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Him Who Made The Seven Stars

By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 54

"Religion begins by offering magical aid to harassed and bewildered men; it culminates by giving to a people that unity of morals and belief which seems so favorable to statesmanship and art; it ends by fighting suicidally in the lost cause of the past. For a knowledge grows or alters continually, it clashes with mythology and theology, which change with geological leisureliness." ~ Will and Ariel Durant, The Story of Civilization

The rest of the evening was devoted to country, western, and Cajun music of all kinds and combinations. Randy and Kayla were becoming proficient on their respective banjo and mandolin. After his stellar showing in the first half of the program, Randy kept a low profile, played back-up, and let his sister and the other musicians shine. When the cows began to dance, the audience went crazy urging them on and applauding for them. Earlier in the evening, Billy gave his permission for Etienne Boudreaux and his friend Raymond Escobar to transport to Etienne's family trailer to attend a couple of hours of the Saturday night Cajun Jamboree but to return to the ranch in time for the country music part of the Hoedown. Billy instructed the men to personally invite Etienne's mom, dad, and grandmother to be his family's guests for Sunday dinner at the ranch the next day and explain to Mr. Boudreaux, Billy thought it was time to pay Stan Breedlove and his husband Cletus Abernathy a visit. He very much wanted Mr. Boudreaux to join them.

"I don't know if I can talk my daddy into transporting with us, Master Billy," Etienne said.     

"Stan Breedlove is his other son, Coo-zone Tin-Tin. I could tell the way he spoke about Stan and watched the tears form in his eyes. Cousin Odio's compassion will overcome his fear. Trust me," Billy said with his arm around Etienne as he pulled him close.

"I know he has great love in his heart for Stan. Our family adopted him. Everyone was amazed how he got through his young life and worked around the obstacles to grow into his own man. We were proud of him and we felt he belonged to us as much as he did his real family," Etienne said.

"You became his 'real' family, Tin-Tin. There's an old saying, Brother: Many times the truest members of your family will not be born under the same roof as you," Billy said.

"Maybe you're right, Master Billy. I think it's true. I hope so. No, I know it's true. I never felt I had another family until Ray and I bonded and we come here to live. I understand why you want my dad to go with us. If he shows up with us, it would be the ultimate statement of our family's love for him," he added.

* * * * * * *
Hoss and Doug were going to take Bubba and Jack back to Bubba's ranch, but they told the big cowboys they were going to stay for a while. They had some things to discuss with Billy and his family. After many thanks, hugs, handshakes, and stolen kisses, Hoss and Doug left the Daniels' ranch and headed out to their ranch at Katemcy. The men rode in silence for sometime. It seemed like they were both in their own world of wonder at what they experienced. "What did you think of this afternoon and evening, Hoss?" Doug Dewberry asked his cousin.

"I don't know. I's just sit'n here thinking about it. I cain't rightly say for sure how I feel, but I definitely know I want to know more. I want to know how Bubba and Jack fit into it. I ain't never met so many people who were as genuinely interested and seemed to care so much about each other. There was a magic what seemed to bind them together into the most unusual family I ever experienced. The most amazing part was, everyone fit together, and they just accepted us as one of them; we weren't treated like guests. We were treated like we's part of the family. I was never so flattered or touched as when Billy asked if we would mind lending a hand to feed the watchers and daddy long-legs," Hoss said in awe, "Maybe it's because you and I grew up without a strong sense of family. It was just you and me, Cowboy, but we done the best we could – but today? I can't remember a time I ever enjoyed myself so much. I'm just glad we both got to be included," he added.

"I got a lot of questions about what we seen and experienced today," Doug said.

"Y'ain't alone, but I got me a feeling them folks won't hold back nothing from us. We's already invited to Bubba's grand opening of that big, good looking punishment slave, Orville, he's sit'n with this e'nin. They's obviously very much in love, or lust, with each other. I can't look at Orville too much. My old dick starts to drool uncontrollably," Hoss said.

"Yeah, I agree, Brother, but I thought you got the hots for Jack," Doug said almost like a question.

"They's a difference. My cock continually drools for Jack. H'it just drips a little more when I get a good look at Orville with his rings and harness," Hoss explained and winked at his cousin. They shared a laugh.

"I think I'm jealous of Orville," Doug said.

"I hear you, little Brother. Bubba is one hell of a man. You got feelings for him?" Hoss asked.

"Nothing beyond a school boy crush. He was real nice to me yesterday and today. He told his watchers to look into me and tell him if they found me honest and good. That's why he invited me. Even though he had his arms around and hands on Orville most of the day, there was something what passed between us which was on a more equal basis than what he was sharing with Master Billy's slave. Orville's his toy. Right now, I think it's all he wants, but boys grow up and lose interest in their toys after a while. I think it would take somebody pert-damn special to lasso that big cowboy's heart," Doug said.

"Don't never underestimate chore'self, little Brother. You always was the quiet introspective type, Doug. When you's grow'n up, I ain't never had to correct you or do more'n scold you when you done wrong. You never done it again. You always had a better sense of right and wrong than I ever did. You knew when you done wrong, and you knew when I done wrong. Thankfully, you got a big enough heart, you learned to forgive yourself and me, too. Most of the time, when I got angry at you, I think you were harder on yourself than anything I ever done to punish you. I know I don't never tell you very often, but I'm proud of the man you grow'd up to be. You know I love you, don't you?" Hoss asked.

"Yeah, and I love you, too, Cowboy. You done good by bowfus," Doug replied and winked.

"If'n you's serious about that big cowboy or think you might grow to be, throw your line out there in the deep water and wait for that big old catfish to come along and hit chore' line. When he does, hook him hard, and don't give up until he realizes he can't fight chore' love no more, and you can slip him on your string and take him home to swim and live in yore' pond," Hoss said and grinned, "Could you live with him and his toy?" he asked.

"Orville? Orville's livestock. He's a punishment slave for life. I'm a freeman. If my bull needs a herd and pasture to graze in, so be it – as long as he comes home to the barn and my arms ever' night, I'd be a happy camper," Doug said, "Besides, I don't think I'd mind giving Orville a ride around the pasture a few times myself," he added and laughed.

"I hear that!" Hoss exclaimed, and they laughed together.

* * * * * * *
After the guests were gone and the last of the Village people were transported back to Captain Nick's ship, Billy's immediate family were sitting around the kitchen table having coffee and talking about the day and the next. Etienne and Ray got back in plenty of time for Coo-zone Tin-Tin to play and sing half a dozen songs or more. Everyone was calling him Coo-zone Tin-Tin after Billy nailed him with the cognomen. Etienne was so laid back he could have cared less. He was amused and looked upon it as a great honor for his master to have a pet name for him.

"Dad, mom, and maw-maw, were thrilled to get an invite to the ranch tomorrow and much to my surprise my dad said he would go wherever his son and his 'master' takes him. I told him he didn't have to think on you as his master, but he assured me he did, and it was a honor to do so," Etienne said and smiled.

"Your dad is a man among men, Coo-zone Tin-Tin. You're a lucky young man to have Cousin Odio for a father," Billy said. "So can we count on you men for Sunday dinner tomorrow?" Billy asked Bubba and Jack.

Jack nodded for Bubba to speak for them, "We'd be proud and honored, sir," Bubba said, "Jack's got his'self a new bedroom at my place, and I know he's anxious to try it out," he added.

"I really didn't think about staying the night, but it makes sense, Brother," Jack said and grinned.

"Can I go along, Brother? I got a feel'n you're gonna' need me," Randy asked.

"I will always need you, but sometimes more than others. What chu' got in mind, Bossman?" Billy asked.

"Apps," Randy replied.

"Apps as in Apples?" Billy asked and grinned.

"Apps as in 'apt-get' or applications you ain't explored yet," Randy replied.

"Are you referring to your wonderful little bit of magic you managed at the barnyard concert this e'nin?" Billy asked.

"The same," Randy replied.

"You gonna' share wiff' us how you pulled that off, Bossman?" Billy said.

"Shore, ain't no secret. You just ain't investigated some of the things I have. I found some wonderful application I can achieve with a little help from my friends," Randy replied.

"And your friends would be – ?" Billy asked.

"My Shedu girlfriend and boyfriend. All I have to do is ask them kindly, and they's willing to help me. They loved my idea about the band of angels and provided me with the finest talent from several galaxies, in an instant," Randy replied.

"Is them the 'friends' you thanked and credited after you burned the barn down with your performance, Buckaroo?" Billy asked and grinned from ear to ear.

"It is," Randy said and smiled, "Why do you think I go visit Balthazar, Gog, Mack, and Picard, ever chance I get. I sometimes help with the great beasts' grooming so's I can be an alternate in case of an emergency. They must be taken care of. They accepted me as sort of their mascot and would do anything for me. They been teaching me things and giving me boosts in other areas I want to get good at so's I can better fit in and become a contributing member of your family," Randy said, "How many men you planning on taking with you, Brother?" Randy asked.

"Let's see – " Billy mused to himself, "Me, Nick, Boomer, Balthazar, Clyde, Cowboy Andy, Cousin Tin-Tin, Bubba, Jack, Enoch, Moss, Garth, Mack, Tron, and Uncle Nate – oh, yes, and Tin-Tin's daddy, Cousin Odio – why?" Billy asked.

"You gonna' angel-flight that many cowboy-angels and one huge watcher into them men's home? You's gonna' scare the live'n daylights out of them men. Coo-zone Cleet's gonna' take one look at you men and think his time's done come, and you's there for the final roundup," Randy said in his best attempt at cowboy hyperbole.

"I was gonna' fly Tin-Tin and me in first, then come back to get the rest," Billy explained.

"No, no, that's clumsy, Brother. H'it ain't elegant or well thought out. You's all the time telling me about think'n outside the box, it's time you started practice'n what you preach," Randy said and got everybody laughing at their exchange.

"Hear, hear!" said Uncle Nathan.

"I second that!" Tron backed him up, "Testify, Brother Randy!" Tron urged the boy.

"What if you can't fix him there? It's gonna' be awkward to get him back here; especially, if'n he's a big man, and from Cousin Odio's description of him, I'm convinced he's my kind of cowboy," Randy said.

"I'm all ears, Bossman. I just know'd you done got this figured out, so lay it on me, little Brother," Billy said with a big grin.

"Watch this!" Randy said, snapped his fingers, and pointed to the corner of the kitchen. Instantly a large transport gate appeared with a shimmering water-like facade.
"I'm impressed. Where does it go?" Billy asked.

