I Antino

By Dream Janus

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Note from Dream Janus: This story is a prequel to "The Breed" and as such may give a bit of back story on characters in that story. As you will notice this is written in first person unlike "The Breed".

Chapter #1

My name is Antinos Remiuos. I was born in the year that is now commonly known as 846 A.D. in the Byzantine Empire, now commonly known as northern Italy. My father was a merchant and he and I never did see eye to eye on how the world was and how it should have been. He felt I should have followed in his footsteps and became a merchant as well; I wanted to become a soldier and help out the empire. My mother was forever silent on the subject. I ended up running away from home and joining the military. My father, of course, disowned me but I later learned was very proud of my battles for the empire and he mourned for two years when he was told of my death. Of course I don't want to get ahead of myself. That didn't happen for many years but that is not way this is being written down. It is to tell you of how I became who and what I am today, Antino Remmes, Ancient Vampire, The oldest of all Vampires in the United States of America and second oldest in the World.

My military career lasted from the age of age 15 to 32; for that day and age that was a long career. I can also say it was colorful and very bloody. I was trained by Magus Arelus; he was a mountain of a man with muscles built on muscles. He was the first man I truly loved unconditionally. The men swore he was mixed with giant blood as he stood well over seven foot. The men respected and admired him in every regard. Some even feared his temper.

Magus was a master of the battle skills as well as in the bed he shared with me. It is not to say that Magus had a giant manhood because he did not, the gods were cruel to him in that respect, his manhood was actually smaller than what was normal but he was a very attentive lover, willing to do anything that he asked to do by me. He knew how to be both gentle and forceful, he could cuddle like a child and ram like some beast in heat.

I hold our last night together as one of my favorite human memories. We were in our rooms, on our bed. I was under Magus in what you might call a modified doggie position. Magus was on his knees fucking me from behind, but my knees were suspended two or three inches above the bed. Magus was holding me supported across the chest with one massive arm. I was holding on to his other arm with both of my arms and he was bearing both of us with one hand on the bed. His balls were slapping as he drove his dick in and out of my ass. I have to admit he could always hit my prostate, each and every time without fail, for man on man sex that feeling was always the best. Our orgasms were always timed to happen at the same time, He had learned to read my body perfectly that he could tell when I was ready to pop and he would be ready at the same time, it never felt rushed or like he intentionally slowed to match his with mine, but I am sure he did at least a little. When he came, he roared and then flipped so I was on top of him, but still with him implanted inside me. Magus would then hold me and cuddle until we feel asleep. I loved going to sleep and waking up with his dick in my ass. I missed it when one of us had to be away, as I am sure so did Magus.

That next morning we woke up and had a breakfast of fresh fruit. The realization that it would be the last one that we would share for a while so we were enjoying the time together, I was being sent to guard a high ranking merchant's caravan and Magus was on palace duty so we knew this had to last a couple weeks at least. We never realized it was going to be the last time we would be together.

Magus was killed during a coup attempt, but to his honor, he took out six attackers in the process. I was a day and a half a way from returning when it happened. I was filled with rage upon returning to the city, but I had no way to seek revenge, at that time. The coup attempt was foiled directly due to Magus' actions and he was honored in the square for a week. The backers of the coup were never publicly identified but they were known to all the military, but being we could not produce proof, we were not allowed to do anything, being they were of noble birth.

Instead of allowing myself to take my rage out on those around me, I choose to volunteer for more and more lengthy engagements away from home and my memories, the thing was they also tended to be also more dangerous. It gave me the ability to advance in rank faster and gain notoriety in and out of the military, I really did not care. I wanted to kill things. I now know that I was just running away from my feelings.


My last battle is another human memory that I hold close, I cannot say it is it is a favorite memory, but it is definitely memorial, it is my last set of memories as a human. Here is what I remember after all this time...

The battle was stupid; we were on Eire, Ireland in the modern age, and the Eire barbarians were only defending their homeland. At the time I didn't care, I was only doing what I was ordered to do. We were ordered there to take the island at all costs. Well we fought for over a week, those barbarians could really fight and they didn't fight like we did. They didn't fight using weapons and shields; they would some times fight bare handed. They would even fight until they dropped dead of exhaustion; something I later learned was called `Berserker Rage'.

It was a nasty day that I remember; the moor was covered in fog and was wet all day. My armor was hanging on me and just felt wrong. We were supposed to be attacking the barbarians that we had pushed into the tree line the day before. When he got even with the tree line, they gave us a big surprise; we were attacked from behind as well as from the front. I had heard rumors that the barbarians ate the warriors that they beat in battle and I didn't want to give them a good meal, so I fought and fought as hard as I could. Finally I felt a Gladius in my back and I went down dying. One of the Barbarians had used one of our own weapons against me. I fought the call of death passing out several times as the claws of death put its cold touch to my heart, when Tyr came upon my body. I remember he was the first person I had ever seen with flaming red hair and green eyes.

He spoke to me in Latin and said "Noble warrior you will live forever," And then everything went dark.

When I woke it was dark and I felt so hungry. The hunger pains were a burning gnawing in the pit of my stomach. I could not find any signs of the battle that I knew should have been somewhere around, but I did not care, I was HUNGERY. I found out later that I had been moved and had been `out' for four days.

Tyr showed me how to satisfy my hunger and he was happy that I took to it without struggle and my first hunt and meal went so well. My first meal was a barbarian with a broken leg. He struggled to get away and tried to fight but I drained him and then ripped out his throat for good measure. My zeal was so great I actually decapitated the man without realizing it. Tyr laughed at my shock when the head rolled into the bushes.

