Chapter 6

“All I do is sit around and tell them stories.”

“Tell them stories?”

“That's it. That's my work. That's the big secret. They want to know little things. The Antliens are curious people. They mean well though. They ask about life on Earth. I'm the first Antlien to live among humans so they want to know more about human life.”

“Oh. You sure they weren't doing experiments on you. You sure they aren't doing anything else?”

“That's it. That's all I do. To be honest, it's harmless stories too. Now do you feel better?”

I looked over at Kaden. The look on his face was telling. He wasn't lying to me. I didn't think he would have lied to me anyway. He gave me that look on my face and all of a sudden I just felt stupid.

“I'm sorry,” I apologized, “I really thought...”

“There was some conspiracy going on? What did you think I was doing for them?”

I shrugged.

“I don't know...”

“Then why were you so suspicious.”

I shook my head, “I just had a bad feeling because.”

“Because they were different?”

Kaden looked over at me at that moment. It was right. It was because they were different. Come to think of it Vino never really told me what was so weird about what was going on. He just kept using these words that drilled fear into me. He kept using words like Hell and shit like that just got to me.

I shook my head, “Yeah. I guess.”

Kaden replied, “Well I'm one of them. If you think they are such a bad race then you shouldn't trust me either. There are good seeds and bad seeds everywhere. And from working with the Antliens I know they are really good. It's whoever is feeding you that negativity you need to worry about.”

I nodded.

Vino had convinced me. I had to admit he had me worried.

“You didn't do anything else with them? Anything suspicious?”

It just didn't sound right. Vino was so worried about something but Kaden hadn't really been doing anything with the Antliens but talking. Why did Vino make it seem like they were hurting Kaden in some kind of way?

“You still don't believe me. God. I'm leaving.”

The look on Kaden's face made it clear that he was over this conversation. He almost grimaced at me as he got off of the bed at that moment and made his way to the door.

“No wait.”

“You're being annoying. You are being so close minded. You won't even give these people a chance. You are quick to jump to conclusions. Have you ever thought that maybe this guy who is feeding you the information might be crazy or something. Is his name Vino?”

“Yes. How'd you know?”

“Shin told me it might be him. He also told me that the first time you met Vino he was trying to have sex with you. Did you know sex was illegal?”

“It was a form of torture.”

“True. Shin also found out very recently that no one ordered Vino and those other guys do to that. They were breaking the law for their own enjoyment.”

I shook my head. I didn't believe it.

Maybe Vino was...crazy. Why would Vino lie to me? Why would Vino make it seem like he was ordered to have that group session that they were having with me on the spaceship. He was actually making it seem like it wasn't him.

Come to think about it...Vino had reason for me not to trust him. Shin was the one who saved me that day. I should have had more reason to trust Shin instead.

“I'm sorry.”

“You need to be apologizing to Shin. He's been nothing but welcoming to us. You've been nothing but rude to him.”

“I'll apologize tomorrow.”

“You promise?”

I nodded hesitantly. I didn't really want to apologize to Shin but I knew I had been overexagerrating. Shin deserved an apology.

I nodded, “Yes.”
Kaden walked up to me at that moment, “That's the little brother that I know.”

“So you're not mad at me?”

He laughed at that moment. Kaden's laugh was so beautiful. His breath smelled like cinnamon as he spoke so close to me that I could lean forward and kiss him if I wanted to. He always stood this close to me when he spoke to me. He was rubbing the side of my neck with the palm of my hands. I melted in him when he did stuff like that.

“As long as you promise not to keep talking to these crazies, we are good,” Kaden replied, “Do you think I would keep you in a dangerous place. If I had any signs these people were dangerous I would have cut this off a long time.”

“No more conspiracy theories. I promise.”

“Good. Well...goodnight then...”

“Lay with me.”

He laughed at that moment, “God are such a fucking baby. You know you used to ask me to do this all the time when we were kids.”

“It's the only way I can calm down when I'm worked up.”

���Boy---bring your ass.”

He laid on the bed and stretched his arms out. I smiled and walked over to the bed. I placed my head in the cup of his armpits. They were smooth and muscular. I remembered the smell of Kaden from my childhood when I laid in his arms. It was a strong smell. It was strong and masculine but still very aromatic. I never smelled it on anyone else in my life. When I was learned what a pheromone was I was so sure that this had to be what it was.

I watched Kaden as he slowly was relaxing. He was always so still when he slept. He never moved around at all.

He was beautiful. That perfect Antlien face that put human faces to shame was there. He was perfect. He was everything.

I found myself turning around, pushing my back up against him.


