Brian quickly travelled the path to the front door of his house and let himself in. It was late and he wasn't sure who would be up, so he went silently up the stairs to his bedroom. He encountered none and along the way he passed the rooms of his siblings which were quiet and then finally to his which he entered. He stripped his clothes and went to his drawers to pull on a clean pair of underwear and he flopped into his bed where he was surrounded suddenly and lushly by cool fabric. He regretted not showering again, despite the after game shower he felt filmed with sweat and generally not clean, but strangely he didn't feel guilty for what he had done with Danny. He had done raunchy things, but never like that and it was an eye opening experience that had taken place. He felt giddy and also tired, so that he smiled and thought wishfully as he dozed to sleep tangled amidst his sheets.


Brian woke slowly from a strange dream of being surrounded, wrapped and filled with a flowing heat and softness. The feeling of heat continued in his shoulders, chest and greatest in his groin where he felt his dick hard and alive. The light through his covered windows was weak and although his dick was screaming at him he felt dreamy and sleepy still, it would have been easy to slip back into that floating and flowing dream. But still his room was brighter than it should have been and groggily looking at the door, he saw his younger brother standing at the doorway in his colorful spiderman boxers.

"Get out Scott, close the door and get to bed..." he said bleary eyed and flopped back into bed, writhing into a comfortable spot and bucking his hips for the benefit of his hard cock.

The light dimmed and his eyes fluttered closed and the pulsing came to take him again. Colors collided and mixed to then separate and mix again birthing new colors and swirling off again. He felt again warm around him and held close by the warmth, embraced. Then he felt a hot breath on his skin which was not part of his dream and opening his eyes he saw his brother laying next to him and holding him with his skinny arms. He was surprised and appalled, but when his brother's breath hit again on his neck it sent shivers down his spine and his dick bounced from it. Staring down he watched his brothers dark haired head nuzzling his neck and felt the electric touch of his lips on his skin, he travelled to his shoulder.

But at that Brian got up and pushed Scott off him startling his brother and in his hazel eyes there was confusion. Brian asked him, "What are you doing, Scott?"

"Just messing around," Scott answered casually. The honesty and innocence of his tone was strange to hear in a situation like this.

But slowly a spell was breaking and it was like waking a sleep walker. Scott suddenly jerked up to lean on his arms and disentangled his legs from Brian's, his smooth thighs sliding like silk over Brian's sent thrills through him so that he gasped as if on edge of cumming, then softly at Scott's calves and then his ankles where some dark hair tickled him. It was heavenly and he watched his brother adjust himself to sit indian style on his bed, Brian thinking incest isn't so bad.

He watched his brother who he remembered to be a skinny brat, but now he saw his brother's chest and the muscles there beneath, and his abs which flexed. He was less skinny and more delicate, a beauty. He'd grown up and was a sophomore, he realized. And he looked at his brother's face which was looking down so that he only saw the sharp planes of his chin and his eyes gazing downward and his dark auburn short hair which was getting long enough to curl at the edges. He followed his gaze and saw the bulge in his brother's boxers which made him gulp reflexively. His brother stirred and rocked to adjust himself into the bed. Looking up finally, he looked at his older brother and moved his hands into his crotch to adjust and hide the uncomfortable hardness in his boxers.

"Uhh, I dunno what I'm doing. Maybe I was sleeping walking, I think...," he said uncertainly, gazing at his brother for an answer. A clue to the direction they would take things.

Brian rose onto his elbows and then further so that his back was against the board of the bed. He was thinking of something to say and watching his brother. His brother watched him too, his eyes weren't on his face, but on the large tent of his boxers. His dick had pushed beyond the waistband showing his head and shaft, his dick was so hard that it stretched the elastic too. His dick had left a small puddle of wetness on his belly and the waistband, which embarrassed him and when his dick pulsed and squeezed out more precum he began to stammer and pulled up his boxers.

"Uhh, um. Everyone gets morning wood and... uh. You were probably sleep walking while having a sexy dream... it's guy stuff. We're both guys and we can keep this between us, right bro?"

Scott looked away from his dick and smiled at him.

"Yeah, that's cool Bri. I like that..." he answered dreamily and again looked at his brother expectantly, waiting for a clue.

Brian began to feel like he needed more air and breathed rapidly for what he was going to say.

