Jethro.

"We had lots of help and found more raw talent on Captain Nick's ship than an old dog's got fleas. If someone wanted to help, we put them to work. We couldn't have done it without them. They were magnificent and dedicated. They're watching us right now on a closed circuit video feed. We have a time lapse video at the end of our presentation video which will give you a better idea of how everything came together. I think it's quite spectacular. I'm proud of it," Jethro said.

"You should be proud of the whole thing, Son. This is fantastic. It's like visiting the finished city," Elmer patted Jethro on the back, "I'm more than a little impressed," he added. Jethro just beamed at Elmer's approval. The Bull was, after all, his father-in-law.

"There's a lot that hasn't been finished, but we never meant for it to be more than a prototype. In each hotel, we have floors, but only one room in each finished to give you an idea of what we have in mind," Jethro said, "There are two monorails. One coming in and going out of the city, but the one we're taking you to now is like a freeway loop around a large city. It will take you to the major stops, off load, and take others on. At our current size, it's about a thirty mile trip around the loop," Jethro said.

"Amazing!" said Zelma Redbone, "And you plan to have one run into Houston as well?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am, Ms. Redbone. It's on the drawing board. There will be two. One through Austin and a direct line from Houston which will continue on to link up San Angelo," Jethro replied.

They arrived at the Monorail station and it was spectacular. It wasn't anything like the Disney Monorail. It looked more like a Japanese high-speed train without the rails. It was only a short wait until the sleek, streamlined train pulled up. Billy noticed there were no wheels, and it seemed to move up and down slightly. "Is this a mag-amp-lift type vehicle, Jethro?" Billy asked.

"Yes, sir, it's a combination of the Japanese high-speed rail and the mag-amp-lift on Retikki Prime. It's sort of a combination of the two concepts. It makes for a smooth, fast ride," Jethro said. They got aboard and the Monorail took off and built up speed until it was doing close to two hundred miles per hour. When it made a turn, it banked to give the most comfortable ride possible for the passengers. It was truly an amazing feat of design and engineering.

"Unbelievable!" Billy said, "Jethro, I don't know if I'm gonna' sell you back to your original master or not!" he exclaimed as a supreme compliment.

"Oh, please, Master Billy, you would break two hearts what beat as one. If you're pleased with my work, I beg you to reconsider, sir," Jethro joined Billy's charade.

"I promise, I'll keep my word, but it's in your bill of sale, you will work for me until this project is completed; then we'll sit down together and talk about the future," Billy said.    

The Monorail trip took about an hour and made stops in the hotels and several other buildings it traveled through. The last stop was the huge, winged cultural center in the middle of everything. They left the Monorail and walked to the large blue glass doors at the entrance to the building. It was huge in perspective. They walked inside and down onto the enormous round central stage. "At each end will be twin concert organs with additional chests for pipes along the two walls in the center. They can be played separately or linked to be played by one person," Jethro explained.

"Magnificent!" Kate said what everyone was thinking, "Simply stunning," she added.

"I would have been happy with drawings and plans, but this is like it's out of some science fiction novel about a young cowboy building an ultra-modern city in cow country. Who would believe it?" Billy asked.

"How are you going to get approval for rapid transit by Monorail, Son?" the judge asked.

"Where there's a will, there's a way. I know we'll have a fight on our hands from big oil, especially in Texas. They don't want rapid transit because it would use less energy. Monorails make a smaller carbon footprint than planes or land vehicles and are the ideal means for easier, cheaper, faster connections between metropolitan cities in Texas. After our project gets underway, it will be the people who demand it. Like the guy who built a baseball diamond in a corn field; build it and they will come," Billy replied.

* * * * * * *   
"Can you believe this, Son?" Orville asked Bubba.

Jack was sitting in the same car with them and spoke up, "I knew it would be nice, but I had no idea it would be like this from what we saw yesterday," Jack said.  

"This is something worth working for, Gentlemen," Bubba said in awe, "I have to be a part of this more than ever," he added.

"I'm right behind you, Brother," Jack said.

