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Written by Madison Aysha Dante and edited by Nicole M.

                                                                   "ICE BLUE GOTHIC"
                                                                              PART SIX

                                                                           The Child Bride

He lay there on the bed, not daring to make a move in fear of disturbing the resting figure laying uncomfortably under his heavy black comforter.  The body wasn't moving, but Rip didn't expect him to, after all he had just died, or at least a part of him had.  It would take two full days and one more night until Damien  would wake up and Rip could wait.  After all, patience was something that he had to spare.  He reached a hand over to gently wipe away sweat that was pooling on Damien's face.  He let his hand travel down Damien's still, cold  and clammy face, letting his fingers gently ghost over the sparse hairs from the few missed shaves that were on his face.   Rip felt his face grow tight, and when he realized it was with a smile, he withdrew his hand in mild discomfort.  Smiling was not something that he did often and the fact that he was disturbed him.   He let his eyes travel down to Damien's neck.  Fixing his stare at two prick marks on Damien's brown neck that were too large and unsteadied to be his, he could fell the anger in his body forming.   Throwing the covers off of him and making his way out of his room and downstairs into the living room where Willy and Brendan were playing a game of cards.

"Brendan! " Rip yelled causing Willy to throw the cards he was shuffling into the air out of surprise.  Willy was usually the clumsy type.

"What the fuck!"  Willy yelled.  Brendan's normally calm face was etched with worry in the guise of a smirk that Rip could read right through.

"Hey sweetheart."  Brendan's hoarse voice cracked as he smiled up at Rip.  Rip stormed over to him, black cotton boxers clinging to his slender frame snuggly making the outline of his long cock pressed against his right thigh evident.  Rip reached out his hand and gripped it around Brendan's neck, choking him instantly.  Brendan brought his hands up to his neck to rest around Rip's hand as he smiled and reminded Rip that he didn't need to breathe.  Rip yelled out in frustration as he backed off removing his hand from around Brendan's throat and running it through his own hair.

"Why the fuck did you taste him!!  He's mine!!  MINE AND NOT FOR YOU TO TASTE!!!" Rip yelled.  Willy's quiet laughter made Rip fix his glare on him.

"I knew you liked him..."  Willy muttered as he bent down to pick up the poker cards.  

"Oh shut the hell up William!  Brendan, don't you ever, ever in your fucking life go near anything that's mine again!"  Rip yelled surprising even himself with the need to have possession over Damien.  In his mind, Rip didn't even think it was more than a territorial thing, but that small nag, pulling at his stomach with the thought of anyone going near Damien, his Damien was making him start to think that it could have been a little something more.

"What does it matter, he's dead now anyway!    What's that harm in a little taste or two and boy...he was sweet wasn't he!  I love dark meat!"  Brendan laughed as he sat back down on the couch putting his feet up on the coffee table and hands behind his head in a show of relaxation.  Rip kicked his legs down with one swift movement of his foot and Brendan glared up at him.

"No, I turned him you idiot and I want to make sure that you understand not to go near him again!"  Rip yelled and he could hear a glass dropping behind him.  He turned around to look into two surprised blue feminine eyes that mirrored his own.  He could feel his nerves starting to get to him as he tugged at his lower lip preparing himself for what he knew was to come.  He knew he would have to deal with his mother's mouth when she found out what he had done without consulting her first.  He may have been the one who ran the show, but at the end of the day, it was his mother was the real boss.

"What!! Tell me I just heard wrong!"  Katherine yelled as she walked over to Rip, fixing her hands on his shoulder firmly.  Her dress was casual, as it normally was when she wasn't about to leave the house in search of a meal.  To all appearances she looked very much like your average mother in blue jeans and a sweatshirt with her dark blonde hair pinned up into a bun.  But, if you crossed her, either in a way of insolence or just during a hungry moment, you wouldn't stand a chance at the viciousness she would bestow.

"...no...I turned him."  Rip whispered hating how his mother and only his mother still had that ability to make him feel like a child.

"RIP!  YOU DID NOT DO THAT!"  Katherine yelled walking away from him and staring at him in disbelief.

"Ha ha, I knew you liked him!"  Willy continued to laugh.

"If you don't shut your fucking mouth William I'm gonna go down there and eat your little doggy in the basement!"  Rip turned and yelled at Willy.  He watched as the grin fell off of Willy's face and transformed into one of pure seriousness.

