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Him Who Made The Seven Stars

By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 52

"The most preposterous notion that homo sapiens have ever dreamed up is that the Lord God of Creation, shaper and ruler of the universes, wants the saccharine adoration of His creatures, can be swayed by their prayers, and becomes petulant if He does not receive this flattery. Yet this absurd fantasy without a shred of evidence to bolster it, pays all the expenses of the oldest, and largest, and least productive industry in all history." ~ Robert A. Heinlein

Every eye was on the big cowboy to see if he would win the prize and gain the bonus points. When everyone saw Clarence Womack shoot his load over his head and Kit Crocker's horns were gone, there was no doubt in anyone's mind, Kit Crocker won the rodeo. Whoops, cheers, applause, whistling, and stomping of hooves, beating of drums and tambourines, blowing of horns, welcomed and approved the big cowboy's triumph.

"Well I'll be damned!" exclaimed Satan.

"According to Master Billy's job description for this gig, you already are damned, Dear Husband," Joe (Joseph) reminded him and grinned.

"As long as I got you for a mate, my precious, I could never be damned," Gog shot back and the two giants laughed together at their nonsense.

They didn't have to check to confirm Crocker shot his load into Womack. The loss of his horns, the cowboy admired so much, was a sure indication he performed the task set before him. Hello Kitty Crocker never felt more focused, mature, accepted, or proud of what he accomplished than anything he ever did before. He wondered how something as seemingly unimportant as emasculating a slimy beady-eyed little pencil-dicked preacher by butt-fucking him could make him feel like he just regained his own masculinity.   

"Well done, Son! Way to go, Cowboy!" Satan bellowed to Crocker.

"Thank you, Master, I'm glad I could please you, sir," Kit replied.

"Did you ever know yore' daddy's name, Son?" Satan asked.

"Naw, sir. I asked my mom many times, but she always told me she never knew his last name," Crocker replied.

"Well, I know your daddy's name, and by universal right of birth, no matter your mother or father's druthers, you should carry his last name whether he would ever admit to being your father or not. He don't have to admit it, we got his DNA on file, and it's a perfect match to yours down to the last allele. His full name was Harlen Buckley Johnson. He was known as Harley-Buck Johnson. You have impressed and moved this old demon like few men have done before. Therefore, I bestow upon you the dubious honor of becoming one of my adopted sons. As of this very hour, Satan, the God of Hades, and the Prince of Darkness for many points south of the Mason/Dixon line, your new Demon Daddy, declares no one will every know you by the dreadful name, Hello Kitty Crocker, again. The time has come for you to divorce the memory of your failed mother and begin the long, slow process of becoming a good man.

"While it may sound like a bit of a contradiction for Satan to wish such for one of his sons, every creature, man or god, wants the best for his children, and if being a good man and cowboy is your wish, so be it. From this time on, I decree, you shall be known as Harlen Buckley Johnson, Junior!" Satan exclaimed loudly for everyone to hear, "For it is a good name for a cowboy, and if any man challenges you, tell him you are a Son of Satan and your Master Demon Daddy done give you that name. Of course, they'll probably think you're an S&M sex slave for the leader of a California outlaw motorcycle gang, but what the Hell, you don't have to give them more information than you choose. A cowboy stud of your size and bearing don't have to stand up to no man's scrutiny. Walk away leave them scratching their butts and guessing. Ain't none of their business no ways," he added and winked at the new Harley-Buck Johnson, Junior.  

"Thank you, Master. I agree, it's a good name, and I will wear it with pride, sir," Harley-Buck answered.

Billy heard the exchange and looked dumbfounded. He didn't have a clue what Gog, as Satan, was talking about. He politely asked for a private word with his Demon Master and his right-hand demon. "I saw the cogs turning in your head, Master Billy," Gog said, "I got that information from Clyde. He said it was a high priority transmission from Ramrod Matt Quigley on Fort Adam Lear. They can check out the smallest shred of trivia in an instant. Where do you think all them Womack sack-time videos with them women come from?" he asked.

"No problem. Just curious. Good to know. You done played your role perfectly, Demon Daddy Satan. If we have another need for a Demon Daddy, I hope you won't mind if we call on you," Billy said and winked at Gog.

"Of course you can. Mi demon, es su demon. It's been a lot of fun, and I hope Harley-Buck Johnson will take a solid back with him no matter his fate when he stands before the judge," Gog replied, "Oh, yes, and if there really is a demon named 'Satan,' I hope he had as much fun as we did this evening, sir," Gog added and grinned.

* * * * * * *
With the climax of the new Harley-Buck and the freshly fucked Clarence Womack, the festivities came to an end. Billy accomplished what he set out to do. He wanted to test both men to see how they would operate under a strictly controlled situation. Womack's response didn't surprise Billy, but Kitty Crocker did. Billy came to the correct conclusion, the new Harley-Buck Johnson could be worked with and over a period of time shaped up into a fine upstanding cowboy for their community. Womack was a complete failure. Billy saw little or no chance for his redemption; however, neither did he want the responsibility of a long term correction for Womack. Billy didn't think Clarence would survive long in one of the privatized prisons. Furthermore, Billy and his cowboy angels' efforts to bring him back to life would have been in vain. On the other hand, Womack was such an unbridled wheeler-dealer, Billy wouldn't put it past him to con and finagle his way from inmate to Warden within six months in any prison where he was sent.

Billy left specific instructions to his grooms and his halfling attendants to clean their two guests and put them back in their cells. Billy insisted they leave Harley-Buck's gizz inside Womack and return his butt plug to hold it in. They could bathe and pamper the big cowboy, but Womack was to be returned to his cell and put to sleep for the night. After they finished grooming Harely-Buck, he was to be put back in his cell to await further instructions. He could wear his boots, but he was not to be given his clothes until Billy came for him. The grooms could provide him with a blanket if he chose to lie down and cover himself.

Clyde could feel his master's despair and concern for Womack as a human being apart from the rotten personality which called Clarence's body home. After Harley-Buck was pampered and bathed in the hot steam-bath by his grooms, Poly and Cass in demon form, he was taken back to his cell, given his boots to wear, and handed a blanket, while the other grooms, Mace and Picard, cleaned Womack and took him to another cell. Clyde walked up to Billy, put his arm around his shoulder and bid him walk with him away from the crowd in the dungeon.

"You don't have to shoulder the burden of a decision about Clarence alone, Master Billy. I know you won't terminate him, but you also know you can't just release him back into the community. Even if he was to reappear hale and hardy back in his cell at our county Jail, we fear he might be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat and through public sympathy might not get the sentence he deserves," Clyde said.

"Now is the time to get our attorney's together with the judge and find out what we can do within the limits of Earth law to keep everyone happy," Billy said.

"That's certainly a start, Master Billy, but I been instructed by Ramrod Quigley to tell you they will be happy to take care of your Womack problem for you if you like," Clyde said.

"I don't know about that. Sometimes both Ancient races seem to be a mite heavy handed on the punishment bit," Billy replied, "I couldn't live with him being terminated after we resurrected him," he added.

"I understand, and I empathize with you. I feel the same way, but the Irin don't plan to punish him, Master Billy, just change him a bit, so he'll become a contributing member of society rather than a sociopath, a leach what uses myth, superstition, and fear to feather his own nest," Clyde said. "Come, walk with me to the other part of the castle where your audience is waiting, and I'll explain on the way," Clyde offered and Billy accepted.

When the two men walked into the huge auditorium, most of the players, except for Billy's grooms and several of the attendants, were still gathered and gave him a standing ovation for his Mummer's Play and performance. On the way to the auditorium, Billy morphed back to his cowboy form and was fully dressed before he made his entrance. His family was still enjoying the goodies the village people set out for them and the little people were as thrilled and enthusiastic about their young master as his family. Everyone had to shake his hand, or give him a hug and a kiss. Billy was impressed with his gathering of his family of misfits; how, from the strangest of the large creatures to the smallest cuddle-some Sun Bears, everyone was acting like one large family and bathed in the cooperation and camaraderie of the moment.

Pete brought his work partner Leon Tollefson over to introduce him to Billy. Leon surprised Pete when his partner gave the young cowboy a big hug and a kiss on his cheek. "Wow! Thanks, Mr. Tollefson!" Billy exclaimed, "T'ain't often I get a nice hug and a kiss from such a fine looking hombre like yourself, sir," he said.

"You deserve it, young man, and none of this 'Mister' shit with me, Mr. Daniels. I'm just a nobody feed-lot cowboy. Please call me 'Leon', sir," Leon said.

"Same here, Leon, just call me, Billy," Billy said.

"I don't know what to say, Billy," Leon said shaking his head.

"You don't have to say nothing, sir, you just experienced the baptism of fire into the Daniels' family experience. It was our new brother, Mr. Grover Parsnip's first immersion as well, but I think he done a good job as our Earthly attorney representing them two," Billy bragged. "We hope you'll come back and become a regular face around our ranch. Maybe we can help each other with a few things, but we'll talk when we got more time. Enjoy yourself and have a good time," Billy told him.

Pete gave Billy a hug and shook his hand. "Thanks, Billy, for letting me bring Leon, it means a lot," he said.

"You men have a good time and enjoy yourselves," Billy said.

About that time the rest of Billy's actors entered the area having morphed back to their regular states. Pete and Leon were just as impressed with them in their regular forms, especially Thor and Zeus. "My god them men ain't human, they's gods," Leon whispered to Pete, and he giggled his agreement like a school boy. After they talked with them for a while, they were as taken with them as the rest of Billy's family. Thor introduced Zeus to them not only as his biological son, but his wife. They explained to the two cowboys their situation and surprisingly, it made perfect sense to Leon and Pete.   

Judge LaFleur and his son Wesley were again stunned by the inventiveness and humor in Billy's Devils and Dungeon Mummer's Play and couldn't compliment him enough. They found it a fitting meeting, and a temporary resolution to let the anger and frustration of the acts of violence abate. Buster Tate, Grover Parsnip, Jack McCormack, Bubba, and several of Billy's other main family members were standing around listening to the conversation. They were interested in what the old Judge and Billy might cook up between them. "The ball is now in your court, Judge," Billy said making a pun, "My question for you is, where should we go from here?" he asked.

