Him Who Made The Seven Stars
By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 41


By Cuttlefish

Our data we once kept in drives and disks,
Protecting it for use some future day;
Predictably, we did not know the risks:
Its storage starts the process of decay
But scan a sonnet; digitize a play
Record a speech—whatever you might choose
And store it in synthetic DNA
Encoded there in zeroes, ones and twos—
Your data, but converted to base three,
Recorded in nucleic acid bases
(We often write them A, C, G and T)
Which guard against the stuff that time erases
Who would have guessed the cutting edge would find
A storage system older than mankind?

"Damnation! Fuck! Shit, Hell, and Piss! I got so wrapped up in Billyville and ma' new slave-dad I done plumb forgot about it. I didn't know what `fledge' meant until yesterday. My uncle said it had something to do with grow'n a set of wings. Is `zat right?" Bubba asked Zeus.

"That's right, Son. You're about to grow a large set of wings. Who enhanced you?" Zeus asked.

"I don't know. My uncle said it was done when I's just a young kid of four or five years old on another planet he called Retikki Prime. He died last week, but he left me a video explaining some things I was made to forget about. He said some dumb phrases to me what was suppose to trigger something about coded DNA and an enhancement I got from them big watchers. I thought it was cowboy hooey, but my adopted brother, Jack, and Master Billy's family took him seriously. How does it happen? I don't know nothing about grow'n no wings. What am I gonna' do, Zeus?" Bubba said looking down at the good looking man's enormous penis. "Don't take this the wrong way, Mr. Zeus, but I shore' would love to suck your cock," Bubba said.

Zeus laughed, "I won't take it the wrong way, Bubba. Ask Master Billy for his permission, and one night when you got nothing better to do, come down here, and I'll be happy to feed you, Son. I ain't shot my load since we been here. I'm get'n a little backed up. Of course, you may have to service my dad, Thor, as well," Zeus said.

"Morph for me, Mr. Thor," Bubba said, and the other huge bull morphed. He was physically bigger than Zeus with a much larger cock. Bubba took one look and his eyes almost popped out of his head, "Holy shit! He's bigger'n you, Mr. Zeus!" he exclaimed," what a challenge," Bubba added like a gung-ho boyscout.

"Of course he is, he's my dad. He's got a bigger hammer. How do you think he got the name Thor?" Zeus asked and grinned.

"Enough of your nonsense, boy! Y'ain't no cowboy!" Thor spoke in a booming bass voice to Zeus. "Bubba asked for our help. You said you'd handle the situation, now what are we gonna' do for him," he demanded in a voice of authority.

"Sorry, Dad, you're right. Can you drive back up to the ranch, Bubba?" Zeus asked.

"I don't think so. My back is beginning to hurt powerful bad, Mr. Zeus. I think I might --" Bubba's voice trailed off as his eyes rolled back in his head, his lights went out, his legs became rubbery, and he started to fall to the ground. For a big humanoid, Thor was fast. He caught Bubba in his large arms and held him.

"Lower the tailgate on his truck, Son!" Thor barked at his boy.

"Yes, sir, Dad," Zeus replied and ran to the back of Bubba's truck. As big as Bubba was, Thor cradled the cowboy in his right arm, slipped his other huge arm under Bubba's knees, and gently lifted him up onto the bed of the truck. Thor got into the truck, pulled Bubba forward, sat down with his back to the cab, and held Bubba against his massive chest with his huge arms locked around the cowboy's front to hold him secure.

"Get in the driver's side, turn the truck around, and head back up to the ranch house," Thor said to his boy.

"I ain't never driven one of these primitive vehicles, Dad," Zeus said. The two lead bulls were so indoctrinated by tapping into different minds on the ranch and listening to cowboy speak, day in and out for almost two months, they began to converse using the native lingo.

"Gotdamn it, boy! If you can pilot and navigate a frick'n Star-class freighter around six galaxies, you can drive this antique tin can with wheels. It ain't nothing but a primitive infernal combustion engine; a bad-ass polluting piece of shit. You don't never wanna' try to rim a dirty exhaust pipe, Son. Start the motor and step on the long pedal on the right to make it go and the fat pedal in the middle to make it stop," Thor bellowed.

Zeus laughed to himself. He loved his dad when got all high and mighty and full of himself. He thought his dad could sometimes give the term `bullshit' new dimensions, but he loved him dearly. Zeus climbed into the cab. Bubba left his keys in the ignition to keep the lights on. Zeus turned the switch, and the beast roared to life. He stomped on the 'fat' pedal, put the shift lever in "D," moved his foot to the long pedal, and slowly pressed down. The old truck started to move. He drove around in a big circle and started back up the road to the ranch house. He noticed lights came on around the area of the front porch and saw several men waiting for them. His dad must have alerted Master Billy. Zeus pulled up in front of the porch, stopped, and switched off the engine. He left the keys in the ignition and went to help his dad.

Billy came down the steps of the ranch house, "Thanks for notifying me, Thor. We been so busy we done plumb forgot about Bubba's fledging," Billy said.

"He told us the same before he passed out, sir," Thor said.

Thor wrestled Bubba around and pulled him down to the tailgate of the truck. Boomer came running up pushing an anti-grav gurney he gathered from the old barn. Zeus grabbed Bubba's boots and Thor lifted the top of the big man's torso. On the count of three, they lifted him from the tailgate onto the floating gurney.

"Do you need our help to transfer Bubba to a bed, Master Billy?" Thor asked.

"We might. Why don't you men come along. Come with me, and I'll get you some robes from the front hall closet. While me and the other male members of my family ain't got no problem with nudity, and especially with such fine looking mature humanoids as yourselves, we cover ourselves and our male guests if they arrive without clothes for the modesty of our women folk. Actually, I think if I asked most of our ladies, they probably would tell me it didn't matter to them; however, old customs and traditions live long unproductive lives," Billy said wisely.

"We understand, sir, and we wouldn't be here if it weren't for an emergency situation," Zeus said.

"I understand completely. You men done the right thing. Your master is pleased with you. Am I right in assuming you are father and son?" Billy asked.

"You are correct, sir," Thor replied, "Zeus is my youngest son," he added.
They came to the closet and Billy found them two of the larger size robes and helped them on with them. Elmer and Roxanne were staying the night with the Daniels. They let Oatie and his slave-husband return to the ranch alone to give them some privacy and Elmer and Rox could get some rest. They figured, correctly, Oatie and Jethro would be at it all night long, and they knew how difficult it could be to be quiet when you're tied to the ceiling, swinging to a fro, with your hair on fire.*

They put Bubba in the room next to Rox and Elmer. Billy's main angel posse was already waiting. They lowered the anti-grav gurney onto the bed, Nick pressed a button, it vanished, and reappeared at the end of the bed. Bubba was lying on his front with his face turned to one side. Clyde and Balthazar got busy and removed his boots. Elmer and Roxanne helped remove his clothes. Thor and Zeus rolled him from side to side to more easily disrobe him. It didn't take them long before he was naked as a newborn babe. Thor and Zeus got a good look at Bubba's whopper and grinned at each other. They rolled him back on his stomach.

Billy and his four angel cowboys and Elmer removed their clothes and winged-up. Thor and Zeus were impressed, especially with Mr. Breedlove's male tackle. Elmer was as big or bigger than they were. "While we're in this room, if you men would be more comfortable without them robes, feel free to toss `em on a chair over there," Billy offered.

"What about the lady, sir?" Thor asked motioning to Roxanne.

Elmer nodded to his mate. Roxanne immediately took off her loose fitting frock and stood nude before them. She smiled and morphed into Vox. "There, is that better?" he asked.

"Gods of joy, she looks just like me in my secondary form, Dad. Are you a shape-shifter?" Zeus asked.

"No, a freak of nature; an enhanced chimera. Me and my fraternal twin sister share the same body," Vox explained. My mate, Mr. Breedlove, better known as the Bull of the hill country, has the best of both worlds. He can have his choice. He decided he wanted to sleep in my sister's tight little cunt this evening, and we swapped bodies to accommodate him. We try to keep our daddy bull happy. I can morph back just as quickly," Vox said and smiled.

"I know about keeping daddy bulls happy, sir," Zeus replied and smiled. The two Irin slaves were impressed, but wasted no time removing their robes and shed them like a second skin. Thor and Zeus might be middle aged in Irin years, but they were still stunningly good looking men.

The five angel-cowboys spread their wings and began to gather the healing essence of the ether. When they were fully powered up, Billy put Bubba in a deep restful sleep. They started to work on the nubs of his new wings which were stretching his skin to the max trying to break through. They caused him considerable pain which became too much for the big cowboy and he passed out. Billy expertly made two quick incisions on either side of the nubs, and they sprang up like characters in a children's pop-up story book. Since they weren't tended to right away, there was quite a bit of blood.

