Him Who Made The Seven Stars
By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 42

I thought my timing was all wrong
Until I saw your foot.
Conductors beat both east and west
But we don`t play with all the rest
We`ve found a tempo of our own
And bar by bar our love has grown
Oh I was feeling so alone
Until I saw your foot.

~ Heather Wastie

Billy's internal cowboy alarm clock woke him early the next morning. He slipped out of bed, threw a handful of kindling and a small log on the banked coals to start a fire, and made a pot of coffee to put next to it to boil. Depending on the fireplace for making coffee was another project he wanted to get done. It was getting too warm to make a fire every morning, and if they were going to continue using the line cabin they needed a gas or an electric cook stove. They had an old wood-burning heavy cast-iron stove, but Billy hardly ever used it. The fireplace was more convenient and quicker to make coffee. He considered a small two burner electric hotplate for the top of the stove. It might work well for coffee.

Billy crawled back into bed and found his beloved pa with a nice semi-flaccid morning woody. He felt sure with a little love he could make it stand up and salute. He attempted cowboy warm-mouth to demon-dad penis resuscitation and soon helped it gain enough strength it could stand on its own. Nick stretched and growled his approval and gently caressed his son's handsome head to urge him on. Billy was in no hurry and made sure his dad got a fine morning blowjob. Nick seemed to appreciate starting his day with a little love and attention from his boy. Billy tried to make it last as long as he could but Nick was ripe and found his boy's mouth too inviting. He soon offloaded a big, beefy, tasty cowboy load for his boy's morning reward.  

Billy quickly consumed his dad's spunk like it was manna from heaven. He made obscene sounds like it was the best thing he ever tasted, and his mouth became a place of great joy. Billy was the only man Nick shared sex with in thousands of years who could make him feel like a god, and Billy Daniels was the only man or cowboy Nick wanted to worship him. What Billy did for him was enough to get him to their next mutual worship service together. He smiled at his thought but wondered if it was right for a god to love and worship his son so much? Maybe if Jehovah wasn't such a dictatorial butt-hole and tried harder, he might not have been such a miserable failure as a father or god.

As soon as Poly, Cass, and Boomer smelled the coffee they stumbled into the living area still half asleep. They, too, came to depend on their morning jolt of caffeine to get their hearts started in the mornings. Poly and Cass were looking forward to a full week working on Nick's ship under Enoch, and they left everything set up for Billy's morning visit after breakfast. Billy was enjoying his coffee and got an early morning familiar tickle.

<< That you, Buckaroo? >> he asked.

<< Yeah, it's me, Cowboy Billy. That was a neat trick you done on me. How'd ju' do that? >> he asked.

<< You mean make'n the cock crow in yore' head? >> Billy asked in reply.

<< Yeah, he was loud, too,>> Randy said in awe. He heard Billy, Nick, Boomer, and the halflings laugh.

<< I'll show you how it's done sometime. Run ask yore' momma if'n you can transport over to our ranch for breakfast and spend the morning wiff' me. I'll send Clyde for you. I'll take you to Captain Nick's ship to watch a video with us, and then we'll choose the cowboys for your place. I need yore' help to round 'um up and sort'n 'um out. You's the only cowboy over to yore' place, so it seems only fit'n I deal with the `bossman' of the Rutherford spread. I also got me a new slave I want you to meet, you's gonna' love, little Brother, >> Billy sent.

<< Is he big? >> Randy asked.

<< He's big, >> Billy replied.

<< Sounds great! I'll be back at cha' in a few, >> Randy sent and ran off to wake his mom.

It took Mary Ruth Rutherford a minute for her head to clear when Randy woke her. She came to trust Randy and Billy's friendship, and she had no problem with them spending quality time together. She felt pleased Billy was including Randy in some of the decisions he was making for the ranch. She didn't know Billy raised her six year old son to foreman of their ranch, but when she found out later, Mary thought it was wonderful thing for Billy to do to instill confidence in her boy.

<< She said 'yes,' Cowboy Billy. I'll be ready when you send ma' buddy Clyde for me. Can I bring Ludo wiff' me? >> Randy asked.

<< Sure, he's yore' protector, ain'nee? >> Billy asked.

<< He's more'n 'nat, Cowboy Billy, but give us a minute. My little sister's still hooked up to him having her morning milk, >> Randy sent.

<< I understand, Cowboy. Bring him, >> Billy send.

<< See you in a bit, sir, >> Randy signed out.

"You really meant what you said last night about Randy participating in decisions for the Rutherford ranch," Nick said.

"Shore' did, Pa. Ya' cain't start 'um too young. I don't care what my uncle and grandma said, after I took care of Boomer and got him on his feet, my granddad would get me off by ourselves, and he would ask my advice about different things he was considering around the ranch. Sometimes he took my advice and sometimes he didn't, but I never questioned him about his decisions. I figured he knew more'n I did; except, a couple of times he come to me later and told me he wish't he done took my advice instead of doing it his way. My granddaddy weren't a man what couldn't admit he made a mistake, and I think it was probably the greatest lesson I learned from him," Billy concluded.

"But there's more y'ain't tell'n me," Nick said, raised an eyebrow, and grinned.

"Yeah, Randy's so damn much like I was at his age, we could a been twins," Billy declared.

"I done figured that," Nick said, "What's it gonna' be like when little Billy Junior comes along?" he asked.

"Randy will have a little brother to spoil along wiff' the rest of our family. Randy's solid in my heart. He will always be my first re-born," Billy said.

"I never thought of it that way, but Randy is, indeed, your first re-born. First re-born? I like that," Nick said and smiled, "But wait a minute, I thought I's your first re-born, Cowboy?" Nick asked.

"Naw, you's just a patch job," Billy replied and laughed at the look on Nick's face.

"Like an old flat tire?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, one I have to keep blow'n up ever' morning to get him roll'n," Billy replied, and they fell together laughing at their own bullshit. Boomer and the halflings almost choked on their coffee.

"God, I love you, boy," Nick declared, "I never know which end the shit's coming out," he added and laughed his ass off.

"No more'n I love blow'n up your old tire, Dad," Billy said, and they laughed again.

* * * * * * *
Billy and Nick transported their family to the ranch house. Everyone was beginning to gather in the kitchen for coffee and breakfast. Hank and Buck got Thor, Zeus, and Gog up and they came wandering into the kitchen. Gog was dressed but Thor and Zeus wore the bathrobes Billy gave them the night before. Since they were going to return to the front gate in their guard-bull forms, Billy didn't see any need to dress them. Gog was aglow with the light of love for Zeus and his dad. He seemed to be overjoyed but relaxed to be at the ranch with them. His big heart was at peace. He came to Billy, picked him up, and hugged him like he was a little boy. The giant planted a big kiss on Billy's cheek. Billy couldn't resist the huge humanoid's affection and kissed him on his mouth. "Good morning, big'un, did you rest well?" he asked.

"What rest we got, I slept soundly, and dreamed of being floated away on the backs of angels," he said, "but I don't really believe in no angels. I's just make'n that part up, Master Billy," he added.

"Y'ain't never been to Earth before, Big'un. Clyde, wing-up for me. I got a job for you," Billy said.

"Right away, Master Billy," Clyde said, took off his Western shirt, and set it on his chair. In a flash of bright light he disappeared and reappeared fully fledged in his handsome wings and his fine leather harness. Billy watched Gog's face closely. A look of wonder and awe came over the giant at the sight of Clyde as a cowboy-angel. Billy had to admit, Clyde made a stunningly handsome cowboy-angel.

"Do you believe in angels, now, my good slave?" Billy asked softly.

"Gods of love and joy forgive me, I think I do, Master Billy. I never saw me one before -- but he's got slave rings through his nose and teats. Is he your slave, Master Billy?" Gog asked, "Rings -- umm -- hot," he added sheepishly.

"Yes, Clyde's my slave, and I agree them rings is hot; but, it ain't the only place he's ringed, big'un. Put me down, and I'll explain. Besides, you and me's got to go into the front hall to meet a very special young buckaroo what will be returning with Clyde. Walk with us, Clyde," Billy invited his slave and took Gog by his hand to lead him to the front hall. The rest of the men in Billy's family, including Thor and Zeus, followed with coffee in hand to watch. They didn't want to miss a thing. When they were away from the kitchen a good ways, Billy spoke to his slave, "Clyde, I'd appreciate it if you would show our new slave your other ring," Billy said and grinned. Clyde smiled knowing his master's sense of humor and undid his Wranglers for the new slave to get a good look at the ring through the head of his cock.

"That's incredible. It's beautiful, sir. Masculine. Handsome. Thank you for showing me," Gog said and Billy watched Gog's cock go from semi-flaccid to defcon erect.

"Clyde, be an angel, and fly over to the Rutherford's ranch to gather my little buddy and his watcher for me. I already done arranged it wiff' his mother. I would appreciate it, and I know Randy will. They's waiting for you to bring them here to have breakfast with us," Billy said. He couldn't help grin and winked at Clyde. The big cowboy-angel could read his master's mind without a tickle. He knew Randy would flip over Gog and returned his grin. He nodded his understanding, bowed to his master, raised his huge wings and disappeared.

"Are all your slaves ringed like that, Master Billy?" Gog asked with more than a casual interest.

"Well, to be honest, Gog, it didn't start out that way, but one thing led to another; now, all my immediate family slaves are ringed except one, and he will be ringed shortly. We's having us a small ceremony next weekend, and you may attend and watch if you like," Billy offered.

The other men who followed Billy into the front hallway knew who he was talking about and looked at Captain Nick. Nick just smiled real big and nodded his agreement to what Billy said.

"If I'm gonna' be your slave and protector, will you ring me, too, Master Billy?" Gog asked and Billy could see his enormous cock growing in his loose pants.

"Would it please you? Would it make you feel more like a part of my family? Would it make you happy, Gog?" Billy asked knowing the answer to every question.
"Oh, yes, sir, Master Billy, it would show the world I'm a proud slave what belongs to my master - Master Billy Daniels. I won't be able to sleep much until I get ringed. I'm sure my old cock won't gimme' no rest," Gog replied.

"Do you understand, once't I ring your cock, you won't be able to remove my ring without your master's permission?" Billy asked.

"I didn't know about that, but it sounds reasonable, sir. As your slave I would expect you to demand some control over me," Gog replied, "I was carefully taught my first job will always be to serve and protect you," he added.

