Chapter 9

We walked into a room. The floor was made of some sort of obsidian rock. As I walked into the room it was almost like I was floating on glass. There was this vast emptiness to the room. It complete filled the space. There was this void that shook me and scared the fuck out of me. This room was different from the others. This room was pitch black. As we made our way to the center of the room there was a glass.

As we got to the center of the room we saw the glass.

The glass was about the size of of me. A circular thing. And behind the glass there was darkness. The darkest darkness that I could see. I couldn't see anything but darkness but for some reason Kaden had a different reaction to it.

He started panting all of a sudden. He fell back.

"Oh my god. Oh my god."

"What is it? Kaden what's wrong?"

Kaden fell no the floor. He was kicking away from the glass all of a sudden. He started to shake in fear. All of a sudden the antlers that he had came out of his head. They rose to lengths greater than I had ever seen them before. The emotion seemed to be causing a physical change with him.

"Don't you see them? Billy. Don't you see them?"

"See what?"


I turned to the glass. All I saw was blackness. Maybe something like a black hole or something. I had no other explanation for it really. I couldn't see into the blackness.

I tried harder. I tried to see what it was that Billy was so afraid of. I couldn't see it though. It hurt my eyes to even look at it for too long. It had the same kind of feeling as if you looked at the sun for too long. I didn't know it was possible for something to be so dark that it actually hurt your eyes.

"I don't see anything Kaden. What are you so afraid of? What do you see?"

I had went over to Kaden. He was cold. His body was shaking. I was worried. His skin was actually turning black and blue the longer he looked at it.

I literally had to pull his eyes off of it to get him to stop looking.

All of a sudden Kaden completely blacked out and fainted.


"Is he ok?"

"I'm fine," Kaden replied.

We had gotten back to the apartment. Shi wasn't there so I had contacted Vino through my communicator. Vino had come over to the apartment. I had Kaden laying in my bed while Vino looked over him. I was worried. I hadn't seen Kaden like this before. He was back awake but his body was still shaking.

Vino turned over to Kaden. He gave him a glass of water, "Drink this. You were dehydrated. The Queen has that effect on us at times. You two were reckless for going in there. You could have died."

"I didn't feel anything at all," I stated.

"You would have. It takes humans a little longer to adjust to darkness than Antliens."

"What was it? What was in there?"

Vino and I stopped talking. We both looked over at Kaden. Kaden just shook his head. He took a sip of the water. He was still shivering. He was looking down on the floor. Whatever he saw must have really gotten the best of him. Whatever he saw must have really done a number.

"Worlds. Creatures. It was almost like looking at a collage. You know what I mean," Kaden asked, "At times things were together. At times they were apart. I saw beautiful things...beautiful creatures that I couldn't describe in words. Species that I have never seen before. But they all had this look of panic on their faces. When everything is just together screaming, calling out for help. They were trapped."

"Holy shit."

The way he described it sent shivers up my spine. I still remembered the look on his face when he saw it. I still remembered how afraid he was. The Queen had really gotten to him. Kaden wasn't someone who was easily spooked either. If this had gotten to him then it had gotten to him for a reason.

Kaden shook his head, "I don't get it. I don't get what I saw."

Vino was the one who answered, "You saw the devourer of worlds."

I shook my head, "The devourer?"

Vino nodded, "Elder Gree explained it to me. The Queen keeps those things alive. Imagine being sucked into a void. Imagine being sucked into a purgatory where you are kept alive and slowly but surely all of your energy is sucked out of you and recycled for another use. That is what the Queen is. It is the God machine. It takes live energy and uses it for something else. This is what they plan on doing to humans."

I sat on the bed. A part of me felt bad that Kaden had to see into those things. A part of me couldn't imagine seeing all those species suffer.

"So there are other aliens out there?"

Vino nodded, "There are many organisms. Antliens target intelligent ones. They hop from universe to universe basically with this machine recycling them for power. They swallow life forms. It swallows any form of life. From fullgrown humans down to semen."

Kaden shook his head, "There has to be another explanation for this."

"Another explanation?" I asked, "Kaden. Be reasonable. You saw it with your own eyes. What the fuck else could possibly have been going on?"

"Your brother is right. The Queen will be opened out of her glass and released on Earth. It will devour humans and the Antliens will move onto the next world as if nothing else mattered. Don't you understand? You played a big role in this as well Kaden. You were the scout."

Kaden shook his head.