"Scott, you still hard?" he asked despite having a visual answer, but Scott nodded his head anyway.

"You jack off, right?"

His brother chuckled and smiled at him like that was stupidest question ever. Brian laughed at that and was struck by how cute it was.

Raising his eyebrows, Brian asked his brother, "You ever jack off with someone?"

"Just one time," Scott replied shyly. The answered surprised Brian, but he was eager to move on.

"You wanna jack off together?" he asked his younger brother casually, and for added effect he put one hand behind his head and adjust his hips so that he leaned farther and his tented shorts could be seen better.

In an instant Scott had hooked his boxers off and gotten up to lay next to Brian's slender frame. He smiled at Brian with his hard seven inch cock standing up and looked expectantly at his brother's cock. Brian then hooked his boxers off and kicked them off jostling his monster cock between his legs and making him jerk from the friction on his sensitive head.

He took his pillow and made Scott lean forward, he put it behind him so that they both would have the support. He scooted in and reclined next to his brother and put his arm around Scott's hard shoulders. Scott spat into his hand and ran his fist over his cock, pushing up his hips and melting into the mattress, into his brothers embrace. Brian moaned at the sight, deep in his throat and wrapped his arm around his brother's neck, putting his palm on his smooth chest and grasped him, rubbed him and caressed him while watching his brother begin his self pleasure. He reached with his own right hand and began to jack himself off using his plentitude of pre-cum to lubricate the gliding up-down motion of his fist. Brian's dick glistened in the juice and his eyes too began to glisten as the heat in his dick rose and more fluid leaked from his dick.

Brian watched his brother who was focused on his dick, the way it seemed to pulse as he fisted it, and Brian was entranced by the play of the muscles in his brothers abs as he breathed, the tenseness in his legs and arms bulging his developing muscles. He sidled closer and grasped more of him, sliding his left hand all around his brothers glistening chest, then he moved his legs and hips closer to him, so they overlapped with Scott's. As Brian's dick got closer to Scott, his focus was drawn to it and he stared intently at Brian's cock almost forgetting his own. Brian was turned on immensely and felt proud that his brother admired him so, he moved his hand to grasp the base of his rod and felt the heat from his balls emanating, he pumped slowly. Together they watched him draw that long stroke and from the tip of his dick a sweet drop of white juice collected like a tiny watery pearl and grew ever so slowly. Brian was transfixed by it, curious too, but was just as soon forgetting it as the pleasure from his hard dick went through him. Scott was lustily staring, his bright lips parted open. His body moved gracefully toward Brian's dick, first he hovered over his chest downward so that Scott's tongue licked and jumped over his tummy and he lapped at the glistening head of his dick then soon swallowed his brother's head.

Brian moaned and squirmed beneath Scott as his younger brother licked and bobbed on his dick's head lapping up his juices. He reached for his brother's head and held him steady as he began to drive his dick into his mouth. Repeatedly he would go deeper and deeper into his brother's mouth, streaming spit from brother's lips. He felt his head banging on the back of his brother's throat and jerked back away for fearing gagging him, but his brother's only response was heavy breathing and opening his mouth like a hungry fish. Again he drove his dick until he found is brother could deep throat his dick to a point, but not his whole dick.

Brian bridled his urges to spear his brothers throat, groaning with a rugged expression as he slid his brother's mouth off his dick and guided him to lay down again beside him. His brother looked inebriated with pleasure, horny and breathing thickly. He gazed at his eldest brother and offered his dick, taking it by the base and pointing it towards him. Brian dove slowly into his brother's lap and took his dick into his mouth, engulfing it in heat and slickness. Scott's chest rattled with a moan as he slouched into the bed and drove his dick deep into Brian's eager throat. His skin was flushed as his blood heated and in his balls a spinning buzz radiated intense pleasure through his dick, and he squirmed uncontrollably.

The pearl that had glistened at the tip of Brian's dick worked its way through his brother's veins, dissolved, flowing, and when it arrived at the place it sought it began its work upon Scott. He became singularly focused on Brian and his body responded sensitively to his needs, wants and touch. And for the greatest benefit to the creature living in Brian, its work was to spurn and enhance the bodies production of semen and to affect the victim so that they could be readily available to serve with a release of hormones and chemicals to cause them to desire and return to the host.