Vox was there with some clean sterile rags which were prepared by boiling in lye soap and bleach for thirty minutes, allowed to dry in the sun, carefully folded, and stored in airtight plastic bags. As soon as Vox contained most of the bleeding on one side, Billy cauterized the area to stop the bleeding while Vox moved to the second nub. They did the same procedure for the other side, and Bubba's budding wings were free to grow. It would take them a full eight to twelve hours to fully grow in, but he would have to wear them for another twenty-four hours before he could be taught to de-wing.

Billy dispatched Clyde and Boomer to drive Bubba's truck over to his ranch and gather his watcher, Brute, to come stay with him. Billy figured with the return of Bubba's early childhood memories on Retikki Prime, Brute was probably the closest to family Bubba could claim for the moment, and the big beast would be a comfort for him. Billy instructed Clyde and Boomer to leave Bubba's truck at his place and transport back with Brute. He didn't want anyone knowing Bubba was still on the Daniels' ranch. Orville had a full day of work ahead of him, and Billy didn't want him distracted. There was nothing Orville could do for him anyway.

Billy wanted to take Thor and Zeus to the kitchen to get them something to eat and talk with them. Elmer and Vox volunteered to sit with Bubba until someone returned to stay the night with him. Billy, Elmer, and his cowboys de-winged and put on their clothes. Thor and Zeus donned their robes. "Would you men like to have some of our left over Easter dinner as a reward and treat for taking care of our brother?" Billy asked.

"It would be wonderful, Master Billy. I'm sure we would enjoy it, but we didn't do it for no reward. We done it because Master Bubba was a guest on your property, and to be honest, we become quite fond of him," Thor said, "He done told my boy he's gonna' ask you if he could have us morph to suck us off one evening," he added.

Billy laughed. "I ain't got me no problem wiff' him bringing you men a little comfort. I know you didn't take care of Bubba for a reward. All the more reason to be good to you men. Is there a couple more bulls what will fill in for you down there until you return?" Billy asked.

"Yes, sir, we left Yates and Dunn in charge, and they's three more pair after them," Thor said.

"By pair, do you mean bonded pairs, Thor?" Billy asked.

"Yes, sir," he replied, "and it includes me and my boy, sir," he added, seeing the question in Billy's eyes.

"No problem. Nick here, is my slave-dad. I understand how these things happen, but I'm sure I would enjoy hearing your story," Billy said.
"No problem, Master Billy. We ain't got nothing to hide from our master, sir," Thor said.

Billy and his angel posse escorted Thor and Zeus to the kitchen. Kate was still up. She and Zelma Jane were having a cup of spiced tea. "Grandma, Ms. Zelma, these men are our two guard bulls from the front gate. They rescued Bubba this e'nin when he started to fledge and brought him back up to the house. You think Roz and Dorcas could rustle them up some left overs from dinner?" Billy asked.

"Sure, Billy, they're still up, and I'll be glad to help," Kate said and went to get them.

"You men do a fine job at the front gate, but you look better in your present form," Zelma complimented them.

"Thank you, ma'am," Zeus said for him and his dad.

"Sit down, Gentlemen, and I'll get you some coffee. You do drink coffee, don't you?" Billy asked.

"Yes, sir, Master Billy. We ain't had none since we left Fort Adam Lear. It would be nice. Thank you, sir," Thor said.

The ladies came back into the kitchen and got busy pulling out covered platters and bowls. While they were fixing a couple of large plates of food, Billy and his angels sat down around the table to talk with the men. Billy was fascinated, and Clyde couldn't take his eyes off them. They were stunningly handsome middle aged men who carried themselves with strength and dignity. Billy couldn't help compare their mien to their stance at the front gate. They were unwavering in their solid determination when guarding the entrance to the ranch.

"Why ain't you men come forth and made yourselves known before now?" Billy asked what was on several of his family's minds.

"We were put in charge of the thousand head of cattle what were supposed to be sent to your ranch, Master Billy; then the first five-hundred. Those strong enough and determined enough to be in charge and make decisions for the herd are usually the more mature and stable of the volunteers. Unfortunately, but perhaps wisely, we're always the last to morph. It's Irin protocol, sir," Zeus replied.

"I understand, and it's fine you feel you must follow Irin protocol, but I was never told of this before now. I was told the Irin volunteers understood they were to become my slaves," Billy said.

"You're correct, Master Billy," Thor said.

"Then are you my slaves or do you still hold allegiance to your previous masters? Are you still controlled by the Irin?" Billy asked. Nick grinned knowing where Billy was going with his line of questioning. He had to give it to his surrogate son, Billy grew by leaps and bounds since they came together. Not much got past him, but when it did, he wanted to fully explore the subject and find out why. Billy was quickly coming into his fullness as a commanding presence and a mature young cowboy; a man to be reckoned with.

"Our only responsibility is to you, Master Billy. Other than pride in our heritage, we no longer belong to the Irin, nor are we an extension of their society. We are your slaves. We were made to understand when we volunteered, we would be your slaves and become a part of your greater family. We were told to cut all previous ties. We acknowledge no other master or masters but you, sir," Thor said firmly.

Billy didn't respond to Thor. He stood, took off his shirt, laid it across the back of his chair, disappeared and reappeared in a great flash of light fully fledged with his brilliant gold wings, his massive brown leather harness, and raised his wings almost to their fullest impressive expanse.

"Ladies, if you don't want to see these men naked, either leave the room, or kindly divert your gaze," Billy said firmly.

"Do what must be done, Son. Zelma and I have no qualms about naked livestock," Kate replied. They weren't about to miss a minute of Billy's show. Roz and Dorcas already knew what Zeus and Thor looked like.

"So be it," Billy replied, "Zeus, you first. Remove your robe and kneel before your master and pay homage to his boots!" Billy demanded.

 Zeus's eyes got real big. He barely glanced sideways to his dad. Thor nodded for his boy to do what he was told. Zeus jumped up, removed his robe in a flash, and Thor followed suit. He followed his boy and knelt directly behind him with his head bowed. Zeus made unbridled love to Billy's buckaroo boots, kissing and licking them. "That's enough, leave some for your dad," Billy barked at him. Zeus sat back on his heels and waited for his master's command. "I want to hear in your own words your pledge of allegiance to me as your only master forswearing all others to love and follow only me until the day I feel comfortable enough to give you a choice to either continue your sworn bond with me, or if you have served me well, I will grant your freedom," Billy demanded.  

"I swear on my honor, sir, I pledge my full, unqualified allegiance to you, only you, and no other; to be your devoted slave, forswearing all other masters; to love, honor, obey, and follow you without question. I give my honor and my life to you, Master Billy. So swear I!" Zeus said.

"Good enough!" exclaimed Billy, "Come to your master's arms and show him your love, slave," Billy ordered. Zeus jumped up, embraced Billy, and poured his love into the young cowboy-angel. Billy gathered the light and essence of the universe in his wings until he was the brightest thing in the room. Billy surrounded himself and Zeus with his aura. For a few moments they became as one brightly glowing entity bound together by the love they were exchanging.

Thor looked up and was stunned by what he saw. Tears came to his eyes. He was as transfixed by what he was seeing as anyone in the room, but his mind sprouted wings and flew out the window. He tried to remember his boy's words but nothing came to him but bits and pieces; forswearing; allegiance; honor; devotion, but it wouldn't come together. How was he going to get through what was coming? There was nothing to paying homage to his master's boots, but the words wouldn't come. He was about to panic. Billy powered down and broke off his kiss with Zeus but continued to hold him in his arms to comfort him. Zeus was not beyond a few tears himself and Billy shamelessly stole kiss after kiss to comfort him. "You are now a part of me. I love you, Zeus," Billy whispered.

"I love you, too, Master Billy. I will never let you down or deny you, sir," Zeus replied.

"You have my trust, Zeus," Billy assured him, "Now take a seat. It's your dad's turn," Billy said.

Zeus did as his was told and sat to watch his dad humble himself before their master. Thor moved up and began to complete his son's job of love and devotion to Master Billy's buckaroo boots. He worked on them for some time until Billy was satisfied. Thor sat back on his heels and raised his hands to his face. "My boy is good with words. I never was, Master Billy. I tried to remember what he said, but I can't. It was perfect and expressed what I want to say -- what's in my heart, but I can't remember and put them together. Will `ditto' what my boy said, do, sir?" he asked.

"No, Thor. I must hear them words from you. Zeus, help your dad. Get down there and say them in his ear for him to repeat," Billy ordered.

"Yes, sir, Master Billy," Zeus said, "Relax, Dad. Ain't nothing to get uptight about. Take a deep breath. That's it. Now let's begin --" Zeus said and whispered his oath, line by line, into his dad's ear for Thor to repeat. Thor slowly repeated every word but put more meaning in them than his son did. Billy was convinced the mature Irin truly meant every word.

"So swear I, sir!" Thor ended and raised his hands to his face again to shed more tears.

