Chapter 10

I could feel myself slowly dying. I could feel the life draining from my body as Shin tightened his hold against the sides of my throat. He pulled. He grasped. As I struggled he pushed me under the water.

I could feel my mouth fill with water as I started to gag a little bit. I felt light headed.

I could feel myself giving up. I couldn't compete with Antlien strength. It was way too much. So this is how it would end. I would die on in an Alien tub, suffocated by my own live-in spy.

Suddenly he stopped.

My face emerged out of the water. I swung my hands wildly! I still could feel his hands around me grabbing me even though they weren't. He had let off.

"It's ok. It's ok. You're safe!"

It was Kaden. He was standing over me. He grabbed me out of the pool and just hugged me. He pulled my naked body out of the pool with such a strength that I felt almost like a newborn baby. It didn't take any energy at all.

I was lifted in his arms and just stood there.

Then I looked over his shoulder.

Shin was on the floor. There was a bloody glass vase behind him. The pieces of the glass were shattered on the floor. It was clear that Kaden had gone behind him and smashed the glass in his head. I looked down on the glass.

Kaden had saved my life.

Maybe that was why I started kissing him at that moment. For a moment Kaden kissed me back. Our tongues smashed into one another. I just wanted him. I didn't care that I would be hurt. At that moment it didn't matter. I had almost forgotten what he had done to me in the first place that caused me to have to take this bath.

It was Kaden who took a step back.

"We should stop..." Kaden said.

"You're right.'

I took a few steps back. In the next for seconds we heard moaning on the floor. I tapped Kaden so that he knew that it was coming from Shin. Kaden looked down on him.

"Go get the bedsheets off the bed. We need to tie him up," Kaden stated.

"Should I contact Vino?"

Kaden sat there fora minute as though thinking. I knew it was probably hard for him to trust now after he was clearly being used by Shin and the other Antliens.

"Call him."


"He's late," Kaden stated.

"He'll show up..." I replied.

Shin was in the chair. It was the next day. Vino had told me that he would meet us but he hadn't shown up as off yet. He was late. It was the day of the annual orgy that the Antliens did.

"He's probably dead," a voice said...

We looked over at Shin. Shin had been tied up. He was in the living room area of the room. Kaden and I had tied him up in the living room. Shin had this look on his face. He had his horns completely out. The entire look with his horns and his face just seemed straight up foul. It was almost as though he was showing us his true self at that moment. I was scared. I had to admit it. I was scared of him even with him being tied up.

"He's not dead," Kaden said.

Kaden was looking at me as he said it. It was almost as though he was trying to convince me. He could care less about what Shin was saying. I was nervous.

Shin laughed, "Billy isn't stupid. He knows that the Judges were onto him. What did you think that meeting was? It was an execution---"

He was right. It made sense. They had gotten suspicious. What if Kaden had taken me to meet with the judges? I would be dead by now.

"You want to be gagged?" Kaden asked Shin.

"Scared of the truth?" Shin laughed instead, "It's no need to complicate your time Kaden. Vino was being hunted. There is no doubt that they found him. There is no doubt him and all the other rebels are dead by now. And they are upset you didn't bring Billy to them. You should have brought Billy to them Kaden..."

"He's my family."

"We are your family," Shin stated with a forceful sneer, "You are an Antlien Kaden. Look in the mirror. Horns. Beautiful horns. Don't forget who you are. Don't betray your people. You may still be forgiven you know. You are the Scout. You would be celebrated once the Earth is destroyed."

"So you really are invaders."

Shin laughed, "We are invaders Kaden. You are one of us. Do you know why the Queen continuse to create only the best male Antliens. Why not produce weak Antliens? Why not female Antliens? Why not defected Antliens? Why not ugly Antliens? It's because we want a superior line of warriors. We want a superior line of perfect Antlien invaders. You are the perfect male. Why deny that? Why do you keep separating yourself?"

"I'm nothing like you. You're a fucking monster."

"One that looks like you."

Shin laughed again. I could tell it was getting to Kaden. I put my arm on Kaden's shoulder at that moment.

"Don't listen to him."

"He should. The judges are going to come soon...oh look...that might be them right now."

The door. There was a buzz a the door. Someone was there. Kaden signaled me to get ready. It possibly could have been the judges. They possibly could have finally come for me.

I thought at that moment. When they came for me they would label Kaden a traitor. They would kill him. I couldn't have that. Why sacrifice both of us?

"Billy...wake up..." I heard Kaden state.

He was right.

I was in a daze. I immediately grabbed something from the table. It was a glass vase. Kaden had something hard in his hands too. We walked to the door.

"Who is it!"

"It's a TRAP!" we heard Shin scream from the living room.

Shit. We should have gagged him.

"Door open!" Kaden directed.

As soon as the door opened Kaden grabbed the person behind the door and pulled him into the room. It was Vino. My heart was racing at that moment. Thank god.

I hugged him as soon as he got in the room. I couldn't help it. I felt how awkward Kaden felt when I did it. He took a step back into the apartment and looked away. I hoped he wasn't jealous. It wasn't anything with Vino. I was just honestly happy to see him.