He was in disbelief. I knew he was. He was trying to understand everything we were trying to tell him. We didn't have the time however for Kaden not to be in ready.

"So I'm to blame for the end of Earth?" Kaden asked.

"No. It's not too late. You can lie to them. You can possibly make them think Earth isnt' worth attacking."

"It's too late."


Kaden shook his head, "They should have known. They wanted to know weird things. They wanted to know how long Humans slept. They wanted to know what is the average lifespan for humans. It seemed like they wanted to know silly things. That's why I thought they were just filling out a library."

"They were measuring how much energy they would get from humans," Vino replied.

"He can still lie to them right?" I asked Vino.

Vino looked over at Kaden, "How much did you tell them?"

"Everything. The other day was my last meeting."

"Then it's too late," Vino replied.

"Is there no way to stop this?" I asked.

Vino shook his head, "No...I'm sorry. It's too late. He's said everything that he knows about Earth. They will attack. By the end of the week. We are in the Milky Way now. The Orgy will happen and then the attack."

I looked over at Vino. He didn't seem hopeful at all.

"Fuck..." I replied, "Please Vino. Is there anything you can think of?"

I looked at Vino. He stopped for a minute. He looked like he wanted to say something but he didn't. He didn't say anything. He just stared at that moment at the light. Then he shook his head. I could feel my heart drop. There would be no hope. All mankind would be sucked into that machine. Elder Gree wasn't even around any longer to consult. They must have killed him for that exact purpose.

"I should go," Vino stated, "Give Kaden some time to recover. Look. I'll come in and check on you guys."

"Vino wait..."

I stopped him. I walked up to him. I thought about asking him again. I thought about almost begging him to see if there was anything he could think of that could possibly save Earth. He just looked at me blankly almost expecting me to ask though. Maybe it was best that I come to terms with what was going on.

"Yes?" Vino asked.

"Thank you."

That was all that I could say. I was crying at this point. They were silent tears but they were still tears. I just hugged Vino at that moment. I put my arms around him and we embraced for a few minutes.

It felt like the world was ending and I guess to a point it literally was. I just kept thinking about all the children that would be killed. I just kept thinking about my family and my friends. There was an entire world that would be destroyed due to these aliens. I knew in advance and I was powerless to stop it.

Vino put his hand on my head, "Stay strong. Look. I'll keep in touch. I'm so sorry Billy. I really am. I should leave before Shin returns however."

I nodded.

When Vino left I sat on the bed. I sat on the bed next to Kaden and we both just stared at the floor for a moment. Our entire lives were changed.

We sat there for a moment in deep thought. I was just thinking about Earth. I was just thinking about how many billions of people were on it. I was just thinking about death. This was the end. This was really the end.

"I think he's lying," Kaden finally spoke.

"Lying? Kaden, you cannot be that brainwashed. The Antliens are no good..."

"Not about that," Kaden replied, 'About there not being a way to stop them."

I looked over at Kaden, "What do you mean?"

"The judges had a concern. One thing that they seemed very worried about. They felt like it could ruin everything."



I was confused at that moment, "What do you mean Dad?"

"They wanted to know everything about him," Kaden explained, "They wanted to know how much he knew about me. They wanted to know what his position was in the government. They wanted to know what kind of work he did in Roswell."

Shit. I didn't know what my Dad did half the time. My dad was very secretive about his work.

"Why the interest in Dad?"

"I'm not sure. They just seemed scared of what he was working on. The fact that I was captured by the government as a child and released into the custody of Dad seemed strange to them. They kept saying that was troublesome. I thought it was odd but now I know they were afraid. Tomorrow I'll go back over and try to find out but listen..."

Just at that moment we heard footeps. Shi was in the house. We heard the footsteps spread across the house at that moment. No one said anything. Kaden put his fingers to his lips at this moment.

In the next moment Shi walked into the room.

"How are you guys?"

Shi was smiling. I looked over at him. Kaden looked over at him. Kaden looked away.

"Fine. How are you Shi?"

"I miss you. So much. What were you guys doing in here?" Shi asked.

Kaden just shrugged, "Just having some brother time."

"The Judges alerted me that you didn't bring Billy to see them."

"We got sidetracked."

"Doing what?"

I coughed all of a sudden, "I am sick."