"If you touch Theodore ----" Willy started to say pointedly, but was cut off.

"----You'll what?  Beat me up for touching your precious doggy!"  Rip teased and Willy's face turned red with anger as the vein on the left side of his neck started to pulsate.

"Werewolf!  Not doggy asshole! W-E-R-E-W-O-L-F !! WEREWOLF!"  Willy yelled.

"God, what the fuck does it matter?  That thing's ugly as shit.   You should have left him in that park where you found him..." Brendan muttered as he brought his fingernails to his face and stared at the dirt underneath his nail beds.

"Fuck you guys!"  Willy yelled as he left the room, headed down to the basement to make sure that his "pet" didn't need anything.

"Nathaniel!   Why on earth would you turn that poor boy?  Don't you know what could happen if we have another one of us here?"  Katherine asked , using Rip's birth name to place emphasis on the severity of what he had done.  She found herself about to collapse and had to sit down on one of the plush velvet couches before she fainted with worry.

"Don't worry.  Vincent's not gonna find us here."  Rip told his mother, trying to ease her worry even if now he was starting to have his own apprehensions.  He wasn't even thinking about the fact that another vampire in the  house would make it easier for Vincent to find them...and "The Child Bride".

"Yes, Rip...yes he will...what possessed you to turn him?"  Katherine asked and she could tell from the pensive look on her son's face that he was smitten.  Rip could see the way his mother was trying to hide the smile in her eyes and he backed away slowly.

"No!  That's not why mom and don't you say it!"  He commanded and she closed her eyes and sighed.

"You do know that we're all as good as dead now.   Your brother's gonna want to kill him if Joseph doesn't do it first."

"Nicolas won't touch him if I tell him not to and you can handle Joseph."

"But...wait...URGH!  Damien can't stay here!  It's just not safe Nathaniel!"  Katherine sighed, and Rip sat down next to her.  Leaning his head against her shoulder he sighed in defeat.

"I'll kill him when he wakes up then..."

"WHAT!!! NO!! That's NOT what I'm asking you to do!"  She shrieked.  Rip looked up at her curiously and before he could ask her what she wanted him to do, the loud shrill screaming of "it" started to come from upstairs again.

"Maybe she's hungry."  Rip stated.

"No, she's not.  She can feel Vincent.  He's hurting her again."  Katherine sighed feeling something resembling sympathy for the plight of the girl locked up in the room two floors above them.  

"Don't you dare feel bad for that bitch!  You know what she did!"

"She didn't make Vincent the way he is, Vincent did that on his own and she certainly didn't make Bronson go away.  Bronson left because he wanted to!"  Katherine stated firmly.  Rip stood up in a sign of defiance.  He hated it when people brought up Bronson. It brought back too many old feelings, too many old memories and picked at too many wounds that were still open.

"I'm not going to talk about "her" anymore!" He stated indigently, folding his arms across his chest.

"No one's asking you to!  I just want you to understand that she didn`t ask for any of this to be happening.  She didn`t know what Vincent would do, she didn`t make Bronson grow tired of all of us and she isn`t the reason why----"

"Don't say it!"  Rip  yelled and Katherine stood up to face her youngest son.  Placing her hands squarely on his shoulders and looking intently into his eyes, she spoke her words harsh and truthfully.

"She's not the reason why you're going to die!"

"It is her fault!  Everything is her fault!" He continued to yell.

"No Rip, she didn't know about Vincent, she didn't think his blood would hurt you."

"Then why did she give it to me?  She knew what he was and she knew what giving me his blood would do!" His anger was leaving and the confusion he was feeling slowly sank back in.

"No, she thought that his blood would help make your powers more focused." Katherine replied causing Rip to drop his head and look down at the carpet in reflection.    Mortality isn't something that a vampire has to think about, but if Vincent found him, Rip knew that he was as good as dead.  Despite what his mother was telling him, he knew that it was "it's" fault.  "The Child Bride" was the one who convinced him to drink from the flask of her husband Vincent's blood.