"Wow...that's the best intro I've gotten," Vino stated.

Kaden eyes jerked over to us.

I pulled off of Vino, "Sorry. I honestly thought something happened to you."

Vino shook his head, "It's hard to get around in the orgy. Literally Antliens have to fight their nature to ignore sex. It's everywhere outside. What was this big emergency---that...oh my god."

Vino had noticed Shin there in the living room tied up at that moment. Shin looked over at him with crossed eyes. He just stared at that moment. The door closed behind Vino.

"He tried to kill me," I explained.

"They must be desperate to get rid of you," Vino replied.

Shin was quiet, "Traitor..."

Vino and Shin exchanged a hard look. I watched as they did it.

"Why? I've told them everything. Why would they be desperate to get rid of Billy?" Kaden asked.

I saw a look on Shin's face. He wasn't even trying to hide it. There was something there. There was a fear. He didn't seem as confident as he was a few minutes ago. I wondered why. Something was DEFINITELY bothering him and I was going to figure out what it was.

"Is there anything...anything that you guys know that would scare them?" Vino asked.

Kaden and I looked at one another.

I knew Kaden was hesitating but all of a sudden Kaden nodded.

"Follow me?"

We went into my bedroom away from Shin's prying ears. Kaden followed close behind us as well keeping an eye on Shin as well. I didn't know if we were reaching for stars here but we had to tell Vino what we knew. He was literally the only ally that we had on this entire fucking planet. I had to let him know.

I looked over at Vino as I told him what we knew.

"We think they are scared of something that our dad knows..." I explained.

"What does he knows?"

"I don't know. My dad worked for the government. He was the one who brought me home," Kaden explained to Vino, "He knows what I am. Maybe he knows about the Antliens..."

"How much does he know?" Vino asked.

We shrugged.

I just looked back remembering how secretive my dad was, "My dad is a very thorough person. He always does everything for a reason. There has to be a reason that he brought Kaden to live with us. The Antliens are afraid for some reason."

"They kept asking about him."

"Did you tell them anything?" Vino asked.

"I didn't know anything to tell them really. Like Billy said. Our dad was very secretive."

VIno nodded at that moment, "What if we got to him. What if we spoke with him?"

"Is that possible?"

"We are close to Earth now. The invasion is going to begin right after the orgy. The orgy lasts for a long time though. If your father knows anything that can stop the invasion then we have time to figure out what that is."

I took a deep breath.

"There is hope...after all."

"It's a long shot," Vino replied, "But with everyone busy I may be able to smuggle a shuttle out of the docker's bay. We may be able to get back to Earth and find out if your father knows anything."

"What about Shin?"

"Take him with us?" I asked.

Kaden shook his head, "Hell no..."

"Billy's right. Let's take him with us. We never know if he may know something. Better to keep your enemies close..."

"When do we leave?"

"Now. But it won't be easy..."

"We might get caught sneaking to the bay?" I asked.

Vino looked over at us at that moment, "Not exactly the issue. It's a little bit more...complicated than that. For Billy it will be easy. For Antliens its hard to resist the urges of the orgy. That is why it took me so long to get here. It may be the hardest thing Kaden has to do."

"I have an idea..." I stated.


The orgy was unlike anything I had ever seen. The first thing I saw was 5 Antlien men. They were all over one another. They were sucking each other off. Three of them were laid out on the floor. Each one had some sort of jar or something with them. I could only imagine the jars were to collect semen. They didn't seem close to an orgasm though. At the first floor of our building I saw a long haired Antlien man. He was bent over on all fours. He was being fucked! Like not normally fucked. No. This was an Antlien Fuck.

The guys took turns digging into him. The guy was screaming. Moaning.

"We have to find another way out," I stated.

They were blocking the door.

"No...keep moving," Vino stated.


I stopped talking. He knew better than I did. As we walked past I saw one guy reach over to Vino. He tried to kiss Vino. Vino kissed him for a second. I just stood there watching. Nothing. Vino was just kissing him. After almost two minutes Vino finally stopped and closed his eyes for a second. He seemed to be struggling.

"Vino are you ok?"

"Just follow close to me. I'm fine." Vino stated.

Vino was pulling Shin behind him. Shin was laughing at that moment. He found this funny. The group of Antlien men that were at the entrance of our building didn't even seem to notice anything off about us. They were too into having sex.

We had walked out of the building. Immediately I could hear the loud moans fall over the entire domed city like loud public wailing. I had never heard anything like that. Imagine walking outside and having everyone having the best sex of their life..all together.

I was shocked. The noise startled me first.

"I can't do this," Kaden stated, "Take me back inside."

Vino was pulling Shin and I was pulling Kaden. It was necessary to do it like this. I literally tied Kaden's arms up and blindfolded him. Unfortunately there was nothing that I could do for the hearing. The urge for Antliens to join into this ritualistic orgy was something that we couldn't take from them.

"Kaden we have to do this..."

"Look at me..."