"I never had any idea Billy Daniels was a man of such vision and power. What a fool I been. I can't thank you enough for bringing me along, Son. This is unbelievable," Orville said.

* * * * * * *
They spent almost four hours touring and asking question of Jethro. It was approaching seven in the evening as they went back through the augmentation gate to the castle on Captain Nick's ship. They ran into several workers and the giant, Joe, and his mate, Crunch. Billy introduced them to the judge and his son Wesley. "These big creatures are two of Captain Nick's protectors, for him and everyone on board the ship. They's a bonded pair. They ain't usually this dark in color. They's coming into rut or their mating season when they decide who will be the dominant one and who will be the passive servant or slave to the other for the next year. They spend three days battling back and forth with each other until the winner is declared. I ain't seen their mating ritual yet, but from what people tell me it would put pro-wrestling smack-downs to shame. It will happen next week, beginning here next Friday afternoon on Captain Nick's ship in a special arena built specifically for the purpose. Once they go into the arena, the doors will be locked from the outside, and they won't be allowed out until one is decided the winner," Billy explained.

"Can anyone attend?" Wesley LaFleur asked eagerly. His dad looked at him like he was stunned his boy would even ask about it.

"Certainly, as long as you're my guests. We discourage the young ones and ladies because it gets pretty violent, and there's raw male on male forced sex involved; however, Tom McMartin of the Redbone family will be attending with his boys, and I promised Randy he could come," Billy replied.

"Dad?" Wesley looked at his dad.

"What? You already know how I feel, boy, we done talked about it earlier," the judge said and grinned.

"You got room for two more, Master Billy?" Wesley asked more than a little enthused.

"He loves his'self some pro-wrestling on TV," the judge said and grinned.

"Sure, be here Friday e'nin around six, or come early, have supper wiff' us, and we'll transport you down. You can rent a room in one of the local hotels, stay with us in the ranch house, or you can return several times if you like," Billy said.

"Can we talk about it and let you know?" the judge asked.

"Sure. No problem, sir, glad to have both you men, but make no mistake, it's brutal and bloody sometimes," Billy said. Billy watched Wesley and saw his eyes light up every time Billy mentioned how rough it was.

* * * * * * *
Billy and Oatie had one final bit of business to tend to before folks returned to the ranch house. Billy kept his promise to his slave, Jethro, he would make sure the transaction, and small ceremony, of his sale to Master Oatie would be done before his fellow planners, workers, and friends on board Captain Nick's ship. It was even more of a shock for the newer members of Billy's family to gather in the great courtyard of the of the castle where everyone on Captain's Nick's ship came to witness their beloved Jethro become the slave to his master he always longed to be. To the newer folks like the LaFleurs, Bubba, Jack, Mick Flynn, and Perry Reed, the gathering of the village people looked like something straight out of a speculative fiction novel made into a movie. If Raza, the dragon man; Leon, the lion man; Pan, the panther man; Joe, the blue giant; and Crunch, the half-Ork half-human, weren't enough, the two great Shedus were present on either side of the courtyard for the first time.

There was a small table provided by the castle staff on a raised dais in the courtyard and the documents were set before them. The villages musicians were playing traditional wedding music when everyone begin to gather, but stopped when Master Billy raised his hand to speak. "Dearly beloved family, friends, neighbors, and slaves, we are gathered at this moment for two purposes. The first is to thank everyone on the ship for providing such unselfish love, support, encouragement, unexpected treats, and hard work to help our beloved slave, our most cherished slave-drive'n demon-dad -- Billy paused for a moment for the laugher, cheers, applause, and stomping of feet to end -- who, I'm told, worked like a virtual demon to see the first stage of the Highland Shire Project to completion," he said. There was more applause, whistling, banging of drums and cymbals from the village players, and stomping of boots. Jethro blushed almost as deep a red color as his demon persona, and the crowd loved it. Billy raised his hand again for silence.   

