This is based on the plot of a story previously posted by another author on the website. I changed a few minor details of the part that the author posted and continued where they left off. Originally titled Locker Room Horror by author (/nifty/gay/sf-fantasy/locker-room-horror). The author gave me permission to work with their story. Anyway. Enjoy.

Part 1

It had been a great game. Central High School's first game of the season. The opposing team had been trampled and outside the crowd still lingered. Four friends since childhood, Kevin, Danny, Rusty and Brian worked the crowd and celebrated long after the game was over. They greeted and triumphed amongst the crowd and made time for their girlfriends. After getting their fill of the crowds and after the guys said goodbye to their girlfriends, including long sloppy kisses, they headed to the locker room to shower and change.

"Great Game!" the coach cheered and the 4 star players entered the locker room. "In my office!" coach said to them. The boys entered the office and he followed and shut the door. They knew what they were in for. The coach always awarded them with a special treat that had to remain secret. The coach went to the cooler and grabbed a beer for each of the boys, and one for himself. The boys were only 18, but the coach figured if they could go to war they could drink. After the beers were drunk, coach sent the smelly boys to the showers.

The rest of the team was on its way home as the boys entered the shower room. The din and conversations of the teenage boys grew distant and the four were left to themselves enjoying their few words. The four friends stripped out of their playing gear and one by one entered the open showers. The showers were old, the communal type with old plumping and fixtures that needed repair. The musty smell of dampness and sweat filled the room. The shower was a rectangle enclave with four shower columns that stood within the shower.

Danny took the far left shower head. He always went in first so he could relax under the warm jets of the water. Everyone in school knew Danny because of his development. He was the first boy in his elementary class to start puberty, and it just never stopped. His chest was covered with thick coarse black hair, sort of like Tom Selleck. In middle school he was teased a lot about his hairy belly and armpits, but by high school the girls began to stand up and take notice. Danny had begun weight training in eighth grade, and now as a senior his physique was amazing. His biceps were huge and his arms were decorated with large veins to help carry blood to his muscles. He was most often seen sporting a wife beater so that he could show off his chest hair and muscles. Danny's only drawback was his cock size. It was almost non existent when soft and barely 6 inches when hard. This fact did not hold him back sexually though. His hairy build and reputation as a killer pussy eater kept him in high demand.

Danny had a girlfriend that he fucked on a regular basis, but most of the girls he played with never got to see his dick. He loved to eat and finger pussy. Danny's most notorious sex act was hiding under the lunch tables and eating out girls in skirts. Rumor has it that he did the same thing to the principal in her office to avoid suspension. Looking at Danny, one would assume he was at least 21. He was usually the one to buy the beer or cigarettes for the gang.

After indulging in the warm jet of water, Danny began to soap up his hairy chest. Most of his hair was on his upper body, with just a sparse dusting on his ass and legs. His leg muscles flexed under the water, showing their strength and tone. His cock was tight against his body, barely noticeable in his forest of pubic hair. Danny was ok with having a small dick, because the girls couldn't get enough of him. And he was the first to become a "man".

Kevin took the front left shower head. He was a stocky top heavy guy that retained a sculpted manly shape. He was an average looking guy who could really ooze sex appeal. He had sandy brown hair, blue eyes, and a very hairy belly and hairy legs. He has a habit of fondling his belly hair, and does so most of the time without knowing it. He was surprisingly strong, his muscles were hidden under a layer of fat that prevented him from looking cut, but didn't damage the sculpt of his body. Kevin was the only one of the four who was uncircumcised. A source of ridicule in middle school was now a trophy of pride for him. He was not shy about showing guys what his foreskin looked like, and he usually showed it off at urinals. Kevin had a nice 7 inch thick cock when hard, and it was thick enough to please the women he fucked. Kevin had a reputation of seducing older women, and had secretly fucked Brian's mother. His personality was laid back, taking everything casually as it comes, from sex to sports. It was all fun.