"I don't require it of any of my slaves, Gog. Like I said, it just so happens they wanted to be ringed. I think it's hot, and since I want to keep my slaves happy, I agreed to their requests; however, they know my rules, and I damn well expect them to abide by them," Billy said firmly. "You're new. Why don't you wait a while, and after a week or so, if you still think it's something you must have for yourself, we'll talk about it at that time," Billy suggested.  

"Yes, Master Billy. Thank you, sir, but I know I won't change my mind," Gog said.  

Billy noticed Thor and Zeus were having problems keeping their erections covered with their robes. "Will we still be able to share our brother, Master Billy?" Zeus asked.

"Of course, but Gog must come to me to ask my permission. It's only polite and mannerly to take his master's wishes into consideration. Most times I'll be accommodating, unless I have something else planned for him at the moment. I didn't get you men together to keep you apart. I like to keep my slaves happy, and a strong, healthy sex-life is a part of a good, happy life," Billy replied, "I can also delegate you, Thor, as a surrogate master for Gog in my absence. If you chose to allow him to remove his ring, it will come from my mouth as well," he added.

"You probably don't want to let your new slave see my dad," came a voice behind Billy. He noticed the other men were looking at someone beyond him. Billy turned to see Bubba fully fledged walking slowly on the arm of his huge feline watcher. He was wearing only his wranglers and his buckaroo boots. Bubba's wings looked like a double for Billy's. They were a brilliant, burnished gold color and shown brightly in the morning sun coming in the windows. They framed Bubba's massive upper body and chest development handsomely. Billy turned to look and took in a quick breath. Bubba was stunning.

"Nice to see you up and around, Brother," Billy went to him, hugged him, and gave him a peck on his fuzzy cheek.

"Damn, Billy, these things is heavy," Bubba complained.

"It took me one whole day to get used to the added weight. I couldn't stand up with them for a couple of hours. A big strong man like you should adjust quickly. Once't you get used to `um, they won't be no problem. Bubba, I'd like to introduce you to Gog, my new slave, and I believe you already know Thor and Zeus," Billy said and grinned.

"I certainly do, and thanks, Gentlemen, for coming to my rescue. I'm glad you stayed the night so's I can thank you. It's good to meet you, Gog. Damn you's big," Bubba said shaking the giant's hand, "And I need to talk with you later about another matter concerning me and them two handsome bulls, Master Billy," Bubba said and blushed.

"They already done told me what you asked, Bubba, and we'll work some'um out what's good for ever'body. Gog is another member of their family. It might be difficult to understand at first, but we'll explain it to you," Billy said.

"Hell, it ain't hard for me to understand. I'd damn sure want Gog on my family team," Bubba said and grinned.

There was a flash of light and Clyde arrived with Randy and Ludo. Clyde wrapped his cowboy bandanna round Randy's eyes for the trip and the men laughed at him. "Can I take my blindfold off now, Clyde?" Randy asked.

"Here, I'll take it off for you, little Brother," Billy said and squatted down by him, untied, and removed it. Randy got his first look at the huge giant standing before him and his face registered wonder and awe. "We'll ain't chu' gonna' run to him, Cowboy? His name is Gog. He's my new slave. He's a gentle giant. He won't hurt you none," Billy said quietly.

"I cain't, Brother. I think I just shit ma' Wranglers," Randy said like he was uneasy and the men went crazy laughing.

"I'd definitely call that love at first shite," Billy punned and got everybody laughing again. "Don't worry about it none, Buckaroo. I damn near dropped a load in my Wranglers when he arrived here last e'nin from Fort Adam Lear. Yore' old buddy, Ramrod Matt Quigley, done sent him to us to be my slave and another one of my protectors. Ya'ont me to carry you upstairs to the bathroom and help you clean up?" Billy asked.

"You'd do that for me, Brother?" Randy asked.

"Of course I would, you's ma' little brother, ain't chu'?" Billy asked.

"Womb to tomb, Brother!" Randy exclaimed, "Naw, I don't need no help. I's jes' shit'n you, Brother. I's using cowboy hyper-drive-talk like you done taught me," Randy replied and everyone laughed at his one-up-man-ship on Billy, "Open them big arms wide, Brother Giant, I's a' come'n, I's a come'n," Randy shouted for Gog, and ran full out for the giant's arms. Gog caught Randy, lifted him up, surrounded the small cowboy with his huge arms, and stole a kiss. Randy threw his little arms around Gog's massive neck and did the same. It was the quickest bond in human-giant history. The giant and small buckaroo instantly became good friends. Billy decided Nick was right, love knows no boundaries -- or size. From the smallest to the largest, love is the great equalizer.
"Awful damn nice to meet you, Mister Gog. I'm Randy Rutherford. I'm Master Billy's little brother. Them men are all laughing `cause they know'd how much I love big men and cowboys," Randy said honestly.

"I think I could easily come to love you, Master Randy," Gog replied.

"Put me down for a second, Brother, they's two more special men here this morning I gotta' give a hug. I'd recognize them in either form -- my buddies from the front gate, Mr. Thor and Mr. Zeus," Randy said hugging and stealing a kiss from each big man. Billy and the other men were astounded Randy recognized them.

"How did you know, little Brother?" Billy asked.

"The aura what surrounds them. It's the same no matter what form they take," Randy replied and explained like he assumed it was common knowledge.

"You can see folk's aura?" Billy asked.

"I couldn't until you healed and enhanced me. I see everybody's aura now," Randy replied, "I can tell if they's healthy or sick, if they just made love, or if they's upset, angry, or mad about something, or if they's hungry," Randy replied.

"Then you can tell whether someone's morphed into another person to impersonate him?" Billy asked.

"Yeah, like if you's to morph into Hank or Buck and come into a room together, I could tell you from them," Randy replied.

"Amazing," Billy said and shook his head, "Then that's how you knew to run to Thor and Zeus that day we's down in the pasture together?" Billy asked.

"Sure, I knew it was them from their aura. The other bulls got auras, too, but they's each slightly different, sort of like bandwidth only visual instead of aural," Randy explained.

"Where you learning all this shit, Cowboy?" Billy asked.

"The Internet," Randy replied.

Gog grabbed Randy up again and carried him into the kitchen.
"Thanks, Brother," Billy said as he patted Clyde on his back after he de-winged, "the blindfold was a nice touch," he added and laughed.

"Thought you might like it, sir," Clyde said and grinned.

The men walked back into the kitchen and were ready for breakfast. Bubba was the hit of the morning. Everyone came around to tell him how handsome his new wings were. Bubba had his doubts, but after a good breakfast, they began to feel a bit lighter.

"What do you want to do today, Bubba?" Billy asked, "You can stay in your room with Brute and sleep some more, I'm sure he'll take good care of you, or you can tag along to Captain Nick's ship with me and my posse. I don't want you out roaming about the ranch. I don't want Orville disturbed. He's got work to do, and I don't want him distracted worrying about you," Billy said firmly, "You got another twenty-four hours to wear your wings until we can teach you to de-wing. That won't be until tomorrow morning about this time," he added.

"I think I'd like to go with you to Captain Nick's ship. Is there someplace I might lie down if I get tired? Can Brute come with us?" Bubba asked.

"Sure, Brute's welcome to come along, and we can fix you up in the castle if you need," Billy replied, "You should start feeling better since you ate breakfast. Moving about will circulate your blood and feed them wings. By noon you should be feeling a lot better and be starving for lunch," Billy said and everyone agreed with him, "Thor and Zeus, we'll take you men outside after breakfast, you can morph back into bulls, and head on back down to the front gate. Again, let me say before my family, we thank you and appreciate your quick action bringing Bubba back up to the house. I promise, I didn't have Gog sent here to tease you men," Billy grinned, "You'll get to see Gog again next weekend. Remember what I told you about noon on Friday, put your next team in charge, and walk up to the house. Let me know you're coming, and we'll be ready for you. I plan to billet Gog on Captain Nick's ship for a while until we can find a niche for him, but until then I'll keep him close so's he can get an idea what we're all about. He's lucky to have found his'self a fine handsome young protector so soon, I don't think he'll be able to get two feet away from my little brother all day," Billy said and everyone laughed. "Anyway, you can be with Gog as much as you like over the weekend. It will give you men something to look forward to," Billy said.

"We can't thank you enough for our evening and morning with you and your family, Master Billy. It's been a wonderful treat for us. We'll certainly look forward to the weekend, and you can't know what great peace of mind you brought us when we saw our brother with you last night. We're proud to be your slaves, Master Billy," Thor said.
* * * * * * *
When everyone finished breakfast, Billy and his family, except for Bubba and Brute, walked Thor and Zeus outside. Billy urged those who wished to tell them `goodbye' to do so in the house. The large Irin men removed their robes and handed them to Clyde and immediately morphed into two large handsome bulls. They thanked their master again and moseyed off down the road to the front gate. Billy and his posse returned to the house to gather Bubba and Brute, and they transported to Nick's ship. There was still much activity going on here and there, but they were like a body with no head, until Poly, Cass, and Enoch arrived. Moss, Hank, and Buck were helping too, and after about thirty minutes things settled down to steady pace. Everyone wanted to know how Jethro and his master was, and would their director be coming back early. Billy assured them, Jethro wouldn't be back until the following Monday unless he just happened to come to the ship with his master for Joe and Crunch's mating smack-down.

They were ready for Master Billy and his family to review the video they made of the concepts, innovative ideas, and final creation of the model of the city. It was a bit longer than the original estimate of thirty minutes, but no one complained because it proved to be fascinating as well as educational. They displayed pictures, drawing, and diagrams of the engines for the individual and group trams which were marvels in engineering. They were basically Sterling engines which ran on the expansion of heated air rather than steam. Each was powered by one of Archie and Edith's plasma balls. The designers and engineers named them `legislative-transports' or `fart'n-piss-mobiles' for short, because they ran on hot air, and one of the byproducts of the process was the moisture naturally present in air was removed and collected in containers which eventually must be emptied into larger storage units. It was pure distilled water, free of any chemicals or contaminants.  

"Could these engines power large vehicles?" Billy asked.

"Yes, Master Billy, any modern vehicle, by Earth standards, could easily be modified to run on a larger version of this engine design," Archie replied.

"And how long would they run on one power-ball?" Billy asked.

"Indefinitely, sir," Edith answered.

"What would keep others from disassembling them and copying the design?" Billy asked.