“Shh...go to sleep.”

With that he wrapped his arms around me. We were spooning on the bed at that his moment. I could feel him his warm breath on the back of my neck. I could feel how strong his arms were as they wrapped around me keeping me safe and warm.


I didn't know what I wanted. I just wanted to talk to him. I just want to feel comforted by him. He didn't reply this time.

He might have been ignoring me or he might have fallen asleep. I don't know what tempted me to push back into him, leading with my ass first. The back part of the strap that I was had exposed my ass. My ass cheeks were now resting on his crotch area. I found myself sticking my ass out and making soft circles on the area of the crotch.

This was something that I had done when we were kids too. Kaden never noticed of course. He never acted on it.

This time was different though!
I felt an erection form in bulge of his pants at that moment. After turning my body, I looked over at him. I looked at the bulge in his pants. It was huge. He was erected. He was hard as wood. There was a tent that formed in his strap.

I couldn't help it. I found myself slowly grabbing at Kaden's crotch area. His eyes were still closed as I did it. He was still steadily breathing.

However he did let out a light, “Uh...”

It was soft and slow. He could have still been asleep. Maybe he thought it was in his dreams or something like that.

I took this as a sign that even if he did think he was dreaming he enjoyed it. I pulled at the strap a little bit more until a dick fell out from the side of the strap. Kaden's beautiful dick was there, fully arrected. His dick was thick with a lot of veins. He didn't have any curves to his dick. It was perfectly thick and straight.


He didn't reply. Was he asleep?

I didn't care. I found myself slowly going down to the dick looking at it closer. I sniffed Kaden's dick at that moment...smelling the man aroma all over my face. I put my nose into his crotch and rubbed his balls against my lips. There was this unique masculine man smell that turned me on so much that my dick was pulsating.

I didn't dare let my own dick distract from what was in front of me though. I had wanted to know how this felt like for as long as I could remember.

I found myself slowly putting his dick into my mouth. The taste of skin landed on my tongue as his a salty taste of what I believed was precum settled on the roof my mouth.

I looked up.

Kaden's eyes were open!
Kaden was looking down on me!

I started to panic. Here I was with Kaden's dick in my mouth and he was looking down on me. He didn't do anything thing though. In the next couple of couple of seconds Kaden didn't throw me off. He didn't freak out. He didn't tell me how wrong this was.

He just...watched and breathed.

His breathing was deep.

He wasn't stopping me!

For some reason I started to continue. I went deep onto his dick and looked up to see Kaden's face and see whether or not he was enjoying it. Kaden closed his eyes. At first I thought it was because of pleasure but then I noticed how tight he had his eyes closed. He closed his eyes tight and looked away as though not wanting to see what was happening. It was almost like he felt guilty for what he was allowing me, his little brother, to do to him.

I went down on him.


He let out a deep moan as I deepthroat his dick into the back of my throat. When I came back up his entire dick was coated with a thick layer of my saliva. I went back down with my warm mouth again. This time I made a twisting motion on his dick. I went back and forth and up and down.

“Oh shit...” he was saying.

I could tell Kaden had never felt anything like that. I was more than sure that Kaden was a virgin. As I continued to go up and down on him, he started to enjoy it. He started to breath even heavier than he was before. The tightness that was in his closed eyes started to loosen up at that moment. I looked up as I cupped his balls.

He exhaled deeply and opened his eyes to look down on me.

Our eyes connected but this time Kaden didn't look away. He let me look in his eyes at that moment. I continued to go up and down. I continued to go back and forth. I could feel him struggling to take control of everything.

I watched as he held onto the sides of the bed. He was enjoying it. He was loving it! I could tell by how he had thrusted his hips forward towards me. He was staring at that moment.

Maybe I could take it further.

Maybe I could fulfill all my desire today.

I started to move up at that moment and slowly started to position myself over him. I slid the leather jockstrap that I wore off so my ass was completely exposed.

Kaden looked at me. His mouth dropped open. His eyes were wide. His dick was hard as a rock as he stared into my eyes.

“I should go sleep on the couch.”

“ wait Kaden.”

“I should go.”

Kaden got up immediately. Dick was hard and everything. I watched as he almost flew to the other side of the room and attempted to put his hard dick back into his jockstrap. It wasn't working though. His dick was too hard.

“Kaden, it's ok.”

“No. It's not,” he stated.

Fuck. I shouldn't have tried to move so fast with him.

