Him Who Made The Seven Stars
By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 64

Dancing Day ~

'Tis the gift to be simple, 'tis the gift to be free, 'tis the gift to come down where we ought to be, and when we find ourselves in the place just right, t'will be in the valley of love and delight. When true simplicity is gain'd, to bow and to bend we shan't be asham'd, to turn, turn will be our delight 'till by turning, turning we come round right. ~ A Shaker hymn attributed to Elder Joseph Brackett.

The day came to an end and the orchestra members began to return through the gate to depart from Uncle Tom's Cabin in The Woodlands. Billy had an envelope for each with their usual scale-pay with extra for the two Byrd men for their heroic efforts to learn a difficult piece of music in such a short time. They couldn't have been more pleased and happy. Billy challenged their musical abilities, and they delivered. They were happy for him and proud of themselves for pleasing Billy and the audience. The extended Byrd family couldn't thank Billy enough for allowing them to accompany their performing members. The Byrd men were the stars for the afternoon and drank in their new fame like a rare old wine which was greatly appreciated.

The members of the orchestra told him they were available anytime he needed them. Their concert season with the Houston Philharmonic wouldn't begin again until the fall, and until then, they had to work other menial jobs just to make ends meet. The money they earned from the Saturday afternoon concerts helped considerably. Billy told them he wouldn't promise, but if the second DVD did as well as the first, they could expect another check in the mail. They were happy and encouraged with the prospect.

Baby Byrd expressed a special thanks for restoring her family's health to them. She volunteered to come if they needed an extra violin player. She would expect no pay. The joy of the afternoon and helping would be enough pay for her. Billy told her she would always be paid for her talent, and he promised he would be in touch.

Everyone remarked how realistic the saucer entrance was, but suspected human intervention when they recognized the Strauss fanfare. They wanted to know how the men staged such an elaborate production. Billy laughed and assured them he had no idea how they did it, but he emphasized they should never underestimate the creative impulse of a cowboy. He promised them he was as surprised and overwhelmed by his neighbor's entrance with the Breedlove's long lost son and brother as they were.

Last to leave was Clara Mae Bastiaen. She was almost in tears saying goodbye to Billy, but she really broke down when she gave Daffy and Chloe a big hug and a kiss. "Miss Clara, if you've nothing better to do next Saturday, give me a call. If you have a chamber piece for oboe, flute, violins, viola, cello, bass, with or without keyboard, get the music to us early in the week, and we'll be ready for you. We're always looking for good chamber music to play for our people. Let's think about getting together a baroque orchestra with recorders and do a couple of the Brandenburgs," Billy said.

"That would be wonderful, Master Billy, I'll certainly consider it. It gives me something to think about and a hope for the future. I must admit, I have such a wonderful, relaxed time here at the ranch, and I do so enjoy Daffy and Chloe. I love dogs, but after my last wonderful companion passed away, it almost ripped my heart out; I swore never to have another," Clara lamented.

"I understand, Miss Clara. I share your love for animals," Billy conveyed his sympathy, "But if you don't mind me say'n so, you have so much love inside which you could be sharing with another fine animal friend. I'd be willing to bet, if your last companion could speak to you beyond the grave they would tell you the same," he added.

"Perhaps you're right, Master Billy, but it will take me a while longer. The more I'm around Daffy and Chloe the more I share the same feeling," she replied.

They said their heartfelt goodbyes and Miss Clara Mae walked through the gate.

* * * * * * *
The Breedloves and their family were inseparable. One or the other had their arm around Stan or Cletus. Stan and Cletus shared with them the miraculous story of Billy tracking them down in Northern Oregon through the Boudreaux family and how Billy and his men healed and corrected Cletus' condition. Stan was thrilled to see his dad, Pete, and even more thrilled to hear his dad divorced his mother and was doing well. Stan never communicated so freely with his family before, and it was a wonderful, deeply moving experience for him. Pete and Leon didn't try to hide their growing affections for each other and Stan was amused to see his dad holding Leon's hand or whispering something to him and stealing a kiss at the same time. He noticed they both were wearing a strange looking ring that resemble a snaking figure made from white gold.

Stan couldn't get over how much younger the mature men in his family looked, and he was pleased to hear his Granddad was marrying Vox and Rox Humana. He laughed and told Cletus they were the perfect match. His granddad found his piece of heaven on Earth. He was also surprised to find out his youngest sister, Sally, was now living with her granddad and planned to finish high school under his protection; however, at the moment, she decided to spend the summer with her aunt, and her aunt's lesbian partner down in Harlingen, Texas. Elmer, Oatie, and Pete laughed when they told Stan, his mother Janice weren't none too pleased to find out about it, but she knew if she raised a ruckus and pushed the matter, the old judge in town would prevent her from seeing her daughter.

"I guess Janice and my older sister are gonna' find out sooner or later, I'm back. I don't mean her no disrespect, Dad, but I don't plan to give her the time of day; neither will I ever again refer to her as 'my mother.' I will call her Janice or whatever name she chooses to be known by," Stan said to Pete, "However, neither will I tuck my tail between my legs and back down from her. If Cletus and I are together, I will stand tall and introduce him to her as my husband. I will take great delight in watching her face melt," Stan said firmly and everyone laughed with him.

"I don't think you got anything to worry about, Son. I rarely talk with her myself anymore unless it's got something to do with the girls. Since Sally Gooden decided she wanted to live with Dad and Oatie, I'm giving them my support money for Sally for her last year in high school. I'll help her as much as I can if she stays away from them other two harpies, whose names shall not be mentioned," Pete said and they laughed together.

"Does she know about you and Mr. Tollefson?" Stan asked and grinned.

"Oh, yeah. Hell, the whole damn town knows, but we don't care. We's happy with each other. We worked at the same feed-lot ever' damn day for going on five years now and got to know each other pretty good. Leon stirred something in my loins from the first day I met him, and he's partly responsible for me making a great change in my life. It all come to a head the day Sally Gooden was shot, and the day after Janice accused me of having a crush on Leon, I asked him if he found me to his liking, would he allow me to court him? To my great pleasure and honor, he agreed. What's it been, Leon? A month?" Pete asked his friend.

"'Bout a month," Leon replied, "We just got our engagement rings last weekend," he added.

"You can't keep nothing secret in this damn town. If you's seen having breakfast or lunch with the same cowboy more'n two times in a week, rumors spread fast and furious you's a couple; and, if you both wear the same funny looking rings, it clinches it. Janice got nasty wiff' me the day Sally was shot in the courthouse and accused me of having a 'boyfriend.' Rather than denying it, I got angry with her, and I told her the truth. I told her it was my plan, I was gonna' ask Leon to marry me if'n he'd have me; he's a damn fine cowboy and too damn good looking to let him get away," Pete said and roared with laughter.

"And have you asked him?" Stan asked.

"Why you think we wear the same funny looking rings?" Pete asked as he and Leon showed him their rings, "We drove to a fine silversmith's shop in Lampasas we done heard about who owns a ranch with his mate of thirty years. He makes spurs, boot ornaments, belt buckles, fancy show horse tack, and saddle adornments. He showed us the rings he made for him and his mate and we wanted a set just like 'um. They's two more rings just like these what interlock with them. These is just the engagement half," Pete explained.

Stan was impressed, "Are you men gonna' jump the broom tomorrow with the others?" Stan asked.

"We talked about it, but we decided to wait a while. Master Billy just done refurbished his dad and gave my partner the whole enhancement-enchilada yesterday. Leon ain't even grow'd his wings yet. We's staying the night at the Bull's house so's him, Oatie, and Jethro can tend Leon when he grows his wings. We decided to wait a while. Leon's dad needs time to get used to some new ideas about things. God knows, we do, too.

"We's planning on joining Master Billy's Grange co-op for the Tollefson's ranch and look after his dad until he can manage on his own. With the watcher's help, we don't see that as being too long. We don't know what living arrangements we're gonna' make yet, but we just decided to see how things work out. We can live together with his pa as long as he's okay with Leon and me sharing the same bed.

"Together, Leon and me can make a go of anything we undertake. The future looks bright for us, and we ain't afraid. We got each other," Pete declared like a young rooster crowing. "We even talked about having kids together. His favorite watcher, Rusty, is down for it," he added.

"You men can come live with us at the ranch until you decide what you want to do?" Elmer said to Stan and Cletus.

"Thanks, Granddad, but I think we're gonna' stay with Bubba and work for him. We'll be close and hope to visit," Stan replied.

"Standing before our family, gathered here this evening, Stan, I want to apologize for not reaching out to you and offering you the same protection I did Oatie. I was a blind, foolish old man not to consider you might be suffering the same oppression Oatie did. What you and your sisters were put through by your mother in the name of religion was nothing short of child abuse; however, hind sight on my part is no excuse, nor does it justify my lack of compassion for you kids. In the name of some forgotten god, I'm thankful I finally come to my senses, but shamefully learned my lesson at your expense. I never considered you and Sally Goodun might need the same safe-harbor as your brother from the horror of Janice's hate-filled wrath," the big bull said and shed a few tears.

Stan took Elmer into his arms and held his granddad. "Hesh up, Granddad!" he admonished Elmer gently, "Ain't no need to re-chew that old cud. The past is done and me and Cleet have been reborn. We been given a second chance. Why shouldn't we cut you, my brother, and my dad some slack. Forget about it, and let's us start anew.

"In keeping with that idea, I don't want to be known as 'Stan' no more. My mother done gimme' that name, Stanley, and I always hated it. I grew up think'n I was named after an old steam-engine car what weren't needed no more. When my little buddy, Bobby Andreeson, ran to my arms and told me his brother, Randy, done give him a new name; a real honest-to-god cowboy name; and, he was gonna' to be known as 'Pard' Andreeson from now on, it got me to thinking -- why not? A new life deserves a new name.

"My adopted family, the Boudreauxs, called me by my other name, David, and shortened it to 'Veed.' From this day forward, I want to be known as David or 'Veed' Ami Breedlove-Abernathy. I'm dropping the name 'Stanley' or Stan altogether, for reasons I already covered," the new 'Veed Ami' announced. "I plan to contract with Mr. McCormack to have my name legally changed," he added.

"Your family will be more'n happy to abide by your wishes, Son. As unofficial head of our family, I declare you will be known from this day forth as David 'Veed Ami' Breedlove-Abernathy," Elmer proclaimed and everyone agreed with him; followed by many hugs and kisses wishing him and Cleet well.