With the bobbing of Brian's head on the his younger brother's dick and the sliding of his lips along his rigid dick, the burning of his balls increased and there his load was growing for Brian. Scott was filmed in sweat and his short bangs stuck to his forehead, his legs trembled and his chest rose with every rasping breath as his brother brought him closer and closer to the brink. Brian was at the will of his inner urges and the incentives of the alien being inside of him. There was no inner struggle for him, he was given completely to the act of lust and consumption. With vigor and fluid expertise he slurped on his brother's dick. His slick saliva glistening on the shaft, rigid as a board, in a state of intense pleasure, on the brink of pain and torturously building to the release.

Scott's knees hugged Brian and their skin stuck as both boys were sticky, and then he stretched out, writhing, panting. His breath was rasping and then he took a final deep breath, grasping suddenly at the back of his brother's head and bring him down full on his dick while he leaned forward. As his dick began to pulse he fell back and moaned, his dick emptying a load down his brother's throat. His legs snaked around the bed, wrapping themselves in the sheets and in his brother's limbs, and he grasped at the sheets in fists, clenching and unclenching. His moans were deep and then at times high, breaking in his teenage voice.

Every spurt was a thick jet of creamy cum, his reservoir of cum seemed limitless as he shot spurt after spurt. Brian was glued to his brother's dick as he guzzled down Scott's abundant load. Scott's dick pulsed strongly with every jet of sperm and as his tension lessened, Brian slid up to the tip of his brother's dick and suckled it until there was nothing left for him. All the while Scott shook and squirmed as if electric currents ran through him.

Scott's eyes were swimming in the pleasure and he smiled widely at his brother, but the gesture went unnoticed, as soon as Brian had unlocked his lips from his brother's dick he moved on to his dick which he was vigorously jerking off. He leaned in with his tongue pointing out until his tongue slid over his head and lapped at his dick. As he felt the orgasm approach he engulfed as much of his dick and sucked himself off. He swallowed his load as fixedly as he had swallowed Scott's. Breathing hard, he suckled and licked himself of every drop. Even after, he licked at his head like a lollipop enjoying the pure pleasure of it until he flopped down into the crook of Scott's knee, resting his head on his thigh.

Scott whistled at his brother's show and smiled mischievously. They laid there catching their breaths. Slowly as they revived themselves, the spell of the moment began to fade and the veils lifted. It dawned on Brian that he had involved his brother into the world that he had been caught in by no choice of his own. His heart filled with dread at having tainted his brother, sliding away from his brother he got up and put on a pair of pants carefully. His brother suddenly seemed smaller and shy laying down on his bed naked, still glistening with sweat.

The scene was startlingly erotic to Brian. Hoom was an ordinary room in a house in a domestic neighborhood and his brother seemed like a tiger out of the woods, yet despite the power of the image, the strange wrongness made him more eager to change the situation. As Brian turned away to scramble to find something else to do, he saw his brother shift and heard him rifling the sheets to find his underwear. Brian was looking for a t-shirt himself, and saw that his brother's boxers were on the floor.

"Right there, Scott," he pointed out, cutting Scott's search short.

"Oh, right, thanks," Scott replied timidly.

Brian quickly threw on a t-shirt while his brother quickly pulled on his boxers. They stood there awkwardly, Brian dressed and standing near his closet, while Scott stood in the center of the room in his boxers. It was Scott that broke the silence first.

"I'll go to my room now, everyone might be awake," he said and shuffled quickly to the door. Before closing the door after him, he turned and faced his brother.

"This is between us, Bri," he said and shut the door, leaving Brian in his room.


Kevin could see the silver-lining, carefree and happy in the passenger seat of his friend's ride. Soon Rusty's cellphone rang and Kevin did his best to ignore the conversation, how Rusty's voice became placating. The course changed and soon they were parked in front of a big nice house, Rusty's pretty girl sauntering towards the car, a pale goth kid following her. Rusty slapped his arm before he got out, Kevin heaved out unhappily and slumped into the back seat. Kevin watched Rusty sidle up to Anna, his hands on her back. She didn't seem happy, her small hands slapping at Rusty's, she got into the car and sighed, flipping down the mirror to look at herself as Randy closed the door behind her. She crooked her eyes at the noise, and followed Rusty as he walked over. The door opened to his right, Michael, sat in and curled up into his own space. Pale skin under long black bangs, dark shadow around his blue eyes. Kevin threw a "Sup, kid," at him and he murmured back------'sup.' Rusty finally settled in, looking in the rear view he greeted Michael cheerfully, "Long time no see, buddy." A smirk curled the corner of Michael's lips, "Yea, long time."

