I Antino

By Dream Janus

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Much thanks and appreciation goes to Rubilacxe, my editor and second set of eyes.

Note from Dream Janus: This story is a prequel to "The Breed" and as such may give a bit of back story on characters in that story. As you will notice this is written in first person unlike "The Breed".

Chapter #4

The 1700's were a great time in the new world to be a Vampire and I got to see my share of what was called the `New World'. But I found it more interesting to continue to band what is now called the Breed together. Elzabeth and I continued to go in popularity all over the world but we both heard rumors about other Ancients. I knew that Try was not the only Ancient alive and of course knew how we were created.

By now other vampires had created a sort of legendary mythos about Ancients and how we were all older than any other vampire and so on and so forth. Which were not true, at least that is what I found out later. When an Ancient gets bored or tired with life our favorite child takes over by eating us, Yummy. That would mean that some of the ancients were not that old.

In 1732 I met my first two Ancients in a Williamsburg. The first was in a Chinese laundry. He was the owner at the time and of course was Chinese. His name was Chin Hue Tho and apparently had been born as a human in Liu Dynasty as a slave. He was just a bit (50 years) older than me, so he was the oldest of us. I met the second at the local gentleman's club (think hunting club) and his name was Julius. He had been born in 1498 and was almost instantly made into an Ancient by his sire, who was just tired of living. Julius' sire was apparently seven hundred when Tyr was made; of course, I am not sure about the truthfulness of that as Julius was later found to be a braggart and liar.

By 1789, the world of humans was royally fucked at the moment and we decided we needed to get our shit together and form a world wide government to protect ourselves and not to be overrun or destroyed by their stupid behavior, so we sent out messengers to every corner of the globe for everyone interested in forming a world-wide unified government to meet in the sewers of Paris (at the time the worlds largest system of underground tunnels) in 1795.

There were hundreds of thousands of us that arrived; it was a logistical nightmare. Everything had to be divided into five nights of activities and every vote took five nights to have, count and reveal the outcome. It was decided that each specific group would still be self governing but would have the Conclave as a leadership government above all others. The Conclave would only rule in matters that dealt with things that affected everyone or several groups and acted as a judge in other matters.

It was decided that with the exception of Africa and the Australian Continent, the Ancients would rule the different levels of the Conclave with the oldest ruling the International level and the younger ones ruling the specific national levels. It was then decided that each national area was to be divided into sections according to land size over national borders (since they had a tendency to change every so often).

The United States as it later became called was divided into 5 portions and Canada into 6 portions. The United State portion took a small portion of Mexico in the California and Texas regions and Canada took Maine in the Northeast. The reason that Africa and Australia did not follow the same system of ruling as the rest of the world was simple; neither continent had or even has to this day a large number of Vampires in residence. Africa has a large number of Were-simians and Agrobiotic, while Australia has a large number of symbiotes and a different branch of the Agrobiotics; therefore, Africa is ruled by Simian counsel and Australia is ruled by a symbiotic/Agrobiotic counsel.

The majority of those present wanted me to rule over the Conclave in Europe directly underneath Chin. I politely refused (as I can only stand Chin in small amounts) and asked to be placed in either North America (Canada or America) or South America. They chose the American Colonies as my location with oversight in Canada and Mexico until someone of proper respect could be found. I had that job until 1875, when Jean Paul La'rough took over in Canada and Loup Garaza took over in Mexico, though they both ask for the occasional favor or piece of advice.

I choose my present Conclave headquarters of Tulsa, Oklahoma just after statehood for several reasons. First, the town was actually built along both sides of the Arkansas river, a river known to have deep sand bars and quicksand with a lie bottom. Second, it had a rich history with railroad, oil, moonshine runners, old time gangsters and many other secrets. Third, it was a real good ole boy town, where with the right amount of money anything can be built or hid. Lastly, its ground was and is a mixture of solid bedrock and loose ground soil.

I began purchasing up old mines and railroad tunnels and sealing them from the outside, and then began to connect them to each other. I made connections in the City, County, State and Federal level human governments as well as connections with wealthy business men. By the early 1900's I had a small city built underneath Tulsa. It is and was built inside of artificially made caverns and caves. It was and is to this day bigger than the city above, but instead of spreading outward, it goes downward as well as out. After an incident in the 1950's we lined the walls of the caves with sensor dampening material that cancelled out any of technology that humans could use to scan to ground for our city. Our contacts make sure we are protected from detection.

In the early 1900's, a princess was born to the Bear clan Queen of the time. Elzabeth and I were asked to attend the ceremony to welcome the child into the Clan. Elzabeth fell into a trance and began to prophecize. The Prophecy lasted almost twenty minutes and was recorded by both my servants and the Bear court recorder. This Prophecy has since become known as "The Bridge for Us All" prophecy.

The Prophecy spoke of the five generations of the Bridge: 1st generation - Killer of Traditions; 2nd generation - The Two Killers of the Heart; 3rd generation -- The Bridge un-built; 4th generation -- The Bridge reborn; 5th generation -- Birth of new traditions.

Not even Elzabeth was sure if it really meant actual generations or changes of life, or what. She did tell me though that I would not live to see the 5th generation fully mature; though, then she said it would be my choice. Sometimes I have to remember that Elzabeth is one crazy bitch, but I love her.