"Anywhere I want it to. Right now it's set for Captain Nick's ship. You have Cousin Tin-Tin or his dad dial Stan Breedlove's number. The minute Stan answers, a corresponding gate can be opened at his place; however, I won't make it appear on their end until Dad Boudreaux talks with his boy a spell and gets his permission to visit. Mr. Boudreaux, Etienne, with you and me go through, without wings, to show him it ain't no trickery, and the rest can follow. We can take one a' them anti-grav gurneys with us to bring Mr. Abernathy back to the ranch. You can work on him better here anyways. What if you need extra hands or something special for him or Cousin 'Veed? If you need an extra reason, let's go before Sunday dinner and bring them back for a good meal. It would go a long way to making them men feel welcome and comfortable here at the Daniels' ranch," Randy said.

Billy sat looking at Randy like he was wondering if his bonded little brother became one of those bizarre old men in a child's body, like 'Little Father Time' in Thomas Hardy's book 'Jude the Obscure,' who seemed to know things children his age should not be able to understand – only Ramrod Randy was neither stoic nor morose. He was sound of reason and full of the importance of sharing his life and intellect with others.

"Remarkable," Billy said quietly, "What do you think, Ruth?" Billy asked looking across at Randy's mother.

"As long as he's with you, I don't worry about him. Besides, if you plan to bring them back here, you won't be gone very long anyway. It will give us ladies a bit more to work with to know we're providing for a couple of extra hands for Sunday dinner," Ruth replied.

"Absolutely, Son," Kate agreed with Mary Rutherford.

"I guess you're right, little Brother. I just might need you, so with your mom's permission, you may go with us," Billy said and gave Randy a hug, "Is there more surprises to come?" Billy asked.

"Yes, but if'n I's to tell you about 'um they wouldn't be surprises, would they?" Randy asked in reply.

"No, but just make sure they's good surprises, little Brother," Billy replied, "You gonna' teach me what I need to know about them 'apps'? he asked.

"Sure. You already got the learning 'app' on file inside you. All you need is for someone to show you how to access it. I can do it, or Madam Spartza or Beauford can do it for you. H'it ain't hard. Heck, they do all the work. All you gotta' do is be polite, courteous, and show them a mental pitcher of what you want. How do you think you're gonna' get your city built? Jethro is much better than me using his apps. He's the one what done taught me. They's get'n ready to lay the keystone for the city soon. It will be one solid block of granite weighing over seven hundred and fifty tons. It will be cut, hewn, and set into place in one evening," Randy said.

"How do you know these things? I ain't heard none this. Any of you other men know about this?" Billy asked. Slowly several hands went up; Clyde, Garth, Balthazar, Mack, Hank, Buck, Boomer, Poly, Cass, and Cowboy Andy raised their hands. Everyone laughed. Nick laughed the hardest. "When did you men plan to share it with me?" Billy asked like he was the last one to be chosen for the football team.

"We just did, Master Billy," Clyde shot back and leveled the room. Everyone was laughing at Billy. "To be truthful, Jethro wanted it to be a surprise, but we ain't got nothing against Bossman Randy telling you. Him and Jethro is joined at the hip and Jethro has found favor in the eyes and hearts of our royal guests, Madam Spartza and Beauford. They would do anything for Jethro and Randy," Clyde further explained.

Billy offered to take Randy to the line-cabin with him and Nick for the night, but he graciously declined. He said he was tired and wanted to get a good night's rest because he thought the next day was going to be eventful. Randy wanted to be ready. Billy suspected the boy might have other motives, and he was right. What Randy didn't tell Billy was, he was becoming quite fond of Clyde from their playing music together and there was something about the big cowboy-angel which brought him peace and kept him on the straight and narrow. They shared a room together when Randy stayed in the big house. Clyde would act like his big brother and became his wrangler to ride herd on him to make sure Randy cleaned himself properly and brushed his teeth. Randy didn't tell Billy, but most of the time, Clyde would wake in the morning with Randy in bed with him. While it was totally innocent, neither Randy nor Clyde shared their little secret. Randy's attitude was: what's a big cowboy-angel brother for if a kid can't crawl up into them big arms, be surrounded by a beautiful pair of wings, and sleep the peaceful dreams only an angel can provide?

Clyde and Balthazar taught Randy basic Yoga positions for meditation before he went to bed. He and Clyde would assume the lotus position in the middle of their beds completely naked and meditate for about thirty minutes or sometimes more. Randy cheated. Sometimes he would use the time to check in on his buddies and wish them goodnight. He tickled Harley-Buck in the jail and jawed with him a spell. His new big buddy couldn't thank him enough for allowing him to listen and observe the music at the ranch. Harley-Buck was impressed by Billy Daniels and thought he wouldn't have a problem becoming his slave. He could feel Randy's love for Billy and sometimes feelings of love are infectious. They certainly were in Harley-Buck's case. Randy signed off, wished him well, and bid him peaceful dreams.

Next he tickled his great friend Beauford and was immediately allowed into his busy mind. "I been waiting for you, young one. Nice to get your tickle. Are you prepared for your journey this evening?" the great male Shedu asked.

"I am, Sire. I have full confidence in you and Madam Spartza. Have you located Mr. Abernathy?" Randy asked.

"We have indeed. We haven't made contact, but we've been listening to his mind and conversations with his husband, Stanley Breedlove. The men are in a terrible situation. They're living in a one room log cabin in the far northern woods of Oregon. They have simply accepted their fate, poor Cletus will die within the next several months. Stanley works everyday in the local town. He had to sell his and Cletus' bikes to afford an old used pickup truck to carry groceries and medical supplies to the cabin. Fortunately, they're living rent free because the property is owned by one of their biker buddy's family and is never used. Stan barely makes enough to feed the two of them and keep them clothed. They need help. It is our decided opinion, Stanley won't live much longer after his bonded mate passes away. He has grown weary of life and has little interest beyond seeing his husband through his passing," Beauford explained, "Be gentle with the big man, Son. I know you will be," he added.

"Of course. I've given it a lot of thought, Master Beauford, but who better to bring him good tidings of great joy than a young boy?" Randy asked.  

"Who, indeed?" Beauford answered in reply, "Are you ready, Bossman?" Beauford asked.

"Make it so, Master," Randy replied and was immediately connected with Cletus Abernathy's brain.

<< Cletus? Mr. Abernathy? Is it you? Is this the Abernathy brain to whom I am speaking? >> Randy said and snarfed like Ernestine Tomlin.

Cletus couldn't help laugh at the strange small voice in his head, but it hurt down to his toes at the thought. It was worth it for the joy he felt. "Who calls my name? Where are you? What are you? Is it my time? Are you calling to take me to another reality?" the big man asked.

<< Easy, Cousin Cletus, have no fear. I ain't the voice of death, nor the voice of an angel. I'm just an angel trainee. I ain't even a junior fly-boy yet. I'll be seven years old next month, and forget them stories about a bell ringing ever'time an angel gets his wings. I don't get my wings until I go through them dreaded throes of pooh-bear-tea. My name is Randy Rutherford. I'm Bossman on our family ranch rye-cheer, smack dab in middle of the great lone star state of Texas. I come to visit wiff' you for a spell and bring you good news, >> Randy sent, << Oh, and by the way, you don't need to speak out loud, I's inside yore' head. I can hear your thoughts jes' fine, >> he added.

<< Even my nasty ones? >> Cletus asked.

<< Yep, them too, but only if you wish to share them wiff' me; however, remember, I'm a minor so adjust your communication output level to a "G" rating, >> Randy replied and giggled. He heard Cletus laugh.  

<< Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. Are you from the same community of Mason, Texas where my husband grew up? >> Cletus asked.

<< Damn near! My family's ranch is just north of Fredericksburg, but I'm staying the weekend at the Daniels' ranch just south of Mason where the two rivers come together; the James and the Llano. Where is Stan, your husband? >> Randy asked.

<< He had to drive into town to get some more pain medication for me. It seems the further along I get, the more painful it is for me. It hurts me even when I laugh, but I was always one to find humor in ever'thing, >> Cletus sent.

<< I can adjust your pain receptors so's you won't feel it, and give you some relief, if you like, sir, >> Randy sent.

<< I don't know if you're real or just a figgerment of my 'magination, but I would be greatly behold'n to you, mon cher, if you could help me just a little, >> Cletus sent.

<< It will be my pleasure, Coo-zone Cleet, >> Randy said and laughed. He heard Cletus laugh, and then groan from the pain. << There, it's done. I turned off your pain receptors in the lower half of your body, >> Randy proclaimed.

<< My God in heaven. I can't feel a thing below my waist, but neither can I move about, >> Cletus sent.

<< You don't need to move. The less you move about the less we have to heal. Just lie still and listen. Enjoy my visit. I will stay with you until your husband returns. How long has he been gone? >> Randy asked.

<< About thirty minutes. It's about two hours round trip, and he's already worked a full day. Stan is a saint if there ever was one, >> Cletus said and shed a few tears.

<< There, there, Cousin Cleet, I'll tolerate no tears on Bossman Randy's watch, sir, >> Randy said strongly but with compassion. << Come, take my hand, and I will take us to a place where we can enjoy the sun and talk, >> Randy commanded him.

<< How? >> Cletus asked.

<< Feel my hand in yours, mon cher? >> Randy asked.

<< Oui, mon ami, >> Cletus responded.

<< Put your body in 'idle' like you would take your bike out of gear and coast. Rise out of your body, Coo-zone Cleet, and come walk with me, >> Randy commanded.

To his amazement, Cletus felt himself, his fully formed naked body, rise up from its flesh-container to stand before a most handsome young man who was stark naked, too, except for his fine looking pair of buckaroo boots and a big cowboy hat. << Wait a minute! How come you get to wear them good looking cowboy boots and hat, and I gotta' be naked from stem to stern? >> Cletus jumped him.

<< You wanna' pair of boots and a hat? You got 'um, Cowboy! >> Randy said, waved his hand over Cletus's feet, and he was wearing a handsome pair of buckaroo boots. He felt his head and took off a huge silver-belly cowboy hat to admire it. << Now ya' ain't naked no more, mon ami, >> Randy said and laughed. Cletus thanked him and laughed at the boy's sense of joy. For the first time in over a year he felt no pain when he laughed.