"The second reason we are here, is to reunite my slave, your beloved project manager, to his original owner, Master Oatie Breedlove," Billy said, and there followed more cheers. He let them show their love for their adopted brother, Jethro, before he continued. Billy opened the document folder and explained the sale contract to Oati
e and Jethro. Since they had no original contract between them, other than a spoken commitment, which was bond enough throughout the universe, it might be argued non-binding by Jack McCormick and found null and void on Earth by Judge LaFleur; therefore, this document would be a legal bond between the slave and his two masters. There were two exact copies, but they looked more like works of art work, very cleverly made to resemble old parchments with browning around the edges.

In the very center of the top half were two pictures of a handsome naked slave wearing his buckaroo boots, and next to it was another picture of a naked giant horned demon with a pointed tail, wearing the same pair of buckaroo boots. Beneath the picture was a thorough description of the slave, his abilities, and accomplishments; followed by Master Billy's agreed bill of sale and conditions. At the bottom, in the right hand corner, were blanks where signatures were to be attached. The first labeled `Slave' the second 'Selling Master' and the third 'New Master.' Below the signature lines were four small boxes labeled 1, 2, and 3 for thumb-prints.
Billy held up the handsome documents so the crowd could see the beauty of them. They cheered and applauded their approval.

"Please! Read the contract for us, Master Billy," Judge LaFleur requested.

Billy laughed but thought to himself, `Leave it to a lawyer or judge to ask to hear the legal ramifications.' Before he read the document, Billy explained the universal law of a man becoming another's slave if he saved his life which has it's precedent within many cultures on Earth. He explained how he saved Captain Nick's life and how Nick gave himself to become Billy's slave and a member of his family. "Since Captain Nick became my slave, by universal law, his personal property became mine; his spaceship and everyone on-board became my property; however, as I look upon Captain Nick as my surrogate dad, I think of this wonderful mix of people and critters as part of my family; in-laws, if you like, and I couldn't love them more," Billy said and smiled. The ship people applauded. "But they ain't my only extraterrestrial in-laws," Billy said.

He explained his slave Boomer was given to him by Boomer's family after Billy saved his life a couple of times, but Boomer saved his life once as well. Since they fell in love with each other early in Billy's life, they became bonded partners; later, Billy and Boomer were married by Boomer's two uncles who just happen to be the Lord High Chancellors, the grand pooh-bahs of Retikki Prime. That night they consummated their marriage and met the two cowboy slaves who were abducted from Earth sixty years previous, Hank and Buck, assigned to them to be their grooms to prepare them for conjugal connubial bliss. Now, one of Billy's female slaves, the lovely and talented Roz Q. Cumber was carrying his and Boomer's son, Billy Junior, as a result of their coupling. Hands went up everywhere in the crowd including Bubba's, Jack's, both LaFleur men and several of the village people.

"I was afraid that was going to open another can of worms," Billy said and threw back his head to laugh.
"Okay, you want to know how me and Boomer's conjoining can result in us having a child, right?" he asked and everyone agreed. "Watchers, or as we know them on Earth, are a more highly evolved and advanced race of beings than us humans. They been around for eons longer than we have. We're only young sprouts on the family tree of what is capable in evolutionary biology. While humans, and every other creature on Earth have a double strand of DNA, watchers have a third strand. They are capable of reproducing in several unique ways which more greatly insures the continuation of their species than ours," Billy said. He went on to explain the difference between regular male watchers sperm and proto-embryos. How a proto-embryo could be fertilized by any animal's sperm, and it would produce another of its kind, nearly, but not quite, like the original. Billy said he would be happy to give a lecture on board the ship about human/watcher reproduction the following Friday before the beginning of Joe and Crunch's mating ritual.

After seeing the other wonders on Captain Nick's ship, they were convinced, if Master Billy said it was true, it must be. It was only one more reason for the Judge and his son to want to attend Joe and Crunch's mating rut. Billy called attention back to the slavery documents and began to read. He left nothing out, from Jethro's enhancements, to requesting his current master, Billy, and his dad, Nick, teach him how to become a demon-dad for his master-to-be, Oatie Breedlove. He was hoping none of the newer folks would ask questions immediately, and he would have more time to present the conundrum to the judge and his son; however, they caught sight of the pictures and inquired if it was true Jethro could morph into a demon monster.

