Him Who Made The Seven Stars
By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 47

"Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming on you. Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days. Look! The wages you failed to pay the workers who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty." ~ James 5:1-4

No one would ever suspect a giant could move so fast. They're usually thought of in terms of slow lumbering creatures. Billy Gog Groats made a running leap from the third tear of the arena and launched himself feet first over the edge like a genuine super-hero. The brief moment he was airborne he looked like a projectile from a great cannon. His speed, aim, and trajectory were perfect. His big booted feet landed squarely in Crunch's massive green chest and knocked him backward about fifteen feet from impact, but it didn't loosen his death grip on the sword. Gog covered Joe's body with his own to protect him and morphed into a huge exoskeletal critter called an Ictothyloathian which looked like a large geodesic dome. It was hollow underneath to protect the young of their species from predators. After their eggs hatched, the young didn't develop an exoskeleton protective covering for several years.

"Do not move, Brother!" Gog warned Joe.

Joe didn't know what the fuck was going on, but he recognized Gog's voice and heeded his command. Crunch quickly recovered and brought the blade down on the solid bone covering. It made a loud 'clank' sound but it did no harm to the surface. He raised it again to bring it down harder when about twenty feet away Archie and Edith flew into the arena, pointed their small hands at him, and zapped the giant Ork in a crossfire. Crunch screamed in anger, rage, and pain. As he fell over backward from the massive jolt of bio-electrical energy, he let loose of the great sword, and it went flying high into the air slowly twirling like a drum-major's baton.

Like a precision act out of Cirque du Soleil, Archie flew up and caught the sword by the handle in mid-air and flew it back to the dwarf vendor to whom it belonged. In the meantime, Edith shot a length of Psyche manufactured bio-roping from her small body which instantly stuck to Crunch's back. She quickly started circling him, binding his arms to his waist. She kept circling him like she did Orville producing more of her incredibly strong webbing-fiber to secure Crunch and render him harmless. Archie flew to her aid and did the same around Crunch's legs until the giant green Ork could not move either of his appendages. He was completely immobilized and fell over in a seething rage.

Even as he lay helpless on the ground, he struggled, screamed in anger and frustration, shouting all manner of vile, filthy things, and accusing everyone of being prejudice; the judges were against him from the start and carefully planned for his defeat. He called them Orkian racists and conspirators. When he began to foam at the mouth, Billy figured he'd had about enough of Crunch for one weekend. He walked over, placed his hand on Crunch's struggling head and put him into a deep sleep. It was like turning off Flush Rimjob at the height of one of his most disgusting tirades. The silence was far more rewarding and soul sustaining than listening to hate-filled egocentric lies and garbage.  

Billy walked over and rapped his knuckles on the bone-igloo carapace covering Joe. "Crunch is secure, Gog. You can let Joe come out now," Billy said.

"Aww, do I have to?" Gog replied like a little kid, and Billy laughed.

"Yes, I need to see to his ear before it falls off, and we need to get him cleaned up. You were wonderful, Gog. You saved your brother's life, and you have found favor in your master's eyes," Billy said sincerely.

"Do I get a hug?" Gog asked teasing Billy.

"That and much more. How's about a big wet sloppy buckaroo kiss from your grateful master, and each one of his junior buckaroos," Billy replied.

"Now you're talk'n!" Gog said, morphed back into himself, and gently helped his brother unfold from his close protection. The audience in the stands went nuts applauding and cheering for Gog, Joe, Billy, Archie, and Edith. It was an exciting ending to the 'close-skillet' smack-down wars which would be talked about and the videos watched in detail by historians and trivia-geeks for centuries. Billy's family were in awe. They knew there would be interesting things happen when they joined the Daniels' greater family alliance, but they never imagined just how spectacular and exciting a ride it might be.

Pete Breedlove was in tears from the highly emotional outcome of the smack-down and had to be comforted by his old man. Bulls are good about that sort of thing. They just seem to have a second sense when one of their herd needs a little unconditional love. In one weekend, Pete experienced the most amazing and wonderful things he could ever imagine. He wondered how he would be able to go back to his quotidian eight to five workday life at the feedlot and stockyard. Somehow, he knew he was shown all this and given a second chance by his family for a reason. He rededicated himself to rise above what he was and become something greater than he ever imagined himself capable. He began to look on the weekend as a road-map for his future.

Judge LaFleur and his son drove home after spending another hour or so watching Master Billy repair the huge blue giant and Joe being bathed and pampered by both groom teams. They paid their respects to everyone but saved their most lavish thanks and praise for Joe, Gog, and Master Billy. They couldn't express how grateful they were for being included for the weekend. It was an experience they would remember for many years.

The village folks approached Joe like he was their personal saint. He was one of them. They couldn't do enough for him and touched him with reverence and feelings of great affection for their big hero. They were also very much taken with Joe's savior, Billy Gog. Thor and Zeus were equally taken with everything they observed and were more proud than ever of their close friendship with Billy Gog. Not only were they proud to be a part of Master Billy's family, but they were also bursting with pride for their intimate family member and couldn't love him more. They told Gog later, they always knew he would one day aspire to greatness, and now, they were more sure than ever. The village folks brought the two giants and Master Billy's family food and drink. They were in awe of everything they saw that day and would pass the legend down to their great-grandchildren.

While they were still in the arena, a great flash of light occurred in the center and a large blue watery-looking door sprang up. Through it walked two handsome angels. They were completely naked except for a fine looking pair of buckaroo boots and a massive harness for their upper bodies. The village folks were stunned and fell to their knees in awe. The angels smiled and made motions with their hands for them to stand. They recognized Billy taking care of Joe, approached him and his family, and bowed deeply. "Hosanna, Master Billy," the larger of the two said.

"Hosanna, in the highest," Billy returned their greeting, and returned their bow.

"I am Garth-el, and this is my ambassadorial equal Macker-el. Just call us Garth and Mack -- it will be fine with us. We're here on a joint mission. I represent the Grigori and my partner represents the Irin. We've come to relieve you of your problem, or burden if you will, of the Ork hybrid you call Crunch. You asked for a universal consensus regarding how most think you should handle the situation. While I can see it's probably a moot question for the moment, I'll ask anyway. Have you had time to ask your staff for the latest universal polls?" he asked.

"Naw, sir, we been busy. I don't think my staff has had time to check. For lack of a better term, we just been wing'n it," Billy said and a handful of his posse laughed at Billy's pun. The bigger angel, Mack, laughed.

"Hesh up, Mack," Garth reprimanded the larger angel, "We're here on official business," he admonished his partner.

"Sorry, Garth," the big one replied and made an attempt to sober himself.

"You come to the wrong place, Ambassador-Angel Garth, if you got some'um against laughter," Master Bull leveled his aim and fired. Every cowboy including Billy and Garth's fellow angel, Mack, broke up laughing.

"Mack! Please," Garth said to his partner like he was trying desperately to be serious and maintain some semblance of decorum. It was too late. Poor Mack was already mounted-up and riding with the cowboys laughing his fine looking ass off.

"Ah, c'moan Garth. Lighten up, Brother. These men just been through a terrible traumatic episode in their lives. Granted it worked out for the best, but the way they keep from letting it get the better of them is to maintain a sense of humor in the face of a near disaster. Fortunately, these men know how to enjoy life and have a little fun while doing it. We could learn a lot from them," Macker-el said.

"Spoken like a true cowboy, sir," Elmer said and patted Mack on his shoulder.

"Thank you, Master Bull. I'll take that as a compliment. Coming from you, I consider it an honor, sir," Mack said. It was obvious the big men bonded in their brief exchange.

"I got me a feeling you's gonna' tell me what them polls say," Billy said to Garth.

"Well yes, sir, if you like," Garth replied.

"No! Don't tell me! I don't wanna' know right now. I don't want them polls interrupting my train of thought nor any of my family's thoughts before I get a chance to sit in heap-big pow-wow wiff' my chiefs. We hold sacred sweat-bath with magic herbs to reveal the wisdom of the universe to us. It will tell us what to do," Billy said in broken pidgin English trying to sound like an Indian. "My main scout, Tonto -- which means big-dicked-dude-with-many-rings -- him got big sweat-lodge," he added and grinned at Nick. Billy's cowboys were trying their best not to laugh.

"But several of the men have the same rings. Which one is Tonto?" Garth asked and waded into deeper water.

"That's right. They's all got rings. They's all Tontos," Billy said, "Tonto one, Tonto two, Black Tonto, and the big one we just call Tonto Bull for obvious reasons," Billy said.

"They each have exceptionally large penises. Does 'Tonto' mean big-penis?" Garth asked naively.

"Exactly, Kemosabe," Billy replied

"And what does Kemosabe mean?" he asked.

"Much smaller penis with no pretty ring," Billy said. That did it. Billy's family couldn't hold it any longer, and they fell together laughing at Billy's nonsense. Tron and Nathan laughed the hardest.

"Garth have you ever heard the term 'pulling-your-leg'?" Mack asked.

"No, is it a colloquialism?" Garth asked.

"Have you ever been around cowboys before?" Mack asked and grinned.

"No. I never heard the word 'cowboy' before this assignment," Garth replied.