Seeing, the left shower heads occupied, Rusty took the farther right shower head. He wasn't the typical jock, he was in a very committed relationship with his girlfriend, and though they made out a lot, they had never had sex, vowing to save themselves for marriage. He had a very low sultry voice and a full beard by his freshman year in high school. He kept it shaved most of the time, but his dark hair gave a 5:00 shadow by 10:00 AM. His skin was naturally honey brown, and his body was hairless except his face, pits and ass, which were all very furry. All the girls agree that Rusty had the best ass in school. His muscles were all toned and symmetrical, applied to the frames of perfect height and width. His penis was a flawless 8 inch slab of golden perfection.

Brian was last and took the closest shower head to the right. He was the odd man out in the group. He was a hell of a basketball player, but he was quite unique in the looks department. He was very skinny and tall, with reddish hair on his head, and freckles all over his body. He also had a slight speech impediment, which was much better than it was when he was a kid. Along with his odd looks, Brian also was surprisingly kinky and sexually active. Brian was voted most likely to become a porn star in the school underground newspaper. This happened after a video he made with his girlfriend and her brother having a threeway got leaked to the wrong person. Brian's biggest attribute was his cock, it was 10.5 inches hard and about 8.5 inches when soft. A pendulous personality of its own, It was all he could do to keep it in his jock. After the video surfaced the guys all hated and respected Brian, even though all the guys were accustomed to seeing his cock swinging in the shower. It took years to convince them that he wasn't gay with half an erection and just checking them out. Amongst his friends, Brian was less notorious, to them it seemed that his sexual adventures were more due to luck and an unassuming attitude, than to confidence or prowess.

In the shower the steam began to rise, and along the floor runnels of soupy water travelled to the drains. The boys were all enjoying their showers and shooting the shit together. Their spirits were high, and they were all looking forward to a celebration later. Beneath them the drains began to bubble, but it wasn't something so unusual to notice. Slowly water pooled around the drains, and bubbled until a dark liquid seemed to ooze through the water. It was darker than the water, consistent with mucus and thick, the color of dark rainwater. The fluid pooled and flowed closer the shower head that Danny was at as he laughed at the jokes being exchanged by his friends. The black fluid flowed slowly up Danny's leg running counter to the water running down his body. It curved into the crevasse of his thigh and groin quickly spreading across his taint. The liquid, in a spurt of movement, entered Danny's sphincter and invaded his body. He yelled in pain as his insides constricted and battled the blunt intrusion of a foreign invader into this body. He collapsed onto the tiled floor and groaned clutching his stomach, crying in pain. Danny had fallen near Kevin, and Kevin reached him immediately concerned about what might be wrong with his friend. He turned off the shower that was spraying over Danny. Rusty joined Kevin and stood over Danny asking if he was alright. Brian hovered near his own shower, looking on more scared and worried. Danny ceased to feel pain then and snapped open his eyes as his mind was cleared of thoughts. He was strangely aware of sensations in his body he had never felt before, or had never been fully conscious of. The tile beneath him, the warmth of the steam. His skin was heated, and within him a heat was building and growing. He inhaled deeply, and through him coursed a pure and utter lust that tore his thoughts to tatters. He was aware of his friends in a purely physical and animal way, but his focus was on his body and the heat between his legs.

"Dude, he's got a boner," Kevin said to Rusty. Rusty was upset to hear another moan escape Danny and irritated by the look of fuzzy lust in his eyes. He watched as Danny's hands ran down his hairy chest and into his groin to begin masturbating his rock hard cock.

"Danny, get up you fucking perv, can't you do that at home." He was beating his meat and moaning as if no one else was in the room.

The boys had no clue what was happening. Their straight friend was laying on the shower room floor, beating his meat and really getting off on it. His moans became more and more animal and he began to twist in odd positions. Danny laid on his back and pushed his legs up the wall, inverting himself with his legs over his head.

"What the fuck are you doing" Kevin asked, but there was no response.

Danny could think of only one thing, having an orgasm. His mind was totally focused on the task at hand, and he craved release. He raised his head closer to his cock and aimed his cock right at his mouth The one thing he craved was cum and he could smell his own. He let out a loud grunt and began shooting cum right into his own mouth, greedily licking it from his lips and chin.

"Dude, are you fucking gay?" Kevin asked in disgust. The boys looked on as Danny panted in exhaustion, licking the excess cum from his lips and basking in the taste. No one seemed to notice the black sludge creeping up Brian's leg.