Still as Kaden left the room and I laid on the bed alone I realized that he had enjoyed it. He had let me do it. There had stayed hard. There was a part of Kaden that had to be somewhat attracted to me. I knew I had to have been the first person to suck his dick. I knew how he still looked at me as his little brother but at the same time the chemistry between us was something that I was willing to put everything on the line for.

The next day I woke up to the lights of the space station getting brighter. That was how you knew it was daytime in the space station. They faked the day time. I looked over at the projector that served as a television. It turned on automatically every morning. A handsome man was on the screen. I didn't understand a word he was saying though. I looked over the side of my bed. I put on my Atlien shoes and grabbed my Atlien leather jock strap to go into my perfect Atlien shower. I was feeling homesick. I knew it. I missed Earth. I missed cold days. I missed clothes. I missed my fucking parents.

I freshened up relatively quickly and by the time I came out I was ready to have a conversation with Kaden. However by the look of it Kaden was on his way out. He was standing by the door when I walked into the living room area.

“Kaden, can I talk to you...”

“I was actually headed out.”

That was clear. That wasn't what I asked him though.

“It'll just take a minute. It's about last night...”

“You ready?” a voice said.

I turned to see that it was Shin. At that point I realized how they were dressed. Instead of the usual leather jockstrap they had something that looked like a leather poncho all over them. I wasn't sure what the hell this was.

“Where are you guys going?” I asked.

“I wanted to go on a date with my husband. So I am. To brunch. See what I'm wearing? It's formal attire for the Atliens...especially when you go out with your significant other,” Kaden replied.

I looked at Kaden. He didn't hesitate to say that. In fact he stressed the idea of Shin being his significant other. I still wasn't used to this. I looked over at Shin.

“Can I talk to you in private?” I asked Kaden.

I felt desperate. I felt kind of embarrassed. It did seem like I was kind of forcing myself on Kaden and Kaden was finding any excuse that he could to force himself away from me. The dynamics of this wasn't going my way whatsoever. I couldn't help myself though.

“You definitely require a lot of time don't you?” Shin asked.

I had been trying to be nice to Shin. I was trying to get along. Hell I was even considering apologizing to him about how I had been acting. The little jab that Shin was sending my way was very passive aggressive. It seemed to go right over Kaden's head. He didn't even seem to notice how Shin was coming at him.

“You know what? I'll say this in front of you, if you insist,” I replied at that moment with a harsh tone in my voice, “Kaden you don't know Shin. How old is he? 45. You guys were promised to each other at younger ages but he's still older than you. It's not right.”

“It's tradition.”

“Fuck tradition. What about love? You were a were an American before you found out you were an Atlien. Americans don't do arrange marriages. This is wrong...”

Shin looked me up and down.

“Oh? Really? You are Mr. Morals now. I didn't think Americans did incest either...” Shin snapped back, “Matter of fact I don't even think it's normal for humans to commit incest...period.”


I wanted to strangle him. I tried to reply. I tried to have a comeback but I didn't.


I looked over at Shin. I was tripping over my words. I felt so embarrassed. He had just called me out right in front of Kaden. This time Kaden wasn't defending me. Matter of fact Kaden was looking at me like he agreed with what Shin was saying. That shit hurt. Kaden looked away as he spoke to me.

“I told Shin that our relationship since we came to this Space Station has been...complicated,” Kaden replied before taking a few steps towards me.

“But we aren't really related...”

“Your my little brother. Whether we are related by blood or not. It's wrong. Period. Billy you are handsome...”

“Don't patronize me. If I was so handsome you'd want to be with ME!”

Kaden looked away at that moment, “We'll find someone for you when we take you back to Earth.”

“You aren't coming with me.”

“My place is with my husband...”

“Wow. There was a point in time you would never leave me...”

I watched at that moment as Kaden reached out to touch me. I jerked away and stood there. I wasn't going to break down. Not in front of Shin. I wanted to though. I just wanted to cry. I watched at that moment as Shin took Kaden's hand. I watched as Kaden looked back at me. He looked like he was going to say something. He opened his mouth and everything but instead of saying anything he silently just followed after Shin closing me out.

I stood there looking at the door. I stood there wanting to hear Kaden's footsteps as he walked back. He would come back. He had to. He wouldn't just leave me upset like this. Kaden never left me when I was upset. He always came back.

I was the first man in his life. I was the one who mattered.

Footsteps were coming back down the hall!


“Door open!” I commanded the door.

The door opened immediately. It wasn't Kaden standing behind the door though. It was Vino.

“Are you ok? You look like you were expecting someone else...”

I looked over at Vino getting nervous seeing him around.

“What are you doing here?”

“I was around the building and I noticed Kaden leaving with Well you stood me up. Isn't that what you humans call it? We were supposed to meet... remember? You wanted answers.”