"I loved the bit about being our family's 'unofficial' head, old man," Oatie mocked his granddad, "I think every man and lady in this room would agree you 'are' the official head of our family," he added.

"Hear! Hear!" shouted Mick Flynn.

"Hosanna!" shouted Perry Reed.

"Hosanna, in the highest!" the rest of them responded.

"I didn't want to appear presumptuous," Elmer said sheepishly.

"Since when?" Oatie asked and fell into Jethro's arms laughing at the look on his granddad's face.

"You still ain't too big or grow'd up for me to turn you over my knee and take my belt to your fine cowboy butt, Son!" Elmer shot back with an embarrassed grin on his face.

"Now, that's the head of our family I know and dearly love, Granddad Bull," Oatie checked him and laughed harder, "You know what happens ever' time you whip my ass?" Oatie said through his laughter.

"Yeah, you come all over me," Elmer said disgustedly. The rest of the family joined Oatie in laughing with the bull of the hill country.

It was good the family was there when Leon's shoulders began to hurt. They got him into the bedroom they fixed up and put him into bed with his bonded watcher, Rusty, to drink some milk and help him relax. Leon's dad was there. What before seemed like a befuddled dream of Bigfoot monsters taking care of him and gently caring for him when he messed himself or wanted to take a walk, was now a reality.

They were always with him. On good, warm days they took him to the river and bathed him in the cool water, but they didn't baby him. They let him do as much as he could, but they weren't shy about giving him a hand to clean the parts he couldn't reach or forgot to wash. In a way, he became their little boy; their trust.

The big red watcher Leon named 'Rusty' seemed to be in charge of the others and was always the most gentle and kind with him. Now his mind was repaired, and Carl knew he wasn't hallucinating. The big watcher was in the bed holding his boy who was about to become a cowboy-angel. Could he have been so wrong about his boy all them years?

Carl Tollefson watched in awe as Oatie winged-up to gather enough energy to make the cuts and instantly heal Leon's shoulder after his wing nubs popped up. He was even more astounded when his old high school pal, Elmer, and Oatie's slave, Jethro winged up to give him more power to complete the task quicker. "How many of you men are cowboy-angels?" he asked

Almost every hand went up, except Pete's. Carl didn't ask anymore questions; however, he did have an epiphany of sorts. He figured, if these men were half-ass-angels or maybe the real thing, and they found no fault in his boy marrying one of the Breedlove boys, then just maybe, his many misgivings and prejudices about such people should be reconsidered.

He remembered the huge painful wedge he drove between himself and his boy when he accused him of being a man's man. The worst part was, there was nothing Leon or his friend did or said to give him the idea they were actively engaged with each other in a sexual relationship. They didn't have to. Carl could feel their love for each other, and while he always wanted that kind of communication with someone, he never found it; not even with his own wife.

After thinking about it for a good while, he boiled his stew down to the essence: Carl was jealous his son found his bliss in life, but he never did. It was his own fault. He always held back the lion's share of himself and his emotions from those he was suppose to love. Carl believed, to show someone love was a sign of weakness and wasn't something a strong man should do. He was sick the day that part of the cowboy-way was taught to them cowboys.

He missed the lesson about the strength love could provide a strong man to make him even stronger. He thought to show any overt affection to another person made him look weak and not in control. Now he could feel the love growing between his boy and Pete Breedlove like a prairie fire in the middle of summer. Their love consumed everything and everyone around them.

He was somewhat confused, but he wasn't afraid. Carl visited the Hell of losing his mental capabilities and didn't care to return anytime soon. He began to connect his healing and refurbishment as a direct result of his boy's love for him, and his growing willingness to understand his son as a prize for his salvation.

Leon gave up his life as a cowboy on one of the biggest ranches in Texas to return to the tiny town of Kooksville to take care of him. If his boy could find a modicum of happiness among these unusual cowboys, then he would make every effort to learn their ways. Carl Tollefson made a vow to himself, he would never make the same mistake again with his boy. He reckoned he suffered enough guilt and shame for rejecting his son in such a cold, mean-spirited, uncompassionate manner.

While he awkwardly tried to make amends for his words, the damage was done, and he knew his son would carry his scar to his grave with him. Carl began to see everything happening as a gift to him, to possibly repair the gap between him and Leon. He decided, if Leon loved and wanted to marry Pete Breedlove, he would gladly give his only son to the cowboy. Still, he was very quiet and stoic, but he smiled a lot more at the cowboy's nonsense.

* * * * * * *
It was getting late and the family wanted to get up early for the following day's activities. Pete was staying in the other bed in the room, with Leon and Rusty sharing the other. Oatie reassured his dad it was a tradition, if a cowboy had a watcher-protector, he would stay with him and feed him his milk to help his cowboy make the sometimes painful transition.

They left the men and watcher alone, took Carl Tollefson, and proceeded to the kitchen for one last hosanna cake and a bit of herbal tea. They were going to put Carl in a bedroom by himself, and two of the Tollefson's bear-boys, as Carl referred to the watchers, would stay with him. They would sleep on the other bed. He didn't realize he'd been drinking their milk for years to keep him from progressing faster into the depths of Alzheimer disease; however, once they hooked him up to the big one's teat, memories came flooding back to him from the many times they shared themselves and their love with him. Strange. He never considered they were definitely male. The thought didn't keep him from sucking his fill of the wonderful milk they produced.

Oatie looked at his granddad like he was pondering a question. The old man knew him so well he laughed. "What? Go on ahead and ask," Elmer demanded.

Jethro laughed and urged his father-in-law on. "Sic 'em, Master Bull," Jethro urged.

Oatie sat and blushed.

"You wanna' know why Billy gave Leon the whole enchilada and not Pete?" Elmer asked for him.

"Yes, sir?" Oatie asked shyly, like he wasn't sure he wanted to know.

"Think, Oatie! Billy done told us he didn't have a choice in the matter. I don't think he set out to completely enhance Leon. It t'weren't his intention. His bosses done over-rode him and told him to. He done what they told him, but h'it don't take no rocket scientist to figure out why. It's simple enough to me. I think you're looking for deeper meanings concerning your dad, and that ain't it a' tall, Son," Elmer said.

"Right-on, Brother! Testify, Master Bull!" Jethro exclaimed and Oatie blushed like a school boy.

"Do you know, my faithful demon?" Oatie asked Jethro.

"Shore' I do, my good master," Jethro replied.

"Go ahead on, Son, tell your master," Elmer urged the big cowboy.

"Master Bull's right. You's look'n too hard. It's simple, Oatie. Leon is a known, quantity. Yore' dad, ain't," Jethro said.   

"Listen to your husband, Son!" the Bull exclaimed.

"Indirectly, Leon's been responsible for your dad's recovery from his losses and despair. Pete never even considered making an attempt to clean up his act until he started working at the feed-lot along with Leon. They been there the longest of all them cowboys what come and go, but they bonded long before it even come to them they might. Pete hitched his wagon to a star; a good man. He wants to be like Leon and adopted him as his role model; likewise, yore' dad's got something Leon needs. Separately, they's just two ordinary cow hands trying to live the cowboy-way and find a bit of happiness for themselves, but together -- they could be dynamite. Somebody out there knows it; they want them two cowboys together, and they want Leon to be in charge -- at least, for a while -- until they's sure Pete can sit in the driver's seat. They's at least two other good reasons I can think of right off the top of my head," Jethro said and Elmer 'Amened' his every word.

"I can't think of none. I just thought it was a matter of trust; that is, I don't think they trust my dad," Oatie said sadly.

"From whence cometh your empathy for Pete all of a sudden?" the Bull asked and grinned.

"Since he's been seeing Leon steady, and they agreed to an old fashioned courtship," Oatie replied, "I think that's sweet and just the right thing for them cowboys," he added.

"Exactly!" exclaimed his granddad, "We all wish them well, Pete in particular, but he needs to be tested and tried. Leon will provide that for him," he added.

"Couldn't a' put it no better ma'self, Master Bull. Well done, sir," Jethro said, and the two big men laughed with each other.

"Answer me a question, Son?" Bull asked Oatie.

"Anything, Master Bull," Oatie replied.

"When are you the happiest?" Elmer asked.

Oatie mused for a moment and smiled, "After my slave pays homage to his master's boots, I order him to rise, I take his cock ring off, and take my husband into my arms. From that moment, until I put it back on him again the next morning, I'm in heaven," Oatie said and blushed like a school boy.

"Good to know. You and Jethro have found your bliss. Pete and Leon are just getting started. It didn't just fall into place for you and Jethro. You worked together, and you made a decision what was the best you could have when you sent him to Billy. The time you men spent apart made you both stand back, reconsider, and it gave you time to grow. You come to realize how much better your life was with each other, but you could have other interests outside your bond," Elmer explained.

"I think what you're saying is, they need to seek a balance with each other. They need to map out boundaries and define perimeters. Wait! I'm beginning to get a picture," Oatie said and his face brightened.

"There is a god!" Jethro said quietly and broke Elmer up laughing.

"No, no! I'm serious. Leon will be like a refiner's fire for Pete and extract the gold I know my dad is hiding. I wondered many nights, alone in my bed, about Pete; how could the fruit have fallen so far from the tree? No pun intended, Granddad. Maybe I's just fool'n myself. Maybe it was wishful think'n on my part, but for all his stumbling and bad choices in life, I never gave up hope for my dad finding his way," Oatie said like he just experienced a wonderful epiphany. "Them ancients know what they're doing. I should just relax, sit back, and enjoy the show," he added with a sigh.

"That would be my suggestion. You, Jethro?" Elmer asked.

"I agree completely, Master Bull. Now, c'moan, little one. Yore' demon husband inside your handsome slave, has need of you," Jethro growled, "He's pacing in his cage, roaring to get out, so's he can cast off his yoke of bondage, and shake your foundation; he will shake your highlands and your dry-lands, and move you to your core; he shall mine your gold, and make you beg for more. He will ravage his beloved toy one last time before we rest, and wed our master on the morrow," he added.

Oatie's face turned a whiter shade of pale. The majority of the blood in Oatie's body rushed to his cock, and it started to drool uncontrollably. The crooked was made straight, and the rough places plain. "Let's not keep him waiting, slave. I know how ornery he can be. I want to catch him at his peak, gather the bounty of his harvest, and afterward, share with him the spell of comfort tea," he added quietly, with some anxiety in his voice. Then his face brightened as if he had an epiphany, "Hosanna? Exactly!" Oatie exclaimed, "Come for tea, my people," he said firmly.  