"You poor angel. In the name of some unknown god, I pity you, my Brother. These men will eat you alive and pick their teeth with your bones!" Mack declared.

"Naw, won't happen, Mack!" Billy exclaimed, "Kemosabes ain't got big enough bones. A cowboy's gotta' be careful when they eat one. Them tiny bones will stick in your throat," Billy said and laughed.

Everyone was laughing at the naive winged-tenderfoot. Mack turned his head from his partner and tried to stifle a laugh by pretending to cough into his fist.

"You have our deepest apologies, A-two Garth, but your partner is right. We been pulling-your-leg and having a little fun at your expense, but our bullshit stops now. A-two Mack is also right about us trying to unravel a bad situation with a little humor. Perhaps, the timing of your arrival is a bit off, certainly unexpected for the moment, and you caught us totally off-guard. We weren't prepared for your sudden appearance, and we're still in a hyper-attenuated state of trying desperately to reduce the amount of excess adrenaline which was automatically dumped into our bodies within the last few minutes by our glandular fight-or-flight systems. While my family responded in nothing less than a super-heroic manner and saved the day, we're still recovering from the shock of the insanely violent actions of our Ork slave. Humor in the face of horror is one of the many ways us humans are able to balance our fears and calm our shattered ego systems which tells us we live on the edge, within a breath of facing our own mortality in an instant by the uncalculated act of a madman; in our case a mad-Ork. Our seeming lack of hospitality is only a shield against further intrusion to our already overloaded information systems with which we're not yet ready to deal. We hope you can find it in your generous heart to forgive us. I promise we will make it up to you and your mate, and show you the hospitality and respect your positions as ambassador-angels for our two supporting races deserve," Billy said.

"I understand, Master Billy. Of course I forgive you. Your explanation was more than adequate to give me a picture of your current mental state after such a shocking afternoon. I was told, and I thought, you would welcome our offer to remove the Ork for you," Garth said somewhat contritely.

"And what would happen to Crunch should I allow you to take him?" Billy asked

"Why, he would be terminated immediately. Such a violent act would demand the ultimate price," Garth replied.

"I can't and won't allow that to happen. It ain't that cut-and-dried, A-two Garth. It just ain't that easy, sir. It's complicated. Come, you and A-two Mack stay with us for a while until we gather ourselves and can more graciously accommodate you. Our nerves are in such disarray, we ain't trustworthy at this moment to make any decision or respond to any questions about polls or the wishes of the Grigori or the Irin. Furthermore, you need to know the extenuating circumstances which created an internal conundrum within our Ork, Crunch, but right now, I neither have the time nor the emotional energy to present you with the facts or go over them with you. I'm physically and emotionally drained, and I know my family is as well. Like a dipstick in a crankcase, I can judge their tolerance level by their nervous laughter. Crunch ain't going no-wheres for the time being. He's our problem, and we will resolve it," Billy tried to assure the fine looking angel, "In the meantime, join us. We plan to have supper, relax, perhaps enjoy a bit of music, then the men of my immediately family will meet and discuss the situation. At that time, we'll be happy to hear any thoughts and input about polls and suggestions from our dedicated sponsors on Retikki Prime and Fort Adam Lear," Billy added.    

Garth and Mack stood together out of the way and watched Billy work with his family and the grooms of the smack-down to repair and restore Joe. Billy was very thorough and gentle with Joe. The angels were impressed by Billy's kindness and loving compassion toward his blue giant slave. They were deeply moved.

"What's he mean by 'A-two Garth'?" Garth asked his partner.

"Ambassador-Angel," Mack replied.

"Of course, it makes sense. Are cowboys always so lazy with their speech patterns?" Garth whispered.

"Yes, but once you get used to the lilt of the lingo, you'll find yourself talking like them even after we return to our worlds. It's like you become infected with Texas or cowboy speak, it wraps itself around your heart, and it becomes a part of you," Mack explained.

"I doubt that," Garth said firmly.

"We'll see," Mack responded and grinned.

* * * * * *
"It's over, Joe, and we couldn't be more proud of you," Billy tried to calm the big blue giant. "I don't want you to be alone for a while. I want you to spend your evening with Billy Gog Groats, my guard bulls, and their groom friends, Mace, and Picard. I want you to report to me in the morning so I can keep tabs on your progress. I want to make sure you're around gentle people you know and love and who love you. I think I'll put you on Manager Jethro's staff for a while to keep you busy and your mind active so's you won't dwell on this weekend," Billy said gently trying to calm and soothe Joe.

"I'd very much like to work for Manager Jethro, sir, but what about Crunch and my little brother, Master Billy?" Joe asked.

"Trust me to do the right thing by you and your brothers. I sent Clyde and Balthazar for an anti-gravity gurney. We'll move Crunch to one of the largest cells in the castle dungeon and release him from his bonds. The cell has it's own patio where he can walk around, get some light, and see people around him at all times. Crunch needs a time-out to think about what he did and calm down. I ain't gonna' make no snap decision about him until I got all the necessary input from my family to make a sane and reasonable assessment of the situation. Right now, tempers are high, and we need a little time to let them abate somewhat," Billy said.

"You already proved your love for me and my little brother, Master Billy. You trusted us, and I will trust you. I know you have our best interest at heart," Joe said.

"Thanks, Joe, I promise, I won't let you down," Billy said.

* * * * * * *
Retikki Prime ~

You're losing our bet, Sweet-nums," the Lord High Chancellor Gregor said to his mate, Albrecht. "I told you our nephew wouldn't go for such a direct intrusion, and if you recall, it was you who granted him a non-interference status for his operation. So far, you were absolutely right to do so. He's passed every task we set before him brilliantly. He's bringing the Irin herd on board his operation faster than we projected he might. He's gaining wisdom by the day and he's learning to delegate power by asking little more than love and familial bonding from his extended family. What Billy and his family accomplished with the 'close-skillet' contest was mind-boggling. It was simple, elegant, and stunningly accomplished. Do you realize how many credits have been allotted to his account since the smack-down was broadcast? It's staggering. If he keeps going at the amazing pace he's shown so far, he will become the most wealthy man on Earth. There has never been a king on Earth, including Midas or the Popes, who has amassed such wealth in such a short period of time, and he's done it with little more than love and compassion for his fellow man," Gregor said.

"Our bet ain't over, Dear-heart," Albrecht said using the language of their beloved nephew, "He still might realize what a boon it might be to rid himself of his Ork problem," he added.

"Would you care to double our wager, my pet?" Gregor asked, "How many times have we watched him pull a rabbit out of a hat when you were sure he might fall apart? He always comes up with something more efficient and elegant than we ever imagined. Mark my word, he will this time, too," Gregor said firmly.

"My reason tells me not to, but my sporting nature says go-for-it. I'll accept your challenge, Husband, and for all the truth within me, I pray to some unknown god I lose," Albrecht replied and the enormous giant watchers laughed together.

"Why does that young human cause my loins to stir so mightily, my worthy mate?" Gregor asked.

"You've asked me that before, and I've given it considerable thought. I think you identify with him on a paternal level. The thought or wish he might have sprung from your loins is an overwhelming sexual fantasy for you. Since he's come into our lives and is conjoined with our family through our nephew, you have become reborn. We haven't created so many stars together in centuries as we have since Billy Daniels became a member of our family. I'm surprised you haven't ask to impregnate me," Albrecht replied.

"After all these yarrens? For all my fantasies -- and I agree with your assessment of Billy Daniels -- with all the responsibilities of our duties, we wouldn't have time to raise a bairn and do it properly," Gregor said, "Look what we did to our nephew. We sent him off to Earth to grow up in the wilderness with a group of watchers who were little more than hunter-gatherers," Gregor added.

"It's just a thought, my love. Until then, shall we create some more stars? I think they could use several more in the Milky-way," Albrecht said, "It's been a while since we rang our poor lonely little bell beside our bed," he added.

"Since we been watching the Daniels' Show, we've been more regular in our star-making duties, but a few more stars to light up their night sky couldn't hurt none," Gregor said using cowboy-lingo and grinned.

The next morning on Earth the news was atwitter interviewing astronomers who were witnessing three massive new stars being born in our galaxy. Billy smiled to himself. He saw the new stellar babies as good omens. He knew his in-laws approved his actions.
* * * * * * *
Billy and his posse bid farewell to the village people and transported back to the old barn. It was getting late in the afternoon and time for Orville to report back to his keepers. He spent all day with his young master and got to eat some exotic foods the village folks provided for the smack-down. The men materialize in the old barn and clothed themselves. Billy asked Clyde to outfit their angel guests for the evening, and fully clothed, they made handsome cowboys. Buck, Hank, and the ladies prepared a good meal for the men and the visiting angels seemed to enjoy themselves. After the meal was done and the area cleaned up, there was a number of folks who took their leave to return to their homes. Tom, Abigale, and the boys said their goodbyes and left. The boys wanted to stay, but they had to be in school the next day. The Rutherfords took off next, but Randy wanted to stay. Ruth put her foot down and told him since he and Rand were in charge of the hands, he had a job to do, and no cowboy worth the name would shirk his responsibilities. Billy smiled, winked at Ruth, and nodded his approval. She was right. As young as he was, Randy wasn't too young to begin learning responsibility.
Billy decided against music for the evening. He was still coming down from the weekend and was finding it more relaxing just being with his immediate family. The sheriff and his crew paid their respects and left as did Perry Reed and Mick Flynn. Billy asked Elmer, Vox, Oatie, and Jethro to stay for a while longer. They almost didn't get Jethro away from the village folks. He attended the smack-down in his demon persona, and they sat as close to him as they could without intruding on his and Oatie's space. For some reason, Billy's humorous idea of a sweat lodge became more of a reoccurring vision in his mind. He saw Nick look at him and smile. Billy knew he was listening in.

