Chapter 1

Hey you, yeah you over there reading this. I got a story to tell you. At first it’ll seem a little crazy but bare with me. You are going to judge me too reading this. Oh yeah. It’s going to be a lot of judgment going on. But I promise I’ll make it worth your while.

So where do I start?

I was born…

No. Scratch that. No reason to go all the way back. I’ll just start on the day. The day that changed everything. The unbelievable day. The day I was abducted. Yeah. I’m talking alien abduction not child sex slave abduction.

So how should I start this. Oh yeah. It all started on a Friday.

It was raining. I was doing community service. Yeah…community service with my stupid ass friends.

“This rain is messing up my swag,” I stated.

“Billy…You’re the reason we are in this mess in the first place…”

That had come from Tom. He was right so I didn’t argue. I was the ‘black sheep’ of my family. My name was Billy and everyone called me Billy Bad’ Ass. It wasn’t something I was proud of but acting out was something that I just couldn’t help. It started with me finding out I was gay. Ever since then I had been the outcast. I was a reject…with my band of losers who were just too simple minded to really think on their own so they followed me around everywhere.

In the next moment the service worker walked over. He rarely bothered us unless he was calling us ‘fags’ or trying to pile up extra work on us. He walked over there with an umbrella at that moment.

“You guys should head home, there’s a storm coming in,” the coworker said, “They are saying it’s a hurricane. A big one.”

Great. Just what I needed. As if my life couldn’t get any worse.

Just at that moment a car rolled up at the end of the street. We had been picking up garbage. It was a hot red convertible but the top was up. I could see the person in the car. He was beeping for me and we all knew it.

The guy had a strong face. He smiled at me at the end of the block. He had perfect white teeth. He hard dark olive skin. You would have though he was mixed or something. He looked exotic. He had even pink lips and a symmetrical face. Looking at him once you would have thought he was a model. He had to have been with a face like that. He was the most attractive person I had ever known in my life. There was never a flaw on his skin. Never a blemish. Never a bump. Acne had hit me like a ton of bricks but it was unknown to him. When he looked over at me his eyes were this warm shade of brown. He was friendly, strong and inviting all at the same time.

Tom grabbed onto his chest, “My heart just dropped. Is that…Kaden Williams.”

It was him. The heart throb of Augusta Georgia. He stood 6’1”. He had six packs. He had banging body and beautiful face. I didn’t know a girl or a gay guy who didn’t see him and just gather around to gag. Everyone was a fan. His name was Kaden Williams.

“Billy!” he called out at the end of the block.

My two buddies looked back at me almost annoyed. It was no doubt they would have to be calling a cab home. I had the sexiest man in Augusta, Georgia here picking me up and they knew it just as much as I knew it.

“I’ll have to catch you guys later. My rides here,” I told them.

I could see the envy in their eyes.

Tom’s mouth dropped almost hypnotized by the figure in the car down the street, “Kaden.”

“You going to stop drooling anytime soon Tom?” I asked.

Vince was always the more outspoken one, “I’m fucking jealous. Ok motherfucker. Damn. I think I just hated you for the first time ever.”

I laughed, “I love you too.”

He rolled his eyes, “He is so sexy. You get to be around him all the time. God. He’s so sexy. He doesn’t even notice the rest of us. It’s almost like everyone else is invisible.”

“He’s shy…”

“Guys like him aren’t shy. That is for ugly people. Guys like him are…mysterious…” Vinny replied.

“Kaden…” Tom continued staring at the car.

It wasn’t the first time Tom had gone completely dumb around Kaden. I remembered the last time I had Kaden around Tom just stared at him for 5 minutes while Kaden was trying desperately to say hello. Kaden had that kind of allure.

Imagine all of the sexiest celebrities you knew had a love child.

That would be Kaden Williams.

He looked like he could be any race. He was the shit and the thing about Kaden that made him so special was that he was the most humble person in the world. He was so shy. He barely spoke to anyone…except for me.

“Can I come? I need a ride home,” Vince replied.

“You live on the other side of town and your mother is on her way. You know damn well you don’t want a ride home. You just want to be around Kaden.”

“So what? Billy…BILLY come back!”

I would have been their all day talking to their thirsty asses if I hadn’t walked away at that moment. I didn’t blame them. It was so understandable how someone could fall in lust with Kaden Williams. He was Kaden Williams after all.

I found myself running to the car. I was running as fast as I could trying to get out of the rain. I was running so hard that I bust my ass right there in the middle of the road.

And there he was…

He had gotten out of the car and he had his hand stretched out. He had an umbrella in his hand but it wasn’t over him. It was over me. That was the type of person Kaden was. He always looked out for me. He always was there when I needed me.