The men shared a laugh. For all his education, Oatie could be obtuse sometime; indirect or circuitously. Jethro knew his master's foibles, but for the big cowboy, they only added to Oatie's charm. Oatie was a dreamer and Jethro was a doer. Oatie dreamed the dreams and Jethro made them come true. Together, they made a perfect match. With the blessings of the great bull and his little heifer, they departed for their comfortable apartment on the back of the new bunkhouse.

"Come my beloved, shall we retire to our stable. Have you decided who will partner your bull for our last night of single life?" Elmer asked.

"Yes, Master Bull. We cleaned Vox earlier, and he's ready to receive you. Since he has been so gracious to allow me the great honor of standing up for us at the wedding tomorrow, and been even more kind to allow me to be with you when you need me, we decided Vox and you should put the period at the end of this chapter of your lives, and the next chapter shall begin anew with the three of us," Roxanne said, stole a kiss from her bridegroom, and morphed into Vox.

"It is fitting and right I should take you for our last unmarried time, Son," Elmer whispered and kissed Vox on the mouth, "We share history together, but we will share much more," he added.

"Make it one to remember, Master Bull," Vox begged in a moment of anticipated passion.

"Your bull will fill you up, take what is offered for his own, and see to it he leaves you well satisfied for your gift, my love. I will even leave a handsome gratuity on deposit for you. You have my word," Elmer said and smiled. They kissed one last time before they disrobed and fell together onto the large bed. The great bull of the hill country kept his word, and when he was finished, they drifted off into a deep sleep still hooked together. Early the next morning, Elmer woke his beloved as the bull grew strong again and stirred inside his husband. The great bull took Vox one more time -- for good measure.
* * * * * * *
The day before the dancing day, proved to be an eyeopener for several new people. Nellie Peterson was enthralled by everything. She knew from the previous weekend the talents of Billy and his family were many, but the Barnyard Concert and the devotion of his family put Billy in a new category in her mind.

She was neither intimidated nor flummoxed by the variation of people and critters. She was amazed at the stomping of Bigfoot and daddy long-legs watching from the limestone natural balcony seats on the other side of the river and those protectors who sat with the family. It was one big happy family, and Nellie knew Billy Daniels was responsible. She kept repeating to her son, Wilbur, she had no idea the scope of the Daniel's ranch, and expressed her awe at the many interesting things they saw.

Wilbur chaperoned her most of the day, unless Billy needed him for something. After the entrance of Bubba and his crew in the flying saucer, the afternoon became an amazing dream for Nellie. She whispered she was growing more easy about Wilbur coming to live and become a part of the Daniels' family.

Little Willie Whistlepie knew the Daniels were special, but he had no idea they were such a talented and generous group of people. At his master's urging, the great giant, Billy Gog Groats, took Willie under his big arm and accompanied him everywhere he wanted to go. He became Willie's defacto host for the weekend.

Gog proved to be a fount of information about anything Willie didn't understand. When Willie asked questions or needed guidance and explanations, Gog was right there to help him. Willie was pleased and flattered when Gog invited him to stay in his apartment. The big trucker jumped at the chance to bunk-it-in with the handsome giant and share his bed.

There was never a dull moment from the time he arrived. Everything seemed to run like clockwork and last minute problems were solved quickly and easily without a lot of fuss. Every hour Willie was feeling better. His last tune up from the night before increased his stamina and vitality considerably. His body was destroying and casting off the disease and replacing the dead with new, healthy, wholesome, living tissue.

Pard Andreeson and Randy became inseparable. Randy urged him to tag along and he'd answer any question he could. Randy served the same purpose for his new brother as Gog did for Willie, and Wilbur did for his mother. Randy also had the added help of Daffy and Chloe. Wherever the boys went, Daffy and Chloe were close behind.

At first sight, Pard was intimidated because of their large size. He couldn't remember ever seeing a dog before and certainly not two as big as Daffy and Chloe. After watching Randy interact with them and the love which easily flowed back and forth, he overcame his hesitance and became consumed by dog love and lots of sloppy wet kisses. Pard fell in love.

After supper, the men decided to retire to the hot tubs on Captain Nick's ship for a soak and some Texas tea. They were down several members because the Breedlove contingency took off for their place right after supper. Bubba, Jack, and Grover remained behind. They planned to fly the saucer back to the great whale and park it, but they wanted it to be later in the evening. Billy agreed, and invited them, along with the sheriff, his dad, and younger brother to join them in the tubs. They accepted his invitation.

Of course the boys wanted to go. Tom always allowed his boys to join them and Billy saw no reason not to include Randy and Pard. Evangeline Andreeson voiced some concerns, but the ladies of the house carefully explained Pard needed strong male archetypes to bond with and emulate, and since his dad would only be available occasionally, he needed to be included to grow into the Daniels' greater family and be made to feel like he's becoming an important and cherished member.

When they gathered at the pool, Pard did as his little brother told him and stripped. His new body was something he felt proud of and saw no shame in being naked before the others. Randy assured him he had nothing to fear; for his age, Pard was proportionately as well endowed as any cowboy around the pool, including Randy himself. From what Randy observed of Pard's dad when Master Billy's men were rebuilding him, he was convinced Pard was his father's son.

Pard noticed several of the men didn't have penises, and what seemed to be a slot. It reminded him of the slots his dad used to put quarters into a machine at Nellie's Cantina to control a pick-up device to retrieve funny stuffed animals; only the men's slots were larger. No one bothered to tell Pard about them birds and bees, but his mature, fertile mind could only speculate about. He did know about manners, and decided it might be best not to ask questions. He would either be able to deduce the conundrum for himself, or he would ask Randy about it later. Either way, he found it interesting and somewhat exciting.

After everyone was served a mug of hot tea, conversation began. There was neither an agenda nor any rules about topics of conversation or storytelling. "I like the name you give our new family member, Ramrod," Billy said and several of the other members of the family agreed with him, "I think 'Pard' is a good name for a buckaroo. It's strong, short, but inclusive. It implies a man with a name like 'Pard' is to be trusted and admired. However, knowing you like I do, I would think you wouldn't settle for such a simple name unless it had other attributes, little Brother," he added.
"'Pard' ain't no simple name. I thought long and hard about a good name for my older brother and researched it thoroughly. I didn't just pull it out of my ass. Like you said, I wanted a name for him to show my trust and admiration for his strength, and my respect for his mental maturity. There's a young man with an eighteen year old brain in the body of a seven year old sitting next to me. I plan to learn as much from him as he will from me.

I checked Wikipedia and found a 'Pard' was an animal shown in Medieval Bestiaries. They were thought to be a member of the large cat family with spotted coats. Many think they might have been an early attempt to describe a cheetah. They were believed to have mated with lions (Leo) to produce leo-pards or what we know today as leopards. Shakespeare writes about a man with the cunning and swiftness of a 'Pard.'

When I read them words it reminded me of the way his daddy walks, with the pride, strength, and assuredness of a great cat. I knew my Pard would grow-up to fill his dad's boots and one day walk proudly in his footsteps," Randy said firmly. Randy didn't get serious too often, but when he did, he could level the playing field. The men in the tub were stunned by what he said.

Pard put his arm around Randy, pulled him to himself, and stole a kiss. "Thanks for them words, little Brother," he said.

"I meant them words, Brother," Randy replied.

"Hosanna!" shouted Bubba, for Randy's explanation.

The rest of the men responded, "Hosanna, in the highest!"

"I have a way of underestimating you, don't I, little Brother?" Billy asked.

"Naw, that one was an easy mistake, Brother," Randy said and smiled.

Conversation picked up again and big Odin Bluetooth had a question for his master. "Me and Erin were wondering if you might ask if we wanted to get married tomorrow," he said.

"That's because I don't want you men to marry tomorrow, but before you get your feelings hurt, allow me to explain. Both you men lived nothing but traumatic lives in Huntsville. I ain't saying 'no' for you men to marry, but now ain't the time. I want you in a holding pattern for at least a year to see how things go. If you feel the same a year from now, we'll consider it, but I want that time for you to mellow and grow with each other without having to look over your shoulders every few minutes," he said, and most of the men seemed to agree with him.

"What about renewing vows, Master Billy?" Thor asked for him and Zeus.

"The same would apply to you and Zeus, Master Thor. You men still have some things to work out between you. Your marriage was one of necessity. If you are to renew your vows, I want you to do it because you decide for your own sakes, you have no other choice. In short, I want you to be sure it's what you want. One year ain't that long," Billy replied.

"Of course you're right. We will certainly abide by your wishes. One year will be here tomorrow," Thor said.

"Glad you understand, sir, but you don't have to stop your current marriage to find out. I expect you to continue to respect each others role as the day you exchanged vows," Billy said.

"I assure you we will, sir," Thor said.

"How is your modification working out for you, Erin?" Billy asked.

"It couldn't be better for me, Master Billy. You notice I ain't asked to be changed back," Erin said.

"And how it is working for you, Big Blue?" Billy asked.

"I can only tell you how grateful I am, Sir, but to be honest, I find myself missing my mate's cock and balls to hold onto at night," Blue replied.

"No problem. I been meaning to enhance you as a reward for your excellent work ethic and leading your crew beyond expectations. We got enough cowboy-angels here tonight we can take care of you before we leave. After your wings grow in, and we've taught you a couple of things, I'll teach you to morph your mate's genitals. I think it might go a long way to solidifying your bond even more," Billy said.

"I never considered -- but it does sound like the perfect plan for us. What do you think, Baby Blue?" Blue asked Erin.

"I say go for it, Daddy Blue. It would make me very proud of you," Erin replied.

"Then we'll do it," Billy said, as he reached over and grabbed Randy and Pard holding each other sound asleep about to sink underwater. He heard Tom laugh.

"Mine are down for the count. Clyde, could I get you and Balthazar to give me a hand getting them four buckaroos up to the big house. We can return after we turn them over to the women folk," Tom asked.

"Sure, be happy to, Master Tom," Clyde said, and Balthazar agreed.

They put on robes and transported the boys to the big house, and returned in a matter of minutes to rejoin the group.

"Will you consider other prisoners from Huntsville, Master Billy," Erin asked.

"I will, but we will have to do the same in-depth background check on whoever you got in mind to determine his probability of success with us," Billy said, "Do you have someone in mind?" he asked.

"We talked about our old mutual friend, Marcus, who was leader of the Aryan Brotherhood. We knew him as Markus, but one day he shared his full name with us. It's Marco Ceasare Del Obbligatto," Big Blue said.

"Swiss extraction?" Billy asked, and the men laughed.