The boys stood there dumbfounded, and then Brian went down.

The symptoms were the same, cries of pain as the sludge entered his ass, and then moans of pleasure as the substance took root in his brain. The alien substance had 3 missions: Find a host, Find nourishment, and reproduce.

Brian began stroking his dick, and Kevin and Rusty began to laugh.

"Very funny guys," Rusty laughed, "you had us going you fags."

There was no response. Brian was intently stroking his 10 inch cock and rocking his body back and forth. He leaned forward and began sucking his own dick, milking the head into his mouth. The sounds and motions of his body were proof that he was feeling really good. The boys were mesmerized at the size of Brian's cock against his skinny body.

Brian began to jerk around and then fell onto his back, mouth open. The boys could see his load of cum in his mouth, and he slathered it around, tasting it and enjoying it's texture.

"This is sick" Kevin said."Let's leave these jerk offs to themselves. As Kevin and Rusty left the shower room, they were jumped by their horny friends.

"Get the fuck off me" Kevin said. Brian had jumped on his back, pinning him to the floor. Danny did likewise to Rusty. The trapped boys looked on with horror as two puddles of black sludge emerged from the drain and oozed toward them.

"What is that?" Rusty yelled, "Let me go, help!.

The sludge tickled as it crept up their bodies, and then it entered their asses. Danny and Brian struggled to comprehend why they had attacked their friends. They wanted to protect their friends, but at the same time they wanted them to feel what they felt. A deep and natural red lust that brought a blinding pleasure. Kevin and Rusty began screaming in pain and terror as the invaders took over. They had been infected with an alien being that would reward them with great pleasure, in exchange for a lifetime addiction.

The new victims looked at each as the pleasure began. Rusty stared into Kevin's eyes as his fear melted into an eyelid fluttering pleasure. Kevin slid away from the still dripping boy that held him, falling into his back, the shower water cold. It brought a shock of pleasure, the contrast of a pulsing intense heat from his loins and the cold strength of the floor. HIs hips bucked and his legs writhed, rippling and swirling the puddles of water. His hands crawling down his chest to his dick.

He could see Kevin jacking off in a rapid then slow motion, one hand on his dick, the other in his mouth as he sucked and bit his fingers. Rusty tried to resist from a lingering nervousness, but only getting off was important and soon it was all he was focused on. His girlfriend, the team, his family were up in smoke, insubstantial worries that didn't matter in the face of his desire. He was changed and so were his friends. Kevin was moaning, crying out and mewling. Danny and Brian were sitting down, Danny had his head in between his knees, a picture of the lost soul. His future was gone, his eyes teared up as he realized that everything was changed for him. Brian mindlessly stared up into the ceiling, his head against the wall. He was struck dumb, disgusted and abused. He felt dead and possessed.

Rusty cried out, "Fuck, fuck, fuck..." incomprehensibly mewling. Danny looked up from the floor and took in his friends, His friends, he had to move on and stick with them. They were in the same boat, he felt a relief that he could have moments of clarity and control. He could do something. He looked at his friend Brian, and was immediately concerned by his friends zombie look. Moving away from Rusty's work, he went to his friend Brian and shook his shoulder. His head lolled and slowly focused on Danny.

"What the fuck is going on? What am I going to... what am I?"

"Brian, you're Brian. Come on, we can get through this, it's not that fucking bad if you think about it."

A look of absolute disgust crossed Brians freckled face.

"NOT THAT FUCKING BAD? I just fucking... I just fucking lost my mind and swallowed my own load, sucked my own dick... fucking look at them," he pointed to Rusty and Kevin.