Randy led the big man by the hand down onto a coast line where the grass was green, the sky was a bright blue, with fluffy thunderhead clouds stacked so high it looked like they went on forever drifting lazily across the horizon. In the distance, you could see the ocean and a spray of sea-foam as the waters broke upon the rocks where sea birds sailed and dived in and out of the waves for fish. They sat together side by side. Randy took Cletus's huge hairy hand in his smaller one and gently patted it. He looked up at the big ugly man and smiled. Randy thought he wasn't as ugly as Cousin Odio made him out to be. He was so hairy, he could pass for one of Master Billy's stomping of Bigfoot.

<< Do we have to speak mind to mind here? >> Cletus asked.

"No, you can use your mouth like I'm doing. Actually, we're still in your mind, but once removed. This is a simulation I created so it could be as comfortable and pleasant for you as possible," Randy replied.

"You created this?" Cletus asked in awe.

"Not really. I thunk-up the concept, but I got a lot of backup and help from some very dear friends," Randy replied.

"Are they human?" Cletus asked.

"No, you might call them Holy Cows," Randy replied and giggled.

"You silly little bebette," Cletus said and began to tickle Randy.

"I ain't no scary monster; although, I gotta' admit my big sister calls me one every day," Randy replied and laughed, "Here, I'll show you my master and mistress who made this possible," Randy said, waved his hand and in the lush green pasture which ran down to the sea appeared two perfect images of Madam Spartza and Master Beauford walking together in the bright sunlight and cool sea air.

"I never seen creatures like them. They look like something out of the bible or on old buildings from ancient history," Cletus allowed.

"Exactly. They are the last of their kind, and I'm fortunate to call them my friends," Randy said sincerely. "I love them very much, Coo-zone Cleet," Randy said and sighed.

"I know what it is to love. At least I won't die without ever having known what it means to really love someone," Cletus said.

"Ya' ain't gonna' die, Coo-zone Cleet. Me and my family – we just ain't gonna' let it happen. That's why I brought you here so's we can talk," Randy said looking deep into Cletus' hazel eyes. They were almost a golden color. They reminded Randy of several of the watcher's eyes which were gold with red flecks in them. Randy told Cletus everything as it would happen – how, and when. He told the big man almost every detail, but he told him only to tell Stan about the gate which would appear after their phone call, and Stan's surrogate dad, Odio Boudreaux would walk through. Odio would be accompanied by his son Etienne, Master Billy Daniels, and Randy himself. He explained to Cletus how Etienne survived the war but was taken away from Earth by aliens only to be rescued by some more benevolent aliens where he was living with his war buddy, Raymond Escobar. Because of the two men's heroism, the aliens gave them the opportunity to return to Earth as Master Billy Daniels' slaves. Randy didn't elaborate about the 'slave' part and Cletus didn't ask. Cletus was deeply moved by the news. He broke down in tears to hear his husband's bonded brother was still alive. He remembered how hard Stan took the news of Etienne's death and how it killed any desire to continue his music.

Randy stayed with the big Cajun for a while longer and gifted him with a remembered experience of when Cletus and his husband, Stan, conjoined for their last wonderful coupling together before the accident. The Shedu's could take Cletus's thoughts, make them real, and feed them back to him so he felt every nuance and physical sensation as he fucked his mate with the love and strength his healthy mature manhood could bring to the banquet. Of course, boys will be boys, and country boys in particular are interested in anything concerning sex for reproductive purposes or otherwise. Just as Randy was curious about watching two animals in rut, he couldn't resist the urge to eavesdropped on his big buddy to find out what a mature male climax and ejaculation was about. He was a bit shaken from the intensity and the great rush from the feeling of release, but it was over and done with so quickly, he didn't really see what the hoop-la was about. In Bossman Randy's estimation, it certainly didn't deserve a 'Hosanna.' Not even one. Perhaps – just perhaps – one 'hear' out of two 'hear-hears.' He was sure he experienced better feelings when he finally got to piss after holding it for a long time. Was that what made grown men want to fuck? Did they have vast amounts of male sperm build up within them so heavy it made their eyes cross, they couldn't hold back anymore, and the dam would break? That made more sense to him. His curiosity was satisfied, but he made a vow he wouldn't worry about it anymore until the day he invited the pooh bears to tea.  

Randy said his goodbyes and promised to see his new buddy on the morrow. He told Cletus he was going to put him to sleep, but when he woke up, not to despair because his pain would probably return. Randy left him and found himself alone in his bed. After such a moving experience with the big Cajun man, he didn't want to be alone so he crawled into bed with his big handsome cowboy-angel buddy and made himself comfortable. Soon he felt a massive arm pull him close and a huge wing covered him. The young cowboy drifted off to sleep the peaceful dreams only a cowboy-angel can provide.

* * * * * * *
Stan Breedlove returned to the cabin. He was dog tired after working all day, coming home to make a small dinner for him and his husband, only to have to drive back to town to meet the pharmacist at the back door of the small drug store for the pain meds for Cletus. He thought he heard his mate crying. "Cletus! Cletus! I'm home, mon cher. Are you all right? Are you in great pain? I got your medication, Daddy Bear," Stan said.

"No, I ain't crying because of pain, mon cher, I'm shedding tears of joy for tomorrow. I had a visitor while you were away. He told me wonderful things I must share with you. I'm feeling much better. He took away my pain for a while, and we talked. When he left, he told me my pain would return, but it ain't yet. I hurt some, but not nearly as bad as I did when you took off for them meds," Cletus told his mate.

"You were having good dreams, Cletus. I'm glad for you," Stan said like a mother trying to explain away her child's fantasies.

"Weren't no dream, Mate. Bossman Randy come to me in my head and told me many things. I believe him," Cletus said firmly.

"Do you want your meds, or is there something I can do for you? Are you hungry?" Stan asked.

"I'd appreciate it if you'd get a warm wet cloth and clean me up down south. Bossman Randy and his Holy Cows played back one of our last sex sessions together, and it was so good, I'm afraid I soiled myself," Cletus said with embarrassment.

"You what? You come? Do you know what that means, Cleet? You ain't paralyzed from the waist down like them doctors said. That's frick'n wonderful news!" Stan exclaimed, "It's the first orgasm you've had since the accident. Maybe something is growing back together. Maybe there's hope," he added.

"There is hope, Stan. You just have to listen to what I got to tell you, and if it don't come to pass, then we'll know I's just a crazy old fool what's having delusions the closer he gets to death's door," Cletus said.

Cletus went on to tell Stan everything including Randy being a handsome young cowboy only seven years old, and he and his friend, Master Billy Daniels, made arrangements for Mr. Odio Boudreaux to call him tomorrow morning at nine A.M. West-Coast time. If Stan would allow him to visit, he would come through a transportation gate into the cabin. "The boy explained it was very much like them Star Gate shows we used to watch on Netflix. There's other surprises he told me I can't tell you just yet, but they're amazing things which will make you a much happier man, my love," Cletus said.
Stan went to the bathroom and brought back a warm damp cloth to clean his mate. He pulled back the sheet and laughed. "My God, it's a lake, Cleet!" Stan said as he carefully began to clean up the mess and his mate. He had to make several trips back to the bathroom to rinse out the cloth. He got fresh sheets from the linen closet, rolled Cletus on his side, made half the bed, rolled him to his other side and finished.

"I'm sorry for the extra work, but to take you like a whole man again was too tempting. I love you so much, but I'm afraid I failed you, Stan," Cletus said and shed a couple of tears.

"Nonsense! You's still my bull, and don't you never forget it. I don't never want another man taking me but you, Cletus. When I give myself to you, it was for keeps; although, I didn't really have much choice with the hammer lock you had on my poor arm and threatened to break it behind my back if I didn't tell that little gay matchmaker in Vegas, I do!" Stan said and broke up laughing.

"Hammer lock, my ass! Once't you got used to my brand of Cajun love'n you hooked a leash to that big ring in my nose and led me to the altar like a prize calf to slaughter," Cletus responded in kind. They shared a laugh, a healthy kiss, and held each other for a moment. Cletus could feel his mate growing in his Wranglers. "Is that for me, Cowboy?" he asked.

"It's always been for you, Daddy Bear, and it always will be," Stan assured his mate and stole another kiss. "You ain't hurt'n so much. This is the first time in a while we been able to make a little love," Stan said, "What was the boy's name again, Cleet?" he asked.

"Randy Rutherford," Cletus replied.

Stan moved to his desktop computer, fired it up, connected with the Internet and typed in Randy's full name into the search engine 'Duck Duck Go.' In a second there came up a story of a miraculous healing of a young boy, Randy Rutherford, about six years old in the parking lot of Walmart in Fredericksburg, Texas. A young cowboy by the name of Billy Daniels was said to have something to do with it, but the details were fuzzy. There was a picture of Stan's old school inmate where they served time together in the Texas school system. He remembered Billy as a talented musician, but mainly as a fine athlete and an all round good cowboy. "Is this the boy what came to you this e'nin, Daddy?" Stan asked and turned the monitor where Cletus could see.

"'At's him! That's Bossman Randy! He looks a little older now, but he said his family ranch was just north of Fredericksburg," Cletus replied.

"He is a handsome little cuss. I wouldn't mind having him for a little brother, Daddy Bear," Stan mused.

"Do you believe me now, Son?" Cletus asked.

"How could I not believe you, Daddy Bear. How would you know about him? You ain't into computers. I tried a couple of times to teach you, but you got frustrated and give up. I know you ain't been on the Internet while I's gone. You can barely get out of bed. What he told you about Billy Daniels healing him seems to be true. I'd say this is a case of Ockham's Razor, which states the simplest explanation is usually the correct answer," Stan said, "Whether it's totally true or just a product of a gifted young boy's imagination, if dad Boudreaux calls tomorrow morning, it will be great to talk with him again," Stan said.

"He will call, Son. I have faith in Bossman Randy," Cletus said firmly.

* * * * * * *
In light of Randy's suggestion to contact Stan early and invite them for Sunday dinner, Billy instructed Etienne to call his dad and ask him to arrive with his family around ten-thirty. If they called right at eleven it would be nine o'clock Pacific Standard Time, the time Randy told Cletus Mr. Boudreaux would call. To make sure, and to get the family past the guard cattle, Billy gave his permission for Etienne to transport to his family's trailer in Erna for the night, have breakfast with them the next morning, and travel with them back to the Daniels' ranch. Everything worked out fine. Mr. Boudreaux was certainly impressed by the talking guard cattle but seemed to take everything in stride. From the stories his son and his buddy Ray told his immediate family about their lives on another world, it managed to open up their minds to more unusual aspects of a possible new and better society taking hold in their own backyard. From Etienne and Ray Escobar's enthusiasm about Billy Daniels and a completely new way of looking at society, they slowly came to consider anything must be better than the failure of their world in its current situation.