"Arise, slave! Come to your master's arms and share your love with him," Billy commanded. The huge man rose and engulfed his smaller master in his big arms. Billy gave Thor the same love he did his son. The big man was so overcome he became erect and his cock kept growing between him and his master's belly. Billy took his right hand and gently wrapped it around Thor's huge hammer and held it until they finished their kiss. Thor, the mighty, was stunned and shed more tears. "Shuu, you done fine, Thor. You're my slave now, another one of my dads, and my big brother. I love you," Billy whispered.

"I love you, too, Master Billy," Thor replied.

"Now put your robe on and have a seat next to your boy. Your food is ready, and I want you to enjoy it," Billy said and smiled.

Zeus helped his dad with his robe, and Thor helped his boy. They sat down to two steaming plates of good food piled so high they didn't know whether they could eat it all. They ate slowly and enjoyed talking with Billy and his family. There was a decided difference in the men after confirming their allegiance to their master. They were more forthcoming, warm and social, but they didn't seem the least intimidated by their master. They conversed like they were friends for years and were just catching up with each other. After they finished their meal and were enjoying another cup of coffee, Kate set before them a big slab of homemade hot apple pie with two scoops of Blue Bell vanilla bean ice cream on top. They never saw anything like it and asked about it.

"Take a bite, Cowboy, and if you don't like it, I'll eat yours," Hank said and grinned at Thor.

Thor took a big bite and got the funniest look on his face like he just saw the light of heaven. "Best dang thing I ever put in my mouth," he allowed. There wasn't much talk for the next few minutes as the two men enjoyed every bite of their dessert. "Thank you, Master Billy, Mistress Kate, and your helpers. That was a great meal; certainly an unexpected treat. We never had such wonderful food on our planet. Our food was good, but not nearly so tasty," Zeus said.  

"Okay, here's what's gonna' happen. After we talk a bit more, your meal has a chance to settled a bit, we'll take you men outside, you can morph back to being bulls, and head back down to the front gate; however, come next Friday at noon, I want you to put your next two bulls in charge and you bulls walk back up to the ranch house. How are the other younger bulls going to gain experience if you're always in charge?" Billy asked rhetorically, "You men gimme' a shout-out, mind-to-mind, to let me know you's coming, and we'll be waiting for you when you get here.

You'll morph into your humanoid form, get cleaned up, we'll fix you up wiff' some cowboy duds, and you will join your family for the weekend. We got a big weekend coming up on Captain Nick's ship of a mating ritual between a blue giant and his green half-human, half-ork husband. They battle it out for three days to determine which one will become the husband for the next year and who will be the sub or slave," Billy said, "Now, when we absorb the first five hundred Irin, were you originally intended to morph with them or were you suppose to wait until the next five-hundred were absorbed?" Billy asked.

Zeus looked at his dad, and Thor nodded for his boy to tell the truth. "We were suppose to be the last of the thousand, sir," Zeus said, "They thought we would be the best to keep them in line as cattle," Zeus added.

"I have no doubt they're right, I have full faith in you men, but that's bull shit! I won't have it. When the last of the first five-hundred slaves morph, you will morph with them. You can look after the next five hundred just as well being two cowboy ramrods offering your wisdom and consultation to them as part of my personal staff, and until that time comes, every other weekend you will morph from Friday noon until Sunday evening late to be with me and your family," Billy declared.

"Starting this week, I need a goodly number of cowboy slaves to go to other ranches to work because we're going to start our cattle business big time very shortly. We need fifteen hands for the Rutherford ranch and fifteen more for the Breedlove's other ranch Perry Reed runs, and fifteen more for the Breedlove's main ranch. I'm making the same deal with the Garretts I'm offering the other ranchers, and we'll need another fifteen hands for their ranch. I got me a feeling Bubba will join our group and so will Mick Flynn. That's another thirty hands. I plan to start buying up ranches what ain't doing too well and letting the family's continue to live there, but we'll still need cowboys to run the business end," Billy said implying he was going to have positions for many of the cattle right away and other positions as his new city was being built.

They needed people for Hank and Buck's project, and they still had the bakery to get underway. Billy was planning to have positions for the first five hundred Irin slaves by the end of summer. "Now, I want to know more about you men. You're not the average young, idealistic Irin slaves. Fortunately, for us, they also saw fit to include a number of very talented dwarfs, halflings, and a couple of species we ain't got no clue where they fit into the universal evolutionary spectrum, who are equally talented. I don't know how long Irin men live, but by looks I would imagine you men have some miles on you and have seen more of life than the average volunteer," Billy said.

"My dad had six sons and two daughters, Master Billy," Thor said, "He named us boys and girls after the Norwegian gods on Earth. I was the second born. My older brother was Odin, and so on. I was determined to outdo my old man and had seven sons and one daughter. I named my boys after the Greco-Roman gods but not in any particular order. My wife died shortly after Zeus come along. He didn't have the security of being raised by two loving parents, and I was busy most of the time providing for a large family. I'm afraid my love alone weren't enough to handle the brightest of my lot. While Zeus was brilliant in mind and learning, he lacked focus, and had a wild, untamed side what didn't seem to respond to any amount of love or compassion nor threats of correction, for that matter.

He was as clever with his wit and pranks as he was with everything else he attempted, but his targets were sometimes men of great renown and power who were not amused by his chicanery. I could tell he was headed for much worse than a lifetime of incarceration unless the spirit of Till Eulenspiegel within him could be broken. He finally pulled one prank the courts on our world wouldn't overlook, and they demanded something be done about it. Much like you do to your young stallions on your planet, they fixed him so he wouldn't be so aggressive or impulsive.

"They castrated him?" Billy asked shocked. He remembered Zeus looked like he had a full package. He didn't understand.

"No, sir, they went further than that. They morphed his male genitals into those of a female but left him with the outward body of a male. That's why he was intrigued with Master Vox and Roxanne. The court gave Zeus an option: they would place him in a controlled situation where he would service hardened correctional institutional inmates, one a day, for two years, then he would be released under parole, but not changed back, and required to work at a public comfort center for another three years where he would do the same for young Irin men who needed experience in how to pleasure a woman. Or if he could find a man who would marry him and use him for sex at least four times a week or more, depending on the husband's schedule and stamina; however, their sex would be monitored and made public for pay for a period of five years to repay Zeus's debt to society," Thor said and paused.

Everyone in the kitchen was stunned. No one dared breathe. Billy wondered if every other man's cock in the kitchen was as hard as his. He knew without a doubt old Hank and Buck's were standing at salute. They were so hard they had to breathe through their mouths. Billy sat looking at Thor who registered little emotion, waiting for his information to sink in. Zeus reached over and took his dad's big hand and pulled it into his lap to rub and pet like it was his control throttle to his old man's heart. "If I continue our story, Master Billy, it might become more sexually explicit and graphic. It might be in questionable taste for the ladies' ears, sir," Thor said.

"Not mine," Kate said emphatically, "Living on this ranch for fifty years has toughened my hide to the point mosquitoes pass the word not to land on me 'cause I's too damn hard to bite," she claimed in her own cowgirl hyperbole. The men laughed.

"Hell, the first time I successfully managed to give my big cowboy husband a decent blowjob, and got it all over me from hair to toe, I knew I stopped being a lady. I loved it, and I made a vow to become that big cowboy's love-slut. I wasn't about to lose my man to some twit of a Houston floozy who thought she could offer him more than me. I often wondered if my mother had the sense god give a goose telling me everything a `lady' didn't do for her husband. If that's the way she treated my daddy, how he put up with her all them years is beyond me, unless she was lying to me. Giving up my image of myself as a grand lady was the best damn thing what ever happened to me. Now when I stand before the upper-crust of Houston society as a social icon, I can look down my nose at them not because I'm better, but because they only know half the story what went into the making of Zelma Jane Redbone," Zelma Jane declared triumphantly and everyone in the kitchen broke up in a much needed moment of comic relief.   

"I'd say it was a safe bet to carry on, my good slave," Billy said and broke up laughing again at his grandmother and Zelma Jane.

"Since I didn't have a woman to take care of my needs, I asked the court if I could marry my son. After a brief deliberation, the elders of the court decided there were no laws or social mores against it. It was common place on our world, if a father and his son were of legal age and wanted to form that bond, even without the ability of the father to morph his son's genitals. The law took a dim view of forced sexual alterations, but they were done on the down-low sometimes. If caught, they were difficult to prosecute because, ninety percent of the time, the son flatly refused to testify against his dad, and they were powerless to do anything," Thor said, and paused for a moment.

"So I was granted custody of my son, and we would be legally married before he was allowed to be released from the correctional institution. On my first visit, to what you call a `prison,' my boy was really down and depressed. He told me he was learning to relax and just let it happen while he was getting fucked, but every now and then, one of the big inmates wanted Zeus to suck him off. The first time he refused and got beat up pretty bad, but the institution guards and attendants assured him it was part of his job as a sexual service slave. He didn't have any choice in the matter. He was there to provide a service and that was to take care of any man's needs who walked into his room. He wanted me to check into it for him, and I did. Our attorney told me the staff at the institution was right. The term sexual service included almost anything an inmate wanted within reason and fucking either hole or sucking were certainly well within the definition of sexual service," Thor explained and paused again.  