"International patient rights and lack of knowledge of this kind of power source. If anyone tried to investigate, they couldn't scan or ex-ray it because of a unique absorbing material lining the interior. Even if they managed to force one open, the smallest power-ball would level a city block in an explosion. Otherwise, they are perfectly safe for years and have limitless applications from heating and cooling, to providing unlimited individual power to homes and business," Archie explained.

"What about the engines exploding in an accident?" Billy asked.

"It would have to be powerful enough to crush the internal molecular structure of the inner casing requiring megatons of force from equal directions to cause even a dent in the exterior shielding. Each engine could withstand a fifty megaton nuclear detonation," Archie replied.    

"Can they be sold as modules to convert automobiles and trucks?" Billy asked.

"They could, but why bother when you can design, create, and sell your own models?" Archie asked.

"That's a good idea, but I was thinking about mass consumption by those who can't afford a new vehicle. Would it be simple enough for any average mechanic to convert a gas combustion engine?" Billy asked.

"I understand the concept, Master Billy," Bubba spoke up, "It would be a simple matter of taking out the spark plugs and plumbing the pistons to move from the force applied by a primary engine, depending on the amount of horsepower it could produce. It might not be as dependable as a dedicated Sterling engine, but it would work and probably quite successfully," he said, "It certainly would be easier on the mechanical parts like valves and lifters to say nothing of creating practically no pollution," he added.

"Would you be willing to work with our group on that end of the research, Bubba?" Billy asked.

"Absolutely, sir, once't I get my life in order. It's gonna' take me a while to get back on my feet, and make my living situation a bit more comfortable for me and my budding family," Bubba replied.

"That's understood, but now, you got chore'self a handsome set of wings to help you," Billy said and smiled.

"They don't seem as heavy as they were," Bubba said like he was surprised and pleased.
"Once you get used to `um and your body adjusts, you won't even know they's there," Billy assured him.

"I'd like to convert my old truck. I'm gonna' buy a new one anyway, but I'll keep my old one. We can use it as a prototype," Bubba said.

"Good! Archie and Edith and their staff will work with you," Billy said.

"How could you dispose of the power-balls if they somehow became unusable?" Bubba asked.

"We would simply stop their internal reaction, and they could be processed to become fuel pellets for new ones," Edith replied.

"Could you make one a them things to heat our old wood stove in the line cabin, my beautiful psyches?" Billy asked.

"Certainly, Master Billy, we'll be happy to help you with it. You might want to assign a crew to clean it thoroughly first," Edith suggested.

"Good idea, Dear-heart," Billy agreed, "Can it be made adjustable?" he asked.

"No problem, Master, we can make it work with any small rheostat. The input voltage is almost negligible. You have enough static electricity in your body to persuade it," Edith said.  

They watched the video and Billy and his family were particularly interested in the monorails. They were using elevated tracks which would take up a much smaller footprint than elaborate rail lines and they even suggested there was a distinct possibility they could be made to run by a means of gravitational push and pull of positive and negative `Ley' lines occurring naturally within the Earth by means of sophisticated computer systems which would compensate to hold it in a steady position at all times at a given height off the ground; thereby, eliminating a need for more expensive rails and obtaining right of way from the public. However, they pointed out, a project of this magnitude, if it gained enough public support throughout the state, would be easy to acquire the basic footprint through imminent domain.

They provided computer animated graphics of both designs but everyone agreed the free floating monorails were the sexiest. The design crew told Billy it would be a totally new concept and would require practically inventing the process; at least, on Earth. The cost would almost equal a rail concept or could surpass it with the necessary research and development, but they stressed they would have the backing and engineering techniques needed from several worlds already using such means of rapid transit. Billy wanted to think on it. He promised to get back to them soon, before their project director returned, but he wanted to be presented with more concepts and solid figures. When they had more ready for him, to let him know.

They made a tour of the ship and saw how the new tropical rain forest was coming along. The village caretakers wanted to know if they could get more tropical plants from Earth's rain forests which were being cut down faster than they could regrow. Billy assigned a portion of his crew to look into the matter and get back to him. He promised he would have an answer for them by the end of the week. The village was beginning to prepare for Joe and Crunch's mating rut and built refreshment stands and eating places around the area. They were fully stocked and ready to go for the festivities. Everyone seemed to be in a holiday mood. Nick said he never saw his people so engrossed and more happy than they seemed to be since they crash landed on Earth.

After visiting and paying respects to the great Shedus, who were still living separately and keeping their formal self-imposed distance from each other, Billy and his family transported back to the ranch for a light lunch. Afterward, he took Randy out to pick out the hands he wanted for his ranch. Randy wanted only cowboys but Billy told him he must pick at least five or six females out of the morphed herd. Billy stressed Irin women were a bit different that human women. They didn't have a long history of repressive dominance by the males of their species. Perhaps they couldn't manage the more heavy jobs, especially those requiring great strength, but they could fill in the gaps of which men of any species were greatly lacking.

"You mean like cooking and cleaning, Cowboy Billy?" Randy asked.

"No, you have to think a little more outside the box for this one, Pod'na,'" Billy replied, "The men of the Irin race are taught to cook and clean for themselves and others when required. Firemen on Earth live and share the domestic work among themselves and so will the Irin on your ranch; however, that don't mean you probably won't worm your way into the hearts of the ladies, and they will spoil you rotten," Billy added and laughed.

"Will we have an extra slave for a ramrod, Brother?" Randy asked.

"Not right away. I got me a feeling we're gonna' be provided with a ramrod none of us counted on, but in the meantime, let me see what I can do. I just may put Hank and Buck in charge for a while. They can transport over to the ranch ever' morning, get jobs assigned, everyone out to work for the day, and transport back to our ranch for their breakfast. I still need them here right now on my staff. I can't spare them full-time," Billy said.

"That would be nice," Randy said and grinned wickedly.

"I somehow knew you wouldn't fight me on that one," Billy said and laughed, "How do you want to go about it, Bossman?" Billy asked.

"I want to give twenty men and twelve women, of my choosing, a piece of paper and a pencil. They can write anything they want or draw a picture, I don't care. When they finish I want them to sign their name at the bottom and hand them back to us, we'll go through them, and interview each one," Randy said.

"That might take some time," Billy said.

"No it won't. Trust your little brother, Cowboy Billy," Randy said and grinned.

"You got a lesson to teach me, ain't chu,' ya' little varmint, and you won't never let me forget it, will you?" Billy asked and grinned.

"Naw, I ain't got me no worries about that. As old as you're get'n to be, you won't remember noways," Randy shot back and leveled Billy and his family. Billy was laughing at Randy and the rest were laughing at the two of them.

"You's gonna' make a fine Bossman, Buckaroo," Billy complimented him and laughed again.

Billy had his staff provide the necessary paper, pencils, and the cowboys and cowgirls were told to find a place at a table or a solid surface to write on. They had thirty minutes to put on the paper anything they wanted. It didn't have to be a reason they wanted to work at the Rutherford ranch. It didn't have to be long. No personal histories. Randy told them they wouldn't be on Master Billy's ranch if they weren't talented and qualified. He wanted to see who they were as individuals, and show it to him. He asked only those who were interested in working for him and his family, under Master Billy's auspice, to raise their hands, and he would pick those he wanted to invite to participate.

There was a large majority who raised their hands, but a few didn't. That was fine with Randy, except for one cowboy he had his eye on. The one cowboy who didn't raise his hand didn't bother Randy a bit. He just shoved a paper in the man's hand, gave him a pencil, and told him "You think you's a cowboy? I don't think so! I'm a call'n yore' bluff, Hombre! Draw pod'na!" Randy exclaimed like a threat from an old time gun slinger. Randy caught the Irin man totally off-guard, and the smaller, ugly, mean looking cowboy double over with laughter.

"Yes, sir, Master Randy," he replied respectfully, "Thanks for the opportunity, sir," he added.

Billy thought for sure he had his little buddy pegged as to who he would choose, but he was wrong. He felt in his gut Randy would pick the biggest, strongest, best looking buckaroos, those who Billy was sure would meet Randy's criterion for fine looking cowboys. Randy not only shocked his big brother, but also every other man in Billy's family. They were having a wonderful time watching Randy and Billy work together like a well rehearsed comedy duo. Granted, they were enjoying themselves and having a good time, but beneath it all was a bedrock of serious intent. Randy wasn't picking for beauty. He was picking for quality, and what Billy and the other men forgot was, the boy could see and read the auras of each man and woman in the crowd. He wanted the most dependable harmonious group he could get. He didn't give a shit what they looked like. A couple of the women were rather plain and about a third of the cowboys were smaller, more compact men. All in all, it was a fairly well rounded group.  

Many took the whole thirty minutes to finish their paper, but several returned theirs within a few minutes. Randy and Billy were sitting at a table together with Billy's posse, and they would bring their paper and hand them to Randy. He had a pencil and would ask his brother the time then jotted it down on the paper. Randy would make several marks: a check, a star, a zero, a letter, or a number. Billy tried to decipher Randy's marks, but he couldn't make heads or tails of them. He didn't ask. The kid seemed to know what he was doing.

Finally the last one brought his paper, and it was the reluctant, smaller, ugly, built like a fireplug, mean looking cowboy. Randy took one look, smiled, and nodded his approval to the man. It was a picture of two men on horseback herding cattle together. It was an excellent, well drawn picture, and looked like the work of a professional Western artist. One of the cowboy's in the picture was the ugly looking man and there was no doubt in Billy's mind who the other cowboy was. It was a perfect image of Randy. The two cowboys were leaning on their saddle horns, looking at each other like they were deep in conversation, just shared a fine moment on the range, and admired each other more than words could tell. Billy leaned back from the table and looked up to heaven as a grin as wide as Texas crossed his face.

"I ain't even gonna' ask, Bossman," Billy told Randy and everyone laughed at him.

Randy announced the order of the interview would be the order in which they brought him their papers. He went through them and called their names so they would be ready when they called for them. Randy and Billy had one of the picnic tables in the old barn. Each person would come and sit before Randy and Billy. Randy said the rest of the family could come and observe, but leave the interview to him and Billy, unless they knew something special about one of the candidates. Randy sat down and went through the papers with Billy and the other men. Everyone got to see what Randy's chosen herd put on their paper. Some were a few sentences. Some drew pictures. A couple wrote short poems. One even drew a funny cartoon of cowboys bathing in a tank.

"Ah, Hell, I am gonna' ask. You already know who you're gonna' pick, don't you?" Billy asked.