"Central Italy, Tuscany, where my mate's ancestors come from. Tuscany is considered a country within a country. Their language and customs are different from main-stream Italy. Marcus thought of Erin as his son because they could speak the same language and dialect. They would carry on conversations for hours in the yard and no one had clue what they were talking about.

"Because of Marcus' love and close fellowship with Erin, he protected us for years from the more radical faction of the brotherhood, and he was good to us. He's a fine man, Master Billy. We don't know a lot about him other than he claimed to be innocent and was set up by some men who wanted him put away because of things he knew about secret government black-ops operations. He never told us a lot, but from several things he shared with us he was into some pretty weird shit within the government. Long story short; he knew too much, and had to be silenced," Big Blue said.

"Wonder why they didn't just stage a suicide or a plane crash? Why put a man in prison where he can still talk?" Billy asked.

"He knows some shit nobody else knows about and told them if they off'ed him he gave the information to several people who would release it to competing factions upon hearing of his death. They left him alone, but he was never allowed visitors. We have no way to prove his story, but we know he didn't share his past with many inmates. He kept personal things to himself," Blue said.

"I'll have my people look into it," Billy said.

"Thanks, Master Billy, if we can help him, we'd like to," Erin said.

"Is he big and hairy?" Billy asked.

"Very much like Gog's guest, Trucker Willie," Erin replied, "he told us his body is covered with tattoos, but we ain't never seen one. How did you know?" he asked.

"Because of his name," Billy replied.

"Oh, that's right, I forgot. Ceasare means 'hairy,'" Erin replied.

"Have you given any more consideration about when you might wish to look into rescuing our brothers from stasis, Kemosabe?" Nick asked.

"I know I promised you it would be when we got enough facilities built to accommodate the first five hundred Irin slaves, but at the time, I considered it probably would take six months or more to accomplish. Extenuating circumstances and farming out our slaves to other ranches has greatly reduced my time estimate. I'm grateful for the sake of our Irin brothers and sisters who have been patient to live as cattle during that time.

"I think the things we got done in the last three months have astounded everyone. I ain't trying to use the shorter time gap as an excuse to postpone our intervention; however, I would like to wait a while longer depending on the number of the so-called fallen angels and what it might entail to rescue them. I will make you a promise, I won't accept anymore Irin slaves until we have worked on it and come to a conclusion to everyone's satisfaction.

"Since you brought up the subject, and we have a sizable group of the fallen angel contingency with us this evening why don't we discuss possibilities. As I understand it from ancient texts, which are not terribly reliable, the number and sex varies. What are we looking at, and will there be any problems with them trying to take human women to wed and create evil giants?" Billy asked and smiled.

Everyone was quiet for a while. Billy waited patiently. He thought Nick would speak first, but he didn't. "May I speak, Brother," Clyde asked Nick.

"I wish you would, Brother," Nick replied, "I've tried over the centuries to find out more but have run up against brick walls; however, someone must have faith in me because I was given the golden key which unlocks the great chamber where our brothers still abide," Nick said.

"You have the key?" Balthazar asked in awe.

"Not any more. My master has it now. That's why I asked about them, but I'm afraid I know very little about their fate and their present condition. I'm not even sure the place of their interment, or temporary placement, if you will. Somehow I don't think ten thousand years equates to temporary placement, but that's a moot point. Once I was rescued by the Irin, forcibly detained to keep me from returning to suffer the fate of our brothers, and after working for them for sometime, I was given my freedom and warned to stay far away from Earth. That's why I was so surprised to see you, Clyde, and to hear about Balthazar when Master Billy returned from Retikki Prime the first time. Then Andre-el we know as Cowboy Andy, Garth-el, and Macker-el, came along and joined the family. It seems more than coincidence. It makes me think we been gathered together for this purpose," Nick said.

"Forgive me Captain Nick," Clyde spoke up, "you're right about gathering to release our brothers. It's been in the works for sometime. I think me and Macker-el are the only two who can attest to it," Clyde hesitated for a moment like he didn't know how to tell Nick the rest.

"And my crash landing in the river here in the hill country t'weren't no accident?" Nick asked.

"No, sir, Captain Nick, I'm sorry to say, it was my doing," Clyde said, "I was assured no one would be harmed. I'm sorry. I misjudged the oncoming storm, and the size of the thunderbolt. In my defense, I managed to stop your rapid rate of decent and used the river for a cushion," Clyde said, and there was a deafening silence around the great tub. Only the soft running of the water could be heard in the chamber.

"Who else knows about it?" Nick asked.

"Me and Samson, until Mack came along," Billy said quietly.

"That's why you made me wait so long to take me as your slave?" Nick asked quietly like he was thinking out loud.

"No, I didn't know anything about it at the time. I gave you time to think because I wanted it to be your decision. I wanted you to be my slave because you made up your mind you couldn't live without me as your master. From the moment I looked upon your naked body on your ship and lusted after you, I knew I wanted you in my life.

"I done my dead-level best to seduce you mentally as well as physically. The more I got to know you and share with you, I knew I wanted you for a partner as my pa. I wanted you by my side. I accepted you as my slave because I never wanted to let you go.

"My bonding with you was before I knew there was anything unusual about your ship's crash landing. We thoroughly discussed it and decided it was the right thing to do for bow'fus. It was only a matter of an hour before you gave yourself to me in the big house, did Samson tell me what he knew.

"I apologize, too, Captain Nick, I should have told you at that point what I knew, but by that time I was so much in love with you, I let my emotions and my hunger for something I never had growing-up warp my reason. Even though I did save your life, I allowed you to give yourself to me as my slave under false pretenses when you didn't have all the facts," Billy lamented.
There was another long pause. "Ain't chu' being just a mite harsh on yourself, Kemosabe?" Nick asked.

"Not when I'm washing dirty laundry, Tonto," Billy replied, "I'm guilty of the sin of omission, and I'll abide any punishment you feel I deserve, or I will release you from your bond to me if you feel you can no longer trust me. In Clyde's defense, he felt terrible carrying out the plan the Irin proposed. He refused and walked away, but fortunately he reconsidered.

"Clyde wouldn't allow another fallen angel to do the job because he wanted to make damn sure there was minimal damage and no fatalities. After he returned, his conscience ate him up. He asked to leave their employ so he could come to Earth to work with me and you, as my slave. Clyde gave up a good life with them. He was a free agent on Fort Adam Lear," Billy said.

There was another long pause. "Well, at least I'm being manipulated by a higher ancient race. Does that make me anymore valuable?" he asked and grinned, "Do you think, at this point, after what we been through and what we accomplished, I could give you up and walk away?" Nick asked.

"I hope not. I's kinda hope'n for punishment," Billy said and laughed. The rest of his family laughed with him to break the tension.

"Humm -- Tonto punish Kemosabe good! Make him cry for more!" Nick said and got everyone laughing, "Is he telling me the truth, Clyde?" Nick asked.

"I swear on the name of some unknown god, Brother, our master is telling the truth," Clyde replied boldly.

"Okay, we're here. We're together. You're forgiven, Brother, but me and our master will settle our bump-in-the-road in the privacy of our dungeon," Nick said.

"Thank you, my Brother. I appreciate your understanding. I won't never allow myself to be put in a situation like that again. I learned an expensive lesson. I'm happy here and hope to work with you and serve our master for many years," Clyde said.

"What else can you tell us?" Nick asked.

"You don't have to worry about fallen angels interbreeding with human females and creating a race of humongous fearsome giants, Master Billy. No insult intended, Gog," Clyde said and smiled at the giant.

"None taken, Son," Gog replied.

Clyde continued, "I ain't never heard of one of our series of angels ever knock'n up a female of any race. As far as I know we're mules; everyone of us, and those in cold storage, too. We got the equipment. We can do the dirty deed and enjoy it as much as humans, but it just ain't possible for us to breed. It might be possible now with Master Billy being able to rearrange someone's DNA, but then again, I don't know how complicated ours is compared to humans," Clyde said.

"What about them stories about the Elohim?" Billy asked.

"Over the centuries language and names for things mutate. At one time a word can mean several different things especially in the early Sumerian language. The word Elohim is no different. It came to mean many things and changed over the centuries. It came down through language to referred to the Hebrew god of Israel or his angels.

"The name Israel is thought to have been derived from the names of the Egyptian gods Isis, Ra, and El meaning a higher connotation or greater class of beings. Before the Hebrew god, it was also used as the Moabite god Chemosh, the Sidonian goddess Astarte, and also for other majestic beings such as angels, kings, judges, and even a messiah, Yahweh, the only god of Israel. Basically it was a name associated with technological powers so great they appeared to be gods. The 'el' tacked onto angel's name didn't mean we were holy. It was more like a cattle brand indicating we were slaves owned by Jehovah, also know as El.

"Elohim has also been used to refer to older, higher technologically advanced civilizations such as the Annunaki, the forerunners of the Sumerians, and the Akkadian civilization. Still, those of high station in the later civilizations were also referred to as Elohim or the son's of god or gods by the common people. It was not a specific title so much as it was a generalized one; like we might refer to someone due great respect like 'Master' Billy, because he has a great number of people who belong to him as family.

"Your people call a preacher a 'reverend' as one to be revered, not because he actually has magical powers, but because he believes in the claims of myths and superstition. The very worst appellation for a prelate is 'pastor' alluding to someone without a clue who wishes to become your spiritual shepherd for life. He is given the authority to tell men and women what they can and cannot do with their bodies because of his understanding or interpretation of a tome written by bronze age camel jockeys.  

"Us angels were designed to see to the hybrid humans who were created in laboratories to be slaves for the Annunaki to mine gold for them. Humans were created to be little more than semi-intelligent pack animals for the more advanced races because they didn't want to do the dirty work. Angels were created as their keepers and guardians with open end DNA which means our bodies are self-replicating and we can live forever; however, we can be killed by decapitation, a fatal wound to a vital organ, or be exposed to fire for a longer period than our bodies can recover.
"For centuries we acted as keepers for the humans. We kept watch over them, provided food, and medical treatment when they needed. We watched them die after about a hundred and twenty years of hard work. Gradually, we came to care for them emotionally like you might a faithful pet and began to teach them science and the arts. We found them bright and eager to learn. Many of the men and women were stunningly beautiful. The Annunaki would take them as servants and sexual toys. Unfortunately, many of the offspring of those unions grew to gigantic proportions which the Earth couldn't sustain. They ate everything and became cannibals.