Driving up the incline to the compound at the top of the hill, the Boudreauxs were impressed by the beauty and cleanliness of the ranch. Everything was freshly painted with everything in its place. There were no rusted machines sitting around. It was one of the most well organized ranches Mr. Boudreaux ever saw. The window of appearances sometimes says more about people than words can ever convey. They were also impressed by the coming and going of the young slaves whom Etienne explained were also considered members of Master Billy's extended family. Even one punishment slave, whom they would see wearing only a leather harness, was considered part of the Daniels' greater family. The family came out to greet the Boudreauxs and there was much smiles, handshakes, hugs and kisses from the ladies. Maw-Maw Boudreaux had a special hug and kiss for her savior. Everyone went inside for coffee while the men got ready to make their trip.

"It will be easier than we originally considered, Coo-zone Ood. My young bonded brother, Bossman Randy Rutherford, has arranged for us to travel to Oregon through a gate like the one Etienne and Ray Escobar came through when they arrived at your trailer. Randy contacted Coo-zone Cleet last e'nin and told him to expect your call at nine their time. It's almost time. Are you ready, Cowboy?" Billy asked Randy.

"I'm all set, big Brother. I got my team on stand-by. They's ready to activate the gate on my command, sir," Randy reported like a Major Domo.

"We thought we'd let you and Etienne go through first, Cousin Odio, and Randy and me will be right behind you, sir," Billy said, "When they get acclimated to us we'll send for the rest of our posse," Billy added.

"I'm ready, Master Billy," Odio Boudreaux said firmly holding up his cell phone. Billy smiled at him and nodded.  
Mr. Boudreaux pressed the button to send the contact number for Stan Breedlove's phone. It was nine o'clock on the dot.

Cletus looked at Stan and grinned real big with a look what said, I told you so. He nodded for his mate to answer. "Dad Boudreaux?" Stan asked sheepishly.

"Yes, it's me, Son. How are you, 'Veed'?" Odio asked.

"Good, Dad. As well as can be expected, but my mate ain't so good; however, at the moment he's in much better spirits. He told me about a visit he had last night from a young cowboy from Texas, and Cletus said you would be calling at nine this morning. It's so good to hear from you, sir. How is everyone back there?" Stan asked.

"Fine! Can I come visit you, Son, and we can talk in person?" Mr. Boudreaux asked.

"Certainly, sir, Cleet said something about a gate. Is that what you're talking about?" Stan asked in reply.

"It is. Go stand by your mate near his bed. We will see you in a few minutes, but leave your cell phone on. We use it to coordinate your position, Son," Odio instructed Stan.

"I'm by his bed now, sir," Stan said.

The two men watched in awe as a large door sprang up in their cabin which had a blue watery-like surface you couldn't see through. Immediately, Mr. Boudreax and his boy Etienne came through the wall of free electrons and walked a few steps inside the cabin. They were followed by a big handsome cowboy Stan recognized as Billy Daniels accompanied by his ubiquitous little brother, Randy Rutherford.

"Coo-zone Cleet!" Randy yelled and ran for Cletus's big arms.

"Bossman Randy! Come to me, my handsome little bebette!" he exclaimed.

"Etienne? Is it really you?" Stan said taking a step toward his long lost brother.  

"It is, indeed, Brother. It's been one hell of a journey, but I'm back in Texas living as a slave for Master Billy's family. Everything will be explained to you, but we've come to take you and your mate back to Texas with us for Sunday dinner," Etienne said.

"It sounds wonderful, but I'm afraid Cletus might not be up to the trip," Stan said as Etienne walked to him and took his brother in his arms and kissed him on his cheek.

"You let us worry about that. We're here on a rescue mission, Brother. There's things in the universe you don't know about. Master Billy, you want to bring in our brothers?" Etienne asked.

"I think it's time, Son," Billy replied and went back through the gate, then reappeared followed by a number of good looking cowboys, one large handsome black cowboy, and a huge Bigfoot monster. Several of the cowboys wore rings through their noses. Stan thought they were incredibly sexy. When he first met Cletus he had the biggest ring through his nose he would sometime switch for a pointed bone which would make him look like a primeval savage. One look at Cletus's big ugly face with a bone through his nose was paradise on Earth for Stan. He never wanted anyone so bad as he did Cletus; although, he played hard to get at first. The final two cowboys came through pushing an anti-grav gurney. It was just floating in the air before them. Stan was in awe. Cletus was so excited he thought he might shoot another load. The men took off their cowboy hats and began to remove their shirts. Etienne smiled and winked at Stan as he did the same. "What's going on here?" Stan asked nervously.

Dad Boudreaux came and stood beside him. "J'ever hear of metamorphosis, Son?" he asked Stan.

"Yes, Sir, like a worm spins a cocoon around itself and changes into a butterfly," Stan replied.

"These men are about to become cowboy-angels right before your eyes. Your brother, Etienne, is one of them now," Dad Odio said.

Billy gave a signal and they disappeared only to return in a second fully fledged with beautiful wings.

"You weren't kidding me, Bossman," Cletus said and stole another kiss from Randy.   

"We will give Coo-zone Cleet a boost here, load him on our gurney and take him to our workshop where we can repair his legs. We'll have him walking in time for Sunday dinner," Billy said, "But first, Cousin Cleet, I need a taste of your blood to get your genetic information; your DNA on file in my body to do what must be done," Billy explained. He took a straight pin from his cowboy hat and took Cletus's big hand in his and pricked the big Cajun's finger before he knew what Billy was doing. Cletus jumped but didn't make a sound. Billy squeezed out a couple of drops and licked it with his tongue. "Yumm, tastes like File' Gumbo," Billy said and got a laugh from everyone. He waved his hand over Cletus's hand, and immediately, Cletus's finger was healed. The big Cajun looked at it and held it up in awe for Stan to see. Stan couldn't get over the beautiful wings on the cowboys, but Jack McCormack's wings were overwhelming to him. Stan thought he might like to have a pair just like them.

Randy took Stan's hand and stood on his other side from Mr. Boudreaux. "You don't have wings, Randy?" Stan asked.

"Ain't old enough Coo-zone 'Veed. Won't get mine until me balls drop, sir," he said as a matter of fact. Stan broke up laughing and so did Dad Boudreaux.

The cowboys stood around the bed and raised their wings completely covering themselves and Cletus. A couple helped Cletus remove his night shirt, and he lay naked before them. Cletus didn't seem the least embarrassed. After getting a full view of the naked Cajun, there remained no doubt in anyone's mind what Coo-zone 'Veed saw in such a big ugly man. Cletus may not have been a looker, but his beauty lay between his legs. Billy could only conjure up a French word to best describe it: formidable. Stan, Randy, and Dad Boudreaux watched as the cowboys began to draw the light and healing essences from the ether of the universe unto their wings and channeled their growing power to their healing master, Billy Daniels. Cletus felt his body began to tingle all over. At that moment, he knew Stan was right. He wasn't paralyzed from the waist down. He could feel everything in his legs as he felt himself become full of the healing rays coming from Billy's hands.

"Oh, my God! In the name of every god or any lonely unknown gods out there anywhere in the universe, I can feel my legs again. I can feel my toes," he cried.

"Move them for me, Cleet!" Billy commanded.

Slowly but surely, Cletus began to wiggle his toes on his right foot.

"Now the other!" Billy demanded, and Cletus did as he was told. Billy moved up to his upper torso and worked on it for a while. When he thought he did enough to get Cletus to their slave workstation, Billy stopped and told his cowboys to power down. They did and the awesome light in the cabin began to slowly decline. Billy asked Cletus to move to one side of the bed. Balthazar brought the gurney along the other side of the bed, pressed the button to lower it, and it settled onto the mattress.

"Can you maneuver yourself onto the gurney, Cousin Cleet?" Billy asked him.

"I think I can, Master Billy," Cletus replied and managed to move himself until he was fully on the gurney.

"Throw?" Billy asked his men, and Bubba handed him the silver liquid metal throw. Billy spread it over Cletus's large body. "Warm enough, Cousin?" Billy asked and smiled.

"Perfect, sir," Cletus replied.

"Comfy?" Billy asked.

"As a tick on an old hound," Cletus replied and grinned. Everyone laughed at him.

Billy pressed the button to raise the gurney, and it easily rose to waist high. Balthazar got behind it ready to push Cletus through the gate. "You ready to visit Texas again, Coo-zone 'Veed?" Billy asked Stan.

"I would follow you anywhere, Master Billy, to have my husband restored to me. I will gladly worship at your feet to once more have my love by my side," Stan said.

"Grab a set of clothes for you and Coo-zone Cleet, and don't forget to bring his squeeze-box. I plan to make him pay for our services by gracing us with a tune. Randy, you, Coo-zone Tin-Tin, and Dad Boudreaux, give Stan a hand. The rest of you cowboys, round 'em up and move 'em out! We got to get these dogies to the ranch where we can do the major body and fender work on this banged-up old Cajun buckaroo and restore him to his previous glory," Billy said firmly and pointed for the gate.    

As the cowboys went through the gate, Stan got a small suitcase and filled it with things he thought they might need. Randy, Etienne, and Mr. Boudreax gave him suggestions. "Why is he doing this for me and Cletus?" Stan asked.

"It ain't only for you and Cletus, Brother," Randy said and continued, "Your granddaddy and Oatie are two of Master Billy's closest friends. He wants to surprise them by having you and your husband come to their double wedding in June. Your bother is marrying his slave, Jethro Quince, of many years who works as a building coordinator for Master Billy. Your granddaddy is marrying the church organist, Vox Humana, and your daddy is actively courting his work partner, Leon Tollefson. If it works out between them, they plan to get hitched," Randy gave Stan a brief rundown.

"No! Not my daddy! It would never happen! He's the last of the god-fear'n Texas cowboys," Stan exclaimed.