I looked at him. He was sweating. I could see the bulge in his strap. Kaden was breathing heavy almost like he was having some sort of asthma attack or something.

"We need to keep moving," Vino stated, "We have to..."

"Please just take it out," Kaden stated, "It hurts. I'm too hard..."

I looked at Kaden. He was in pain. I couldn't take it. I walked back over to him and pulled at the straps on his jockstrap until they got loose. The jock strap fell to the ground. Kaden was hard. He was so hard that veins on his dick looked like they were pulsating.

"You can't resist," Shin stated, "Kaden is too new. He can't resist his first orgy. Let's just stop. Let's just enjoy it..."

At that moment Vino went over to Kaden's jockstrap that fell on the floor. He picked it up and shoved it in Shin's mouth, gagging Shin and finally shutting him up.

"Keep moving," Vino stated, "This way..."

Vino started to pull Shin. I started to pull Kaden guiding him through the city. I was glad Kaden wasn't able to see what was going on. The streets were piled with men. Fucking, sucking and licking all over one another.

I watched as Vino pushed his way through a group of people. I followed his lead right after Vino. As we pushed our way through the city, Antlien men started groping at me. Hands were feeling me up everywhere I went. There were hands grabbing on my dick, attempting angrily to remove my jockstrap.

I literally had to push them away. When I did they usually just moved on to whoever was next to them. It was almost like they were in hypnosis. They weren't offended by me pushing them. They didn't have time to be offended. They had to have sex.

"Billy. Help me...Billy..."

I looked back. I hadn't even noticed it. An Antlien had walked up to Kaden. He had removed Kaden's blindfold! He was kissing on the back of Kaden walking along side Kaden. His hand was on Kaden's dick. He was jerking Kaden off as they walked. I had been so focused on clearing a path that I didn't fucking notice!

I ran back.


I pushed the Antlien who was all over Kaden. I pushed him hard with a stiff arm. The Antlien man fell to the ground. I took that opportunity to shorten the length.

"Thank you Billy," he replied.

"Stay close."

"You saved me," Kaden stated. He was stil panting. He didn't sound like himself. It was almost like some spirit had gone into Kaden and taken over him completely.

"Of course. I love you," I replied.

As I said that I realized how close Kaden had gotten to me. He had pressed up against me. His hard dick pressed to the crack of my ass at that moment. Kaden was licking the back of my ear at that moment.

"I didn't want to have sex with anyone else but you," Kaden stated.

"Kaden stop we have to get out of here."

"No. We don't. Let's just stay here," Kaden stated.

"We can't..."

"Yes we can. You say you love me. Let's make love..."

Kaden was licking at my neck at that moment. He had held me up. I wasn't even Antlien but it was so hard. It was so hard to resist his tongue making soft circles around the back of my neck. His dick was wet. It was precum. He seemed to be using this precum to slowly push into me. He was trying to fuck me right in the middle of the city and it was SO fucking hard not to just let him. I could feel his presence all over me.

Moans were everywhere.


"Let me fuck you," Kaden stated, "Let me stick my dick all the way in you. Open up for me Billy. Just for me."

"We can't...we can't..."

"Fuck Earth. Fuck everything. All that matters is right now. I want to feel you on my dick. I want to feel that warm ass. You know we were meant for each other. Even when you thought we were biologicially related, you knew it. Let's be nasty together. Let's fuck right here. Right now."

A group of Antlien men seemed to be looking at us at that moment.

They were walking towards us!

I tried to pull at Kaden but he was so strong that it didn't work. He kept me there! I was panicking.

"VINO! VINO I need help!"

I didn't see Vino. He had left us. Fuck. He had left me!

The Antlien men had made their way to me. There hands touched all over me. The head of Kaden's dick had made it in my ass somehow. He was licking at my neck now. Then he started sucking at my neck. Kaden was sucking my neck fully trying to almost mark me with a hickey. He was so aggressive. There was this need.

"Kaden... stop..."

"Just let me do it to you. Let me do it to you."

Vino was no where in sight. Just at that moment I realized one of the men was attempting to loosen Kaden's arms. I pushed the man off. When I pushed him off another man had come over to me and started to grab onto me. He was grabbing onto my body pulling me close.

I tried to push him off but felt the weight of yet another man on top of me.

Then a third. Then a fourth...then a fifth!

All of a sudden I wasn't able to hold the rope that was holding Kaden. I watched as three men took Kaden off. One was holding onto his dick guiding him away. The other one was loosening Kaden's hands.

Kaden wasn't the only one being guided away though. I had been lifted...caveman style over one of Antlien's shoulder. As he lifted me two other Antlien's were touching all over me. Some were trying to put fingers in my ass and one was trying to kiss me.

"GET THE FUCK OFF!" I screamed kicking at the man.

It was hopeless. Too many of them. There were too many of them.

Just at that moment I saw Kaden being dragged off and it was clear we were being separated.

I threw my hand in the air.

"Billy!" Kaden screamed out.


But in the next moment Kaden was too far for me to see. They had taken him away.

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