Our particular band of brothers worked for an alien named Jehovah, who didn't like us treating the humans with compassion or trying to provide them with a more comfortable life. He saw no merit in providing them with the bare essentials of life so they might remain healthy, bear and raise healthy children to work in his mines. Today, you might call it a living wage.

"Our change of policy was working, and the human's yield of product for the Annunaki was steadily growing. Jehovah summarily rejected our methods and ideas claiming they would only require more and more until they rose up and rebelled against their masters. He insisted we provide them only the most meager supplies to barely exist. They were starved and unhealthy, but we were not allowed to spend our time healing them. They worked hard, found little joy in living, and died young. Humans were considered expendable.

"After centuries of coming to know and care for humans we grew to love and protect them as best we could under the circumstances. We rebelled and began to provide them with better care. We began to hear stories. Jehovah and his guards were spreading all sorts of bad rumors about us, that we were evil and were in league with a leader named Samu-el; later known as Say-tan-el. We were blamed for anything which didn't agree with Jehovah's ultra-conservative political policies. We had visions of humans becoming their own society and living in harmony with the Annunaki. It was radical and unacceptable to the ultra-conservative factions, and they tried to stamp out Say-tan-el and our brother's influence.  

"In a great round-up, Jehovah's angels gathered our brothers and placed most of us in stasis except for a handful who were otherwise occupied and forgot to check their e-mails. Why didn't he just kill us? A couple of reasons. He paid a fortune for us, and he thought he might need us again in the future. If so, he had a ready resource. Furthermore, he used a select few to be his army to round us up after he convinced them we were evil and must be restrained.

"There were rumors when he left Earth he took several with him, but the others, he either disposed of by selling them or they saw the handwriting on the wall and escaped like we did with the help of the more advanced races. Several of us were rescued by either the Grigori or the Irin. Other than about fifteen of his guards, there were two hundred of us, all males. I've heard only twelve of our group were not caught and placed in stasis by his faithful goon-squad. We went into hiding from the evil reptilian Annunaki critter," Clyde explained.

"Was it because he was reptilian he never appeared in the flesh to the Hebrew people and only communicated with them through angels and arks?" Billy asked.

"Exactly, Master Billy," Clyde replied and the others agreed with him.

"Do you other angels agree with Clyde's summation?" Billy asked.

"Yes, sir, Master Billy. There's more to the story, but Clyde hit the main points," Balthazar replied.

"I don't want no surprises, gentle-hosts," Billy said, to Balthazar.

Billy saw Clyde nod to Balthazar to tell their master more of the story, "When Jehovah departed Earth for more primitive planets to rape, pillage, and plunder their gold, to keep his finger in the pie, he left behind a handful of his reptilian goon-squad who have lived on Earth all these centuries and evolved into a subterranean culture. Using his ultra-conservative beliefs, they have assisted certain humans who have risen above the pack to gain great financial power for themselves.

"On Earth, money is power. They have banded together with them to counsel and protect them. The humans who are being deceived by them have come to worship them as their gods and work to protect them at all cost. They are working diligently to bring the Earth under their total domination, to destroy a large portion of the population, and return the middle and lower classes to one subservient class," Balthazar explained.

"Can we defeat them?" Billy asked.

"You already have six of the twelve angels who escaped, totally dedicated to you, Master Billy. With a little effort and some assistance from your two main benefactor ancient races, we can put out a plea for the other six to join us. Even if they don't choose to become a part of your family, with Captain Nick by your side, us six rebel angels, and the help of what's left of our two hundred brothers who survived, plus the combined power of the Shedus, we will prevail, Master Billy," Balthazar replied, "But make no mistake, depending on your leadership, it could get messy," he added.

"Define 'messy,'" Billy said.

"Blood and death on both sides, sir," Balthazar said firmly.

"Are we talk'n Armageddon?" Billy asked.

"No. That was an invention of a psychopathic monk who lived on a small island called Patmos in the Mediterranean around the third century A.D. He was crazier than a starving bunch of Mexican bedbugs at a Motel Six convention," Balthazar replied.

"That's pretty damn crazy, Pod'na," Billy responded and laughed.

"The worst part is, some folks really believe that crap," Balthazar said.    

"Garth-el, you represent my husband's people, the Grigori, and Macker-el you represent the Irin. How do you feel about contacting them to discuss a possible rescue and what suggestions they might have?" Billy asked.

"They already know we're talking about it," Mack said and smiled.

"Yeah, I forget sometime. Do you or they know where the sleeping angels are hidden?" Billy asked.

"Yeah, we know, Master Billy. They're in a naturally made cavern which has been converted to a great vault about a mile beneath Mount Ararat in Turkey. 'Ere's zonely one problem," Clyde said.

"What's 'zat, big'un?" Billy asked.

"We don't know the exact coordinates to transport into the entry," Clyde replied.

"This is get'n too damn spooky for us, Master Billy," Big Blue said.

"What my husband said and double it, sir!" Erin exclaimed.

"What?" Billy asked.

"The old Tuscan man we just done told you about told us a strange story on a rainy afternoon in the yard under a tin-roof shed when it was only the three of us and swore us to secrecy. Since it applied to us in a prison setting, I don't think he would care if we told you now. It was about him working for one of our government's black-ops departments to discover a reported ancient burial tomb under a mountain in Turkey. They knew it was there, but they weren't sure what was in it. There were all sorts of speculations.

"Marco said they located it, but they couldn't get the government of Turkey to allow them to excavate because it would require removing almost half the damn mountain to get to the entrance. The mountain is suppose to be sacred to several religions. Marcus said, one night when he was guarding the camp, he saw a small bluish ball of light out on the horizon. He walked out of the camp to get a better look at it. The light didn't move, and the closer he got, he could see it was about the size of a man.

"He pulled his gun out of his holster and moved closer when the light spoke to him. 'Put your gun away, my Son, you will not need it in my presence,' it told him. Marcus said there was something familiar about the voice and holstered his side arm. He went on to tell us it was his dad who died when he was a young man about eighteen. The light went out and the man was standing there before him dressed like he remembered his father when they would go hunting together."

"Dad? Is it really you?" he asked.

"No, my son, I'm a creature from another time and place. I took the memory of your father from your mind to make you feel comfortable with me. I have something to tell you which is very important. The men you're working for are evil and seek the vault of the so-called fallen angels so they might destroy them. They have great fear of them should they be released from their bond of sleep.

"If you help them, they will later conspire against you. They will stop at nothing to kill you so they may silence you from ever divulging what you know. You are only a small pawn in their enterprise. You mean nothing to them. You must find some way to deceive them if you wish to live. Even at that, they will still double-cross you, and have you shut up in prison with no visitation rights to keep you quiet," the man said.

"Marcus said all sorts of thoughts raced through his head. His first instinct was to wound the man and interrogate him further, but he also realized this was an extraordinary experience. It was an image of his dad, for Christ sake!"

"How can I be sure what you say is true?" he asked.

"You must make that decision for yourself," the man replied.

"What do I have to do?" he asked.

"Marcus said the man gave him a plan and told him if he would follow it step-by-step, the men would be swayed against further attempts to excavate the site. He also said to prove his story he would one day be rescued from prison and his youth restored to him if he would only carry the coordinates of the vault, and the solution to a mechanical puzzle with him. He would be asked to join a great family and will know they are the righteous ones when they give him a gold key to hold," Big Blue said.

"Me and Blue joked around about it being Marcus's get-out-of-jail-free card, but I don't think either of us believed him. It was a great story and the old man told it with such conviction it was like we were there living it with him," Erin said in awe.     

"Clyde, get in touch with your people tomorrow morning and get the ball rolling to find out everything we can about Harry Obbligatto," Billy said.

"I'm on it, Boss. I think his name is Marco Ceasare Del Obbligatto," Clyde replied, "Am I right, men?" he asked Big Blue and Baby Blue.

"That's correct, sir," Erin replied.

* * * * * * *
After a bit more conversation, Billy called an end to the evening. He wanted to get Odin Bluetooth fully enhanced before they parted and went their separate ways. He had plenty of power resources available to him that evening and everyone proceeded nude to the dungeon area where they winged-up and began to complete the full enhancement of Big Blue. Erin was in tears to see his handsome mate being returned to the same magnificent state he was when he first laid eyes on him almost a decade ago. Master Billy somewhat restored him when he first came to the ranch, but this time he finished the job. Billy explained, with the extra amount of power from the number of cowboy-angels they had available, Odin's fledging might start the following evening about the same time, but he would probably be with them. If not, he or Erin were to let Billy know immediately. Erin promised he would see to his husband's progress.

"Do you want to be changed back this evening?" Billy asked Erin.

"No, sir, not until I have time to discuss it with my husband," Erin said and smiled, "I'm in no hurry, Master Billy, but I approve of your generous offer to give my husband the power to make the choice for us," he added.

"A full enhancement will mean Big Blue will have telepathic abilities. I know you've been experimenting with it a bit yourselves, but see if you can make contact with your hairy buddy. Don't build his hopes. Just find out where he is in the prison and ask him about his health," Billy said.

"We will, Master Billy. We would love to see him again. He was like a dad to us," Big Blue said.

* * * * * * *
Everyone retired to their apartments and Billy's immediate family transported to the line-cabin. It was a lovely evening and while it was a full day, no one seemed in a hurry to get cleaned up for bed. The twins took their giant husband to the shower and leisurely groomed him. They groomed each other while Boomer helped. They returned to the living area and Billy made a small fire to have hot water for more tea. Everyone had a cup as Billy and the twins combed their beast's beautiful coat of fur. Boomer was losing more fur everyday to adjust his amount of hair for summer's heat.

"Do I get my punishment tonight?" Billy asked a little too eagerly.

"No, not tonight. We'll save that for tomorrow night after dancing day. We'll have the dungeon to ourselves and have our grooms service us. We'll make a night of it," he said.

"What about our beast and beastie boys?" Billy said and smiled.

"You men up to swing'n from the ceiling with your hair on fire while your giant demon beast works you over a bit?" he asked Poly and Cass.

"Oh, yes! Absolutely, Captain Nick!" they responded in unison, "Boomer don't let us play demon-master with his two demon slave boys often, but when he does we really enjoy it," Cass added.   
"There, you have it, Kemosabe. There's enough room in the dungeon for a three-ring circus. Of course, we will be performing in the center ring," Nick said and grinned.

Boomer ordered the twins to morph into Moss and Enoch, and they obeyed him. They were all over him making love to him and stealing some milk from time to time. Sucking a watcher's teats and drinking his milk is a very sensual thing for them, and the twins knew just how to work up their husband to get him to his peak where he would take them with his giant love and strength. Poly and Cass never fell asleep after an evening with Boomer they didn't sleep the dreams of angels.