"Randy's right, Stan," Etienne said, "Pete divorced your mother a number of years ago and has grieved for the loss of his sons. Your daddy was a rounder in his younger days. Him and old Snuffy Ragweed used to be butt-buddies until your daddy met chore' mother. He turned his back on his friend and Snuffy was dead within a year. He realized what he'd done and carried the burden all these years. He's had several years to come to know himself and what he really wants out of life. He went off the deep end for a while, but once't he started working at the stockyard with Leon, he got his act together and has slowly grow'd to be thought of as a decent, trustworthy, responsible man. Your granddad has grieved over not being as protective of you as he was your older brother, but you never came to him to ask his help," Etienne explained, "In a way, I'm glad; otherwise, you wouldn't have bonded with me and my family to help you through them rough years. It sounds selfish for me to say, but your family's lost was me and my family's gain," he added.

"It was as much my gain, Brother. I would never have been able to cope these last two years without the love of my Cajun family in my heart to make me strong. You say my granddad is really gonna' marry Vox Humana after all these years? I thought granddad was in a convalescent home in Brady, and the last time I saw Vox Humana, he could barely get around," Stan said.

"Master Billy and his cowboy-angels rejuvenated them. They look thirty years younger. They done the same for your dad, Stan. You wouldn't recognize them men," Etienne said.

"I'll be damned," Stan said in awe, "Well, I can't think of nothing else. I think we got ever'thing we need for a brief visit," Stan said.

"If you forgot something, we done got the coordinates for the cabin. I can open another gate in minutes, we can return, and get whatever you need," Randy assured him.

"I gotta' be back to go to work tomorrow," Stan said.

"We got you covered, Brother," Etienne reassured him.

Randy took Stan's hand as they stood before the shimmering blue wall of free electrons and looked up at him, "Don't be afraid Coo-zone 'Veed.' I go through these gates regularly. It tickles a little, but it ain't never done me no harm," the young cowboy said.

With that, they stepped through the gate followed closely by Etienne and his dad, into the slave processing center on the back of the large barn on the Daniel's property. Randy turned, waved his hand at the gate, and it disappeared. Stan watched and shook his head in disbelief. Etienne grinned at him. Dad Boudreaux spoke, "I'm still getting use to these folks and some of the miraculous things they can do. Wait 'til we go up to the main house and you can see Maw-Maw Boudreaux. She looks thirty years younger, and is as spry as a newborn filly," he said.

Randy urged Stan and the Boudreaux men to follow him over to where the cowboy-angels were standing around the padded table with their wings raised over a naked Cletus. It was an inspiring scene for Stan to see the changes in his beloved husband's giant-economy size body beginning to take place. Cletus was almost down to skin and bones and lost much of his muscle mass in the lower half of his body. Stan watched in awe as different parts of his husband's body began to fill in like a plastic Ken doll when you blow him up. Stan thought it was ironic he would never have to entertain thoughts of losing his mate, and in the despair of loneliness, having to resort to inflating a rubber husband. Besides, a Ken doll could never scratch Stan's deepest itch the way his big ugly Cajun biker could. Stan never thought of Cletus as ugly. He thought Cletus looked like a strong potent man should look. He never failed to take what he needed from Stan and made damn sure he gave his mate what he needed in return.

Billy called in several more of his posse of cowboy-angels to give him maximum power to speed Cletus's reclamation. Poly and Cass were among them and they brought along their Bossman Jethro in his Kagoli demon form to aid in Billy's restoration of the big Cajun man.

"What is that!" Stan asked. Dad Boudreaux looked at Randy and Stan as they laughed.

"Oh, that's just, Jethro, in his Kagoli demon form. He's human like us, but Captain Nick and Master Billy taught him to morph into his demon form for work. His workers think he's about the sexiest creature they ever saw, and he gets more work out of them that way. He's your brother Oatie's slave and soon to be husband," Randy said, "He also just happens to be one of my bestest cowboy buddies," he added.

"He is impressive," Stan said, "Will he let the cat out of the bag and tell my brother and granddad we're in Texas?" he asked.

"Naw, Jethro's part of Master Billy's family, and he's been in on this plan from the beginning. He would never betray Master Billy – besides, he's having as much fun with the deception as the rest of us," Randy replied.

When they were finished with Cletus, they had him sit up on the table. "How do you feel, Coo-zone Cleet?" Billy asked.

"My head is spinning a bit, but it's going away. I feel great – like a new man. Where's my little bebette?" he asked looking for Randy.

"I'm here, my big bebette," Randy came around from behind him and took his hand, "Ya' ain't much prettier, but you look strong and healthy," Randy said and laughed.

"Ah, your words stab me through my heart, mon ami. I was so hoping to win your love," Cletus said in good humor.

"Looks don't matter none to me, Cowboy, but size does. You already done captured my heart 'cause you's big," Randy allowed and laughed. He got Cletus laughing.

"Ah, it feels so good to be able to laugh again and not feel pain. How can we ever thank you and your men, Master Billy," Cletus asked.

"Later you can play for us. We got us some pretty good musicians what will give you a good backup. You's holding our banjo player," Billy replied and motioned to Randy.

"You play banjo, mon bebette?" Cletus asked.

"Not real good yet, but good enough to strum some backup chords," Randy said with humility.

"Don't let his modesty fool you, Coo-zone Cleet. Now, it's your mate's turn. Off with your clothes Coo-zone 'Veed, and lie down on your back on this table. Don't be modest. Just look on us as your doctors," Billy said.

"I'm fine, Master Billy – really," Stan said.

"Just consider it a tune-up. You look like your young ass is drag'n and we can't have you offer'n up half an ass to your renewed and invigorated husband, can we?" Billy asked and got a laugh out of everyone.

"Hear! Hear!" Jack exclaimed, "That's how I got my wings, Stan. My brother here," he said pointing to Bubba, "done went and zapped me before he knew what he was doing. He said he was think'n on the Magic Tiki Room at Disneyland and them talking parrots. I come out looking like Senior Jose," he declared and got a laugh.

"If I could have a pair of wings, I'd want them just like yours, sir," Stan said

"Wait a minute, Master Billy, did you give Cousin Cleet the full package?" Randy asked.

"Yeah, why do you asked, little Brother?" Billy asked in reply.

"Do you plan to do the same for Stan?" Randy asked.

"Yes, sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander," Billy replied.

"Coo-zone 'Veed has to go to work tomorrow morning. We can take care of Coo-zone Cleet because he don't have no responsibilities right now, but remember what happened with Bubba?" Randy asked.

"Yes, and that's only one of the reasons why I keep you close to me, Bossman. That's a detail I didn't consider. I didn't know Stan has to go to work tomorrow. We'll work around it. I can do an minor tune up on him and a major enhancement when we know more about what they wish to do for the future. We can talk over dinner. In the meantime, we got time to do a quick rejuvenation number on Cousin Stan," Billy declared and patted the leather bench and looked at Stan.

Stan took off his clothes and did as he was told. Billy took a sample of Stan's blood and smiled to himself as he compared the three other Breedlove men's DNA to Stan's. They were very close and it made Billy wonder if there wasn't a genome or-gate which tripped the switch for either, or. The cowboy-angels again spread their wings and the great white pure light which gathered was concentrated on Stan's body. Billy didn't need to make but a few corrections and rejuvenated certain parts which were showing stress and strain from Stan's personal grief and angst about his and Cletus's situation. He tightened his sphincter to make it seem almost virginal. He smiled to himself thinking it should give the men a new lease on life when Cletus climbed back in his husband's saddle again. The thought gave Billy an erection.

Randy took the two naked men to the shower room in the other part of the slave processing area and saw to it they got what they needed. When they came out and started to put on their old clothes, Randy looked at them fish-eyed. Billy, Boomer, and his men were in the other room.

"Why you looking at us that way, Bossman?" Cletus asked.

"I don't mean to be rude, but is them clothes the best you got?" Randy asked.

"'Afeard, so, Bossman. We been living from hand to mouth for almost two years. We ain't had no money to go out and buy new clothes. I packed the best we got, but I'll admit, they ain't very nice looking," Stan replied.

"No problem. Did you like them boots I made for you, Coo-zone Cleet?" Randy asked.

"I shore' did. Them things fit me like a pair of gloves, and they's comfortable, too," Cletus allowed.

"Okay! Reverse order! You first, Cousin 'Veed! Stand away from your husband a bit!" Randy commanded.
Stan did as he was told. Randy waved his hand from the top of Stan's head to his feet, and he was instantly clothed with a complete fine looking set of cowboy duds including a big hat, belt with a big buckle, and a nice pair of buckaroo boots.

"Damn, Son, is there anything you can't do?" Cletus asked.

"Yes, I can't shoot my load yet, but dressing you men up to look like honest-to-some-unknown-god buckaroos is almost as good. It's like a mental-cum-physical ejaculation. It brings me pleasure and makes me feel good," Randy expounded.

"You can 'come' on me anytime you feel I ain't dressed right to suit you, Cowboy," Stan said and laughed. Randy and Cletus laughed with him.

Next Randy outfitted Cletus and gave him the same pair of boots he imagined in his visit with the big Cajun man. He took special care to give Cletus a bigger hat than Stan's. It didn't go unnoticed, and Stan jumped him about it. "Why does he get a bigger hat than me, Bossman?" Stan asked.

"He's got a bigger head," Randy replied and giggled, "Besides, your 'bossman' should wear a larger hat. It's just an accepted part of the cowboy code. Ever' cowboy knows the 'ramrod' of an outfit always wears the biggest hat," Randy said making it up as he went along. It sounded good, it made sense to him, but he wasn't real sure Stan was buying it.  

"I lived in the heart of cowboy country all my life, but I did not know that, Bossman! Thanks for straightening me out. You amaze me. I never knew bullshit came in such small packages," Stan nailed Randy to the barn door, and the men shared a laugh. "Thanks for the clothes, Buckaroo, h'it don't bother me none you like my husband. You and I share something in common. We both know how to look beyond his handsome face to see his inner beauty," Stan added.

"Exactly!" Randy exclaimed, "I knew we was brothers the minute I saw you, Coo-zone 'Veed.'" Randy added.

The men weren't paying any attention to Randy, Stan, and Cletus and were stunned when they walked into the room. "Damnation! You men sure know how to dress western," Billy exclaimed and the other men agreed with him.

"We feel more at home this way, but these threads is a complement from our little brother, Bossman Randy, sir," Stan said.

"I should have known. Cleet's wearing the biggest hat," Billy said, and everyone laughed, "Another one of them 'apps' you learned to use, Buckaroo?" Billy asked Randy.