Shin gave me a look. He was suspicious. I could tell from the look on his face that he didn't believe me when I said I was sick. Maybe he was reading Kaden. Kaden was the one who was definitely acting funny. He wasn't looking back at Shin. He must have believed me finally. He must have finally believed everything Shin had been telling him was a web of lies.

"Well I get it. We'll have to reschedule with them," Shin stated in a low voice and then added very suspiciously, "You wouldn't want to keep the judges waiting."

I nodded, "I wouldn't."

He was very suspicious. Something was off with Shin and them wanting me to meet these Judges. I didn't get it and I DEFINITELY didn't like it.

"Well it's getting late, Kaden why don't you come to bed..."

"Actually I think I'm going to spend some the night with Billy," Kaden stated.

Shin was definitely suspicious now. His eyebrow raised. I knew it wasn't smart for Kaden to act suspicious but no parts of me wanted Kaden to be around Shin anyway. Shin crossed his arms at that moment.

Shin's eyes were glaring at Kaden. They were glaring at him hard.

"Is there something wrong Kaden. You seem different?"

Kaden looked over at me.

"Nothing. Nothing's wrong. I just prefer to sleep with Billy tonight. Is that ok?"

Shin nodded.

"Suit yourself," Shin stated and started to walk out of the room but he stopped, "Oh and Kaden..."


"I love you."

With that Shin walked out of the room.

Kaden walked over to the threshold and peered out of the room. He was wondering if Shin was on the other side listening to us. Shin was suspicious. I could tell.

By the time Kaden came back I knew things were odd.

"You should have played along," I told Kaden.

He shook his head, "I couldn't. He's been lying to me all this time. That shit made me sick. I"ve been treating you all funny meanwhile you were just trying to help me out. That's not my fuckin' husband."

I crossed my arms.

"We need to stop them Kaden."

Kaden nodded, "I know. How much do you know about Dad and what he did for a living."

"Not much. What about you?"

"Just the fact that he worked for the government. He was working on some program. That was when he found me. I had been captured by the government. They must have known. If there was only a way to communicate with him."

"Go back to Earth?"

Kaden nodded, "Yes."

"I can ask Vino. He may know a way."

"You trust him?"

"Yes. I really do."

"Ok," Kaden stated, "You reach out to him tomorrow. I'll go back to the Capitol building and see if there is anything else I can figure out."

I nodded, "Good idea."

I shook my head at that moment and laid in bed.

Tomorrow would be a big day. Things were about to get crazy. Why were these aliens so interested in my father? Kaden had mentioned that they were afraid of my father.

I looked back over at Kaden. He had climbed into the bed with me.

"Do you mind?"

I wasn't sure what Kaden was talking about until he put his arm over me. We used to sleep like that all the time back in the day. I didn't think anything of it.

"No of course not. Goodnight..."

"Well, wait...Billy. I want to apologize."

"For what?"

"For doubting you ever. I feel like I was so happy to be home that I didn't believe anything you were saying to me. You were trying to save me," he explained, "I"m sorry."

"It's ok. I didn't believe at first. Vino helped me."

"You and that Vino guy close huh?"

I paused. I wondered why he was asking about Vino.

"A little I guess."

"Do him..."

I shrugged my shoulders, "I don't know...why?"

There was a silence again in the room. Kaden and I had those awkward moments from time to time.

"I mean I'm concerned. You are everything to me. I just want the person you are with to take care of you."

I laughed at that moment, "You think me and Vino are together?"

I turned over to him.

"Are you?" he asked.

He squinted at me as though really assuming that me and Vino were a thing. I had no choice but to actually laugh at that moment. It was hilarious really.

"No. Me and him are not together."

I was going to add the fact that Vino did say that he was interested in me but for some reason I didn't. I didn't think Kaden would like that. As I laughed Kaden pushed me all of a sudden.

"Stop. That was a legit question."

"It was stupid."

"You're stupid. Punk."

He pushed me again.

"I'm not that weak kid you used to beat up," I laughed, "Be careful."

"Boy yes you are. You my son," he stated shaking his head, "I'll always be stronger."

Just then I couldn't help it but try to wrestle and prove my strength. We used to wrestle all the time. And just like old days we started wrestling again. I jumped on top of Kaden and watched as he rolled me over so he was on top of me. He struggled to grab my arms and pin them to the sides of the bed.

"Stop playing."

He was laughing, "Thought you were so strong."

I got one hand off off from under me and started to tickle him at that moment.

"CHEATER!" he screamed out.