* * * * * * *
The Adventures of Penis-man ~ *

After Gog and Willie returned to Gog's apartment they shared another cup of Texas tea. Gog loved it, and Willie was beginning to see the wonderful benefits. Willie threw caution to the wind and felt more free to be with Gog than anyone in his life before. Gog not only taught Zeus to become a great lover, he learned in the process how to become the best, most patient, compassionate lover he could be. Zeus loved his dad, but his times with Gog were special. Gog was so gentle and loving with Willie, the big trucker allowed him to do anything he wanted. He wasn't the least afraid of Gog. Their first night together, the giant showed Willie how he could make his throat expand and contract to take all of him, and Gog assured him he could do the same with Willie's fine little cunt.

Willie decided he wanted to start the evening being the aggressor and comfortably took Gog's enormous cock down his throat without gagging once. Gog was a good teacher and Willie was an even better student. Willie worked on Gog's cock for a good half hour and only seemed to be getting warmed up. Gog could have ejaculated several times, but gritted his teeth to make the feeling pass to give his new toy his passion. Finally he could take it no longer and shot a giant's load down into Willie's stomach. That's the way Willie dreamed about taking his new friend and Gog didn't disappoint him. He slowly pulled out of Willie's throat and massaged it gently with his hand to make it return to it's normal position. Afterward, they made love while Gog thanked and complimented his partner for his excellent blow-job.

After another cup of Tea, Gog returned the favor and explored Willie's perfect little cunt with his enormous tongue. Gog not only could morph his complete body, he could morph individual parts to become anything he wished to imitate. He even invented a few of his own. Willie never experienced anything quite so sensual as Billy Gog Groat's tongue. It was like it had a life of it's own, and Willie was dwelling in a land just east of Ecstasy, Texas. He trusted Gog, and the giant didn't let him down. Gog wasn't going for an internal climax. He hoped to claim that later. He was going for Willie's little boatman. He licked and sucked on Willie's little willie until the giant had him writhing on the bed trying to get away from his tongue. "Give it to me, Trucker! If I can have my sister, I will have my man as well!" he growled and dove in again to give Willie's small penis a suck that would have made a Texas tornado blush and cease its windings with a sigh.

"Arrrggg," Willie exclaimed, "So good! So wonderful! So sweet! Take me, my giant lover!" he hollered and rewarded Gog with his prize. Gog made obscene slurping and sucking noises with deep throated 'Uuumms' and gurgling sounds like water draining from a bathtub or Homer Simpson thinking of his favorite food. Willie pulled him up to him, and they shared a strong passionate kiss. "My brother's love-juice was particularly tasty and satisfying this evening. That sweet little thing can shoot a king size load. Never tasted any finer, my love," Gog complemented his guest.

They had another cup of tea and chatted for a bit. Gog thought they might be through for the evening, but Willie had other ideas. "I didn't allow you to take me the first time we were together, Gog. I was afraid, but now I know your powers, and I have full confidence in you. I want you to take me if you's a mind to, sir," Willie offered.

"I would be honored to take you, Trucker Willie, if I might share a secret with you," Gog said and smiled.

"Of course, anything," Willie agreed.

They finished their tea and returned to the giant's enormous bed. "Take my snake in your hands and pet it gently," Gog said.

Willie did as his host asked, held the giant's enormous penis in his left hand, gently skinned him back, and began to stroke it with the flat of his fingers like it was a beloved pet, from the large head to where it joined his groin. Suddenly, the head of Gog's penis began to morph into the head and face of a man with two tiny slits for a nose. It reminded Willie of the evil wizard in them Harry Potter movies he bought and watched in his truck. They made him wonder if Voldemort and Walmart were two bad-seed children from the same evil wizard family.

It startled him at first, but then it opened his eyes and winked at Willie. It opened its tiny mouth and spoke in a small soft voice, "Damnation, you're a fuck'n good looking man, Trucker Willie!" it exclaimed, "I can hear you, but I been wondering what you look like. Gimme' a kiss, my handsome trucker," it said. Willie grinned and brought it up to his lips to gently kiss the little man on his tiny lips.

Willie felt its tiny tongue running around his lips and gently probing his mouth, "Ah, thank you, Master Willie. You have your secrets, and my big brother has his. I'm his little secret. It's a great honor for me, and even greater compliment for you getting to meet each other. Gog must feel very comfortable with you. He's never let me meet any of his lovers before. He introduced me to Mr. Zeus, Mr. Thor, and Master Billy. I told Gog, I thought you might be able to handle both of us -- pun intended, sir," it said and laughed, "Mr. Zeus and I are old friends. He's spit his wonderful fluids in my face so many times I lost count, and I've thrown up my master's big heavy loads into him an equal number of times. Zeus and me? We's tight. We'd be on a first name basis if I had one," Penis-man bragged.

"What? You don't have a name?" Willie asked.   

"No, sir, I don't have no name. I'm just a part of my master," Penis-man replied.

"C'moan, you're more'n 'nat, Shorty. You's my little brother; ma' buddy," Gog said, but the way he said it touched Willie. Gog sounded like his long lost Big Willie when he would say the same thing to Little Willie. "You gonna' show Trucker the rest?" Gog asked.

"I wasn't going to, but if he'd like to see me, and you want me to, I will," Penis-man replied.

"Go ahead-on! Like you done said earlier, I think he can handle it," Gog said.

Willie watched in amazement as the top half of Gog's huge cock began to change shape and grew arms and legs, broad shoulders, a small waist, a neck, and a tiny body, which looked like he went to a gym five days a week and worked out for hours each session. He formed a muscular buttocks which wrapped tightly around Gog's penis. It looked like he was sitting on Gog's big cock, and it was shoved halfway up his ass. He stretched his arms and legs, rubbed his hands together, folded his arms, and placed his feet on either side of Gog's shaft to stabilize himself like a leprechaun sitting on a giant toad-stool. He even grew a perfect nose and a set of ears, but the most amazing thing was, he grew his own set of cock and balls, which, in proportion, rivaled his giant host's. He looked almost like a small double for Gog including the missing hair on his head, under his pits, and around his cock and balls; other than that, as Mary Poppins was wont to say, he was perfect in every way.

"Well what do you think, Trucker Willie?" Penis-man asked as he reached down grabbed his cock in his right hand and waggled it at Willie.

"Here! Behave yourself! Be a gentleman!" Gog admonished him and thumped him on his butt. "Ouch!" Gog exclaimed, "Sometimes I forget we's attached at the cock," he said and grinned.

Willie tried to be mannerly, but he couldn't help laughing at them, "I think you look wonderful. If you were my size, I'd court you, and marry you if you asked me right nice," Willie complimented penis-man, "Does he have a brain, Gog, or are you telling him what to say and controlling his body like a puppet master?" Willie asked.

"Hell no! Are you kidding? You probably heard this from every man you ever met, but I promise you, my cock has a mind of its own!" Gog said firmly and got Willie laughing. Penis-man laughed with him, "Although, we can speak mind to mind with each other, and share each other's thoughts when we agree to keep channels open; he'll get mad at me and refuses to communicate for a while. I do the same. I think we need quiet, alone periods from one another from time to time," Gog added.

"Is this normal for your species? I don't mean to be nosy or indelicate, but I'm new to you people. There seems to be so many variations, I'm beginning to think I'm rather ordinary. I don't fully understand what's going on sometime," Willie said politely.

"No, it ain't normal for my people. Most giants of my species can morph, but nothing like this. I really didn't understand it myself until Master Billy explained it to me and introduced me to two more humanoids of different races who are also chimeras.

"You met them both. Joe, the blue giant's younger brother, Blue Willie, is a chimera like me only a little different. No, he's a lot different, but the same basic principals apply. He was born in his half-brother's body as an Ork. He's half Ork and half blue giant; both in the same body, but they share the same brain. There's more to their story, but I won't go into it right now.

"The second chimera is Vox and his sister Roxanne Humana. They will be marrying that big cowboy they call the bull of the hill country tomorrow. Roxanne lived inside Vox for years until Master Billy discovered her and introduced Vox to his inner sister.

The Daniels family already knew about Roxanne. She would take over Vox's body while he slept, put on women's clothes, and visit with Mr. and Mrs. Daniels. They knew Vox wasn't just a transvestite because Roxanne had a totally different personality. Each chimera is different, I'm finding.

"Penis-man, as you called him, is my twin brother, only his brain grew in the head of my penis. We have no control over each others minds, nor did we share thoughts until I started going through puberty. I suspected something was different about me when I would sometimes lose an erection for no reason at all. Then, one time, I heard a small voice in my mind calling me a big, stupid, do-do head. I thought it was my imagination, but it happened several more times. Once, I heard it tell me it didn't like where I put my cock, and would I please be sure the other person was clean before I inserted my penis in either hole?

"I tried an experiment. I slapped my cock hard and gave the head a goodly smack from the palm of my hand. It hurt like the devil. Then I heard crying in my head like I badly wounded the other voice inside me. "Where are you?" I demanded, and when he got himself together, he told me he was in the head of my penis. I was sure I was going crazy, and my mind was playing tricks on me.

"My other half assured me I wasn't crazy. I just had two brains in my body; a large one in my head, but a bigger one in my cock. It was his way of telling me it didn't matter the size of anyone's brain, it was how you use it. I began to experiment with him and morphed him a head so we could talk.

"One thing led to another until finally I was able to morph him a complete body. He's become an avid reader. I prop a book between my legs, and he uses his arms to turn the pages. We lie and read together for hours. I come to love him like a little brother, and I allow him to join me sometimes when we have sex. He knows the rules, and he's good to abide by them. He won't morph until I get my cock inside someone. He loves to have a lady spit in his face and vomit my baby batter into her cunt, then he'll suck it all up and lick her clean of her juices and my gizz," Gog explained.

"Were does it go?" Willie asked like he was afraid to hear the answer.

"He has his own digestive system, what runs down beneath my penis, and empties into my lower track. I pass his waste with mine," Gog explained.

"No wonder he's so well built. He's eating your ejaculate what's full of male hormones," Willie observed.

"Yeah, and it's a good thing he's male. If it turned out to be female, she'd have to be a lesbian because I mostly prefer cunt; however, as large as I am, I have to take what I can get. Most of the time, men are easier to find. Junior don't have no problem with it because I make sure our partner is thoroughly clean. On my home planet,  it was never a problem because of the grooming business. Master Billy's adopted the custom, and he has some excellent grooms; better than the one's on Retikki Prime or Fort Adam Lear. You can be sure, after a well trained groom gets through with a man, he's guaranteed to be clean; inside and out.