"A demon, yes; a monster, no! You'd have a tough time convincing everyone on this ship our beloved slave Jethro is a monster even in his demon form. That's like saying all black people are lazy and lie. Like the mating of humans and watchers, could we leave this subject for next Friday when your wife and son are not present?" he asked.

"Absolutely, we understand, Son," the judge replied.

The three men signed the documents, an ink pad was brought out for them to afix their thumb-prints, and it was done. "Slave, you may now kiss your master," Billy said like a preacher at the end of a wedding ceremony. Oatie and Jethro didn't wait for a second invitation and kissed a kiss that even got the old judge and his boy hard in their Wranglers. The villagers and Billy's family went bananas applauding amid the other uproarious sounds people make when they're happy for someone  and wish to show their love and approval for their joining.

"Thank you, Master Billy, for everything. You're a good man, sir," Jethro said, and the crowd went nuts again.  

It was getting late and after many tearful goodbyes and best wishes for Jethro and his new master, the Daniels' party transported back to the compound of the main ranch house. Kate offered coffee and dessert for everyone, and many accepted, except Bubba. He got Billy aside and asked his permission to see to his dad, Orville, and get him fitted up for the night. "I'd like to work him over a little, maybe provide him with a little comfort before I send him back to his keepers," he said.

"Damn, Brother, you got it bad for that old reprobate, don't chu'?" Billy asked quietly like he understood and smiled.

"I know what he done, and it's unforgivable. If a man tried to kill you or Jack or Oatie or any one of them men in your family, I come to know and love, I'd want him to remain a slave for the rest of his life, too. It's just, I can't describe what I feel for Orville, Master Billy. It ain't romantic love. It's like a love I developed for an old mangy dog one time. He was meaner than a sack of bobcats when he first come around the ranch. It took me damn near a year to get him to trust me enough to help him with his mange. I was strong but firm with him. When he finally accepted me as his master, there was a complete change in him, and he became a happy dog. He died in my arms, but he was happy and content to have his master hold him," Bubba said.

"Hell, Bubba, you got a better perspective on old Orville than I thought. I understand the analogy of your story. I've allowed you a few perks with Orville for the same reason you wanted to save your dog from mange -- compassion. You don't have to treat slaves like second class citizens, but Orville must stay on the bottom of the social strata until he's tamed and well broken. When I'm satisfied he's come to a bend in the road and shows me he's a changed man, I'll start allowing him a few more privileges.

"With your help and compassion, he might have a leg up on other punishment slaves. Just remember our commitment to each other and to Orville, and you'll do fine. As tempted as you might be, I don't want him fucked until you take him when and how we agreed," Billy said firmly, "On a lighter note, I got too much money riding on yore' claim to make Orville shoot without touching his cock. I ain't no fool neither. I'm bet'n on you and Orville," he added and laughed.

"I promise I won't, Master Billy. I know you can read his mind. I wouldn't want to jeopardize our relationship, nor would I want to damage my relationship with Orville. Besides, I'm enjoying the power I have over him along with my compassion," Bubba admitted.

"I hear you there, Brother. I love being in charge and loving those I'm in charge of at the same time. Never lose sight of that, Bubba, and it will take you far in life," Billy said. The cowboys hugged and gave each other a quick peck on the mouth. "Go! Take care of your dad," Billy urged Bubba and sent him on his way.

 Bubba went to join Orville and found him with his four keepers. They were waiting for Bubba to take their charge to the slave processing room, clean him, and put him back in his punishment-slave gear. Bubba walked with them to the large room off the barber shop behind the old barn. One carried a bag with the equipment they would need and Orville's harness, plug, and cock cage. Bubba thought it reminded him of taking a prisoner to stand before a firing squad, but then thought about the sexual aspect and decided it wasn't so bad after all. Bubba was in awe of Orville's keepers. They weren't rough or rude with him. In fact, they were more than a little patient and seemed to empathize with his fear and apprehension. After they helped Orville remove his cowboy clothes, one helped him back on with his buckaroo boots. Another carefully folded his clothes and placed his hat on top. "We'll put these in your wardrobe closet across from your bed, Pops, you might need them again in the near future," the one they called Gill said.