<< We have a sweat-bath area on the ship, Kemosabe, >> Nick sent.

<< Where, Tonto? >> Billy asked.

<< In the dungeon area of the castle. Shall I signal the grooms on our ship to stand ready for us?" >> he asked.

<< Please do. I think it's something we must do, >> Billy replied.

"Hank, Buck, I want you men with us this evening. Buck are you going to have any problems being naked with the rest of the men?" Billy asked.

"Naw, sir, Master Billy. They's family. They know you changed me last week. Maybe sometime you can teach me to change on my own," Buck said.

"I promise, Brother," Billy replied and smiled at Buck, "Cass! You and Poly plan on joining us, too. Boomer, you're with me, Captain Nick, Clyde, and Balthazar this evening. Jack you must stay over another night because we won't be able to teach you to de-wing until tomorrow. Bubba, you and Brute are welcome to join us. Uncle Nathan, Mr. Garrett, Enoch, and Moss, I need you to join us, if you will. I know tomorrow is a work day for Oatie, Jethro, and Pete, but it's still early evening. We can break up our gathering early enough so you men can get some rest. I may need you men as well as Master Bull and Vox, and of course our guests of honor, Ambassadors Garth and Mack will be joining us. We will enjoy a community sweat-bath and some herbal tea. I need everyone of you men to help me decided what to do with our Ork," Billy said.

Elmer and Oatie asked Pete if he wanted them to transport him back to their ranch where he could take his truck and go home if he needed; or, he was welcome to join them, and they would leave together.

"Would you like me to stay?" he asked.

Elmer, Oatie, Vox, and Jethro assured Pete they would like for him to stay if he wanted.

"I probably should get home, but my curiosity's got the better of me," Pete allowed.

"Tell you what, if we see we're going to run later than we thought, Jethro and I can still transport you and get you home quicker," Oatie said.
"Then, I'd love to stay," Pete said.
* * * * * * *
The men thanked the ladies for a wonderful supper and transported to Captain Nick's ship. They shed their wings, urged the ambassador-angels to do the same, and they complied. The grooms, Mack and Picard were waiting for them and were preparing some of Buck and Hank's special tea for the men. They helped the men undress and had a towel for each. They already had a big fire going in the sweat lodge, and there was a large round pool of hot water for them sit and lounge in.  There were underwater seats they could sit on and the water would come up to their chest depending on their size. Some seats were lower than others for the bigger species. Garth and Mack saw the men naked earlier in the afternoon when they first arrived, but Hank and Buck weren't there. They left immediately after Joe won the smack-down to return to the ranch house to begin the barbecue. Vox was naked, but they didn't think anything of it. He was just one of Billy's family. When they got a good look at Buck and his perfect little cunt, they were surprised, impressed, and curious. "Is that the change you were talking about earlier?" Mack asked.

"It is, Master Mack. Master Billy asked for a volunteer to exchange his cock and balls for a cunt. Since I been with my partner damn near forty years, I wanted to try it for him, so I volunteered with the provision Master Billy would change me back the next morning. He promised he would, but me and Hank talked about it, and decided we should road test it a few more times. I got used to it this past week, and it feels so good when my husband sleeps inside me, I think I might like to keep it for a while," Buck explained. Hank pulled him close and stole a kiss from his partner. Pete thought Vox and Rox were amazing but to see a very masculine older cowboy with a fine looking hairless little cunt made his cock fill with blood. Since the visiting angels sported erections, he didn't feel exceptional.

"That's amazing. I've never seen anything like it," said Garth, "How did you learn to do that, Master Billy?" he asked.

Vox spoke up, "He learned it from me and my sister's DNA. Watch closely," Vox told them and morphed into Roxanne.

The angels gasped. "And you can change back and forth? That's what you promised Buck you would do for him, Master Billy?" Mack asked.

Billy explained he would only need to teach Buck to swap-out his genitals, but Vox and Roxanne were brother and sister in the same body. Rox was trapped for years inside Vox before Billy taught them how to morph and switch roles for a while. The angels were stunned but greatly impressed.

"Does any of your other family morph into different sexes?" Garth asked.

"Not so much different sexes, but they're capable once I teach them how. I think you already saw Master Oatie's husband Jethro morph into his demon-dad form this afternoon. My surrogate pa taught him how. There's a bit more to the story, but the basics are the same. My halfling twins over there between our watchers Boomer and Brute, can morph into copies of them two big cowboys sit'n next to them. They quite often bring a bit of comfort to my large husband, Boomer. It's a win-win situation for our family to help each other when they need us," Billy said and took another sip of his herbal tea.

He couldn't remember when he and Nick last enjoyed a cup of herb tea, but he was pretty sure it was when Jethro was in transition to his Kagoli demon form. It was relaxing and everyone was getting closer. The ambassador-angels said they never drank herbal tea before and weren't prepared for the effects. They found themselves easily melding into the camaraderie of Billy's immediate family. They became comfortable, more open, and chatted with the men with ease. Pete Breedlove was warned about the tea, but he decided to try it on his dad's recommendation. Pete found it wonderful and any lingering feelings haunting him about a bunch of naked cowboys enjoying a hot soak together vanished. He felt included like one of the family.

"I think we're more relaxed now, Master Garth, if you and Master Mack would like to share with us the results of the universal polls and what requests our favorite Ramrod and our two uncle-in-law's might have for us," Billy said prompting a response from the angels.

"Wait a minute. My mind is a bit unsettled from the herbs. Did you say uncle-in-laws?" Garth asked.

"Yes, sir, I'm related to the Lord High Chancellors, Gregor and Albrecht, by marriage. My big watcher slave over there, Boomer, is their nephew and my husband. Boomer is the father of our young human bairn who is being carried by the lovely and gifted lady Irin slave, Roz, whom you met at supper this evening. Me and many of my family were enhanced by the Grigori on Retikki Prime and further enhanced by Ramrod Quigley on one of our visits to Fort Adam Lear," Billy explained.

"Hosanna, in the highest! That means your slave will one day become supreme ruler of the Retikki Prime empire, and you will be his consort. Forgive us, Master Billy, we knew nothing of this, I swear to you," Garth said and Mack agreed.

"Typical Grigori," sighed Nick, "They'll tell you your mission, but they won't give you a lot to go on to accomplish the job. They leave it up to you. That's what landed me here on Earth. Ain't complain'n none. It was the best damn prearranged accident what ever happened to me. I got me a feel'n you men don't know all the facts about what or why you were sent here," Nick said.

"I think we're beginning to feel that way, Captain," Mack spoke up, "Before we tell you anything about why we're here, perhaps you will share with us the unusual circumstances you mentioned earlier, Master Billy," Mack added.

Billy told the angels and his men the story behind Joe, Crunch, and Crunch's chimera, Willie.

"You mean like Vox and Roxanne are two separate entities in one body, your Ork shares his with another blue giant who is Joe's younger brother?" Garth asked incredulously.

"Exactly, Master Garth, that's what we're telling you; plus, don't forget, Crunch is Joe's half-brother. Not exactly Cain and Able, but you gentlemen are wise enough to appreciate a convoluted metaphor," Billy replied.

"Indeed. So if we were to terminate Crunch, we not only would be executing his half-brother, but in essence, we would also be murdering Joe's baby brother," Mack said like an epiphany. He looked at Garth, and they exchanged a look of stunned awareness bordering on horror.

"Can you appreciate the conundrum it presents?" Billy asked softly.

"Yes, and no. While we can appreciate the dilemma of your conundrum, we can't fathom the idea of killing an innocent. That would be wrong on several levels," Garth replied like he was devastated emotionally, "We knew nothing of this, either," he added.
"I'm curious about the polls, Gentlemen. What did they say?" Billy asked.

"First of all, the leaders of both worlds were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of responses. To quote actual numbers would be meaningless, but trust us when we tell you they were massive. We brought only percentages. The largest percentage of votes was enormous for the leaders of both worlds to leave you and your family well enough alone, Master Billy. The second was to offer assistance but not insist you accept it. I suppose, unless you were closely watching the complicated story of your journey to this 'close-skillet' smack-down, not everyone knows of the intricate details and extenuating circumstances you shared with us. The largest percentage voted to terminate Crunch. Mack and I discussed it and decided there might be more to the story, but we didn't have details," Garth explained.

"The main reason we were sent was to offer you an option to spare you the emotional burden of having to terminate one of your slaves," Mack further explained.

