Him Who Made The Seven Star
By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 46

"Aaron (Swartz) was part of an army of citizens that believes democracy only works when the citizenry are informed, when we know about our rights—and our obligations. An army that believes we must make justice and knowledge available to all—not just the well born or those that have grabbed the reigns of power—so that we may govern ourselves more wisely. He was part of an army of citizens that rejects kings and generals and believes in rough consensus and running code." ~ Carl Malamud

The Secret In The Blood ~

Billy was devastated. Joe and Crunch's chimera's DNA was almost a perfect match with some small differences. There was no doubt, they were brothers. Crunch was half blue giant from Joe's mother, but his little brother inside was a blue giant. Joe and his little brother shared the same genetic information from their father as well as their mother. Billy speculated the Ork genes were so strong and overpowering they managed to subdue the other genetic information already growing within Joe's mother, but not completely.

"I couldn't tell anyone, Master Billy. I had to keep it secret from Crunch. I could tell from early on he was beginning to take over, and I had to protect my little brother. I didn't know you were so greatly enhanced you could tell by comparing our DNA," Joe said fearfully trying to comfort Billy at the same time, "Don't be angry with me, Master Billy, I don't think I could stand it with the pressure on me for the next three days. I come to love you as much as any of my shipmates, maybe more, and to have you feel bad toward me would break my heart, sir," he added and started weeping.

"I ain't mad at you, Joe. My tears ain't from anger – far from it. My tears are from empathy for you; for the confusion and pain you must be feeling. You shouldn't have to be going through this nonsense in the first place," Billy assured his giant.

"I have to do it for my little brother, Master Billy," Joe said and started crying again in Billy's arms.

Everyone in Billy's family was devastated. Like Billy, they couldn't imagine why this was happening at all. No one said a word as Billy and Joe shared a moment of mutual release.

"Then your brother -- his daddy weren't human?" Billy asked

"No, sir, if his dad was a human, Crunch wouldn't be as big as he is. Me and my little brother, Willie  -- our dad was a blue giant like me. We share the same mother as Crunch. She was also a blue giant. Our mother was already pregnant with Willie when she was forcibly raped by Crunch's father. Once she was defiled by an Ork, the blue giants wouldn't let her return to their family pod, so she and my dad were forced to flee the giant's planet and start a new life on Absalom Three; a planet controlled by Retikki Prime. For the sake of our family, she volunteered to go live with the Orks, but my dad wouldn't consider it. Orks can be volatile, violent, and unpredictable. They never matured as a species, and stole technology for space travel from invading aliens who underestimated their cunning. Our mother might have been killed and eaten. Her bastard child would never have been allowed in Ork society. Crunch would most certainly be found out not to be pure blood, killed, and eaten.

Our mother died in child birth and our dad accepted the Ork child to raise as his own. We didn't discover until later there were two people inside Crunch. I was eight years old when Crunch and Willie were born, so I acted like an older brother and protector. I ultimately fell in love with my little brother, Willie. I know it sounds gross and perverted, but sometimes nature finds a way to protect the innocent who never asked to find themselves in an untenable situation. My baby brother had no one but my dad and me to care for and look after him, and to make matters worse, he was in the body of a breed of barbaric warriors who were not too well thought of in our galaxy.  

I was eighteen when dad died. He died young because of social pressures and working too hard to provide for two strapping males, one of whom, was a mixed breed. After my dad died, I was left alone to provide for them. It would have been easy for me to walk away and leave Crunch to his own fate if it were not for my little brother. The legal age on Absalom Three is eighteen, so I could have made that choice. Crunch don't know the true story of his birth. We decided not to tell him. He don't know the truth because he would use it to control me and Willie. He makes up stuff to suit his purpose. I know you've heard things Crunch told Mace and Picard, but he changes his story every time he tells it if it will make him look better or give him a stronger position. You don't have to take my word for it, Master Billy, all you have to do is induce a deep sleep for Crunch and call forth my brother, Willie, to confirm what I've told you.

When Crunch is master, and I'm forced to be his slave, I never get to share love with my little brother because Crunch is jealous and dominates Willie into submission. Sex with Crunch, when he's the dominant male, is cruel, brutal, and selfish. I rarely ejaculate. When I do, he makes fun of me and mocks me. It's become a living hell for Willie and me. I can't go on like this, Master Billy. I'm at my wit's end. Other than killing Crunch to set my little brother free, I don't have many options, sir. Willie begged me to kill him and Crunch, but my race is nonviolent. I couldn't bring myself to kill another creature. I'm growing older, and I'm afraid I don't have the strength or stamina to subdue him this time; so, at the end of this 'close-skillet' smack-down, if Crunch is the winner, I plan to ask Captain Nick for an audience with you, and throw myself on your mercy to have me sent to Retikki Prime to become someone else's slave. I won't continue to live under Crunch's dominance. I hate to leave my little brother, but what choice do I have?" Joe asked.

Billy slowly removed himself from Joe's huge arms and pulled himself together. He looked around at his companions and saw nothing but sad faces, empathy, and several men wiping away tears in sympathy for Joe's plight. Billy caught Pete's eye, but he didn't turn from Billy's gaze. He was slumped over with his bandanna in his hand, but straightened up like he immediately grew a backbone and nodded to Billy his approval. It that brief moment, Pete told Billy he believed in him. It was all Billy needed. He turned back to the big giant. "As your new master, I think I handled this situation wrong, Joe, and I apologize. I'm deeply sorry; however, in my defense, I didn't have enough information to understand your situation, let alone form a reasonable plan. I should have investigated your relationship with Crunch before now, but I didn't because it seemed to be an ongoing thing between you. As long as your rut was contained, I assumed everything was all right. I had no idea the pain and suffering you and your younger brother have been going through. Nevertheless, I plan to do as you suggested and interview your younger brother while I have Crunch deeply sedated. We have been stumbling in the dark trying to think of ways to help you and make this smack-down more fair. I been asked if I was planning to rig the outcome, and I assured everyone that ain't what I got in mind. Right now, it would seem Crunch has the advantage physically and psychologically. We plan to change that. Me and my cowboy-angels plan to level the playing field just a bit to make the contest more equal.

"However, I'm going to set some ground rules, and I want you to consider them because, they won't be negotiable. First and foremost, no individual under my domain has the right to make a slave of another without my permission. I am master of this ranch, of your captain, and all those he brought to me when he gave himself to become my slave. By right of universal acquisition, you became my property the moment Captain Nick took me for his master. You are not now, nor have you ever been Crunch's slave. Contrary to Crunch's delusions of grandeur, he is also my slave and right now he's pushing his master's patience to the limit. I have heard the times you won the annual battle in the past, other than a final humiliating display of your dominance, you never treated Crunch in a degrading manner as I heard he treats you. I could just pull the plug on the whole damn thing, cancel the 'close-skillet' smack-down, and deal with you and Crunch in a more direct manner, but I ain't gonna' do that. I think I've formed a plan which will buy us some time and satisfy everyone's need to see a spectacle. But! I guaran-damn-tee-ya, it will be the last of such spectacles. So, if you can get through this one, no matter the outcome, I will see to it this situation is resolved to everyone's satisfaction. Crunch might not like my solution, but then we wouldn't have the problem but for him.   

"I will have no part in any sport which could potentially damage another or leave them in a depleted,  broken condition which will be hell to pay for in later life and cause them to die young. I've gathered these men to help me revitalize you and bring you back to your physical stamina and strength you possessed about twenty years ago. We have seven humans and one giant ready to shape-shift or morph into an exact genetic copy of Crunch and Willie for you to fellate before you go into lock-down tomorrow afternoon. I understand the combination of Ork and your little brother's ejaculate will greatly increase your stamina and increase your chances of winning," Billy explained.

"Considerably, Master Billy. Crunch stopped demanding I suck him off two weeks ago," Joe said, "He's become wise to my secret strength enhancer I been depending on to defeat him, and he plans to make sure I don't have that boost of energy when I need it," he added.

"When is the consumption most effective, Joe?" Billy asked.

"Anytime, today or tomorrow, sir. It builds up in my system, and is slowly released when I need it the most. The effect lasts several days. Certainly long enough for the two major days, but it also makes me extremely horny sexually. With eight donors? Poor Crunch," Joe said, shook his head and grinned. It was the first sign of hope Billy and his family saw on the giant's face since he got there. Joe looked up and saw Billy Gog, "And is he the shape-shifting giant, Master Billy?" Joe asked motioning to Billy Gog.

"He is. Come Gog, and meet a brother," Billy called to him. He introduced them, and they shook hands.

"What race are you, Brother?" Joe asked.

"I come from a subgroup of giants from the early days of Earth called Bel-Tobits from the Tyrol mountains. We were a great and powerful race at one time, peaceful and family oriented, farmers and herders, but we were invaded and made to do the bidding of aliens who were technically more advanced than us. Eventually, we were scattered throughout the universe," Gog replied, "Did you lose your ability to shape-shift, Brother?" Gog asked.

"Most of my race cannot shift. I can't, but there are a few left who remember the old ways and train themselves in the ancient arts. I was too busy providing for me and my brothers," Joe replied, "You're larger than me. I may not be able to take you," Joe said with concern.

"Nothing to worry about. If my human companion can take me, you won't have a problem. I can adjust your throat so it will be comfortable for both," Gog said and gently placed his huge hand on his brother's neck in a gesture of affection.

"After me and my posse finish your reconstruction, will pleasuring four Crunch/Willie copies today be too much for you, Joe?" Billy asked.

"How 'bout eight today and a refill tomorrow?" Joe asked and grinned.

"You really wanna' win, don't you?" Billy asked and laughed.

"More than you know, Master Billy," Joe replied, "If this is to be our last 'close-skillet' I want to go out a winner," Joe added.