Orville was ready for his nightly cleaning. Two of them took him in into the clean-out room and strapped him into a reclining chair of sorts with his legs strapped into two medical leg supports with metal stirrups for his boots. It looked rather comfortable for the procedure. Bubba was watching on the other side of the glass into the room. It could be closed off and contained a rather sophisticated air evacuation system for quick removal of foul odors.
"How often does he have to be cleaned out?" Bubba asked.

"Twice a day. Once in the morning and once before we bed him down for the night," the smallest and cutest keeper named Blake replied.

"Will he have to be tended to this way forever?" Bubba asked.

"No, not at all. Just until he's broken and accepts his new way of life. He'll eventually be trained to do it for himself when his services are needed. Master Billy couldn't sell him to another master without him being thoroughly broken and trained. Most masters use their slaves anally as means of reminding them of their place and keeping them humble. They have a saying, 'A well fucked slave is a happy slave,'" Grant said and grinned.

The other two attendants hooked Orville up to a large bag of cleaning solution, wished him well, and departed the room closing the door behind them.

"Can I go in and talk with him while he fills?" Bubba asked.

"Sure, we don't stay with him to give him a modicum of privacy; however, we can watch him closely through the glass to make sure he's not in extreme discomfort. There's always some discomfort with the first bag. Just come out when we go in to set him upright so he can discharge. The first bag can be bad and it might be embarrassing for him to have you present, sir," Blake said.

"I understand," Bubba said and walked to the door and into the room. "Mind if I hold your hand, old man?" Bubba said quietly and smiled.

"No. It would be a comfort, Son. The first bag is always the worst, but I'm actually getting used to it. Having you here, holding my hand, and chatting with me would be nice. Make the time go by faster. See how happy I am with you being here? You make my old warrior salute," Orville said and looked down at his handsome cock.

"Damnation, Dad, your boy does that to you? That's as fine a compliment as I got in a good while. Let me know when it gets real bad and your boy will relieve you of your built up jizz. That batch has been in there for a while and needs to come out and be replaced by some good fresh daddy baby-batter. We wouldn't want you git'n stone-aches from too much built up stale jiss, would we?" Bubba bullshitted and grinned.  

Orville laughed, grimaced a bit, squeezed Bubba's hand, and smile at him. "You's funny, boy. I know this is a hell of a place to tell you, but I love you, Bubba, just for being you. What you and Master Billy done for me today is something I won't soon forget. I can't remember having a better time with nobody in my life. I ain't look'n for no special treatment or conning you for your favors. What you give to me from your heart is better than anything I could suck out of you, Son; except maybe your sweet jizz. Maybe this old man is finally learning the meaning of giving, and it took a good looking, strapping young buckaroo to teach him the lesson," Orville said.

Bubba looked up at the bag, and it was about three quarters gone. He looked at Orville's cock, and it was hard as a rock. "Now, Dad?" he asked.

"I think it would be a good time, Son," Orville replied.

Bubba took Orville's big cock in his right hand, skinned him back to expose the tender head, and engulfed his dad's penis with his hungry maw. It didn't take Bubba but a couple of strokes on Orville's cock, and it exploded into his mouth. Bubba greedily sucked it down only to feel a second and third wave of release flood into his mouth. He didn't lose a drop and sucked it down, too. He thoroughly cleaned the sensitive head of Orville's dick and let his foreskin return naturally. Orville was glassy-eyed with a big smile on his face.

"Thanks, Son. Fuck, I needed that. You's a damn good boy, Bubba, and a better son," Orville thanked and complimented the big cowboy.