"Pretty much," Randy replied.

"Then why bother to interview them?" Billy asked.

"This is the pudding," Randy said using the back of his hand to wave over the papers, "I want a taste of them what made the pudding," Randy tried to explain.

"You should a' know'd better'n to ask, Billy," Tron said and the other men laughed, "Randy's got this figured out. Just leave the boy be. Give him the reins and let him run with it," he added.

"Amen, to that, Brother," Nathan said and slapped his knee laughing.
"Go on, Buckaroo, show your big bother what you can do," Enoch urged him, "But I got me one question, Son," he added.

"Yes, sir?" Randy asked.

"The well-packed smaller cowboy what drew the fine pitcher... he's at the head of your list already, ain'nee?" Enoch asked and grinned.

"Yes, sir, Mister Redbone, like my grandmother done read me from the Bible, the last shall be first. That cowboy, above all the rest, most wanted to become my buckaroo. `At's why he didn't hold up his hand because he couldn't stand the thought of not being chosen. He's the best of the lot and will be our temporary straw-boss until Master Billy's mystery man shows up," Randy said firmly.
"I'm beginning to think you could handle the job pretty dang well yourself, Mr. Rutherford," Enoch replied showing Randy his respect, and the other men agreed with him.

"Thanks for the nice compliment, Mr. Redbone, but I got me too much to learn, sir; however, I will learn from Randson Snoddy. He has the heart and soul of a cowboy; a true man of the West," Randy said.

"Go for it, Son," Nathan encouraged Randy, and the other men agreed with him. Billy sat with his mouth open at his family's response. "Close yore' mouth, Son, and be proud of your influence on the boy. He's walk'n in yore' footsteps. You's the one what taught him to think outside the box," Nathan said.

Billy just shook his head, grinned, and told Randy he had full faith in him. Go ahead on. Randy got up from the table and went to the barn door. He walked out and found Randson Snoddy. He took him by the hand, "Come with me, Mr. Snoddy," he said. Randy took him into the barn where no one could see them but his family. He turned and looked Rand in his deep green eyes. One tear ran down Randy's right cheek, and instinctively the mean looking cowboy pulled his bandanna from his hip pocket to gently wipe it away. When he was finished, he didn't look quite so mean to Randy, Billy, or his family anymore. Randy grabbed his hand, "I was wrong about you, Mr. Snoddy. You are a real cowboy. Probably the only genuine waddie out there -- at least for me -- you done took a bead on me and shot me through ma' heart, Buckaroo. I didn't even see it coming. You's just what I's look'n for, sir," Randy said and threw his arms around the man's neck and kissed him on his cheek. Randson Snoddy returned Randy's affection in kind and there was a smile on every face in the barn as Randy's family applauded his decision.

"Come, sit between me and Master Billy, sir. I have a couple of questions for you," Randy said and the man followed him, sat down next to Billy, and looked at him questioningly.

"Don't look to me for help, Cowboy," Billy said and laughed, "This is Bossman Randy Rutherford's show," he added.

"I understand, sir," Rand replied and shook his head almost in disbelief.

"Are you really as mean as you look, Mr. Snoddy?" Randy asked and grinned.

"I can be when I sense those I love and have sworn to protect are in danger, Master Randy," Rand replied.

"If I make you my temporary straw-boss do you think you can handle the rest of the Rutherford cowboy-clan from the Billy Daniels' family in a strong but compassionate manner?" Randy asked.

"I ain't never been in a position of leadership before, Master Randy, but for you, I'd give it my best shot," the cowboy replied.

"Would you be comfortable in a position of leadership, if only for a short time?" Randy asked.

"With you and Master Billy or whomever you choose to be our ramrod, I might be awkward at first, but I'll grow into it. Happy? Hell yes, Master Randy, I'd be happy just being one of your cowhands and getting to see your handsome young face ever' day," Rand replied.

"Wow! Three home runs in a row! Who could ask for more?" Randy said to Billy and the rest of his family laughed. "One final question, Mr. Snoddy, are you Rand Snoddy's son?" he asked.

"I am. My dad didn't cotton to the the title `Junior' so he just gimme' his name and tacked `son' on the end," Mr. Snoddy replied.

"Fair enough," Randy allowed, "Okay, Mr. Snoddy, you got the job. Now sit here and listen to me interview the rest of the herd. Don't comment until after the cowboy or cowgirl leaves the barn, and I ask your opinion," Randy said.

"I understand, sir," Rand replied.

The interviews started and they went by faster than anyone expected. Randy knew what he was looking for and had them in and out after they answered a couple of questions for him. He was a man on a mission. Randy asked three questions similar to the ones he asked Rand Snoddy, but in context to the position the cowboy or cowgirl would be filling. Billy watched Randy jot down more small symbols and on occasion would line through one of his first symbols and carefully replace it with another. It struck Billy as a rather sophisticated form of short hand. It must have significance. Rand leaned over to Randy a couple of times and pointed to a symbol with his forefinger moving it back and forth as a sign of reconsideration. Without a word between them, Randy would nod his understanding and immediately change the symbol. When the interviews were over, Billy joined his family and left Randy and Rand together at the table discussing the people. They weren't arguing so much as trying to make the tough decision of one over another. They were all qualified, but only a handful didn't pass Randy's personal muster.

"What's a' matter, Buckaroo?" Billy asked Randy.

"They's only six what are rejects, but not because of any major flaw. I just don't think they would fit into ranch life as easily or be as comfortable as the others," Randy replied. "I's looking for a homogeneous group of cow-people who will work together as family for the greater good of all, and if their heart ain't in it, they won't be happy," he added.

"Homo what?" Billy exclaimed, and his family fell out laughing at him, "Where the hell did you learn a word like that, Cowboy?" he asked and laughed.

"David Attenborough's nature series on Netflix," Randy replied.

"Of course, it makes perfect sense to me," Billy said like he was a fool for even asking, and his posse laughed harder, "Okay, here's what we'll do. For the sake of time and peace of mind, I been think'n the number of cowboys we's sending to your place might be a bit thin for the amount of work what's gonna' need to be done to bring the place up to reflecting the Daniels' family projects. They's gonna' have to be doing manual labor as well as cowboy'n, and the more hands the better. I not only want them to refurbish the bunkhouse for their pride and comfort, but also the foreman's house and the main ranch house exterior. It would include any repairs and fix-em-ups Mary and Evelyn might choose to have done on their place. I want all extended work areas attached to the Daniels' family name brought up to better than just standard living conditions. When someone visits a Daniels' co-op family ranch, I want it to speak for the owners first and the Daniels' family second. I'll agree to send the twenty-five ranch hands, not including Rand Snoddy, but eight must be cowgirls," Billy said firmly. That's a total of twenty-six Irin slaves," Billy added.

"That's exactly our count, Master Billy!" Randy exclaimed.

"Also, I want you to understand, after all the repairs are made, there may not be as much work to justify such a large crew on one ranch, and we may cut back to our original agreement of fifteen to twenty cowboys. Maintenance takes fewer hands than major remodeling," Billy said.

"Understood, sir," Randy replied.

"Can we get twenty-five to begin with?" Tron asked Billy.

"Sure, your place is in better shape than most, but you could still benefit from the extra hands, and it will be a convenient place to store several extra slaves until they're needed elsewhere," Billy agreed, "Also the extra bunk space when they vacate might come in handy for emergency purposes," he added. Moss and Tron agreed.   

The major things were out of the way for the early afternoon and Billy sent the Irin cowboys and cowgirls off to the Rutherford ranch. Randy told Rand he wanted him to stay close to him, and Clyde would transport them back to the ranch after a while. Buck and Hank went with the cowboys to make a list of lumber and supplies they would need to begin their tasks. Until they got underway and could get what they needed, they would have to rough it like some of them did during the first week at the Daniels' ranch.

"We need to get together this week for a shopping trip to San Antonio to buy you and your sister some musical instruments. We gotta' get Vox working to teach you music. He needs more to do than play at church and grovel at the boots of his prize bull; although, I gotta' admit, worshiping at Elmer Breedlove's big feet is a step above the lies and myths of Christianity. If Vox and Rox are any indication, we're definitely making progress," Billy said with considerable sarcasm and got several nervous chuckles out of his posse.

"I'm gonna' be awful busy for the next couple of days. I don't know if I can work you into my schedule, Brother," Randy said with a straight face. Rand Snoddy turned his head to cough into his hand to keep from laughing.

"Should I make an appointment with your number one, Master Randy?" Billy asked and laughed.

"That will be fine, Brother. Mr. Snoddy, please tell Master Billy when he calls I have tomorrow afternoon open," Randy said with a straight face. Rand couldn't stop laughing long enough; neither could Billy's family.

"Ask your master if you's to be his designated slave to accept punishment for his insolence to his big Brother?" Billy asked Rand.

"I don't need to ask him, Master Billy. I'll gladly accept any punishment you feel he deserves," Rand replied sincerely.

Billy's family were holding each other laughing at their exchange. "You better stop while you's ahead, Son," Nathan warned.

"I hear that, Uncle, and I agree. Okay, I'll be over to check on how things is going tomorrow morning. I'll bring Grandma Kate and Ms. Zelma along, and we'll take you and your sister to lunch in San Antonio. After a nice meal, we'll hit the music stores. Will that fit into your busy schedule, Master Randy?" Billy asked.

"Very nicely, Brother, and thanks for your patience with my cowboy bullshit," Randy replied.

"Wouldn't have you no other way, little Brother," Billy said, grabbed Randy up for a quick hug and a stolen kiss.

* * * * * * *
Since there wasn't much else going on for the moment at the Daniels' ranch, Randy was anxious to get home to check on his chosen hands and give Hank and Buck a hand if they needed anything. Clyde transported Randy, Rand Snoddy, and Ludo back to the Rutherford ranch. Clyde stayed around for a while to make sure everyone would have a place to sleep and there were enough provisions for preparing an evening meal and breakfast the next morning. Since they didn't count on the extra people, several would have to bunk it in the barn with Ludo and Randy. They had more volunteers than they needed, and Randy was thrilled by their willingness to cooperate.