I now realized that I could have my revenge on those who killed my Magus, if I could figure out how to get back home.

Tyr taught me what it was to be a Dearg-Du (Irish for Vampire), I always preferred the term Mullo, that was until I heard Vampire, but I prefer the spelling Vampyre. Tyr explained that we were not alone as Dearg-Du, There are those that are born as what we now call Vampyres, others like Tyr and I are changed, there are others as well but at that time Tyr didn't understand how they came to be. I of course now do.

Tyr never attempted to be with me sexually, though he explained we still had the ability. I guess he realized I was not ready to have another relationship. I did one day ask him how old he was and was very shocked by the answer. He was 1000 years old when he changed me. It surprised me that he was born in about 200 B.C. He always gave me small gifts to celebrate the anniversary of when he changed me; it was never romantic but always sweet. The first gift was a lute; I kept it for fifty years, until it was broken.

Tyr finally agreed to find a way to get us to Roma (Rome) after we had been together on Eire for five years. The trip took four months. We took a galley ship as passengers. While on the ship we fed on rats mostly, but we also shared a brutal slaver, out of spite more so than hunger. The Slaver was transporting the slaves for another man. He was vicious to his slaves even when he had no reason; he had already killed two slaves just for looking at him wrong. Boy did he squirm, fight, scream and did his blood taste damn good. The trip was easier for everyone after that, even the slaves.

I noticed during this trip that that Tyr did not need to feed as often as I did. He explained that he was an Ancient, and that as an Ancient he did not need to feed as often and as he got older it was even less necessary. Tyr explained that he could go without feeding for over a month, but had been feeding more often for my benefit. I told him it was no longer necessary as I felt I could hunt on my own now and he should go back to feeding on his own schedule. He smiled and agreed.

Over the next three years I exterminated those who caused Magus' death. In some cases I even exterminated the whole family, just to keep things quite. Tyr never helped when I went on my extermination runs; He stayed at the houses we had chosen. I never liked to exterminate the children, so I would try to avoid the areas they were in, or would mesmerize them to keep them asleep while I dealt with the adults, servants and slaves. I guess it was the children that got me thinking about what I could do in the future to help others, like the children. I guess I have always had a soft spot for children.

After I exterminated those I felt were responsible for Magus' death Tyr decided it was time to show me the world. We spent the next seventy five years traveling the world, enjoying each others company. I learned several new languages. I now speak Classical Latin, Classical Greek, Modern Greek, Classical Italian, Modern Italian, Romany, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Old English, Middle English, Modern English and German.

Tyr taught me how to appreciate the cultures of the world, to respect the differences and acknowledge the similarities. He taught me that even though we fed on humanity we should respect them and never think of them as cattle and only as a food supply. He made sure that every five or ten years I studied something new to keep my mind fresh and new.

In the year 975 A.D., I noticed that Tyr started to acting depressed and he couldn't explain it to me. He would spend longer and longer periods of time away from me. It started out as hours, stretched to days, weeks, months and finally a year. Finally in 987 A.D., Tyr was able explain that he felt like his existence no longer had a purpose and he no longer had any spark. I spent the next year trying to convince him otherwise, I tried begging, threatening, promising to no avail. He finally decided that he wanted to end his life. Tyr explained to me that the only way an Ancient can end their life is to choose a replacement and fight to the end. Tyr explained that I was to be his replacement.

This fight to the end must happen because the drive to survive is so engrained in Vampires and even more so in the Ancient that they cannot kill themselves. Their replacement must do it then drain their blood and eat the brain and heart. The replacement will then go through another type of change and then when they wake, they will be an Ancient. I was horrorified to say the least.

Tyr and I found a small chateau and I gave him the one thing I knew he had wanted from me for over one hundred years, myself. I took him to the bedroom and slowly passionately striped him of his clothes. I could see the surprise in his face. Tyr looked as if he was going to cry as my hand caressed his well defined chest. I took his large endowment in my mouth; his head was flared and purple. Tyr moaned and leaked as he rocked back and forth.

I smiled as he began to speed up with each thrust. I began to gently pull his hairy testicles, alternating left and right. It slowed his climax down but caused him to become even harder and moan even deeper. I used my other hand to rub up and down Tyr's hairy ass crack, slowly working my way to his hot hole. When I reached it, I massaged it but did not enter it, I just rubbed it insistently. Tyr began to quiver as he reached his climax and came in my mouth. His cum was salty but didn't tasted bad.

That night I fucked him twice and allowed him to fuck me once. I felt he deserved to fulfill any and all of his long kept fantasies that he had associated with me, by the setting of the next sun I had filled his desires and left him in the bed satisfied and asleep. We sleep the next day separately allowing ourselves time to prepare for the inevitable.

The next night we fought with tears in our eyes. I attacked with the most precision that I could as I did not want to actually hurt my sire. In a strange way, I did and still do love him. He fought as only he could, to protect himself from the onslaught. The battle took five hours, as we were actually very evenly matched finally I found a weak spot and latched onto Tyr with the most precise attack that I could perform. I latched onto his neck and drained him as quickly as I could, I cried as I fed. My eyes were blurred with tears as I ate his heart and brain. I do not remember passing out, but I do remember waking up and realizing my life as a regular Vampyre was over and my life as a Vampyre Ancient had just started. The power was amazing, my heart was broken and I was not ready for the world alone.


Editor's Comments: This chapter really helps to explain Antino and his origins. Clearly, Antino will not stay alone as we know from The Breed.