The two keepers came into the room and shook the bag. "Drink just a little more, Orville, and you got this bag beat," Blake said and grinned, "How was that blowjob your boy give you, Pops?" he asked joking.

"A little piece of heaven, Son," Orville replied and relaxed.

Bubba leaned over and kissed Orville on his forehead, "I'll leave for a minute, Dad, while these boys do their thing. I'll be back for the second bag," he said.

"I enjoy your company, Son, under any circumstances," Orville assured him.

After two more bags, and they were certain he evacuated everything, Orville's caretakers cleaned him up, showed Bubba where the bag balm was for lubricating his plug and made sure he had a key to lock his cock-cage in place. They each gave Orville a hug and a kiss to wish him well, reminded him lights-out was at eleven, but if he happened to be a bit late they would leave his bunk light on. Bubba was wearing a watch and assured them he would have Orville in bed before eleven. He had to get home to take care his own responsibilities. He didn't really consider Brute or his brothers a responsibility, but he was beginning to. Somehow, he just knew intuitively, they would become a big responsibility in his life, but not one he saw as a burden.

"Where do they usually put your stuff back on, Dad?" Bubba asked.

"In the other room on the short padded leather table, Son. I hold my legs up while they work on me," Orville replied.

"Then I need to unstrap you from this table," Bubba said and got busy removing the straps. He helped Orville sit up, waited a minute for him to clear his head, then helped him into the other room. "You need to evacuate any more water, Dad?" he asked.

"No, Son, they're very thorough about that. After the last bag, they place a speculum in my ass and leave it open to drain for a few minutes. Gravity does the rest. What's left drops out on its own with a mighty swoosh," Orville allowed and grinned.
He sat on the edge of the bench, lay back, and raised his legs to his chest. "I'm ready, Son," he said.

Bubba rummaged around in the bag to find his plug and pulled it out. It was bigger than the one he fucked Orville with the day before. "Uh, Dad, I think there's been some mistake," he said holding up the bigger plug for Orville to see.

"No mistake, Son. It's the next size. The last one. I asked for it, my boys asked our master, and he approved it. I don't think Master Billy would allow me to move up again so soon unless he thought I could handle it," Orville said, "Besides, it's the last one, and after I wear it for a while, we can petition Master Billy to let us come together," he added.

"Yes, but I thought we was in this together? Am I missing something here?" Bubba said.

"We are, Son, I promise. I done it for you. I just thought it would make you as proud of me as the last time," Orville said defending himself. Bubba could tell Orville was worried he hurt his feelings.

"I am proud of you, Dad, but lets get one thing straight. Your boy, your son, is in control of you when Master Billy will allow us to be together. You should have taken me and my druthers into consideration. I think rushing this is not a good thing, and I don't care that Master Billy approved it. Since Master Billy done give me free-rein with you, I will be the one to decide when you're ready for the next size. I ain't ready to let you advance to this one yet; however, when I'm ready for you to wear it, I will be the one to get Master Billy's permission, and I will put it in you. Do you understand, Dad?" Bubba was stern but gentle. He didn't raise his voice in anger.

"I understand, Son. I'm sorry, Bubba. I was just trying to please you," Orville said.

"No, you were being manipulative, and until you understand it, I won't allow you to progress to next size, and keep you that much longer from experiencing the wonderful feeling of my big cock way up inside you. I promise you, it will be far better than them damn plugs you been wear'n," Bubba said firmly, "I won't tolerate a slave trying to manipulate me, Dad," he added.

"You're right, Bubba, I'm reverting to my old ways," Orville admitted.

"Yes, you are, but that ain't what we want, for both our sakes. If you truly love me, as you claim, you will listen and heed my words. Now where is that other plug?" Bubba asked.

"I will prove to you I love you, Bubba. I told you today, I'm a foolish old man, but I promise I will learn to obey and respect you. Look over there in the end drawer of the cabinet," Orville said and pointed.