"Thanks to you and your men, we have several options available to us we didn't have before. I can see the possibility of Clarence disappearing for good, no pun intended, meaning since he was seen to be murdered, no one would believe he was brought back to life. The demons took him away and he was never seen or heard from again, but I'll come back to him later. Like you, I think most of us what watched your play, we're convinced the former Kit Crocker ain't intrinsically a bad man. He just needs some life-coaching and his rough edges rounded off a bit; however, I think from our experience with the way Erin Mascaro was treated, Crocker won't get what he needs from a prison sentence. If he survives, he'll come out more confused and hardened than he is now. There ain't no doubt, he should be punished or reined in for his stupidity and uncontrolled anger, but I'm certainly open to a creative solution for him; similar to Orville Higginbothem with allowances.

"I can't charge Crocker for murder if we don't know what happened to the victim, and outside this ranch, nobody will know what happened to Womack. The most I can charge him with is attempted murder, reckless endangerment, bringing guns into a public place, and the accidental shooting of an innocent bystander. For that, I could easily sentence him to fifteen years. We're much in the same boat with Earl Hickson; although, since Womack ain't part of the picture, I'll have to take that into consideration when I sentence him come Wednesday. I plan to postpone both until next Wednesday anyway to let things settle down in the community. Let's not think on prison for either. I plan to offer them indentured slavery and set a reasonable price for each. Just off the top of my head, five to ten years for Hickson's sentence and ten to fifteen for the new Harley-Buck Johnson. By the way, it was quite a surprise at the end for the devil, his'self, to give the man a new name. If anybody ever needed a new name, it's Crocker. Nice touch, Master Billy, a stroke of genius," the old judge complimented him.

"'T'weren't none of my doing, Judge. That bit of information was passed down from the highest Irin to my cowboy-angel Clyde, who sent it straight to Gog. As I understand, it's the truth. I plan to put my staff to work on it tomorrow morning to see what they can come up with on the Internet," Billy said.

"What about them times for the men?" Judge LaFleur asked.

"Five years for Earl, and ten for Harley-Buck, should do the trick. How does that work, five to ten, or ten to fifteen, Judge?" Billy asked.

"Five to ten means, if Hickson serves five years with a clean record, he can be set free with another five years probation, but if he fuck's up anytime during probation and I have to see him in my courtroom again, he'll have to serve the full ten years; the same for ten to fifteen for Johnson," the judge explained.   

"What will happen to their properties, sir?" Billy asked.

"If you purchase the men to be your slaves, their properties will be put under a temporary holding trust under the auspice of the new Hill Country Grange you will be forming with the members of your extended family who will be responsible. In essence, every rancher representing his family's interest will become a part of the Grange co-op and have an equal vote as to the care, upkeep, and management of the properties until the men have served their sentence. At the end of their sentences, they will automatically revert to the indentured slaves with no legal entanglements or transfer fees. If the properties are free and clear when accepted by the Grange, they will be returned that way to the men. If there are outstanding mortgages, they will be paid regularly to keep the property under the control of the Grange. If the Grange should vote to seek repayment for mortgage fees, the freemen should be given a comfortable extended time period to repay their debts without interests or further finance fees," LaFleur said firmly.

"Hear! Hear!" said Tron Garrett, "That's fair. It's only as it should be," he added and everyone agreed.

"I have received an offer by our Irin supporters and Ancient subscribers to take care of our Womack problem for us," Billy said, and with Clyde's help, began to explain to the men the solution the Ancients recommended. Billy was almost sure the old judge and at least Grover Parsnip would have some reservations about the plan, but to his surprise they laughed together and told Billy if it could be accomplished he had their blessings. They thought it was a great idea, shared a laugh, and told him to go for it.

"How long will it take?" Judge LaFleur asked.

"I think we explained time differentiation between our galaxy and theirs. I could have Clyde escort Clarence and no matter the amount of time it takes a week, a month, or a year only minutes will have passed on our world when they return," Billy replied.

"Would we still be here when they return?" Grover asked.

"Sure, I could have Clyde take Clarence immediately, if you like. If we're all in agreement, the sooner the better as far as I'm concerned," Billy replied.

The men of Billy's family voted unanimously to have Clyde transport Clarence Womack to Fort Adam Lear to be surrendered to the Irin for processing. They dispatched Clyde to the dungeon and Billy gave his permission to his grooms to release Womack to him. The grooms woke Clarence. He was groggy, confused, and as usual, irritable. They got him dressed, but they didn't remove his plug. The grooms explained it was to keep from soiling himself. As the fog cleared he saw a handsome cowboy-angel standing just outside his cell door.

"Thank God! You finally come for me. You're the angel who was sent for me. That black angel was just a sham to scare me and confuse my beliefs," he said like a man who just saw the light as filtered through his own personal prism.

"I've been dispatched to take you to your new home, Clarence," Clyde said and smiled sweetly.

"Oh, thank the Lord of Hosts. I was beginning to think he forgot about me. Them demons did such terrible things to me. They made me taste the joys and sensual delights of homosexual bonding. They forced homosexual rape on me, and while it was difficult, I fought against enjoying it until the very end. I was overwhelmed with the dirty, vile feeling of unimaginable pleasure which took over my body at the thought of another extremely masculine man using my virgin body for his pleasure. I tell you it was sinful and degrading. While my body may have been defiled, my soul is as pure as it's always been. I'm glad I'm being taken away from this dreadful place. It smells like a sex pit for the depraved. Anymore torture like I experienced a while ago would surely break me and make me succumb to the disgusting lure of male sex. I'm certain, it's like many other forbidden vices, it's definitely a choice and most probably addictive," Clarence ranted. Clyde worked hard to not laugh at the fat little fool.

They got Clarence together and Clyde made a large door spring up with a blue watery-like plasma filling the space. "Come, take my hand, and we'll walk through together, Clarence," Clyde offered.

"But you're an angel. I thought you were suppose to fly me to heaven," Womack said.

"We're short on staff. It's all them new austerity programs in heaven, you know. It seems the more conservative element have taken over, and we don't have the angel power we used to have available to us. It's like them cattle cars they call air-buses here on Earth. Used to be, a person had room to stretch out and relax on a flight. Not any more. You get treated like a new inmate entering prison and packed together like sardines in a can. We use these gates; beside, you're too fat for me to carry that far, Clarence. Have a heart!" Clyde chided him.

Clarence shrugged his shoulders, took Clyde's hand, and followed him through the gate. Clyde returned almost as quickly as he left and reported back to his master. "It's done, Master Billy," he said.

"You didn't stay?" Billy asked.

"They said it would take about six months to a year their time, and suggested I return in thirty minutes our time. They will have your new slave ready for me to bring to you. I didn't care to spend six months waiting. This way I don't lose continuity between the here and now," Clyde explained.

"Makes perfect sense to me, Brother," Billy said and patted Clyde on his back.   

They decided they would transport Harley-Buck Johnson to one of the other cells in the county jail and let him wake up there the next morning. Grover volunteer to represent him at his hearing, but he wanted to be the first to talk with the big cowboy, apprise him of his situation, and what his options might be. Judge LaFleur suggested Billy send Erin Mascaro and Orville Higginbothem with Grover so they could tell him their experiences as Master Billy's slaves as opposed to what he might experience in prison. Grover considered Harley-Buck just might come out of this with more to his advantage than detriment. He might not see it that way, but perhaps Grover and Billy's punishment slaves could get him to listen to voices of reason. After talking with the Judge and Jack McCormack, Grover was convinced Billy Daniels and his family could make a new man out of the old Kitty Crocker.

The sheriff, Will Tate, told Billy to wait to transport Harley-Buck until he and his family got to the jail and checked in on his deputies and Earl Hickson. They had to drive through town to get out to their ranch anyway. He would call Billy and let him know they arrived, and he could transport Johnson. The sheriff didn't want to take the chance one of his deputies getting gun happy and trying to shoot the delivery demon. Besides, he wanted a chance to talk privately with the new Harley-Buck Johnson, and if he agreed to his terms, Will would let him stay in the extra bunk in the full service cell where Earl was staying. Will wouldn't have bothered if it was someone outside the community, but no matter how much they condemned the crazy gun toting cowboy, Billy's family secretly admired him having the cojones to take matters into his own hands; even more so after they got a good look at the set of balls hanging heavy from the big cowboy. Will agreed with the other men in Billy's family, it would be a great waste if they didn't make the effort to help the cowboy make a new start in life.

No one wanted to break up the party. They stood around the festive table chatting and enjoying each others company. Almost an hour passed and another door sprang up in the auditorium. Clyde said it was his cue to return to Fort Adam Lear, Billy's new slave was ready.

"What do you think they will do to the preacher?" Leon asked Pete's family.

"Ain't no tell'n, Son," Elmer replied, "Whatever they do to him, it has to be an improvement over what he was," he allowed.

"Amen to that," Nathan Daniels agreed, "I get the feeling, Billy don't really know what they had in mind," he added.

He no sooner said the words when Clyde returned holding the hand of a small, demure, petite young woman about twenty-three years of age with mousy-brown hair done in a pixie cut. She was dressed in a pair of soft boots wearing khaki pants and a nice beige shirt with a smart brown belt. She had a nice beige silk scarf tied around her neck, and she carried a small suitcase in her left hand. Tucked under her left arm appeared to be a black stick of some kind.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the greater Daniels' family, it is my pleasure to introduce to you Master Billy's new slave, Miss Clarice Leilani Wombat, originally from the Perisher Blue Snowy Mountain far country of Australia. She was kidnapped by aliens as a young girl and rescued by an Irin Patrol Ship in the contraband shipping lanes between galaxies and raised among the hill country cattle folks on Fort Adam Lear. She was adopted by a large ranching family who encouraged her musical abilities. She brought a wooden flute with her which she plays like an angel. Ramrod Quigley knows her family well and has enjoyed hearing her play many times. She has watched the Billy Daniels' family show for a good while and expressed a wish to come and become a part of your greater family, Master Billy. Ramrod Quigley thought you might appreciate another fine musician," Clyde said.