"I'm glad you came. Your prompt arrival tells me our families on Retikki Prime and Fort Adam Lear are concerned for us. I extend my invitation to you to stay with us for a while. I'm well aware of the time differentiation. You can remain with us for six months and only a couple of hours will pass on your worlds. I urge you to take advantage of your positions and enjoy our company. Who knows, Master Garth, we might even make a cowboy out of you," Billy said and laughed.

"I consider that a compliment, Master Billy. Mack and I have discussed it, and we would like to stay for a while. We want to observe you and your family in action on a daily basis. Do you have any ideas about how you plan to handle the situation?" Garth asked.

"At the moment, I ain't got me no clue, Master Garth, but I ain't worried about it. Sometimes things come to me, but sometimes they don't. The times they don't is usually 'cause I's too emotionally involved to reason and think rationally. Unfortunately, you caught me at my worst this afternoon. Other times, one of my beloved family will say the right combination of words and a magic duck will drop down from the sky and shit on me head for not thinking of it myself. I come to depend on them and so far, they ain't never let me down. That's why we's sit'n here enjoying the hot water, some herb tea, and each other's company," Billy said and sighed deeply as he lay his head on Nick's broad shoulder.

"I know what I'd do with him if'n he was my slave," bellowed the bull.

"Hit me with it, Brother! Testify!" Billy said, and everyone laughed.

"I'd cut his damn balls off!" Elmer exclaimed, "It would calm him down right-smart real quick-like," he added.

"To be honest, Master Bull, that option's been lingering in the back of my mind like Cabo San Lucas -- a last resort. Plan 'X' as apposed to A through Z, but I was hoping for something a bit more creative. Somebody here's got the answer, I know it. Don't be afraid to speak up," Billy encouraged his family.

"I think Master Bull has a good idea, and you should consider it, Son," Tron spoke up, "We castrate young calves so they won't grow into bulls for a couple of reasons. One, their meat won't be tough when they mature, and if we didn't neuter them we'd be up to our ears in horny, mean, unruly bulls fighting each other and us. Sometime the only way to tame a mean-spirited crazy-horse is to clip him. Within weeks there's a noticeable change in their attitudes," Mr. Garrett explained.

Everyone was quiet. Vox was sitting next to Billy in the huge tub. "Billy doesn't have to totally castrate the Ork," he said quietly. All eyes were on Vox.
"I'm listening, Brother," Billy urged Vox and put his arm around him.

"When you worked on me and Roxanne, and gave me information I needed to morph into her form, it was a one-way street at first remember?" Vox asked.

"I remember, but you insisted we do it enough times Roxanne could help, and in an emergency, she could make the change herself. There was some concern you might want to be more possessive of your male half and deny Rox quality time, but I don't think it's ever crossed either of your minds. You're talented, educated, reasonable, well-adjusted adults, and agreed to share. Besides, you're united in love for your husband whom you wish to provide with your love and comfort. Sharing a bed with the bull of the hill country is a daunting task to undertake by anyone's standards. I ain't never heard no rumors Master Bull has any problem keep'n his herd happy and satisfied," Billy said and they shared a laugh.
"Hypothetically though, if you only taught one of us me to morph, could I actually deny my sister access to our body except when I was in a generous mood to share?" Vox asked. He sort of took Billy by surprise until it came to Billy, Vox was building up to something.

"Yes, I could have done it that way, but if I recall correctly, it t'weren't my idea. It was your humanity, your wish to share with you sister, which prompted your request. Wait a minute! I think I see where you're going with this, but go on, tell me what you got in mind, Brother," Billy said.

"Is there enough of Willie's genetic information in Crunch's body you could morph him into a blue giant?" Vox asked.

"Certainly, it can be done. Go on, Vox, you ain't done yet," Billy encouraged Vox and winked at Elmer.

"You said the chimera, Willie, has a set of testicles am I right?" Vox asked.

"Small and underdeveloped, but I could easily enhance them and make them as strong as Crunch's," Billy replied.

"Then I was correct. You wouldn't have to neuter Crunch completely. Remove one of his testicles, replace it with a prosthesis or not; he would still be able to produce enough testosterone to maintain his masculinity but not enough to become combative or mean-spirited. After a while, if he don't settle down and accept his new situation, shrink his remaining testicle in size until it barely functions," Vox explained.

"You mean like turning down the heat on a furnace?" Billy asked and grinned.

"The analogy works for me, Son," Vox replied and smiled.

There was a stunned silence around the pool. Nathan started clapping and Tron joined him immediately. The rest of Billy's family joined in the applause including Pete and the visiting angels. The men stood in the tub to give Vox's idea their complete and unqualified approval. Old Elmer was beaming at his mate. Billy offered his hand to Vox. He stood with the men, and Billy gently pulled him into his arms. "I knew the answer was here. I should have asked you from the beginning. Thank you, Vox," Billy said and the men applauded again.

"To be honest, Billy, it didn't come to me until you were explaining me and my sister to our guests. It just come to me like a fly ball into left field and resolved it within my own soul like a strong picardy third," Vox said.

"It's precisely what I'll do. It's simple, elegant, and a reasonable resolution to our Ork problem. You and your sister are frick'n geniuses, Vox!" Billy exclaimed. "I can teach Willie to morph and forbid him to share the information with Crunch. Willie can keep him from bullying or forcing him to change back into an Ork. I'll instruct Willie he's not to morph back into Crunch until we can be sure he's trustworthy, and then only with my permission for short supervised periods of time. I will reverse their roles, and Willie will become Crunch's jailer and keeper. It will be a better solution than terminating both, and it will curtail Crunch's delusions of grandeur and consummate greed," Billy said and his family agreed.

"When do you plan to do it, Kemosabe?" Nick asked.

"As soon as possible like, right now. I put Crunch into a deep sleep, and he won't wake-up until late morning. He's here in the dungeon with us. We have our family to help, and a clean work area. Clyde will you and Balthazar get him, load him on the gurney, and bring him to one of the tables in the work area? Poly, you and Cass go with them and take Mace and Picard. Clean Crunch after they release him from his bonds. I remember he was pretty dirty after the smack-down, but with four of you men to work on him, it shouldn't take long," Billy said.

"Yes, sir, Master Billy. We'll fetch him right away, sir," Balthazar said and the six men left the pool area.

"Are you worried about the herbs interfering with your skills, Kemosabe?" Nick asked.

"No, not in the least. If anything they will heighten and sharpen my skills. If nothing else, they will make it more pleasant knowing I'm doing something to correct Crunch what ain't terminal, and I'll be giving Joe the younger brother he's loved all these years," Billy replied.

After Crunch was brought into the dungeon, laid out on a padded leather table, and thoroughly cleaned, Billy instructed his family to wing-up and asked Garth and Mack to join them. Poly, Cass, Clyde, and Balthazar became Billy's technicians and clean-up men as he operated on his slave. What the men of Billy's family witnessed was nothing short of miraculous. Pete was impressed beyond words, and Jack began to appreciate his change more than ever. The last step of Billy's operation was to morph Crunch into Willie for the first time. It went quicker than he imagined it might, but it was because of the extra gathered energy available to him from many more wings. The men marveled at the fine handsome body of Willie being born for the first time on the table. There were more than a few tears shed at the wonder of bringing Joe's little brother into the world. It gave the term 're-born' new dimensions, only this one was real and tangible.

The men watched as Billy carefully and expertly morphed the large Ork into a blue giant who began to look very much like his brother, Joe. It was obvious Willie wouldn't be quite as large as Joe, but he would have a full head of pure white hair. Billy liked Joe's bald head and almost gave into the temptation to delete Willie's hair, but decided to leave it up to Joe and his little brother. Once Willie's body was complete, Billy enhanced his genitals until they were a bit smaller than Joe's, but he had a well-packed, heavy-hanging, full set of testicles to produce male hormones for him. Under Billy's guidance, while Willie began to show a family resemblance to his big brother, he turned out more handsome than Joe. Once again, Billy's family was impressed with his powers and skills.

"This has to be the cherry on top of the sundae, Dad," Pete whispered to Elmer.

"Glad you decided to stay, Son?" Elmer asked.

"More than you can imagine, Dad. I have a new vision of what our world could be, and I can't thank you enough for the opportunity," Pete replied.

"You're older and wiser, Pete. Don't let your vision slip away; build on it, Son," Elmer said.

"I won't make you no promises, Dad. Promises are empty. I will show you, day by day," Pete said. Elmer put his huge arm around Pete and pulled him closer.

* * * * * **
"Wake up, Willie!" Billy commanded, "Awake, awake to life an love, the lark is in the sky," Billy called to the sleeping body, and Willie's eyes opened for the first time. He saw Master Billy surrounded by an host of angels, and a tear formed and ran down the side of his cheek. Cass handed Billy a cloth, and he gently dabbed it away for him.

"What's happening, sir?" Willie asked, "I don't remember anything after you put us to sleep," he added.

"We done a small procedure and decided you should be in control of your and Crunch's body from now on. Using your DNA, we created a new body for you as a blue giant. With Crunch still asleep, I'm going to teach you to morph from your new body as a blue giant to an Ork and back again. Only you will have the ability to morph. Crunch will be controlled within your body, but you may allow him time to be himself as long as he obeys the rules we set down for him. We'll discuss it more in the days to come, but right now we have work to do. Mace, you and Picard go to Billy Gog Groats apartment and bring back Gog, our two guard bulls, Thor and Zeus, and Joe. Tell them their master wishes to speak with them. Don't tell them any more. Do you understand?" Billy asked.