"I got a damn good idea how bad you wanna' win, Joe, but I can promise you it will be the last time. So I'm with you. Let's make it a good one," Billy said and told Joe to undress and lie on the slave processing table. They added an extension to the regular size human table. Joe didn't hesitate. Most of Billy's family were already naked, and he wasn't shy. He would be naked before his friends and neighbors for the next two and a half days anyway. Billy's cowboy-angels gathered around and raised their wings. Billy directed the flow of energy into Joe, concentrating on certain areas and doing mass penetration on others.

"We need to do something about your monk's cap of hair, Joe. As I regress your age, it's going to get darker, and might be a dead give-away you been enhanced," Billy said.

"I never liked it. I'm always cutting it off. Can you remove it permanently, Master Billy?" Joe asked.

"I can, and I will. I think I like you better without hair anyway," Billy said.

"So does Willie," Joe said and smiled.

The newcomers to Billy's family watched in awe. The LaFleur men and Pete were staggered by the speed and thoroughness Billy could regress a person's body. Pete, himself, felt like his soul was ripped from his body and put back into a new, more youthful person, but he knew it was really himself. He couldn't remember feeling so good in a long time. Pete was quickly shedding any lingering doubts or remnants of his faith in myths and superstition. He was witnessing something which had to be equal or greater than any of the miracles attributed to Jesus in the bible, with the possible exception of raising the dead, and if he were a betting man, he could easily imagine Billy Daniels just might be able to pull that one off as well. Certainly he saved his dad, Vox, and Buster Tate from the ravages of old age, and took twenty years off his own age. He essentially was given another chance at life and this time, he swore on the name of some unknown god, he was determined he was going to get it right.

After Billy and his cowboy-angels finished with Joe's reconstruction, Billy morphed before his family into a perfect copy of their chimera, Crunch and Willie. He asked his other six cowboys and Billy Gog Groats to morph as well. Bubba experienced some problems, but Billy Gog gave him a hand, and the big cowboy completed his transformation successfully. Jack didn't know what to think when the huge Ork walked over to him, put his enormous arm around his shoulder, and pulled him close. "You sure it's you in that body, Cowboy?" he asked Bubba.   

Bubba laughed. Even though he looked like an alien Ork, Jack would recognize Bubba's laugh in a crowd of people. "Of course it's me. Did you root for the Orks in them Tolkien books, Son? You like Gladiator movies? J'ever wack-off dream'n of making love to a big nasty Ork, little boy?" Bubba asked like a lecherous old man and laughed again.   

"We'll talk," Jack said and laughed nervously.

Joe didn't mess around. He was on his knees making love to Billy's Ork cock and doing a fine job. It didn't take him ten minutes and Billy was giving up his combination Ork and blue giant seed to his slave. It took Joe less than two hours to suck-off the eight volunteers, but the last, his brother giant, actually had to morph down a bit in size to accommodate Crunch's body. He presented no problem for Joe, but Gog did him the favor of gifting the blue giant with the ability to adjust his throat size before he began to fellate Master Billy. Joe had to admit it made for a much more pleasurable experience for both parties; the fallator and fallatee. When Billy Gog ejaculated he threw back his handsome head and betrayed his ancient Tyrolean ancestry by yelling, "Yodel-lay-he-who!"

Billy handed Joe a new toothbrush and a small paper cup of mouthwash to clean his teeth and gargle, so it would mask the fresh smell of Ork gizz on his breath. They didn't want Crunch to become suspicious of their ploy. Joe couldn't thank Billy and his men enough, and had an extra big hug and stolen kiss for Gog. They were to meet again after Crunch had his final checkup and was taken to the arena for lock-down. In the same order, Joe would have his checkup, receive some extra nutritional snacks of Ork gizz, then join his mate in the arena. Nothing much was expected to happen on the first afternoon, but early the next morning they would begin their rut and go at it all day until they were so exhausted they couldn't move. Billy's men wished Joe well and told him they looked forward to seeing him upon the morrow.

Clyde and Balthazar left with Joe to transport him back to the ship and immediately returned. They didn't want to miss Captain Nick and Master Bull becoming members of their master's inner circle of family. The order of the rings became something more than just an additional sexual adornment. It became a statement of devotion and dedication to a young man with a dream and ideals of greater things for mankind. It said we believe in you and your hopes for the future.

After Billy's assistants, Poly, Cass, Boomer, and several other family members cleaned and sterilized the slave processing area, he stood before those gathered to announce there were a couple more of his family members who expressed a desire to join a growing number of his close family in being ringed. He dispatched Poly and Cass to the big house to invite the women who wished to witness the simple but meaningful ceremony. Those who didn't think they would care to observe were free to leave, and the rest would join them when they returned from the processing area. Not a man stirred, including Wesley LaFleur. "You don't have to stay for this part, Son, if you don't want to," the old judge told him and smiled.

"It's okay, Dad, but I'm gonna' stay with Granddad. I wanna' watch," Cody said.

"Well, there you have it. I can't go and leave my boy and you to have all the fun," Wesley said and grinned, "In for a penny, in for a pound, 'eh Dad?" Wesley asked and grinned.

The old judge just smile at his boy.

Poly and Cass came running into the house accompanied by Vox to announce the ringing was about to begin and any ladies who wished to witness the ceremony would be welcome to join the men at this time; however – they added – the men were all naked, except for their cowboy boots, but the ladies were not required to disrobe. Vox excused himself and told the ladies not to leave without them. Kate knew what he was going to do and offered to give him a hand. He graciously accepted her offer, and they left the rest of the ladies to their tea.

"Do you think Master Billy's invitation includes me?" Helen asked.

"You're a member of Bubba's family, are you not?" Zelma asked.

"Yes, he made it perfectly clear he wants me for his aunt, and I'm honored and proud to say I accepted his kind and gracious offer," Helen replied.

"Bubba, Jack, and Bubba's Brute are member's of Master Billy's extended family, and if you're Bubba's aunt, his invitation would most certainly include you, young lady," Zelma said firmly.

"I'm Master Billy's slave, and I know I'm included. So is Dorcus," Roz told her.

"Then if you ladies don't mind, I would like to join you. It's been so long since I was around people and got to interact and observed them, I would find it most pleasurable and entertaining to experience something new," Helen said.

"Of course we don't mind. You're a member of our group now, Helen. We make no distinctions between us or any of Master Billy's family. You're welcome to come and enjoy our company as we will enjoy your company. We will learn from each other," Zelma said firmly.

"Thank you, Mrs. Redbone," Helen said.

"Just call me Zelma, Dear. I'm only Mrs. Redbone when I'm demanding respect from someone, but I get enough around this ranch, I ain't never had to demand it," Zelma said using the cowboy vernacular to make a point.

Roxanne and Kate returned in a few minutes with Rox wearing a wonderful new floor length gown. She looked like an Earth goddess from some Natural Food magazine. The ladies made over her and complimented her on her attire. They were ready to depart for the slave processing room. Only two women stayed behind, Dorcas and Wesley LaFleur's wife. She wasn't ready for a bunch of naked cowboys yet. It took the ladies a minute, but they felt if the men had to wait for a few minutes, it was their prerogative because they weren't given a definite time. When they arrived at the processing room Billy hailed them and bid them welcome. Elmer saw Roxanne and his heart leaped to his throat. He opened his huge, naked arms to her, and she went to him. They hugged and kissed before the cowboys. They went "aaawww" and applauded politely for them. Once again Pete was stunned to see how pretty Roxanne was. He almost had a twinge of jealousy for his old man. The words 'best of both possible worlds' kept running through his head as if it were being engraved in granite by a great high-powered laser cutting tool.

Helen went to Bubba's side. He morphed back to his cowboy form and was standing between Jack and Brute. He welcomed her and put his big arm around her shoulder. "She reached up on her tiptoes to give him a kiss on his cheek and whispered, "Thanks for including me in your family today, Bubba. It means a lot."

"You're welcome, Aunt Helen. There will be many more days like today, I assure you," Bubba replied, "Did you get to pick out some more dresses?" he asked.

"Yes, several, but I didn't want to appear greedy. Mrs. Daniels is a wonderful lady and generous to a fault," Helen replied.

"Good, glad to hear it. I thought you two might get along fine," Bubba said and smiled.

Captain Nick Samuels was lying on his back on the slave processing table with his boots in two stirrups parting his legs for better access to his genitals. His arms were held straight-out from his body by padded extensions raised and snapped into place. Clyde was holding his right hand and Balthazar was holding his left. Billy secured straps over his arms and a large leather belt over his his waist so he couldn't move or jump from sudden pain. It was unlikely, because Billy planned to remove all sensations of feeling. Nick chose to be awake during the procedure.

"Before we begin, I'd like to say a few words. I know what you're thinking -- the fewer the better, so I'll make this brief. I ain't real sure how this came about other than it just happened. It started when I first laid eyes on my handsome black-angel Balthazar on Retikki Prime with his rings, and all manner of evil thoughts and wishes to see more of him and admire his beauty on a regular basis flooded my mind and aroused my senses. For you cowboys, he looked hotter than hell to me, and I lusted after him," Billy said, followed by several laughs, "I never dreamed one day he would be sent to me and be instructed to give himself to me if he found me worthy. Fortunately, for me and my family, he found me worthy enough and asked to become my slave.

"After I ringed our only punishment slave, Orville Higginbothem, Clyde asked me to ring him, and I did. Then my pa, here, my surrogate dad, told me he felt left out. Well, what's a good son to do?" Billy asked and got more laughs. "I didn't want him to feel excluded so I agreed to ring him, too," Billy explained and got few more laughs. "Are you ready, Tonto?" Billy asked.

"I'm ready, Kemosabe," Nick replied.

Billy placed his hand on Nick's forehead and spoke in a normal voice, "You will be able to see and hear everything, but you won't feel any pain. If you need to speak to me squeeze Clyde or Balthazar's hand, and I will free you from your bond so you may speak," Billy said.