"I usually went once a week on visiting day to spend some time with him, but for some reason I missed the next couple and didn't go the time after that. I was caught in a conundrum I didn't know how to resolve. While I wanted to see him and encourage him, I found myself being angry with him thinking he could use me to manipulate his situation. It wasn't my fault he found himself where he was. I did everything I could to make sure he had a good start in life, but he acted like it was never enough. He refused to listen to my advice and heed my warnings because, he thought I was his dumb old man, and he knew better. After talking with a close friend and two of his brothers, I made up my mind I wasn't going to let him use my love for him as a control device. I planned to take control of him and make him into what I wanted him to become. It's a hard thing to do for someone you love, but if you don't, the consequences could be disastrous. In Zeus's case, all the signs were there.

"I went to the prison the next weekend, and Zeus was glad to see me but worried because I missed three weeks coming to visit. I told him I was torn because I didn't know what I was going to say to him. I carefully explained to him I talked with our lawyer and Zeus had absolutely no legal fight against giving his assigned sexual partners a blowjob. I also told him I was having second thoughts about marrying him after his two years were up to become my wife; especially, if he thought he was going to get out of sucking my penis when I required it of him. I explained to him, I would never consent to marry a woman if she wasn't willing to provide that comfort for me. I told Zeus there might be times when I just weren't in the mood to fuck him, but I still would require him to service me with his mouth and drink my come. I stressed I would not, under any circumstances, tolerate him spitting me out. He would be required to swallow my seed, tell me how good it tasted, and thank me for allowing him the honor of providing me with his comfort.

"He was very quiet for a while, and we sat for a few minutes without saying anything," Thor looked at his boy, "Do you have anything to contribute, Son?" he asked.

"I didn't know what to say. I felt like I was losing my last bastion of hope. My dad just told me he didn't want to marry me. I knew I had to do something to hold on to him. Was I willing to learn to do and perhaps even learn to enjoy something what seemed so foul to me as sucking another man off and drinking his come?" Zeus asked, "I asked him if he might reconsider if I made an effort to become a good cocksucker, and he promised he might but only if he was convinced I would provide that service for him without hesitation when he required it," Zeus said and paused for a moment to look at his dad.

Thor nodded for him to continue, "I worked hard at learning to become the best cocksucker I could, but just couldn't seem to get the hang of it, until one day a very large Trebalian giant walked into my service room and insisted I suck him off. I knew there was no way I could take him and started to protest when he smiled at me and assured me he would make it easy for me. All I had to do was try. Unknown to me, he was a shape-shifter who could manipulate humanoids as well as himself and his kind. He started in, and each time I thought I couldn't take any more, he would gently place his big hands around my neck like he was going to choke me, and I could feel a warmth penetrate my throat and esophagus. It would dilate each time and open a bit more to allow him to slip a little more of his huge cock down my throat. I don't know why, but there was something about the giant I trusted almost immediately.

We continued to work together until I was able to take all of him. I never felt so full and complete in my life as when I had all of Gog's giant cock inside me. I remember the feeling of being so proud of myself I started to cry with my lips pressed tight to his pubic hair. He became worried and withdrew immediately," Zeus said, "'I'm so sorry, my handsome little Irin, I never meant to hurt you,' he said. I told him he wasn't hurting me, I was crying because I was proud of myself. I asked him if he gave me a gift and would I be able to do the same for my other partners, some of whom, were quite large? He assured me I would. It was his gift to me for providing him with the pleasure of my comfort. He did the same for my cunt when he fucked me and my ass when he wanted to butt fuck me. I was most grateful for his gift and tried my best to repay him with excellent service. He became one of my favorite partners in the institution, and I looked forward to his visits. We ultimately became roommates, and we kept in contact ever since, until we came to Earth. Dad managed to get him weekend passes to visit me and dad in our home. He was paroled the week before we were to leave Fort Adam Lear, and we wanted to bring him with us, but the authorities said `no'; he must remain on FAL until his parole was up, but that wouldn't be for another year," Zeus lamented.

"Did you fall in love with the giant?" Billy asked Zeus.

"Completely, Master Billy -- body, heart, mind, and soul. Ain't a man I love more'n Gog Groats but my pa," Zeus replied, blushed, and looked down at his hands, "Gog spoiled me for anyone else but my dad," he added.

"I understand. And you, Thor?" Billy asked.

"How could you not love a man, beast, or giant who turned your son's life around and helped him come to understand what giving and receiving is all about? Of course I fell in love with him. I still love him to this day. Gog taught my boy, to get a solid, you got to do a solid. It's just plain dirt simple. And that's what Gog is all about. He's about as simple as the dirt on the bottom of your boots, Master Billy. His first name just happens to be Billy as well.  Billy Gog Groats ain't the brightest button in the drawer, but it don't matter none. What he ain't got in brains, he surely makes up for in brute strength and an equally powerful ability to love unconditionally. He asks little more than your love in return; and, there's so much of him to love.

"Gog gives the term love-you-to-death new dimensions,
and that's exactly what landed him in prison. He wanted a man he fell in love with so bad, but he was young, he didn't understand his abilities well enough to compensate his partner for his size, and he literally fucked the man to death. The irony of the situation was, they damn near didn't get the smile off the face of his victim before his funeral service," Thor declared. The big Irin tried, but he couldn't hold back his laugher, and he got everyone in the room laughing. "Billy Gog Groats was a tough one for them to prosecute. He never denied he was responsible for the man's death, but he insisted it wasn't his intent. He claimed it was an accident, and many agreed with him. He convinced the court and everyone present at his trial, he was deeply grieved by his loss because he love his victim so much. However, the court felt he must be convicted of something and serve time but with compassion for his situation. He was in prison for six years, but was a model inmate, and so trusted his last several years, he enjoyed many perks and freedoms others didn't," Thor added.

"I didn't visit my boy for several months after our conversation until I got a quarterly report from the facility in which my boy was listed as second most cooperative and popular sex slave in the facility. I couldn't believe it, and my heart leaped to my throat. I was so excited I canceled plans for a weekend fishing trip with an old buddy to go see my boy. From then on, I made regular trips to the prison to visit my son and met his new roommate and buddy, Gog. I never said anything about his good marks on the quarterly report, and he never asked me about reconsidering my position.

"The next report I received, my boy was the number one requested sex slave in the institution and remained at the top of the list until he done his time. Finally, after a particularly enjoyable visit with him, Zeus asked me if I might reconsider taking him for my wife. He never once mentioned being most requested slave, but I could tell the way Gog looked at him, the big giant was hopelessly in love with my boy. I told Zeus I thought about it a lot, but I still hadn't come to a decision. I told him I wanted him to give me a blowjob before I made up my mind; could he arrange it with the facility? He assured me he could, and we set it up for my next visit. He asked if it was all right if Gog was with us, and I told him it would be fine with me.

"My next visit, accompanied by a couple of guards, Gog and Zeus escorted me to one of the private visitor's sex rooms which they told me were much nicer than theirs, and Zeus gave me a blowjob. It was the best blowjob I ever got. I was stunned my boy became such an excellent cocksucker. Afterward, he cleaned me thoroughly, Zeus told me how sweet my come tasted, how much he enjoyed servicing me, and how proud he was I allowed him the honor of providing me with some comfort. I knew right then, I wanted him for my wife or sex slave; however you choose to look on it; but, I didn't say nothing. I told him I would think about it.
I reviewed our situation with our attorney when I returned home. He said everything was still in order for me to accept custody of my boy, but I would be required to marry him at the prison before they would release him to me. I went out and bought a couple of simple silver rings to exchange and kept them in my pocket until the day arrived for me to pick him up. I didn't call or write. I just drove to the prison," Thor said, "You want to take it from there, Son?" he asked Zeus.

"I was sure dad wasn't impressed by my blowjob and cried in Gog's arms for a couple of days. When I didn't hear from him the rest of the week, I just knew he decided not to marry me, and I would have to go to another institution where I wouldn't even have my partner with me. The thought of leaving the giant I come to love for any reason other than my pa was just too painful. I thought about contacting my lawyer to see if he could make some bargain to have me serve the rest of my time at the prison. At least I'd be with somebody I loved and who loved me, and apart from a new inmate from time to time, I became quite fond of most of the prisoners I was required to service. Gog would hear none of my misery. He assured me day after day my dad would come for me and make me his wife. His argument was strong, but I was unsure.

"The morning of my last day, I was more convinced than ever dad wasn't coming.
Gog and I lay in bed and missed breakfast making love. We were still in bed when the guards came to tell me my dad was at the front desk. He came for me. They told me to get my things together and bring my roommate with me. I threw my arms around Gog's big neck and kissed him hard. I admitted he was right all along, and I told him again how much I loved him. I told him while I was overjoyed my dad came for me, my heart was breaking to leave him behind. He said he understood, but he wanted me to go and be happy. Gog asked if I would keep in touch. I promised and assured him I would.