Hank and Buck were already working up a list of needed supplies and sent an e-mail to the hardware store in Fredericksburg to have them delivered the next day. They had bunk-bed units to build and other things which needed tending to. Hank figured it would take them about two weeks to get things organized, cleaned up, repaired, built, and painted. Rand Snoddy just assumed he would be bunking it in with the rest of the hands but Randy had other ideas. "No, after a brief stay in the barn with our extra hands and my protector, you and me will be bunking it in the foreman's house. It has two large bedrooms downstairs and four smaller rooms and two baths upstairs. I need some space away from living with the ladies, and it will be the perfect place for me to have some time to myself," Randy said.

"Pardon my question, Master Randy, but what's it gonna' look like for a young boy to be sharing a house with a mature Irin cowboy-slave?" Rand asked.

"We ain't gonna' stay in the same room, Mr. Snoddy. You'll have your own room upstairs, and I plan to take one of the large rooms downstairs. Besides, you's my slave, and I'm your new master. I would be the one who would be in question, not you. You can't be held responsible for the actions and orders of your master no matter his age," Randy said and sounded like an attorney defending his case, "As such, I can assure you I would never put you in jeopardy to create any doubt in anyone's mind as to your virtue or the honor of your word as a cowboy," he added.

"I appreciate your words, sir. Just the same, for my piece of mind, Master Randy, would you ask your ma while I'm present, so's I'll know it's alright with her, sir?" Rand asked.

"Good idea, Mr. Snoddy. I promise, I will do just that. I think she trusts Master Billy and his cowboys. I certainly trust you, or you wouldn't be by my side right now," Randy replied.

"I'd appreciate it, sir," Rand said.

Randy took Rand to the ranch house to introduce him as their new temporary straw-boss and Randy planned to have him stay in one of the upstairs bedrooms in the foreman's house. Since Master Billy planned to take him and his sister Kayla to San Antonio the next afternoon to buy them some musical instruments, Randy wanted to move to the downstairs bedroom. There he could spread out and practice his piano and wouldn't be a bother to anyone. Since Kayla would be practicing in the front house, it might make too much noise for his mother, Mary, and his grandmother. Randy carefully left out they could use earphones for the electronic pianos.

"I don't mind, Randy, but I reserve the right to come out there anytime to see how you're living. I won't have you living in clutter and filth, but I'm not cleaning two houses. If you choose to live out there, you must accept the responsibility to do those things for yourself, and the first time I go out there and find you're not doing as you promised, you will be moved back to the ranch house immediately; no argument. Are we in agreement?" Mary asked firmly.

"Yes, ma'am, Ma. I think it will be a good experience for me to learn some independence. If I don't live up to your standards, I will do as you say," Randy assured his mother. "You ain't bothered none about me living in the same house as our straw-boss?" Randy asked and looked directly at Rand.

"Goodness no. If I can get over you sleeping in the barn with that big pet monster of yours, Mister Snoddy will be a welcome change. And that's another thing, I better never come out there and find that monster in bed with you. If you want to sleep with him, you do it in the barn. The barn is for animals, especially one as big as Ludo, and houses are for humans including slaves. I don't even have a problem with you sleeping with Ludo in the barn as long as you let me or Mr. Snoddy know where you are -- understand?" Mary asked again.

"Can Ludo visit in the house until time for bed?" Randy asked.

"Of course, I'm not trying to keep you from your protector, Son. Watchers roam the halls of the Daniels' ranch with no problems, and in Ludo's defense, if it weren't for his never ending supply of Watcher milk, the three of you kids wouldn't be as healthy as you are today. Now if I can just keep Clara from toddling off to go search for her big Teddy Bear with Ice Cream flavored teats, I'll be a happy camper. We have to watch her like a hawk, but somehow she always manages to escape the three of us. Fortunately, we never have to look far, and she's in the protective arms of our gentle giant," Mary said and smiled.

"I understand, Ma, and thanks for giving me a chance to prove myself," Randy said.

"Well, I am proud of you Randy, and I have faith in you to do the right thing. After all we've been through together, you, me, and our family, please don't let me down, Son. It would break my heart," Mary pleaded.

"I promise, I won't let you down, Ma," Randy hugged and kissed her.

Kayla was a bit jealous because her younger brother would have a place of his own, but when Randy told her she could have his larger room, she changed her mind, and wished him well. On the way back to the foreman's house, Randy took Rand's bigger hand in his, and they walked along together like it was the most natural thing for two cowboys to do. "Are you satisfied with my mom's words, Mr. Snoddy?" Randy asked.

"Yes, I am, but I'm wondering why you picked me, Master Randy," Rand said.

"I picked you for your aura, Mr. Snoddy. Your aura is one of a hyper-dominant male, and out of all them cattle and people what have morphed, you are one of a few who are unique that way. Another is your leader, Thor, the great guard bull and his son Zeus. There are several other bulls what are like you and Mr. Thor. I could pick you out of a herd of five hundred morphed cattle," Randy explained.

"I'm not sure I understand, sir, you can see auras around people?" Rand asked.

"Yes, and cows. I never could until Master Billy healed me from a deadly crippling disease and made me his little brother. Now, I can see everyone's aura and know what kind of person they are inside," Randy said.

"That's how you picked your cowboy and cowgirls as fast as you did. You could see what they were from their auras," Rand said in amazement.

"Yes, sir, and that's how I knew about you wanting to become my slave, but you's unsure of yourself. You didn't hold up your hand because you didn't want to suffer the pangs of rejection. You always had problems with your looks, but you won't no more. If your master tells you you's a fine looking specimen of a male Irin, you damn-well better agree with him," Randy winked at Rand and giggled, "My momma didn't raise no fool. I weren't about to let a man with as bright and strongly masculine aura as yours get away from me. I need a strong, alpha-male in my life, and I don't care you're a slave, I will grow and learn from you," Randy explained.

"Ain't you a might worried about a man what's a little more than the rest?" Rand asked.

"Naw, if I was, and you were as mean spirited as you look, we wouldn't be walking along holding hands and talking like we's best buds," Randy said, "You's a strong man, and sure enough of yourself it don't bother you none what anybody else might think. We'll become friends no matter our stations in life, and we will remain friends the rest of our lives," Randy said.

"I think I'd like that, Son," Rand said quietly, and it sent chills up Randy's back. "What made you shiver, Master?" he asked.

"You calling me `son.' I'd be downright proud to call a man like you my dad," Randy replied.

"I'm too ugly to be your dad, Master Randy. Your dad should be as handsome as you, sir," Rand said quietly.

"Bullshit! Remember what I told you about your master telling you you's a fine look'n slave?" Randy asked.

"Yes, sir, and I better believe him," Rand replied.

"Done, and done, Buckaroo. You's plenty fine looking enough for me to be proud I'm walking by your side holding your hand," Randy said firmly, "Besides, a real man don't have to be pretty. A real man looks like a man should, strong and masculine, and you's overqualified in them departments. You reek of alpha-male pheromones, Mr. Snoddy," he added.

"Thanks, Son, I promise I'll remember," Rand said.

"See that you do, Cowboy. The next time I won't remind you. I'll make you pull down your Wranglers, and I'll apply my belt to your fine looking buckaroo butt," Randy said equally firmly, looked up at his slave, and smiled the sweetest smile. Randson Snoddy was hooked like a widemouthed catfish on a trotline. How could he not fall in love with a small cowboy with as much love in his body as Randy Rutherford?

* * * * * * *
"Well, what have you heard?" Clarence Womack demanded over the phone to Earl Hickson.

"Nothing, Preacher. I ain't heard nothing from Bubba. He was suppose to come by this morning and get his stuff. He told me he'd take me to breakfast, but I ain't seen hide nor hair of him. I tried calling him, but he's got his cell phone shut off. I drove by his place and his truck's there. I went to the door and rang the bell, but he ain't home. I didn't try to break in again, `cause I got me the damnedest feeling I's being watched. I swore I could hear footsteps on the porch with me. I saw huge footprints in the dust, but I didn't see nobody. It was spooky, so I decided to get out of there in a hurry," Earl said.

"Did you know Billy Daniels and his family went to Easter Sunday services yesterday and they had fifty slaves with them as part of their family. Fifty slaves, Earl! I want to know where a brown dirt cowboy like Billy Daniels, living in a financially depressed area of Texas, got enough money to buy that many slaves for his ranch? If he has that kind of money, he should be paying a hell of a lot more in religious tithes to his local churches. That means money I'm entitled to, but I ain't get'n!" Womack yelled into the phone.

"Hell, I don't know, Preacher. I heard rumors he won the last big lotto, but there ain't been no confirmation of it; also, them what told me ain't the most trustworthy of sources. I'll call you when I hear anything," Earl said.

"I thought I told you to make up with Bubba and become his sweetheart," Womack said.

"I ain't even had a chance to talk with him let alone try to get on his good side again. We got to come up with some other plan. The thought of taking Bubba's cock up my ass scares the hell out of me," Earl said like he was about to panic.

"Good! We encourage people to be afraid and be scared of hell. Fear makes them true believers. Ain't nothing what will get a backslider's blood pump'n faster and get them to grease the collection plate quicker than a good old-time hell-fire and damnation sermon. I'm more afraid of you get'n old Bubba way up inside your tight cowboy ass, and it feel'n so good you might consider jump'n the fence to take up the life of a cornhole'n queer who has to sit on every cowboy's cock in the county to satisfy his craving," Womack said crudely.

Earl cringed. "Then we agree, I won't let Bubba butt fuck me," Earl said with a sigh of relief.

"I never said any such thing. I told you to give it up to him; become his bosom boyfriend and let him know you'll be only too happy to have him fuck your tight little man cunt anytime he feels the need for it," Womack said, "I need information, and you'll be doing it for Jesus in the name of the Lord most holy. Just grit your teeth and ride that big thing. If you're the cowboy you claim to be, riding Bubba's cock should be an easy task for you. You don't have to enjoy it, but make Bubba think he's wonderful, and he's your new lord and master. Then, when you're relaxing together, after you played wife to his husband, swapping a little spit with him, tell him how much you love him, then find out everything he knows," Womack insisted.

"I don't know if I can, Preacher," Earl said on the verge of tears.

"Look at it this way, Earl, either way you're gonna' get punked in the ass whether it's by Bubba, who's a close friend, or by a convict in prison named `Bubba.' Bubba Kirkendall will be gentle and understanding with you until he breaks you to his saddle. A `Bubba' in prison won't! He'll take it from you, and he won't care beans about whether he hurts you.
Make up your mind, Earl, it's up to you," Womack said sternly.

"I'll get back to you, Preacher," Earl said.

"You better have some information for me next time or else," Womack said and cut the link.