Anna clicked her teeth and we went to the mall, the car awkward and quiet. Michael was at home, but Kevin had ants in his pants. He wanted to talk to Rusty, even the goth kid, but Anna was stewing and messing up the vibe. Kevin sighed with relief as they parked, Rusty hustled to Anna's side and Kevin found Michael settle next to him as they trundled towards the mall. Anna was squirming under Rusty's arm. Five minutes into the mall, Kevin had gotten a smile and some conversation from the kid. A high school student too, he looked younger for his delicate features and manner of making himself smaller. He was noticing the pinkness of his full lips, the seductive exotic contrasts of black dye, pale skin and crystalline blue eyes. Kevin lost balance, Rusty had to charged between them so Kevin's bulk didn't take them down. He blinked, felt his cheeks redden and thought Rusty had been offended with him. Anna followed, telling Michael to come on with sleet in her voice. Kevin rolled his eyes and followed. Another awkward ride, princess in the front seat still. In front of Anna's place, where the sun might have shone brighter and the grass grown greener, the two separated. Rusty had a scowl on his, barely able to watch his long time girlfriend walk away from him, a little dark shadow following her. It turned, Michael ran to the window, "Do you think I could hang out with you two again."

"Yea, Mike, anytime," Rusty replied.

"Cool, tomorrow then," Michael said smiling, turning away and catching up to his sister at the doorway, not at all bothered by her withering glare.

Kevin remembered to switch seats once the door closed. Next to Rusty he wanted to say something consoling, but there were no words for what was happening. They were only in it together.

"I know, dude. It's fucked."

Rusty turned the key hard, revved, turned up the volume and sped away. Both of them on the road, Kevin leaned back in his seat and watched the suburban tableaux fade into to the vast rocky plains.


Getting home, Danny had felt lost again and an instinct of getting someplace safe came to him strongly. It was odd to him that it wasn't to get into his room, but rather into the old shack in their backyard where him and his dad had stored their work out equipment. He wondered when this had become his safe place. But, he left his car and circled to the back of his house. He unlocked the door to the shack and flipped the light switch. They flickered as they eagerly sought buzzing, bright, life. He sat on the bench and there stared at the ground for a long time. The equipment around him remembered his use and they seemed to call him, but right there he wasn't in the state to work out, nor to sleep. He wanted to skim the surface of existing and be beyond the grasp of his troubles.

Getting up, he turned off the lights before they'd really stopped flickering into their fullness and laid down on the bench to sleep. There he did skim the surface of existence as his consciousness was brought into the influence and realm of the being within him. It was a strong influence, the greatest that the alien substance could hold over any of the boys. It was a dream and a reversal of his being. He inhabited the space of the substance, forgetting that the alien was residing within him. He was engulfed and unified with the being of the creature, so that he become a soft glowing flow of body and mind; fluid and moving, intelligent and thinking. He was in a dream of hunger and longing, and the length of means to achieve satiation. Warm and bright he became, and warmer still, glowing smoothly in alluring shades of reds, flesh and blood.

Then he glimpsed a memory of himself, tethered to it he surfaced to himself where the brightness continued in warm pink around him and his body bathed in warmth. He opened his eyes and saw the sunny morning had come out and he was in the light coming in from the window. After the realization of his surroundings, he immediately experienced the sensations of his body. He was hard in his pants and it radiated warmth. He took a slow breath and sank into the feeling of his arousal and felt horny, he felt his dick aching and leaking. He slid his hands slowly from his pecs down, the light from the window danced across him. He turned to look at a silhouette there, and it took him a moment to realize who the curious face belonged to. He remembered from recent childhood, neighborhood friends that he had grown up playing with. They were from a Russian family and had full on Russian names, but they were ordinary american kids to him. Yarok and Eduard, Arsov bros. They'd played a lot together, Yarok and him were the same age, but they included his younger bro in their games too. When high school started Danny joined football and Yarok chose basketball. They made new friends and were only distantly connected, even being neighbors.