Rusty had thrust his hips high, lifting it into the air and stretching out so his dick was aimed at his expectant face. He was flushed and flexed in exertion, in constant gyration and jerking. His left hand helped balance him and his right was at his dick, beating him off closer to an orgasm. Kevin had done as Danny had, he was on the wall, balanced with his dick near his face and mouth. He was burning in lust and his tongue was in a frenzy licking at his lips and trying to reach his dick. He was grunting and spewing air like an animal, and suddenly his body tensed and his hand stopped. From his body a deep moan of release eminated from deep inside and rocked the sexual centers of the ones listening. The sound seemed to rock Rusty, and they both spurted at the same time. Kevin jetted his first shots and the rest oozed out, dripping into his mouth. Rusty's load shot from his straight and rock hard dick, it pulsed like a biological gun. His jizz bulleted out in a thick white spurt that hit his tonsils and tongue directly, spurt after spurt, all of them with a force that squirted his jizz, never oozed. Rusty pelted himself with ten spurts, his mouth was full with bubbling sperm, and his face was covered with sperm like melted candle wax. He swallowed his load and began scooping the remainders into his mouth, licking his fingers clean. Danny's mouth hung open, Brian had turned away. Danny returned to his friend.

"Yeah, you did. And, and, can you really hate that, man? Did you really not like it? We're fucking alive, and we're gunna just forget this. Get it fixed, or something."

Brian seemed to come back to life, but he was doubtful and seemed like he'd need more time to forget and get over the experience. In the background Rusty and Kevin were breathing heavily, calming down. Licking their lips and fingers, they sucked on the lingering flavor until the realization of what they did dawned on them. Then it became a nausea. Kevin turned onto his stomach and spit, getting up angrily. Rusty washed his face and scrubbed at his beard.

"Fuck this," he said as he got up and left to his locker. Rusty was sitting crossed legged, "Kevin, wait." He got up quickly and followed his friend out of the shower.

"Hold on, Kev. Fucking wait, we need to talk about this. You can't tell anyone, man."

"Fucking tell someone? Dude, I'm not even going to talk about it with you. It never happened. I'm going home."

"Ok, good, sounds good. I'm with you there." They both began to dress.

Danny and Brian watched their friends leave, they both wanted to talk it out more, all four of them. But, in a way the first two were more at fault then the last two. Two accidents, two forced. Brian looked up at Danny, his hairy chest moved with his breath and he was looking at the locker room concerned about his friends, a look of worry and anxiety for what could come; what was coming. Brian wanted to leave too, to forget it as well. He was fucking cold, his limp dick resting on his thigh, his dick head and balls on the cold floor.

"Fuck, it's cold. Help me up, Dan."

returned his gaze to Brian, his skinny chest and freckled body. His red hair, erect nipples and goose bumps.

"Sure," he reached out and glanced his friends long dick. It was always a fucking shock to see; so fucking big and it was still soft. He hoisted his friend up, leaning back and taking the weight. Brian stood taller than him, their faces near each other. Danny's nose near Brian's mouth triggered something, a smell that sparked a desire like an electric eel in his stomach. It hurt, and he was suddenly nervous of what could happen and what he was feeling.

"Let's get out of here," Danny said, " let's go..." He was breathing harder, and trying to focus on the locker room, the tiled walls. His arms felt warm and static, his legs light and his groin was swirling with an energy, gathering warmth and desire.

"Yeah," Brian said in an acceding tone, but also questioningly.

Danny struck by his friends tone, looked up into Brian's clear tropical ocean blue eyes and his breath caught, his gaze was held by his childhood friend. He heard Brian sigh and his breath hit his face like an avalanche. He was near tears for the relationship they had as friends and the sexual lust that threatened to change everything between them. Brian looked into Danny's hazel eyes as they watered and appeared greener.

Rusty and Kevin had dressed in silence, ignoring and breaking their ears to hear their friends. They were angry at everyone, scared and wanted shelter. They were leaving the locker room when Rusty paused and called out.

"Dan, Brian, We're leaving, are you coming." Rusty was nervous and didn't know what the answer would be. It was them that started it. Kevin had halted and stared angrily in the direction of the shower.

Brian was so startled by Rusty's voice that he hopped and a shiver went through him. He gazed at Danny when he was calmed, and opened his mouth but couldn't respond.

"We're cool, man. Tomorrow we'll hang out and shit. I'll take Brian home. No worries," Danny replied, never removing his eyes from Brian's.

"Yeah. Right. See ya, man."

"Fuck them," Kevin said to Rusty under his breath.

"I'll take you home, Kev. It's late."