His hand was always outstretched…always picking me up when I fell.

He was the perfect man and he adored me. I loved him. Every part of me just wanted to tear his clothes off in the rain. I wanted to lick his six pack dry. I wanted to suck him off and make love to him right in the middle of the fucking street!

I guess I was just as thirsty as everyone else when it came to Kaden.

But I couldn’t have him.

“You ok little brother?” he asked me.

Yeah…the reason I couldn’t have Kaden Williams is that Kaden Williams was my brother. My name was Billy Williams and I was a sick individual completely obsessed with my own brother.

We had gotten home. Laughing. We had a thing between us. We lived in our own world really. We always had. He was the only one who could understand me: the unruly, defiant, sometimes rude rebel without a cause. I was the only one who could understand him. The quiet, humble, caring, anti-social heartthrob.

“It’s raining cats and dogs out there.”

“Someone finally got you wet,” I replied.

He laughed. We both were soaking by the time we got to the house. Our clothes were drenched. It was an ongoing joke between us. The fact that everyone was so obsessed with Kaden but Kaden never dated. Hell I was gay and I even had more girls than Kaden. Kaden was a virgin. He thought I didn’t know but I was sure he was. He didn’t even get to first base yet. Girls and guys for that matter literally threw themselves at Kaden wherever he went.

Kaden never took the bait.

I always thought it was weird.

“Come on before Mom comes downstairs and goes crazy…”

Kaden grabbed my hand.

That was another thing about Kaden and I. He had no idea how it felt when he did stuff like that. He had no idea how he felt when he grabbed me, making me feel protected…making me feel like I was his. I knew this all sounded sick. It really did but I had never crossed the line with Kaden. I just obsessed and I couldn’t help it.

We were in the bathroom before I knew it.

“God, mom’s towels are so stale.”

My mom was a little unstable. She starched the shit out of her towels. They were like bricks. I searched and searched trying to find a soft one in the bathroom.

“Why does she put starch on towels again?” Kaden asked.

“Cause she’s fucking crazy.”

We both laughed again. Kaden literally found everything I said funny. It wasn’t that hilarious. It was more an inside joke than anything but Kaden understood my sense of humor.

“God no one makes me laugh like you do.”

We laughed but we laughed because it was serious. My mom was always a little crazy. My dad worked for the government. We had moved here from Roswell, New Mexico a few days ago. My dad got a job some top secret position or something like that. I guess that’s what he called it. He was never home and it really drove my mother crazy.

I felt something soft on my head all of a sudden, “What the---“

“I found a soft one,” he replied, “Take your shirt off…you’re shaking.”

“It’s cold…”

“Come here…I’ll warm you up.”

See what I mean? It’s shit like this. I was a 21 year old reject and my 22 year old brother said shit like he was going to warm me up. What happened then didn’t help my undeniable crush on him either. He took off his shirt. It was like glory days at that point.

Mind you I spent all the time in the gym and my brother just naturally gained muscle. I never saw Kaden go to the gym not one single day in his life. And he ate everything all the time. He should have been obese how much he ate.

“You make me look so skinny,” I replied.

We were standing in our boxers. Our wet clothes on the floor.

“Your body is amazing. Stop.”

My body was decent. I spent so much time trying to be shaped even a little bit like him but it never worked. Looking at him now made me feel insecure all over again. I never saw anyone eat like him in my life, but he had the body of a football player. He had solid muscles that seemed carved into his skin. His abs damn near glittered. He had a small waist.

His underwear clung to his body as if even clothes could fall in love with Kaden Williams. They clung to his wide perfect hips. I realized I was staring and tried to turn away.

“I don’t need you to dry me off. I’m not a kid anymore.”

“You’ll always be my kid brother,” Kaden replied, “And I’ll always take care of you…”

He was drying me off. He ran his towel over the water droplets on my skin. He was so close. He smelled so good. That was another thing about Kaden that I was so jealous of. He always smelled like cologne. He smelled like a mixtures of sage, oakmoss, patchouli and resins. There was were homely smells in there as well. Cinnamon and this woody smell. Mind you he never wore cologne. He was just the perfect man.

“I thought you left already…your flight was earlier right?”

He shrugged, “Can you keep a secret?”

I was confused, “Sure.”

“I’m not going to NYC.”

“Kaden. You Elite Model Management is a big deal. Tyra Banks was signed to them. You could be a star. You could be big. You have the look.”

Kaden shook his head at that moment.

“You know I don’t want to do that.”

“Mom’s going to be pissed.”