Bubba took the huge plug over with him, got the other plug, threw the big one in the drawer, and slammed it shut. He walked back over to the table, greased it up real good, and started to work it into Orville's waiting hole. "Put yore' hands back there and pull your cheek apart for me, Dad, so's your boy can see what he's doing," Bubba ordered. Orville complied. Bubba already shoved some bag balm up his butt, and worked Orville's hole to loosen it. He asked if it was the way his keepers greased his ass, and Orville replied in the affirmative. Bubba thought it was a rather primitive way to grease a man's cunt for fucking. He resolved he would find a better way. He wondered if that was his thought or a small message from his uncle's coded DNA. Either way, he thought sure he could come up with a better solution.

Bubba worked and worked on Orville's ass until he got it loosened up pretty good, but he kept his eye on his watch. It was fifteen after ten, but he thought he had enough time. He moved to Orville's side and once again began to play him like a double bass. "Throw your arms around me, old man and tell your son how sorry you are for not trusting him and how much you love him," Bubba said firmly. Orville threw his arms around Bubba's neck and held on for dear life. Bubba felt him weeping and felt him steal a kiss. "I was wrong, Bubba, so wrong. I didn't mean to offend you, but I know I did. I'm embarrassed and feel awful. I won't tell you I won't never do something what might displease you again, because I'm a flawed man, Son. I just want you to know, I'll do my damnedest to earn your love, and I love you enough to keep on trying," Orville said sincerely and wept some more.

"That's good enough, Pa. Now kiss your boy and show him how proud and honored you are to have him work you over with your training plug. Show me how much you love me, Dad," Bubba growled.

Orville quickly found Bubba's mouth, and they began a kiss that lasted several minutes as Bubba played Orville's ass like a bass fiddle. Orville was trying his best to show Bubba how much he loved him when his whole body moved into another zone. He went to a place he'd never been before. He thought a woman could never make love to him like the man who held him in his arms was doing at the moment. Suddenly Orville felt his body overwhelmed with the ultimate pleasure and he began to shoot his load. Bubba only fucked him harder until he shot again and again, and it was finished. Bubba took one last large stroke, and the plug went home to roost for the night. The two big men continued to make love for a few minutes after Orville's Earth shaking, mind blowing orgasm.

"God, I love you, Bubba," Orville whispered and kissed him again.

"I believe you, Dad, and you will come to love me more as we travel our road together. I'm pretty dang pleased with you, too, old man. If I didn't think you could be trained, I wouldn't bother with you," Bubba allowed, "Now, I need to clean you and get you ready for the night. Bubba lay Orville back and ate his come off his developing abs. He took an old towel and cleaned himself and the rest of Orville. He told Orville to stand, and Bubba put his leather harness on him. He threaded the leather strings for the plug though the eyes on the harness and tied them tight. He strapped Orville into his harness, placed his cock cage over his cock, and locked it into place. He got the slave's codpiece out of the bag and snapped it on. Orville was ready for the bunkhouse. "I think you're ready? Is there anything I forgot?" Bubba asked.

"Yes, one important thing. You didn't get yours. Please, Bubba, can I take you for my first time. I may be lousy, but will you let me try, Son?" he asked.

Bubba threw the soiled towel on the deck in front of him. "Hit chore' knees, Dad, get your boy's cock out and make love to it. They's a first time for every man," he declared.

Orville undid Bubba's big rodeo belt buckle, unzipped his Wranglers, and allowed them to fall down around his boots. He took Bubba in his mouth, skinned him back and took several hits on his cock. He gagged and sputtered, but he kept at it. Bubba was so worked up by that time he shot a strong healthy load and made sure Orville swallowed every drop. As Orville cleaned Bubba, the big cowboy complimented him on his first time and added, "You don't never wanna' lose a drop of a master's jiss, Dad. It would be the most disrespectful thing you can do," Bubba said, "You thank him for allowing you to pleasure him, and you tell him how much you enjoyed his come," Bubba added.

"I'll remember, Son. I do appreciate you allowing your slave to pleasure you, sir, and your come tasted mighty fine," Orville said.
Bubba walked Orville back to the bunkhouse. They shared a goodly kiss before Bubba patted Orville on his butt and told him to have sweet dreams of his boy fucking him real good.
"To be honest, Bubba, it's all I dream about lately," Orville said and walked into the bunkhouse.