Danny reached a shaking hand to Brian's shoulder and felt the heat warm his hand. The door to the locker roomed rang out as Kevin and Rusty left, startling Brian and Danny.

"Don't," Brian whispered. His words seemed to splash over Danny like a warm water. Brian stepped back, as Danny stepped forward. Brian's own hands began to snake through Danny's chest hair and rake his nipples even as he stepped away from Danny. Brian hit the wall and the coldness cracked through his body. He gasped, and that's when Danny sprang unto his chest, latching his warm mouth to the cleft of Brian's neck. Danny inhaled Brian's scent and rained kisses on Brian's neck, collarbones and chest. Brian was moaning and running his hands all over Danny's fit and hairy body, clutching at his hard muscles. He lowered his body into Danny's hair and inhaled deeply of his scent. They were intoxicated with each other and the powerful urge began to work in them. Their new commitment was their addiction. The cum was so powerful, they could smell it coming. It was the cum they craved.

Danny pressed his body into Brian's.

"This is different," Danny said.

"It's not as bad, but I'm close to the edge of losing it like last time."

"More control, but I want I want you Brian, I want your come. I guess the choice is how I'll do it."

Brian kissed Danny's lips, then held his face near him as he breathed and said, "I hear you give the best head."

Danny laughed, "Never done a guy before."

"Come on," Brian said, breaking away from Danny and walking to the locker room, he turned and waved his dick at Danny. Danny shivered with the desire of his cum. Brian snickered, knowing his dick was a lure, he sat on the end of the locker room benches that line the middle of the lockers. Danny knelt between Brian's spread out and long legs. He licked his toes, up his calves, his thighs, into his taint, up his balls, and climbed his tongue up his raphe to the frenelum. The ten and half inch trek to the tip of his dick, a pearl glistened and he licked it up. His body rocked and he moaned deeply, his alien lust awakening and running him over. His mouth began to salivate profusely, liquid and slimy. He snapped his lips to the tip of Brian's red hot dick head, and slurped slowly down his pink shaft. Brian moaned out and curled himself up to Danny's head, his stomach cradling Danny's head and his hands in Danny's hair. He looked down at Danny, and cried out in a high pitch when his dick hit Danny's throat. His legs jerking and wrapping around Danny.

"Danny... fuck... no one's gone that...," Brian interupted himself with a moan as Danny's throat opened up. Danny' pushed his head down into Brian's stomach, sending Brian down onto his back sputtering absurdities. Danny wasn't responding to Brian's words, he was responding to his dick and the heat of his balls. His nose was in Brian's red pubes, he pulled up to the tip. His lips cradling the crown of his dick and licking to the tip for precum. Brian arched his back taking in a gasp of air and freezing as Danny held him in that moment of pleasure. He plunged down, rocking Brian with an intense pleasure. Brian moaned and cried out, dizzied by the pleasure of Danny's slurping.

Danny's fervor on Brian's dick was paying his hunger with copious precum, but Danny could smell the load in Brian's balls and he ached for it. The pain of lust for the cum was building and intensifying, it was a sublime pleasure and there was an ecstasy in provided pleasure to his feeder, his momentary master and god. He slurped on the tip of Brian's hard cock, the tip of it red and angry. He popped off, and Brian stuttered in the pleasure. Spit dripping from Danny's mouth and spiderwebbing onto Brian's dick broke off and Danny went away from Brian's cock. Brian looked up, bleary eyed and desperate, searching for Danny. His head hid the bench when Danny licked his taint up to balls like a whip causing his muscles to melt in pleasure. His back arching, his legs raising. Danny licked at Brian's asshole, probing in his tongue. The instincts of licking a pussy flowered in his one-track mind and Brian bit in his lips from the pleasure. It brought tears to his eyes, his grip on the bench turning his knuckles white.

"Please, please, please, Danny, please...," Brian begged incoherently.