Kaden was the last hope of the family. He was smart and handsome. Some top talent recruiter found him online and was trying to get him to move out to NYC to be the new face in the modeling world. I, for damn sure, wasn’t doing shit with my life. I’ll be honest. I had no plans to do shit with my life either. I was a loser and I recognized it. The only talent I had was spray painting and let me tell you, there wasn’t a lot of room for spray painting (outside of crime) in Augusta Georgia.

Kaden was drying my hair now. He was so close. He was always too close to me. Literally his chest was on my chest. He wrapped the towel behind my back. He was drying my back.

I couldn’t stop staring at his lips.

“I’m happy here…with you…”

The way he said it made my heart melt. Literally had to deal with years of this. I had to fight my dick trying to get hard at that moment as he was pressed up against me. He was taller than me. He was leaning so close still drying me.

Those lips. Those fucking lips.

That’s when I did it.

I kissed him.

It wasn’t a tongue kiss. It was a peck on the lips. Our lips smacked against one another very quickly and then that was it. That was it.


What the fuck did I just do? What the fuck did I just do?

Just at that moment my mother walked in. I didn’t know if this was a blessing or a curse. It saved me from the awkward moment of explaining to Kaden why I just kissed him but then it replaced an awkward moment of my mother staring at the door.

“What’s going on here?” she asked.

I rolled my eyes, “God don’t you knock…like ever?”

She looked suspicious at that moment, “Kaden, we dropped you off at the airport hours ago. Why are you here?”

He shook his head, “I didn’t get to say goodbye to Billy.”

“Kaden. Please…PLEASE don’t tell me you missed your flight because you wanted to come back home and say goodbye to your brother.”

Kaden looked at me. I knew the truth in this.

“I don’t want to say goodbye to him actually,” Kaden replied, “I don’t plan on leaving…”

“Don’t be silly. This is the chance of a lifetime. Kaden what is wrong with you. Kaden. Kaden don’t walk away from me!”

Kaden was already walking out of the bathroom at that moment taking his wet clothes with him. That was a thing about him sometimes. He shut down with other people…even our parents. My mother should have been used to Kaden walking away from her like that. It was pretty hilarious to tell you the truth.

“Let him stay. He doesn’t want to go.”

My mother looked back at me at that moment, “What did you say to him?”

“I didn’t say shit to him.”

“Watch your mouth. Do you want me to call your father?”

Like that worked…ever. My father was always out of the picture. Like way out of the picture. Maybe if he was around more I would have been a little bit more successful. Hell, maybe that wasn’t an excuse because Kaden was definitely more successful.

“Kaden decided he wanted to stay here on his own. I know you think I’m the worst influence on him possible but that was his decision. Not mine.”

“You two are too close. Things are going to change around here…”

She walked away with that suspicious look in her eyes. My mom was onto me. She knew. She always said that. She always said that we were ‘too close’. To be honest it made me nervous as hell. It made me think she saw that I looked at Kaden the same way that everyone else looked at Kaden. I was infatuated. I hated it. I felt guilty. I felt disgusting.

I had fucking kissed him.


This had to be illegal in some places or something. This had to be against the law. Some incestuous law or something. I wasn’t some redneck in back woods of North Virginia. Why the hell was I kissing my brother.

I touched my lips.

Why the hell did I like it?

The hurricane was picking up outside. I was trying to ignore it. I was sitting on the couch watching bad girls club. Yeah, don’t judge me. I was that kind of ratchet. That was when I heard it. I heard this buzzing noise outside. It was circling the house.


I got up off the couch and made my way to the window trying to find out where the hell that was coming from. It sounded almost like a beehive except louder…much much louder.


What the fuck was it? I looked in the backyard. I could have sworn I saw figures there. Two dark figures just staring back at me. Two figures became four and four figures became eight. They were just moving so evenly. It was almost like they had no idea it was raining outside. Why the fuck were they on our property?


All of a sudden the house went completely black! We had lost power completely. What the fuck! I looked around the black house. I was standing alone in the darkness now.

My heart skipped a beat that moment! This shit wasn’t normal! What the fuck was it? What the fuck were they? And just at that moment it seemed like the figures were moving even faster.


I felt a hand on the back of my shoulder.


My scream was loud.

“Shh…mom’s asleep.”

It was just Kaden.

“Kaden…fuck. Something weird is happening.”

“I know. About that…um…kiss…” Kaden started off, “We should talk about that…”

“No. Kaden. Not the kiss. Something weird is going on outside.”

He looked at me raising an eyebrow. He looked confused. I stepped aside and pointed out of the window all of a sudden.

“Oh shit.”

“You see it?”

“Yeah. The neighbor’s dog dug out mom’s plants again. She’s going to be pissed.”

“No Kaden. What the fuck. Don’t you see those people?”