He started on Nick's nose to do a septum piercing. He planned to use the largest gauge rings so he adjusted his sterilized leather punch. He felt for the thinnest part of the cartilage of the nose and placed his punch accordingly. With one powerful grip of his hands, he clamped the handles of the tool and made the hole. There was a loud crunching sound and blood squirted out Nick's nares. A couple of the ladies turned their head, but then, so did several of the cowboys. Billy waved his hand over it and a powerful blue light immediately stopped the bleeding and healed the opening. Billy left the cleanup to his two assistants, Poly and Cass, who quickly and carefully clean up the blood. Then, Billy inserted Nick's nose ring. The other three piercings were done quickly without a hitch. Billy released Nick and helped him up. Nick fell to his knees, kissed both Billy's boots, and sat back on his heels. "Come to your master's arms my beloved slave and share your love with him," Billy commanded.

Nick rose, took Billy into his arms and kissed him passionately like he never loved anyone so much in his life. Everyone went crazy applauding, stomping boots, and whistling. They finally broke it off and looked deep into each other's eyes.

"Boy, you's really gonna' get it tonight, Billy!" Bubba shouted, and everyone laughed.

"Hesh up, Bubba!" Billy said and laughed. He turned his attention back to his slave, "You feel like you's included now, Pa?" Billy asked.

"For the first time in my life, I feel like I finally belong to someone and someplace," Nick replied.

"It sort of gives the term binding agreement new dimensions, don't it, Pa?" Billy asked and everyone laughed again.

"Ain't no doubt, it does that, but it's symbolic of so much more, Kemosabe," Nick replied.

"I think I'm finally beginning to understand. How's it working out for you and your husband, Oatie?" Billy asked.

"Tolerable, Master Billy, right tolerable," Oatie replied and everyone laughed.

"Just tolerable?" Billy asked surprised.

"I'm only kidding, Billy. After living a week with my new improved husband-slave, I can't imagine him without them," Oatie added to much more laughter. Everyone seemed relaxed and were having a good time.

"Next?" Billy asked like a barber who just emptied the chair.

The bull of the hill country stepped forward. Elmer took Billy in his arms and kissed him gently. Billy returned the huge man's kiss with equal respect. "I will speak for myself, if you please, Master Billy," Elmer said.

"As you wish, Master Bull," Billy made an open gesture with his arm and bowed slightly to Elmer.

"Like Captain Nick, I wanted to feel included within Master Billy's inner circle. I understand it might be thought of as a trivial boy scout ritual in some folks eyes, but not to me and Billy. We understand the significance and the symbolic bonding this simple exercise contains, and will enjoy an even closer walk with each other. As the cowboy-angel who was most responsible for restoring my life and health to me, it's important for me to accept and publicly acknowledge my debt and devotion to him as my master. I will accept his rings with love and dignity as a physical statement of our friendship and family bond with each other," Elmer said. Everyone applauded his speech.  

"You through, old man?" Billy asked impatiently. Everyone broke up laughing.

"I can't 'hep it if I get long-winded in my old age," Elmer said flustered.

"You done fine, Master Bull. I's just giving you a hard time. It was either that or bust out crying. I ain't none to purdy when I cry, sir. You can turn me over your knee later," Billy said and got another laugh out of everyone.

Elmer lay down on the padded bench and raised his boots into the stirrups. Roxanne took his right hand and Elmer called for Ramrod Randy to take his other in case he got scared. He got another laugh out of the folks. Randy rushed forward and took the big cowboy's hand in his his smaller hands.

"Birth to Earth, Cowboy?" Elmer asked Randy.

"Womb to tomb, Master Bull," Randy replied. The gather folks laughed at their nonsense.

Roxanne turned away but didn't let go of her bull's hand when Billy made the septum piercing; however, she watched Billy, with skill and swiftness, complete the other three piercings. Vox told her in her mind he was glad it was her watching. He would have a big erection when Billy ringed the great bull's penis. They agreed it was more than a little sensual, if not downright hot, and they would look forward to seeing Elmer wear his new body jewelry. Master Bull already told them they were the only two people who could remove his cock-ring when they needed him. When Billy finished he helped the bull up, and he stood before his family freshly ringed in all his handsome glory. Everyone applauded and made a ruckus for the bull of the hill country. Billy fell to his knees before Elmer and kissed both his boots. Elmer didn't say a word, reached down with his huge hands, placed them under Billy's arms, and pulled him to a standing position to embrace him. They kissed a passionate kiss like two lovers who were not afraid to display their love for each other. There wasn't a man there who didn't get a sympathetic erection, including the straight men. It was just too powerful a moment to not feel a maximum load of empathy for both men and experience their mutual love for each other.

* * * * * * *
It was still early afternoon when the men finished in the slave processing room. After congratulating Billy's two new members of his inner circle with appropriate hugs, kisses, the ladies retired to the house to supervise and help get the evening meal together. It was to be another outside barbecue and Hank and Buck were already busy making fires in the big fifty-five gallon drums. The cowboy-angels de-winged and everyone put on their clothes for the rest of the evening. The four boys complained and asked if they had to put on their clothes. The men assured them they did. There would be many other times when they could run about naked, but to share a meal with the family was not one of them.

It was getting time for Billy's slaves to knock off work. Billy granted them a long weekend for the festivities. They didn't have to work half a day Friday, and they had the whole day to do as they pleased. Bubba asked Billy if he could spend some time with Orville in the evening and have him with him most of the day Friday. "You can spend as much time with him as you like this weekend. I'm leaving the timing of his training up to you. He will remain in training as long as you think he needs and at the end of that time, I expect you to keep your word, and take him for his first time. Have you given anymore thought to a sleep over at your place?" Billy asked.

"I have," Bubba replied, "but like I told you before, I didn't want to do it until I have a place similar to your slave processing area. With ever'thing what's coming down on me right now -- Aunt Helen, my friendship with Jack, and the possibility of accepting your offer to become a co-op rancher with yore' family -- I don't see how I'm gonna' have time to create a space at the moment. I certainly would like to, so's you won't be the only rancher what might be able to handle punishment slaves," Bubba replied.

"So, you are considering our offer?" Billy asked and smiled.

"More'n just considering, Master Billy. I talked with Jack and he encouraged me. I'd definitely like to do it, and get my bunkhouse filled with cowboy slaves. After we get going, and I get the place fixed up, then my first priority will be to build a slave processing area," Bubba replied, "I done me a lot of thinking about it, and until that time, I think Orville's where he should be with your slaves to tend to him. We won't be around each other enough to grow stale on one another, but I won't be that far away I can't still call the shots on his progress if you like. Besides, we can't have full on sex until after our first time together. We ain't even scheduled it yet, but that's all right. It will make him appreciate it all the more when we do. I want him to learn, a slave should develop patience with his master," he added.

"I think it's a wise decision, Bubba, and welcome to the greater Daniels' family," Billy said. The men shook hands on the partnership, and it was done.

"How long do you have in mind to make him wait for his grand-opening?" Billy asked.

"This is the last weekend in April. You folks should have a couple of weekends to rest without a lot of hoop-la. I'm think'n there's probably gonna' be an adjustment period for Joe and Crunch, and you probably want to get a good start on your Shire project. How does the third weekend in May sound? On a Sunday, so's I can devote my whole weekend to Orville?" Bubba asked.

"I'll check our calendar, but off hand, I don't see why that won't work," Billy agreed.

"Oh, yes, and I was gonna' ask you if I could take over his evening processing several evenings a week. I'll learn from your men what I need to know. I want them there to assist if I need them, but I want him to get used to me handling him to know I won't never harm him none. I also want that time to work on him with his plug and fuck wiff' his mind a bit, too," Bubba explained and grinned.

"Excellent suggestion, Bubba. I think it's a wonderful idea. It's almost like grooming an animal like you might a horse to build a bond of trust between you. Go for it! You have my full support," Billy said.

"Can I ask Ramrod Randy and his number one man, Rand, to pick out twenty-five slaves for me?" Bubba asked.

"Don't see why not. I'm sure he'll be happy to help you. You's one of his favorite cowboys," Billy said, "When would you want to take delivery?" Billy asked.

"I don't need them right away. How about Monday week?" Bubba asked.

"That's doable," Billy replied, "They work well without a lot of supervision. They'll need time to get your bunkhouse in shape so they'll be comfortable, and what repair chores you have for them can come next. I'll make you the same deal I done the other ranchers," Billy explained.

"That's good enough for me, Master Billy," Bubba said.

"You think Jack McCormick might be interested in starting up his ranch again," Billy asked.

"Ya'ont me to feel him out about it, Brother?" Bubba asked.

"Yeah, now you enhanced him, he just might have more interest in ranching," Billy replied.

"It was an accident, Master Billy. I's showing off ma' wings for ma' big brother when all of a sudden they gathered so much energy I zapped him. I's scared I killed ma' brother, but he looked damn good – like he's twenty years younger. I didn't give him no wings or nothing like 'at," Bubba said.

"You never know. You might have. I tasted your blood. I read yore' package. You got the information on file within you. You just ain't had no reason to use it. If he calls you in pain, get to his side as soon as possible," Billy said, "You know what happened to you," he added.

"Yeah, I passed out. I don't know nothing about birth'n no angel, Master Billy," Bubba said.

"No, but Bubba's Brute does. He'll show you what to do, or give me a call, and we'll met you there," Billy said.

"Will do, Brother, and thanks for all ya'll done for me and Aunt Helen," Bubba said.

"Glad we could help you, Brother," Billy said, "Now, after you eat, go find your pa and spend some time with him, if you like," Billy urged him.

"Good! I'll get me some dessert," Bubba said, and they shared a laugh.

"He should be carrying a heavy load. I gave strict instructions to his handlers he weren't allowed no relief this week. I wanted him to save it for you. Like we discussed, you're the only cowboy what has my permission to provide him with relief," Billy said.

"Thanks, Master Billy, I'll take good care of your property, sir," Bubba said.