I shook my head at that moment.

“I got answers.”


“Kaden explained to me what he was doing and it's nothing like you made it seem,” I replied shaking my head, “Long story short I agreed not to see him anymore. Long story REALLY short---you shouldn't be here.”

I was being rude. I knew I was. I was already in a bad mood. If it wasn't for Vino, Kaden and I would have been on better terms if it wasn't for Vino filling my head with all this conspiracy bullshit that he was talking about.

“What was Kaden doing?” Vino asked me.

“It's none of your business.”

Vino shook his head at this moment, “Listen. The judges are catching onto me. I think I'm being followed. They are scared. They could have Kaden fooled and they have you fooled as well. Nothing here is what you think.”

“Vino you're fucking crazy.”
“I can prove it.”


“Come with me and I'll show you.”

I looked over at Vino at that moment. I hesitated. Every part of me wanted to just back away from him at this moment. This was no good. I had promised Kaden that I would stay away from Vino. Kaden would be livid if he found out I was still around him. Our relationship was already strained. The last thing I needed to make Kaden more upset with me.

“I can't.”

“If you think everything is normal don't come with me,” Vino replied, “But you share something with us Atliens. It's called intuition. If you honestly think there is something very wrong with this Space Station...deep in your heart you need to come with me. If not for it for Kaden.”


I took his hand.

“Lead the way.”

Buzzing noises were everywhere.

“It's an brought me to an orgy...”

We had gone in a strange building on the other end of the space station. We had walked a really long way. When we got into the building we took an all white elevator to the very bottom floor. Vino had to put in a password to get into the bottom floor. When we got there all I realized that this was nothing more than a fucking bathhouse. I'm talking New York City 1980's style bath house. Men were having sex everywhere.

All I heard was sucking, fucking and buzzing.

I literally had to adjust myself as I followed Vino down the hallway. These hallways weren't white. They were a very dark brown color. I walked past one couple who were getting it on not too far away from me. One was bent over while the other was fucking him from the back in a doggy style position. Two other men joined them almost immediately putting dicks in both men's mouths. It was intense and sexy. I had to admit it I was hypnotized. I even stopped.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and immediately got excited. It was just Vino however.

“People come here to let loose and be themselves.

“I thought sex was illegal except for two times in the year,” I replied.

“They are me. Come on. Follow me. The elder is down the hallway.”

We walked down a hallway until we got to double doors. The doors weren't automatic. Vino actually pushed the doors open that moment. I followed close behind him and we entered a room that was lit only by old fashioned candles. There was no technical lights. There was nothing like that. I felt like I was in a whole different world not just a secret floor of some building.

“You must be Kaden's brother.”

I turned at that moment to see someone standing there. He was handsome. He was dark mahogany boy that had that perfect Atlien body. Like all the Atliens he looked like he was somewhere in his 20s. He had hazel eyes that contrasted his dark skintone. That wasn't the most striking feature on him however. What stood out were his horns. They were poking out from his head. They were much bigger then Shins. They were so long they almost touched the roof of the room that we were in. He looked at me carefully as trying to take me in.

“My reputation proceeds me I guess,” I replied, sarcastically acknowledging the fact that I was only known as Kaden's brother, “My name is Billy if you'd care to know.”

Vino stood next to me, “Billy this is Elder Gree.”

I looked at Elder Gree. He looked younger than I did. I wondered if it was polite to ask his age. He moved a lot slower than Vino though. Maybe that was a testimony of his age. He walked up to me slowly and looked me in my eyes.

“Vino tells me that you are looking for answers.”

I paused at that moment. I couldn't go back now. I'd have to just keep this secret meeting away from Kaden somehow. He didn't have to know everything I did.

“This space station. The Atliens. I hope I don't offend you but I just have this feeling deep in my chest that something is...sour here.”

That was the only word I could use to describe it. Sour.

Elder Gree looked at me and nodded, “You have a right to feel that way. You should be afraid. You should be very...very afraid.”

My heart skipped a beat. His voice was deep. Even with his youthful appearance there was something a little aged about him. The dark, deep tone seemed to send shivers in my spine as he stated this.

“My brother says he's working for the judges. He says he tells them information. Information about Earth.”

Elder Gree shook his head, “No good.”

Vino looked over at Gree, “I guess it's begun...”

Gree crossed his arms and looked away. He was looking at one of the candles flickering. He glided across the room slowly as though he had all the time in the world. He was so slow. My heart was beating so hard. I didn't know what was going on and Elder Gree clearly wasn't helping with the situation.