* * * * * * *
After supper, Bubba was restless to get on with his life, but Billy talked him into staying the night. He told him another good night's sleep in his loving watcher's protective arms would give him the final boost he needed to start learning to use his wings. Billy urged the big man to take advantage of his watcher's wonderful milk. It would not only give his body the strength it needed to complete his transformation in a strong manner, but it would also make him him sleep like he was resting in his keeper's pouch like a wee bairn. Once it was accomplished, and Billy could teach him to shed his wings and transport from place to place, he was free to go his way, to flee the Daniels' nest, as it were.

* * * * * * *
Billy and Nick left Gog with Hank and Buck for a while after supper to show him around. Billy thought it might be interesting to have Gog meet Orville Higginbothem and have him show the giant his piercings and explain to him his position as a punishment slave. He told Hank and Buck to take Gog to the slave processing room and send word for Orville Higginbothem to join them. Billy gave Hank his key to Orville's chastity cage and told him to show Gog the large butt plug Orville's required to wear all day every day to get him used to anal penetration. He must wear it until Bubba fucks him for his first time. He also reminded Hank and Buck to warn Gog not to say a word about Bubba staying at the ranch. They agreed and took Gog out to the newer barn to the slave processing room.

When they were gone, Billy and Nick, began to discuss where they would billet their new slave. He was too damn big to house with the Irin cowboys. A barn wouldn't be practical as it might for watchers and those who wished to husband them like Billy and his twins. Fortunately, the line cabin provided both, but they couldn't keep Gog with them. Nick suggested they give him a servant's room in the giant's wing of his castle. The wing had several huge rooms for accommodating larger alien species which Captain Nick and his crew transported or entertained from time to time; however, he never allowed his blue giant, Joe, or Crunch, the half-Ork-half-giant-humanoid, to dwell there. They shared a large two bedroom house on the outskirts of the village, built for them, almost to the edge of the dark forest which grew just beyond. Everything in the house was giant size.

Nick originally suggested Gog might stay with Joe and Crunch in their extra bedroom, but Billy nixed the idea pretty quick; not because it wasn't a good idea, but he didn't want to tempt fate. They had no idea how Joe and Crunch would react to Gog or Gog to them, especially with them coming into rut. Billy wanted Gog in a more stable, protected area, and his introduction to his new home world and life as Billy's slave as easy a transition as possible for the big man. Billy was right to introduce Billy Gog Groats to his little brother as a gentle giant. While Gog exhibited more than his fair share of dominant masculine genes in his physical makeup, he wouldn't knowingly hurt anyone of any species, large or small. His one bad romance left him forever deeply scarred and on guard about his superior strength as compared to ordinary, smaller humanoids.

Billy remembered the rapport which passed between Gog and Madam Spartza and also between Gog and the male great Shedu, Beauford. He wondered out loud to his dad, "Was I imagining a familiar, almost reverent, perhaps worshipful exchange between Billy Gog and our Shedus, Pa?" he asked Nick.
"No. I don't think it was your imagination at all, Son," Nick replied, "Shedus often kept giants of Gog's race to attend and protect them as their servants. Gog's race worshiped the great beasts and considered it an honor to be in their presence; and, an even greater honor to be chosen to serve them," he added.
"Was it coincidence Gog was sent to us, Tonto?" Billy asked.  

"What do you think, Kemosabe?" Nick replied and grinned.

"I don't care. It just may work out better than I thought. Here I am trying to be Mister Nice Guy attempting to provide a more secure and happy home to a gentle giant whom, I'm convinced, got a bad start in life, and our guardians are filling slots in our lives and his like masters at Chinese Checkers," Billy replied and sighed.

"What made you decided to bring Gog to Earth?" Nick asked.

"I got to thinking, if there was an afterlife, I woke up on the other side after Billy Gog Groats fucked me to death because he loved me so much he couldn't stop until he spilled his giant load inside me, and he was so young, inexperienced, and naive to realize the full strength of his sexual passion could kill me, would I be angry with him and wish him harm?" Billy asked in reply.

Nick almost fell on the floor laughing, rolling around on the big leather sofa in front of the fireplace in the line cabin. "Knowing you, you would negotiate with the Gods to send you back so Gog could do it again," Nick declared and laughed harder, "Gotdamn it, boy, you can come up with some of the most off-the-wall shit! You certainly got a good scald on that one. Why am I not surprised? As convoluted as it came out, it makes one hell of a lot of sense to me as a perfect reason for excusing the past and finding good in the giant Gog is today," Nick replied, "And yes, there ain't no doubt in my mind we're being sent those who won't only fill the job, but be the most qualified person in the universe for the position. Billy Gog Groats would be a perfect companion and attendant for them two big holy cows," Nick said and they fell together laughing about his `holy cows' remark.

"You're so bad, Pa!" Billy exclaimed and laughed.

"If I'm so bad, why are you laughing, Cowboy?" Nick asked.

"I can't help myself. I think it goes along with my happiness about finding a niche for a man what could use a little kindness and a greater purpose in life," Billy said, "But calling Beauford and Madam Spartza `holy cows' is just downright disrespectful, Dad," he added and laughed again.

"There you go laughing again. It couldn't be that disrespectful. As a matter of fact, one of their kind, the great Shedu bull Baal did many good things for the early dessert tribes on Earth to help better their living conditions and improve their lot in life. It used to drive that mean-spirited old alien bastard, Jehovah, nuts when they made golden statues to worship the bull. He didn't really give a shit about the worship part, but he sure didn't want them holding back the gold to make idols which they were suppose to be mining for him. Anytime you hear stories from the Bible, ask yourself who benefited politically or financially from the outcome? Remember that second rate movie we watched where one guy told the other to follow the money? Apply that rule to religion and see how it works out," Nick said.

"Then I take it the giant's servant quarters on your ship is giant-size?" Billy asked.

"Our ship, Son! I'm just the Captain," Nick corrected Billy, "And, yes, they's huge! Fee-fi-fo-fum size!" Nick replied, "The bed will sleep three giants comfortably. Big sum'bitch!" he exclaimed and got Billy laughing again.

"Your cowboy speak gets better ever' damn day, Pa. I even hear you in the way Randy speaks from time to time. He pays attention to you men, and he parrots ever'thing perfectly until it becomes a part of him," Billy said.

"Mark my words, 'at boy's gonna' be the jewel in yore' crown, Son," Nick declared firmly.

"I think you're right, Pa. He sure impressed the shit out a' me today," Billy admitted.

"He did ever'body. I ain't never seen that group of men have so much fun as they did watching you mother-hen that boy when Randy didn't need your help at all," Nick said.  

"Add me to the list, Pa. I had me as good a time as they did," Billy said.

"But, you were right to give him a chance to have a major say in what goes on over to his ranch. It builds his confidence and feelings of self-worth to have the man he most loves on this planet have faith in him. I got to admit I had my doubts, but no more. That's why I come to love you, boy. Your sense of fun and living life to the fullest is a constant treasure to behold. After we get Gog settled in for the e'nin, I think we need to return to our den, and unleash yore' old demon dad on yore' pretty cowboy ass to make you pay for your sins of the day," Nick growled.

"Sins of the day? Is that like a blue-plate special? A bad-ass soup du jour?" Billy asked and laughed.

"No, it's for making a fallen angel feel guilty for having too damn much fun in one day. I followed you around today like a love-drunk puppy dog, laughing my ass off at your shenanigans. I cain't decide if them ancients assigned me this job as punishment or a reward like an extended holiday cruise," Nick replied.

"I'd like to think it was the cruise, but I know I can be a bit over-the-top sometimes and that might qualify as punishment. Howsomever, if'n it's what my old man feels his bad boy needs this e'nin, then let's us do what we need to get the job done and get our asses back to the cabin ASAP so's your boy can worship at your feet and beg forgiveness for everyone of them silly comments I made to make you laugh. And I promise, I'll try harder to sin as much as possible to get more of yore' brand of punishment for the next time," Billy declared.

"`At's ma' boy!" Nick exclaimed and stole a kiss.

* * * * * * *
After checking on Bubba, who was sleeping peacefully in his big watcher's arms, they said their goodbyes to their family at the ranch and walked out to the barn to the slave processing center. There they found Gog, Hank, and Buck watching Orville's four keepers beginning his evening clean out to prepare him for bedding down for the night. They talked quietly among themselves for a few minutes, but Gog didn't say much. He was too engrossed watching the four Irin cowboys tend to their punishment slave. Billy motioned for Hank and Buck to follow him and Nick into the other room and left Gog to continue watching in fascination.

"We plan to put Gog up in one of the service apartments for giants in the castle on Captain Nick's ship, but we don't want to leave him unattended. I want him to have company for his first few days so he won't feel so alone. You men got any suggestions?" Billy asked.

"We could stay with him," Hank volunteered.

"No, I don't want you men to stay with him; not, because I don't trust you to do a good job, I just don't want him becoming attached or dependent on you. You got too many other irons in the fire to attend to him. I want him to develop a sense of freedom like we afford the rest of our non-punishment slaves, but I don't want him to get the feeling he's another Orville. I trust you men set him straight about the difference between your and his positions as volunteer family slaves and Orville's situation as a punishment slave?" Billy asked.

"Yes, sir, Master Billy. We didn't have to say much but basically reinforced what Orville told him. You should be proud of old Orville, Master, he didn't pull no punches and laid it on the line for Gog why he found himself in his position, because he tried to kill a member of your family. Orville carefully explained he was being punished by slowly being broken to become a sex slave for other men, but he stressed the same would not be required of Gog. Orville told Gog since he was a volunteer slave, he would become a part of Master Billy Daniels' family. We thought the giant was gonna' drop his load when I removed Orville's cod piece, and he got a good look at his cock cage, his huge permanent ring through his cock, and Hank pulled out his butt plug to show Gog. After Orville's keepers took him into the other room to clean him, Gog asked us if we thought you would let him wear a harness like Orville's? We told him we didn't know, but it wouldn't do no harm to ask," Buck said.  

"I got an idea, Boss," Hank said. Billy could see the gears turning in his favorite cowboy's mind as his partner explained Gog's reaction to Orville, "Remember our apprentice grooms in the castle, Mace and Picard?" Hank asked.

"Yeah, I remember. Hot little fuckers," Billy replied.