"I know you will, Bubba, or I never would have put you in charge of him," Billy complimented the big cowboy. "He will eat with the slaves this evening, tomorrow morning, and noon, but if you want him to join you for dinner tomorrow evening you may," Billy said.

"I done thought about that, too, Master Billy, and I don't know if it's a good idea. He's still in training as a baby slave, and I don't want him spoiled to just expect extra benefits when I come to visit. I want him to become attached to me and not for what he might get out of me. I think I'd rather he eat separately until further notice, if it's all right with you, sir," Bubba said.

"You's the man, Bubba. I couldn't agree more. As a matter of fact, I never considered it, but I fully understand your reasoning. Damn good idea. I'll certainly keep that lesson in mind. I think you're gonna' make a great punishment-correction master, Bubba, and I also think building your own slave processing area is another excellent idea," Billy said, and the big cowboy smiled at his praise.

"I got me a feeling we're both gonna' be busy with correcting punishment slaves before much longer, Master Billy. That's why I'm gonna' make it one of my first priorities," Bubba said.  

"Ya' mind sharing yore' feelings on the subject, Brother?" Billy asked.

"Not at all, sir. Word gets around quick in cowboy country. When wealthy folks got a young family member what gets into trouble and is looking at one a them rat-hole corporate prisons for a number of years, I can see them giving us the money to buy their relations to make them our punishment-correction slaves; plus, paying us a handsome sum to take them on as our slaves. Ain't no doubt in my mind, they'd have an easier go with us even if we have to break them like you and me's doing with Orville. At least, we's reasonable wiff' 'um and won't humiliate them none by violently raping them. I think I might be a bit more strong with my correction slaves and probably a bit more demanding of them, but I'll still keep their humanity in mind," Bubba explained.

"I ain't never thought of it that way, Bubba, but you damn-well might be right. I can understand how it could happen. I think the old judge is really curious. One word from him would probably send us all the slaves we could handle. What's your secret, Bubba? What makes you want to be more strict and more demanding of your punishment slaves?" Billy asked.

"It simple. I know how I'd wanna' be treated if I's another man's slave. I done figure, if the idea turns me on, it's eventually gotta' turn on a man what might find himself in the position of being my slave. I don't want him to hate or fear me. I want to gain his trust while I demand his respect, but it's only a small step away from gaining his love and devotion. As I see it, sex is the answer. You reward good behavior with sexual release, but you make damn sure it's you or your appointed ramrod what provides the pleasure. They won't never to be allowed to masturbate or to have sex with each other, unless they been good slaves for sometime and petition their master to become a couple. Of course, that don't apply to volunteer slaves like the Irin cowboys you's planning on let'n me have. In their case, if they's like Thor and Zeus, you better put chastity cages on them to keep me out," Bubba replied and laughed. Billy laughed with him.

"I hear that!" Billy exclaimed, "Will and Buster adopted Everett into their family. They give him their last name. He sleeps in the same bed with them every night," Billy said and they laughed together.      

* * * * * * *
The Daniels' family served supper a little earlier than usual. They wanted everyone to enjoy the warm evening, so they decided to sit outside. The LaFleurs left right after dinner, but the old judge and his son Wesley said they would be returning the next day. Billy invited them for lunch and supper and to stay over if they liked. They said they'd let him know. Wesley said he'd have to get home to his wife and boy, but he thought his dad might like to stay on the ranch.

"Would my boy be in the way, Master Billy, if I decide to bring him?" Wesley asked.

"No, not at all. He's got three big brothers to hang with. Whatever you think he can handle, and if you feel comfortable with his observing what goes on around here, I'll leave it up to you. I don't think kids can learn too young. I think it becomes more of a trauma for them later in life to find out the things their parents tried to hide from them. Have you seen anything today which offended you, sir?" Billy asked.

"No, in fact, it's been a revelation for me. While I don't particularly choose to participate in male sex, I'm not repulsed by it, and see it as just another part of nature. You men handled it rather well, I might add," Wesley complimented Billy.

"Thank you, sir, you should have no problems with our family, and I think Cody will grow up to be a healthy, well adjusted young man," Billy said.

"I hope so, and with you and your men's help, I have every confidence, he will," Wesley said.

* * * * * * *
Bubba went off to find Orville and ran into one of his keepers, Blake. "Hey, Blake, you know where I can find Pops?" Bubba asked.

"Yes, sir, he's just finishing up his supper on the far side of the patio. Man, has he been looking forward to seeing you, Master Bubba. Of course we hear all sorts of rumors about you becoming a cowboy-angel, and they get back to him. Orville's had a difficult time keeping his mind on work today knowing you would be here most of the day, and he might get a chance to see you this evening. He ain't had no relief, and he's wound-up tighter than a drum-head," Blake said.

"I'll try to take care of that for him and you men," Bubba laughed and winked at Blake.

"You would be doing us a favor, sir," Blake said and laughed.

"When it comes time for his evening processing, come to the hayloft where you found us the other day. I will join you men. Master Billy said I could learn from you how to care for Orville in the evenings. After I learn, I will take care of his evening processing several nights a week for the next several weeks, but I still want one or two of you men with me to make sure I'm doing the right thing," Bubba explained.

"Great! Glad to have you lend a hand. I think he's ripe for some personal attention. He looks on us as his brothers, and we are. We treat him that way. We don't mind, but he needs a master to see to him, and become attached to. We know you're the master for the job, sir," Blake said.

"Thanks, Blake, is he still wearing the same plug?" Bubba asked.

"Yes, sir, we wouldn't fit him with a larger one unless Master Billy told us to, but now you're seeing to his training, we wouldn't unless we got word from you," Blake assured Bubba.

"Good! I want him to wear the same plug for a while longer; then, when I'm ready for him to take the larger plug, his master will insert it," Bubba said firmly.

"As you wish, Master Bubba. I think you will make a greater impression on him that way – no pun intended, sir," Blake said and laughed.

"You sure, Cowboy, 'cause it was a pretty good one?" Bubba asked and grinned.

"Cowboy's honor, Master," Blake said holding his cowboy hat over his heart. Bubba laughed at him and patted him on the back as they walked together across the patio. Several slaves greeted Bubba, and he returned their greeting. "Heard you joined Master Billy's co-op, Master Bubba. If there's any truth to it, I'd like to volunteer to work for you," one particularly big cowboy said.

"Me, too, Master Bubba," said another smaller cowboy.     

Suddenly, hands were going up all over the patio from men and women who wanted to come to Bubba's ranch and work for him. Bubba waved his hands up and down for them to cease, "I'm gonna' rely on Ramrod Randy and his man, Rand, to pick my cowboys, but I'll be there to observe. You there, Tiny, is that big-buck beside you your husband?" Bubba asked.

"Naw, Master Bubba, I's big-buck's husband, sir," Tiny replied. Buck grinned and nodded his head agreeing with his mate.

Bubba almost fell on the patio deck laughing, and so did many of the other cowboys. "Of course you are, Tiny! My mistake, Brother. My apologies as well. All I can say is congratulations, Buck, you's one hell of a lucky cowboy to have such a fine looking buckaroo as Tiny for your mate!" Bubba exclaimed. Everyone laughed, applauded his sincerity, and fifty more hands went up wishing to work for the big rancher. "I'll tell Ramrod Randy to put you men to the top of the list," Bubba said and continued on his way to Orville's table.
Orville just finished his supper and was standing as Bubba walked over to him. He fell to his knees and paid homage to Bubba's big boots. "Come to my hungry arms, slave, and show your boy how much you love him," Bubba bellowed for everyone on the patio to hear. Orville jumped up into Bubba's waiting arms, and they engaged in a wet, sloppy buckaroo kiss which left nothing to the imagination regarding the men's mutual carnal lust for each other. The gathered crowd of Irin cowboys and cowgirls went nuts applauding, stomping boots, whistling, and hats being thrown into the air. They continued their kiss until they both ex-seeded. The force was strong within them.

Jack was having one last cup of coffee with his dessert. "What the hell was that all about?" Jack asked, looked up, and listened.

"I think Bubba just done found Orville over to our Irin cowboy's patio off the mess hall," Billy replied and several men laughed. "What you got planned for this e'nin, Brother?" Billy asked Jack.

"I got an unexpected invitation to share a bed with your two grooms, Mace and Picard, Master Billy, but I told them I couldn't accept until I got your permission," Jack said.

"Certainly, you have my permission, Brother. I knew they planned to ask you. I gave them permission. I thought you might find them interesting. From what I've heard, I don't think you will be disappointed, and their grooming techniques are excellent. Tell them their master said to share some of their special herb tea with you, and if you enjoy yourself enough, if you think you might like to spend more time with them, you don't have to ask again," Billy said.

"Thank you, Master Billy, I'll keep that in mind," Jack said.

They were standing next to each other and Billy gave Jack a brotherly pat on his back. Jack flinched and got a look of considerable pain on his face. "Sorry, Brother, I didn't mean to do you no harm," Billy said.

"It t'weren't yore' pat, Master Billy, my back's been tender all afternoon, and it seems to be getting worse," Jack replied and grimaced, "I might have to postpone my tryst with Mace and Picard," he added.

"Take your shirt off, Jack!" Billy said firmly.
Jack didn't hesitate and quickly removed his shirt. Billy took it and handed it to Brute. He turned Jack around. Jack heard Brute laugh, and the other cowboys joined him. "You will definitely have to cancel your meeting with Mace and Picard, Brother. You'll be in bed for the next twelve hours," Billy said.

"Why, what's going on? What's happening to me?" Jack asked.

"You're beginning the first stages of fledging. It would seem Bubba accidentally gave you a bit more than just a physical remake, Brother. You's about to grow a set of wings," Billy declared. The cowboys applauded Jack and congratulated him. "Brute, you feel up to being Master Jack's midwife for another cowboy-angel burffin'?" Billy asked.