"We understand, Master Billy. You want Willie to be a surprise for Joe," Mace said.

"Exactly. Now off with you men, and we'll see you in a few minutes," Billy said. Mace and Picard left on the run. Billy returned to Willie who was sitting up admiring himself in the mirror. Poly handed him another cloth to wipe away his tears. "Now, we have about thirty minutes before they return, let's train you to morph," Billy spoke to Willie. Billy walked Willie through the procedure several times until he could almost make the morph on his own. Willie was shaky on his last attempt, but with a little assist from Billy he made it. "That's enough for this evening, Willie, you won't have to worry about morphing for sometime, and Crunch won't wake up until later tomorrow. I will drill you on the procedure several more evenings until you feel free to make the morph for yourself, but each time I will put Crunch in a deep sleep so he won't learn how," Billy explained.

"I don't know how to thank you, Master Billy," Willie said in an ever deepening voice.

"I think the surprise in your brother's eyes will be enough thanks, Willie I hear them coming," Billy replied.

Mace and Picard ushered Joe, Gog, Thor, and Zeus into the room. Joe took one look at the handsome younger blue giant standing before him and knew immediately it was his little brother, Willie. Gog, Thor, and Zeus were in awe. Gog put his hand to Joe's back and whispered, "Go to your brother, Joe," he said. Joe made three large steps to embrace his little brother. The blue giants were in each other's arms crying, hugging, and kissing each other. It was the first time in their long lives together Joe got to see his younger brother in the flesh. It was a powerfully emotional moment, and there wasn't a dry eye in the dungeon.

"Hosanna!" shouted Elmer, and the rest of the gathered men shouted in response, "Hosanna, in the highest!"

"Thank you, Master Billy, but how is this possible," Joe asked.

"We will share everything with you tomorrow, Joe, but for tonight, take your brother back to Gog's apartment and get to know him this evening. Don't go to your home. I want you supervised and looked after for a couple of days. I'm extending Thor and Zeus's time away from the guard cattle to act, along with Billy Gog, Mace, and Picard, as companions for you and Willie for the coming week. You need the loving support of good people around you for a while who care about you. Willie will explain to you what he knows, and Mace and Picard can fill you in on the rest. They were witnesses to our manipulation and creation of your little brother. Take tomorrow off from any work, but Tuesday morning, I want you and Willie to report to Project Manager Jethro. I want you to stay busy and try not to think about the bad things which happened over the weekend," Billy said.

Joe took Billy into his arms, hugged, and kissed him gently. "I don't know how you managed this miracle, Master Billy, but I will be eternally grateful. It's a honor and a privilege to be your slave, sir," Joe said.

"I did it because I love and care about both of you, Joe, and you're welcome. Go, take your brother with you, make sweet love to him, and get to know him better. I'll check on you men tomorrow," Billy urged him.

Gog, Thor, Zeus, Mace, and Picard couldn't leave without their personal thanks with more hugs and kisses. When they were gone, there was a great hush came over the group of men. Garth and Mack started clapping for Billy, and the other men followed suit. Billy grabbed Vox's hand and held both their hands high, and they took a bow together. The men went crazy applauding, whistling, and stomping their boots. It was a wonderful end to one of the most exciting days anyone could remember. It was time for Billy to see to his guests and say 'farewell' to his extended family.

"Master Billy, you've had a long, rough weekend, and if it's all the same to you, I think I'll return with Bubba to his ranch to stay the night. He promised to teach me to shed my wings. It will be one less chore for you," Jack McCormack said.

"I have faith in Bubba. If he could transport you three men over here to buy a dress for his Aunt Helen, he can teach you to de-wing," Billy said and smiled.
After many more hugs and stolen kisses, the Breedlove contingency left the ranch. Billy told Jethro he would expect him on the job the next morning. Pete didn't say much on the way back to Elmer's ranch. He was sitting next to his son. Oatie noticed Pete had a radiant glow about him. He watched his dad decline in looks and health after he divorced Oatie's mother, Janice. He remembered how he yearned to go to his dad and tell him how much he wanted to love him. He considered asking Pete to love him as he was, and not how he imagined Oatie should be. Oatie was glad he followed his grand-dad's advice and let the sleeping dog lie. Now Pete looked like a strong, stalwart, middle-aged cowboy just beginning his journey into the prime of life. To Oatie, Pete was as sexy as ever, but he harbored no desires for his birth dad. He was fully satisfied with Jethro.

"You're awfully quiet, Pete. How do you feel?" Oatie asked.

"Like I been born again, but for real this time; and, it didn't take no bible thump'n preacher scaring the crap out of me to make me a believer. I saw it for myself. I believe in what I witnessed this weekend, but I don't think on it as a religious experience. It certainly contained many of the same elements, but it was the sense of belonging to a family who believed in the same goals and ideals what impressed me the most," Pete said, "I know I ain't never told you before mainly because we never were together long enough to talk since I turned my back on you I'm proud of you, Oatie, and your accomplishments. I know, with the help of your granddad, you developed a tough hide to survive what you went through, and even now, my opinion probably don't mean much to you, but I just thought I'd let you know, for what it's worth," Pete said.

"Thanks, Pete. You might be surprised how much your words mean to me. They ain't like the horn what Joshua blew at Jericho. My walls didn't come tumbling down. Just like I had to build my walls strong and impenetrable day by day, it will take me a good while to remove them, but your words are a start in the right direction. I'm glad you decided to join us today, and I'm glad granddad reached out to you to give you another chance. I just want you to know, even though I look upon Elmer as my master and bull, he never would have made you the offer if I didn't agree with him. This weekend we lowered our barriers for you and gave you a chance to look into our world. Billy was sincere when he told you before we left, he hoped he might see more of you around his ranch. Like you got your life together, take it one day at a time," Oatie said.

"I will, Oatie. I ain't dread'n going to work tomorrow like I usually do. I got me a lot to think about while I'm working good things wonderful things amazing things," Pete said and smiled.

"Would you believe me if I told you, you only scratched the surface?" Oatie asked.

"I would believe you," Pete replied.

* * * * * * *
Billy asked his guest angels, Garth and Mack, about their preference in lodging. Would they prefer separate rooms are would they like to bunk-it-in together? They looked at each other and Mack nodded for Garth to speak, "One room with a large bed will be find, Master Billy," he replied.

"Clyde Balthazar take our guests to the room next to yours. It's quite large with a sitting room, huge bedroom, and private bath. I think they will be comfortable there. Poly and Cass go with them and check out the room to make sure they have everything they need and I mean everything. When you finish wing-up and transport to the line cabin for the night. Our husband has need of you," Billy said and grinned at them. Billy shook their hands and bowed to each angel, "It's a pleasure and an honor to have you visit with us, good sirs. You're invited to remain with us as long as you like. I hope you will enjoy your stay," Billy said.

"If it's anything like what we witnessed this afternoon and evening, we're sure we will enjoy ourselves, Master Billy," Mack said.

"Let's hope for less excitement and more quality time together, Gentlemen," Billy said.

* * * * * * *          
Bubba took Jack to the wing dump area and taught him to discard his wings.

"I got Master Billy's okay to de-wing, so's we can drive over to my place. After we get there and relax a bit, I'll go though it step-by-step with you and practice transporting around the ranch," Bubba said.

"I'd appreciate it, big Brother," Jack said and grinned.

After they gathered Helen and packed her several boxes of dresses and other lady things in the back, Bubba told Brute to climb in and disappear.

They talked on the way back. "Did you have a good time, Aunt Helen?" Bubba asked.

"I enjoyed it very much, Bubba. They didn't treat me like a 'thing' like I was strange. They treated me like another member of the family, and encouraged me to join in and help with everything. It was a nice feeling to be included. I learned a lot from them, and I think they learned some things about me. Mistress Kate, Mistress Zelma, and Master Billy invited me to return when you would allow me. I hope you do include me, Bubba, it would mean a lot," Helen said.

"Ain't no problem, Aunt Helen. You're welcome to go anytime you like," Bubba said.

"I think your wings are so pretty, Jack," Helen complimented Jack.

"Thanks, Aunt Helen. I didn't see another pair to compare with them. I'm rather proud of them myself. The visiting angels found them particularly interesting. I think I'm going to enjoy them once I learn the basics. I learned from my big brother not to mess around with them until I know what I'm doing," Jack said and laughed.

"All's well what ends well," Bubba shot back.

"Amen to that, big Brother," Jack replied and laughed.

After they helped Helen carry her boxes out to the great whale and said their 'good-nights,' the cowboys and Brute returned to the house. They were exhausted, showered, and got ready for bed. Bubba put Brute between them and told Jack the big beastie would act like an old-time bundling board to keep them from committing crimes against nature on each other.

"What's to keep us from jump'n poor Brute's bones like a couple of horny toads?" Jack asked and laughed. Brute thought it was funny, too.