"Yes, sir, Master Billy. Clyde done taught me how to use it," Randy replied.

"You done a good job, Bossman. They look mighty fine," Billy said.

* * * * * * *
The cowboys de-winged and walked their new family members up to the big house for Sunday dinner. It was the first decent meal Stan and Cletus sat down to in almost two years. Stan tried to eat modestly, but Cletus ate like a starving man late for the feast. No one said a word. They had plenty and anticipated as much. Stan never felt so comfortable with a group of people, but when he found out Boomer was Billy's husband and bonded mate, and Nick Samuels was his surrogate dad, he felt even more comfortable. It was not difficult to pick out the men sitting around the table who were partnered with each other. There's a certain je ne sais quoi, an easiness perhaps, which passes between bonded men one usually doesn't observe in ordinary male/male relationships.

After Jethro morphed to his human form to join the family, Stan could understand why his older brother decided to marry the big man. Stan loved Jethro's rings, and had to admit, he was a knock-out in either form. He began to wonder how Cletus might look as one of them huge demons. The mere thought lifted his spirits and various other body parts as well. Jethro usually spent Sundays with Oatie and his family, but he was called to the ship for some minor problems. After assisting Master Billy and his posse with Cletus and Stan, Jethro was invited to share Sunday dinner with them. Of course, out of respect, he called and asked his master's permission.

Stan couldn't believe his good fortune. It seemed like overnight he and his husband's world were completely changed from one of deepest despair to one of hope with the prospect of a new and better life. He didn't know how or why this connection with Billy Daniels and his family might work out, but from what he witness so far, he knew he wanted him and Cletus to become a part of it. To be sitting around a bountiful table full of good nutritious home cooked food surrounded by his loved ones was deeply moving, and Stan became somewhat quiet and introspective. Billy sensed it and began to call him out for more information about how Cletus and Stan found themselves in such dire straights. He asked Stan to give everyone a brief rundown on how it happened and how they came to be living in a cabin in the north woods of Oregon?

"We were buying a home in a small suburb north of Portland when Cletus an I had our accident. We were both working and making decent money. We saved up and bought us a nice place what needed a lot of fix'n up, but we didn't mind. We worked hard and made it into a comfortable place for us. Cletus is a master at fix-um-up and taught me carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work. I ain't brag'n none when I say I got pretty darn good. At least, that's what my husband told me," Stan said and grinned, "We almost had the place paid for. We thought we were insured enough, if one or both became disabled, it would pay off our mortgage, and we would still have a roof over our heads; however, the insurance company found a loop-hole in our contract and claimed it didn't apply to motorcycle accidents. We lost everything and were forced to move. We lived on the streets of Portland for three months with Cletus in a wheelchair until some of our old biker buddies found us and one offered us his family's hunting cabin until we could get on our feet. They took us up there and after living from hand to mouth on the streets of Portland, it looked like a castle to us. One of our biker brothers stored our bikes for us. As sometimes happens in bike accidents, they were barely damaged. Cletus was thrown from his and a bob-tailed truck overturned on top of him crushing his legs. We sold our bikes and with the money bought an older pickup truck so's I could travel to the small town about twenty miles away to look for work while Cletus stayed at home.
"I got me a job working in a popular bistro where everything is organic and eco-health-friendly. It's very popular and people drive up from Portland and surrounding towns for lunch or dinner. It's packed from eleven in the morning until closing. It's a big restaurant. The guy who owns it and runs the place took pity on me and gave me a job as a general flunky for well below minimum wage. I didn't protest or ask for more because I was desperate, and he knew it. I did everything from busing tables to pearl diving. I was responsible for final clean up and making sure everything was in order for the next day. When I started, there was a dishwasher, and two more busboys. Over the year, he fired the dishwasher, and had me doing both jobs for the price of one. One of the busboys got fed up with his attitude and quit. The other claimed it was just too much work for one and a half busboys. He considered me a part-time busboy because I was washing dishes most of the time. He demanded almost double the money he was getting and the boss fired him. I was the only one left to do the job of four men.

"We closed at eight, but sometimes, I didn't get out of there until midnight. It really is a four man job. It's too much work for one man, but I done it because I needed the money. I didn't have no choice. One good thing was, I secretly collected left over food from people's plates they didn't finish, and it became ready meals for me and Cletus when I got home. It helped a lot, until one night as I was leaving, the owner caught me putting the to-go cartons in our truck. He jumped me about it and accused me of stealing his food. I showed him it was the food left over from customer's plates what was going to be thrown away anyhow. He got angry and fired me. I was devastated but gave him back the food in the cartons and watched him throw it in the dumpster. I drove away and waited for him to leave. I drove back, got the discarded food out, and drove home.

"That was on a Wednesday evening. He always paid on Friday evenings after work. I stayed home with Cletus Thursday and Friday. Two days without a busboy and bottle washer was all it took for the staff to rebel. I drove in to get what pay he owed me for the four days I worked. I guess he got a lot of flack from the rest of the help in the restaurant who told him he done the wrong thing, and if he didn't hire me back and give me a decent raise they were going to walk out. They said I was the best worker they ever had work there, and they didn't want to lose me. They also told him he had a week to hire a regular dishwasher. He didn't have time to interview anyone for my job, and they were having to do their work and mine, too. They were not happy with him, and ready to walk out the door. I got my check, and he begrudgingly offered me my job back with a dollar an hour pay raise with a promise to have a dishwasher Monday morning. Part of the help's bargain with him was, I could take home what uneaten left-over food I wanted. It came in handy, but still trying to buy Cletus's medications and basics like gas for the truck and personal needs, took every penny I made. Sometimes the food I brought home was all we had. Most times we'd have to eat bits and pieces of several entrιes but we never went hungry. Being a recognized organic health-friendly restaurant, at least we could feel confident we weren't eating junk – garbage, perhaps, but healthy," Stan said and smiled, "It could have been much worse. I could have worked for Burger King," he added.   

"Have you men ever thought about moving back to Texas?" Billy asked.

"I don't think we can until we get on our feet, Master Billy," Cletus said shaking his head.

"We have to talk it over this evening after we return to the cabin. We can't leave the cabin without making sure it's better than we found it. Our friend was good enough to let us stay there for nearly two years without so much as a penny in rent. To be honest, we were only going to be there until Cletus died, and then I was going to move on. I couldn't stay there by myself. I never let myself think about it. I just got through it from one day to the next. Looking back on it, we were helped by a lot of good people and even the critters who shared our woods. We didn't have any major tools like a saw or an ax for cutting wood. We would have frozen to death the winters we were there were it not for the Bigfoot family who lived nearby. A mother, daddy, and two small ones, a male and female, they would bring firewood every Saturday night and leave it out back for us. It was never cut. How they managed to break it into pieces the exact size of our fireplace, I will never know. I brought them food from the restaurant and left it out for them when I could," Stan said.  

"So you been exposed to the watchers?" Billy asked.

"Yes, sir. I was still pretty big when Stan brought me to the cabin. It hurt me to ride in the cab of the truck, so we bought a heavy-duty sleeping bag, and I rode in the bed of the truck in a camper shell on a piece of heavy foam. It weren't too bad. I was pretty comfortable, but when we got to the cabin, Stan couldn't pick me up to carry me inside, and it was too rough to try to negotiate a wheelchair. We didn't know what the hell we were going to do until, out of nowhere came this huge monster. He smelled like a busted sewer pipe, but he took his big hand and gently pushed Stan aside. He lifted me into his massive arms like I was five pound sack of potatoes. He motioned for Stan to go before him, he carried me into the cabin, and gently laid me down on the bed. Then he turned and left. We didn't see him again until I had to go to the doctor. Somehow he knew and was standing on the porch waiting for Stan to let him in to carry me to the back of the truck.

"Several nights during the winter it would get so cold, they would come and gently knock on our door. You folks might not think so to look at him, but I assure everyone sitting at this table, my beloved husband is fearless. He ain't afeared of nothing – man or beast. Stan invited them in like they were our next door neighbors, shared what little food we had with them, made hot cocoa for them to drink, and they slept in the corner huddled together for warmth. The next morning they were gone. When Stan was at work, I was never alone. I would look up from the bed and see the big male looking at me through the window. He checked on me every day. If it was a really cold day, and I was hibernate'n under the covers, he would quietly let himself inside to check on me; then, he would add a log on the fire to make sure I was warm enough.

"One day some young kids drove up to the cabin, and they were up to no good. We never locked the front door in case of fire 'cause I might not be able to get out. We knew, without a doubt, the daddy Bigfoot would get me to safety. They came busting into the place, and when they found out I was paralyzed from the waist down, they demanded money from me. I told them I didn't have any to give them because my partner handled the money. They gathered what little of value we had including Stan's computer and put them on the porch. They settled in to wait for Stan to come home to ambush him.

"They didn't have to wait long because my big protector let himself in the back door and and let out a blood curdling yell what almost made me mess my bed – then I laughed at the stunned look on their faces. They couldn't get out of the cabin fast enough, into their truck, and burned rubber to get out of there as quick as possible. The big male was still roaring, running after them as they drove away. They never returned. He carefully brought our stuff back into the cabin and sat with me until Stan got in that night. Fortunately, Stan brought a bunch of food back with him and shared it with Erasmus and his family.

"The big male had a wise look about him like he held the knowledge of the ages inside him. We named him Erasmus and his mate we called Momma Lisa 'cause she looked like the Mona Lisa photo-shopped to look like a Bigfoot. She weren't right pretty, but she had a wise matronly look about her. We named the young male Casper because when anything frightened him he would disappear into thin air like a ghost, and we named his older sister Tinker Bell because she moved her hands in an affected matter when she walked like she was about to take flight at any minute. She was exceptionally effeminate for a female beast," Cletus said, and everyone laughed at the dichotomy of his comment. Why shouldn't a female beast be feminine – even effeminate? Can a man be too masculine? One can only hope.    

"We stand willing to back you men in anything you choose to do. After dinner we'll show you around the place and introduce you to some of our greater family. Perhaps we can get an impromptu musical get-together so Coo-zone Cleet can treat us to some authentic Cajun music. And Stan, now you been reunited with your brother, Etienne, there's absolutely no reason you can't join in and express your gratitude and joy. Your family just happened to bring your square fiddle along with them. They were gracious enough to allow me to play it the evening we first visited their trailer, and I was impressed with the quality of its sound," Billy said, "It was a stunning achievement," he added.