Danny replied by splurging and taking his balls in his mouth, covering them in his saliva. Brian's legs fell limp to the sides of Danny, and Brian's dick slapped into Danny's mouth. Danny snorted in the scent, and bucked, Brian was close. The feed was close. Danny slobbered and sucked the bottom of Brian's cock sideways, slurping it to the top and turning his head so the head rested at the brink of his lips. Kissing his dick, Danny savored the sweet precum and pistoned his head down to the hilt of Brian's dick. Brian gasped, his breath building and holding in him. Not even a moan escaped him in the tensing of every muscle in his body. He was caught in a still moment and then his squeaked out a breath. Danny pulled up and then down in a rapid pace. Brian fell back moaning and crying, his dick pulsing uncontrollably, not even cumming yet. He growled, and took hold of a yank of Danny's hard, fucking his skull. On the second thrust in, he exploded. He screamed, growled, moaned and yelled as spurt after spurt was squirted from his dick. His ears burned and buzzed. Danny never eased up, he swallowed every jet, he milked Brian's dick coaxing every drop from his dick. Brian writhed and jittered as Danny suckled his sensitive dick until Danny laid back onto the floor, playing his fingers in his tongue smiling into the nothing. Brian panted on the bench, seeing spots and let his limbs hang over the bench.

Brian ran a hand over his eyes and through his hair, getting up to sit on the bench and look at his buddy. Danny was on his back clearing his eyes and occasionally licking his lips. Brian felt the heavy reality of his world fall onto him and he sighed shakily.

"I wanna go home, come on Dan," he said tiredly.

"Yeah," Danny replied dreamily.

Brian went to his locker and put on his clothes, he was done before Danny had his boxers on. Brian looked at his friend nervously putting on the rest of his clothes. There was more to say, but what...

"What about all the other guys, they're all gonna shower in there...," Brian began.

"I don't know, but it feels like there's nothing there anymore. It, what ever it is, is in us now. All of us. Come on, let's get out of here."


They both headed to Danny's car and got in. The drive was quiet, Danny had the radio on low, but the glib conversations and everydayness of the commercials didn't penetrate the feelings of anxiety and dread. What ifs ran through their heads looping and snaking in their heads. Brian was obsessed with the prospect of a lurid and sleazy future, He was disgusting himself and disgusted with himself, the car slowed and he felt like bolting out and getting to his room. Danny stopped on the sidewalk before Brian's house, the street empty and dark when he turned off the lights.

"Brian, I've been thinking... Yeah, first, thanks for the... you know, in the locker room. If I'm going to have to do that when or starve to death, I'd want it to be a buddy. So thanks."

"I don't know what to say, it was good, but... I don't feel good about it. I'm really confused, this isn't a thing... this isn't fucking natural. It's not right," Brian blurted out, clenched firsts and teeth.

"Maybe we can figure something out, but I know I'll get hungry and crazy again... so, I want to know if I can count on you to help me out."

Brian sighed heavily and stared out the window as he thought in his head, Danny couldn't guess what. Brian wet his lips before replying, "Ok, and I need you to do the same. And don't fucking say anything about it. It'll be like a shot, don't enjoy it."

"Dude, and you didn't enjoy getting head? If you want my nut, you'll have to make me enjoy it man."

"Ugh! Don't say it like that, just don't enjoy it to much," Brian replied as he pulled the handle and got out of the car. Brian closed the door and leaned on the door looking in. Danny was sure the night was over and his friend was soaking it in. He was surprised when Brian glanced at his house and got back into the car.

"I'm going to blow you now. I can feel it and I want it done now and get to bed with it over."

"Now? Cool, let's get in the backseat."

"Whatever, Dan," he said nervously and eyed his house, "Come on." Brian reached after Danny while he was climbing between the front seats into the back seat.

"Let me get down man, I got the pants."

Brian crawled after Danny and settled between Danny's splayed legs, he had reclined into the corner of the seat and door. Danny was massaging his crotch, getting himself hard for his friend. He was concentrating on the hot pussy he'd had in his past, just recently. Brian knotted his eyebows and began taking over for Danny. Danny adjusted his hips and placed his hands behind his head.

"Go on, Brian."


Brian undid Danny's jeans and unzipped him, he felt into into Danny's crotch and found his rod. It was hot and hard, very hard. Brian squeezed it and Danny scooted in his seat.

"You under a time limit, Brian?"

"I don't want my family to see me sucking a dick, so yeah."

"I'll get off quickly if you lick the sweet spot behind the head of my dick."