He trusted her because  his sire and lover Bronson had said that she was someone who could be trusted. Rip was young and na´ve, still unsure of how things worked in the new life he had been born into.  "The Child Bride" told Rip that it would help make him stronger because Vincent's blood line was the strongest of all of their kind as he was a direct descendant of the highest order of vampires, a clan known for having royal blood.   What Rip didn't know that taking that one sip would change him.  His powers did become clearer and he did become stronger, but that came with a price.  Vincent was not a man to be messed with and when he found out that someone had tasted his blood, the blood of his descendants, he was not a pleased man.  He couldn't have anyone other than those whom he selected to do his bidding have his blood flowing through their bodies.   Yet Rip, someone who Vincent had not chosen, had his blood coursing through him.  So, it was simple, Vincent would have to kill Rip and anyone who shared Rip`s direct bloodline because that would make them descendants of Vincent too.  Adding Damien, someone now linked with Rip's bloodline made it easier for Vincent to sense where Rip and the others were at, hence why turning Damien was a bad thing.  It just meant another blood link to Vincent that would be endangered.

Really it was only Rip and "The Child Bride" who were being hunted.  Katherine, Joseph, Nicolas, Brendan and Willy were exonerated because they didn't share any of Rip's blood because Rip hadn't been the ones to turn them, his lover Bronson and his brother Nicolas had been the ones to turn them.  But, Rip had turned Damien so now he was in danger too, he just didn't know it yet.  

Rip, never one to fear the reaper refused to go into hiding like some commoner so he stayed in the home that he'd created to be his castle and Vincent had yet to find him in his isolated sanctuary. But Bronson couldn't handle knowing that someone was after them.  On the night that Rip had drunk from the flask of Vincent`s blood, Bronson had drunk from him during a moment of passion thus immediately linking him to Vincent's bloodline too.  Bronson didn't want to wait around just to be executed, so ignoring Rip's words that Vincent wouldn't be able to find them, he along with a few others, fled the country to go underground in his native country of England.

After three years had passed, a  knock at Rip's front door changed everything.  There, in all of her tiny glory, stood Vincent's wife, "The Child Bride" is what she was known as because she didn't look a day over fourteen with her petite frame and childish features as long blonde hair fell down in spirals of large curls across her alabaster face.  In fact, when Vincent had turned her she was only sixteen.  She told Rip that she had run away from Vincent because she knew he was going to kill her.   He had found out that it was in fact she who had given Rip his blood, how she didn`t know.  

When her dear friend Bronson asked her for a way to help his young  companion come into his powers fully, she was only trying to help.  Vincent's essence had different effects on different vampires.  Some, it enhanced their minds while most just were able to come into their full strength quicker.  But, on those very rare few, the gift of foresight was given, a gift that not even Vincent himself had.  There was a prophecy that two souls, one fair and one dark, known collectively as "Kindred" would both be under a house of foresight on the fourteenth day of the second month.  In that prophecy, those two  could bring the ending of a creature who would be responsible for the ending of the world, or they in themselves would bring the world to a halt in glorious defeats of positive change.  Whether it was the ending of the dark world or the ending of the human world, was not clearly stated, but what was known was that when united, "Kindred" would end a world and give birth to a new one. An apocalypse of sorts if you will.

She didn't think that giving Rip one sip of an endless supply of Vincent's blood would cause such an uproar.  Vincent's bloodline was in her too and with that came the burden of being able to see things that no one else could.  That was the effect it had on her.   In her eyes, she was able to see the past, present and future intertwining in a confusion of jumbled thoughts that scrambled her mind.  Once away from the dark embrace of her husband, she no longer knew how to control her thoughts.  Too dangerous to leave on the street, Katherine kept her at the castle.  As the years went on, "The Child Bride" started to lose more and more of her mind, often screaming out words or phrases warnings of dark  futures and hidden paths that no one could decipher.  They had to keep her because if Vincent found her, he could tap into her mind and find them.  He was already able to tap into her mind, but  because of their distance, he was only able to toy with her emotions and not actually go anywhere other than  her sensory system.  He used this to cause her pain...pain so severe she was never relieved from it.  Pain so severe that even though her mind was near gone, she still knew that she was going crazy from it.

"I'm not going to die!" Rip yelled, his conviction ringing true to Aprils ears.

"No, we won't let you Rip, we won`t let you......" She whispered firmly as she leaned in and softly planted a kiss on his forehead trying to make herself believe her own words...

                                                      To Be Continued....

(c) Madison Aysha Dante 2005


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