"Junior's eyes are so sensitive he can see in the dark. He's got sharp little teeth and can nibble off polyps and swallow them from a man's lower intestinal track what might become cancerous. His saliva acts like an astringent and an antiseptic. There's very little blood, and it heals up right away. Sometimes he gets a little randy after he eats his fill of my gizz or pussy juice, and I can't control him. He'll keep my old cock engorged with blood until I agree to go out and find him some more. Talk about a cock hound! Sometimes, when we got work to do, I have to bind him to my leg so's he can't get loose and embarrass me none. "Don't cha, Junior?" Gog demanded of Penis-man.

"Yeah, reading is my second favorite thing to do," Penis-man replied.

"I know it ain't none of my business, but I think you should have a name," Willie said with empathy.

"Thanks, Mr. Whistlepie. Maybe my big brother will listen to you. I can't speak for my brother, but it would be a great honor and a personal thrill to taste your pussy juice. Are you gonna' let us fuck your fine looking cunt, sir?" he asked.

"Junior! Don't be so forward! That's crude and ungentlemanly of you!" Gog hollered at him.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Whistlepie, I didn't mean no disrespect, sir," Penis-man said and blushed.  
"Don't worry, little Brother. I took it as a compliment, and 'yes' I would love to entertain you and your big brother this evening. I already invited him before he introduced me to you, and I find you as appealing as Gog. I hope you have a wonderful time visiting my cunt," Willie said to Penis-man.

"Before I morph down to an entry level position, may I say, I really love the new look of your hairless pussy, Mr. Whistlepie. It makes me drool thinking about crawling up inside you, sir," Penis-man complimented Willie again.

"Thank you, Junior. I don't care what your big brother said, that was very nice and gentleman-like," Willie returned Penis-man's sentiment.

"Your heart has to be enormous to supply such a big man with enough blood to be so considerate and compassionate," Gog told Willie and stole a kiss.

"Naw, it's actually very small. I have to make it work overtime to keep me going, but sometimes, like this weekend, it don't have to work hard a 'tall when I'm among folks who are equally as loving and understanding. Every now and then, a time comes along like this what makes me think it ain't us that's strange; it's the rest of the world," Willie said with all the love in his heart.

Gog and his faithful companion, Penis-man, took the big trucker, Little Willie Whistlepie like they were stealing gold from the Goblins at Gringotts. Willie was so relaxed from the tea and the love he shared with the Siamese-chimera brothers, he lay back and enjoyed the ride. Willie wasn't a dead fish and gave as good a workout as he received from his two partners. They reveled in Willie's eager participation until Gog reached climax and Penis-man vomited his brother's gizz deep inside their guest as Willie sprayed his hot pussy juice onto P.M.'s face. Junior got tears in his eyes it was so sweet, and he got busy lapping up the mixture of sexual juices, making a pig of himself, until Willie was clean as a whistle. Penis-man burped as Gog slowly removed him from Willie.

Willie insisted on Junior completely morphing again. The big trucker licked and sucked his tiny penis until the little man reached climax. It was so good for him, he cried as Willie stroked and petted him afterward. They slept together with Penis-man between them stretching out his small arms in an attempt to fully embrace his new friend, Willie. He didn't mind the luxurious hair on Willie's belly and chest. It made a soft warm bed for him to cling to and lay his small cheek upon. Penis-man decided it was nice to be included.

* * * * * * *   
"Will you walk a little faster?" said the whiting to the snail, "There's a porpoise close behind us and he's treading on my tail. Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, won't you join the dance?" Lewis Carroll 1932 ~ 1898

Poly, Cass, and Boomer woke earlier than usual and slowly opened the barn door. One hinge needed a squirt of oil or WD-40 and made a small squeaking sound. Billy was lying on his left side facing the door with Nick spooning him from behind. He opened one eye from the sound and saw three heads peaking around the door like three door mice looking to see if the coast was clear of the big house cat who guarded the pantry.

"C'moan in, guys," he said to them in a sleepy voice, rolled onto his back, yawned and stretched, "It's time we got up. Poly! Make coffee. Cass! Make fire. Boomer to the head! And use some of that spray on the toilet afterward! I forgit where I put the gas masks," Billy said and heard Nick giggle. He tickled Billy and made him giggle, too.

About that time, a great flash occurred in the room. Two large cowboy-angels stood in the cabin, and each was holding eight boxes in each hand tied together with heavy twine. "Hosanna Cakes, anyone?" the blond haired, blue eyed one asked.

"My god! It's Slipweas-el and Rum-dum-el!" Nick exclaimed, throwing off the bed-covers to get up and greet two more of the fallen angels. "How long has it been?" Nick asked thinking to himself.

"More centuries than I care to account for, Brother Samu-el, or should we call you Captain Nick?" the dark haired one, Rumdum, with the most inviting green eyes replied and asked.

"Nick is fine. I'm trying to cast off old habits and names. For the last two hundred Earth-years I been captain of my own ship. Now, I'm a slave to this fine Earth-man after we crash landed on the planet. He risked his life and that of his owner to save my life and our ship. We belong to him now, but I don't tell you that as bad news. I'm happy and content here; so is my crew and family on-board the ship," Nick replied.

"We heard. Old Rumdum-diddle-dum-dee here has been working for a faction of the Irin for a good while, and I been running errands for some folks on Retikki Prime. We're both free agents and got the news you were getting the old gang back together to make a raid on Ararat to free our brothers," the one called Slipweasel said, "We been closely watching the progress of this young cowboy on Earth and his accomplishments. We ain't missed an episode of the Daniels' Family broadcast from UPBS, as you can tell by my lingo. (Universal Public Broadcasting System) Old Rummy and me, we never put two and two together that you was our old brother, Samu'el, and your new master is Billy Daniels. Usually we keep as low a profile as possible and only a very select few know we exist or our whereabouts, but when the call went out from your last show for us Annunaki mules to join against what used to belong to him-whose-name-should-not-be-spoken, old YHWH. The equivalent of the mature Tom Marvolo Riddle: Voldemort Du Jour. You remember -- Shem HaMeforash. (the unspeakable name)   

"Anyway, it took us a while, but we contacted the proper officials on both planets. We told them of our secret past identities, and we wanted clearance to come join Master Billy's family. They told us the requirements, but they couldn't promise how long we might be slaves. We told 'um we didn't give a shit! We done decided we don't care. If there's the slightest chance we can overturn or make amends for what that slimy old reptilian bastard done to this planet, we want in on it.

"You ain't got no idea what we had to go through to get top priority over the hundreds of thousand of folks what want to come to Earth to become Master Billy's slaves. If it weren't for your uncles-in-law and supreme leader Quigley's stamp of approval, we wouldn't be standing here before you right now holding these gotdamn boxes," Slipweasel said.   

"Poly, Cass, Boomer, take them boxes and set 'um on the counter over there," Billy barked to his family. Boomer took two from Slipweasel. Poly took one, and Cass took the other from Rumdum.

Nick went to Rumdum, gave him a big hug and a kiss. "Slipweasel been good to you, Rummy?" Nick asked.

"He has his good days and his bad, but so do I. I ain't never been no angel," he said and the hosts shared a laugh. "We work it out. We been together too many centuries and know each other so well, the bumps in the road got smaller, and it's mostly sunny days and smooth sailing for us now. As ornery and petulant as he can be sometimes, the thought of waking up without that weasel by my side is never allowed into my mind," Rum said.

Nick took Slipweasel into his arms, looked him in the eye, and kissed him hard. "Did Rum tell me the truth?" Nick asked quietly.

"You know Rum. He's the same he's always been; more faithful than an old hound dog, and twice as forgiving. It's me what ain't never been no angel. Hosanna, it's good to see you again, you old reprobate," Slipweasel said and stole another kiss from Nick.

Nick introduced the two angels to Billy. They were overwhelmed and in awe getting to meet the star of the Billy Daniels Show. They couldn't keep their hands off him. They wanted to know if they should give themselves to him immediately and was their 'cowboy' speech patterns authentic enough? Billy and Nick calmed them down and explained to them they didn't have the time right at the moment to answer everyone of their questions but to sit down with them, have a Hosanna Cake and some coffee, and they would explain as they went along. Billy and Nick introduced Boomer, Poly, and Cass to the new cowboy-angels as their immediate family. They were stunned when Billy introduced Boomer as his husband and the father of his yet-to-be-born son, and they were charmed by the halfling twins. Poly and Cass grew into the roles and image of two half-pint cowboys, and they literally dripped with the cowboy image and attitude.

"Then your husband is next in line for the throne of Retikki Prime and its principalities, and that would make you his royal consort. Jump'n Judas Priest, Weasel, not only have we found the new, freshest, most wonderful entertainment icon in eons in a hundreds of thousand galaxies, we's sit'n here enjoying a cup of coffee and a Hosanna Cake with royalty. Is that part of why the governments on Retikki Prime and Fort Adam Lear want to insure your success in your efforts to turn your world around, Master Billy?" Rum asked.

"Billy and Boomer don't operate that way, Gentlemen. I doubt seriously the thought has crossed either of their minds before you brought it up. They're both so new and untainted by that sort of reasoning, that's their appeal to the rest of the known universe. They ain't living their lives thinking about future possibilities. They found each other when Billy was only a seven year old boy. He saved Boomer's life; several years later, Boomer saved Billy's life, and a couple more years Billy saved Boomer's again. They got history with each other, and they got married on Retikki Prime before Billy ever knew them giant watcher Lord High Chancellors were Boomer's uncles and Boomer was their only living heir," Nick said.

By the time Billy and Nick explained some things and gave the new angels an overview of their upcoming day, they were so jazzed about becoming a part of Nick and Billy's world they would have walked off a cliff. Billy and Nick explained about the multiple bonding party and ceremony they were giving on Nick's ship for several couples wishing to get married. Billy told them there would be plenty of time for them to give themselves to him, and he would make an announcement. He would accept them into his family at that time. They saw Nick naked when they first arrived. The angels were stunned, but fascinated by his body jewelery.

"When do we get processed as your slaves and receive our rings?" Slipweasel asked with more than a little interest.  

"You don't," Nick said.

"We don't understand. Ain't it a requirement for your slaves, Master Billy?" Rum asked.