"Captain Nick was good enough to give me and Buck a room for ourselves in the same tower where we set up our grooming equipment a couple of weeks ago so's we didn't have to transport back to the ranch late at night and disturb anybody. When we wanted to play around, most of the time we's dog tired after a day working for our demon director, and didn't feel much like going through the effort of grooming ourselves. We got the idea, it would be good experience for our apprentices to practice on us. You know us cowboys don't like to brag a lot -- well, maybe a little -- but under our supervision, they's come to be pert-damn good grooms. Professional quality. Better yet, we didn't know their momma was a shape-shifter like the twins and passed her genes on to her sons. They can shift to any size they please, but they can't change their appearance. They changed to our size to have some damn hot sex with me and Buck one e'nin," Hank said.

"They's brothers?" Billy asked.

"Yes, sir, only a year apart. Mace is a year older than Picard. You wouldn't know it, 'cause Picard is the dominant one of the two," Hank replied.

"That ain't fair, Brother. I think Picard is all bluff and show. Mace is the strong silent type and lets his little brother get away with think'n he's king of the hill. He loves his little brother enough he don't want to bust his bubble," Buck said.

"My mate may be right, Master Billy. I gotta' say, he usually is about that sort of thing. I don't look deep enough sometimes," Hank said.

"Can they shift to giant size?" Billy asked.

"They did one night with us just play'n around. They were impressive and sexy as hell," Buck said.

"Okay, how `bout you two fly down to the ship with us, and we'll get Gog set up. You men can get Mace and Picard to come stay the night with him. He should be happy with them two hot little men," Billy said and grinned wickedly.

"Who wouldn't be?" Nick asked and grinned.  

"Where are they staying now?" Billy asked.

"Captain Nick gave us permission to house them in the other bedroom of our suite. He said if they's to become permanent service workers for the castle they should live there," Hank explained, "As I understand it, they been on the castle payroll for earned credits for the last month. Is that right, Captain Nick?" he asked.

"Yeah, I checked with Beauford, and they got credits allotted to them by the ship's computer last week. I shouldn't tell our master this, but Moss and Enoch have availed themselves of their services several time, and his uncle and Mr. Garrett have a couple of times. They done spent some quality time together in one of our guest rooms. By the way, any services they perform for you men are to be noted in the ships computer so they will get paid. If you say they's past their apprenticeships and are journeymen grooms, your word is good enough for me. They should be pleased to have more work tending Gog. I'll have a word with Beauford and tell him to raise their salaries since they'll have more responsibilities," Nick said.
"You might want to wait and see if they's comfortable with each other, Tonto," Billy cautioned

"If it don't work out, I'll have Beauford change it back, but the men should be paid for their services whatever the outcome. Right, Kemosabe?" Nick asked.

"You're right, Tonto, let's gather our agog giant, if we can tear him away from the processing room, and fly him down to Rio for the night," Billy said.

"Rio?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, our ship reminds me of `Rio' from `Elephant Parts.' It was one of the first songs I fell in love with and learned to play. It was written by Mike Nesmith. Mike was one of The Monkeys. He wrote, produced, and directed one of the first music videos. It's only a whimsical notion, to fly down to Rio tonight. I probably won't fly down to Rio, but then again I just might," Billy sang and did a passable Samba for the men. The cowboys shared a laugh. Nick, Hank, and Buck agreed. They were quite sure their master slipped a gog -- er, cog. Billy sent Hank and Buck in to get the giant, and he reluctantly allowed himself to be led from the room.

"Come, my good slave, we'll take you to the castle on Captain Nick's ship for the night. It's one of the few places we can billet you which has enough room. We're going to ask two of our favorite young male dwarves -- brothers, Mace and Picard -- to stay with you tonight to keep you company and perhaps provide you with a bit of comfort. Being alone on a new a world might be disconcerting or uncomfortable for you. With their help, you can relax, get some rest, and we'll gather you in the morning," Billy said.

"You treat me like a prince, Master Billy. I ain't nobody special. No one told me I would become a part of your family, sir. Even your punishment slave, Orville, told me he's part of your family," Gog said.

"He's right, Gog, Orville is very much a part of my family, but he's on a different level than volunteer slaves like you. Maybe one day he won't be, but he'll have to work for it. Hank and Buck are my slaves, but they's very much a part of my family, too. They's like older brothers to me," Billy explained.

"They ain't got no rings," Gog said.

"Well, I done told you, I don't require my slaves to be ringed. If they come to me and ask, if I'm convinced it's what they really want, I'll see they get them. Them two ornery cayuses would have to go some to convince me to ring them. I like them too much just the way they is. If they's anymore sexy, I wouldn't get nothing done," Billy said and winked at them.
"You know that blue giant and his mate you introduced me to this morning on Captain Nick's ship?" Gog asked.

"Yeah," Billy replied.

"What's this I heard about them having a big battle for three days to determine who will be the dominant male for the next year?" he asked.

"It's their custom when they go into rut. They been doing it since they been on my ship. We built an arena just for that purpose so's they won't destroy other folk's property," Nick said.

"Something's wrong. That can't be right," Gog said.

"Why, what do you know, Big'un," Billy asked.

"Joe comes from a race of giants who would never participate in anything so violent as I hear the villagers talking about. They're an extremely peaceful race of people. They would never raise a hand to harm another. That's why there's so few of them left," Gog insisted, "The predator races found them a bountiful and easy food supply, much like early Clovis man on your planet found the Mammoths a walking food mart," Cog added.

"But Joe changes color when they go into their rut cycle," Nick argued.

"Empathy, for the Ork he loves," Gog countered, "I noticed, and he knew I understood," he said.

"But Joe fights as hard as Crunch to force him to submit or be judged the stronger of the two," Nick tried to find chinks in Gog's revelation.

"Would you want to be Crunch's slave for a year?" Gog asked.

"Lord no, the only reason he's a crew member on my ship is because of Joe. Together they make a great team. I know it's been rough on Joe this past year being Crunch's slave. The major money is on him winning out of sheer desperation," Nick said.

"Joe is getting old, Captain Nick. His white hair-cap betrays his age," Gog said.

"I thought it was natural. It's been that way since they joined our crew about a dozen yarens ago," Nick said, "Humm, what you said makes more sense than I want to admit, Gog. I've noticed, when they ain't in rut, Joe has a sweet, gentle side to him. The village kids love him and climb all over him; Crunch, not so much, but when he's with Joe the kids seem to accept him better," Nick said like he was thinking out loud. "Then what you're suggesting is Joe may not have the strength to win due to his advanced age. Crunch will have an unfair advantage. Thanks for pointing it out to me, Gog. I need to think about this," Nick added.

* * * * * * *
Billy and Nick transported Gog, Hank, and Buck to the castle on the ship. While Hank and Buck went off to fetch Mace and Picard, Billy and Nick showed Gog what would become his apartment. He was so in awe of the place he broke into tears. Billy held him and tried his best to comfort the enormous man. Nick was watching grinning like a Cheshire cat. To see a giant cry just struck Nick as funny, but Billy gave him a stern look and shook his head which successfully squelched any grins or snickers his pa might have made. Nick turned his back on them and sobered up pert-damn quick.

Buck and Hank returned with the handsome dwarf brothers, Mace and Picard, naked as the day they were born. That's the way Buck and Hank liked them, the Captain agreed, and the brothers were forbidden to wear clothes on the ship; however, they would be allowed to wear clothes when they went off the ship to visit the ranch. They went everywhere on Nick's ship in the raw. It was a sign of their trade as journeymen groomers and they were looked upon with high regard by the villagers as men who were skilled at their job and would never repeat anything said in the sanctity of the groom rooms. The great giant, Gog, was agog over the brothers. He couldn't get over how perfectly formed and strikingly masculine they were. He had an arm around each of them, and they were swapping hugs and stolen kisses.

"So much for holding back on the payroll, Kemosabe," Nick whispered wickedly to his boy.

"Once't again, ma' pa was right, Tonto," Billy said and stole a kiss.

When Billy and his family were satisfied their new slave would be comfortable, they said their goodbyes and transported to the line cabin. Boomer and the twins were already there and completed their ablutions. The twins were mophed as Enoch and Moss and were busy blow drying and combing out their husband's fur. Buck and Hank got the biggest grins on their face. They never saw Poly and Cass morphed as their two cowboy heroes for a night in the loft with Billy's mate, and just assumed it was Moss and Enoch; however, after Billy and Nick referred to them as the twins, they understood. Billy saw the look of recognition on their faces and grinned, "What?" he asked, "You's the ones what gave them permission to copy them cowboy's DNA," Billy said.

"We forgot for a minute until you and Captain Nick called them by their names. Damn, they look so much like Moss and Enoch," Hank said and laughed.

Billy put on a pot of coffee and emptied some leftover frozen coffee into the pot which still contained some herbs; just enough to relax the men. Poly, Cass, and Boomer didn't want coffee. They were almost ready to depart for the loft and wanted to get an early start to sleep after taking care of Boomer. A romp in the hay always relaxed them, and after they morphed back to their smaller bodies, they fell asleep most nights in their giant husband's arms still hooked up to one of Boomer's teats.   

* * * * * * *
The four cowboys sat before the small fire enjoying their first cup of herb spiked coffee talking about the day and anything what came to their minds. The herbs were beginning to take effect. Billy gravitated to his pa's big arms and Nick was holding him. Hank put his around Buck, pulled him close and began to steal a few kisses. Billy and Nick watched Buck melt in his mate's arms like warm putty on a window sill.

"All right! What's going on with you two?" Billy demanded of Hank and Buck.

"What do you mean, Master?" Hank asked in reply and grinned.

"You know damn well what I'm talk'n about. I know you didn't ask Thor for help this morning, and you didn't come to me. We're the only two what could change Buck back," Billy said.

"We didn't say nothing `cause I didn't want you to think I bullied my mate. We talked this morning and Buck decided he wanted to try living with his little cunt for a while. I promise I didn't bully him, but far be it from me to try'n talk him out of it. I know better. When my mate git's his big heart set on some'um there ain't no change'n his mind. We both enjoyed it so much we wanna' try it again just to see if it's as good the second time as it was the first. It fits my old warrior so nice, it's like it was made especially for me and nobody else," Hank said sheepishly, "And I'm embarrassed to say, my mate made me feel like a new man when he learned to work with me," Hank said and the old cowboys actually blushed like two school boys.  