Billy's family stood in awe. They were flabbergasted. Could this really be the reincarnation of Clarence Womack now Clarice Wombat? As little regard as Womack had for women and women's rights in general, it seemed like the perfect squelch for such an unreasonable voice. It struck Elmer and Oatie as hilariously funny, but thanks to Pete, they managed to keep their laughter to themselves. They knew this was not the time or place to fall on the floor and roll around until they exhausted themselves laughing their asses off. There would be time for that later. They looked at each other and then to Billy. Kate, Zelma, Aunt Helen, Roz, Rox, and Dorcas were having none of it. They rushed to the young lady's side to welcome her and made over her hair and outfit. They were all compliments, hugs, and kisses. Clarice was one big smile from the ladies' warm welcome. Dorcas took her small suitcase and Roz took her black wooden flute. Kate and Zelma each took an arm and led her before Billy.   

"May I pay homage to you, Master Billy?" she asked in a sweet voice.

"I would be honored, Miss Wombat," Billy replied.

Clarice fell to her knees and proceeded to kiss each of Billy's Buckaroo boots. When she was through, she found both her master's hands waiting for her. Billy pulled her up to him into a warm embrace and gently kissed her on her forehead. "Welcome to the Daniels' family, Miss Wombat. It's always nice to gain another musician and lover of music," Billy said, "What may we call you?" he asked.

"Please, sir, either Clair, or Lee. My close friends call me Lee," she replied.

"I may use both? I like both names equally," Billy complimented her.

"That will be fine, Master Billy. It's a great honor and pleasure to be here, sir. You and your family have been heroes to me and my generation for many years, sir," she said.

"Before we go much further with your permission, I must sample of drop of your blood so I may have your DNA on file in case of an emergency. Grandma, please bring us a straight pin and some alcohol. It will merely be a small prick, I will taste a drop, and heal you immediately. I promise it won't hurt," Billy said like a smooth doctor.

"I was told it might be required, so I'm prepared," Lee said.

Kate brought Billy the sterilized pin, and he quickly pricked her finger, tasted a drop of her blood, waved his hand over hers, and she was healed. "There, I hope that didn't hurt too much," he said.

"Not at all, sir, you were very gentle," Lee allowed.  
The family came around and introduced themselves as Billy's cowboys got him off by himself.

"Well?" Elmer asked the burning question on all their minds.

"It's definitely Clarence's DNA. I sampled a shit-load of his DNA when we put him back together. I guaran-damn-tee ya, ain't no doubt in my mind, Clarice Leilani Wombat is the former Clarence Womack. Sweet Jesus! What an improvement. I wonder if this ain't the Irin's dry sense of humor or what one might call an Irin-knee to us cowboy's groins? Where is Bossman Randy when we need him?" Billy said with mock frustration rolling his eyes toward heaven, and the men fell together laughing. "Hosanna!" Billy said quietly to his male family members and they responded in kind, "Hosanna, in the highest!" they exclaimed with equally subdued enthusiasm.

"Do you want to quarantine your new slave, Master Billy?" Clyde asked.

"Goodness, no!" Billy replied, "My tasting her blood wasn't a test of our Irin brother's veracity. I'm struck by the Irin's capabilities and wanted to see how they done it. I'm sure we can trust their final product is without flaw. I'm sure there's more we will learn from and about Clarice but other than excluding her from more sensitive family projects as we might any new slave until we know them better, I don't see any need to create a feeling of paranoia between us," Billy said firmly.

"Well, said, young man;" said Judge LaFleur, "however, an ounce of caution is worth a pound of cure," he added and patted Billy on his back.

"Thank you, Judge. We will be open, responsive, and giving, but for a while, we will limit activities for which she may have access. We rarely include every slave in our family matters anyway," Billy replied, "And I think I might have the perfect job for her. I have heavily overburdened my two beloved cowboy brothers Hank and Buck of late, and I think they could use an assistant as a gopher and and all-round girl Friday," he added.

After the stunning entrance of Billy's new slave the party began to breakup. Pete and Leon had to take off. They had to be up early for work the next morning at the feedlot. The Breedlove family left shortly after. Billy said goodbye to everyone and said he would wait for Will to contact him to transport Harley-Buck to his jail cell. "Instead of calling, Will, ask Everett to tickle me. I'll be in the dungeon prepping Harley-Buck and a cell phone call might tip our hand," Billy said and grinned. I'm leaving for the ship as soon as I go to my office upstairs and morph into my Kagoli form," Billy said.

"Sure, Brother, no problem. We'll give you some time," Will said and winked.

"I knew you'd understand, Brother," Billy said and grinned.

* * * * * * *
Leon was bubbling with thoughts and comments about the evening. Pete never heard him say so many words in the five years they worked together. He was glad the big cowboy was letting himself go and expressing himself. Pete was impressed Leon was quite educated for a man who never did anything but cowboy most of his life. He mentioned it to Leon.

"I never had much formal education, but once't I got me a computer and learn't how to use it, another world of information was at my fingertips. I learned a lot in the last several years. I don't go nowheres or do much of anything. Going to the Daniels' ranch with you is the first thing I done since I been working at the feedlot. I have to take care of ma' pa, and he requires around the clock supervision. Don't know what I'd do wiff'out my watcher buddies. I wouldn't be able to hold down a job without them. He loves them and calls them his boys," Leon laughed, "In one of his more lucid moments, he confided in me he knows they ain't real, and it's just his imagination working overtime to create companions for him while I'm away at work," Leon said and the men laughed. They arrived back at Pete's trailer and Pete invited Leon in for a cup of Sleepy-time tea. Leon thought he should be getting back instead.

"Bullshit!" Pete exclaimed, "One cup of tea won't take long, besides I got some'um to say to you," he said firmly.

"Okay, one cup," Leon agreed.

They went inside and Pete put the kettle on his stove to boil. He made two mugs of Sleepy-time tea and added a teaspoon of honey to each. He set one mug before Leon, and he sat down across from him. They took a sip and relaxed. Leon waited for Pete to speak.

"Ain't chu' gonna' ask what I wanna' talk with you about?" Pete asked.

"Naw, Pete, h'it ain't the cowboy way. If'n a man tells you he's got some'um to say to you, he'll tell you if he wants you to know; otherwise, I'll drink my tea, thank you for one of the most wonderful time of my life, and be on my way," Leon said.

"You're right, as usual. No argument, Brother. H'it ain't the cowboy way. I won't preface what I got to say to you, Leon, I'll just tell you. I'm falling in love with you. I been fight'n it for sometime now, but this afternoon waiting for you to come, I suddenly realized, it ain't going away, it only grows bigger by the day, and like a big old bear standing in the middle of the trail, I got to deal wiff' it. Since yore' pa ain't mentally together enough for me to ask him, I'm asking your permission to actively court you until we feel comfortable enough with each other to spend an evening in each other's arms," Pete said.  

"How long a courtship is you talk'n about, Cowboy?" Leon asked and grinned.

"How ever long it takes to win your heart, Buckaroo," Pete replied and smiled.

"Would a week be too long?" Leon asked, slapped the table, and laughed.

Pete broke up. "No, but I think we should spend some time together away from the damn feedlot afore we jump in bed together and make the beast wiff' two backs," Pete said seriously.

"Beast with two backs?" Leon asked and laughed, "I like that image. Then I'll leave it up to you, pod'na and, yes, I would be proud to have a good man like you court me, Pete Breedlove," Leon said, "But ain't court'n a bit old fashioned?" Leon asked.

"It's the cowboy way, Son. Don't quote me scripture and verse unless you's will'n to live by the word," Pete said and grinned.

"Of course, you're right; especially, if'n you's the one what's doing the court'n, sir," Leon said and grinned.

"Would you be worried about my past track record, my motivation, or my sincerity?" Pete asked.

"No, I seen a change in you over the years. You know'd what you done wrong. Some men don't never learn from their mistakes and keep repeating them all their lives. You ain't that kind of man, Pete. I seen the pain you went through not being a part of Oatie's life, and watched you swallow a shit-load of pride and brag'n rights from his accomplishments. Your other boy, Stan, broke your heart when he left home with nary a word, and I knew about you and Snuffy Ragweed being asshole buddies all them years ago. I also know you blame yourself for Snuffy's death, but there was more to it than you breaking off your relationship with him to marry Janice; things you never knew about. I don't think you'd ever repeat those mistakes, nor do I think you'll ever be satisfied with or trust a woman again either, Pete," Leon said boldly, "Beside, I don't think yore' daddy and son would invite you to their weddings if'n they didn't feel the same way. It's time for you to start living again, Pete," he added.  

Pete was quiet for a minute. "You're right. All them things is true. I'm get'n too damn old in mind and spirit, Leon, to allow a life like I once't tried to live. Since Master Billy done freshened me up a tad, I might have more vim and vigor to become a good husband for you if you find me worthy. Maybe it would do you some good to start living again, too, my handsome buckaroo," Pete said sincerely.

"I'll shore' 'nuff drink to that, Pod'na," Leon allowed.

They finished and stood looking at each other. Pete took the big cowboy in his arms and looked him in his eye, "Let's seal our deal with a big, wet, sloppy Buckaroo kiss, Cowboy?" Pete said and the men started a very gentle exchange which grew quickly into one of considerable, but controlled passion. When they broke if off they were both erect and drained of emotion. "Fuck! I been want'n to do that for a couple of years now. It shore' was good, Buddy. Thanks, Leon," Pete said.

"It was just as good for me, Partner. Don't never make the mistake of underestimate'n yore'self, Pete. You got plenty of untapped love still in you. We just may have to drill a little deeper for it," Leon allowed, and they shared a laugh.

"Ain't no other man I would consider tap'n me for it, neither, Cowboy," Pete said.

Leon thanked Pete again on the way to his truck. "Do you think Billy was serious about us help'n each other wiff' some things?" he asked Pete.

"Trust me, Cowboy, Billy don't make idle comments like 'at without backing them up. One of these days, out of the blue, you'll find him at your door with his cowboy-angels, and he'll take care of you and your dad. He wants you and your old man at peak performance levels. He's done got plans for you, your dad, and ranch which will make you another strong member of his family Grange he's building. I don't expect us to be working the feedlot for more'n another six months to a year. After that, we'll become a part of his greater family. When our lives change, your pa gets better, and can function on his own, we'll have more time to spend together. I want to spend as much time with you as you'll let me, Leon," Pete said.