"I put my few things in one small bag. Gog carried it for me, and we went to the Warden's office. There was another man there the Warden introduced as a government official who would perform a marriage ceremony between me and dad. Dad asked Gog to be his best man and family witness to our marriage. The giant beamed with pride and readily agreed. Dad handed Gog the two rings to hold until they were called for. The ceremony was simple and quick. We exchanged rings and were pronounce man and wife. The government official told dad he could kiss his bride and my old man planted a kiss on me what made me toes curl and ma' cunt drool," Zeus said and grinned, "After two years of being fucked by the biggest bulls in prison and my bunkmate, I couldn't wait to get home to bed my own dad and share with him what I learned," Zeus added. The cowboys laughed at his colorful descriptions.        

"And you kept in touch with Gog?" Kate asked.

"Yes, ma'am, Mistress Kate," Thor replied, "I paid my attorney to make arrangements with the prison to release Gog to me every other weekend, and I would assume responsible for him. We hardly ever went anywhere. Once in a while we treated him to a movie. He loved movies. We mostly stayed home and enjoyed each other and his company. I bought a new giant size bed, and we slept together. He would fuck Zeus from the front, and I would hit him in his rear; then, we would switch places. When he weren't sucking me off, Zeus was sucking Billy Gog off. I'm sorry we had to leave without him. We talked many times about how much we miss him. Most people fear him because of his size, but there ain't no sweeter or more gentle soul in the universe than Billy Gog Groats," Thor lamented.

"But Zeus has his male tackle," Billy said.

"Yes, sir, the Irin wanted him to work with me as a bull, but you can't have no bull with a cunt, sir," Thor said and grinned. Billy's family laughed at him, and he blushed.

"I knew that! I knew that!" Billy said trying to sound like Jiminy Glick to make up for his faux pas. "Is he static in that state or can he morph his genitals?" Billy asked.

"He can't, but I can," Thor said, "Stand up, Son," Thor ordered using his best commanding dad voice.

Zeus knew what was coming. He stood, untied his robe, and opened for everyone to see his considerably impressive manhood. Thor waved his hand before his son's genitals, and they disappeared into an impressive little cunt. Thor let everyone get a good look, told his boy to close his robe, and sit down.

"Are you still married?" Tron asked.

"Yes, sir, Master Garrett, but we left our rings with Gog on Fort Adam Lear. We bid him keep them until he could bring them to us or we might visit our home world," Thor replied.

"When was the last time you shared a bed with your wife?" Nathan asked.

"The night before we were transferred to Earth, almost two months ago," Thor replied.   

"Ouch!" said Enoch.

"I agree, Brother," Moss said.

"I can't go more'n a day or two wiff' out my, Buckaroo," Hank declared and everyone laughed.

"Change of plans, Gentlemen, we'll take you men upstairs, give you a room, and you stay the night together. You can have breakfast wiff' us in the morning, then morph, and walk back down to the herd at the front gate," Billy declared.

"We won't say `no,' sir. `At's awful damn nice of you, Master Billy," Thor said.

"They's method to my madness, Gentlemen. I like being a good host, and I try to be good to my slaves; howsomever, I wanna' taste a pin prick of you men's blood. I want to have your DNA on file in my body and learn how to morph male genitalia into a female vagina, from both ends," Billy explained.

"Fine with us, sir. Ain't much to ask for a room for the night," Zeus said.

Billy asked Kate to find him a straight pin and some alcohol. He sterilized the pin and each slave's forefinger. He quickly pricked Thor's, bled him a bit, and sucked his blood from his finger. He did the same with Zeus, and he was done. He had both men's DNA on file in his body and could see the pattern which did tripped the switch. "Any volunteers?" Billy asked and everyone looked around the room.

Buck's hand went up. "Can you change me back in the morning, sir?" he asked.

"If I can't, Thor can," Billy said.

"You don't have to do that, pardner," Hank said.

"I wanna' try it for you, Hank. Ever' one knows you's the husband in our family anyway. Let's try it and see if we like it," Buck said.

"You know, I never thought I could love you more, Cowboy, but I just might be wrong about that. Hell, yes, let's try it! Cowboy up, Pod'na!" Hank exclaimed and everyone laughed again.

Buck walked over to his master, undid his rodeo belt buckle, dropped his Wranglers to his boot tops, and showed him his honor for all to see. Billy waved his hand in front of Buck's fine male tackle. It instantly disappeared and was replaced by a nice little cunt. Buck reached down and felt it. "Wow! Would ju' look at that, Hank!" he exclaimed.

"Damn, it makes my mouth water. Do I git to eat it afore I fuck it, partner?" Hank asked.

"It's yorn. You can do what the hell you want wiff' it," Buck replied.

"Just be gentle, Hank. Buck might be a buckaroo at heart; however, that's a new addition, and if I'm correct he's a virgin. Go slow and easy with him until you got him broke to your saddle, Cowboy," Kate admonished.

"Good advice, Mistress Kate. I'll shore' `nuff take good care of it and him," Hank agreed.

Billy sent Thor and Zeus off with with Buck and Hank to fix them up in a room with a bath a couple of doors down from theirs. The men couldn't believe their good fortune. They took off their robes, held and kissed each other, and headed for the bathroom for a good, long, hot shower and then to bed.

* * * * * * *
Billy and his family were still talking about everything when Billy looked over at Clyde and smiled.

"Way ahead of you, Master. I been in touch with one of Ramrod Quigley's right hand men. He's already done checked into Billy Gog Groats. Master Quigley done  give him a presidential pardon, and the giant will be here in --" Clyde held up his arm to look at his watch, "Five, four, three, two, one --" Nothing happened, "Wait for it!" Clyde exclaimed, and there followed a great flash of light, "Now!" he exclaimed.

A larger than usual gate formed in the hallway just outside the kitchen. The cowboys went to see and an enormous giant step through the gate and smiled at Billy. "Hello, I'm Billy Gog Groats," he said softly in a deep voice, "I been sent here to become the slave of Master Billy Daniels," Gog explained.

"Hello, big'un, I'm Master Billy Daniels. Do you know where you is?" Billy asked.

"They didn't tell me where I's going, sir, but I's hoping against hope I'm on the planet called Earth in the Sol system," Gog replied.

"You got the right place, Son," Billy said, "Welcome home," he added.

Gog fell to his knees in front of Billy. "Gog requests permission to pay homage to my new master, sir?" Gog asked.

"Permission granted, slave," Billy said and Gog slathered and kissed Billy's buckaroo boots with his big tongue. He was so powerful Billy could feel the strength of his tongue through the tough hide of his boots. Gog licked and cleaned up one side and down the other on both Billy's boots. He seemed to be enjoying it, so Billy let him be for a minute.

"That's a fine job, slave, now come to your master's arms and show him your love," Billy said.

"Ya, mean ya'ont Gog to suck your dick, Master Billy?" Gog asked.

"Not right away, slave, I want you to stand, take me in you big arms and give your new master your best kiss," Billy said and laughed. He decided he liked Gog for his naiveté alone, but Thor was right; there was so much more to love. The huge giant stood and gently took Billy into his arms and gave him one of the best kisses he got all day. Gog tasted and smelled like roses. Billy wondered if Gog could be one of the blessed innocents he heard rumors about on Retikki Prime. They held each other for the longest time, and Billy enjoyed every minute. Gog made him feel like a little boy again.

"Are you hungry, Gog?" Billy asked.

"No, Master Billy, they fed me just before I left," he said.

"Did you bring Zeus and Thor's rings with you," Billy asked.

"They's in my pocket, sir, are they here?" Gog asked.

"Yes, but you can't see them right away. We'll take you up to them in a little while. They ain't had sex with each other in almost two months, and we give `um a room to do a little catching up. You understand, don't you?" Billy asked and grinned.

"I'll bet Zeus's tight little pussy done grow'd shut, sir. What a tragedy, but I know'd his daddy's a fine quality bull. I'll bet he's opening him up real good, right now," Gog said.

"Did they feed you dessert, my big slave?" Billy asked.

"What's dessert, sir?" Gog asked.

"Only the best part of any meal, Son. Come with me. I'll have my grandma fix you up with a big ol' slice of hot apple pie with ice cream," Billy said.

"I don't know what that is, but if you think I might like it, I'll try it, sir," the giant said.

"Trust your master, Gog, you will like it," Billy said.

"I was told I could always trust my master, sir," Gog said.

"That's true, Gog, unless I'm joking with you, you can take what I say seriously," Billy said.

"How will Gog know the difference?" he asked.

"You'll learn quick enough, big fellow. Now take my hand and follow me," Billy said, "Have I got a baby buckaroo what's gonna' love you," Billy added and grinned.