"Nothing! In fact, I plan to have me some watcher tit to take the edge off them herbs we drank in that tea. That's some powerful shit, but I liked it. Watching Master Billy work on Crunch and Willie was like watching a sci-fi movie or Alice in Wonderland. Master Bull had to keep telling me to close my mouth and wipe the drool off'n my chin," Bubba said and laughed, "Fortunately, my handsome beastie's got his'self two faucets, so feel free to help yore'self to some fine watcher milk, little Brother," Bubba added and laughed.

Brute thought he died and went to heaven having his two fledglings hooked-up to his teats and sucking away like two shoats on a sow. At one time or another during the night, he had one of his charges' arm or both thrown over him to hold him tight like they were floating on a calm night-sea and he was their life-raft. Bubba's new bed was like sleeping on a cloud, and they awoke the next morning rested and refreshed, ready for a new day and week.         

* * * * * * *
Billy and Nick were exhausted by the time they transported themselves and Boomer back to the line cabin. They barely had a chance to relax when Poly and Cass joined them. They immediately took Boomer off to the shower to begin his nightly grooming, and for a little while Billy and Nick were alone together.

"Proud of you, Son," Nick whispered as he pulled Billy close and bussed a kiss on his neck behind his ear.

"I couldn't a done it without you and our family, Pa," Billy said.

"You too tired to do a short program this evening, Kemosabe?" Nick asked.

"Oh, hell, no, Tonto! Tired? Yes. Too tired? Never! Short program? I don't think so. After them herbs and the weight of what-to-do-about-Crunch off my back, I'm ready for the long program wiff' one of my pa's special triple salchow-throws in which I land and spin on his big red demon-cock three times before I make it disappear like a magic act. I'll make a graceful landing without nary a bounce like a dying swan to win perfect tens across the board from our panel of judges out there in the universe," Billy said firmly, "They's just gotta' be a gold-medal for a cowboy proudly mounting his demon-dad to bring him a little pleasure and comfort," he added and laughed.  

"In the name of some unknown God, I do so love me some cowboy bullshit," Nick said and laughed.

"Do you think we should get us one a them star-making bells to sit beside our bed, Pa?" Billy asked.

"Couldn't hurt none. Hank and Buck's got one next to their bed and Mistress Kate shared with me she and Ms. Zelma hear it ring almost ever' night," Nick replied, and they fell together laughing, "More so lately, since Hank's got his'self a new toy to play with," Nick added, and they laughed some more, "Does this have something to do with that news report of three new stars what was born last night in the Milky Way?" Nick asked.

"Yeah," Billy replied, "do you think my in-laws had something to do with it?" Billy asked.

"Ain't no doubt in my mind. They's powerful Ancients, and I know they's proud of you and Boomer," Nick replied.

"You think we should return the favor, Tonto? Would it be proper universal etiquette?" Billy asked with a grin.

"Don't know much about the etiquette behind star-making, but it would be a nice gesture; however, we can't send just one. We'd have to make two, but I hope you realize they got to be two of our very best couplings. No half-ass fucks -- we got to really nail 'um," Nick said and grinned wickedly.

"When was the last time we shared a half-ass fuck, Tonto?" Billy asked.

"Never, Kemosabe! I swear ever' damn time it couldn't get no better'n the last, but it always is," Nick declared.

"As high as I am right now, I think I could create a couple of stars, but we ain't got us a bell to ring?" Billy lamented.

"Yeah, we do. You walk over to the door what goes into the barn and ring your horse-bell you installed for Samson. It'll do the trick. Hell, it 'ud wake the dead!" Nick exclaimed and laughed.

"I forgot about Samson's bell. I'll warn hubby and the kids to ignore it when they hear it. I'll tell them we're making stars for the Orion nebula. Let's not make them too big. I don't wanna' destroy Orion's belt. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they could be just below the middle star of Orion's belt, Alnilam or Epsilon Orionis, to make it look like a penis hanging down?" Billy asked wickedly and they shared a laugh.

"You think them big watcher relatives of yours might think you's calling them dicks, Kemosabe?" Nick asked.

"Naw, they know we's cowboys. We's just having a little fun," Billy replied.

"The nicest thing about the star-making programs is they won't allow no star where it might do harm to a populated galaxy," Nick said.

"It 'ud be our first attempt at star-make'n. You think we should try, Pa?" Billy asked.

"Don't see why not. If they can't fit them in, they'll put 'um some other place. Either way, we'll be doing our part," Nick replied.

Billy decided, for a good star-making project they might benefit from a cup of frozen left-over coffee laced with herbs. There was enough they shared a cup with Boomer and the boys. They never turned down a cup of herbs. Poly and Cass morphed into Moss and Enoch, and they stayed until they finished their coffee. Billy warned them to ignore the bell ringing, it would be him and Nick making stars. He was surprised they understood perfectly and didn't question him. They were used to the custom.  

Nick morphed into his Kagoli demon-dad and the two cowboys went at it like professional Rugby players in a close-order huddle. Billy made an attempt to morph into Nick's demon son. He was getting better, but he needed to absorb more Kagoli DNA. He only managed to achieve a nice deep-red sunburn color. If it weren't for Nick's fiery red color, you couldn't tell where one's legs and arms began and the other resided. They were putting their very best effort into their coupling, and Billy wasn't lying back eating bon-bons like Cleo-patty on a barge floating down the Nile while her conqueror-daddy, Caesar, was a' huff'n and a' puff'n like the little engine what could. They climbed to the crest of the ridge, reached the peak, and Billy heard his surrogate dad groan like a wounded buck as he filled his boy's ass with good hot creamy Kagoli demon-dad gizz. At the same moment, Billy erupted like Casey Jones' oil can he used to keep old engine number nine running smooth, on time, and rolling down the line. They pulled into the station, hit the air-brakes, released their built up head of steam, and it was done. Billy let out a long, low, mournful whistle, as he emptied the last of his pride and pulled back on Nick's throttle to gratefully receive the last of his offering. After Billy took a deep breath and got his bearings, the demons parted for a few minutes, Billy walked over to the door into the barn, rang the bell, and returned to his demon-dad's waiting arms for the second ride. Billy wondered how them Ice Capades' kids did two shows a day.  

They had a few more sips of coffee and that was all Billy needed for another round. Nick in his demon form had the same effect on him as Jethro did for Oatie. Nick was so fucking hot, he curled Billy's toenails. They didn't just do a repeat of the first show. Nick knew how to make sex new and wonderful every time he undertook to take his pleasure and bring comfort to his mate. Billy thought after ten centuries Nick certainly should be the most knowledgeable and adept sexual partner in the universe. Nick never let Billy down and always acted like each coupling was more important than the last. Billy knew it couldn't be any better than the last, but he was wrong. Nick rode Billy down hard, grabbed his soul, and wouldn't let go until he got what he wanted and gave Billy what he needed. Once he hit, he growled for Billy to let go and join him in his physical orgy of excess. Billy hit his moment of bliss only a second or so later. They collapsed into each other's arms and sang the last act of La Boheme together. It was a touching moment as Billy left his lover alone in their bed to ring the bell once more. It was the end of another great performance, or so they thought.   

Billy came back to bed, they made a little more love and talked quietly of their successful coupling, and complimented each other on their performances. They made a bit more love, but neither seemed to be sleepy. They talked about their day and the successful conclusion of the 'close-skillet' smack-down.

"When will we know if our star-making effort was successful?" Billy asked with anticipation.

"We could walk outside and find Orion," Nick said.

"Pull yore' boots on, Pa," Billy said as he reached for his.

The dark-red cowboy-demon son, and his fiery-red demon-dad walked out into a warm, beautiful spring night to be bathed in the light of a full moon shining down on them making their skin glow. They looked up to find Orion's belt, and sure enough, there were two prominent new stars hanging in space below the middle star of his belt. Nick laughed, but Billy was quiet. Nick looked at him quizzically. "What's a matter, Son?" he asked.

"Oh, nothing. They're fine. They're okay, I guess, but after all our hard work, our shared passion, pouring our hearts into our performance, I'm just a little disappointed," Billy said.

"Whatever for?" Nick asked in desperation.

"Well, look at him! He ain't no cowboy! It ain't big enough!" Billy exclaimed, and Nick bent over laughing.

"Get chore' ass back in the cabin, and we'll make him a gotdamn cowboy!" Nick said still laughing.

"With a big head, Pa?" Billy asked.

"We'll do our best," Nick said, and they did. They rang the bell a third time, and the great mythological god, Orion, became a genuine stellar cowboy.

The next morning, sitting on the counter in the cabin were two dozen boxes of fresh Hosanna Cakes and a small solid-gold bell mounted on a simple wooden base, with a small golden hammer attached to the base with a gold chain. There was a nice card in an envelope which read, "For our Nephew and his thoughtful husband, Billy Daniels and Billy's dad, Nick Samuels," signed 'Gregor and Albrecht.'

* * * * * * *
The first to call any observatory and report the exciting new phenomenon in the night sky was a young Chinese grad student, Mike Wang, in Manitoba, Canada. The observatory confirmed his observation, and immediately, the three stars became known as Orion's Wang, Alpha, Beta, and Epsilon. Most of the news programs, or what used to be news programs, explained the unusual coincidence of the three stars in line beneath the middle star in Orion's belt being named after a Chinese grad student and amateur astronomer. Mr. Wang even recorded the once-in-a-life-time phenomenon of the universe giving birth to not one, but three new stars; all of which, he captured on video from his small hill-top home-brew observatory.