"I don't know what to say, Master Billy. I'm overwhelmed. Of course I would love to play again, but I don't know if I can remember," Stan said.

"Yes, you can. I made sure when I made a few adjustments. You men must keep in touch. Your husband has been given the complete enhancement package and within twelve hours he will begin to grow a set of wings. All you have to do is call when the nubs on his back begin to press on his skin trying to break through, and we will send someone immediately to help him through his fledging. They must remain with him for another twelve hours; then, they can teach him to shed his wings and gather them again when he needs them. Bossman Randy is trained to help, but we have a number of qualified fledge-masters. We will do the same for you, Stan, when you have more time to spend with us. We would like to do it before the second weekend in June so you will be fully fledged for your brother and granddad's weddings," Billy said.

"This is so much so fast. Then you're serious about us becoming part of your family?" Stan asked.

"Serious?" Billy asked and grinned, "You been around cowboys too long to know there ain't no such thing as 'serious,' Brother. Now, if you wanna' talk genuine, you're using the right word. Yes, it's a very genuine offer of concern and help from our family for you to join with us to create a new society and hopefully a new world on our planet to be enjoyed by the many and not just the few. We plan to get our country back from the one percent through love and compassion for our fellow man," Billy said.

"I'd like to become a part of something like that, Master Billy. I always thought beneath my husband's big, mean looking appearance beat the heart of an angel. I can't believe I'm going to have my very on Cajun-angel to watch over me," Stan said in awe.  

"Hosanna!" shouted Randy.

"Hosanna, in the highest!" everyone around the table shouted.

"Good call, Bossman. You's git'n better with them 'Hosannas,' Billy complimented his little brother.

* * * * * * *
When dinner was finished Billy offered a brief tour of the ranch. A brief tour turned into several hours including a tour of Capitan Nick's ship and getting to meet the mixed bag of mysterious but wonderful folks who lived there. Stan and Cletus were awe struck with the variety of folk and intelligent critters. They met many of the personal watcher protectors for members of Billy's family. Randy introduced them to his watcher, Ludo, and Bubba introduced them to Brute. Billy didn't hold back anything from Cletus and Stan and showed them the progress on the design and building of a new city. They were more than a little impressed.

As soon as they returned to the ranch, Billy's musicians had everything set up on the barnyard stage and sitting out front was Billy's family and Irin cowboy slaves with the Irin cattle standing behind waiting for an impromptu concert. Randy and Clyde were already picking away backing up Etienne on an old Cajun tune. Mrs. Boudreaux brought forth Cletus's squeeze-box and Dad Boudreaux handed Stan his old suitcase with his white square fiddle inside. Stan opened it like it was a sacred relic and lovingly removed it from its case. He checked the tuning and rosined up the bow. He was ready. Stan and Cletus joined Billy's other musicians and made a lovely racket.

Poly and Cass were becoming old hands at ethnic music-making and added their support. Billy picked up one of the guitars and joined in. He motioned for Kayla to grab her mandolin and play along. They spent a couple of hours pick'n and grinning. They allowed Cletus and Stan to play together. Cletus never heard his husband play his home-brew fiddle before, and he was moved to tears. He had no idea Stan was such a talented musician and could play almost any Cajun tune Cletus knew. They spent a joyous afternoon of music making.

Cletus couldn't imagine playing to a more receptive audience and both men were in awe of the cattle keeping time with the music and dancing together in the distance. The Boudreaux family was in ecstasy. Dad Boudreaux danced with his wife and Etienne dance with his Maw-Maw on a couple of Cajun slow tunes. The mature lady was the hit of the dance floor that afternoon. It was a new and wonderful world Cletus and Stan found themselves in, and their hearts were full of joy and hope for a better future. They knew without discussion they wanted to become a part of Master Billy Daniels and his family as soon as possible. Stan could almost envision himself wearing a colorful pair of wings like Jack McCormack's. They played so long the sun was beginning to set in the west and guests of the Daniels were starting to depart when Billy called a halt to the music-making.

There were sad 'goodbyes' exchanged between Cletus and Stan with their Cajun family, the Boudreauxs, but they were also happy Cletus was better and they would be seeing more of him and Stan. Randy was tired and a bit emotional to have to bid farewell to two men he played a great part in bringing on board with the Daniels' family. He wasn't alone. Cletus and Stan shed tears as they hugged and stole kiss after kiss from the little buckaroo. They couldn't believe his musical talents along with his personal compassion for others. After their guests were gone, Billy's immediate family enjoyed a quiet supper and talked more with Cletus and Stan. Billy told them he and his dad, Nick, and husband Boomer would personally see them back to the cabin.

Billy told them not to feel pressured and to handle their departure from Oregon in their own way and time. Not to worry about relocation or employment. He could always find a slot for them, and they didn't have to decide right away. They could come and go, live where they liked, or try their hand at anything they think they might like to do – together, or separately. They would not be rushed into anything. However, if they decided to come to Texas before the second week in June, they must agree to live on Bubba's ranch in his home under secrecy until the evening of the ceremony when they would arrive to surprise Elmer, Oatie, and Pete. It seemed like a good plan to Stan and Cletus. Stan knew Bubba from school, although Bubba graduated before Stan and went off to the the oil wars immediately afterward.

Billy also told them they had nothing to worry about with the cabin. An afternoon visit to the cabin with his crew would transform the cabin into a place of great charm and beauty. Stan and Cletus saw some of the seemingly miraculous things Billy and his family could do and knew he was being truthful with them. The time came for them to be returned to the cabin and Billy opened the gate into the cabin. Cletus and Stan went through, followed by Billy, Nick, Boomer, Bubba, Jack, Clyde, and Balthazar. As they walked through, the cowboys almost tripped over Stan and Cletus. They had unexpected visitors. Their family of Bigfoot was cowering in the corner just beyond the fireplace trying to make themselves as small as possible for such large beasts. They came and found the truck out front but neither Cletus in bed nor Stan to care for him, and they were worried.
Stan spoke quietly to them, "Erasmus, Momma Lisa, Casper, Tinker Bell, don't be afraid. We're all right. We just went away for a while to have Cletus repaired by some enhanced humans. See, Cletus can walk now, and they have restored him to his original self. We're back now. We would never go away and leave without saying goodbye," Stan assured them, "I'm not sure they understand me, Master Billy," he added.

"No, they understand you just fine. They see Boomer standing behind me, and they know they have nothing to worry about. Here, Boomer, take my hat and shirt for me," Billy said as he handed his big husband his cowboy hat and removed his shirt. He disappeared in a flash of light and returned in an instant wearing his harness and beautiful wings. The two adult watchers moved forward, fell on their knees and lowered their heads in homage. The young bairns followed their parent's actions and knelt right behind them. Billy spread his wings and gathered the essence of the ether and caused it to fall on the family of Bigfoot to bless them, correct any flaws within them, and enhance them with a few more abilities the ordinary watchers didn't have. He reactivated their ability for speech many of the wild beasts forgot how to use over the years because of their telepathic abilities. Since they had little or no exposure or need to communicate with man, they just forgot how to use it.

<< Rise, my children. For your concern for these good men, I have healed your bodies and restored them to their previous strength. The large watcher you see behind me is my bonded mate and husband. We have many of your kind where we come from. I have given you the gift of speech so you can communicate your thoughts with Cletus and Stan. You have become family to them, and they love and care about you very much. They will be joining our family and leaving these woods. You are welcome to join them and become a part of my family if you wish. We will see to your needs, your health and help you find a better life for yourselves if you wish. Soon they will have the gift of mind to mind communication and you may talk more privately with them, but for now you will have to make do with speech >> Billy sent.

"Are you great master created and sent by Ancients, sir?" Erasmus asked in a deep booming voice. Cletus looked at Stan, and they smiled at each other.

"So I been told, Erasmus," Billy replied, "and you know the rule-of-names," he added.

"Yes, sir, we accept the names Master Cletus and Stan give us. We are their slaves," Erasmus said.

"Not so, my good beast. You have become their extended family. Families care about each other and see to the well-being of one another. You have endeared yourselves to these men, and they don't want to leave you behind; however, it will be up to you and your mate to decide. No one will force you to follow them," Billy assured the big beast.

"We will speak to our masters and decide together, sir," Erasmus said.

"You are a wise beast, Erasmus," Billy complimented him and had them stand before the group. The young bairns wanted to come and touch Cletus to make sure he was the same man. Cletus and Stan gave each a hug and told them not to worry. Then the men offered their hand to Erasmus to shake. He pumped their hands like he was priming a pump and smiled real big. Stan took Momma Lisa's hairy hand, kissed the back, and patted it lovingly. She actually blushed, and her husband laughed at her. Everyone shared a laugh.

Billy de-winged and put his shirt and hat back on. "One final bit of business we need to take care of..." he said reaching behind him and pulling two manila envelopes from his back pocket and handing one to each man, "There's ten thousand dollars in each envelope to help you get back on your feet and settle some old debts you might feel you need to repay. It should be enough until we can get you men relocated and earning your own money to take care of you and your family," Billy said.

The men looked stunned, then looked at each other. Cletus only nodded to Stan like he knew what he was thinking. Stan handed his husband his envelope, fell to his knees before Billy and lovingly kissed each of his buckaroo boots. "How could we ever thank you and your family for what you done for us, Master Billy, but to do the same as our extended family did and pledge ourselves to you, you family, your cause, and accept your dream of a better future for all men and beast who share this planet? We are your humble and faithful servants, sir," Stan pledged.

Billy reached down and pulled Stan up to him and gently kissed him. "Your homage is humbly accepted, and I will try to live up to your faith in me, Stan," Billy replied.

"Hell, I don't wanna' be left out. I want me one of them buckaroo kisses, too!" Cletus exclaimed and dropped to his knees to pay homage to Master Billy's boots. I pledge myself to you, too, Master Billy and all them other purdy words my husband said what I can't remember right now. Take us, Master Billy, make us your own, and I promise, we will not fail you, sir," Cletus said.