"Absolutely, Master Billy. Aside from being a pleasure, it would be an great honor, sir. I will have a quiver-full," Brute replied.
"You want me to notify Bubba, Jack?" Billy asked.

"I'll leave that up to you, Master Billy, but he's the one what got me pregnant," Jack replied, and the cowboys laughed.

"Boomer, go to Orville's keeper, Blake, and tell him Bubba's big brother has need of him," Billy said.

Boomer did as instructed and Blake went off to the old barn. Bubba and Orville just got through cleaning each other from their ejaculation on the patio, when they heard Blake call up into the loft, "Master Bubba, sorry to bother you, but I just received a message from Master Billy, sir," he hollered.

Bubba zipped his Wranglers and walked to the edge of the loft. "What's the message, Son?" Bubba asked.

"You're big bother, Jack, is beginning to fledge, sir," Blake replied.

"Holy shit! I must have really zapped him hard. Billy warned me about it, but I forgot to say anything to Jack. Please tell them I'll be right there as soon as I return my pa to his handlers," Bubba said.

"Be happy to, Master Bubba, you want me to return to give you a hand, sir?" Blake asked.

"That would be nice of you, Blake. I'm afraid I'll have to postpone my evening with my dad and you men for another evening," Bubba replied.

"I'll be right back, sir," Blake said and was away to the big house.

Bubba returned to Orville, "Sorry, Dad, I planned to spend the evening with you, but I got other responsibilities what I weren't count'n on. I'm accidentally responsible for Jack's change. I'll explain it to you later. In the meantime, let's get you back together, and I'll leave you with Blake when he returns," Bubba said and apologized.

"Ain't no need for apologies, Son. I think I dumped enough gizz to keep me drained for a while. I ain't never met nobody what could hold such power over me, Bubba. Go, see to your bother, we'll have lots of time together. I won't worry. I know our bond is strong," Orville said.    

Bubba kissed him again more tenderly than passionately. "You won't be able to keep me away, Pops. We got us a bigger date coming up, and I plan to see it's a triumph for bowfus," Bubba said quietly.

Blake returned, Bubba turned Orville over to him, said goodbye to both men, and headed for the big house. Billy and his cowboy-angel posse took Jack and Brute to the same room Bubba used to fledge. Bubba entered the room and saw Jack with his shirt off. Jack saw him, grinned, and winked at Billy. "You bastard! You done went and knocked me up without a kiss or a stiff cock up my butt!" Jack exclaimed.

Bubba got a terrible look on his face and everyone broke up laughing at him.

"Forget Ramrod Rutherford! I think it's time you took Bubba aside, Master Bull, and learn't him about them birds and bees!" Billy declared and got more laughs from his gathering of cowboys.

"How was I to know? They told me you couldn't get pregnant the first time anyway," Bubba said. The cowboys were having a good time. "Besides, I thought it was twenty-four hours after one angel knocks up another before he fledges," Bubba added.

"It's been twenty-four hours, Bubba. If you enhanced Jack around noon yesterday, he's been due for several hours now. He's late, but times vary," Billy responded.  

"Is that my beloved beast you got in bed wiff' you?" Bubba asked.

"It is, and you can't have him back until I get through this ordeal. He promised me his sweet milk and to sing me songs of comfort. What more could a man need what's about to metamorphosize into a cowboy-angel?" Jack asked.

"A faithful brother to sit by his bed, hold his hand, and wipe his fevered brow?" Bubba asked in reply.

"I'm gonna' have fever?" Jack asked.

"No, it's just an expression, Brother," Bubba replied and laughed.

"Well, you might experience a slight rise in body temperature from your system working overtime to grow you a massive set of wings; however, after you drink enough of Brute's sweet milk, you'll sleep through most of it. If you wake up, suck some more watcher tit until you get sleepy again," Billy explained.

"Will you check in on me from time to time, Master Billy?" Jack asked.

"Of course, we'll all be in and out every thirty minutes or so. Grandma's an old hand a burffin' angels, and I'll just bet Aunt Helen will be happy to to sit with you," Billy said.

"Look, I don't see no need for you to take time away from your plans with your pa, Bubba. You done showed me your concern, but I think I'm covered here. You might check in on me before you leave if you're going back to the ranch tonight," Jack said.

"I ain't. I'm staying over. Aunt Helen don't sleep a 'tall. She'll be perfect for sitting in here with you. I can't spend the night with ma' dad, but after he retires for the night, I got me some other business to attend to. I'll be in and out all night to check on you, Brother. I remember when I went through it, I just wanted to be left alone wiff' my handsome beastie. Just remember, big Brother, greater love hath no cowboy-angel than him what shares his beloved beastie with another," Bubba said and made the sign of the cross over Jack. Jack laughed, so did the other cowboys and Brute, too.

"You don't get off that easy, Bubba," Billy said.

"Where's the burffin' certificate? I'll sign it. It's gotta' be a big document to get Jack's footprint on it," Bubba said. Everyone laughed.

"No, I mean you need to learn to set his wings free from his body in case you're by yourself and have to take care of another fledging. You remember how you passed out from the pain?" Billy asked.

"I do, but I's passed out when you cut me. I don't remember none of it," Bubba replied,"After what I done to my brother by accident I don't know's I can do it, Master Billy," Bubba said and winced.

"Yes, you can. Rory, Cal, Randy – take Bubba out behind the barn and teach him how to use his cut'n tool," Billy said.

"Yes, sir, Master Billy," they said. Randy took one big hand and Cal took the other, and they followed Rory out the door with Bubba in tow.

"You men sure I got a cut'n tool? I ain't never seen it," Bubba protested.

"You got one, trust us, Master Bubba," Cal said.

The boys took him out behind the barn and showed him their handiwork from when Billy and Nick trained them to help with the Sun Bears mass fledging. Rory found an old piece of barn board, pointed his finger at it and a blue beam of light shot out. He carefully and gracefully burned his name into the board. Randy and Cal did the same with other boards.

"Should I wing up for this, Men?" Bubba asked.

"No, you probably got enough power gathered in you. Too much and the board will burst into flames. We burned several boards before we learned to control it," Rory explained.

They found a board for Bubba. He tried his best but just couldn't get his finger to shoot our a beam of light. "You's try'n too hard, Cowboy," Randy said, "Here, lemme' have your hand, and I'll make it work for you," he said and took Bubba's huge hand in his two smaller ones. Bubba pointed his finger and sure enough a beam shot out and Randy managed to write 'Bubba' in big crude letters. Bubba was impressed.

"I think I can do it, now. Thanks, Randy. Thanks men," he said.

They turned the board over for him and Bubba pointed his finger at it. He used too much power and the whole board burst into flames. Bubba threw it away from him and the boys stomped out the fire with their boots. They were laughing their asses off at their big cowboy brother. "Poor Jack!" Rory decried and the boys fell together laughing even harder.

"Why, you little no-necked monsters, I should turn you over my knee and spank yore' butts," Bubba said and laughed. It only made the boys laugh harder.

"Don't feel bad, Bubba, we done the same damn thing," Cal said and brought him another board, "Put it on your lowest setting and then raise it a little if you think you need more," Cal added.

Bubba tried again and managed to get one letter finished before the board was set on fire again. They got him another and another until he could control an even temperature and make a decent steady burn into the wood. After his last attempt, his professors were pleased with him and told Bubba they would trust him to make their cuts when they fledged.

"When will that happen?" Bubba asked.
"Not until after we go through puberty," Rory replied.

"How will you know?" Bubba asked.

"Our backs will start to hurt," Randy replied.

"Thanks, Men, for teaching this dumb old cowboy how to use his cut'n tool," Bubba said and had a hug and a kiss for each boy. They gladly returned his affection and assured him he was ready to make his first cut.

Bubba returned to the house with the boys and found the cowboys and ladies of the house still gathered in Jack's room. Jack was lying face down in Brute's big hairy arms. Billy pulled down the sheet covering him to display Jack's back for Bubba. The nubs on Jack's back were trying their best to break through the skin but caused a great reddening. "You's just in time, Cowboy," Billy said quietly.

"I don't know if I can do it, Master Billy," Bubba said.

"Yes, you can. I got faith in you, Bubba. Can he do it, Men?" Billy asked his junior posse.

"He done pert-dang good, Master Billy. He's got our seal of approval," Cal replied for them.  

"You created this cowboy-angel, Bubba. Don't never start a job you can't finish, Son," Elmer told him.

"I don't want to hurt ma' brother, Master Billy," Bubba said.

"You wont. I put him in a deep sleep for the moment and plan to leave him that way for several hours," Billy assured him. Billy took his forefinger and lightly traced where Bubba was to make his cuts. He used just enough energy to leave a red mark in Jack's skin. Bubba fired up his cutting tool and with careful control made the necessary cuts. When Jack's nubs popped through, there was quite a bit of blood, but the junior posse was there to clean up the mess with sterilized rags. Bubba instinctively placed his hand near the surface and willed a healing blue ray to emanate from his palm in an even spread. The bleeding stopped and the tissue began to seal itself and grow together around the new nubs.

"See? I knew you could do it. Proud of you, Brother," Billy said and the other cowboys quietly congratulated him. The boys were particularly loving and complimentary to the big cowboy. They were proud of their student. Bubba thanked them profusely with lavish hugs and kisses.

"We got enough folks to watch over Jack. Aunt Helen will be his lady-tigress. Now, go out and join your dad's keepers. They should be starting their evening ablutions with him soon," Billy said. Everyone wished him well.

Bubba went to the slave processing center and found Orville with his four keepers getting ready for their nightly cleaning process. Orville was happy to see Bubba again and inquired about his brother. Bubba stayed through the process, asking questions, and learning from the trainers. He stayed with his pa until it was time for lights-out in the bunkhouse and walked him to the door. They hugged and kissed. Bubba promised he'd have more time the next couple of days to spend with him. Bubba walked back to the house to check on Jack. Everyone moved to the kitchen for an evening cup of hot chocolate. The boys had a busy day and were nodding off to sleep in various cowboy's laps. Only Bubba's Aunt Helen was left with Brute.