It was not the same over at Fox News. The sophomoric morons supported by the corporate power elite, who were the barking dogs for their right wing masters, couldn't talk seriously about the phenomenon without breaking up, making cheap grade-school comments, and snickering like bad boys who just smelled a fart at recess on the playground. However, a couple agreed Orion's new Wang was a large one; big enough to give any cowboy bragging rights.

As everyone watched Mr. Wang's video the next morning they noticed the final star in the trio was unusual with a phenomenon never witnessed by astronomers before. It had a massive eruption from the top and it shot out, and around until the magnetic force pulled it back into its roaring furnace at the bottom. Not only did it make it look bigger than the other two stars, but at a distance, it looked like the head of a man's cock. The excellent video taken through Mr. Wang's telescope revealed the reason.

"Hosanna, in the highest!" Nathan exclaimed quietly, "They even made it with a ring through the head of his penis," he said in awe.

"Are we a happy camper, Kemosabe?" Nick asked Billy.

"It's perfect, Pa," Billy said like the amen to a prayer.

* * * * * * *
Likewise, the news spread far and wide in all the galaxies. It was no secret Master Billy and his unfairly maligned surrogate pa, Nick Samuel, were the source of the new stars. They cherished the videos of Billy and Nick's star-making coupling as an example of some of the most powerful and fulfilling examples of love they ever witnessed. The Gregori were thrilled with them and their sentiment, and the Irin were in awe of them. Ten thousand more young Irin volunteered to become Master Billy's slaves and ten thousand more were turned away until further notice. After witnessing Master Billy's incredible humanitarian solution to his incorrigible Ork problem, the donation coffers of alms for support and thanksgiving from those in the universe following the Billy Daniels reality show, swelled to unbelievable proportions. The amounts the two ambassador-angels related to Billy grew logarithmically since their arrival.

That morning another fine looking ambassador-angel was sent to the big ranch house while the family and their guests were having breakfast. He appeared in the front hallway completely nude wearing a pair of buckaroo boots. After he fell to his knees and paid homage to Billy's boots, Billy pulled him to his arms and kissed him. He returned Billy's affection in kind and seemed overwhelmed to be in Master Billy's presence. He introduced himself to Billy and his men as Ananias. Billy invited the visitor to shed his wings, handed him a robe from the front hall closet, and bid him join them for breakfast. Ananias knew Garth and Mack and they exchanged greetings. They sat down to enjoy breakfast, and he seemed eager and hungry to partake food with the family. Although everyone was curious about his arrival and why he came, they allowed Billy to set the pace of finding out about him and his mission. Billy didn't seem in any rush and inquired about his in-laws and if they were healthy and were they pleased with his gift to them?

"The Lord High Chancellors are in excellent health, Master Billy, but to say they were pleased would be an understatement. They were as awed and thrilled with you and your family as any citizen on Retikki Prime. We have been following your progress. Your recent problem and elegant solution was phenomenal, to say the least. It has created another problem my master's didn't foresee. The sums gathered into your support funds, my worthy ambassador-angels Garth and Mack related to you only yesterday, have become so large, they are unsustainable for the two major planets looking after you and your family's welfare.

"We must find other places to put the gold bullion flooding into your accounts. I have been sent to collect my fellow angels, Garth and Mack along with your business managers; Dociean, Dorcas, Roz, and Cowboy Andy; also your personal slaves, Nick Samuels, Clyde, and Balthazar; Hank and Buck; Boomer, Poly and Cass; extended family members, Enoch Redbone; Moss and Tron Garrett, and your Uncle Nathan, sir. Oh, yes, and one bio-technically engineered life form known as 'Helen Kirkendall.' Optional members who would be welcome to participate as advisers or alternates are Mrs. Zelma Redbone and your Grandmother, Mrs. Daniels, and Roxanne Humana. The Irin and Grigori have sent other ambassador-angels to Mr. McMartin and your gold broker, Mr. Ernest Forthright Pennywise, your rare metals merchant, to ask them to sit on your board of managers. They will be instructed how to receive and what to do with the wealth the gold represents without having to burden you with the problem. It will be taken care of for you on your behalf and those of your management will be handsomely rewarded for their time and effort. Furthermore, I'm to tell you, if you're comfortable with Angels Garth and Mack, they are to be permanently assigned to you and will have direct contact with the Irin and the Grigori on your behalf at all times for your convenience," Ananias said.

Billy was stunned. He sat for a moment and looked around at the looks on his family's faces. "Okay, who wants to travel to Retikki Prime?" Billy asked.

Every hand went up whose name was included in the angel's list. Billy laughed. "All right, you can all go. You won't be gone long anyway," Billy allowed.  

"Isn't he cute?" Kate asked her family, "My grandson said that just like he had a choice in the matter," she allowed and everyone laughed.

"All right! All right, Grandma!" Billy conceded, "Clyde, after we finish breakfast, I'd appreciate it if you would wing-up and fly over to the Breedlove ranch to gather Roxanne and my bull. I think he should accompany his bride-to-be, and I want him to be a member of my board. Balthazar, if you would be so kind to fly to Bubba's ranch and explain why we need his Aunt Helen for the morning, I'd appreciate it. Bring him with you to accompany his aunt, and tell him I want him to sit on my financial board as well," Billy said.

"Right away, Master Billy," Clyde said and Balthazar agreed.

"What will you do while we're away, Billy?" Tron asked and grinned.

"Don't you worry yore'selves none. I got plenty to do around here. I'll have time to teach Willie what he needs to know to cope with his internal Ork. I won't be idle," Billy assured them. "Oh, yes, and Buck and Hank. See if you can find us some more herbs to last us until we can grow our first crop. It's one of the first construction jobs we got planned for our new town. We can be growing while building," Billy said.

"We'll check our sources, sir," Buck replied.

"I'll go with you and Hank after breakfast to your room, Buck. It's time I taught you how to make your own change from cow-person to cowboy again," Billy said.

"I would appreciate it, Master Billy," Buck assured him.

"No problem," Billy said.

* * * * * * *
Balthazar arrived at the Kirkendall ranch in the downstairs front hallway. It was still early morning. The sun was barely peaking over the horizon. He didn't sense any movement and hollered for Bubba. Jack awoke first from a deep sleep.

"Bubba! Wake up! I think we got company," Jack said, "Just a minute! We ain't up yet!" Jack hollered back.

Bubba sat up and turned to put his feet on the floor. "Who the hell could be in my house this early in the morning?" he asked Jack.

"I think it's Balthazar, one of Master Billy's guardian angels," Jack said.

"Balthazar! Is 'zat you?" Bubba asked loudly.

"Yes, sir, Master Bubba!" Balthazar hollered back.

"C'moan into the bedroom!" Bubba yelled.

Balthazar walked into the bedroom to find Jack and Bubba throwing on their clothes. Brute was still in bed but he was awake. "I'm sorry to wake you, Master Bubba, but Master Billy sent me to gather you and your Aunt Helen. He's been contacted by the Ancients on two different worlds and they requested your Aunt Helen join a group of Master Billy's family to become financial managers for him. Master Billy wants you to go with her and learn about financial management along with his family and your aunt," Balthazar tried to explain.         

"We ain't et yet or had a chance to clean up, and I still got some work to do with my little brother to teach him to wing-up and transport," Bubba said, "I need to get someone to look after the ranch. How long we gonna' be gone?" he asked.

"Anywhere from thirty minutes, to an hour," Balthazar said and the two men looked at him and laughed.

"Balthazar tell you truth, my bairns," said Brute, "Time on their world is different than on Earth. Not really different. Just a different dilation. You can be on their world for a month of their days and only an hour will pass here on Earth and vice-versa. They can come to Earth and stay for an extended visit, but when they get back very little time has passed," Brute explained.

"Will you go with us, Brute?" Bubba asked.

"I have to, Master, I'm Bubba's Brute. You must have your protector with you at all times," Brute replied.

"Brute's right, Master Bubba. You won't be gone long enough to worry about the ranch, and you got several other protectors to watch for you. Master Billy wouldn't expect you to go without Brute," Balthazar said.

"Give me a minute to get cleaned up," Bubba said.

"Of course, sir," Balthazar replied.

"I'm gonna' take off, Bubba. I got some things to take care of this morning, and I need to check my mail," Jack said.

"I'll give you a call when we get back, Brother," Bubba said.

"Please do. I'd love to hear about your trip," Jack said pulling on his boots.

"Master Billy said for you to drop by their ranch on your way back to have breakfast. He said he would teach you what you need to know about winging up and transporting, sir," Balthazar said to Jack.

"I'll take him up on that offer, sir, thanks," Jack said and waved goodbye to Bubba. He walked over to Brute, gave him a hug and a kiss on his cheek, "Thanks, Bubba Brute, for your wonderful milk last night and your care of me while fledging," he said.  

"You're welcome, Bairn Jack," Brute said.