It was too late though. I knew Kaden. I knew his body. I knew where to tickle him to make him completely lose his mind. Before I knew it Kaden was on the defense. He was struggling to get away from me getting closer and closer to the sides of the bed.

"Oh shit be careful!"

It was too late. Kaden fell off the side of the bed and grabbed onto my arm taking me with him.

We were both on the floor now laughing like shit.

"Shh," Kaden told me trying to muffle his own laughter, "Shin's nosy ass is probably going to come in here."

"That's the man you love."

"No the hell it isn't," Kaden laughed before quickly adding, "You are the only man I love."

All of a sudden things weren't so funny anymore. All of a sudden I was looking down at him and those words meant the universe to me. Kaden was laughing still. He must not have realized what he said. It was just second nature for him. But here I was on top of Kaden and I was looking down at him. I saw how beautiful he was. He was right. I was the only man he loved and he was the only man I loved.

There was this longing in me as I looked down on him. As I gawked, he suddenly realized that things had gone back to being awkward. He stopped moving. This time he was just looking up at me. His eyes were like the Milky Way. A deep swirl of darkness that consumed me.

I kissed him.

It was just a peck on the lips. It was just a peck.

"Billy," he whispered between soft lips that were barely separated.

"No." I told him.

I knew what he was going to tell me. He was going to tell me I was his little brother even if we weren't blood related. He was going to tell me that we couldn't do this. And he had gotten my answer. He had gotten the answer that I was going to give him already.


Hell no.

I leaned down to kiss him again but immediately Kaden locked up my arms. He tossed my body over his shoulder and ended up throwing me to the ground and flipping on top of me. He locked me under there. I wanted to fight him. He had done this before. He had attempted to control me so that he could get away.

He just looked at me for a minute though. He wasn't scolding me. He wasn't preaching about how we couldn't be. This time he was just staring.

Then he started to kiss me.

Kaden was kissing me this time! I was shocked. His tongue went into my mouth all of a sudden. I felt his wet kisses as he continued to pin me down to the floor. My heart was racing. The warmth of his kiss melted me from the insides. It felt as though my heart was wax and his kiss was a candle. It illuminated me.

I wonder if he felt the same way. I was shocked when Kaden rolled me over on the floor so that my stomach was pressed up against the floor.

I was breathing heavy.

"OH SHIT!" I roared.

I felt his wet tongue roll slowly up the side of my ass cheek. He licked my ass cheek and then slowly made soft circles until he got into my ass. My ass clenched up around his tongue. He put it in deeper. I moaned loudly hoping that Shin wouldn't hear me or wasn't eavesdropping. I had nothing on the floor to grab onto as the feeling overcame my body. The only I could do was bite my lip. I bit my lip so hard that it started to bleed.

Kaden mounted me at that moment. I could feel that his dick was hard even through the patch. He started to grind on me slowly. He was slowly starting to make his mouth go over me.

"I want it. I want you to fuck me."

"Shin says inter-species sex isn't safe."

"I don't care."

"Are you sure?"

I panted for a minute. Shin had said inter-species sex could be dangerous for a human. He had said how hard they had sex. I could feel Kaden's hard dick against me. Even though he was hesitating his body wanted to penetrate me. I knew that his body wanted to penetrate me.

I hesitated but I wanted this. I wanted it so bad.

"Go ahead."

In the next few minutes I could see Kaden slowly entering me. His dick filled me up at that moment. I could feel it enter me. The sensation was something otherworldly. His straight dick seemed to go right into me and fill me up. He was so hard. His body was heavy up against me but I didn't mind. I liked how heavy he was. I couldn't move or escape if I wanted to. I had no choice but to go ahead and take it.

"You're so fucking tight baby."

He had called me baby. I was struggling not to act like this wasn't a big deal but truth was I was emotional as fuck. I wanted to cry. I felt like my rebellious soul had been completely tamed at this point. One word that drove me crazy.

Maybe that was why I took it. Kaden thrusted into me. He held onto my sides as he kept pushing his dick in and out of me. There was so much moisture in between my legs. I wasn't sure if it was his precum, his tongue action beforehand or my anal fluids producing it. All I knew was that it was very wet and I could feel every last bit of him.

"Kiss me."

He was pounding my ass. He barely heard me for a second or maybe he was just taking his time to react. When he did kiss me though his tongue went deep into the back of my throat. It was wet. It was intense.