"How is he, Aunt Helen?" Bubba asked softly.

"He's fine. He hasn't move a muscle since you did your surgery and healed him, Son. I'm very proud of you, and I know Brad would be," Helen said.

Bubba got a lump in his throat. "It would make me happy to know Uncle Brad was pleased with me," he said.

"Trust me, Bubba, I absorbed enough of Brad Kirkendall's personality to know how much he loved you and how he would have felt about how you're coming along with the Daniels' family. He would be very proud of you," she said.

Bubba gave Aunt Helen a hug and a kiss. He told her he would check back with her in a couple of hours. He left the room and walked to the kitchen. He joined the men for a cup of hot chocolate. "May I have permission to transport to your ship for a while, Captain Nick. I got me some business to attend to – a promise to keep?" he asked Nick.

"Don't see why not? You, Master Billy?" Nick asked his boy.

"No. No problem. I'm sure Thor, Zeus, Gog, Mace, and Picard will be very pleased to see you, Cowboy," Billy replied.

Bubba blushed and the cowboys laughed at him. Clyde and Balthazar said they would transport with him. They were spending the evening together in the castle. They finished their chocolate and flew to the ship. Clyde and Balthazar showed Bubba to Billy Gog Groat's apartment in the castle and bid Bubba goodnight. Bubba knocked, and the door was opened by Gog himself. He didn't wait to invite Bubba inside. He put one huge hand on his shoulder and pulled him inside into an embrace. As big a cowboy as Bubba was, he felt like a little boy in Gog's arms.

"Welcome, Master Bubba," Gog said after a massive hug and a stolen kiss.

"Thank you, Gog. It's a pleasure to be here with you men. I've come to keep a promise to Thor and Zeus, and if you make me the same gift you done give Joe the blue giant, I'd be pleased to pleasure you and provide you with a bit of comfort as well," Bubba said.

"Ah, I love the spirit and spunk of a fearless, can-do buckaroo. It would be my pleasure and a great honor, Master Bubba," Gog said.

The men and halflings greeted Bubba like a long lost brother returning to the fold. Gog granted Bubba's request and was good to his word for them. He even found Mace and Picard irresistible and coupled with them, but he was true to his promise to his surrogate pa. He only had oral sex and politely explained why he wasn't more versatile for the moment. He was saving himself for his dad. The men understood and Bubba invited them to Orville's grand opening the third Sunday in May. Bubba stayed with the men until after midnight. They were relaxed and enjoying each other's company so much they invited him to stay the night, but Bubba explained his big brother Jack was fledging into a cowboy-angel. He felt it was his obligation to get back to the ranch house to check on him. They understood, wished him well with promises to see him the next day, and Bubba transported back to the ranch house.

When Bubba returned, he went in to check on Aunt Helen and Jack. Everything seemed to be going along fine. Jacks wings were growing at an enormous rate. They were almost half grown. It looked like Jack's wings were going to be unique. From the buds of feathers he was going to be the most brightly colored cowboy-angel among Billy's family. He was starting to look more like an Amazon parrot than an angel. Jack would probably hate them and blame Bubba for the colors. He walked over, stroked his beloved beast a couple of times, heard him start to purr, leaned over and kissed him on his forehead. "You are the best of beasts, Brute. I couldn't love you more," he whispered. He watched Brute's eyes open. The big beast smiled and nodded his head he understood. Bubba told Helen he would be in the bedroom next door if she needed him. He left and didn't bother to turn down the bed. He lay across it just to close his eyes for a few minutes and woke up with sunlight pouring through the windows.
* * * * * * *
Bubba woke up to voices next door. He got up and groggily made his way to the other bedroom. The cowboys made way for him. There was Jack, fully fledged and his wings were a riot of bright colors starting with deep purple apex points and from there down the back of each they changed from magenta to red, to bright blues, greens, and finally the tips and outline of his extended wings were a brilliant yellow. Jack looked like one of the parrots – no, he looked like all the parrots, from Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. Jack could have been a parlay (parlez) of parrots by himself.  

Bubba was horrified, but everyone else seemed thrilled with Jack's wings, and most surprisingly, so was Jack. He told Bubba he loved them. Billy gave Jack instructions he was required to wear them for a twenty-four hour period before he could be taught to de-wing. Again Randy reminded Billy about Jack moving about outside without covering his wings might be easily spotted from above. Billy agreed and they gave him a double flat bed-sheet to wear as a cape when he was moving from building to building. Of course, on Captain Nick's ship he wouldn't need it. The boys were quick to give Jack the cognomen of Super Junior Bird Man from his white cape.   

Bubba went to him, took Jack into his huge arms, and kissed him gently on his forehead. "Ya' ain't my big brother no more. I fledged first, so now you's ma' little brother, but did you have to turn out so dang much prettier than me?" Bubba asked and got everyone laughing.

"You's just fine the way you look, big brother. Cowboys ain't suppose to be pretty noways. You's the one what gimme' these prudy wings, big brother. I never cared who was 'big' or 'little' brother between us. I's just happy you think on me as your brother, Bubba," Jack said and the cowboys applauded Jack's sentiment.

Bubba remembered to hug and thank his Aunt Helen for sitting with Jack and Brute. Everyone slowly moved to the kitchen for coffee and breakfast. It was going to be another full day on the Daniels' ranch. The sheriff and his family returned to their ranch for the evening, but were back for breakfast. They left Miranda home with her family. If she had any problems, all she had to do was mentally contact Will or Everett, and they would transport home immediately. The family sat down to a big ranch breakfast and there was much to talk about. Billy asked Ramrod Randy if he and his number one would mind picking out twenty-five Irin cowboy and cowgirl slaves for Bubba's ranch that morning? They assured him it would be no problem.

"I want to be there with you men. I done already picked two," Bubba said and grinned.

"Glad to have your input, Master Bubba," Randy said.

After breakfast the men went to the older barn. The interview tables were still set up and all Randy and Rand had to do was distribute a piece of paper and a pencil to those who thought they might like to work for Master Bubba. He asked them to hold up their hands. Almost every hand went up from the gathered cowboys and cowgirls including Master Billy's four keepers for Orville. Randy noticed right away and asked if they got Master Billy's approval. They assured him they did and Master Billy agreed they could try, but if they were chosen, they wouldn't be let go until they either completed their current assignment or they could find suitable replacements. They still wanted to try and Bubba gave his okay for them to be considered.

Bubba hailed the big buck and his tiny husband, and they came walking up to the cowboys. "Ramrod Randy, these are the men I's telling you about. I don't know their real names yet, but I just called them big buck and tiny. What's you men's real names?" Bubba asked Tiny.

"Those are our names, Master Bubba. We wondered how you knew, except you got 'um backward, sir," said the little one, "I'm 'Buck' and my big husband, here, goes by the name 'Tiny,'" Buck said.

"I knew that! I knew that!" Bubba shouted, "Anyone with half a brain would know it! Unfortunately, I ain't got that much upstairs, Men, so once again, please accept my humble apology," Bubba said, blushed bright red, and doubled over laughing. Everything stopped as everyone laughed at Bubba's second faux pas with the two cowboys. It only endeared the big cowboy to the Irin cowboys more and his family, too. "Oh, fuck, I can't do this!" Bubba wailed, "It's all yorn, Ramrod Randy! Take it from here!" Bubba shouted still laughing. The cowboys in his family were holding each other laughing. They loved theys'selves some Bubba. He was the only cowboy they knew who could find himself knee deep in bullshit and walk away smelling like a rose. Jack liked to have laughed his multi-colored wings off. The Irin cowboys were much taken with Master Jack and his new set of wings.

Randy told Buck and Tiny they were already chosen by Master Bubba, but he still wanted them to complete a paper. They agreed and went off to a table to discuss it and do their thing. Randy carefully told those who wanted to be considered to write or draw anything they wanted on the paper, but not to give a resume' or work history. It could be serious, silly, whimsical, or they could write a very short story or a poem. Poems didn't have to rhyme; anything they felt like putting on the paper.

It took longer for Randy and Rand to go through the larger volume of papers, but they started with the first paper brought to them. Bubba stood before the tables accepting each one and thanked them for applying. Bubba was a little surprised Buck and Tiny were the last to bring their papers, but Randy wasn't. "'The last shall be first,'" Master Bubba, "Ever'body knows that," he added. Bubba turned to his cowboy brothers, shrugged his shoulder, rolled his eyes, and they broke up laughing. When Randy and Rand opened the two papers bound together, they fell together laughing. On Buck's paper was a very clever cartoon drawing of a tiny cowboy in the left-hand corner holding a lasso what traveled all the way across the length of the page and stopped. But when Tiny's page was placed beside it, the lasso continued and ended around the horns of a huge bull with the unmistakable face of the big cowboy and his heart was trying to leap out of his body.

"Your placement, Brother?" Randy asked Rand.

"No contest! Numero uno, Master Randy!" Rand exclaimed.

"Agreed! See, Bubba, don't never underestimate chore' little brother," Randy gigged him.

Bubba took one look at the picture and laughed like his guts were coming out. "That's frick'n priceless! I gotta' have that!" Bubba exclaimed. The rest of the cowboys gathered around and marveled at the cleverness and the depth of statement. It was outrageously funny, but had a strong statement of love which couldn't be denied. Bubba called them back into the barn. "Which one of you men drew this pitcher?" Bubba asked.

"My husband did, Master Bubba," Buck replied.

"But...! Yesterday you done told me you was Tiny's husband!" Bubba exclaimed.

"Yes, sir, I was, but that was yesterday. Today's Tiny's turn to be 'my' husband," Buck replied.

Billy's family roared with laughter. They could see the frustration on poor Bubba's face. Randy and Rand were holding each other laughing.