"Good enough, Coo-zone Cleet," Billy said, grinned, and kissed the big ugly Cajun with the same gentle kiss he did his mate. Cletus threw his huge arms around him asking for a little more and Billy gave it to him until the big man was satisfied. They broke it off and Cletus let out a Cajun whoop which would raise the dead and everyone laughed at him. Cletus immediately handed both envelopes to Stan. Stan looked at him questioningly. "Here, we made us a bargain when we got together, I would be husband in the bedroom, most of the time, but you would be husband in our daily affairs. You control the purse strings, call the shots for our lives, and I will follow as your faithful bull on a rope with a ring through his nose. Since I'll soon be back to my old self, I think I should once again start wearing your wedding ring you had installed in my nose," Cletus said and bellowed with laughter. He got a laugh from everyone.  

"I done it to show you and the world I can't walk through life without my prize bull. I'll be honest with you, my good husband, I planned to go with you if you left me," Stan said quietly and there was a great silence fell over the cabin. No one missed the implication of Stan's words.

"Don't you think I know that, mon cher?" Cletus said, "I ain't never doubted your love for me for a minute. That ain't to say I didn't doubt your sanity for falling in love with a man as big and equally dumb and ugly as me, but I done told myself I could learn to love 'crazy'-- and I did," Cletus added and broke up the cabin.

Billy sent Boomer and Clyde back through the gate, and they returned in a few minutes. Boomer carried a large bag of slave chow under each arm and Clyde held a box of nutrient biscuits for Erasmus and his family. Billy explained it is the perfect food for watchers. His watchers prefer a regular diet of the chow with a couple of biscuits a day. Two cups in the morning with a biscuit and the same in the evening. Of course their diets could be supplemented by any food Stan brought home or from foraging in the woods. Oh, yes, and it wouldn't hurt you men none to eat a cup with a nutrient biscuit every day – especially you, Cleet. It will provide you with the extra nutrients you don't get from your regular food. It will also control your weight and keep you at your best functioning size," Billy said firmly.  

Billy gave them a pep talk about their new family was only a phone call away. Stan and Cletus had Billy's number and several others punched into their phones. "And if you can't get one of us, call Bossman Randy and leave a message. He keeps tabs on us and knows where everyone is at all times. I think it's another one of his 'apps' I got to get him to teach me about," Billy said and grinned. Tomorrow evening, if Cletus is here alone, just punch my number, and we'll be here within minutes to help you with your new set of wings," Billy assured him, "Until then, Gentlemen, we love and care about you. Don't stay up too late doing naughty things to each other," Billy added and laughed. Billy's family said their goodbyes, turned, walked through the gate, and it disappeared behind them. There was only quiet in the cabin. Erasmus and his family looked at Stan and Cletus like loving pets looking to their masters.

"I think we should feed our family, bid them goodnight, and get to bed, husband," Stan said smiling at Cletus.

"I agree," Cletus replied, took a knife from a drawer in the small kitchen area and opened one of the large sacks of slave chow. It looked like dog kibble to him. He reached in, grabbed one, popped it into his mouth and chewed. He got a surprised look on his big ugly face and smiled, "Not bad! Not bad a' tall," he allowed, grabbed another handful, tossed a nugget to each family member including his mate, and they tried it. They agreed it was pretty tasty. Cletus measured out two cups for each while Stan opened the nutritional biscuit box. They handed each watcher his or her own bowl of chow with a biscuit on top. They sat in the corner next to the fireplace and quietly ate their supper. As a symbolic gesture of unity, Cletus made a small bowl for Stan and himself and broke a biscuit in two for them. The family sat eating together. That single act of sharing food with Erasmus and his family did more to bond them into a single unit than anything could. Somehow, it just seemed right. They were becoming a bonded family.

Erasmus and his family left shortly after eating their food and drinking a cup of fresh water. The adult watchers were not naive. They understood Cletus and Stan's relationship. After all, they could tune into their thoughts and could hear their deep remorse, painful yearning, and pining for the wonderful physical love they once shared. The bairns were not as innocent as Erasmus and Momma Lisa hoped they might be. They knew what was going on between the men, but knew their parents wouldn't approve of them sharing such.

Stan and Cletus couldn't get their clothes off fast enough to get into bed together to hold each other. They lay down together as bonded partners and proceeded to recreate the ritual which would rekindle their continued bond for each other. Cletus took his husband with all the strength and love within his big heart. They didn't hurry. Cletus fucked Stan until he knew without inquiry his mate was about to either lose his mind or shoot the most strong, pent-up load he ever shot in his young life. Fortunately, it was the latter, and as Stan began to fill the gap between them with his love juice, Cletus emptied two years worth of built up baby batter into his husband's willing body. They collapsed and lay together enjoying the afterglow of their coupling. Stan took a rag and cleaned them of his gizz as Cletus remained still firmly planted within his mate's ass. Stan wiggled his ass down tight and used his sphincter to suck on his husband's ample cock as if to milk the last few drops of his goodness into him. They slept soundly locked in their sexual embrace until early in the morning, Cletus decided he needed more, and they repeated their previous coupling. Needless to say, Stan drove into town to go to work with two full loads of his husband's love deep within his gut and a very big smile on his face. He was humming a happy tune and thinking about possibilities. If he could only get pregnant and have Cletus's son, he would without hesitating.

* * * * * * *
After Stan left to drive into town, Cletus invited their family to the front porch and fed them. It would become an accepted routine they would repeat for years. When Stan arrived and walked into the restaurant in his sharp looking new western clothes, he got cat calls from the men and seductive whistles from the waitresses. They came to him and wanted to know what was going on. He told them his partner was a lot better, and they came into some unexpected family money with which he planned to spend some to have his partner fixed up like new. He would be announcing to the boss that morning when he came in, he would be leaving in two weeks. Stan said he figured a two week notice should suffice.

"Hell, he don't deserve a two week notice, Stan, but we understand. It's just the man you are. We will certainly miss you, but we wish you well," the second cook said.

"Thanks, Ernie. I appreciate ya'll going to bat for me when I most needed it, and to show my appreciation, me and my partner will be giving a party at Nellie's down the street on the last Sunday evening for everyone. Come. Join us. Everything, food and drink, will be on us," Stan invited them and a cheer went up just as the boss walked in the door. He didn't miss Stan's new clothes. He walked over to see what the hubbub was about.

"Stan's leaving us in two weeks, George," the cook said to the owner almost gleefully.

"So?" he asked like he could care less, "We'll get someone else to take his place," George said like he wasn't bothered.

"Yeah, good luck with that, George. Let us know how it works out for you when you have to start paying two salaries to get the job done Stan did around here," the cook slammed him and everyone turned away and laughed. They knew it was true. "Oh, yes, and our Chef, Luigi, just might have something to say about it," he added.

At the end of the day, Stan formally gave the owner notice, his last day would be Friday in two weeks and gave him the exact date.

"Look, I don't know what's going on in your life, but I'll pay you half again what I'm paying you now if you'll stay on, Stan," he said quietly and begrudgingly.

"Money has nothing to do with it, George. Circumstances have changed, and just as the weather changes, so must I. I'm moving on with my life, but I can't say my time and experience working here ain't been an eyeopener as to the way people should run a business and treat their help. I also learned enough from you and the rest of my fellow workers, I'm certain I could open my own restaurant and be successful – hopefully, even more so," Stan said and George just grunted.

Stan went to work, and it didn't take long for word to get out to the locals one of their favorite busboys would be leaving. Stan was known to be a hard worker and always pleasant and helpful to the guests. If they needed anything and couldn't get the attention of their waiter or waitress, he would make sure they got what they needed. He was tipped handsomely by the regulars. For his last two weeks customers who rarely spoke to Stan would slip ten or twenty dollar bills in his pocket to wish him well. He made out like a bandit the last two weeks he worked. Cletus made an enormous pickle jar bank where Stan would empty his pockets from work and put his tips. It was full to the brim with fives, tens, and twenty dollar bills, and a couple of fifties.

Billy and his posse returned with Bossman Randy the following evening while Stan was at work. Randy performed the necessary surgery to release Cletus's wing-nubs and allow them to grow. Billy left Clyde to sit with him all night and taught him the next evening how to de-wing and wing up again. Cletus's wings turned out to be another riotously multicolored parrot-like pair of wings. No one knew exactly why, but Billy and Randy had their suspicions.
Cletus was happy and for Stan, that was all that mattered.  

When Stan returned from the restaurant he still brought food home with him. He saw it as a waste to throw away perfectly good food someone just didn't care to eat. Their family ate the best they had in a long time those two weeks and as the evenings were getting warmer, they would sit on the front porch and eat together. The great beasts were learning to use their vocal cords again and would comment from time to time. Later in the week, as they were lying in bed after another wonderful coupling, with his husband's comfortable penis sheathed by his ass, Stan stole a kiss from Cletus. "Are you happy, Cleet?" he asked.

"I'm always happy when I'm with you, 'Veed. Holding you in my arms with me old pony safe in yore' barn, I'm about as happy as a man can get," Cletus said and took another long slow gentle stoke into his mate's well filled ass.

"As my husband, are we doing the right thing?" Stan asked.

"Still worried about your mom and sisters?" Cletus asked.

"No, just Hecate, the goddess of witches, and her daughter Beulah.* From our visit to Mason and what I heard about my youngest sister living with my granddad, I'm almost sure she's crossed over and become one of us," Stan said.

"Then there's nothing to worry about. Just ignore them and don't give them the time of day. Don't give them a chance to use their nasty hate-filled venom on you. To answer your question, of course we're doing the right thing. There should be no doubt in your mind," Cletus said.

"For all we been through have I told you I love you, Cleet?" Stan asked.

"Everyday. You don't have to tell me. You show me how much you love me ever' damn day, 'Veed.' I's the one what should be worship'n at your feet telling you how much I love you," Cletus replied.

"Not after a fuck like that, Cleet. That had to be one of your very best," Stan said, "I felt you work me up to a giant crescendo like you's play'n your squeeze-box until you reached the climax and made sure you built me up at the same time," he added.

"'At's because I had a fine, well-tuned instrument to play my music on to share a song of love," Cletus said.

"You's become my angel, Cleet," Stan said.

"You were my angel long before I got my wings, and I hear tell, Master Bubba is gonna' outfit you with a pair just like mine and his little brother's," Cletus said.

"That would be nice," Stan allowed.

"Know'n them cowboys like I do, I'd say it's a sure bet we'll become known as the two love birds of paradise," Cletus said and laughed.

"I can live with that," Stan said and squeezed his little box tighter on his husband's big cock.

"Jolie Blond!" exclaimed Cletus, and let out a Cajun yell what would make the hound dogs tremble on the bayou.

End of Chapter 54 ~ Him Who Made The Seven Stars
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