* * * * * * *
Bubba groaned. Brute pulled him up gently and slipped between Bubba and the bed so the big cowboy could rest his head on the big beast's chest. Bubba didn't open his eyes. He took a deep breath and sighed. "I'd know your smell anywheres in the universe," he said softly.

"Your beast is here, baby boy. You're safe in his arms," Brute almost sang to him.

"I am your baby boy, Brute. I remember you singing me to sleep and purring along side me like a love engine what kept my tiny heart beating. I felt like your pup. You made me feel good about myself. I felt loved and wanted. I missed that when I returned to Earth. I looked for it, but I could never find it until you come back into my life. I couldn't love my daddy-beast more," Bubba said slowly, "I can't open my eyes, Brute. Where am I? What's happening to me?" he asked.

"We's at the Daniels' ranch in a soft bed. You passed out down to the front gate. Zeus and Thor drove you back up to the ranch. Clyde and Boomer drove your truck over to your ranch and transported us back for me to be with you. Your new wings are growing in fast, and they're a beautiful gold color. They will be splendid when they's fully grown," Brute said. "You hungry, sweet baby?" Brute asked.

"Always hungry for my beast," Bubba said.

"My teats await you, baby boy. When I heard you were down, they filled up fast. They's aching to feel your soft pretty lips around them suck'n your bounty from my body," Brute said almost seductively.

"Move my head to one, my handsome beast. Your baby boy would drink of his bounty," Bubba said in a needy small voice.

Brute helped him and Bubba landed on the "Parking Lot" of goodness. He started sucking and tasted the full bodied flavor of his beast and began to make soft whimpering sounds like a young pup attached to his mom. Brute began to purr and hum to his baby boy urging him to drink his fill.

* * * * * * *
Gog ate his piece of pie like it was manna from heaven. Kate gave him a big tablespoon to eat it with, and he held it in his fist as he took small bites to make the goodness last. He would take a bite, throw back his head, and make the funniest sounds of gastronomic ecstasy. He really enjoyed his dessert. He also enjoyed a cup of coffee with his pie and ice cream. He wanted Billy to sit as close to him as he could get and would put his arm around him from time to time to make sure Billy didn't get away. Billy learned later Gog was told he was sent to Earth to become Billy's slave and protector. When he finished his dessert, he couldn't thank the ladies and Billy enough for the wonderful treat.

Billy sent feelers to the upstairs bedroom to touch Thor's mind. Billy could feel and smell the unmistakable sweet pungent pheromones from the completion of sex. He knew Thor shot his heavy ladened bag of baby-batter into his boy's pussy. << Have you finished the first round, great bull? >> Billy asked quietly.

<<Yes, thanks, Master. We're lying here in the afterglow of one of our best sexual experiences together. Can we help you with something? >> Thor asked.

<< No, but perhaps I can help you and Zeus with something. May I come to your room for a minute? >> Billy asked.

<< Of course you may. Certainly, sir, the door is open. Just let yourself in. Is it okay if we don't get out of bed? >> Thor asked.

<< Stay in bed. I will be there in a minute, >> Billy said and withdrew.

"C'moan, my giant slave, and I will take you to your lover and his husband," Billy said.

"I can't wait to see them again. It's been so long," Gog said.

"How long, Gog?" Billy asked.

"Almost a year, sir," Gog said.

"So your time was just about up, right?" Billy asked.

"Yes, sir, but somehow our president heard about me and granted me an unconditional pardon for the rest of my parole. For a day, I became a freeman, but I asked to come here to become your slave, Master Billy," Gog said.

"I'm glad you did, Gog. Welcome to our family," Billy said.

Billy took him by the hand, and they quietly climbed the stairs together. They came to the room and Billy slowly opened the door and peaked in. He saw Thor and Zeus under the covers looking at him. "I brought you men a present," Billy said and opened the door all the way. He walked in with Gog holding his hand like a little boy. The two men went crazy. They couldn't get out of bed fast enough and were in the giant's arms hugging and shamelessly stealing kisses from him. There were tears, deep sighs, and laugher at the reunion of three people who loved each other dearly. Billy was glad he put them in this room. It had a super huge bed which he swore must have been designed and built for a giant man and his wife. It would suit their needs perfectly.

"How did you do this?" Thor asked his master.

"Gog will tell you, and we'll fill you in tomorrow morning at breakfast. Until then enjoy each other and share your love. Tomorrow is a new day and things are looking up for everyone," Billy said. They each needed a hug and a kiss from their master before he went on his way.

* * * * * * *
Billy stopped by Bubba's room on his way back to the kitchen. He smiled at Brute in bed with his master, cleaning Bubba's face with his tongue of any slopped over or residual watcher milk. Billy figured the big beast just finished feeding his keep. There was no doubt in Billy's mind, Bubba was out like a light. He would sleep soundly and without discomfort for the rest of the night and wake up fully fledged.

"Did he wake up?" Billy asked quietly.

"For a while, Master Billy. He said he was hungry. I fed him my milk, he drank a good bit, then he passed out still hooked up to my teat. He used to do that a lot when he was but a wee bairn, and I held him in my arms and rocked him `til he went to sleep. He complained about not being able to open his eyes," Brute said.

"It's not uncommon. The trauma to the body creates havoc with the other internal systems and those not needed for the moment sort of take a backseat to the others what might be more needed to complete the transformation. He don't need to see what nature's doing to the rest of his body. It's similar to smaller mammals on Earth. They are born with their eyes closed and blind for the first several weeks of life; however, they don't need to see to find their momma's teats. I'll bet that big blind cowboy didn't have a bit of problem finding his watcher's tit," Billy said and smiled.

"I think he could find my teats in a dark room full of watchers," Brute bragged about his master whose hair he was tenderly stroking with his huge furry paw.

"No doubt in my mind, my faithful beast," Billy replied and grinned, "I'm taking off to spend the night with my family at our line cabin in a while. If you need me just tickle me and let me know. We'll be here right directly," Billy said.

"I will, Master, but I think the worst is over. I think he'll be fine until morning," Brute said.

"You're a good keeper, Brute," Billy complimented the great feline watcher.

"It's easy when you've loved your `keep' as long as I have Bubba, Master," Brute said.

"But you're together again now. You have a chance for a bright future ahead," Billy said.

"Aye, and I will never let him go again," Brute said like an oath or the `a-men' to a prayer and took one long, loving lick with his huge cat-like tongue up the side of Bubba's cheek to seal his commitment. Billy smiled to hear Bubba give out a deep, relaxed sigh, like he was finally safe for the first time in his angst-filled lonely life holding on to his faithful watcher; Brute was his life-raft, and they were adrift, together, in a great sea of tranquility and contentment. The scene changed in a flash in Billy's mind and he saw a grown Calvin lying in the arms of his beloved Hobbs. Fantasies never change, they just mature. Billy blessed them and wished them well. "Hosanna," he said softly and closed the door.

* * * * * * *
Oatie was lying with his head on Jethro's huge demon-dad chest inhaling his wonderful essence surrounded with the pungent fragrance of post ejaculation pheromones. "Are you happy with your new slave and husband?" Jethro asked his master.

"I'm so content I feel like an old heifer what just found herself a fresh pasture of tender clover in which to gorge herself. I'm so spent from our marathon sexual orgy, I'm too tired to think of anything more clever to say. Perhaps it's more sincere to keep the answer to a question like that simple; I don't think I could be more happy or pleased with my new dad. I never asked for you to be ringed, but I did tell Billy I thought Orville's rings were beyond hot. To find out you shared the same thoughts and wanted them for yourself seems more than serendipitous or coincidental; however, Master Billy swore to me you saw Orville and asked if you could be ringed like him. I'm sure the symbolism of your cock-ring was self-generated. It was of your own invention. I find that part particularly unique and has more meaning for us personally to make it hotter than anything I saw on Orville Higginbothem," Oatie said.   
"It's better for me, Master, and I hope it will be for you. I know where I belong now, and how I fit into your life. I'm no longer insecure about our relationship. You need what I can provide you so you can become the great leader you were meant to be. Behind every great man is someone who believes in him; just like you believed in me these past six years and just like your granddaddy believed in you all them years. You invested your love and faith in a broken man never knowing whether your investment would pay off or be a great loss. You done the right thing by sending me to Master Billy. I will be forever grateful, Son," Jethro said firmly and brushed his hot red lips against Oatie's neck.

"So you say your demon-dad form is not just an invention of a demonic side of Captain Nick?" Oatie asked.

"No, he was infected accidentally by a race of demons called the Kagoli from their DNA and explained how it happened. I begged him and Master Billy to allow me to become infected in the same manner for you. Has it met with your approval? Is it a hit or a miss?" Jethro asked and grinned.

"Definitely a hit! You knocked it out of the ballpark, Dad," Oatie said, "So will I become infected?" Oatie asked.