It was Yarok standing at the window, tall and peering in with blue eyes that sparkled despite having the sun behind him. Danny levered himself up and went to the door and peered outside at Yarok. Yarok seemed a little chagrinned and shy, but he smiled familiarly at Danny, and Danny couldn't help but smile back. Behind Yarok, stood his younger brother who looked like he was teetering on leaving.

"Yarok, man, long time huh?"

"Yeah, it has, thought we should catch up," he said, "what are you doing in there?"

"Nothin, actually, wanna come in?"


Danny went back into the room and sat at a folding chair, leaving the bench open for the two brothers. They had entered eagerly, the door left a jar. Now that they were in Danny's workout room, the conversation was held in the air before them and none really spoke. Instead, they looked around awkwardly, noticing things in the room, ignoring the struggle of feelings inside them. Danny could still feel his hard dick in his pants and was hiding it, but the tension wouldn't go down. He noticed that Yarok's basketball shorts were tenting obviously and Eduard seemed suddenly nervous and stared down at the floor or maybe he was staring at his lap. In that moment Danny realized that this meeting was not a coincidence and that maybe the strange events the other night had something to do with this. He felt suddenly responsible for his old friends and didn't want to spoil the lives they knew, but he also regretted passing an opportunity for satisfaction. He was conflicted and as he battled internally over what to do, he noticed that Yarok was staring at him with piercing blue predatory eyes, as if waiting for him to make up his mind before he made it up for him.

Danny slowly leaned back and laid his hand down over his crotch.

"Sorry guys, I'm a little distracted, just woke up and I've still got morning wood," he said feigning lament, slightly shaking his head.

"Ah, no prob man," Yarok said, nodding his head at the end, knowingly.

"You should take care of that, Dan," he added.

Danny noticed Yarok's bulge had grown and his younger brother seemed to have begun shaking his leg nervously.

"Uh, yea... sounds good, but you guys are here and we haven't talked in a long time... you guys don't mind do you?"

"We're still buds, right? Don't worry about it, I don't mind...," Yarok said.

Danny leaned back a little further and nestled his hand deeper between his legs, tight in the fabric.

"Cool, I don't mind if you stay or go, we never got to do this when we kids, kinda missed out," he mused as he began rubbing his crotch.

"You're pitching a big tent there, Yarok."

"Guess so," he replied, and tugged at his bulge.

"You should take care of that," Dan replied, parroting Yarok's previous words.

An electric moment of silence passed as Yarok's eyes laid still and meaningful upon Danny's. Danny couldn't help but wet his lips before he leaned forward and ran his hand over Yarok's hard knee, tense thigh and the softness of his balls. Yarok stood at parade rest, his eyes on his crotch, Eduard let out a small gasp and kept a fast paced breath. Yarok's hands clasped behind him and his legs went to shoulder width as Danny's hand burned a path along his skin. He felt the fabric of boxer-breifs and went over it to help himself to the hard cock waiting underneath. Yarrok moaned and his knees seemed to collapsed for an instant, his hips giving a gyration.

Danny moved to kneel in front of the boys, his pants tightening against his crotch as he crouched. He unbuckled them, pulled them down and tossed them behind him. The cool air wafted from behind him and he felt it through the thin fabric of his boxers. The smell was sweet and lingered in the air. The boys' chests heaved as their hearts began to beat hard, their blood stirred and cocks hardened. Danny could smell them, their arousal, unique chemistry, and feel their blood coursing through their bodies. Static rippled across his skin urging him and in a smooth motion he slid Yarok's athletic shorts down his legs exposing his hard cock. It bounced in front of Danny's lustful eyes and Eduards' own bulging eyes. Danny licked along the soft pale skin of the inner thigh tracing a hot path up the ballsack and the shaft of Yarok's cock. His tongue moved slowly underneath the shaft making it harder, thicker and longer. At the head the foreskin left the tip slightly uncovered and precum leaked over the soft bunched skin, sweet and alive on his tongue. He moaned as he continued and licked up his tight abs, rising to his knees. He dropped back down and popped Yarok's cock into his salivating mouth.

Hot, wet, suction, writhing. Yarok fell into it, beginning to moan and slack beneath his own weight. His hands teased through Danny's short hair, pulled on the fabric of his shirt till it was gone and he could grasp the hard muscle. Eduard stood beside his brother bubbling with confusion and lust, his nerves making his hands shake as he moved his hands numbly to the waistband of his shorts. He pulled them over his hard cock and he let them slip down to his ankles. He watched Danny sucking his brothers cock and rested his own hands on his flat belly broiling with butterflies. Danny's left hand instinctually rose between Eduard's smooth legs and cupped the soft flesh of his ass and thighs, pushing him closer. In his range, he began to suck on Eduard's cock, identical to Yarok's only slightly shorter and slightly thinner.