"You ain't got nothing to worry about, Pete," Leon said, turned, climbed into his old truck, and started the engine, "Thanks for everything, Pete. I had a great time. I'll look forward to seeing your handsome face tomorrow morning, Pod'na," he said, put his truck in gear, and drove off down the dirt road to the blacktop.

* * * * * * *
Billy arrived in the dungeon. There was only Mace and Picard minding the place. Poly and Cass were with the rest of Billy's family. Billy was morphed into his Kagoli demon form. He dismissed Mace and Picard, told them what a wonderful job they did, how much he appreciated their efforts, and he was proud of them. He had a big hug and a hot demon kiss for both. They were in heaven their master approved of their work and they scurried off to join their family pod with the rest of Billy's guests. He could see Harley-Buck was sitting naked in his cell as he walked toward him. Billy didn't bother with clothing. He was a naked demon all evening. Billy took the key to the cell and unlocked the door. Harley-Buck stood waiting for him. Billy could feel the big cowboy's eyes looking at him like he was in awe of Billy. Billy opened the door to his cell and motioned for Harley-Buck to come out. He walked to Billy without fear and stood before him. Suddenly he threw his arms around Billy, held him close, and started crying. Billy held the big man, gently caressed him, and stole a couple of kisses.

"There, there, Buckaroo ain't nothing to cry about. I may look mean and evil but believe it or not, I got chore' best interest at heart. I won't never let nothing bad happen to you, Son. Our big daddy demon done told me to look after you and make sure you mature to become a strong, upstanding member of your community. I plan to see to it you do," Billy said.

"I know you's gonna' take me to jail. That's all right. I know you gotta' do it, but I'm worried I won't never get to see you again," Harley-Buck wailed.

"I promise, I won't never be far away, Son. I tell you what. What if I give you the power to contact me mind to mind when you need me?" Billy asked.

"You can do that?" the big cowboy asked in awe.

"I can do lots of things; but, yes, I can give you the power. You won't be able to hear or send to anyone but me, or someone I give permission to contact you," Billy explained.

"It would be a big help. I think I'm falling in love with you, Mister Demon. Is that bad?" he asked.

"No, some might think it a bit odd, but I don't. I fell in love with a demon one time and he's still my demon daddy. I love him very much. I was once't a cowboy like you, but I made up my mind I wanted to become a demon like him. Ain't sorry I done it, neither," Billy said.

"What do I have to do to hear your mind, sir?" Harley-Buck asked.

"I need to eat a part of you to have your DNA on file in my body to make the adjustment," Billy said.

"You mean you gotta' take a bite out of my butt or gnaw off one of my toes?" the cowboy asked with fear in his eyes, "Never mind! Just do it! I don't need all them damn toes noways!" he exclaimed.

Billy laughed. No! Now think, Cowboy. What can I eat from your body what ain't a part of your flesh?" Billy asked.

Harley-Buck stood for a moment thinking. "Well, I guess there's waste from my body, but that's too disgusting to think about," he said.

"You're right. No, that ain't it. What else comes out of your body what would have all your genetic information ready to fertilize a woman to make her pregnant?" Billy asked.

"My come? Of course, my cowboy gizz! You need to eat my baby-batter, Mr. Demon?" Harley-Buck asked with eagerness.

"Sure, Buckaroo, one full shot of your gizz will give me all the information I need to make the adjustment," Billy said.

"What do I have to do, sir?" Harley-Buck asked with eager anticipation.

"Nothing but lie back on that table, throw your boots up into them stirrups, and relax while I give you a hot demon blowjob," Billy said.

"You'd do that for me, sir?" Harley-Buck asked.

"Bet chore' cowboy-butt I would. I heard my old man, Master Satan, say you's one of his boys now. That would make you my brother wouldn't it?" Billy asked.

"It sure would, Mister Demon. Does that mean I get to call you my brother?" he asked excited.

"It sure does, Brother Buck, and I get to call you my brother. Brothers do that sort of thing for one another," Billy replied.

"Does it mean I get to suck you off, too?" he asked.

"No. For right now, I'm afraid it's a one-way street. Once't you start suck'n a demon off, you could possibly absorb his genetic information, which is much more powerful than humans, and you might start changing into one. You ain't ready for it, yet, but if you follow my advice and that of the men in whose hands you will find yourself, grow some in character, I don't see why it might not be possible for you to ride both them ponies," Billy explained.

"You mean you can change to be human and back again?" Harley-Buck asked.

"Yes, that's exactly what I mean," Billy confirmed.

"Can I see what you look like in human form, sir?" he asked.

"No, you ain't ready for that, neither," Billy said and smiled, "Didn't you learn nothing about the cowboy way, Son?" Billy asked.

"Damn little, sir. Only what I picked up here and there, but nobody to teach me right from wrong. I's like a bull in a China Shop when it comes to relating with people. I tried to be good to my wife, but I think I probably failed miserably with her, too, to make her want to lie down with the likes of that fat piece of shit I fucked this e'nin," Harley-Buck lamented.

"Don't accept all the blame, Cowboy. It takes two to tango. You don't have to accept somebody else's failures to compound your own. What's done is done. Don't look back. Don't try to pick over dried bones," Billy tried to reassure him.

"You's what I need to help me understand them things, Mister Demon. Do you have a name I can call you?" he asked.

"We'll get to that in a minute, but first let's get you milked," Billy said.

Harley-Buck got on the table and threw his buckaroo boots into the stirrups and made himself comfortable for his milking. Billy wasted no time and sucked the big cowboy off in record time. He thought he might see just how malleable Harley-Buck was by sharing a small amount of his own gizz with him as a brotherly prime-the-pump gesture, but he decided against it. There probably was a small chance of genetic contamination, and he didn't want an extra worry right now. Billy complimented the big cowboy on his gizz and told him it was some of the strongest flavored human ejaculate he ever consumed.

"Is that good, sir?" he asked.

"Certainly. Strong gizz. Strong man. It tells me you won't have any problems changing into a better man and a fine buckaroo," Billy said. He opened his arms for the cowboy to come to him. In his demon form Billy was about a third larger than Harley-Buck and he was one of the largest cowboys in the county next to Bubba and Elmer. "You asked about a name to call me. In my demon form I was named after a huge rogue red star in the Orion galaxy called Betelgeuse," Billy said.

"Beetle Juice?" Harley-Buck asked.

"It sounds the same but spelled different," Billy explained.

"If you's gonna' be like a conscience for me and speak to me in ma' head, I need a shorter name I can remember like Cricket," he said.

"You mean like Jiminy Cricket?" Billy asked.

"Yes, sir, the conscience of the little boy what got a permanent woody," Harley-Buck replied.

Billy laughed. He never thought of Pinocchio that way, but it made sense. "And do you have a permanent woody?" he asked the big cowboy.

"All the damn time, sir. I don't think that damn thing ever sleeps," Harley-Buck replied in perfect cowboy hyperbole. Billy was more sure than ever, things would work out fine for the big cowboy.

"I'll settle for 'Beetle.' When you need me just think 'Beetle' and I'll come to you. Now, let me show you how it works," Billy said, raised his huge bat-like wings and started to enhance that part of Harley-Buck's genetic information in his brain to send and receive thoughts.

"Are you like a god, Mister Beetle Juice?" he asked.

"No, more like an enhanced human what can do some pretty neat things what might seem miraculous to the average human like yourself, but I ain't no god. I hate to break it to you, Cowboy, but there ain't no such thing; just more advanced beings in the universe than you or even me. What I can do is small potatoes to what some of them ancient civilizations is capable," Billy explained.

"Then why do you chose to look like a demon, sir?" he asked.

"I'll let Pinocchio between your legs answer that question for you, Buckaroo," Billy said and grinned.

"Cain't gainsay that, Mister Beetle Juice," Harley-Buck answered and grinned, "You's one hot demon, sir," he said.

"Now, hesh up, lemme' finish my job, and your wish will be granted," Billy said. It only took him a few more minutes and he was through. He had Harley-Buck sit up and then stand. Billy gently took him into his much bigger, massively muscular arms, and held him close. He put his right hand behind his head and held the big cowboy's head close to his. With one of his claw-like nails on his right hand he gently scratched Harley-Buck's neck at the base of his skull where his brain joined his spinal column. "Feel that, Cowboy?" Billy asked.

"Yes, sir, it feels good," he replied and moved his head about like an old dog who wants more petting.

"I'm gonna' tickle it with my brain and when you feel an electrical tingling sensation at the base of your skull, relax your mind, and think on opening to me just like you would pick up a telephone and say 'hello.' I'll come into you, make myself to home, and we can chat mind to mind for a spell," Billy said.

"Okay," he replied.

Everything went like clockwork. Billy tickled Harley-Buck, and he invited the big demon into his mind, << Are you okay, Cowboy? >> Billy sent to him and asked.

<< I'm fine, Mister Beetle, I hear you loud and clear. This is amazing. This is wonderful. I don't feel so along no more, >> the cowboy replied.

<< That's good. That's the way you're suppose to feel, >> Billy said. About that time Billy felt another tickle. << Excuse me for a moment, Cowboy, I got another tickle. I gotta' leave you for a minute, but I'll be right back, >> Billy said and broke off connection with Harley-Buck.

<< Hey, is that you, Everett? >> Billy asked.

<< It is, Master Billy. We's in town down to the jail and my master asked me to contact you to tell you the coast is clear, >> Everett said.

<< Give us a minute, and we'll be there in a flash, >> Billy said and giggled. He heard Everett laugh in his mind and said he would tell his master.

"C'moan, Cowboy. We gotta' cut this short. I'll be able to tickle you later, and we can talk. Right now you gotta' get dressed, and I'll transport you to the jail so's you can begin your new life," Billy said. Harley-Buck grabbed Billy, pulled him close, and kissed him on the mouth. "Thank you, Mister Beetle, nobody's ever done nothing so nice for me as you have. Demon or no, I love you," he said.

"I gotta' admit, I done grow'd pert-damn fond of you, Cowboy. Now, hurry and get dressed," Billy said.

Harley-Buck dressed quickly, and they were ready. Without further ado, Billy transported them to one of the front cells in the sheriff's station, stole another kiss from the big cowboy, and disappeared. Harley-Buck breathed a sigh like he just lost the greatest love of his life. The sheriff and his deputies came to see what the flash of light was about and found Harley-Buck Johnson, the former Hello Kitty Crocker, in their jail.  