Brian laughed, partly at the weirdness of his friend telling him how to get him off quickly and partly at his miserable fate to get stuck licking dick... and after he pulled Danny's dick through the fly of his pants, he licked his friends dick base to tip.

"Fuuuck yeah, dude."

Brian took Danny's dick into the depths of his mouth and felt his nose in Danny's pubes. He was both disgusted with the feeling of the scratchy hair, but immensely turned on. It was a heat that spread from though his nose and exploded in his mind when he breathed deeply of Danny's crotch scent. He felt his body stiffen in anxiety of what losing control meant, but just as suddenly a relaxation and pleasure swept through his body. He moved his lips to the tip of Danny's dick and suckles his head tenderly, his fingers felt warm and he toyed with his friends balls, exploring his taint. He wanted to, it wanted to pleasure his friend for the pleasure it would pay him. A whirling hot pleasure began to build in the pit of his stomach and his ass muscles clenched.

Brian moaned and looked into Danny's eyes, Danny was surprised and little startled by the pure lust in his friend's eyes. There was no morality and no constraint, it was animalistic in the need for orgasm and ejaculation to feed on, but at that same it was gentle and a tenderness done between friends.


Brian smiled and slowly leaned into his friends taint, breath deeply and laying his tongue into the beginning of crack. Danny jumped and clutched the neck of the backseat and the handled above the door.


Brian slowly moved upward, his tongue making his way like a snail from his taint to the start of his balls. His dick's root was stiff and hard, he pressed his tongue into and curved his tongue to move over the balls. He travelled into the valley of his thigh and crotch, moving though this treasure trail and hairy chest. His tongue greased through his abs and he circled Danny's nipples, kissing and sucking them, but not stopping his motions. Danny was overwhelmed by how good he was feeling and he felt a sudden tenderness towards Brian who was loving his body so closely. He had always paid close attention to his skirts, eating out and fingering pussy. He was known for his prowess at pleasing women orally, hell, he'd gone down on his principle to get out of trouble. But Brian's attention to him was unknown to him and he was overcome by his tenderness. He felt hurt that none of girls had really cared about him so much.

Danny adjusted himself in the back seat, Brian was resting his tongue in Danny's sternum. He was leaning up and weighted against the seat above Danny. Danny moved his hands toward Brian and caress his waist, snaking his hands up his shirt and out into his hair. They were both breathing hard and panting, the windows of the car fogged and dripped. Brian continued again, licking up Danny's neck into his ear, biting the lobe. Danny held his head and moved into his face so they stared at each other. It was an intense gaze and they burst into session of making out. They both felt whirling heat in their bodies, it built as the two things in them touched. Brian was toying and teasing Danny's dick with his fingers, and Danny's hips bucked and he groaned.

Brian immediately dove onto Danny's dick and Danny pumped his dick into his skull. Danny clutched Brian's head and pumped his dick into his mouth deeply, holding in there until his hard cock pulsed from the roots and shot load after load of cum into Brian's throat. Brian was sent into a heavenly state of satiation and peace, as Danny's load hit his throat. He had no trouble swallowing it all, it melted into his body and he ate it all easily, as if by nature. Danny's panting began to subside and his dick was quickly falling out of Brian's mouth, but he followed it's descent, keeping his lips sucking on his head. Danny patting Brian's head and played his red hair.

"Fuck that was awesome, Brian."

"Yeah, it wasn't bad, dude," Brian replied with a grin and wiping his lips on his sleeve.

"I gotta go, now. I'll see you later, Dan," Brian said.

He quickly got out of the car and Danny shivered as a gust of cold night air flowed into the car. He was still exposed and he could feel all the pores on his body closing up. As Brian made his way up to his, Danny pulled his pants up and fixed his shirt. Getting out of the car and closing the backdoor he stood near his car watching Brian reach the door. He turned and waved before opening the door and entering quietly. He felt like he'd gone on a first date and was departing with someone he wanted to spend hours more with. He sighed and raked his hand through his hair, upset at his confusion and with his turn in life. For all their turns in life. His breath condensed into a cloud that became shapeless and evaporated into the surround. He got into his car and drove home.