* * * * * * *
Jack was still at the Daniels' ranch when Balthazar, Bubba, and Brute materialized in the front hallway of the ranch house. They walked into the kitchen area and sat down to breakfast. The rest of the the family was finished but still drinking coffee keeping Jack company. After he finished, Billy took Jack to another room and had him wing-up and shed his wings several times. He had him transport from place to place, and Jack learned quickly. By the time they were through, Jack felt confident he could do it on his own. The bull and his little heifer arrived with Clyde and ate breakfast with Bubba and Brute. They were excited about the trip. Jack didn't see any need to see them off and left to start his day.

"Keep lunch open for me, Brother!" Bubba hollered at Jack as he was leaving.

"I will, but I have my doubts about you returning before noon," Jack replied.

"Don't, Jack," said Kate Daniels, "We'll be back within an hour," she assured him.

"You, I would believe, Ms. Kate," Jack said and laughed at the look on Bubba's face.

Jack left and after the family cleaned the kitchen, they gathered in the front hallway. The angel, Ananias, opened a great portal and the designated members of Billy's family walked through. When the portal closed, Billy felt very much alone, but he was in good spirits. He would have time to get some personal things done he neglected taking care of for a good while. He winged-up, transported to Captain Nick's ship. He was surprised Jethro and the villagers were already on the job working with their hero. Billy paid his respects, walked to Billy Gog Groat's apartment, and knocked on the door. He was invited in and everyone was glad to see him. They were just sitting down to breakfast. Billy joined them and had another cup of coffee. "How was your first night together, Gentlemen?" he asked Joe and Willie. Willie blushed and looked to his big brother to speak for them.

"Like it was a wonderful dream. I kept asking my little brother to pinch me to make sure I wasn't asleep, sir," Joe replied, "I can't thank you enough, Master Billy," he added.

"And has Crunch woken up yet?" he asked Willie.

"Not yet, Master Billy," Willie replied.

"He might not for sometime. If he ain't awake by this evening, let me know, and I'll wake him. It might be better if I'm around when he does wake up to tell him what's happened to him and what the ground-rules will be from now on. Do you feel comfortable enough with your morphing?" Billy asked.

"Yes, sir, Mr. Goats worked with me yesterday after you left, and said I'm getting pretty good at it. It was nice making love with my brother in either form, but over the years I became used to being a part of Crunch, and I like the Ork body. I know Joe does, too," he said and blushed again.

"I won't deny it, but I got me a sweet-tooth for your nice blue-giant body as well, little Brother," Joe said.

Billy told them to take the day to get to know each other, and they could start work the next day. He wanted Thor and Zeus to walk down to the gate to check on their second guard bulls and report back to him later that evening. He said his goodbyes, wished them well, and transported back to the ranch. He wanted to do something for himself and climbed the stairs to the ballroom. Billy uncovered the Steinway and opened it up. He sat down and played for a little over an hour until he saw a bright flash of light and heard the laughter of many voices in the downstairs front hallway. Billy finished the piece he was playing and began to close the piano. Before he lowered the top, he found himself surrounded by about thirty Sun Bears looking at him like he was a god. They knelt before him, and the sturdiest male walked up to him. He knelt, and paid homage to each of Billy's big boots. Billy reached down, put his hands under the arms of the little male Sun Bear, and brought him up to his face. Billy gently kissed him on his forehead. "Welcome to Earth and the Daniels' ranch, little Brother," Billy said sincerely and loud enough the rest could hear.

<< You please to play for us, Master Billy? >> the Sun Bear sent to Billy in broken English.

"What's your name, my Brother?" Billy asked.

<< Seafoam-Sun, Master >> he replied.

"Well, Seafoam-Sun, help me open the beast again, gather your family around, and I will be happy to play for you to welcome you to your new life with us and your brothers and sisters," Billy said.

They did what they could to help Billy, and quietly sat around and under the huge instrument. Billy sat Seafoam-Sun on one side of the bench and his mate, Ali-kaboom-Sun, on the other. Billy was in a Bach mood and played the Italian Concerto for them. They marveled at his playing, but couldn't make a sound. Billy's family gathered to listen and began to applaud and cheer for Billy after he finished. The Sun Bears joined them. Clapping their hands and cheering in their minds, they rushed him, and almost overwhelmed Billy. They each had to touch him or give him a hug and a kiss. He was smothered for a while in Sun Bear love. Billy couldn't have imagined a more appreciative or loving audience.

"Okay, who's responsible for the herd of Sun Bears?" Billy asked with a big smile on his face and a small Sun Bear child in each arm.

"I'm afraid that would be me, Master Billy," Bubba held up his hand.

"They don't look so good, Brother," Billy said.

"That's because they were found on a derelict freighter and brought to Retikki Prime for rehabilitation. They were being kept in a local zoo on the outskirts of a small town not on the main paths of travel. The folks couldn't communicate with them and just thought they's dumb animals. We stopped there by accident and found them. Several of your family recognized them immediately and struck a mental conversation with them. I suggested we buy them and bring them home with us, sir," Bubba said.

"You done good, Brother. With some good food, freedom, and the encouragement of our other Sun Bears, we'll have them in good shape in no time," Billy said.

The Sun Bears liked what they heard, clapped their small hands together, and cheered silently for Master Billy.

"How long did you folks stay on Retikki Prime?" Billy asked.

"A month and a half, Dear," Kate replied, "We had a wonderful time when we weren't working, but I assure you they worked our butts off learning what they wanted us to know. Tom and your gold dealer, Mr. Pennywise, were a great source of information. Billy you have no idea what is about to happen, but we're ready for it," she elaborated.

"How long were we gone from here, Billy?" Bubba asked.

"A little over an hour. Maybe an hour and a half," he replied.

"I need to call Jack and see if we's still on for lunch," Bubba said and grinned.

Billy asked the Sun Bears if they remembered any of their native dances. They assured him they did. Billy remembered the melodies and complex rhythms of each of their dances taught to him by the other Sun Bears, and he began to play. They paired off into several groups and danced their little hearts out with wild abandon. They were duly impressed their new master knew their ancient dances and could play them perfectly. It made them love Billy and feel closer to the humans than any species they met before. They felt like they were home.

* * * * * * *
"You back already, Bubba?" Jack asked.

"Billy said we weren't gone more'n an hour and a half, but we was on Retikki Prime for a month and a half, Jack," Bubba said.

"No!" Jack exclaimed.

"I shit you not, Brother. We brought back about thirty more a' them little Sun Bears we like so much. They's in the ballroom dancing their folk dances as Billy plays for them," Bubba said.

"We still on for lunch, Brother?" Jack asked.

"Sure, if'n you like. I'll be happy to take ma' little brother to lunch. It's been a while. I'd like to see yore' ugly face again," Bubba joked.

"Can you transport over here? I got some official documents in the mail this morning you need to take a look at, Brother. I can drive us to lunch in town, and if you transport, you won't have to face my guard-geese," Jack said and laughed.

"Anything but them damn devil birds," Bubba replied and laughed. "See you in a bit, Brother," Bubba said and disconnected.
It was obvious, Bubba grew close to the Daniels' family during their visit to Retikki Prime. He didn't have any problem leaving Aunt Helen with the Daniels while he took off to have lunch with Jack. While she was anxious to get back to the belly of the great white whale, she didn't seem the least frustrated Bubba would leave her there for a while. She grew close to the Daniels as well. Helen took a special interest in Roz and admired her talents. Helen asked Roz if she would consider visiting her after they returned and bring her viola with her? Roz accepted her gracious invitation and told her she would be honored to visit her home.

Bubba winged-up, transported to the front hallway of the McCormack ranch, and Jack came to greet him in the same clothes he put on that morning. Bubba couldn't help razz him. "Gees, Brother, you could have changed clothes in a month and a half," he said and grinned. He got a laugh out of Jack. "What chu' got to show me, little Brother," Bubba asked.

"You ain't gonna' like it, Bubba. It may upset you. It upset me, but I don't think it's much for us to worry about," Jack said, took a manila mailing envelope from his coffee table, and began to pull out the contents. "This is a demand to search your property, including the barns, for valuable negotiable property you inherited from your uncle," Jack said.

"Who would do something like that?" Bubba asked naively like he was crushed.

Bubba's reaction temporarily stunned Jack, but then he recalled how loving and trusting Bubba could be. "You only get one guess, big Brother," Jack said in disgust.

"Womack?" Bubba asked surprised.

"E'aup, but that ain't the worst part, Bubba. Take a look at the pictures inside," Jack urged him.

Bubba moved through the documents and came to picture after picture of the inventions and works of art in his uncle's barns. He was shocked and dismayed. "How? Who? What? When? Where?" he managed to get out. "Ain't nobody I know what's got access to them barns but me," Bubba said with fear in his voice.

"Didn't you tell me there was a duplicate set of keys to your uncle's barns you couldn't find?" Jack asked, "And you found Earl Hickson's truck tire prints after your house was ransacked?" he added.

"Oh, my God. Earl found them keys, took these pitchers, and gave them to Womack," Bubba said.

"I'd bet my ranch on it, Brother," Jack said firmly.

End of Chapter 47 ~ Him Who Made The Seven Stars
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