He seemed confused.

I moved next to him at that moment. I looked outside. Nothing. There was nothing in the backyard. They were just running. They were just there!

“Kaden. I’m dead serious. Something is going on. They were just there.”

“Who was?”


“Billy you’re tripping right now.”

That was when I heard a clash in the kitchen. It was them.

“What the fuck was that?” I asked.

“Are you scared of the dark? You know mom always puts bowls on the edge of the table. Something probably just fell,” Kaden stated, “Don’t be scared little bro. I’m here. I got you.”

He put his arm on my shoulder as though calming me down. We exchanged looks. It was the same look in the bathroom. We were just close as we were in the bathroom. Kaden quickly removed his hand as though feeling awkward all of a sudden about touching me. Shit. I never should have kissed him. Now shit was just awkward between us.

“I’ll go check it out, maybe you should stay here,” I stated.

I said it because I wanted him to feel comfortable. I didn’t want him to feel awkward again.

Before I knew it I was in the kitchen. Buzzing. There was buzzing all around me. It was fucking everywhere in the kitchen. The kitchen window was open.

Footmarks were in the kitchen.

Someone was in the house!


It was Kaden. He was screaming out for help. I ran back into the living room. Nothing.

My heart was racing.

There was a cold breeze that drifted into the room. I realized the front door was open. Kaden was in trouble. This wasn’t happening right now. What the fuck was going on? I found myself running after him at that moment. I was running as fast as I could.

I ran into the backyard. In the distance I heard Kaden’s scream again.


The rain was beating down so strong. The winds were picking up. I could barely see in front of me. I could barely see what the fuck was in the distance but I found myself running anyway. I was running as fast as my legs could take me.

I had reached the edge’s of the yard. Behind our house were the woods. I tried to look in the woods. There were so little light but I noticed something. I noticed movement.

All I could think about was Kaden. I wouldn’t let anyone hurt my brother. I wouldn’t let anything happen to him.

I ran into the woods. I wasn’t thinking. I wasn’t even trying to be a hero. I knew Kaden would do the same thing for me. He wouldn’t hesitate. So here I was in the rain and when I ran deep in the woods I heard the buzzing again. Faint but still there.

Then I saw these lights. Flashing lights. I made my way down the sides of the hill. It was so fucking slippery. I slipped…like an idiot.

And right in front of me it was there.


It was a vessel. The only thing I could compare it to was maybe some sort of submarine. But there was no water around us. The submarine was gray. It had a pointed front end. It had a large antenna coming off the top of it. There were so many lights. Lights all around it.

I walked slowly towards it, hiding behind bushes as I went. The figures were down there. There were several of them.

And there was Kaiden…desperately kicking and screaming.

And I lost it.

I ran to him. Maybe it was the fact that he was my brother. Maybe it was the fact that I was desperately in love with him. I wasn’t sure what made me run from behind those bushes like a madman towards the vessel.

By the time I got to the bottom of the hill the people looked back at me. They had on something like helmets or something. I couldn’t even see their faces.


I ran over to them. I swung at one of the things hitting it in the stomach. Useless. I hit nothing but abs. Rock solid abs. The guy I hit just took a slight step back. I had put all my fucking strength into that punch. Kaden was looking back at me panicking.

Kaden’s voice was desperate, “Billy…run. Get out of here. Call for help!”

The things seemed to be communicating only instead of words there was that noise. There was that buzzing noise.

Then all of a sudden they turned to me.

They made their way towards me and I felt something heavy hit me.

Then darkness…

I woke up to a white room. Pure white. White like the whitest white paint was covering the room. There was a single window in the room. I wasn’t tied down but I knew that something was odd about this place. The fluorescent lights and the bright white. It was so bright it kind of hurt my eyes to be honest with you. People didn’t live in this kind of brightness.

I had to literally blink my eyes a couple times. My eyes struggles to adjust to how white the room was.

Where was I?

I was panicking.

There was one door. I made my way to it to see that it was locked of course. I had no doubt that the same people that had taken my brother had now taken me as well. Why were they after him? I was the one who got in trouble all the time.

Kaden didn’t even have any friends. He kept to himself. Maybe it was some crazy stalkers finally pissed off that Kaden wasn’t giving them the time of day.

Yes. That was it.

It had to be some crazy stalkers.

I realized there was something else in the bright, white empty room. A window. It was a thick window kind of like an airplane window. It had similar proportions to that kind of window as well. You won’t believe what I saw outside of this window. You won’t believe what I saw. My heart dropped.

I literally fell to my feet.

I was scared out of my fucking mind.


I saw fucking space outside.

And this was when I realized that I was abducted by aliens…

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