He was pounding my ass harder and harder. It was almost like he wasn't slowing down or losing energy. Before I knew it he was tearing into my ass. The thrusts were so fast and furious.

"Oh shit...Kaden fuck...slow down."


Kaden kept going though. Even when he said he was going to slow down. He didn't. The feeling felt SO good though. I never had sex like this in my life. He was fulfilling me in every way possible

He pounded me out for almost half an hour not slowing down or anything.

"I'm about to cum. I'm about to cum!" I stated.

"Cum baby..."

All of a sudden I came on myself. The sensation was so serious that I hadn't even had to stroke my dick to cum. The nut formed a sticky puddle underneath me.

"I"m about to cum too," he said, "FUCK!!!!!!!!"

I wasn't expecting Kaden to pull out. I mean I knew he was clean or whatever. I didn't care if he came in me. I could feel the nut fill me up. I could feel him shaking underneath me as he furiously pumped his load in me.

"Damn that was good."

"I'm still hard."

I realized it. He kept going. He was fucking me just as hard after he came! He was just as furious!

"Maybe we should take a rest for a while..."

That was when he said, "I can't..."

I had to admit it scared the fuck out of me when he said that. He was going so fast. I could feel myself just needing him to go slower and take his time. The thrusts were so furious. It was almost as though each stroke he was trying to hurt me or something like that. Parts of it felt good but the feeling was just so much.

"Kaden...Kaden slow down...please."

"Billy. I'm not joking. I can't slow down. I fucking can't slow down..."

"Kaden you're scaring me."

"Billy...oh my god. Hit me. Do something. I can't control my body."

As he was saying this he was still thrusting deeper into me. I was bleeding. My ass was fucking bleeding me. I leaned back and felt the blood. I tried to push him off but it was almost like his heavy body was mounted over me. It was almost the same as when dogs got 'locked' together. It was almost as though we were locked together. He was still going fast. He was still going deep. His dick wasn't stopping.

All of a sudden Kaden started to moan again, "Oh fuck. Oh fuck...I'm about to nut again."

He delivered a second nut into me.

At that moment I was so sure that he was done...but he KEPT GOING!

"Kaden...I'm bleeding."


"No what are you doing?"

"We need him. We need him to stop us!"

Kaden continued to scream out for him. At the next moment Shin ran into the room. He looked at us shocked almost. For the moment I could have sworn I saw hurt in his eyes as he saw Kaden furiously having sex with me.

Shin pulled Kaden off of me and tossed him on the other side of the room.

I turned and looked at Kaden. He looked back at me.

"I...I'm so sorry," he stated.

He looked so upset. I didn't blame him though. I knew something like this could have happened. He was an alien after all. We weren't meant to have sex together. Kaden's eyes looked so hurt though.

"What were you thinking?" Shin asked Kaden.

Kaden just shook his head, "I'm so sorry."

He wasn't apologizing to Shin though. Kaden was looking at me. Kaden was apologizing to me. I could see the look in Shin's eyes. He couldn't take that.

It was at that moment I knew. Shin hadn't been acting this whole time. He had really fallen for Kaden...

"I should go take a bath..."

I walked away in pain. I literally had to limp. I would have a talk with Kaden though. I would let him know that I wasn't upset with him. I would let him know everything.


The bathtub was in another side of the house. Antlien bathtubs were much smaller than human. I had to sit in it and couldn't stretch out. I laid under the warm water though and started to soak myself. I closed my eyes and put a towel in my head.

Kaden had finally opened up to me and this had happened?

I hated it.

How the hell could we get past this? It was the worst feeling. The person I always wanted finally wanted me back but now it was physically impossible for us to make love? His stamina was limitless and humans couldn't go anywhere near as long. I could have seriously injured myself if Shin wasn't there to stop us.

I had to talk to Shin.

Before I knew it I fell asleep in the tub.

I had a dream about Earth. I was walking in a field and then all of a sudden I saw the black hole which was the Queen appear in the middle of the field. I watched as all the humans started to get sucked into it. I watched as it swallowed up everything around it.


Then all of a sudden the darkness came at me. And I was being sucked into it. And I couldn't breathe! There was this tightness around my throat and I was dying. I was dying!

I STRUGGLED to wake up.

"We don't need you anymore," a voice said.

Then all of a sudden I realized that the tightness around my throat wasn't a dream. It wasn't a dream at all! It was Shin! Shin was standing over me choking me!

And I wasn't dreaming that I was dying. I really was!