Danny took Eduard to the hilt and the boy struggled to stay upright, bracing himself on Danny's shoulders. Off and under, Danny licked at his balls and tugged down on their shirts to get them fully undressed. Danny felt electric heat building in his groin, desire and control. He suckled Eduard's cock and felt the heat move within his belly, driving upward until he felt a slick viscous ball slide along his throat and dance on his tongue besides Eduard's smooth glans. The boy squirmed and mewled in what could not be discerned as pleasure or pain. The fluid fell apart in his mouth then gone and Danny continued his play, licked the boys' smooth and tight abs to stir their lust, licked their balls to fill them with sperm. Eduard held Danny's head gently as he began to move his hips vigorously, face fucking Danny. Yarok's pride showed, he put his hand on the small of his brother's back and urged him on, his own cock wet and leaking, a drop of precum about to drop down.

Danny sensed it, and his wet mouth latched onto Yarok's cock licking it clean. Yarok's legs stiffened onto his toes as he felt an alien sensation within his cock, hot spit more viscous than it should be, getting into his head and moving into him. It moved alarmingly deep, then dissolved into a spreading heat. His balls ached as they pulled up and dropped again. His cock tensed and hardened, every pulse pushing out precum. Intense pleasure and the urge for more drove his hips to buck, more violent than his brothers, filling the small gym shed with squelching from Danny's throat. Danny's body was loose, relaxed and his mind floating on the pleasure. His desires weren't concentrated on his body, his sexual will extended to the boys just as their sexual pleasure radiated into his body. He wanted Eduard's cock when Eduard stepped closer to his brother and both dicks were put before him, Eduard's soft smooth thigh next to his brothers lean thigh. He grasped their inner thighs, his thumb along their taint and balls. He alternated between cocks, giving each a wet workout and popping off. Not a drop wasted among the two as Danny worshiped them.

Eduard's movement were unsure and innocent, he copied his brother's more forceful gyrations and overtime moaned louder to match his brother's guttural and intimidating noises. Danny savored the difference in taste and personality, his dick hard between his legs and wet with an opal liquid. His fingers squeezed and pinched his glans sending waves of pleasure through him, the boys buckled and moaned in tandem. Danny's desire built, he wanted to feed and be filled. His thoughts were of burying Eduard's cock in his throat and Yarok's in his ass. He knelt on all four, arched his back and licked on Eduard's dick. He looked at Yarok's eyes and saw them devouring the view of his back and pert ass. A gentle pull of his hand on Yarok's dick had Yarok quickly kneeling behind Danny and lining up his cock. Yarok took a deep breath and pushed his cock through, moaning from the chest. Danny sent his moans shaking along Eduard's cock, pushing back to devour Yarok's cock and tensing his muscles on him when he was buried deeply.

He worked both boys vigorously, building and coaxing the juice from their balls. Eduard's face was serene, eyes closed and lips parted, breathing eratically. His small chest heaved and belly tightened, concaving. Danny balanced with some difficultly on one hand to play between Eduard's legs, Yarok pounding from behind, rocking him. He pressed between Eduard's legs sending him over the edge, the boy let out a whine and jet upon jet of cum. Every shot made Danny feel ecstasy, his ass clenched and massaged Yarok until it overwhelmed the older brother and he began to fill Danny's ass with his seed. Yarok's fingers dug into Danny's hips as he held himself still and his cock pulsed out load upon load. The boys held the tableaux hypnotically, the little shed filled with panting and long moans. Danny swallowed and absorbed the brothers cum until their bodies were slack and they rested on the floor slowly shaking sense into their heads and catching their breaths. His body flexed and moved, driven by desperate force. His legs braced against the bench, flexing and his abs constricted as he jacked off his cock hovering over his face, the dripping tip descending towards his lips. His breathing grew ragged and his tongue darted out before the white salvo of hot cum began to pump into his mouth. Spurt upon spurt, his lips finally wrapping gently around his cock's head, he suckled as his massive load continued to spew. When his convulsions receded, he teased himself torturously until he was emptied completely and the sweetness of satisfaction settled on him fully. His body relaxed and dropped down, his body spent, but alert. He opened his eyes to see the boys smiling at him, impressed and amused.