Billy and Nick laughed at them, "I figured as much, but I would never think you bullied Buck. I'd be more suspect of Buck bullying you, Cowboy," Billy said and they shared a laugh. "You know what? I had me a pitcher in my mind all damn day of hold'n old Buck in my arms making sweet love to him, swap'n spit, talk'n soft and low, saying real dirty things to him, watch'n you slowly fuck his tight little cunt of his'n wiff' yore' big ol' stallion as my pa hit's ol' Buck in his shitter from behind," Billy said, using a pound of crude cowboy bullshit for an ounce of shock value, threw back his head, and laughed.

"Stop! Or I'm gonna' come in ma' Wranglers!" cried Hank, and laughed, "How's that sound to ma' little darlin'?" he asked Buck tenderly as he bussed a kiss behind his mate's ear.

"Like a little piece of cowboy heaven, Brother," Buck replied, met Hank's mouth, and they shared a deep, gentle kiss.

"What about you, Master?" Hank asked.

"I get sloppy seconds from my pa. He always shoots too damn quick to satisfy me his first fuck anyway, but his second fuck? Woah dogies! Shit come Sunday! My old man becomes a monster what can scratch my deepest itch, make my wisdom teeth rattle in their sockets, and leave me completely drained for twenty-four hours. While Pa's root'n around way up inside me taking care of his boy's hungry, hungry butthole, fulfilling his compelling needs, Buck will sit on my face, and I'll lick and suck yore' sweet cowboy jizz from his fine, freshly fucked little cunt," Billy replied.

"You's one sick puppy, boy," Nick bellowed and the cowboys shared a laugh.

"Naw, just a man what's s'damn happy and relaxed with his family he can say outrageous things like `at and know they won't take it the wrong way," Billy said and sighed deeply.

"It's part of your cowboy charm, Son," Nick said wickedly and stole another kiss.

"You left me out, Son. Cain't I git ma'self a taste of my master's sweet cock and cream?" Hank asked.

"I would be honored, Cowboy," Billy replied, "Sounds like a new flavor for Blue Bell Ice Cream -- Sweet Cock'n Cream," he allowed.
It didn't take them long before they were naked and making love to each other. Billy went to the shower to clean himself, returned, and it was Buck's turn. As they drank the last of the herb spiked coffee, Billy asked Nick to change into his demon-dad form.

"I didn't know whether I should with guests," Nick replied.

"Hell, we lived for two weeks with Jethro in his demon form and never got used to it. Damnation, he was hot. He'd get me and ol' Buck all stoved up, and we'd have to disappear for a while to our apartment to take care of one another. Go ahead on, Brother, and morph. I just know my mate would love to feel some red hot demon cock up his butt," Hank said.

"Testify, Brother!" Buck exclaimed.

"Hosanna!" Billy shouted.

"Hosanna, in the highest!" the cowboys replied as Nick slowly morph into his demon-dad form.

The cowboys and one demon got down to it, but Billy found his dream of holding Buck in his arms while he whispered dirty things to him wasn't practical when he was sandwiched between his mate and Billy's demon-dad. Billy had visions of Miranda's smallest pup Gracie scurrying about from one tit to another only to be pushed aside by a larger sibling. Billy didn't have the same problem, but there was a pang in his gut Buck was getting all the good stuff, but he wasn't jealous; he knew his turn would come. He made a bee line for Hank's handsome muscular cowboy butt, spread his cheeks with his thumbs, and dived in to get himself a big taste of mature cowboy butt-hole. Billy loved the masculine aromas of Hank and Buck. Hank smelled and tasted of fresh hay, old leather, horse sweat, boots, saddles, and Old Spice; all, good healthy masculine smells which made Billy's cock as hard as a rock. Billy worked his tongue far enough up into Hank's ass the cowboy would have to slide up on it when he withdrew from Buck's man-cunt to take another steady stroke into its depths. Hank began to moan and carry on from the sheer ecstasy of having both ends stimulated at the same time. He couldn't imagine his master being so down-to-Earth with him and his mate, but he admitted to Buck one night he wouldn't mind sharing a bed with their master and his surrogate dad one evening. Now he was living the experience, he thought it might compare to having his own whole pie to eat by himself.

Hank was savoring every stroke like he would every bite of his personal pie. Just when Billy felt Hank was close to getting his nut, he quickly moved to his demon's rear and pleasured Nick's hole in the same manner as he did for Hank. Billy made a mental note to perform this bit of erotica for his demon-dad more often. After seeing how hot Jethro turned out after ingesting enough Kagoli DNA, he decided he wanted to be able to do the same for his dad. Hank, Buck, and Nick reached climax almost at the same moment and held each other together, still coupled tightly, with Buck between them. The cowboy was so impaled from the front and rear he couldn't move, but he was loving every minute of it. Buck never felt more full, alive, or complete in his life. He wondered if his own cock was overrated and if his new sex organ might be worth keeping for a while. He felt pretty sure his mate wouldn't argue with him. Maybe one penis was enough for their family. Buck wondered if he might start to miss his cock? He didn't see how as long as Hank kept him fucked as good as he did during the last twenty-four hours and didn't let the hinges on his back gate get rusty.

Slowly, like an alien organism unfolding from a trisexual consummation, Hank and Nick withdrew from Buck. The well-fuck cowboy grinned and stretched like a gymnast who just completed a fantastically difficult routine, confident of himself and his performance, nonchalantly awaiting his perfect scores to be posted on the light board high above the gym floor. His fellow sexual athletes each came to him for a hug and a kiss to congratulate him on his splendid performance. It was Buck's moment, and he was proud of himself. His mate was proud of him. The cowboy earned his spurs.

And it was time for the next athlete to take to the bed with his well-greased ass and his legs thrown high into the air in anticipation of his mount. Nick wasted no time sinking his huge demon-dad cock into Billy's fertile red Earth, and the young cowboy felt the corkscrew action of the black speed-bumps on his dad's demon cock as they Maytaged their way into his depths. Billy remembered a Catholic church in San Francisco from the summer when he visited his gay cousin. The building could easily be seen from his cousin's apartment and he called it to Billy's attention - it looked just like a dasher in a Maytag washer. Thus, his cousin referred to it as Our Lady of the Maytag. Nothing was sacred to his cousin. Billy was struggling to carry on his cousin's tradition.

Buck climbed onto the bed and positioned his small cunt in front of Billy's chin. Billy placed his hands firmly on Buck's tight buttocks and pulled him to his mouth. The young cowboy never saw a vagina before Zeus and Buck's, but that didn't stop him from his moment of sexual exploration. He began to lick and suck on Buck's pussy and gravity did the rest. Slowly, but surely, Hanks strong beefy cowboy jizz began to slide forward and onto his tongue. Billy went crazy like a wild man at a pie eating contest. He was really getting into it and Buck was beginning to feel new sensations he never felt before. Billy was really fucking Buck's cunt with his tongue when he felt the warm mouth of his favorite cowboy slave totally engulf his considerable cock. Nick did his trick adjusting Hank and Buck's throats until they could both take his demon cock to the base comfortably. Billy doubled his effort on Buck's cunt until he felt the big cowboy fuck him back and suddenly Buck's pussy hissed and spit in his face. Buck climaxed a second time.

It was one of the most memorable sexual moments Billy could remember. When he couldn't suck anymore cowboy cream from Buck's pussy, Billy moved to Buck's back door and began to suck his demon-dad's jizz from his ass. Everything was in place. Everything was perfect for creating another star -- perhaps several -- in another galaxy somewhere far, far away. If only he had a bell to ring. Oh, well, he'd leave the bell ringing to the millions of viewers in the galaxies who were tuned in and enjoying Billy and his family sharing a moment of togetherness at home. It all became too perfect and with the last few drops of Nick's rich, tasty cream sucked from Buck's ass, another star was born. Billy shot down Hank's throat harder than he ever had in his young life. Hank swallowed and swallowed determined to take every drop of his master's load; and, it was done.

Nick slowed his fucking. He stopped and docked his huge cock as far up Billy's ass as he could stretch it open. Buck moved away and into his husband's arms. They thought it was over, but Billy knew better. His dad still needed to be emptied, and Billy was not one to walk away from a job or leave anything half-ass completed. He would give his dad his all -- his full ass. He opened his arms to his demon-dad and Nick came to him. Billy locked his legs tightly around Nick's ass and pulled him in tight. "Don't stop until you make these cowboys true believers - make them smell the fire and brimstone from our coupling, Pa. Take your boy like the demon I know you can be, and I'll show these two tenderfoots how a cowboy rides his demon-dad," Billy growled as the ultimate challenge to Nick.

"Cowboy up!" Hank exclaimed and laughed.

"Hosanna!" Buck said reverently.

"Blood and thunder!" growled Nick

"Victory at sea!" Billy replied.  
And they were on. Nick fucked his boy until Buck and Hank began to worry about their master and his ability to withstand such a relentless assault on his ass, but Billy had a sweet smile on his face like a cowboy lost in his own world of ecstasy. They couldn't believe when Billy's cock became erect again. With three huge lunges into his ass, the young cowboy shot his second load, and his demon-dad emptied himself into his son; and, it was finished. Somewhere, a bell rang-out into the silence of the night.

 * * * * * * *
The men felt the herbs rapidly drawing their evening of sexual excess to a close.

"Should Buck and me transport to our apartment in the castle, Master Billy?" Hank asked.

"Nonsense, this bed can hold the four of us. It might be a bit cozy, but how often to we get to enjoy each other like this? I want it to last until the light of day. If you decide to tear off another piece of your mate's fine pussy, do it. I usually give my pa an early morning blowjob to get his heart started," Billy said.

"What do you mean `usually,' Kemosabe? You ain't missed a morning since we been together," Nick said and grinned as he morphed back to his Nick persona.

"I didn't want my slaves to think I's a slut or an insatiable cock hound, Pa," Billy said like a shy young ingénue.

"It's a mite late for that, Master," Hank said and everyone laughed, "I think we done crossed some new barriers this e'nin what ain't even got names yet," Hank added and laughed.

"I'm inclined to agree with you, Hank, but I enjoyed it. I promise we'll do it again soon, but lets do a night in the dungeon again like last time. That place holds great promise and mystery for me. I'd like to share it with you men," Billy said.

They cleaned themselves and went to bed. Billy thought as he drifted off to sleep, he never had such a great feeling of belonging and family as he did that evening. It was another milestone in his life of which there would be many. If they were all like the evening they just shared, Billy was ready.

End of Chapter 42 ~ Him Who Made The Seven Stars
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