* * * * * * *
The town was divided about what they saw and exactly what took place. Mrs. Womack was keeping a low profile. Someone managed to show her one of the several videos which were delivered to the men whose wives were unfaithful to them. There were even several from Junction, Menard, Brady, and Llano in addition to the six in Mason county. Everyone agreed old Clarence was a busy bee gathering the nectar where he may. Amazingly enough, nobody thought to pull out their phones and take photos of the demons which appeared in court. They had nothing to show the National News teams or reporters who descended on Mason to cover the fantastic supernatural story. Suddenly, Jack McCormack and Grover Parsnip were swamped with phone calls from husbands wanting divorces, and Mrs. Womack. When the defrocked attorneys Dewey, Cheetum, and Howe, heard about the strange goings on in Mason County, they wondered if there might be some connection with their being disbarred and stripped of their abilities to legally represent anyone.

Jack didn't let the hubbub get to him. He scheduled seeing clients in the early morning to have the rest of the day to go play with his big brother. The next day they drove to Brady to buy some more bedroom furniture for Bubba's place and Jack's ranch. Jack had Bubba make sure Hoss was going to be there when they went. They took the big cowboy to lunch at the local Mexican restaurant. Bubba played the fish-eyed older brother holding the big man under scrutiny of a microscope to make sure his intentions toward his little brother were honorable and worthy. They laughed at him. "I know'd you must be a fine gentleman to have such a bulldog for a big brother, Mr. McCormack," Hoss said.

"He is, indeed, a good brother, Hoss, and we look out for each other. Don't worry, when his time comes to pick a mate, I will be the one who gets to play the Devil's advocate," Jack said.       

"Speaking of Devils, were you men in the courtroom in Mason when them demons appeared? I heard tell they took that loud-mouthed little preacher off to Hell," Hoss asked.

"Yes, we were both there. We watched four large demons and two small ones take several folks away from the court room. I'm surprised nobody got pictures of it, but that's what the main demon said they was gonna' do," Jack said, "They took Kit Crocker who killed Clarence Womack, a young girl of the Breedlove family who he accidentally shot, and one of my best friends and fellow attorneys Grover Parsnip. The young girl was taken to the Daniels' ranch where her older brother Oatie removed the bullet and patched her up. She's gonna' be fine, and old Grover reappeared around town the next day looking twenty years younger and claims he can't remember a damn thing about no demons. It's the damnedest thing anybody can imagine. Unfortunately, Clarence Womack ain't been seen or heard from since Wednesday. I think the locals have pretty much written him off to history," Jack explained. "I talked with Mrs. Womack on the phone and she told me she wanted to file for divorce. I told her to wait until her husband reappeared, but if he didn't, they would have to declare him officially dead after a year or two, in which case she would inherit everything without spending a dime on legal fees. She seemed to like the idea and told me she would take it under advisement," Jack added.

"For such a small town, your lives sound so much more interesting than what I'm living as a delivery man in Brady," Hoss lamented.

"It usually ain't, Hoss," Bubba spoke up, "Most of the time we sit around for days watching paint dry when somebody gets an urge to paint their barn," he said and grinned.

"Bubba's right, Big'un, we ain't had this much excitement in Mason since the Hoo Doo Wars in the late 1800's," Jack said.

* * * * * * *
Harley-Buck was surprised the sheriff and his deputies weren't more surprised he just showed up in their jail. They acted like he was an expected guest. Will unlocked his cell and took him into his office. He explained the circumstances to him, and if he agreed not to try to run and abide by his rules he could share the large double cell in the rear with Earl Hickson. Will explained the extra perks which came with staying in the 'guest suite' as his men called it. Harley-Buck agreed and took the other bunk in the big cell. Earl was glad for the company. They knew each other from school. Harley-Buck never served in the military. His mother was getting older when he graduated high school, and she was always sick. Harley-Buck was her only caretaker. Luckily, he got an exemption from the draft. Nevertheless, the men knew each other from years of living in the same community. That evening, after he cleaned himself and got ready to hit the sack, Harley-Buck lay down with his face to the wall. He took a deep breath and thought in his mind about sending a message to his new demon buddy, Beetle Juice.

<< I'm here, Cowboy. Can I do something for you or are you just testing the line? >> Billy said and laughed. Harley-Buck could hear him laugh in his head.

<< Mostly to test the line and thank you for my gift. I won't impose, I promise, sir, >> he sent.

<< Tickle me when you need me, and I'll do the same. Are you comfortable, Son? >> Billy asked.

<< Yeah, they been real good to me. Probably better'n I deserve. I'm so sorry about that young girl I accidentally shot. Is she all right? >> he asked.

<< She's fine. We dropped her off at the Daniels' ranch and her oldest brother, Oatie, patched her up. She's almost good as new. She's staying with the Daniels' family this evening and her granddad, Elmer Breedlove, is taking her to his place tomorrow to stay for a while, >> Billy replied.

<< That's good to know. I hope she and her family can forgive me, >> the big cowboy sent.

<< They have. They would like to see you become a better person and take your rightful place as a leader in the community. I know you can do it, Cowboy. I got faith in you, >> Billy sent.

<< Thanks, Mister Beetle-Juice, that means a lot. I better get to sleep and let you go. Give my best to my Demon Dad and thank him for my new name, >> he said.

<< Will do, Cowboy, have sweet dreams and dream about cowboys and angels, >> Billy said.

Billy felt another tickle while he was talking to Harley-Buck, but he recognized the sender and didn't answer. As soon as he disconnected from the cowboy he connected with his little cowboy brother, << Hey, Bossman, what's up? >> he hailed Randy.

<< I just tried to tickle you but got a busy signal. I figured you's talk'n to somebody else, and you'd get back to me, >> Randy said.

<< Yeah, I was talking with the cowboy what shot Clarence Womack and wounded the Breedlove's youngest daughter. He's so confused and never had much chance to grow up. He needs a couple of buddies. You interested? He's your type of cowboy, little Brother, >> Billy sent.

<< Big and rough? >> Randy asked and giggled.

<< Almost as big as Master Bull, but he ain't got the smarts and cowboy learn'n like Elmer. He needs a lot of direction and a help'n hand. He needs a good buddy, >> Billy sent.

<< He'll get it from you, big Brother, >> Randy said.

<< I hope so. I got me a feeling you might be able to help him, too, Bossman. You two can help each other grow up, >> Billy said half joking and half serious, << If'n you's interested, you could tickle him in our county jail and introduce yourself, but they's a few things you need to know first, >> Billy said and went on to explain what the men did with and to the big cowboy and the nasty little preacher Clarence Womack. Randy was rolling in his bed laughing his ass off at Billy's bizarre story. He made Billy promise he would let him watch a video of the Mummer's Dungeon and Demon Play. Billy promised he would and told him what he could share with Harley-Buck and what not to share with him. << I heard you and your sister is due over here tomorrow morning for the weekend and your ma and grandma are coming with the baby Saturday. You're scheduled for a piano lesson with Roxanne Humana and a violin lesson with Roz. Kayla's got lessons on her cello and piano with them as well, >> Billy said.

<< I'm looking forward to it, and I know Kayla's working hard on her cello. She's git'n better faster than me on my violin, but I'm better on the piano. I found an old rusty saw in the tool shed and told her I found her a new bow. She didn't think it was funny, and told me if I didn't get better soon I should think about using it on my fiddle," Randy said and laughed. Billy rolled on the bed laughing. Nick was listening and joined him.

<< All right, Buckaroo. Remember if you contact the big cowboy tell him your name is 'Cricket.' Clyde is due to pick up you and Kayla and transport you to our place for breakfast. Bring Ludo if you like, >> Billy said and signed off.

* * * * * * *
Earl Hickson couldn't help being curious about where Kit Crocker, who they were now calling Harley-Buck Johnson, went when he disappeared from the courtroom with one of the big red demons. He made a cup of instant coffee for the big cowboy and they talked.

"It was the damnedest thing, Earl. One minute we was in the court room and the next we was in a steam'n hot dungeon some'ers with all kinds of demons big ones, cute tiny ones with bat wings carrying red pitchforks and flying around I ain't never seen nothing like it. I could see Clarence Womack lying on a table. He was deader'n a fuck'n door nail. He weren't breathing or nothing. The big demon what took me with him put me in a cell and put me to sleep like he just flipped a switch in my brain. When he woke me up, there were more demons, it was even hotter, everything was bathed in red light, you could smell the brimstone, and Clarence Womack was alive and sitting up. They done brought him back to life to face judgment," Harley-Buck explained with awe and wonder in his voice. He went on to tell Earl about meeting the Devil himself, and he weren't such a terrible dude like them church folks preach. "He was worried about me and concerned why I would waste my time and my life on scum like Womack. I told him h'it was 'cause he fucked my wife. I wanted revenge. I know it sounds like a bad dream but the attorney what was representing Womack, Grover Parsnip, was there with us and he represented bowfus in front of the Devil. For Grover's agreeing to represent us, they took twenty years off his life. You won't recognize the old man, Earl, he don't look a day over fifty," Harley-Buck declared. "You don't believe me, do you?" he asked.

"After what I saw in that courtroom, I'd believe any damn thing you told me was possible, Cowboy," Earl said, "I sat there stunned. I saw what them demons could do and did. They weren't of this world, but I can't help feel like they got our best interest at heart at least, you and me. If Clarence Womack don't never show up again, and he's declared gone for good, it might go easier on our sentences," Earl allowed.

"Ya, think so, Earl?" the big cowboy asked.

"It just might. I know one damn thing. I don't never want to go to no prison if I can avoid it. I'd be willing to do almost anything. If they sold Orville Higginbothem to Billy Daniels, that's what I'm gonna' ask for. I'd rather be an indentured slave on his ranch than spend ever' damn day in a prison cell. I done heard about and seen the way Mr. Daniels treats his slaves, and he treats 'um like they's his family. He's been good to me and ma' brother, Bubba Kirkendall. His slaves, they's just expected to work, but they got a lot more perks than them men sit'n in them prisons. They ain't penned up, and they work in the fresh air. They work hard, but I ain't afraid of hard work. I been a cowboy all my life, and it's all I know. Hell, they knock off work ever Friday at noon and are free to do as they please the rest of the time. They have entertainment for them every Saturday night and they play some awesome music," Earl explained, "And the weirdest damn part is, even the cows dance to the music. I shit you not, Cowboy! I done seen 'um wiff' me own eyes doing a Virgina Reel stomping they's hooves in time with the music," he added.