"Not this time, Cowboys! I knew it! I swear to you, I knew it!" Bubba lied through his teeth only to get laughed at more. "Ah, hell, we may never get much done, but with you two on-board, I got me a feeling there won't never be a dull moment around my ranch!" Bubba exclaimed and broke up laughing again. "Congratulations, Men, you two were the first pick of Ramrod Randy and his Foreman, Rand Snoddy," Bubba went to them, gave each man a hug and a kiss. They returned his affection in kind, shook his hand like an old water pump what needed priming and thanked him.  Bubba's twenty-five Irin cowboys were chosen and among them were Orville's four keepers. Their twenty-five names were called, and they came forward. Bubba was given their papers so he would know who to gather when his exodus of cowboys from the Daniels' ranch to his took place. He got around to meeting everyone and was convinced Randy and Rand picked twenty-five winners.

* * * * * * *
After lunch the cowboys gathered in the slave processing room and Crunch was brought in. Everyone could tell he was in the final stages of going into rut because of his dark coloring. Oatie explained they only had to take some tests. Most of the tests he could be awake for, but one he would put Crunch into a deep sleep to test his normal heart rate while in a state of complete rest. Crunch agreed and the tests were done. After Oatie put him into a deep sleep, he turned him over to Billy.

"Willie, can you hear me? Ain't nothing to be afraid of, Crunch is in a deep sleep. Speak to me if you can hear me," Billy said.

"I can hear you, Master Billy," a small voice replied.

Billy patiently told Willie what Joe told them about Crunch and him. "Are the things your brother told me true, Willie?" Billy asked.

"Yes, sir, Master Billy. Crunch treats us both terribly. He dominates me completely, and I rarely get to speak with my big brother. We're never allowed to share love with each other. Crunch don't know Joe's my blood brother. He thinks we were adopted by Joe's dad. He knows he's a hybrid bastard, but he don't know about me and Joe being brothers. Everything my brother told you is true. Orks don't go through puberty until they're about twenty years of age. Crunch has never been able to relate to his own kind, so he hasn't handled his transition into a mature Ork well. He makes it up as he goes along, and he will no longer listen to our older brother. I pity Crunch because he's so alone in the world, but he's managed to alienate those who love him or anyone who tries to tell him different from how he sees life. He's not only become oppressive, he's become dangerous. I fear for my brother's life, Master Billy.

"I hope it doesn't come to that, but I assure you, we've taken precautions to make sure nothing like that happens to Joe. I can't tell you much in case Crunch has some power over you to force you to tell him everything. I know the next couple of days may be hard on you, but hang in there. A better day is coming soon," Billy said to encouraged Willie without giving him too much.

"Thanks, Master Billy. Tell Joe I love him, and I wish things were different," Willie said.

"I promise, I will, Willie. Now we must wake up Crunch," Billy tried to reassured Willie and turned Crunch over to Oatie. He woke the big Ork, removed the electrodes from his chest, arms, and thighs, ripped a paper readout from a portable heart monitor, attached it to Crunch's medical record, and told him to sit up, the exam was over. Oatie placed his hand on Crunch's shoulder, told him he was good to go and sent him off to the arena accompanied by Clyde and Balthazar to escort him to lock-down.

After Crunch was stripped naked, he walked into the arena and the huge doors were closed behind him. Clyde and Balthazar gathered Joe and transported him to the slave processing room at the ranch. Waiting for him was Billy's family and Doctor Oatie. His eight morphed Orks were also waiting for him. Without much more than a welcome he started in on the first Ork's cock to suck his strength giving gizz from him. He knew the way the Ork responded it was Master Billy. And on down the line Joe moved from one to the other, seeming to gain more strength until the last was his giant brother. Gog managed to produce three times the gizz than the others, and for that, Joe was grateful. Every bit helped and might mean the difference between winning or losing. When he was finished, like the day before, Billy gave him his toothbrush and a cup of mouthwash. When he returned from the lavatory, Oatie took his blood pressure and determined Joe was in great condition.

"Did Crunch seem suspicious of your time with us yesterday?" Billy asked.

"No more than usual, Master Billy. He's paranoid or suspicious about everything. I don't pay much attention to his tirades anymore, sir. Did you get a chance to speak with my little brother?" Joe asked.

"Yes, but we didn't talk long. I didn't want to give him too much information, but I'm satisfied you and Willie are telling the truth about Crunch. I tried to reassure him as best I could without revealing our hand," Billy replied.

"Good. I'm glad you got a chance to talk with him. Thanks for what you done for me yesterday and today. I ain't felt this good in a long while. I'm ready, Master Billy. I can do this," Joe said with confidence.

"Remember, everyone in this room is pulling for you, Joe, and if it gets too bad, I'll call a halt to it. I won't have either of you hurt beyond repair," Billy said. They hugged and kissed each other. Joe humbly thanked his Ork gizz donors, Clyde and Balthazar transported him back to Captain Nick's ship, escorted the giant to the arena, opened the door after he stripped naked, allowed him to walk inside, and closed the doors behind him. The last 'close-skillet' smack-down on Captain Nick's ship was about to begin. As was the custom, when the contestants entered the arena, they entered as equals. The minute the doors closed behind Joe, he was no longer Crunch's slave. The stands were filled with people from the village and the judges were in place in their box high above the rest of the stadium seats. Very few of Master Billy's family were there, except for Thor, Zeus, Gog, Mace, and Picard. Also sitting with them were Judge LaFleur and his son Wesley. Practically everyone in the stadium was naked except for the old Judge and his son.

"Should we take off our clothes, Dad," Wesley asked.

"When in Rome --" the old judge replied and began to remove his shirt. He was surprised, his son couldn't get his clothes off fast enough. They folded their clothes and carefully put them in their backpacks; except for their boots. They wore their boots. When Crunch walked into the arena there were a few who applauded but most were apathetic toward the huge Ork. When Joe walked in a little later, everyone stood and applauded, stomped their feet, and whistled. Joe was their hero and they were hoping for the best for him. The heavy money was on Joe to win – not because they knew anything, but because they knew how tired Joe was of Crunch's excessive dominance and cruelty. Joe was their favorite giant, and they let him know. Joe held up his hands to them like the strong giant he was, and the more he acknowledged their love, the more they cheered for their hero.

Crunch didn't like it a bit. In his small mind he reasoned he must put Joe down from the very beginning and keep him subjugated for the entire weekend. He got up from where he was sitting against the wall, and with both fists clenched, he stomped toward Joe with his heavy upper torso leaning forward. Crunch had a mean look of jealously and vengeance in his eyes, and Joe knew the battle was about to engage. He pretended to ignore Crunch's advance, acting like he didn't see the big Ork coming, but the crowd saw what was about to happen and yelled for him to beware. The judge and Wesley were on their feet yelling with excitement along with the others. At the last minute, Crunch drew back his fist to plant a hay-maker on Joe's jaw and knock him out. Instead, Joe dropped to the ground and rolled under Crunch's feet. The big Ork was already leaning forward, lost his balance, and fell ass-over-teakettle over Joe. Joe jumped up quickly. He was on top of Crunch in a second, and with two swift blows to Crunch's jaw turned off his lights. Crunch was knocked out cold. The crowd was going wild, yelling and clapping for their hero who made the first take-down.

Joe didn't waste any time, raised Crunch's legs over his shoulders, spit on his hand to lubricate his giant cock and slammed it home to the hilt up Crunch's ass hard. Joe was horny as hell from his massive infusion of Ork gizz from Billy and his family. Crunch came to, only to find his mate fucking his ass like he was trying to plow a rocky field with a team of unruly oxen. Rules for the smack-down were, once an opponent was mounted he must submit until his opponent reached climax within him. If he tried to push him away or escape being fucked, he immediately lost the entire smack-down. The judges would call a halt to the fighting and the dominant male doing the fucking would be named winner. As it was, Joe racked up some major points with his first take-down and successful penetration within the first hour of the 'close-skillet' competition.

It had been a year since Joe fucked Crunch. Crunch always insisted on being on top and in control. Now, Joe was in the saddle and fucking Crunch with the same mean brutality he made Joe put up with for a year. However, Joe was surprised Crunch wasn't responding like he thought he might. He was actually enjoying Joe's vicious fucking. He began to give himself away from the moans and groans of pleasure he was experiencing riding Joe's considerable cock. Wesley tried to hide his erection from his dad, but his old man didn't care. He was having a great time watching the two huge giants go at it. Wesley decided what-the-hell, and didn't bother covering himself anymore. The funny thing was, he never felt closer to his old man than he did at that moment, and he wasn't the least turned off by the big giant fucking the huge Ork. Wesley rationalized, it was part of the dominance of battle, and he began to understand, it was the same with pro-wrestling he loved to watch. They just didn't fuck each other; at least, not in the ring. He was convinced what he was watching was closer to gladiatorial competitions than pro-wrestling. Wesley thought to himself he was born into the wrong century. He found what he was watching was more real and exciting than any pro match he every watched.

Word quickly got back to Billy and his family. Everyone packed into the slave processing area where Billy installed a huge screen for reviewing videos of just such a nature. He called up a replay from the ship's main computer and everyone watched Joe's first take-down and cheered for him. From there on, the weekend was almost totally consumed by the smack-down; except for the evenings. Billy's family gathered to watch Joe and Crunch go at it again, back and forth, for several hours until they mutually agree to retreat to their small resting place. There they were offered food, drink, and were tended to by four grooms each. It was well into the night before they agreed to knock off their engagement.

Billy allowed many of the Irin cowboys to attend the smack-down. He also allowed many cattle to morph and had his men transport them to the arena on the ship to enjoy themselves. Food and treats were everywhere. You never had to leave your seat. Every few minutes a vendor with a cart of food or treats would slowly walk by and provide the spectators anything their hearts desired – at no charge. The people of the village provided it all. They saw it as their honor to have so many visitors for the annual smack-down, they thought it was their responsibility as good hosts to provide for their guests.