“Yes it has.”

“What's going on?” I asked, “Tell me. I can handle it.”

“Your brother is feeding information to the Queen. He probably doesn't even know what he's giving them.”

“What does she want with it?”


“The Queen I meant.”

Vino shook his head at that moment. He looked down, “Someone told you the Queen was a she?”
“Someone lied to you,” Vino replied at that moment, “The Queen isn't a she. The Queen isn't even a living thing. The Queen is a machine.”

“Wait, what?” I asked, “He said the Queen gave birth to Atliens.”

Elder Gree looked over at me at that moment, “The Queen does give birth to Atliens, but it isn't a living creature. The Queen is a...god machine. Have you ever noticed how green the plants on the Space Station look? Have you ever noticed that Atliens don't age? This is the Queen's doing. And it is capable of doing much...much more.”
“Holy shit, how is it possible?”

“Technology,” Elder Gree explained at that moment, “I should know. I designed it.”

I shook my head.

“Why the fuck would you design something that powerful?”

Vino shook his head, “It's not Elder Gree's fault. He had no idea. He had no idea that it would become what it was.”

“Vino...step outside. Leave me alone with Billy.”

Vino was getting a little upset. I watched as he bowed in front of Elder Gree. It was clear that this Elder Gree had a lot of respect. I didn't get it though. He designed a God machine? Really? I wasn't even that smart but I knew that something so powerful would be nothing but trouble.

When Vino stepped out of the room Elder Gree looked at the candle light flickering. He ran his hands through it causing the candle to flicker more. He was so slow. He was so deliberate.

“It started many years ago. Back then we had a planet. A disease had caught hold of Atlien women killing them off. For some reason the men were immune to the disease.”

“Shin told me Atlien didn't have females.”

“Don't blame him. They want you to believe it. We did though but soon when they started to die off it was clear our race would end unless something was invented. That was when I invented the god machine...Queen. It was our only hope. It took energy, in all forms and it was able to act as a womb creating children. It literally saved our race.”

“So it was a good thing?”

“It started off that way. As with every technology however, the Queen project evolved. Atliens started to want more out of the newer generations. More handsome boys. The ability to not age. The Queen project needed more energy. In time...our entire planet was destroyed because of it.”

I shook my head.

Something was WRONG. Shin had told me the home planet was destroyed but he never went into detail about how. Shin had been hiding facts from me this entire time. I knew that something was wrong. I had to tell Kaden. I got antsy at this moment.

“Why the fuck does that machine still exist then?”

“I tried to destroy it. I failed and went into hiding. The judges, our leaders took control of the machine in order to make the perfect race of Atliens based off of energy.”

“What kind of energy?”

“Organic energy. Living things. That is why we feed semen is so valuable. Any forms of life feed the machine. More Atlien children can be born if the machine is fed. Sex was outlawed in order to preserve every drop of semen for the machine. Orgies were held twice a year in order to connect semen and feed the machine. New Atlien babies are produced from not only semen but any form of energy fed into the machine. Semen wasn't enough however. Not for the judges. They still wanted longer life spans for Atliens. They wanted to turn our race into Gods.”


“That takes even more energy.”

“Exactly. And they decided to go from planet to planet, gathering energy to feed it. The Queen machine had literally become a world devourer and the Atliens race slaves to feeding it. I think you know where I'm headed with this...”


He nodded.

“Your brother was placed there in order to...gather information. For 20 something years we waited for your brother to mature on Earth and gather information about the life forms on Earth. Your brother is famous here. Every planet needs one and your brother Kaden was chosen at a very young age to be the Scout.  It is the highest honor”

“Why he agree to that---”

“He had no idea. He was too young to know. They wanted him to believe he was human. They wanted him to completely affiliate himself with a human world. They wanted him to gather information.  This was only done so he could scout Earth.”

“Scout Earth for what?”

I hesitated to ask.

A part of me already knew the answer to what I was asking.

Elder Gree looked at the candle. His hands held over the candle.

“Have you ever thought about what it would be like to meet an Alien? It takes very advanced technology in order to travel the universe. Have you ever thought about what other kinds of technology they had? Let me use a human reference. What happened when Columbus came to America? What happened when Europeans went to Africa? When happened when the Cowboys met the Indians?  What happens when the foot meets the anthill?”

For some reason i had a bad feeling that humans were the anthill. 

They were coming to Earth.

The Atliens were coming to Earth and they had used my brother as a scout.

“An invasion.”

“More than that,” Elder Gree replied, “An extinction event.”

Elder Gree finally put out the candle.  

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