Things settled down for the evening. The lights were lowered and the deputies went off to their cubicle to watch dirty videos for the  evening. Earl and Harley-Buck were settled in for the night. The big cowboy was lying with his face to the wall, just about to drift off to sleep, when he was sure he felt a small scratch at the base of his skull from a tiny electrical jolt. It wasn't as strong as his buddy, Beetle-Juice, so he just assumed he got an itch and reached back to scratch.

<< Don't scratch! >> he heard a small voice in his head.

Harley-Buck didn't move, << You ain't the demon Beetle-Juice, >> he sent.

<< No, I'm his little brother, Cricket, >> Randy returned, << He told me about you and said you might need an extra buddy. It took me a while feeling my way around the jail until I found you. You got a strong signal, Brother, >> Randy sent.

<< Are you a demon, Cricket? >> Harley-Buck asked and heard a laugh.

<< You might say so. Yeah, I guess I am. Hell, I must be. My big sister calls me either a demon or a little monster ever' damn day, >> Randy sent and laughed. He heard the cowboy laugh in his head.

<< How old are you, Son? >> Harley-Buck asked.

<< Six, but I'll be seven the tenth of July. I'm the Bossman on our family ranch near Fredericksburg, >> Randy replied.

<< Ain't chu' a mite young to be Bossman on a big working ranch? >> Harley-Buck asked.

<< Ain't nobody else to do the job right now. My daddy and his brother were drafted and sent off to war in the Middle East but both came home in a box. I'm the only male left in my family, but I ain't by myself. I got me a good, faithful slave for a Ramrod and a Bigfoot watcher I love what protects me, >> Randy said.

<< Sounds like you and me got a lot in common, Bossman. I done grow'd up without a daddy. I shore' 'nuff could use me a good buddy right about now, Cricket. Did your big brother-demon gift you with the power to send and receive thoughts? >> he asked.

<< Yeah, some time ago. We don't live together. He lives with his big demon daddy, but his daddy allows him to have friends outside of Hell. He introduced me and my family to the new Grange what's started up in our part of Texas, and they's helpful, good folks. Sometimes he comes to see me, or I go see him, and we have us a good time. He's my big brother. I think he's a handsome Devil, >> Randy said and giggled.

<< Just 'tween you and me, I agree, Son. I told him I wanted to become a demon like him. He told me the strangest thing. He said I had to become a good man first, >> Harley-Buck confided.

<< It ain't strange. He told me the same thing, but he don't always have to be in demon form. He can walk around as a human, and you would never recognize him, >> Randy said.

<< Have you seen him in his human form? >> the cowboy asked.

<< Sure, most of the time. He only becomes a demon when he's taking care of his demon dad or when we's in private and I ask him to morph, >> Randy said.

<< What's he look like? >> Harley-Buck asked.

<< A handsome cowboy like yourself, >> Randy said.

<< What makes you think I'm handsome? >> the cowboy asked.

<< 'Cause Master Beetle-Juice done told me you was handsome, and he sent me a mental pitcher of you; however, h'it don't matter none to me what you look like as long as you's big. I love me some big ugly cowboys just as much as them what's easy to look at, >> Randy said like he was sharing a secret with a good buddy. He heard Harley-Buck laugh.

<< Why do you call him 'Master,' Cricket? >> Harley-Buck asked.

<< 'Cause he teaches me things, and he's good to me. I was dying, and he healed me from a terrible debilitating disease. He done went a little too far and enhanced me at the same time. I got me some special powers, too. I call him my 'Master' to show my respect and love for him, >> Randy replied

<< I appreciate Mister Beetle-Juice's kind words, but I'm more like the big ugly type, >> the cowboy returned.

<< Master Bull, Elmer Breedove, is my surrogate daddy. I call him one of my 'Masters.' When I need a big pair of cowboy arms to run to or explain something to me I don't understand, I go to him. He never turns me away. He's always got time for me. I love him a lot, >> Randy said.

<< I know'd and admired Mr. Breedlove all my life. I wish't I could a know'd him better. Maybe I wouldn't a' turned out so bad. We got close one night on a roundup when I's just a young cowboy, and I never forgot his kindness or the comfort he provided me, >> Harley-Buck confided.

<< I probably already done took up too much of your time, Mr. Johnson. I better sign-off for now. I just wanted to reach out, tickle you, and let you know you ain't alone no more. You got buddies what care about you, >> Randy sent.

<< Tickle me anytime you feel like it, Son. I enjoyed jaw'n wiff' ya,' >> he returned and they disconnected. Harley-Buck drifted off into a deep comfortable sleep. It was the best sleep he experienced in years.

* * * * * * *
Early the next morning, when the sheriff's station opened for business, Grover Parsnip was there with two of Billy Daniels' slaves, Erin Mascaro and Orville Higginbothem. Billy allowed Orville to wear an old-time full length Western duster to cover his harness and his codpiece. When he was wearing it, you could only see his boots and head. It was mostly for the modesty of the public should they see him going into and out of the station. Everyone who came and went or those who lived with Orville were used to seeing him with limited clothing. He was brown as an autumn choke-berry from being exposed to the Texas sun and after a couple of months of working out with weights with his handler slaves and hard work around the ranch, his body was starting to show his new development. He looked and felt better than he had in years and despite his position as the lowest of punishment slaves, he couldn't help feel a bit proud and even cocky about himself.
"Gentlemen, Mr. Hickson and Mr. Johnson, I been sent by Judge LaFleur to consult with you men about your court appearances next Wednesday. Mr. Hickson, I have your attorney's permission to speak with you about what the judge would like to do for you men. Mr. Johnson, do you have an attorney?" Grover asked Harley-Buck.

"Naw, sir, I was hope'n you might find yore' way clear to represent me, Mr. Parsnip. You done a good job for me in Hell when I went before the Devil and I got faith in you to see to my best interests back here on Earth," the cowboy said.

"Yes, well, I done what I could. I just represented you. You done most of the work, Son, and I might add, you done a good job of standing up for yourself. I was proud of you," Grover allowed.  

"Is Mr. McCormack still gonna' represent me, sir?" Earl asked.

"Yes, I'm sure he will. He said he and Bubba would be by this evening to talk with you, but he wanted you to listen to what I have to say," Grover said.

"You look so much younger, Mr. Parsnip," Earl said, and winked at Harley-Buck like he believed what he told him the night before.

"Yeah, it was a perk the Devil offered me for representing Mr. Crocker and the preacher. Twenty years added onto my life seemed worth it, I think. Now I can make the same mistakes again only do 'um up bigger and worse than the first time. Won't that be fun?" Grover asked and laughed, "However, on the down side, I don't think I was able to do much for Clarence Womack. I think he spoke one too many times when he should have been letting me speak for him. Mr. Johnson will confirm, I tried my best to convince Mr. Womack to leave the negotiation for his mortal soul with Satan, the great demon beast, in my hands, but he refused. I think Mr. Johnson will also agree with me, the preacher managed to alienate an Archangel and the Devil himself. In the final assessment, I don't think either one wanted him, and being rejected by the Devil says some powerful bad things about a man's character. While I don't have any information about his disposition, I don't think we'll be seeing him anymore in this life certainly not in his previous form, but it's hard to tell. When you're dealing with what appears to be a supernatural experience, it's difficult to make a judgment, or to know the full facts of the outcome. I think it's beyond our understanding. We can only wait and see," Grover said.

Harley-Buck confirmed everything Grover said as the god's-gospel truth. He wasn't sure which gods.

"Since we have no way of knowing the final disposition of Preacher Womack, the judge must assume he's dead. Everyone who was there saw Mr. Crocker shoot him; however, without a body or an autopsy there is no conclusive proof he died. So the most he can charge you with, Mr. Johnson, is attempted murder, reckless endangerment by bringing loaded weapons into a public place, and accidental shooting of an innocent bystander. By the same circumstance, Mr. Hickson, because of Mr. Womack's disappearance and unknown state of health, the most the judge can charge you with is breaking and entering and petty theft. Now, h'it don't take no rocket scientist to explain to you men what Mr. Johnson done was bigger in scope than what Mr. Hickson did.

"Naturally, it means, depending on your attitude, how you conduct yourselves in court, and if you leave everything to your attorney's, unless you're asked a direct question by the judge, you both may get off light; however and there always has to be a 'however' I can promise you men will both do time in prison. Fortunately, in your cases, there's a second 'however.' Judge LaFlure is a progressive jurist and is not fond of the private prison systems we have today. He would like to offer you men an alternative if you agree," Grover said. Earl looked at Harley-Buck, smiled, and winked like he knew what was coming. The big cowboy got his message and nodded.

"That's why I brought these two gentlemen with me today. They are both slaves of Master Billy Daniels and his family. I believe you know Mr. Mascaro, Mr. Hickson. You were in the service together and Mr. Mascaro featured prominently in your defense against Mr. Womack. These men volunteered to come with me and speak to you. They are under no duress to tell you only what their master wants you to hear. Their master told them to feel free to speak their minds. Mr. Mascaro, do you have anything you would like to say to these gentlemen?" Grover asked Erin.

"I've had a chance to catch my buddy, Earl, up on what happened to me and how I come to be at the Daniels ranch. We's sit'n together yesterday when them demons come and took you men away. I think I'm beginning to see a pattern here, but I won't go into it now. I will speak only for myself to tell you men you do not want to go to prison. I was in Huntsville for over eight years and in that entire time I never once felt safe. It's a hard brutal life, and you have no control over your circumstances. The first day I was there, I was forcibly raped by six large men; one right after the other. I wasn't allowed to clean myself first, and they were large men. I thought I was going to die, but no one came to my aid. Fortunately, I didn't die. I managed to negotiate with the big bull to whose cell I was assigned, to allow me to clean myself before he or his buddies fucked me.