"No, not as long as you don't suck my ass when I'm in demon form. You may make love to my butt when I'm in human form if you like, and you won't be infected. It has to do with the combining of Human and Kagoli DNA and it can only be transmitted while I'm in my demon-dad form. Even then, it can't be transmitted unless your make love to my ass a number of times. I asked to become infected for your pleasure. Master Billy and Captain Nick were gracious enough to indulge me. Me and Captain Nick's ass became great friends and lovers. We's on a first name basis," Jethro said and laughed at his own joke.

"Master Billy became infected because he likes to play Captain Nick's demon son from time to time. I played with them several times when they both morphed to their demon forms," Jethro explained. "After my first morph into my demon persona on Captain Nick's ship, everyone on board, in a unanimous vote, demanded I remain in my demon form until the project was finished," Jethro added. "Why do you ask about it? Would you like to be infected and become my demon son?" he asked

"I'll admit the idea is tempting, but perhaps I'm a bit more cautious than Master Billy," Oatie said.

"Bullshit! Two weeks," Jethro said and grinned, "Maybe less -- you'll be beg'n to kiss my demon butt," he added.

"Fuck!" exclaimed Oatie, "You know me too damn well," he said and laughed.

"I know how much it means to you to feel included, like you got a daddy to love, who will be good, strong, and demanding of you. I understand. You never got what you needed as a young boy. I learned from watching you and your granddaddy. You love each other so much there ain't no dam big enough to contain your love; yet, when he tells you to jump, you don't even ask how high; you's off the ground so fast you make a NASA launch look like child's play," Jethro said. After only two weeks under Billy Daniels, Jethro was learning to use his cowboy hyperbole to good measure.

"That's where I come in, Son, when you remove my cock-ring and I become your dad; however, since this new information has been introduced to you, I don't think you'll be able to rest or think of nothing else until you resolve your personal conundrum about it and come to grips with your craving to become my demon son," Jethro said and licked Oatie with his big black tongue across his firm abs sucking up his ejaculate, "If you're like me, and I'd say it's a pretty sure bet, you'll be drawn to the idea like a moth to a flame. That's how it hit me. I realized by becoming infected with the Kagoli DNA, I not only would become a solid part of Master Billy and Captain Nick, but I would also become one of Captain Nick's boys; another demon son.

"It was too powerful a draw for me. You'll come to think on the idea as the greatest secret society your can imagine; not where you go to play dress up in funny hats, and say secret words, but you can actually become my boy; my demon son because it will require me to pass my Kagoli DNA to you. Screw the homophobic Boy Scouts, you'll be welcome into another world we create for ourselves as my demon son when you's ready to take the plunge and kiss the devil's ass," Jethro said and laughed at the stunned look on Oatie's face. "Close yore' mouth, Son, you don't look right-bright that-away," Jethro teased and laughed.

"Is that why you hollered at me, and stopped me from sniffing around your rear last night?" Oatie asked.

"E'aup! You should know I ain't got me no problem with my rear being played with. I just didn't want you to become accidentally infected. What kind of a dad would I be if I did? It was your choice to send me to Master Billy, so it must be your choice to become my demon son," Jethro put to him, "And I won't let you do it, right away. I have to be convinced, without a doubt, it's what you really want, because once't we begin the process, there ain't no turning back," Jethro said firmly, "Do you understand, boy?" Jethro asked firmly.

"Yes, sir, Dad, I understand," Oatie replied meekly and grinned real big. Jethro sent chills up his back. It was a good sign. As hard as Oatie's cock was, he knew it couldn't be bad. He also knew Jethro was right. "You sure are sure of yourself," Oatie said and smiled, " but I like that in a man," he added.

Jethro grinned, "No, I'm not there yet, Son, but thanks to you, I'm learning. I will be there one day soon. Until then, I'm just about one step ahead of you, but I'm more sure of you than I am myself. That's just enough to keep you interested and for me to serve you well as your slave-dad," Jethro said.

"Do you love me, Jethro?" Oatie asked.

"What do you want? Coals to Newcastle? How can you ask a man that question who has remade himself into the man he thinks you want and need and has dedicated himself to living his life for you? Have you found some fault with me which creates doubt?" Jethro asked calmly.

"No, none. It just seems too perfect to be true," Oatie replied.

"Get used to it, Son. I'm living my love for you, Oatie. Open your eyes, but more importantly, open your heart, and my love will make you whole," Jethro said and kissed Oatie gently on his lips. "Forget the past, Son, the future starts here and now with us, you and me," Jethro admonished him.

"I can't believe Billy is going to pay us a thousand dollars a week for your work on his project. You'll be bringing in more money in two weeks than I make in a month in this small one horse town," Oatie lamented.

"Not to worry, Son, your daddy will take care of his boy, and he damn well expects you to take good care of him. Nobody rides for free, and I got that on good authority because Master Billy's owner done told me so," Jethro said and grinned.

"Granddad said something about Billy Daniels' owner, and you met him?" Oatie asked.

"I sure did, and the next time we're over to the Daniels' ranch, I'll take you and introduce you. Nice guy! Handsome devil, too," Jethro replied.

"This job with Master Billy, it means a lot to you, don't it?" Oatie asked.

"Of course it does. It is me, Master Oatie, and it's a big part of our future together. Oatie, you's an educated man. You studied hard to get to where you are and you got a job what's important to the community. I never had the advantages you had in life. Your birth family was a failure for you and your younger brother, but your granddaddy weren't. He took you in, became the dad you needed, and saw to it you got a good start in life. Do you think I could go out there in the world on my own and get even the lowest paying job with no education and no job history of any sort? An opportunity like Master Billy offered me is a once in a lifetime chance. It was a chance to prove myself, and because he wants me to continue as project manager is a sure sign he's happy with my work. Not only does it gives me a sense of purpose, it gives me confidence in myself knowing I can accomplish great things and become the man who is worthy of your love and can love you with equal worth.

"It ain't just a job for Master Billy. It's a job with the craziest, off-the-wall, most talented, loving group of misfits what's ever been assembled to do something like this, and yore' daddy's in charge of seeing the job gets done. Without them, their cooperation and love for me, I'm nothing. I'm just another pile of dog shit in the cantaloupe patch. On the other hand, without me, they'd fall apart in one day, and like Humpty-Dumpty, they'd never get themselves together again. Don't you want a dad you can look up to, admire, and not feel guilty about telling anybody you're my boy; or even be proud of me as your slave? You can't look me in the eye, Oatie Breedlove, and deny you're fast becoming my boy," Jethro said.

"I think I already am your boy, Jethro," Oatie said softly.

"What a relief!" Jethro exclaimed, "Now get down `nere on your old man's demon cock and show your dad how much you love him, Son. I got me another full bag of sweet demon baby-batter my big red balls done cooked up special for my baby boy. Suck it just the way daddy done showed you how he likes it, and I promise, I will never ask if you love me," Jethro said and grinned wickedly.

* * * * * * *
Billy walked back into the kitchen area and found his cabin crew gathered around the table waiting for him. After helping with the large Easter dinner and clean up afterwards, the twins spent most of their afternoon and evening on their computers in their room in the ranch house. They helped Kate so much during holidays and Sundays, she gave them a small room with a nice queen size bed where they could lie down and take a nap if they wanted and wouldn't be disturbed. They used it only occasionally to sleep but managed to get two good size desks for their computers and various projects. They found the two desks in the attic and Kate let them use them in their room.

It was getting late but there were several of the family who were awake and sitting around the table. Kate and Zelma were having a last spot of tea. Nathan, Tron, Enoch, and Moss were still drinking coffee. Nick, Clyde, and Balthazar were sitting together. They acknowledged Billy when he came into the kitchen and sat down.

"Everyone in your flock tucked in for the night, Son?" Tron asked and grinned.

"Lord, I hope so. For all the last minute trauma and excitement, I think it's been a good day," Billy said as Kate set a cup of hot chocolate before him.

"What's this? Hot chocolate? How nice, thanks grandma," Billy said.

"I fixed some for Poly and Cass and of course your big boys had to have some, too, so I made a little extra for you," Kate said and smiled.

"Thanks, just the thing to end the day," Billy said.

"What's on the docket for next week, Son," Nathan said.

"We play musical cowboy, Uncle Nathan. I'm paying Mary Rutherford for the use of her property, and we ain't got a cowboy on the place yet. I plan to take fifteen over tomorrow and let them get started," Billy said.

"You got a ramrod in mind for them yet?" Tron asked.

"Naw, I's gonna' leave that open. I got me an idea my little buckaroo buddy will have some ideas how he wants things run," Billy said and grinned.

"He's a baby, Billy. Randy's only six years old," Kate said.

"He'll be seven in another month, and he's an enhanced young'un. Nothing gets past that boy. His sister and grandma have him reading at an eighth grade level. He can turn a computer inside out finding information and apps to get a job done. He uses the computer like his second mother to research anything he's unsure about. I plan to buy him a pony for his burf-day. I was helping run this place, and had my own pony when I was his age. When I was seven I rescued Boomer from a bear trap and saved his life. I spent two weeks in the big cave down to the James river and spent ever' night by his side. Nobody said nothing to me about being too young to be bunking it in with a Bigfoot ever' night," Billy said.