The ladies watched it on live video stream from the ship to the ranch house as they sat and had tea. A few ventured to the stadium for a while but didn't stay long. They decided it was a sport best left to the men. They found it too brutal and savage. While there was some blood, this smack-down didn't seem to be as vicious as it was in years past. The boys commented on it several times. The village folk agreed. Bubba and Jack were hooked. Jack sat on one side of the big cowboy and Orville sat on the other. Orville was thrilled Bubba included him in such an exciting and interesting time. From all the fighting and fucking going on down in the arena made Orville begin to rethink his previously narrow minded views on sexuality and it's overall influence on mankind and other races as well. His own position started him in that direction, the smack-down he was witnessing only confirmed some his own musings about the matter.

Of course, Thor, Zeus, and their immediate family of Gog, Mace, and Picard were there for hours every day. They were cheering for their favorite. Rory, Calhoun, and Randy were there for most of the smack-down and were rooting for the gentle blue giant.

Joe scored the first smack-down and penetration, then two more early Saturday morning. Each time he fucked Crunch until the giant Ork couldn't hold it any longer and screamed in ecstasy and defeat as he shot his load high into the air for everyone to see his shame at being forced to respond to his opponent. Joe was three successful smack-downs to Crunch's zero, but later in the afternoon, through brute force Crunch gained the upper hand on Joe and managed to roughly penetrate him. Once penetrated Joe knew he must submit to Crunch's fuck. The first one was brutal and left Joe drained and humiliated. Crunch gave him just enough to insure Joe ejaculated to make a grand show for the audience and the judges. The second smack-down, later that afternoon, was another score for Crunch and he fucked Joe like he knew how Joe like to get fucked.

Joe taught Crunch from the time he was a young man, when he asked Joe to have sex with him, how to fuck him the way he liked. He knew he couldn't check his climax. Over the years when sex with Crunch was good, it was very good, but when he was bad it was god-awful. He wondered if Crunch was fucking him to send a message how good it could be with him if Joe only gave in to the giant Ork and became his slave for life. Then it suddenly dawned on Joe, and he realized what Crunch was up to. Crunch went one step further in his deceit and forced Joe's little brother take over the fucking to make sweet love to him. Joe thought it was underhanded, deceitful, and cheating, but how would he convince a judge? Joe couldn't help but relax and take in the love he was feeling from his little brother through Crunch. To fuck your partner to climax was a take-down, but to fuck him to force his ejaculation was extra points from the judges. Crunch gained two clean smack-downs with extra points, but Joe was still one up on him.

By the end of Saturday, Joe was looking tired and weary, but he managed to stay on top of Crunch the great majority of times when they were head to head sparing. He was more skilled and more clever than Crunch, and it showed in some of his subtle, last minute role reversal take-downs. Joe was racking up extra points from the judges, but Saturday afternoon he was looking tired and haggard. Many commented on it. Folks were getting worried.

"Not to worry," said Rory to everyone around them, and his younger brothers agree. "We reviewed the past five years of smack-down videos, and it's a subtle ploy Joe uses to put Crunch's rage off-guard. He wants Crunch to think he's being worn down, but if you notice, at just the right moment, Joe  seems to have a burst of energy and bests Crunch most of the time," Rory explained, and his little brothers agreed. Wesley experienced the same ploy with professional wrestlers. He agreed with the boys and told his dad.

"Enjoying yourself, Son?" the old judge asked his boy.

"More than you know, Dad," Wesley replied.

"I think I got me some idea," LaFleur senior said and smiled.

The giants battled back and forth into the evening until they were both exhausted. The judges blew a trumpet-like horn which signaled a rest period for the night, and there would be no more sparing allowed until they blew it again early the next morning to continue. Crunch retired to his cubical on his end of the arena, and Joe went to his on the other. After the giants relieved themselves, their grooms went to work cleaning them from top to bottom, brought them food, and provided them with massages and rubdowns with healing and lightly fragrant unguents. Their beds were fresh straw-stuffed mattresses with large goose down pillows which were like sleeping on a cloud. Crunch ate hardy, but Joe ate sparingly. He didn't want to feel full and bloated the next morning to slow him down.

Most of Billy's family stayed and partied on the ship until late and took rooms in the castle. The boys stayed together with Tom McMartin. Judge LaFleur and his son took a room together. Wesley decided to leave his boy at home with his mother. He cried and begged to be included, but Wesley thought the brutality of the combat might be a little too much for him.

The next morning Joe felt more refreshed than he did in a long time. It was like the previous day never happened. He was glad he ate sparingly. He consumed just enough calories to feel energized and ready. Joe was in good spirits after a good night's rest dreaming about the sweet fuck he shared with his little brother. It was almost worth the loss of one smack-down. The blue giant and the dark olive-drab Ork giant went right to their sparing. Crunch wasn't fully awake and his body was still struggling to digest the huge amount of food he ate. It slowed him down and made him uncharacteristically clumsy. He was moving about like Randy remembered Zombies might walk.

Joe saw it as an opportunity and before Crunch could shake himself out of his morning stupor, Joe nailed his ass for one of the sweetest smack-downs and enthusiastic fucks of the 'close-skillet' competition. Crunch was once again forced to give into his opponent but tried like hell to keep him from getting the extra points. He was determined Joe would not make him ejaculate, but Joe was just as determined and knew all Crunch's weak spots. Once Crunch threw back his head and roared, Joe knew he was close and fucked him until Crunch's eyeballs spun in opposite directions. Then he erupted like Popocatepetl on a good day in May. Joe gained the extra points and full credit for the smack-down.  

Crunch came back strong. Joe slipped, made a stupid mistake and found himself fully impaled on Crunch's cock. This time Crunch fucked Joe, it was to punish him, and he was brutal. Try as he may, he couldn't get Joe to shoot his load. He viciously fucked Joe until the judges blew the horn which signaled Crunch failed to get the extra points. They were still in the same place with Joe being one up on Crunch, and the Ork lost valuable points by not pleasuring his opponent enough to make him come.

The battle became more fierce and blood began to flow. Joe bashed Crunch's nose until he was bleeding from both nares. Crunch lost points by almost biting Joe's ear off. The battle raged on until it was Crunch's turn to make a stupid mistake of the first magnitude. Joe quickly jumped on top of the situation, slammed his huge cock into the Ork so hard, it knocked the wind out of him. Crunch groaned like a deer in the throes of death. Joe didn't return Crunch's vicious fucking, and fucked his opponent with all the love and consideration he might any person with whom he was sharing sex. Crunch hated Joe for it, yet he couldn't help be seduced by his big brother's attentions. Crunch knew it was not to his benefit to enjoy it, but he couldn't help himself -- Joe was that good.

Crunch did another huge ejaculation shooting his load six feet into the air and three feet over his head. The judges were so impressed by Joe's finesse to Crunch's failed brutality, they awarded Joe double extra points – and the crowd went wild. It was late in the afternoon and the horn blew. It was the final horn for the smack-down. The judges announced there wasn't enough time left on the clock for another smack-down, and they were calling the contest a win for the blue giant Joe. People were jumping up and down in the stands, yelling and screaming Joe's name, blowing him kisses, much applause, whistles, stomping of boots, and general mayhem. Their beloved giant came into the 'close-skillet' an underdog and was leaving a winner as their personal hero.

Crunch was stunned. He never expected to lose and the anger built within him. He got it in his head the judges were partial, and if they just let the contest go a while longer he was sure he would have been able to score the two smack-downs needed and won on extra points; however, he wasn't keeping close track of scores. Joe out scored him as well as two smack-downs more than Crunch. There was no way Crunch could have pulled it off in less than forty-five minutes – unless he stood in the middle of the arena and jacked-off. The judges weren't being partial. They judged honestly and fairly. It didn't matter to Crunch. An angry Ork can't be reasoned with.

Crunch just couldn't accept the fact he lost and the idea of becoming Joe's slave for another year was an anathema to him. Having Joe for a master was like having a Harvey Milquetoast for a master. Crunch yearned for a real master who would be strong, firm, and brutally demanding; a master who wouldn't let him get by with the slightest infringement or Crunch would be severely reprimanded and harshly punished. Crunch's brutality and cruelty to Joe, when he was the blue giant's master, was a psychological projection of how he longed to be treated, but it wasn't something for which he could ask of another. It was a dream that must happen for him and not something he could engineer.          

The audience continued to cheer and call out Joe's name. The big blue giant staggered to the center of the arena, fell to his knees, and sobbed in his hands. He was so relieved he won. He raised his hands to the good people, his friends, his neighbors, and close extended family to acknowledge their love and support. He raise his fist, lowered his other hand, and shouted, "Hosanna!" The audience, every man, woman, and young person responded by raising their fist in salute to their hero and shouted in reply, "Hosanna, in the highest!" they shouted in a thundering roar.

A dwarf vendor was cutting up the new fruit from Earth the village folks fell in love with and couldn't get enough: pineapple. He had a huge awesome looking blade – sort of a cross between a scimitar back-sword and a machete – he was using the heavy blade to lop off the tops, skin the fruit, core it, and cut it up into delectably small tasty bite-size pieces. It was very sharp, and he was a master at his art. He made a great production of preparing a large pineapple for his audience and passing it to them. In the excitement of the moment, he bumped his cart, and the large sharp sword fell off and over the side of the arena wall to land in front of Crunch. He looked at it for only a moment and saw it as a sign, a gift from some unknown god to rid himself of his conflict with Joe. He saw visions of dying as a heroic Ork warrior being led into battle by his strict, demanding, uncompromising Ork master whom he took a sacred oath to protect with his own life. He picked it up, raised it in both hands, and ran full-out to plunge the sharp gleaming sword into Joe's naked torso who was still kneeling with his back turned to Crunch. The audience yelled and screamed for Joe to look behind him, but it was too late.

End of Chapter 46 ~ Him Who Made The Seven Stars
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