"I won't go into the rest of the details, but skip to the last when I was an innocent bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time, and I got cut up pretty bad in a knife fight. The prison doctors didn't want to spend the money to patch me up properly, and I was left in a bed to die. That's when my other brother Bubba Kirkendall and his attorney came for me. I was taken back to the Daniels' ranch and they patched me up. I don't know what will be expected of me, but I know it varies depending on the person and what they feel you might benefit from. I ain't seen nothing what would make me think it's as horrible as the prison I was in," Erin said, "On the contrary, it's like I'm living every day at a boy's camp. No one threatens me, forces me to have sex, or tries to kill me. I honestly ain't never heard a discouraging word since I been on Daniels' ranch," he added.

"Do you have anything to add, Mr. Higginbothem?" Grover asked Orville.

Orville stood and removed his duster so the men could get a good look at his harness and his body. Earl and Harley-Buck looked at each other and grinned. Orville saw their exchange. "You wondered why I was wearing the duster? Now you know. I'm Master Billy's first punishment slave. That's why I'm wearing this rig, and got a ring through my nose, tits, and another through the head of my penis," he said, reached down, and with one fluid movement removed his codpiece which covered his cock and balls locked inside his chastity cage. The men stared at him in awe. "I am also required to wear a rather large plug in my ass to get me used to being anally penetrated; however, I have never been abused or mistreated even in the early stages of my training. I have four keepers, or grooms if you will, who clean me twice a day and prepare me for the day and evening. They are always gentle and considerate. They have become like sons to me, and I have come to care about them like they were part of my family.

"All this fuss is to build me up to finally losing my anal virginity. At which time, I can choose the freeman cowboy of my choice to bust my cherry and fuck me for my first time. I have already chosen my stud, and he's been busy working with me to get me use to his touch and sharing his affection with me. I feel very lucky. This is part of my training to reset my mind about sexuality. If you think it's meant to emasculate me you would be wrong. While it may serve the same ultimate purpose to place me in a more passive or vulnerable sexual position, I find it also stimulates and forces personal growth within me I would never have experienced in life had I not become Master Billy's slave. There are other, more subtle things I've experienced as well I won't have time to go into with you. You men may not be required to take the same training I'm receiving. I can't say for sure, but I imagine Master Billy takes everyone's individual requirements into consideration when you become his slave," Orville said.

"Will we be ringed like you, sir?" Harley-Buck asked.

Erin Mascaro spoke up, "I get my rings next week, Mr. Johnson, but not because Master Billy said I have to wear them. I think they're hot and asked him if I could be ringed to show him and the world my gratitude for saving my life. He agreed and next week, I'll be ringed. Most of Master Billy's close family slaves and many in the inner circle of his extended family have opted to be ringed. I'm sure you must have noticed Master Breedlove is ringed," Erin said and the men agreed.

"What do you think, Mr. Hickson?" Grover asked Earl.

"It certainly beats being forcibly raped in an uncontrolled situation in prison. It's more humane and don't seem much different to me than breaking a horse to a bridle and a saddle. If I could get through the constant sadistic pushing in boot camp, I think I could get through what Mr. Higginbothem is experiencing with little problem," Earl replied.

"Amen to that, Brother. I agree, but why do they keep your cock caged, Mr. Higginbothem?" Harley-Buck asked.

"The training itself is highly sexually stimulating. Master Billy wants to control my coming and going, so to speak. He don't want me manipulating myself. I'm only allowed relief when my new trainer I been assigned, who is my chosen stud, allows me to ejaculate, and it's always with him. I'm slowly becoming imprinted by his touch and his affections. His approval and caring for me equals pleasure and release for me. They're two highly charged emotional experiences which cause close bondings between people; men in particular. He's slowly getting me ready for my grand opening. He just recently raised the size of my plug to the largest to wear last before taking me. I will lose my virginity probably next weekend," Orville further explained.

"And you work around the ranch wearing only your boots and your harness, sir?" Earl asked.

"That's right, Son. It took me a couple of days to adjust, but nobody has ever had a bad word to say to me nor do they stare at me. They just accept me as I am and go about their business. I ain't never been made to feel shunned or looked down upon because I'm a punishment slave. They treat me with the same respect they do each other. My keepers are constantly watching out for me and won't allow me to do certain jobs which would require full clothing. I'm looking forward to wearing clothes again so I can be more of a help to them. I sometime feel like a pampered toy, but I been told that's the way they want me to feel right now," Orville explained.
"Will they require you to wear such a contraption, Erin?" Earl asked his buddy.

"May I answer that, Son?" Orville asked Erin.

"Sure, Pops, you probably know more about it than I do," Erin replied.

"My best guess is he won't be required to wear what I do, and the reason is simple. From Mr. Mascaro's experience in prison, he's used to anal sex. I would also venture a guess he's not terrified by the idea of getting butt fucked. He knows what to expect, and he knows what to do to take care of and prepare himself should it be required of him; however, I don't see him being forced to do anything he don't want to do. I think Master Billy will go easy on him and allow Mr. Mascaro to become a free agent when it comes to his sexual druthers. I don't think Master Billy would consider ringing him unless Erin requested it," Orville said.

"I agree with you, Pops. I get the feeling Master Billy feels I suffered enough during my eight years in prison and how I'm treated as his slave will depend a lot on how I conduct myself and how hard I work for him. Believe me, I ain't lost sight of them things just because I ain't in prison no more. I'm more than willing to walk the walk and work hard to please him and my immediate supervisor," Erin declared.

"I don't see you having any problems, Son," Grover said to Erin, "Have you men heard enough from these gentlemen or do you have anymore questions?" he asked Earl and Harley-Buck.

"I'm sold. You, Earl?" Harley-Buck asked his cell-mate.

"I agree. I was gonna' ask for something like this anyway," Earl agreed.

Grover spent a little more time with his new client, Harley-Buck Johnson. He took all sorts of notes about his life and interviewed him at length while Orville, Erin, and Earl talked quietly on the other side of the cell from them. Earl learned a few more things from Orville, and Erin. He learned Orville's trainer who would take him for his first time would be his brother, Bubba Kirkendall. He didn't react, but got an empty feeling deep in his gut he couldn't understand. He knew he wasn't hungry. The deputies fed them a good breakfast and Earl ate plenty. He didn't let on to either man his close association with Bubba and how he felt about him; however, Erin knew and could see Orville's talking about Bubba in glowing terms was getting to Earl. He suggested they change the subject and began to talk about other things.

"Was what you told the demon true about you meeting with them other husbands what Womack cuckold?" Grover asked.

"Yes, sir. We drawed straws and I got the short one," Harley-Buck confirmed, "But I don't want them dragged into this, Mr. Parsnip. I'd appreciate you not bringing it up in the trial," he said.

"Why not, Son? They would be as guilty as you are if they helped plan Womack's death. Have you ever considered they might have made sure you got the short straw?" Grover asked.

"Naw, sir, they's good men. They're ranchers like myself, and they wouldn't do nothing like 'at to me. At least, I don't think they would," Harley-Buck said with some doubt in his voice. It was then, Grover suspected his client the big, loud, brash, cowboy had the trusting heart of a young boy. He wanted to be a hero and take a stand, but he very probably was duped, and set up by his older, wiser neighbors because they were too damn cowardly to do it themselves. It made Grover care more about his client. Until that moment, he had doubts about what Billy Daniels saw in the big man, but he didn't anymore. He was convinced, if anyone could pull a rabbit, in the form of a good man, out of Harley-Buck's ass, it would be Billy Daniels and his family.

Grover finished with his work and drove Erin Mascaro and Orville Higginbothem back to the Daniels' ranch. He wanted to get back to town to schedule a meeting with the Judge and see some other clients, but Billy grabbed him by the arm and insisted he stay and have lunch with his family. Billy invited him back for the weekend starting at noon the next day. He would put him up in the castle and Grover could meet the players in his Mummer's Play as they really were. Grover couldn't pass up the invitation. He was so in love with Billy and his family he would have walked on broken glass barefooted to join him the next afternoon. He related to Billy the meeting went well, and he thought both men would be coming to be his slaves.

* * * * * * *
That evening Bubba and Jack descended on the jail with sacks of food for everyone from the DQ. They even bought food for the two night jailers. The deputies thanked them graciously and went off to their evening TV programs in their small cubical. Bubba and Jack were left alone with Earl and Harley-Buck. They all knew each other, but Bubba never had much social contact with the former Kit Crocker. Earl didn't seem to be his usual outgoing self with his brother and Bubba just thought it was because Harley-Buck and Jack McCormack was there. Earl was more one on one with Bubba when they were alone together. The big cowboy seemed to really appreciate the food and thanked them several times. As they were finishing eating, Harley-Buck suddenly realized maybe Earl would like some alone time with his best buddy and attorney. He made excuses and went to see if he could watch TV with the deputies. They told him to pull up a chair and make his'self to home.

"How did your meeting with Grover go this morning, Earl," Jack asked.

"Good. I got hopes I won't go to prison. If the judge offers me to become a slave for Billy Daniels, I'm gonna' take him up on it. I don't want to go to prison. Erin told me what they done to him and about you guys rescuing him. We also got to talk with Orville Higginbothem, and he said you was working with him, Bubba," Earl said and looked Bubba right in the eye.

"Yeah, we sort of come together, so to speak, and I come to think on him as my slave daddy I ain't never had. That didn't come out quite the way I wanted it to, but you get the picture. I grow'd quite fond of the big guy. Ah, Hell, that ain't right, neither. I come to love him like he was my dad, but it's complicated. I'm the bull in charge. I think he's sexy as the Devil with his rings, his harness, and chastity cage. After a couple of times together, Billy gimme' full charge of his training and we been working together for several weeks to get him ready for his grand opening. It will be my first time, too. Since I ain't never fucked a man before, and he ain't never been butt-fucked, we thought we'd share our first time together. All Billy's male family members is gonna' be there to watch. I made a bet with Billy I could get him to shoot just by fuck'n him. I'm building him up by working him over with his butt plugs until I just about got him to the point he'll come ever' damn time I order him to," Bubba waxed proudly about his relationship with Orville.