"No. Only punishment slaves are required to be ringed. Balthazar came to me already ringed. The rest of my closest cowboy-angels have come to me one by one to request they be ringed. They seem to feel it gives them a closer bond. I think it looks hot, and who am I to deny them? Wait and see for yourselves, and after you work with us a while, if you feel it's important for your master to ring you, I will consider it," Billy said.

"Sorry, Master Billy, we misjudged you. We just assumed you would require it. To learn it's a voluntary measure makes it all the more exciting to us. Our cocks ain't gone down since we decided to join you. I doubt seriously they will until we get them ringed and get used to the feel," Rum said embarrassed. Billy's family shared a laugh.

"Look at Poly and Cass. They ain't ringed. I ain't saying I would refuse them, but I think they know I like them like they is right now. Boomer's asked and I'm considering granting his wish, but not right away. I love my husband just the way he is. You men are just scratching the surface, there's much more to learn about us. I won't make a decision like that until you've worked with us every day for a couple of months or more. I'm beginning to look upon body jewelery as a reward as well as a statement of servitude. In other words, you must earn your rings," Billy said.

Slipweasel and Rumdum were agog at how together the young cowboy master seemed to be. Billy Daniels had strong opinions about almost everything, but every word that came from his mouth was well thought out and based on sound reason. By the time the men got dressed and ready for the day, their new family members were head-over-boot-heels in love with him. Billy captured their hearts and imaginations, and so it went for the rest of the day.

* * * * * * *
Billy's family, plus the two new angels, transported up to the big house with the Hosanna Cakes in tow. Billy and Nick showed them where the cloakroom was, and they de-winged along with Billy, Nick, Poly, and Cass. They returned and went into breakfast. Slipweasel and Rumdum were introduced to the greater Daniels family. Billy was proud of his family. Not a one even broke a smile about the men's names; except the Bossman, and Billy checked him pretty quick. Weasel and Rum were impressed by the intelligent questions the family asked them. Even the two young boys seemed extremely bright and well informed.

"You folks talk like you been to Retikki Prime and Fort Adam Lear," Rum said.

Everyone laughed. "We have, Son," Uncle Nathan responded, "A few of us more than once," he added.

The two men were more than a little impressed with the ease and graciousness the Daniels' family accepted them into their fold. They opened their hearts to the new comers and wished them well. Bubba, Jack, and Grover were there. They agreed to go to church with the Daniels' family. When they finished breakfast everyone helped with clean up, and the new men were just expected to pitch in. Once they broke bread with the family, they were no longer considered strangers.

* * * * * * *
The Daniels' family drove into the small town to the Methodist Church. They took only the family who took breakfast with them that morning. They were met by the Breedloves, including David, Cletus, Pete, Leon Tollefson, and his dad Carl; the three Tates, Buster, Will, and Everett; Judge LaFleur, his son Wesley, Wesley's wife, and their son Cody. Cody asked to sit with Randy and Pard and they welcomed him. Also present was Mick Flynn and Perry Reed. Hoss Dewberry and his cousin Doug were also invited to join them for services and to spend the afternoon at the Daniels' ranch. The back of their big pickup was filled with new furniture Jack and Bubba bought for a couple more bedrooms. Jack was decorating another room for David and Cletus, and one for Grover.

The church was new and strange to Weasel and Rum. Ironically, being angels who once worked for the Judeo-Christian god, they were never in a Christian church before. They knew the basic tenets of the religion and found it much like several hundred various faiths before Christianity came into being. They found it a hodge-podge of several, making gross claims which could neither be supported by fact nor history. The most difficult part for them was these poor, well-meaning, deluded people were indirectly worshiping a reptilian alien who was suppose to be the spiritual heavenly father of their savior. Based on their first-hand knowledge and experience with Jehovah, they found the concept perverted and debasing; however, after thousands of years growing close to humans and standing up for their right to live and exist as more than mere slaves, their compassion for their ignorance overcame their disgust, and they condemned them not.

Billy left a check for five-thousand dollars, along with a note, in an envelope and dropped it in the collection plate. He spoke to his extended family before the service. Billy told them they were certainly free to give what they wanted, but he was making a rather large donation in the name of the Highland Shire Grange Co-op, and it included a list of the member's names in good standing.

* * * * * * *
The Daniels extended family returned to the ranch to begin their day. Randy opened a gate to the ship and everyone who was invited for the afternoon walked through. Captain Nick's ship was a new experience for several people, but they came to trust the Daniels' family. They didn't have a problem walking through the wall of free-electrons. Weasel and Rum were impressed and fell in love with the strange but lovable group of people living and working together in peace and harmony. They got to meet many folks, but they stayed close to Clyde and Balthazar.  

The village people out-did themselves with a sumptuous spread of food for the Dancing Day celebration. Everyone had plenty to eat and complimented the hardworking folks. Billy knew generally what was going to happen, but it was Nick's show. After all, even though his ship and his ship's family technically belonged to Billy, Nick was still the recognized captain of the ship.

Nick told Billy all he had to do was act as master of ceremonies and then turn the program over to him. As the ship's captain, he would perform the ceremonies according to each couples' wishes. Billy didn't even know how many couples would be taking the plunge off the deep-end into the sea of matrimonial bliss.

They carefully printed out a list of entertainment Billy was to announce, but between the two acts, there was a hand written insert which said: Billy welcomes his new family members and they give themselves to become his slaves. He smiled to himself as he walked to the podium. He looked at the printed words and laughed, "Dearly beloved?" he asked and started laughing. He got everyone else laughing. "I ain't gonna' say that! They know I love 'um. Show of hands! Who among you know I love ya'll?" he hollered and every hand went up. "Good! There! We got that shit out of the way!" Billy exclaimed, and he got everybody laughing.

Nick rolled his eyes toward heaven. Clyde laughed at him. "Thanks. Easiest ten bucks I ever won, Tonto," Balthazar leaned over and said quietly to Nick.
"Hesh up, you big lap dog!" Nick shot back, and the three broke up laughing.
"We're gathered here this afternoon to conjoin several couples in a bonding ceremony. It's been known by many names by many different cultures. Some refer to it as handfasting. Some call it a wedding. Black's in the South called it 'jump'n the broom.' Others call it holy matrimony. It's only until you get to the last several hundred years we developed the term 'marriage.' What a kludge of a word. It brings to mind something heavy and cumbersome; the old ball and chain; the end of freedom; the submission of 'the little woman' and the dominance of the 'bread winner.' To paraphrase what Forest Gump's momma told him about a box of chocolates, 'You just never know what you're gonna' get.'

"The way I understand marriage, is a blending of two separate things to make a new one. It has the connotation of giving up one's individuality and becoming an amalgam of both. The term is used in recipes where it calls for the marriage of one flavor with another to get something different. Marriage! I've always hated that word, but I would never deny anyone their right use the term to unite them in bond with another. I like to think on a time of bonding as a Dancing Day. A time to come together and declare to family and friends you have come to love and appreciate another person so much you want to be recognized as their dancing partner on your journey through life so you will never have to dance alone again," Billy said.

"To start our program our Village Orchestra will perform under the direction of Maestro Moehare playing several traditional folk dances and tunes celebrating our day of bonding; or Dancing Day. They will be joined by the village dancers and the Sun Bears who will perform appropriate dances to the music. Maestro Moehare," Billy said and motioned for the village conductor and his musicians to come play. Billy began to applaud and the guests followed his lead.

The musicians and the dancers were a delight, and tastefully within the bounds of expressing joy and happiness in their wedding dances. After they finished, Billy came forward to announce the arrival of two new slaves who volunteered to come to Earth and become a part of his posse. Weasel and Rum came forward and went through the brief ritual with Billy, and it was done. Everyone applauded the new additions to Billy's family, but few beside his immediate family knew the importance of the two new cowboy-angels. Billy turned the microphone over to his pa, Captain Nick, and the ceremonies began.

Elmer and Roxanne were the first couple to walk down the isle to stand before Captain Nick. Elmer was quite handsome in his western cut tuxedo, black boots, and big black Stetson. Roxanne was dressed in a full length dress of pink lace with her hair done up in a great swirl lemniscated with matching ribbons and pink and white flowers laced between. They made a handsome couple. They exchanged vows they wrote together, exchanged rings, and Captain Nick announced them husband, wife, and husband. No one laughed.

Elmer and Roxanne took seats reserved on the front as Oatie and Jethro walked down the isle and went through their bonding. They were dressed in their best western clothes, but they didn't feel comfortable wearing suits. Suits were just not their lifestyle, and they wanted to keep within their social norms. The folks who lived on the ship cheered and were reduced to tears their project manager, their favorite demon, was finally getting married to his master. After Jethro and Oatie's mind blowing kiss, the cowboys joined Elmer and Roxanne in the front seats.

Next to come down the isle were Moss Garrett and Enoch Redbone. They were followed close behind by Tron Garrett and Nathan Daniels. Their service and exchange of rings was more brief and to the point than the two previous. Moss and Enoch wrote out their own vows and said them before Captain Nick and their assembled family and friends. Tron simply spoke up when it came his time and said, "What my boy just done said to his husband. It goes for me and Nathan, too," he said and everyone laughed.

"Hear! Hear! And what Enoch said to Moss; it goes for us, too," Nathan said stoically. The audience laughed harder. The four men exchanged rings, kissed, and took their seats.  

Nick had a sentimental streak in him and saved the most moving couple for last. To Billy's delightful surprise, Hank and Buck came down the isle arm in arm. They never said anything to Billy about getting married. It was quietly arranged with Captain Nick as a surprise for everyone. It worked. There wasn't a dry eye on board Captain Nick's ship. After fifty years of working together, living with each other, and sharing a bed, the two old cowboys were finally getting married. Their bonding and the words they exchanged had a simple more heartfelt expression of coming together than the others combined and put the period at the end of the bonding paragraph for that episode of memorable times on the Daniels' family ranch.

At the very end, Nick motioned for the married couples to stand, said a blessing of goodwill over them and announced, "Let the dancing begin!" and he motioned for the musicians who started playing a favorite old county tune, "Waltz Across Texas" with Clyde and Etienne Boudreaux singing the words. Coo-zone Cleet, and Coo-zone Veed were playing squeeze box and fiddle. The party began, and everyone was encouraged to join the dance. The rest of the afternoon was full of joy and love with everyone wishing the couples their sincere best wishes for a happy life together. It was one of the most memorable afternoons anyone could remember. It was the first of many 'dancing days' to follow.

End of Chapter 64 ~ Seek Him Who Maketh The Seven Stars, and Orion
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