"It wasn't because I didn't want to, Billy. Certainly it wasn't because we didn't care enough about you to be concerned. Ask your uncle, he'll tell you," Kate said.

"I have no idea what she's talking about, Son," Nathan said flatly.

"Where are you having breakfast in the morning, Son?" Kate asked.

"All right, Ma, you don't have to pull out them big guns. Truth is, you weren't never alone, Son. Either your granddaddy or me was sleeping within sight of the cave the whole time you's taking care of Boomer. I was more worried about you than ma' dad, but he swore he'd make a eunuch out of me if I ever said anything to you. He wanted you to have your independence and gain confidence in yourself. I have to admit today, I was wrong, and my daddy was right. He usually was about things like that, but he was a tiger about seeing to your wellbeing. He knew you had a tough time of it, and he gave you enough free rein to see you learned a few of life's lessons for yourself. Once't old Boomer was up and around and you two said your goodbyes, Dad couldn't a' been more proud. I was pert-dang proud of you myself," Nathan said.

"I liked to have worried myself sick. I thought my husband and son lost their minds letting a seven year old boy take care of a sick critter who was bigger than him times ten. I didn't know Boomer's kind were intelligent, gentle, and somewhat docile creatures. Little did I know at the time you would one day grow up to marry him," Kate said and laughed.

"And Boomer's made a fine husband for me, and I'm sure he'll make a great dad for Billy Junior," Billy said and smiled at Boomer.

"Well, I told you before, and I'll tell you again, I don't care how you make them just as long as you give me several great-grandchildren to spoil," Kate said.

"Amen to that," Zelma agreed and laughed.

"How 'bout if Boom and I have a little watcher?" Billy asked his grandma.

"I wouldn't love it a whit less than Billy Junior," Kate said firmly.

"Hear! Hear!" said Nathan pounding his fist on the table, "None of us would. A watcher bairn is just as welcome in the Daniels' family as a human one," he allowed and everyone agreed with him.

"What boy wouldn't love to grow up with a watcher brother?" Tron asked.

"When is Vox going to start music lessons for Randy and his sister?" Zelma asked.

"As soon as I get them a couple of instruments of their choice. I plan to take care of that this week. I want Randy to take piano lessons and anything else he wants to play, but I'll leave it up to his sister, Kayla, what she might prefer," Billy said.

"What if Randy wants to play a gee-tar?" Tron asked and grinned.

"I'll have Clyde give him lessons. Him and Randy get along great," Billy said.

"I'd be happy to give him lessons, Master Billy," Clyde said, "Ain't much to play'n a gee-tar," he said.

"Has the city planning project come to a halt since your project manager is on his honeymoon for the week?" Nathan asked.

"No, he's left several coordinating assistants in charge under the leadership of my two halflings, Poly and Cass, and they will report to Enoch. I have to get together with them tomorrow morning to view the project video and have some questions answered. Anyone wishing to join me will be welcome. Moss is gonna' be busy picking out fifteen Irin slaves to become buckaroos for their ranch. I made the Garretts the same offer as the Rutherfords and the others, and they agreed. I guess in many ways, Easter marks the rebirth of several ranches in the area, and I'm looking forward to us progressing together," Billy said.

* * * * * * *
Billy finished his chocolate and gathered his family to return to the line cabin for the night. He thought after they arrived he would take some time in the near future to draw up plans for a new, more comfortable line cabin with a larger barn and more comfortable facilities for Samson and Maybelle. There was something calming and soothing to Billy and his small inner family about getting away from the herd and being together in the line cabin. It seemed to focus him and them into a better more closely knit group. They each commented how much they missed Jethro, but they were happy for him and Oatie.

It was another typical evening at the cabin and after showers, ablutions, and taking care of Boomer's fur were accomplished, the twins and Boomer went off to bed-down in the loft. That was another thing Billy wanted to take care of was to provide them with a bit more comfortable arrangement. Until that time, they seemed perfectly happy in their nest they built. Only Billy and Nick were left, and they naturally gravitated to each other. Nick seemed especially loving and understanding, but not to the point of initiating sex between them. It was a long and powerfully emotional day. He was just being extra loving and caring.

"You think we're becoming an old married couple?" Billy asked.

"No, 'cause we ain't married," Nick said, "We don't have that kind of relationship. That ain't the way our relationship evolved. I know where this is coming from, but we don't meet the same criterion as Zeus and Thor. Our relationship is set up in a totally different way. Neither is better than the other, they's just different. Theirs works for them, and ours works for us; however, there are a couple of small things I feel lacking about our relationship," Nick said.

"I can't make an adjustment or correction if I don't know what it's about, Pa," Billy said softly, "You know I'd do anything in the world for you. All you gotta' to do is ask," he added.

"It has to do with the fellowship of the rings and pride of ownership, Kemosabe," Nick said.

Billy had no idea what Nick was talking about. He started a mental association like he was running a search engine on his computer looking under each subheading to bring up related topics. Fellowship? Ring? Ownership? The first two he quickly exhausted, but he was pretty sure he could rule out the obvious reference to Tolkien. Nick would never be obvious. He knew his demon-dad could sometimes be excruciatingly obtuse with words to generate frustration or worse, confusion. Was it a subtle ploy? If it wasn't a direct reference, perhaps it was a metaphor or even an analogy to something altogether unexpected. Nick was clever at wordplay. He once claimed he invented puns in his devil form to annoy those too sure of themselves or not quick enough to comprehend his message; however, the term `ownership' didn't seem to fit. It was the odd word out. Maybe it wasn't complicated. Simplicity often drowns in the high tidewaters of mental panic. Perhaps a small key to fit a larger lock? Was Billy overlooking something? He was grasping for straws. What recent events might have triggered this moment of discontent within Nick? What was new in their relationship recently what wasn't there before? Jethro! Ring! Fellowship! Ownership! Bingo! The slots lined up one right after the other for the jackpot. Billy wasn't about to let Nick win this one by having to ask for further explanation. He was super smooth. Billy Daniels was the epitome of Cowboy Cool.

Billy took in a large breath of air, locked his hands behind his head, leaned back on the sofa, crossed his boots on the coffee table, and slowly exhaled in a deep sigh. "Would you prefer to be ringed in private or do you wish a ceremony?" Billy asked quietly.

Nick grinned real big like he wasn't expecting Billy to nail his comment, "Oh, Hell, let's do it up right. All male, family, and close friends. I'll make a guest list," he said and smiled.

"Full set, Tonto?" Billy asked.

"Full set, Kemosabe," Nick replied.

"Same rules Jethro set down between himself and his master?" Billy asked.

"I'm comfortable with it," Nick replied.

"So am I. Since Jethro introduced the idea, my penis does a happy dance ever' damn time I think on it; like it's got a mind of its own. It's a powerful symbol, Pa, the fellowship of the rings, and the cock-ring in particular. It will brand you as belonging to me, but it allows you to be my dad when I remove it," Billy said, "Simple but strong. Just like Jethro himself," he added.

"I agree. I'm the only one of your slaves what ain't ringed, and Boomer don't count because he's metaphorically ringed as your husband; although, I think he would look quite handsome with a large ring through his nose," Nick said mischievously.

I thought it would be more respectful of you as my `Pa' not to ring you, Tonto," Billy said, "Does this have anything to do with inclusion?" Billy asked.

"It has everything to do with inclusion, Kemosabe," Nick replied.

"I never meant to leave you out or exclude you, Pa," Billy said sincerely.

"I know, Son. You don't think that way. I just think it would make us more secure with each other and give you greater confidence," Nick said.

"You think I need more self-confidence, Tonto?" Billy asked and grinned.

"All you can get, Kemosabe, for what's to come. I watch you grow day by day, but you cain't never have too much confidence," Nick assured him.   

"Will it solidify our love, Pa?" Billy asked.

"It will define boundaries and what we do within them; however, love knows no boundaries, Son," Nick said.

"You play several roles in our relationship; all, of which, I'm comfortable. You're looked up to and admired by our family as Captain Nick. Do you think it will set a precedent? Will others follow your lead?" Billy asked.

"A couple perhaps, one in particular," Nick declared.

"Bull?" Billy asked.

"Without a doubt," Nick replied, and they shared a laugh.

"Anything else you'd like to discuss before we hit the hay, Tonto?" Billy asked.

"No, but your pa is gonna' take care of his boy before lights-out, and he don't want no arguments. You had a powerful day, and you need a bit of relief only your dear old dad can provide," Nick said firmly.

"Would it help to tell you I love you, Pa?" Billy asked.

"Naw, I got ma' heart set on doing it anyway," Nick replied and laughed.  

End of Chapter 41 ~ Him Who Made The Seven Stars
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