Earl hung his head and wouldn't look up at Bubba. Jack saw a tear drop from Earl's eye onto the tile on the floor. He felt the tension between Earl and Bubba. "Uh, I'll wait for you in the truck, Bubba," he said. Without further explanation, he got up, and walked out the door. Earl still sat with his elbows on his knees, his hands locked together before him, looking down at the floor. Bubba finally realized his childhood buddy was distressed from him talking about his relationship with Orville. A mixture of sympathy and anger crossed Bubba's mind. "Don't do this to me, Earl, I don't deserve this from you," Bubba said quietly, "I done gone out of my way for you and turned my back on what you done to me even if it was to frame Womack. I went and got Erin out of prison to give you a solid case against that little sack of shit. I warned you about him, but you wouldn't listen to me. You always thought 'cause I's big and slow that I's dumb. I even told Master Billy I would buy you if he would accept you as his slave," Bubba said quietly.

"You're right. It's just, I feel like the train done left the station, and I missed it. I'm happy for you, Bubba, I really am. You deserve someone who can give you what you want, and I get the feeling Orville's very much in love with you. He talks about you like you's his god, and I agree with you he's a very hot man. I kept an erection the whole time he was here, but I found myself feeling jealous of him because he's got you, and I don't no more," Earl said, brought his hands to his face and wept.

Bubba didn't say anything. He sat quietly waiting for Earl to get himself together.

"It never would have worked between us, Earl, as much as I hoped and dreamed it might. I weren't happy living off scraps and crumbs from your table, and any relationship we developed what weren't a master/slave situation, wiff' me as the master, never would have worked. Even as my slave, you would have taken advantage of my love for you, and the very worst part is, I would have let you. I finally realized I have no dignity when it comes to dealing with you. Even now you're being manipulative for your own selfish reasons. I got the money to buy you for my slave, Earl, but I won't do it. Billy even offered to buy you for me; I thanked him, but I turned him down. That's when I offered to buy you for him for his slave if he would promise to take you. You need a strong understanding hand to make you realize the universe don't revolve around you, but I ain't the man what can provide it for you.

"I can for Orville, because we started off on a different level than you and me. I'm totally in charge of him, and he don't take a shit what I don't know about it. You never respected me or ever took me seriously. The first time I corrected you as a slave, you would hate me from that day forward. You're right, that train done left the station the day I told you I wanted to fuck you and make you my little darlin'. I weren't kidding. You laughed at me and drove away. You didn't even toot your horn on the way out of the property. You want a bit of advice? Ask Master Billy to put you through the same training he put Orville through. It will open you to a new world of experiences you been denying all your damn life," Bubba said, "I'd truly like to see you find happiness, but it won't be with me, Brother," he added. Bubba got up and turned to walk out the door.

"I'm sorry I couldn't be what you need, Bubba," Earl said.

"You could have been if you loved me enough, but you didn't. If you really meant what you just said, you'll show me by becoming a model slave for Master Billy and make me proud of you as my brother," Bubba said and walked out the door.
* * * * * * *
Earl sat on his bunk feeling sorry for himself until Harley-Buck returned to the cell to get ready for bed. He sensed something was wrong and sat with Earl for a minute. "Anything, I can do, Brother?" he asked quietly.

"Naw, I's just feeling sorry for myself," Earl replied.

"I ain't go'n no-wheres if you wanna' talk," Harley-Buck offered.

"Thanks, but it ain't about court. It's personal," Earl replied.

"You in love wiff' that big cowboy?" Harley-Buck asked.

"I never thought so until Orville started talking about Bubba like he was his personal god. Then I got this empty feeling in my gut like I knew I made the biggest mistake of my life when I spurned my brother a month ago. Bubba done laid his cards on the table and told me he wanted to be my husband. Said he wanted to fuck my butt until my house was haunted or the cows come home. I told him I would never think of doing nothing like 'at. Now, I got the prospect staring me in the face, and I let go of the only person in my life I ever truly loved," Earl confessed and broke down again.

"That's tough, Brother. Hindsight can be a bitch. Bubba's a fine looking hombre. If you need to talk, I'm a good listener. I ain't real good on advice or I would have followed my own and not gotten myself into the mess I'm in; howsomever, I'll listen 'til the chickens come home to roost," Harley-Buck offered.

"Thanks, Bro, I'll keep it in mind. You know what you want out of the Daniels' ranch?" Earl asked.

"E'aup, I do. After talking privately wiff' Mr. Parsnip, I done decided I want the complete package Orville got rings and all. I want the full experience. If I'm gonna' be a cowboy instead of just playing like I'm one, I want to experience a part of my life I kept repressed all these years," Harley-Buck declared.

"I been think'n on it, too. I gotta' admit Orville was hot. He looked like a sex bomb waiting to explode. Since you and me's gonna' be going through basic together, if I have a say in the matter, I just might opt for the full package as well. Maybe it will change my life around," Earl said.

* * * * * * *
The men took their showers and turned in for the night. Harley-Buck lay awake for a while thinking about Orville and how hot he looked. He got a roaring hard-on but didn't want to masturbate in the cell. He heard the soft breathing of his cell mate and knew Earl was asleep. He lay there fully erect and got to thinking about his little buddy, Cricket.

<< That you, Mister Johnson, knocking on my door? >> he heard in his head.

He smiled to himself, << Dang! I didn't send nothing. I was just think'n on you, Son, >> he returned.

<< Shame on you, Cowboy! I can feel that big thing between your legs, and it's hard as a rock, >> Randy sent. He heard Harley-Buck laugh.

<< You can feel my body? >> he asked amazed.

<< Sure! Feel this? >> Randy pinched his arm real hard.

<< Ouch! That hurt, young'un! >> he exclaimed and heard Randy fall out laughing.

<< You gonna' jack-off, Cowboy? >> Randy asked with eager anticipation.

<< Hell, no, you done made me lose my erection, Cricket, >> he sent back, and they shared a laugh.

<< How did your day go, Mr. Johnson? >> Randy asked.

<< Tolerable. Right tolerable. I guess me and Earl Hickson is gonna' become slaves for Billy Daniels on his family ranch, >> the cowboy replied.

<< You won't go wrong becoming Master Billy's slave, big'un. Best thing what could happen to you. He'll make a damn good buckaroo out of you, and a finer man, >> Randy returned.

<< You really mean it, Son? >> Harley-Buck asked.

<< Damn straight I mean it! He's a good man! His family is the backbone of the Grange, and me and my family are there almost every weekend. I'll get to see you, Cowboy. Me and my sister are due for breakfast tomorrow morning early. We take piano and string instrument lessons from two of Master Billy's finest musicians. We been practicing really hard. My sis is better'n me on strings, but I got her beat on the piano, >> Randy sent.

<< Is there anything you can't do, Cricket? >> Harley-Buck teased.

<< Yeah, I can't shoot cowboy gizz out my pee-pee, >> Randy send back and giggled.

Harley-Buck laughed out loud in his bunk and heard Earl Hickson groan and roll over. << You will when you get a little older, Son, >> he sent back.

<< Yeah! Yeah! I know all about pooh-bear-tea, but I still wanna' know what it feels like, >> Randy sent.

<< Take it up with your demon-bro. Ask him about it, >> Harley-Buck sent.

<< I have. He just tells me some things is worth wait'n for. I sure hope he's right, >> Randy lamented.

<< He is. Don't be impatient. I didn't even know about it the first time it happened to me. I didn't have me no daddy to tell me about them things, and I don't know if my momma even knew what gizz was. I was playing wiff' myself on a warm summer e'nin when it started feeling really good. I wondered if I could make it feel better, and I kept on playing wiff' myself until, all off a sudden, it felt so good I shot out a stream of hot gizz and it hit me square in the face. Liked to scared me to death! I thought I done went and puked my guts out through my old cock. After I got my breath, I looked at the stuff and it was all gooey and sticky. I ran to the kitchen and got a teaspoon out of the drawer, took it back to my bedroom, and tried to shove it back down my penis, >> Harley-Buck said with great cowboy bravado. Randy was rolling on his bed he was laughing so hard at the cowboy's story. He could see the poor man trying to push his ejaculate back down his penis like trying to force-feed a long-necked goose.

<< What did you do? >> Randy asked.

<< Well, I lay there for an hour or two expecting to drop dead at any minute, but when I never did, I decided to clean up what was left and eat it just in case it might find its way back to were it belonged, >> Harley-Buck said and laughed with Randy.

<< Shit! That's the funniest damn story I ever done heard, Cowboy. How did it taste? >> Randy asked.

<< Not bad. The next time I tried it, I was ready and got me one a them small paper cups from the bathroom you use to put mouthwash in after you brush your teeth. When I shot, I caught it in the cup, and drank it real fast like it was a shot of whiskey. I'd do it ever' time so I got used to the taste. I got to where I really liked it. Then when I learned from another cowboy I didn't have to eat it, it broke my heart, >> Harley-Buck lamented and got Randy laughing again.

<< You's outrageous, Cowboy. How could I help love somebody like you. You'll fit in just fine at the Daniels' ranch. Nothing is sacred with them men, and they love to laugh a lot. I better let you go, or we ain't gonna' get no sleep. Thanks for jaw'n wiff' me, Mr. Johnson. Sweet dreams, >> Randy said and broke contact. Randy left the big cowboy with a heart full of joy. Harley-Buck thought if he ever had a son he wanted him to be just like his little buddy, Cricket. He smiled to himself and drifted off to sleep. Harley-Buck dreamed of himself looking like Orville and working out in the fresh air, stomping around in his big buckaroo boots, with his big body exposed for everyone to look upon. He could almost feel the sensuality of a large plug in his butt strapped in tight, his big cowboy cock ringed and locked in a metal cage, his nose and tits proudly wearing the rings what marked him as the slave of Master Billy Daniels and his family. The dream overwhelmed him and he woke up in a puddle of his own cowboy gizz. It was not his first nocturnal emission, but it was one of his more memorable ones. He would experience one every night until his trial the following Wednesday. His sometimes misguided faith, the little boy inside him, longed for a new beginning. He wanted to leave his sordid, brash, clumsy past behind and be reborn as a man of quiet strength, wisdom, and compassion. For once in his life, he felt certain he was on the right path. Hosanna, in the highest!

End of Chapter 52 ~ Him Who Made The Seven Stars
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