Bubba headed for his truck when he saw a tall shadow of a cowboy standing near the corner of the house. "You don't have to drive home, Bubba. We got plenty of empty rooms you can bunk in," Billy said and walked into the light.

"Thanks, I appreciate the offer, but I need to get home to my watcher, and I got some things to do early tomorrow morning," Bubba said, "I got to break connections with Earl," he added.

"How'd it go out there with yore' dad?" Billy asked.

"I refused to let him take the next larger plug," Bubba said.

Billy fell out laughing and slapped his knee. "I knew damn well you wouldn't allow it. I approved it just to see what you would do, and I told my dad, I'll bet you a blowjob Bubba won't go along with Orville trying to run the show," he said.

"I had a feeling you might understand. I told him you gimme' free-run wiff' him, and he won't get the next size plug until I decide he's ready for it," Bubba said and grinned.

"Good for you, Bubba. You know what you're doing, and I trust you. I want him trained up right, and I think you're just the buckaroo what can do it," Billy said.

"Do you plan any more personal training with him, Brother?" Bubba asked.

"Only if I have to take up the slack, if you don't have time for him," Billy replied.

"Then he'll be pretty much my slave to train?" Bubba asked.

"Yes, I will still own him, but you may think on him that way," Billy replied.

"Is there a chance for a sleep over at my ranch?" Bubba asked.

"I don't see why not, but let's wait until after the smack down next weekend; then, we'll talk again," Billy said.

"I love him, Billy, but I want him on your and my terms. I told him he cheated his'self out of having his ass made love to by my big cock sooner with his little stunt about the plugs. I told him I wouldn't tolerate no manipulative slave, no matter how much I love him. I plan to make him wear that plug for another week, maybe longer, to teach him a lesson," Bubba said.

"Your uncle would be proud of you, Bubba. I know I am," Billy said quietly.

"Putting off fucking him will give me more time to assure we win that bet, Billy," Bubba said and laughed.

"No doubt. By the time we decide to schedule his grand opening, Orville will be primed like a rusty old water pump, and his jizz will come gush'n out unassisted. Go home to the arms of your watcher, Bubba. Sweet dreams, Cowboy," Billy said.

"Love you, Brother," Bubba said.

"Love you, too, Bubba," Billy replied.

Bubba got into his truck and started off down the road when he noticed his back was beginning to bother him. He reached back and felt two large bumps on either side. "My God I got the cancer," he said to himself. He drove up to the guard cows, and they parted for him. He came to the two big bulls, Thor and Zeus, and spoke to them. Bubba asked how they were doing?

"Tolerable, right tolerable, Son. Thanks for asking. How about you?" Zeus asked.

"Not so good, sir, I just discovered two sore lumps on my back. I think I got the cancer," Bubba said.

"Put your truck in park, set the brake, get out, take your shirt off, and stand in front of the headlights," Zeus said as he morphed into a stunningly handsome middle aged man with the dick of death hanging between his legs. He opened the door for Bubba, took his hand, and helped him out of the truck. He helped Bubba take off his shirt, tossed it onto the truck seat, led him before the headlights on his truck, and turned him around. The cows took one look and started laughing and stomping their hooves. Bubba turned and looked into Zeus's beautiful blue eyes. "What?" Bubba asked.

"It ain't cancer, Son. You're fledging," Zeus replied.

End of Chapter 40 ~ Him Who Made The Seven Stars
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*People with Münchausen syndrome have a profound need to assume the sick role, and will exaggerate complaints, falsify tests, and/or self-inflict illnesses. Münchausen Syndrome by Proxy perpetrators, by contrast, are willing to fulfill their need for positive attention by hurting their own child, thereby assuming the sick role by proxy. At times, they are also able to assume the hero role and garner still more positive attention, by appearing to care for and 'save' their child.

* Betty Butterfield on Methodists ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8RLQvE0Si4

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