They pulled their shorts and lingered in the room chatting about the weights, the brothers invited Danny to play basketball sometime and Danny smiled at them replying with as much non-commitance as his guilt allowed. The boys seemed oblivious to the taboo nature of what had occurred, they were jubilant and friendly. Still shirtless Yarok excused himself and his brother too, but before leaving or putting on his shirt, he came in for a deep kiss and left with a sly, satisfied smile. Danny watched them leave, Yarok's back flexing as he put on his shirt and the protective hand he then wrapped around his brother. His heart went out to them, but his pity was a shadow to the satisfaction he felt in his core at having fed from them and adding them to his retinue. He jogged the short distance to the house, his cock bouncing in his shorts and already his desire stirred. He strolled the kitchen and living room to his room, passing family portraits. He moved past his parent's rooms and smelled the musk of his father, a predatory instinct in his belly humming. In his room he stuffed clothes into his backpack and left his home quickly, pointedly ignoring the photos. He rang his dad and told him he'd be at his friends house. Steeped in troubling fear, he had no clue where to go to be safe of his desire and its consequences.

On the sidewalk, the world unfurled fantastically as it promised him infinite possibilities, but his mind quickly chipped at its lustrousness, eliminating the places he could go. His friends were infected like him, his family would be influenced by him if he went to them, about that he suffered no delusions. He recalled lastly the comfortable quality of the gym at his school, the locker room had all he needed for a temporary stay. He took foot and headed there reminiscing about the locker room and his friends, yet he felt like a stranger headed to a strange place.


Rusty undressed for the night, peeling off his clothes and tossing them into his laundry basket. He fell into his bed and put in his headphones. Closing his eyes he rocked his head to the beat. In that ordinary moment a fire hit him and he breathed deeply as his cock hardened and oozed. His hands gripped the sheets as he forced himself to focus on the music, erratic and discordant--his heart beat filled him. His senses ran wild, the soft fabric of his bed raising the hair along his taut body. He tensed as the muscles of his cock clenched and released, clenched and released. He watched helplessly as his cock peeked through the fly of his boxers, the head wet and flared. His muscle contracted, slowly, almost against his will. The struggle held its own erotic charge, fighting nature increased the tension and when a slow drip of pearlescent ooze was pumped from his slit he curled his toes in pleasure. He moaned, his heart beating hard with fear as his body stirred to meet his defiance. He breathed and breathed, fighting his cock, but could not beat the relentless slow contractions and its hot rigidity. He closed his eyes in defeat, whispered, "Tomorrow." The wind left the sails, his body fell, before his cock softened and became his familiar cock, it pumped once more. His heart was beating, for a long time it beat hard even when he had relaxed, his body breathing slowly and cooled with sweat. He realized it was the rhythmic beating of sex, his dad fucking his mom and his soon to be brother-in-law fucking his sister.

He tossed and turned wondering what was going through their minds, what the power of this curse was. His own girlfriend was repulsed, she'd kissed him and changed. He watched her leave from his car, her little brother, Michael, following. He felt hurt, more angry with the universe for giving him so much shit. Michael backtracked to him before leaving and asked quietly if we could still be friends and hang. I said, of course it was cool and he smiled wide, joy that reached him. Laying in bed, he realized his old life was gone, without any idea of where to go he'd promised to jump into the hole to--whatever it was in him. Tomorrow, he'd give in. He covered his head and focused on his music, his heart-heavy.


Danny jumped the school's fence and made his way to the gym, taking a route he thought he'd meet nobody on. He knew where to find a key into the sports facility so he didn't worry when the doors rattled. He found one unlocked and moved quietly through the familiar halls. The smell was soothing, until he neared the lockers where the smell of sweat and the scent of young men was strongest. His stomach clenched in excitement and fear, he hurried past the lockers and the coaches office into the second supply closet, a little cot in the corner with some equipment around the room. His chest was heaving as he laid down, he undid his pants to relieve the strain against his cock. He settled slowly, getting up to snap the lights when his body became less alert. He flipped through his phone until his eyes fought to stay open. Lazily he kicked off his pants, he laid his head on his forearms and fell asleep.